Alexandrian Kosmos – Getting Ready For The Guidance, 5th Dimension – April 14 – May 14 2016



Alexandrian Kosmos   –   Getting Ready For The Guidance April 14 – May 14 2016…


In Mother Earth’s Fifth Dimension, each and every single Soul, the emerging Man of Light Soul and the Lightworker Soul, will begin on equal status with the ability to give, share, and receive the Spiritual Essence of Love, for Love Creates ALL Things within the Universe! The only ability in which both Soul types will not be peers, however, will be in the ability to administer the mantra of the Application Dimensions of the Universe, “Align, Apply, and Activate,” – align with God Source, apply the Spiritual Essence of Love, and Activate in God’s Will!

A Lightworker Soul already has the full package of readiness to begin within Mother Earth’s Fifth Dimension, while the Man of Light Soul is just beginning to initiate his or her role of becoming like the Light, Love, and Harmony of the Universe to assume his or her responsibility to God as Mother Earth’s Caretaker in the Time to come. You are in leadership, dear Ones, to guide, demonstrate, and role model every single aspect of Life in Mother Earth’s Fifth Dimension!

Though Mother Earth will be fully immersed into the Universe’s Fifth Dimension on May 22, 2016, she will not be fully complete in her Fifth Dimension Transition until March 27, 2017, as she will still be aligning her Chakras within the Grid of the Universal Sun-Stars from April 30, 2016 to March 8, 2017. From April 14 to May 14, 2016, the theme of Mother Earth’s Transition into the Fifth Dimension will be Preparing for God’s Directives!

God’s Directives, or “God’s Commands,” will be leading Mother Earth into the expansion stage of aligning her Chakras into the Grid of the Universal Sun-Stars through our Sun. While God’s Directives will be leading Mother Earth in her Transition, you will be gaining more clarity and insight with God Source’s communications to lead you throughout your excursion into the Fifth Dimension! Man of Light Souls, the Man of Destiny Souls who internally declared and chose to merge into Mother Earth’s Fifth Dimension on March 15, 2016, will not be aligned with God Source just yet, and will not fully understand God’s Directives, or God Source, for that matter. This will come with more Time in Mother Earth’s Fifth Dimension.

For this reason, dear Ones, you will become God’s physical representatives and messengers throughout Mother Earth’s Fifth Dimension Transition. The remaining Man of Destiny Souls on Earth, the Souls who bypassed or completely ignored the choice to merge into Mother Earth’s Fifth Dimension, will be striving to maintain Earth’s disorganized state through a constant shift of purpose, values, and standards for defining “success.” This is why all Man of Light Souls will appear nebulous to what is occurring and confused in the direction they will proceed in Mother Earth’s remaining days with her Fifth Dimension Transition! “Success” in Mother Earth’s Fifth Dimension will be redefined through the concepts of Life as a Soul immersed within the Light, Love, and Harmony of the Universe!

The redefinition of “success” for Life in Mother Earth’s Fifth Dimension will not occur in one instantaneous moment but will be built upon the attainment of “newly” discovered concepts and methods. Each and every “newly” discovered concept and method for Life in Mother Earth’s Fifth Dimension will be built upon the Spiritual Essence of Love, for Love Creates ALL Things within the Universe! The surprise and bewilderment of every Soul in Mother Earth’s Fifth Dimension discovering how successful they truly are by simply applying the Spiritual Essence of Love in every thought, word, and deed, will achieve wonders!

This self-discovery process, dear Ones, will become your tool of inspiration and your teaching tool of preference to all the Man of Light Souls standing between their Fourth Dimension thoughts and memories and “success” in Mother Earth’s Fifth Dimension! Things will actually be getting more chaotic and even more confusing on Earth while Mother Earth completes the alignment of Chakras from April 30, 2016 to March 27, 2017. But by maintaining your Life with the mantra of the Application Dimensions of the Universe, “Align, Apply, and Activate” – align with God Source, apply the Spiritual Essence of Love, and Activate in God’s Will, you will achieve wonders of your own! “Success” in Mother Earth’s Fifth Dimension will come to be redefined through one’s ability to Create with Love and the recognition of God’s Directives through God Source!

Preparing for God’s Directives will involve Lightworker Souls as well as Man of Light Souls, but it will be Man of Light Souls who will benefit more by learning to trust and understand the direction his or her Heart’s Expression will be leading him or her. As Man of Light becomes more aware and even more experienced with his or her Heart’s Expression, he or she will also begin expanding and increasing his or her awareness to God’s Directives, and God Source, and begin the journey into the fullness of his or her Fifth Dimension experience! By personalizing God’s Directives for Mother Earth’s Fifth Dimensions, he or she will be attaining the final key of Life in the Application Dimensions, “Align, Apply, and Activate” – to Activate in God’s Will!

The activation of God’s Will simply means to “have fun!” and Create your Joy in Living – as having fun and Creating your own Joy in Living are what every single Soul was designed to do! “Success” during Mother Earth’s last stages of her Transition will come quite easily for you, dear Ones, as you fully comprehend and understand that God is the owner of ALL Things in the Universe! In the Application Dimensions God gives and grants ALL Things to those who have or are seeking Unity with God status, as the Applications Dimensions of the Universe are designed for Sharing and Cooperating together to increase and expand the Universe with God! The only way this will occur will by personalizing God’s Directives for the you in all of us!…

STEVE BECKOW – Getting to the Heart of the Matter – Creating a New Culture of Communication – 3-25-16



Think of bonding communication and action communication as two rooms we’re building in the house called “Communication.” Committed speaking is a tool – a hammer or a saw – that we use in building those rooms.

Communication for Bonding

Predominantly bonding communication has me ensure safety and reveal myself (authenticity, transparency, visibility).  Bonding communication can itself be divided down into at least two types of messages: “sharing” and “committed speaking.”

“Sharing” usually involves my sharing my noticeings of myself (around my thoughts, feelings, and behavior) or giving feedback to another of my noticeings about them (subject to correction of my interpretations, of course). Sharing may also mean sharing my love, compassion, or attention.

Werner Erhard used to say: When all is said and done, all that’s left to say is “I love you.”   Maybe we could start with “I love you” as the quintessential share.

However, the insipid “I love you./I love you too” exchange that we so often had in Third-Dimensional society, for me, doesn’t qualify as what I mean when I say “I love you.”

Many instances of “I love you./I love you too” are contrived. They seem to serve as an Early Warning System for one mate to check the other out, particularly to check out their vocal tone. Lukewarm? Enthusiastic? Resentful?

When I say “I love you,” I feel the love, palpably, arising from my heart and flowing out towards the other person. I consider that “the new normal,” something we’ll all feel not so long from now.

If I don’t feel the love, I don’t say “I love you.” I might thank someone for sharing that they love me, but I don’t shoot back, “I love you too.”

Other examples of shares are: “I notice that I still feel nervous around you because of….”  “I see myself get excited as the hour approaches when I can speak with you.” “I feel afraid of you now.” These statements tell the other person where we’re at and, most importantly, how we feel.

Letting the other person know how we feel is perhaps the most important thing we can communicate. (1)  Other people make the decision to do what it is we’re asking, I believe, based on what they know of how we feel.

“I’m not very upset. Just a little.” “I’m infuriated.” “I feel dismayed.”  This is the information people need to know, if we want them to do something for us.

“I will never harm you” is an example of committed speaking in the service of bonding. It’s a promise of safety.  “I am the stand that your life work out.” “I am here to see that you have what you need in life.” “I want for you what you want for you.” “I respect your free will.”  “I will listen to you.” These are also examples of committed speaking designed to promote bonding.

Of course if any of these statements is made without a deep connection to it, if it’s simply mouthed, it has no power and no value.  I’m presupposing that a person of integrity makes these statements and that that person is good for their word.

Communication for Action

Action communication promotes committed action. “My purpose in this life is to build a world that works.” “I am the stand that gender persecution end on this planet by Jan. 1, 2018.” “I am committed to seeing that this country have a free and universal medical care system by June 1, 2017.”  “I will work for universally-free education.” “I call for an end to hostilities throughout the world by July 1, 2016.”  These are examples of communication designed to promote action.

When someone speaks from a place of commitment, in my experience, it organizes the space. It’s as if all the world was simply waiting for someone to speak from a committed place. Take promises, declarations, stands, and assertions and infuse them with love and compassion and you have the yin and the yang of life, androgeny, the marriage of the divine female and the divine male, action (Shakti, Mother) while not leaving the balance point, the stillness (Shiva, Father).

How many people have I talked to who’ve said they can no longer stand the chit-chat? They’re ready to scream.

Communication that promotes bonding and committed action is the answer.

And we lightworkers are the ones to create a new culture of communication. Clear, committed, and self-revealing.

LISA GAWLAS – Understanding the Dimensions, – The Vortex Pathways – Shifts We Are Undergoing – 11-14-15

LISA gAWLAS   –   Understanding the Dimensions, The Vortex Pathways   –   Shifts We Are Undergoing   –   11-14-15

Wouldn’t be just great if we could develop a camera lens that could see the higher light fields that we can only see and experience with our central eye?  Everything we are turning into, changing all around us, needs a video to go with it, because words have become very limiting, even more than before.But, before I attempt to share the wonders of yesterday’s evolving field, evolving you(s), my team has just pointed something out as I went and poured myself another cup of java, for all of us to ponder and obviously important to go beyond what we think we have known from here on out.When I do readings, I sit at my kitchen table, my chair facing my back door, which is a 10 pane window from top to bottom type door and I put my head to my knees to start the higher light of my vision.  On those precious days where my floor is not visible, nothing else is visible either, except your field of light.  My back door is not there, my wall or coffee pot and stuff, does not exist in my field of vision, at all.  I do not see any of, not initially anywayz.  Even the backyard, the trees, the earth, that big ass mesa, no longer there.  The only thing I can see is you, your field of light expressing.  Even the thing we think of as the sky, no longer the same, it becomes whatever is presenting in the readings.  Your field is moving, animated, interactive, participating within our conversations.  Its audible and deeply feelable (is that a word?? lol)  And yet, in my immediate space, my phone, whatever I am drinking, my smokes and my kitchen table are always there.

The images (are they only images or is it as real as my home is?) have texture, I can feel the textures in my hands while sitting at the table viewing.  My physical body will become affected if there is something I am not getting, or just because the emotion is so big I am engulfed in it.

And yet, none of this ever happens without you.  I have attempted many times to do my own reading just like I read for you, nope. Us together turns a charge on, flips some sort of switch that creates, shit, I don’t even know what to call it.  Parts of the denser realities cease to exist while the higher realities unfold.  And yet, even tho my door or walls are no longer visible, the elements from outside do not make its way inside.  The rains, the snows, the heat… never just pouring into my space while we are together, and maybe that because, they do not exist in the reading either, at least, until I blend the two together.  That usually happens when we are coming to the end of our time together. OR, if a critter shows up on the field that i need to pay attention to for you.  Then my view goes to the back yard as it is, then back to your field of light once we mention it.

So what is really happening?  Is anything REALly happening?  But of course it is!!  But not like I ever imagined.  Suddenly I am remember the many connections I have had with your Intergalactic family and they would show me how dimensions really look and work for their travels, for our future travels.  To me they looked like thin sheets of translucent paper all stacked together, very much like this:


When we try to use our linear mind to see them, the dimensions end up having space within them because that is how our mind perceives our reality.  It also gives view to my team and even the Intergalactic beings that have graced us with so much understanding, both say, the dimensions that truly exist, are uncountable.  However, they do become recognizable when we move thru them, if we really understand what is happening.

Now, if we use this image of paper stacked on top of each other, and using the very bottom as the place we consider 3D reality, the densest of all realities, the place where fear and separation is the school of evolution and where most of us started out before this ever evolving moment we are in now.  To fully be there, our bodies, our minds and even our antennas were filled with gook, on purpose, not as a punishment in anyway.  There came a moment in all of our lives, we were triggered to look higher, look and feel beyond what is in front of your face.  When we cleared a little handful of the gook of our lives, we actually opened to the next sheet of paper, the next dimension, which was only a sliver above the reality construct we were living in.  However, to do this took more energy from within our physical bodies, we triggered a higher frequency to be activated within us.  There is not a soul born into matter that doesn’t already have everything they need to go as high in the dimensions as they are willing to take themselves.

Once we were able to sustain our awareness in that next dimension, we also had to start living the energy, the way of life if you will, that is within that next dimension.  To use my own example, I went from (a non practicing) catholic to this, sin and unworthiness was deep inside of my belief, even if i never acknowledged it as true, it ran deeply and strongly in the background of my wiring and this unconscious part of me, kept me in my own realm of limitations… until I picked the freakin catholic out of my energy field forever.  Meaning, I raised my energy system and all that goes with it and resided in an upper dimension as my reality construct.  No longer living on the lower one I started out on.

Each time we release the limiting belief systems we are programmed to believe and live as an experience called our lives, the lower dimension can no longer sustain our light field and we move up into another dimension and live there.  Living there because the strong hold in our lives and we no longer see, feel or experience anything that once was for us. Sure, we can see it happening outside the windows of our lives, but it no longer has any effect on us.  There is no power source connecting to us.

These “shifts” we talk about, that we feel and experience, more and more now than ever before, is our collective going higher, opening and living in dimensional fields that were never accessed from this realm of density before.  This is why our bodies seemed to go thru hell so frequently any more.  We are moving and shaking and releasing so many of the old power constraints that once held us back, not by their doing, but by our own tie into their systems and working orders.

The amazing and beautiful thing with our lives, we can always see the lower vibrations, dimensions and what is happening there in their reality construct, but they cannot see ours.  Not until some of the gunk is released from their Beingness.

So now, let me tie this in to my first lady on the field yesterday, my yarn lady I could not understand when we connected the day before.  I really needed your puzzle pieces first, to understand hers and even, this surprising expression of the dimensions to fully understand how incredible we are!! lol

Lets take an image of her yarn, which actually represented her body, sort of, wrapping itself around the moon.  The color was a deep yellow, closer to the color of gulden’s mustard, but fuzzy link this image:


When she and I connected yesterday, her image took on another element, at the upper part of the moon she was now wrapped around suddenly some part of her made a pin prick in the moon itself, which is, to my view, a little lighter yellow color than her yard.  This pin prick released a stream of pure light that emanated out of the pin prick hole she made (by her fuzziness lol) and then turned blood-red.  What the  hell??

Instantly I remembered my blog from the day prior: “We cannot force light into the darkness, but we can and must create the pin pricks that will one day serve as the avalanche that will happen there too.”   A pin prick of higher light into the lower dimensions changes the electrical field of that person, of that area, of whatever was just pricked by your Presence, and in people, the blood carries the electrical currents and the light changes from the depths of the blood.  Light infused blood be carried to whatever parts of their body that is ready for the upcurrent of energy.

All this just because this lady woke up in the morning.  Her Presence alone is doing this.  Her body naturally emits this current and changes lives by Being!  Changes landscapes, pulls them up into higher dimensions and those that walk upon it can feel it, even if unknowingly!!!

This too, is what people experience as power centers on earth.  These power centers are simply openings solidified (if you will) into higher dimensions.  Now here is something interesting, as that landscape fully engulfs itself in the higher dimensions, that feeling changes, lessons to a degree because it is now spread out.  And yet humans want to go back and fix it simply because they don’t fully understand the grandness of the change.

Damn, this sharing is putting everything I seen yesterday together in understanding.  But before I try and touch on as many of those readings as I can before my day starts, something keeps happening in my nighttime that I finally understand.  I went to sleep with a fully charged phone last night.  I woke up this morning and it was dead as a doornail.  This is a brand new battery in a note 4 phone, a big battery!!  Yet, it was completely dead this morning.

Zero point.

When we open to and sustain ourselves in the next higher dimension, everything is reset energetically, charged but returns to zero point.  Because of what we do together, we opened, enlarged and continue to build the vortex energy that goes higher and higher.  This is how I read the way I do.  We are inlaying the next highest dimension into our evolving field of life.  Changing it with every breath.  When we hit pivotal points together, that’s when I lose electricity, internet, battery drains and my own body goes off-line for the upswing in energies.

There are two readings I really want to make sure I touch on before I run out of time today.  Altho the full moon, the milky way platform and (what looks like) snow is still relevant, bits and pieces are being added to our evolution story.  I had a man on the field yesterday and he confused me (again, my natural state of being these days lol)  because he had a massive amount of snow coming directly out of the bottom of the full moon.  I could see the time alignment as the day of the full moon (the 27th) and his team said “the second coming” WHAT???????

Then they explained that this first avalanche of snow/pure emotions if you will, rained down on all dimensions, all people, places and things in all realities.  It happened that way so that everyone would adjust to the new frequencies.  Those pin pricks of light.  With this full moon, a super release will happen to those in alignment, living in the highest of dimension as their life.  Not peeking in and out, fully resident there.  He is.  Then I could see really thick white space boots on his feet.  No other part of him, just his boots lol.  His team said, the rest of him is out of my field of vision until we pass thru the full moon and I am able to see that high. (I too am an ever loving work in progress.)  He has just embraced the energy worker he is recently.  What I seen thru his reading, think of astronauts bouncing around in space, in antigravity.  His boots had living veins of light in them, showing this is part of his DNA now, and he will be able to freely move up and down the dimensions to bring in higher light to those in lower dimensions for full use and upgrades as needed.

One of my lady’s had a freakin super shiny silver guillotine swinging from west to east, shocked me!! lol  The silver representing the higher frequencies within the earth realms and even tho it was suspended up above where the magnetosphere is, she has the ability to slice and dice anything into a new reality construct.  One of the most precious images was of a person (no one we knew) placed in her right hand at the small of this persons back, her team using the analogy of someone having cancer, and my lady raised this persons vibration, for me it was watching this person laying across her hand at the small of their back and she raised her hand upwards, bringing this person thru the upper dimension, raising their vibration to the degree that the guillotine sliced across the body in the places the cancer was and instantly it was gone.  She can do this with anything that no longer serves the higher dimensions.

Then I had a lady, my last one of the day, holy freakin blow my mind and energy field will ya.  There she was, suspended between the full moon and the milky way platform thingie snow blowing into from both areas and she was become a large (think, beach ball sized) non solid snow ball rotating around and around west to east.  As I was watching her snowball of a body enlarge at the same time, suddenly she was sucked into the deep west… but unlike days before now the deep west is this amazing freakin blue.  Particles of snow being sucked into this stream with her and then suddenly I knew what happened.  She was in both places at the same time, rotating around building her snowball self and sucked into the bell of god at the same freakin time.  The blue, pure Source energy (creator, god, pick a title) and she was in the belly of Source.  He (my personal choice of reference) was doing something to each and every individual snowflake that made her her sphere, whatever he was doing created a silver radiance around and thru each snowflake as he finished (or whatever lol.)  Just before the full moon in our landscape he spit her out like a slingshot to the ground we call her reality.  Holy shit!!  The belly of God, source whatever…

Lets back up a minute… starting out, we couldn’t even barely hold the vibration of our guides.  To be able to stand in their presence we had to raise our vibration high enough to sustain that connection without blowing ourselves up.  Of course, they had to lower theirs to meet us half way.  God cannot lower his, so the only way we can sustain ourselves in his belly (and please, I use that word for lack of a better way of saying it) WE MUST vibrate at that level of purity, of unconditional love, zero judgement for full use of what we have been saying for so long… Creator energy.

We have been working eons and eons of time to clear our energy fields in this realm to this degree and it is sooo freaking exciting to know… we arrived!! This sets the stage for all people, all things in this realm of reality, right down to the densest layer to move on up with speed and actually, not all the work you and I had to put in to get to here.  By doing our work, we cleared the way, created a vortex of upward motion for all to experience, if they desire.

The evolution revolution is in full gear and it is done with pure, radiant LOVE!!  We, together are melting the reality constructs that were once so firmly in place.  Merging the realms we think of as heaven into and onto the slowest of vibrational dimensions.

Keeping in mind, when realities change the appearance is radical.  Unpleasant to look at or experience even.

Just before I went to bed last night, I heard about the Paris massacre.   Altho I wrapped a blanket of comfort for those left behind, I targeted my direct energy to those who created this massacre and to the ones who organized it.  Pouring gallons of pure source love into their hearts, into their reality constructs.  Witnessing them being so separated from their Selfs, that I shot a bridge of light into each one.   Those who appear to deserve to be loved the least, are the one who need it the most.  Please join me of flooding their reality, their dense and divisive dimension with pure love Light.  No judgement, no anger, just… LOVE.

Until tomorrow… holy Heavens batman, We Are HOME!!!  (And its freakin snowing lol)

(((((HUGZ)))))) of well, everything!!!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S.S. Pre Recorded Classes, Classes, Classes!
From Meditation to learning how to read and everything in between: Click here to find  out more!  The first meditation class is now up, the focus is on seeing and hearing and being co-creative within your meditations.  I had strange technical difficulties with recording the class as an MP3, so for now, it is uploaded as an MP4 (video included.)

DL ZETA – Spiritual Telepathy – Fifth Dimension – 11-8-15

 DL Zeta*

DL ZETA   –   Spiritual Telepathy   –   Fifth Dimension   –   11-8-15


Navigating the fifth dimension requires a high level of awareness that paves the way for constant telepathic communication with your higher self. This spiritual telepathy is created by setting the intention to align with your higher self. As you harmonize with this high-vibrational aspect of your being, you begin to receive frequent information downloads and guidance.

At first, you may not understand all that’s being downloaded into your consciousness. Becoming adept at translating intuitive downloads is like learning to speak a new language. In the beginning, you may only understand a few words, but as you persist in immersing yourself in the new language, it becomes easier to understand. Over time, you become increasingly fluent. As you flood your mind and consciousness with information contained in spiritual downloads, you naturally magnetize further downloads. In time, becoming fluent in the language of your soul allows you to develop a telepathic connection with your higher self. As soon as you formulate a question in your mind, the answer is downloaded into your consciousness.


The Nature of Spiritual Downloads

Receiving downloads of knowledge and information is nothing new. Answers to your questions have always arrived the second you formulated a question. In the past, it may have seemed some answers never arrived. In fact, all the answers arrived the second you asked them, but you were not always able to receive them. This often has to do with levels of receptivity.

As we have said, lack of skill in translating spiritual information is one reason some answers are not received. But receptivity plays an equally important role in understanding spiritual guidance. If a download arrives in a moment when you are less receptive, you may not be aware it has arrived. These less receptive periods may occur during times of stress, physical illness, exhaustion, emotional upheaval or extreme absorption into physical reality. A busy and chaotic mind is generally not a good “receiver” whereas a still and peaceful mind is an excellent receiver. You will likely move between these states during your day, but keep in mind that when you are seeking answers, it’s best to enter a peaceful state to receive them.


Optimal Receiving States

Optimal receiving times are moments when your mind is still, as during meditation, quiet contemplation and reflection; during times when you surrender and reach out for answers beyond your conscious understanding; during times when your health, vitality and life force energy are flowing and your body has a balanced (7.5) PH; during times when your heart and mind are open, when you are experiencing unconditional love, when you are experiencing gratitude, joy, absorbed in creativity and following your spiritual purpose. Focusing your mind through concentration is another technique, as is walking in nature or spending time near water. Even a shower can enhance your receptive ability.

If, after working with these techniques, you still have difficulty receiving guidance, examine if some part of you has reservations. These may be younger parts of yourself that need help understanding and embracing “unseen” dimensions of your existence. Sometimes you intuitively sense that an answer, if fully received, would trigger quantum changes in your present existence. You may draw back, feeling you aren’t ready for such sweeping change. As the earthly manifestation of your higher self, you’re able to work with aspects of yourself that exist at all levels to bring about needed healing and understanding. As conductor of your orchestra of selves, you’re able to harmonize your consciousness to bring the laser focus needed to breathe life into your highest dreams and visions.


Your Etheric Escrow Account

There is no need for concern that you have missed important downloads of information in the past. Answers remain in an etheric “escrow” account, still waiting to be accessed and reviewed. This is why those who undergo spiritual openings suddenly find their consciousness flooded with a backlog of unopened etheric mail.


Developing Spiritual Telepathy

In a rapidly evolving world, the only reliable way to navigate is through spiritual telepathy. In this New Time, you will encounter many new energies, ideas and challenges. The best way to navigate these scenarios is by maintaining constant, direct telepathy with your higher self. Your higher self and its repertoire of “past” and “future” life selves contains the vast wealth of knowledge and spiritual understanding your soul has cultivated throughout time. Each time you encounter a new situation, you’re able to formulate a question and receive immediate answers from your higher self. Once you receive this information, you can fashion it into the tools needed to navigate whatever is before you in your present moment. Spiritual telepathy allows you to meet each new situation in your life with the enthusiasm and confidence needed to transform it into the golden opportunities and spiritual signposts that enlighten your spiritual path and allow greater access to fifth-dimensional energies.


W offer here some steps to developing spiritual telepathy.

1) Write down and interpret your dreams every morning. Dreams are messages from your higher self that provide you with important information for your day.

2) Interpret your waking dream. Just as you translate dream symbols, you can translate the symbols of your waking “dream.” Everything that happens in your physical reality is pointing the way to deeper spiritual truths.

3) Follow your highest vision. Record the images that arrive in your conscious mind and see how you can put them to use in your life.

4) Write your spiritual autobiography and examine the symbols of each occurrence, especially those you still hold energy around. By seeing how a situation was helping you grow, you’re able to receive the gifts it offered and expand your understanding.

5) Eat a light and healthy diet that helps heal and clear old energies in your physical system. Detoxing at the physical level triggers healing at all levels. Clearing up the energy in your environment is another form of healing. Examine to see if there is any dead energy in your environment and release everything that no longer serves your highest good.

6) Practice silence and meditation. Set aside time each day when you can slow down, breathe and reflect. This helps you cultivate inner peace and the stillness of mind that is crucial to receiving spiritual guidance.

7) Practice Q and A’s with your higher self. By writing down questions and using techniques such as automatic writing to receive answers, you strengthen your skill at communicating with your higher self. One of the keys to developing spiritual telepathy is learning to formulate questions that bring the information you need within the moment. Formulating questions requires clear seeing, intuition and discernment. Cultivate these skills to help you know what questions to ask. Questions are the gatekeepers to receiving spiritual insight with impeccable timing.

8) Open to the possibility of cultivating advanced techniques for receiving spiritual guidance such as channeling. Conscious channeling is a skill you can practice by opening your consciousness, entering a light trance and allowing your guides, angels, higher self and other high-vibrational beings to speak through you. To free your conscious mind from the need to remember what is said, you can speak the answers into a tape recorder.

9) Study self-hypnosis and learn to put yourself into a light trance where answers freely from flow into your consciousness. As you become skilled at entering a trance, you can slip in and out of this state throughout your day. This “soft focus” state allows you to download messages from your “etheric email” account. The equivalent of this in your physical world is downloading your e-mail from a server. In this case the “server” is your subconscious mind which receives the information from your
higher self.

10) Practice relaxation and other techniques such as yoga and t’ai chi that help you coordinate and harmonize body, mind and spirit. This allows you to function in the state of oneness needed to navigate the fifth dimension.


Source:Excerpt from The Future is Here Now: Steps to Accessing Fifth-Dimensional Consciousness By DL Zeta
For more information, visit

Joanna L. Ross – Activating Your 5th Dimensional Experience – Universal Unity

Thanks to abzu2

Suzanne Lie – Journey Through the Fourth Dimensional Mystery Schools – 11-3-15

MysterySchoolOpening the Golden Portal

Dear Volunteers to Assist Gaia,

We are pleased that you have chosen to dedicate yourself to the process of consciously assisting Gaia, as well as ALL Her lifeforms, to expand into the fifth dimension. We recommend that you consecrate your intention towards perceiving, creating, and accepting the fifth dimension into your daily life.

Are you ready NOW to dedicate your attention and intention towards your lives in which you were an Initiate in the Mystery Schools. In those lives, you did not have to “go to work”, “pay your bills,” or “do the wash.” Those lessons of those lives still resonate within your fourth dimensional Self.

In the third dimensional mystery school of your present space/time quadrant, you must take care of your mundane life while you also progress on your spiritual path. There are some, of course, who have chosen to create a life in which they do not have to “work.”

However, if your mission is to teach others to travel the Golden Portal that runs through and connects the fourth dimensional Mystery Schools with the fifth dimension, you must first take this journey yourself. In other words, you must learn it before you can teach it.

First you learn, then you teach, then you teach the teachers.

Furthermore, dear Volunteers to assist Gaia, you will be taking and teaching this Great Initiation while you are balancing the responsibilities of a demanding job, daily responsibilities, raising families and live a third dimensional life.

In order to perform this grand balancing act, you will be creating, teaching and learning in your modern day Inner Mystery School. We commend you for your courage and tenacity to accept this challenging mission. Fortunately, you can, and often do, visit this fourth dimensional Mystery Schools while you sleep.

When you are asleep, you enter the alpha, and delta waves of your fourth dimensional dream body and travel through the fourth dimension. The fourth dimension is the corridor between your third dimensional and fifth dimensional reality.

The fourth dimension has different sub-planes of existence that allow an inter-dimensional traveler to rest and learn as they journey from the third to the fifth dimension. At the peak of each fourth dimensional sub-plane is a Mystery School, which you can visit in your night body to learn more about your SELF.

We will discuss each Mystery School, starting with the one you are creating for yourself on the Physical Plane. An important key to the third dimensional Mystery School is to perceive every third dimensional challenge as an opportunity for growth.

Because you are on the cusp of returning to your fifth dimensional SELF, who has always been here in the higher dimensions with us, you are creating your own third dimensional Mystery School while you meet the responsibilities of your daily physical reality.

Within your third dimensional Mystery School, you can allow yourself the “time” to look into your core to see your daily life through your Eyes of Soul, your Multidimensional perspective. From this perspective, you can see your everyday issues as opportunities for personal growth and consciousness expansion.

The lesson to be learned/remembered for all of you, no matter how differently each of you may create your Physical Mystery School, is to love your self unconditionally. Once you can give this cosmic gift to your self, you can also shower it on others.

Furthermore, Unconditional Love is the key that expands your consciousness and allows you to view all life from a perspective of unity with all. With your consciousness grounded in Unconditional Love you can gradually become a Master of Energy and live your daily life while BEING your true, Multidimensional SELF.

Becoming a Master of Energy is the foundation for all the fourth dimensional Mystery Schools. Once you are able to perceive the energy patterns and thought forms for each fourth dimensional sub-plane, you are able to enter that Mystery School to learn mastery for that frequency of reality. These Mystery Schools are located on the:

LOWER ASTRAL SUB-PLANE where you learn a mastery over your fear.

EMOTIONAL SUB-PLANE where you learn a mastery of your emotions.

MENTAL SUB-PLANE where you learn a mastery of your thoughts.

CAUSAL SUB-PLANE where you can learn a mastery of cause and effect.

SPIRITUAL SUB-PLANE where you learn to surrender to your SELF.

FIFTH DMENSION THRESHOLD where you merge with your “I AM Presence.”

Temple visits teach you how LOVE of what you desire will manifest that aspiration. Then, as you gain confidence in your innate creative force, you will not need to be distracted by “fear of survival”.

The first lesson to remember about your mission of integrating the third dimension with the fourth dimension to open the Golden Portal to the fifth dimension is that YOU are the Creator of your reality. If there is still fear embedded in your consciousness, you will create an external situation in your life to bring that fear to the surface.

Therefore, have faith that you are totally on your Path and that EVERY experience, even if it is unpleasant, is a component of that Path. As you travel the Lower Astral Plane you will love free your deepest, often unconscious, fears.

See yourself now walking down the stairs into the cave of your forgotten fears. Gather them all about you and bring them to the surface. If you voluntarily bring your fears to the surface of your consciousness on a consistent and regular basis, you will not need to create drama in your life to bring them forward.

See these fears and LOVE them unconditionally.

A large component of becoming fifth dimensional is being totally conscious of your higher senses. To do this, you must guard against becoming frightened and anxious in your mundane world.

When you are afraid, remember that your Soul is assisting you in becoming fifth dimensional by creating a drama that brings forward EVERY hidden fear. It is the hidden fears that lower your vibration because you are not aware enough to balance them with Love.

When your vibration drops, you fall out of your fifth dimensional consciousness Unconditional Love and you are more likely to manifest your fearful thoughts and emotions. Even this manifestation is helpful if you remember that YOU created them so that you could remember that YOU can clear them with Unconditional Love and Violet Fire.

To assist you to set you intention on the fifth dimension, we will take you to a fifth dimensional beach. Imagine that you are walking on a fifth dimensional beach. Do you see how the ocean and the sand glisten and sparkle with colors that slightly different than your third dimensional colors?

Do you see the ocean’s fifth dimensional aura? It radiates all the way up to the stratosphere. Now to continue your fifth dimensional walk, stoop down and feel the sand. It feels different because instead of being very small pieces of dirt, shells, and rock, the “sand” is actually small bits of crystal.

See how the sand glistens when the sun reflects through it. Now step into the water up to your ankles. See how perfectly clear it is and feel how calming and soothing its vibration is. Yes, it is actually liquid Light. Listen now. As the liquid Light meets with the crystal sand there is a soft melody and a rainbow of fifth dimensional colors.

Now look at your fifth dimensional hand before your face. See how its aura sparkles like the crystal sand. As you move your hand, it leaves a trail of rainbow colors behind it. Look at the trail and see how you can change the colors with your mind.

Now touch your third dimensional heart with your fifth dimensional hand. Feel how it heals your fears. As you move throughout your day, be aware of every second of fear and instantly heal it by placing your fifth dimensional hand upon your third dimensional heart.

In the upcoming webinar series, Mystery School Mini-Series, you will journey from your highest third dimensional consciousness to create a portal of Golden Light, which you will ground in the core of Gaia. You will then call in your Higher Self in the fifth dimension and beyond to be your “compass,” as you create a Portal of Golden Light to connect Gaia’s Core with Her fourth-dimensional Mystery Schools.

As you connect the Golden Portal to each fourth dimensional Mystery School, you will enter that Mystery School to gain the gift and lessons of each School. These Mystery Schools have served as the “Universities for Ascension” for myriad Ascending Ones. However, they have too often been forgotten in your busy, “modern” world.

It is the NOW to open wide the doors of these Mystery Schools as more and more of humanity are embracing the New Earth that they are consciously or unconsciously visiting in their dreams and meditations.

We the Arcturians, as well as many Galactics, Angels and Ascended Masters will assist you with your contribution to Gaia’s Ascension. Please join us, and do not forget to invite your own Higher Self and Spirit Guides.

Blessings, the Arcturians and YOUR Higher Self


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Blessings to you all
We hope you can join us

Journey Through the Fourth Dimensional Mystery Schools. Channelled by Suzanne Lie. November 1, 2015.

Trish LeSage @ – Love In The 5th Dimension – 10-31-15

Love 5th Dimension

by Trish LeSage   –   Guest writer,


We all know that there are many different kinds of love.  There is romantic love, the love between parent and child, the love between siblings, the love between friends, the love between pet owner and pet, and many other kinds of love.  However, when we speak of love in the 5th dimension, we are not limited to these kinds of love.  Fifth dimensional love includes all of these kinds of love, and it also extends beyond the confines of 3rd dimension love to include other types of love.

For example, once one reaches fifth dimension consciousness, they automatically begin to feel love towards everyone.  They begin to see themselves in everyone, and they feel a close connection to everyone.  They cannot harm anyone nor anything, and they do not even think of harming others.  They genuinely care about others.  They, in other words, are heart centered.

5d-lovee-Fifth dimensional love also extends beyond humanity to the animal, insect, and plant kingdoms and beyond.  A person who reaches fifth dimension consciousness begins to feel a connection with mother nature and all of its creatures and feels as if they are one with the animal kingdom.  The person may even begin to feel as though animals possess a human soul and human characteristics.

This 5th dimensional love also leads one to respect and to feel compassion for the animal, insect, and plant kingdoms.  Genuinely caring about mother Earth and all of her occupants is of great importance and becomes a part of the 5th dimension human’s permanent behavior and becomes a permanent personality characteristic.  It becomes a part of who the person is at their very core.

Once a person reaches fifth dimension consciousness, they feel so much joy and enthusiasm that they love their life.  They love living, and they love life in general.

This love for everyone and the love that one feels for life uplifts and inspires the individual to the point that they want to spread their love and light into the world by encouraging, inspiring, and uplifting humanity.

Imagine what the world would be like if all of humanity were to exist at a 5th dimension state of heart centered love consciousness.  Since everyone would genuinely love everyone else, and everyone would genuinely care, there would be no separation, no hurting one another, no crime, no wars, no “conqueror mentality”, no competition, no greed nor hoarding of resources, no lack of regard for destroying the environment, no lack of regard for depleting the Earth of its natural resources, and the list goes on and on.

If all of humanity were operating at a 5th dimension state of heart centered love consciousness, we would all feel peace within, and external peace would exist throughout the world, there would be unity and collaboration, and the Earth and all of its inhabitants would be well cared for, and abundance would exist for all.  Yes, what a wonderful world it would be!

If enough of us care, humanity can transcend the negativity of the third dimension Earth and ascend to the heart centered, Utopian “Heaven on Earth” of the 5th dimension and beyond.  We can make it if we want it enough, and we can make it if we try!


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About The Author:
Trish LeSage is a best selling author on Amazon and is a writer of magazine articles on Metaphysics, self-empowerment, spiritual awakening, ascension, and body-mind-spirit topics. She is the author of four books: “Meditations For Past Lives, Starseeds, Soul Mates and Beyond“, “Manifesting Success In Relationships, Career, and Business Via Numerology “, and “How To Achieve Fifth Dimension Consciousness“. More information about her work is available on her website at

OffPlanet TV – Chris Kehler, Chris Holly, Randy Maughans – Interdimensional Travel, Energies – Live Quantum Healing Session – 10-21-15

HH Shellie L Robinson – EARTH GRIDS, PORTALS TO 5D, NEW EARTH VORTEXES – by Galactic Connection – 10-24-15




There are three main Grids that operate through and around Earth; the first we will look at is the Crystalline Grid, which links the Crystals in the Earth. Where this Grid crosses are major portals, vortexes and dimensional doorways that connect the Inner Earth and Earth to other dimensional worlds, Stars and Planets in the Galaxy, Solar System and Beyond. The Crystalline Grid keeps harmony within the Earth plane and at the portals links the Earth to the Stars and Universe to have harmony with our neighbours in space. Just us when the meridians are free and flowing and so we are in good health within our body and with other beings, so to with the Grids in the Earth. The Ancients were aware of this and so constructed Pyramids, Temples, Standing Stones, Stone Circles to align this energy with the Stars and Inner Earth and hold the beam as it were, as well as creating dimensional gateways for beings to travel from other worlds. These beings are from different Star Systems, Universes and Worlds, and all have an agenda with Earth. Many of them having been here for aeons, or actually starting the story of life on Earth.


The Dragon people, who are part of the Reptilian story on Earth, along with the Snake and Lizard people, worked with the Crystals within the Earth to create the Crystalline Grid, this created life on the planet as we know it. They came to Earth from Altair when the Earth was still sonic winds, and so went and lived within the Earth, like many others in other Dimensions, generally 6th and 7th. The Dragon people connected the Crystals around the Earth and constructed endless tunnels with the Snake people. Crystals are electro-magnetic and the Grid that was created through their joining put out an electro-magnetic energy field around the Earth the drew moisture and then life started to gradually form as we know it.


Because of the energy that this Crystal Grid gave off as Light, which is Life, life was able to be created with a more harmonious weather pattern, as the Earth stabilised and harmonised with the Sun and Planets. This created an environment that was then conjucent for many other Star people to travel to Earth to colonise here, as they were now able to handle living on the surface and cope with the gravitational pull. Some ET’s have more of a story here than others but now everyone is back to sort it out as we merge with the Sun, Central Sun and Greater Central Sun, we are all completing this cycle and ready to move on, beyond duality and the old dramas.

The energy vortexes, which power their civilisations, are in these tunnels, along with enormous stores of precious stones and metals. At major junctions in the Grid we have what you may call Dragon Liars or Serpent vortexes. This is the portal that holds the energy and has a great Guardian Crystal beneath it. These portals are spiralling vortexes that spin clockwise and anti-clockwise, this is how all energy moves in the universe and with anti-gravity from the Earth to the Heavens and with gravity from the Heavens to the Earth. This spiralling energy is Serpent Energy that is the life force; just as it flows up your spin as the kundalini or in your cells as the DNA that hold the codings of the creation story. As the Serpent rises within us so to does our DNA activate the memory of who we are and we become our Body of Light. We raise our frequencies to the higher dimensional worlds as the Earth is also raising hers to become a fifth dimensional planet. For some this is evolving way beyond the fifth dimension, at the portals are doorways into ancient civilizations that have moved into Light which are now becoming clear again as we make the dimensional shift.


The Crystalline Grid known also as Dragon or Ley lines is working on all dimensions. In first density you have the physical Crystals and mineral kingdom, these same minerals are within our bodies and the Universe. So the Grid links all the major portals of the Earth, through the Crystalline Grid which resonates in Divine Light and as a window of Light and a doorway between the worlds, linking with the Light Grid on the higher planes. So creating a Gridwork on many dimensions, at major portals on this Grid Pyramids, Temples, Standing Stones and Stone Circles have been built. The Pyramids, which are all over the world, not just Mexico and Egypt hold a resonance of Crystal Light, even structurally Pyramids are built of Granite which has Quartz in it.


The Pyramids once kept the harmonious resonance with the Earth and Universe, their energy working at higher octaves of Light and all of us who have parallel world connections with them are now like Pyramids of Light bringing back the harmony. As we become as clear as a Crystal we have a harmonised resonance with the Earth, each other and the Universe and Cosmos. So we become the Crystal or Pyramid holding the Beam, and creating a new Light Grid as we open our resonance to that of the Crystalline Grid that also runs through us. At this time on the planet a whole new resonance is being anchored through us as clear crystals and through into the Earth. As we become the transducer of the energy from Heaven to Earth, as we unify we marry heaven and earth within us.THE LIGHT GRID
The Light Grid is in the Causal and Higher mental planes around the Earth as it links us all in our Higher/Inner Self, so this is fifth and sixth Dimensional. This Grid is used often when you meditate to connect with others who are ‘Lightworkers’ or whatever name you want to give to those beings who are here in service to assist in the change in cycle and are either placed around the Grid at different locations synchronistically to anchor in higher energies at particular cosmic events. Or who through meditation link and in their higher state of consciousness see and know all beings as whole, healed and divine. Thereby creating a higher level of consciousness to assist all humanity to make the shift. The shift is happening regardless of whether anyone wants it or not, just as day follows night, it is a cyclic event, a rather a grand one. This Grid connects everyone in their Higher/Inner Self level of being and often they are not conscious of what is happening as they work together often while asleep or through trusting in their hearts to go where guided on the Crystalline Grid to hold the energy.

The Light Grid is also where you travel in your Body of Light on a Soul Level and can move through higher dimensional doorways and through Stargates and different doorways to accelerate your own growth. As well as for service to others and the bringing in of higher octave codings of Light to be anchored on the Earth plane. This is where even on a personal level you can communicate to others Higher Selves for the resolution of conflict or difficulties or to give them assistance to heal themselves, as once their Higher Self receives the energy it can be downloaded to them on the lower planes. This is where you work on what you may call the Inner Planes.


The Diamond Light Matrix that connects the great Diamonds placed around Earth by Sirians/ Greater Central Sun aeons ago to be activated when we were ready to open as a collective, to our Multi-Dimensional Self.
This has happened and the Diamonds really started to activate since 2009. To the point that on the September Equinox 2013 ; nine months after the Great Shift, a birthing occurred and the diamonds are now through the Crystalline Grid.


The Crystalline Grid is linked by all the crystals in the Crystalline Matrix of Light that we are too, with the chakras through us and the Earth, the doorway vortex points for inter dimensional travel and the serpent, kundalini, life force flow.

For the crystals to now appear on the inner at the fifth dimension as Diamonds in the Crystalline Grid shows we have integrated the higher dimensions through to the firth dimension, the new physical for many, we and the Earth have birthed our Star self in all our radiance. This is real for those resonating at the fifth dimension. For those not it is still a process of integration mostly still happening in sleep state.


The Solar Grid links the Golden Solar Discs around the planet, they hold the energy of the Central Sun and codings of Light that create life as we know it. They are also working at the frequency of us when we are unified and being the Creator Goddess/God of our true self, creating Heaven on Earth and working with the higher dimensional aspects of self as a member of the Council of Light, as the Golden Solar Disc is within our Heart, our Solar Self, one with the Central Sun. These Golden Solar Discs are still in higher dimensions hidden to the third dimension while humans still see Gold for power and greed, but are now activating around the planet, some have always been active and are linked in the Solar Grid that brings in the Golden Rays of divine love essence to the Earth plane.

Since September 1997 the Solar Grid has been activated from Tiwanaku, ancient Lemurian site in northern Bolivia near Lake Titicaca that anchors the Sun God/Goddess. This has been able to happen since the Golden Solar Discs, one at the Island of the Sun in Lake Titicaca have been activated over years. They were fully operating in the last Golden Age and assisted the Earth to be aligned through its centre to the Sun, Central Sun and Greater Central Sun. At that time everyone was their Divinity, but still in more Etheric bodies, we are now doing this again, but this time in full physical bodies, and so able to complete our sacred mission, the marriage of Heaven and Earth through our body, our Body of Light.

In 1995 at the October Solar Eclipse the Councils of Light agreed to up the vibrations through the Discs, to the point where the Grid linking them world wide could be activated two years later. This is now the case, so the Solar Grid, which is a very high frequency Divine energy, is now operating again around the Earth. We also have the Crystalline Grid, Ley lines as mentioned that are linked with crystals, rocks, standing circles or pyramids. As well as the Light Grids that link our Higher Selves to the Etheric Diamonds around the Earth that has been well in place long before we were ready to open to the frequencies of the Solar Grid. This of course is running in conjunction with the fact that we are almost completely at zero point, no magnetics and the higher frequencies. Into No Time as we move fully into the 5th Dimension and beyond. Once we had to go to a major vortex portal for example the Pyramids, or Himalayas to move dimensionally and become activated and awakened. Now days because the Grids are flowing again, the energy is charging around the whole Earth and even sitting in your living room you are experiencing the higher energies.

Portals are vortexes of spiralling energy points, like chakra or acupressure points in a human, this energy moves clockwise with gravity and anti-clockwise with anti-gravity. There are Crystals within the Earth there that receive and transmit energy, assimilate it and send it through the Grids, as well as storing, amplifying and focusing energy. They are aligned to our Solar System, Galaxy and the Cosmos, often aligning to a particular Star System and are Electric, Magnetic or have both qualities. The Electric vortexes are male energy, giving emotional and physical charge and stimulating the consciousness. The Magnetic are female energy, which enhances psychic perception and the sub-conscious, or Electromagnetic vortexes that combine both energies providing balance.


There are major portals such as Uluru in Australia, Mt Kailash in Tibet, Macchu Picchu in Peru, the Giza Pyramids in Egypt, Sedona in Arizona USA, Stone Hedge in England as well as many other major as well as minor portals. Many of these are classed as chakra points for the Earth or for the particular countries that they are in, there is sometimes differences of opinion on this, but regardless it is better to stay in your Heart and trust what feels right for you. It is not necessary to visit any of these places, but often you may be drawn there in a Soul Travel or in dream state. These places do hold incredible energy, activate, and awaken those who travel either physically or in Soul Travel to them. This can often be the case when people are not spiritually awakened but go there, then years later when they wake up consciously they realise that by going to these places it had an affect on their energy field and consciousness and would have been part of their awakening process.

Some portals are aligned to different Star Systems and it is easy to access these when you are at one of these; for example the Mayans Pyramids at Palenque are a doorway to the Central Sun Alycone, at Coba to the Pleadian Star System on many different dimensional levels and also a starmap of this Galaxy. At the pyramid in Lake Coothraba in Queensland a doorway to Andromeda, the Giza Pyramids to Orion and Sirius. The Nasca Lines to many different Star Systems, at Kuringal Chase National Park, Sydney to Ophiuchus and Serpentine National Park, Western Australia to the Southern Cross. So accessing these doorways is very easy at the locations they are mapped onto the landscape on Earth, but when you are clear enough you can travel through these Stargates regardless of where you are.
will call you when the time is right, and if you honour this you will receive an amazing shift in consciousness.

There are also portals that are reopening like the Light City in Antarctica and being reactivated for the earth changes, or ones that are anchoring in vast energies for the changes like Tikal in Guatemala. Often there are Councils of Light that work at these portals, as they are dimensional doorways that the ground crew can access the energy and it can be downloaded. Often there are codings that need to be activated like the top of the Himalayas in Kashmir with the border of Pakistan and the Source of the Ganges with the Living Library of Light, these activations happen at Solstices and Eclipses and times when the energy from the Greater Central Sun can illuminate easily through the doorways to the Earth plane. Often codings from one place will be required to be linked to another by a ground crew person travelling the Grids doing this.
There are also new portals being made very active as we are now aligned to the Second Sun and the Galactic Centre such as at Rainbow Beach Queensland and Lake Waikaremona in New Zealand. Portals will also often have Light Ships or Mother Ships over them or they are doorways for ships to come out from the Inner Earth. Then there are the Serpent tunnels and these can only be travelled through when we are vibrating at a higher Light octaves, there are doorways into these tunnels at special locations such as the Potala at Lhasa, or through the Andes, or through India to Australia which are in a higher dimension and one can travel the tunnels through the Earth and into the Inner Earth. There are also cities and civilizations under the Earth at certain locations such as Mt Shasta, these portals are often at sacred rocks or mountains. So these portals are doorways for many dimensional worlds that interface with the third dimension. Some of the very old portals are also now transferring their energy to other new energy places; this is particularly true of the Northern Hemisphere ones as the Southern Hemisphere is bringing in the new energies. A lot of these old portals are still being fought over by beings still hooked into the duality dramas of Light and Dark, like the Sinai Desert or Iran – Babylon.
Whereas the new energy portals operating in oneness and are hidden to most, as some people are still seeking to get something rather than being of service, trusting and holding oneness, so there is a major reshuffle going on at present and many astral dramas as this game of duality has its final throes. A lot of these new energy portals are not even sensed by people unless they resonate in unity with their being and all creation.STONE CODE KEEPERS AND GATEWAYS.
The codings of the Living Library which illuminates from the Central Sun of our divine selves at that level of frequency is stored in our DNA, the full codings are 40,000 strands, rather than 2 strands as an enslaved human body, they are also found in our bones and the stones and crystals of Earth. The Crystalline Matrix of Light that we are as we awaken to our Divinity, and come from Love rather than Fear, we get Clear like a Crystal. The more we are clear the more we are able to access the full spectrum of the colour coding of DNA to our Christ Light Body. We remember our multi-dimensional selves and higher purpose for being here on Earth. We open up our consciousness and expand our awareness, having inner vision, telepathic connection, awareness of other dimensions and worlds, and clear perception of the energies we are working with or are moving towards.
The rocks and stones also hold the codings of the Divine Blueprint, as do we. Earth was seeded from countless galaxies and civilisations and all the information was stored in Earth, in rock and bone, and we as humans hold the key to the gateway of our own Divinity. We are very incredible beings and our genetics when activated are amazing, when we come from the love that we are we realise we are a Hologram and we have created myriad Holograms of ourself as we experience the furthest extremes of our love in a human body on Earth. We realise we are the Earth, there is no separation and what is the earth is us, even the Earth Changes are our changes so as we become at peace and unify in love the Earth also shifts in peace, its all up to us.
Many of the rocks, and this includes mountains, rock outcrops or hills, standing stones and steleas are often very active already, or are becoming activated again, as we merge into the higher dimensions and the veils begin to disappear. They are gateways through into the higher octaves of Light, Light Cities, Councils of Light, Light Grid and dimensions…Read More at HH Shellie L Robinson *

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Shubhra Chaturvedi @ Facebook – Upgrading Vibrations – Ascension To Light and Love – The 5D Reality – 10-21-15


by Shubhra Chaturvedi  via Wake Up World


“Evil forges a tornado, but goodness battles in a straight line” ~ Caris Roane

At times you need life to completely throw you off guard and you need to hit your rock bottom. It is only then that you start to look inside of you and reflect into your behavior and reactions. If you never ask questions how will you receive the answers?

Did any of you hear about people in the earlier ages suffering from depression? The problem in today’s world is that social expectation doesn’t “allow” you to be sad and go through tough times in a healthy way. People ignore behavior patterns and in place of addressing them you are made to cover them with a fake smile. There is this societal pressure to pretend to be happy all the time. As lives get more busy and artificial there is hardly any time to have the heart to heart talk to a friend or family. And if you do, you are led to a doctor who will fill you in with these horrible prescription drugs that make you numb.

We live in a safety bubble guarded by insurances, doctors on call, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, multistory buildings. The false security creates a superficial pressure to smile through life as it is Oh so easy now! But can you really run away from the difficult parts in life? And if you do will your character ever build? And will you ever awaken? So over the last two years life threw me around a little and I wouldn’t have life any other way. I have started to not only enjoy but love the grey. Till you haven’t been to the dungeons you will never be able to connect with your inner self. I discovered we can all heal ourselves only if we trust ourselves; this natural gift is already within us but has been silenced as we are taught a completely different way of life in order to sustain in this hologram or matrix.

Through my journey I started to follow a lot of these awareness communities on the Internet. Naming a few Spirit Science, Collective Evolution, Wake up World etc. A lot of their articles reached me at the right time and also pushed me into discovering my passion which is writing and help reach out to others who are on the same path as me. They came to me as signs and recently I discovered a link which I would like to share with you as I definitely feel and know that it’s coming along.

To start with the one article that really moved me then was an article on Collective Evolution called “We are living in the most important time in the history of the Universe” by the late Dolores Cannon which was published in February 2014. Most of us know of her work today, for the ones who don’t – she was one of the world’s most experienced regressive hypnotherapy specialists, and we lost her last year in October from this dimension or rather the visible dimension. Her career spanned over 4 decades, she published 17 books and has worked with thousands of clients in regressive hypnotherapy sessions. In one of her books she speaks about a huge change she had started to notice.

“I began to see a common thread going through many of the cases. Earlier on, it used to be that everybody would go back to a past life but in the last five years or so, I began to see clients who weren’t all going into a past life on Earth. I began to find they had never been on Earth before and that they had come here directly from God, from the Source, from other planets, other dimensions, where they were light beings.”

Her theory proposes that many of these souls, which are of a higher vibration than the resident Earth souls, are incarnating on the planet for the first time. Souls on Earth are stuck in a karmic cycle, repeating the same patterns of mistakes and lessons, which are ultimately leading to the destruction of the planet. Thus, there has been a calling for purer souls to come to Earth to cleanse and raise the planet’s vibration. While speaking to most of clients she learnt that the Earth is shifting its vibration into a new dimension frequency. However, help is needed, because man has polluted the planet with a vibration so dense that it threatens the survival of the planet as a whole. Dolores reveals that if the planet blows itself up, it will reverberate throughout the universe affecting and disturbing all beings. Therefore, the call for help was made, and the souls quickly jumped on the wagon to assist. They all just said they “heard the call” and came to help.

“Parting message: Don’t be afraid of shining a light. Don’t be afraid of being powerful. Don’t be afraid of being more special.” ~ Dolores Cannon

This really rang a bell in my head, almost like I felt normal for the first time in my life. Most of life till then went by trying to fit in to the society, I couldn’t ever fathom why I needed to be like everyone – living in high rises, running behind money, cutting trees, get further and further away from Nature. I always knew my purpose was much higher and the only thing that mattered to me was to help my soul grow and spread love as I somehow always knew that we are all just walking each other home. In the interim I spent a few months looking inside of myself, reflecting into myself. I had to let go of the baggage and rather I was made to.

While following a lot of these wonderful pages on Facebook I understood that a lot of Lightworkers, Indigo Children and Star Seeds choose a difficult life in order to reach awareness faster. I know today I am here for a purpose whether I fit into one of these brackets or not I know I am here as a part of the same family and I want to help as much as I can to make this world a better place. Feeling like a warrior of light I healed myself much faster. Thankfully I also had a huge numbers of signs from the universe and unconditional love coming into my life that literally pushed me into the magic. Through the roughest phase of my life I made it to the light. It filled my heart with love for everyone, it taught me to let go of fear and forgive everyone who held space in my head. It felt like a cloud had lifted and I had a direct line connected to source.

For all of you out there, suffering right now, know that it was needed. I wouldn’t choose to have life any other way.

The second huge impact article in my life was from a website called Waking Universe. The article was about Basher – Daryl Anka. It blew my mind; today most of you know Bashar. When I saw this video not many people were aware of him. Today he seems to be the man everyone talks about. For those of you who don’t know him, Bashar is believed to be an extraterrestrial being from a 5th Dimensional civilization called Essassani.

There is something absolutely fantastic about him; his energy can be felt even while watching his videos online. He made me realize my authentic self is the most powerful and that I need not waste a minute not thinking so. I also understood the beauty of being in the present at every moment.

There are only Four Laws in Creation:

  1. You exist.
  2. The One is All and the All are One .
  3. What you put out is what you get back.
  4. Change is the only constant…

Except for the first three laws, which never change.

All his theories opened my eyes to what I already knew from somewhere. It seemed like an old file in my junk memory was opened again.

Call it a coincidence I recently stumbled upon a post from Bashar which says the following

“This window of time on your planet is going to be one of high acceleration, and also high manifestation of whatever energy state we are in. We are going to see increased manifestation of the energy states you choose to be in. Not only will be reflected in your physical reality via circumstances and events but also in our bodies itself. So we will have many ways to identify when we are out of alignment with the frequency of our true being.”

He has covered up on everything that is currently happening if you see in the world, he says in the span of the next year or so we will finally acknowledge the fact the extraterrestrial beings exist and that there will be abrupt changes in our financial and economic situations, he speaks about complete chaos on Earth and major changes on Earth current form for example oceanic levels rising drastically.

I remember the one show that fascinated me through a lot of my high school years was Roswell. All of us girls would gather around that fat television set in our recreation room and watch the series for hours. My question to you all is, do you really not believe that there is life out there? To anyone who is alert enough knows that the government has been covering their footprints and crashes for years. Just go to YouTube and type UFO sightings and try to convince your brain otherwise. Who are we kidding? Now forget all this, and just take the time to look at the sky and wonder that the Earth is just a tiny spec in the universe. Just out of sheer probability, there has to be other forms of life.

One of the most interesting series that I have seen in the recent times is Curiosity a Discovery Network Production. It features the brightest scientists on board ranging from Michio Kaku and Stephen Hawking. They released an episode on Alien Invasion and if we are ready for war. Want a one stop shop to wake up? Watch the episode.

Aliens are believed to be on Earth living amongst us right now, your neighbor might be an alien for all you know. This isn’t necessarily bad, a lot of them are here currently in order to help us with the amount of energy that is flowing in through the wave. The world is much much larger and varied than what you can see or even begin to imagine. For all I know, I might just be one.. Humans don’t interest me too much in particular.



“It is important to speak your truth, not to convince anyone else of it. Everyone must make up their own minds.” ~ Barbara Marciniak, Family of Light: Pleiadian Tales and Lessons in Living

Through my path I was directed to this fantastic website is called – it is an Esoteric, Metaphysical and Spiritual Database run by Gregg Prescott and Michelle Walling. About 3 months ago they published an article called “How Wave X will affect you” by Dr. Simon Atkins. The article spoke about Wave X which is a term given by Dr. Simon Atkins to the big wave of electromagnetic intergalactic frequency that was prophesied to arrive at Earth at the end of September this year.

Dr. Simon Atkins is a climate economist, disaster risk forecaster, doctor of bioelectromagnetics and natural health, a corporate strategist in planetary and solar threats on business continuity, a scientific truth advocate, and a spiritual pacifist. He claims there is scientific proof that electromagnetic frequencies from the sun can affect every living thing and its consciousness on the planet. He calls Wave X a wave of evolution. He claims that the wave along with it will bring the true answers to who we are, Where do we come from, and what our real purpose is.

Earth’s Frequency (Schumann Resonance) is accelerating which historically rests at 7.83 Hz but has currently already risen to 16.5 Hz in some parts of the world and will rise even further to as high as 20 Hz. A resultant change in the pressure field on Earth’s already weakening magnetic shield will result in higher incidences of seismic activity and extreme weather factors.

“The singular factor that affects all of Humanity, a factor that can start or stop wars, that can raise up civilizations and destroy them is SPACE WEATHER.” Space Weather doesn’t only influence Humanity but also guides Humanity. Statistics show that when there are intense solar flares from space 82% of the times there is a downshift in the stock market 1 – 3 days later. These same flares also cause eruptions of violence between classes. It’s a completely natural phenomenon much like the full moon.

On a happier note when these CME’s (coronal mass ejections) from the sun reach our planet, humans are more likely to feel calmness and ultimate peace. The magnetic energy that comes from our sun actually elevates consciousness levels. The sun is connected to our collective consciousness, and if you stay away from the sun too often it might lead to depression and disconnection from the source.

This powerful Gamma wave is said to reach us around 28th September 2015 with maximum strength and is said to be coming from the galactic core. We are already well into it and feeling its effects. It happens once in 3600 years and is a very important event in our evolution. As reported by Time Magazine, scientists are well aware of the phenomena and but are questioning what it would bring along with it. It is no coincidence that in the last 18 months worldwide earthquakes have increased, people from around Earth have been hearing loud, groaning sounds. Dr. Atkins claims these sounds should increase through August and Sept so we should get used to them as they are dimensional portals opening up to Earth.

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” ~ Nikola Tesla

In 1984 – 85, Dr. Peter Gariaev and his team of Russian linguists were studying DNA and the way light, sound and frequencies interact with our DNA. Their research led to huge success, it said that DNA is able to absorb and emit light which spirals along the double helix in sacred geometrical form. DNA acts as “tunnel connections between entirely different areas in the universe through which information can be transmitted outside of space and time. The DNA attracts these bits of information and passes them on to our consciousness.” Genetic biochemists use these frequencies to repair broken DNA; it appears that our DNA is being altered at a much higher level.

Please understand this energy is nothing to fear, and frankly fear is the one thing you have to get rid of completely if you wish to graduate to the new dimension. The new frequency is all about unconditional love, peace and faith. This wave aims at cleansing and helping raise the consciousness of the planet.

While the cleansing has already started you will see a lot of changes in the world, we will see revolutions and rallies against corruption and towards peace increase drastically. A lot of news that we were kept away from will be brought to light. It has already begun if we take a look for it. eg. vaccines, currency wars, blasts in China and Japan, Fukushima radiation destroying nature and animals in the pacific ocean, GMOs, the holistic doctors and health practitioners that were killed in the last 3 months, pesticides in our food, crop circles, peace rallies in Japan etc.

We are all a part of the oneness, and are lifting our abilities as human beings. As our common consciousness is rising we are all floating out the matrix that we are in. Which means it is the end of this way of life and a new society and new world order shall form. We are attracting this wave towards us as all of us from the awakened family cannot go by lives like this anymore.

For the new to come by the old has to go, the next few months are going to be of big revelations. We have been kept in the dark for years, the grey cloud will lift but with it, it will bring a lot of the truth that is going to be hard for us handle. Please keep your minds open and DO NOT let fear take over. Please understand we are all in this together. The new dimension will be all about LOVE and higher vibrations.

From the time 9/11 happened a lot of us started to believe in ‘them’ trying to deceive us, trying to fill us with fear. Today, at least a quarter of America’s population does not believe the story the government gave them. From what I have been reading (testimonials from the biggest engineers and explosive specialists) the families of the victims are on the verge of proving that this was an inside job. This was an event that sprung an awakening in a lot of people. Almost like the turning point for the race walking away from deception.

“Fantasy. Lunacy. All revolutions are, until they happen, then they are historical inevitabilities.” ~ David Mitchell, Cloud Atlas

In the next few months you are going to see the markets crash drastically, there are going to be some major earthquakes and Volcanos around the world specially the more magnetic regions. Mainstream media will report only 5% of the truth, like they hardly shared anything on the meteorite that hit northern Iran in July End and 49 feet wide meteor that hit the Ural Mountains in Russia in 2013. A lot more astronauts today are coming out and speaking about having seen or felt other entities when out in space. There are also various theories on CERN trying to block this wave from hitting us. The most important thing during this time is to keep calm, you are only being told the truth that you deserve.

To wrap up a few updates from Dr. Simon Atkins and Michelle’s radio show.

  • Due to the change in the magnetic energy in the atmosphere there will be solar flares hitting earth which have been associated in past with Economic downfalls, flooding and droughts.
  • The change in the magnetic field will affect our health on the planet as our DNA is being activated. We will need to let go of the old, take in the new and learn to heal ourselves.
  • The magnetic energy affects are minds, mind fields are going to be unstable. The energy in few parts of the world is accelerated at a much higher rate. For Eg. North America. The amount of crime in the area has increased drastically in last 6 months. There have been major societal shifts, the Ferguson unraveling and Baltimore riots and the churches being burnt down.
  • 10 – 15% of the population are said to receive special upper dimensional gifts and obviously a few will abuse them.
  • The new dimension is all about unconditional love and peace.

Also folks, please note this is not only a Shemitah Year but also a Tetrad of Blood Moons and is a once in a two millennial event. For all of you who enjoy watching the night sky cannot disagree that this year has been exceedingly eventful.

Trust me that these are just a few dots that I connected and if you search the internet there are a million other links that you will be able to find. I understand all of this is extremely difficult to absorb – But if you are or at any time in your life been a fan of STAR Wars, The Matrix, Interstellar, Kingsman believe that this can happen. The mass Awakening is near. The new dimension of Love and Peace awaits you. If not anything else, with the number of people that believe in this fact today, the 100th monkey effect will come into play.

Also if you have heard the genius Stephen Hawking recently shared his new theory on the black hole, its quite interesting. The smartest man on Earth has pretty much changed the way we looked at the universe forever. If you connect it all, it’s quite interesting isn’t it?

On a more serious note: Please be very careful in the next month or two, there will be large scale deceptions planned for us. And there will be people using their powers for the wrong. Don’t you be scared – we are the warriors of Light! Just spread love and that is what you will get in return.

To my extended family of Light Workers – the time for which we were sent here has finally come. It’s our time to shine and spread love.

Lots and lots of Love,

About the author:

Shubhra believes happiness is contagious and wishes to spread her vibe everywhere that she can. She believes if she could get by her difficult moments and find happiness she should share her journey to help others move on. She loves to travel and be away from civilization as much as she can.
You can connect with Shubhra at

Valerie E Girard – The Ascension Evolution Wave and 5D, part 3 – 9-17-15

Valerie E Girard   –   The Ascension Evolution Wave and 5D, part 3   –   9-17-15

Part One   –   Part Three

Being asked to actively participate in the awakening process of Earth has challenged many unconscious beliefs.

First, I was uncertain why I had been asked to bring through these frequencies. Everyone asks, “Why me?”

Next, I wondered if I was capable of carrying out these directives. I have decided to ask for help and to listen within daily for guidance about taking each ‘next step.’

Thirdly, I remembered other scores of other times when I had attempted to assist a planet in its evolutionary efforts and had failed. It turns out that planets come and go, which makes our planetary dilemma more real and more heart-breaking.

The fourth and most searing pain was remembering when my efforts were rejected, resulting in my demise and the separation from those very beings I had so loved and nurtured.

I share these experiences for several reasons. The first is to open you to the possibility of experiencing the Wave on a personal and intimate level. The second is to activate a memory that you came here to participate in bringing through the Ascension Evolution Wave into consciousness. The third is to reassure you that any blow-back or symptomology is transitory and if approached with consciousness, will reveal the deepest issues that have kept you from realizing your full potential here in 4D. This release of energetic blocks will then provide you access to the 4.5D stepping stone necessary to activate, embody and radiate 5D reality – both in your personal reality sphere and on this planet.

It is going to take many individuals who can hold one or more these 5D frequencies to ground them into our reality and truly live them. It will also take group of eight or more individuals who will gather to open and then nurture a portal in their town, city or region.

I have been instructed to open as many 5D portals as possible. This project has been named the PanHarmonic Portal Project or P3. We will go where we are invited, provided resources are available to get to these specific locales. Opening a portal will activate your locale as a sacred spot on the planet or, if it already known as such, to provide easy access to these incoming frequencies.

In addition, I have been given the details of how to fully initiate the Wave and the 5D frequencies into individual lives, without taking four years to fully upgrade their energetic configuration.

Once we have a substantial network, we will link these portals together through connective media. Once linked, these networks will gently uplift humanity until there is a significant mass that will live in and function through 5D reality.

This is not to say that this project is the sole proprietor of bringing through 5D reality. This method will attract certain soul groups who will easily adapt to this work and live the reality of it through their practice.

The 5D practice, like any in 4D reality, is merely that: the practice of choosing more and more 5D moments then 3 or 4D moments, thoughts, feelings or manifestation. I have been given a series of practices to activate these frequencies into the lives of those who are called. Activating them daily in meditation will gradually shift your reality into one that becomes more magical, fluidly loving, abundant, sacred and alive.

We invite you to consider this possibility and to go within to sense if you wish more information or to invite the P3 to your locale. We will be discovering ways to bring this to as many places as possible. I have been assured that this will all unfold in divine accordance.

If you are interested, please contact us at

Blessings and LOVE LOVE LOVE

Dr. Valerie Girard
Kenja Ma

Jay Weidner – Prophecy, Spirit and the Dreamtime – Multidimensional Food for Thought – 8-15-15

Morpheus: “Have you ever had a dream, Neo, that you were so sure was real? What if you were unable to wake from that dream? How would you know the difference between the dream world and the real world?

~The mythology of our modern, high-tech culture teaches us that the last frontier for humanity is outer space. Somehow, according to this emerging mythos, the fragile human body is supposed to be able to survive the rigors of travel in outer space over vast distances. The writers of science fiction and Star Trek-style television shows would have us believe that human beings can somehow endure through every kind of radiation and danger to successfully colonize other planets and solar systems.

…As this age ends and the next age begins humanity will lose its interest in conquering space. The last 6000 years have been spent conquering the space around us.

The last frontier of humanity is not the conquering of outer space, of other planets and solar systems. As we approach the end of this era we will realize that the last frontier is time.

Space is defined by the three dimensional reality that surrounds us. It is height, width and depth. We humans possess the most spectacular array of physical and mental abilities ever devised in creation to navigate these three dimensions. These abilities have enabled us to conquer our three-dimensional world….

This final mystery is The Mystery of Time.

Let’s take a look at our perception of time. Much of the way we experience the present moment depends on our experience of time past. The events of the past are distilled and repainted in our memories until their very reality loses its solidity. If we let them cook long enough, images of past events take on a dream like quality. Through this process, our remembrances frequently slide into a fantasy disconnected from anything tangible.

How often have we encountered someone who remembers an incident in a completely opposite manner from the way we remember it? Our minds appear to be constantly rewriting history to make it more agreeable to our present day wishes. Incidents in the past that are disturbing or frightening are frequently glossed over in our memory until they disappear only to be replaced by a memory that is more easily digested by consciousness.

Our view of the future works in a similar but opposite texture. Whereas the past begins to become a dream within our memories, the future is the dream that has not yet arrived. When someone is successful in the material world we like to say that they have “lived their dreams”. This cliché reveals an intrinsic understanding that present and future reality is created from the dream state of the past.

This idea dovetails with the central belief of the Aborigines of Australia. The essential teaching from that tradition is that everything in our world begins in the Dreamtime. From their ancient perspective, every thought, every action emerges from a larger metaphysical landscape that surrounds and pervades our material world. They call this larger reality the Dreamtime. According to this tradition, each living thing first begins in the Dreamtime. After it has become fully developed in the Dreamtime it then concretizes and becomes a part of our three dimensional reality.

This process is recursive in that our future dreams are frequently constructed from the archetypes of ancient dreams. So the past and the future, the material world and the dream world work together to create not only everything that we see, feel and hear but all that we have manifested as human beings. If one looks beyond the veil of linear time, one can easily see that there is a certain control mechanism over this peculiar process. Because reality is so dependent on the dream world, it is possible to shift reality by simply shifting the dream.

Motivational speakers, politicians, television script writers, preachers and many others understand this fundamental concept and use it to re-script reality in their favor. The last thing that they want you to discover is that you have the innate ability to take control of your dreams. They much prefer that you dream their dream, live in their past and help build their future…

Through the constant barrage of images projected by the media, through the manipulation of food, and the polluting of the atmosphere, much of humanity has become lulled into a hypnotic state and their Dreamtime is occupied with nightmares. This has led us to today, to the present moment, in which our planet and our species are in a state of crisis. To transmute this crisis, this very critical situation in time, we must learn to step outside of linear time and enter the Dreamtime, that subtle realm in which everything becomes possible.

As the word Dreamtime aptly describes, there is little difference between the dream and the time. This very moment will become a dream soon in your memory. Also you are creating the future that is racing towards you – right now.

The dream world, time and four-dimensional space are all the same thing. The fourth dimensional world, often referred to as ‘time’ by physicists, surrounds and permeates our three dimensional reality. Everything that we are is shaped and formed within this topological manifold that flows into and out of our existence. As the stream of time passes we have the ability to alter it’s course. Each moment of our lives offers us the chance to change the course of our dreams and the dreams of those we love.

Understanding this landscape, the ragged mountains and mossy valleys of the wilderness of time, is the frontier that awaits us. When we finally colonize this land and understand its many intricacies and nuances, we will realize that any future is possible. We will no longer need to be slaves to systems that require us to live in someone else’s dream. The powers of the dark sorcerers that rule our world will be overthrown and a new Dreamtime will be created. When we discover how to navigate the river of time, when the topological map of time is finally understood by us, all of the certain dangers that await us will vanish in the blink of an eye during REM sleep.

We are at the crossroads now. There is a choice. One road leads to a mechanistic, toxic, polluted, fascist nightmare from which we may never recover. The other road leads to a revitalized world where we live our dreams in freedom, prosperity and love…

The way to stop this recurring cycle is to find our way towards a detachment from the heated beliefs and ego-inspired histories and cultures that we were born into. This is not to say that we should reject our traditions. Only that true liberation of ourselves can only begin when we detach ourselves from ingrained spiritual and cultural habits.

Right now we are trapped by time. And this means that we are trapped in a Dreamtime from which escape is nearly impossible. But as long as there is a chance, as long as the odds are not one hundred percent against us – and they are not – we should attempt to make this leap.

If we change the dream we can change the world and ourselves.

The spiritual emergence that is happening right now across the world is the realization that there is only one kind of time. There is no past and there is no future.

There is only NOW.

And we can change the NOW at any time that we like.



read entire article at

Ridge Keough @ – Understanding The 5th Dimension – 8-14-15


by Ridge Keough,

The 5th dimensional reality is becoming a frequency in which humanity is growing into everyday. Our sights, smells, tastes are all changing as we raise our vibration to match that of the 5th dimension. Heightened states of awareness, compassion, and knowledge are all just beginning to flourish. As our sensory systems align to higher frequencies, we gain more awareness of the multitude of dimensions. To be cognitively engaged in the 5th dimension allows us the ability to peer into that dimension. It does not mean that you are functioning in that dimension; just your thoughts believe that you are grasping the “reality” of it. Let’s get a brief understanding of how we got to the 5th dimension.


Dimensional Light



If the 3D world is all a hologram or illusion, we never are truly engaged in that dimensional field, but rather we are superimposed in that field like a shadow. If we partake in each dimension like a shadow, what happens when we shine light on ourselves or the dimension? Science says that light exist in two states simultaneously: electromagnetic waves and linear stream of particles called photons. Light is nothing more than an electromagnetic frequency (dimension) that is temporarily interacting with another dimension(s) which is why it can have two states simultaneously. Light actually is able to exist in all dimensions simultaneously; however, this cannot be proved yet. What we are experiencing as light is the result of these states of energy. Just like all three dimensions existing in the same point in space, so does the many dimensions of light. Like the human experience, the light we know so well is nothing more than the diffraction of this composition. Our illumination on this matter is just a grain of sand in the galaxy. What happens when our belief system is struck hard enough to crack the very grain of sand and re-arrange the atomic structure?





The journey of the soul is perceived by a three dimension construct and is limited to dark and light; as above, so below. The part of the galaxy you are in holds such duality. Even the nature of your being is in duality. You exist yet you do not. Your spirit exists yet you cannot see it. The center of this galaxy you call the great central sun is composed of a binary star that is two parts. This star is creating the foundation for which the rest of the galaxy is designed for the simple reason of its push/pull. There are a few other basic laws that define your reality and this only work in the first three dimensions. When we go to higher dimensions, we do not have all of the laws of physics apply.


The First Six Dimensions

Each dimension exists for a different reason with no two alike. It is speculated that an infinite number of dimensions exist in a vacuum called space. They all have there own rules and behaviors interweaving with each other yet never touching. Some are superhighways for energy while others are constructs to have an experience. Whatever the reason for the dimension, it is beyond our scope of understanding. To try and explain would be like talking about a space ship to a person in the 12th century. Let’s describe and examine the first six dimensions that exist in this hologram.

In the zero dimension or null, there is a constriction of energy. It is just a point in space with no mass. It exists more to be a place marker for the following dimensions than anything else. Think of the zero dimensions like a GPS coordinate that gives a specific location for a body of energy to exist. Without the null dimension, there can be no hologram. In numerology, a number 0 is a space holder.




In the first dimension we get some room to breath. It is rather linear in its design since there is no

other dimension except the null. (And the null is a rather boring dimension) if the zero dimension is a point in space than the first is a plane that is only as wide as the point. The plane will stay in the same linearity with you perception no matter how you try to grasp more of it because it simply cannot show you more. It cannot be more than single plane for that is what it is. In numerology, the 1 is new beginnings.

Now we are starting to get really exciting for we have yet another addition to the dimensions. This new dimension; the second, adds breadth to the singular plane of the first. It gives the ability to finally create the depth and concrete substance to the way we perceive the first, building upon the finite element of the first. With the first two dimensions (plus null dimension) in place, we see the second dimension as something that is similar to a pane of paper. When we look at a piece of paper from its side, it becomes solid, impermeable and looks like a line. When the paper is flipped onto its writing surface, we see it as a large area but have no concept beyond length and width. It’s only when we bring in the 3rd dimension into play do we conceptualize the fullness of all the three. In numerology, the 2 is duality- humanity vs. divine.

The third dimension is one that gives the height to the length and width, the final step needed to create an area that can have mass (this doesn’t mean it will have mass only that it can). We take for granted the third dimension as something that just is. We came unto the earth with the full perception needed to have the first 3 dimensions activated and open. The third becomes solidified thought. The 3 dimension makes everything more “dense” and vibrate slower. The slower the vibrations, the more our thoughts perceive this a solid structure. All of these (s)lower vibrations help form the dualism of being in human form. If you look at light, it is a frequency that vibrates so fast, that it carries no structure yet it exists.

The three dimensions give us the ability to have an experience on earth without the ongoing communion with spirit- that comes in the next two dimensions. In Numerology, a 3 is a catalyst number and tells us that we would not be, if not for the 3rd dimension.


The next dimension up for grabs is the fourth. It is hard for us to understand the quantum shift that takes place with the 4th dimension but let’s say it is considered a place to be and to transfer energy.



The quantum state allows many dualities to exist that when looked at from the 3rd dimension, make no sense. The 4th dimension has no objective except to create space for the next seven dimensions. It anchors all the energies on planet and sets the conditions for the existence of man. The 4th dimension prepares us to work with the higher dimensions and allows us to be on this planet in whatever energy we wish to use. It is considered a bridge dimension. If you remember back to the beginning, we mentioned how many of the dimensions were nothing more than a way to transfer energy and so the 4th is doing just that. Very simply, the fourth dimension is creating an environment for two way communications with the high frequencies of light. It also allows communication with Gaia, spirit, and any other being of light like ascended masters.

Remember that ascended masters once shared this third dimensional plane until they ascended into a higher dimension, they still are here in the third, yet vibrate at a higher dimension so we cannot see them only feel them. Seeing is a third dimensional sensory organ. Those who say they are seeing higher dimensions are doing so through a limited scope of the eyes, the pineal, and chakra system. The chakra system which extends out over 50 feet and has 144 levels to it, takes frequencies that are of a higher dimension and shifts them down so we can perceive them through the pineal and if the DNA has been raised enough, the eyes.

So the fourth is the land and the bridge to the higher dimensions. This land bridge allows us bi- directional flow of energy from the 5th-12th dimensions. In numerology, the 4 is mother earth energy, the physical world and things based in structure.


The 5th dimension completely changes the attributes of Gaia and humanity. When this is fully incorporated, there will be less need to learn as we come into the body fully awake and remembering all we have done. We feel and are a part of the Akash so the lessons of 3D don’t apply. The incessant want and need are gone as we become the master manifesters. With the mastery of self, comes the wisdom and knowledge to apply manifestation in a loving way. We shift to being in service like the Pleadians had done a hundred thousand years ago. We choose how to be and what planet to be in. The hologram of the lower dimensions has no pull. We graduate into the 5th dimension and draw it in around us, becoming one with energy. In numerology, the 5 is change.


Evolution through frequency



When we raise our vibration, we tell our spirit that we are evolving and are ready to receive more light. When we are working in the first three dimensions, we can only send information to spirit and not receive it back- this is how the veil works and it has been done through magnetics and intention. Your light was used in the creation of the veil. You and billions of other beings all came together and created this magnetic field and the dynamics needed to partake in Gaia. You decided to keep your DNA in two states separated by the veil and held for you by Gaia in the crystal cave or Akash. It’s easy to take DNA and separate the12 layers when we use magnetism and intention. The hard part is understanding that there are 12 layers.

The dimensions, light, planets, everything is here to help us have experience. We don’t need to label all the minutia or try and figure everything out- we can’t when we are coming from the 3D perspective. What we can do is work on the lessons and come from a loving, compassionate place. Life and the dimensions as we understand them, are a mirror to our personal experience. No two fingerprints, dimensions, or experiences are alike. Enjoy the ride knowing there are many parts of you in many dimensions doing the same.


About the author:

Ridge Keough is CEO of Quantum Resonance, A company that manufactures orgone, sacred geometry and multi-modal crystal beds. Ridge Keough channels the Galactic Federation of Light and is involved in Pineal Toning. You can find out more about him or the company by visiting:

Anna Merkaba – Monatomic Particles of God Activation – Preparation for the Blood Moon – AA Metatron, The 33rd Dimension – 8-14


Anna Merkaba   –   Monatomic Particles of God Activation   –   Preparation for the Blood Moon   –

AA Metatron & The 33rd Dimension   –   8-14

Greetings everyone,

Before I begin this channeling I would like to add a personal note. Recently I have begun to download various activation seals in preparation for September’s Blood Moon and the “Wave X Shift – a big wave of electromagnetic frequency” a term given by Dr. Simon Atkins, which is set to trigger a massive awakening in September.

Today I would like to share one such activation with you called – The Monoatomic Particle of God Activation. After the channeling I will talk about how to use this seal and talk more about this particle.

For now here is a channeling that I have received from AA Metatron & The 33rd Dimension.

Dearly Beloved Children of Light,

The definition of the monatomic particles of god simply put is the building block of your reality, the reality as you truly coherently

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understand it to be. The monatomic particles of god are the particles which partake of the phenomenon of instructive energies of the beholder and translate said energies into the physical reality that is occupying your time and space continuum. The monatomic particles of god are adept at transgressing various reality based programming in order to awaken the truth of the benevolence of self, from the very core of your earthly structures of BEing.

For through the monatomic particles floating around in your ethers and your very own cells, does the transformation from a competitive and individualistic based society to the unity and oneness based society shall begin to emerge. For we have spoken to you readily regarding said changes which are momentarily occurring within your biological structures. For we have spoken to you readily about various activities which are taking place within your cells and your organs and the whole of all parts of the vehicle of your chosen momentum.

And so and thus the time has come to discuss the cognitive effects of said monatomic particles of god. Let us then commence with the explanation of the true nature of building blocks of your reality, the manipulation thereof and your innate abilities to transgress all said structures set out for you by those in the know.

In truth, each of you are equipped with biological and etheric mechanism which upon your request, shall activate and break through the barriers of your known cognitive reality, fusillading through the cell structure of your vibrational principles of being. And upon said activation the out worldly dual mechanism which you are all equipped with shall allow you to fully connect to the divinity not only within your own structural cognition, but the cognition of those around you, fabricating a field of influence unbeknownst in your present reality.

What we are trying to say to you dearly beloveds is that the time has come for you to fully activate said mechanism in order to completely connect yourselves to the divinity not only within yourself but to the cosmic gateway exquisitely laid out for you, in order to tune into the tapestry of benevolence, in order to construct a new reality in which you shall partake of the heavenly waters.

And so and thus, it is through activating said mechanism and following the innate knowing within your very being that you shall be able to tap into the universal tapestry of harmonious tones of ascension. Universal tapestry of harmonious tones of ascension. By meditating upon said principles you shall be able to understand and prepare your vessel for the activation which is rapidly approaching your cognitive reality. And so and thus, we ask you to partake of the following decrees with fervor and might…

Now having said this, I would like to bring your attention to the Seal and what a Monatomic particle is. While I was preparing this channeling for all of you I was guided to where I have come upon an explanation by Dr. David Wheeler

According to Dr. Wheeler,

“Monatomic Elements are usually recognized as precious metals such as gold, silver, platinum, rhodium, iridium and others, which occur as molecules of their individual element state as more than one atom linked together. For example, gold in it’s metal form is composed of six atoms linked together, while in it’s other form, there is only one atom existing at a time.

The theory that David Hudson puts forth is that when these elements — normally recognized as metals — exist as only one atom at a time in their non-metal state, they exhibit super-conductive properties. This means that when electricity currents flow these elements, there is virtually no impedance to this flow.

The problem is that there is no way, according to Mr. Hudson, that modern electrical technology can even detect elements that have super-conductive properties, which is because the instrumentation is fooled by the super-conductivity in the different monatomic elements.

According to Mr. Hudson, gold miners have been fascinated by a substance called white gold, which is the tailings (sludge) left over after gold recovery from the earth. Many people have tried to find a way to extract the mysterious substance in tailings in large quantities but have failed so far. Based on analysis, these tailing have always exhibited the strange property of not being capable of analysis – they have been classified as substances unknown by testing labs.

As it turns out, monatomic elements also have substantial healing properties. These elements exist in the body, particularly in the nervous system. Many plants contain monatomic elements as well, interwoven within the botanical molecules. According to some research, the more people can increase the amount of these super-conductive elements in their body, the greater the body’s capacity is to heal itself.

The immune system is nothing more than a communication system, and by increasing the speed and efficiency of cell to cell communication, the body can then more easily identify and eliminate disease. Another hypothesis is that monatomic elements also clear distortions in the DNA molecule — from the ground floor of biochemical function in the body, there is a clearing of any health issues and disease tendencies.

The cells communicate with each other not only with chemicals and electrically via the nervous system, but also via photons. A lack of photons in the cells, as well as needing to be organized correctly, will inhibit the capacity of the immune system to be able to recognize and eliminate disease. Monatomic elements seem to increase the level of photons in the cells, as well as reorganizing their active function to promote health”

Please note though that this particular channeling and meditation are not advocating the consumption of Monatomic Gold Particles, as that is not what this channeling is about. The above statement is simply there to help you understand what a monatomic element is, so keep this in mind as you proceed. I’d also like to remind you that we have entered the Photon belt as I have channeled a few months back, and now we are being presented with the activation of our Monatomic Particles. All of this in alignment with tremendous amount of photon energy that is coming our way is truly a miraculous blessing that we are being gifted with. I truly hope that this activation will allow you to truly open up to the energies of this shift coming our way very soon.

So, here are the instructions on how to use the Monatomic Particle of God Seal.

updated option 2

Step 1: What I am told is, you are to take a moment in your day and sit in a quiet meditative state, fully relax and repeat the following “mantra”

“Through the incarnation principles of benign encounters, the monatomic particles of god, shall activate fully and completely within the structure component grids of my vehicle.

Through the request of said activation I allow my higher self to bestow upon me the sacred knowledge of the ages, which has been kept locked away within the debris of manipulations conducted within my gene pool.

I acknowledge said manipulations, understand their benevolence and release all the blockages associated with said manipulations.

I release all blockages standing in my way in order to tap into the universal codices of light, universal codices of truth, benevolence and might, universal codices of love and unconditional understanding. I acknowledge, release and allow said energies to swirl within my cognitive understanding of BEing, for the benefit and positive commencement of the new era with the benevolent outcome for all involved.

I release and I let go of all the perceived obstacles, of all the perceived threats, of all the perceived fears and finally arrive at a new foundation built for me by me.

With said initiative I allow my higher self to reconstruct my physical vessel of time and space in order to allow more light to be anchored into my very cells and monatomic particles of god to be activated fully and completely. “

Step 2: After you have verbalized this mantra you are then to fully relax and take deep breath while looking at the seal which you see here. You are to hold the highest possible vibration, simply by relaxing and allowing only the positive thoughts to permeate your psyche. If you should find yourself drifting towards thoughts of lower vibrations you are to take a deep breath and allow this thought to pass out of you and continue focusing on the seal before you.

I am told you are to repeat this for 5 days take 3 day break again 5 days and again 3 day break and another 5 days. In total you would do this for 15 days at 5 minutes maximum a day.

You do not need to repeat this mantra every single time you meditate on this seal, you can go straight to step 2 the next time you use this seal.

As always follow your own intuition and if something doesn’t feel right, then discontinue using this seal and this mantra. If you feel that 5 minutes is too much for you, and 3 minutes seem more appropriate for you then do that. The most important step in awakening is listening to YOUR OWN intuition and guidance. So please tune into yourself and see what feels right for YOU.

Once again, If you need any personal assistance via a healing session, you can reach out to me at to set up a distant healing session with me. I also invite you to visit my blog for more information to help you on your journey.

Stay grounded. Stay in the light! I love you all so very very much and am so grateful to be sharing this journey here with you!

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Mother’s Mini-Message, #21 – It’s High-Time to Trade in Your 3d Practicality – by Mother God – 8-10-15

Mother Father God


Mother’s Mini-Message #21: 
It’s High-Time to Trade in Your 3d “Practicality” 
By Mother God
Greetings, Dear Ones, it is I, Mother God, with a mini-message of encouragement and hope.
You are being asked to do a great deal now to advance your Ascension.  The first wave of the first wave is at the gates and ready to ascend.  We want all of you there with us!  I have just a few pointers for you that will ease you along to assure you of being ready.  Many of you have come up against a bit of a sticking point, and it is revealed in your questions and emails to our dear channels.  You will recognize it when I describe it to you.
At the finale of this long Earth journey, many of you have adopted a style of approaching things that you would call “practical.”  It always includes a fair amount of worry – worry that you might be duped, that you are not worthy, that you do not understand what you need to understand, that your family or your pet will not be able to ascend with you, that you cannot trust these letters predicting joy and happiness, and so forth.  You look back on your lifetime and see pain, worry and fear, and you project it forward in a flood of feelings that leaves no room for anything but more worry, and you have come to thin of this as practicality, and you are proud of being “practical” about not wanting to be hurt if the promises don’t turn out to be exactly what you expected.
Of course they won’t be exactly what you expect because you are looking for what you already know, perhaps a bit more wealth, or a bit more vacation time, but more of the same nevertheless.
I will tell you, my Dear Children, this will not create your path to Ascension.  What is coming is so much more fun than you could possibly imagine, you must learn now to “suspend judgment,” not because there is anything wrong with your abilities to judge and prepare – you are very skillful at preparing for the worst.  Now it is time for you to learn to prepare for the best!  It is a very different state of mind from your 3 dimensional stance of full alert, anticipation of danger and a repeat of miseries of the past.  Join us now in the higher dimensional Heavenly energies coming through the open Lion’s Gate and you will be amazed at how quickly you can re-condition yourself to be comfortable with the unknown because it brings abundance, joy and peace.
I am able to bring you this joyful message because of the first-wavers who have Co-created the pathway with us, by trusting in us, allowing our guidance to urge them along in their trainings in such a way that they have been able to bring themselves to a brand new way of seeing the world and understanding us. Fulfilling the Truth that you create what you think about, they have eased the way for those who will follow by what they have done.  Momentum is everything now.  Let us describe the process they have followed so you can understand what you can do to forge your own path with maximum ease.
Think deeply now about how you seek what you want.  Let us say you have been told by the Company of Heaven that there is buried treasure in your own backyard.  You get your shovel and focus intently on the ground, digging industriously all over the yard, making shallow holes, then deeper holes, congratulating yourself on your courage to follow your favorite Master’s guidance.  Your shovel does not hit any large solid object like a chest or a box of any kind.  You find only more rocks and dirt, until the day’s end when you are exhausted and frustrated, beginning to curse your own willingness to be so gullible, as you observe the expanse of holes and piles in what was once your pristine lawn.  Your neighbors will think you are crazy; your family will mock you, you think.  In despair, you trudge into your house and go upstairs to shower and feel sorry for yourself.
As the sun sets you begin to regain your composure and begin to talk with us, your Mother and Father.  You ask for understanding and for comfort, and you offer to use your experience to learn whatever you need to further your expansion. You reach for us to restore your connection and your trust, and you ask to find a way to use this experience to be of service to others.  As the lengthening rays shine across your yard you look down upon it and see glittering golden sparkles radiating light across the yard, like a thousand tiny suns beaming up at you.
In your search for “treasure” you didn’t notice the gold nuggets all around you at your feet.  Were they there all along?  Suddenly your exhaustion turns to excitement; you have struck gold!  It is all around you in such abundance that you fill bags with the precious stuff and tell your neighbors, who also discover good fortune right under their feet.  Your excitement and joy starts a “gold rush” so profitable that everyone you know begins to share their good fortune.  Street parties are arranged to host feasts, music and dancing.  Because of your generosity and foresight, your entire town celebrates the new feelings of Love, camaraderie and ease.  A great Pillar of Light emanates from your house to envelop the entire township, and the Galactic teams come to offer guidance and protection.  Arcturian teams of healers are able to ride the Light energies of your great Pillar to reach and aid all who wish assistance with healing.
Your return to trust in us and faith in goodness has created a vortex of high Light energy that beams outward, sweeping everyone along with you. You are in synchrony with the energies we are sending to you because you are in harmony with yourself, your fellow humans and with us.  You have now created a wave of Light that you and others can ride to lift yourselves into higher dimensions.  You are getting massive amounts of help from angels who protect and shore up your Pillar, grid workers above and on the ground who are anchoring your Pillar deeply into Earth.  Your Light emanates outward and upward, and we meet it by pouring Love and blessings down through it to fill your heart with joy.
In this new stance, with your feet planted firmly on Terra and your heart beating as One with ours, your life will suddenly be filled with joyful surprises large and small.  Create your wave, Beloved Ones, and we will be there with you to ride it into higher and higher dimensions.  I have given you the keys to Paradise.  You only need to use them to unlock the happiness for you and others who follow.
I am your Mother God, here with Father, lovingly cheering you on.
Transcribed by Dr. Kathryn E. May, New York, August 10, 2015

ANDREW BARTIS – Akashic Records, 7th Dimension, Sacred Soul Energy

Hugh-Man – 5D Shift Is Already Happening – 7-16-15


by Gregg Prescott, M.S.,  Editor,


According to contactee, ‘Hugh-Man’ the shift into 5D is already happening.  Hugh says we can expect to move in and out of this dimension, as evidenced by his testimony.

In regard to the mysterious sounds people are hearing all over this planet, Hugh confirmed with his extraterrestrial sources that ,”This is Mother Earth breaking free from the 3rd dimension. Because of all of the light beaming toward Earth, it is literally raising every part of Mother Earth and every being living on it.  It’s sort of like a song of freedom, of joy, of moving up (in dimension) for Mother Earth.”

Interestingly, Dr. Simon Atkins described the trumpet sounds as the dimensions merging together.

I am somewhat skeptical of the Yeshua/Jesus/Ascended Masters part of the interview, but use your own discernment.

Here is the uploader’s description:

Graham Dewyea interviews “The Hugh-Man” on Our Galactic Family.

My guest this week is the “Hugh-Man from Venus,” where in his first public interview ever, he will talk about his work with a team of Pleiadians who are part of the First Contact team of extraterrestrials who will make themselves known on earth.

As one of many serving on the Ground Crew on the planet, he will discuss his role, and some of the plans that are in place to introduce our star family to people on earth, including how they will be showcasing their ships, and the free-energy technology they will share, including wheel-less, anti-gravity vehicles, and personal communication devices with holographic imagery.

He’ll talk about the mothership, The Neptune, and that people have visited it recently, but visits are on hold due to the fleets’ high alert status.

We’ll discuss switching from 3rd to 5th dimension, and moving from a carbon-based body to a fully DNA activated, crystalline, youthful body. We’ll also talk about Atlantis, the Anunnaki, the abundance programs, him meeting Jesus, and more.

And here is the transcript:

Graham Dewyea: Hello, and welcome to Our Galactic Family. I’m Graham Dewyea. My guest today is Hugh, or the Hugh-man. Hugh lives in the US, is a retired education administrator, and works for the team of Pleiadeans who are part of the First Contact team of extraterrestrials who will make themselves known here on Earth.

In his first public interview ever, Hugh shares that he is one of the many serving on the ground crew here on Earth to help facilitate first contact, and comes on the show today to discuss his role and the technology he will help them introduce. Welcome to the show.

Hugh: Hey, Graham! Thanks for having me.

GD: It’s good to have you. I know you want to talk today about some of the technology you are helping our star brothers and sisters roll out into the world, and what they’ll be doing to help the planet get more familiar with them through first contact.

But first, if you would, please share a little bit about yourself, how you first became aware of your galactic connection, and your work with the Pleiadians. And I should preface this by saying that—and this is for our listeners—that soon you’ll be coming much more public, but for right now you’d like to simply be known as Hugh, or the Hugh-man.

H: Yes. I’m in my late sixties. From the time I was about four or five, I always had this feeling like, you know, like I was the odd guy out. Well, years later, in the first conversations I had with a woman from Vulcan … shades of Star Trek … Vulcan is a planet in our solar system, very close, but it’s cloaked―probably the best I can recall, it started in the mid-eighties and it went on for about, I don’t know, 18 years, or something like this.

The first conversation I’m having with her, she said, “Well, Hugh, you know you’re not from Earth.” Say what? What do you mean, I’m not from Earth? I’ve got a birth certificate. My oldest sister―I was fifth―she said, remember, kiddo, I changed your diapers. She said, “Well, your body was born here, but your soul…you’re a Venusian.”

GD: From Venus?

H: Yeah, from Venus.

GD: And how did you make that first connection with your counterpart?

H: Through some spiritual teachers that I met. What’s that saying?  When the student’s ready, the teacher appears? And through them, I was able to make … at the time I called it … the interplanetary communication network, and I was able to speak, oh, about once a month, sometimes a couple of times, but about once a month for 15, 18 years, with a star woman from Vulcan, 7th dimension, very highly evolved, and they helped me to understand…. And by the late ’80s in a conversation―

GD: This is through a channel?

H: Yes. That one was. Through the late ’80s, she said, “Well, Hugh, you’re much more intuitive and you’re much more aware than you realize.” And, you know, I thought I was fairly intuitive, because people at the university would come up to me, and they were always asking me questions. They were asking me my advice.

And I would sort of pause and think and, you know…. The thoughts that came to mind, I would show them their answer, answer their question or whatever. So it was…I was much more aware at an earlier age than what I realized—call it very advanced intuition? It was…as I started joking a few years later, it was the beginning of my, what I call ‘mental telephone’. Earth people call it mental telepathy.

GD: This is where you were tapping into Source or spirit or….

H: Either Source or guides or she … it would be inappropriate for me to mention the Vulcan woman’s name … they would communicate with me telepathically, by thought. Except at the time I didn’t realize what was happening. Until a few years later, you know, I understood the process. And I started joking about it as being my mental telephone. All right? And, of course, they have worked with me over the years to develop it even more.


And more recently I’ve opened more—I now get messages, I call it the intergalactic communication network. You know, I get on the phone, and I speak with two friends from the Pleiades, a woman and a man. Both of their names begin with the letter “z”; I cannot identify their names now. They will be among the first of the star people who will be on worldwide television.

Now, many people from the Pleiades, their names begin with the letter “z”, so there could be more than two people whose names begin with the letter “z,” but there’ll be at least two who’ll be on television….

GD: Now, you know their names.

H: Oh, yes, I know them…. But, but….

GD: It’s just not time to share them.

H: No, it’s inappropriate for me to share. But they will be on television. He showed himself to me when I was traveling out in South Dakota, in the area of the Black Hills. Early, mid-September? Looks like a person—jeans, sport kind of shirt, showed himself to me for five, six seconds, blanked in and out, flickered in and out. Look, I had been asking them, you know, “Why don’t you show yourself to me? Why don’t you show yourself to me?” And so he did then, and then probably within a week or two later, here at my house, she flickered in and out.

Now, they could walk down the street, and unless you were very intuitive, you couldn’t tell the difference.

GD: The alien race is very similar to humans here on Earth.

H: Yes, yes. Which is why they have the largest number of people who look like Earth people. And so—what did she say, oh, a month or so ago? I go to ask, and I said, well, you know, like, there’s a lot of Pleiadean souls here, star souls, star seeds, and, as I’ve crossed paths with people, where they’re from, I joked with them—I said, this is like an alien invasion from the Pleiades! There’s like a giga-bazillion here! Well, you know, [unintelligible]… She said, “Well, we got first dibs because we are the closest constellation with the largest billions of people who look Earth-like.”

GD: Now, when you’re in communications with them, and maybe when this first started, how do you know that you’re receiving communications telepathically from another entity versus your own imagination? What’s the distinction for that? I bring it up because more people are becoming aware and accessing their gifts in this area, and it’d be helpful to know how that works for you.

H: Right now, it’s opening more. And some days I just have to shut it down, because I’m walking literally sometimes in 5th dimension and sometimes in 3rd dimension because I’ve got to deal with 3rd dimension things, people, situations. Sometimes I just shut it down because I open up and thoughts come in, ideas come in from everywhere.

Having spoken with them on the phone, directly, I’ve learned when it is their thoughts, their energy. In speaking with them directly on the phone, the first thing you notice is they just radiate…effervesce love. You just—you hear, I feel the energy, I just know it, the love energy. The highest love, pure love, it’s a certain frequency, a certain energy. And so, I just know.

Souls communicate telepathically, alright? And all knowledge is within, alright? The soul. The part of God, the Creator, the Great Spirit. Because of the training that I was taken through for that 15-18 years with the Vulcan woman, the eyes are the window to the soul, I can be in a supermarket, I can be on a hiking trail, I can be wherever, and the first contact with people, eye contact, it’s like, “Hi, Hugh. I’m an old soul! Good to see you again!”

But even of recent years, I can make a phone call to order something out of a mail order catalog, and the person answering the phone, I can tell by the vibration of the voice, a picture between you and me, like there’s a straight line now, right? We’re talking in the physical realm. Picture a rainbow between you and I. Souls communicate telepathically by thought. Thousands of miles apart make nothing, it’s instant.

So that part of how I know. But anyway, your question.

GD: Well, you answered it. And so, I appreciate that. The next question I have that’s tied to that is, when you first came here just short of seven years ago, and when we talked before the interview you used the term “star soul,” oftentimes people refer to star seeds, but there weren’t many around then.

H: Oh! One of the earliest conversations back in the mid-late-eighties, I had with the Vulcan woman, cause I always felt like, literally, the odd guy out. All the way, elementary school through high school through college. And one day I said, “Well, you know, when I was born in the early 40s, how many star souls, star seeds, how many of us were on the planet?” And she said, like, 1800. One thousand eight hundred—this is in the early forties. No wonder! I was like, what am I doing on this planet? I don’t understand, you know.

That, and my last lifetime I was a Buddhist monk in the monastery in Lhasa, in Tibet. L H A S A? I don’t know if I’m pronouncing it correct. And, you know…. Writing English? I mean, I struggled with English all the way through first couple of years of the university.  I was a terrible reader, couldn’t write very well…adequate enough to get into the university, but my last language, from the last lifetime in Tibet, and it was only a short time after I left that that I incarnated in this lifetime.

GD: Now, one of the things that we’ve been learning is that beings from other dimensions or extraterrestrials, it’s difficult for them to present themselves physically in this plane. They do it, and they do it often, but the vibrational level here on Earth is much lower than what they’re used to.

H: Right.

GD: So, they have a much easier time working with us either on their ships or communicating with us telepathically or through a channel, in dreams, or special special accommodations or made available to them here.

H: Right.

GD: Oftentimes, not all the time, our physical experience of them in our conscious state is fairly quick, and that sounds like what you’ve been experiencing.

H: Well, I’m going to relate an experience just, oh, a couple or three weeks ago, when I was in…a park near my home. I’m at an overlook place, beautiful view, and this car pulls up, a black couple, couple of mid-twenties daughters, and I’m always saying hi to people, where you from, wherever, and they were from somewhere down South, and the wife and the two daughters go up to an overlook to get some pictures, and I start chatting with this guy. He identifies himself as 63 years old, third grade education. And I’m looking at him and I see a guy that looked older than 63, because he’s had a rough life, and half his teeth are missing, right?

So we’re chatting, 10 minutes or so, and I go, okay, well, so I start to get in my car, and he says, “What’s your name?” So I turn around to shake his hand, and I’m looking at his face, and he looks like he’s 28, 30, with a perfect set of teeth!

And so, you know, I was like, did I just see what I saw? I get in the car, I sit down, and I look at him, and this 63 year-old guy is bounding up steps to an overlook. And I say, wait a minute, no. What’s going on here?


I mean, everything looks the same. Well, a few days later, I activate the intergalactic communication network, and I’m talking with her, the woman of the two, and I said, “What went on up at this place?” She said, “You began the conversation in 3rd dimension, you finished it in 5th dimension. Everything looked the same, the physical setting— the mountains—but both of you briefly jumped to the 5th dimension.”

GD: Uh hunh.

H: All right?

GD: Interesting.

H: And she said, “As it gets closer to things, and as the year goes on, this is going to happen more and more, it’s going to be regular. You’re going to start conversations with people, and you’re going to see their 3rd dimension”—I call it a Model T body—“carbon-based cell,” and as she joked one day, “We consider Earth foods sort of like fossil fuel.”

’Cause, you know, they’re living off of light. You know, they’re just absorbing light, but that’s getting ahead of ourselves. She said, basically, you know, you’re walking in two worlds right now.

GD: You’re speaking to the transition that we’re experiencing this year, as the vibrational state of the Earth expands and all those who are on it, all beings….

H: Well, one of the things recently I asked her about, these sounds that people are hearing all over, you know, different countries, vibrating, humming kind of sounds?

GD: Um-hmm?

H: She said this is Mother Earth, the mountains, the trees, all the animals, it is like Mother Earth breaking free from 3rd dimension as, because all the light that is being beamed toward Earth, it’s literally raising every part of Mother Earth and every being living on it.

And so it’s sort of like a song of freedom, of joy, of moving up for Mother Earth. That’s what those sounds are.

GD: One of the things you learned from the team that you work with is that they have a technology where they’re able to video-record events here on Earth. Can you speak a little bit to that? And how that has implications with the cabal and what’s happening with the transitions on Earth?

H: Okay. From their ships up there, their—consider it TV camera. They can see into any room in any building on the planet, through roofs, through ceilings, into the—what the Pentagon thinks are their most safe rooms, where nobody can listen. Their technology, they can see into and record the converse—and have been recording the conversations from the underground military bunkers. There’s no place that they can hide that we don’t know. All right?

Because they can see all these people, and their guides and guardian angels that are there with them and communicating telepathically with them, let’s say an underground bunker, or a Pentagon, or a pharmaceutical office, you know, where they’re thinking— they’re talking behind closed doors? Their guardian angels, their guides are communicating with the people on the shifts.

GD: And they have an archive of all… they have an archive of all this?

H: They have an archive of the history of the Earth. And these are some of the things—the true history, the accurate history, video, high def, which will start to be revealed….

GD: Sounds like the Akashic Records in a—maybe in a different form, but certainly similar.

H: You know, it could be coming from Akashic. But because of my role and what’s about to unfold, cosmic candid camera, that new TV program this spring, and the space amusement parks, from a ship up there, when I’m out on the hiking trail, when I’m driving, when I’m in a supermarket, all my meetings, all my conversations with people are being recorded on a ship. And guess who’s going to be on cosmic candid camera this summer? This spring, summer and fall? Everybody I’m meeting! Alright?

GD: Yeah. Yeah.

H: She said, “We know that the people of the United States, the Earth people, they love reality shows, TV shows.” She said, “They’re addicted to them,” alright? And so, we’re, we’re going to have fun, and introduce ourself, with this cosmic candid camera. It’s going to be…the studio is on one of the communication ships. That’s where I’ll be working from, when it is broadcast.

GD: And for our listeners, I know that you get around a lot, and you can really enjoy meeting people and what you do and how you get around, you’re meeting people all over the globe. And so conversations that you’re having, and you’re speaking about what’s happening in the world. You’re talking about our star brothers and sisters. And so this is all feeding into what you’re talking about with this reality TV show.

H: Since the first of August, I have travelled through 26 states, and I have between my vehicle and my white horse —

GD: Your motorcycle.

H: Yeah. 37,000 miles since August.

GD: Wow. Wow.

H: You know, national parks, state parks, waterfall, hiking trails. You know, I get off the interstate exit ramps, and there’ll be like four mini-mart gas stations, alright?  I could go to any one, and they sort of like telepathically guide me into the one, the clerk working at the counter, oh, since the mid-eighties I’ve jokingly referred to us as space cadets. You know, the star souls, the star seeds are, [ ????? ] in fact, after a year or so, this Vulcan woman I was talking about, I was asking about somebody, if they were a starseeds, so she said, “Well, yes, Hugh. He’s a space cadet.”

GD: And you can pick right up on that just by experiencing their energy, their vibration?

H: The Pleiadeans, because they have a different energy than what I was used to… I’m becoming more aware of the Pleiadean energy.

GD: I mean just people here on Earth, star seeds or star souls on Earth. You can recognize that right away?

H: Either by voice, or if I see them in person, that first eye contact, at the first eye contact, it’s like that rainbow from them to me is activated, because all knowledge is within. Their soul knows what I know and what I’m aware of. And so it’s a, hi, how are you? It’s good to see you. I’m one of them. We’re going to be meeting, you know, two months, six months, ten years, fifteen years down the road, and they’re going to remember who I am.

GD: Um-hmm, um-hmm. Interesting. We’re starting to get into the role that you’ve been asked to assume. And you’re willing to do this, certainly, and the idea, the way I, the way you described it to me and the way I picture it is that you’re an ambassador of sorts, and our star brothers and sisters are our family. They come in peace. They want to help us. They want this reunion to be a joyous, celebratory time, an educational time.

And one way of doing that, to help bridge that, is to use someone like you who comes across as a really nice older man, of great humor, likes people, and you have all of these wonderful conversations about the stuff that we’re talking about tonight. And so the idea with this show, cosmic candid camera, is that people will be sitting in their homes, and all of a sudden they’ll be seeing, oh, wow, that—that was me! I was talking with that guy. Right? Is that the idea?

H: There’ll be a split TV screen, and they’ll see me and…with some other star people, interviewers, on the ship in the studio, and split screen, say, now we’re going to go to Oshkosh or wherever, alright? And on the other half of the screen is going to be some family or couple or whatever sitting in their living room watching cosmic candid camera, and they’ll be jumping up and down, you know, like, that’s us!

And then we’ll maybe split the screen in thirds, and they’ll see where they met me—a hiking trail, a supermarket … And they’re going to be reminded where, and maybe even a little—listen to a little bit of the conversation we had.

The technology is just… it’s mind boggling. That’s all I can say!

GD: But you’re clearly going to be assuming a much more public role. I know one of the things that you really wanted to talk about, and this is all in the spirit of getting people more acclimated, or familiar with our galactic family, and one big piece of that is as you assume a public role you’re going to be out in the media…. And one of the things that caught my attention was as you’re experiencing transitions, you’re going to be assuming a much younger form.

H: A few months ago, I was at a get-together with a bunch of other old, interesting souls. And one morning I’m laying in bed meditating, my eyes closed, and…guess who shows himself to me? Yeshua. Jesus. I’m like, the guy looks like he’s 25, 27, and he’s 2,000 years old, you know?

GD: Yeah.

H: And then about 20 minutes, a half hour later, I’m still laying there meditating, the eye of the mind, I’m shown my face with a crystalline, perfect health—I look like I’m 26. Actually, I think I look better in my new—as my friend said, she said, “In your new and improved body.” I mean, I looked like I’m 26.

So the following week or so, I’m talking with her direct—you know, on the phone, I said, well, when I saw what I thought was Yeshua, I asked, you know, “Who are you,” telepathically. “Jesus, Yeshua.” Wow! And so when I spoke with… direct phone, I said, “Was that Yeshua who showed himself to me, you know, like a week or so ago?” “Yes.” We have an agreement that he and I will walk and work together in this lifetime, because…

GD: Oh, wow.

H: …because of my lifetime… I can only say 2,000 years ago, I cannot identify who I was or what I was doing. But because of that lifetime, she said, “You have a pre-life agreement that you will walk and work together with him, on Earth for the first time,” because we’ve worked together on other planets. But… I said, whoa! And then I said, “Was that my new and improved body,” you know, “that I saw like 20 minutes, a half hour later in the vision?” She said, “Yes.” I said, “Well.”

And—oh! I wear glasses. That vision I was shown of me, my crystalline based, perfect healthy body, I wasn’t wearing glasses. She said, “Well, you won’t have to because you’ll have perfect vision.”

GD: Yeah.

H: She says, “If you want to wear glasses, you can as a fashion statement.” I said, “Well, everybody who knows me knows that I’ve always worn glasses, so you’re going to have to come up with a pair of glasses that are just plain glasses so that, you know, I can wear glasses that, you know, at least for a year or two until people…” You know. And then after a while I’ll start taking them off so people get used to seeing me without. But I said, I’m, you know, I’m going to need a pair of glasses, because, that’s how people expect to see the Hugh-man.

GD: You were saying something that I don’t want to skip over or gloss over.  This idea of working with Jesus. And, and I suspect, for some listeners, that’s quite a statement. And at the same time, one of the things that we’ve been learning is that our ascended masters, our beings from higher realms, other dimensions, I mean, this is really a gathering of all kinds of races and a larger universal presence. And, as the Earth ascends and increases its vibrations and the beings on it, we’re going to have much more communication. It’s not going to be so removed as we experience it in this current illusion.

H: I saw a list, oh, six months, a year ago—I have so much happening, I can’t remember—of about 20 ascended masters. Jesus, the Buddha, Mohammed,  Krishna, Djwal Khul, on and on —I may not even remember all of them. There’s 20, 25 ascended masters who are like Jesus who will be coming back, working with the people of that culture in which they…they served, let’s put it that way.

And, yeah, I’ve been telling people for a year, year and a half, when you meet Jesus, he’s got a great sense of humor!

GD: Yeah. Yeah. Higher dimensional beings do.

H: And after that vision, when you see him, he looks like he’s 25, 26, and he’s 2,000 years old! People see me, and they don’t think I’m late sixties. Say, well, geez, you know, you look like you’re fifty, you know. Whatever you’re doing, keep on doing! Well, thank you, I said. Wait till you see me in a few more months!

GD: And that’s what I wanted to touch upon. You’ll be introduced to the media, and you’ll be talking, and talking about your experiences and really serving as a liaison and an educator, and within a very short period of time there’s going to be a lot of information disseminated. But during that transition, you’re going to be showing what the new human form will look like. And so you’ll be assuming a younger form, you’ll be sharing the gifts that you will have achieved again, and the universal knowledge that you knew before you incarnated here. And so you’ll be demonstrating that.

H: For two or three weeks, and… I’m going to be on interview, TV interviews, all the major networks, and many local affiliates, I mean, as you can…. After the first interview, I said, “My phone’s going to be ringing off the hook?” “Yes, it’ll be ringing off the hook, but you’ll have some assistance in calling.” And I said, “I think I’m going to get an unlisted number?” “Yes, we’ll have that for you.”

But I will be interviewed on all the major networks, for two, three, maybe four weeks, and people will see me as people know me, with a sixty, late sixty-year-old body. The next day I’ll be on a television program, and there’ll…being interviewed, and guess what, they’re going to see somebody who looks like they’re 26 years old. And, I’ll say, “Well, look, you know, like Jesus said, these miracles I do, these works, these things I do, you shall do and greater things you shall do,” you know. Hey, I was born here on Earth, got an Earth body. If I’m able to do it, anybody’s able to do it.

Everybody who wants to move up, shift, jump, ascend, the information shortly is going to be explained how to do it. Everybody will have the opportunity. Will everybody take the opportunity? Probably not. But they, my friends, think that the great majority will, but there will be some who, for a variety of reasons are very happy in 3rd dimension, and they’ll continue on another planet in 3rd dimension. Some are going somewhere else…

GD: One of the things that you’ll be doing—and again, the idea is that our galactic family, they want us to be celebratory, and they want this to be fun, certainly a time of educating and raising awareness. Talk about the amusement park.

H: The space amusement parks. Okay. First off, once they are on television, and the big D, big Disclosure happens, expect to see the ships showing up broad daylight, the flying saucer kind of Pleiadean ships, Billy Meier kind of ships, some of the others are, you know, different shapes…. Expect to see some of them in broad daylight. The healing ships, technology, science ships, vacation ships that they travel around the galaxy and the universe, are like a tube or a cylinder, long.

Couple of weeks ago I’m riding somewhere along the road, clear blue sky, and for three, four seconds, one of them uncloaked and showed themselves to me. All right? And so, the space amusement parks… all right, there are three communities that have been identified. I know, but I cannot say where. There’s one on the west coast, there will be on in the northeast and one in the southeast. It appears that the—the space amusement parks will be announced on television a week or two before they’re going to make their debut. So what people can expect. We will not say where or what time. So as not to create a massive traffic jam that law enforcement, you know, can’t deal with.

A fleet of 70 to 100 — the transporter ships, the flying saucer kind of ships, will show up over the community. We will make a peace sign as the universal symbol. We’ll have a heart. One of the—

GD: You mean with the ships?

H: With the ships, yes, in the sky.

GD: Oh, okay.

H: We’ll make a heart and a peace sign up there. One of the smaller saucer, transporter kind of ships will be white. Guess who’s going to be in that one? The Hugh-man. They have honored me by, for reasons that’ll unfold and guess what you’re going to hear music playing? The theme from 2001, the Space Odyssey.

GD: Oh, how about that!

H: I hear that and my eyes water. I mean, for years and years, a couple of decades, I hear that, and I go, whoo. Anyway, people are going to go come on down, come on down! So, four or five of the ships, the small transporters will land. People will be able to go in and examine the technology. And the star people, some of them will have star families—mom, dad, teenagers, elementary school star kids. They’ll come out and they’ll start interacting with people.

They’re going to share a lot of different technological gadgets, gifts. People who are a little bit more adventurous might want to go for, like an amusement park, you get on the rides, you go for a couple…you know, go for a two, three, four, five minute little cruise over your community, your city. All right? Come back and down, like an amusement park.

And once those start, the other transporter ships that are up there will…it’ll be like some are coming down, some are going up, little cruise, right, coming down, then they’ll get on and off…. People who are more adventurous, who want to go out to a healing ship, get some healing in light and sound.

GD: So the mothership is the really big ship.

H: Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, they’re the—the motherships are hundreds of miles. I mean, they’re going to be way out there. If they came in close, they said, it would frighten people.

GD: Yeah, okay.

H: The technology ships, the healing ships, they could be five miles, eight, ten, twel… I was on… in October, on Interstate—hmmm, where I was? —81, coming, going from northeast to southwest. And in Virginia by the mountains there, the Pentagon has the big underground base,  doomsday, where they would vacate the Pentagon, Washington, and go underground, right?

Well, I’m driving along, and I look to my left, and hiding in a cloud is this monster-long technology ship. So, like, there’s a lot [unintelligible] I said, “How big was that ship?” She said, “Well, it was like 12 miles long, one point six miles wide, and six stories high.”

GD: Wow.

H: And they were monitoring what was going on in the big underground military base.

GD: Where’s the propulsion system of these ships that can create this cloud-like image? Right? Do you know anything about that? I don’t know a lot about it.

H: Well, they can hide in the clouds, they can bend light waves, cloak, you know, so you actually look around, they have made me look invisible too, in some situations.

GD: How would they do that?

H: Bending light waves.

GD: Well, why would they make you invisible?

H: Because when you’re aligned with the legions of light, you have nothing to fear.  If anybody wanted to harm me or any of the people aligned with the legions of light, you don’t have to fear. Because they can make us invisible.  I was in a south American country seven years ago for—some friends down there, daughter was getting married, and I was leaving their condo and going to a hostel where I was staying, about a ten minute walk. About five minutes away, 10:30, 11:00 at night, I’m walking along and this guy comes out of the shadows and starts walking across the street. And if we had continued the same pace, we would have crossed paths.

The middle of the street the guy stops—I don’t want to say dead, because he wasn’t dead, he was like frozen in his tracks. I keep on walking, ’cause I knew from my conversation from the Vulcan woman in the ’80s I was given extra protection. All right? So, I was speaking with my friend recently, and I said, well, I brought up this situation in South America, and she said, I said, “Did you guys make me invisible to that guy?” And she said, “Yes.” I said, “Well, he must’ve thought he saw a ghost!” And she said, to this day—this is only seven years ago, and he was a young man—she said, “To this day the guy swears he saw a ghost, because he saw you and all of a sudden you weren’t there.”

GD: How about that.

H: So they can bend light waves so you see literally around and what’s on the other side without seeing what’s in between you and the other side.

GD: Was that a potentially harmful situation? Is that what happened?

H: No, no, no.

And recently, I can’t tell you what, but recently, I said, “And such and such a situation, you guys made me invisible.” She said, “Yes.” I said, “They couldn’t even hear me.” She said, “Invisible means invisible. They can’t see or hear you.”

GD: Hunh. Tell me about the PCDs.

H: Okay. One of the first gifts everybody who crosses paths, they’re going to be issued a PCD, which is going to basically replace your cell phones. A PCD is a personal communication device, and it will allow you to communicate with anyone on the planet, it will instantly translate your language to theirs, theirs to yours, if you don’t speak their language. It will project a holographic image of them, so you can see the person, or if it’s a group of people that you’re speaking with… Oh, did I mention, no monthly bill?

GD: Yeah. Right.

H: Free PCD, no monthly bill, you don’t have to plug it in to recharge it, no new batteries, cause it’s going to run off free energy from the universe. When we were talking about these things, oh, last fall, she said, “Well, it is a basic human right that people should be able to communicate without having to pay for it and without having people monitor what you’re saying.”

GD: Is the way the energy’s harnessed, is it safe?

H: Oh, yeah.  In fact, she said, just the opposite of your cell phones with the frequencies and the vibrations are frying your brain,  contrary to what they’re telling you. The PCDs will have just the opposite, it will enhance your spirit and energy, because it’s drawing pure energy from the universe and it’s bringing it closer to your physical being.

GD: Now, the implications, this helps us get into a whole subject that we could spend so much time on, but the implications of free energy are significant, huge! And I know you’re prepared to talk about it in terms of how that translates or how that impacts transportation, and you personally, I understand, but it’s going to be phenomenal, phenomenal impact on our planet and how people can live and thrive.

H: My silver SUV is going to be modified sometime this spring. It is going to be televised. It’s going to be a prototype. It’s not going to have wheels, and it’s not going to have a gasoline engine. It’s going to levitate, anti-gravity, and it’s going to draw free energy from the universe. I’ll never have to pull into a gas station again. Alright?

GD: That’s going to be great.

H: And these new motorcycles that have the two wheels in the front? I got one of those, white, a touring edition. It’s like something out of Star Trek: The Next Generation or Back to the Future or something. If anybody’s ever seen these things, it’s like something futuristic. It also is going to be modified to be anti-gravity and free energy from the universe. They’re going to be prototypes.

The garages where the modifications are going to be done, they identified them to me. I cannot say where they are. The star engineers from an engineering ship are—they’ve got the parts ready… They’re going to come in and just use the garage, and they said it’ll take about an hour to do each of the modifications.

GD: No kidding? Wow. Jeez.

H: Drive in—wheels, gasoline; drive out—no wheels, anti-gravity. Never have to stop at a gas station again.

GD: I know you don’t have your car modified now, but I mean, is the idea that you get in and you can just take off, up and up and up, or is it…

H: I haven’t asked…. Well, way back—August, September—a conversation, she said, “We want you to think of your vehicle as your soon-to-be spacecraft.” I didn’t think, and I haven’t had…because… so many, to ask, you know, like, how far off the ground, you know, how far out can I go? I mean…whatever.

GD: Sure.

H: But there’s always so much to talk about and so little time. You’re going to have, by your house, a box that is going to give you free energy from the universe. You’re not going to have to pay electric bills anymore. In a conversation last fall, I said, well, how soon before the oil wells are capped and shut down, gas wells are shut down, the coal mi… you know. She said, from the time it starts to finish, about 18 months. Well, this was back in like September. Well, because the timeline, because, you know, the announcement, the world leaders, they’ve been waffling and they haven’t been making the announcements that they agreed to, we’ve lost one third of the timeline from last August to December 21st. So, things are going to happen quick.

GD: You’re speaking to the announcements of Disclosure by our world governments, and that they haven’t done that.

H: Yes. Yeah. Yes, all right?

GD: And there’s a larger timeline in place where things need to happen in order to facilitate some larger, major shifts?

H: Yeah. Just a few weeks ago, conversation, she said, from…there’s going to be about a five to seven-day period, what we would call a news week cycle? Where Disclosure, the arrests you’re reading about and hearing about, the new monetary, financial, tax and banking regulations are going to be implemented, the new transition caretaker interim governments, along with the arrests, the star people being introduced on television, a five to seven-day period, she said it’s going to be like a blindfold is ripped off people’s eyes, it’s going to be both exciting and raw for some people.

GD: Right. We’re talking about huge paradigm shifts, so it’s going to be, for those people that aren’t there yet and following this stuff through alternative sources, it’s going to be quite an awakening.

H: When the arrests happen, the top executives of all the major TV media are going to be arrested, and then the news people, the reporters, are going to be able to start speaking the truth and not have their talking points handed to them.

GD: Can I just make a point for those listeners that might be, might not be aware of what’s happening? The idea is that we’ve had people in our governments, we’ve had people in corporations, certainly in the financial institutions around the world—media, you mentioned—that haven’t been serving with people’s best interests in mind, so we’re talking about major regime change across the globe.

H: Oh, it’s…it’s major, major.

GD: Now, can we touch upon what you were getting into earlier—and I know you wanted to talk about this, it’s important. This idea that, you know, science has identified that, on average, humans use about 10 percent of their brains, and we had 12 DNA strands and two of them are active, but the rest is junk. What can you say to that?

H: Medical people, from their MRIs, CAT scans know on average people are using 10 percent of their brain, because the yellow-reds are active, the green-blues are inactive. I’ve been saying like for 25, maybe more years, if we only need 10 percent of the brain, why didn’t the big guy, the big G, just create a much smaller brain? You don’t suppose there’s a purpose for the other 90 percent of the brain, do you? Duh!

And recently they mapped the human DNA, and they say, well, that 3 percent is good, the other 97 percent is junk. Well, talk about an insult to the big guy, I mean the big G? Why waste your time making all that other DNA? I was told the top Illuminati-controlled scientists know the purpose of that other 97 percent of DNA, but they’re playing dumb, like they don’t know. That other 97 percent of your DNA had the blueprint for the perfectly healthy, youthful body. If people knew that, and as people come to understand that, they’re going to say, well, okay, what do we have to do to activate that 97 percent of the DNA that will give you your 5th dimension, perfectly healthy, youthful, full of energy, disease-free body?

And these things are going to be revealed shortly.

GD: It was by design for those that wanted to control the Earth and control the people…

H: Right.

GD: …to bring about an oppressive society. It was designed that way so people would not have access to their full potential and were limited.

H: Well, going back to when Atlantis went down, toward the end, people were misusing it, right? And because the Anunnaki and their minions, who in recent centuries we call the Illuminati, wanted to control people, right? Those abilities were shut down.

The Old Testament talks about people that lived 600 and 800 years, centuries BC, right? So these things, when our sisters and brothers show up on television, when the ascended masters make their appearances, people are going to be glued to their televisions, or their computer, on-line computer….

Last year I was telling people, when things start unfolding, hold on to your hats.

GD: Yeah.

H: Because we’re like six months behind what…some timelines I was given last August, September. I’m telling people, not only hold on to your hats, double tie your shoelaces! Because you’re going to be moving, ‘cause it’s going to be fun, it’s exciting….

When you see and hear them on television, they just effervesce, radiate love. And they say this is not going to be people-to-government, this is people-to-people. They want…to give power back to the general citizens, right?

GD: Um-hmm, um-hmm. They don’t want to save us, they want to help.

H: Imagine, for a second, just one area: If people had perfect health, when people have perfect health—no need for corporate hospitals, the pharmaceutical poisons that you’re taking, health insurance…. Well, right away, people hear that, “Oh, I deal in these industries. I’m going to be without a job.” The new abundance program that is about to be released, no man, woman or child is going to be in poverty. By midsummer, hunger will end on the planet. All right?

These people who’ll be losing their jobs because industry will be shutting down, they are going to share, give to the people of Earth the technological equipment to clean up the water, clean up the air, clean up the land. With the anti-gravity vehicles, the propulsion and free energy, after a few weeks, the first transportation that they are going to share this technology to convert our public transportation—buses, subways.

Then in communities all across the planet, in vacant factories, malls, wherever—and they may put up some new buildings—they are going to give the technology to do the modifications on people’s cars and vehicles. This is going to create a lot of jobs…

GD: Of course, with the abundance programs, people are going to be given much more freedom. The whole idea…

H: Right.

GD: …is to liberate Earth, liberate humanity, and that, to take us to a place of a more evolved society, so we’re out of the struggle mode, and people are actually given the freedom and the opportunity to pursue things that interest them, pursue spiritual pursuits…. It’s an exciting time, for sure. What are you most excited about, personally?

H: The space amusement park, because I’m going to get to travel not just to 50 states once, but many, many, many, many, many times, as well as to…I can’t imagine, you know, many countries overseas. As…in the last year, six months, as I’ve become aware of my role in this, it’s like, some of it is just knowing, because it’s coming in, you know, call it download from universal mind, universal consciousness or whatever.

In fact, some of the conversations, I said, well, this is what’s going to happen, yes, very good, Hugh, that’s it, and they would fill in, you know, like background information, a little bit more of the details, but…. You know, after a number of conversations, it’s like, I said, “Am I boring you?” “No,” she said, “what you’re doing is validating what is coming to you telepathically, or a download,” you know, “from Source.”

And so, many of the conversations are confirming what it is I know of what’s about to unfold. They go, you’re gonna be on TV…I said, you know, like me, in front of a TV camera? You know,  I feel like I’m going to be a doofus or …. And she’s, “No, no, no, you’re a great communicator….” In fact, that’s why shortly before I go on the television I have reason to think I’m going to be out, you know, visit the Neptune a little bit, and then on the communication ship that I’ll be working off of quite a bit.

Oh, I would also like to confirm, I asked, has anybody been out to Neptune, and she said 12 people had been out there. And I mentioned an individual’s name, can’t…

GD: You’re talking about the ship the Neptune, not the planet?

H: Yes. The mothership Neptune, yes. Thank you for clarifying that, yeah. She said 12 people have been out to the mothership, whose name is Neptune, but because things, all the fleets are on high alert, there’s a hiatus, nobody else has been going out there recent. And she said because…

GD: High alert for Disclosure?

H: Yes. Yes. High alert.

GD: Big things happening. Exciting times for sure.

H: There’s a lot that I cannot share because I have to wait until the Big D announcement happens.

GD: Well, this has been delightful. I appreciate your time, and I really appreciate all the information that you shared, and certainly exciting times, and things are building, for sure. And so, like you said, hold on to your hats, tie those shoelaces and….

H: Double tie your shoelaces.

GD: Double tie them.

H: This is.,..I’m—I won’t say I’m on the edge of my chair, but every day that passes, I tell people, we’re one day closer.

GD: Yeah.

H: Every day that passes, there’s one less day of 3rd dimension and all this chaos and everything.

GD: Well, it’s been delightful to have you on the show. You’ve been listening to Hugh, the Hugh-man, and thank you very much for coming on the show today.

H: Oh, I’m happy to, and honored to be able to do this….

GD: Well, thanks very much.

H: You’re welcome.

The Arcturians via Suzanne Lie – Fourth Dimensional Mystery Schools – The 4D Causal Sub-Plane – 7-19-15

CreationThe Arcturians via Suzanne Lie   –   Fourth Dimensional Mystery Schools   –   The 4D Causal Sub-Plane   –   7-19-15

We now assist you to continue your journey through the fourth dimension. Remember to hold the intention of creating a clear portal that unites the third and fourth dimensions with the fifth dimension.

You, the members of humanity, are particularly suited for this assignment as humanity represents the link between the Mother Earth and Father Spirit.

Of all the inhabitants of Earth, humanity has primary responsibility for the darkness that is stored within the fourth-dimensional Astral Plane. Therefore, it is the duty of humanity to clear this darkness/fear.

However, even though the humans who live in fear, anger and the need for power over others are primarily the ones who taint Gaia’s aura, it is YOU, the Awakened Ones, who will clear portals through the astral, fourth dimension and into the fifth dimension of Unconditional Love and Multidimensional Light.

We now assist you to continue your journey through the fourth dimension. Remember to hold the intention of creating a clear portal that unites the third and fourth dimensions with the fifth dimension.

However, those who do not take responsibility for their actions will not enjoy the return of the energy fields that they have sent out into your world. Because these humans are not evolved enough to connect with their Multidimensional SELF they are not aware of, or live by, Gaia’s Law of Cause and Effect.

Hence, they feel like victims because “someone” is angry with them, someone wants power over them, which makes them feel afraid. Because they are lost in their own darkness, they are unable to perceive the “Circle of Creativity” that they have created.

Hence, just as they have victimized others, they have also victimized their Selves. This dynamic becomes most apparent in the 4D Causal Plane in which “energy out equals energy back.” Those who still live in darkness have also forgotten that Gaia is a “free will “planet.”

Therefore, any manner in which these Dark Ones have diminished the free will of others will soon return to them. “Why have their actions not returned to them yet?” we hear you asking. Our response is that there is a greater plane in operation.

We ask that you, the members of our “Light Beings” trust that as your loving deeds return to you, their darker deeds will return to them. In that NOW, you will be given your final initiation of unconditionally loving and forgiving those who have lived in darkness.

Hence, we ask that you practice this assignment by unconditionally forgiving your Self. As you know, you cannot give away what you do not have. Therefore, if you cannot unconditionally love and forgive your Self, you will not be able to unconditionally love and forgive the ones still lost in darkness.

“But that is not fair,” we hear you complain. Therefore, we must remind you that “fair” is not a component of Ascension. Ascension is the ability to unconditionally love, forgive and accept ALL life. Your challenge is so much more difficult than theirs, but the return of your efforts will be more than worth your third-dimensional illusion of fairness.

We say “illusion of fairness” because fairness is not even a concept the fifth dimension. You all know that YOU create you reality with your every thought and emotion. If there is any one who is having difficulty with that challenge, you will not judge them. Instead, you will assist them.

On the other hand, we understand third-dimensional reactions, but to travel through the inter-dimensional portal that you are creating, you must release your attachment to your third dimensional reactions. Yes, we are aware that we have not yet told you that you are actually creating your own Ascension portal.

We have saved that information for this NOW in which your portal is almost completed. You see, as you move through each sub-plane of the fourth dimensional astral plane, the aura of Gaia, as well as your own personal aura, you have greatly expanded your consciousness.

Old concepts such as, “Can I control Earth’s third dimensional reality?” are released from your awareness. All concepts of third/fourth dimensional “control” are NOW replaced by fourth/fifth dimensional concepts of “create.”

You, our Beloved Volunteers to Gaia, have volunteered for the challenge of, “Can WE create enough fifth dimensional Unity Consciousness to transmute Gaia back to Her true fifth dimensional SELF.” Please note the world “we” instead of “I.” You, our Beloved Ones, are transmuting your sense of SELF from “I” and “mine” to “we” and “ours.”

Gaia’s was once a fifth-dimensional planet, just as you were once a fifth dimensional person. Of course, since the fifth dimension has NO time or space, fifth dimensional Gaia, as well as all your fifth dimensional human expressions, patiently awaits your return.

Remember that the third dimension is a holographic projection. It is such an effective hologram that most people believe that it is REAL. Of course to all of you it is “real” because your third dimensional form is also a holographic projection.

The true, fifth dimensional representation of planet Earth and all her inhabitants is projected through the fourth dimensional Light rays. These astral Light rays are cast onto the third dimensional “screen” to create the holographic reality of third dimensional Earth.

“Ridiculous!” you may say. “This theory is a concept that is interesting to ponder, but my hand hurts if I hit the wall, I feel love when my baby smiles and I feel fear when a car almost hits me.”

Dear Ones, we know that the third dimension appears real because you can feel it. However, as you expand your consciousness into the fourth and fifth dimensions, you will feel them as well. However, humanity has been trained to make their hierarchy upside down.

Humanity has been trained that the third dimension is the most important, and then there it is fourth dimensional dreams and creativity. Then, finally, the fifth dimension seems so far away and unachievable that it is barely on the list.

Dear Ascending Ones, we bring up the above issue, as YOU will be called upon to answer these questions. Also, when third dimensional Ones become frightened, they often become angry. Anger is a way of pushing away something that is too frightening to address.

Dear Ascending Ones, your task of assisting and guiding others will not be simple. Thus, you will need to be fully connected to your fifth dimensional expression of SELF. In terms of who you really are, the most important YOU on this the you on which you place your attention.

Therefore, instead of owning your “Self” as the 3D physical Self who is wearing an Earth vessel, we ask that you own your SELF as your fifth dimensional Light-body SELF, which you are also wearing.

Then, instead of looking UP (in frequency) to your “better” SELF far away in a higher reality, you will look DOWN (in frequency) to your brave human Self who is constantly listening to your perspective on reality.

Now that we have looked at your perspective on life from your third and fifth dimensional Self, let us look at your perspective of reality through your lowest through highest frequencies of your fourth dimensional astral Self.

We guide you on this exercise because your Causal Body is the YOU who is “in-between” your masculine/outflow Self in the Spiritual Sub-plane and the feminine/inflow Self who is grounded in the fourth-dimensional aura of Mother Earth, Gaia.

Your fourth-dimensional Lower Astral Plane Self resides at the bottom of the pond, which is on the top of Gaia’s planetary reality. Much as a chimney gathers the soot from the smoke that travels through it from the fireplace to the sky, the dark remnants from the fear collect in the Lower Astral Plane.

As Ascending Ones, YOU have volunteered to be “chimney sweeps.” Fortunately, you do not have climb through a dark and dirty chimney because as you clear your own lower astral plane, you also clear Gaia’s lower astral plane.

In the fourth-dimensional Emotional Plane you are learning to be masters of your emotions. As you master your emotional body, you will remember how to Love, Forgive and Accept yourself Unconditionally. With this great gift to your Self you remember how to transmute ALL your emotions into creativity and communication.

In your fourth-dimensional Mental Plane you learn that “an open mind is the best antidote to fear.” As you gain a degree of mastery of your mind, you will send out thoughts that are positive, creative, unique and Multidimensional.

Then your positive, empowering thoughts will unite with your loving, forgiving and accepting emotions to create a powerful thought-forms which will create the foundation for the new life that YOU will create.

Then, as you enter the fourth-dimensional Causal Plane, each of your positive, empowered thoughts unite with your loving, creative emotions to create a positive, empowered reality. You will then remember that all causes have an effect and all effects create a new cause.

Within this new reality you can halt the turn of the third-dimensional “Wheel of third-dimensional Cause and Effect” in order to prepare to leave time and enter the NOW in which cause and effect are ONE in the Circle of Creation.As this Circle of Creation is completed, you can enter the Core of the Circle that was created by the circular flow of Cause and Effect.

To graduate from third diemsional reality, you must complete this circle of Cause and Effect so that you can create the Corridor through which you will enter the Core.

Within the Core ALL is still and peaceful. Within the Core are INFINITE possibilities. Within the Core of the Circle of Creation is that which is infinite, as well as that which is not yet manifest.

Within the Core, you are the feminine charge (-) of form.

Within the Core you are infinitely encircled by the positive charge (+) of spirit.

Within the Core you are Spirit (+) surrounding and flowing into Matter (-) in the

Infinite Dance of Creation



The Arcturians: Fourth Dimensional Mystery Schools – The 4D Sub-Causal Plane. Channelled by Suzanne Lie. July 17, 2015.

The Arcturians via Suzanne Lie – Fourth Dimensional Mystery Schools – The 4D Mental Plane – 7-14-15

MentalMysterySchoolWhen it is the NOW to continue your journey into the next fourth dimensional Mystery School, you gather all that you have learned and remembered so far and tuck it into your High Heart.

Within your High Heart, which is between your Heart Chakra and your Throat Chakra, all the information that you have gathered on your fourth dimensional journey so far will blend with the Wisdom, Power and Love of your Three Fold Flame.

In fact, it is the NOW for you to resume your journey by entering the Mental Sub-plane of the fourth-dimensional astral world. You will experience this journey through your own aura, as well as through Gaia’s aura. As you travel into the fourth-dimensional Mental Sub-plane, take note of the myriad thoughts that you have stored within your consciousness.

You may not have considered the power of your thoughts, but as each random thought pulls up a matching emotion from the Emotional Sub-plane, your mind becomes focused on the thought forms that you have created.

When your consciousness is primarily focused on your physical reality, your consciousness – and thus your perceptions – are primarily driven by the myriad versions of reality that are created by the Collective of humanity.

Conversely, as you travel through your own aura, you see your personal contribution to those collective thought forms that are increasingly becoming a reality. Do you, as just one person, have much influence on the outer world that is shared with all life on Gaia?

Instantly, you see how your doubtful thoughts seem to escape from your mind. Do you really want that doubt to sit in your aura to invite more doubt?

“NO, No,” you say to your Self. “I see how my doubtful thoughts are instantly joined with fearful emotions to send a dull gray into my aura. But, how can I change a thought form that I have already created?”

Congratulations, Dear One, your thought form has not yet left your aura, and already you are aware of its effect on you and on the reality that you will perceive and create. You are remembering that your state of consciousness directs your thoughts.

Those thoughts then direct the emotions that you collected in your aura. Finally, your thoughts and emotions join as a thought form that sits in your aura awaiting its NOW to direct your attention to that perception. Before you took this journey into your own fourth dimensional Self, you may not have had a working example of how you are creating your reality.

When you are in the fourth dimensional Mental Mystery School, you will focus on remembering, “What you think about, you bring about.” Also, as you make your journey through this Mental Sub-plane, you can actually perceive your thoughts.

However, your consciousness will need to resonate to at least fourth-dimensional alpha waves for you to be able to clearly perceive and understand how your thoughts join with your emotions to become the thought forms that create your 3D life.

You may also observe that your third-dimensional beta wave consciousness is very reactionary. You, our Dear Ones who have taken an Earth vessel, have been trained by your outer world that first and foremost you must tend to your myriad physical duties and responsibilities.

Then, if you have time, you can tend to other, less important endeavors, such as enjoying your life and being creative. Fortunately you, our Volunteers to assist with planetary Ascension, are remembering that there is another version of your SELF that perceives your reality from a very different frequency.

Through listening to your fourth and higher dimensional dreams, imagination and inner callings, you are discovering how to differentiate between the thoughts that arise from within your inner Self and the thoughts that are fed to you via your third dimensional reality.

Because you have studied in the 4D Emotional Mystery School, you have learned that emotions are not just feelings. You have discovered that your emotions are a vital component of all third-dimensional and inter-dimensional communications.

Emotions are also very helpful for inter-species and inter-galactic communications because they are not bound by language. In fact, emotions allow you to “read thoughts.” How do you read thoughts with your emotions?

Emotions send you a simple “Yes, continue this communication,” or “No, I do not want to engage in this communication.” In other words, emotional communication tells you if you trust or mistrust that person. As you move through the myriad changes that are occurring in your present 3D reality, you will find that this “who do you trust” information is vital.

If the answer is “Yes, I do trust that person and/or information,” you can move into the next phase of sharing thoughts and/or sharing thought forms with that person and/or inter-dimensional Being.

In other words, you will begin to remember how your Galactic Family communicates via Light Language. Light Language is the language of thought forms and energy packages.

Light Language arises from fifth-dimensional and beyond Beings, but remains intact as it travels through the fourth dimension and into the perception of the Ones who are still wearing third-dimensional vessels.

Light Language is not produced with your physical speech mechanisms. Therefore, it is not limited to different words that different cultures use for the same message. Light Language does not travel through physical space and does not need an amplifier, telephone, or Internet to be sent to another person.

Light Language originates via the Unity Consciousness of the fifth dimension, but it is able to stay totally intact within the fourth dimension. In fact, one of the primary reasons we are taking you on this journey through the fourth dimension is because it is important that your personal and Gaia’s planetary Astral Plane (aura) is clear.

When your personal aura is clear you can more easily receive inter-dimensional messages. You will also feel more confident that your personal thoughts, emotions and/or desires do not become distorted.

With this added confidence you will be able to more clearly receive inter-dimensional messages from the many higher dimensional Beings who are NOW assisting you with your personal and planetary Ascension.

Many of you, Dear Ones, meet with us often in your fourth-dimensional dream consciousness, but you cannot translate that meeting into your third-dimensional reality because your 3D brain cannot accept, store and repeat this frequency of information.

Therefore, you forget your dreams and all the vital communications that you receive while in your fourth-dimensional astral body. Fortunately, as you remember how to communicate with your own aura/astral body, you will be able to communicate with others’ auras/astral bodies.

Once you have learned/remembered how to communicate via thought forms and energy fields you will be able to consciously communicate with fourth and fifth-dimensional Beings.

Of course, everything must expand from within your core. Thus, you must first learn/remember how to consciously communicate with your human fourth-dimensional Self. Then, communication with the fifth-dimensional expression of your Multidimensional SELF will greatly accelerate.

Eventually, you will communicate with your Multidimensional SELF via higher frequencies of “sounds” that your third/fourth-dimensional Self cannot perceive. Your own Higher Self will teach you how to hear and attend to sounds that are often unperceivable to your physical hearing.

Many of you have already begun your inter-dimensional communications. Therefore, your consciousness is already traveling into your own fourth-dimensional aura to better communicate with your own fourth-dimensional Self.

When your 3D language easily interfaces with your 4D language, you will have created an inter-dimensional communication system. Once this inter-dimensional communication system is fully connected to your fifth-dimensional SELF, you will move into the NOW of the ONE.

In other words, your communication will break through the time barrier. Once you are no longer bound by the limitations of time, you are free of the limitations of space.

Within the NOW
All life is ONE
Within the ever-present HERE

Within that NOW, all third-dimensional illusions of separation dissolve into a reality of Unity, Truth and Instant Communication. You will not need to wait for a certain “time” to receive inter-dimensional messages.

However, you must be within an expanded state of consciousness to receive these messages. Once in that state of consciousness, you must “let go” of your lower dimensional limitations and perceptions.

However, if you wish to document your communications, which we highly recommend, you will need to also be aware of your physical world so that you can write, type and/or record the information that you are receiving.

We say to each and EVERY one of you that you are ALL able to experience inter-dimensional communication.

In fact, your brains are wired for that ability. However, that skill, along with your myriad other inter-dimensional abilities, are hidden in areas of the 97% of your physical brain that lies dormant and unused by many of our dear Ground Crew.

The Dark Ones, who have been your “keepers” for more millennia than you would wish to know, have kept their “minions” in survival mode so that there was no energy left for consciousness expansion.

However, the Higher Light is entering your world so quickly and so intensely that you can no longer ignore your inner call to remember. Many humans could not hear that call as it traveled via a state of consciousness that they seldom experienced. They worked and slept, then woke again to work and sleep.

The advanced technology that has been on your planet for many of your years, but was hidden by the Dark Ones, will be released as soon as there is a collective inter-dimensional call that represents a majority of humanity.

Earth is a free-will planet. We Galactics honor Gaia’s choice and will not communicate with or alter the reality of those who have not asked us. On the other hand, Cosmic Laws do NOT bind the Lost Ones. They are the laggards that have failed to ascend on many worlds and realities and have come to Earth to invade and take.

They are devoid of Love and Conscience. Therefore, they cannot ascend. But because Earth is a free-will planet, their “service to self” orientation allows them to take from and dominate others.

When you meet these Lost Ones, please remember that even though they appear to have power in your physical world, it is limited to ONLY the third dimension. We further ask you to remember that your world is ready NOW to continue with the process of transmutation into a higher frequency of reality.

It is the fears of humanity that is slowing this process. But, if you become angry or impatient with those who live in fear, you will only add to that problem. Instead, we ask that you send Unconditional Love and Violet Fire to any and everyone lost in the grips of fear.

The Ones who serve the darkness know about your potential power. Hence, they are stepping up their fear tactics. Fortunately, you are becoming Masters of the fourth dimension, and most of these Lost Ones can only adhere to the 4D Lower Astral Plane.

There are some who can enter the 4D Emotional Plane and others who can briefly visit the lowest frequencies of the 4D Mental Plane. Therefore, perceive your Self as “Guardians of Gaia’s fourth dimensional Astral Plane,” as well as your own fourth dimensional aura.

Since many of you can now perceive and read thought forms, you can feel if an inter-dimensional message is based on Unconditional Love and Violet Fire. If you do not feel the calm euphoria of Unconditional Love, as well as the transmutational power of the Violet Fire, you know that you are called to duty to heal and transmute this thought form.

You own lower astral body is cleared, your own emotions are centered, and as you see the glorious Mental Mystery School shining just above you (in frequency) you turn to face the Lost Ones to send them Unconditional Love and Violet Fire.

As you do so, you realize that many of the Lost Ones also wish to better themselves, but have been bound by a culture based on power over others. From your many Earthly incarnations, you are very familiar with the feel of power over others.

Hence, before you continue, look inside. Are there any components of your own Self that wish to have power over others? Please look deeply, as you will not be able to enter this Mystery School until you have made this personal assessment…

Now, look inside your Self again to see if there is any prejudice towards any gender, species or Galactic Beings. You will make this determination by sending Unconditional Love. If you cannot send any being Unconditional Love, then you still have a prejudice that will halt your journey into this next Mystery School.

As difficult as it is to master your emotions, it can be even more difficult to master your thoughts. In this case, it is helpful to return to the concept that “creation and perception are ONE” in the fifth dimension and beyond.

This experience in the Mental Sub-plane of your aura is a precursor of what your physical life will soon become. You will be asked to perceive your reality through an energy field that can only be created with the emotional intention of Unconditional Love and the mental focus of transmutation of all life via the Violet Fire.

We leave you now with that assignment. Before closing, please notice the Golden Stairway leading to the Fourth Dimensional Mental Mystery School.

Fill your inner perceptions with that vision.
Fill your heart with the Unconditional Love beaming from the Mystery School.
Fill your mind with the intention of personal and planetary Ascension.

As you follow our directive, you feel yourself floating up the Stairway and toward the open doors. The Priests and Priestesses float down to greet you and to personally lead you through the open door of your own mind.

In closing, we remind you to ALWAYS keep your mind open because:

The best antidote to fear of change is an opened mind.

Blessings, we shall return to take you through the fourth-dimensional Causal Sub-plane.

We are the Arcturians and your Galactic Family

The Arcturians: Fourth Dimensional Mystery Schools – The 4D Mental Plane. Channelled by Suzanne Lie. July 13, 2015.

The Arcturians via Suzanne Lie – Fourth Dimensional Mystery Schools – Entering the Emotional Sub-Plane – 7-9-15

Suzanne Lie

Now that you have completed your journey through the Lower Astral Plane Mystery School, you continue your journey by entering the Emotional Sub-Plane along your journey through the fourth dimension.

As you make your journey, be sure that you leave “bread crumbs” so that you can easily recognize the pathway that you have created. This fourth dimensional pathway will expand into a road, then into a highway, then into a freeway as you repeat this passage again and again.

Remember that you are clearing out the “bottleneck” between the third and the fifth dimension. As each of you, Dear Interdimensional Travelers, repeat, and repeat again, your conscious journey through the fourth dimension, you clear your own residue from your myriad incarnations and/or visitation to planet Earth.

Unfortunately, you were often leaving lives filled with fear, anger, sorrow and pain. Because that was how you felt in that incarnation, that was the residue that you left behind on Earth and in Gaia’s fourth dimensional aura.

In the journey you are taking NOW, you are prepared with Unconditional Love and Violet Fire so that you can clean up what you left behind in other incarnations. We appreciate that often you are clearing the astral remains left by others, and we deeply thank you for this service. We are pleased that you have evolved far enough beyond your human ego that you can think only of dear Gaia and not worry about what is “fair” for you to clear.

The cleaning crew at the end of a huge party is not concerned about who left what mess. They know it is their job to clear all the mess. They take pride in their work and want to return chaos to order. However, you will not be clearing chaos, as it is a necessary ingredient for great change.

Instead, you will transmute that which is the third and lower fourth dimension to create a clear passageway for the many Ones who will traverse this “road” back home to their fifth dimensional Starship, planet and/or reality. You see, they/you are not going Home. They/You are returning Home to your true SELF in the higher dimensions of reality.

Your “tour of duty” on third dimensional Earth is almost completed, so you are clearing the way for yourselves and the many others who are NOW remembering that their own state of consciousness is their personal Starship.

However, all the lower consciousness emotions have blocked their journey back into the reality of fifth dimensional Light and Unconditional Love. Hence, as members of our “Galactic Cleaning Crew”, you are called upon to transmute these fearful emotions into loving emotions.

You will begin your task with your Self. First you will pave your way through your own fourth dimensional aura, clearing and transmuting as you go. Then you will return to Earth and begin again. The second time, you will clear and transmute the fear-based emotions of ALL life on Earth.

Does that sound like too huge a task? Are you afraid that you may become trapped in all of the fearful emotions that are strewn through the emotional sub-plane of the fourth dimension? Yes, you are correct. If you do not personally know your own emotional discards, you will become afraid that they are all yours.

If there was a big party, and you had to find your wallet that was lost in the mess, you would need to remember what your wallet looks like. We say “wallet” because that holds your ID. Your ID is all that you are within your NOW. Hence, it is vital that you Unconditionally Love, Unconditionally Forgive and Unconditionally Accept your Self.

While you travel through the Emotional Plane, you do so in search of any thought forms that need to be transmuted. You will begin with your own emotions and then expand to larger and larger group emotions. Will you clear up other people’s mess?

You will not “clear” the emotional messes they have left behind, but you will send Unconditional Love, Forgiveness, Acceptance and a loving blast of Unconditional Love to these cast-off and forgotten emotions.

You will do this, not because you love the people who left them, as you will not even know them, but you will do this service for Gaia, whom you deeply know and Unconditionally Love. Gaia is not responsible for the emotions of her humans.

Also, if some of those lost in darkness receive your Unconditional Love, then they just might be able to accept it. In fact, more and more of the Lost Ones are turning away from their fearful beginnings.

Most humans are not innately afraid, angry and/or destructive. They are trained to be that way by their parents or some early childhood trauma. We know that many of you, our Emissaries to Earth, chose to have extremely difficult childhoods so that you could work through the pain of those experiences.

You made that choice because, when you cleared your own trauma and inner pain, you also cleared the damage done to Gaia. You see, your physical Earth vessel is ONE with Gaia, via the connection of the human and planetary Elementals of Earth, Air, Fire and Water.

What brave warriors you have been. We salute your victory in the Light. It is this reason that we wish to assist you as you clear the dredges for fearful thought forms and energy packages that have littered Gaia’s emotional aura for millennia.

We remind you that just as you transmute Gaia’s damage, you also transmute your own damage. When you transmute Gaia, you transmute yourself. This inter-relationship is because of Gaia’s “Law of Cause and Effect” – energy out is energy back.

This inter-relationship works slowly at first until you release ALL sense of being a victim and take FULL responsibility for choices and reaction. This responsibility is not “blame” in any manner. Instead, this responsibility is a recognition that you chose to take on these challenges to clear any “outstanding debts” from former incarnations and because you knew it would make you strong.

Furthermore, no one in the fifth dimension could even imagine, or choose to remember, just how dark it had become on Gaia’s beautiful planet. Much of that darkness still remains in the third dimensions, but as you clear the fourth dimension first, you bar the escape of that darkness.

Those who have taken an incarnation on Gaia must abide by the Law of Cause and Effect. If they are to transmute their consciousness beyond the dark indoctrinations that they have received, they must experience the return of what they have sent out. Again, this event has begun.

Because of all the Light and Love that our Ascending Ones are sending out, more and more of those lost to power over others are volunteering to abide by Gaia’s rule of Cause and Effect.

Therefore, they actually volunteered to receive that which they have put out because they know that is the only way they can ascend with the planet. How do they know this? They know this because the Light is so strong that even those once trapped in the web of lies, illusion and darkness are beginning to awaken.

Hence, our dear Volunteers to Gaia, as you clear your passageway through the fourth dimension, please perceive, accept and claim every fearful emotion you have left within your own fourth dimensional aura and within the fourth dimensional aura of Gaia.

Accept tqhese hidden and frightened emotions into your ever-expanding knowing and loving states of consciousness. If you are to “forgive them, for they know not what they do,” then you must also “forgive your Self, for you knew not what you did.”

Life on third dimensional Earth has created many fear-based emotions. As you collect these emotions within your heart, you see the fourth dimensional Emotional Mystery School. Your heart becomes heavier and heavier as you collect myriad third dimensional lifetimes filled with the fear, anger, pain, sorrow, regret and judgment.

These emotions have sunk to the bottom of this fourth dimensional pond. To your surprise, as you move closer and closer to the Mystery School, you see emotions of joy, love, happiness and celebration. Gleefully, you collect these emotions, as well.

The doors to the Mystery School open, and you observe as all the versions of your Self still lost to fear and judgment from YOU, run into the arms of the loving Priests and Priestesses that stand just inside the open doors.

“Do I really deserve that love and forgiveness?” you whisper into the ear of the closest Priest or Priestess. However, as that being of LIGHT turns to face you, you see your SELF.

The Being of LIGHT that is YOU points down to the Portal of Light that you have created and says, “Do you see how very creative you are?”

As you enter the Mystery School with joy and hope, you ponder your own creativity.

As the Light of the Mystery School clears your fear and fills you with Love, YOU become that higher version of your SELF.

Can you remember to be that YOU when you return to the third dimension?


Note from Sue:

Our fourth dimensional journey to this Mystery School was guided via our second chakra, which is ruled by our Ovaries and Testicles. Therefore, our own creative energy field will be called upon to “create” the portal into the 4D Emotional Plane Mystery School.

While in this Mystery School, we will be guided to remember that our emotions are a powerful component of our every creation. If we are to come into our Power Within, in the 4D Mental Plane Mystery School, we must first recognize the power of our emotions.

Our thoughts create the matrix for our creations, but our emotions fill that matrix with life. As mentioned above, many of us took on a very difficult childhood because we wanted to clear the slate and ascend in this lifetime.

When we remember to choose love over fear, which can be a very difficult task, we discover that the first person we must love is our own Self. Fortunately, that Self includes our own Multidimensional SELF who can lead us from the perspective of the higher dimensions.

How do we connect with that SELF? Of course, it is through our EMOTIONS!

Dear Friends, we are coming into some great changes, so please remember to


Blessings to you all, dear Multidimensional friends,


Source:The Arcturians: Fourth Dimensional Mystery Schools – Entering the Emotional Sub-Plane. Channelled by Suzanne Lie. July 8, 2015.

Lightworker Karin Lacy – Living in the 5th Dimension – Advice for suicidal Indigo Children – 7-1-15

2 Part Message from Lightworker Karin Lacy   –  

Living in the 5th Dimension   –   Advice for suicidal Indigo Children   –   7-1-15


This is a two-part piece.

Part 1: Living in the 5th Dimension

Part 2: Advice for suicidal Indigo Children


January 2015

Dear fellow travelers;
We are presently going through the most difficult time of our entire
human history.
Many people are traumatized by life, especially those of the Indigo
Children generation, better known as Generation X.
Many of this generation of higher vibration innately know that
something is fundamentally wrong with the way we live our lives. In
response they collectively slip into what has been termed “cognitive
dissonance”, that is, they find ways to justify the “wrongs” in order
to feel better. Many choose “willful ignorance” towards the rapid
decay of our society, putting their head in the sand, so to speak.

I would like to address the people who are suicidal, who are seriously
considering to take their own life and put an end to their misery. I
also write this article for those who lost a loved one to suicide,
especially for those parents who carry a dark shadow of guilt, blame,
and shame in their energy field.

When I was two years old there was an incident when my mother broke my
will. She had enough of a naughty girl once and for all, she lifted me
by my arms and slammed me on the table. My first chakra must have been
compressed from the impact, for I suffered from about a thousand
insecurities throughout my life.

At age 21 I tried to commit suicide. It was in 1968 in East Berlin,
the capital of the German Democratic Republic. I didn’t think I would
ever make it in life. Even though I seriously meant to kill myself
with 80 sleeping pills, I was found and woke up in the hospital. I had
the typical white light tunnel experience and was sent back with the
message that my time had not come yet.
Of course committing suicide was ‘illegal’ and this crime meant great
shame for the family and usually was kept secret.

Even though I went through much hardship in life, I never tried to
kill myself again, for I knew I would be sent back. But I saw suicide
as a backdoor option, something I would consider when life becomes
unbearable. That helped insofar as I could stretch my level of
endurance further out.

When I was in my mid thirties my process of awakening begun. I
explored countless alternative healing modalities, self-help books and
therapy methods to heal my emotional scars.

My life improved dramatically when I became aware that I am here on
Earth by contract and that my mission is to serve as a Lightworker
during the time of the Shift of the Ages.
When I immigrated to America in 1991 I gave all my focus on my
Lightworker mission.

I mention these events from my own life to convey that I am familiar
with the subject of suicide.
Nowadays committing suicide is not rare anymore. A large number of
soldiers commit suicide after they come home. In Japan there is even a
suicide forest. And the Swiss offer legally assisted suicide for
affluent tourists who can afford it.

From what I came to know over the last five or six years I would not
even consider suicide anymore. The afterlife is not the heavenly place
we have been told awaits us. The lower astral plane where most of us
end up after our physical death rather is a feeding ground of
non-physical parasites, called Archons. The energy harvesting of
humanity is not limited to the Earth plane, it continues in the lower
4th dimension.

Advice for suicidal Indigo Children
Eight years ago I wrote a book called “Potty Training for Indigo
Children – Cannabis, Marijuana, Hemp for Medicine, Enlightenment, and
Abundant Resources for the 21st Century”. One chapter is called: My
Advice for Suicidal Indigo Children.
In this 4-page chapter I recommend for depressed Indigo Children to
use Cannabis to lift themselves out of their state of mind and
deliberately change their outlook on life.

One of the main reasons our global rulers declared the herb Cannabis
the forbidden medicine is that Cannabis serves as a de-programmer from
our matrix system of domination and control. In other words, it can be
used as a tool to awaken from the dream. That is why in some Asian
countries Cannabis smuggling and using is punished with the death

Now that we are in the year 2015 Cannabis/Marijuana/Hemp is on its way
of becoming legal. Of course the government and pharmaceutical
corporations want to be in charge of growing, distributing, selling,
and tax collecting. However, this is not going to happen. The roundup
of the criminals known as the global Cabal or Illuminati who have been
taken the human population hostage, has begun. Soon their trials will
be televised for all of the human family to see. We cannot build a
Golden Age with the same criminals in place. The “war on drugs” is
among their major crimes designed and engineered for human

Separately I’m going to post the 4-page chapter “My Advice for
Suicidal Indigo Children” from my book “Potty Training for Indigo
Children” – Cannabis/Marijuana/Hemp for Medicine, Enlightenment, and
Abundant Resources for the 21st Century.

It is my desire that you may benefit from reading it.
Light&Love, Karin Lacy

Please visit my website at

End Part (1)


Part 2: My Advice for suicidal Indigo Children

Karin Lacy, Lightworker

Chapter 10
of my book “Potty Training for Indigo Children” –
Cannabis/Marijuana/Hemp for Medicine, Enlightenment, and Abundant
Resources for the 21st Century

Published on my website in 2007

My Advice for suicidal adolescent Indigo Children.
Beware of the Rivers of Thought.

Suicide among young people continues to be a serious problem, not only
here but in all countries of the world. Each year in the U.S. alone
thousands of teenagers commit suicide. Suicide is the third leading
cause of death for 15-to-24-year-olds, and the sixth leading cause of
death for 5-to-14-year-olds. They say 90 % of suicidal teens have
undiagnosed mental disorders. Depression is the most common of them.
Life events bring them down. Eventually, the stress and depression
cause them to plan and commit suicide.

Dear Indigo, if you have ever considered or tried to commit suicide,
know that you are in charge of your life. This is a planet of Free
Choice. It is comforting that we humans have this option of
deliberately ending our own life if it becomes unbearable. From your
Higher Self’s perspective there is no judging if you decide to end
your suffering. Wanting to kill yourself symbolizes your yearning for
being back home in the blissful state in the realm of pure positive

The Lightworkers call this pull from the other side “the vibration of
home”. From your broader perspective committing suicide is not wrong,
rather it is seen as a courageous act of you finally taking charge to
end your misery on Earth and to reemerge back into the non-physical.
You know innately that you did not intend to suffer, but that your
life was supposed to be joyous and wonderful in all ways. From your
broader perspective you knew that you are a blessed being who wanted
to come to Earth for the experience of joy as a human creator.

There is no end in the sense of death and of course there is no
punishment for suicide. When you die you leave your physical body
behind and reemerge back into the non-physical. Some say we usually
choose a period of resting and reflection after each lifetime.

People who committed suicide may especially wish for contemplation and
reflection about their life as an adolescent human being on Earth,
before taking “a new run at it” and be born again as a human creator,
under easier circumstances.

Remember, we as the human family are living through a most crucial and
difficult time in our evolution. We are transitioning through the
Shift of the Ages, towards a leap in consciousness. Obviously we all
wanted to be here during this time of awakening.

Of course, our leaders and controllers love to sweep the issue of
suicide under the rug altogether. It is so obvious that the massive
number of suicides among adolescents indicate that something about the
way we live our human lives must be horrifying and repelling to so
many “human newcomers” that they prefer to return back home into the

By taking their own lives these divine beings in human disguise
demonstrate to our leaders and controllers that they prefer the
Ultimate Freedom of Returning Home. They are not wired or programmed
to live by society’s rules and laws, for they did not come forth to be

Beware of the Rivers of Thought

By the time people are adults they normally have forgotten their own
years of teenage rebellion. After all, nobody taught them to use their
own inner guidance system to navigate themselves through life. They
were brought up to be “Followers”, meaning to follow outside guidance
instead of their inner guidance.

The majority of people are not aware that every thought that has ever
been thought still exists and that the Universal Law of Attraction
brings the thoughts together in streams or rivers of thought.

From a viewpoint of energy there is a vibrational generation gap that
is happening constantly. The parents/teachers/
grandparents simply are still unaware that the rebellion that they
felt when they were teenagers is from that same “river of thought”,
which our next generation is adding their emotions to now. So there is
always the Next Generation who rebels against the status quo, because
they are born with different intentions and understanding.

As society is now learning, you Indigo Children are wired differently
from the previous generations. You have a stronger desire for life;
you came forth with high standards of connecting to Source Energy. You
are the new breed of humanity that will set the tone for a new era on
Earth. You will not be Followers, but live in a new way as Self-Guided

Those of the Indigo Generation embody as one of their traits this
powerful feeling of wanting to be in control of their own life
experience. In a few years from now the Indigos will become known as
the “System Busters” of the Old World.

Obviously many of the school teachers – and especially those who have
become authority figures within the educational system – lack the gift
of empathy with their students. They are locked off from their inner
guidance and their heart connections have been muted. Their focus is
on fulfilling their semester schedule, because they are Followers
themselves on the social ladder. Great teachers, those with a passion
for serving the youth, will not want to be part of the educational
system that restricts them like it does the students.

I watched on TV these huge education ‘factories’ called High Schools
with 4,000 or more youngsters as students, where they train the next
generation to ignore their own guidance system and follow outside
guidance instead. Going to school in these huge educational
institutions in the big cities means the students have to pass through
a metal detector for gun control at the entrance gate, flanked by
police officers. I also watched on TV surveillance videos taken in
school halls how police officers stunned rebellious male students with
electroshock guns, the new police tool.

It is the same with the drug problem. Parents, teachers, or other
authorities who take on the role of leaders and controllers, cannot
comprehend the meaning of drugs among adolescents. They cannot find
within themselves an understanding of why young people might reach for
something that makes them feel better, no matter if society

The educators are vibrationally too far away from you of the next
generation, thus the generation gap.

It saddens me to see these Indigo Children being confined and limited
in such ways. No wonder there are so many youngsters suffering from
depression! I remember Dr. Kutscher in “Kids in the Syndrome Mix”
reminding the parents and educators what a terrible, empty feeling
depression is and that watching depressed young people needs to evoke
from us an incredibly empathic response. He sees depressed teenagers
every day, who end up in his office as the result of ten or fifteen
years of participation in the school system.

What you Indigos need is an environment that provides freedom to
stretch and experiment instead of confinement and conformity. You know
instinctively that your intent was to create your own path and that
exuberance for life was what you wanted to experience in a human body
on Earth.

Sooner or later parents and teachers will come to acknowledge that it
is good that our young people are looking for ways to feel better.
Does it not demonstrate what powerful creators these youngsters are?
They have pure desire, and the Universe delivers the marijuana that
they are asking for – right into their schoolyard. “Ask and it is

We do have a full-fledged drug movement for the reason that people
want to feel better. Our next generation, our youth, sees all these
things in the world that feel wrong to them and make them feel
powerless. They know they too will soon have to settle in this world
of struggle and hardship. In looking for relief they reach for drugs
in order to feel better and reconnect. But then society goes after
them with so many rules and laws until they are cornered as wrongdoers
and the vicious cycle begins.

From a broadened viewpoint it is good that you young people are
looking for relief in the form of marijuana. If you want to feel
better it means your own inner guidance system is working! It means
you have chosen something that is temporarily causing you to feel
better and you did it deliberately, and now you have regained some of
your personal power. You have shown yourself that there is a way out
of the despair that you were feeling. In other words, in the moment
that you acknowledge that “I did this deliberately, because I wanted
to feel better, and I now do feel better”, you are taking your first
step of regaining your power. And that is when the discord and the
resistance begin to diminish, and then you are on your way of using
your own Inner Guidance System.

In case you, dear reader, are one of the suicidal adolescents and you
are feeling useless as a human being in this society and are mostly
depressed, I ask you to give yourself another chance. Put off your
suicide intent for the moment right now and see it as a backdoor
option. Reconsider your situation and give yourself two choices
instead of one, to leave or to stay. For just a moment play with the
idea of staying and re-birthing yourself here and now. Remember, you
have within yourself guidance that is always there. Weigh the pros and
cons by the way you feel. What feels good is good, and what feels bad
is bad for you. And whatever it takes for you to get back in touch
with your own guidance is fine.

If you have been contemplating suicide and you are already so
depressed that you cannot pull yourself out of this low dense state
anymore, try to use marijuana with the intent to use a joint as your
lifesaver. Plan to make it a sacred event and prepare yourself to meet
with your Inner Being, Guides, God, or whatever you name your
connection to Source.

Set forth your intent, ‘Intent’ is everything! As I described earlier
in utilizing marijuana as a tool for deliberate creation, set up a
meditation place with incense and candle and perform a grounding
exercise. Say your prayers and call your Guides for assistance. Have a
notepad and pen ready. Inhale only one hit of marijuana, because you
don’t want to get “stoned”; instead you are reaching for the state of
heightened alertness. Once your consciousness shifts higher and you
bask in this euphoric state of well-being this is when you start
visualizing and scripting how you want your life to be.

Start communicating with your Inner Being and ask for assistance in
re-birthing your New Self here on Earth. Plan your next thirty days,
starting with the moment when you will come down from your high in a
few hours. I suggest that you carry with you in your pocket a crystal
or stone as a constant reminder to use your Inner Guidance System to
lead you through life for at least the next 30 days.

Dear friend, in this book I can only speak about the herb marijuana.
It is all you need to turn your situation around. As I said
beforehand, I have never tried any other mind-altering substances. But
the fact that the hard narcotics are more difficult to get, cost more,
get you in bigger trouble if caught, should be reason enough to choose
marijuana instead.

Use marijuana temporarily as a catalyst for making a new beginning
right here and now.

If smoking marijuana as a tool to connect with your Inner Guidance
prevented you from committing suicide, your next step (or your first
step) would be to see a medical doctor who is licensed to give you a
“Doctor’s Recommendation” (Permit Card) for smoking marijuana to treat
your depression and other symptoms. Share your marijuana experience.
You can speak openly to these courageous doctors. They have great
compassion for their fellow humans and they would not reject somebody
who seeks their help as a patient. They serve as the trailblazers for
those of us who want to live a life as self-empowered citizens and who
want to choose and grow their own herbal medicine and sacramental

You can find the doctor nearest to you by visiting, the
nation-wide organization for the legalization of
Cannabis/Marijuana/Hemp, which has all doctors, patient’s caregiver
groups, and dispensaries listed.

Dear reader, remember that your Inner Being or Higher Self is with you
at all times, it is reading with you now. Your Inner Being is your
non-physical counterpart that wants to guide you towards your highest
fulfillment. Choose your thoughts on purpose and always reach for
thoughts that feel best. This is how you will reconnect with your
Inner Guidance or Higher Self and create a new YOU, exactly to your
liking. Go for it!

Please visit my website at

Suzanne Lie – Entering Lower Astral Mystery School – 6-29-15

Suzanne Lie

Suzanne Lie

Entering the Lower Astral Mystery School

Free download of entering the Lower Astral Mystery School


It takes great courage to look at our own fears, past trauma, failures and lost dreams. However, if we can find the courage to look into the lowest frequency of our consciousness and of our aura, we will find many teachers.

We will also realize how very much we have grown and changed from our “past” expressions of our SELF.

There is still “time” on the Astral Plane, but it is much faster. I just a teenager when I discovered that time was different in different places. I did not have a word for “states of consciousness” then.

I know it was that age when I made that discovery because I remember that bedroom like it was yesterday. I was just entering puberty, and my body changes where creating huge and unwanted emotional shifts.

At the same time I was realizing that all that I had “imagined” was likely real. Hence, I needed to gain some control over what I imagined. In fact, my dreams were greatly disturbing, so disturbing that I knew I had to gain some control of them.

Now I know it was my Higher Self that was guiding me, but then I only knew that if I did not gain some control over my dreams I would go crazy.

Therefore, I started learning to put up a black velvet screen in my mind and use my will power to see an image.

The first image I used was a red Rose. It was very difficult to create a picture of a rose in my imagination, but I continued my practice until I could.

Eventually, I could even spell words, which was very difficult to not see the words in mirror vision. Finally, I had gained some control of the images that allowed to enter into my mind before I fell asleep.

Somehow, I had figured out that if I allowed negative thoughts before I went to sleep that I would have bad dreams. I figured this out because I had gone to a horror picture where “The Blob” came from outer space (teaching the young people to hate and fear “aliens”) and melted people.

I was so terrified by those images of being melted, that I saw them whenever I closed my eyes to fall asleep. After much practice, which was done on my own, as there was not one person in my life that I could share my problem with, I was able to create pleasant images in my mind.
When I took the time to create this loving, happy images I was free of nightmares. However, if I forgot, then the nightmares returned.

Gradually, sleep was not as terrifying, and I could just relax into it. I also decided to make my alarm clock have music rather that the shocking, buzzing noise. Then, one morning I had a dream that was very long and involved.

The main thing I could remember about the dream was the song that was playing through out the entire dream. It was a nice dream, a pleasant dream, and I woke up slowly.

Then, to my surprise, the song that was playing through the very long dream continued for quite a while after I had awakened.

That was when I discovered that time was different when we were asleep from how it was when we were awake. I noted that discovery then forgot about it. It was one of my first adventures into states of consciousness.

Since I was a young adult in the 70’s I learned about the new term called “ altered consciousness.” Before then, consciousness meant that we were awake as opposed to asleep.

As I look back now I can see that my state of consciousness was very low for many years, as I was very depressed.

I was depressed because I missed my SELF, and was upset that I could not BE myself with any one or I would be judged. Therefore, I have chosen to retrieve my depressed ones.

I say “ones” as depression followed my through many stages of my life. I see all my depressed ones now happily studying in the beautiful Mystery School.

I have done a version of this exercise many times, but it never gets old, and each time I feel even better.

I hope that you can retrieve your lost portions of your SELF and take them to this beautiful Mystery School.

They will learn a lot, and so will you.


Suzanne Lie – Fourth Dimensional Mystery Schools–The Arcturians – 6-28-15

Suzanne Lie   –   Fourth Dimensional Mystery Schools–The Arcturians   –   6-28-15


The Fourth Dimensional Mystery Schools

Part 2-Mystery School for the Lower Astral Plane

The Arcturians

The best way to prepare for the TRUTH that will soon be revealed is to activate your consciousness out of the third dimensional lies and into the fifth dimensional honesty. In doing so, you will need to clear your own fourth dimensional aura, which connects the portals of our third and fifth dimensional self.

Most important, as you clear your human fourth dimensional aura, you will also clear Gaia’s fourth dimensional aura. When your aura is not clear, you cannot clearly perceive your fifth dimensional SELF or your fifth-dimensional environment.

In the same manner, when Gaia’s fourth dimensional aura is unclear, She cannot perceive Her fifth-dimensional New Earth. Since humanity is primarily responsible for the darkness (fear) in Gaia’s aura, humanity is being called on to clear their fourth dimensional aura. In this manner, humanity will assist in clearing Gaia’s fourth dimensional aura.

You, meaning all of you wearing a third dimensional earth vessel, can deeply clear your aura by consciously working your way through each of the sub-planes on the fourth dimension. Your reward for that journey is that you can then study at the Mystery Schools on the highest frequency of each sub-plane.

This journey is one that you have taken in all your spiritual incarnations. Of course, the concept of death is limited to the third dimension. Since the fourth dimension is where you have often gone after many of your “deaths,” you will find myriad remnants of your self within that dimension. These fragments of your self are ready to join you on your return to your fifth dimensional Lightbody.

Some of these remnants of your true SELF have become trapped in the fourth dimensional Lower Astral Plane. Therefore, armed with your unconditional love and Violet Fire, you will seek out these lost pieces of the puzzle of your Multidimensional SELF.

Your challenge will be to remember to call upon your Inner Guides, as well as your myriad higher expressions of SELF, to assist you on this journey. Most important, your own Multidimensional SELF will assist you as you work your way through the Mystery Schools of the fourth dimension, and into the frequency of your fifth dimensional Lightbody SELF.

Your fifth dimensional SELF will also be guiding you, but only when you remember to include it. You will first move through the Lower Astral Plane where you will collect the distorted resonance patterns of your long- forgotten wounded ones.

Then, you will take them with you to the Violet Temple at the highest resonance of the Lower Astral Mystery School to be healed. In this manner, you will clear not only your current resistance to change, but also any resistance to change in all of the incarnations you have ever taken on the body of Gaia.

As you clear your own fear-based residues that you have left on Gaia, you also clear Gaia’s Earth. Of course, it will take a large number of humans to assist with Gaia’s clean up, but it must start with some one.

Hence, that “someone” may as well be YOU. Fortunately, you will not be alone, and you shall each contribute greatly to this service based on Unity Consciousness. As you cleanse the fourth dimensions of your wounded expressions from myriad incarnations, you create a fourth dimensional highway to the cusp of the fifth dimension.

Within the same NOW, your grounded, Earth vessel is also preparing for “The Call” of Truth that you are consistently receiving. You are being “called on” to tell the Truth in a reality based on lies and illusions. Telling, or accepting, the Truth in a world filled with fear and lies will be extremely difficult for many to accept.

Therefore, those of you who have long known this truth and have patiently, or impatiently, awaited its release for decades, will need to clear your own fears that you have hidden in your fourth dimensional, unconscious self.

As you continue your journey and visit each fourth dimensional Mystery Schools, you will transmute the lies that were told to you. Then, by allowing the dawning light of TRUTH to guide you to your chosen destiny, you will continue on your way to merge with your own higher dimensional expression that awaits you within the fifth-dimensional NOW.

Within the NOW, you are not concerned about when, where, or how. Within the NOW, your fourth dimensional and beyond consciousness, serves as an open portals through which the TRUTH, as received from your own higher expressions, will flow into your third dimensional world.

That “Flow” travels through you to guide your journey within the NOW of each breath, thought, and emotion. This Flow will remind you to allow your breath to constantly align you with your Higher SELF so that you can lovingly welcome all lost fragments of your fourth dimensional self into your High Heart.

As if the above undertaking is not enough, we will also need to carry on with your myriad 3D lives, jobs, families, and obligations. It is for these reasons that you have had to heal and prepare for so many years.

NOW the waiting is over, because if you are “waiting,” you are NOT “doing.” As you move through the clearing of your fourth dimensional secrets, you will find old angers, fears, and sorrows calling you to love them free forever.

This journey is not for everyone. It is a journey for those of you who can expand your consciousness beyond your own personal self, and remember that you entered this incarnation in order to assist Gaia.

As you move through the fourth dimensional Mystery Schools, you will do so for Gaia. You are no longer the individual beings who must become who society has told you to be. YOU are NOW your Multidimensional SELF who remembers WHO you are and WHY you came into this embodiment.

But first, you must release the fourth dimensional fears and traumas that you have hidden in the lower astral plane from your fourth dimensional self. As you clear and heal the secrets you have kept from your self, you will find that it becomes easier and easier to BE your SELF.

Can you face the truth that so much of what you have been told has been a lie? Can you face the lies that you have told your self so that you could live in a reality based on lies? Can you heal the YOU that you had to become in order to survive in that reality?

The answer is YES! If you have the courage to look deeply into your own fears and disappointments, you will find the courage to BE your SELF – no matter what. This inner power will begin with a few, than exponentially expand into the many. YOU, the ones who are awakened and are ready to become leaders, will initiate this process.

However, first you must lead your self on an inner journey to heal, prepare, and expand your own perceptions of SELF. Then, you can change your perceptions of daily reality. These daily perceptions are greatly influenced by your fourth dimensional self, who is mostly “unconscious” to your waking, 3D brain.

Therefore, once you can bring your fourth dimensional consciousness “online” with your third dimensional consciousness, you will fully open the portal to your fifth dimensional Lightbody. Since your Lightbody self is in constant communication with the NOW of ALL your higher expressions, you only have this ONE bridge to cross in order to live within the ONE.

You will begin this journey of transmutation by creating a clear portal UP through your fourth dimensional self. Once this portal is created, it will serve as a two-way gateway between your earth vessel self and your fifth dimensional Lightbody.

You, our Beloved Ones, have volunteered to take an earth vessel to assist Gaia to close the gap between Her third and fifth dimensional expressions by clearing the fourth dimension. Begin this journey armed with the fact that there is NOTHING in the Universe besides pure spirit. And there NEVER has been.

Therefore, you do NOT travel through darkness, but through the third/fourth dimensional illusion of darkness. There are two poles of this Spirit of All That Is. There is the positive—active—directive pole, and the negative—passive—receiving—assimilating pole.

All creation is in a state of ever becoming, and perfection is the goal. The positive pole of spirit manifests as energy and the negative pole acts as the receptacle. The two work together to create form. Form is the lower vibration and is brought into being for the use of spirit.

Spirit and form evolve side-by-side, as together they merge wisdom, power, spiritual love, and love of spirit into matter. You all have the power of your inner spirit to create something entirely new.

Since all reality stems from the core of the Universe, core of the Galaxy, core of the Solar System, core of the planet, and core of the humans, your creations begin within the core of your self and expand outward into your reality. Hence, you cannot create any thing outside of you until you have created it inside of you.

Within the Three Fold Flame of your High Heart, you have the spiritual essence of wisdom, power, and love. These qualities of Spirit resonate to the fifth dimension and beyond. Therefore, your portal into the fifth dimension can be opened via your High Heart.

You will begin your journey by entering you own High Heart to search the lower astral plane for any fragments of self that have become lost during your myriad incarnations on planet Earth.

With the protection of the wisdom, power, and love within the Three-fold Flame of your High Heart, you will begin your journey by entering your Root Chakra at the base of your spine. As you travel up your spine, you will clear and activate the power of creation within each of the ductless glands of your endocrine system.
The adrenal glands of the Root Chakra are the glands for combat because they prepare the human form for change, emergency, combat and/or preparedness. Therefore, these are your “warrior” hormones that activate you into action to fight against the lies and for the truth.

As you first enter the Lower Astral Plane via your Root Chakra, the adrenalin coursing through your system prepares to fight your greatest enemy—fear. Fear is why you left portions of your essence behind and why you believed the lies that have filled your world.

You do not fight with a weapon. Instead you become a warrior by looking into the fears, lies and illusions that you have been fed to you via your news, commercials and newspapers to say, “I REFUSE to participate in that reality.”

“Since I love myself unconditionally,” you continue, “I choose to use Blue Sword of Divine Truth to cut through your lies and the Violet Flame to transmute them into Truth.” That truth begins with the acknowledgement that you ARE a multidimensional being who has taken an earth vessel to assist Gaia with Her ascension.

You begin your service to Gaia by creating a golden portal of light through the darkness of the Lower Astral Plane through which the great cosmic light can flow into Gaia’s planet. These tunnels of light will also show all the lost ones the Path of Love and the return to their higher expressions of SELF.

Through the tunnel of light that YOU have created, you look up to see the Violet Mystery School on the highest frequency of the Lower Astral Plane. You see many of those who surround you also look up to see and feel the love of truth and the truth of love.

As they surrender to that love, their dark forms become lighter and lighter, and they follow you into the entrance of the Mystery School. As you enter the School, leading others who now follow you, you feel the warm embrace of your Angels and Guides.
We shall return,

The Arcturians


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Beloved Ones,

We are the Arcturians. We have asked Suzille to give an Advanced Arcturian Lecture Series of three lectures. We have asked her this because:

It is the NOW to be your Multidimensional SELF

Not only in your meditations, but also in your daily life

Many of you, our dear Emissaries who have taken an earth vessel to assist Gaia, are feeling this CALL. You are correct in your assumption that there is something special, something unique, that is slowly, but ever-increasingly, being unveiled in your consciousness, your daily life and in the physical vessel that you are currently wearing.

Therefore, we invite you NOW to attend this series of three lectures with us, the Arcturians. In each meeting we will reveal advanced topics on what is occurring and how YOU can flow and assist with this process.

Since the energy fields are expanding every day, the information for each of the three meetings we will be based on the energies of that NOW. Therefore, the lectures will be much like our Morning Messages and Energetic Weather Reports.

Please join us and bring all your intuitions, multidimensional ideas, experiences and, most of all, please bring your unconditional love. We the Arcturians welcome you within the NOW of our ONE.

Blessings to you all

The final meeting will occur on:

June 30, 2015 @ 9:00 AM PDT

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The Team via Peggy Black – The Matrix of This Dimension – 6-17-15

Peggy Black

Peggy Black

Found at;

We are here, always to support and encourage your true understanding of who you are. We continue to remind you that you are pure conscious energy and light. You are infinite and limitless. These concepts and ideas are being offered to you in many form and many sources. We are also messengers to spark your awakening to your own unlimited magnificence.

We honor you also in your physical form and realize that has been your main focus. However the time has arrived that you own and you recognize the truth of who you are as a being of light consciousness dwelling in matrix created by thought. You exist in a thought universe.

Imagine for a moment that your reality could be a hologram of vibrations of  thought and light. We remind you the quote by one of your sages know as Albert Einstein  “Reality is merely an illusion albeit a very persistent one.” So we truly understand your difficulty  in holding this field of awareness while everything around you feels so solid and “real”.

Consider that if everything is vibration and frequency, which it is, and your brain is programmed to translate these vibrations in a certain way. There is a real possible that the limited programs, the limited information, the limited beliefs that have been encoded in your very DNA is a detriment to your awakening. You brain decodes and projects  onto the energy field creating the illusion of your physical world from all the misinformation and limited beliefs that are handed down one generation to another.

You media, your religions, and other forms of communication continue to empower and strengthen these limitation. Consider that every being on your planet is contributing to this illusion with their own limited beliefs and programs of limitation. You can begin to see how this reality continues to be held in this dysfunctional place.

When you as baby take your first breath, you engage with this energy matrix, this hologram or as we like to called it a hologame. You veil your infinite knowing in order to play in the 3D reality.

You as divine multidimensional being of light consciousness, here in this seeming physical reality to transform the misqualified energy. You as well as all others are here to bring light, to express light and to extend light.

Remember that your  thoughts are  a frequency, your thoughts are a vibration. Your words creates in this holographic matrix. You conscious vibrations  interfaces with this quantum filed of energy. Even your human aura is a field of light that is felt by others in all exchanges. We have called these various vibrations that emanate from your thoughts, emotions, beliefs and programs your energy signature.

It is this energy signature that we are inviting you to own in a new conscious manner. To begin to step out of any preprogrammed beliefs that you have acquired that might be limiting in anyway. Begin to question these beliefs. Investigate where you acquired them, what is holding them in place. Begin to recognize the trance state. Ask yourself  how these limited beliefs might be sabotaging some aspect of your life as well as your desire to support humanity in life sustaining actions to transform this planet.

Remember that your physical form is made up of energy atoms and light, These energy atoms are talking to each other at all time. Every aspect of your own physical form is always in communication with the whole. So ask yourself what is your own personal body talk.  What do you say to your physical body through our the day?  Do you acknowledge its support and well being?  Do you constantly reaffirm physical limitations?  Do you listen to various frequencies of the parts and pieces which forms your physical/energy body?

We invite you to consider that your body is a hologram of your thought, beliefs and programs. Even as solid as it feels  and as solid as you experience it, it is a matrix of light particles. Interfacing and responding to other light particles of various vibrations and frequencies.

Consider that your thoughts are the building blocks of the hologram. It is divine thought that is the creator of oneness, you are part of this oneness, always have been and always well be. It is the spark of divine thought/vibration within you that is the creator of all you experience. This one truth can set you free of any limitations. We will repeat this for you, it is the spark of divine thought/vibration within you that is the creator of all you experience.

So begin to play in the hologame, this hologram in a manner that is unlimited. Realize that you can shift how and where you place your focus. Ask yourself why might you create this in your personal hologame? Ask yourself why you might support the creation of issues and situations on the planet that are  life diminishing? Become aware of your focus, do you focus on the problems or do you focus on the reality you desire to experience?

This mental shift is the work of a true master of consciousness, who understand that this reality as solid as it feels, as enjoyable as it is, as challenging as it can be is an illusion truly created by the energy thoughts of light interfacing with the matrix of this dimension. Begin to play full out with this thought universe, allow yourself to engage with your true understanding and knowledge of your multidimensional self as an aspect of wholeness and oneness as a divine creator.

We have spoke about thinking and creating outside the box of your limitation. We continue to inform and encourage you to recognize, know and own your creative power as a being of  divine light consciousness existing in all timeframes and dimensions. And as this being of divine light consciousness who has allowed an aspect and focus to play and create in this 3D reality because it is an adventure. Realize that you truly pop in and pop out of this existence.

We understand that we have stretched you just a bit. However we also acknowledge that you as pure energy are quite stretchable. We are ever available to assist and support you in any way. We are as close as a request as all other divine conscious beings are as well. We are one remember. the ‘team”


“The Team: The Matrix of This Dimension,” channeled by Peggy Black, June 18, 2015, at http:/

Source Link: Morning Messages

©2015 Peggy Black All Right Reserved. You may share this message and distribute as long as nothing is
changed, you credit the author and include this copyright notice and web address. FREE 88 messages available

GEORGI STANKOV – Increase in Interdimensional Interceptions of Past Timelines in the End Time of Ascension – 6-2-15

Image Source


Increase in Interdimensional Interceptions of Past Timelinesin the End Time of Ascension   –   6-2-15


Bermuda Triangle: Ship Reappears 90 Years After Going Missing

by Barbara Johnson, world news daily


Bermuda Triangle: Ship Reappears 90 Years After Going Missing


Havana| The Cuban Coast Guard announced this morning, that they had intercepted an unmanned ship heading for the island, which is presumed to be the SS Cotopaxi, a tramp steamer which vanished in December 1925 and has since been connected to the legend of the Bermuda Triangle.

The Cuban authorities spotted the ship for the first time on May 16, near a restricted military zone, west of Havana. They made many unsuccessful attempts to communicate with the crew, and finally mobilized three patrol boats to intercept it.

When they reached it, they were surprised to find that the ship was actually a nearly 100-year old steamer identified as the Cotopaxi, a name famously associated with the legend of the Bermuda Triangle. There was no one on board and the ship seemed to have been abandoned for decades, suggesting that this could actually be the tramp freighter that disappeared in 1925.

An exhaustive search of the ship led to the discovery of the captain’s logbook. It was, indeed, associated with the Clinchfield Navigation Company, the owners of the SS Cotopaxi, but hasn’t brought any clue concerning what happened to the ship over the last 90 years.



On 29 November 1925, the SS Cotopaxi departed Charleston, South Carolina, and headed towards Havana, Cuba. The ship had a crew of 32 men, under the command of Captain W. J. Meyer, and was carrying a cargo of 2340 tons of coal. It was reported missing two days later, and was unheard of for almost 90 years.

The Vice President of Council of Ministers, General Abelardo Colomé, announced that the Cuban authorities were going to conduct a thorough investigation to elucidate the mystery of the ship’s disappearance and reappearance.

“It is very important for us to understand what happened”  says General Colomé. “Such incidents could be really bad for our economy, so  want to make sure that this kind of disappearance doesn’t happen again. The time has come to solve the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle, once and for all.”



Popular culture has attributed many of the disappearances to paranormal and supernatural phenomena, or to the activity of extraterrestrial beings.  One explanation, even pins the blame on leftover technology from the mythical lost continent of Atlantis.

Despite the popularity of all these strange theories, most scientists don’t even recognize the existence of the Bermuda Triangle, and blame human mistakes and natural phenomena for the disappearances.

The mysterious reappearance of the SS Cotopaxi has, however, already generated a lot of interest in the scientific community and could push some experts to change their mind on the subject.

Troylynn Scott – Is Your Mental Functioning Switching To That Of A Higher Dimension? – – 5-26-15

Is Your Mental Functioning Switching To That Of A Higher Dimension?  in5d in 5d body mind soul spirit

by Troylynn Scott
Guest writer,

Is your mental functioning switching to that of a higher dimension?

The way we process thoughts and communicate in 3D and 5D are completely different experiences. As we ascend into the higher dimensions we will begin to notice at times that we are not processing our thoughts and communication the same. In 3D we use words that have definition to communicate with each other. In the higher realms, there is a lot more perception involved. I would like to share with you my personal experience.

Sometimes, I find myself seeing, feeling, and experiencing my reality in a 5D perspective. Some of you may have begun to experience some shifting of consciousness into 5D thought forms as well. Ascension is a gradual process. Each person ascends in their own way. You may have noticed experiencing some or all of what I have. Maybe even more.

Is Your Mental Functioning Switching To That Of A Higher Dimension?  in5d in 5d body mind soul spirit

Words in the higher dimensions don’t have nearly as much substance as they do in 3D. They are communicated more with thoughts, feelings, and images. In this state words are often replaced, and your logical side of your brain will begin to work at a more accelerated rate to process and translate it all back in a 3D format for understanding and relaying information.

You can find yourself seeing multiple dimensions simultaneously. This includes but is not limited to, co existing in more than one place and time while you’re in this reality.

You function more on a knowing. Answers just begin to flood in from multiple places. These aren’t necessarily in the 3D though form. At first, your mind will work harder to understand and process this information into a 3D though form.

Your movements can become more like that of a dream like state. You can move around going up and down stairs, but it will be perceived from a hazy and light headedness. This could take some getting used to. There may even be entities around that may just jump in your face to see if they can get a reaction, and you may find that you can sense the entities in the other dimensions you’re in as well as their vibrations.

Is Your Mental Functioning Switching To That Of A Higher Dimension?  in5d in 5d body mind soul spirit

You may also notice that if you start to actually talk that your eyes could appear to wonder and roll around. That eye contact with people just falls away when talking to people. From a 3D view it may appear that you are off your rocker. However, this is farthest from the truth. There’s nothing wrong with you. Your thought processing is shifting into that of the higher dimensions.

You may find yourself beginning to relay your communication from a 5D thought pattern. Using your feelings and actual meaning. You may even discover that words lack the meaning to communicate what we are trying to communicate. Because the 3D way of thought is limited to words. In the higher dimensions they utilize so much more.

This may feel strange or awkward at first. You may find it difficult to cope with in the beginning. Knowing what is happening is a huge step to accepting and being open to experience our new way of thought processing.

Since it has similarities to being intoxicated. I call this spiritual intoxication, for lack of a better name. I would also like to add that I was not under the influence of any drugs or alcohol. This is a natural occurrence as a result of lots of work to raise my vibration to that of unconditional love.

I use a multitude of practices to assist my journey. Positive affirmations, meditation, visual stimulation, and various things I consume. Like Pink Himalayan Salt, activated charcoal, organic and vegetarian diet, spring water, crystals, (I even let the crystals sit in the water with the Himalaya salt over night and meditate over it before drinking) incense, and distance healings that I have been receiving from Galactic Connection. (Yes, I recommend them)

Now I’ve decided to come out of the closet and share about my experiences. I have been working with this in private. I don’t have much control over it. I have used toxins such as a few puffs of a cigarette to bring me down to a more controllable state. I do not recommend this to anyone. However, consuming toxins will  lower your vibrations. I AM currently looking for healthy ways of staying more grounded during this transition.

If any of you have experienced or have knowledge of this topic, I hope you comment below!


About the author:
Troylynn Jackson Scott lives in Pennsylvania. She has been actively involved in raising her vibration for several years now, and considers herself a member of the first wave. She wrote this article for In5D to bring the new way of thought into the light, hoping that this subject will be brought up in discussion and examined so techniques and coping strategies can be introduced to the public. It will go more smoothly for all of us if we can understand and embrace these changes that are to come.

ARCHANGEL METATRON via Rev Debbie Wright – Drink Water and Breathe to Ascend – Prepping the Body for a Dimensional Shift – Am I my Brother’s Keeper? – 5-23-15

STARSEEDS AND LIGHTWORKERS, DRINK WATER AND BREATHE TO ASCEND!!!  Preparing the Body for a Dimensional Shift by Archangel Metatron + Am I My Brother’s Keeper? by Archangel Metatron

Please join the Sananda’s Eagle Family of Walk-Ins, Galactics, Starseeds, Contactees, and Lightworkers, to begin YOUR GROUND CREW MISSION TODAY. We welcome you with open starship hatches! CONTACT: janisel(((@))) 
“Preparing the Body for a Dimensional Shift” 

Archangel Metatron    –   Channeled through Rev Debbie Wright of Sananda’s Eagles and Project: Eagle Triad


You realize, do you not, that the times they have changed? You realize, do you not, this is your lesson? (Ascension lesson) And you may call it “Metatron”. ‘I’ can laugh also!

Now… Ashtar came in last week and began telling people that time does not exist. This is true!…when you exist VERY high up on the tree (referring to himself). The ‘tree’ is many trees. You understand this, yes? When you reach the top, you’re at the bottom. You realize this? This is another version of the “as above, so below”. Now… we are going to begin teaching this lesson to this wonderful grouping of souls who have NO knowledge… maybe a little bit here and there… of what it is that I actually teach. (to each one in room) Do you know Kabbalah? (group: ‘very little’ or ‘no’) This is good… I love new ones. <smile> Now, our Lord Sananda has come in and explained to your classes that you have many, many angels that assist you at all times, yes? I am one of those angels. I am here for every soul that walks upon the face of this planet. When you have the really TOUGH things in this life… you call on me. Yes? I do enjoy verbal feedback. It promotes energy to assist this body! Yes? Very good. <smile> 
You see, it is like this. There is a Throne. You know the Throne? It is a very LARGE Throne. It knows all languages, it knows all societies, it knows all races, it knows ‘everything’. For you see, the Throne is not what you mere humans call a ‘chair’ that is fancy. The Throne that I refer to is the Creator. Now, you see, the Creator has many minions that assist the Creator in everything that needs to be done. Now, at any given time, the Creator may swoop down into your personal life and touch you, and say “I love you”. This may be very rare, however, only when you ‘feel’ it is it very rare… because it’s constant. Let us say you have a problem with your body and you call upon the Creator, and you say “Assist with taking care of my body, please. Thank you.” … ahead of time, it’s always nice. <smile> And the Creator calls upon me and says, “This one wishes to have assistance with healing her body. Send someone.” Then I go through my long list of the names of the minions and I find someone that is compatible with you. Now, do you think it’s always the same one that I send? 
Ahhh… here we start the lesson. It has NOTHING to do with the body. Not one thing. For the body is ‘nothing’. Your body is nothing more than water and dirt. It’s just ‘molded’ with a little bit of ‘spark’ thrown in. What determines who comes to assist you, is your spiritual growth. I use the term spiritual growth because it is the one that most of you will resonate with, yes? Ten years ago, you would have received assistance from one that probably would have just coddled you in your pain, given you a little bit of sympathy, maybe. Five years ago, you may have had one that attempted to whisper in your ear what it is that YOU needed to do to fix it. A year ago, you might have had one that pushed you in the right direction to go, for you to learn how to fix it yourself. Now, from what I understand, Lord Sananda comes in and he ‘cheats’. That’s OK, that’s his right. But, once he cheats too many times, then the Throne says, “Metatron, Lord Sananda has been cheating too much in this one area. Please go in and begin teaching.” And that is why I was called. You see, there are many that are attempting to get into this room right now (etheric Beings). But when I come in, there’s no room in this room for them to come in… including Lord Sananda. 



Now, why do you think I was called upon to come in and teach? What do you think that it is that Lord Sananda has been cheating so much about? Hmmm? Truthfulness is good. <smile> Now, I realize that the two of you (M and C) have not been getting the ‘bashings’ from Lord Sananda that the others in the room have been getting. <grin> He does it with a ‘joke’… I do it in all seriousness in order to teach. So… this is what we are going to do. (asks everyone in room…) If you were a tree, what kind of tree would you wish to be? Keep in your mind the type of tree you are. 
Class now officially begins. All of you are nothing more than fruit on a tree. This is the Tree of Life. You realize this? Some of you are at the very bottom, some of you are at the very top… which is also the very bottom. There are many, many branches to this tree and there are many, many levels to this Tree. Now the thing to keep in mind about the Tree… it’s just like any other tree, except perhaps the redwood occasionally, it must ‘do something’ all the time. It is in a constant state of change and motion. Do you realize this? Whether you see it or not, there is always leaves growing, leaves dying. There is always sap running up, or sap running down. There is always an expansion. There is always some sort of metamorphosis that that tree is going through at any given second. The Tree that each of you are a portion of, is also in a constant state of flux. The secret to the Tree that you’re on is to keep it moving as quickly as possible… no hitches, so to speak. Now, you are not the only ones on this Tree. All of Creation is on this Tree. All of Creation is a portion of this Tree, including this planet. If this planet is dying, is that keeping that Tree that all of you are on in a constant state of motion? 
GUEST: Yes… it’s changing… moving. 
METATRON: Ah… this is an easy crowd. <grin> I do talk to myself. Just be aware of the fact that when I talk to myself it goes directly to the Throne. Now, if you know of someone, ANYONE, that lives their life in a sedentary fashion, are they ‘in motion’ ? 
GUEST: They’re breathing. 
METATRON: That’s ‘reaching’. That’s really reaching. For you see, in order for this Tree to move as quickly as it needs to move, all creatures great and small need to move at approximately the same pace. Just breathing doesn’t do it. One of the reasons you were told to take in large amounts of water, is that water causes your physical body to ‘move’. Do you realize this? It keeps your physical body in a constant state of motion, as does the breathing. Also, when you drink water, it causes your emotional body to be in a constant state of motion. Do you realize this? When you breathe it also causes your spiritual body to be in a further state of movement. For, as my Lord Sananda has described to you, the more you breathe the closer you are to the Throne. Yes? To God. Now… breathe. During the healing that you discussed, the Lord Sananda told you to do a specific breathing method, did he not? Do you know why? Have any of you in this room gone through something that is referred to as “a re-birthing”? 
As the fetus, the child, comes out of the mother’s womb, the first thing it need do is breathe. And it breathes a lot, and it breathes very, very quickly because it is transiting itself from one dimension to another. Now, those of you that are in this room may think, “Ah… but that is a third-dimensional child that was in a third-dimension body.” Wrong! When that child is inside the womb, that is not third-dimensional. That child is in a perfect sixth-dimensional state. Even though the body, itself, is in a third-dimensional womb, the (fetal) body is in a fifth-dimensional state. That child has to ‘fall’ dimensions to make it into this planet. You see, it has to be in a sixth-dimensional state in order for a pure soul to walk into it. Once the conception takes place, is that third-dimensional? 

GUEST: Isn’t that still sixth-dimension? 
METATRON: You bet! That is why the third-dimensional scientists are NOT going to be able to reproduce the actual ‘spark’ of the sperm entering into the egg that causes life. If it gets to a point where it can fertilize an egg, and that egg can grow, the child that is the result of that… IF it should ever happen… will not be allowed a soul. It would be a perfect ‘machine’… nothing more. 
GUEST: Is that what they did in Atlantis… cloning? 
METATRON: That is part, yes. This is why Atlantis fell so hard. You see, there were even some, back then, that wished to play like they were the one that was the Throne. Now… you take this sixth-dimensional Being, in a fifth-dimensional body, that breathes… ‘water’. And it has to go through the trauma of learning how to not breathe water but to breathe oxygen. This is the greatest trauma that a Being in this dimension can go through. It is forcing itself to change dimension. 
GUEST: So if we can raise the energy in the room as the baby comes out of the mom, is that helpful? 
METATRON: You can assist the trauma of the ‘body’ that goes through it, yes. But as far as assisting the trauma of the ‘soul’… no. As soon as this planet can gear itself up to where the majority of the life upon this planet is in a sixth-dimensional state on a fifth-dimensional planet, there will be no trauma. You want to help? Raise the dimension of the planet! You go through a ‘re-birthing’. The breathing exercise that you go through in a ‘re-birthing’ is allowing you to know what it is like to change dimension. In a ‘re-birthing’, your intent is to go up in dimension… which would put you on an even keel as to what you should have been born in, in the first place! 
“It is time”. Now… you drink water, you breathe. And you breathe like your life depends on it! You breathe like the next breath could take you directly to the Throne! Because it can! And the more you breathe, the faster not only you, but everyone on the face of this planet will get there. You may tell your students (those taking the ascension lessons) that you will make tapes of the proper breathing method if they wish to know. Now, in order for you to do this, and the reason that I came in to teach this, is this is not for YOU… you may do it… but every one of you that is in this room right now has contracted to teach this. And the water! For you see, it is not only the water that you take within your body, but the water that you use without your body. You want to get closer to the Throne? Lounge in a hot tub of water and do the breathing method. <smile> That is your quick step to the Throne. Did you realize that in these infantile machines that your souls are contained within, your bodies, 75% of every breath you take goes towards keeping your body warm? Did you realize this? Do your feet ever get cold? Breathe… they won’t. The more you breathe, the higher the temperature of your body stays. It will not catch ‘fever’… it will plateau. 
You want to get your energy level up? Breathe! For you see, the breathing method that most ‘re-birthers’ use, that Lord Sananda was asking you to use on the one the other night, is the breathing method that heals ‘anything’. ANYTHING. ANYTHING. Once someone goes through a ‘re-birthing’ session, their body is completely ‘perfect’. If they come out a few days later and they have the same disease or aches and pains that they had before the re-birthing session, they have it because their brain told them they had to keep it! Now… do you remember what my Lord Sananda was doing with the one that was getting healed the other night… You see, you have to re-program the brain before the healing can take place, so that it becomes ‘set’. Now, what ‘sets’ it? 
GUEST: The breath? 
METATRON: That assists, that gets it there. What ‘keeps’ it? The water. Your bodies, your machines, have more water in them than anything else. You want to re-program something? You want to get over a bad habit? DO IT WITH WATER. Because if you can re-program the water in the body, it ‘sets’ that new programming. It can even bypass the brain. The water is doing nothing more than telling the cells to accept the programming of the water. 
GUEST: Do you have to ‘believe’ in the programming? 
METATRON: No. For you see, the body is a machine. The water that is programmed is programmed to ‘oil’ the machine. Does the computer that runs the machine need to believe in the oil, for the oil to work? This is what I am here for. 
All of you think… how fruitful are YOUR trees? For that reproduction is one of the finest ways to keep your Tree in motion. Yes? Then start ‘multiplying’. Spread your fruit out. 
Now… breathe! Since I have been asked to come in and teach the lesson on water and air, I will continue doing what my Lord Sananda has done with each and every one of you when he discusses the air… breathe! 
I am going to ask each of you a question and I will demand an answer. Are you ready to teach? Good! You will have this one (Deb) teach you the correct breathing method. My Lord Sananda got to add a little bit of ‘umph’ the other night so the exact breathing method did not need to be done perfectly. Now… she (Deb) was always told that she should have a partner. This is true. Do any of you know why? It keeps the ego in check. Because, in a ‘re-birthing’, miracles do happen. And if it is one person that does this, the ego can take this and fly. For the main thing to realize when you teach this method… for you do not have to go through an entire re-birthing session with someone… just teaching them the proper breathing to do, in sessions… will heal. It will not heal ‘as fast’ as it will in a re-birthing, but it will heal the body, definitely, over time. And the ego tends to take that little ‘seed of a miracle’ and go, “See what I can do?!” The thing to keep in mind at all times, when you teach this, is that the only thing that your ego can be proud of, and take the opportunity to congratulate itself for, is the fact that you are acting as the tool of the Throne, to teach this to all. This method that you are going to be teaching cannot be ‘charged for’. However, we also do not feel that it is anyone in this room’s duty to encourage people in their ‘poverty mode’. Therefore, this is the source of payment: This is to be typed out ‘exactly’, please. “You have just been given The Breath of Life that will take you directly to the Throne of God. And when YOU can build this Breath of Life into a habit, it will heal your body of ALL it’s ills, and turn your body into a ‘perfectly running machine’, so that each and everyone of you may fulfill your missions without aches and pains. What Love donation is this worth to YOU?” That is the method of payment. 
There IS to be a Love donation. There is not to be a set MINIMUM Love donation, for this person has to search their soul for what a ‘perfectly running machine’ is worth to them, AND, it does not matter if it’s the ‘widow’s mite’, or if it is the Midas fortune. What matters is ‘how’ it comes about. And what this, in turn, will do to them is teach them their own abundance and prosperity. However, the final portion of the payment is they also have to teach ten others how to do ‘the breath’. Breathe, please! And please take a drink of your water. We’re ‘setting’ this into your cells. *smile* At the same time, you are to have the programmed water. You are to introduce them to the programmed water, and you are to either do what these two do (Deb and Janisel), as far as a crystal that has been programmed with the energy of the water, or AT LEAST ten ounces of the water itself.
GUEST: Are we to do this in pairs? 
METATRON: You can teach the breathing method on your own, however, if you do it to more than one person at a time it is to be done in pairs. This is why we invited you here this evening, as the way you came, for we have perfect pairs already established. Now… you do realize, don’t you, that there will be a Love donation for this one when she teaches you the method? And each and every one of you DO have to teach a minimum of ten people…. for that is the due payment. Now, let’s talk about the… I believe they call them ‘bonuses’… of doing this? The perks to doing this is; for every ten people that you teach this to, you get back the energy 1000-fold. For you see, this is a lesson DIRECTLY from the Throne. This is not a lesson from my Lord Sananda. You see, the Throne sent me this evening. My Lord Sananda has received his “bonus” for inviting all of you here this evening and, yes, he will continue to come and, yes, he will be allowed to continue to ‘cheat’. <smile>


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“Am I My Brother’s Keeper?” 
Archangel Metatron
channeled through Rev Debbie Wright of Sananda’s Eagles and Project: Eagle Triad
METATRON: If my Lord Sananda’s going to come in and teach my lessons, then I have a right to come in and teach MY favorite. You shall entitle this one, “Am I My Brother’s Keeper?”. Shall we beat around the bush? 
METATRON: Good. Of COURSE you’re your brother’s keeper. Was there ever a question? You see, all of you are here to do jobs, yes? Now, when you come in and do a job, do you do it all by yourself? If you did, you would be on a very lonely planet. You job is to come in, and it is to do something to assist others or the planet, or both, or all of Creation. You realize ‘why’, right? Why? 

JANISEL: To help the planet ascend. 

METATRON: How would that help all of Creation? 

JANISEL: The ripple effect.

METATRON: Ahhh… very good! You see, this is what I’m here to talk to you about. Do you think THEY (the Spiritual Hierarchy) are here for themselves?


METATRON: Do you think my Lord Sananda is here for himself, to have a good time, to eat goodies and drink sweets? He’s here to do a job for all of YOU. Now, let us talk about this one [points to painting of Ashtar] and his job. Our Lord Sananda called him a ‘space jockey’, I believe that was the term that you’ve gotten such a fun time out of. It’s a bit more important than that. In fact, if you wish to be just a wee bit more precise… that’s one’s job [Ashtar], in this Reality, is more important than my Lord Sananda’s. Ohhh… shall we step on toes with that one? 

JANISEL: It will.

METATRON: Why? Do they not believe what has already been told to them? Have they not already been told that Ashtar’s job is working directly with and for the Creator in making sure that the Divine Blueprint is precisely followed? <sigh>

JANISEL: Yes, they’ve been told.

METATRON: My Lord Sananda is more or less here to make sure that the morale is kept up… and a few other things. My Lord Sananda tends to act as mediator between Ashtar and I. Does not work well. <grin> Now, does this mean Ashtar or my Lord Sananda is your ‘keeper’? 


GUEST: Something I hadn’t thought of, but yes.

METATRON: You bet. They’re both here to tend to your needs. They are here to make sure that you are placated, they are here to make sure that you are in the realization that you are loved and protected and provided for, as is everyone under this roof. Do you buy it?


JANISEL: We’re all each other’s keepers.

METATRON: Do you buy that your protected and loved and provided for?

JANISEL: Most definitely.

GUEST: Absolutely.

METATRON: Now, how does that make your ego feel… that YOU are not the one responsible for what you do in this life, in this Reality, because you have all these Brothers up there assisting you? Don’t answer, because I guarantee you, you would not be able to answer truthfully right now. You see, we all love being the teachers, don’t we? Ahhh… that is good. We all love being the ones that can tell everyone else how it is done, how it could be done better, and in some cases, how it SHOULD be done. Well, guess what. You are the teachers, and the more you listen, the higher up in grade you teach. However, the most astute, the most enlightened teacher in a human body on the face of this planet… let us see… is probably about the equivalent of your second grade. This includes teachers such as the Dalai Lama. This includes teachers, if their ego has something to say about it, such as Sai Baba… and some past teachers that, through their death, have become a shining example. If they ‘died’ in their physical bodies, they were not yet even teaching second grade.

Now, as far as this class is concerned, your societies, your religions, and most of your families, have TOLD you in no uncertain terms, “Be careful of what you ask for.” “Be careful of who you teach to.” “Be careful of the company you keep.” Be careful of many, many things. However, do they then tell you that if you’re so careful, you are still your brother’s keeper?

Now, let’s get back to our basic point of this lesson, shall we? Am I my brother’s keeper? You’re all of the same Soul, so why not? Now, can you do it without ego, pride, or judgment? Because I guarantee you right now, if you can do it without ego, without pride, or without judgment, you would be far beyond the second grade. Can you ADMIT, not just to yourselves, but can you admit to all that you meet, that you have those three things that prevent you from being higher than second grade? For you see, your human bodies came equipped with a few things, initially, that could have been taken one way or could have been taken another way, or could have just lain dormant forever. However, through the fantastic gift that our Creator gave to humankind, that wondrous misbegotten gift of freewill choice, these gifts were taken out. They were molded, they were stretched, they were painted, they were polished, they were touched up, they were embossed. They were made to shine for all to see. One of those is judgment.

Let’s take a look at what you refer to as your Holy Bible, shall we? My Lord Sananda walked upon the face of this planet 2000 years ago… just an eyelash-breeze in time. <grin> And just that eyelash-breeze in time has had most of his words perverted from hither to yon, from up to down, from inside to out. <sigh> Why? Judgment. Let us see… we shall use the one that my Lord Sananda used last week, shall we? He used the one about his most beloved complaining. Complaining about sitting in the dirt… the creation of the Creator… and not being able to stand a scratch here or there while listening to the Master, the one that they were gifted with to have a tenth grade education. Now let’s see how much in judgment YOU can be, shall we? If you had the opportunity to have my Lord Sananda embodied, in his full Glory, would you sit on the ground? Would you sit on an anthill? Would you sit upon a sharp rock? Would you sit out in the snow in a blizzard without cover and protection? 

Now, the greatest leaders of the greatest churches that you have on the face of this planet, throughout these past 2000 years, have decided in their own infinite judgment, that it was not a ‘believable story’. It was not a believable story that someone would NOT be willing to scratch their derrière for a short period of time in order to listen to the one true Master that was walking on the face of this planet. Just a wee bit unbelievable, they thought. So, therefore, they spin it into a yarn. They spin it into a yarn that is like a spider’s web that reaches out and grabs someone and doesn’t let them go. This, then, became dogma… the original judgment of these churches, and what the true word of the Son of God had to say. Now, my Lord Sananda comes in last week and teaches you that these churches became ‘group ego’. How did they become group ego? Because they teach you that you are not your brother’s keeper, yet they tell you that they are your shepherds and you are a member of their flock. Let us see… which had you rather be: a ‘kept brother’ or a sheep? It’s that simple. I would rather be neither, however I do believe that a human is fully a bit more intelligent than a sheep… or is he? Is he if he can buy that story… if he can look at this church and vow that his whole believe system, his whole faith in the Creator, is based upon the fact that he is to be a mindless sheep? A beast that, when it gets hot in the summertime, cannot even shave itself. It has to go to an intelligent human to shave it, so that it can cool off. You see, far too much emphasis has been given to this ‘Lamb-going-to-the-slaughter’ bit, and these churches, these group egos, that my Lord Sananda was putting across to you, was stroking your ego with promises from the Hereafter, and tromping all over your pride in this life. Telling you that as far as your belief system is concerned, as far as your faith in the Creator is concerned, you are to have no brain, you are to have no common sense, and you ARE to have absolutely no discernment coming from your heart or your soul, or any part of your essential Being that is on this planet in this lifetime. Please tell me… I am not in a human body, so I do not understand this comprehensively. Does this make sense to you? Of course not! Then WHY, why do you buy it? I’ll tell you why. It makes a darned good excuse… putting someone else, or something else, in a position of authority for your faith in the Creator and your belief systems and how all of Creation functions. 

JANISEL: No personal responsibility. 

METATRON: Exactly. You could always, in the Hereafter, plead ‘innocent’. “My church did not tell me differently. I did not know differently.” Ignorance is bliss. Not now. It doesn’t work that way. Things were allowed 2000 years ago, things were allowed 500 years ago, things were even allowed 100 years ago. However, please! Use your brain, if nothing else, as far as your faith and belief system is concerned. In a day and age when you have telephones, televisions, radios, computers, satellite dishes, you are no longer restricted to the area that you were born into. You have vehicles that can remove you from one area to another. You have planes that can fly you from one continent to another. You have ships that can take you halfway around the world. If you find that your personal belief, your personal faith, follows the teachings of the Dahlia Lama, you no longer have the ‘excuse’ of not being able to find the Dahlia Lama to be in his presence so that you can hear directly from his mouth what he is saying. All of your technology has gotten you passed the point of ignorance. You’ve allowed members of your society, members of this planet, to be your brothers and ‘keep you’. You have allowed them to build machinery that can take you from one place to another, that you pick up a piece of machinery and push a button or two and you can talk to someone half-way around the world. You now have technology that they have invented for you that you can sit in your office at your desk, turn on your computer and speak to someone while watching them speak back to you on the screen of your technology. They have been keeping you all along, as have your ministers, your pastors, your preachers, your priests, your nuns. They have been keeping you… fully and completely ignorant. Ignorant of what unlimited possibilities your faith and your beliefs can have. And you have not been that sheep. Do you realize this? You have been that ‘starving fish’, biting at the bait on the hook, to be reeled in and thrown into a net with all those other starving fish. Did you get fed? You didn’t even get FED! You have the hook and the worm taken right out of your mouth… so that they could catch another fish! Ahhh… so you and all these other starving fish are in this net. You want to know why my Lord Sananda used the ‘fish’? He was a prophet, too, you know. Just a small one. <grin> You can tell him I said that. He shall get a good laugh off of that one. <grin> Now, I did not mean to come in and shake your world upside down, or to shake up your belief in God, to shake up your faith in the Creator. What I have come in to do is to take you by the shoulders and SHAKE YOU until your brain can assimilate the fact that it has been buying into all of this bait… hook, line and sinker… about your faith in God. Now, you do realize by now, don’t you, that you’ve allowed your brain to do this? You’ve allowed all those brothers out there to be your ‘keeper’ and to tell you that you have no right to be YOUR brother’s keeper. Why? Because then you would take the keeping of that brother away from THEM.
Now, let us stop and go back a little bit again, shall we? Do you believe in God? Do you believe in the Creator that created all things? Can you believe that your Creator has allowed technology in the form of ‘spaceships’? Can you believe that your Creator would send you 12th grade Brothers to come in and assist you, to guide you, to keep you safe, to help you provide for yourself, to point you in the right direction? Can you believe this? Then why do you still play the games? This is what you call a rhetorical question. This is for all that read these lessons, because each and every one of you still play the game by the old rules. Every one of you. Some just play more, some play more often, some play by more rules, some deny that there’s a game at all. The Creator did not make the game, your higher-dimensional brothers and sisters that come in to assist you did not make the game. You are making up the game with every breath that you take. Your higher-dimensional brothers and sisters… all they can do is do their job by the rules that you keep putting on them. My Lord Sananda was correct… THERE ARE NO RULES, but you keep making them up as you go along! We shall ask questions now that will get mighty personal. You probably will not feel comfortable discussing these in your classes, however, I give my permission for you to ask the question until you get SOME answer, whether it is a real answer, a pride answer, an ego answer, or a judgment answer… it matters not. 

Do you have the foggiest idea how many rules you’ve established in your game? Do you have the foggiest idea how many rules, on a daily basis, you accept off of other people’s games? Do you feel that if you were in contact with a higher-dimensional brother or sister that is here to assist you, to guide you, to protect you that they are here to guide you or protect you from anything other than your own ignorance? 

What is your truth? What is your faith? What are your beliefs? MAKE A LIST! If you have not done so, don’t you think it’s time YET? Let your imagination and your heart go wild. If you wish to accept, in your faith or in your belief, that dragons exist, that unicorns exist, that griffins exist, then by all means put that down on your list. If you have FAITH that you can move a mountain, put it on your list. If you believe in the Almighty Creator being there for you every step of the way, and you were born missing a limb, that you could grow that limb back out of FAITH, then put it on your list. Do you know why you’re making a new list? To replace those ‘rules’… give yourself a broader scope for these rules that you have for your game. How about, while you’re at it, that you have faith in YOURSELF… that, from this day forward, you can identify when you’re accepting someone else’s rules of their game into you, that you do not NEED those higher-dimensional brothers and sisters to come in because you have faith in God that all you have to do in time of trouble is have a talk with the Creator and co-create a whole new game with God? 

You have had so many marvelous instructions thrown your way, not just by your higher-dimensional brothers and sisters that are ‘keeping you’, but through others of this planet that have their OWN higher-dimensional brothers or sisters that are teaching them, or that they’re co-creating with God, and they pass on a little bit of knowledge to you. Ahhh… but watch that ego. That ego goes, “That doesn’t sound right to me. That’s against everything I’ve allowed you to take into your Being as your beliefs.” Don’t you think it’s time you put a muzzle on your egos? <sigh> Forget the muzzle for your judgment! Bury it… deeply! In a bed of salt! Perhaps that would cleanse it. Perhaps would transmute it. You have been living in a society on a planet that judgment is a part of your everyday life! You judge someone for snoring, you judge someone for having a dog that barks, you judge someone for eating too much, you judge someone for drinking the wrong thing, you judge someone for having an individual free thought that your ego doesn’t like. You judge me because I come in and I pace in this body, and I shake and I speak loud, and I do it completely different than any of the others that come in. Well, guess what. I have that right! And I take full advantage of it. I don’t come in to make you laugh, I come in to teach. If you wish your ego to interfere with what I’m teaching… hey!… go right on ahead! After all, you were gifted with freewill choice. I guarantee you the Creator didn’t have the foggiest idea that it was going to get this far out of hand. 

Yes, I have a big foot, however, my big foot will not fit into this body. However, the biggest foot of all is the one that sent me. You see, I have a boss… only one boss. Any of you can have a boss who has a boss who has a boss, who has an owner, who has the IRS, who has the government… ahhh… shall we go on?… who has the Bishop, who has the Pope. I have one boss… just one. And I take my job very seriously, as each and every one of you should. If you mess around with having fun, if you mess around with playing the games, if you mess around with condescending, judging, or having your pride or ego in the forefront, you’ve got far too many bosses to deal with. However, I’m not going to tell you who they are. You can take a wild guess. For there are ‘bosses’ over judgment, over pride, over ego, over ‘sanctimonious’, over ‘sacrifice’… all those wonderful little things that get grouped up in pride and ego… that keep you from doing your job, that keep you from being that starving fish in the net. You see, if there’s a h*** in that net, your pride and your ego will find it, so you can go back out into the water, so you can bite onto the same worm OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN. So, you see, it’s not so important that you find the h*** in the net. What’s so important is that, perhaps, you start eating something different than worms. You see, those fish maybe are not biting at the worm because they’re starving… maybe they’re biting at the worm because it’s inherent. It is innate inside of them. “Ooooh… I see a worm! I must bite!” You are not a fish. Everything that that fish has within it, that all of the other fish have within it that makes it a fish, are things that are rules to the game. When you can get out of the net, when you can go back out into the water, and when you can start snapping at something other than worms, then and only then, do you truly become your brother’s teacher, your brother’s keeper. Because then you go to the next fish and you say, “Try the fireflies instead of the worms.” “Try the ladybugs instead of the worms.” “Try something else besides the worms.” Then you become your brother’s keeper because you’ve become your brother’s teacher… because you have learned that the worm bites back, and not even by it’s own inherent abilities. It bites back because of the one that was controlling the hook. Now, if you’re a worm, that’s another thing. When you see someone with two legs walk up and they have hooks in their hat…burrow deep! See? I can be funny, too. <grin> 

Now, the last question for this lesson is: 

Once you have identified your faith, once you have identified your beliefs, can then you take a look around and define who your brothers have been that have been keeping YOU? Some of them you want to keep, some of them you probably want to throw back because they’re too small to keep. That was a joke! <grin> 

That is the lesson. 

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THE HATHORS via TOM KENYON – The Fifth Dimensional Perspective – Transcending Space and Time – by Georgi Stankov – 5-12-15

5D Goddess

The Hathors, channelled by Tom Kenyon, May 12, 2015   –

Foreword:  Georgi Stankov


I have decided to publish this message from the Hathors as it very well presents the energetic aspects we are now experiencing, while transitioning from the upper 4D to the 5D. We are now overcoming this huge structural threshold between the upper 4D and the 5D and higher dimensions, where the perception of space and linear time and the influence of gravitation is being dissolved and one enters a complete different level of Being, which is very fluid and multidimensional. The musical meditation at the end is indeed very powerful and helps attune to the liberty and fluidity of 5D.

I can only confirm that we are now very intensively preparing ourselves for this transition. This night I had a repeated dream of bilocating myself again and again on a lower 4D timeline and Carla was holding the energetic balance of my fields from the 5th dimension, while being present with me at the same time. During these bilocation and manifestation tests, I was getting the information how difficult it is for us to manifest on lower 4D timelines, once we have ascended and that this capability must be carefully trained with combined efforts. As to confirm the validity of this dream experience, Carla told me this morning upon awakening and before I shared my dream with her that she had absolutely the same notion during her nightly meditation. Much of this experience is reflected in this very congruent message channelled by Tom Kenyon.


The Hathor’s Message

Entering into higher dimensions of consciousness requires a fundamental shift in perceived time and space.

This is a crucial shift in perception that we wish to address using a theoretical perspective and a practical technique, which includes the use of a sound meditation we have created for this purpose.

The Theory

There are many ways to view higher dimensions. What we wish to share is a basic schematic of how we view dimensions and the challenges you face as you transit into higher dimensional reality.

Your embodied biological reality (i.e., your physical body) is anchored in the third and fourth dimensions of consciousness as we view it.

You are quite familiar with the third dimensionality of your world. Your nervous system is keenly tuned to this reality. Your brain/mind/body complex is synchronized to the physical reality of your world. Your very biological survival depends upon your navigation of the space around you. Furthermore your body, mind and consciousness are anchored in your perception of time.

Your higher dimensional levels of consciousness, however, are not bound by these constraints. They are free of spatial and time-oriented restrictions. This is due to the fact that your higher dimensional bodies have no mass or physicality and are thus unaffected by gravitational fields.

Time is greatly affected by gravitational fields. Furthermore, your perception of time is affected by conditioning. The combination of gravitational fields and social conditioning has resulted in most human beings finding themselves marooned in the constraints of space and time.

Pragmatically speaking, your experience of “reality” is a result of the vibratory level you identify with. When you identify with higher dimensions of consciousness you are freed from the constraints of space and time, and you operate in a more fluid reality.

When you identify solely with your biological reality you are, for all intents and purposes, trapped in space and time.

In this message we will be presenting a method for you to shift your personal identity from the constraints of perceived time and space to the freedom of higher dimensions while also living your day-to-day life in a civilization and dimensional reality that is bound by these constraints (i.e., space and time).

But before imparting this method we need to delve into the theory a little bit further.

As we view it, time is the fourth dimension. For us space and time are intimately related. Your scientists have confirmed Einstein’s theory that large objects with mass generate gravitational fields, which alter both space and time.

For us the fifth dimension is the first dimension of consciousness outside the constraints of space and time (i.e., the third and fourth dimensions.) And beings in the fifth dimension have no mass and are therefore not subject to the effects of gravitational fields.

While the fifth dimension has no physicality per se, it does have form, or objects. But from your perspective, forms in the fifth dimension seem ephemeral—having no substance or reality.

When you enter the fifth dimension you will still experience yourself as having a form (i.e., a body). And things in the fifth dimension will appear to you as solid as the forms you experience in your current reality. But your experience of space will be much more fluid, and time as a reference point will not exist.

There are those who say that all of your problems will be magically and instantaneously solved when you enter into higher dimensions. This is not our experience. It is just that the challenges are different. The opportunities are also different, because you are not confined by the limitations of space and time as you experience them in your current embodied reality. This gives you greater opportunities for creativity and what we call “dimensional evolution.”

Dimensional evolution is the development of the ability to be aware of, and operate within, multiple dimensions simultaneously. The journey to this state of mastery can indeed be a long and convoluted one, because it involves living in a specific dimensional reality through direct experience. For instance, your current embodied life is—from the standpoint of dimensional evolution—an opportunity to master the third and fourth dimensions. It is also an opportunity to experience higher dimensions while simultaneously living an embodied existence. A life lived in this manner rapidly accelerates dimensional evolution, and this message is coded with multiple levels of information for those of you that have entered this radical way of being.

From our perspective, you possess a form that is human-like up through the ninth dimension. Each successive dimension of consciousness is subtler (less dense) than the one before it. For those who enter the tenth dimension, form, as you know it, disappears completely, and you become more geometric in nature.

When we enter the tenth dimension we become spheres. We are not the spheres that show up in photographs that some people refer to as orbs. True orbs, as opposed to photographic artifacts or hoaxes, are interdimensional beings that have spherical geometry. And if you look more closely these spheres will reveal complex labyrinths inside. The spherical nature of interdimensional beings is a commonality, and many different types of beings have this geometric form.

When we enter the tenth dimension some of us become what we call the Aethos, which we have discussed in other messages.

But let us turn our attention back to you. Collectively humanity is being rapidly drawn into the fifth dimension. This is an inevitable evolutionary shift, one fraught with both danger and opportunity, and we wish now to discuss a few of the challenges facing you as you make this transition.

For the purposes of this discussion we would like to divide these challenges into three broad categories: 1) naturally occurring challenges to transitions in consciousness, 2) manmade influences and 3) alien interference.

Naturally Occurring Challenges

Transitions into higher dimensions are problematic due to radical differences in perception between beings that are gravity bound and those that are not. In other words, at the threshold between your third and fourth dimensional reality and your fifth dimensional reality you are faced with a “wall” of perceptual differences.

Indeed some individuals who experience fifth dimensional reality think they are losing their minds. This is because perceived space and time are temporarily suspended. Perception is more fluid in the higher dimensions, and when you enter these dimensions you stand outside of your own life. It’s as if you are disconnected from the realities and demands of your earthly existence, which can create immense relief or immense distress depending upon your personal psychology.

When your consciousness shifts into the fifth dimension your personal identity changes. You simply cannot identify with your earthly existence in the ways you are used to. This challenge, from our perspective, is actually the most difficult when you first enter the fifth dimension. Transiting from the fifth into higher dimensions is inherently easier because you are already used to the disappearance of space and time as limitations.

Transiting into the fifth dimension (and higher) requires finesse on your part if you are to accomplish the task of living your day-to-day life while accommodating this expanded reality.

One of the future abilities of humanity, collectively speaking, will be the ability to live in third and fourth dimensions—meaning space and time as you currently know them—while simultaneously living in the fifth dimension where space and time are not experienced as constraints.

This dual reality will offer humanity immense creative insights and abilities, but as with most progressions this is a bell-curve. And most likely many of you reading this message are further ahead in this transition than the bulk of humanity. This may leave you feeling like a stranger living in a strange land.

Manmade Influences

Your transition from third and fourth dimensional reality into the fifth and higher is made all the more difficult by manmade or cultural influences.

From the standpoint of dimensional evolution the edifice of your entire civilization is founded upon an illusion. The illusion is that your world is solid and that space and time are unyielding realities that cannot be affected by your consciousness.

While you are biologically compelled to attend to the demands of the third and forth dimensions in your everyday life, paying attention to perceived space and time is different from believing that they are the only reality.

Your territorial-based philosophical, religious and political systems thrive upon and depend upon the perpetuation of this illusion. But in our opinion, the house of cards that you call human civilization will eventually collapse and radically evolve as more and more individuals free themselves from living confined lives that are solely oriented to lower dimensional realities.

Let us turn our attention now to other influences that can, and are, negatively impacting your transition into higher dimensional realities.

Your eco-system is in a downward spiral making it more and more challenging for biological organisms to survive. This is creating immense stress for all animal and plant life including humans. Some of the threats to your ecosystem are cosmic in nature such as solar activity as well as gamma and other forms of radiation from deep space. Some of the threats come from changes in the Earth itself, but much of the degradation of your ecosystem is manmade, including—but certainly not limited to—carbon emissions and the acidification of your oceans.

We will not take the time or space (a private joke) to discuss this further as it is very complex. But anyone who believes that everything is fine with the ecological reality of your planet is in denial.

This leads us to the power brokers, those who empower themselves by disempowering others. We are referring, in this instance, to corporate entities that disseminate misinformation about the ecosystem so that they can perpetuate their income at the expense of your planet’s life forms.

This is an intelligence test for humanity, and if you do not collectively wake up and see that you have been manipulated and taken advantage of by the power brokers—both seen and unseen—your ecosystem will continue to degrade, and you will be confronted with a future not worth living.

Alien Interference

Part of what we call alien interference is genetic in nature and has to do with early genetic tampering by the Annunaki. This alien civilization created what is essentially a slave race for the purpose of mining gold, which they desperately needed to reinforce the energetics of their dwindling atmosphere. A genetic experiment was undertaken in which early primates on earth were genetically altered by the Annunaki to serve as workers, as slaves, for the purpose of mining. Thus, built into the very genetic coding of your biology is a deeply engrained tendency to be subservient and to worship what you perceive to be “divine beings.”

Early humans perceived the Annunaki (and many other galactic and intergalactic travelers) as gods, but these beings were simply so technologically advanced their mere presence and actions seemed like magic to less evolved minds.

The transition point from the constraints of third and fourth dimensional existence into the greater freedom of the fifth dimension and beyond can create an emotional challenge. This is due to the fact that the immense freedom experienced in higher dimensional reality can be temporarily disorienting. This type of disorientation is caused by two factors 1) the disappearance of perceived space and time as reference points and 2) the Annunaki manipulation.

If you have not freed yourself from the Annunaki genetic template of subservience and worship, your experience of the higher dimensions can be contaminated.

This is due to the simple truth that there are a multitude of interdimensional beings, alien and otherwise, who will be happy to fill in the gap—who will feed on your subservience to their will and glory in your worship.

If this is your choice then this will be your reality. We have no judgment as to whether you choose this or not, but we do think that such a choice would be unfortunate.

The nexus of our message is one of personal empowerment and freedom, so we caution you as you enter into the fifth and higher dimensional realities to avoid alien implanted delusions that there are other beings you should bow down to. Honor them if they are honorable, yes. Bow down to anyone? Never!

Death and the Fifth Dimension

When you shift your identify into the fifth dimension your personal history in this life seems like a dream. This is because you have transcended the sensory anchors of your embodied life, and all of your history and all the histories of this universe are experienced as dream-like.

During certain states of profoundly expanded consciousness, this dream-like nature of life can be experienced directly. But for most human beings this experience only emerges through the passage you call death.

There are two types of death we wish to discuss. The first type of death is the psychological and spiritual metamorphosis that occurs when you shift into fifth dimensional reality. This can often feel like a type of death because your habitual orientation to the sensory-based realities of your life disappears. Who are you? What is the meaning of your life? These fundamental existential questions are profoundly affected by transitions into fifth and higher dimensional realities.

And so for those of you reading this who are transiting into the fifth dimension—or higher—we say to you, do not be dismayed by the feelings of your demise. Your feelings of your impending death may be arising within you as a result of your transition into higher dimensional reality and not a harbinger of your physical death.

The second type of death we wish to discuss is the death of your biological reality (i.e., your physical body). At the final completion of the death process you will no longer receive sensory input from your external world, and your experience of space and time (as you currently experience them) will be obliterated. This can be quite disorienting if you are not prepared. It can also be quite exhilarating if you understand the nature of what is happening.

If you fully and completely identify yourself solely as a biological organism the moment of your death can be frightening. If, however, you have already tasted the freedom of fifth dimensional reality or higher your transition through death will be easier.

At the completion of your biological death, from our experience and perspective, you will be confronted with three portals. The first is a tunnel of light. The second is a portal opened through the energetics of a guru or savior. And the third is a portal, or tunnel, that leads into darkness.

The tunnel of light is generated from the pranic tube that runs through the center of your body, which runs from your perineum to your crown, and it is a tunnel-like or tube-like channel. At the moment of death, your consciousness moves upward through this tunnel that opens into another dimension of consciousness through your crown chakra.

On the other side of this tunnel is a bright light, and you may find yourself sensing that you are on a bridge crossing over a stream or a river. On the other side of the bridge will be those persons of your previous life, the lifetime you have just ended. You may sense those who have died before you, including pets you have had, because the animal spirits also dwell in this realm. If there are incomplete relationships or issues still to be resolved with these persons or beings, you may feel a yearning to enter this light, and by doing so you re-enter the wheel of birth and death, and you will reincarnate—most likely on Earth.

The second portal is created by the personal will of a guru or savior. Entering this portal will lead you into the vibratory field of the guru or savior that you have a deep personal connection to. And for those of you on this path, entering this dimension of consciousness will be the completion of a profound desire to be with this being. Our caution here is that you will be entering a realm defined not only by the evolutionary attainment of your guru or savior but also by his or her limitations.

The third portal opens into darkness. And entering this portal leads you into the Void, the creatrix from which all things arise. If you choose this portal and have prepared yourself to deal with this level of freedom you will be freed to explore other dimensions of this cosmos and beyond, meaning states of being that transcend all physical phenomena. In this realm of existence you can become an explorer of other realities as you so choose.

Some individuals swoon when confronted with the vastness of the Void. They rush into choosing a new reality rather than taking their time to rest in the potential of all things. We have addressed this in a previous message called Transition States.

We have no judgment as to which portal you enter through the dimensional shift you call death. But we think it is beneficial for you to know what awaits you beforehand so that you can prepare yourself for the choices that you will be compelled to make on the other side of your earthly experience.

Death is not an ending. It is merely the completion of one journey through space and time. Death is a harbinger of new potential realities, and you will create these realities through the choices you made during your life as well as through the choices you make at the moment of your death.

We will now turn our attention to a simple method for training your consciousness to enter higher dimensions and to enter the freedom of your transcendent reality—unconstrained by the limitations of perceived space and time. This method is based on the use of a simple sound meditation to explore the freedom of consciousness that arises when you shift your self-identity to higher dimensions.

As you experiment with this threshold of consciousness, which we call the Fifth Perspective, we caution you to avoid the temptation of escapism. We are offering this method, not as a means to escape the realities of your embodied existence, rather we are offering it as a means to enhance and enrich your experience of life by giving you access to the fifth dimension and beyond.

Higher dimensional realities, unconfined by the constraints of perceived space and time, conjoined with the realities of your biological existence creates a potent catalyst for dimensional evolution, and in our opinion this is to be celebrated rather than avoided.

For those of you reading this who are, in fact, at the brink of your physical death this sound meditation can assist you to enter a more gracious passage.

The Fifth Dimensional Perspective

The Fifth Dimensional Perspective is quite simply the recognition that you are unconstrained by space or time. It is a foyer or an entrance into the fifth dimension and from there into higher dimensions as well.

It is a direct perception, not just a thought or an idea. It is a visceral experience generated through the activation of your right cerebral hemisphere’s ability for spatial mastery.

When you enter into an expanded sense of spaciousness through direct experience, a shift in consciousness occurs. You become a witness to the dream-like nature of your life, your history and all phenomena around you. This sense of freedom, this transcendence of perceived space and time, can allow you to deal with the realities of your embodied existence in more creative and resourceful ways, and this is why we are imparting this method.

As we cautioned you earlier, this is not meant to be a form of escapism. But there is indeed a temptation in the Fifth Perspective we need to address more clearly before proceeding.

When you enter the Fifth Perspective, which is the transcendence of perceived space and time, everything about your life and the world around you seems dream-like. You are detached from it all, and it may seem to you as if your day-to-day life is like a dance in which you have no interest.

If you remain in the Fifth Perspective without engaging the realities of your embodied life you will enter a bubble, but in terms of dimensional evolution you will not be benefitted by such an escape.

We can imagine that remaining in the bubble of the Fifth Perspective would be the best choice for some individuals in very rare instances. But for most persons the Fifth Perspective is best used as a springboard into deeper insight and creativity.

When you work with the sound meditation, you will be training your brain/mind to enter the Fifth Perspective. The spatial nature of the sound patterns will create a response in your brain/mind/body that opens a doorway into the Fifth Perspective, and eventually you will find yourself in an expanded state of awareness. The more you work with the sound meditation the stronger this ability becomes. Ultimately you graduate to a place where you can enter the Fifth Perspective in the midst of your daily activities—and this is the goal.

When you are confronted by a difficult situation in your life and are able to simultaneously reside in the Fifth Perspective, the pressure of the situation decreases. This is due to the fact that your consciousness is less bound by the circumstances. You have a little “wiggle room,” so to speak, and within that inner freedom new creative insights and problem solving abilities will spontaneously arise within you.
The Meditation
We call this meditation A Bridge Between the Worlds. It stimulates a mental state that allows you to experience the freedom of the Fifth Perspective.

We suggest you listen to this sound meditation with earphones or ear buds so the acoustic information is routed more directly into your brain without the presence of other sounds in the environment.

As you begin listening you simply recall the feeling of being surrounded by an immense space. It is the feeling of being surrounded by space that activates your brain’s right hemispheric abilities. Thinking about being surrounded by a large space will not activate this potential. You must kinesthetically feel or sense yourself surrounded by a large space.

If you are an advanced explorer of consciousness you can deepen the experience by sensing that there is no barrier between the external space around you and the internal space of your body. In other words, the boundary of your body temporarily disappears, and there is nothing but space. You simply hold this state of mind as you listen to the sound meditation. When your mind wanders you bring it back to an awareness of space and the sounds you are hearing. When the meditation is complete we suggest you take a few moments to sense what is happening within you.

When you have mastered the ability to enter the Fifth Perspective using this sound meditation, you are ready to graduate and explore using this ability in the midst of your life circumstances. The union of the constraints of your embodied life with the freedom of higher dimensional realities creates a most interesting paradox, and through entering this paradox you will greatly accelerate your dimensional evolution.

Click here to listen to and/or download the sound meditation, A Bridge Between the Worlds.


Vidya FrazierMuch has been written, spoken and channeled by visionaries and spiritual teachers about humanity’s ascension into the Fifth Dimension. Indeed, many “ordinary” people are also having their own experiences, visions and “downloads” about this new realm of existence.

Not every source agrees on details about the Fifth Dimension, but most describe similar characteristics, such as those described below.


According to Ascension teachings, the earth and all beings living on the earth are in the process of ascending into an entirely new level of reality in which a consciousness of love, compassion, peace and spiritual wisdom prevails. This has been called the “Fifth Dimension.”


According to Ascension teachings, the earth and all beings living on the earth are in the process of ascending into an entirely new level of reality in which a consciousness of love, compassion, peace and spiritual wisdom prevails. This has been called the “Fifth Dimension.”

Some say this shift will probably be complete within the next couple of decades; others give no date. But all seem to agree it will be complete sometime in the near future, although individuals will be each moving into the Fifth Dimension at their own rate when their frequency is high enough to match the vibration of the higher dimension.


Some teachings state that the earth has been planning to shift into the Fifth Dimension for eons–and that it would be doing this in the near future either with or without humanity, depending on whether humanity was ready for the transition. According to some, in just recent years, humanity finally moved off the trajectory of self-destruction where it had been headed and shifted onto the track of Ascension along with the earth.

December 21, 2012 is given by many sources as the date when the “portal” to the Fifth Dimension was opened for those who are ready to shift into the higher reality and also as the date when the earth and all life on it shifted from the Third Dimension into the Fourth.

Much of what has been described about the Fifth Dimension can sound like a fairy tale:

A Fairy Tale?

Much of what has been described about the Fifth Dimension can sound like a fairy tale:

  • All people will be living in peace and harmony, experiencing oneness with all of life, fully respecting all people and the earth. Love and compassion will flow through all communications
  • e3e622887b103f80eceee6df0756d6ebEquality, justice and respect for all human beings will reign on earth–no more hunger, poverty or crime. Abundance will be available to all.
  • Everyone will live without fear–with complete trust in the Divine.
  • Everyone will be awake to the majestic, divine inter-dimensional beings they truly are.

Some of the descriptions can sound even more “out there”–such as people freely communicating with beings from other planets and galaxies and traveling to distant parts of the universe with these beings.

And yet, haven’t we all had dreams of living in a world like this? Are these dreams just figments of our imagination?

Or are they memories of what we, thousands and thousands of years ago, once experienced–and at some point lost, as we descended into the kind of world we know of today, filled with struggle and suffering and lack of direct connection with the Divine?

Imagination, Memory or Intuition?

And yet, haven’t we all had dreams of living in a world like this? Are these dreams just figments of our imagination?

Or are they memories of what we, thousands and thousands of years ago, once experienced–and at some point lost, as we descended into the kind of world we know of today, filled with struggle and suffering and lack of direct connection with the Divine?


Or do these dreams perhaps come from intuitions about the future that is in store for us? Many of us are having these intuitive feelings; some are having clear visions; others are inwardly hearing about the reality of what humanity’s future will be. Some of us feel we have been waiting thousands of years for these times we are now entering.

If we seek deeply within ourselves, we may find that these dreams of an ideal and peaceful world are actually both a distant memory of what we once experienced eons ago and an intuitive glimpse into what is now beginning to happen on earth.

How Can it Happen so Quickly?

The question might arise as to this could possibly happen. How can this world turn around from where it is today and become this utopian kind of world? There is still so much darkness on the planet–wars, hatred, prejudice and injustice.

The answer is two-fold: First, thousands of people on the planet are now experiencing an awakening of the heart at an unprecedented rate–and this awakening appears to be speeding up, as time goes by. At some point, the hundredth monkey phenomenon will inevitably take hold.

And secondly, not everyone on the planet at this time is making the choice (consciously or unconsciously) to make the shift into the Fifth Dimension.

All souls do have the choice to enter 5D, given they have assimilated sufficient light to hold the frequency levels that exist in that higher vibration. But many will be choosing to leave the earth within the next decade or so to move on to other third-dimensional experiences in other parts of the universe. They will not have finished with what third-dimensional reality has still to teach them.

Those who are choosing to stay and make the shift with the earth will be going through some intense and rapid changes, as their bodies and minds make the radical changes needed to shift into the higher consciousness requisite for moving into the Fifth Dimension.

Exactly What are Dimensions?


First, it’s important to understand that dimensions are not places or locations; they’re levels of conscious- ness that vibrate at a certain rate. There exist numerous dimensions; the fourth and fifth are simply higher than the one we’ve living in for thousands of years. Ascension into even higher dimensions will continue even after we’ve reached the fifth.

Each dimension vibrates at a higher rate than the one below. In each higher dimension, there exists a clearer, wider perspective of reality, a greater level of knowing. We experience more freedom, greater power, and more opportunity to create reality.

In order for a higher dimension to be available to us, we need to vibrate in resonance with it. Shifting from one level of consciousness to the next higher one means becoming established on it, so we don’t get pulled back.

The Third Dimension

It’s important to understand, first of all, that the Third Dimension is not the things you see: the table, the tree, the earth. These are form. All things in form are still present in the Fourth Dimension (and to some degree in the Fifth); they’re simply more light-filled, not as dense.

The Third Dimension is a state of consciousness that is very limited and restricted. Because we’ve been living in this dimensional reality for so many lifetimes, we tend to assume that is the only reality that exists. We think this is simply how “reality” is, not realizing it’s a very limited experience of reality.

The third-dimensional “operating system” runs on rigid beliefs and a fairly inflexible set of rules and limitations. For example, in the Third Dimension, we learn to believe that bodies are solid; they can’t merge with each other or walk through walls. Everything is subject to gravity, physical objects cannot disappear, and we cannot read another person’s mind. There’s a solid belief in duality, and judgment and fear are pervasive.

The Fourth Dimension

The Fourth Dimension is the “bridge” we’ve all been on now since December 21, 2012, and will be on for a relatively short period of time. In traveling through the Fourth Dimension, we are preparing ourselves for the Fifth. Many of us have had experiences of the Fourth Dimension for a number of years now without realizing it.


We can know we’re experiencing fourth-dimensional consciousness when we have moments of spiritual awakening or heart-opening. Other times, it can happen when we’re simply feeling clear and quiet inside. Everything within and around us feels lighter, less rigid. There’s a sense of spaciousness and upliftment.

Time is no longer linear in the Fourth Dimension–there’s an ongoing sense of being in present time, with no interest or even awareness of past and future. And we can discover that time is malleable–it can actually stretch and condense, much to our third-dimensional surprise.

Manifestation is much faster in the Fourth Dimension. Something we simply think about can show up very quickly. In general, when we’re experiencing joy, love and gratitude, we’re experiencing fourth-dimensional consciousness.

In actuality, we are now since December 2012 existing in the Fourth Dimension; but most people have lived so many lifetimes in the Third Dimension, that they’re still living in a restricted way out of habit.

The Fourth Dimension is the “bridge” we’ve all been on now since December 21, 2012, and will be on for a relatively short period of time. In traveling through the Fourth Dimension, we are preparing ourselves for the Fifth. Many of us have had experiences of the Fourth Dimension for a number of years now without realizing it.


The Fifth Dimension

The Fifth Dimension has been described as the dimension of Love–of living totally from the Heart.

In order to enter into the Fifth Dimension and stay there, all mental and emotional baggage must be left at the door. No fear, anger, hostility, guilt exists there–no suffering or sense of separation. Mastery over thought is a prerequisite.

Manifestation in the Fifth Dimension is instantaneous. You think about something–it comes present. People generally communicate through telepathy and have the ability to read each other’s thoughts and feelings with ease. The experience of time is radically different: some describe it as “everything happening at once.” There is no distinction between past, present or future.

Many of us are having experiences (or “dreams”) that feel like visits to the Fifth Dimension. These are exhilarating–tremendously exciting and hopeful. They keep us moving on through the difficulties that sometimes arise as we travel through the Fourth Dimension and into the Fifth.

Transitional Times

We are currently in what’s been called “transitional times” or the “end times”. These are the times in which we are experiencing the death of third-dimensional reality, while at the same time beginning to travel through new and unknown landscapes of the Fourth Dimension.

In essence, one whole structure of reality is collapsing, while a new one is emerging. It’s to be expected that some chaos, confusion and disorientation will reign both within and around us, as we attempt to adapt to a whole new way of experiencing reality.

Many of us are beginning to experience radical changes in our lives, as we enter into these times. Whatever does not serve us in shifting into a higher dimension has to fall away.

This can include old relationships, lifetime careers, approaches to life we’ve traditionally taken, an out-dated sense of identity, or any limited or negative thoughts and emotions that hold us in a lower vibration.


Fortunately, we can now get a great deal of help in making the transition to a higher vibration. Beings from higher dimensional realms are more and more present to assist us; we simply need to ask for their help.

We can also become aware of the flooding of divine light that’s currently arriving from the higher dimensions. So releasing old patterns and negative emotions is getting easier and easier, if we have the clear intention of letting them go.

We Can Take our Bodies with Us

Many sources tell us we can take our physical bodies with us, if we choose, into the Fifth Dimension.

Some say that although other planets and galaxies have shifted into higher dimensions before in the history of the universe, this is the first time that souls in incarnation on a planet are going to be taking their physical vehicles with them into the higher dimension. Doing this is seen as the next step in humanity’s evolution.

Given this, it seems important for us to really take care of our bodies at this time. Radical transformation can be hard on the body, causing pain, aches, exhaustion and flu-like symptoms.

It’s Up to You


If you feel a resonance with the information in this article, it’s likely you’ve decided — either consciously or uncon-sciously — to shift with the earth into the Fifth Dimension in this lifetime. If so, you have the choice to simply allow life to transform you — sometimes in uncomfortable ways, if you have any resistance to chance.

Or you can choose to actively cooperate with the shifts taking place inside you. You can consciously let go of old patterns, release negative emotions, judgments and thoughts, and work on keeping your vibration high at all times. This effort will likely ensure that your journey through the Fourth Dimension will be a lot smoother and even perhaps more rapid.

But there’s no right way to make this journey. We each have to do it the way that’s best for us. One way or another, we will make it into the new reality that lies before us. What an exciting time to be alive!

“The Fifth Dimension” by Vidya Frazier, not dated, at

Original link: The Fifth Dimension

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THE FOUNDERS – Accessing Fifth Dimensional Energy – 4-23-15



The Founders: Accessing Fifth-Dimensional Energy
 Image Credit

Channeled by Daniel Scranton   –   April 23, 2015


“When all the hype around your transition to the fifth dimension seems as though it keeps you from living in your current experience of reality, then it does not serve you. It only serves you if you see it as that which is already available to you. It is your destiny to become fifth-dimensional beings, but you will ultimately decide how you do it, how you make the transition

If you would like to do it with ease, then begin practicing. If you are someone who desires all of it to happen at once, then get yourself ready for some serious whiplash. In order to ease your way in to the fifth dimension, all that is required of you is that you focus. As you focus on your heart center and you access the fifth-dimensional frequency that exists within you, you can hold that frequency right here, right now.

Nothing in your external environment needs to change. And when you access the fifth-dimensional frequency that is within you, you’ll notice that the world outside of you does not need to change in order to give you a fifth-dimensional perspective of it. You can and do access this energy. The longer you hold it, the more comfortable you become with it. And the more comfortable you become with it, the easier it is for you to find it.

We encourage you to access that energy, by knowing that it is within and by knowing that you already possess the ability to do so whether you know it consciously or not. And then play in your world from that fifth-dimensional frequency, and see how much fun you can have.

See how much more you can be. And as you do this you will begin to notice the changes in your world. You will begin to notice things you had not previously, and you will see that the shift is well underway.

We are The Founders. We are the keepers of the flame.”

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