HILARION – Your Enlightened Journey – 9-13-15

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HILARION   –   Your Enlightened Journey  –   9-13-15
Beloved Ones, As you allow the greater integration of the cosmic energies to take place within your consciousness and within your physical, mental and emotional bodies, you are digging ever deeper into your psyche. This is a process that is occurring for everyone upon the planet at this time. Depending upon your understanding of all that is happening, you who are reading this discourse are those who are now positioned to be of greater service than ever before.
The world needs you to be fully present and willing to use your powerful energies for the awakening of the inhabitants of your planet. As the prevailing energies of polar opposites balance within, you become a mighty powerhouse of a force for good. Your divine essence is descending into your etheric field and there is a deeper integration that is taking place. On the outer level, this activity may not be seen but it is certainly being felt, for it is in the experience of the energy and awareness that one comes into their mastery on the physical level. We say to you, do not be afraid to face the shadows within, rather face them squarely and accept these as an important part of your enlightened journey.

by Open – The Patriarch Distortion – Breaking Into Enlightenment – 3-26-15

The Patriarch Distortion - Breaking into EnlightenmentBy Open, Contributing Writer for Wake Up World, March 26, 2015

In moving fully towards and into Enlightenment, there is often the sense of something much bigger supporting and guiding us. And it can feel so benevolent, so caring and so patriarchal when it’s there, that there often grows an incredible craving for it.

However, as you move deeper and deeper into presence, closer and closer to the Source within yourself, there’ll come the point where your soul yearns to drop into it. You actually become ‘the father’ so to speak. You become that openness which is the source of all authentic experience. Hence, paradoxically, the ‘father’ must disappear; the sense of external guidance must cease. It must all come from within. And this can be a very lonely place… at first…

Breaking Into Enlightenment

Those on a truly spiritual path will know that we are all ‘of the One’. But what does this mean in practice? It means there must be a place where there is no separation between you and life: at some point, inside of yourself, all must merge into pure presence.

Up to this point, you’ll have probably had the support of benevolent guidance, helping you forwards on the path – a more highly evolved consciousness perhaps, that has been assisting you along the way. But as we break into Enlightenment – into pure presence – this sense of external help must at least temporarily disappear. In fact, often, on the brink of Enlightenment, guidance comes and goes, waxes and wanes, as all is integrated within.

This can be a very painful experience, generating lots of disappointment and heartbreak (by the ego). It’s not that guidance will permanently disappear, not at all, but it will frequently feel that way, thus encouraging you to drop ever deeper inside yourself. Then guidance can re-emerge once more, but this time, you realise it’s YOU that’s manifesting the outer mirror, drawing people, guides and experiences that reflect who YOU really are.

True Benevolent Guidance on the Path

So this breaking into Enlightenment can leave one feeling lost at times, stranded on the beach with nowhere to look or to hide. If you experience this, work not to worry. Everything is okay. You are still progressing.

Just feel into the tightness – the sense of separation that the experience creates – soften into it, and keep reaching through into presence.

And if you are working with some kind of teacher or guide, that’s fine, but know that only YOU have the complete picture for your own path. You will at times be uncertain, and they can help point you to the Inner Gateways yes, but your path is unique, and ultimately, on the edge of Enlightenment, only your soul knows what works best for you. So let others reflect to you yes, but find your own alignment, your own reflection. This is essential in breaking into the pure presence of Enlightenment.

The world’s major religions have seen God in a very paternal way. And on the journey, this can be comforting. But also, the risk is, that it can be very limiting too. Ultimately, we must not be separate from God, we must become the presence of that comfort that we seek. Inside of us.

For me, the best kind of guidance at this point does not build itself as an identity to follow. Rather it ebbs and flows, waxes and wanes within the flow of life itself, pointing to distortions and authentic beingness, but then fading into the background again. It’s about coaxing souls into that hallowed space of their own true self – their own experience of ‘the father’. To me, this ancient benevolent presence has been sensed by people on the path for eons. I call it Openhand.

The Non-Duality Delusion

At this point, we also need to be careful that another key distortion doesn’t build itself into our consciousness – I call it the ‘non-duality delusion’. There’s a realisation that to be in presence, the sense of anything outside of yourself must cease – you must become as one with it, because you are that.

The Patriarch Distortion - Breaking into EnlightenmentBut life is a heavenly paradox. There is the presence of infinite potential – non being – which then separates into relativistic flows of consciousness – souls having an experience. If there was no relativity, no ‘this’ and ‘that’, then there could be no experience at all. You can’t know ‘you’ (as a soul) for example, in the absence of what you are not. Just as you cannot know hot without cold, up without down or love without fear. All such experiences are relativistic.

This is what I call the ‘dynamic equilibrium of life’. In pure balance, pure equilibrium internally, there is presence, absolute stillness and emptiness. This is the infinite potential of which I speak – paradoxically that which you are. But to experience this, there must be a dynamic flow of energy from it and through it – a flow of consciousness. The flow that is experienced as ‘YOU’, is your unique expression of that. It is YOUR soul. And to deny that, actually establishes separation from the source – the presence – that you’re ultimately coming into. So there has to be an acceptance of your uniqueness, of your flow, in order to truly arrive at the ocean.

For inspiration, check out this video… Who are You and How to Be That.

The ‘Holy Trinity’… Pure Balance in Life

Of course the religions sometimes speak of the ‘Holy Trinity’ – the father, son and holy ghost. Is there some kind of clue here, which can lead to pure balance and harmony in life? I believe there is.

For me, to find pure harmony in life, is to be continually ‘meditating’ in three directions simultaneously. Firstly, it is to be in pure presence, from which all authentic experience arises. But this must be allowed to flow into being through you (it does anyway, if the ego is not resisting constricting or attaching to it). This flow is what would be the ‘soul’, sensed as an arising impulse within you. The soul then flows into a vehicle of experience – the bodymind for example.

To me, to be aware of this continually reshaping dynamic and to be aligned with it the whole time, is true Enlightenment. It can’t be distancing yourself from experience, because that would be denial – an identity that is resisting. But also, frequently, the ego will own the arising flow of soul, which again cuts one off from the enlightened state, by causing interruptive eddy currents in the flow (inside yourself). It could be always needing the sense of bliss and love for example.

Continually Arriving on the Shore of Pure Heaven

For me then, there needs to be this focus on continual opening out, continual breaking through any tightness; allowing the soul to come through in any moment. Any sense of separated self – any need of some kind of patriarch for example – must then dive fully into this experience of emerging soul, as an unlimited, unrestrained expression. It’s a wave that carries you all the way back to the source – inside yourself.

So in any moment, within any uncertainty or sense of separation, seek to soften inner tightness and resistance, look for and ‘dive fully into’, the emerging expression that is your Soul.

You’ve arrived. You’ve come home. And you’re continually arriving on the shore of pure heaven.


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Wes Annac – Enlightenment and the Middle Ground –

Taken from Filipinofreethinkers.com

Written by Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness

“Knowing others is wisdom; Knowing the self is enlightenment; Mastering others requires force; Mastering the self needs strength” – Lao Tzu

I write about enlightenment so much because of its importance to the spiritual path, especially for the person who has unresolved habits and tendencies that keep them from raising their vibration. I’m not saying we shouldn’t take any advice we’re given with a grain of salt, however, and we should always be discerning with the things we learn, no matter who they come from.

Only the advice we receive from within should be taken with minimal discernment, and even when it comes to inner guidance, we’ll want to take what works for us and let the rest fall away.

Some people are against the idea of learning about enlightenment (or spiritual evolution in general) from spiritual teachers who’ve been put on a pedestal, and it’s understandable that we’d want to empower ourselves instead of a teacher who gives us a bunch of rules to follow.

The last thing we want is to give our power away to a spiritual authority figure who tells us we can’t achieve enlightenment unless we live up to a standard we didn’t knowingly create. However, there’s a difference between this and a genuine offering of teachings and philosophies that could help us transcend the Babylonian elements of our society and enlighten ourselves.

There are a lot of valuable teachings out there from spiritual teachers who genuinely want to help us find enlightenment, and all we really need to do is find the ones that resonate the most with us.

“There are many paths to enlightenment. Be sure to take one with a heart.” – Lao Tzu

Some teachers claim to be earthly incarnations of Source him/herself, and if we have trouble believing they are who they say they are, we don’t have to follow them. We can if we want to, though, even if we choose not to believe they’re God incarnate.

We don’t have to believe certain teachers are actual incarnations of God to benefit from their advice, but again, discernment’s always necessary.

Personally, I’ve reached a place in life that requires me to be completely open-minded, lest I want to stop believing in any spiritual material out there. Almost all spiritual material should be studied with a level head, because things will always be said that are too awesome or paradigm-shattering to readily believe.

For example – with spiritualist material, the hardest thing to believe is that mediums have actually connected with real deceased spirits who’ve given detailed descriptions of the afterlife. With ascension/new age material, it’s hard to believe that angels and extraterrestrials exist and are actually communicating with us through channels in an attempt to help us ascend.

With enlightenment material, it’s hard to believe that Source has actually incarnated on earth (or over-lit its followers) to share its sacred teachings.

No matter what we read, there’ll always be something in there that makes us want to run away from the whole concept if we’re rooted too deeply in the judgments and analyses of the mind, so we might want to accept or overlook certain things if we want to believe in the material.

“A mind is like a parachute. It doesn’t work if it is not open.” ― Frank Zappa

We don’t have to worry about any of this if we don’t follow any external teacher, and maybe this is why some spiritual seekers choose not to. Some people resonate more with the idea of being our own teacher; showing ourselves the way back into a higher state of consciousness. Personally, I think we can do both.

I think we can show ourselves the way while still taking time out to hear from whatever spiritual sources resonate with us. It doesn’t have to be a wayshower who talks about enlightenment – it can be a channeled source (which, again, discernment is necessary when reading), or even a friend who has some knowledge.

I think we’d all benefit from utilizing a little external assistance along the way, but the problem is when we fix ourselves on the external to receive awareness.

Taken from Pinterest.com

As we’re learning, to fix ourselves on the external is to keep ourselves from exploring our inner realms and really spiritually thriving, and a healthy middle ground exists that allows us to utilize internal and external assistance with a detached mind and an open heart.

I honestly don’t explore much enlightenment material, except when I write about it. That’s the only time I really research what enlightened teachers have to say about our spiritual evolution, and the rest of the time, I tend to rely on myself and my intuition.

I’m not saying it’s the best or most helpful path, and I fall into self-created traps every day that drain my spirituality and keep me from shining. I might benefit from reading enlightened (or generally spiritual) material more, but I feel like my role is to produce more spiritual material than I absorb and I always try to give more and receive less.

“The greatest gift is to give people your enlightenment, to share it. It has to be the greatest.” – Buddha

Maybe I (and some of you) would gain from taking more advice from enlightened teachers, but when it comes down to it, spiritual evolution is our responsibility and we have to chart our path ourselves, as opposed to endlessly focusing on a teacher who’s already found the way.

A little bit of external assistance is helpful and maybe even necessary, but despite how much it’d help some of us to read more spiritual material, it isn’t the sole way to enlightenment. My perspective so far is that the best way to enlighten ourselves is to take the journey day by day and strive to embody love, calm and emptiness while still being active.

I could be wrong, but I think my path requires more activity and less mind-driven stillness. There’s a difference to me between spiritually aligned stillness and mind-driven stillness, and the latter is a form of inactivity that’s caused when we unhealthily stimulate the mind.

For example – some people think television and video games are forms of meditation, and they are in a way because they quiet the mind (sometimes) and put us on a different frequency. I don’t think the stimulation-induced stillness that can result is healthy, however, and for me, it isn’t nearly as helpful as good old fashioned meditative stillness.

Taken from Keepcalm-o-matic.co.uk

I (and plenty of others) would benefit from embracing more meditative stillness throughout the day, but beyond that, I feel like being more active than ever. I feel like love is driving this increased activity, and once our heart overflows with love, we can either stay still or get moving and achieve a lot every day.

Like I said in a recent newsletter article, we’ll want to be careful when we stay consistently active because it’s an effective way to close the mind without realizing it. This is something our spiritual teachers have probably told us, and this takes us right back to the benefits of listening to their advice as we chart our own path.

There’s plenty of guidance out there from plenty of sources, and the best thing we can do is find the teachers who help us the most and listen to their words while recognizing the importance of evolving in our own way. The heart and the intuition are our greatest teachers, and they’re activated when a teacher’s guidance inspires us to live in alignment.

I’ll continue to present material from enlightened teachers, but I’ll always encourage us to discern our way through the material and find what works for us. We’re free spiritual beings either way, and all we need to do is decrease our mind-driven focus on reality and let the heart take over.

Then, our aligned thoughts will naturally create the reality we desire, and even though our mind will be calm and quieted, we’ll be more physically and spiritually active than ever.

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Open Hand – What does Enlightenment feel like? – 5-15-12

The taste of presenceFrom the Openhand perspective, we all experience the state of Enlightenment from time to time, it’s just that as soon as the experience arises within us, we associate it with something else and lose the experience. Alternatively, a part of us is not comfortable with the experience and therefore creates once more the condition of internal separation from it. But this experience of non-identified presence is there in the background of everything we do and dictates every experience. It is the guiding light and the faster we surrender to its inevitable pull, the more harmonious our lives will become. So what is this state of Enlightenment like? How can we recognise it and surrender into it?…

The absence of all experience

We often hear that space and time are illusions, that there is only one being forming the Universe and here at Openhand we agree with this perspective. If we contemplate deeply the meaning of these two statements, then at some point we’ll come to realise that if they are true, then there must be the experience of everythingness everywhere in the Universe – including inside ourselves. But how would we know that state when it arises?

Once more, if we go deeply into the question of everythingness, then it is likely that ultimately we’ll realise that everythingness and nothingness are one and the same thing. If we have everything as a condition, then there can be no “this” and “that” therefore no relativity, therefore no experience at all. This condition of being is what we might call ‘absolute truth’ or the absolute and by deduction it must exist in and through all things.

When people refer to God, in our view this is what they are really referring to – not some white bearded guy sitting on a cloud (although the condition of absolute would include the white bearded guy and everything else too).

It’s what some enlightened people also refer to as “the void” – because it feels like the total absence of experience – and that’s exactly what it is. And yet experience arises from the void within us (and within all sentient beings). The true miracle of life is that we can be the void (the total absence of experience) and experience that at the same time. In other words, in Enlightenment we get to have our cake and eat it too!

How might we experience this void?

There are two hurdles to overcome in order to rest in the experience of the void…

The first hurdle
The first ‘problem’ is that if we go out looking for the void, then we have already established the condition of separation from it. We have created an internal seeker – an identity (like the white bearded guy on the cloud!). The void is an experience of pure presence with no small “I” inside. There is just being. If we are looking for it, the “I” arises once more and we move out of the state of completeness – the state of Enlightenment.

Therefore, we can only create the conditions whereby the void might simply arise. How will we know what those conditions are? For each of us the conditions are unique and our individual journey is about realising what those conditions are and settling into them as often as possible. Effectively it means understanding, following and attuning to the pull of the soul – doing those things where we feel totally “in the groove” so to speak.

So for some, it might simply be tending the garden. We might feel so at-one, that the hours slip by without us noticing at all. For others it might be in the adrenaline sports jumping off some high cliff or simply riding a bike or driving the car. For most of us, there will be a broad range of experiences somewhere in between. This is the path of the soul and how we come into our own experience of Enlightenment.

The important thing to notice whilst we are doing this is whether or not we (the one) are still present. So are we lost in the action or totally aware of what’s going on within it? If we’re totally present, then the condition of the void can effortlessly arise and simply take over our experience.

The second hurdle
The second hurdle to experiencing the void is that when it arises within our experience, it is so complete, so all encompassing, so crystal clear, so absolute that it feels as if no one is inside at all – because there is simply no identity. It has vanished into crystal clear clarity.

In the beginning, this feeling (actually an absence of feeling) can be quite scary. There’s a tendency not to like it – it might feel like we’ve just died, or alternatively become so alive that the small “I” wants to own it, to taste the absolute peace of it and so the condition of internal separation arises once more and the state of Enlightenment disappears like the spot on a switched off TV screen – it can be more that a little frustrating.

So the key is not to effort to find this state and then when it arises simply notice it and as much as possible dissolve into it. When we come out of it, ask why and what brought me out? Why was I unable to stay in that state? It usually happens because we buy into the illusion of our lives once more – the telephone goes and we feel we must answer it; a loved one engages us in their drama; or an infinite other number of distractions.

A process can be applied that helps you align with this state however – one which aligns us with our soul and helps us dissolve into the experience of presence. For it to be effective, it must be one that strips away the blocking false self identity. That’s what Openhand’s process openway is all about.

In conclusion…

Ultimately we learn to come from the void within all distraction. We discover how to centre in this majestic cathedral realising that nothing else really makes sense and there is no point being anywhere else. The continued occupation of this hallowed place is arrived at by becoming awesomely okay with whatever experience is arising on the outside…

“To be truly enlightened, is to be enlightened in and through ALL experiences”



– See more at: http://www.openhandweb.org/what_does_enlightenment_feel_like#sthash.NjJJfQqG.dpuf

Steve Beckow – Ascend or Descend? – 1-19-15

Ooops 236Steve Beckow


Sometimes I feel so out of step!

Do I want to ascend? No. I want to descend.

Huh? Where did everybody go? Hellooooooooooo!

Seriously. There are those who are loving and joyful and exuberant. They emerge. They arise. They burst forth.

And then there’s me, who wants depth, who wants to descend into the heart, to go as deeply into the Self as is humanly … no, higher-dimensionally … no, existentially possible.

Here’s another place where I’m out of step: Do I want to visit far-off galaxies? Do I want to meet dozens of new civilizations?

Actually, no.  No offense intended to all those wonderful people, but I have very little natural curiosity in the area, even though I know it’ll be an important part of my personal mission later.

I’ll do it when the time comes and gladly. But does my heart cry out for it now? No, it does not.

What I want to do is to settle onto three square feet of floor under my meditation bench and find out who I am.

This Means Something

The enduring mystery of our true nature, what can be found by sinking ever more deeply into being, what awaits me in the inner world rather than the outer world – that’s what moves me.

Is this a vagary in me? I think not.  In my own defence, I feel the longing for liberation strongly and the form that that longing takes in me is to go into myself, not to go into outer space, just taking that as an example.

And I don’t think I’m alone. And I also don’t think that inner and outer exhaust the paths.  Some will want to paint furiously. Others will want to sing the perfect aria. Still others will want to worship the Divine Mother with the purest of hearts. All of us will find ourselves traveling different paths, the path which calls us and draws us onward.

When I speak the deepest truth I’m capable of? I’m left in the same place that the followers of the path of joy are. I feel the same love and bliss that they do and reach the same place of cessation of desire (and hence quietening of the ego and mind) that they do. Krishna said:

“All mankind
Is born for perfection
And each shall attain it
Will he but follow
His nature’s duty.” (1)

Our nature’s duty: our dharma. The law of our nature. The particular lessons that we agreed to learn and broadcast to the world.

That having been said, I welcome all paths and genuine spiritual inclinations and see a place for theirs and mine as well.

But …….. OK … maybe a short trip to Arcturus? No, maybe Sirius B. Or, or … how about Venus!


Wes Annac – Enlightenment and Making an Effort – 1-18-15

Written by Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness

Effort is always required for the seeker who wants to attain enlightenment, but things get easier after we work hard for so long. If we want to achieve anything, we have to show some incentive and refuse to give up when things don’t seem to go our way, and as long as we stay dedicated, we’ll be rewarded for our dedication.

Our reward will come in the form of a greater perception, which we’ll have justly earned by the time we receive it. As we’ll learn here, some effort is necessary in the beginning of our quest for enlightenment, and the harder we work (and the more dedicated we are) the easier things will get over time.

Some of us try our best and make as much of an effort as we can, and yet, we still don’t seem to experience the fruits of our work. When this happens, the best thing we can do is detach, perhaps meditate, and evaluate where we’re at along the enlightenment path.

If we do, we might find that we still have some work to do before we can reach the flowing, spiritually vibrant state of mind we want. We might also find that while we’ve worked hard, there have been times when we didn’t embrace our path or do the work that’s required to reach the flowing state of mind that makes everything easier.

Dedication is as important as anything else when it comes to enlightenment, and we’ll want to stay consistent if our goal is to enlighten ourselves. Together with dedication, consistency will enable us to continuously practice the things that help us raise our vibration, and these two qualities will always be important for anyone who wants enlightenment.

Paramahansa Ramakrishna tells us that initial struggle is inevitable, but it gets easier in the long run.

“Always keep your mind on God. In the beginning you must struggle a little; later on you will enjoy your pension.” (1)

We “must be up and doing in the beginning”, he tells us. “After that one need not work hard.” (2)

He also tells us that power’s only given to those who’ve proven they can use it properly.

“He does not give one more power if the little that is given is not properly used. This is why individual effort and perseverance are necessary.

“Don’t you see, everyone has to make some effort, however small, before he gets God’s grace. When one does so, the experiences due to be undergone in ten lives will come to fruition in one, and man will attain to spiritual realization immediately. But one has to make some effort.” (3)

Commitment, dedication and consistency aren’t just fancy words that sound nice. They’re important to the enlightenment path because we can’t receive a greater power we aren’t ready to properly use.

If we distract ourselves with things we know don’t serve our growth or evolution, we’d misuse any greater creative or spiritual power Source could otherwise bestow onto us. Even though our creator’s responsible for bestowing this power, it isn’t given to us just because we seek it – we have to earn it.

We have to prove that we’re up for the tasks that come with a greater perceptual power, and while Source loves all of its creation, it won’t just give the power of enlightenment away to anyone. We’ll all eventually receive it when we’re ready, but we have to prove we can handle it before we can receive it.

According to Ramana Maharishi, “None succeeds without effort and the successful few owe their victory to perseverance.” (4)

Effort is actually a form of yoga, he tells us.

“Effort is necessary. In fact effort is itself yoga.” (5)

He also tells us how complicated true silence and stillness can be.

“Everybody, every book says ‘Be quiet or still.’ But it is not easy. That is why all this effort is necessary. Even if you find one who has at once achieved the mouna (silence) or supreme state indicated, you may take it that the effort necessary has already been completed in a previous life. Such effortless and choiceless awareness is reached only after deliberate meditation.” (6)

With repeated practice, he tells us, we’ll get used to quieting the mind and looking within.

“By repeated practice one can become accustomed to turning inwards and finding the Self. One must always and constantly make an effort, until one has permanently realized. Once the effort ceases, the state becomes natural and the Supreme takes possession of the person with an unbroken current.” (7)

Even though Source and/or a guru can show the way, he tells us, we have to walk our own path, however unique or challenging it is.

“God and the Guru will only show the way to release; they will not by themselves take the soul to the state of release. … Each one should by his own effort pursue the path shown by God or Guru and gain release. One can know oneself only with one’s own eye of knowledge, and not with somebody else’s. Does he who is Rama require the help of a mirror to know that he is Rama?” (8)

We can only utilize so much external assistance before it becomes unnecessary, and at a certain point, we’ll have to get used to continuously looking within for a greater perception. There’s a lot of helpful advice from Maharishi and various other spiritual teachers that’s worth our attention, but we can only take in so much of it before it becomes necessary to find our own path.

There’s nothing wrong with disagreeing with the advice various teachers have given, for example, because it’s only advice that’s based on their experiences with enlightenment. Granted, some teachers claim to be embodiments of Source him/herself, but even still, their perspective is theirs entirely and it doesn’t have to heavily reflect or influence our path.

I think we can employ a healthy balance between utilizing external guidance and looking within for directions back home, and no matter what we hear or read, we’ll always want to be discerning. We’ll want to question things without letting our mind influence us too heavily, and we can be discerning with a calm, quieted mind.

All discernment really is, is the ability and willingness to decide if something resonates with us. If it does, great! If not, oh well – we have everything we could ever need within and we don’t have to integrate advice that seems misaligned.

In fact, we might disempower ourselves if we take advice that doesn’t ‘feel’ right, and this is partly why so many teachers encourage us to chart our own path.

The path we chart will require as much effort as any other, and it’ll also require self-empowerment and the willingness not to give up, no matter what. We know by this point that we’re spiritual beings who are capable of achieving infinity, and as long as we stay dedicated and continue to make an effort, the spirit will eventually flow through us with ease.

Then, our real work – internal and external – can begin.


Wes Annac – Enlightenment – Wanting it vs Working for It – 1-15-15

Credit: northernwall.blogspot.com

 Sometimes, we reach a point where we want to feel more connected with the Christ within; more connected with our essence, and when this happens, we might have to ask ourselves a few essential questions.

One of them is if we’re making choices throughout our day that are in alignment with our wish to be more connected. Are we helping ourselves live a lifestyle that’s truly inspired by spirit, or does the idea of staying connected only sound good at the surface?

Oftentimes, we’ll find when we take a serious, discerning look at ourselves that even though we think we want to be more connected, we still aren’t making choices that help us stay aligned. We’ll find that continuing to falter in some areas of life is what causes us to feel distant from love or spirit.

It’s safe to say that enlightenment (or spiritual evolution in general) is one of the hardest processes we’ll ever go through. It requires us to seriously and scrupulously examine everything about ourselves that keeps us from attaining our goal, and by the end of it all, we’ll have lost as much as we gained.

We’ll have gained more in the sense that we gave up our materialistic desires for something much better, but like Adyashanti and a few other teachers have told us, enlightenment is a destructive process. We’ll be uplifted by the end of it all, but we’re in for some pain if we aren’t willing to release our grip on the aspects of life that hold us back.

If there’s anything we’re unwilling to release, we’ll have trouble on the enlightenment path. In order to understand ourselves as God, we’ll have to be willing to transcend everything that keeps us from understanding our godliness, and it can definitely be hard.

The hardest part about it is watching the world continue its misaligned ways while we try to better ourselves, and this is where the most pain is usually felt. It’s hard to enact so many disciplines while the world continues to be hedonistic and uncaring, but it’s an unfortunate part of our spiritual growth that we’ll just have to accept, however hard it can be.

There’s a solution to the world’s problems, and we’re it. We’re the solution we’ve been waiting for, but in order to heal ourselves enough to heal the world, we’ll have to cease contributing to the aspects of our society that seem designed to keep us in lower, subservient states of consciousness.

Without becoming self-centered, we’ll want to examine everything about ourselves and determine what serves our spiritual growth and what hinders it. We’ll want to stay as open-minded as we can, as often as we can, but we won’t want our open-mindedness to lead us to things we know will hold us back.

We’ll want to let as much love flow out of our expanding minds and hearts as we can, and we’ll want to make sure everything we say and do is genuine and aligned with our vision. We’ll want to do away with limiting self-talk, like “I’m only human. Bickering and being unhappy are part of my nature. I’ll grow out of them someday”.

The goal of enlightenment is to basically stop being human; to rise above simple humanity into an omnipotent state of mind that’s free of the pains, worries and stresses that seem to come with being human. Yes, there will be times when negativity seems unavoidable, but that doesn’t mean we should feed it.

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Anything less than mastery will cause us to fall short of our goals, and we’ll know we’re falling short of them because we’ll feel unhappy; as if something’s missing that we just can’t seem to find. Something is missing in most cases, and it’s the devoted spirituality and godliness that come with enlightenment.

Most of us are reaching a point where we can’t stand the way the world is right now and we want to make a change, but the best way to make this change is to make it from within.

We can’t expect the external world to change until we’ve made some crucial inner changes, and as long as we accept certain aspects of society or tell ourselves it’s all ‘normal’, we’ll continue to be divided and controlled from within.

It’s obvious that a change needs made, and we have to be the ones to make it. We have to be willing to shed and transcend every bit of limitation or humanity that keeps us from enlightening ourselves, and anything less could cause continued dissatisfaction.

Overall, we’ll want to take things easy and stop taking life as seriously as some of us have. I know this sounds contradictory to what I said above about taking enlightenment more seriously, but both realities are possible.

There are a lot of serious issues plaguing the earth right now, but the enlightened seeker is calm and still in the face of it all. The seeker who’s embraced pure nothingness has it all figured out, because in nothingness, we discover Source.

Source is found when the mind’s as still as it can be and we’ve transcended our surface perception to the best of our ability, which requires calm, patience and an array of other masterful qualities that some of us are currently unable to grasp.

Most of us are afraid of pure silence, stillness or nothingness, because our minds have created situation after situation, circumstance after circumstance and identity after identity to keep us distracted. We’re so enamored with the distractions we’ve created that all-out stillness sounds impossible or undesirable, but it’s all we need to enlighten ourselves.

Maybe we should ask ourselves how we feel about being completely still and silent. Yes, a lot needs done and said to change the world, but what’s better – changing the world with a noisy, spiritually unaware perspective or a still, masterful one?

It isn’t necessarily complacent to want to change the world from a still perspective. Some people automatically assume it is, because in their mind, the idea of being still while the elite keeps us oppressed spells treason to their planet, and that’s the last thing they’d want to do.

Changing the world is absolutely possible with a still, enlightened mind, and in fact, it’s a better way to do it. It doesn’t cause complacency or inaction – it boosts our awareness but allows us to address the situations that need addressed with a balanced perspective.

It’s easy to want to stay connected, but it’s harder to do the inner work that’s required. As contradictory as it might sound, the best way to stay connected is to keep the mind open and silent, and when we try it, we might be surprised at how easy our creativity and our meditations flow.

They’ll flow so easily because we’ll no longer be concerned with making them flow, and our mind will be too still and content to worry about it.

Limitation fades when we can quiet the mind, embrace stillness (and the nothingness that comes with it), and repeatedly examine ourselves to make sure we stay aligned, and this is the challenge we face at this crucial time in our collective evolution.

It’s up to us to decide if we’re up for it, and while most of us readily assume we are, we’ll find that there’s more diligence and inner work required than we expect. If we can stay dedicated and continue to detach from the mind’s overbearing influence (thereby using it the way it’s meant to be used), however, the end result will be paradise.

Written by Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness, January 14, 2015 – http://tinyurl.com/nv9zqrw

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