Who is Ra, Part 18 – Fourth and Fifth Density – 12-28-14

Written by Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness

We’ve probably talked a little about fourth and fifth density so far, but here, Ra will share more information about them and their conditions.

As we’ll learn, fourth density entities choose to stay invisible to human eyes, and this is partially because we wouldn’t be able to handle seeing them.It’d definitely shatter some paradigms if we suddenly witnessed fourth density and its various life forms, and we have to gradually adjust to a higher state of consciousness before we can perceive it.

We aren’t given anything we can’t handle, and if we’ve learned anything so far, it’s that our evolution entails a gradual progression through the densities.

We’ll perceive fourth and fifth density when we’re ready, but for now, we still have a lot of growing and learning to do before we can handle them.

Most people on earth are still primarily adjusted to third density, but a lot of seekers think this will change as the collective vibration rises and more people become aware of spirit and the wonders that exist beyond our conscious perception.

As we’ve learned in previous installments, fourth density harbors intense compassion, which is resolved in fifth density where we learn to be more harmonious; more in sync. We won’t require lessons that have to do with compassion in fifth density, because we’ll have long graduated and, in doing so, realized that it’s a distortion.

Everything in this reality (and the realities beyond) is technically a distortion – even the famed love and light – and we won’t need to express compassion in fifth density because we’ll have resolved any negative polarities that require it.

We’ll have entered a realm of pure bliss and harmony, and we’ll no longer express or require compassion because there’ll be nothing low or negative to express it about.

Ra tells us about fourth density’s invisibility.

“The 4th density is, by choice, not visible to third density. It is possible for 4th density to be visible. However, the 4th density entity must concentrate upon a rather difficult vibrational pattern or complex – which is the 3rd density you experience.” (1)

Fourth density entities compulsively protect and care for others, we’re told.

“The impulse to protect the loved other-self is one which persists through the 4th density, a density abounding in compassion.” (2)

We’re also told how long a traditional fourth density lifetime takes (as measured by our time), and how long a fourth density cycle lasts (i.e., how long we might stay there before we graduate to the fifth).

“The typical time for one incarnation or ‘lifetime’ in the harmonious 4th density is approximately 90,000 of your years as you measure time.

Question: “How long is a cycle of experience in 4th density in our years?

“The cycle lasts approximately 30 million of your years if the entities are not capable of being harvested sooner.” (3)

Ra then describes what fourth density’s like for negatively polarized entities.

Question: “Could you give me some idea of what conditions are like on a 4th density negative or service-to-self planet?

“The planetary conditions of 4th density negative include the constant alignment and realignment of entities in efforts to form dominant patterns of combined energy. The early 4th density is ore of most intensive struggle.

“When the order of authority has been established and all have fought until convinced that each is in the proper placement for power structure, the social memory complex begins. The 4th density effect of telepathy and the transparency of thought are always used for the sake of those at the top of the power structure.

“In the 4th density the methods used in battle are mental rather than manifested weapons.” (4)

There are no physical fights in the negatively charged fourth density – it’s all mental, emotional and spiritual. From what Ra says here, it seems that entities try to control, hurt and/or ‘destroy’ each other in a bid to reach the top of a self-created pyramid, and if you look around our world, you’ll notice a similar battle playing out in the halls of power.

The planetary elite are playing a game with our society – a game where they strive to reach the top of their own power structures. Most people don’t know it’s going on, but it’s been happening for centuries.

People have always fought to retain wealth and power, and this battle can apparently carry on into fourth density. It seems that if we aren’t careful here on earth, we’ll enter a place that’s just as divisive and strife-fueled (if not more so) when we pass on.

Now, we’ll learn about fifth density, which has been called the ‘wisdom density’. As Ra tells us, entities can either learn lessons independently or collectively in this sphere.

Question: “Graduation into 5th density is a function of the violet ray for the entire memory complex. Is this correct?

“This is correct although in 5th density entities may choose to learn as a social memory complex or as mind/body/spirit complex. The wisdom density is an extremely free density whereas the lessons of compassion leading to wisdom necessarily have to do with other-selves.” (5)

If you think about it, we can experience third density together or separately too. We might not all be literally stuck together, but we can grow and learn lessons as a unit or as individuals. The choice is ours, and it basically comes down to whether or not we want to experience life with other people.

Married couples who are close can attest that life provides them challenges to handle together. I think it was Ra who said that experiencing life with a significant other is necessary so we can practice for the experiences we’ll all eventually have together, and whether or not two people are married, they can learn and grow as one if they stick together.


Concluded from Part 1Fifth density is ‘extremely white in vibration’, Ra tells us. They also tell us that the Law of One is understood and embraced in this sphere.“5th density is extremely white in vibration.Question: “At what point in the densities is it necessary for an entity to be consciously aware of the Law of One in order to progress?“The 5th density harvest is of those who accept the honor and duty of the Law of One.” (1)

Consuming food is still necessary in fifth density, we’re told, and it’s used as a reason to come together.

Question: “I am guessing that it is not necessary to ingest foodstuffs in 5th density. Is this correct?

“This is incorrect. However, the vehicle needs food which may be prepared by thought – a nectar or ambrosia or light broth of golden white hue.

Question: “Does the fueling of the body teach, i.e., is it a catalyst for learning?

“In 5th density it is a comfort for those of like mind gathered together to share in this broth, thus becoming one in light and wisdom while joining hearts and hands in physical activity. It becomes a solace rather than a catalyst for learning.” (2)

People enjoy consuming this golden, nectary broth together in fifth density, because it’s another reason to come together and share the joy of communion and consumption.

Needless to say, rampant consumption isn’t an issue in fifth density like it is here in the third, and instead of embracing gluttony, fifth density entities recognize that consuming light-filled foods is necessary to help their bodies grow and to have a reason to enjoy each other’s company.

A lot of people on earth use eating as a reason to come together and celebrate on various occasions, and the celebration’s constant in fifth density. If one isn’t celebrating by consuming the nectary broth, I’m sure they’re doing something else that unites hearts and celebrates their harmonious existence.

Fifth density entities can change their form to appear more human, according to Ra.

Question: “Do some of them look just like us? Could they pass for Earth people?

“That is correct. Those of this nature are most often 5th density.

Question: “I assume the same answer would apply to the Orion group. Is this correct?

“This is correct.

“In 5th density the manifestation of the physical complex is more and more under the control of the conscious mind complex. Therefore the 5th density entity may dissolve one manifestation and create another.” (3)

In fifth density, we can actually embody qualities that are recognizable to third density entities. Maybe this is how Ra (who’s a sixth density collective consciousness) and other entities have appeared before humanity without startling or overwhelming us.

Ra is one of many entities who are believed to have assumed a recognizable form and shared revolutionary technologies with humanity, but we don’t hear about their contact or the contact we’ve made with various other entities who wanted to introduce spirituality and help us advance into a new age.

We’ll learn the truth in time, but for now, we might have to accept that there’s a lot we don’t know.

In our final quote, Ra tells us that light is a useful tool in fifth density.

“In 5th density light is as visible a tool as your pencil’s writing.” (4)

I’d imagine light is helpful for anyone who wants to do anything significant in fifth density. I’m not sure what exactly it does, but if I had to guess, I’d say it’s used to create other fifth density realities or help lower density souls evolve.

Ra mentioned that the drive to help others excel is lessened in fifth density because it doesn’t feature fourth density’s intense compassion, but this doesn’t necessarily mean fifth density entities aren’t passionate about helping their counterparts in lower spheres evolve.

If they are, they can use light and whatever other tools are available (I’m sure there are a lot) to help as many souls as they can to graduate into their sphere. Given that light’s usually paired with love, which is a distortion that creates realities and enables people to spiritually progress, it’s main function is probably to create things out of love.

Light’s probably paired with love to manifest things that didn’t previously exist in fifth density, but it doesn’t create these things out of thin air. Anything that can be created already exists in another place, so maybe light’s used as a tool to bring things over from other realms and manifest them in fifth density. This is all just speculation, of course.

In our next installment, we’ll learn that Ra exists in sixth density (which I mentioned earlier).

We might learn about how they’ve lowered their vibration into fifth density, which they did so they can help humanity excel after the teachings they gave us were suppressed by people in power who twisted their doctrines around to mean something completely different from their original meaning.

I’ll repeat that our history’s nothing like we’ve been told. One of the most surprising things for people to learn will probably be that the current power structures have always known about certain spiritual teachings, the existence of extraterrestrials (both good and bad), and various other things we’ve been conditioned to believe are fictional.

We have a lot to learn about what’s been done to keep us pacified and unaware of the spiritual nature of our existence, and this is why I’m always grateful for genuine channeled entities like Ra, who are here to clear away the fabrications and reintroduce the pure, aligned teachings they gave the ancient Egyptians.

Everyone will learn the truth in time, but it’ll be hard for a lot of people to come to terms with the idea that a corrupt, self-serving elite has kept us from understanding and receiving things that would’ve drastically increased everyone’s quality of life.

Once we learn about how we’ve been kept down, we can start the difficult but necessary process of building ourselves back up.

I’m sure we’ll be given even more higher-dimensional assistance when the time comes, but for now, we’ll have to be content with the insights we’ve received from spiritual teachers, genuine channeled messages, truth-seekers or any other source that’s proven to be spiritually aligned and genuine in their desire to help humanity out of the darkness.


Sharon Cheney – Transitioning into the Golden Age – 11-19-14

Photo - Sharon CheneyBy Sharon Cheney, November 2014

Many people are feeling the transition into the fourth dimension lately. They sense something is different but have difficulty to define it.

For some, their regular source of income may be changing while others feel blocked and don’t understand what is happening to them. We can go through this transition with ease when we understand that this is the golden age that we have all been awaiting for since December 2012.

The planet and all its inhabitants are now fully anchored into fourth dimension. The planetary grid that has allowed this to happen has been in place since 2008.

If you are wondering what the future will be like, the answer is that the consciousness of all humans, animal and plant life will change. 

Humans will realize the presence of the Creator (who is an intelligent being) from childhood and will feel an allegiance to Him (Graham: Sharon speaks of Mother Father God below). People will have increased sensitivity in all areas of their lives.

Psychic abilities like telekinesis (moving things with your mind), levitation, telepathy (reading people’s thoughts), tele-transportation (transporting yourself with your mind) and lucid dreaming (actively creating what you desire in your dreams) will become common place. 

There will be mass sightings of UFO’s and visitation by positive minded ET’s when we are fully anchored into the fourth dimension. We will discover that energy medicine can completely heal our bodies so the pharmaceuticals we now use will become obsolete.

Each dimension brings new experiences. Time will feel expanded. Social life will be more community orientated. As our consciousness increases, we will begin to see with new eyes, which will allow us to experience oneness based on the truth that all life is interconnected, interrelated, and interdependent.

Once this occurs, we will feel the connection to all living beings rather than feeling separate from them. 

This dimensional shift is really the golden age we have been all waiting for. Imagine a world where love, peace and harmony are all that exists. In order to receive the full blessings of Mother Father God, we must live in love. Many expected the golden Age to start in December 2012. At that time, many new grand cycles began but we did not see or feel any actual changes occur.

Now almost two years later, we are feeling this shift and seeing changes take place in our personal lives as well as globally. All we need to do is sit back and allow this change to manifest as we really have no other alternative.

Earth is moving forward with or without us. Failure to change will result in our remaining in the third dimensional reality, with which we are all familiar.  

Many people fear or dislike change, but this is the change we have all been waiting for. This change can be as easy as becoming aware of your thoughts and having more spiritually uplifting positive thoughts.

Seeing the best in every person instead of seeing only their faults or blaming them for whatever has occurred. Even if you can only manage this fifty-one percent of the time, it will help.

Too often we go through life on auto pilot thinking and responding in way we always have without ever considering what other choices are available to us.

What is most important in order to go through this transition with ease is to love ourselves and others at all the times, so that we can create peace, harmony and perfection in our lives and on this planet.

I know this is a tall order especially when we feel angry, hurt or afraid. Negative feelings and stress are really meant to be beneficial to our growth. Stress gives us the impetus to adapt our responses to difficult situations and seek the love that resides within any stressful situation.

As we change, our reality shifts and we begin to see things differently. We choose to love and accept everyone including ourselves as they are, because it makes us feel good to do so. We choose to respond with love and compassion instead of [with] anger, fear or hurt because we see the positive results it brings.

When we do this our vibration and consciousness rises. Positive loving thoughts also affect our DNA, allowing us to live longer healthier lives. 

We must realize that fear only manifests more fear. We often bring fears forward from one lifetime to another until they are no longer beneficial to our learning. When we master our fears, we become stronger, wiser, more intelligent and loving.

We come to understand our fears were only there for our learning. When we realize that, we become true spiritual adults. Fear and other negative feelings are experiences that can change the state of our consciousness.

Anything that makes us feel anything but pure love, such as anger, fear or hurt, makes us quest for love.

This means that any time we are faced with difficult situations or relationships, we must look for the love in that person or situation. Each relationship and situation is only a mirror reflecting back aspects of ourselves of which we may be unaware or unwilling to acknowledge.

By being able to find love in any difficult situation or person, we are able to find the love within ourselves. The more we love ourselves, the easier it is to see the love within others. I recommend you try thinking positively and being loving towards everyone for a week just to see how good it makes you feel.

We must transcend hope and fear in order to live in the now. Hope suggests we believe our future will be better than our present, while fear suggests we are living from our past experiences.

We are being challenged to accept what is in our NOW and to trust that everything will be okay, even if it does not look the way we expected or are experiencing changes in our lives that are not of our own making.  So it is best to accept what is in your life with love instead of disappointment or fear, and look for the silver lining in your experiences.

Negativity and fear cause imbalances which must then be brought into balance. This has been the reason for all the earth changes we have been experiencing for the past number of years, which have come in the form of earthquakes, tsunamis’, pole shifts, unusual weather patterns and climate changes.

I am sure we all want to do our part in helping the planet come into balance, especially when all we need to do is think positively and be more loving.

Some people are waiting to be rescued by ETs, but this will not occur because ETs are not allowed to interfere. We have all that we need within us.  We have been controlled by fear that we have been exposed to through TV shows, news, video games and movies. We must choose love over fear. All we need to do is be loving, trust in ourselves, maintain our own inner balance and don’t’ sweat the small stuff. 

Stay heart centered instead of going into fear mode. Avoid activities that cause fear like listening to the news (which is mostly bad) and keep your life simple. Acknowledge the good people and things you have in your life instead of focusing on what you don’t have. We must realize that the planet is moving forward with or without us. We can’t personally do anything that will affect its evolution. Our choices will only affect our personal lives.

There is a purging process taking place on this planet now that is unprecedented. Anything that conflicts with love and perfection is being pushed to the surface to be healed and transmuted. This is why we continue to see conflicts between countries, exposure of financial corruption and corporate greed and a lack of concern for humanity.

This is the opposite of what our future will look like. We can all contribute to creating positive change by letting our voices be heard, rather than sitting back and feeling helpless and hopeless about the current state of affairs. People have the power to bring about change, which will occur with a shift in consciousness at the grass-roots level.

We do not need to fix the world. All we need to do is create a new one, which we can easily do by being more loving and holding a vision of what we want the future to look like. We can pray for those in power to make decisions that will better the lives of all rather than just themselves.

We can hold the vision of government that comprehends the oneness and interconnection of all life and is willing to treat all life with the reverence it deserves.

Click here to view Sharon’s website and articles: http://www.sharoncheney.com/

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Tanaath of Silver Legion – Life In 4D – 4th Density Earth

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Wes Annec – Planetary Healing – Music in the Fourth Dimension


Written by Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness.


I wrote the following for the ‘planetary healing’ section of The Aquarius Paradigm Weekly Newsletter.


This week, we’re going to examine what it’s like to be a musician/composer in the fourth dimension. We’ve already learned that the fourth dimension is a much freer and less inhibited place than the third, and this applies as much to writing and playing music as anything else.


Musicians and composers enjoy a greater level of freedom and ability than they’re usually blessed with on earth, and even though the talents of a lot of earthly composers are able to shine through, some people find too much difficulty playing or writing music here.


This isn’t so in the fourth dimension, where everything’s easier and more enjoyable, and as we’ll learn, there are plenty of musicians out there who actively write and play. I highly recommend pursuing music, which I call the sound of the soul, because it has a lot to offer our expanding minds and hearts.


Music has introduced me to incredibly pure states of consciousness more than once, and I’ll happily continue to practice it until I and we all are back in the higher realms, composing and playing glorious symphonies that the human mind can hardly fathom.


We have a lot to learn about music and the spiritual nature of sound, and hopefully, the fourth-dimensional account we’ll examine about it will teach us a thing or two.


The account we’re going to examine comes from Monsignor Robert Hugh Benson. It’s pretty long, so I’ll divine it into quotes with a little bit of information/opinion from me in between.


In his first quote, Monsignor tells us what it was like when he and one of his friends met two famous, deceased composers: Peter Ilyitch Tchaikovsky and Franz Joseph Hadyn.


“‘Call our friend Peter Ilyitch, Roger, and look for surprises.’ …

“We were shown into a spacious apartment that was both sitting-room and work-room. Close to a wide window there was a large table upon which were disposed many sheets of music-manuscript, some of which had already been written upon, while a further quantity of unused paper was ready waiting, and it was evidence that actual work was in progress.

“Along one wall was a commodious couch upon which an old friend of ours was seated and who rose upon our entrance. He was presented to Roger as Franz Joseph and then resumed his seat.” (1)

So far, Monsignor and Roger have entered Peter Ilyitch’s fourth-dimensional ‘apartment’ and met Franz Joseph face to face. They’ve seen Peter’s music sheets scattered wildly about, and Roger has been ‘formally’ introduced to Franz. Monsignor continues, outlining a conversation he then had with Peter Ilyitch.


“‘[Our friend] Roger does not suspect … who you are…. I’m sure he doesn’t know who Franz is either.’

“‘Well, you know, my dear, we have changed a little since we came here.’ …

“‘It amuses us greatly when we hear the announcement made on earth before a broadcast performance, that ‘this is the last work composed by so-and-so.’ The last work. Naturally, one knows what is meant, but it sounds so funny to us, especially when one glances at those shelves [full of music manuscripts]. …’” (2)

Apparently, it amuses Peter (and probably a lot of other deceased musicians) that our society’s so convinced death is the end of life that they’re quick to proclaim the last piece of music a composer wrote before passing on is their ‘last work’.


It certainly isn’t, and it’s interesting to think how many departed musicians continue to write songs in the realms beyond. Can you imagine hearing entire albums of new material from John Lennon; Jim Morrison; Kurt Cobain; Peter Tosh; Bob Marley?


It amazes me that all of these skilled musicians live on in other places, continuing to create their art for an audience of higher-dimensional souls to enjoy. Music is great here in the third dimension, but it must be much, much more wonderful and lighted in the realms beyond.


Clearly, higher-dimensional musicians work very hard, and if I was in a position where creating and playing music was much easier than it is on earth, I’d work hard too. The things I write basically flow through when I’m in the right state of mind/heart, and I like to think I work pretty hard on these reports.


We’re then told more about the departed musicians’ amusement at how our society has and continues to see them.


“‘That is why they put up statues and monuments to us, my dear friend’, said Franz Joseph. ‘They think we are finished and done for; not a note left in us. And now they are perfectly certain they know what was in our minds when we wrote any piece, large or small.

“If any of us had given the plain reason: to keep off starvation, they wouldn’t have approved of that. Not nearly mystic enough. Ah, well. This is the life.’” (3)

Here on earth, musicians, artists, etc. have to work to pay the bills and keep food on their plates, but in the fourth dimension and beyond, work is done purely for the sake of enjoyment and personal satisfaction. Music, which is liberating even on earth, is obviously no exception.


Music is written and played for the sheer enjoyment of writing and playing it, whereas here, it’s sometimes written so the writer can survive in this harsh, money-driven world. When he was asked what his hit song, “American Pie” means, Don McLean once said “it means I never have to work again”.


Plenty of musicians are following their passion and pursuing the sound of the soul, but they have to survive and most of them turn to music as a means to do so. I look forward to being in a state of consciousness that doesn’t require physical survival, and when we are, you can bet I’ll work harder than ever before, doing things that fill me with joy and wholeness.


Hopefully, the rest of you can say the same.


We deserve to be free, and in my opinion, we shouldn’t have to be too worried about physical survival to pursue things we’re passionate about. Every sovereign soul has the right to do things that fill them with joy and wholeness, but when physical survival distracts us, we’re kept from reclaiming this and myriad other sacred rights.


According to Peter Ilyitch, making music is much easier in the fourth dimension than it is on earth.


“‘Is it easier to compose music here or on earth?’ asked Roger.

“‘Oh, here, without a shadow of a doubt. Consider how free we are from everything that might be – and so often was – a hindrance. Franz mentioned starvation, for instance. Call it plain hunger in this case and all that it means. In other words, caring for necessary bodily wants. We’re entirely free of that.

“‘Public apathy – there’s something else that’s thankfully missing here. Difficulty of getting one’s works [heard] or acknowledged. No trouble about that either – here.’” (4)

Apparently, it’s easy for one’s music to become popular in the fourth dimension. I’m sure fourth-dimensional composers don’t have a shortage of listeners, because anyone who doesn’t write or play music probably listens to it with enthusiasm.


Something tells me most fourth-dimensional souls understand the role music plays in creating/sustaining our reality and helping us evolve, and the ones who don’t play music are probably very interested in hearing it.


I tend to write articles more than I play music, but that doesn’t soften my interest in it one bit. I’m happy to do what I can to support the artists and musicians who are helping awaken humanity, and no matter what realm I/we are in, that won’t change.


I don’t know about any of you, but I’ll always be interested in supporting artists and musicians. Music will only get better and better with each realm we reach, and personally, my support for it and those who are involved in it will continue to grow.


Franz tells us about the absence of negatively charged criticism in the realms beyond.


“Somewhere pleasant to live: this little place is an example. Franz lives in a delightful house where he is as happy ‘as the day is long.’” …

“‘No music critics,’ said Franz with a chuckle, ‘though fortunately for me I did not suffer much from those peculiar people. Not … that my music was perfect but because I lived at a period when musical criticism was not the subject for every ignoramus who thinks he knows something about music, as I believe is now the custom on earth.’” (5)

Criticism is definitely an earthy custom, and I think it’s unfortunate. Healthy criticism makes sense, but here on earth, we’re far too concerned with condemning people who could have something genuine to offer us if we opened up to them.


We live in a dog eat dog world, and a kindhearted person who only wants to get their art out could potentially face waves of criticism because their art doesn’t match what other people want it to match. It’s sad, but if you think about it, it really only holds the criticizers back from something that could’ve benefitted them.


If we’re too closed off to accept something or someone, we can’t benefit from it/them.


Acceptance is the way of the new world we’re creating, and we’ll have to be able to accept and encourage everyone’s talents. Everyone has something genuine, positive, and uplifting to offer, but we have to hear them out before we automatically criticize them.


Here we are at the end of this week’s planetary healing, and there’s still a lot to discuss about this subject.


We haven’t even finished Monsignor’s story, so we’ll pick this discussion back up next week and hear the rest of what he had to say. I’m certainly enjoying the discussion, and hopefully, it’s helping those of you who’ve wondered what writing and playing music is like in the realms beyond.


We haven’t learned very much about it yet, and of course, the best way to learn is by experience. When we’re back in the fifth dimension, we can perhaps peer into the fourth and see for ourselves what music is like there, but I think we’ll be far too absorbed in the music of the fifth to go to the trouble of looking.


We’ve talked about music in the fourth dimension, but I’d imagine music in the fifth is completely unfathomable. A lot of things about the fifth dimension are impossible to fathom from our current, limited perspective, but we’ll perceive its unfathomable wonders when we surpass the third and fourth dimensions.


For now, we’ll have to be content with what we’ve learned so far. We still have a ways to go before music’s greater relevance is recognized by all of humanity, but the rest of the world will wake up when they’re ready.

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