Master Kuthumi via Méline Portia Lafont – Stepping into your New Roles – Being the Creator of Your World – 2-23-15

Meline Lafont 23Meline Portia Lafont


Greetings Master Beings of Light, my fellow travelers and riders of the waves of infinity. I come to you with peace and with guidance to what comes and what IS. I call you all forth to participate in this world and this shift of the ages with perseverance and with effort, for what your plane is about to see is a mirage of changes, events and opportunities to shift the Human consciousness into Light consciousness.

And so you represent, each and everyone of you, this force of God’s Will being the executers of the Divine blueprint that has been seeded upon this Earth. You shall keep in mind that all of you, who are to see the light in another and in the Self, are keepers of the New Earth and are the seeds of this new foundation. So let this be clear that all of you carry the responsibility to hold that light and this vibration within you at all times. I speak of the sophisticated Light frequency and knowledge that is one with the Christed Light.

Yet you do understand the importance of this all.. the Earth’s shift in vibration is giving a sense of turmoil and so much clearing that one may perceive the understanding of wanting to leave this plane and to let it be for what it is. It feels too much for many and it requires all of your efforts and attention. This is so because you are beholding the great change indeed, and this on the inner level as well as on the outer level. It is as if all is coming your way and wanting to pass through you so it can be set free. Well, in a way it is so my dear friends, and it is a task you have all signed up for. But not for much too long anymore, for things are about to change.

The tasks you have agreed on and signed up for are about to change and shift, much the same way as your consciousness does. The “Cosmic generator ~ the special forces of clearing “ are to change their paths and tasks to another vibration and responsibility that has more to do with holding that Light and space within so that other waves of consciousness and other groups of Master beings can commence that which you call, for you, the old tasks. It concerns the real embodying of that which you call the Solar Christed Light. You have been clearing to get to this point and so you are getting ready to now hold that vibrational consciousness, which is pure Golden Light.

And so now those wavers of you, which are called the first wavers on this planet, are ending the function of everlasting clearing devices and playing the roles of vehicles to set free old fabrics. You pass on these roles to a new generation and a new wave of Master Beings who are to diligently take over and play their roles of Cosmic cleansing generator. Behold the change in shifts as it generates Truth through all in uniqueness. Every Human being on this Earth is a part of this Global foundation, whether it be the new or the old foundation: you are all present and thus playing your roles through consciousness.

Many move past the threshold, some may stay and play in the fields to regenerate the Light within all, for that is their role of existence. In Truth you are all keepers of the Christed Light within, for you are the Christed ones. Those who are asleep will be shaken up either way, it is not to be given in time as to how long something might take. The vaster such consciousness is, the merrier the shakings will be and the harder those become to enable them to set free that which has become rusty and has to get into motion again.

All is in the Light of God consciousness and all is held into account in view of this last Human race to embody Galactic consciousness. It is the threshold to reach and it is the new reality to be embodied by you. Those who have walked this path of Ascension before are leading the way and assist the many unawakened ones in unique pathways, given by their own Light. Those who are struggling to survive in that which is falling shall come to see the infinity of all in other realities, and are given the opportunity to rise their consciousness and partake in that.

This is a great shift that is unfolding and it brings forth unique opportunities as well as deep revelations of all and the Self experienced through this world. The only thing to do at this time is to BE the Self at all times and to use every opportunity to expand your reality and consciousness, to anchor the inner peace and to see God’s Will in all. This might sound strange and even unacceptable when large events of a dark note are taking place onto your World, but it is up to you to take away the fear and the attention to that which creates fear and in doing so it is leaving these events weakened and eventually they will collapse in on themselves. Indeed, those events are fed from your fears and the attention you give to it.

Anchor the peace, the inner serenity and the Love in all forms, all cells and all parts of the world so that all that old and dark can leave its source. You assist by being the great bearer of wisdom and Christ consciousness and by being the walking vehicle of Christ.

Grant yourselves everyday to be in Love with the world (Gaia Sophia), to be in Love with yourselves and all others, for you are all one in truth. The world you come to see today is a creation of your own mind and the result of the shifts. Shift your perceptions and your values and things will become different in your world. All starts from within you, given that you are the creator of your own world. Make the change therein and hold the new world vibrations within your higher Heart at all times. Keep your thoughts and your attention very close to you and watch those at all times. Look from a Heart’s point at what you create and feed with your own thoughts and attention before your actions, this is crucial. Keep Love in the core of all.

It is time for me to leave now.
I am yours in service and in eternal Love
I am Master Kuthumi

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Lessons From the Garden – Kimberly Carter Gamble

THRIVE Movement

Getting my hands in the soil and witnessing the cycle of life has given me more gifts than I can count. Join me this week as I share my lessons from the garden.

Val Thor – You Are A Co-Creator With God

 “It’s very important to have complete control of one’s thoughts as thoughts are things on a lower realm and are the way all things in the matter worlds are created.  In reality, you are a speck of intelligence, surrounded by an energy field and this field is acted upon by thought.


“One creates their own worlds by what they think, believe and feel.  One allows a thought to take place without attempting to replace it with another thought (and this could be silent thought or verbally expressed), the emotional nature empowers the thought and that idea, when allowed to be birthed by thinking it, creates a mold in which the spirit, i.e. energy field flows into, creating the manifestation of the idea accepted as fact.  It is then cognized by the senses as substance. 


“All is energy in motion.  In actuality there is no matter there is only energy in varying frequency modulations. This energy frequency is set in motion by thought.


“So in the lower matter kingdoms that which is discerned by the five physical senses of man has been made by the invisible thought, which takes form on a lower matter level.  In actuality there is no matter there is only what is termed by some, “spirit”.  Man is “spirit” not “matter” though manifests as material on the matter level so “things” can be discerned.


“What one sees and calls a tree or any object in the matter worlds is a frequency of energy.  Energy is all there is in reality but without the discernment by the limited material senses, there would be no matter worlds.


“Friends, that power is within you this very moment. I believe Yeshua the Christed ONE said it clearer than all the metaphysical teachers put together that have tried to explain it since.


“As you believe so shall you receive.”


 © copyright 2010 Valana Thor (Patti Spencer)

Sylvain – The Seven Shaman Principles – 7-7-14

  1. The World is What You Think It Is

    Positive thoughts attract positive people and events, and negative thoughts attract negative people and events.

    Corollary: Everything is a dream

    Dreams are real and reality is a dream. The only test we use for a reality check is whether or not someone else experiences it. Hallucination means “your dream doesn’t match my dream.” “Reality” to a shaman is a mass hallucination, or a shared dream. If this life is a dream and if we can wake up fully within it, then we can change the dream by changing our dreaming.

    Corollary: All systems are arbitrary

    All meanings are made up and the Absolute Truth is whatever you decide it is. What matters is how well the system works for you, not how true it is (which is an arbitrary concept).

  2. There are No Limits

    We experience two kinds of limitations: creative and filtered.
    Creative limitation assumes the purposeful establishment of limits within an infinite universe in order to create particular experiences, made by God or our own Higher Selves. These enable us to experience life as humans on Earth (to play by that particular set of rules – breaking the rules changes to another game).

    Filtered limitations are imposed by ideas and beliefs that inhibit creativity rather than enhance it, like beliefs that engender hopelessness, helplessness, revenge and cruelty. They generate focus without the potential for positive action.

    Corollary: Everything is connected

    The usual metaphor is a web of interdependence.

    Corollary: Anything is possible

    All you have to do is believe. However, because you are not alone in the Universe, the degree to which something can be shared depends on the beliefs of others around you.

    Corollary: Separation is a useful illusion

    Pure empathy makes you as helpless as the one suffering. Fear make you lose sight of your role as dreamweaver.

  3. Energy Flows Where Attention Goes

    Meditation and hypnosis are simply different techniques for doing the same thing – refocusing your attention toward more positive beliefs and expectations. As states, both are identical conditions of sustained focused attention.

    Those aspects of your present experience which seem enduring are the effect of habitual sustained focused attention carried on by your subconscious.

    Corollary: Attention goes where energy flows

    Attention is attracted to all kinds of high energy intensity.

    Corollary: Everything is energy

    Thought is energy and one kind of energy can be converted into another kind of energy.

  4. Now is the Moment of Power

    Karma exists and operates only in the present moment. It is your beliefs, decisions, and actions today about yourself and the world around you that give you what you have and make you what you are.

    Thanks to memory we may carry over habits of body and mind from day to day, but each day is a new creation and any habit can be changed at any present moment – even if it isn’t easy.

    You select out of the immense resources of your gene pool those characteristics that best reflect your present beliefs and intentions. Your parents/social background have nothing to do with your present, but what you believe about them now and how you react to those beliefs does.

    Corollary: Everything is relative

    You define “now” based on your focus (second, hour, year, lifetime).

    Corollary: Power increases with sensory attention

    Many people living today aren’t even here – most of their attention is focused on the past or the future. To the degree they diminish their awareness of the present moment, their power and effectiveness in the present also decreases.

  5. To Love is to Be Happy With

    Love exists to the degree that you are happy with the object of your love. The unhappy part comes from fear, anger and doubt. To be deeply in love means to be deeply connected, and the depth and clarity of the connection increases as fear, anger and doubt are removed.

    Corollary: Love increases as judgment decreases

    Criticism kills relationships; praise builds and rebuilds them. When you give praise you reinforce the good and it grows. When you criticize you reinforce the bad and it grows.

    Corollary: Everything is alive, aware and responsive

    You subconscious takes any praise or criticisms it hears to heart, even if it’s directed elsewhere, even if you’re saying it. Each criticism separates you from and decreases your awareness of what you criticize, until you end up responding to a secondary creation of your own that may no longer resemble the original. When someone criticizes you, praise yourself to counteract it.

  6. All Power Comes From Within

    For every event that you experience you creatively attract it through your beliefs, desires, fears and expectations, and then react to it habitually or respond to it consciously. This does not mean that you are to blame for your abuse or injury, because you were probably not conscious of your negative beliefs, attitudes and expectations. It also does not mean the other person is innocent.

    Corollary: Everything has power

    You do not have ALL the power in the world – everyone has the same power. The good news – you can work with these powers.

    Corollary: Power comes from authority

    Confident authority is the key to conscious creation.

  7. Effectiveness is the Measure of Truth

    The means determine the end, not the ends justify the means. What is really important is what works.

    Corollary: There is always another way to do anything

    Every problem has more than one solution. If the goal is important, you should never give up, just change your approach.

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Co-creating the New Prosperity Template Energy – Golden Light Channel – 7-1-14

   Ascension Energies  22



The period of illuminated acceleration that we are experiencing now, has been planned in the higher realms since the fall of Great Atlantis.

Everyone participating in those unforgettable years agreed that the Earth, and those living upon it, needed to experience distance from their own creative abilities. And from Source.

This was achieved by the closing of the 12 chakra system, down to 7, and the addition of 7 powerful veils of illusion.

These days are past now, the experiment is complete. What is still in existance is a shadow collective, which in disintegrating, will be replaced by the higher fifth dimensional one.

This shadow collective contains the beliefs and experiences of everyone on this planet for the last 20,000 years.

While it may appear that this energy is a reality, it is not. It is simply energy, and energy can be alchemised and be replaced by a higher version.

All that is required is focus.

One of the collective consciousness frequencies that is still affecting souls is the poverty, or lack, vibration.

It is a point of reality that is being replaced, but it is down to us as Masters to replace it.

Merlin and Archangel Raphael have offered assistance to co- create the change needed.

Here is the visualisation ❤

Call upon Archangel Metatron to light up your Stellar Gateway. It is bright gold.

Call upon Archangel Mariel to illuminate your Soul Star. It is radiant magenta.

Call upon Archangel Christiel to light up your Causal chakra. See it glowing luminous moon white.

Call upon Archangel Jophiel to pour liquid gold into your Crown.

Call upon Archangel Raphael to touch and activate your emerald Third Eye.

Call upon Archangel Michael to light up your electric blue Throat chakra.

Call upon Archangel Chamuel to activate your pure white fifth dimensional Heart centre.

Call upon Archangel Uriel to illuminate your golden Solar Plexus.

Call upon Archangel Gabriel to touch and activate your bright orange Naval, your soft pink Sacral, and your bright platinum Base.

Finally, invoke Archangel Sandalphon to light up your swirling deep grey Earth Star.

Next, call forth the pillar of Ascension Light from the Core of Helios. See it come down through your open and activated chakras.

As it does so, invoke the Aquarian Ascension and Higher Mahatma energies to infuse with it.

As you reach the Sacral and Base, invoke Ascended Master Merlin and Archangel Raphael.

Ask them to remove the poverty consciousness template from these chakras and turn them into higher light.

Feel this energy lift from your chakras, leaving them pure and clear.

State, out loud three times..

” I (name) declare myself free of any poverty consciousness agreements, templates or realities, from this lifetime or any other.

I vow, in the name of the light, to attract pure abundance to myself and my planet”

Visualise yourself joining hands with Merlin and Archangel Raphael. Invoke the Golden Firedragons of Lemuria.

Consciously spin the energy from the old paradigm from the collective consciousness around the planet. Move clockwise, increasing in speed.

Watch as the Firedragons turn this energy into a higher light.

When this is done, repeat the process anticlockwise, still joined in unity with Merlin and Raphael.

Finally, see the same energy being gently lifted from the Sacral and Base chakras of every soul living on Earth.

See their twelve chakra system illuminate with their ascended colours.

With Merlin and Archangel Raphael, place a new golden halo of fifth dimensional prosperity and abundance around Earth.

This is a pool of energy that everyone will have full access to. All are One.

Thank Merlin, Raphael, the Firedragons and yourself.

You are co-creators of a new reality..

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Jayme Price – Weekly LightBlast – You Create with the Collective of Life – 6-28-14

Written by Jayme Price, Crystalline Soul Healing, June 28, 2014 | Thanks to Awakening Daily.

Dear Being, as you create you change the vibrational balance upon Earth. We hear the call of frustration, confusion and sometimes even defeat as the will of the collective, the will of the present does not seem to cooperate with the future you want to create now.

You are a vital part of Life; honored, cherished and respected as the Creator that you are. You are supported and sustained by the engine of Life and this engine is in continual motion beyond your concept of Time.

Yet Time has given its flow to you, it interweaves with you and allows your focus to permeate its flow and form. It responds, allows and holds you on a track of movement, confined to day and night, confined to a collective clock. Your perception and participation with this engine of Life melds its flow into form. You create. You create with the collective of Life, with the rules of Life.

Knowing All is Well is another way of saying have ease with the rules of Life. Rather than fight against or push forward, create as you flow, observe and choose. Continually observe the clues that flow and form are giving you and choose anew, choose anew, choose anew. Life is fail-safed to not only continue, but to flourish and expand.

The tree digs deep and finds root in water so that its expansion continues into the Light with a strength that takes from the body of the earth and gives to the nourishment of Life. Life is served, shared with and enhanced by the tree and in this cycle, it also gives back to the body of Earth.

Your very existence is a cycle of give and take with Life and this cycle is sacred. As you breathe, eat and excrete you enact a cycle of transformation and service that includes other aspects of Life. It is this collective participation that is your connection, your choice and your expansion. Take it and give it new Life.

As you trust your mind to create and Know All is Well, you are aligning your empowerment with your Divine Nature in human form. You have been given dominion of choice. How you choose to perceive your fellow humans, life on Earth and Free Will either disrupts your flow or facilitates change.

When you look at other humans that you disagree with, do you find expansion in the disagreement or do you find a wall that you must push against? This wall is invisible, so you must Follow Your Mind to observe your truth – your initial reaction. This wall is not in form, Dear One, it is in you. Do not resist it, for at first it provides you safety and sanctuary.

Within the walls of your resistance to another, you nurture your choice and your strength to choose it. Do you have the strength to forgive another to melt your resistance and also build your endurance to hold a boundary of choice? That boundary of choice becomes a wall that allows your Free Movement, not binding you within walls of fortification, but fortifying you with walls of participation with Life. Your clarity of focus, your clarity of Love, your clarity of choice and holding your empowerment of give/take with another is your Free Movement with Life.

As we sit to Blast Knowing All is Well, we are choosing with a power that does not apologize for our existence, but co-creates with this beautiful game of Life – tipping the scales toward Love. We are observing the choices of others, as we agree and disagree, and honoring the glory of each being’s ability to choose how they participate with Life. We are appreciating free will, for it is an engine of learning, developing and choosing that is in-built into Life prior to birth.

We are looking beyond the moment, into the potential of empowerment it creates and enhancing Love’s emergence on Earth. We are observing our reaction to others and using resistance to form a new path for the flow of Love as we erode the walls of fear and separation into the current of Time. We are boldly choosing Love and empowerment within, for Life responds to our choice and forms anew be-cause of us. Blast on!


Bashar – Surely That’s Impossible – Bashar On Mass Awakening

Gábor Hényel·176 videos


Lisa Gawles – The Light Body – The Pull of Co-Creation

light body

I sat at my computer on Monday, the day I was supposed to leave for Sedona (but didn’t simply due to the air quality from the fires burning there) and of course I filled my day up with readings.  My thinking was… might as well do something productive.  As I took a minute to look over my daily agenda, something really strange happened, something that I have never experienced before.  I could see the light from every cell in my body stream out of my skin and move upwards towards my face and said in no uncertain terms “I thought were taking the day off today.”   What the hell was that??

Granted, I know the body, the cells of the body have consciousness, but the ability to organize a revolt to the mind itself!!??  I have got to ponder this deeper, but not this day, I have work to do!!  lol  I did assure the cells of my body that Tuesday is a real day off, no appointments, we can just chill and ponder together.   Man, my cells not only took me seriously, they made sure I couldn’t change my mind.  I was in la la land all day long Tuesday.  I suppose I should be grateful for getting my blog out lol.

I may not have done a damn thing in my physical world, but man oh man, the bursts of understandings that were coming thru (for two days) made it all worth while.

We talk about co-creation a lot, or, at least I do (smile.)  But, before we can genuinely c0-create, with purpose, from the fields of conscious intelligence beyond our body, we must first learn to fully and totally co-create with the trinity that makes up the body itself.

Mind, Body, Soul.  Three working as one.

Ok, lets just look at the body itself.  A massive amount of cells all working together to keep the physical body functioning, not so much in the way you and I may want it to function, but in the way it needs to function to make sure we do not lose our awareness of the bigger picture.

Which really brought me to pondering the “light body.”  I seen my cells all gang up on me (well, the mental part of me.)  A coup d’etat in its own right!  At least they were kind enough to wait to overthrow my governing body (mind) until the next day.  lol  Nothing like a co-operative coup!!

However, this understanding really continues on from my previous sharing about our dark side and our light side.  The majority of us that made it to the front lines of this light wave of the Garden of Eden made manifest, got here by scrubbing our “thinking” clean.  Releasing the way we had been programmed to look at life, to experience life, even the expectations piled on us with life itself.

Every time we looked into the depths of our own darkness and turned on the light of awareness, a cell (or many) in the body of Light fired, turned on forever.  For me personally, this encompassed the first 8 years on this crazy path.  Thru it all, it never stopped the times we know as the dark night of the soul.  When the light body goes dark for a while.  When it feels like the spiritual sweater that has become your new skin, left town and the darkness returns.  Until you get to the point where the dark night still happens, but it more like pre-dawn or dusk.  You know what is happening.  The depths of raunchy emotions just simply does not exist like it once did, yet, that spiritual sweater is no longer as vibrant as it once was.  At least, for a little while.

The body MUST power down.  I know this now with absolute clarity.  It a time that is so much more than recharging, but really powering up to a new level of Light.  The light itself is held in the cells of the entire body.  The truest, purest energy system we have.

The body itself has needs and desires, the soul is the magnetic field that attracts, creates the outcome of the needs and desires, and the mind itself is the navigator.

Here is the pesky part.  The moment the mind takes a path of its own, the body and soul are creating the energy, the experience(s) to get it back on course. Sometimes, gently, sometimes with massive explosions so it is not missed in the redirection.

Many still have a lot of bias in that mental matter.  Hell, it seems everything creates new biases, this thing we call a spiritual path is no different from anything else where group minds merge.  Imagine what it feels like to be completely FREE of any bias.  Of any belief system what so ever.  If we can get out of that pool of collective energy, we would FINALLY honor body and soul together, its needs, desires and creation abilities.

There is a strong difference in energies when you know you just personally do not like something, and then the energies of fear that something is bad for you.  Everytime you (more than likely, innocently) feel that something is bad for you, you are turning off the cells of light and keeping yourself in the dark, reducing the energy outflow and ability to hear/see the communicative world around us.

I did this very thing with the likes of Jorge.  I finally realized what my issue with him was.  In meditation he is just sooo pretty.  So flipping young and buff.  Of course, in spirit, in our truest essence we can and do take on any body, any age we loved most.  With Jorge, his presentation in my meditations connected with the younger, wilder (can we say freer) part of myself.  I didn’t even realize he was banging against my own (well hidden) biases to shake them free…. eventually.

I have spent this last month diving deep into my dark recesses and turning on the light of understanding, freeing myself from my mental chatter.  Phew, what a work out!!

Beyond the Darth Vader pondering, there was another reading I did with a man (interesting, all the folks pushing me deeper into myself this last week or so, have been men on the field… hmmmmmm.)  But there he was, standing in May with someone out in the midst of June, a fishing rod in their hand, and I watched as this fishing rod was cast outwards towards May and got my man on the field right in the solar plexus.  What was even more interesting was that the fishing line itself was an intense yellow.  Soul lines of energy.

Until that moment, I never even gave thought to the fact that there may be others out in our field of life, seeking us.  Calling out soul energy to their little corner of the created world.  Well just dah!!  But how many are like me, seeking from my own heart and not listening to the call of another?  Geez, I can be so self (yup, small s there) absorbed sometimes.

This fisher person (I could not tell if it was a man or woman, but it was a human, that I was sure of) was way off in the west, outside of this mans comfort zone of living.  The fishing line/hook landed in my mans solar plexus and the fisher person started reeling in the line… slowly.  Our job is to follow the magnetic pulls of energy and flow with them.  But, we also have that pesky mind that can just take the hook (which sounds crueler than it is) out and ignore the call outwards.

Hmmmmm… ohhh the pondering got deep for me.  I am not using the darkness as my strength, I am using it to avoid things.  Namely, that amazing connection I call Jorge.

This past week or so, I have heard my team putting the dating site “eharmony” in my face, in my audio system, shit, even on commercials on TV.  I ignored it for two weeks.  These two profound connections tho… started shaking me up in new ways.  Dammit.

I must have finally got out of my mind about every aspect of Jorge, because Monday evening while doing dishes, I seen his human form.  Holy shit, he is not a buff 30 something guy… not even close.  I cannot tell you just how excited I got, the flood of relief was exciting.  I still didn’t do a damn thing with it, except maybe smiled and finished my dishes.

My team decided to up the game during my sleep time.  Keep in mind, I almost never dream, when I do, I pay very close attention.  This dream was an experience, so real, so vivid in my memory even today.

I was in a hospital bed with my right foot up in the air (emotional/spiritual path of life) and a strange-looking IV that was in the arch of my right foot (looked more like a safety pen, but I knew it was an IV.  Then this nurse comes in and yells at me “you have diabetes!”  I yelled back at her “no I don’t” then as soon as I looked down at my foot, it was so freakin purple, my toes were a dark purple and from my arch to the toes a lighter purple.  Scared the shit out of me, so I tried to get up and go to the bathroom to get that IV out of my foot, knowing it was what was causing the discoloration of my foot.  I had the hardest time walking cuz there was a needle in the bottom of my damn foot.  Shit.  I end up back in bed and then this nurse, still insisting i have diabetes in my right foot, came lunging at me with this insulin needle.  She tried to plunge it into the left side of my chest (physical life side) and the t-shirt I had on must have had a decal or something on it, because she couldn’t it thru the plastic material under the t-shirt, so then she back up, lunged at me again and slammed her needle into the right side of my chest, instantly, the fluid in the needle squirted out of my mouth.  I woke up, but the dream was way too vivid to forget.

I so get this crazy ass dream.  Diabetes, the inability to process the sweetness in life.  Because it was in my right (emotional/spiritual) foot, path forward, I was stopping the sweetness (the IV that looked like a safety pen) from arriving.  The fact that on many levels I want this (hence the IV, emotional fluids in) but don’t put my foot forward to get it, well, my foot turned purple.  Purple in my world now represents the ascended masters in body, in consciousness within body and because of my mental matter, I am keeping that from myself, and now it is backing up.

That crazy nurse, the divine feminine, the healer, my soul… showing me i have some serious protection under my shirt (the clothes I wear in life) within my physical life, fortunately, my emotional/spiritual side is wide open.  For the medicine (emotions she plunged in me) to have any affect, I must use it thru my voice/Self expression, hence the fluid flying out of my mouth.

I joined eharmony as soon as I got out of bed!!  lol  No gangrene setting into my soul desires let me tell ya!!  I know a kick in the ass when I dream it!! lol

Mind, body and soul, one co-creative machine, giving full power and unlimited resources to the field of life that is c0-creating for you, thru you in the vastness of, well… everything!!!

Actually, this brings me to yet another mans reading.  Geez, where did all these men come from???  lol  Anyway, there he was, Santa Claus stepping into the beginning of June.  To his left was a little house or workshop or something.  Inside of it was an elf busily working on something.  I eventually realized he was making new shoes for Santa (my guy I was reading for.)  When I looked at the shoes he was wearing, they were black Santa boots.  Black, the deep unknown/unforeseen.  Yet, in his innate trust of moving forward thru the things he couldn’t see, he landed in Christmas land (June/July) and he (as we all are) is the Santa Claus that brings and gives gifts.

The elf was making him a new pair of shoes, the wooden, dutch ones.  Made from the roots of the new earth (think, tree of life) aligned with the interconnections of the ground itself and all the lay-lines upon her.  No more moving forward in the dark… but purposely with the frequency of the magnetic pull of the earth and those aligned with this new earth.

But more than that, the greater message was… Santa has helpers.  He is not the one making the gifts, the elves are.  We need to constantly employ our elves with our desires.  They do the work, we move in alignment with where it is taking us.  It is our job to employ them, give them tasks to fulfill the desire within us and those around us.

Eharmony just became one of my Christmas elves.  I now know what Jorge looks like in body so I will know when he shows up.  Gulp.

Merry Christmas too ALL!!

((((HUGZ)))) of wild adventures and stuff!!!

Lisa Gawlas

P..S. I used this art because it so reminded me of the light energy in the veins I had seen the other day.  Fire up!!!!


Natalie Glasson – Co-Create Beyond Illusion And Separation – By The God And Goddess Creator Vibrations – 3 May 2014

natalie glasson

Beloved Creator presence and embodiment beings upon the Earth, the energy flowing forth to you and emerging from within your being is that of the balanced and harmonised God and Goddess Creator vibrations. As a sacred aspect and expression of the Creator we flow forth to work with you in special areas of your reality and ascension process. We speak simply as a consciousness and source of light from the dimension within the cosmic level of the harmonised God and Goddess Creator vibrations.  As a vibration and consciousness of the Creator we encourage deep healing, awakening and unity within your being, dissolving energies of separation and illusions which are rising from within your being and projecting into your realities to encourage you to discard the energetic patterns of the lower dimensions.

In order for the manifestation of the new era and the new Earth of love there is a need to erase and dissolve many different forms, beliefs and perspectives of separation and illusion, then the truth of love will be experienced with ease and perfection. We now wish to co -create with you a reality which is beyond separation and illusion.
You may wish to begin by saying out loud or within your mind; ‘Beloved God and Goddess Creator vibrations, support me now to see, sense and acknowledge the truth and divinity of my being, energy, form and presence.’
This simple intention will allow us to work with your energies to dissolve all illusion and separation thus gifting to you a greater awareness and responsibility of your spiritual ascension. In order to anchor and realise the presence of the Creator’s essence within your being you may wish to work with this intention;
‘Beloved God and Goddess Creator vibrations, I call you forth to activate from the purest essence of my being to flow into divine fruition and expression with sacred balance. Assist me in accessing, acknowledging and realising the Creator essence of this present moment of ascension from within my being. Let my Creator essence evolve within me to align with the ascension vibrations of the Creator’s universe. Assist me to be awake, aware, conscious and observant of my own energies, shifts, evolvement and the divine Creator essence so abundantly within my being.

Let my physical body and energetic bodiesbe encoded with the present day fully awakened Creator essence manifesting fully with awareness and inspiration within my being. My bodies now shift to be as one with the Creator essence, meaning that I exist at the quickest Creator vibration available to me at this time. I allow my bodies to transform.’
We wish to assist you in being aware of separation and illusion as this gives you the opportunity to remind yourself of the space of peace, love and joy already within you so you are no longer intertwined with perspectives that hinder and block your recognition of the Creator within your being. You may wish to work with the below intention.

‘Beloved God and Goddess Creator vibrations please penetrate my being erasing all energetic patterning of separation and illusion. Raise my energetic vibration to the purest Creator love frequency so I may always be aware of separation, seeing straight through with clarity and understanding the illusion of all forms of separation. I now vow to no longer create thought patterns of separation or illusion, I only choose to energise positive creatively loving thoughts and energetic patterns within my reality.

I ask the God and Goddess Creator Vibrations to erase all suffering and pain held within my being and bodies connected to suffering and illusion. I acknowledge, sense and positively understand myself to be united completely and absolutely with the Creator, experiencing the eternal love of the Creator. Unity, happiness and contentment now replace any and all forms of separation and illusion that I may have previously acknowledged as the truth of my being. I now acknowledge
myself as being free from separation and illusion. My chosen energy and focus is now gratitude.’
With your awareness and recognition of the Creator awakening, your entire being is opening up like an egg shell being cracked open, this can cause feelings of extreme sensitivity and even pain to experiences created within your reality. When you require healing and nourishment due to a painful or hurtful experience in your reality you may wish to call upon the God and Goddess Creator vibrations to be of service.
‘Beloved God and Goddess Creator vibrations, I call upon your energies to wipe my energetic vibration and patterning, my emotional, mental and physical bodies of the negativity I have just experienced. I no longer wish to retain the experience within my being or collected within my soul’s memories. My divine wish is to experience a deep and absolute cleansing on all levels of my being experiencing a profoundly powerful dispensation of pure love from the heart chakra of the Creator to be embodied completely by me.

I recognise myself as purified, and all evidence of my experience dissolved from my being as I now emanate a powerful and pure love. This powerful and pure love is immovable, untouchable and impenetrable; it resides as a strong love
presence within me eternally. I am healed, cleansed and purified, I am love.’
With great emphasis placed upon unity within the inner planes of the Creator’s universe, all aspects of your soul especially the numerous incarnations of your soul are returning to the aspect of your soul you embody, wishing to gain healing, truth, love and to be bonded once more in love. Some of your soul aspects may be influencing your being causing old energetic patterns or pain to emerge; we can assist you in healing and purifying all aspects of your soul to aid a deep and pure embodiment within your being.
‘Beloved God and Goddess Creator vibrations, I ask you to purify my soul and enhance my soul’s embodiment within my physical present being. Please erase from my soul memories, scarring and all forms of negativity my soul and the many incarnations of my soul choose to hold onto. Purify, cleanse and heal my soul encouraging the pure and wise energetic patterning of my soul to be fully formed and present within my physical body, chakras and auric field. I now accept a greater or complete aspect of my soul as fully embodied and fully realised within my being. I am my soul in this embodiment.’
Your soul has numerous purposes upon the Earth but one of the natural focuses of your soul is to bring the experience of heaven or the bliss of the Creator to the Earth for all to enjoy and experience. The heaven of the Creator can only be brought forth through the projection of the recognition of heaven from within each soul. When separation and illusion are dissolved then it is easier to connect with, manifest, embody and experience the heaven of the Creator on the Earth.
‘Beloved God and Goddess Creator vibrations, it is my intention to manifest the heaven, bliss and profound joy of the Creator within my being, perspectives and reality while also supporting humanity and the Earth.

My intention is to dissolve the veil of separation which many energise including myself between the heaven of the Creator and the Earth. With recognition of the heaven of the Creator so all separation experienced between myself and humanity and the divinity of the Creator is erased. I and all of humanity now accept our divine right and acknowledge ourselves as divine sacred creators on the Earth eternally connected to the Creator experiencing fruitfully abundant realities born of love.‘

Our greatest wish is to be of service to you at this time of tremendously powerful awakening and shifts of ascension.

God and Goddess Creator vibrations