Alexandrian Kosmos – Getting Ready For The Guidance, 5th Dimension – April 14 – May 14 2016



Alexandrian Kosmos   –   Getting Ready For The Guidance April 14 – May 14 2016…


In Mother Earth’s Fifth Dimension, each and every single Soul, the emerging Man of Light Soul and the Lightworker Soul, will begin on equal status with the ability to give, share, and receive the Spiritual Essence of Love, for Love Creates ALL Things within the Universe! The only ability in which both Soul types will not be peers, however, will be in the ability to administer the mantra of the Application Dimensions of the Universe, “Align, Apply, and Activate,” – align with God Source, apply the Spiritual Essence of Love, and Activate in God’s Will!

A Lightworker Soul already has the full package of readiness to begin within Mother Earth’s Fifth Dimension, while the Man of Light Soul is just beginning to initiate his or her role of becoming like the Light, Love, and Harmony of the Universe to assume his or her responsibility to God as Mother Earth’s Caretaker in the Time to come. You are in leadership, dear Ones, to guide, demonstrate, and role model every single aspect of Life in Mother Earth’s Fifth Dimension!

Though Mother Earth will be fully immersed into the Universe’s Fifth Dimension on May 22, 2016, she will not be fully complete in her Fifth Dimension Transition until March 27, 2017, as she will still be aligning her Chakras within the Grid of the Universal Sun-Stars from April 30, 2016 to March 8, 2017. From April 14 to May 14, 2016, the theme of Mother Earth’s Transition into the Fifth Dimension will be Preparing for God’s Directives!

God’s Directives, or “God’s Commands,” will be leading Mother Earth into the expansion stage of aligning her Chakras into the Grid of the Universal Sun-Stars through our Sun. While God’s Directives will be leading Mother Earth in her Transition, you will be gaining more clarity and insight with God Source’s communications to lead you throughout your excursion into the Fifth Dimension! Man of Light Souls, the Man of Destiny Souls who internally declared and chose to merge into Mother Earth’s Fifth Dimension on March 15, 2016, will not be aligned with God Source just yet, and will not fully understand God’s Directives, or God Source, for that matter. This will come with more Time in Mother Earth’s Fifth Dimension.

For this reason, dear Ones, you will become God’s physical representatives and messengers throughout Mother Earth’s Fifth Dimension Transition. The remaining Man of Destiny Souls on Earth, the Souls who bypassed or completely ignored the choice to merge into Mother Earth’s Fifth Dimension, will be striving to maintain Earth’s disorganized state through a constant shift of purpose, values, and standards for defining “success.” This is why all Man of Light Souls will appear nebulous to what is occurring and confused in the direction they will proceed in Mother Earth’s remaining days with her Fifth Dimension Transition! “Success” in Mother Earth’s Fifth Dimension will be redefined through the concepts of Life as a Soul immersed within the Light, Love, and Harmony of the Universe!

The redefinition of “success” for Life in Mother Earth’s Fifth Dimension will not occur in one instantaneous moment but will be built upon the attainment of “newly” discovered concepts and methods. Each and every “newly” discovered concept and method for Life in Mother Earth’s Fifth Dimension will be built upon the Spiritual Essence of Love, for Love Creates ALL Things within the Universe! The surprise and bewilderment of every Soul in Mother Earth’s Fifth Dimension discovering how successful they truly are by simply applying the Spiritual Essence of Love in every thought, word, and deed, will achieve wonders!

This self-discovery process, dear Ones, will become your tool of inspiration and your teaching tool of preference to all the Man of Light Souls standing between their Fourth Dimension thoughts and memories and “success” in Mother Earth’s Fifth Dimension! Things will actually be getting more chaotic and even more confusing on Earth while Mother Earth completes the alignment of Chakras from April 30, 2016 to March 27, 2017. But by maintaining your Life with the mantra of the Application Dimensions of the Universe, “Align, Apply, and Activate” – align with God Source, apply the Spiritual Essence of Love, and Activate in God’s Will, you will achieve wonders of your own! “Success” in Mother Earth’s Fifth Dimension will come to be redefined through one’s ability to Create with Love and the recognition of God’s Directives through God Source!

Preparing for God’s Directives will involve Lightworker Souls as well as Man of Light Souls, but it will be Man of Light Souls who will benefit more by learning to trust and understand the direction his or her Heart’s Expression will be leading him or her. As Man of Light becomes more aware and even more experienced with his or her Heart’s Expression, he or she will also begin expanding and increasing his or her awareness to God’s Directives, and God Source, and begin the journey into the fullness of his or her Fifth Dimension experience! By personalizing God’s Directives for Mother Earth’s Fifth Dimensions, he or she will be attaining the final key of Life in the Application Dimensions, “Align, Apply, and Activate” – to Activate in God’s Will!

The activation of God’s Will simply means to “have fun!” and Create your Joy in Living – as having fun and Creating your own Joy in Living are what every single Soul was designed to do! “Success” during Mother Earth’s last stages of her Transition will come quite easily for you, dear Ones, as you fully comprehend and understand that God is the owner of ALL Things in the Universe! In the Application Dimensions God gives and grants ALL Things to those who have or are seeking Unity with God status, as the Applications Dimensions of the Universe are designed for Sharing and Cooperating together to increase and expand the Universe with God! The only way this will occur will by personalizing God’s Directives for the you in all of us!…

STEVE BECKOW – Getting to the Heart of the Matter – Creating a New Culture of Communication – 3-25-16



Think of bonding communication and action communication as two rooms we’re building in the house called “Communication.” Committed speaking is a tool – a hammer or a saw – that we use in building those rooms.

Communication for Bonding

Predominantly bonding communication has me ensure safety and reveal myself (authenticity, transparency, visibility).  Bonding communication can itself be divided down into at least two types of messages: “sharing” and “committed speaking.”

“Sharing” usually involves my sharing my noticeings of myself (around my thoughts, feelings, and behavior) or giving feedback to another of my noticeings about them (subject to correction of my interpretations, of course). Sharing may also mean sharing my love, compassion, or attention.

Werner Erhard used to say: When all is said and done, all that’s left to say is “I love you.”   Maybe we could start with “I love you” as the quintessential share.

However, the insipid “I love you./I love you too” exchange that we so often had in Third-Dimensional society, for me, doesn’t qualify as what I mean when I say “I love you.”

Many instances of “I love you./I love you too” are contrived. They seem to serve as an Early Warning System for one mate to check the other out, particularly to check out their vocal tone. Lukewarm? Enthusiastic? Resentful?

When I say “I love you,” I feel the love, palpably, arising from my heart and flowing out towards the other person. I consider that “the new normal,” something we’ll all feel not so long from now.

If I don’t feel the love, I don’t say “I love you.” I might thank someone for sharing that they love me, but I don’t shoot back, “I love you too.”

Other examples of shares are: “I notice that I still feel nervous around you because of….”  “I see myself get excited as the hour approaches when I can speak with you.” “I feel afraid of you now.” These statements tell the other person where we’re at and, most importantly, how we feel.

Letting the other person know how we feel is perhaps the most important thing we can communicate. (1)  Other people make the decision to do what it is we’re asking, I believe, based on what they know of how we feel.

“I’m not very upset. Just a little.” “I’m infuriated.” “I feel dismayed.”  This is the information people need to know, if we want them to do something for us.

“I will never harm you” is an example of committed speaking in the service of bonding. It’s a promise of safety.  “I am the stand that your life work out.” “I am here to see that you have what you need in life.” “I want for you what you want for you.” “I respect your free will.”  “I will listen to you.” These are also examples of committed speaking designed to promote bonding.

Of course if any of these statements is made without a deep connection to it, if it’s simply mouthed, it has no power and no value.  I’m presupposing that a person of integrity makes these statements and that that person is good for their word.

Communication for Action

Action communication promotes committed action. “My purpose in this life is to build a world that works.” “I am the stand that gender persecution end on this planet by Jan. 1, 2018.” “I am committed to seeing that this country have a free and universal medical care system by June 1, 2017.”  “I will work for universally-free education.” “I call for an end to hostilities throughout the world by July 1, 2016.”  These are examples of communication designed to promote action.

When someone speaks from a place of commitment, in my experience, it organizes the space. It’s as if all the world was simply waiting for someone to speak from a committed place. Take promises, declarations, stands, and assertions and infuse them with love and compassion and you have the yin and the yang of life, androgeny, the marriage of the divine female and the divine male, action (Shakti, Mother) while not leaving the balance point, the stillness (Shiva, Father).

How many people have I talked to who’ve said they can no longer stand the chit-chat? They’re ready to scream.

Communication that promotes bonding and committed action is the answer.

And we lightworkers are the ones to create a new culture of communication. Clear, committed, and self-revealing.


Vidya FrazierMuch has been written, spoken and channeled by visionaries and spiritual teachers about humanity’s ascension into the Fifth Dimension. Indeed, many “ordinary” people are also having their own experiences, visions and “downloads” about this new realm of existence.

Not every source agrees on details about the Fifth Dimension, but most describe similar characteristics, such as those described below.


According to Ascension teachings, the earth and all beings living on the earth are in the process of ascending into an entirely new level of reality in which a consciousness of love, compassion, peace and spiritual wisdom prevails. This has been called the “Fifth Dimension.”


According to Ascension teachings, the earth and all beings living on the earth are in the process of ascending into an entirely new level of reality in which a consciousness of love, compassion, peace and spiritual wisdom prevails. This has been called the “Fifth Dimension.”

Some say this shift will probably be complete within the next couple of decades; others give no date. But all seem to agree it will be complete sometime in the near future, although individuals will be each moving into the Fifth Dimension at their own rate when their frequency is high enough to match the vibration of the higher dimension.


Some teachings state that the earth has been planning to shift into the Fifth Dimension for eons–and that it would be doing this in the near future either with or without humanity, depending on whether humanity was ready for the transition. According to some, in just recent years, humanity finally moved off the trajectory of self-destruction where it had been headed and shifted onto the track of Ascension along with the earth.

December 21, 2012 is given by many sources as the date when the “portal” to the Fifth Dimension was opened for those who are ready to shift into the higher reality and also as the date when the earth and all life on it shifted from the Third Dimension into the Fourth.

Much of what has been described about the Fifth Dimension can sound like a fairy tale:

A Fairy Tale?

Much of what has been described about the Fifth Dimension can sound like a fairy tale:

  • All people will be living in peace and harmony, experiencing oneness with all of life, fully respecting all people and the earth. Love and compassion will flow through all communications
  • e3e622887b103f80eceee6df0756d6ebEquality, justice and respect for all human beings will reign on earth–no more hunger, poverty or crime. Abundance will be available to all.
  • Everyone will live without fear–with complete trust in the Divine.
  • Everyone will be awake to the majestic, divine inter-dimensional beings they truly are.

Some of the descriptions can sound even more “out there”–such as people freely communicating with beings from other planets and galaxies and traveling to distant parts of the universe with these beings.

And yet, haven’t we all had dreams of living in a world like this? Are these dreams just figments of our imagination?

Or are they memories of what we, thousands and thousands of years ago, once experienced–and at some point lost, as we descended into the kind of world we know of today, filled with struggle and suffering and lack of direct connection with the Divine?

Imagination, Memory or Intuition?

And yet, haven’t we all had dreams of living in a world like this? Are these dreams just figments of our imagination?

Or are they memories of what we, thousands and thousands of years ago, once experienced–and at some point lost, as we descended into the kind of world we know of today, filled with struggle and suffering and lack of direct connection with the Divine?


Or do these dreams perhaps come from intuitions about the future that is in store for us? Many of us are having these intuitive feelings; some are having clear visions; others are inwardly hearing about the reality of what humanity’s future will be. Some of us feel we have been waiting thousands of years for these times we are now entering.

If we seek deeply within ourselves, we may find that these dreams of an ideal and peaceful world are actually both a distant memory of what we once experienced eons ago and an intuitive glimpse into what is now beginning to happen on earth.

How Can it Happen so Quickly?

The question might arise as to this could possibly happen. How can this world turn around from where it is today and become this utopian kind of world? There is still so much darkness on the planet–wars, hatred, prejudice and injustice.

The answer is two-fold: First, thousands of people on the planet are now experiencing an awakening of the heart at an unprecedented rate–and this awakening appears to be speeding up, as time goes by. At some point, the hundredth monkey phenomenon will inevitably take hold.

And secondly, not everyone on the planet at this time is making the choice (consciously or unconsciously) to make the shift into the Fifth Dimension.

All souls do have the choice to enter 5D, given they have assimilated sufficient light to hold the frequency levels that exist in that higher vibration. But many will be choosing to leave the earth within the next decade or so to move on to other third-dimensional experiences in other parts of the universe. They will not have finished with what third-dimensional reality has still to teach them.

Those who are choosing to stay and make the shift with the earth will be going through some intense and rapid changes, as their bodies and minds make the radical changes needed to shift into the higher consciousness requisite for moving into the Fifth Dimension.

Exactly What are Dimensions?


First, it’s important to understand that dimensions are not places or locations; they’re levels of conscious- ness that vibrate at a certain rate. There exist numerous dimensions; the fourth and fifth are simply higher than the one we’ve living in for thousands of years. Ascension into even higher dimensions will continue even after we’ve reached the fifth.

Each dimension vibrates at a higher rate than the one below. In each higher dimension, there exists a clearer, wider perspective of reality, a greater level of knowing. We experience more freedom, greater power, and more opportunity to create reality.

In order for a higher dimension to be available to us, we need to vibrate in resonance with it. Shifting from one level of consciousness to the next higher one means becoming established on it, so we don’t get pulled back.

The Third Dimension

It’s important to understand, first of all, that the Third Dimension is not the things you see: the table, the tree, the earth. These are form. All things in form are still present in the Fourth Dimension (and to some degree in the Fifth); they’re simply more light-filled, not as dense.

The Third Dimension is a state of consciousness that is very limited and restricted. Because we’ve been living in this dimensional reality for so many lifetimes, we tend to assume that is the only reality that exists. We think this is simply how “reality” is, not realizing it’s a very limited experience of reality.

The third-dimensional “operating system” runs on rigid beliefs and a fairly inflexible set of rules and limitations. For example, in the Third Dimension, we learn to believe that bodies are solid; they can’t merge with each other or walk through walls. Everything is subject to gravity, physical objects cannot disappear, and we cannot read another person’s mind. There’s a solid belief in duality, and judgment and fear are pervasive.

The Fourth Dimension

The Fourth Dimension is the “bridge” we’ve all been on now since December 21, 2012, and will be on for a relatively short period of time. In traveling through the Fourth Dimension, we are preparing ourselves for the Fifth. Many of us have had experiences of the Fourth Dimension for a number of years now without realizing it.


We can know we’re experiencing fourth-dimensional consciousness when we have moments of spiritual awakening or heart-opening. Other times, it can happen when we’re simply feeling clear and quiet inside. Everything within and around us feels lighter, less rigid. There’s a sense of spaciousness and upliftment.

Time is no longer linear in the Fourth Dimension–there’s an ongoing sense of being in present time, with no interest or even awareness of past and future. And we can discover that time is malleable–it can actually stretch and condense, much to our third-dimensional surprise.

Manifestation is much faster in the Fourth Dimension. Something we simply think about can show up very quickly. In general, when we’re experiencing joy, love and gratitude, we’re experiencing fourth-dimensional consciousness.

In actuality, we are now since December 2012 existing in the Fourth Dimension; but most people have lived so many lifetimes in the Third Dimension, that they’re still living in a restricted way out of habit.

The Fourth Dimension is the “bridge” we’ve all been on now since December 21, 2012, and will be on for a relatively short period of time. In traveling through the Fourth Dimension, we are preparing ourselves for the Fifth. Many of us have had experiences of the Fourth Dimension for a number of years now without realizing it.


The Fifth Dimension

The Fifth Dimension has been described as the dimension of Love–of living totally from the Heart.

In order to enter into the Fifth Dimension and stay there, all mental and emotional baggage must be left at the door. No fear, anger, hostility, guilt exists there–no suffering or sense of separation. Mastery over thought is a prerequisite.

Manifestation in the Fifth Dimension is instantaneous. You think about something–it comes present. People generally communicate through telepathy and have the ability to read each other’s thoughts and feelings with ease. The experience of time is radically different: some describe it as “everything happening at once.” There is no distinction between past, present or future.

Many of us are having experiences (or “dreams”) that feel like visits to the Fifth Dimension. These are exhilarating–tremendously exciting and hopeful. They keep us moving on through the difficulties that sometimes arise as we travel through the Fourth Dimension and into the Fifth.

Transitional Times

We are currently in what’s been called “transitional times” or the “end times”. These are the times in which we are experiencing the death of third-dimensional reality, while at the same time beginning to travel through new and unknown landscapes of the Fourth Dimension.

In essence, one whole structure of reality is collapsing, while a new one is emerging. It’s to be expected that some chaos, confusion and disorientation will reign both within and around us, as we attempt to adapt to a whole new way of experiencing reality.

Many of us are beginning to experience radical changes in our lives, as we enter into these times. Whatever does not serve us in shifting into a higher dimension has to fall away.

This can include old relationships, lifetime careers, approaches to life we’ve traditionally taken, an out-dated sense of identity, or any limited or negative thoughts and emotions that hold us in a lower vibration.


Fortunately, we can now get a great deal of help in making the transition to a higher vibration. Beings from higher dimensional realms are more and more present to assist us; we simply need to ask for their help.

We can also become aware of the flooding of divine light that’s currently arriving from the higher dimensions. So releasing old patterns and negative emotions is getting easier and easier, if we have the clear intention of letting them go.

We Can Take our Bodies with Us

Many sources tell us we can take our physical bodies with us, if we choose, into the Fifth Dimension.

Some say that although other planets and galaxies have shifted into higher dimensions before in the history of the universe, this is the first time that souls in incarnation on a planet are going to be taking their physical vehicles with them into the higher dimension. Doing this is seen as the next step in humanity’s evolution.

Given this, it seems important for us to really take care of our bodies at this time. Radical transformation can be hard on the body, causing pain, aches, exhaustion and flu-like symptoms.

It’s Up to You


If you feel a resonance with the information in this article, it’s likely you’ve decided — either consciously or uncon-sciously — to shift with the earth into the Fifth Dimension in this lifetime. If so, you have the choice to simply allow life to transform you — sometimes in uncomfortable ways, if you have any resistance to chance.

Or you can choose to actively cooperate with the shifts taking place inside you. You can consciously let go of old patterns, release negative emotions, judgments and thoughts, and work on keeping your vibration high at all times. This effort will likely ensure that your journey through the Fourth Dimension will be a lot smoother and even perhaps more rapid.

But there’s no right way to make this journey. We each have to do it the way that’s best for us. One way or another, we will make it into the new reality that lies before us. What an exciting time to be alive!

“The Fifth Dimension” by Vidya Frazier, not dated, at

Original link: The Fifth Dimension

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Who is Ra, Part 18 – Fourth and Fifth Density – 12-28-14

Written by Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness

We’ve probably talked a little about fourth and fifth density so far, but here, Ra will share more information about them and their conditions.

As we’ll learn, fourth density entities choose to stay invisible to human eyes, and this is partially because we wouldn’t be able to handle seeing them.It’d definitely shatter some paradigms if we suddenly witnessed fourth density and its various life forms, and we have to gradually adjust to a higher state of consciousness before we can perceive it.

We aren’t given anything we can’t handle, and if we’ve learned anything so far, it’s that our evolution entails a gradual progression through the densities.

We’ll perceive fourth and fifth density when we’re ready, but for now, we still have a lot of growing and learning to do before we can handle them.

Most people on earth are still primarily adjusted to third density, but a lot of seekers think this will change as the collective vibration rises and more people become aware of spirit and the wonders that exist beyond our conscious perception.

As we’ve learned in previous installments, fourth density harbors intense compassion, which is resolved in fifth density where we learn to be more harmonious; more in sync. We won’t require lessons that have to do with compassion in fifth density, because we’ll have long graduated and, in doing so, realized that it’s a distortion.

Everything in this reality (and the realities beyond) is technically a distortion – even the famed love and light – and we won’t need to express compassion in fifth density because we’ll have resolved any negative polarities that require it.

We’ll have entered a realm of pure bliss and harmony, and we’ll no longer express or require compassion because there’ll be nothing low or negative to express it about.

Ra tells us about fourth density’s invisibility.

“The 4th density is, by choice, not visible to third density. It is possible for 4th density to be visible. However, the 4th density entity must concentrate upon a rather difficult vibrational pattern or complex – which is the 3rd density you experience.” (1)

Fourth density entities compulsively protect and care for others, we’re told.

“The impulse to protect the loved other-self is one which persists through the 4th density, a density abounding in compassion.” (2)

We’re also told how long a traditional fourth density lifetime takes (as measured by our time), and how long a fourth density cycle lasts (i.e., how long we might stay there before we graduate to the fifth).

“The typical time for one incarnation or ‘lifetime’ in the harmonious 4th density is approximately 90,000 of your years as you measure time.

Question: “How long is a cycle of experience in 4th density in our years?

“The cycle lasts approximately 30 million of your years if the entities are not capable of being harvested sooner.” (3)

Ra then describes what fourth density’s like for negatively polarized entities.

Question: “Could you give me some idea of what conditions are like on a 4th density negative or service-to-self planet?

“The planetary conditions of 4th density negative include the constant alignment and realignment of entities in efforts to form dominant patterns of combined energy. The early 4th density is ore of most intensive struggle.

“When the order of authority has been established and all have fought until convinced that each is in the proper placement for power structure, the social memory complex begins. The 4th density effect of telepathy and the transparency of thought are always used for the sake of those at the top of the power structure.

“In the 4th density the methods used in battle are mental rather than manifested weapons.” (4)

There are no physical fights in the negatively charged fourth density – it’s all mental, emotional and spiritual. From what Ra says here, it seems that entities try to control, hurt and/or ‘destroy’ each other in a bid to reach the top of a self-created pyramid, and if you look around our world, you’ll notice a similar battle playing out in the halls of power.

The planetary elite are playing a game with our society – a game where they strive to reach the top of their own power structures. Most people don’t know it’s going on, but it’s been happening for centuries.

People have always fought to retain wealth and power, and this battle can apparently carry on into fourth density. It seems that if we aren’t careful here on earth, we’ll enter a place that’s just as divisive and strife-fueled (if not more so) when we pass on.

Now, we’ll learn about fifth density, which has been called the ‘wisdom density’. As Ra tells us, entities can either learn lessons independently or collectively in this sphere.

Question: “Graduation into 5th density is a function of the violet ray for the entire memory complex. Is this correct?

“This is correct although in 5th density entities may choose to learn as a social memory complex or as mind/body/spirit complex. The wisdom density is an extremely free density whereas the lessons of compassion leading to wisdom necessarily have to do with other-selves.” (5)

If you think about it, we can experience third density together or separately too. We might not all be literally stuck together, but we can grow and learn lessons as a unit or as individuals. The choice is ours, and it basically comes down to whether or not we want to experience life with other people.

Married couples who are close can attest that life provides them challenges to handle together. I think it was Ra who said that experiencing life with a significant other is necessary so we can practice for the experiences we’ll all eventually have together, and whether or not two people are married, they can learn and grow as one if they stick together.

Concluded from Part 1Fifth density is ‘extremely white in vibration’, Ra tells us. They also tell us that the Law of One is understood and embraced in this sphere.“5th density is extremely white in vibration.Question: “At what point in the densities is it necessary for an entity to be consciously aware of the Law of One in order to progress?“The 5th density harvest is of those who accept the honor and duty of the Law of One.” (1)

Consuming food is still necessary in fifth density, we’re told, and it’s used as a reason to come together.

Question: “I am guessing that it is not necessary to ingest foodstuffs in 5th density. Is this correct?

“This is incorrect. However, the vehicle needs food which may be prepared by thought – a nectar or ambrosia or light broth of golden white hue.

Question: “Does the fueling of the body teach, i.e., is it a catalyst for learning?

“In 5th density it is a comfort for those of like mind gathered together to share in this broth, thus becoming one in light and wisdom while joining hearts and hands in physical activity. It becomes a solace rather than a catalyst for learning.” (2)

People enjoy consuming this golden, nectary broth together in fifth density, because it’s another reason to come together and share the joy of communion and consumption.

Needless to say, rampant consumption isn’t an issue in fifth density like it is here in the third, and instead of embracing gluttony, fifth density entities recognize that consuming light-filled foods is necessary to help their bodies grow and to have a reason to enjoy each other’s company.

A lot of people on earth use eating as a reason to come together and celebrate on various occasions, and the celebration’s constant in fifth density. If one isn’t celebrating by consuming the nectary broth, I’m sure they’re doing something else that unites hearts and celebrates their harmonious existence.

Fifth density entities can change their form to appear more human, according to Ra.

Question: “Do some of them look just like us? Could they pass for Earth people?

“That is correct. Those of this nature are most often 5th density.

Question: “I assume the same answer would apply to the Orion group. Is this correct?

“This is correct.

“In 5th density the manifestation of the physical complex is more and more under the control of the conscious mind complex. Therefore the 5th density entity may dissolve one manifestation and create another.” (3)

In fifth density, we can actually embody qualities that are recognizable to third density entities. Maybe this is how Ra (who’s a sixth density collective consciousness) and other entities have appeared before humanity without startling or overwhelming us.

Ra is one of many entities who are believed to have assumed a recognizable form and shared revolutionary technologies with humanity, but we don’t hear about their contact or the contact we’ve made with various other entities who wanted to introduce spirituality and help us advance into a new age.

We’ll learn the truth in time, but for now, we might have to accept that there’s a lot we don’t know.

In our final quote, Ra tells us that light is a useful tool in fifth density.

“In 5th density light is as visible a tool as your pencil’s writing.” (4)

I’d imagine light is helpful for anyone who wants to do anything significant in fifth density. I’m not sure what exactly it does, but if I had to guess, I’d say it’s used to create other fifth density realities or help lower density souls evolve.

Ra mentioned that the drive to help others excel is lessened in fifth density because it doesn’t feature fourth density’s intense compassion, but this doesn’t necessarily mean fifth density entities aren’t passionate about helping their counterparts in lower spheres evolve.

If they are, they can use light and whatever other tools are available (I’m sure there are a lot) to help as many souls as they can to graduate into their sphere. Given that light’s usually paired with love, which is a distortion that creates realities and enables people to spiritually progress, it’s main function is probably to create things out of love.

Light’s probably paired with love to manifest things that didn’t previously exist in fifth density, but it doesn’t create these things out of thin air. Anything that can be created already exists in another place, so maybe light’s used as a tool to bring things over from other realms and manifest them in fifth density. This is all just speculation, of course.

In our next installment, we’ll learn that Ra exists in sixth density (which I mentioned earlier).

We might learn about how they’ve lowered their vibration into fifth density, which they did so they can help humanity excel after the teachings they gave us were suppressed by people in power who twisted their doctrines around to mean something completely different from their original meaning.

I’ll repeat that our history’s nothing like we’ve been told. One of the most surprising things for people to learn will probably be that the current power structures have always known about certain spiritual teachings, the existence of extraterrestrials (both good and bad), and various other things we’ve been conditioned to believe are fictional.

We have a lot to learn about what’s been done to keep us pacified and unaware of the spiritual nature of our existence, and this is why I’m always grateful for genuine channeled entities like Ra, who are here to clear away the fabrications and reintroduce the pure, aligned teachings they gave the ancient Egyptians.

Everyone will learn the truth in time, but it’ll be hard for a lot of people to come to terms with the idea that a corrupt, self-serving elite has kept us from understanding and receiving things that would’ve drastically increased everyone’s quality of life.

Once we learn about how we’ve been kept down, we can start the difficult but necessary process of building ourselves back up.

I’m sure we’ll be given even more higher-dimensional assistance when the time comes, but for now, we’ll have to be content with the insights we’ve received from spiritual teachers, genuine channeled messages, truth-seekers or any other source that’s proven to be spiritually aligned and genuine in their desire to help humanity out of the darkness.

DL Zeta – Virtual Reality Shifts are a Doorway into Fifth-Dimensional Timelines – 12-17-14

DL Zeta 2DL Zeta

It is possible at any time to visualize and begin aligning with the version of your reality that allows you to exist along fifth-dimensional timelines. As you gradually shift to higher-vibrational realities, struggle falls away from you; your response to the realities you encounter becomes one of acceptance and gratitude because you are able to see the blessings and higher order contained within every situation.

From this perspective, there is never a reason to allow yourself to be pulled into negative energies because love-filled alternatives exist adjacent to every moment and can be accessed in the blink of an eye.

Each time we choose love over lower alternatives, we activate new timelines and potentials that hold the power to carry us seamlessly into fifth-dimensional life tracks.

In fact, it is possible to go a step further and incubate an entire fifth-dimensional life track and begin the process of shifting to this new reality thread.

Creating the World of your Highest Visions

Incubating the shift to a fifth-dimensional life track involves a simple process of creating the world of your highest visions and living in it as a virtual reality until it is fully activated into your physical reality.

Timelines are probability threads that extend in all directions from your present moment. In moments of stillness and meditation, and during time spent communing in nature, you are able to perceive alternative life tracks existing side by side with your present timeline.

Often as you go through your day, thoughts filter through your mind of possible alternatives and choices. Some of these may seem more viable than others, depending on your degree of enmeshment into physical reality.

By allowing yourself to step outside your current life track and detaching from physical reality, you are able to view the reality threads that are the closest match to your soul’s need to grow and expand. Reality threads that best meet your soul’s needs represent the world of your highest visions.

The shape of this preferred reality thread may not be the thread your conscious mind would choose or the thread your “common sense” would dictate.

Reality threads that represent your highest vision may take you to unforeseen locations assisting people or animals in need, or they may set you on a course of training you had not previously considered.

Through the lens of the physical world, common sense might tell you to choose the reality thread where you win the lottery and live out your days in luxury and ease. Unless this thread holds the growth opportunities most needed by your soul at the moment, this will not be the highest and best thread for you.

In order to perceive and choose the highest and best life track at any given moment, it is essential to look at potentials through the eyes of your soul rather than the eyes of the world.

Living in a Preferred Thread as a Virtual Reality

Once you have chosen a preferred thread, you can begin to activate it into your physical experience by living in it as a virtual reality. This is a “fast track” to shifting into a new and preferred reality thread.

This process allows you to slowly align with the energetic field of a new probability and develop a comfort zone in this new alternate world. Having a comfort zone already established in a preferred reality gives it greater viability as a life track.

Visit this virtual world in consciousness each day. Look around this world and expand it with your imagination.

Ask for images, ideas and information to be downloaded into your consciousness of how you can build this virtual world into a viable reality thread.

Whatever comes before you throughout your day, view it through the lens of this virtual thread you are incubating. When the time is right, you will see aspects of this life track manifesting in your physical experience.

Your Soul is Eternal, Physical Reality is Fleeting

Shifting to an alternative reality thread does not change who you are. Quite the contrary, it allows you to become more of who you are because it allows you to experience more of who you are at the soul level.

Your identity and experience in physical reality is fleeting but your soul is eternal. Consciously choosing a life track aligned with the desires of your soul may briefly upset your ego but it will allow you greater spiritual freedom because it loosens the ego’s tight grip and its insistence at deciding the realities you experience.

Choosing a new life track aligned with your highest visions will change your physical experience in numerous ways.

Not only does it change the tone and flavor of the reality threads you experience, but in time this shift can change your beliefs, perspectives and sense of possibility.

This can in turn change your past, present and future and allow you to align with new and more vibrationally- powerful reality threads.


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Timelines and Agartha – We Are 5D

Agarha 2

I have noticed on Saturday and Sunday that there were several cases of instant manifestation – small things, but I am “told” this is evidence of us all realizing we are in fact already in 5D. This means that we are closer to being in the correct vibration / physical frequency of synchronizing with “them” so that we can see them. We are still mostly under the mindset that we are still 3D, so this is what we experience.
I have also met Adama face to face at his home in the greek town in Agartha in a dream some time ago. Next to his home was a dragon statue that served as a portal between places. They lived in communal dormitories that looked like Greek monuments; I was reminded of the military barracks I stayed in over the summer when I was younger, in the Canadian army. The people there in Agartha all wore robes similar to what Adama wears in his portrait. Sometimes they move as a “flock” similar to how birds might all move together. The behavior is a somewhat strange thing to witness for someone who is not used to it. In this state they are more like a single entity. 🙂
Each town in Agartha is a cultural “template” – for example there is a Greek town, a German town, an Italian town, a Japanese town, and so forth. So there is a place where each one of us will feel right at home. The towns are large and are surrounded by wilderness. The German town has a harbor with a castle on a hill, and the food in the bakeries is amazing! A river runs next to the castle. I realized that the food is amazing because it is the template of the food – it is the ideal that chefs in our world try to accomplish.
The above “manifestation” is evidence of our ability to pass between similar timelines. Rather than making something materialize, what happens is that we choose the timeline where that thing exists in that place at that time. Imagine that all events are connected to that thing, so the entire timeline changes accordingly. I am not sure how this works with everyone else shifting timelines; I guess it is also a representation of what everyone else has chosen up until that point.
So you see the issue is that we are not yet collectively in a timeline where it is possible for them to exist… but they do indeed exist.
As to the criteria of world peace, this is interesting because I believe this has already been achieved. It may seem like the world is at war, but in reality it is only the United States at war with itself. Anyone you ask will wonder why they are fighting – because it is not their war to fight. There is a brilliant scene in the movie Baron Munchausen, where he says “open the gates!” And it turns out that whatever war they perceived has somehow disappeared. It was because he changed the timeline so that the war no longer existed.
And really, there was no war to begin with… 😀
About Prophecy of the world in its natural state, without humans. This is quite true because there is a timeline somewhere already where this is the case. In the realm of all possibilities, we of course exist alongside this in all our other timelines. This timeline they talk about is the timeline where humanity doesn’t exist. It is not something to get upset about, because it is already happening. We just don’t experience it.
Jumping to a different timeline backwards and forwards in time is possible by connecting to the version of you in that timeline. You will then experience everything that this version of you experiences. This can be done through dreams or meditations, based on your intent. It helps to clear or center beforehand (I visualize a white piece of paper).

DL Zeta – 20 Steps to Activating Fifth-Dimensional Timelines – 3-13-14

New Human Divine Blueprint Divinity

Fifth-dimensional storylines can be accessed and experienced from within the present moment through awareness and conscious action. It is not a given that one will “fall into” timelines that run along themes of peace and love. However, each person holds the potential to awaken to these new reality threads and choose to shift toward them.

Such shifts can happen in the blink of an eye. The future is not fixed. Rather, it exists in probability lines that are energized through intention, vibrational frequency and action.

Twenty Steps to Energize Fifth-Dimensional Probability Lines

Once we become aware of fifth-dimensional reality threads in our field of potential, there are steps we can take to embrace and energize these probability lines. We offer here some steps:

1) Be present, awake and aware. The only way to be present in the future is be here now. Make a regular practice of slowing down, looking around you and allowing your consciousness to expand into the present moment. Too often, we fall into the trap of filling up our lives with commitments and activities that don’t feed our soul. To cope with the pain of this lack of fulfillment, we fall asleep in our daily lives. This creates more pain because sleeping through life slams us into more obstacles, perpetuating a vicious cycle.

2) Embrace grief and loss as essential components of creativity; the old must be destroyed to make way for the new. Love and appreciate what has been; express gratitude for it and release it. Many people hold back from new and more fulfilling realities because it will mean leaving behind and releasing what has been. Learning to embrace grief makes this process much easier.

3) Send love into any situation you don’t understand. As we move further into the new time, we may encounter many new situations and events we don’t understand. Love is always the answer. Send love into all situations and the answers will soon appear.

4) Recognize we are already part of all-that-is. Our job is to merge with the force of creation by allowing ourselves to remember our oneness with the Divine order of the universe. We are not creating ourselves anew, but rather, allowing who we are to shine through.

5) Remain transparent and neutral to all you witness. It is not necessary to have an opinion about what you see. Awareness is everything. As you allow yourself to see what is there, you see through illusion. Within the moment, our conscious mind will not be able to grasp all that is beneath the surface of physical reality. This power of inner seeing helps us navigate times when we encounter paradoxes. For instance, separation as the path to unity, darkness gives way to light; dissolution of relationships and other life situations makes way for the new. Illness and accidents can serve as preludes to opening of heightened awareness and intuitive abilities.

6) Practice self-love at all levels. Pay attention to the needs of your body, mind and spirit. Eat fresh, unprocessed foods, especially root vegetables and dark leafy greens. Practice self-nurturing through the use of herbs, essential oils, gemstones and other healing modalities. Spend time each day communing with your spirit and expressing gratitude for everything in your life. Appreciate the Earth and all-that-is. Focus thoughts on expansive, loving themes that expand your inner light.

7) Observe all that goes on around you; observe yourself. Keep in perspective the big picture of your life and the up-close picture. Do not allow yourself to be overly absorbed into the events of your life. This causes you to lapse into states of less awareness.

8) Stay positive on no matter what happens in your life. Negativity drains your life-force energy and weakens your overall system, draining you of your ability to cope with what you are experiencing.

9) Practice self-reliance and self-responsibility in all matters. Disconnect from dependency on all systems, groups or institutions. Disconnect from mechanisms of mass thought that feed on your energies. Parasitic life scripts are everywhere. By remaining awake you are able to sidestep them and write your own script. Working in cooperation with others is not the same as participating in dependency relationships which keep one enslaved to mechanisms of mass thought.

10) Connect often with nature. The natural world exists in accordance with universal law. As we commune with nature and align ourselves with its essence, we unify our mind and spirit. A unified consciousness is essential for existing along fifth-dimensional timelines.

11) Practice preparedness; always have your affairs in order. Allow completions. Hold in awareness that each goodbye could be your last. Complete with everyone; be willing within each moment to release all that you are and all that you know; be willing to embrace the unknown. Change is the nature of life. When you are present, awake and aware, you begin and complete each moment impeccably with no loose ends.

12) Open to the new. Allow yourself to wake up in a new world every day. This makes it much easier to slough off old ways of thinking and re-invent yourself. You’re not the past, nor are you bound by the past.

13) Embrace freedom. Do not give your power away to enslaving thought forms; if a situation does not serve your highest and best, it does not serve the highest and best of others.

14) Become a detective of your own life to gain awareness of old patterns and scripts operating in the background. As you gain awareness of these scripts, visualize and rewrite them according to choices aligned with new visions and goals.

15) Review your beliefs, perceptions and goals on a regular basis. Create a 10 most wanted list and update it regularly. This helps you set priorities and release old ideas and beliefs that no longer support your higher evolution and growth.

16) Breathe and energize your physical system. Practice regularly forms of movement that unify body, mind and spirit such as yoga and tai chi.

17) Maintain a sense of humor in all you do. When you feel yourself becoming overly absorbed in the dream of your life, watch a humorous movie or see your life events from a comedic perspective.

18) Meditate and act on love. Unconditional love is the highest vibration in the universe and supercedes all other frequencies.

19) Give to others what you would like to receive and you will see your desires manifest all around you.

20) Set your intention to practice all of the above and expect miracles each day.

For more on timelines, see Timeline and Identity Shifts: the New Science of Reality Creation by DL Zeta
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