LISA GAWLES – From My Dreamtime – Mt. St. Helens, Mt. Rainiers Release Potential – 6-7-15


By Lisa Gawlas, The Shift of Time and Energy, June 6, 2015

What an odd night in sleep time last night.  I felt like I was in the midst of the CNN news alert all night long, to the point of having woke up several times, once to go potty and several other times because the news alerts were overwhelming me and falling right back into the same dream state over and over, as if I had to remember the details of what I was seeing.  Now, it is unforgettable.

In my dream, I was sitting on my couch (current time) watching a CNN news alert (haven’t done that in years) with the scrolling ticker at the bottom of the screen announcing seismic activity happening at Mount St. Helen and the looming eruption they were all watching and waiting to happen.  Then, they got all flustered because a new report came in that was talking about new activity at Lake Rainier or beneath a lake near Mount Rainier and that area was put on alert for potential volcanic eruption.

I am not a dreamer at all, never have been.  But I have got to pay vivid attention to a series of alerts in my dream time, that happened all night long.  Even when I woke up for the day, the push on my energy field was to talk about this dream…. so here I am.

Of course, I also had to google lake or mount Rainier, I am familiar with Mt. St. Helens, but never heard of the other, so I was astounded that it too, is in the state of Washington.

In one of the news segments in my dream, Wolf Blitzer was talking about the last time any sort of eruption happened or had the potential of happening was 17 years ago, which would be 1998.  I vividly remember the 17 in the ticker scroll I cannot remember which one he was talking about, I am pretty sure it was Mt St. Helens tho.   So back to handy-dandy google to see what happened in 1998 and I found a national geographic story talking about Mt. St. Helens and a quote I will put here from that time line:  “We had magma come up to shallow levels in 1998, but it didn’t reach the surface,” Pierson said.

We all know as earth shifted and released tremendous dormant energy for all of us to use in this time thru May, I have a feeling there are people, probably many groups of people trying to stabilize or stop the seismic activity because they truly don’t understand its incredible value.  But if we can look at it like a human body, if we had to fart really bad and someone kept plugging up the release valve, chances are we are going to start vomiting like crazy… out one exit or the other.  Either way, this energy MUST come topside.  It is vital to the evolution of life and the well-being of our mother, even if it appears opposite.

After I completely woke up, got my coffee and sat here at my laptop, I was starting to change my mind about sharing this.  I like the happy, exciting things shared, not… well, what could end up being devastating and completely out of our control to talk about.  But I was reminded quite vividly about several meditations I have had in the past, not seeing the connection or value in those moments… coming out of a meditation with 3rd degree burns on my right foot and ankle only to find out hours later a volcano erupted in the Congo or being in meditation feeling like I am in the middle of an earthquake only to find one happened in Iran and other times too I have forgotten the outside connection, these two are etched in my memory banks tho.

So when my team uses my entire sleep time like a CNN news alert… gotta pay attention and share.  So… consider this dreamtime news alert, shared.  Ok I gotta giggle tho… Wolf Blitzer… really???  lol

I am going to leave this here with something I am hearing from spirit… “Destruction and Creation are one and the same energy.”  Think about actual child birth… holy heavens the destruction of the vagina (Yes, I can say it loud and proud, but I LOVE the sing-song phrase of the va-jay-jay 😉 just sayin’.)  The blood, the mucus, the tearing of the vaginal walls, the stretching OMG the stretching and new life comes thru.

Honor thy mother, please don’t plug her up or try to send the energy back.

This has been a public service announcement! (smile)

Big big (((HUGZ)))) of Life ever emerging!!!

Lisa Gawlas

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Julian Rose – The World to Come – From Vision to Reality – 5-22-15

JulianRose1024-214x300If the dark-siders are so cock-sure about installing their ‘New World Order’ – they may be in for a bit of a shock – for we are sure to trump them with our ‘Great World to Come’.

These are the battle lines of the 21st century – and engagement is already well under way.

The birthing of The World to Come involves a long maturation period – and, right now, we are pregnant with expectation. The disparate energetic pixels of a great vision are coalescing towards each other; and as they do, the picture is starting to take on a discernible shape and form. It is, if you like, coming into focus.

Millions of shimmering complimentary thought patterns are forming this emerging picture; weaving and dancing their way into a glittering hologram of divine exigence. And yes, it is we who are its drivers – its creators.

This is now causing a ripple of delight to pass through our guardian angels – who have for so long guided us towards this critical  moment – the moment of bringing forth the vision and of manifesting it in its full glory in this place – right here – where we are.

We are coalescing, in partnership with the galactic order, the future and the past into the present, their original home, their true home. We are bringing them together into the vibrant now; for it was we who separated them in the first place. Or at least, the ‘we’ that includes the dark-side element that we have allowed to keep its sticky hands on the helm for far too long.

The dark side – that likes to divide and conquer – and to own the materials that fuel the mechanisms of the status quo.

But, the Great World to Come is fuelled by an entirely biological and non polluting energy: our passion.

Will you join me now on a journey fuelled by this energy?

At the confluence of mighty rivers great souls manifest. The Poles shift. Our planet tilts anew, allowing solar rays to explore fresh zones; lighting that which was in the shade; shading that which was in the light. Swirling galactic energies now find new openings – to Earth – through which to penetrate. Change is accelerated. Confusion reigns. A mighty clash ensues. Gaia trembles – right down to her roots.

And in amongst all this, it is a great passion which carries us through the chaos and awakes in us a profounder depth of being; of seeing; of knowing. Of instantly knowing, as the dust slowly settles, which paints to apply to the newly emergent canvas. United once again, in this flip of time, with our innocence. ‘The innocence of being’ of ages past. Reunited with ourselves as flawless vectors of divine exigence.

Earth shift; cosmic shift; human shift. Human shift; cosmic shift; Earth shift. A subtle, dangerous and ultimately sublime metamorphosis, out of which we finally find our true equilibrium.  And that’s not all – that royal juice called Love explodes at the heart of it all; cresting as a great fountain of laughter and exuberant joy!

As the ‘standing wave’ passes, so we plunge into the fecund introspective depth of the valley below. Centred there – in profound contemplation  and incubation. Only to be taken, once again, by a vast chord of music, water and fire – on the upward surge of the next standing wave – which bursts in foaming ecstasy into effervescent particles of supreme cosmic consciousness, that shower down, like angel dust, on all that still hesitates to participate in this: the emergence of The Great World to Come.

Oh, fulsome is the rejoicing as man fulfills his creative purpose of existence! All galactic entities shiver with awe at the powers so unleashed!

Desperate demonic entities abandon their false power bases, fleeing in all directions as the might of these proud-standing truth waves ripple out across the thirsting universe.

Those that turn to do battle, find their dark energy unequal to that of the light. Their psychotic impulses imploding in on themselves, sucked into the giant vortex of the all cleansing great gravity detoxifiers – the ‘black holes’ – there to be riven through to their depth, so that all that’s finally left is the tiny spark of truth which was buried in amongst their subhuman detritus. And that dear spark, in an upward leap, soon joins with the rushing, dancing photons of light – and finds – once again – its true destiny: as a sacred building block of this Great World to Come.

Such is the power granted unto us, sparks of the divine essence that we truly are, that having fully emancipated ourselves from our subliminal pre existence, we will be accorded the greatest honour that could be bestowed upon mankind: the right to become co-creators of the evolving universe itself..on intimate terms with long-standing divine helmsmen and cosmic master tacticians.

For, have no doubt, there will always be forces out there, even if severely subdued for many aeons, that will attempt a mischievous uprising against the status-quo, even a status-quo composed of the very finest of light bearers!

Divine source Itself, still requires to be pitted against an opposing force so as to further hone its own perfection. That clash provides the friction that produces the energy that drives this universe.

It is the duality within the seemingly non-dual. It is the fire that resides in water. It is the divine spark that shines even in the pit of deepest darkness.

It is us.

Wild and wonderful souls that we are, on an infinite journey of limitless possibility.

“The World to Come – From Vision to Reality”, by Julian Rose, May 10, 2015 at

Lord Melchizadek – Protecting Your Energies While Dreaming – 5-17-15


Lord Melchizadek

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Dreaming is a natural thing to do for all humans while they sleep. It is well known that dreaming allows the mind to process the day that has gone before and any problems, questions or issues that may have arisen. Dreaming also allows the dreamer to process their thoughts and feelings about themselves in relation to the world around them.

Sometimes, however, dreams may seem very real and that is because they are! Many people astral travel as they sleep, and that is nothing new. But some others, particularly those who are awakened to their spiritual selves, work for the greater good and actually perform acts of service whilst in their sleep. They also meet with their spirit and angel guides to learn lessons or to receive information, and some even engage with spirits or darker energy to try to keep them at bay.

This last practice is dangerous because the human spirit is very vulnerable when it is out in the ethereal world, and if the conscious mind is not consciously aware there is a real danger of something untoward happening and the person’s energies being compromised. People who are aware of their higher purpose will intentionally perform their lightwork consciously and protect themselves and their energies accordingly, but some people’s souls are so attuned to their higher purpose that they find ways to engage in lightwork when the body is sleeping and their energies are potentially unprotected.

If you have very real dreams, there is a chance that you are astral travelling and meeting with other spirits or souls whilst asleep. To make sure your energies are protected and that you get back into your body safely before awakening, ask the Creator or your angel guides for protection. Here is an invocation you can say before retiring every night.

“Mother, Father God, Creator of All That Is, I hold the intention that my energies be protected whilst I am asleep. I call upon my angel guides to protect my spirit as it travels, keeping it grounded in my body to allow it to find its way home again. Protect me as I engage with my guides, soul family and other spirits, and keep my aura and chakras protected from psychic attack and transfer of energies. For my highest and best, thank you it is done.”

I AM Lord Melchizadek

Betina Vasquez – Why We Dream – How the Mind Processes Information – 1-31-15


Written by Betina Vasquez, The Spirit Science, January 31, 2015

It’s safe to say that sleep and the ability to retain new information or learn new skills is intertwined. Imagine, the day before a big exam and we study all night losing out on precious sleep, possibly resulting in lower test results than we had hoped for because there was no other choice than to pull an “all-nighter.”

If there’s one thing I hear people say the most, it’s that everyone has difficulty falling sleep. With our minds occupied on what we did today or what we need to do tomorrow, technological gadgets, and external distractions it’s no wonder our capacity to relax is depleted, especially before bed.

Sleep-DeprivationIn the medical community and our personal lives it is well-known that restful sleep is significant in maintaining a sound mind and able body, yet plenty of people are affected from a lack of it, in fact about 50-70 million Americans according to the National Institutes of Health. How do we complete our tasks for the day? We simply push through somehow and we’re missing out in ways.

For nearly a century we have wondered why we dream, what is its purpose? How do they influence our waking lives? There seem to be a revolving door of hypothesis, experimentation, and articles on the subject.

Studies have shown that deep sleep and napping throughout the day can be helpful with mental cognizance and if improved or experimented with, have the potential to produce unexpected results.  One such study explains how dreaming is a function of the minds ability to sift through valuable information, which in turn shape our lives.

Scientists at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (BIDMC) conduct the following experiment:

At the outset, the authors hypothesized that dreaming about a learning experience during nonrapid eye movement (NREM) sleep would lead to improved performance on a hippocampus-dependent spatial memory task. (The hippocampus is a region of the brain responsible for storing spatial memory.)

To test this hypothesis, the investigators had 99 subjects spend an hour training on a “virtual maze task,” a computer exercise in which they were asked to navigate through and learn the layout of a complex 3D maze with the goal of reaching an endpoint as quickly as possible. Following this initial training, participants were assigned to either take a 90-minute nap or to engage in quiet activities but remain awake. At various times, subjects were also asked to describe what was going through their minds, or in the case of the nappers, what they had been dreaming about. Five hours after the initial exercise, the subjects were retested on the maze task.

What the researches discovered is that the improvement of individuals who did not rest after completing the maze task for a second time, showed no significant increase in their ability to complete it even while actively thinking about the maze beforehand. And those who did sleep, but did not dream about the maze also showed little to no increase in their ability to complete it a second time. However, those who did dream about the maze, and quite vividly, did significantly better on the task a second time around.

Of particular note, say authors [Robert Stickgold, PhD, Director of the Center for Sleep and Cognition at BIDMC and Associate Professor of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School and Erin Wamsley, PhD, a postdoctoral [researcher] at BIDMC and Harvard Medical School] , the subjects who performed better were not more interested or motivated than the other subjects. But, they say, there was one distinct difference that was noted.

“The subjects who dreamed about the maze had done relatively poorly during training,” explains Wamsley. “Our findings suggest that if something is difficult for you, it’s more meaningful to you and the sleeping brain therefore focuses on that subject — it ‘knows’ you need to work on it to get better, and this seems to be where dreaming can be of most benefit.”

What we see here is a noticeable difference in the way information is collected within the mind, based on our ability to dream.  It not only absorbs experiences, information, and data from the outside, but will also transfer that information in abstract ways to build our dreamscapes. If waking life experiences are relatively important, difficult, or meaningful for us, there’s a higher chance it will appear in our dreams and if analyzed or reflected upon will bring incredible insight into our progression as human beings.

Dreamscape by elestrial

Ironically, our ability to learn and remember new information is not solely dependent on dreaming itself, though it does play a vital role in terms of the brain’s physiology. With the mind taking on multiple tasks at once; consolidating data and directing it to other areas for further integration, it is simply unbelievable how perfected this function has evolved to be.

Wamsley [points out], ”Every day, we are gathering and encountering tremendous amounts of information and new experiences,” she adds. “It would seem that our dreams are asking the question, ‘How do I use this information to inform my life?’”

So, with the information that we now know how can we apply this to our lives? What steps can we take toward healthy sleeping habits? Below are some helpful tips that may help you re-learn how to put yourself to sleep and bring about some fun experimentation with dream interpretation. You know, if that’s your thing.  🙂

1. Turn off electronics 1 hour before you go to sleep. This is important, because of our pineal gland. The pineal gland is sensitive to both light and dark and when we stimulate our senses with bright objects such as computer monitors, phones, or televisions before bed the pineal gland is unable to release the hormone melatonin which regulates our sleep and wake cycles.

2. Take a hot shower or bath prior to bedtime as this will relax the body, soak for at least 20 minutes. Add bath salts or candles as an added bonus.

3. Read a book or magazine and avoid topics that could stimulate your imagination in a negative way such as violence or horror.

4. Research natural sleep-aides, I found a valuable source here.

5. Perform Progressive Muscle Relaxation which is a systematic technique that manages stress and produces deep relaxation. Simply tense and release every part of your body for a couple minutes before going to sleep.

6. Keep a log of your dreams and though it may be difficult to remember every detail at first, that’s not necessarily the point. If you manage to jot down a couple key ideas, this can shed some light on some core issues you may be needing clarification on.

7. Refrain from eating right before bedtime as this stimulates the digestive system and can interrupt your ability to relax and fall asleep. A little snack or warm lemon water is harmless, so long as it’s not a huge meal.

I would also like to impart that while your ritual before bed is essential in helping you sleep more soundly, a morning ritual will play an important role in the flow of your day. Consider waking up and thinking about what you’re grateful for, drinking a nice cup of hot tea with lemon and honey, watching the sun rise, taking a walk out in nature, or simply meditating for 10 minutes. This can all be done with some simple preparation and mindfulness.

I wish you the best in your journey and encourage questions, thoughts, and comments about the ways you’re re-learning how to fall asleep and wake up.

Your friend,

Betina Vazquez

Team Spirit

Sources: Science Daily

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DL Zeta – Dreams and Eclipse Portals – Transport Us to Future Life Tracks – 9-24-14

DL ZetaDreams and Eclipse Portals Transport Us to Future Life Tracks, by DL Zeta, September 13, 2014,

We are approaching a period of accelerated and powerful energies with the upcoming fall/spring equinox, an eclipse series in October, and Mercury retrograde from October 4 to 26.

These energies will bring windows of opportunity, as well as challenges designed to help us re-calibrate our spiritual connection and restructure our approach to our purpose. The decisions we make during this period will cast a wide sphere of influence well into the coming year.

Revisit your intentions to make the Most of Magnified Energies

So why are we talking now about energies that are a few weeks out? One reason is that many lightworkers are sensitive to energies and begin to experience the powerful shifts an eclipse brings a month or more prior to the actual event. Another reason is in order to make the most of the opportunities this powerful passage will bring, we need to revisit our intentions and visions prior to this time of magnified energies.

We can begin now preparing for this period through dreamwork, journaling, meditation, dietary and other changes. By focusing our intentions, we ride the waves of these powerful energies into future life tracks where we experience more of our divine nature.

The September 22 Equinox seeks to balance Mind, Body and Spirit

The upcoming equinox will boost our preparations for October’s transformative energies. In the northern hemisphere, it’s time to balance mind, body and spirit, and undertake cleaning and clearing in preparation for winter. Clearing clutter and bringing order to our environment is important to finding balance. This is a good time to begin new dietary regimens and health practices that build our immune systems. This balancing and clearing will support our journey into October’s Mercury retrograde and eclipse series.

Visiting Future Life Tracks in Dream States

The next few weeks are a time to examine whether some of our intentions are outdated and no longer valid. This is a time to open to new ideas and visions, and to begin energizing these as the energies amplify and accelerate.

In coming weeks, nightly dreams will become an excellent source of new visions as our subconscious minds are drawn to travel to future life tracks in order to examine the field of potentials crystallizing in our futures. Practice writing down dreams and you will begin to remember more of your nightly travels.

The period just prior to an eclipse series is a very rich time for dream journeys. You can set your intentions before going to sleep to travel to potential new life tracks. Just before bedtime is also a good time to review the questions you are working with, and to ask for guidance to come through your dream travels. This is a time of heightened energies when lucid dreams are more likely. To cultivate lucid dreams, practice lucidity in your waking life. Be mindful of where you focus your attention prior to falling asleep, as this focus helps direct the flow of your dream travels.

Journaling, Automatic Writing and Meditation

To make the most of upcoming energies, it’s helpful to begin an intensive introspective period in the weeks prior. You may find it helpful to journal if you don’t do so already. Journaling helps you gain perspective and insight into your ‘waking dream’. Daily journaling also helps you bring awareness to stuck emotions so you can clear them. When you journal, give yourself the freedom to write whatever flows into your mind. Journaling is a good housecleaning tool to assist you in processing emotions and bringing awareness to the landscape of your mental and emotional bodies.

Once you become comfortable with daily journaling, you can begin to incorporate automatic writing. One way to begin automatic writing is to write out questions on one side of your notebook and allow answers to flow onto the opposite page. When you begin writing things you don’t consciously know, you have tapped into the deep well of your subconscious.

Meditation is another excellent tool for getting in touch with the flow of your internal world. Meditation can bring awareness of potentials crystallizing in future life tracks. It also helps with internal housecleaning. Meditation raises your vibration, and over time can help break loose stuck emotions, allowing them to bubble to the surface of your consciousness to be released. If you don’t currently have a meditation practice, begin now. Sit for at least 15 to 30 minutes every day, releasing all thoughts and relaxing and stilling your mind. Allow whatever happens to be perfect for you within the moment.

Our Astrology Charts Depict the Personal Impact of an Eclipse

We will all feel the effects of the upcoming Mercury retrograde and eclipse energies. The exact way in which you experience them can be understood by examining your astrology chart. The type of impact, and its intensity and duration, depends on where an eclipse falls in a person’s astrology chart. If an eclipse falls within 3 degrees of a planet, or an important point in your chart by conjunction or opposition, it is of special significance to you. The nature of the planet impacted by the eclipse offers clues to the experiences that lie ahead. Each house in astrology points toward an area of your life. Knowing which house in which an eclipse falls within your chart will help you get your affairs in order.

Mercury stations retrograde from October 4-26, journeying from 2 degrees Scorpio to 16 degrees Libra. This is a potent Mercury retrograde because it activates the October 23 Solar Eclipse point of 0 degrees Scorpio, intermingling the energies of Mercury retrograde with the solar eclipse. You can examine where 0 degrees Scorpio lands in your chart (and points within orb) to see how the October 23 eclipse will impact you. There will also be a total lunar eclipse October 8, at 15 degrees Aries, with the sun opposing at 15 degrees Libra.

On September 26, Jupiter begins a trine to Uranus that lasts several weeks. Jupiter in trine to Uranus opens a portal to good fortune, positive energies, and new and interesting people. This is a great time to bring forth new visions and new creations. Artists, writers, inventors and visionaries of all kinds can ride waves of success during this period. This Jupiter/Uranus trine leads us into a grand fire trine (with Mars, Jupiter and Uranus) conjunct the October 8 Lunar Eclipse. We will talk more about these energies as we draw closer, so stay tuned.

Creating a Unified Field of Intention

Once you lay the groundwork and choose your intentions for this upcoming period, you can work with all aspects of your consciousness to bring unity and agreement to these intentions. If some aspects are not on board with these intentions, you will not have the unity of vision that brings the laser focus and concentration needed to make the most of these energies. To harmonize and unify all facets of your consciousness, visualize an inner circle of love during meditation. Bring inside this circle all your aspects – younger selves from this lifetime as well as past and future selves that exist in timeframes parallel to your present moment. Inner peace and harmony with all ‘selves’ allows you to create a unified field of intention to help you navigate the upcoming energies.

©2010-2014 DL Zeta, Celestial Vision, All Rights Reserved

Dr. Suzanne Lie Interview – The Art of Dreaming – The Arcturians: Who Are They?

montaukchairable·54 videos

Michael Hemmingson talks to Dr. Suzanne Lie, author of The Arcturian Corridor, about the Arcturian ETs, who they are, what their agenda and message is. Dr. Lie channels the Arctruians in the last half hour, where the Arcturians tells Hemmingson they will visit him in the dream realm, which they did.

DL Zeta – Dreams are Messages from your Soul – 11-17-13


Teacher:  DL Zeta
When discussing the possibilities of your dream world, it is important to understand the saying “as above, so below” is very real.

When you undertake nightly journeys into higher realms, your energetic vibration changes in ways that will soon bring the essence of your dream experiences into the experience of your conscious, waking world.

The same is true in reverse. Conscious dreams into higher realms change the tone and essence of nightly dreams.

All these journeys are best undertaken with full conscious knowing of their “realness” and implications.

All explorations in consciousness — dreams and otherwise — are real and will change your life in ways that can’t often be anticipated.

Another consideration is the way in which the nightly dream world mirrors your conscious, waking world.

Dreams are one way you are able to decipher and decode the meaning of events in your waking world, and receive inner guidance about them.

Your guides and higher self will always respond to the efforts you make in your waking life to work with your dreams.

The effort you make in your waking world to remember and interpret your nightly dreams determines the degree to which decoding takes place within your dreams.

At the same time, any conscious attempt to grow spiritually will expand the range of travel itineraries available to you in your nightly journeys.

Dreams Are Multi-layered Messages from Other Aspects of your Self

Any attempt to unravel your dreams is important and will bring results. The act of remembering and interpreting dreams is a first step.

Dreams occur at many different levels, each one consisting of layered meanings.

Just as there are parts of your waking world that remain unseen and unrealized until your awareness expands sufficiently to comprehend them, additional layers of your dreams are accessed with an awareness expanded by hundreds of simple dream interpretations.

It is in this daily practice of working with dreams that you become fluent in the language of your soul.

This fluency opens the door to many forms of intuitive communion. Do not underestimate the importance of your dreams.

They are a valuable window to the workings of your inner world. Whether awake or asleep, you are always experiencing multiple dream states simultaneously.

You may wonder how dreams are created in who is sending the messages you receive in your dreams.

Both the form and message of dreams come from aspects of your self that exist beyond the boundaries of your conscious mind.

Conscious ‘Waking’ Dream States

One layer of dreaming involves shared dreams. Your conscious awareness has, for example, agreed to take part in many different dream states with others for the creation of shared experiences.

You weave in and out of these many different dreams with variations of intensity. Sometimes you bring your focus into a few dominant dreams for concentrated learning experiences; at other times you expand into many dreams you are sampling in search of veins of needed experience.

There is always an expansion and contraction of your conscious dream states depending on the purpose for growth and learning at the time.

A soul that has just completed an intensive learning experience may choose to enter into an expanded sampling of many conscious dream states to fish the streams of life’s possibilities for a time before moving into another intensive period of focused learning.

All conscious, waking dreams seek this balance of learning states that, when observed, resemble the cycles of the in breath and the out breath.

This is important to keep in mind as this state of fluidity and flux in one’s conscious dream states can fall into judgment when not understood within proper perspective.

Some shared dream experiences are created by spiritual contracts that sometimes span lifetimes.

There are souls you agree to meet while on the Earth plane for specific purposes. These soul contracts are based upon a higher purpose such as learning unconditional love, forgiveness and compassion.

Sometimes these shared dreams are created to alleviate karma created in other lifetimes.

Alleviating karma is essentially an attempt to gain needed understandings.

Discernment and Shared Dream States

As your awareness of shared dream states increases, you will become more discerning of the dream states in which you participate.

Beware of any shared dream states you participate in by default. In your world, there are those who seek to manage and regulate conscious dream states — their own as well as those of others.

This is sometimes done for material gain by a government or industry. Intentions associated with this management and regulation of consciousness determine its outcome and karmic lessons. Conscious waking dream states are also regulated by motivations set forth as “spiritual” or “religious.”

These are generally carried out with a careful interweaving of one’s earliest consciousness with belief systems that support regulation through religion.

The there also may be friends, family or others in your life who seek to control and regulate your conscious dream states in ways that are not aligned with your highest good.

Begin following the threads of your shared dream states to gain awareness of their true essence. This will help you determine if they are worthy of your energy.

The Awakened Consciousness and Dream States

The regulation and management of waking dream states can only occur when the consciousness is not truly awakened.

Once one begins to awaken inside the conscious dream, the outside regulation and management of one’s conscious dream state becomes less and less possible.

The awakened consciousness takes over the regulation and management of its own waking dream, working in closer communion with one’s guides and angels and higher self to develop conscious agendas for spiritual evolution and world service.

This conscious awakening extends into nightly dreams experienced during the sleep state.

It is here that the consciousness can truly excel, for the subconscious mind exists outside the time and space continuum of the conscious dream.

It is here that the conscious awareness is able to experience other dimensions, perform world service by astral journeying to sites of suffering and catastrophe, and assist lost souls in moving on in their spiritual evolution.

Not all the “guides” and “angels” who assist on the earth plane are disincarnate.

Excerpt from Portals of Spirit: Multidimensional Doorways for Healing and Transformation by DL Zeta

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Drunvalo Melchizedek – Creating From The Heart – Host Pablo Arellano

Drunvalo Explains how to create from the heart with out polarity