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Multidimensional food for thought…

12 19 2014 ~There is nothing you cannot be, because you are everything and from everything. You are part of all that is. You have devised a veil which keeps you from remembering our true history. It keeps you from remembering your true origin of who you are and where you came from. The true power of humanity is so great that it was necessary to create this reality full of limitations and duality. Otherwise, it would not be a game at all. We would all realize our true power and the game would be over. So why do we persist with this illusion?

To experience. To have a human experience we must attach to at least one emotion here on Earth. It could be love, fear, anger, greed, lust and many others. It could be one emotion or all of the above. But without attaching to at least one emotional base, we could not stay here on Earth. We would realize our true power and the game would be over. So we must experience limitation the its fullest to remind us that we are human.

Humanity is very much like the elephants that are tied to a rope from birth. As the elephant ages, it could easily break free from that rope at any time, but it doesn’t. It accepts the restriction because it does not realize as it ages that its strength exceeds what it perceives as a limitation to its freedom. It is conditioning that keeps elephant from understanding its power…


All Experiences Lead Us To Higher Learning

We are collecting a wide variety of experiences, some painful, some pleasurable and some in the middle of both extremes. Every single one of those experiences is extremely valuable to the soul and collective of humanity. In the depths of darkness, fear and pain comes incredible learning for the soul. On the other side we understand why this pain must be experienced. When we are finished learning, we will know because we will no longer be here.

The goal here is not be become 100% positive and fluffy in all our endeavors. We are human. We will experience anger, pain and suffering, but the key is to change our perspective of those experiences and integrate their purpose. When we face our pain and fear head on, only then will we see what we are made of. We do not evolve when we bury our past as this only causes more turmoil within ourselves. We evolve when we integrate all past experiences into learning for the present moment. It makes us who we are and defines almost every experience we have from that point forward.

The polarity of love and fear is slowly descending. The options are ascending with our vibrational alignment. We will see things from much larger perspectives and positions more closely connected to our source energy where more transparency is available. Simply put, perception is changing. At this moment, the grand scale that humanity is embarking on from a spiritual perspective is unrealized. We can’t fully see it for what it is because there is far too much chaos. But out of the chaos comes creativity and change…

Your Perspective In The Next Year Is Paramount

The difference right now is how will you interpret crisis? Will you step into fear or into love. Fear of the unknown still divides the planet by a significant margin. The planet is slowly dividing into those who cannot escape their realization of fear and those who can and realize its purpose. Where do you want to be? You can be absorbed by war, violence, political instability, economic collapse, climate, Earth changes, disasters, etc, or you can be at peace that everything needs to change for a new Earth to be born and it is all part of the process.
Start connecting more with not only other human beings, but other life forms. You are beginning to see the connection of everything and everyone to your growth. Your heart will soon function much better than your brain. The magnetic field of the heart is increasing and emotions are taking on a new meaning. This in turn is moving humanity into a place of accepting all life as equal and as one to fulfill our hearts desire.

There is a reason you feel as you do at this very moment. You may not have felt as connected as you could be, or as disciplined as you should be in the past few months. That is normal because the energy that is coming is paramount to your current state of being…

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Sandra Walter

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe
I continue to be amazed by what is happening right now to our consciousness. Personally, it has been absolutely fascinating to experience the multidimensional merge so strongly.

My days are a balance of delving into these experiences, along with a great amount of technical and creative work. I AM sure many wayshowers are performing the balancing act and getting accustomed to the new light flow.

As the intensity of our experiences in both physical and non-physical compliment the approaching wave of new light, we pull back and gain perspective on how this is occurring. And first, a brief summary of the sequence of major events which unfolded in 2014. Finally, a look at the DNA drop, a message from the divine team, and sharing of some interesting personal experiences.


The Brilliance of 2014
We had many interesting events unfold in 2014, which support this now moment and the possibilities therein.


The Equinox to Blood Moon Gateways March – April 2014: The first gateway brought in the most powerful return of the Christ energetics and activations the planet had seen to date. It also brought certain timelines, events, and galactic history to completion.

You may remember the article on the dissolved Maia structures. This is the framework for the illusion imposed from the Pleiades which is designed to resolve millions of years of galactic karma. As the Maya (named after Maia, a star in the Pleiades) ran its course, it closed the book on many an Akashic tale. This left us open to engage with higher Christ-ed timelines of ascension.

May 2014: Many wayshowers received a complete re-calibration to prepare for the accelerated ascension timelines. While it may have felt very physical, the aim was expansion of consciousness.

You may have felt all of the old timelines, galactic karma, star family lineage connections, or any of the stories of the past disappear from your emotional, mental, and ego structures. This recalibration prepared us for a series of personal revelation gateways.


June through September 2014: A series of powerful personal revelation gateways unfolded as Gaia and HUmans merged into a higher reality. HUmans, who had been working on the merge of higher and lower self, suddenly began to experience the unity of their divine aspects along with a more acute perception of that union.

We experienced a seamless merge of dimensions, the beginning of our true multidimensional perception in the body. This allowed for a realignment with the true self as well as getting to know the true higher self. We also began to get familiar with the disorientation of having anything to set our compass on.

Because we moved into an accelerated future path, the past was rewritten behind us with a clarity and ease  of what had occurred. The memory of it may still be recalled, but you will notice that the emotional attachment is gone. This is a side-effect of not only being in the now and allowing the personal akasha to catch up to the truth, but it also opens us up to a much grander future possibility.


September through October 2014: The second of the equinox through blood moon gateways brought an intensifying of the return of the Christ energies which are aimed specifically at expansion.

Expansion of the consciousness has a direct effect on the body vehicle as it attempts to keep up with the demands of a higher vibration. This is the balancing act of the shift itself. The body is continually adjusting to the demands of the subconscious, the conscious, and the energies flowing in and out of Gaia.


October 2014: The entire collective shifts to an accelerated ascension timeline during a weekend of powerful flare activation from the sun. Our solar light is directly connected to our experience of time. Working in conjunction with gatekeepers and benevolent galactic forces, we were able to answer the requests of the high-vibe collective and shift into an accelerated ascension experience. This being a faster process in the highest interests of all concerned.

November 2014: The Higher vibration sends the ascending collective into meridian readjustments, nervous system re-calibrations, and heart center expansion in order to keep up with the accelerated timeline. It’s ironic how awakening requires so much sleep.

December 2014: The merge of grounded Earth grid systems, crystalline grid, and 5D/6D grid systems of new Earth begins. This sets the stage for DNA drops, a stronger multidimensional experience, pineal activation, and an expansion of simultaneous dimensions. It accelerates the activation of a greater brain capacity.


Flying into the Now
Our next to gateway, December 25–27, brings a more intense experience of divine love and a golden race DNA drop which continues through 2015. This delivers the codes which were anchored into the crystalline grid on the 12-12-12.

This is why we had a merging of the grid systems. To make those golden race codes available to all of HUmanity. If you were one of the code-catchers on the 12-12-12, you understand how powerful those light sequences are.

If you are available during the holiday and choose to assist with this gateway, understand that we are holding a harmonious and balanced support as these pure source light frequencies penetrate the plane; a gentle balancing as the magnetic grid gets hit with new light.

These light frequencies will enable prepared vessels to awaken high-quality DNA within them and bi-locate new strands of DNA into the cellular structure. DNA serves as a multidimensional hologram for the experience in form. We use it up to the eighth-dimensional level. Ninth-dimensional structures tend to abandon the use of form, where consciousness becomes very unified.

Unified or collective DNA is a magnificent multidimensional geometry which holds unity consciousness up to 12D. As a divine HUman incarnate, we will eventually be capable of holding a 12-strand helix DNA structure within a 5D/6D form. Each strand will reconnect to a dimensional level.

At that point, it is not your DNA and my DNA, it is our unified DNA. It is not something that a 3D microscope will ever be able to examine. Only the effect on the physical body can be measured right now in the multitude of ascension side-effects.


2015: Transformation of the Wayshowers
We have two powerful transformation gateways occurring in the last two equinox to blood moon gateways. The first in March and the second in September. These gateways get shorter, smaller, and more focused. They act like a sieve for energies and target those who will be embodying higher dimensional consciousness. These being the higher self and the Christ-ed self, right in front of the collective.

If it is your desire to make this embodiment physical, to be a true wayshower and demonstrate the new ahead of the crowd, then your focus will grow more precise in 2015. You may already feel it.

The councils which I AM involved with; which include masters, brotherhoods of light and galactics, understand that not all body vehicles will be able to endure this process.


Feel this message beloveds:
Stay focused on the Ascension as you move through these intense photonic waves of light. Know that your participation will become more acute as you move through these energies. It may become difficult to do anything else, and we honor your dedication.

Understand that the little things which distract or prevent you from engaging in linear activities are merely adjustments to the Now possibilities. They may test your resolve as they manifest your highest pre-designed possibilities in the now. Events, glitches, and distractions are forcing you into conscious participation in the moment with the new light, the true self in the new moment.

Even if the body vehicle cannot withstand the new light, know that if you have performed your service with a pure open heart and transmuted all constructs of fear that your service is honored and your mission is complete. Some of you will choose to return further into the shift with a more resilient crystalline form. For those who do not resonate with becoming part of a golden race upon Gaia, your journeys here will be complete.

Many of you will be merging with the consciousness of other races, higher-dimensional beings, and higher levels of your true self in brief passages of telepathic communion during this phase. It may feel extremely peaceful because it holds the pure energy of your true self to communicate in this way and learn in this way.

The more comfortable you can be with merging consciousness, in order to exchange information and pure light consciousness, the faster you will transcend the old dynamics of separation.


Recent Experiences
As our brain capacity increases and this beautiful golden-crystalline-diamond DNA comes online, we are capable of experiencing many dimensions simultaneously. If you practice this, you will notice your ability to hold simultaneous multidimensional awareness grows longer and clearer.

The more DNA strands you have flickering on and the more your pineal activates, the more access you have to the simultaneous experience of zero point or unity consciousness. It also causes an increase in light flashes and bright pinpoints of light in your energy fields as the piezoelectric activity of the pineal increases and portions of the brain reactivate.

New races: I have noted interaction with many different races. Races that I do not recognize at first. My colleagues have introduced me to beings I used to know, asking me, “Do you recognize who this is?” I’ve stared wide-eyed at many higher-dimensional beings lately.

Apologies, beloveds! While it is difficult to be the one awakening from this long amnesia, I do feel a great amount of support and patience on the other side of the veil. I love you, I bless you, I thank you.


Ocean Lightship Visits: I experienced the lightships under the ocean last week. I found myself walking along a corridor next to the exterior and I nearly broke focus when I realized I was breathing water, underwater.

Since my experiences are quite lucid, I paused just before my grounded body panicked and calmly took a few deep inhales of a clear, water-like substance. The walls of the ship were a transparent crystalline-light material which had a luminescent glow. This was in the Pacific Ocean and we were working with the Pacific rim plates.

As many of you have heard, the Pacific rim plate system has been a concern for some time. Understanding that Gaia will expand to accommodate the new energy, you can see why so many of us are working on stabilizing magnetics to make this as easy of a transition as possible.

That does not mean that we are preventing earthquakes or plate shifts because those are a very natural side-effect of the collapse of the magnetosphere. They open up caverns where water may flow downward, preventing too much land mass loss form rising sea levels. Expansion occurs during every shift/jump time, and our dimensional shift provides additional factors to consider.

Regardless of the work designated to these underwater ships, the experience of peace, focus, and unity of service made me feel absolutely at home.


The Christmas Gateway
During our beloved Christmas gateway, December 25-27, we will receive a significant and sizable wave of light. Merry Christmas presence! You may be feeling it approach.

We have shifted to a new area of space again, which includes the entire galaxy as a unit. Our alignment with this higher ascension timeline brings forth higher possibilities. Our mastery challenge includes precise choices, moment to moment. Embodying the crystalline consciousness is an intense process.

It is not something which happens all at once, nor will it unfold for everyone holding form at this time. I wish it did because it is such a powerful experience. Perhaps the most powerful you can have in a body. This year taught me patience at a master level and compassion at a Source level. It is what it is, all is well.


As we go through the sieve of equinox to blood moon gateways next year, our untouchable aspects present. Untouchable at the level of your consciousness, not your body vehicle. While it would be nice to experience all of this grand expansion in an isolated environment, it is not the point.


The year 2015 brings forth a palpable and recognizable transformation of the grounded self. Utilize cave-time when you need it. Usually a day or an hour are just enough to rejuvenate and stabilize the body vehicle as your consciousness expands your energy fields.


Reach out to support and receive support from the HUman heart grid. The sensation of isolation is physical. Connect through the heart to feel true unity consciousness.


DNA preparation
For many of you, your choice to engage in the ascension process included a great deal of cleansing and clearing metals, toxins, parasites, karma, negative thoughts, subconscious emotion, ego, mental, and emotional constructs so that the cells would be ready for these intense energies. The cleansing and clearing of the cells, a structure which is supposed to last for hundreds of years, becomes vital to supporting DNA activation.


Out of the trillions of cells in your body, not every cell will have to be clear and ready to take on new strands of DNA. This is a good thing as our current environment does not support a 100% clear cellular structure. When the new strands are taken in or the dormant golden race DNA within your cells activate, they will replicate into neighboring cells as the energies increase and the collective consciousness expands upon this planet.


This is fifty percent preparation and fifty percent divine timing. Pace yourself and know it is not a competition. There is no judgment upon whether you can handle it or whether it destroys the body vehicle. I know this all may sound technical and that is part of my role; however, the point is participation. The point was to transcend density by experiencing divine love in all of its many expressions. Approach all of this activity with a pure heart and the pure intention to serve pure source light intelligence and the objectives of your true presence.


A Blessing of Grace
Let us all send the highest quality light waves of harmony, peace, balance, divine love, divine light, and divine ascension through every particle of this planet, the kingdoms, the elementals and beloved HUmanity during this beautiful passage. [May there be] blessings upon all of us in service to the ascension of consciousness!

In Love, Light and Service,

“Brilliant Multidimensional Intensity,” by Sandra Walter, December 19, 2014, at

If you wish to read this message in its original form, please visit: Sandra Walter Creative Evolution: December 19, 2014


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Ascension Integration with Sandra Walter

Happy Holidays, Beloved Light Tribe! This video is light-encoded to assist your journey; open and agree to receive the light infusions (and Shasta blessings!) For the original article, more guidance and the new Creative Evolution Shop, visit
Footage: Mount Shasta, December 2014.


James Tyberonn – Earth-Shift – Multidimensionality – The Living Universe

James Tyberonn

 The Following Interview with James Tyberonn discusses Sacred Sites, Places of Power, The Grid System, The Anti-Matter Realm, The Crystalline Shift, Planetary Ascension , Humanities Coming Ascension, Multi-dimensionality & the Polarity Realm of Duality- The

‘University of Earth’. James Tyberonn is an engineer, geologist, author and channel who has studies ‘Sacred Sites’ for over 35 years, having circumnavigated the earth many times and visited ‘Places of Power’ in over 85 countries. He is the founder of Earth-Keeper with the goals of combining the sacred with the scientific. Website :

James Tyberonn has written 6 books and will have 3 new books released in 2014 on ‘Healing Crystals & gems’, The Story of Atlantis & the Law of One’, and ‘New Messages from Metatron’. This live interview was hosted by Nancy Hummingbird and Lynn McCallum of Living Universe

Jurgen Ziewe – Multidimensional Realities – Experience Levels of Ascension


Victor Alexander

Reports and Observations from Out-of-Body Explorations. A presentation over Skype to the Institute of Neuroscience and Consciousness Studies.

Suzanne Lie – Arcturian Gretting – 10-25-14



Suzanne Lie – Arcturian Greeting – Welcome Home – 20 October 2014

Beloved Ones,

We can come into the NOW of your awareness to speak about your third-dimensional, sequential time.

Sequential time is constructed from the collective physical requirements of a third dimensional reality

so that the members of that reality can create a timeline on which they can fulfill their divine plane,

also known as their “Mission.”

Within this time-bound reality the collective consciousness of that world has thoughts, emotions and behaviors

which impinge upon the 3D matrix to program and re-program the ever-changing experience of time.

“Time” is quite novel to us higher dimensionals, as we often call ourselves.

When we take a form in the third/fourth dimensional hologram,

we think of “going into time” like you make think of “going into an amusement park.”

An amusement park has many exciting experiences, which are usually based on some form of fear.

Will this upside down cart drop me on the ground far below?

Will I win the huge bear to impress my girlfriend or will I make a fool of my self?

When you are at an amusement park you eat many foods that you know are of a very low frequency

and are likely very bad for your body.

However, you are “having fun,” so it is OK to indulge your lower urges.

You can scream in the roller coaster and act like a child and no one will notice.

Since we of the higher frequencies have not “been on the 3D” for many eras of what you would call “time,”

we think that a bit of fear and self-indulgence will be just fine.

We only think that because we have forgotten how addictive fear and self-indulgence can be.

You see, we even forgot about how it feels to be a “third dimensional.”

Hence, we forgot how fear, separation, loneliness, hunger, work and

many other earth-bound experiences impact on our state of consciousness.

When we higher dimensionals so “bravely” volunteered to take on a physical earth vessel,

we have usually forgotten the density and extremely fragility of the third dimension.

We have also forgotten the sensation of illness, pain, fatigue, anxiety and depression, as well.

Unfortunately, by the time we remember how very difficult it is on the third dimension,

we are already merged with our new life and duty bound to fulfill our very idealistic mission statement

that we created while wearing our fifth dimensional, and beyond, lightbody.

The problem is that by the time many of us are old enough in human age to fulfill the mission

we designed while living in the higher worlds, we have forgotten that there ever was a mission.

By that “time” we have likely even forgotten that we are higher dimensional beings

who volunteered to merge our consciousness with a third dimensional who

volunteered to accept our energy field.

What started, literally, as a match created in heaven,

soon began to feel to both parties as a bad idea or a big mistake.

“How can I possibly fulfill that mission?” asks the human.

Meanwhile the inner galactic and/or celestial counterpart says, “How could I have forgotten

it was so difficult on this frequency of reality?”

Eventually, the human often forgets the mission and the galactic forgets their true, multidimensional nature.

Also, both of them forget they are actually different dimensional expressions of the SAME person.

Are you beginning to understand our/your plight now?

This process is much like making Italian dressing.

If both of you don’t continually “shake the bottle” the oil and vinegar separate.

Of course, no one is actually shaking our human vessel,

but we realize that sometimes it does feel like that.

Sometime the human cannot remember anything about their true nature,

and the galactic can’t remember why they would volunteer for such an impossible assignment.

Even though Earth is a hologram, it is a VERY convincing hologram

that all the inhabitants think of as a “real world.”

This is where “time” comes into the picture.

The third-dimensional human, who is really a fifth-dimensional galactic being,

and the-fifth dimensional galactic being, who thinks he/she is a third-dimensional human,

get lost in each other.

Then, they too often forget that they are both expressions of their shared Multidimensional SELF.

This leaves us, the members of the Galactic Command Center,

in a very difficult position of how do we wake these people up

without breaking Gaia’s laws of a “free will planet?”

What we try to do is we find humans, somewhere, who are close to awakening

to their Multidimensional SELF and continuously over light them.

We go into their dreams, their meditations and influence their creativity as much as possible.

Please remember that these people are our dear friends and family member

who volunteered for a VERY difficult mission.

We cannot abandon them, but we also cannot break the laws of free will.

We tell you our story because we can see how difficult it is for you to try

to be a higher consciousness being while living in a reality filled with fear and lies.

We, also, ask you to think about this situation from our perspective.

How would you feel if one of your children, best friends and/or family members “went on a journey”

and did not contact you to tell you they were safe?

In fact, what if you knew that they were not safe, maybe their life was in danger,

and there was nothing you could do to help them?

Meanwhile, you knew there were very dark beings who were damaging your loved one’s life,

threatening their health by destroying their environment,

putting poisonous “medicine” into their food and bodies,

AND there was nothing you could do because of an old law of free will!

However, we have a great advantage that you on the third dimension do not experience.

We live in the NOW and have no passage of time.

Because of our intimate relationship with our friends and family “On Mission” to 3D Earth,

we can now remember how very difficult it is to live in a time-bound world.

We see that many of you, our volunteers, have found a way to expand your consciousness

beyond the frequency of the 3D drama and live in the relative peace of comfort

of your fifth dimensional perceptions.

Yes, there are many fifth dimensional perceptions on Gaia.

In fact, there are more and more each day.

YOU, our so beloved Away Team, are finally beginning to really make a change.

You see, as soon as your multidimensional memory begins to return,

you remember the joys of unity with us, you higher expressions of SELF.

Then, you begin to remember that you volunteered to spread that unity consciousness

through out your third-dimensional world.

Yes, thanks to the Zetas and their Draconian friends, you have Internet.

Through your Internet you can communicate with fellow volunteers all over the face of Gaia.

Every time you communicate with another of your beloved crew members and family members,

you find deep joy, unconditional love and immense courage to unite with those who still slumber in illusion.

We know that many of you remember the story of Sleeping Beauty

in which the handsome prince had to fight the wicked witch and hack his way

through the torn bushes to rescue his beloved who would remained asleep

until he awakened her with his loving kiss.

That is exactly what we are doing.

We are confronting the wicked witch of greed and power over others,

hacking through the dark illusions that have trapped our loved ones

and awakening them with the power of our love and the tenderness of our kiss.

We speak with you today to let you ALL know that you WILL be awakened.

Your kingdom of peace and love WILL be returned to you, and much, much more.

You ARE deeply loved, and we will never give up on you.

We all resonate to unity consciousness.

Hence, you are us, and we are you.

We will NEVER give up on you!

How could we, as we ARE YOU resonating to a higher frequency of reality?

We are all ONE being in the NOW.

Hence, as soon as you awaken, we ask for your assistance.

We ask that as soon as you awaken to your Multidimensional SELF

that you go out and awaken as many others as you can to their Multidimensional SELF.

Just one of you can awaken hundreds or thousands of others. I

n fact, you may not need to awaken them,

as many are already fully awake to the fact that “it is the NOW to change.”

They do not know what “the NOW” means, or what changes they need to make,

but they are ready and willing to learn.

You are our beloved friends are our family.

You do not need to tell the ones whom you awaken about themselves,

as that is for them to discover. But, you can tell them about yourself.

Tell them the truth what they unconsciously hunger to hear and, most of all,

send them unconditional love.

Unconditional love is a new concept for far too may humans.

Therefore, be sure to also send them unconditional forgiveness and unconditional acceptance.

All unconditional gifts resonate to the fifth dimension and beyond.

Therefore, these emotional gifts resonate beyond the time

and limitations of the third-dimensional world.

As the newly awakened ones begin to release the 3D concepts of time and limitation,

our beloved volunteers to Earth will begin to awaken to the truth of their Multidimensional SELF.

Then, the first thing they will do is to awaken other volunteers of their away mission.

Just as fear can, and definitely does, spread through the 3D hologram,

unconditional love can also spread throughout your world.

Most important, the fifth dimensional quality of unconditional love,

unconditional forgiveness and unconditional acceptance will sink deep into the core of Gaia

and float up into the atmosphere to heal the harm and attract the love.

Oh, what a glorious sight we will see as this love and light

brings our volunteers back to their true SELF and awakens to the HERE and NOW of the higher worlds.

Within the NOW there is no time, and within the HERE we,

the Arcturians as well as your higher dimensional SELF,

will welcome you Home! Blessing from we the Arcturians




Michelle Walling, CHLC – How To Survive As A Multidimensional Being In A Limited Consciousness – – 9-27-14

Image Source

by Michelle Walling, CHLC

There is no handbook that explains how we are supposed to handle the phenomena that occurs when human beings on a planet begin to vibrate much differently from each other. On a deeper level we know that we are all connected. Until a major tipping point occurs that will shift us into a more comfortable situation, how can we continue to live together on this planet without going insane or causing harm to one another?

The vibration shift is occurring now

Because of the splitting of vibration, “my way or the highway” seems to be the theme of 2014. It seems as if there has been a great energetic beam that has zapped some people, catapulting them one direction while other people drift the opposite way while Mother Earth sits in the middle, nurturing both groups. I have been observing people playing musical chairs in order to settle back into a vibration that feels most comfortable to them.

It is becoming more and more obvious that not only are we being shown a choice of whether to “ascend” into another dimension or consciousness or whether to continue to stay on the limited consciousness that most find themselves in. It is also becoming apparent that some people are going to take all the time they need to make that choice.

Cognitive dissonance

Social forums like In5d, various chat rooms, and Face book have become wonderful tools in sharing personal experiences with ascension into your eternal creative being. If you have ever participated in one of these platforms or have read the resulting comments, then I’m sure you will recognize some of the things I am going to share with you.

As a writer, chatter, and blogger, I have shared articles about my extraterrestrial persona as one who has traveled the Universe to many other planets and solar systems in preparation for this lifetime. I have also shared deep articles about my spiritual persona who is trying to integrate and heal those lifetimes in order to be the new “version” of the online human being. I also feel there is a part of me that sits in the center of the Cosmos next to that being that created this whole experience which I might call my “angelic self”. There are many other parts of me; thus I am many beings all wrapped up into one.

My observations are astounding as to the opposition and comments of those who “question everything” in a negative way, especially when it comes to other people’s experiences. I am going to use these examples to explain what kind of reaction I have had to them in order to share what I feel like is causing these reactions.

Reaction #1: Dualistic programming that splits thing into either/or decisions. One moment you are talking about being an alien and the next you say you are saying that you are a spiritual teacher. Well, are you an alien or are you a spiritual person? I am a human, i.e. I can touch my arm and know that I am in a human body so you go ahead and act like an alien (ha ha), while I deal with the reality in front of me like an intelligent human being.

Reaction #2: The ego reacts to another who is a wayshower. When someone stands up in front to others to share experiences or things they have learned they are sometimes criticized for wanting to be a guru or and are accused of taking advantage of people financially or may actually be accused of being a poser or fake. I feel like some of these people deep down inside may connect with one of these way showers and they actually agree with some or all of what they are saying, however their conscious self or ego sends out a signal of self defense that says “why didn’t I think of sharing my experience first”, or “if we are one then what makes them so special”.  Another situation that may arise is say someone who doesn’t intend to be a guru or doesn’t even act like a guru ends up having a lot of followers anyway. People then say not to trust anyone who is seen as a guru or wants you to follow them (based only on the fact that they have followers that they did not intend on having).

Reaction #3: Your experience can’t be true because it isn’t in my experience. Even when the information is clearly shared as having come from the inner sight or knowing as a personal experience, the resulting information is misconstrued as “wrong”. Sometimes this negativity can be recognized as a threat to the person’s ego. A defense mechanism kicks in that says “in no way am I going to allow someone else to shatter my reality that I have created”.

Reaction #4: I am an angel and I don’t agree or vibrate with you, therefore you must be a dark being or influenced by a dark being. In my opinion, very few beings originate from the core of this planet. Ultimately, most all of us are “angels” (extraterrestrial messengers), whether we are an angel of the light, whether we chose to fall and serve the experience as part of the dark, or whether we are neutral being here to help Earth with her mission. The term angel simple means messenger of God or Source, which was as aspect of energy sent out to experience a denser vibrational level in physical form. When the message or vibration returns to Source, it helps Source to know itself by reflection. With this example you can see how things can be viewed different ways.

Reaction #5: You are a New Age Religion fanatic or a disinfo agent. Unfortunately, there are people who try to compartmentalize things into New Age or not New Age that cannot be compartmentalized since many terms in our language have different meanings to many people. For Example, some who adhere to the Jesus/Christ Consciousness theory are belittled as New Agers to some who are following astrotheology. On the other hand, some people think of the Jesus story as part of the false light archonic matrix. While there is definitely a disinformation scheme created which is designed to cause confusion, dissention, and disappointment, it is judgmental to place someone else’s experiences or practices in an either/or category of New Age. A better way to describe something might be multidimensional (light, hierarchal, dark (mostly disconnected from organic Source energy), and neutral (connected to Source energy through dark matter). With this being said it makes you realize that even religion itself should not be judged as it may just well be the avenue that someone signed up for as a tool and a great challenge with which to awaken to who they really are.

Everyone has their own way of seeing things

Some people also feel like everything should be given away for free in the spiritual and metaphysical world in order to serve in humanity’s best interest. There are people like me who provide experiences for free, and have not yet figured out how to survive in this halfway house. The show may have to come to an end for me and for many people in my situation as a website author and blogger as the last of our savings begins to run dry. This is mostly due to those who think there should be no energy exchange for spiritual information but they are only guarding their own interests in a wrecked economy.

Of course this also leaves the charlatans that have capitalized on the growing light based spiritual movement and a dark agenda New Age One World Religion quite nicely. However, I have to reflect on the fact that they are pretty fortunate to not have to sit in an office for 8 hours per day working for someone else or wasting time driving or sitting in traffic. In my opinion, every moment you can spend in personal reflection and growth will make you that much fulfilled in the long run, and in that way energy will be returned to you in other ways than money.


On a bigger scale, I am you and you are me. But at this moment of now we are individual aspects of consciousness that have flown the coup to the densest part of this program and are having a unique human body experience. Such is the irony of the densest physicality in the 3rd-5th dimensions. This Earthly existence presents some of the most challenging and rewarding experiences for spiritual growth anywhere in out Cosmos.

My main conclusion is that everyone should learn to be responsible for his or her own actions. Since thoughts are energy, creating negative thoughts adds negative energy to the collective human consciousness that Pierre Del Chardin named the Noosphere. By decreasing the amount of negative thoughts the consciousness can be tipped to a positive majority. When this occurs, we will no longer have the extreme negativity in our reality. We will have risen above, away, within, or without it, however you choose to see it. The Golden Rule rules here, and as Cameron Day says may be the one Universal Law we could focus on integrating over all others at this time.

I have also learned how to share my experiences and subsequent observations without sounding like a teacher and try to question everything without judging or negating the other’s experience. This includes remembering to preface your opinions with “in my opinion”, “I feel like”, or “in my experience”. Prefacing it this way seems to ease the part of someone else that wants to automatically negate what you are sharing.

I am also trying to support others who are sharing their experiences by “paying it forward”. Most people reading this article will have received some sort of energetic support in their life in order to get to where they are whether it is emotional or financial or in other ways. By paying that energy forward to support others, you are guaranteeing a cycle of energetic to return to you.

Robert Stanley suggests that this experience we are having right now is our ultimate test as to whether we are ready to move forward to the next level. If people can’t get along and show respect on chat rooms and Face book forums, then how will they responsibly use the power to access the Universe? This seems to me like one of the most important things to reflect upon right now. Some say they want no rules but on the other hand without rules you allow irresponsible people to exist in your own version of your world and the vibrations do not match. This creates dissonance as evidenced by the Universal the Law of Vibrational Attainment.

We cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them.
~ Albert Einstein

I am no Einstein, but I have realized that the key to survival is consciousness. In my view, there are two choices being presented to humanity at this time.

Choice 1– Do your “inner work” and raise your consciousness, and stay grounded and centered. Be responsible for yourself using the tools of compassion, forgiveness, gratefulness, and love. Learn to minimize your ego and balance your emotional body.

Choice 2– Become and energy harvester in order to continue in the same level of consciousness for another 26,000 years or so until another chance to move forward rolls around. However, some of these people will not be able to sustain by harvesting and will end up turning into “space dust”.

How do we exist together when we have the illusion of separation? I have found that it helps to always do your best to take the high road. From a higher perspective, there is no right or wrong, there is only experience. However, you can try different things to see what works and does not work for you. Be the observer of the play from the balcony instead of the judge with the gavel, and make changes in your life that will support expansion vs. contraction and love vs. fear.

If anything, my observations have given me great material to write about and have provided wonderful lessons for growth as one who has faced the fear of ridicule in order to share experiences. Even if I help just one person I feel like I am contributing to humanity. Many astrological and psychic reading perfectly line up with and explain my interests in this lifetime which all lead to what I am doing at this point in my life. I encourage everyone to keep on trucking through what is the transition of the winding down of many cycles upon cycles.

There may be one great big wheel that will eventually click and open up a new existence for those who choose it. Until then, realize that we are individualized for a reason yet all connected in order to experience the great duality and polarization of this created experience, and how we deal with it on an individual level reflects our understanding of who we are on a broader level.


About the author:
Michelle Walling is a Certified Holistic Life Coach.  She has devoted her life to being a bearer and grounder of the light in service to others. As a truth seeker, she is committed to share her experiences with the world. She is also a hands-on healer, a distance healer, an empath, and an intuitive. Michelle has recently joined forces with Gregg Prescott as an admin for the In5d Facebook page, as an assistant for In5d Events, as a contributing author for, host of The Cosmic Awakening Show and Body, Mind Soul & Spirit Show (The BMSS Show) on In5D Radio and webmaster/author/editor on CosmicStarseeds. Michelle also supports Gregg’s endeavors in many other areas including alternative and holistic healthcare. Their next project is a walk in clinic under the name AHH- Alternative Holistic Healthcare to be launched in the Sarasota, Florida area, and then subsidiaries will be opened around the world based upon that model.

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