Lord Ashtar – Rise and Shine with Gaia, Lightworkers! – Ascension NOW – Earth Energy Meditation – 10-27-14

RISE AND SHINE WITH GAIA, LIGHTWORKERS! Ascension NOW Earth Energy Meditation — Lord Ashtar — VISUALIZE OUR BELOVED EARTH with an an aura of BLUE (like a cocoon!) 


“Ascension NOW Earth Energy Meditation”
Lord Ashtar 
channeled through Rev. Janisel of Project: Eagle Triad
To Begin Monday, October 27, 2014

For 7 Days

For At Least 15 Minutes Per Day

Greetings, my brothers and sisters! It is I, Ashtar. So many energetic happenings going on, and your last meditation was a broad spectrum of energy work, but for your next week we are going to get a little more specific.

Before you begin, please do the Protocal [Ground, Center, and Intend for Your Energies to Join those of Project: Eagle Triad. Thank you!]

For your first five minutes of this meditation we ask that you continue to send the energy of Love to your sun as it continues to go through one of its active phases.

For the second five minutes you are asked to send the energy of love to the electromagnetic grid of planet Earth, which has become a little disarrayed by all the solar flares it has received.

For the last five minutes you are asked to not only send the energy of Love to Earth, but to also visualize the planet encompassed in an aura of blue energy; a cocoon, so to speak.

And we remind you, yet again, to stay grounded to your Mother Earth as she makes another leap into a higher-dimensional plane of existence.

Thats all for this week. I am Ashtar, with you always.


Will Berlinghof – Cosmic Awareness on the Earth Changes – Passing of Planet Nibiru – 7-4-14

Nibiru 2


It is seen that the month of July will bring certain “Events” into full action, events of apolitical/economic nature, and also events of a natural nature/ physical nature. These Events will truly propel Humanity into a state of extreme crisis for many – especially those not able to sense and feel a connection with Mother Earth, not knowing of the intimacy that truly exists between the Divine Mother and all of her Creatures – this may well create a much more difficult transition for them through times that which may well also be a crisis period for many others.

This Awareness does not predict, does not say it must and will be so. It however reads the energies that are coming forward, It sees the manipulations of certain Ones who are the Hidden Dark Powers, the Ones who have long controlled and manipulated, and sees there are many paths now that have led to this point of crisis, this acute phase in the journey of Mother Earth and of Humanity. If it is so that you may experience from the midpoint of the month of July onwards, events of great consequence, that you may remember the deeper bond that you have with the Planet and of course with Spirit itself.

This Awareness will now say that the Planet Nibiru does itself play a major part in what is seen ahead, part of the upheaval, part of the chaos, part of the energies of conflict and challenge.

This Awareness is not prepared to predict that it will destroy Planet Earth, or that it will totally destroy its civilization, that it will destroy all that is now known, for it is not seen by this Awareness that it need be as extreme as this.

That many have prophesied doom and gloom with the approach of that Planet known asNibiru, also known as Planet X, and also known as Wormwood, but this Awareness will say that there have been mitigating circumstances around the arrival of Nibiru. It has been entrapped up to now in a force field, in a “gravitaional pocket” of the Sun for many, many months and has been held back from proceeding along a designed, designated route that it is following.

The Galactic Federation Forces have been key in this and have held back the approach of Nibiru, but it was always understood, because it has always been part of the Divine Design and Plan, that Nibiru would one day be released so that it can continue on its designated route, that it can pass Earth, not to the same degree, not in the same proximity as an earlier path would have led it. This was prevented and altered, a different “Timeline” presented that many have experienced, indeed this Awareness would say all who are reading these words at this point, have experienced. They did not experience the full dramatic effect of a closer passage of Nibiru to Planet Earth that would have been much more destructive on a planetary level.

Yet it is also seen that the energies of Nibiru are necessary to bring certain things to completion, certain powers down from their mighty thrones, changes both on economic levels, social levels, geo-political levels, geological/physical levels. The energies of Nibiru are being allowed now to proceed, so these changes can occur.

This Awareness will state that those who are coming now from a point of their present reality have made adjustments, have made choices, both consciously and most importantly unconsciously, that places them in a situation where their experience of the events ahead will not be as dramatic and catastrophic as other choices, other timelines from earlier on.

Yet at the same time there is a need for the energies of Nibiru to intercede, to intersect with the Planet herself, with the Divine Destiny of Mother Earth and those who reside upon her surface and even those who reside under her surface. This is part of a Divine Plan, a Divine stipulation that the energies of the Source have put out, is putting out for the advancement on many levels for the Planet herself, for Humanity itself, for all the creatures on the Planet as well, and those Beings and creatures under the surface as well.

Therefore Nibiru is seen to play a part in the acceleration of the energies of change that are moving forward, that is seen by this Awareness as that which will truly commence around the middle of July. Many will experience these energies of upheaval and chaos and will be thrown by the unfolding events.

That is why this Awareness at this time is recommending that individuals remember that this too is part of the ebb and flow, part of the Cycles of Spiritual Evolution of both the Planet and the collective consciousness of Humanity, and of Spirit Itself.

Nibiru is important in this equation, in this formula. It is not simply a negative factor, it is not simply a destructor of that which is now the reality imposed upon the many chosen by all to be the experience of their lives. They have also chosen, all have chosen, to experience upheaval and change, chaos, destruction and rebirth, rebuilding of that which may be swept away with that which will be better, be superior and be in alignment with Source, with Divine Spirit, with the Planet herself.

Therefore the approach of Nibiru is not seen by this Awareness as the dreaded event of catastrophe that many have prophesied and many hold that will come with its approach. It is an instrument of the Divine, a tool of change that has long been anticipated, long been prophesied, long been felt within the depths of the Human Soul itself. It is time for Nibiru to come forth, it is time for the deeper and more profound changes to commence.

Channeled by Will and Callista Summerfield-Berlinghof at: http://Rainbow-Phoenix.com

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Message from Nibiru and the AnAnnUki – Preparing Humanity to be Calm and Hopeful – Nibiru Prepares to Safely Pass Above Us – Channeled by Méline Lafont – 11-10-12

Brenda Hoffman – Earth’s Shift Unique as Yours – 6-19-14


Dear Ones,

You have traveled long and deep to release the last pieces of your 3D fears. You are now ready to fly into your new role. Even though you may believe there are yet hidden 3D fear pieces, such is not the case. Those of you at the forefront of this transition have cleansed all that held you to earth.

You continue to care for many – unlike your fears that you would be isolated, that no one of your 3D life would be part of your new world.

As you were transitioning, so were those you once believed would never grasp or even want to grasp the brass ring of transition. Perhaps they are not at the same place as you – but then, no one is. Just as there are thousands of 3D humans with the title of actor – each with different abilities and interests. Some prefer Shakespearean roles, others comedy and still others different types of media. Yet, all are actors.

So it is for you. Those of you at the forefront are not in the same place and time as others. Those you love are transitioning – just differently than you.

So it is happening throughout earth – including earth itself. Some parts of earth are adapting to this shift with belches of anger or breaths of rage, others are merely shining more brightly. Do not expect all earth to shift in a similar way or at the same time. Each rock, each cell of soil is a unique being.

Perhaps certain parts of earth have felt pain or shame. Perhaps parts were loved through the eons. Just as is true for you, earth is cleansing itself of pain and fear in the form that pain and fear has taken over the eons.

Could you transition if earth did not? The answer is a resounding NO for earth contained so many pain/fear cells that you would have been surrounded by pain and thus, could not have fully tapped into your inner-being of love.

You, earth and all entities of earth are transitioning in a similar, but not the same time frame. Perhaps you note other entities acting differently – bumping into windows, following you about or indicating their wish to be free – all parts of their transition. Allow them to be – as is true for you and earth.

Maybe you wish to know what parts of earth are expelling fear and anger so you can move elsewhere, so you are not part of earth’s cleansing. Such is not possible. Your inner-being directs you to your place and allows you to experience what you wish to experience.

This transition is all-encompassing – earth, earth entities and the Universes.

You will experience what you need to experience.

At the same time, those of you newly emerging from your cocoon will have a sense of freedom and joy you have not before experienced on earth. You will fly above fear, exploring new worlds – including new earth – and creating what you have dreamed of within your being.

Those of you at the forefront have cleansed and are no longer of earth – you are Universal beings.

Perhaps you believe you have always been a Universal being. Such is true with limitations. You have not been allowed to contaminant other dimensions or places with your fears. Now that you have cleansed yourself, you are fully ready to accept your mantle of Universal being.

So it is that you will feel differently in a few days. You will feel refreshed, awake and fully alive for the first time on earth in this lifetime – or any other. You are going to soar like an eagle and yet feel like a dove of peace and joy carrying your message to all who wish to listen, see, feel or sense. Perhaps your message will merely mean flitting from place to place. Perhaps it will be more stable and solid within the mists of the Universes. Only you know – as directed by your inner-being.

Are you a god/goddess? Yes. Are you a loving human being? Yes. Are you a beautiful butterfly of joy? Yes. You are all and the same discovering your role for now and preparing for your new role tomorrow. So be it. Amen.

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Prescience of mind is paramount as
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