PLEIADIAN DELEGATE – Dreams Come True – Full Moon in Taurus – 10-27-15

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PLEIADIAN DELEGATE   –   Dreams Come True   –    Full Moon in Taurus   –   10-27-15


The Full Moon will be in Taurus 3 degrees, on October 27th, at 9:05am ADT (Dreams Come True) This is a powerful Full Moon, and like all Full Moons Deeply impacts the Subconscious Mind, bringing to Light, all that is hidden within You.

The Sun Opposite the Moon ( The Full Moon) brings into focus, all manners of relationships, including the relationship of that which began on the Previous New Moon. What you Moved deeply into, consciously on the October 12th New Moon (which as the First New Moon after the 4th Blood Moon) which is now coming into fruition, is deeply affected by the Full Moon Sextile Neptune, which has a Beneficial Spiritual Influence. This Beneficial influence will bring not only more sensitive subtle feelings, but also will have a softening effect on HOW we receive what we desire.  Neptune will also increase our Intuitive and Psychic Awareness, along with the Full Moon.

The Effect of the Full Moon, lasts till the Next New Moon, which is November 11, 2015. Anyone with their Moon in Taurus within 2 degrees of this Full Moon (3 degrees) will be deeply affected, in a Beneficial Way.

ALL spiritual Pursuits are HIGHLY Supported with this Neptune Sextile the Full Moon.

Are you ready? Are you living in the Unconditional Acceptance of 5th Dimensional Consciousness? Are you Living  through Your Heart?

You are Supported as your Divinity in motion, during this Full Moon, and Beyond. In the Now.

We also have Sun Trine Neptune, bringing into Balance, the Sun and Moon, Male and Female, Left and Right sides of Our Brain. Self Love and Love Received. Our Desires and our Spiritual Divine Nature. Wholeness and Union. That is Relationships experienced as 5th Dimensional Consciousness (see my earlier post) are SUPPORTED.

A triple conjunction of Venus, Mars and Jupiter, acts as a PORTAL to all your Dreams Coming True. These Dreams when in Alignment with your Heart and Soul, that is, when you consciously are BEING what you Desire, is What is BEING Blessed (as Your Dreams come True)  through these conjunctions that are acting as GRACE PORTALS.

Be in the Moment.

Be in Your Heart.

Be Present.

Be Conscious of BEING what you DESIRE.

And Allow the Miraculous to be the New Norm for you, as you Step More into more of your Divinity.

Be Honest with yourself, be Loving.

Be Accepting of All That is. (5th Dimensional Consciousness application, remember)

And Step into the Now and this Full Moon, with an Open the Heart, receiving, ALL That you ARE BEING.


Eternal Love and Bliss!

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COBRA UPDATE – Urgent Meditation Notice for Oct 25 2015


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Friday, October 23, 2015

Meditation for Europe October 25th, 2015

There has been a recent development in Europe that needs our urgent attention. The refugee crisis in Europe has escalated again:

Stable Europe is crucial for geopolitical stability on the planet and one of key factors to more or less stable transition towards the Event.

Therefore it has been requested by the Light forces that as many people as possible support the people in Europe with our meditation again. This is time-sensitive and needs to go viral! We need to reach masses of people, so that the critical mass of people actually doing it is attained. It is time for us to unite in purpose so that Light will be victorious. Please post this on your websites and blogs. If you know an alternative media outlet, you can send it to them. You can share it with your iphone. You can create a Facebook group for your local group of people doing this in your part of the world. You can create a video about this and post it on Youtube.

Scientific studies have confirmed positive effects of mass meditations on human society, so each of you that will participate in this meditation can actually save human lives in Europe and worldwide:

We will be doing this meditation on Sunday, October 25th at 7:00 pm Central European Time (CET). This equals 8:00 pm EET in Cairo, 6:00 pm GMT in London, 2:00 pm EST in New York, 1:00 pm CST in Chicago, 1:00 pm MDT in Denver and 11:00 am PST in Los Angeles.

You can check the time of the meditation for your time zone here:!+Meditation+for+Europe&iso=20151025T19&p1=168

The countdown clock is here:!%20Meditation%20for%20Europe


1. Use your own technique to bring you to a relaxed state of consciousness

2. State your intent to bring peace and healing to the situation in Europe

3. Visualize a beam of Light emanating from your Soul Star chakra (8 inches / 20 centimeters above your head) into the Soul Star chakras of everybody meditating

4. Visualize the now collective beam of Light expanding into the Earth energy grid and reaching Europe, connecting with Soul Star chakras of everyone involved in the situation in there, harmonizing them and inspiring them to find a peaceful solution. Visualize all refugees receiving food, water, shelter, medical assistance and humane treatment. Visualize all refugees and policemen that might turn violent calming down and choosing peaceful solutions. Visualize all members of the dark forces who are trying to infiltrate into Europe posing as refugees, to be recognized as such and detained by law enforcement. Visualize Europe keeping peace and stability that she has achieved in the last 70 years.

It is very important for people involved in situation in Europe to be aware that we will be supporting them with this meditation so that the energy of Light we send will be received and will be able to heal the situation. Therefore it has been requested by the Light forces that you inform your contacts in Europe that we will be helping them with this meditation, using email, Facebook, Twitter and other means of communication. It has also been requested that people in Europe distribute this information within their networks.

Youtube video has already been created for this meditation in many languages. Please disregard the September date in the video, meditation we are doing this weekend is exactly the same:






















If you wish to further assist in resolving the situation in Syria, which is the source of the Europan refugee crisis, you can do this very simple technique at the end of our meditation on Sunday. This technique will strengthen the Goddess vortex in Syria that the Archons are trying to suppress. Simply visualize this piece of ancient Halafian pottery rotating over the whole Syria/Iraq region, strengthening the Goddess vortex there and removing all darkness from the region:

This piece of Halafian pottery, made 7000 years ago, contains sacred geometry codes that activate Goddess presence and remove darkness from all four directions.

Updates about Meditation for Europe:

Karen Downing @ – 3 Important Steps In Any Meditation Practice – 10-11-15



Karen Downing @   –   3 Important Steps In Any Meditation Practice   –   10-11-15


By Karen Downing

There are so many wonderful benefits to meditation, but we are often too busy to take the time to make meditation a regular part of our lives. However, to not take time to quiet your mind is to not take time for you. There is nothing better for peace of mind, lowering your stress levels and maintaining mental clarity than having a regular meditation practice.

A meditation practice can be done in many different ways and you need to find out what method of meditation works best for you. There are more active meditations as well as meditations where you simply allow your spirit to go out of your body completely and everything in between.

It is always a good idea to experiment with different types of meditation before you decide what method, or mixture of methods, will work for you. There is transcendental meditation, yoga, meditative walking, guided meditation, group meditation, and many other options available.

No matter what type of meditation you do, there are three important steps to remember.

  1. Protect
  2. Focus
  3. Breathe

peace, meditation, yoga, guided meditation, spiritual, Higher Self, meditateProtection
All meditations need to start with a prayer for protection, so that your meditation practice will not be interrupted on a spiritual, mental, emotional or physical level. You can say something as simple as “I am going to begin meditation; I ask that all energy in this space be clear, as to only allow for my highest good.”

This step of protection also includes turning off or removing yourself from any distractions, including cell phones, televisions and any other background noises that can cause interference with the peace of mind your are cultivating.

The next step is to focus, even if your focus is nothingness. You can use a guided meditation, focus on your spirit guide or even focus on something more physical like walking or gardening.

peace, meditation, yoga, guided meditation, spiritual, Higher Self, meditateLastly, just breathe. Connect with your breathe and allow your body to relax. As you become one with your breathe, this is usually when the Higher Self part of you will come through and when you can get moments of inspiration or even go on a dream-like visualization.

The more often that you do it, the longer you will be able to go. But, anyone can start by just finding 15 minutes a day. The morning is a great time for this as it will allow you to set your intentions for the day if you like. Or, if you are a nighttime person, it is a great way to cleanse your mind and energy after a long day’s work.

Meditation is great for learning how to quiet your mind, release stress in your life, or to help with visualization of a specific goal. I have seen many people lower their blood pressure, alleviate insomnia and improve their state of mind all by taking time to meditate.

Remember, you are the most important person in your life. If you are too stressed out to help others, then you are letting your time get away from you. By taking time to meditate, you will find that after a while, your whole world has slowed to a manageable pace and you will be able to accomplish so much more without all of the stress.

About the author:
Karen Downing is a spiritual coach, Radio show host and spiritual teacher who has been meditating for the last 5 years. She creates personal guided meditations and provides other information to help souls on their path of spiritual development on her website and radio show. You can find out more about Karen on her website


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Ho’oponopono Hawaiian Healing Technique Prayer Guided Meditation Visualization

Paul Cavel – How To Develop The Four Primary Skills Of All Meditation –

How To Develop The Four Primary Skills Of All Meditation

by Paul Cavel

Emancipation or freedom from slavery and bondage is ultimately what the human spirit craves. From the perspective of your spirit, slavery encompasses how the attachments in your life—such as sex, material items, money, power and all that they bring—prevent you from being free. Bondage has to do with the ways in which your ego (or collection of identities) and your karmic loops bind you into the reality you experience, and thereby limit your human growth. So the question is: How can you free your spirit and, in so doing, realise your human potential?

Making The Body Conscious

In Taoism, whether you meditate for your health, stress relief, high-performance goals or more lofty spiritual pursuits, the journey commences by progressively and systematically making the body conscious. This awakening process must be developed to a relatively high degree in order to engage the middle ground of meditation, where a lot more emotional and mental stability is required. During every micro-step of the process, four primary skills form the foundation of all more advanced meditation practices, whether Taoist or any other genuine form of meditation. Using a pragmatic strategy, anyone can learn how to meditate, or hone, refine and boost the effectiveness of their current practice.

The Four Primary Skills

The four primary skills that enable all forms of meditation are:

  • Presence—the ability to be in the here and now;
  • Awareness—the ability to be conscious of what is;
  • Focus—that which guides and directs your awareness;
  • Concentration—that ability to stay on point and thereby generate a continuum of unified consciousness (at least to some degree).

Becoming Present

Your ability to use meditation as a tool to create change is governed by the quality of your practice; and that quality is governed by your ability to be present. Presence is the underlying structure that supports the higher and far more subtle methods of meditation. When you meditate for one hour, you may actually only be present for five minutes—possibly more, maybe less. Although whatever you are present to in meditation and for how long governs the potential outcome of your effort.

By definition, authentic masters (an entitlement that has become utterly thrashed and thoroughly exploited in the West) are capable of being continuously present and therefore can very powerfully affect the subject of their attention. Beginners (which we all are to varying degrees unless or until we become masters) drift in and out of consciousness, creating an intermittent, peek-a-boo experience. If we compare this waxing and waning presence to the accelerator of an airplane on the runway, the aircraft would never take flight as the engine revs would not produce enough thrust or speed.

In meditation practice, each stage of your development requires ever-more subtle levels of presence to energy. You start by becoming present to your body, but soon delve into the emotional and mental realms within yourself. That’s all fine and well, but awakening to the emotional and mental debris encrusted in your body can create a rollercoaster ride for the mind, causing dissociation—the opposite of being present. There’s no question that it can be challenging to remain present when the mind encounters the emotional and/or mental realms of either the past (e.g. memories, traumas or analysis), or the future (e.g. hopes, fears or planning).

When these energetically or emotionally charged, stored energies in the body are contacted, often times the mind swings like a pendulum between the past and future. So you need an anchor, a focal point on which to focus your mind and stay in the present moment: your physical body. Keeping the mind firmly rooted in the physical body allows the release of emotional-mental energies that have become trapped in the flesh—without the need to journey with them. This is why Water tradition Taoists pay so much credence to making the body conscious.

Expanding Your Awareness

Awareness is born out of presence. Once your ability to stay present is developed to a reasonable degree, you can become more consistently aware. Awareness of what is happening in any given moment may seem like a very basic function of the mind, but many people are becoming progressively more disconnected from their body, emotions and state of being—to the point of an epidemic. Almost everything in modern Western cultures creates dissociation from the body and other levels of our being—from drugs (whether pharmaceutical, legal or narcotics), information technology, entertainment, food (if you can call much of what is available food) to the impersonal ways we interact with our fellow human beings on a daily basis.

Awareness of what is sets the foundation for change, and creates the momentum necessary to enter into the realms of actually resolving the issues you encounter. Just try being aware while you’re spacing out… If you are not aware of any particular state, you cannot change that state. This is why acceptance is an important stage in all healing programs. For example, until someone recognizes that they are an alcoholic—i.e. becomes aware of their repeating behavioral pattern—they can do little to change the status quo.

When you focus your mind on any body part, energy and blood are drawn to that place. Energy follows the mind’s intent; and blood follows energy. With increased energy and blood flow, the focal point is flooded with life-sustaining energy and nutrients, which, together, upgrade the felt sensations in that localized area. With this heightened awareness, we can more easily feel deeper into the more subtle sensations in this space—that which is under the surface, not only the gross.

Feeling into your body not only changes your experience of your body, but allows you to go deeper into your being, especially into the emotional and mental realms. From there, you can begin the process of recognizing your emotional and mental states. This awareness is what enables you to eventually let go of all that is negative or life- diminishing. (Of course this says nothing about whether the process will be easy or hard.)

In the beginning stages, simply recognizing what is negative or detrimental to your development and having the willingness to let it go—whatever “it” is— can be enough to send you down the path that aligns with your deeper desires and aspirations.

Directing Your Focus

Focus guides your presence and awareness to a particular subject of your choice. As your mind becomes increasingly more present and aware through regular and ongoing practice, your ability to focus will also improve. Initially, you develop hard or laser focus, where progressive degrees of your mind are gathered into one stream and can then be applied to remove blockages in your body. You could think of sun rays being refined into a thin beam by a magnifying glass. The sun itself is not strong enough to ignite dry tinder, but through the magnifying glass you can amplify the intensity of the heat to the point that it does. When the mind is floating or dissociating, you will miss any opportunity to create change; conversely, when your mind is present, aware and focused, you can. Over time and with practice, your focus can transform from a hard laser-like type to a soft, relaxed type.

To make the shift to a softer focus, you must develop your ability to draw more and more of your mind into one stream of consciousness and become comfortable in this focused state. As you relax into the experience, you can more easily maintain it and stop the mind from segmenting. Initially, all your effort is required to gather your mind and focus, but with relaxed persistence you may soon find that you can sustain a gathered and focused mind with little effort, and eventually without any effort.

Creating a Stream of Concentration

Concentration is the means by which your focus can stay on point and be continuous. The degree to which you can concentrate determines the results you will gain from your meditation practice or any undertaking in life. Concentration by force of will can only be achieved in short bursts since it creates strain that inevitably causes stress under which the concentration breaks. Therefore, the softer your approach, the better the results. Yet if your focus is not sufficiently developed, then you will drift in and out: good ole spacing out. So in order to generate a stream of continuous concentration (one of the early definitions of meditation), you must develop focus:

  • Focus arises from awareness;
  • Awareness arises from presence.

Cyclical Learning

In Tao arts learning occurs in a cyclical rather than linear progression and, as any meditator knows, developing skill in more sophisticated practices is driven by the course of your growth. You cannot fully and completely develop one aspect of meditation, in body, mind or energy, without all other skills being developed in tandem.

  • You begin with presence practices and train them to a certain degree—not to the point of perfection (which isn’t possible anyway), but until you can clearly identify some level of progress.
  • Then, you continue around the circle to awareness practices, next to developing your focus and finally to your ability to concentrate.
  • When you revisit presence practices, your ability to be aware, to focus and to concentrate has also grown, and can amplify and deepen your ability to be ever-more present.

It is impossible to completely separate the four primary skills as they are intrinsically linked. So by engaging or paying attention to one, you will automatically engage all others to some degree.

In Lao Tzu’s meditation tradition, the practitioner works around the circle time and time again, slowly sinking deeper into the depths of their mind and being with each revolution. However, the depth you achieve is not governed by the practices themselves, but rather by your patience and stamina from training regularly over time.


About the Author
Paul Cavel is the founder of Tao Meditation Arts, a London-based school established to teach the philosophy and secular practices of Taoism’s Water tradition, passed down by Lao Tzu and other lineage masters through time. Since 1987 Paul has studied the I Ching, Five Element Theory and Old Taoism in-depth, including qi gong, tai chi, bagua, yoga, qi gong tui na energy healing and meditation.

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OM – Meaning of Practice – HumanityHealing

OM Mantra and 7 Methods of Practice    –

OM Method #1. Pulsing repetition
OM Method #2. With the flow of breath
OM Method #3. As the object called universe
OM Method #4. Sound vibration of the universe
OM Method #5. Gross, subtle, and causal planes
OM Method #6. Waking, dreaming, and deep sleep consciousness
OM Method #7. Conscious, unconscious, subconscious mind
Integration of the practices

OM and the 7 levels of consciousness
4 Levels and 3 Domains of Consciousness
Tips on how to use a mantra
Mantra, brain, and word
Japa and ajapa-japa with mantra 

Bindu: Pinnacle of Yoga, Vedanta and Tantra

Meditation Literally Rebuilds Your Brain – – 5-8-15

Meditation Literally Rebuilds Your Brain

By now, pretty much all of us know and accept that meditation provides a plethora of benefits, including reduced tension and stress and improved focus and concentration. However, how and why meditation does this has long remained unknown—until now!

Harvard University scientists have published the results of an 8-week study that used magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to examine the effects of meditation on the brain. Participants in the study practiced forms of mindfulness meditation every day for approximately 30 minutes. Mindfulness is a meditation style that emphasizes maintaining an objective awareness of sensations, feelings and states of mind.

MRIs were taken at the beginning and end of the 8-week study. From the results, researchers determined that meditation literally rebuilds the brain’s gray matter in just 8 weeks—making this the very first study to document that meditation produces this kind of change over time. The changes observed in the meditators were not seen in the control group, signifying that they had not come about naturally over time, but rather that the daily act of meditating had produced them.

We know what you’re thinking: what is this mysterious gray matter that meditation is rebuilding? Gray matter is a major component of the central nervous system, and is found in areas of the brain involved in muscle control, seeing and hearing, memory, emotions, speech, decision-making and self-control.

Research on the brain has shown that the amount and density of gray matter differs from individual to individual, and can determine or signify certain traits or talents. For example, scientists have found that professional musicians have denser gray matter in the area of the brain involved with processing music.

The Harvard study found that meditation can increase the density of the gray matter in the hippocampus, specifically. According to the Harvard Gazette, the hippocampus is, “known to be important for learning and memory, and in structures associated with self-awareness, compassion, and introspection.”

Participants also reported reductions in stress after the 8 weeks, which makes sense, as over the course of the study, the gray-matter density in the amygdala—which is known to play an important role in stress and anxiety—decreased.

This study is groundbreaking and empowering in that it shows that we have the power to change the structure of our own brains: to improve our memory and learning capacities, and to become more compassionate and self-aware.

Britta Holzel, first author of the study, summarized its incredible findings: “It is fascinating to see the brain’s plasticity and that, by practicing meditation, we can play an active role in changing the brain and can increase our well-being and quality of life.”

-The Alternative Daily


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KYLE ROBINSON – 8 Things That Happened After I Meditated For 100 Days – 5-1-15

KyleVRobinsonKyle Robinson

I am not a yogi, a life coach, or a yoga teacher. In fact, I am probably the furthest thing from what you would call a yogi. Like many, I struggled as a teenager and young adult. I failed my junior year of high school not once, but twice. I spent time in drug rehabilitation, and have been arrested more than my fair share of times.

But eventually, I turned my life around and became a lawyer, entrepreneur, and an advocate of a healthy lifestyle. I also want the best possible life for everyone I encounter. I know for certain that meditation must be part of the equation to lead an amazing life.

I’ve only recently begun to experience what meditation has to offer. I’d read about the benefits of meditation for many years, but never really took it upon myself to develop a practice. I tried meditating here and there for no more than 5-10 minutes at a time, but decided to see what would happen if I committed to 20 minutes of meditation a day for just one week.

That challenge, or better yet, experiment, began on January 1, 2015. That first week turned into a month, which turned into three months, and before I knew it — 100 days. I meditated every day first thing in the morning without taking a day off for the entire duration.

When I first started meditating I couldn’t sit still, my back hurt during it and my legs fell asleep. It felt more like I was trying to adjust to the sitting, more than I was trying to focus on my breathing. It wasn’t long before I’d wish it was over and I would sit there trying to convince myself not to open my eyes.

I did eventually get used to focusing on my breath, though, and my body began to naturally adjust to what was initially an awkward posture for me. And the more I meditated, the more I found ways to sit that were even more comfortable. Meditation soon became a necessary part of my morning routine which I actually looked forward to and created a domino effect, positively impacting all aspects of my life.

Here are eight things that happened after I meditated every day, for 100 days:

1. My days started to become more focused.

As I started to think clearer, I got much more accomplished. My mind seemed more organized. I would focus on one task at hand, complete it and then move easily onto the next. My mind wasn’t racing about what I should be doing, or if what I was doing wasn’t being done fast enough. I just stayed in the moment and completed what I needed to, and then moved on.

2. I started to think more before I spoke.

Before developing a daily meditation habit, I would just react to people and situations with the first thing that came into my mind. But now I pause a bit, think about what I’m going to say, and then respond more mindfully. This pause helps me to articulate what I want to say and ensure what I will be saying is actually necessary and helpful. Then after I speak, I think back on whether I responded to the situation to the best of my ability, or if there was anything better I could do next time. I never had this level of self-reflection before.

3. I am nicer and more emphatic.

Things just don’t seem to bother me as much any more! During traffic, I am more patient. I don’t mind waiting in long lines so much. I started to look at situations from the perspective of others to see where they might be coming from. This completely changed the way I interact with other people.

4. I have more energy.

I am able sleep better at night and wake up fully charged ready to go. When I am finished with my workday, I still have more energy to go for a run or go out with friends.

5. I eat better.

I make better decisions when I am at the grocery store or at restaurants. I really ask myself how the food will really make me feel, and I base my purchase or decision on that answer.

6. I watch less TV.

My desire for watching television has decreased dramatically. Instead, I focus on the things which can make me a better person. I find myself reading, running, reaching out to friends, or working on my website.

7. I feel more connected to nature.

I take notice to stop and appreciate all the beautiful things that surround me. Whether it’s a tree or a sunset, I pause and realize that it is truly a miracle and I try to soak in that moment and be fully present.

8. I am an overall better version of myself.

This is probably one of the best benefits of meditation. I know who I truly am and what I am capable of. I share my feelings with others more openly. I have the courage to be who I really am — I take more risks, knowing that it the only way I can truly grow. I know what’s important in life and that I can accomplish anything that I really want.

These are just a few things that changed when I started to meditate, and I can’t say for sure all of this happened after one day, or 100 days. What I do know is that I am no longer the same person I was 100 days ago. I am a happier person because I am a more authentic version of myself.

If all of these changes happen after just 100 days, I can’t wait to see what happens after 200 or even 1,000! Try just 20 minutes of meditation every day for 100 days, and I’m sure you will never look at yourself or your life in the same way.

“8 Things That Happened After I Meditated For 100 Days”, by Kyle Robinson, April 20, 2015 at

Original link: 8 Things That Happened After I Meditated For 100 Days

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Ascension Is Now – Lunar Eclipse Portal Meditation – Archangel Michael, Gods Messenger of Truth, Power and Grace — In Chinese, Korean, Arabic, and Igbo

ASCENSION IS NOW! Lunar Eclipse Portal Meditation — by Archangel Michael, Gods Messenger of Truth, Power and Grace — In Chinese, Korean, Arabic, and Igbo


Lunar Eclipse Portal Meditation — Archangel Michael
channeled through Rev. Janisel of Sananda’s Eagles — janisel(((at)))
To Begin Monday, October 6 through October 13th, every day for at least 15 minutes per day

Good day! I AM Archangel Michael, Gods Messenger of Truth, Power and Grace. You have before you in your coming week yet another potent event by way of a lunar eclipse. And as all eclipses do, it brings a plethora of energies to your planet which have need of being anchored into sentient life. 

[First — do your Protocal by grounding, centering, and intending your meditation’s energies to join those of Sananda’s Eagles.]

For the first five minutes of this meditation you are asked to, first, state your intention to connect with the moon energies of this lunar eclipse, which are in actuality more triggers to unlock your new Codes, and then sending the energy of Love back to your moon. 

For the next five minutes you are to send these moon energies, on a wave of Love, to the Hearts of all humans on your planet. 

For the final five minutes you are to send the energy of Love to your Earth, the Body of Gaia, strengthening her resolve for her next big leap in her ascension. 

Be of good cheer, my friends, for you are dearly loved and protected.  I AM Michael. 


急!月食门户冥想 – 天使长米迦勒,真理,权力和恩典的神使者


通过Sananda的老鹰牧师Janisel渠道 – janisel(((上)))



[首 – 通过接地,定心,并打算禅定的力量加入这些Sananda的老鹰做你Protocal。]






긴급! 월식 포털 명상 – 대천사 마이클, 진실, 능력과 은혜의 하나님의 메신저

대천사 마이클

사 난다의 이글스 목사 Janisel을 통해 표출 – ((())에서) janisel

하루에 15 분 이상, 10 월 13 일을 통해 매일 10월 6일 (월요일)을 시작하려면

좋 은 하루! 나는 대천사 마이클, 진실, 능력과 은혜의 하나님의 메신저입니다. 당신은 다음 주 월식의 방법으로 또 다른 강력한 이벤트 전에 있습니다. 모든 일식처럼, 그것은 지각 인생에 고정되고 있어야 할 행성에 에너지의 과다를 제공합니다.

[제 – 접지를 중심으로하고, 사 난다의 독수리들에 가입하기 위해 명상의 에너지를 의도하여 Protocal을한다.]

당신이 묻는이 명상의 첫 번째 오분를 들어, 첫째, 새로운 코드의 잠금을 해제 한 다음에 다시 사랑의 에너지를 전송하기 위해 실제로 더 트리거에이 월식의 달 에너지와 연결하는 당신의 의도를 명시 당신의 달입니다.

다음 5 분 동안 당신은 당신의 행성에 모든 인간의 마음에 사랑의 물결에,이 달의 에너지를 보낼 수 있습니다.

마지막 5 분 동안 당신은 그녀의 승천 그녀의 다음 큰 도약을 위해 그녀의 결심을 강화하여 지구, 가이아의 몸에 사랑의 에너지를 보내는 것 등이있을 수 있습니다.

당신이 사랑스러운 사랑하고 보호를 위해, 좋은 치어 리더, 내 친구의합니다. 마이클입니다.


عاجل! خسوف القمر البوابة التأمل – رئيس الملائكة ميخائيل، رسول الآلهة الحقيقة، والسلطة، وغريس

رئيس الملائكة ميخائيل

توجيهها من خلال القس Janisel النسور Sananda ل- janisel (((في)))

لتبدأ الاثنين 6 أكتوبر من خلال أكتوبر 13th، كل يوم لمدة 15 دقيقة على الأقل في اليوم الواحد

يوم جيد! أنا رئيس الملائكة ميخائيل، رسول الآلهة الحقيقة، والسلطة، وغريس. أمامكم في الاسبوع المقبل الحدث الخاص بك حتى الآن قويا آخر عن طريق خسوف القمر. وكما تفعل كل الكسوف، فهو يجمع مجموعة كبيرة من الطاقات إلى كوكب الخاص بك والتي تحتاج من أن ترسو في الحياة الحية.

[أولا – قيام بروتوكال عن طريق التأريض، وتتمحور، وتنوي طاقات التأمل الخاص بك للانضمام الى تلك النسور Sananda ل.]

لالدقائق الخمس الاولى من هذا التأمل يطلب منك، أولا، تذكر نيتك للتواصل مع الطاقات القمر هذا خسوف القمر، والتي هي في واقع الأمر أكثر من المسببات لفتح رموز جديدة الخاص بك، ومن ثم إرسال طاقة الحب إلى القمر الخاص بك.

في الدقائق الخمس القادمة كنت لإرسال هذه الطاقات القمر، على موجة من الحب، وإلى قلوب جميع البشر على كوكب الخاص بك.

لالدقائق الخمس الاخيرة كنت لإرسال طاقة الحب إلى الأرض الخاص بك، جسد غايا، وتقوية عزيمتها لبلدها المقبلة قفزة كبيرة في صعود لها.

ثقوا، يا أصدقائي، وأحب غاليا لأنك وحمايتها. أنا مايكل.



Ngwa ngwa! Ọnwa eklips Portal Ntụgharị uche – Onyeisi Ndị Mmụọ Ozi Michael, Chi ozi nke Eziokwu, Ike na Grace
Onyeisi Ndị Mmụọ Ozi Michael
channeled site Mkpu Janisel nke Sananda si Ntrukpom – janisel (((na)))
Iji Malite Monday, October 6 site October 13, kwa ụbọchị n’ihi na ọ dịkarịa ala, minit 15 kwa ụbọchị
Ehihie ọma! ABỤ M Onyeisi Ndị Mmụọ Ozi Michael, Chi ozi nke Eziokwu, Ike na Grace. Ị nwere tupu gị abịa izu ma ọzọ nke nwere ike omume na nke a ọnwa eklips. Na dị ka niile chi ahụ jiri eme, ọ na-eweta a plethora nke Ume gị na mbara ala nke dị mkpa nke na-akwụsịtụ n’ime sentient ndụ.
[Mbụ –eme gị Protocal site grounding, N’ịgbakwasị, na n’obi gị na-atụgharị uche si Ume isonyere ndị Sananda si Ntrukpom.]
N’ihi na nke mbụ nkeji ise nke a na-atụgharị uche na ị na-jụrụ, mbụ, kọdọhọ gị n’obi jikọọ na ọnwa Ume nke a ọnwa eklips, nke bụ n’ezie karịa triggers ka Ị kpọghee ekwt ọhụrụ gị Koodu, na mgbe ahụ na-eziga ike nke Ịhụnanya laghachi gị ọnwa.
N’ihi na ndị ọzọ nkeji ise na ị bụ iziga ndị a ọnwa Ume, na-efegharị efegharị nke Ịhụnanya, na Obi niile ụmụ mmadụ na gị na mbara ala.
N’ihi na ndị ikpeazụ nkeji ise na ị bụ izipụ ume nke Ịhụnanya gị Ụwa, na Isi nke Gaia, ike mkpebi ya maka ya ọzọ nnukwu itu ukwu ya ọdọk.
Nwee obi ụtọ, ndị enyi m, n’ihi na ị na-hụrụ n’anya nke ukwuu ma na-echebe. ABỤ M Michael.   

World Peace – Weekly Planetary Meditation – Every Sunday at 15:00 GMT



Adyashanti – Merge and Unite with What Is

Great talk that broadens our perspective about why it really means to allow everything to be as it is, loving what is, non-seperation and becoming the situation that you’re in. To Unite and merge with what is.
The talk is from Boulder Intensive, August 2010.

Adyashanti, author of Falling into Grace, True Meditation, and The End of Your World, is an American-born spiritual teacher devoted to serving the awakening of all beings. His teachings are an open invitation to stop, inquire, and recognize what is true and liberating at the core of all existence.

Asked to teach in 1996 by his Zen teacher of 14 years, Adyashanti offers teachings that are free of any tradition or ideology. “The Truth I point to is not confined within any religious point of view, belief system, or doctrine, but is open to all and found within all.” Based in California, Adyashanti lives with his wife, Mukti, Associate Teacher of Open Gate Sangha. He teaches throughout North America and Europe, offering satsangs, weekend intensives, silent retreats, and a live internet radio broadcast.

“Adyashanti” means primordial peace.

For more please go to his website…

Cobra Message – An Open Letter to All Meditation Groups on the Planet – 8-17-14



portal2012_logo_vertical77An Open Letter to All Meditation Groups on the Planet

Time has come for us on the surface of the planet to reach a new degree of unity and cooperation, regardless of our personal differences, to assist the planet in its transformation. Therefore the Light forces are issuing a call to all meditation groups on the planet to join together and create a powerful field of positive energy.

portal2012_140817_group_meditationThe idea is to have a worldwide meditation once a week at the same moment, where all groups and individuals can do their own meditation in their own way. If we are all meditating at the same moment, a very powerful coherent resonance field is created that can really start transforming our collective reality. Scientific studies have confirmed positive effects of mass meditations on human society, so each of you that will participate in this meditation can actually help transforming human lives worldwide:

There have been many meditation initiatives lately:

Imagine the power of all those meditation initiatives combined together, regularly, once a week!

The only thing we need to do is to set the right time and start inviting meditation groups to join the initiative!

You can start sending this to all meditation groups that you know!

I would suggest Saturday or Sunday around 8 pm GMT for the timing, as this time frame is the most suitable for most time zones on the planet. Weekly planetary meditations need to happen at the same moment in time every week for all participants to gain cyclic momentum and to reach the critical mass for the planetary transformation. If you have any suggestions for the right timing, send them to .

If your meditation group would like to join the initiative, send your suggestion for the timing and the estimated number of weekly participants to .

Updates about the Weekly Planetary Meditation:

J’Tariah En Ra El – It’s time to WAKE UP – Love Infusion Meditation by Sananda – Every Day For Seven Days for at Least 15 Minutes Per Day – 8-16-14


 Love Infusion Meditation by Lord Sananda

channeled by Rev. Janisel of Sananda’s Eagles
Every Day for the Next 7 Days, 15 Minutes Per Day


Begin Your Mission Today for Creator by contacting janisel(((at)))


Greetings, my Beautiful and Bright Eagles, Starseeds and Lightworkers! It is I, Sananda, and I bring you an infusion of Love! The Beatles said it best, did they not? All You Need is Love. And how true that is, for Love is the answer to everything. We realize many of you have felt challenged over your past couple of weeks, with the opening of yet another stargate, and now you have your full moon energies which bring even more energetics to you and the beloved Earth. So I bring you the next meditation that you/we might infuse not only the planet and mankind with Love but also all of Earths other Kingdoms. And this shall be a bit of a different meditation this week.

Before you begin, do your Protocal: Ground, Center, and Intend your energies to join those of Project: Eagle Triad.

For the first half of this meditation you are asked to focus on the God Grid. Pull it tightly around you and feel the Presence of the Creator as It surrounds and fills your Being. As you ground yourselves into this Grid, you are asked to feel the various Qualities and Attributes, such as, of course, the Love, but also the Peace, the Brotherhood and the Unity Consciousness that it contains.

Now, you are asked to simply sit and visualize the Earth and all life thereon as the Perfect Embodiment of this higher Qualities and Attributes. In other words, visualize your Ideal of the Perfect World.

For the last half of this meditation you are asked to send the Energy of Love, which will contain your visualizations, to the Earth and all Life upon her. This Energy/thought-form will penetrate all of your planetary grids, all hearts, and all Consciousness.

As my brother Ashtar has said to you many times, we are partners in this ascension process and, although we of the higher dimensions cannot create your Perfect World for you, we can amplify your efforts. So we ask you, our co-creators, to call upon us before beginning your meditation, that we might indeed amplify and enlarge your endeavors.

I AM Sananda, surrounding and filling you with my Love. Shalom!




Anna Lemind – 5 Amazing Ways Meditation Can Affect and Change Your Body – 8-12-14

By Anna Lemind

It is a wide-known fact that meditation is a powerful tool against stress, fatigue and anxiety. However, numerous scientific studies have shown that mindfulness not only makes you relaxed and helps you unleash your inner potential, but can also significantly benefit your health and affect your body on a physical and even genetic level.


1. Meditation rebuilds your brain

The results of a study at Harvard Medical School showed that just two months of regular meditation practice completely rebuilds the human brain.

The experiment involved 16 volunteers who participated in the 8-week program aimed to reduce stress through mindfulness, developed by the Centre for Mindfulness of the University of Massachusetts Medical School. In weekly sessions participants were trained to focus on the awareness of their body’s senses, feelings and states of mind. Moreover, they had to meditate at home in their spare time.

All participants underwent MRI brain scanning before and after the training program. A comparison of the results showed an increase in gray matter in the hippocampus, a brain structure involved in memory processing, and in some other areas of the brain associated with self-awareness and introspection.

2. Meditation can help you learn to control your immune system

Scientists led by Matthijs Kox of the Radboud University Medical Center in Nijmegen, the Netherlands, studied Wim Hof method, which is very much alike to the Tibetan Tummo technique (the so called “yoga of inner heat”) and includes breathing exercises,  third-eye meditation, and cold exposure, and used it to train 12 volunteers to fend off inflammation.

The experiment involved 24 volunteers, comprising 12 people trained in the Wim Hof method and 12 people who were not. All participants were injected with a strain of bacteria which provokes flu-like symptoms.

As the results of the experiment showed, the volunteers who underwent training with Hof method displayed fewer and less intense flu-like symptoms than those who did not.

3. Meditation increases heart health

A study at Massachusetts General Hospital led by Dr. Randy Zusman showed that mindfulness practice helped patients decrease their blood pressure level. During the three-month study, the patients were trained to practice the so-called relaxation response, a technique suggested by cardiologist Herbert Benson 30 years ago. As a result, 40 of 60 patients who participated in the study reported drop in blood pressure.

In another study led by Robert Schneider of the Maharishi University of Management divided 201 African American men and women, who are at higher risk of heart disease attack than whites, into two groups: the first one attended educational classes about diet and exercise and the second one followed a transcendental meditation program. As a result, the researchers found a 48% decrease in the overall risk of stroke and heart attack among the members of the meditation group in comparison to those from the health education group.

4. Meditation changes your body on a genetic level

Researchers at Harvard Medical School found that ”disease-fighting genes” were more active in long-term practitioners of relaxation methods such as meditation and yoga, compared to those who did not practice any form of relaxation.

It appeared that the genes that protect the human body from disorders such as high blood pressure, infertility, pain, and even rheumatoid arthritis were switched on in those who practiced meditation. According to the researchers, the changes were due to “the relaxation effect”, which could be as effective as any medication but without the side effects.

5. Meditation can slow down the aging process

According to the researchers at the Shamatha Project, which is a multi-million dollar effort aimed at studying the benefits on meditation for the human health, a regular meditation practice can sharpen one’s perception, enhance the sense of well-being, and encourage empathy towards others. Moreover, the Shamatha Project researchers came to the conclusion that, through alleviating stress, meditation may also be an effective tool against the effects of aging.

That’s because with age, telomere length decreases, which prevents cell division and thus leads to tissue aging. The rate of telomere length shortening depends on the activity of the telomerase enzyme, which, in turn, is very much affected by the cardiovascular risk factors caused by stress. Thus, by fighting stress, mindfulness practice can play an important role in slowing the rate of cellular aging.

About the Author: Hi, I like learning new things and sharing my knowledge with others! I post science, psychology, self improvement and other related topics. I’m particularly interested in topics concerning consciousness and subconscious, perception, human mind’s potential, as well as the nature of reality and the universe.…

Lilian Eden Guided Meditation – Full Moon Ritual – Soul’s Journey

Lilian Eden

Lilian B. Eden is an internationally recognized Intuitive/Medium, Hypnotherapist and Author.
Visit for more information about her work and services.
Note: Cd’s and Mp3’s are available on her site.

** This is a guided meditation/guided process** Headphones/earbuds highly recommended. Please do not listen while operating a vehicle/machinery. **

Guiding you under the powerful full moon’s rays, Lilian takes you into a realm of new ideas, perspectives and realities. Getting the power surge of the full moons energy, you can let go of all that doesn’t serve you this day onward. Be inspired and in awe as you set the energetic imprint on the day/night of the full moon. Use this energy with deliberation and a knowing that you are fully being supported in your visions. 🙂

Mp3’s available on and Amazon!

Deepak Chopra – A Global Meditation for Peace – Join us August 8, 2014

Chopra Center


528 Hz Emerald Heart Ascendance – Hawaii Healing Meditation


Audio available here:…

This track is a theta delta brainwave entrainment program set to the Solfeggio Love Frequency 528Hz corresponding to emerald on the electromagnetic spectrum. This track aids in the activation of the higher heart of Divine Love, creating a powerful resonant field of peace and compassion. Our best selling track is paired with soothing video scenes from the mystic Napali coast, in Kauai, Hawaii.

Please use stereo headphones.
_()_ _()_ _()_

Light and Sound are One

Music by Asa, Creator of Source Vibrations

This video is a collaboration between Source Vibrations and Youtube Video user David Huting –

– Global Meditation For Peace on 8-8-14 – WORLD’S LARGEST Global Meditation In History – GoldenLightChannel





Deepak Chopra Peace Meditation Friday, August 8, 2014

Spiritual health advocate and author Deepak Chopra is attempting to set the Guinness World Record for the largest meditation during the Seduction of Spirit retreat in Toronto. Thanks to Julie.

Chopra has long touted the many personal benefits of meditation. Now, he’s hoping to set a Guinness World Record for the largest collective meditation.

Chopra will be leading the record-breaking attempt from Toronto, where he is attending his biannual seven-day meditation gathering.

On Friday, Aug. 8 at noon EDT (go to the website your location’s time), Chopra wants to bring together retreat participants with thousands more participants online for a collective meditation. Participants can log in online to watch alive stream of the guided meditation which will feature a performance by Indie Arie.

In order to break the world record, at least 15,000 people need to participate, but organizers say that shouldn’t be a problem: 40,000 have already registered to take part online.

The event is being called the Global Meditation for Peace, and Chopra says the idea is to harness the power of a collective focus on the same goal.

“What we hope is to create that critical mass of peace consciousness,” he told CTV’s Canada AM Tuesday. With so many conflicts dominating headlines recently, Chopra says the aim of the meditation is to promote peace in the same way that Mahatma Gandhi encouraged others to “be the change that you wish to see” in the world.

“So if you want love in the world, you have to be loving. If you want peace in the world, you have to be peaceful,” he said.

Chopra, a former physician, says he believes in the health and well-being benefits of meditating alone, but that gathering together to meditate is even more powerful.

“There is scientific data that if a group of people meditate — even a group of two together — the effects are magnified. And you can see that on brainwaves on EEG. So yes, it can be private but it can also be collective,” he said.

The Chopra Center for Wellbeing, which Chopra co-founded in 1996 in California, says it selected Toronto to host the Global Meditation “based on the strong connection Torontonians have to both meditation and yoga.”

Sign up for the meditation here:

Pleiadian Delegate – Healing Frequency Transmission

Pleiadian Delegate

The Pleiadian Delegate Healing Frequency Transmission Bathes your Cellular Consciousness and DNA in The Healing Frequencies of the Central Sun through The Queen of Light. There is Nothing to Do. Simply Relax and Receive The Frequency Transmission. Your Consciousness will be Bathed in Divine Love, Union and Harmony.

Please Make sure you ground your energy after this Frequency Transmission.
Please, Do not listen to, while driving.
Spend time in nature, and if need be,use grounding crystals. I love you!!

Embodying Divine Union (the Actualization of You) is the Agreement you made at Soul level Prior to this Incarnation onto Planet Earth. Light Codes in your Original Blueprint are being Activated and Initiated Now. You as the New Human of Light, walking Fully into the New Era of Light.
This is the Reason you are Here.

Eternal Love,
Pleiadian Delegate; The Queen of Light

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30 Minute Meditation – Asking for Nothing – And Receiving Everything


To find out more about making personal growth easier go to: or acquire our life changing app Happy Hints at:…. This is a truly unique voyage into achieving everything you want without making a single request for yourself. It’s amazing to note that when we practise altruism all our own needs are automatically met! Take this 30 minute voyage of giving and watch how, without asking, your kindnesses are repaid. It is truly a wonder of the universe….

Eckhart Tolle – Transcendence Through Stillness

Suzanne Lie – Gnomes Earth Elementals Meditation – 7-24-14


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Dr. Suzanne Lie’s Books available here:
Original meditation by Dr. Suzanne Lie
Background music by Chris Mariotti @edgarallanpoets
Relaxing music and message. Meditation.
A journey into the energy of the subconsciousness.

In Greek mythology, Gaia also Gaea, or Ge was the personification of the Earth,one of the Greek primordial deities. Gaia was the great mother of all: the primal Greek Mother Goddess; creator and giver of birth to the Earth and all the Universe; the heavenly gods, the Titans and the Giants were born from her union with Uranus (the sky), while the sea-gods were born from her union with Pontus . Her equivalent in the Roman pantheon was Terra.

Ambient Mix – Astral Travel – Beyond Deep Space – by NAKpsy

SUGGESTION:  These frequencies vibrate your entire body in a harmonic continuum. Try reading the longer articles in today’s postings.  Read…Pause…Reflect.



Ambient and Space Ambient music mix.

01. Steve Roach – Dream Body (0:00)
02. Andrew Forrest – Liquid Light (11:00)
03. David Helpling & Jon Jenkins – Beyond Words (28:25)
04. David Helpling & Jon Jenkins – No More Than Ever (31:25)
05. _Algol_ – Last Minutes of Dying Star (40:52)
06. Andrew Forrest – Alchemy of the Heart (49:10)
07. Rudy Adrian – Three Views Of A Japanese Garden, Part 2 (Live) (01:04:30)

Art by Charles Frizzell.

Download mix:!cp4AWTKa!aV3jPlP… (320 kbps,170.4 MB)

Cosmic Love Meditation – Kelly Howell