Oneness Of All – Arcturian Group Message via Marilyn Raffele – 1-18-15


Arcturian Group Message for January 18, 2015 by Marilyn Raffele | ONENESS OF ALL


Greetings dear ones. We come to say that much is happening on your planet that cannot yet be seen with physical eyes. However, you are beginning to feel change in the energy of your personal world as well as on the universal level. You may begin to notice more camaraderie among those around you–a sense of oneness that did not seem to be there before. You may notice it within some group you are familiar with like a club you belong to or in family gatherings. You will notice more unity and less sense of separateness.

These changes are the result of the high resonating Light now pouring onto earth and available to all who are receptive. Every particle of Light feeds the consciousness of an awakening world. Many who were previously oblivious or blindly accepting of world conditions, now find themselves to be more aware and quickly growing weary of the constant bickering and adolescent behavior of so many self serving world “leaders”. Seeing with new eyes, they are beginning to take note of those who serve only to feed their pockets. The eyes of mankind are opening and personal power is beginning to be reclaimed.

Thus, as society awakens, it automatically begins to move into its power. Even a small thing like signing a petition, helps to activate world energy into new directions. It is not about giving energy to some negative appearance, but rather it is about taking whatever human footsteps may assist others to notice, on their level of awareness.

You are in the midst of awakening to who you are, realizing that you are and never were less than those who hold power of some sort or another. Appearances will not change until you change them, for the outer manifestations you see simply represent the consensus consciousness of the majority which at this time is still heavily enmeshed in duality and separation.

The whistle blowers of the world are courageous souls, not to be reviled as many would have you believe. They are helping to awaken those who blindly accept everything they are told–the sleeping ones who have given away their power to those claiming to own it. Despite personal danger to themselves they speak words that need to be heard. Those who stand to lose personal power or wealth from this information would have you believe that these people are criminals. No, they are serving to assist the people of the world to wake up, open their eyes, and hopefully take back their power.

Do what you can each day to awaken others but never in a preaching or proselytizing way. It must be done with love and kindness and respect for the others belief system. Often it is not words, but simply your energy field filled with Light that helps to awaken another who is receptive. Speak the deeper truths only when guided to, when a person is ready to hear or is seeking truth, always trusting your intuition.

We wish to speak of trust–a very misunderstood word. Trust in its truest sense reflects a state of consciousness able to rest in awareness, living the experiences of each moment from center which often appears to the world as a doing nothing. In reality, doing nothing is to hold blind faith in some concept, person, or thing–which is often seen as trust.

Blind faith comes from accepting third dimensional concepts of God, angels, saints, or even the government without question, simply because it is what you have been told. Blind faith is ignorance dear ones, and represents the surrendering of personal power to an unknown something deemed to have power–it is not trust. This is not to say that the angels and Beings of Light are not there to assist you, but to assist you, not do the work for you.

Trust is the natural offspring of a state of consciousness imbued with spiritual truth and not dogma or rites and rituals handed down and accepted from generation to generation. Trust is the living out from and resting in a consciousness aware and knowledgeable of what is real and spiritually true.

Trust simply becomes natural at a certain level of awareness, but is never attained through forever looking outside of one’s self, for no matter how much the teacher or path may be revered by society, at a certain point the spiritual journey must become a solo one, a shift to one own Center.

This is not to say that you will never be guided to some book, class, or teacher along the way but it is to say that you must always listen to your intuition, and when something feels finished, don’t be afraid to leave it and move on. Many paths and teachings are only needed for a short while–steps along the way to be left behind at some point which then allows new and higher phases of the journey to begin.

Trust manifests as the student learns to withdraw energy and power from outside forces and place it where it is, in Divine Oneness. Trust is aware of what is, instead of 3D concepts of what is. The journey through third dimensional lifetimes has been a stepping and falling, stepping and falling but at some point growth begins to come by Grace and fear dissolves. The spiritual student finally understands who and what he is, and is able to rest in that awareness. This is Trust.

All of you are ready for this, dear ones. All of you are spiritually aware on levels enabling you to begin living, moving, and having your being in true Trust. It is only the world’s continued dependence on concepts and beliefs that keeps it in bondage. Trust lifts the burdens from your personal back and removes the mental drive to “do, do, do”, which is the focus of intellectual thinking as well as can be found in many metaphysical teachings.

The metaphysical protocols were necessary in the beginning, and are still important for the newly awakening, but you are no longer beginners. You have completed that phase and are ready to shift from the “do, do, do” mentality into “Be, Be, Be”. Now it is about growing beyond the metaphysical (taking a bad picture and making it into a good picture) and moving into mysticism (the conscious realization that in reality nothing needs changing).

Rites and rituals serve their purpose but for most of you, are finished. The journey is now about a consciousness shift transferring power from the without to the within– whether the without be “good” or “bad”. Every belief in some power outside of yourselves must be let go of, and each letting go helps release you from any bondage to it. Know that even “good” appearances are concepts.

Letting go of something does NOT means you cannot or will not ever again enjoy the finer things of life, nor does it mean you cannot take part in some religious ceremony or service. It simply means that you no longer imbue these things with a power they do not have, whether over you or for you. You begin to see the reality behind all appearances and understand the truths being represented through rites and ritual, knowing that in and of themselves they have no power.

Because the outer is an expression of one’s state of consciousness, as he shifts from a consciousness of duality and separation into a consciousness of truth and Oneness, he will find that the outer forms begin to manifest in new and higher ways. Never fear the loss of something, for if you carry the substance of it in consciousness it will re-appear, often in some new and better form. For example; An attained consciousness of wholeness and completeness often manifests outwardly in simple things like finding the perfect parking spot but can and does also manifest as the right partner, job, or new order and peace in your life.

Mind is the interpreter of one’s state of consciousness translating it into forms appropriate for each individual. If living alone represents wholeness for someone, their attained consciousness of completeness will not manifest outwardly as a partner. Likewise, a consciousness imbued with concepts and beliefs of duality and separation must appear as experiences of both good and bad–duality.

This is the purpose of the physical, emotional, and mental clearings you are experiencing now. Even those awake and evolved still carry cellular memories from past lifetimes lived fully in a consciousness of duality and separation and these need to be released and cleared.

You are ready.

We are the Arcturian Group”  1/18/15

Wes Annac – Progressive Oneness – 12-18

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Written by Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness

I think everyone around us is a reflection of our consciousness, and in order to experience lasting harmony with the people in our lives, we’ll want to recognize that they’re us in a different form. When we can see that there are no real differences between us (beyond the illusory ones we create), it should be easier to come together and heal the earth.

In order to create outer change, we’ll have to embrace changing within; aligning with the divine and using the inspiration that results to express unbridled love to everyone around us.

When we get upset with someone for something they do or say, we fail to recognize that they are us. We could just as easily say or do something that unintentionally hurts someone else, and it helps to remember that we’re all human and we’re all doing our best on this crazy rollercoaster ride we call life.

We make life harder on ourselves and the people around us when we fight over things that aren’t as important as we convince ourselves they are, and our individual disharmony manifests on the world stage in the form of tension and wars between religions and nations.

I think we’ll need to transcend the division and hatred that are so common in our society if we want to create something new, but before this can happen, we’ll have to transcend the personal demons that’ve kept us from being harmonious or even civil with people we think are different.

We’re only as divided as we let ourselves be, and unity’s achievable without conformity; without one party giving up their cherished ideals or philosophies. We’re meant to have differences in opinion and belief. It’s what makes us unique, but the problem is that we’re convinced we should fight over our differences when, in reality, they’re meant to bring us together.

It might sound contradictory, but respecting our differences is the most potent way to unite and maintain a vibration of collective peace and readiness to cease our petty fighting.

A lot of people don’t seem to love themselves enough to love the people around them, which is unfortunate. Loving ourselves is necessary to reach in our hearts and find love for others, and changing the world will probably be difficult until everyone can love themselves and, eventually, the rest of the world.

Until the rest of the world can love and respect themselves as unique fragments of Source’s consciousness, we’ll have a lot of trouble coming together in respect for our differences, which we’ve convinced ourselves we should fight over.

The world will continue to be in a state of disharmony until we can recognize our oneness, and when we can realize how important it is to go beyond advocating unity and actually become an example of it, we’ll show the rest of the world that it’s actually possible.

Love and unity will enable us to create heaven on earth, and in my opinion, becoming aware of our oneness is the first step to dissolving borders and bringing the world together.

The powers who profit from our division don’t want us to come together or strive to create a new world, and instead of rebelling or fighting them, we can raise awareness from a loving, unified standpoint and bring humanity together, thus inspiring everyone to want to see through division and hatred.

We’re all teaching each other, and in my opinion, realizing this is another important part of coming together. Since we’re one consciousness that’s individualized into different personalities, it stands to reason that we constantly help each other learn and grow, even when we don’t realize it.

People who’ve never met or have nothing in common are unknowingly teaching each other, and even when we run into a random person on the street, chances are good that the encounter will teach us something we needed to know.

When we’re aware that we’re constantly learning, it becomes easier to notice when someone in our lives (or someone random we’ve never met) is teaching us a lesson – even if it’s a difficult lesson. They might not even realize it, but our willingness to step outside of the matrix will help us see that any drama we experience is actually meant to teach us.

I’m excited to see how many people start coming together as the weeks and months roll on, and even though some people think unity and utopia are naïve, I think they’re as inevitable as the conscious revolution that’s preceding them. We’re making a bigger impact on the world than we realize, and we’re using unity and oneness to do it.

Let’s continue to be strong, work hard, and recognize that we’re only divided from the rest of the world if we let ourselves be. In doing this, we can influence everyone else to embrace unity, harmony and the idea that a positive future is possible.

It is, but nothing can be achieved without some work. In this case, the hardest part of our goal will be to love ourselves and refuse to fight with others, and this’ll be easier when we recognize that any difference between us has been an illusion all along.

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Jesus via John Smallman – You will be Overwhelmed with the Sense of Oneness that Embraces You – 12-13-14



Jesus Audio Blog for Saturday 13th


Here, removed from the illusion as we are, we can see that humanity is most definitely moving forwards towards wakefulness, and that that movement towards will not be arrested.  Too many insane events and disclosures are now occurring to allow the nightmare to remain seemingly real.  When a dream becomes too intense or too seemingly real the sleeper wakens and dissolves the dream as he rubs his eyes and returns to Reality.  That is happening right now.  Just continue to hold your intent to wake up from the illusion, intend to be loving at all times, and to constantly hold the Light that you bear on high.

It is humanity’s collective intent that supports and maintains the illusion or that causes it to collapse and crumble.  That latter intent has been chosen, is strengthening and intensifying, and its effects are now becoming apparent.  Signs of its dissolution are everywhere, and the attempts to shore it up by those who would maintain the status quo are proving utterly ineffective.  Its foundations are disintegrating and are beyond repair, and you all know that, so do not allow yourselves to be drawn back down into the doom and gloom scenario of the illusion by the disturbing news that is reported by the mainstream media, and which is intended to keep you in a state of fear.  Instead focus on Love.

Love surrounds you in every moment waiting most patiently for you to open your hearts to It.  That is to fully open your hearts, unconditionally.  It is not helpful to think to yourselves, and many do, that when others – loved ones, friends, relatives, church leaders, politicians, etc. – become more respectful, more trustworthy, more open, more loving, then so will you.  It does not work like that!  The only person who can open your heart is you, and waiting for someone else to open theirs first just delays the whole process.

By opening your hearts very consciously, and by confirming your intent to do so frequently throughout the day, you make it happen.  You need to keep reminding yourselves to be loving, regardless of what is going on around you.  When you do the energy field of Love in which you were created, and in whose embrace you are always firmly held, brightens and intensifies, when you forget it dims.

To forget and get on with your life “normally,” defenses at the ready for any snub, offense, or attack that may arise, puts a dark and heavy veil over the bright divine Light that burns constantly within you, hiding it from general view, and encouraging others to keep their own defenses at the ready, thus also veiling the Light of their own inextinguishable fields of Love.

On the other hand, when you dismantle those defenses and offer Love at all times to the others with whom you interact, they will be strongly encouraged to dismantle their own defenses.  At first it seems to be a very local thing – loving people getting together, letting down their defenses, and creating a safe and loving haven in which harmonious interactions occur spontaneously.  Then through constancy and persistence the courage that you share intensifies and you become willing to remove your personal defenses in ever more unfamiliar circumstances and situations.  Very rapidly you will become aware of the fact you have no need of defenses, you will demolish them, and that is how you, each and every one of you, changes the world!

It is truly amazing how many on Earth at this moment are already demolishing those defenses which it seems have served you so well over the eons.  But, in truth, they have merely enabled your sense of separation, of aloneness, even of abandonment to persist, thus confirming your fears and your belief that you need defenses for protection from the dangers with which it seems you are constantly threatened.

This demolishment of defenses, this willingness to be seen and counted, being demonstrated by whistle-blowers and those prepared to publish them, is having an unprecedented affect all over the world.  The dirty secrets that those who would control you have hidden from you for so long can no longer be contained, their deceits and dishonesties are betraying them, they no longer have anywhere to hide – The Truth Will Out!

You most certainly know this because the Truth cannot remainpermanently hidden, it can only be denied until disclosure occurs.  You know that the way forwards, the way home to Reality is along the path that the brilliant Light you are each bearing, which is firmly and eternally established at the center of your being, shines ahead of you lighting yourway unmistakably.  You cannot get lost, although you can choose to dally, dawdle, or apparently lose your way by letting go of your intent to be loving in every moment.

Being loving holds the dark veil clear of your inextinguishable Light so that you can see your path.  When you take a break from holding your loving intent the veil falls across your Light, and the path ahead becomes dark and obscured, it may even appear dangerous.  When you experience this situation it means that you have forgotten to be loving in some way – maybe a judgment, a resentment, a jealousy, or an anger has occupied your mind, and the veil has fallen over your Light, dimming it temporarily – just release whatever was blocking your loving intent, and the way will once again become clear.

Truly, your way home is always brilliantly lighted.  When it seems that it is not, look within and see what you are holding on to that is not in alignment with Love.  When you are in alignment you will feel at peace, anxiety will fall away, and you will deal most satisfactorily with any issues that arise.  You have done it before, so, if necessary, call to mind issues that you have dealt with satisfactorily and successfully in the past, and remember the state of mind you used to engage with them and resolve them.  You will find that acceptance was one of those states, and that that led to an awareness that the situation could be resolved, whereupon peace and resolution followed.

Love surrounds you in every moment, and if you will open to It fully you will feel Its embrace warming and comforting you.  Opening to It is to release that within you that is distracting you and dragging you back down into the illusion, anything that is out of alignment and cannot harmonize with It – I don’t think I need to spell that out again!

So think of something you truly love – a person, a place, an experience – and recall it as vividly as possible as you sit quietly within your holy inner sanctuary, and allow it to dissolve all that is disturbing or upsetting you.  To do just that is all you need do to re-establish inner peace.  By sitting quietly with that intent you are also calling on us for help, and we always respond instantly because we are always waiting for your call.  There is no separation, we are all One, and that is how we always know when you call on us.  And when you awaken, as is inevitable, you will be overwhelmed with the sense of Oneness that embraces you.

Your loving brother, Jesus.