Alan Watts ~ The Spiritual Journey As The Self

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When spiritually oriented people are exposed to the information that has been provided, they show a measurable elevation of consciousness. Before and after each lecture, the consciousness level of the audience is calibrated, and it generally shows an increase, on the average, of between ten and forty points for the audience as a whole. This may vary individually from a low of four points to as high as hundreds of points. Within the group, however, there is great variation due to ‘karmic ripeness’. The majority of spiritual seekers goes through a variety of stages that may range from despair to high joy or even ecstasy. There are also long periods where nothing seems to be happening and the person feels they are not getting anywhere. These are interspersed with periods of what seem like stagnation, frustration, self-blame, and even hopelessness. All these periods within the overall process are normal. Perseverance and dedication carry one through. The way is easier if a true teacher or a dedicated group is available. The pathway of nonduality, which depends primarily on meditation and devotional dedication, takes perseverance and self-discipline to achieve the necessary ‘one-pointedness of mind’. If a spiritual aspirant is devotional and aspires to God through selfless surrender, much can be bypassed without necessarily understanding its structure at all. Unknown to the aspirant is the past karma, which is also an influential factor. Therefore, one cannot compare oneself to others or expect some fortuitous suddenness such as that which occurred to the well-known teacher, Ramana Maharshi. While just an ordinary teenager, he suddenly fell down and felt himself dying. He then went into a state of oneness and silent bliss that calibrated at over 700. As a consequence, he was not able to speak for two years. If we research this story with muscle testing, we learn that he had spent many previous lifetimes in spiritual endeavor, and his seemingly sudden enlightenment was actually the fruition in this lifetime of that effort and dedication.

Monad – Self realization – Gnostic Radio

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How the soul develops realization of the Monad: the inner Being

Steve Beckow – A Time of Emergence – Golden Age Of Gaia

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Golden Ae Of Gaia

October 11, 2013

We’ve talked about “emergence” (1) on other occasions and we seem to be in a time that’s characterized by us emerging.

I’m going to repost an article on emergence today, but I wanted to say a word or two before that.

I was startled last night to see myself, in a situation with a local friend that could have been difficult and tragic for both of us, operating in a way that I’d call mature and well-considered. I had the distinct impression that this was new for me.

On another occasion recently, I did the opposite: I actually went for the outcome I wanted, behaved in ways that were open to criticism, risked all, and, with the aid of the other person doing the same and sharing responsibility equally for the wonderful outcome (and many supportive friends), had a mutual breakthrough in relationship.

Afterwards we were both thrilled at that outcome and reached a new level of sharing, but it was all very risky and raised concern in all around us.

I personally would like to do that more often, given my background in groups, but I realize that for many people watching it looked like madness compounded. It was definitely outside our comfort zones.

And there have been other similar events, all of which point to … emergence, either actual or fondly wished for.

It isn’t an accident that the Divine Mother is washing us in a very powerful energy this week that comes directly from her (well, all energy does, really). This is a large wave and is probably the “Event” that many are speaking of. And what I see as the impact on myself is emergence. So perhaps with that introduction, let me repost an article on emergence itself.

I should add that I feel so tired that I’ll have to take a holiday soon. It’ll have nothing to do with the Reval though it may seem to coincide. It just reflects me needing a rest. I’m trying to give advance notice.


(1) See the articles under “Emergence” at

 Emerging, Standing Forth, Exiting the Mask – It’s All the Same

April 21, 2013,


emergence 3


Someone asked me why I had suddenly started a new topic – the constructed self. Not new. I’ve been discussing it since forever. Just using different words.

I’ve been discussing it since the day I started the discussion group Galactic Roundtable (now Share11) in January 2009. From the first, I urged people to share in that group, to reveal themselves, to emerge from their shells and stand forth as the Self. Perhaps I can share a post from the first week of that group:

“That having been said, the single biggest way you can serve us is to emerge.

“What does that mean? What is ‘emergence’? …

“I don’t speak of enlightenment when I’m hammering away at the keyboard. I speak of ‘emergence.’ I emerge. I stand forth. I rip this mask off and tell you who I am in the matter: I am here (and I think my colleagues are too) to create a space for you to emerge. That’s who I am in the matter. What matter? The matter of this group.

“How do you emerge? You drop the mask, drop the drama, drop the complaints and the victimization, and stand forth as who you are. Plain vanilla you. The gift without the wrapping.

“Take off the party hat. Stop trying to sell us an image.

“Tell us who you are.” (1)

Masks, shells and constructed selves are composed of the same constituents: conclusions, decisions, acts, numbers, routines, poses, postures, hidden agendas, hidden investments.


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Why would I keep discussing the same theme for four years running?

There really is a reason.

Whether we talk about emergence, standing forth as the Self, or exiting our constructed self, the same matter is at issue.

We’ve all heard by now how the masters, angels, and galactics are gesturing to us to come thither. We see that they’re reminding us what a talented and committed group of lightworkers are here – here from all dimensions and locales of space.

They’re handling the part of the task of emergence that has to do with the physical body. This body is like a wet blanket on our awareness.

It’s a contrarium to consciousness, a barrier, a non-conductor. It inhibits seeing. It flattens sensitivity. It does not let emotion through. Not much, not really.

Some people will hear that as me saying the body is bad and wrong. No, I’m not saying that. It simply inhibits the flow of consciousness compared to the spirit that inhabits the body.


Emergence 44


And the Company of Heaven is handling this non-conductivity by raising the energy, sending us special waves of love and light, bringing our Merkibahs online, firing up our DNA, etc.

But the part of it that falls to us, in my estimation, is to emerge from our fears, our reticence, our hiding, our indirectness, all the ways of being which we’ve developed to get through the unpleasantness in our lives that can now interfere with our missions as lightworkers.

If we weren’t ground crew, I wouldn’t be saying this. I’d be saying “Sit back, folks, relax, and enjoy the ride.” But because we’re ground crew, because we’re lightworkers, because we came here and said that we’d be willing to do the heavy lifting, the situation becomes a little different. And this is where the reason I talk about this comes in.

If we as lightworkers are to do what’s expected of us in the times ahead, if we’re to work on a global stage or handle large projects, if we’re to stand up to rape and gang violence and all the really difficult issues in the world, then it becomes a positively fruitful thing – no, a necessary thing – to stand forth as the Self, in the language I used four years ago, or emerge from the constructed self, in the language I’ve used more recently.

I realize that many people may not have the slightest clue what I’m talking about and that can be a bit daunting. Others may be invested in the constructed self and not want to hear this. We’ll all be at various places with it.

But I continue to believe, drawing on everything I’ve learned from all those expensive courses I took so many years ago, that breaking free from all that holds us back is what is wanted and needed.

I’m not saying that many techniques cannot clear the brush, cover a lot of ground, etc. But given that the ego does not loosen its grip willingly, there comes a moment, I think, when a choice presents itself: the person is either going to come out of their shell, out of their act, out of themselves as a construction of thought, or they are not.

It’s this moment of standing forth, stepping out, and making the break with all that’s artificial, prearranged and conditioned that I’m referring to and that I work for.

I don’t know how many times I’ve watched that moment of breakthrough in people, where they suddenly shift from being fearful to being a lion, where they realize what a deep hole they’ve dug for themselves and now just want to come out.

Anyone who’s ever been in an encounter group, the est training or an enlightenment intensive will know what I’m talking about. It’s a sacred moment. Often born amid much kicking and screaming but sacred nonetheless. Once a person is out, they don’t want to go back in.

In that moment, we’ll either step out of the confines of all the norms and rules and fears and secrets that hold us back – or forever hold our peace. And at that moment, to watch a person take a stand that they’re finished with their conditioning, finished with their holding back out of fear, finished with all that restricts and confines them which is not born out of choice is as inspiring as any event is.

At that moment, it’s as if a person takes a step outside a time capsule or a consciousness bubble and becomes free of it all. And that’s what I’m pointing at and encouraging all of us to do. It doesn’t have to be born amid kicking and screaming but sometimes it is.

I want to be totally honest with you. I yearn for, I long for, I miss from the bottom of my heart partners in this work who’ve stepped outside their artificial ways of being, who meet life head-on day after day, who refuse to be indirect and suppressed, who not only yearn to breathe free but insist on it.

Never mind the Divine Mother calling her children to her. Where are our partners?

I may be dreaming to think that everyone can stand forth as who they are, but it’s the square I put my money on. It’s the only game worth playing for me. And, while I get that I haven’t a role to play in encouraging this interpersonally (I’m not schooled as a group leader, etc.), nothing brings me more joy and aliveness than inviting everyone to join me in this through my writing.

Golden Ae Of Gaia

The Transitioning – Healing – Dialogue With Your Body – Bob Wright, Julien Wells – 9-21-13

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Teal Scott – How Ego Comes Through The Back Door

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Ego is the term we use for the separate identity and the separate identity has one prerogative; survival. Because the ego thinks that its survival is at stake, the ego has become intelligent. It is intelligent enough to know that sometimes a full frontal approach is not the best course of action. It is smart enough to know that sometimes the best choice is to come in the back door.
In this episode, Teal explains how ego comes in the back door. She explains that ego has taken advantage of the truth that “we create our own reality” by isolating us.

Brenda Hoffman – Think Big And Then BIGGER – 10 July 2013

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Dear Ones,

Self-worth is key to transitioning to the new earth. Even though accepting and processing your joy is a major part of self-worth, there are other pieces we wish to examine.

Perhaps you feel your self-worth is remarkably strong as you survey those around you. Perhaps you are proud of your Old Age accomplishments and wonder what we are speaking of.

Please review your current life. Are you having financial or relationship issues? Or perhaps your physical body is not as healthy as you would like. Even though not all issues are related to your self-worth, we venture to guess many are.

In previous lives on earth – and perhaps other locations – you did what you needed to do to fit in, be a part of society. You made yourself small to appear similar to everyone else. The logic of that statement is that everyone now on earth addressing their self-worth did the same. Please break down the word worthless into worth and less and you will understand what we are addressing.

You have read, channeled and discussed how important you are to this transition. But have you internalized what that means in terms of your actions and reactions? Have you discovered or acknowledged your worth in every part of your being? Or do you continue to fit in, to be normal in whatever fashion feels most comfortable for you?

Fitting in is not something to be ashamed of. We are merely pointing out that many of you experience discomfort because you are continuing your Old Age earth habit of seeming powerless.

Let us give you an example. Perhaps in your younger days, you achieved a limited grade so those friends not as academically inclined would accept you. Or perhaps you over-achieved to display to others how magnificent you were – not because it felt right, but because that was a way of shining in the eyes of those you wished to put down. You may have also displayed such in athletics, music, dance or any venue including the business world.

Attempting to be better than others or putting a lid on your achievements merely reveals your need to be something other than who you are.

Many of you believe achievement is good. Such is true if that achievement gives you joy. But if that achievement is the result of your wish to be like someone or as good or better than someone, you are displaying feelings of worthlessness.

Perhaps you disagree – you believe fitting in is or was to your benefit.

Fitting in is another method of mass control. If those who are smart and those not quite as smart achieve similar rewards through either dumbing down or pushing up, control is possible. But it is an achievement bar created by someone outside of yourself – established to contain you and others in your society.

This concept of control is somewhat different from what we discussed previously – a concept not often addressed. Obvious mass controls include your society’s rights and wrongs, policies and rewards. A much more discrete form of control is that which you put upon yourself to fit within those policies and reward systems.

Part of you understands this concept. You created someone who fits comfortably within society – but that someone is not necessarily you. That creation is affecting your manifestation/creation skills. How often do you hear that someone with a great deal of money is not happy? Even though you laugh at that outdated belief, you barely manage to pay your bills.

It is time for you to cleanse your being of all vows, past decisions and creations that no longer serve you. Those pieces you created to be small.

You are not small. You are god and goddesses pretending you are small.

That last thought has made some of you angry for you believe you are quite ready for a financial windfall or physical miracle. We beg to differ. If you find yourself in a fearful place similar in any fashion to what you experienced a decade or even a year ago, you have not yet cleared previous vows from your being.

Some of you feel we are chiding or punishing you. Where is the love?

Indeed, where is your love for yourself? Self-love is what we are discussing today.

The New Age/new earth has arrived. You have downloaded your new earth software. You may have even tested some of that software to discover new images, thoughts and actions – yet you remain mired in financial obscurity or physical and emotional pain.

Where is your love for yourself?

Of course, you are now angry. What right do we have to tell you that you not only created the discomfort – you continue that discomfort to stay small, to fit within society. Such discomfort is no longer necessary or desirable.

It is time to be a new earth adult – claiming all your skills, all your passions, all your joys. Stop feeling the need to fit within society. You are a unique individual with tremendous manifestation/creation skills. It is time to manifest. It is time to create – who you are not who society says you should be.

We are declaring your freedom to be the gods/goddesses, large manifesters you are. Start doing so by going within yourself in whatever fashion is right for you and requesting that all vows, thoughts, beliefs and patterns that created the small you necessary to fit within Old Age society be brought to the surface for review and /or removal.

Think big. And then think BIGGER. Accept your joys. Follow your passions. And allow yourself to eradicate any pieces that negate the BIG you that you are. So be it. Amen. If you would like to receive Brenda’s free blogs when posted, please click the Subscribe Button on the upper part of her subscribe and blog page and then click the – Subscribe to Brenda’s Blog by E-mail – line. Complete your subscription by entering your e-mail address and accepting the e-mail confirmation.

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The Infinite Waters – Power of Love – You Are Worthy – Secrets of Alchemy

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Love Yourself 100%!
Feel Alive by Ralph Smart. The New Book Now Available Below:
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Denise Le Fay – The Hard Transition Of Taking Back Our Power & Mastering Responsibility – 26 June 2013

800x800 timeisup One of the highly important spiritual and energetic lessons many of us have been or currently are having to master is that of individually taking back our power and being aware that we are responsible. For the past few thousand years humanity has been deliberately and profoundly dis-empowered through different sources, systems, and beliefs on earth–religious beliefs; beliefs about our physical bodies and our health; beliefs about what we eat and drink; beliefs about wars, killing, fighting; beliefs about whose got “god” and/or “right” on their side and who doesn’t etc. It’s all rather clever crap when you honestly look at how humanity has been so effectively screwed with, controlled, and turned into parasitic vampires and unconscious zombies. Ever wonder why those story lines–and others about ETs only being negative–are force-fed continuously to the masses through movies and TV shows? It’s to get global humanity to believe and accept that living parasitically off of others, and, not thinking or feeling anything is normal! Nothing of course could be farther from the truth.

My friend Stu mentioned in an email a couple of weeks ago that these latest Zombie Apocalypse movies are further attempts to herd more people’s consciousness towards ‘Planet B’ and I could not agree with him more. The Dark Ones–both nonhuman and human–continue pushing hard to get as many people as they can mentally and emotionally fixated on and acclimated towards growing planetary negativity, fear, chaos, danger, victim-hood, and therefore the supposed need for total lock-down over humanity by the “Powers That Were”. I say were because “they” are separating from the earth world and timeline I live in, or I could say that the earth world and timeline I’m living in are separating from “them”, those Powers That Were. They will however continue to be available in another earth world and timeline for the people/souls who either still want that type of negative controlled reality and energies etc., or, who got suckered, hooked, conned, “brainwashed”, derailed and intentionally herded into that world and timeline. Same old tactics used on mass humanity, but now it’s to herd them directly into Planet B and its timeline and as far away from the other earth worlds and timelines that are Ascending (‘Planet A/B’ and others).

After thousands of years of humanity being deliberately pulled apart through their beliefs about everything, including so thoroughly separated internally and externally that they can’t do anything for themselves which was Team Dark’s end goal with all this, now in 2013 humanity is being pushed to evolve out of that old negativity and dis-empowerment and lack of personal and collective responsibility etc. and into growing “unity” instead of growing “separation”. Or not… hence why there are multiple worlds and timelines for all and the unfolding Separation of Worlds. There’s never been only one “Schoolroom” and there never will be. Source/God/Us All are far more creative and complex than that.

Many people have experienced the rude awakening of having one or more humans lie and con them, but also of having nonhuman, nonphysical Negative beings or entities also lie and con them. Before the 12-21-12 Expiration Date of the old Evolutionary Cycle with its blueprints and all, it was more difficult for most people to discern when humans and nonhuman, nonphysical beings where lying to them, using them to harm others, feeding them lies to harm themselves and as many other people as possible. But since the Shift into 2013, more people are finally sensing, seeing, feeling, and consciously realizing that some of the messages being whispered in their own inner ears, and in many other people’s, are not the “good guys” after all but are Team Dark claiming to be Team Light. Astral beings/entities can claim to be anyone, any group, or anything but that sure as hell doesn’t mean it’s the truth!

The situation underneath all this now is that more people are having to learn how to discern for themselves how different energies and beings/entities sound, communicate, what they say, how they say it, and how it makes you feel and so on. In other words, individual discernment is a prerequisite to continued Ascension/Evolution. The other aspect of this situation is that, after one learns how to discern Duality energies and beings (Positive and Negative) for themselves, and for themselves is key, the next step in this Ascension related Process is to gradually evolve into re-learning how to Consciously Create for oneself.

After thousands of years of humanity being intentionally dis-empowered and taught to not take any responsibility for anything, this evolutionary turnaround is going to be much more difficult for some people, whereas for others, it will be a breeze to slide back into what is normal and natural. Nonetheless, this is one entree on the current Spiritual Menu for humanity now so more people are having to deal with mastering both personally being able to discern all things/beings/people/situations/information/locations etc. for themselves, and simultaneously re-learn how to Consciously Create for themselves. Said another way, those of us who want to evolve/ascend now are having to take back our personal power, be fully responsible consciously, and re-learn how to Consciously Create or be the Creator Beings we actually are underneath all the old negative layers of Team Dark poison, lies, distortions and vast BS the human collective bought into long ago.

What I really want everyone to grasp now is that we’ve reached that point within the Ascension Process (the Third Trimester and beyond) where many of us Forerunners are currently having to Consciously Create what we individually want, need, or desire because 1) it’s time that we re-learned how to do this individually and 2) because it’s simply the next step in our ongoing Ascension educations and 3) because we’re on such NEW, clean, ground now in mid-2013 that if we don’t Consciously Create and intend and visualize from our High Hearts what we want, it ain’t gonna manifest! Seriously, who else is there that’s going to do it for us at this point? And more importantly, is someone or something else supposed to create it for us now or are we supposed to evolve/ascend into individual empowerment and conscious creativity now?

I know you already know the answers to these questions and like me, you too just need to get the hang of it once again. Don’t wait for or expect someone else to do it for you because we’re so far beyond that point now it’s laughable. Be the Creator Being you really are; step back into your individual Empowerment you had before you incarnated here and had to lay it down for a while; be responsible for yourself, your thoughts, your feelings, emotions, ideas, creativity etc. because doing so only further empowers you to be the Conscious Creator that you and I need to become now.


June 25, 2013

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