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James GillilandJames Gilliland
Pray It Forward This New Years
This coming Sunday night there will be a full moon. It is an excellent time to re-evaluate what worked and what did not work so well in the preceding year.
A time to get real clear about what you want, gain the wisdom from the past and release it. Don’t carry those balls and chains into the future.
Rather than just focus on what you want for the new year how about a prayer for others. How about a New Years Resolution to include those in your inner circle and outer circle as well to find their way to living a loving, joyous, prosperous life. You might want to add a little universal peace into the mix.
I believe 2015 is going to be a year of personal responsibility along with some real hard lessons about denial. A year where the karmic backlash finds its mark on those who have acted in a way that was harmful to humanity and nature. It is going to be a year of brutal honesty where many will awaken and have the courage to not only speak their truth but act on it.


These are the apocalyptic years where those who lust for wealth and power at the expense of humanity and nature will have the lessons they have so cleverly evaded. There is a big difference between clever and wisdom. A clever man will use his talents and abilities to rise above the masses in self service competitively amassing wealth and power usually at the expense of others. A wise man will use his talents and abilities to serve others, empower others to reach their highest potential knowing that serving others is serving Prime Creator.
The Creator is omnipresent within all Creation. Serving Creation is serving self because it is creating a more loving, joyous, prosperous world in which to live. It is in alignment with unity consciousness, where the Earth is evolving too.
A wise man knows any gain at the expense of others is only temporary and will have karmic consequences. The vast majority of the rich and powerful have very little love or authentic friends they can trust. They are often surrounded by sucker fishes feeding off the scraps they leave behind. They are also surrounded by predators just waiting for them to slip up.
There is a lot of denial about karma in the world of self service yet this is usually perpetuated by the ones with the most to lose if it is an immutable law. Ufortunately for the war and disease profiteers, the enslavers it is.
I sat down to write out my New Years Resolutions. As I began to write many friends and family kept popping into my head that were having their challenges. I found it very hard to write about my own challenges some miniscule compared to theirs. I thought about the financial challenges with ECETI and wondered what would I do if someone donated a million dollars. As in the past I know it would go to education, healing and empowering others. Only in a much grander way. I thought about how many others I could provide the latest healing modalities for, expand the gardens to feed more people, create more housing etc.
I also thought about what kind of world we would live in if people actually put others first yet not denying their own well being, passing on any extra goods and services. What if we prayed for others first and acted in a way that would assist them in taking care of their needs and realizing their dream.
I started having flashbacks on other lives, advanced civilizations that operated under universal law, understood unity consciousness serving the Creator in all Creation. We all have these memories. We all know what to do to turn this civilization and planet around.
We know in our heart of hearts if we are working for the beast or in the highest and best good for humanity and the Earth. We know we cannot turn a blind eye to how our choices and actions are affecting others. In the days to come I believe we are going to see just how far down the rabbit hole of denial we have gone.
As I am writing this letter I am in the middle of a storm with hurricane winds. I am watching trees bend almost to the ground, listening to branches breaking and gusts of wind sounding like a freight train passing through a tunnel.
Yet I am at peace. I am no saint be any means nor am I infallible. Things did not always work out the way I desired yet my intentions have always been in the highest and best good of all I interact with.
As Mohammed once said,” There are no perfect men, only perfect intentions.” I know where I will go when I pass this plane through ascension or death and having already died twice and returned in this life the fear of death has lost its strangle hold. I am more focused on what I leave behind, what kind of legacy or world for the next generations. I think the next generation theme is going to be on the mind of the majority for 2014.

Finding That Infinite Ocean of Calm Within – Archangels and Devas Blog – 5-11-14

Bryce - Ocean & Sky (Calm Water)



Finding That Infinite Ocean of Calm Within


“Deep in the soul.. below pain.. below all the distraction of life is a silence vast and grand… an infinite ocean of calm.. which nothing can disturb; Nature’s own exceeding peace.. which “passes understanding”. That which we seek with passionate longing.. here and there.. upward and outward; we find at last within ourselves.”

~ Richard Maurice Bucke  1837 -1902 Author of “Cosmic Consciousness”

This past week has been really interesting for me. Mexico City has experienced at least 2 earthquake tremors that I am aware of. Thursday’s being the strongest I have ever felt. Perhaps there is a little residual fear there still within me from the sinking of Atlantis, I’m not sure, but when the Earth begins to move beneath your feet, you should be able to find your inner calm before allowing the fear to rise up and engulf you. This is a metaphor for anything that we allow to rise up and engulf us. I also experienced intense pain from a previous knee injury during this past week, and while I was lying there feeling the pain, I asked Michael to help me figure out what message this pain has for me now. I received intuitively that the pain is showing me the importance of staying in balance within myself by not letting any negative energy influence my calm. Within me I have both masculine and feminine energy and I have neglected the masculine and embraced only my feminine energy because I thought of myself as being only feminine within this female body I wear. I have come to realize this past week that even though I occupy a female form, I am still within myself both energies, and until I can balance those energies within myself, I can never hope to fully merge with my I AM Presence, who is also both my Divine Feminine and Masculine essence.

So the skeletal structure is a metaphor for my Masculine energy. My inner Masculine helps me to stand with both feet solidly on the ground, it is my support structure. Our Masculine Energy is all about support. When the physical body is out of balance energetically, it often manifests as pain within or around the skeletal and muscular support system in the body. When you are in balance within both the Masculine and the Feminine, you can move effortlessly forward to being in balance within your Higher Self and Consciousness. I also want to reiterate that any un-balance will manifest as pain or dis-ease within the physical body, and all of this can be attributed to not being in balance within both these aspects of yourself.

Let me say that I didn’t suffer for long because within 15 minutes I had miraculously fallen asleep and when I woke up a couple hours later, the pain was gone. I seriously injured this knee just before I came to Mexico three years ago. Intuitively I knew the knee was sprained, but I refused to go to a doctor. I knew that there was nothing a doctor could do for me that I couldn’t do better. I, being my Divine God Self of course. I had no pain, except when I tried to bend my knee or when I put weight on it. What could a doctor do for me that my infinitely wise Creator could not do for me? When you begin to live in this consciousness, you begin to see yourself in a whole new Light.

Let me add also that when you are in balance within yourself, you become a true Co-Creator with your Higher Self. As a Co-Creator, it is important to be balanced within your Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energy, because this energy THAT IS YOU, has to always be in agreement/alignment in order for effortless manifestation to occur. Both energies have to give their consent and be in alignment/balance/harmony in order for something to manifest into form. I have experienced this lately, and it is amazing to watch as it unfolds within its own Divine Timing.

So how do we stay in this Infinite Ocean of Calm in order that we are not swayed by our fears and the negative energy of others? This morning Michael brought to my attention again the Pillar of Light and how you can use this powerful Light energy to keep yourself in a positive state of being. When you’re in this magnificent Diamond Light, nothing can sway you. You will stay ‘Solid as a Rock’, upon which the foundation of anything can be built.

We have been given so many gifts to use to help us through these little kinks along the road on our journey. If you trust your Self, you will be led intuitively through rough seas. YOU truly are your own best compass. You are never alone, and you are infinitely loved!


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