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Depressed Woman


“I define depression as a comparison of your current reality to a fantasy about how you wish your life would be.” ~Dr. John Demartini


I always wanted to do things “right.” I was the little kid at the front of the room, raising her hand for every question. I was great at pushing myself to succeed and please.

My drive to be perfect was an asset through college and law school. I rocked high grades and landed a big firm job right out of school. But that same drive drove me right into a therapist’s office at twenty-five, where I was diagnosed with severe depression.

Then just like any good perfectionist, I drove myself harder to overcome the depression, to be more perfect. I Cookie Monstered personal growth, intensely gobbling up books, lectures, retreats, and coaching.

Have you ever been cruising along, then suddenly realized you’ve been going the wrong way for a while?

When I had suicidal thoughts in my thirties after giving birth to my daughter, my intense drive came to a screeching halt. My desire to be perfect had driven me into a deep and scary postpartum depression.

My thoughts were no longer mine, and for the first time in my life I was afraid of what was happening in my head. Something had to shift.

So I went on a new journey, one designed to find out (for real this time) how to reduce the daily suffering that I knew I was causing myself. What I learned shifted my entire life. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

Let me walk you through my journey. Maybe you can discover something about yourself along the way.

To Motivate or To Berate—That is the Question

Like all good journeys, mine starts with a hero (me) and a villain (my inner critic voice). Now, that “little voice” for me was not little at all. It was more like the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man in Ghostbusters, the mean one with the scary eyes.

One day I decided to turn toward my Mean Marshmallow Man Voice and ask it questions. Why must I be perfect? Why are you always criticizing me?

“Because you’re not perfect.” It said, with a booming voice. “You’re not…” and then it went on to list about 2,000 things that I was failing to do, be, say, or accomplish.

But this time, when I pictured all of these 2,000 things, I started to imagine the person who would actually have done all of those things. Who would this person be, this perfect version of me? Let’s name her Perfect Lauren.

Well, let’s see. Perfect Lauren would never let the clothes on her floor pile up, or the mail go unread. Perfect Lauren wouldn’t spend hours watching The Walking Dead or surfing Facebook. Perfect Lauren would work out every day, in the morning, before work.

Perfect Lauren would eat extremely well and would skip Starbucks, no matter how much she loved Salted Carmel Mochas. Perfect Lauren would have a perfect meditation practice every day.

I saw my entire life flash before my eyes, one long comparison to Perfect Lauren and one long failure to measure up. Did I assume that with enough self-abuse, one day I would become Perfect Lauren? One day I would finally be this fantasy super mom who would always “have it together”?

Suddenly I realized that my immense drive, the one that had allowed me to be so successful, was not a drive toward the happiness I wanted. I was not driving toward anything at all. I was driving away from something.

I drove myself to avoid feeling shame, self-criticism, and self-hate. I drove myself to please the Mean Marshmallow Man Voice. I drove myself to avoid hating myself.

Why do you do things? Do you exercise, eat right, study, or work hard because you love yourself and want good for yourself? Or do you do these things to avoid shame and self-criticism?

I had spent my entire life motivating myself with negativity. And I was now paying the price.

Why It’s Hard to Change

Once I realized how much I compared myself to Perfect Lauren, I tried to stop. It seems simple. Just stop doing it.

But when I tried too hard, I kept getting stuck in this Dr. Seuss-like spiral of hating myself for trying to not hate myself. My former coach used to call that a “double bind,” because you’re screwed either way.

For me to finally learn how to change this, I first had to ask myself…why? And yes, I know that I’m starting to sound like Yoda, but follow me here.

Why did I need to compare myself to Perfect Lauren? Why did it matter? When I pulled at the thread, I found the sad truth.

I compare myself to Perfect Lauren because somewhere deep in my mind I believe that Perfect Lauren gets the love. Real Lauren doesn’t. So I must constantly push myself to be Perfect Lauren, never accepting Real Lauren.

Okay, that sounds ridiculous. When you highlight a belief, sometimes it can look like a big dog with shaved fur, all shriveled and silly. I don’t believe that at all.

I believe the Lauren that leaves clothes on the floor and loses the toothpaste cap deserves love! The Lauren who hates to unload the dishwasher and loses bills in a pile of mail, she deserves love too!

How to Transform Self-Criticism

Have you ever looked endlessly for something and then realized it was sitting right in front of your face? It turns out that the solution to my self-criticism and comparison was actually pretty simple—start loving myself more.

Now loving Real Lauren, with all faults, is not easy. But I’m trying.

Instead of pushing myself with shame, hate, and self-criticism, I am learning to motivate myself with praise. Instead of threatening myself, I am pumping myself up.

And this has changed everything. I actually get more done using positive motivation. And more importantly, I feel better about what I get done. I’m happier, calmer, and feel more at peace with my life.

If you want to shift your own self-criticism and free yourself from the tyranny of your Mean Marshmallow Man, stop trying to fix yourself and start trying to love yourself.

Here is a practical way to implement this into your life:

The next time you notice that you are criticizing yourself or comparing yourself to Perfect You, stop. Hit the pause button in your head.

Next, say, “Even though I… I love and accept all of myself.” So, for me today, “Even though I shopped on Zulily instead of writing this blog post, I love and accept all of myself.”

Now imagine that you’re giving yourself a hug, internally. Try to generate a feeling of self-compassion.

When you do this regularly, you will start to notice what I noticed. Love and self-compassion can shift even the strongest negative thoughts and emotions and allow you to enjoy more of you life.

And that’s the real goal here, isn’t it? If we keep driving ourselves using self-criticism, we will never be happy, no matter how perfect we are, because we won’t enjoy the process. We won’t enjoy the journey.

I believe that the happiest people in life aren’t the ones with the least baggage. They are just the ones who learned to carry it better so that they can enjoy the ride.

The more we generate self-compassion and love, the easier perfectionism and self-criticism will be to carry. And the easier it will be for us to love and enjoy this beautiful and amazing journey called life.


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Lauren Fire is the host of Inspiring Mama, a podcast and blog dedicated to finding solutions to the emotional challenges of motherhood and teaching simple and practical happiness tools to parents. Get her free happiness lesson videos by joining the Treat Yourself Challenge – 10 Days

Val and Valana Thor – Step Back Into Your Power – 8-22-14


 If the one born ‘King of Kings’ and ‘Lord of Lords’ could do nothing in his own self how can any expect to do so?

  “Beloved Yeshua claimed no power, no anointing and no teaching ministry other than the power, the anointing and the wisdom of the ‘Father within’.


“Of my own self I can do nothing, the Father within doeth the works.” – Jesus


The words that I speak are not mine but the Father’s that sent me.” Jesus


When you stand before the magistrates take no thought what you will say, the Father within will speak.” Jesus


This above scripture has been misinterpreted to mean some power other than yourself takes over and speaks through you. This is not to be done.  This is the way to invite demon possession or being taken over by a lower astral entity aka the powers of darkness.


It simply means, you will do the speaking or writing and the words will come to you, similar to a flowing stream. You will not have to pump them up or attempt to search them out or attempt in any other way to do it within your own self.


 Step back in your own Christ Identity  and know thyself.  It is said to have been written over an ancient Temple of Wisdom, “Know Thyself”.


As the scriptures tell us, ‘Be still and KNOW, that I AM God’.  Where is the “I AM”? Beloved Jesus made clear when he said,


“The Kingdom of God is within YOU.”


Stand back in that Kingdom and allow the fullness of the glory of God to descend upon you and just BE what you really are, the beloved I AM Presence of the Living God within your own Soul.”


“May you stand in the glory of the true Self…So Be It, Be It So, Amen.”


Val and Valana Thor


©Copyright 2011 Valana Thor

This may be re-posted please leave copyright and writer’s names on it, thank you. Valana 

46 Articles by Michelle Walling, CHLC – Ascension, Spirituality –



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Michelle Walling is a Certified Holistic Life Coach.  She has devoted her life to being a bearer and grounder of the light in service to others. As a truth seeker, she is committed to share her experiences with the world. She is also a hands-on healer, a distance healer, an empath, and an intuitive. Michelle has recently joined forces with Gregg Prescott as an admin for the In5d Facebook page, as an assistant for In5d Events, as a contributing author for and webmaster/author/editor on CosmicStarseeds. Michelle also supports Gregg’s endeavors in many other areas including alternative and holistic healthcare. Their next project is a walk in clinic under the name AHH- Alternative Holistic Healthcare to be launched in 2014-2015 in the Sarasota, Florida area, and then subsidiaries will be opened around the world based upon that model.


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Lexlee Overton – 4 Steps to Finding Your Inner Voice

4 Steps to Finding Your Inner Voice

“Your mind knowsonly some things. Your inner voice, your instinct, knows everything. If you listen to what you know instinctively, it will always lead you down the right path.” ~ Henry Winkler

We’ve all done it. We’ve all searched for the answers to our most complex life’s questions. Whether through reading the latest self-help book, attending seminars by the latest motivational speaker, sitting at the feet of a great “guru,” or visiting a noted psychic, we have hoped someone could help us find our way.

We’ve all spent the money, time and energy searching.  Yet somehow we always come away still yearning for more.

Like Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, while we were looking for our way home, following the yellow brick road, we didn’t realize our answers were already there. Our quest to meet the Wizard – the one who could teach us all we needed to know, ends when we finally stop searching “out there”.

We realize our greatest teacher is someone who has been with us all along.  Albeit, someone we may not really know all that well.

In the practice of Kundalini Yoga, the opening mantra before every session is “Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo,” which means:  ”I bow to the Creative Wisdom, I bow to the Divine teacher.”

The mantra is used to tune the student into the “divine flow” and the knowledge we all carry inside us.  The great teacher is you.  No one can give you the knowledge or wisdom you need greater than what you can give yourself.  The Divine teacher is contained within each of us.

Our challenge is we often don’t know how to begin meeting ourselves. The journey to the classroom of your greatest teacher follows this path:

1. Be Willing To Be Still

We can not hear the divine knowledge if we are not willing to be still.  And I’m not referring to just closing your eyes and sitting.  Being truly still requires quieting of the mind, stopping all the chatter and being willing to hear what lies underneath. You have to be truly  present with yourself. A very hard task if you’ve been avoiding your truest deepest self.

When I ask if people mediate, the responses are typically that there isn’t enough time, or it seems silly – just to sit there and do nothing. Others tell me that it’s useless, because they can’t stop the chatter in their minds.

There is usually a reason for our hesitancy.   Anxiety can exist in just being quiet, completely letting go of all thought.  It takes courage to be in silence to hear the lesson which we can teach ourselves.  Don’t give up. Be patient and you will learn what your divine nature is trying to teach.

2.  Be Willing To Accept The Teacher Who Shows Up

Once you have cast aside all thoughts and chatter, you will meet your teacher.  He or she will be some form of your higher self.  Be willing to accept however “you” look.

The first time I truly became quiet, I met myself as a young woman around the age of 30.  I didn’t however, like what I saw. I almost didn’t recognize myself.

I looked exhausted, my cheeks drawn in, eyes wide with pain and I sat on the ground with my arms reaching up, as if asking for help to even stand.  This worn out exhausted version of myself was pleading for me to help her.

I wanted to run from her.

She scared me.

I stood my ground and listened.

I heard what she was teaching me. This younger exhausted version of me was there to show what my inner self was really feeling.   At that time in life, I was ignoring my needs.

I was working so hard at taking care of everyone else, I did not take time to care for her.  I was struggled to juggle being a single mother with a professional career.

This teacher was telling me that she needed help.   I had to find the courage to reach out to her, scoop her up in my arms and care for her.

In essence, be willing to accept the teacher who appears.  It might be a younger version of you, or an older one, or a version you have never seen.

Be willing to accept however the “inner you” appears.  The next time your teacher appears, don’t be surprised if  he or she looks completely different.   Each new lesson may bring a different teacher.  Be willing to accept the teacher who shows up.

3.  Be Willing To Learn

Whatever the lesson presented to you, be willing to learn.  Maybe the lesson will be a joyful one or one of appreciation.  Once my teacher showed me how to dance with joy.

A young happy version of myself appeared with her arms outstretched and head thrown back in joy, teaching me how it looks to feel free and happy.  Maybe it will be a lesson requiring courage because the instructions are words you haven’t been willing to hear.

Whatever the message, it will be the most important lesson you need to learn in that moment of time.  All the searching outside of yourself could never provide the answers your higher self will give you.

The silence is always filled with the wisdom of words we need.

We only need to be willing to learn.

4.  Be Willing To Share

The final step in being a student of life is to share what you learn.  Your lesson will always reveal a tidbit about finding your true self.  Be willing to share your authentic self with others.

Every time we share of ourselves from an honest place, we give the gift of ourselves to others.  And when you share the lessons you then teach others that it’s okay to accept themselves.

As you share, you will learn more about yourself.  ”When one teaches, two learn”.  You are meant to be your greatest teacher, to know yourself and be you.

This is how we change the world, one student, one teacher at a time.

Have you learned to hear and trust your inner voice? Do you agree that your inner voice, your instinct, knows everything. If you listen to what you know instinctively, it will always lead you down the right path? Share your insights by commenting below :)

Lexlee Overto


This article was written by Lexlee Overton. Lexlee is living bravely as a trial lawyer, business owner, founder/CEO of a life-saving non-profit, wife, and mother.  From being a winning female trial lawyer in a male-dominated courtroom to growing a thriving business during motherhood, Lexlee has experienced a challenging journey advocating for others, which led her to a mission of self-advocacy for living authentically, passionately, and boldly. You can read more about her journey at


El Morya – The Whisperings of Your Inner Voice – via Julie Miller – 2-26-14

El Morya
El Morya

Ascended Master, El Morya’s Weekly Message ~ February 25 – March 04, 2014

Received by Julie Miller  /  February 25, 2014

There is no doubt that you have heard your inner voice before, and there have been times you have trusted this inner voice, your voice of wisdom – it is this inner voice that knows what is best for you, but so many times you turn away from your inner voice, or you have allowed yourself to become so distracted that you no longer can hear it. When you tune into your inner voice and learn to trust in what it is whispering, the choices you make and the decisions you choose will seem as if they are answering themselves. When we urge you to follow your heart, it is because the direction your heart is leading you towards will never fail you. It is when you allow your over-processed mind to step in and decide against what your heart is telling you what is right for you at that given time that creates complications.

When you learn to listen to the wisdom of your inner voice, you will discover not only your true and authentic self, but you will recognize what stirs your soul with the greatest of passion and this dear ones becomes your driving force that propels you forward each and every time. For the many dear souls who have yet to exercise the wisdom found from listening to their inner voice, trust will be a huge hurdle to overcome; as they must learn to trust what they cannot see or hear with ears, but learn to know from knowing that is instinctual and intuitive. There are so many reasons why hearing your inner voice is so difficult that makes it even more difficult to trust. And the more you explore yourself, the more you will uncover.

Even if you are somehow unaware of the workings of your mind, understand dear ones your mind is constantly busy and flooded by waves upon waves of thoughts, feelings, emotions and information that is gushing and flowing for attention and for action. There are times when your mind does slow down, but it never stops. If you truly take a moment or two to gauge your mind, you too will realize that you never shut down your mind – you are constantly thinking, processing, analyzing, interpreting, judging, giving comments and making suggestions all day and many times you allow your mind to draw you into its unstructured and uncontrolled flow without even thinking twice.

Now if you were to slow down your stream of thoughts and reflect upon them then it is possible for you to recognize that inside your mind is a voice that is something like a narrator of story but the story is not something you read to your child, the story is your life and the voice of your mind is your ego. Many times this voice may seem to be loud whereas other times soft and gentle. Knowing you have so many emotional voices in your head, ones that are angry, frustrated, forceful, loving, compassionate, etc., it becomes difficult to hone in on your actual inner voice – the voice of your wisdom, the voice that is knowing, loving and kind.

Just for a moment dear ones, consider your true and authentic self as being the source of your wisdom has no voice. Instead of connecting to you with certain words and thoughts, it connects to you through another method. Comprehend dear ones, Inner Wisdom is all sensory and connects to you through certain sensations, feelings and emotions found within your body – the trick is noticing them.

We know you get these sensations all the time, but because your day is so busy and your mind is often distracted you have chosen to ignore most of them because you have not allowed yourself to tune in to their meaning or purpose. So many dear souls are rusty when it comes to interpreting the message coming to them from their inner voice. What we have observed is that even if you have some amount of understanding to what you are sensing and feeling, many times you are too fearful to trust what you are feeling and choose to not investigate further and not to follow through the wisdom that is coming through from your inner voice. It is the force behind your egotistic mind that prevents you from hearing your inner voice, it will drown out its wisdom so drastically that its whispers become imperceptible and obscure until you learn to rise above your ego.

We have a simple exercise for you: Think about something you’ve wanted to do or try but you have held back for many reasons. The reasons could easily seem logical or even rational at the time for why you haven’t started, but in truth you are afraid to begin, you may be afraid you will do something wrong or fail, but seriously how would you know if you don’t try? Think about the outcome you wish to reach and think about how important and significant this is to you and what it means for you to succeed in something you have wanted to do but held back. Will it help fulfill you if you began making steps towards this new direction, would it help you grow and develop by completing it and how will it help you grow?

When you know you have been holding yourself back, even in a conversation understand why this is dear ones. Speaking openly and honestly from your true self can be daunting, but if you don’t tell the other person how you are feeling, how then are you to resolve any issues or share your thoughts or concerns? Speaking from your true self, being honest and genuine seems to be such a difficult thing for so many to do, but the more you do even in little things, the greater your confidence grows and the easier it becomes to speak up, and share your ideas and what is bothering you. Your inner voice is there whispering dear ones, encouraging you forward, stop your mind from its busy attempt to distract you and just allow yourself to be and you will hear.

If you really think about it honestly and truthfully, you will agree that what you want is what is best for you and it’s always best to trust yourself and take appropriate action that will bring you into alignment with your values and true self. Your inner voice is gentle, not at all forceful. Your inner voice will instruct you with suggestions, there will be no force, simply an invitation to make a choice. Knowing this, your authentic self also knows and understands that you deserve to share your truth, but also realizes that you resist this part of your Self. You may be overcome by tightness or discomfort in your stomach from a lack of trust and use of your intuition. Then your mind takes over and creates larger issues by having you second guess yourself and having you feel uncomfortable instead of confident within any situation and many times can create fear where there was none before.

Life is hard; it can be frightening. It is important to admit to yourself that some choices and decisions are scary. What is important is not to become stuck in the fear of trying. Sometimes you had to learn the hard way, you have gained scars and bumps along the way and because of the experiences you have met, the wisdom you have accumulated is second to none. But it is your ego and busy mind that has you becoming your biggest critic. And at first your ego may seem as if it’s trying to protect you from tasting the full flavour of life, but eventually your ego will make you its prisoner. Understand it is not silly nor is it foolish to listen to your heart and to trust the sensations you get from this divine core of your being. Don’t deny yourself the happiness you deserve by listening to your ego – tune into your heart and allow your inner voice to be heard through its subtle energies and ways.

Did you know dear ones, every time you choose to not follow your inner voice and the guidance from your heart your energy becomes depleted? There is a sense and feeling of a loss of personal power brings feelings like sadness and sometimes a deadening kind of feeling. You are encouraged to become more attentive to your sensations and to your emotions, because like all things time will provide you the healing and nurturing required and the understanding of the value of your inner voice and of the directions found from its guidance.

If you want to start something new but were afraid to begin, just think dear ones of the outcome you wish to achieve that include all the positive possibilities that could result if you followed the direction of your inner voice. As you enter a new and more positive mind-set, your intuition will be able to flow more freely as you begin to relax into your freer self, the self that is not overcome by a forceful ego, the self that is aware and knowing. As you continue to consider all the possibilities of this new direction, how you will grow, by answering certain questions about yourself, you become more connected with your total self. You learn the importance of honouring your values by ending the smothering pattern your thoughts once were that were governed by your ego. You begin to nurture yourself and your mind in new positive ways and you will feel great as a result. When your total self is at peace and your mind is quiet, your inner voice is then able to come forward.

There very well may be times when challenges will trigger negative thinking and thoughtforms to reappear, and you will feel yourself become uncomfortable and tight once again. Listen to your body’s signals – pay attention. Your inner voice is speaking to you through subtle sensations that are for you to recognize then take appropriate action to bring peace and calm back to your mind, and not to give in to panic that will lead to stress and upset. Trust dear ones in your inner self and voice. Even if your ego is frightened, your inner self, will know exactly what to do because it is derived from love.

The more you practice tuning into your inner voice, the more you will trust in its direction, and the more your confidence will rise. Decisions will become easier as you have more faith in the wisdom that is coming from your inner voice and life becomes simpler, calmer and definitely more enjoyable.

Always trust your heart, your intuition and inner voice. They know what is best for you always – and you deserve to truly live a life that is honest, heart-felt and authentic.

And so it is…

I AM Ascended Master, El Morya through Julie Miller

Today i went inside my head – InspiringYourSpirit – 2-13-14



My Dear Friends,

Today I went inside my head
Closed my eyes and took a breath
I can feel the coolness of the air as it enters my nose
And the warmth as it exits my mouth

Slow and deep breaths I take
In and hold
Out and hold
Paying attention to the now

How do I feel, what do I feel
Oh there’s a thought
Say hi and thank you
But your not needed now, so please go away

The pure new energy is entering my lungs
Fueling my heart
Into my bloodstream
Passing through my body like cars on a highway

Into my arms, my hands and my fingers
Rushing through my body
To every organ, to every cell
Nourishing me as it makes its way

But how do I feel..
At peace for now
Deeper and deeper I go
Into my mind

To a place where I’m safe
My tranquil place
My garden of truth
My home

No one can touch me here
It’s for me and for me alone
My dreams are here
I’m loved here

I can stay or I can return
It’s my choice
It’s my life
My meditation

Namaste With Love


Jill Mattson – Listen to Sounds Within – 2-6-14



Thanks to the Galactic Free Press.

People are often uncomfortable with silence. We live our lives surrounded by lawnmowers, traffic, TV’s, sirens, mp3 players and horns. We are not accustomed to hearing silence and subtleties in ourselves. How could we be?

Many find comfort with constant noise and keep the TV on for long hours. Do we like distractions to avoid the experience of silence? Do we try to escape silence to avoid vulnerability? Our feelings more readily surface in quiet moments. What do we hear in the silence? Do we hear our consciousness? Experience innermost thoughts? Feel our emotions?

Mystics and spiritual leaders have long revered silence and recommend listening to “the sound of silence” is an ancient technique.

  • “Silence is the altar of God.”
  • “Be still and know that I am God.”
  • “When we go into the inner chamber and shut the door to every sound that comes from life without, then the voice of God will speak to our soul, and we will know the key note of our life.”

Focused inner listening amplifies the sounds of our heart, circulatory and respiratory systems, and the many frequencies that travel throughout our body. There are great benefits to be gained in pursuing these subtle sounds.


Ananda Sangha – The Inner Light – Essence of the Bhagavad Gita

Ananda Sangha Worldwide·297 videos

Part 8 – Chapter 1, Stanza 3.… The Essence of the Bhagavad Gita Explained by Paramhansa Yogananda as remembered by his disciple, Swami Kriyananda. This book shares the profound insights of Paramhansa Yogananda, author of Autobiography of a Yogi, as remembered by one of his few remaining direct disciples, Swami Kriyananda.

This revelation of India’s best-loved scripture approaches it from an entirely fresh perspective, showing its deep allegorical meaning and also its down-to-earth practicality. The themes presented are universal: how to achieve victory in life in union with the divine; how to prepare for life’s “final exam,” death, and what happens afterward; how to triumph over all pain and suffering.

Swami Kriyananda worked with Paramhansa Yogananda in 1950 while the Master completed his commentary of the Bhagavad Gita. At that time Yogananda commissioned him to disseminate his teachings world-wide. Kriyananda has in his lifetime lectured, taught, and written over one hundred books based on Yogananda’s teachings.

The Essence of the Bhagavad Gita is available from Crystal Clarity Publishers.

Adyashanti – Looking within

eternalnectar·168 videos

Great talk from a satsang “A talk about Nothing” with Adyashanti.

He is the author of Falling into Grace, True Meditation, and The End of Your World, is an American-born spiritual teacher devoted to serving the awakening of all beings. His teachings are an open invitation to stop, inquire, and recognize what is true and liberating at the core of all existence.

Asked to teach in 1996 by his Zen teacher of 14 years, Adyashanti offers teachings that are free of any tradition or ideology. “The Truth I point to is not confined within any religious point of view, belief system, or doctrine, but is open to all and found within all.” Based in California, Adyashanti lives with his wife, Mukti, Associate Teacher of Open Gate Sangha. He teaches throughout North America and Europe, offering satsangs, weekend intensives, silent retreats, and a live internet radio broadcast.

“Adyashanti” means primordial peace.

For more please go to his website…

MaNithyaSudevi – Look Within Yourself – Discover Who You Are

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Sound Beings – Go Within – 12-12-13


Galactic Free Press

“There is no other, no Guru; there is YOU . YOU are all there is, rather, ALL there is. It can sometimes be easy to confuse detachment with not caring; you are here to practice responsible detachment, and loving action. They are the Yin and YANG . For millenia beings upon this plane have not embraced their power, they have given responsibility and ownership to an outside being / an outside source/ something considered as separate to themselves; unloving deeds have been and continue to be committed in the name of another, some EXTERNAL and unconnected entity ; nothing external from you exists as we ARE ALL ONE.

Each one of you is ALL; each one of you is creator and destroyer. There is no harmony in acting from a place of non responsibility; whenever you say ” that person made me do this” or ” My ” master / my teacher / my god says I must / must not do this or that” you are not being harmonious UNLESS you FEEL within your heart that YOU are doing , that you are BEING the right thing. You must acknowledge ownership of your actions and feelings. You must be and act in harmony and love.

You can not remove yourselves from the consequences of actions by ” blaming another ‘ be that the person next to you or any being or belief system that you believe to be separate from yourself. What you are doing / thinking and being, either resonates with YOU or not, you are responsible for what you attach to. Each thought you think, each action you take, each feeling is yours and results in an effect. So you can not relinquish responsibility ever; you have though relinquished power, as many look outside themselves and do not act from an inner place, instead respond to outer stimuli, and instruction from others, seeking answers outside of themselves, and abdicating responsibility.

Feel what YOU feel is right, ACT from a LOVING place WITHIN , seek answers within not without. When you seek outside yourselves you become separate from awareness but not consequence. In truth there is no ” outside’ , but in the action of ‘ separating yourselves’ by thought word or deed you reduce your vibrational frequency and your manifestation energy.

You are all beings of divine light, the universe is within you as YOU are ALL. Nothing need stay as it is ; should you desire with all your heart from a love space for things to change, and act from a place of loving responsibility, then change they will. You have the power to create a new world on all levels, GO within and listen to YOUR truth. Your truth my be different from others, but as long as it is TRUTH the world will shape harmoniously. You are then conscious beings, being conscious”

Brought in meditation

Namaste   –   SoundBeings

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Shift Is Now – Attaining Happiness by Knowing Ourselves

All too often, people look for happiness outside themselves. They search for someone or something to fill the void they feel they have within their being. Some fill it with money and physical possessions. Others fill it with friends and lovers. What such individuals should realize is that the place they should look in order to feel a sense of purpose and hope in life is within themselves. Being one’s own best friend and knowing everything and anything about oneself is pertinent to a successful and healthy future for oneself.

Acknowledging and facing any fears, inhibitions, dispositions, and ego-centric thoughts that one may have, he or she will be able to fully understand the mechanisms behind such forces and realize their effect on themself. There may be some hesitation or fear at first, and this is perhaps why many people do not form a healthy relationship with their own selves. This fear has to be melted away because if not, very little success can be achieved in a person’s goals of self-actualization and Self-realization. A realization of one’s true self can be made. That Self is the semi-hidden ‘I’ that exists as the reality that the ego pretends it is.

Once a relationship is mastered with one’s own self, then strong and healthy relationships with others are able to be made in a healthy manner and an understanding position of awareness. Without such mastery, relationships can crumble just as fast as they were built. As the hermetic adage goes, “Man, know thyself.”

The above was an excerpt from the book The Creation of a Consciousness Shift

Metatron by Carol Mager – The Divine Mind – Your Inner-Outer Worlds

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Metatron says it is time to direct your attention to your own inner world because your outer world is a perfect reflection of your inner world. To change the outer world, you must change your inner world first. He suggests that you view events in the outer world as if they were a projection on a TV screen. Then, through love and acceptance, you become more detached from your own “movie” the story that you tell to yourself that is your life and you can even change your past and future from the perspective of your divine mind.

Laura Bruno – Cultivating An Inner Life – 10-21-13

Submitted by FatherMotherGod… on Mon, 10/21/2013 – 16:33

I recently joined a book study group with some visionaries, spiritual advisers, organic farmers, permaculture activists, and other “big picture” thinkers from Goshen and nearby Three Rivers, Michigan. I missed the introductory meeting due to an errant email, but tonight we have our first actual book discussion of Carolyn Baker’s “Navigating the Coming Chaos.”

As preparation, we read the Introduction and Chapter 1. I’ve already read much further, but we’ve been asked to answer the following questions related to the Intro and first chapter. Given this book’s powerful message, which aligns so closely with what I try to offer through this blog, through my own life’s expression(s), and during individual sessions, I thought I’d answer the questions here. Although many Transition Towns have leaders actively studying this book, you do not need to be involved in the Transition Movement in order to benefit from it. As the famous Medical Intuitive Caroline Myss says: “What a pleasure it is to endorse a book of this quality and genius. But more to the point, a book of great urgency. I not only recommend this book, I urge you to it.”

So do I.

What was most encouraging about what you read in “Navigating the Coming Chaos”?

In a bizarre way, I feel like I’ve been co-writing a companion volume through my blog. Since my philosophy and experiences dovetail so easily with the book’s premise and message, I began using it as an external checklist of my own internal preparations. So few people have developed strong enough inner lives to be able to look chaos in the face without flinching, running away, numbing themselves or going crazy. I found it encouraging that others recognize the importance of beauty, poetry, mythology, and art as essential to surviving any sort of “long emergency.”

Having gone through my own extensive traumas, including a brain injury microcosm of the societal macrocosm of having all structures forcefully and suddenly stripped away, I’ve long known the importance of cultivating and soothing the soul. Surrounding myself with (and creating my own) art, poetry, culinary delights and sacred spaces immediately transmuted the usual hellish experience of TBI into something mindful, beautiful and deep.

As a teenager, my mom went through multiple severe health crises that forced me to step up as parent to my siblings, house organizer for my dad, and emotional support system for everyone involved. That “long emergency” changed me in irrevocable ways and taught me early on that life as we know it can change in a heartbeat. Support structures we take for granted can disappear and not return unless we ourselves build suitable replacements. If we don’t step into our strength, we can easily drown in the torrents of change. My mom’s health crisis occurred on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual planes. I saw my first demon during that time period and learned to walk protected among some incredibly dark agendas and intentions parading themselves as “helpers.”

As a scared fourteen-year-old pretending to be an atheist so no one would inquire about my inner life, I faced many Dark Nights of the Soul. I devoured ancient philosophy and classical literature, and my “atheist” teenage journals read like devotionals, with my own “hymns” of praise and cries for help as I tried to make sense of my little world gone mad. Those journals examine what it means to be human, how can we find meaning in the midst of chaos, and how do we burn in the fire to become the phoenix rising from its own ashes? I continued this obsession with appearances vs. Reality, alchemy and transmutation, and inner transitions through my college honors thesis on angels in “Paradise Lost,” into my graduate studies, and into the present day.

I’ve sometimes considered my need for beauty as a weakness; however, reading Carolyn Baker’s book, I realize that I just happen to be much more in touch with my soul than most. She explains why humans need to cultivate a strong inner life, and recognizes how the shift away from the inner life actually caused the biggest challenges we face today — whether from government, natural disasters, environmental destruction, economic crises or the seeming inability of the masses to recognize wolves in sheep’s clothing.

Carolyn underscored what part of me already knows: “My perceived weakness is, in truth, my greatest strength.” Recognizing that I need beauty as well as food from my garden; prioritizing ways to offer moments of joy and delight to the traumatized; following and cultivating advice from dreams and daydreams; understanding that my walks in Nature, sacred chants, creation of sacred spaces are truly, deeply necessary — that recognition is a gift, not a character weakness, because these are real, human, healthy needs whose value our dangerously ill society rejects or minimizes to its peril.

What was most troubling?

I initially felt so overwhelmed by the confirmations in this book that I needed to set it down for a few days. For decades, I’ve received premonitions of coming emergencies and the precariousness of our current way of life. I had premonitions before 9/11 and an immediate sense of a darker agenda than the commonly presented story — this at a time when I watched no news and followed no politics. I just knew it was a “false flag” even before I knew that concept or term. I also recognized the massive opening for transformation and growth. The most troubling part of “Navigating the Coming Chaos” is the recognition, in black and white print, that these “random intuitive instructions” I’ve received over the years “to prepare myself for the coming chaos” aren’t so random after all. I’m intrigued, comforted and completely freaked out that someone like Caroline Myss endorses this book, because on the one hand, that’s quite a validation. On the other hand, holy sh!t, that’s quite a validation.

My initial reading of the book also happened to occur when one of the “signs” I had been told would mark a clear indicator of the coming chaos occurred, namely, the shutting off of the EBT cards. That sign has presented itself to me so clearly for so long that I actually had made long-standing promises to myself that I would implement certain things if and when that sign ever occurred. We received a temporary reprieve with the “agreement,” although millions will still face food stamp cuts this coming November 1 because a non-renewed supplementary program expires on Halloween. I experienced the synchronous timing of the EBT failure “test” at the same time I began reading “Navigating the Coming Chaos” as further validation of my intuition and a major nudge to implement my own specific promises to myself in a timely manner.

Once I honored my need to set aside the book for a few days and simply garden, chant (bhakti yoga), paint with Runes, obtain certain supplies, sleep more (to cultivate dream guidance), and nurture myself, I began to experience relief. Point by point, I went through Chapter 1 and realized, “Hey, I’m already doing these things. I’ve been doing them for decades. I’m not crazy or eccentric for valuing such things. I receive excellent guidance through my intuition, prayer and synthesized abilities to intuit and to strategize. What Carolyn calls my ‘Internal Bunker’ is extremely well-stocked.”

While reading the book, I still experience waves of: “Crap! Someone else with an intelligent, intuitive and soulful background sees the same emergencies I do; that means we’re really facing emergencies; this isn’t just me being paranoid.” — but then I feel gratitude that someone else has created a toolkit and personal development guide for people with less well stocked “Internal Bunkers.” Ultimately, the more of us with tools and strength “to face the mess we’re in without going crazy” (to quote Joanna Macy), the better. Together, we can tap into our unique gifts and skills to create something extraordinarily good.

Do you have a favorite quote?

The Rumi poem at the beginning, and the quote from Plotkin’s “Soulcraft”:

“Nature has much to teach us in her vast classroom. You can acquire an entire education merely by observing carefully. But you must be patient and offer your attention, like a lizard stalking a fly. This takes skill, and practice. What you find in nature is what works. It wouldn’t be there if it didn’t. Boundless wisdom awaits.”

What do you intend to DO after reading the intro and chapter one — in the process of Inner Transition?

I intend to continue along my multi-pronged preparation path, which at this point, includes reaching out to local people and organizations to create as strong a community safety net as possible. Although not a focus of the intro and chapter one, these actions flow from long-term, very insistent intuitions, feelings and dream guidance I’ve received, in some cases since childhood, but at least for several years. I find that doing and following through on intuitive nudges results in relief and peace. I have also increased my studies of the Faery Realm, Old Ways, permaculture and magickal self defense.

At the very least, I will know that I have done all that I can do. Spirit, Mother Earth, the Unseen Realms and other humans can meet me halfway or not, but at least I know that I’m fulfilling my end of the bargain. That in itself brings me tremendous peace, comfort and a sense of purpose. I love what I’m learning, and I intend to enjoy the journey, whatever the destination.

Earth Guide – Sun in Scorpio – 2013 – by Zooey

  “Come away, O human child:
  To the waters and the wild
  With a fairy, hand in hand,
  For the world’s more full of weeping
  Than you can understand.”

  – William Butler Yeats

Many people stumble and fall when the Darkness comes, and yet the urge to reach out to someone who is suffering always remains. No matter how much pain we go through, like a mother cat pulling her kittens from a burning building, we will sacrifice ourselves for others. It’s called Universal Love, and it’s all around us.

Doing the right thing is one of the strongest desires in life. It’s why many of us came to this bedraggled planet on the edge of the galaxy in the first place: to assist Gaia in getting the lights back on. Sure it’s a challenge, but when times get tough, Spirit gets going.
It may feel like we’re trying to drain the ocean with a sieve, but the few drops we catch is an opportunity to help. Each act of kindness means that the world is a better place, that a forest is protected from devastation, that a local stray finds a free lunch, and that someone who is cutoff, scared, and lonely finds a friend.

Life’s an adventure and some things shouldn’t be missed. The chance to incarnate under a deep, blue sky on an incredibly diverse biosphere is one of them; to be of service to others is another. Besides, who can resist a quick, refreshing dip in the 3D gene pool?

We are a living presence of Light and Love, of The Grand Maker, of All That Is, and everything will work out as long as we hold true to each other. We came here to help and we will not go gently into that good night. Throughout any difficulty, keep in mind that not only can we make a difference, but we are the difference.

    ~ Mercury Dives into the Deep ~

It’s Samhain! Happy Witch’s New Year!

Normally I’d suggest we get out the balloons, poppers, and party streamers, but I just can’t seem to shake that “something wicked this way comes” feeling. Is it because Mercury is going retrograde on October 21st and the emotional dam is about to burst? Could be, but a lot of other stuff is happening, too.

I always laugh when the Mercury retrograde aspect comes up as so many people seem to run for the hills; few people take into account the sign this tiny planet is in when it happens. We need to understand that significance before panicking and heading to the safety of our EMF-proof bunkers. Also, Mercury reverses direction three, sometimes four, times a year. It’s hardly something to freak out over.

In this case, Mercury will be in the occult sign of Scorpio. It will cause our psychic floodgates to open. Scorpio is all about sex, death, relationships, and the hidden meanings of life. Though all hell can break loose when these things are put into spin, we can navigate these rough waters if we put out Heart first.

This month will be hard on us, especially for empaths, but we’ll be much healthier when it’s over. We simply can’t move on with our lives when we’re dragging around an anchor of pain; or worse, forgotten that we’re being weighted down and think that slogging around in the muck is normal. This Mercury retrograde will give us an opportunity to cut through those chains. In fact, the entire year has been a lesson in healing and letting go of old wounds.

The Sun enters Scorpio a couple of days after that and many things that have been hidden will become visible again. That includes misgivings and other assorted owies that we’ve been avoiding. The entire world is starting to sort out who and what has been holding us back; and even though some folks are ahead of the curve, it’s not a bad idea to review our feelings on things before moving on.

We’ve crossed over into the Age of Aquarius, and our journey has to have soul if it is to have any meaning now. This is why we’re having difficulty sticking with a career or putting any energy into former projects. Long-term relationships are having problems—or have ended altogether—and new ones are struggling to get started. It’s as if a hush has come over the entire planet that keeps us from doing anything but trying to make things better.

The New Age is about everyone; not just us as individuals. People who haven’t figured that out find themselves at an impasse. Again, this is where we can help others who are in a quandary with all the Aquarian energy.

Our troubled planet will come through all the turmoil if folks begin to grasp that it’s about the link we share, and that every person deserves a chance to thrive. We can move this realization along by freely lending a hand.

Do that, and the Universe will take care of the rest.

~ Who’s Afraid of the Big, Bad Wolf? ~ 

A few bad omens begin to reveal themselves as the veil thins and we draw near Samhain. As they say, fools rush in where wise men fear to tread, and that certainly applies here. Though, I would change that to “where a wise Witch fears to tread” if it were me. Maybe add in a spooky voice, too.

First off, a retrograde Mercury will line up with Saturn in Scorpio. It will lay down some harsh, emotional restrictions in our lives. This will most likely take the form of breakups now that we are seeing how out of sync some of our close relationships have become. If we head out for a Halloween party with a lover or a good friend, take extra care of each other, or we may end up coming back alone.

Next up, Mars not only trines Pluto but will oppose Chiron. This will have the effect of pointing out all that we no longer need in our lives. Though this can be a very good thing if we need some healing, it can be a real slap in the face if we aren’t ready for it. Again, be careful of saying the wrong thing to the right person over the Halloween celebrations.

The Sun gets in on the act here as it will be conjunct the North Node. It will illuminate any unbalanced, karmic patterns. The Sun trumps all planets, and it’s focus during the last week of October is on what we can let go. It’s tired of carrying around old baggage and will burn away anything it finds too heavy for our Spirit. Ignore that, and we may end up finding ourselves holding onto nothing.

Finally, the Uranus and Pluto square that’s been causing so much wide-eyed, spiritual shock for everyone throughout October will go exact on November 1st, the first day of pagan winter. This is the big one to watch out for this Fall.

Pluto shouldn’t be trifled with at the best of times, but especially when He’s having a cosmic shootout with Uranus the Revolutionary. It’s here that we will find a lot of unrest, and it’d be best to keep our heads down on this day unless anyone wants to get hit with a stray bullet. This square will continue throughout November, finally coming to an end as the Sun passes into Sagittarius.

My advice all during Samhain is to take advantage of the introspective planetary aspects, stay indoors, and appreciate how far we’ve come. Think back to last year at this time; think of all the emotional stuff that came up. The grief, the karmic pain, the memories of loss. Now think about how much freer we are since we faced the ghosts of the past. It’s our Higher Self’s way of showing us what needed to be healed so we’re ready for what’s next.

We’ve done a lot of soul work, and that deserves to be honored. We may not be able to take it to the bank, but, then again, the whole idea of banks is coming to an end, anyway. If we absolutely feel the need to get out and party with our fellow spooks and spirits this Halloween, try and keep it light—unless folks like the idea of skeletons falling out of the closet.

    ~ Solar Eclipse in Scorpio ~

We will experience an annular eclipse in the wee hours of the morning on November 3rd. A thin ring of light will appear around Mother Moon as if She doesn’t quite have the strength to completely shut out the light of Father Sun. Personal power struggles often ensue with this type of conjunction; and not just with each other, but in the form of an internal clash.

Our minds are not quite in balance and the Moon is reminding us of that. Or, rather, we haven’t been in balance up till now and still need a minor tweak before finding inner harmony. Now that all the new soul upgrades, internal testing, and diagnostics are complete, we’re being given one last chance to check for green lights across the board before blast off. After this, we finally get on with the New Age of Aquarius.

It was necessary for us to go through a lot of adversity in order to understand that we’re not to blame for everything that has gone wrong in the world. The Illuminati have tried—desperately so, lately—to persuade us that we need to fight and claw our way to the top of their pyramid, that “survival of the fittest” was natural.

We’ve been told since birth that if we didn’t make it by the time we’re thirty, we are losers and should get used to serving the needs of those that did. It’s a perverse conditioning for a hierarchical society where one either learns to love neo-feudal living, turn our back on our neighbors, and worship the money-masters, or be considered defective and get medicated.

It turns out that no one was meant to win the rat-race aside from a few satanic rats. Now that the world is waking up from such a painful, impossible dream, it will be easy to fix the real problem. All we need to do is start loving each other again without any need for a pat on the back. Or a cash register.

~ Jupiter Downshifts for a Few ~

The great, big marble floating around our outer solar system takes a break from expanding our Hearts this month. On November 7th, Jupiter will go retrograde until early spring. It signals the end of the Year of the Flood.

That is going to be a welcome relief for those if us who have been inundated with tears. But, before we let the bells ring out and the banners fly, we still need to get through the rest of the month of Scorpio. So, let’s mirror what’s happening in the Heavens by stopping for a cosmic moment and reflecting on our lives.

For one, we’ve learned to be in the moment. That’s a feat and a half as most people have been trained through the Rockefeller school system to be terrified of never having enough. It means we’ve begun to transcend the R-complex in our brains that the Illuminati have spent thousands of years exploiting.

More and more of us are turning our backs on the idea of being wealthy. People want to be comfortable, yes, but not rich; we want to feel safe, of course, but not at the expense of everyone else. In other words, we’ve started to see things from a plural perspective.

Also, we have learned the true meaning of spiritual humility. It turns out is has nothing to do with being afraid of an angry God who will punish us if we don’t do what we’re told—it’s about recognizing that we are a part of something so vast that it leaves us in awe. That’s a far cry from sidestepping lightning bolts and begging for forgiveness.

We’ve also come to understand what compassion is all about, as well. As we expand our personal view, the first thing we notice is that others are coping with the same things we’re going through, and that brings us closer together.

Now that Jupiter is retrograde, we can stop and have a look at these things. All winter long, actually, as Jupiter won’t go direct again until March 6th. That’s plenty of time to meditate on how big our Hearts have become, that we are finding a collective strength, and that this whole, crazy notion of Unity Conscious is becoming a reality.

~ And Now, On with the Show ~

Mercury goes direct on November 10th. It’s a sign that the mystical flood waters are beginning to recede and we can look for dry ground again. A few days later, Neptune goes direct, too.

When Neptune entered Pisces in early 2012, He stirred up psychic powers in everyone. This single aspect has been responsible for the incredible lift we’ve been feeling since the Age of Aquarius began. And, if there’s one thing I kept seeing throughout that summer, it was comments on blogs saying how much lighter folks felt and how in tune they were with the Universe. Though I would hesitate to hang the New Age on a single planet, Neptune moving into it’s home sign of Pisces was truly remarkable timing.

Well, back in June, the Dream Master took some time off from sprinkling our lives with all-purpose pixie dust so we could clean out the karmic pipes. Now that Neptune is starting to move forward, and our subconscious is all squeaky-clean, we can get back to ushering in a new era of Peace, Love, and Understanding. It’s time to come together with our loved ones again and get ready for a wonderful, fun-filled holiday season.

I know this year has been very hard, and many of us are now inside-out, upside-down, and facing the other way, but I promise next month—and next year—is going to be much easier.

I promise.

    ~ Full Moon in Taurus ~

The Goddess has a special treat in store for us. If we look up to see the Full Moon this month, we’ll see Her passing through the earthy sign of Taurus. On November 17th at 10:16 am Eastern Time, Her Lunar Majesty will herald a return to sanity and better days to come.

It’s hard to tell what’s happening from inside of a transformation, but by this time next year we’ll be amazed at how much we’ve changed. Unfortunately, in order to get to this spiritual point in our lives, we had to go through a serious financial loss. It’s the nature of things: we have to let go of the ways things are to get to where we want to be. And I don’t know a single person who wants things to stay the same, especially in how the economy works.

As a result, we’ve been living without a monetary safety net for almost four years now; for some of us, much, much longer. Though it’s been frightening to live paycheck to paycheck, we’ve learned that we actually don’t need the trappings of modern society. We can find happiness in the simple things. Because of that, we have become more free than we could ever imagine while attached to our possessions.

This Full Moon will focus us on our homes, families, neighbors, and loved ones. I guess that’s no surprise with the holidays coming up, but what may be going unnoticed is that we simply aren’t as concerned about making ends meet anymore. Instead of juggling bills while trying to save hundreds of dollars for expensive Christmas gifts, we’ve started to find other ways of sharing our affection. For example, homemade gifts like crafts, poetry, and preserves.

This is close to where we were in the middle of last century when people not only knew the value of a penny, but understood that love can’t be bought at a shopping mall. Likewise, the Full Moon in Taurus will help us remember that true beauty does not come from a clearance sale, but from within.

~ I Reach Out from the Inside ~

This month, I choose Peter Gabriel’s incredible live performance of ‘In Your Eyes’ to inspire us to be open, creative, and vulnerable. The search for Unity, something we lost ages ago, can be found by reaching out to others during times of crisis. This song expresses that beautifully.

There is great comfort in the warmth of another’s eyes. It reminds us that we are not as alone as we often think. We’ve been through a lot over the last few thousand years, tortured by evil people with evil goals, on a seemingly forgotten, long-lost planet, and yet if we can see the Light in another, we will always find our way back home.

Hardship inspires greatness in us; and when things are at their darkest, people really start to shine. It’s when magick happens. We are naturally gifted when it comes to creating miracles—after all, a miracle is just another way of saying, ‘I love you’.

Blessed Be,


The Journey Into Your Inside – The Divine Mother – Channeler Isabel Henn – 10-19-13


(Translated from original language german)

My child, without the veil of oblivion you could not fulfill your mission. The pain of memories would be too much for you. It was absolutely necessary that you forget everything so that you could work out anything new and in this working out anew you  can pass on to your fellow man your experiences and cognitions of it. The fog of forgetfulness was in this sense a blessing for you. Now it is getting thinner and memories, knowledge and skills are slowly but surely coming back to you. Through meditation you can speed this up a bit. Pay attention to what you see in it, hear and feel. Pay attention to what your intuition gives you and on your dreams. You’ll remember that way much. You are a multidimensional being, my child, and you know and can do more than you can imagine now. Start on the journey into your inside and rediscover yourself there. You’ll be amazed at what you can find there ~

Your Divine Mother

Copyright © Isabel Henn. It is allowed to share this message in its complete form without changes and when the author’s name and the link to the original site is given.

Autumn Moods – Gaia Smiles

jeffrey a·158 videos

This is a stunning collection of Autumn scenes from all over the world. Along with this is Rita Reyes “Autumn Leaves”, Jo Stafford’s “Autumn In New York” and Barry Manilow’s “When October Goes”

Galactic Free Press – All Atoms Win – You Are Being Prepared For Full Consciousness

GalacticCentral·444 videos

Love always give Love back to itself~This is Creation

The Lights have been turned ON. Like a darkened stage that is Liting up and all the players being revealed on Planet Earth=Heart. We continue right now to see the last “dramas” play out that were required within the Divine Plan to expose the Truth with Grace and Forgiveness. This is a Process which is unfolding and will now be speeding Up. You can recognize these events through synchronicity.

Mother Earth, A True Living Breathing Conscious Entity, is in True Reality, Heaven on Earth. She has been called by Love to Return to the Love that Created Her, back to the ONE, and she is taking everyone and everything else with her as well. This is all of Our Home, Within the Light.

In The Present Moment of Now, Heaven, you are Free and Sovereign beings. We are all ONE, as well as ONE Family. Creation becomes a Co-Creation of Cooperation. Together we each have a Unique “God Spark” that contributes to the whole.

Once You awaken, You then assume your roles within the Divine Plan and together Co-Create Heaven on Earth, living in Peace, Joy, Abundance and Harmony.

Each of You, Unique, Grand, and ALL parts of the Whole, Have a Brilliant Light to share with this Planet, once YOU awaken from out of the Dream.

The Present Moment Of Now is Heaven, a Pure Consciousness Energy [the Ethics Train], a Love Vibration that is being carried through the Winds. Within each Breath you take, breathe in breathe out, and you are breathing in the Divine. Just to Re-heart you, you are of the Divine.

Creation has Created all of You out of Love, this is your Natural state. This is Your Birthright, Your Divine Inheritance and all Inherit this Planet. All Prayers answered, as decreed by the Company of Heaven, and US, Father~Mother God.

It’s All of US NOW. Experience the Miracles as they are Now going to occur in faster rates than ever witnessed on this Planet before. There are going to be some rather shocking events. Soon all will come to the True meaning of “We are not alone” as You Reunite with all of Your Brothers and Sisters, from Throughout Creation.

We are in Magical and Miraculous Moments on this Planet. Many Messengers have been sharing these Truths for quite some time. We are Going Vertical within a New Paradigm in Reality. Humanity is about to experience this Monumental Auspicious Moment of a Transformation into the True Understanding of Unconditional Love and the very Truth of their Existence.

Time has run out!! Love is in Charge.…

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Right Now all of Humanity is in the Process into Full Consciousness, this is an Inevitable Event Mandated from Heaven. Humanity’s Destiny is Full Consciousness, where Joy and Love are Overflowing abundantly. Full Consciousness is not a dream or wishful thinking, but Humanity’s Natural State of Living and Being. These moments have been destined since Humanity fell into the lower vibrations of illusion. We are here and not concerned about the illusion, because everyone is going into Now, because everybody is already there.

Love is the Highest and Deepest Understanding of Energy and is the Huge Paradigm Shift for Humanity’s Consciousness in which is underway. Through the Equinox a specific energy has entered the Planet. It is A Field of Light containing Significant amounts of High Energy of Love to be released, which will spiral everyone who is ready upwards into the next Vibrational Frequency. This is a Huge Shift for everyone’s energetic systems and moves them deeper within the understanding of True Love, the Real Truth. This Energy is Penetrating to the very core of Mother Earth=Heart which is Connected to All Human Beings. This Divine Energy seeded here By Us, is Pure Love Energy to Awaken Each Being on This Planet. This Was Set in The Divine Plan as this Moment of Now for the Release of this Energy.

Right Now, the Planet is Pinging Everyone at the deepest parts of their Hearts. This is to connect them further with the Planet and With Each Other. Love is Here, and Love will Always Be Here for ever and for ever more. These Energies are here to Facilitate the Awakening Process, and bring in Unity! There is no where to Hide from Love and no where to go except within.

For 13,000 Years, Humanity has been in complete distraction. They have been living in diversion. To Live in diversion, one must quickly learn to be unconscious, because if they are not unconscious, then they are not distracted, therefore, their Life Force Energy is going to Serve Love and they are in True Reality. In This Energy, You are Creation, which is Who You Really Are. If One is in Reality, they understand this Truth as Fact, those in unconsciousness can only see the distraction. This is the year, we end all distractions.…

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Lady Nada, High Council of Orion – Weakness Are Strengths Waiting To Be Discovered – Channeller Judy Miller – September-12,11- 2013

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Weaknesses are Strengths Waiting to be Discovered
Ascended Master, Lady Nada’s Weekly Message ~ September 12 — 19, 2013
Received by Julie Miller
September 12, 2013
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Paul Lowe – On Being a Nowhere Man

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Paul Lowe is a teacher of consciousness and has traveled the world for over 40 years, helping people realize their human potential. For more words and wisdom go to:… or Paul’s personal website:

For now he has retired at his home in Australia where he still sending the message of what is possible and how to live fully in the present, in each moment….

Joshua Michaell – Travelling within – Yoga of beautiful living – Lilou Mace Interviewer

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Josh teaches Sanskrit, Yoga Philosophy & Meditation, and leads workshops and Teacher Trainings throughout the US and abroad. He is also a licensed psychotherapist with a Transpersonal and Yoga Psychology-based counseling practice, working at One Medical Group in San Francisco, CA. – Source

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Thich Nhat Hanh – Mindful Movements

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Author: Thich Nhat Hanh
When you calm your body and your emotions, teaches Zen master Thich Nhat Hanh, you restore yourself, and you restore peace to the world around you. On mindful movements, this renowned teacher of mindfulness meditation guides you through a series of gentle exercises created specifically to cultivate a joyful awareness of the body and breath.

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MaNithyaSudevi Wisdom – Look Within Yourself – Discover Who You Are

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Check out my new colouring book for all ages, designed to balance left and right brain thinking. Colouring, like playing spontaneous music, or writing a story, brings us into a more vivid and aware state of being: the state of creative awareness. Enjoy!

In steps 1 through 6, we learn what needs to be let go in order to be free to realize enlightenment. Step 7 becomes experiential; we look within ourselves to learn our deeper truth. Now, in Step 8, the real work begins! Here, we make enlightenment a priority by walking our talk, and doing what needs to be done to be what we want to be most.

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How to live without Stress in your day-to-day life – Eckhart Tolle

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A very powerful learning of how to achieve Peaceful living by knowing how to live without reacting to the “content” of our lives.

Healing With The Masters – Join The Evolution

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Listen Live to 32 Life Changing Speakers

Dalai Lama – Universal Responsibility & Inner Environment

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His Holiness the Dalai Lama will speak on “Universal Responsibility & the Inner Environment” at the University of Portland in Portland, Oregon, USA on May 9, 2013.

The Golden Rule

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“Every religion emphasizes human improvement, love, respect for others, sharing other people’s suffering. On these lines every religion had more or less the same viewpoint and the same goal.”
~ His Holiness the Dalai Lama

Religious groups, as well as non-theistic ethical systems, differ greatly in their beliefs and practices. There is, however, a common thread that runs through them all. Each of these systems of belief has some example of the Ethic of Reciprocity in their teachings. The most common version of this is known as:

The Golden Rule
“Do onto others as you would have them do onto you.”

The Creative Will – Helena P. Blavatsky

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Animated video brought to you by Rev. Lux Newman
& the Church of Spiritual Science.
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Philosophical Society
Voice of Rev. Lux Newman