Saint Germain – Bringing Silence Into Your Day – Alexandra Mahlimay

Bringing Silence into Your Day

Alexandra Mahlimay

If you find yourself caught up in the hustle and bustle of the holidays like a few other billions of people around the world, this time of the year can be a little confusing.

You may find that you are caught up in experiences, or situations that are bombarding you with a lot of information, and suddenly there are also many demands that you didn’t put on yourself. There are expectations, flirtations and sorrowful endings.

You literally have no room to breathe, and feel quite compressed by this ever-growing pressure that builds-up around you, and inside of you.

As the pressure increases, you have no time to be with yourself and to consider what it is that YOU want to do.

Instead of being caught up in the madness around you, maybe you’d rather sit in your favorite chair, sipping on a cup of hot chocolate, and watch the lights of the city.

Maybe you would prefer to share a quiet dinner with some good friends, or with your partner. Maybe you would like to listen to someone reading you a fairy tale.

Such quiet moments are important, because they bring you back to your center, when everything else pulls at your attention, demanding your presence and your energy.

You need to find time for yourself, and you need to be able to reflect about where you are, and what you are about to embark on, after all the madness is gone.

Otherwise, you’ll be trapped in the same old story that comes after the hustle and bustle. TOO quiet, too much silence and know nothing of what to do with it.

But what if you didn’t wait for that moment to hit you like a sledgehammer in the head? What if you invited the much needed silence into your day right now?

So here are some simple ways that you can do that.

1. Wake up earlier than usual in the morning, even if it is 15 minutes earlier, and sit down with your favorite drink, or a cup of warm water.

2. Before you get ready to leave out the door, turn off the noise inside your head. It won’t be easy, but you can start practicing.

3. Once you are around people, talk less. Being able to listen, creates more silence within you.

4. Instead of spending hours using electronic machines, spend 30 minutes walking in a natural environment, where you can see plants, birds, or animals.

Nature will bring you back to yourself and a natural sense of quiet.

5. When you feel the need to do too many things, go into the bathroom, wash your face, and decide what is the most important thing to do for the rest of the day. The rest will look insignificant.

6. Go back to your home earlier than usual, and spend some time doing something enjoyable that you haven’t done in a long time. Like taking a bath. Or reading a poem.

7. Finally, stay away from noise of any kind one hour before you’re ready to go to bed.

Your sleep with be less agitated, and it will be easier for you to get up and spend those extra 15 minutes in silence, in the morning.

Originally posted by Joy and Clarity

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Music of Silence – Sound of Light

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Music of Silence from the album ‘Agua-Fogo-Ar-Terra’ by Sound of Light


Music of silence
Music beyond words
Children of the Ocean that’s what we are

Love is the most shining star
In the inner sky of your being
Love is the most shining star inside you

from Agua​-​Fogo​-​Ar​-​Terra, released 21 June 2012
SOL Girls: Vocals Amrit Vismay , sound engineer and musician who has produced and compiled this album over 10 years , was once a dj at parties and when called by the Medicine received soundscapes from other galaxies that retuned his being to his ancestral roots. This album has manifested through his devotion and love to the Circle and the Eternal Fountain of Divine Inspiration


released 21 June 2012
Amrit Vismay, Neta-ya Nicole, Emaya Shahaf , Avshalom Tubali, Asi Rose, Noa Chandra, Mynah, Manju, Veeren, Dave, Oran, Sheer Sofer and many more from within the Circle…thank you All
special thanks for astral teachers…BabaJi ,Osho ,Carioca,Chandra,Maurillio and Juan
may all Beings be free, peace for all the Earth

4MIN News – May 29, 2013 – Severe Weather – Electron Storm Continues – Quake Watch Coming

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How to Watch the Sun

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Animations and Visual Effects by Xaviar Thunders [Check him out on YouTube]

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Author: David Bush – The Silence – What It Is And How To Use It

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Earth The Biography – Atmosphere

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The atmosphere is Earths protective layer, cloaking us in a warm, oxygen-rich embrace and shielding us from the cold hostility of space. Its immensely powerful but at the same time highly sensitive. Its destructive, yet it shelters us.

Sound of Sacred Geometry – Alexander Lauterwasser

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Russellian Science: “A New Concept of the Universe”, by Walter Russell, part 2

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Part 2 of the readings from “A New Concept of the Universe” by Walter Russell.

Russell lays out the case against academic cosmology in great detail in this book.

Newton, einstein, hawking, sagan and lately micho koo koo have all been dethroned for the false science they taught for their corporate masters. The false academic sciences have need utterly demolished within the pages of the many volumes written by Walter and Lao Russell regarding the true Nature of our Universe.

If anyone is still slaved into this false, corportae owned belief system, I would suggest reading all of DB Larson’s many books which have proved beyond any doubt that quacakdemic science is nothing more than a dumbed down mind control program which enslaves humanity to:energy barons, war mongers and central bankers.

The Stream of images in this vid series is a collection of the diagrams created by Walter Russell in his attempt to explin the simple yet extremely detailed Cosmology which was revealed to him by the very Universal Mind which is our source. This information is based on mind knowing, whereas western science is based on sense thinking ie. emperical reductionism, which has diverged from Nature and Reality.

My intent is to communicate directly with the inner “knower” via these images. The synchronistic association of images with the narrative was created without thought, with the exception of einstein’s images.

It is my hope that theese images speak to your inner knower and awaken memories of who you are, on your spiraling path, in the scope of eternity. We are all of Universal Mind and therefore we have access to all knowledge when we commune with that which is our higher selves.

Produced by Robert Arnett Otey

Free Energy and Free Thinking

Jiddu Krishnamurti – In Total Silence – The Mind Comes Upon The Eternal

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What Love Is Not
7th Public Talk, Saanen, Switzerland, 22nd July, 1979
In Total Silence the Mind Comes Upon the Eternal
Why is there constant strife and seeking?
Are we seeking superficial sensory experience or something timeless that thought has not touched at all?
Can thought with its limitation enquire deeply? Is observation the instrument of thought?
When one observes does the thing being observed undergo change?
Can the mind having understood desire know its value is relative and be free to observe?
Is there a way of living without any control? Is not the controller the movement of thought?
When there is no conflict whatsoever what takes place in the mind?