ANNA MERKABA – You are becoming Merlins – The signature Song of Your Heart – Melchizedek & The company of Heaven – 10-31-15



ANNA MERKABA   –   You are becoming Merlins   – The signature Song of Your Heart   –  Melchizedek & The company of Heaven   –   10-31-15


Dearly Beloved Masters of Creation,

A new world has indeed been created by you. A new world of infinite possibilities, potentials and intricate synchronicities. A new world of new beginnings, and swift endings to that which no longer belongs in your new cognition. A new infinite flow of energy has showered upon you in  recent weeks of your linear comprehension of time and space.

And so, this new world is calling you, calling you to acknowledge the hidden vices within and to release all such vices of energetic and physical proportions which are stopping you from stepping into your true power and potential of being. Through the benign encounters with the Fifth Dimensional Kind, many of you are beginning to blossom into your true state of awareness.

Many are beginning to comprehend the new foundation and the energies which are abundantly flowing to GAIA. Many of you have indeed begun to listen to your intuitive centers and have allowed them to activate fully and completely and in doing so, you have allowed yourselves to be aligned with the magic of that which is. With the magic of that which indeed is YOU. For all of you are magicians who are creating a reality which you wish to experience. All of you are Merlins at heart, all of you have indeed been schooled and prepared well for the coming of times.

And so, a new beginning is calling, and with it comes a swift round up of all the old energies and release of said energies which are no longer to your liking. Release of said energies are occurring daily for you now. Old belief systems are coming to the forefront of your cognition, and triggering various responses within your vessel lf of time and space. These triggers must be acknowledged, looked upon through a prism of your new identities, and released with gratitude and comprehension of benevolence of said experiences. For indeed as we have conferred upon you for eons, it is imperative to restructure your thinking patterns, to release the past energies, with comprehension and gratitude for that which has indeed been experienced.

And so, a new world has indeed been built, a new world infinite potentials and possibilities, and it is now up to you all of you to tune into said frequencies, to tune into said energies and anchor a new foundation into your cognitive realities. The cognitive reality structure of your BEing. Foregoing all programming that continues to flourish upon your planet, and allow your very own frequencies to manifest a new cognition for all.

Step with light and eternal gratitude for the experience which is unfolding before you. Step with dignity and comprehension of all whom your way may come, step with true knowing and understanding, unconditional understanding and unconditional love for all.

For the moment of peace has arrived h. For the moment of peace has indeed arrived to engulf mankind through eternal understanding of peace and tranquility through oneness. For through oneness within the sea of separation, shall mankind be able to rise again and sing a beautiful song of tranquility and peace, benevolence and might, for through the unification principles of BEing shall the ones that have come to restore said peace and harmony rise into a new cognitive reality. For through tranquility and peace and love and benevolent co-creation of all that is, shall a hew song be sung, and weaved into a coherent understanding of all that is. For all that is, is within the reach, through the momentum of the eternal OM. Through the momentum of the Eternal OM. Sing the song for benevolence and peace, sing the song of tranquilly and harmonious outcome for all the chaotic experiences in your energy field of forgetfulness. Sing a song of knowing that all is well in the universe, co-create a new structure of being, co create a new cognition of all that is.

Reclaim your power once more, and rise up above the mundane structure of your realities, rise above and take flight into the eternal infinity of your soul, into the eternal knowing, take flight and allow a newly profound experiences to flood your psyche once more, allow the old paradigms to transmute into the light, whilst you continue on your path of righteousness.

Sing a new song of beauty, benevolence and might. Raising your vibratory senses to allow a multitude of new uncategorized sensual experiences to ignite the passion within your vessels of time and space. Activating your creative centers in order to allow a new peaceful commencement of the new era.

Sing a song, attune yourself to said song of your heart, and attune yourself to the highest octaves of being. Look within and derive the true signature song of your soul to shine through the outer shell of representation, and induce all whom your way shall come.

Stay on your path of righteousness, benevolence and might. Stay on your path of unification through the coherent understanding of benign encounters with the third dimensional kind. Release said structures, release said ideals, and confidently walk your path, walk your path as you have waked it before, for indeed you have.

Know that you are supported by all that is. Know that we are walking with you hand in hand and foot in foot. Know that you can call upon us whenever you wish. Know that it is so. For it is.

That is all that we have for you now. We are with you. We love you. Goodbye for now.

P.S. It is said that when one returns to stillness one is then attuned to the melody of one’s heart. The melody of pure recognition of that which one is. The melody of eternal OM and effervescence of BEing. It is said that once attuned one shall wish to express said song and so one should. The song of attunement to ones being is unique for each soul, and yet intricately interlaced with the rich tapestry of the universal decrees and tones of ascension. The universe permeates the songs of all souls, culminating in one shimmering energy field of light. Each song is sung throughout ones journey and recognized deep within as the calling of home. Attuning one to ones signature song thus brings out the deepest purity and perfection, unifying one with that which is, allowing one to completely attune to ones origins. And so, through the intricacies of the human vocalization it is thus advisable to sing ones song, for the universe is that which is sung into existence.

annamerkabadistantenergyhealerCOMPREHENSIVE ENERGY HEALING SESSION & ANALYSIS WITH ANNA MERKABA :This is a DISTANT Healing Session. Each session takes 60 – 90 minutes to complete, furthermore much more time is spent on putting together a report which is guided to me by the angels, there are a lot of details involved, this is an elaborate healing session. This is not just an energy attunement you will be bathed in loving light from the angelic realm using reiki like universal energy throughout the session, and a few days following the session, many issues will be corrected, and you will also receive much needed guidance after the session of what you are to do on your own. The energy will continue to be released for the following 2 – 3 months.

Here is what you will be scanned for and if any of these are found or need to be removed/unblocked/

  • Removal of Achorns/Grays/Dark Entities (If there are any)
  • Removal of Implants
  • Cleansing the Aura
  • Removing blocks from the chakras
  • Activating Chakras
  • Activating the Pineal Gland
  • Activating the energy flow throughout the body with Kundalini Energy
  • Sealing the rips in the energy body
  • Connecting the heart chakra to the third eye
  • Scanning of the body to determine if there are any major issues to be aware of
  • Cleansing the blocks within the organs should there be any, and if it is possible to do so, or if there is more that needs to be done.
  • DNA Upgrade
  • Rainbow Healing Light Invocation
  • Past Life Contracts Clearing/Cords cutting (if I am allowed to proceed by your higher self) This is NOT karma removal. NO ONE can remove your karma, except for you, that is if you have karma. Not everyone does, as people misunderstand what Karma is.
  • Past LIfe Visions – ( If necessary to understand why you are going through what you are going through, I will be shown your past lives, this will help you determine the reason as to why you are experiencing that which you are)
  • Scanning of your chakras, correction of energy flow and further recommendations directly from your guides as to what you need to do further
  • You will also receive further recommendations on what you are to do on your own to SEAL in the new energies flowing your way and to assist your own self further without the constant need to come back for more and more healing sessions. However, should you feel that you do need a healing attunement, or there are some issue that need more work you are welcome to come back for another session.

To learn more about this session and hear what others have to say about it please visit:

pdfdownloadableversioncoverP.S. To help you on your journey I have written and published a book. It is now available for all of you in both hard copy and digital form. It is called “Mission To Earth – A Light workers guide to self mastery”. In it I explore topics such as: Why you are here and what you are doing on earth. How Starseeds get to earth to begin with. Why you feel the way you do. How to communicate with your guides. How to discover your life purpose. How to release everything and let it go. How to reprogram yourself in order to fully connect with your true essence. How to release old thinking patterns and institute a new reality into your life. How to change your life and make it what you want it to be, and most importantly how to find a link back HOME! There’s a lot more that I discuss in this book. I invite you to join me on this journey of self discovery as we explore together the “HOW”, the “WHY” and the “WHEN”. For more information please visit :

~Anna Merkaba – Distant Energy Healer- Channeler – Lightworker. To book a Healing Session with Anna
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Photo credit: Sacred Sound by Isaac Mills aka Mugwort

Frank M. Wanderer – Magic of the Non-Acting – 6-5-15

By Frank M. Wanderer Ph.D,, March 27, 2015

Non-acting is great mystery to our mind. If we do not act, we just sit there passively in one place, we soon starve to death here in the world of forms and shapes. The very essence of this world is the constant change, the constant action.

A lot of us would like to do nothing in life and still live a good life. But if that desire is fulfilled, and we try to live without doing anything, we will very soon be bored of passivity, and we soon find something to do in order to expell boredom.

So it is really difficult not to do anything, because we are used to doing something all the time. Our parents and teachers always told us that are actions determine what kind of a person we grow up to be. Our personal identity is therefore rooted in our actions and the results of our actions. The book of our personal history is the chronicle of our actions and results. We are what we have achieved during our life. 

If we do nothing, or our actions do not bear the expected fruit, we–as a result of our upbringing and education–feel that we are not useful members of society, and we should be ashamed in front of the other people. It will sooner or later lead to disturbances in our self-evaluation and the emergence of a negative image of ourselves. On the other hand, if we are constantly active, and our actions are successful, we will be respected members of our society, appreciated and highly esteemed by the other people. As a result, we will have a good self-evaluation and a highly positive image of ourselves.

The idea of action is rooted in our socially conditioned mind, the Ego. The ideas of achieving, obtaining, acquiring something are all present in our Ego-dominated mind as forces urging us to act. The desire to control, to lead and manage are also powerful factors that spur us to act.

But if we are able to reach beyond mind and its forces making us act, the Miracle, the great mystery, unfolds in front of us, and we realize that the real state of our existence is non-action.

This non-action is, however, not identical with being passive in the world of forms and shapes. We can be active in the state of being non-active, we can perform our work, we can bring up our children, and we can keep in touch with our environment. The magic of non-action is that we no longer identify with our actions, the motivation and the results of our actions. 

In this way, even if we do something, we do not become the actor in the action. But it is only possible if we give up all ambition to be in charge, to be in control, and submit to the present moment, accept it and we do not try to change the moment to match it our own ideas.

If we give up the idea of action, things suddenly begin to happen by themselves. It is the highest level of surrender. When we have quieted down in this way, the moment will carry us away, we do not need to change and the action, the deed just happens.

When the resistance against the present moment is over in us, the Life, the Miracle virtually carries us away and takes us to a direction that leads to the original state of Consciousness.

This is the experience of the Miracle itself, perfect harmony with Existence in which there is not separation, there are no parts, only the whole Completeness.

About the author:

Frank M. Wanderer Ph.D is a professor of psychology, a consciousness researcher and writer, and publisher of several books on consciousness. With a lifelong interest in the mystery of human existence and the work of the human mind, Frank’s work is to help others wake up from identification with our personal history and the illusory world of the forms and shapes, and to find our identity in what he calls “the Miracle”, the mystery of the Consciousness.

Connect with Frank at

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Lord Merlin via Natalie Glasson – The Awakening of the Diamond Swans – 4-24-15


Lord Merlin via Natalie Glasson

It is with vibrations of magic, the nature world, and the expansion of the universe of the Creator that I come forth to greet you today.

I am Lord Merlin. It is an honour to be in your presence and to support your journey of evolution, discovery, and remembrance upon the Earth.

It is in my belief that the greatest understanding, which can bring forth comfort concerning your spiritual evolution in this period of ascension, is that you are constantly altering, shifting, and transforming.

There is no longer a need for you to question yourself, asking if you are evolving enough or at a high speed, because the answer is that you are making more transformations within your being and reality now in a year, which would have taken you lifetimes to master in the past.

You may not notice the transformations occurring within your being. This is due to your moving in harmony and upon the wave of the divine will of the Creator. Everything is transforming, which makes it challenging for you to recognise all the shifts occurring, as it would require you to be 100% conscious and aware of yourself, 100% of the time, even while asleep.

It is possible to have this level of self-awareness, and yet it is not essential now. Please take comfort in the knowledge that you are transforming and accelerating your ascension at a magnificent speed. Your transformation is a constant, which you can place your trust upon.

It is also a wonderful process to remind yourself that you are so much more than you see and recognise yourself to be in your current lifetime. You have had many past lifetimes. Or more truthfully, we might say simultaneous lifetimes, on the Earth, Stars, Planets, and different dimensions. You will always be more than you are able to recognise yourself to be, which means that exploring your own vibrations of light and consciousness is an ongoing joy and adventure.

You have played all the roles and characters you see in your own reality; you have experienced many situations which you recognise others moving through. Your wealth of knowledge is immense, and yet what is even more beautiful is that none of this really matters, as you are connected to the source and core of the Creator every moment of your existence, whatever role, character, or life you are playing.

You have a direct, personal, and unique connection of communication with the Creator, allowing you to absorb all you require and need in any moment. Your belief in your connection with the Creator will allow for you to recognise my words more fully as truth, and a blissful experience.

Many of you have accepted the role of the High Priestess or/and High Priest, in your magnificent journey of life force energy and the Earth, a role of great spiritual power, ascension education, supporting the awakening of others, working with the nature kingdoms, and of using your psychic abilities.

There are so many different roles of a High Priestess and High Priest. While some have abused their roles, many have allowed themselves to be tremendous healers and guides, supporting the evolution of humanity.

A transformation is occurring within many upon the Earth. The energies and spiritual power of their past roles as a High Priestess or/and High Priest are returning to them, awakening from within, to power a tremendous surge of spiritual evolution and connection with the Creator for themselves and all.

You know yourself to be a powerful beacon of light in a physical body upon the Earth, understanding you have led many lifetimes of which the wisdom can be accessed from within your being. The High Priestess or/and High Priest is awakening to empower your ascension.

Many light workers upon the Earth require their inner power and strength to be activated and to be accepted as an important aspect of their being and truth. Inner power and strength are required to offer many a deep-seated courage to take leaps of faith to achieve all they wish and feel guided to do.

Many of you have reached states of expansive understanding and knowledge within your being, and yet you may feel stuck or stagnant, wondering what your purpose is in this lifetime, wishing to support and share with others, and yet not understanding how this is possible.

Inner power and strength are required to create courage to recognise the next step of your journey, accelerating you forward into new scenarios and situations where you recognise you may be able to be of assistance.

By awakening your inner High Priestess or/and High Priest you can support yourself in accessing your inner power, strength and courage therefore empowering yourself and purpose upon the Earth.

In order to support this awakening within your being, there is a very sacred and special wave of energy available to assist you, entitled the ‘Diamond Swans.’ Diamond light vibrations and souls in the form of Swans can be called upon to be of service.

They extend from the Crystalline Consciousness, which is the core energy on the inner planes of the spirits, existing within your physical crystals upon the Earth. The Diamond Crystalline Consciousness holds immensely pure vibrations. Its clarity, innocence, and ability to magnify, is breath-taking.

The Swan has long been a powerful symbol of transformation beyond recognition, and a guide for those with great spiritual knowledge, connection, and who have achieved profound inner awakening.

The Diamond Swans lend their energy to you and invite you to transform, to accept your inner clarity, innocence, and purity, as well as awakening your inner power.

When you connect with the Diamond Swans you may recognise their energy, as you have been guided by these vibrational beings before. They instigate powerful transformations of moving from understanding and resonance with the Creator and your divine self to experience and embodiment of all that is your truth, thus empowering your being and purpose upon the Earth.

When you call the Diamond Swans you may see, sense or acknowledge one, many or even hundreds of Diamond light Swans gracefully and yet powerfully gliding towards you to surround you and begin their work with you.

During meditation, I invite you to call upon my energies, Lord Merlin, and your community of guides, to surround you.

‘Lord Merlin and My Community of Guides, I invite you to send your healing, awakening energies and vibrations of light into my being to awaken my inner energies, memories, and knowledge of myself as a High Priestess or/and High Priest.

‘As I breathe in your light, I am carried deeper into my being and soul to awaken and draw forth the most appropriate energies, wisdom, and abilities of my High Priestess or/and High Priest self.

‘Please let your healing energy dissolve, erase, and purify any wounds, old pain, or trauma my High Priestess or/and High Priest may still be holding onto at this time.

‘This healing will allow for only the purity and truth of this aspect of myself to come forth to me. I recognise I am healing my own inner power and ability/willingness to use my inner power.’

Take time to breathe deeply, guiding your focus within and allowing yourself to be observant of any awakenings or shifts within your being.

‘My purpose is to awaken my High Priestess or/ and High Priest energies, wisdom and abilities in order to strengthen my inner power so I may be a courageous light worker upon the Earth.

‘I wish to empower myself so I may walk the pathways guided by my soul with a deep-seated sense of knowingness and support.

‘I allow myself to recognise and become my inner power, strength, and courage, knowing these qualities are born from the essence within my being; born from love.

‘I invoke the Diamond Swans to surround me now, to lend me their energy so I may bathe in their sacred crystalline light. I accept your presence, your power of instigating transformations and shifts within my being.

‘With your assistance, I wish to awaken my inner power and strength, to discover, explore, and embody these sacred vibrations of myself with your support, recognising how I can manifest my shifts into sacred power into my physical being, character, and reality.

‘I know I have a purpose upon the Earth, and invite the Diamond Swans to prepare me for fully accepting, embodying, and enacting my purpose upon the Earth, aiding the ascension and spiritual evolution of many. Thank you.’

Take time to breathe in the energy and light of the Diamond Swans as they work with your being, creating necessary transformations and awakenings. Allow yourself to feel their support and the power they hold born from a space of clarity, love and grace.

It is time to discover yourself more fully, giving yourself permission to move to the next stage of your spiritual evolution.

Your courage is required, born from your acceptance of your inner power and strength. In order to exist in and continue to create the Era of Love for yourself, courage is required. Take time to notice where courage is necessary within your being and reality.

The presence of the Diamond Swans is an immense blessing for all.
In constant support,
Lord Merlin

“Lord Merlin: The Awakening of the Diamond Swans,” channeled by Natalie Glasson, April 24, 2015 at

Source Links: Natalie Glasson OmNA School ; Sacred School of OmNa

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Teal Swan – Magic, Self Trust, Gratitude

Teal Swan, The Spiritual Catalyst


Teal speaks with him on the topic of self trust, magic and gratitude.

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Crystalai Blog – Imagine The Return Of Magic – 2-22-15

Crystali Blog
IMAGINE THE RETURN OF MAGIC Dr. Angela Barnett Crystalai
Imagine Feeling something far far more Blissful than your Highest Imagination can imagine. The Bliss of being in the Mind of God has not been experienced on this Earth. That experience will begin in October 2016. Our brain will function differently than it does now. It will not retrieve images from the world to reprocess every day in old or new over used forms.
That old brain in the upper cerebellum will be completely over ridden by the frequency specific mid brain connecting into the mind of God.
When you become saturated with the highest frequencies of Source, you begin feeling only the higher frequencies and only see the reality of Divine Creation.
When your feeling of higher frequencies and vision of the higher reality matches that of the Divine Creator – you become a co-creator with the Divine Creator.
We enjoy absorbing the Source Frequencies and Cosmic Frequencies which cause the shift in frequencies of the body to align completely into the zero point of Source Consciousness.
This is the alignment of the physical and spiritual into oneness.
This is the alignment of the Primary Consciousness and the
Secondary Consciousness in creating the new immortal movie that will be
playing from the Mind of God in the lower cerebellum into the
Mid Brain and onto the movie screen of the Frontal lobe.
When that movie can be seen on the inside, it will become manifest on the
movie screen of the omniparticles in the quantum field around us.
Those who have practiced absorbing and breathing these Frequencies of Transformation
raised their frequencies into a new reality.
One doctor who played the Cosmic Frequencies for one week in his hospital
reported healings of everyone in the hospital.
Hundreds of individual healings have been reported.
Listening to, breathing in and exhaling frequencies as the mid brain is
directly connected into Source Consciousness causes phenomenal spiritual growth
beyond their wildest expectations.
One person has shared how she has experienced the phenomena of levitation
and seeing Light Bodies.
Another began seeing the full spectrum of light only one day after listening.
Each Individual’s Immortality is created as an individual connects into
his or her Primal Consciousness in the lower cerrebellum at the base of the neck.
This allows ones consciousness to connect into the full spectrum of the
Music of the Spheres bringing in the full spectrum of light of all
Spheres of our creation, from the mind of God-
the highest frequency woven through all seven selves
on all spiritual planes into the Oneness of the Frequencies of Source
over riding and transmutting all frequencies back into
the original Divine Idea as originally created through the first breath of Source.
Only this time, that idea of Source includes all of the wisdom of all
of the millions of years of lifetimes of the individual woven into
all of the ideas or individuals ever created in all of the omniverses.
The magical cosmic frequencies that Cosmic Angels send to
create the new magical kingdom.
Every breath of consciousness come from specific Entities in the Cosmos.
They have aligned their frequencies into teams who represent specific individuals missions or healing needs. Each breath is an Entity who is helping to bring the Cosmic Frequencies to Earth in order to create Islands of Light.

Almine – December, The Month of High Magic


In this video Almine touches upon the importance of going into the depth of our roots, and the integration of the realities of inner space (“death”) and external space (“life”) as resurrection

Tom Robbins – Multidimensional Insight – Syntax of Sorcery – 5-10-14

 *The following interview with countercultural pioneer and bestselling novelist Tom Robbins was originally featured on ‘Reality Sandwich’ in June, 2012 by Tony Vigorito

Tony Vigorito:  Alan Watts once wrote that we actually haven’t the answers to the most ordinary of questions, such as “What’s going on?” or “Where am I?”  So let’s start with these allegedly mundane inquiries.  What’s going on?  And where are we?


Tom Robbins: Christians, and some Jews, claim we’re in the “end times,” but they’ve been saying this off and on for more than two thousand years.  According to Hindu cosmology, we’re in the kali yuga, a dark period when the cow of history is balanced precariously on one leg, soon to topple.  Then there are our friends in the counter culture who believed that last December 2012 we were in for a global cage-rattling which, once the dust settled, would usher in some great spiritual awakening.  I hope they’re bearing up well under the disappointment.

Most of this apocalyptic noise appears to be just wishful thinking on the part of people who find life too messy and uncertain for comfort, let alone for serenity and mirth.  The truth, from my perspective, is that the world, indeed, is ending  —  and is also being reborn.  It’s been doing that all day, every day, forever.  Each time we exhale, the world ends; when we inhale, there can be, if we allow it, rebirth and spiritual renewal.  It all transpires inside of us.  In our consciousness, in our hearts.  All the time.

Otherwise, ours is an old, old story with an interesting new wrinkle.  Throughout most of our history, nothing  —  not flood, famine, plague, or new weapons  —  has endangered humanity one-tenth as much as the narcissistic ego, with its self-aggrandizing presumptions and its hell-hound spawn of fear and greed. The new wrinkle is that escalating advances in technology are nourishing the narcissistic ego the way chicken manure nourishes a rose bush, while exploding worldwide population is allowing its effects to multiply geometrically.  Here’s an idea:  let’s get over ourselves, reduce our carbon footprint, adopt an animal from a shelter, go buy a cherry pie, and fall in love with life.


Tony: You’ve written nine novels and brought to life a rowdy pantheon of memorable characters.  Perhaps it’s not fair to ask a parent to pick their favorite kid, but is there one among these characters that you wish was living here among us today?


Tom: While he’s not really a major character, I’d nominate Dr. Yamaguchi from Half Asleep in Frog Pajamas (my least popular novel, though it’s perhaps the one most relevant in today’s bushwhacked economy), because (1) he’s devised a cure for cancer (the ninja enema) and (2) his philosophy embraces mindful goofiness and extreme personal behavior (crazy wisdom) as possible pathways to enlightenment.  On the other hand, I also wouldn’t mind seeing Pan (Jitterbug Perfume) pawing the earth in the White House rose garden, or Stubblefield (Villa Incognito) showing up occasionally to feed reality sandwiches to the delusional philistines and corpulent corporate cannibals on Fox News.


Tony: Terence McKenna was fond of saying that the world is made of language.  As a master wordsmith and a personal friend of Terence, what do you take this notion to mean?


Tom: Regrettably, Terence and I never discussed this notion specifically, but my sense is that he was getting at something more profound than are the texturalists, who contend that nothing ever written matters or even exists outside of the text:  the actual words an author has put down on the page.  And likewise more profound than Wittgenstein, who famously said, “All I know is what I have words for.”

What seems likely is that Terence was not only contending that the universe is a genetic, extra-dimensional, interspecies verbal construct, but that it exists primarily as a result of our consciousness of it.  What he may actually have been implying is, “the world is made of imagination.”  There is, after all, a possibility that when it comes to consensual reality, we’re making it up.  All of it.  And language is the universal medium by which we identify and explain our creation to ourselves.  Language lends reality to reality.

I do recall hearing Terence say once that everything in nature has stories to tell; not just scientific information to impart, mind you, but something akin to plot-line narration, if one is equipped to “read” it.  That has overtones of woo-woo I know, but doubtlessly sensitized by his special connection to the psychotropic properties of plants, he had a way of making a process like photosynthesis sound like a pre-biblical epic.


Tony: Knowing how painstakingly you craft words, I suspect you believe as I do that every word is a magic word.  Obviously you have chosen to use your magic to enlighten, but do you think it’s fair to say that many lesser magic-users are prone to something resembling dark magic?


Tom: Certain individual words do possess more pitch, more radiance, more shazam! than others, but it’s the way words are juxtaposed with other words in a phrase or sentence that can create magic.  Perhaps literally.  The word “grammar,” like its sister word “glamour,” is actually derived from an old Scottish word that meant “sorcery.”  When we were made to diagram sentences in high school, we were unwittingly being instructed in syntax sorcery, in wizardry.  We were all enrolled at Hogwarts.  Who knew?

When a culture is being dumbed down as effectively as ours is, its narrative arts (literature, film, theatre) seem to vacillate between the brutal and the bland, sometimes in the same work.  The pervasive brutality in current fiction  —  the death, disease, dysfunction, depression, dismemberment, drug addiction, dementia, and dreary little dramas of domestic discord  —  is an obvious example of how language in exploitative, cynical or simply neurotic hands can add to the weariness, the darkness in the world.  Less apparent is that bland writing  — timid, antiseptic, vanilla writing —  is nearly as unhealthy as the brutal and dark.  Instead of sipping, say, elixir, nectar, tequila, or champagne, the reader is invited to slurp lumpy milk or choke on the author’s dust bunnies.


Tony: Robert Anton Wilson wrote, “Society is the devil’s masquerade,” while Terence McKenna cautioned, “culture is not your friend,” and of course all of your writing is peppered with anti-establishment protagonists and provocateurs.  Is society in some general sense a dangerous distraction to the human project?


Tom: I’ll say this much: virtually every advancement made by our species since civilization first peeked out of its nest of stone has been initiated by lone individuals, mavericks who more often than not were ignored, mocked, or viciously persecuted by society and its institutions.  Society in general maintains such a vested interest in its cozy habits and solidified belief systems that it had rather die  —  or kill  —  than entertain change.  Consider how threatened religious fundamentalists of all faiths remain to this day by science in general and Darwin in particular.

Cultural institutions by and large share one primary objective:  herd control.  Even when ostensibly benign, their propensity for manipulation, compartmentalization, standardization and suppression of potentially disruptive behavior or ideas, has served to freeze the evolution of consciousness practically in its tracks.  In technological development, in production of material goods and creature comforts, we’ve challenged the very gods, but psychologically, emotionally, we’re scarcely more than chimpanzees with bulldozers, baboons with big bombs.

In East of Eden, John Steinbeck wrote that there’s never been a great creative collaboration.  When the Beatles first burst on the scene, I thought they were proving him wrong.  Later, we learned that Lennon and McCartney had each composed their pop masterpieces separately, individually.  So it goes.  Genius may stand on the shoulders of giants, but it stands alone.  However, I digress.

We humans have always defined ourselves by narration.  What’s happening today is that we’re allowing multi-national corporations to tell our stories for us.  The theme of corporate stories (and millions drink them in every day) seldom varies: to be happy you must consume, to be special you must conform.  Absurd, obviously, yet our identities have become so fragile, so elusive, that we seem content to let advertisers provide us with their version of who we are, to let them recreate us in their image: a cookie-cutter image based on market research, shallow sociology, and insidious lies.  Individualism is bad for business  —  though absolutely necessary for freedom, progressive knowledge, and any possible interface with the transcendent.  And yes, it’s entirely possible to function as a free-thinking individual without succumbing to narcissism.  This can be tricky at times, I suppose, but then so can the tango  —  particularly if you’re dancing alone.


Tony: Synchronicity has been described as evidence that this assemblage of separate personalities that passes for life are merely the infinite faces of an underlying unity — perhaps similar to the “clockworks” you describe in Even Cowgirls Get the Blues.  What are your thoughts on this, or more to the point, do you have a memorable story of synchronicity you’d care to share?


Tom: What we, thanks to Jung, call “synchronicity” (coincidence on steroids), Buddhists have long known as “the interpenetration of realities.”  Whether it’s a natural law of sorts or simply evidence of mathematical inevitability (an infinite number of monkeys locked up with an infinite number of typewriters eventually producingHamlet, not to mention Tarzan of the Apes), it seems to be as real as it is eerie.

One night I inexplicably dreamed of a horse race.  It was won by a steed named Seafood Kabob.  The next day I telephoned a guy I knew who did PR for the racetrack outside of Seattle and asked him, half jokingly, to let me know should he ever come across a horse by that name, as I was prepared to bet the ranch dressing on it.  Not a week passed before he mailed me a racing form in which I read that a horse named Seafood and another called Shish Kabob had finished strong in the Louisiana Derby a month or so earlier.  I did not follow the sport and was totally unfamiliar with the Louisiana Derby.  Now I wish I could report that I followed up on it  —  began buying racing forms, contacting a bookie, and winning big bucks on the horses in question  —  but, alas, I became distracted and let it pass.

Another example:  In Half Asleep in Frog Pajamas, I have my male protagonist take the female protagonist, on the occasion of their first date, to a lecture on the disturbing dwindling of the world’s frog population.  While touring for that book, an interviewer from the St. Petersburg Times inquired if I was aware that T.C. Boyle had written a story, published some months earlier, in which a man takes a girl on their first date to a lecture about the global disappearance of frogs.  Well, I’d neither read that story (I still haven’t) nor heard of it, and Boyle and I have never met.  Hello?  Do I hear the theme from Twilight Zone?  I mean, what are the odds that two separate writers, strangers, a thousand miles apart, would each invent fictions in which guys take girls to an esoteric frog lecture on their first date.  If that isn’t synchronicity, it’s something equally as weird.


Tony: In his book, Aquarius Revisited, Peter O. Whitmer characterized you as of the crew who created the sixties counterculture and changed America.  What do you think the enduring legacy of the counterculture has been, or will be?


Tom: Although I participated enthusiastically in the sixties psychedelic revolution, and tried to mimic it  —  its trappings, its mythology, its silliness, its profundity  —  in print in my first novel, I had nothing to do with its creation.  Rather, it was the confluence of two disparate elements  —  acute socio-political dissatisfaction and pharmacological neo-shamanism  —  that precipitated it; and it was democracy, as much as ferocious opposition from both the right-wing and left-wing establishments, that caused it to eventually unravel.

Democracy?  Yep, oddly enough.  The counterculture light was so bright it began to attract moths (people who sadly were not intellectually or spiritually prepared to meaningfully assimilate transformative multi-dimensional data streams from hyperspace) and stinging stink bugs (the thugs that invariably invade every utopia) in such great numbers that they eventually crowded out the butterflies (the educated middle class truth-seekers who switched on the light in the first place).  That’s an oversimplification, of course, but it’s good to bear in mind that like it or not, enlightenment has always been, even in a golden age, pretty much limited to an elite.  In America, the relatively finite psychedelic culture was shoved aside by the burgeoning boogie culture, whose drugs of choice were booze, speed, and cocaine; and whose goal was not to attain spiritual bliss, deeper understanding, or an end to war and repression but rather to get thoroughly fucked up.

Except in the not insignificant societal areas of civil rights, feminism, and medical marijuana, the legacy of the sixties counterculture has been largely recreational, ornamental, and subject to ridicule, though it would be unconscionable, even stupid, to dismiss or undervalue a catalog of the greatest popular music in human history.  On a spiritual, evolutionary level, the light has dimmed and gone underground, but still, something in me would like to think the sixties phenomenon was a dress rehearsal for a grander, wider leap in consciousness yet to come.   However, since Seafood Kabob is likely to win the Belmont Stakes before a psychic jailbreak of that magnitude materializes, my strategy is to try to live as if that day were already here.


Tony: I think most people would like to have some sort of security, but too often discover that the sacrifices they are required to endure to have it are antithetical to anything resembling the adventurous lives your characters inhabit.  Do you think security and adventure are necessarily separate paths?


Tom: In your first question, you mentioned Alan Watts.  Well, Watts published a luminous book entitled The Wisdom of Insecurity that ought to be required reading for every high school senior.  Watts elaborates beautifully on what I’ve learned from observation and personal experience:  namely, that security is an illusion.  So, can pursuit of a mirage constitute an adventure?  Maybe, but only if there’s genuine risk involved.  Danger is to adventure what garlic is to spaghetti sauce.  Without it, you just end up with stewed tomatoes.

Admittedly, having a bit of disposable cash in the bank can give you a sense of Buddhistic calm, and despite the fallacy involved, that’s probably preferable to the bonafide adventure of robbing a bank.  A better alternative, however, is to learn to be at peace even when common sense (a highly overrated virtue) would lead you to believe that someone in your situation ought to feel threatened and insecure.


Tony: Finally, as someone who has written nine novels, you are uniquely qualified to answer the following question:  Is the truth stranger than fiction?


Tom: I’ve become increasingly unwilling to make those distinctions.  Just because something didn’t happen doesn’t mean it isn’t true.


Thetawave – New Phase of Magic, Miracles, Downloads and New Foundation – 2-24-14


Image Source

In this last week of Mercury Retrograde, know that we have made and are continuing to make a huge leap forward in Love and Soul-Merge. Because of this, many old issues have surfaced, which is perfect because Mercury Retrograde is for the purpose of realigning, revisiting and remembering those areas that are not Love in order to recognize them, love them, change our perception of them, and then release them. It especially has been a time of many realizations about how we have given our Power away in relationships; in particular, family relationships. If this applies to you, what did you learn? Did you think the old patterns were complete and so were surprised that they came up again? Remember that we release in layers, so the deepest layers have been and will continue to be revealed.

All of this awareness and releasing has been purposeful in moving forward. So whatever you have experienced, it has been for your highest evolution. After all, if the old beliefs, patterns and pain remain in the subconscious, they will continue to be recreated in life. It has also been a time when our physical bodies have released a lot, which could mean that you might have had health concerns surface or resurface. Our physical bodies always must release anything that isn’t Love as well. So as we release old patterns, pain and beliefs, eventually our physical bodies must do the same, as we are one unit. Our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies are One.

As we continue to expand as Love, we are creating a New foundation that is Love. It’s important to have a foundation (like the foundation of a home) so that what we create is real and not fluff. The process is not always easy and yet, it is so important not to rush things, but allow whatever speed your Soul deems is important for you. Since we are much more sensitive, this means we also are more aware of what Love is what is not Love. We have the opportunity to see this in those others who are choosing to stay behind, for change is too painful and scary for them. This then reminds us of how important it is not to lower our own vibration to suit others’ lower needs. And by doing this, you rise in Power, even while others are attempting to hold us back on their level, which makes them more comfortable in where they are. It is not our job to convince others of how to be, but to merely stand in the Truth of us. Do you see how this empowers our New foundation? Boundaries may be necessary till we are firmly rooted in our New foundation. Once the foundation is set, nothing can knock us off our center (Love).

Realize that while you are anchoring your New foundation you still may feel the tug of the 3D world. When you are aware of this, continue to strengthen your higher dimensional self. Remember that everything; every event; every thought; every memory is a gift for you to help you evolve. This 3D tug can create some tension in you; kind of like a push/pull effect. When this happens, it is time to reassert yourself in Love and New through reminding yourself of Who you are and to stand strong in your spiritual sovereignty. Be as a tree; firmly rooted, yet flexible in the breeze.

Last Saturday (February 22) we received a big burst of beautiful Love energy that is meant to further anchor us In the New, and at the same time help dislodge any of the old, stuck energies within. This week may very well be quite intense in interactions, memories and dreams, for that is what occurs any time we receive high-octane downloads from Source. Then beginning this Friday (February 28), we will certainly be able to observe the magic and miracles of New Life, depending on how much we have shifted out of the old. If ever there was a time to do a New Moon Ceremony, it is then, for Ceremony empowers all intentions.

For those of you who are experiencing a complete dissolution of certain aspects of your life, let it go. It wouldn’t be happening unless it was for transforming your attachment to a certain illusion or way of life in order to receive something much better and more aligned with your Soul’s Desires. When this dissolution occurs, most definitely freak out and try to control and hold onto it. Please allow whatever is occurring to occur. Observe it and be in Allowance and Trust, so that it can transform into something that is more aligned with Who you are now. If this is occurring in your life, be calm, breathe, trust the process and don’t rush in to save it. Being the Compassionate Observer helps you detach from “I wish,” “I want,” “If only.” It is painful when you are attached to having it be a certain way, so let it go/let it be whatever so that it can transform to a higher version, if that is in Divine Order. (It might not be.) This is when self-care and self-love are absolutely essential. Be in nature, even if it is only to step outside. Staring up at the stars helps you shift your perspective.

If and when you feel like you are going to explode in anger or judgment or hurt, do something creative…write, draw, paint, sculpt, sing, dance, jump rope, skip…let the pressure out in these ways; it will help you not take on someone else’s energy, will lighten you and transform your old thoughts to new ones.

Ascension is not about remembering; it’s about expanding into the truest version of you; your Soul. This is Who you’ve been for infinity. Your Soul has been with you always and created the bodies you’ve had throughout all your lifetimes. Your Soul has watched you evolve from complete perceived separation (which has never been the truth) to where you are now; evolving and waking up to your magnificence. This journey, especially in the last few years, has not been easy. It is not easy waking up to realize you’ve lived your lifetimes in a fog. It has been lonely and fearful for so many. There has been doubt in standing in Truth. Letting go hasn’t been easy, nor has the pain of the transformation of your physical vehicles. Those of you, who have heeded the call to be more, are seen as the heroes of an emerging New World. Know how much you are honored and loved for choosing to take part in this Great Experiment. It is happening! We are doing it!

Many of you are Angels, Ascended Masters and high dimensional beings that have returned to Earth to guide and serve as a beacon for others to follow. The purpose for this is not only to raise others’ frequencies, but also the frequency of Gaia. Do you know who you are? You are the healers/wholers, the Rainbow Bridgers, the Gatekeepers and guides. Your central nervous system has been upgraded and this continues so that your body and your high dimensional home are One. This makes you ultra-sensitive to your environment and certainly, there are times when you are so exhausted that you are ready to quit. And yet, a new burst of energy comes and you take another step in Soul-Merge. Acknowledge yourself; celebrate You!

Beginning on February 28, we will enter a whole New Phase of Magic and Miracles. At the same time you are clearing the old, decide now what it is you want to feel (essence; not form). In these last few days avoid nothing. Be aware of every message in every conversation, everything you read and everything you hear, and notice how you feel. If you feel expanded and energized, then this is pointing you to the higher path. If instead you feel restricted and drained and old memories come up, this is to be cleared. It is all based on how you feel.

Be in Discernment. See beneath the surface of people (especially those who talk the talk), words and situations. Do not be fooled by pretty words. Be truthful, aware and in Integrity with all you say and do. There is plenty of deception in the world; don’t engage in it. Observe if and when you step back into an old role and then shift it to Who you are now. Your Intuition is at an all-time high, so this all should be pretty easy for you.

A word about downloads: Be aware that in these next few days you very well may be receiving massive downloads, like you have been receiving for a while now. Be in Allowance of them, for they are for your highest evolution. Everyone experiences these differently, based on what is needed at the time. Generally speaking, you may feel disoriented and dizzy and like you’re not in your body; you may experience 3rd Eye/Pineal Chakra headaches or fuzziness; you may have digestive issues and may either barely eat or be ravenous; you may experience vibrations throughout your body or at particular places in your body. The best way to flow with these downloads is to receive them gracefully, rest, drink lots of water and be in Stillness. You may not want to be around others as well. Self-care is essential, so follow your Guidance during these times of upgrade.

Allow whatever changes are calling you to make, flow with the energies of this ebb and flow New Life, and know that you are guided, loved and expanding into being ALL LOVE.

Soulstice Rising Newsletter.

Invite Magic Into Your Life – Jena at Third Eye Indigo – 2-2-14


NOTE:   This is the Essence of our Childhood Joy of Living.  All things are possible. Even Adults can transcend dull, predictable lives looking for the unseen,  hearing a symphony in a bee buzzing, really tasting and exploring the food we create, etc, etc.  I’m inspired by this article.  Thank You, Jena.

When magical things happen in our lives, it is easy to think it is coming from outside of ourselves. But really, magic is who we are. We have just forgotten about it, covered it up, and ignored it. There are probably a lucky few out there who grew up knowing about this magic and learned about it from a young age. For the rest of us, we discover it as we reclaim our intuition and psychic abilities and/or dust off our physical bodies (cleanse) and/or refine our energy fields (or maybe none of the above) but we do find it. There are probably an infinite number of ways we find this essence again, but if we are destined to find it, we will. Magic and nature are inseparable; in nature you find magic. In yourself you will find magic. In fact, many adults attracted to magical things were simply magical children who temporarily lost touch with the magic.

Magical Immersion

For me it seems like the essence of magic has trickled in over the years. There were times I forgot about it, then times I felt strongly connected to it again. Overall though, it seems to gather strength as the years go on, kinda like a magic muscle getting stronger as it is used more. Then it becomes more of a flow than a trickle. As this essence graces your life, you may find you attract different things and/or change your surroundings to match the new energy. I found myself attracted to glittery and sparkly things of all sorts, flowery and nature related art (sometimes vintage and Victorian style), colors I had never liked before and more crystals seemed to  want me to take them home. The key is to find what looks and feels magical to you. If you can surround yourself little by little with things and colors that represent magic to you, it is like a mirror reflecting more magic back to you.

There are a number of magical sounds that can enhance your life. Wind chimes whose sounds touch your soul are an inexpensive way to add magic to your surroundings. Immerse yourself in magical music. Classical music can be very magical, aka “very fairy.” It is curious how some classical pieces sound like they were created by the nature spirits themselves. Some well known pieces are directly named after nature spirits, ie. Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy. A Midsummer Night’s Dream has references to fairies. The soundtracks to the Harry Potter movies are very magical. Years ago, I had never seen a Harry Potter movie, but heard one of the songs on the radio and it immediately bewitched me. From there of course I had to see all the movies – another great way to get in the magic mode. Watch all the magical movies you canHarry Potter, Narnia, Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, Tinker Bell, Avatar, Merlin, King Arthur, etc. Or read the books. Also keep your ears open to songs wherever you go, ie. a restaurant, the grocery store, etc. Do they have a message for you? Listen to audios with the magical sounds of nature – dolphins, whales, birds, crickets, ocean, waterfalls, thunderstorms, etc.

Writing can get you in touch with your magic. When you begin to write, another part of you can tune into things that otherwise you would have never known. You become very present. It can help you connect the dots and find the deeper meanings of mundane events (since in reality they are not mundane). Journaling is a great way to document signs and synchronicities. I recommend keeping a journal the old fashioned way – real paper and a magical pen. Real paper and pens are in harmony with the Earth and natural magic.  And there are so many magical looking journals these days! Forget the sterile, lifeless computer journals. The energy of computers is in direct disharmony with natural magic. Some feel the internet and our technology is magical, and in some ways it is, but in very important ways it isn’t. Hopefully one day it will have that truly magical feel that it lacks.

Keep your eye on nature. Many peeps these days don’t realize the magic is all around them. Are you seeing the same animal, plant, food, etc. again and again? Write it down, study it, meditate on it to find out how they are helping you or what wisdom they can impart. Natural magic is a powerful force that is the key to all the magic. Spending time outdoors strengthens the connection.

Discover your magical foods and herbs. Is there a food that just “does it” for you? An herb you can’t live without? Last fall I had a new ally catch my eye – elderberry, a cold remedy. There were signs – I had seen it in a book, then saw elderberry syrup front and center in the grocery store. A few days later I started sneezing and ran directly for the elderberry syrup – of course I had to try it. Maybe I got sick on purpose so I could try it! I added it to peppermint tea, a classical herbal combination. There is much power (and wisdom) in the elderberry beyond it’s physical uses. According to Ted Andrews in his Enchantment of the Faerie Realm book, “It is the ideal tree spirit to connect with to awaken a renaissance with the faerie realm.” Now I’m wondering where it has been all my life. :) I took the syrup into work one day and my coworker asked what it was. When I told him, he said, “That sounds like something a wizard would take.” Maybe that’s what I’m going to be when I grow up!

I live my life listening to the wisdom of my body and giving it what it wants, so when it asked for cherry pie over the holiday season, I obliged. Overall I have removed sugar and white flour from my diet almost permanently. But when winter set in, there was this strong magical feeling about baked goods that came over me. It seems baking and nature spirits go hand in hand, but I’d have to muse on that for awhile. I’m not a dessert person in the least, yet around the holidays cherry pie was calling. At first I was feeling a bit guilty and not understanding why my body wanted it. Then I looked up the magical meanings of cherry and then dove in! What a delight it was and my body was ringing with happiness! Cherries are very fitting for Christmas and for love. Our alliance was short and sweet, one pie’s worth, but the magic of cherry lingers on. According to Ted, the cherry tree is home of the magical phoenix. The magical phoenix is a bird of alchemy – death and rebirth.

Scent is a great way to get into the magical vibe. Are there any scents that enchant you? I love pine for example, especially in the winter. Real pine scent is ideal, although faux scents still can be nice. Using essential oils or real plants simply brings more magic through the power of the plant than faux scents can. Mind as well heal while enjoying a great scent!

Connect with the Elements Daily

Connecting with the elements can help create magic quickly. Create a magical atmosphere with candles. Just like computers can’t compare to the magic of journals, electricity just doesn’t have the magic a candle has. Candles are in harmony with natural magic and electric lights simply aren’t the same. Some lights do have that magical effect to a degree, but if you are working with a magical element like fire, nothing compares. (Needless to say, proceed with caution with all candles). A few of my friends and I loved it when the power went out for hours a few years ago. Everything feels so much more calm and peaceful without electricity, cell towers and wifi whizzing through the air.

Put your feet or hands on the Earth to connect with the earth element. Breathe in the air to energize yourself with oxygen.

Listen to the gentle flow of a fountain or take a dip to connect to the water element.

Practice higher (magical) learning – energy healing, cosmology, alchemy, astrology, herbs, meditation, wizardry, psychic development, communication with nature, you name it. Our schools have stripped away the higher meaning of subjects and in some cases we were left with a highly processed, synthetically enriched, white bread version of education – mostly boring and meaningless. True higher learning is a higher energy level that is holistic and includes intuition. Magical learning can help turn on the passion for life and enrich our lives.

However you find the magic is perfect for you. Follow your heart, it is the magical guide.

To a life full of magic!

Introduction to Divine Ascension Magick

magic Earth

DIVINE MAGICK is in alignment with Christ and LOVE. We were taught to believe it’s “BAD” because we would be impossible to manipulate, if we knew how to utilize our NATURAL ABILITIES. We are all PSYCHIC, though in different ways. Children use their natural abilities until they eventually suppress it — being told it’s not REAL, or it is EVIL, by the adults in their life. I’m mostly talking about North Americans, because that’s where I’m living out these life experiences.

I was lucky to have a Mother who believed in Psychic/Unseen Energies, and she was very communicative with our animals, on an unspoken level. She knew she was psychic, which made it easier for me to believe in the Unseen Realms. Though we didn’t know much about our Natural Abilities at first —  but we felt like we were Naturally Magickal… Maybe because we are part Native American, so Spirituality and Connectedness to Nature came easy for us…

Growing up, into my teens I started to wonder if I was “Light” or “Darkness” ,..Good or Evil,.. After about 5 years of constantly struggling to define WHO I WAS, I finally realized that I am LIGHT, and eventhough my actions and intentions were “evil” and selfish at times, I still was always of LIGHT, I just couldn’t see it or sense it because I was very blocked off energetically. My chakras had been badly damaged, from traumatic experiences growing up. I wasn’t taught how to shield my Light Body, as a child.

I have been using the Rainbow Rays to align and balance my Energetic Centers (Chakras) for about 3 years now. I can’t express how BIG of a DIFFERENCE using these RAYS has improved my WELL-BEING and INNER PEACE!!!! I really get excited when I talk about this, it’s a huge part of my personal ASCENSION — knowing how to use these Natural Cosmic Energies to heal your ENTIRE Being is very important!

I will let you be the judge if you wish to utilize your abilities… or let them remain dormant… it’s all up to you!!!   Let your Intuition guide you to your Highest Well-Being.

Blessings everyone, Ari Ellumina (Cosmic Awakening)

Polona – Diving Deep – Activating Joy & Magic


Dear Ascension Pioneers!

As Ascension Pioneers, we are not separate from the world and what is going on around us. We are in the world, but not of it, but sometimes we have to plunge very deep into the abyss. Sometimes we are dealing with matters that are very physical and dense. But no matter what it is, we are always asked to bring more Light into any situation that we are in. We are here to shine the Light, and we are here to always find a way to reconnect with a sense of inner Joy and Magic, no matter what surrounds us in that moment. No matter how challenging something might seem at the moment, our Light can always make a difference. We are all very resourceful Beings, and even though we might not feel the Joy and Magic in a particular moment, we can always take a deep breath and let it all go. There is no need, only surrendering to the feeling of the Now moment. After the letting go phase, we will always be invited to find something that fascinates us in order to reconnect with that inner sense of Bliss. We can do it, it’s not something difficult, because this Magic already lives inside of us. We hold the key to that lock, and by finding something that inspires and uplifts us, regardless of how simple it is, we are right back in our personal vortex. Remember, if there is no flow, it means that it’s just not meant to be, and that fascination is to be found elsewhere. And when everything flows, it just does … and all doors are open!