DL Zeta – Inner Unification – Revolution of Oneness on the Inner Planes – 7-12-14

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Spiritual teachers, healers and shamans of the new time dream deep into the waters of all-time to awaken sleeping memories that teach us the stories of the new earth. These stories of future time planes are encoded into the DNA of those who incarnated here at this time to help shift the earth to awakened timelines. In order to activate these codes, soul travelers to this timeframe seeded frequencies designed to trigger awakening of deeper potentials that exist beyond the third dimension.

These frequencies guide awakening souls through rites of passage that allow them to peel away third-dimensional veneers that obstruct their ability to gaze deeply into the energetic maze of what we think of as time. Venturing into this maze, we are able to perceive the mile markers of awakening. These markers are a kind of etheric bread crumb trail, perceptible to those whose inner senses are attuned to them.

Waking and Nightly Dreams bring Glimpses of Future Time Planes

These rites of awakening lead us past energies that would otherwise ensnare our attention. In the world around us there’s much to affirm we are small and helpless. There’s much to grab our focus and steer our energy into repeating loops that keep us retrograding through past energies. When we see through these and step past them we enter the energetic field of the new time. This field is now expanding as more beings look past the illusion and bring their focus to the inner planes where the new earth is alive and well. Many of you glimpse these realities throughout your waking dreams; at other times you awaken from nightly dreams with images of other times and places fresh inside your imagination. These glimmers are deeper waves of the new time rippling back to our present moment.

There are ways you can strengthen your perceptions of these energies. Before bedtime, bring your focus to this energetic field so as you fall asleep your consciousness is guided by intention into the future time planes of the new earth. Inside these time planes you are able to join in consciousness with others to amplify the dream of the new earth.

Your Imagination is your Tool to Explore Future Time Planes

You have been taught that your imagination is the province of fools and dreamers, a tool for escapists seeking release from the difficult realities they have created in the third dimension. Rather, it is just the opposite. The imagination is a tool to perceive and explore future time planes encoded with the frequencies of the higher realms. Our imagination is our vehicle for exploring these realms and magnetizing them into our energy field. There are those who feel there is no practical reason for bringing these energies into physical reality. There are those who feel threatened by them and seek to stifle access to these doorways of higher perception.

These doorways are extensions of our own consciousness. When we step through them we encounter aspects of ourselves we have yet to meet. It is through these encounters that we begin the process of inner unification. When we stand in the power of our spiritual knowing, there is nothing that can separate us from these access points. Once we perceive the vastness of our being, we can never un-see it. Therefore, we can never be limited or controlled by outside forces for long. This is why inner unification is essential. At this point, our main task is to gain unity and consensus among our repertoire of selves.

Casting off the Shackles of Limiting Perceptions

We are in a timeframe when we are able to throw off the shackles of all that has bound us to limiting identities that denied our oneness with our soul and higher self.

We are one with source energies but it is difficult to acknowledge this because we have been programmed since birth to remain inside a small place within ourselves. There are those who benefit from keeping souls tethered to the third dimension though we do not need to concern ourselves with this. We can instead focus on how limitations early in life assisted us in developing our consciousness. A limited perspective serves to ground us to physical reality as we gain the experience and spiritual understanding sufficient to awaken our present focus self.

Early in life, an expanded vision of ourselves would not have served our growth and need for understanding . As we awakened, we learned to balance limited and expanded perceptions as needed. Now we are able to bring our focus more fully to the higher realms where we are able to interact with and unify with our selves throughout time.

As we move further into the new time we awaken to the many facets of our consciousness existing simultaneously throughout time. Once we consciously perceive we are many, we develop a dialogue with our multitude of selves to pool the gifts, talents, skills and knowing we have cultivated throughout the journey of our soul.

Our Perception expands as we unite our ‘Selves’

Our lens of perception expands exponentially as we unite with our selves that exist throughout time. Imagine a single camera trained on only one perspective versus a hundred or a thousand cameras, each offering a unique perspective. This represents the essence of expanded consciousness. Once we achieve oneness with our “selves” we are able to join with others on the inner planes to activate the codes and frequencies of the new earth.

Joining the Revolution of Oneness on the Inner Planes

The new earth is an energetic framework that exists along the limitless grid created when unified souls awaken to their true identity and join in this revolution of awakening consciousness. When this energetic field of the new time is amplified, it extends outward, engulfing lower frequencies, thought viruses, enslaving time loops and all that has held consciousness to a lower vibration.

The new time is gathering energy and extending backwards with energetic waves that have been impacting human consciousness for centuries. As we enter resonance with this energetic field it becomes more solid, more real in our experience. Awakened souls have inner senses able to perceive the golden waves of the new time breaking across the shores of our future horizons.

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Higher Self and Unity Time – – The Golden Heart Dialogues – Ascension Update – 7-5-14



It is the inner knower aspect of our nature that provides us with steady calm during tumultuous times. Times like this— right here now. With the ensuing chaos it is a perfect time to go inside. Many of you are doing this already and yet there is even a higher plane to explore. It is the plane where your Ultimate Self lives. Your inner knower has unrestricted access to the door to Source.

What we are really doing is venturing towards our future selves. This does bring us comfort, as in, why are we here?

When you are unmistakably certain you have ventured to the highest plane of your consciousness, you have entered a domain of stunning awareness. A plane where everything you are is. You stand at the threshold, the access point for our place of origination. We call this home.

Each person has an inner knower and Ultimate Self. It is pure awareness that communicates with our soul. We can say our Ultimate Self animates our soul. There is no greater time than now to be knowingly engaged with this aspect of ourself. I use the term Higher Self (HS). It is the invisible subtle self. HS is the common most searched term for those on this journey. The higher self is not the soul. It is the spiritual essence that animates the soul.They work as one however. In our past series we explored the realm of existence outside of time. This is where our subtle self lives.

What are the skills or methods for accessing HS? These are the basics.

Skills for accessing Higher Self are simple: 1. Free will choice. 2. Determination 3. Resolve 4. Good Intention. 5. Desire to know HS. 6. Receptivity and Acceptance. (This being the most unfamiliar challenge). This is the now what, (?) part. Accepting what is true is actually a foreign concept. It runs against our programming, both birth and cultural.

Since 2012, and after fourteen years of expansion, I integrated with the twelve aspects of my earth-based soul, I integrated with a part of myself that influences my current life. We are on earth to discover and become aware of these fragmented parts of ourselves. And ultimately to love them all. There is no bypassing while exploring this on our journey. A direct approach is best and this demands our wakefulness.

In order to do this it is imperative to be grounded and occupying our body— to not be dissociating, trancing-out or separated from Source or our humanity in any way. Retrieving our soul fragments is the role of the soul/Higher Self. The mission is to come into our wholeness. Ideally we attempt this as a collective embarking on our journey to a new/ earth/nation/rising. The soul’s last mission and wish is Individuation into Wholeness. We have covered this in our conference calls. There are tools for accessing HS in a more precise manner and by bypassing any sort of rhetoric, gimmicks or tertiary dogma.

The time for processing or delving into shallow or surface-level cathartic techniques is past. We are meant to journey through, not camp out too long, on our way. The planetary clock, as a metaphor, is ticking and time as we know it has dissolved. Many of course are not aware that we are already in unity time. We are crossing dozens of choice points simultaneously now.

We are rolling up our sleeves at this level of expansion. No whining serves us now. At this juncture we are to get through it by moving forward. No looking back, now wishy-washy faulty thinking now.

We can do this. Now is the time to huddle together and encourage each other and sometimes even splash a bit of cold water when needed. We are being pushed, pulled, prodded now.

We can do this, we truly can. We have each other, you and me, equals one. One, by one, is how we manage this. Side by side we take each other by the hand.

Christina Fisher, A New World Rising and How to Navigate Through It, 2014




Steve Rother Channels ‘The Group’ – July 2014 – Ascension, Predictions,Comments, Questions

Steve Rother·678 videos

Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee – We Are All One – “It is time for the world to remember it belongs to God – ONE: the Movie

WorkingWithOneness·71 videos

Christine Day – Pleiadian Light Initiations on Healing – Conversations with Lauren Galey

Steve Rother Channels ‘The Group’ – July 2014 – Ascension, Predictions,Comments, Questions

Lakota – The Star People – A Message For All Of Humanity

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~ May the Creator bless you all with health and happiness ! ~

Some Natives might think that this doesn’t sound old traditional Native to their ears. But these fellows in my Lakota – Star People video are real Native Americans from Lakota tribe and they are part of the Healing World Ceremonies. Many Native artists today are switching from the one way monotone style to more sharing & understanding style which is the key to unite all four colors people to bring the message of the world of sharing and understanding between each other so no more war dance will be ever need to be played anymore.

” We are everybody brothers and sisters and we have to walk away from our shadows to see the beauty of our homes ”

Little Crow



Archangel Gabriel – Oneness and Unity – Channeler Victoria Cochrane – 5-18-14

Archangel Gabriel

Oneness is unity. It is where all things in the universe are connected by infinite threads, and there is no separation between them. Oneness is awareness of self in the eyes of the Creator, who sees all his children as one with him and holds them in perfection. When you are one with the Creator you are loved unconditionally in all areas of your life. There is no judgement or condemnation, only love and light. To achieve oneness you need do nothing, for it is already so! To live your life in full awareness of oneness is another matter. Bring in the light of the Creator, into your heart space, into your breath and into your being. Hold his light as love and feel it as your love also, for the love of the Creator is also your own. Know that the love of the Creator lives and breathes in all things, and there is nothing that is separate from him or that is not loved by him. When you know the unconditional love of the Creator and live within His light you will also see everything from a place of love. One cannot judge others when one lives in the light and love of the Creator, nor can one judge oneself, because the Creator knows no such state.

And so it is.

I AM Archangel Gabriel.”


Nassim Haramein – We Are All One

LHall3308’s channel·27 videos

Not my video, I was not there for this lecture, but this is such important information that I wanted to make sure this is available for educational purposes. Please visit http://theresonanceproject.org/ for further information.

My gratitude to Nassim Haramein for his continued work and courage.

Dana Mrkich – Unity, Community Connection – 5-19-14

Dana Colour Pic NewWhere do I start with the amount of unity and community connection going on right now?

Troops and donations are being sent from all over to help Serbia, Bosnia and Croatia as they face unprecedented flooding with tens of thousands of people having to flee their homes. These people have suffered more than their fair share of hardship, usually under circumstances of war, and one heart-warming thing about this situation is that the focus for the entire region is on helping and saving as many people and animals as possible. Please see The Novak Djokovic Foundation here and here for further information.


In Australia tens of thousands hit the streets yet again in the ‘March in May’ to protest the decisions of our current Government. Every single promise that was made prior to the election has been broken and turned on its head. This is not surprising to those who didn’t vote for him, and it has enraged many who did vote for him. The result: people who usually are on opposing sides joining together for a common cause – calling for a more honest, fair government that truly represents the people instead of embarking on a system of governing more suited to a dictatorship.

Also in Australia, my friend Dean’s petition is almost at 25,000 supporters with many of those leaving comments about their own struggles with mental health or unfair insurance company decisions, along with their total appreciation for our emergency service workers.

All of this is happening in our greater community, on top of what feels like a growing swell of healing, sharing, empathy, emotional connection and heart-opening occurring in our smaller circles of family and friends. Have you been feeling this?

(c) Dana Mrkich 2014


Sananda – Life is One – Channeled by Dr. Kathryn E May




This morning we gave an image to Kathryn in her morning meditation which we want her to describe to you here and on her radio show. I will ask her to describe what she saw, and then we will give you the piece of the information that you can apply for yourselves.


I saw the Earth, beautiful in her blue, green and brown coloring, a few white clouds like a shawl draped here and there around her. She revolved, as she does, and I felt her presence, her lively consciousness. As she turned, I saw souls ascending to a place somewhere above but not separate from her. These souls, however, were each deeply connected to me – I felt such a magnetic attraction to them.

My heart filled with joy as I recognized our great love for one another. They are my family! my great friends, my One. We joined with one another, forming an organic whole, like a flower with many petals. In fact the picture that came to me was like a rose that had dropped its petals, and now the petals were rising up, rejoining the flower and forming a new rose, as I watched. But I was not just watching. I was a petal rejoining my flower, and I felt such overwhelming joy, it was like relief, happiness, enormous pleasure, LOVE!

I was aware that I was rejoining my 64 friends who had known each other forever. We shared everything – memory, feeling, experience. I felt the number 64. I was being told we are all coming, every one. We will all be together again as the One we have known for so long. The feeling of joy is indescribable.

I was also aware that this vision is to be shared, and that each soul has their own “64” family, their own unique collection of beings who will rejoin in overwhelming joy as we all ascend to higher dimensions, but for each of us, the feeling was: At this moment, I only have eyes for my own flower recreating itself. WE belong together. WE are One.

Then, as my flower is complete, a flower of souls, hugging each other so closely we become one organic whole, I am aware of an even greater joy. My self, my flower, are immersed in the energy which joins all flowers together. We are an enormous bouquet, but it has no single form, like a vase full of roses. It is an energy form, ebbing and flowing, moving, alive. I am aware of my deep love for Terra, her mountains and oceans and sky, and the reaches of outer space, endless Universes, wrapped comfortably around us, an integral part of our feeling of comfort and relief at being reunited with our true essence.

Ahhhh….YES….We are ONE! but this ONE is a feeling, an experience, a sense of knowing, pleasure, belonging. We are home.

Yes, this is the vision we shared with Kathryn as she greeted us in her morning meditation. It is what all of you will experience in your own Ascension. This is what you have to look forward to, Beloved Ones.

Every soul is a unique being, and at the same time a part of a larger whole, and a larger whole, each level of belonging exquisitely felt, simultaneously and separately at the same time. It is as if you are swimming in a glorious lake, and with each stroke you feel the gentle currents, temperature changes, now warmer, now cooler, all interesting and pleasurable, all a part of the lake which is you, your ongoing experience of life.

You see, there are no words to adequately describe the feelings of Joy, Happiness, Harmony and Love we feel for each other and for you. We can only offer you these images, painted with words, to express what life truly is, when you raise your consciousness beyond what Peter Olson has described on his http://www.ManyOfOne.com website and radio shows: This experience on Planet Earth in a human form is 1% of who you are. This is a very important 1%, but nevertheless, it is a tiny part of the whole.

It is now the time, Beloveds, to acknowledge the 99% of you which is your connection to All That Is. Use your intuitive abilities, your Faith and your greater sense of knowing – those resources of your HeartMind – to feel your way back to your connection to LOVE. Feel yourself swimming in the energy which contains/expresses/creates LOVE.

Find the quiet place in your heart. Focus on being present, quiet, the essence of Harmony which synchronizes you – your 1% – with your 99% which is embedded, swimming in the energy of Harmony and beyond that, LOVE. This is our natural environment, the culture in which we grew to our present state of consciousness. The more you align your present 1% with your Higher Self, the more you will feel the serenity and joy Kathryn described above. The petals here on the surface are the 1% of your soul which is returning to higher dimensions to merge with the flower of life which is you, and which then merges with the family of souls who are your soul mates and fellow travelers. In turn, your soul family is a part of the teeming life in the Universe.

With this image held gently in your heart, how could you ever feel alone or abandoned? We are here with you always, guiding and raising you up, as you complete this present mission. The path you have taken has led you invariably to where you are now, closer every moment to the completion of the Dream of all humankind, which is to ascend together to the 5th dimension.

As you ponder these thoughts and feelings, be aware that what you are feeling is Truth. You need no philosophy, no arduous work with formulas and figures. You only need to go to the small, quiet place in your heart where you can connect directly with your SoulMind in the center of your brain, and from there to All That Is. It is the simple, essential design which makes it possible for humankind to create reality with the force of our thoughts and feelings, even as you live moment by moment.

Yes, Beloved Ones, you are indeed made in the image of your Creator. You have the power to create, and to raise your Planet Earth and all its inhabitants to a higher vibration. You can do this by raising your own vibration, for our interconnectedness means that all are One. All humankind will feel the effect of your movement to a higher plane.

There is another important element of Creation which it is helpful to understand. Here on Planet Earth, we created the elements of Time, the landscape which suggests finite space, and the experience of duality. By duality, we mean many things, because it expresses itself in many ways. We experience up and down, light and dark, in addition to high and low feelings, light and dark moods, hope and despair, unity and separateness. These are the differences we will leave behind when we rise to higher dimensions where there is no war because there is no experience of separateness or competition or alienation. There is no hatred because there is no sense of you-opposed-to-me, or have and have not.

There is no better or worse, no higher or lower, no separation one from another in the higher realms. So, you see how utterly different this experience is from all the rest of existence? It is a rather brilliant design, in terms of the ability to experience something you could not find elsewhere in the Universe. Is it any wonder there was a great lineup of souls who would have liked to join you here on the surface of Planet Earth for this last, glorious moment before all is lifted into higher dimensions?

It is difficult, even arduous at times, yes, but it is an invaluable process by which all of us have learned to appreciate our own strengths, hold closely the precious love of our soul partners, and treasure the exquisite sensations of life as a 3-dimensional being. Even more importantly, it is the process we asked for, with the understanding that it is an honor and a gift to be here. This is the time of triumph, of celebration and joy, because we have succeeded, Dear Ones. We have lived the ascension of humankind, one soul at a time, and all together.

We are now at the portal which will carry us all to the Dream we created together. Planet Earth – Terra, as she calls herself – will join her soul family in higher dimensions, for she is a petal in the flower of life as you are, as all planets, stars and galaxies are.

Use these last days, Beloved Ones, to savor the experiences you are living now. It does not matter if that experience includes life in a tiny hut or a palace, old age or new birth, alone or with others. Enjoy the breath you take at this moment. Feel the breeze on your skin, the taste of your own being. You will take this with you, and you will grow from every moment you have lived fully. Your Higher Soul rejoices in your awakening, for it means you are expanding as a being, and that is the destiny of all conscious beings.

Rejoice, my beloved friends, we are on the verge of the New Day we have envisioned for millions of years. This is our moment.

I love you beyond words. I am here with you, our hearts joined as One.
I am your Sananda.

Transcribed by Kathryn E. May, April 14, 2014, 2 PM, New York

Transcribed by Kathryn E. May/Portia, May 14, 2014, 4PM, New York

Permission is given to copy and share this message, providing it is given in its entirety without additions or deletions, and credit is given to the channel and to the website, http://www.whoneedslight.org



Dana Mrkich – More About This Oneness Feeling – 5-9-14

Dana Colour Pic New

Here is an excerpt from a really beautiful session I recently did that many of you may resonate with: 

“Your ‘original’ and authentic energy is of a very high vibration. You come from a place where there was no real sense of ‘I’ or ego or anything like that. There was a tremendous sense of oneness, and knowing around ‘we are all connected.’ “What you do to me you do to yourself”, and “What you do to you you do to me” were basic concepts that everyone recognised and lived by. 

So the idea of intentionally hurting someone was unheard of because ‘what you do to someone you do to yourself’. Likewise there was no sense of jealousy because ‘what you do to you, you do to me’ so if someone experienced great love or great joy or great happiness, everyone did. Yes you all had your individual bodies, but it is like an extreme version of the energy of twins – you often hear that when one twin feels something the other twin feels it too. It is like this where you are from.”

(c) Dana Mrkich 2014


Perception of Separation – Reality of Oneness – Galactic Free Press – 5-5-14


How to communicate Oneness to people who believe they’re separate? It’s an interesting challenge with no simple answer. I’d like to share the joy of Oneness with everyone, but I have to appeal to their illusion of separation to even begin communication. It makes things rather complicated and confusing to switch back and forth between these different perspectives.

For instance, we talk about God Being Everywhere and Everything, but then we also talk about reaching God. Do you see the problem there? It’s a contradiction, though a better word for it would be paradox. How can you reach what’s already everywhere? You don’t, and “reaching God” is simply a shift in perspective. A realization of God’s omnipresence.

To the person that believes they’re separate, I can’t just tell them God Is Everything and have them really understand what I’m saying. From their perspective, God is clearly not everything. Even if they believe that God Is Everything, it’s still different from the Living Experience. Beliefs operate from the paradigm of separation, no need for beliefs in Oneness because Truth is always Present. You know the saying a picture is worth a thousand words? Truth is a deeper vision of Reality, beliefs are just words.

This is why  I’m careful about telling people what to believe. I’m not about building up beliefs, I’m all about breaking them down until the True Self starts to shine through. You can never truly see from another’s perspective, that’s the flaw with religion, you have to see from your own perspective to really understand. You have to be active, you have to realize, integrate and experience things for yourself, you can’t just passively believe what someone else is telling you. At least not if you want to truly experience Oneness.

There’s the part, and then there’s the Whole. Separation tells you that you’re apart from the Whole, Oneness is the realization that you’re a part of the Whole. Is any part really separate from the Whole? Would the Whole really be whole if it was missing something? Believing you’re separate from God is kinda like your nose believing it’s separate from the rest of your body. Your nose couldn’t even function if it was separate, and the same is true of you and God.

So how to move from the perception of separation back to the Reality of Oneness? Well that’s practically all we talk about on the Galactic Free Press. It’s also why Buddha said that “self” is an illusion, but we usually use another term for the illusion of self, ego. It’s through releasing identification with the ego and the mind, both of which were born from the illusion of separation, that we move back to Oneness. So simple, yet so impossibly difficult when you try to break down the ego/mind using the ego/mind. Luckily, the Whole Universe will support you when your intent is pure, and the map back to Oneness is written upon your own Heart.

The Galactic Free Press
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We Are One – FenSTAR

FenSTARmusic·1 video

‘We Are One’ single released on October 11, 2012, available on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/ca/album/we-…
It’s time for humanity to move towards unity consciousness, towards oneness…may this song, ‘We Are One’ inspire you to join hand in hand, heart to heart as we come to see and know everyone and everything as one global family. Each of us have the power to make a differene in this Divine play of life and each of us has a choice in creating the grandest vision of the greatest version of who we are.

I humbly thank you for listening to this song and sharing it with others, and for spreading the love, peace and oneness that we all are.
Infinite gratitude and abundant blessings dear hearts,
FenSTAR http://www.fenulla.com & http://www.weareonethemovement.com
(Humble appreciation to selected Youtube users for the images expressed in this video.)

Ron van Dyke – 9th Wave – Challenge of the Challenge of Unity Consciousness

paradoxman316·1,245 videos

Do you ever wonder how the human race is ever going to come together in unity? I do. To the mind, it seems impossible; yet, I feel strongly that that is what is happening in this 9th wave. I guess we’ll see the hows as they occur, although it’s already occurring within those willing to see from the unity perspective right now.

Infinite Waters – Awakening Divine Feminine, Divine Masculine – Within You – We Are One

Infinite Waters (Diving Deep)·856 videos

Merging With The Greater Part of Ourselves!
Feel Alive by Ralph Smart. The New Book Now Available Below:
My Website: http://infinitewaters.net

Desmond Tutu, Nelson Mandela – Human Uniqueness – African Spirit of Ubuntu

TempletonPrize·96 videos

The 2013 Templeton Prize Laureate, Desmond Tutu, speaks on the topic: “Who we are: Human uniqueness and the African spirit of Ubuntu.”

Jamie Dunmore – My Call For Humanity – Spoken Word

Jamie Dunmore·12 videos

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Unity Consciousness

Separation is Over

Image Source

What is Unity Consciousness – Zingdad / Adamu Speaks

Arn Zingdad Allingham·17 videos

The 5th video in the “Adamu Speaks” series. In this presentation, Adamu, who speaks for the Pleiadian soul group (or “monadic entity”), talks about “Unity Consciousness” in clear and simple terms. Adamu powerfully makes the case that “All is One” and explains that our world is in the desperate state it is in precisely because we have not attained Unity Consciousness. Though he makes this case he is also quite clear that there is no judgement of those that do not choose Unity Consciousness.

This video is a vital prelude to information that will follow about what it really means to live in Unity Consciousness and how we can go about creating that for ourselves.

The full video series can be seen in the correct order at
(website) zingdad.com/adamu-speaks

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For much deeper information about unity consciousness, ascension and related concepts please see the book, “The Ascension Papers” by Zingdad. Available at
(website) zingdad.com/book-1

We Are One

Elle Aghili·11 videos

We are all “ONE” consciousness…We are all connected…

Blossom Goodchild – An Invocation As One – ( 9am Brisbane, Australia ) – 2-14-14

Blossom Goodchild·27 videos

Gather as many as you can, post this link wherever you can, so that we offer our intent in LOVE on FEB 14th 9am (Brisbane time) AS ONE. If yu cannot make it … say it when you can that day. Many thanks.
A call from our hearts , inspired by the Jan 31st channelling from the Federation of Light. http://www.blossomgoodchild.com/index…
The Text can be found @ http://blossomgoodchildblogspot.com


Belinda Pate-Macdonald – Global Shift in Consciousness from Me to Us – 2-12-14




Beautiful friends, there is some very challenging energy around at the moment, coming from the core of the earth and exacerbated by the current solar flares.  For those of you who have been feeling extremely under pressure and struggling to keep up, I have some information that my “team” wanted me to share with you, sooner than later.

I hope this resonates on some level with you.  Personally, I’ve been through a huge experience with this particular transformation.  It started a few weeks ago and peaked in the last few days.  I’m still feeling a bit exhausted today, but I was encouraged to share this as a support for anyone else feeling exhausted, weepy and overwhelmed.

A message from Spirit:

There are some quite dramatic shifts occurring within the Creation Core of Mother Earth.  Where the points of Creation are stored, so too is the collective karma of the evolving consciousness here, and that of Gaia herself. Right now, this karma is coming up for review, transformation and integration so that the next shift in mind awareness into an “us” mentality and out of a “me” mentality may take place.

There may be a key soul, or “sponsoring soul” within your soul group who will stimulate a focus on this uprising energy.  So you may find that someone key in your life needs help in some way that involves many people focusing their healing energy to that person, or opening their hearts in love simultaneously. From your soul, in alignment with contracts you have agreed to, you will feel a connection into this healing dynamic.  The energy will start to process through you.  You may feel it moving through your bodies as a heaviness, intense tiredness, shadow, or cloaking sensation.

This will pass.

Strengthen your own Soul Light

The key is to release all fear as this energy moves through.  You are being called upon to be a vehicle for release of the mass fear that accompanies change and evolution.  This movement is at a soul level and your soul is intrinsically connected to the healing that the Sponsoring Soul is bringing forward for all to activate.

The darkness that is releasing from the core of creation within the earth is simply a karmic balance that needs to be transformed to allow the new energy of co-creation and attunement to the needs of others in the whole.  In its essence, this darkness is just an absence of Light.  As it moves through you, release your own fear and strengthen your own soul light.  This is important, because it will accelerate the process of recycling this darkness into new consciousness.

Contained within the darkness are all the learnings that have been experienced in relation to this shift in “us” and “me” consciousness.  As you allow your own soul light to illuminate without boundaries, the Source will respond to increase your own light vibration within your current physical experience, correspondingly.  So your soul light will shine volumes brighter and, as it transforms the darkness moving through you, the different vibration will decode elements of knowledge hidden in the darkness.  Your light will birth this wisdom out of the darkness and into the etheric light body of the earth.

Here it will vibrate with intensity and be available for anyone who is ready to download it.  It will shift and adjust their subtle bodies and they may integrate a new consciousness of inclusion and compassion.

A shift in relationships

While this is happening, be gentle with yourselves.  Take time to breathe, listen to music, meditate and return to nature.  Place yourself in a high vibration, where you can uplift your own energy and rise above the fear that will be felt.  It is all an undergoing and will be complete very soon.

As the hologram shifts and renews, the brightness will return.  It must re-pattern this time from the Creation Core out to the Cosmic Light Source and back to the Earth.  You will experience the shifts on all levels, from personal relationships, to global relationships and in particular the relationship people have with Mother Earth.

This new energy will foster an attitude of working in harmony rather in separation and selfishness.

Remember that you are always loved.  Connect to that steadfast and permanent love that is in your Divine Heart.  Be nourished and nurtured by this love so you are able to fully illuminate your soul light.  Be love.

So, that is the essence of the message which I received over many days.  Thank you for sharing in this.  I really hope it helps make your experience of these shifts a little easier.

Much love to all