by Pauline Battell – MEMOIRS OF JOHN THE BELOVED DISCIPLE – Lord Rananda Kumara – Opening The Gate To Christ Consciousness – 9-12-15

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I, John, come to you to clarify and add to, the information concerning me and my role in beloved Lord Jeshua’s mission to bring Christ Consciousness to Humankind.

My name was actually “Jahanan”, which means “Christborn”.  In Jeshua’s following there were several other Christed Ones;- those whose Sacred Heart was open.   He was our leader, yet not the one and only Christ as you have been led to believe.

       I, John, was/am a Soul Aspect of Lord Rananda Kumara of the Kumaran Family of the Higher Dimensions of Venus, and Jeshua was/is a Soul Aspect of Lord Sananda Kumara; the Father in the Higher Realm, of Lord Rananda Kumara. So, in a sense, Jeshua was/is my (John’s) Father.  As the son is loved by the father, so I was the disciple beloved of Jeshua. This was understood by very few of the disciples at that time, and thus gave rise to some jealousies.

Others amongst the followers of the Master were Kumarans too, but some were volunteers from several other extraterrestrial races whose Soul Aspects had taken birth or, as I did, walked-in to an Earthly vehicle to bring support to the Master’s mission. My brother, James, was also a Kumaran from Venus, and a Christed One. In the Higher Realm She is my Cousin, and Her Name is Saranda Samara Kumara. She is a Soul Mate of many lives, in many different relationships; some on other planets, before coming to the Earth.

Before I walked-in to the material vehicle of John, I received special training in the etheric retreat of Archangel Michael, above the Canadian Rockies, to be the “Earth Eagle” for Lord Jeshua.  An”Eagle” is a specially trained protective Light Being, or incarnate Light Being, allocated to one who has an important mission on the Earth, or in the Higher Realms, for their protection.  Lord Michael has a legion of Eagles headed by Archangel Jychondria.

As part of my job as the Master’s Earth Eagle, I would travel ahead of His group and find a house where He could eat and perform healings and sleep in safety.  After I had located a suitable house, I would perform a ceremony and draw a special symbol above the door. The symbol was a diagonal cross with “Fire Letters” inscribed in the vertices above and below. With this symbol and ceremony, I created a Sacred Space, that no one of ill intent could enter.

It is recorded in the scriptures, that at times when the mob was incited to violence against the Master, by the pharisees, and was preparing to stone Him, He would disappear.  He is credited with doing this Himself, but in fact this was another protective measure performed by me, John.  I would create a force field around Him that was so powerful, that He would disappear from view; a sort of cloak of invisibility.  I was trained in these protective  measures in Lord Michael’s retreat before I walked-in.  At the time of the Master’s arrest I was forbidden by Him to protect Him.  Simon-Peter did not know of my role as an Earth Eagle for the Master, and fancied himself as his bodyguard in a physical sense. Peter tried to protect Him with his sword, but the Master needed no sword to protect Him.  It was His wish that He be arrested at that time, but it raised feelings of guilt in me that I was not allowed to do my duty as His protective Eagle.

The Master had an Inner Circle comprising myself, my brother James and Mary Magdalen. In the scriptures it is said that Simon-Peter was a member of this Inner Circle, but I believe that this has been added to the gospels by the fathers of the Roman Church, to give Peter a more important role, as he was the founder of their church.  Peter is also said to have been the leader of the disciples, but this is also untrue.  That role fell to His deputy, Mary Magdalen after the crucifixion, and Peter would not be led by a woman, and departed for Rome to found his own church and promote his own version of the teachings of the Master. It was Mary Magdalen who carried His true teachings to the South of France. Those teachings were subsequently taught by the Cathars and the Knights Templar. Both of these groups were terribly persecuted by the Church Of Rome.  I, John, Have also lived within both of these groups and have carried forth the teachings of Jeshua as taught by Mary Magdalen, His beloved wife.


Jeshua via Judith Coates – The Power of the Interdimensional Self – 2-8-15


Channeled by Judith Coates

February 2015

Beloved one, I desire now to move into what you will call another stage of sharing with you, because you are ready for it. You have asked of me, “Please, can we have a bit more meat to chew on?” So yes. You have already had the appetizer. You have already had the salad. You are now coming into the main course, into what you have truly asked and wanted to know.

So in this message we are going to do an exercise which will take you to a new level of feeling, a new level of visioning, a new level of knowing Who you are, and the energy of the empowerment of that new understanding. You have had visions of what you want to do, to be, to accomplish, and you are asking, “How do I get to that place? How can I move from right here that I understand and that I feel comfortable with to a place where it will be more expansive and more into manifestation of the visioning that I have had?”

We will do a meditation now which will open up doors and windows for you to know more of your true Self.

Allow the body to be comfortable, however it wants to be, and I would suggest that you soften the eyes. Then allow yourself the easy breath. Feel with every inhale that you are going deeper. Feel with every exhale you are getting rid of the external distractions. Allow yourself to feel at peace.

Visualize, if you will, a hill, a grassy knoll, and feel yourself to be on top of that hill looking down at your surroundings, whatever may be around. Are there trees, flowers? Is there water? Are there birds? Are there other animals? Bunny rabbits? Just observe and watch. See what comes to you.

You are standing on top of the grassy knoll looking down, down the hill, past the trees, out to the water. Look to the sky. What color is it? Is there a cloud or two? What form is the cloud? Is it moving? What do you see in the mind’s eye that is peaceful? The summer breeze perhaps? The trees swaying in the wind, the grass moving? Perhaps it is tall grass; perhaps it is short grass. Visualize. How does it feel?

Then take yourself from the top of the grassy knoll up to the sky to that cloud that is up there. Do not worry about anything that is down below. Feel yourself to be on the cloud, floating easily, again looking down at the grassy knoll, but feeling yourself untethered. Feel yourself to be free, to feel, to soar, to be; just to be.

And then as you feel comfortable being in the cloud, feel yourself rise above the cloud even farther so that you are looking down at the cloud. Know yourself to be the cloud, and yet you are above it looking down at it, and know that truly it has supported you as you sat upon it, but now you are above it looking down at it.

The human being of you, the physical body of you rises up even higher to the place where there is just a knowing of the Being that you are, a place that is above any dimension, any reality.

You can see realities of past lives, realities of future lives. Play with that for a moment. Who have you been? Where have you been? How has it been? How will it be? Allow yourself to envision how you will be in what you call the next lifetime. Will you be the human, or will you be a bird? Will you be a fish swimming in the vast ocean, knowing yourself to be free, supported by the water, supported always by the divinity of you?

Will you be the great panther? Will you perhaps entertain the thought of being the ostrich or perhaps the monkey? A giraffe? Anything you can imagine. You can be human and you can be any other form that you want to be.

You are between dimensions, not having to be in a location of one dimension or one reality, but you are observing, you are watching any dimension that you want to watch. Know that truly your energy is in any dimension that you want to create, any form that you want to create, any being, because you are the creative extension of the one Creator, and right now you are having an experience of not being tied to any dimension, any reality.

You are allowing yourself to float, to be free, to play in the imagination with whomever and whatever you want to be. Visions will come to you and pass by. You do not have to linger on one, or you may if you want to. Allow them to come. Know what you have been. Know what you will be. Just watch. See how it all passes before and within you, because truly every reality that you create comes from within.

Know that you can create any reality that you want to when you access the place of the Interdimensional Self and you are not with a focus upon any dimension, not being tied into a certain box of a dimension, but you are floating, you are free, it is easy, and you are entertaining different ideas of forms, of ways of being.

You are even farther out than the outer space that you have talked about, and yet you are the inner space that is creating and beholding. Allow yourself to envision the different forms of being, and know that truly none of those forms encompasses all of you, because you are much more than any form. But just watch the forms as they come and pass by.

Some of the forms will appeal to you more than others, and you may linger with the forms that are attractive to you. Perhaps, as we have said, it would be the giant bird, the eagle that you know. Perhaps it would be the tiny wren, a cardinal, the bright male cardinal. Perhaps, again, you will be the great whale. Perhaps you will be the lion or the lioness. Perhaps you will be the king or the queen, or perhaps the kitchen maid. It truly does not matter, because each and every being is divine.

So you sit between dimensions and you look at what your world has been, and you see pockets of joy. You see families that are happy with each other. You see other families where there is sorrow, where ones are not agreeing with each other, where ones do not want to be in each other’s company. You know that feeling, but you also know the joy of love and of being happy to be accepted.

You look upon your world and you see the areas where brother is speaking against brother, perhaps even taking up arms to do away with the form. The energy of being can never be taken away, but one can be asked to release the form, and sometimes that is happening.

Sometimes there are areas of sickness where the body is dis-eased, not at ease, not knowing its wholeness. Allow yourself to see those areas that perhaps are not at peace and to send your knowing of peace to an area on holy Mother Earth or any other celestial body where there is life.

Know that you are powerful. You are the Christ. You are the Light of divinity. You are the power of wholeness. You are the power of Oneness, and you are One with everything that you see. That is why, when you envision certain areas, you feel the energy of that area and what is going on there.

You know that you are creative, and you are creating every reality, every dimension that you behold. You send your energy of peace into every dimension, because you desire to know wholeness and you desire to know Oneness in wholeness. You are very powerful. You have yet to understand your power, and yet as you are between dimensions, between realities—lower case “r”—you can look upon every happening, every energy form, and you can bless it with the energy of peace.

Know that truly every time you focus upon energy in form and outside of form, you are sending the divinity, the divine energy of you to it. That is how powerful your focus is. As you will feel yourself and know yourself to be One with whatever you are beholding, it has to change as your idea and your acceptance changes. It has to change, for you are the energy that reaches out and touches it.

Allow yourself now to come back to the cloud, sitting upon the cloud and looking down at the grassy knoll. Now there are birds, now there is a squirrel, now there is a fox, forms that have come out of the woods to feel your energy. And now you are on the grassy knoll watching the butterfly that has landed on your hand. You let it go, knowing that truly your energy goes with it.

You walk down through the tall grass, feeling it waving and brushing against your legs and your feet until you come to the bottom of the grassy knoll. Now you focus your eyes, feeling yourself back in the room. [Pause]

Now, I have a bit of homework to give to you. On the morrow, take out a piece of paper, any size, any color, lined or not lined. I always get these questions: “Well, Jeshua, what size should the paper be? What color should it be? What kind of pen should I write with? Does it need lines?” No. Anything you choose to write on.

I want you to pick a topic of something that you know is happening in the world. There are areas where there is conflict going on. There are areas where there is disease going on. Even closer to home, there are ones who are not at peace. I want you to focus upon what seems not to be holy from the vantage point of the Interdimensional Self that is up the grassy knoll, onto the cloud, into the space between dimensions, and to look at what is happening.

Get yourself right into the space of seeing what is happening. Then remember where you are, looking at it. In other words, you are not right down in it. Get into it at first so that you know what you are working with, and then take yourself up as high as you can go outside of this dimension, looking down at the world or at the family or at the coworkers or anything that you choose that you want to put your energy onto, the energy of wholeness. And I want you to bless whatever you have chosen as your certain topic.

If it is yourself—and this is okay; you can choose yourself to be the object of the focus—allow yourself the new visioning from a different space, a different perspective, and get yourself into that space of meditation, but not into a space that says, “Well, I can’t do anything. You know, Jeshua, this problem is too big. I can’t do anything with it.”

Yes, you can. This is what I want you to experience. I want you to get at least a glimmer of a new perspective and how you can bless any situation that you choose. And as I have said, you can choose yourself or you can choose something that seems to be miles and miles away on the other side of holy Mother Earth, any type of conflict that is going on, and send your holy vibration from a new perspective.

Because I will share with you a secret which is not a secret. As you will be looking at whatever seems to be wrong and needing help, you may get an insight, an inner sight that says, “Something is being completed here. Something is in divine order that I hadn’t seen and the news media has not seen. There may be something happening here that is bigger than what it appears to be. It may be holier than what it appears to be.”

Even if you choose yourself and you have something going on in the body that you are not comfortable with, allow yourself in the meditative state to feel a new perspective. The body is going to serve you for as long as the soul has determined that you want to be and have said you will be here to serve.

So pick a topic. Get your pen and paper. Write whatever you think is going on. Then allow yourself the deep breath and the time of quietness, and take yourself to the grassy knoll. Take yourself to the top of the grassy knoll. Take yourself to the cloud. Take yourself above the cloud. Take yourself out of the dimension and behold your subject and sit with it for at least five minutes of the clock; maybe longer. Then come back to focus and write what you have seen from a new perspective.

This is a powerful technique which can be used with any situation or person or group of persons. It allows you to move out of limited dimensional thinking into the Interdimensional Self and Its broader, truer vision. Return often to the space above the cloud, free in the nondimension. Abide often as the Interdimensional Self. I will join you there.

So be it.

– Jeshua ben Joseph (Jesus)
in expression through Judith

Yeshua – Fortitude is Not Being Right – 1-31-15

Master Jesus

Yeshua teaches us fortitude is an action-oriented blessing and virtue, of courage and perseverance, strength of purpose and stamina mixed with kindness, consideration and patience.

With this blessing and virtue comes more understanding of how our ways of being are the framework and foundation for Nova Earth. Building a world that works for everyone begins with letting go of the old ways of being and embracing the New. See the Council of Love’s definition of fortitude below. (2)

Yeshua reached beyond the physical appearances of the Third Dimension during his lifetime on Gaia. He guides us as we go through our Ascension, knowing the fortitude it takes, and applauds us as we walk our paths. Yeshua spoke to us of fortitude on Heavenly Blessings, March 2013:

“What Fortitude helps you do, as I anchor it within each of your hearts this day, it allows you to step forward in spite of.

“The very act of stepping forward, not in grandiose ways, because you do not want to make your opponent feel that they need to defeat you, I learned that, but step forward in ways that eradicates, it dissolves your fear because you embrace it. You say, ‘Yes, I am afraid and I’m doing it anyway.’

“And as soon as you do Michael is with you, I am with you, Jophiel has your back. Begin in small ways to challenge your comfort zone, but do not leave yourself exposed and feeling overly vulnerable.

“So perhaps it is expressing your truth to a friend, to a colleague, and might I say this, ‘Do not take yourself too seriously.’

“When we have challenged the status quo, often we would use the tool of humor. I used stories, often parables, because it entertained. Everyone got the message, but it did not make people feel overly defensive.

“You always want to give the person you are speaking to, the situation that you are shifting, room to maneuver so they do not feel that their back is against the wall.

“That is kindness, that is consideration and that is Fortitude. It is Fortitude married to Prudence, knowing the balance, the exact measure of what to do.” (3)

As Yeshua reminded us, fortitude is balance and kindness, being in the flow, and not being too serious. He tells us gently that we, as humans on Gaia, have an addiction to being right, and fortitude is not that:

“That is where I wish to start with this discussion because in many societies on your planet, the addiction to being right is very strong and you know that is not what fortitude speaks to.

“There are times in all lives when you misstep or you turn the wrong way, or you think you turn the wrong way – and I use that word, ‘think’ for it is a mental judgment that is not of Love – or that you ‘think’ you have wandered off your path.

“Yes, of course, forgiveness comes into this in terms of your ability to forgive others, but also to forgive yourself. But what is fortitude, is that strength of character and purpose. 

“It is the knowing in every fiber and core of your Being, the stamina, the courage, the bravery to return to the center, not only of the heart of Love, of Mother/Father/One, but to your center and then to know that ‘the center’ and ‘your center’ have no differentiation. And that, my beloved friend, takes courage.” (4)


Fortitude, like all the blessings and virtues and Universal Laws, is about balance. When we hold a position that we are right, forgetting kindness, consideration and our Love for each other, we can get caught in the matrix of the old, not realizing how insidious this grid is.

Relationships can be damaged, countries can go to war, the matrix of an old way of being stays in place.

Fortitude is having the courage to recognize that being right is not necessarily the way to be, and if this happens, to return to the centre with forgiveness, Love and conscious awareness. Yeshua continues on:

“So I wanted to begin that discussion of fortitude by making this distinction, that fortitude does not always mean that you are right.

“Righteousness most certainly does not mean that you are always right, but it is a passion, it is a drive and it is such a deep sense of commitment to complete and to do what you have promised in your heart, your mind, your soul contract to do.

“Being upon your planet, even as I have walked thousands of years ago, is not an easy task. Let me play with you. Think about it. I am not just human. I am the embodiment – the Son – of the Mother/Father One. How much easier could my journey be?

“Go to Earth, tell people to Love one another. Show them how to do it and practice it. There might be some people against you and they might even be vehement and kill you, but no matter because I am an Eternal Spirit, I will simply return home. So how hard could that be?

“And I laugh with you and I cry with you because sometimes we can make light of our journey, that simple soul contract, that task that I undertook on behalf of the Mother that was so difficult.

“Yes, it allowed me to be the expression of who I was and who I AM, but even in that there was family conflict even as a child. ‘Yeshua, must you be so outspoken? Can you not simply listen to the Rabbi’s teachings instead of correcting them? Everyone in the village thinks you are conceited and full of yourself, arrogant.’

“And of course I would listen to these criticisms, but I would know that I did not have thousands of years to reach people, only a handful like you. And I was so clear on what it was that I was to do and what I wished to accomplish, not just in service to the Mother, but because it was meaningful and important in the human, worldly sense.

“I could see the pain and the suffering of my people because they had forgotten about Love. Many of them had fallen into the belief system of a thundering, painful, punishing God.

“So here I was with a new message trying to heal the hearts and then to spread that message all over the world when many did not think I should speak outside my faith. But the faith was in One and it was available to all.

“And so yes, I practiced Fortitude, and I put one foot in front of another, and I also had my human experience. I had my Beloved One, my marriage with the Magdalena and that required Fortitude on both of our parts.

“She did not marry me blindly but with full understanding on both our parts of what lay ahead. Yet we proceeded because even the demonstration of our Love, our ability to create and co-create was important to show.

“I practiced Fortitude with the death of my little son and in so many ways, although I knew he had returned home, it broke our heart and we felt that in some ways we had been forgotten or ignored.

“Now I do not bring this up to make you cry. I bring it up because I know the challenges, the difficulties, the tests as you have thought of them, that so many of you have faced and are facing because what you are doing is creating entirely a new face of the planet.” (5)

Our mission as lightworkers is to bring Heaven to Earth in the creation of Nova Earth — we are here to bring Love to Earth or as Yeshua was told: “Go to Earth, tell people to Love one another. Show them how to do it and practice it.”

As he said, how hard could that be?!

We are finding the matrix of the old ways, stays in place when we do not recognize the insidious patterns caught up in ways of being such as being right.

Our work can be simple if we allow the divine qualities, the Universal Laws and the understandings of the growth patterns within the dimensions, to be our framework, our foundation for building the New.

As within so without, when we understand we are Nova Earth — Love, Peace and Joy in form — here to build a world that works for everyone, we can accomplish this with ease and grace.

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Channelled by Linda Dillon © 2014 Council of Love

Be True to Love! – Jesus and Mary Magdalene via Ray Dawn – 1-2-15

Jesus and Mary Magdalene


Hello to you dear ones, it is Magdalena and Jeshua here to speak with each of you!

Now is the time to be ever faithful to your true essence! To be of pure heart and focus on your hearts flow and the true knowingness of love within!

Dear ones now is the most powerful time upon your planet in eons and we are all here to support your return to the greatest flow of life-giving essence within each of you.. All of you are again coming into harmony with truth, love and flow of essence..

By this flow of essence, we mean your truest being at the deepest level. This wellspring is connected with All that you are, and with your source flow of the hearts alignment with your eternal soul!

Dear ones this form you are in is quite magical in it’s innate wisdom and gifts of knowledge.. What is natural now is balance, flow, kindness and purity of heart.. What is unnatural is any belief that these things are not attainable or are untrue to our being, whilst in form..

At this time upon your beloved planet earth all is perceived in great challenges of destruction and non-harmony of love… As each of you allow the depth of your heart and your being, the knowingness of your true essence and nature, you begin to awaken from this dream of lack, indifference, unlove and untruth..

Know that each of you have specific challenges in these areas. At this time the most important gift you can give the world is your true alignment to All that you are.. As each of you come online again to the awakened love within, you gain knowledge of all that you are, Oneness! When you see clearly you allow all that is not you to fall away gracefully and effortlessly, free of stress and anxiety!

Dear ones, now is the time to allow all that you are…
As you do this, by being present, coming home to the moment and allowing the flow of essence, your own true being within you, you can relax into your own divine gifts and arrangements and reasons of why you are here at this time..

You can, and only you can, allow your own divine flow, harmony and true essence of being within… This is allowed by relaxation, the full acceptance of our being and by aligning to your own now moment. By trusting yourself as you do this, you can know you are connected to a greater plan. This plan has your back and is ever in your favor, we say this truthfully and yet you must know this in your own heart…

Relax and allow your alignment now and in each moment, come home to love within you..

Dear ones as we awaken to another moment in time, we are one, as we align to true love we are great, we are free and we can flow this eternal love and harmony into this sphere, the sphere of all being..

Know that this is the greatest service to allow love thru you, to allow it to consume you and to allow you to be clear in your heart that all is with you to bring you home to love again!

This plan has been in action for so long dear ones, now is the time to bring it home! To allow love here upon this beloved Earth and to awaken to each moment in true ownership of the love that you are!

Claim it, allow it and be it fully now, as you do you bring all into alignment again with the true harmony of all the spheres..

We are one being and as each of you allow this Is-ness within we complete the cycle and can allow the fun to begin again!

We are here ever grateful to each of you dear souls, we send greatest allowance of love that your hearts can take!

We know that in our deepest heart we are ever free to be all that we are in any form and to enjoy the journey of life, freedom and peace in this realm again! Stay true to your divine mission and open your hearts!

Let the love pour in again and remember, we are One, always!
With love and greatest thanks, Mary Magdalene and Jesus, your family of one heart!

Ray Dawn
copyright 2015 Ray Dawn
Feel Free to re-post as long as credit is given to channel and her website is included, Blessings!

The Spirit World Chronicles – A Fourth-Dimensional Perspective on Source and Jeshua – Written by Wes Annac – 11-7-14 – Part 3/3



Written by Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness

Here, I’d like to look at how fourth-dimensional souls see Source and Jeshua, who’s believed to be aligned with Source in a way that most seekers haven’t attained.

Jeshua apparently maintains a closer relationship with Source than most of us, because he lives in alignment with the sacred spiritual laws that eventually deliver one back into Source’s loving arms. As we’ll learn here, a lot of fourth-dimensional souls understand Jeshua’s greater connection with Source, and they don’t worship him.

Jeshua’s only fanatically worshipped in the lower realms, and our perception of him and Source will purify as we continue raising our vibration. We’ll eventually grow to appreciate Jeshua without feeling like we have to worship him, and a lot of seekers – on earth and in the higher realms – dutifully follow his guidance without worshipping or praising him.

We’ll learn how fourth-dimensional souls perceive and understand Source before we hear their perspective on Jeshua, and in our first quote, Mary Bosworth outlines an answer she was given to a question she asked about Source.

“We had asked some question concerning their conception of God, and were told: –

“‘He is not limited to personality, even to the degree that we who are spirit are limited. If it were possible, I might explain a little more fully, but you could not at present understand. So try to be satisfied with the knowledge that God is present to the remotest part of the universe, and that God is a God of love and justice and mercy. Never doubt this.

“‘The more spiritual we become, the nearer we grow to that blessed spiritual presence, and the more nearly we approach, the more our spirits are filled with love, awe and reverence. Be content to serve with the love of God in your heart, and sometime your knowledge will be perfected.’

“And again: –

“‘It would be difficult for you to even realize the absolute existence of the Creator of all things. Material form is not his, nor perhaps spirit form even, as we know it. But His influence is everywhere. Be content until your soul is illumined with further understanding.

“‘We here do not see God as a person, or even as a spirit. That vision belongs to the spiritually advanced and illumined ones of higher spheres.’” (1)

An unnamed spirit teacher tells us that Christ is among the purest expressions of Source’s consciousness.

“’By what name do you speak of this Power?’

“‘No name other than the Most High, the Great First Cause, or Loving Power, or other expression of confidence and loving worship. Christ is the greatest expression of that confidence and love, and we look to him as our teacher and elder brother.’” (2)

A lot of religions have told us about the awesome and all-loving power of the Most High, and Christ possesses this power because of his close relationship with Source. We can all attain this close relationship, and all it takes is the willingness to open up and embark on what’d be a very long journey of personal and spiritual exploration.

Many of us could become ’Christs’ in our own way when we’re in a much higher state of consciousness, but we have a lot of time and effort to go still. Christ definitely seems to be on his own level, as our fourth-dimensional sources have outlined, but there’s no reason we can’t reach this level if we were dedicated and focused enough.

Claude Kelway-Bamber tells us that most people’s perception of Source as a man in the sky is quite distorted in comparison to the truth.

“We on earth with finite minds often visualize or think of God in a finite shape or form, as a man, because to us that is the highest experience of life manifest. You can imagine that is limiting God.” (3)

It’s a very outdated way to perceive the Source of all existence, and it seems silly to assume Source would have to be a human. With all of the different and unique creations we see on earth, it seems pretty assumptive to think that our creator would be a grumpy, judgmental person.

Humans aren’t inherently enlightened or spiritually evolved until we gain a glimmer of awareness and flow from there, so why would we expect our creator to embody our form?

It seems much more fitting that Source exists beyond all of the physical creations we have here in the lower realms, and as our consciousness and perception grow, we’ll see that Source is far, far beyond our ability to fathom his/her form.

Just because science can’t measure Source doesn’t mean he/she doesn’t exist, Claude advises.

“God is not known to science, because science can’t measure or classify Him. But that does not show there is no God. It is the same with many things in the spirit-world.” (4)

The idea that Source is an exalted human who requires sacrifices to stay happy with his creation is misguided, she shares.

“Christ’s followers claimed His death as a sacrifice for sin, for they naturally looked upon God only as the people of their day knew Him – that is, as a tyrannical Jehovah whose altars ran with the blood of sacrificed animals.

“As man evolves he gets nearer spiritual truth, and we know here that this is infinitely greater and more wonderful than anything ever yet told. One realizes the presentation of God usually taught on earth is utterly incorrect.

“He is not a glorified, mortal sitting on a golden throne, not a vengeful nor jealous God – not, in a way, even a ‘personal’ God to be propitiated to grant special gifts to a favored few. He is not finite, but infinite; but, because it is so difficult to realize so vast a fact, we feel on earth we want to locate and limit our idea of God to bring it within our understanding.” (5)

As Claude also tells us, Source is ‘everywhere and in everything’.

“God is everywhere and in everything: in the trees, in the flowers, in the air, and in the sunshine. God is all good, all beauty, all purity. God is not limited, nor existing only in the seven spheres, He is also in the space beyond, for He fills all space.

“The whole Universe is of God; the Planets revolve from the power of God within them, touched and supported by power without. God is creative, from Him all life springs. Elemental man is a manifestation of God-power through form, which in the lower creation is manifest in a different way, though he can deteriorate to less than they.” (6)

If any of us strives to know Source in a greater way than we have so far, the best thing we can do is to look all around us.

Look at the beautiful nature Gaia provides us. Look at the things around us that clearly point to some type of omnipotent spiritual creator, because there are a lot of things on earth that simply can’t be chalked up to physical, creator-less evolution.

There’s so much joy and beauty on this evolving planet, and recognizing this will help us see that our creator’s present in everything.

We could never be separate from Source, and in a sense, we are Source. We’ll discover that we contain our creator’s essence as we continue to evolve, and we’ll eventually be back in Source’s pure and undistorted realms, where nothing that we recognize in this reality will exist.

Things will be far, far different in Source’s realms than they are here on earth or in any higher realm, and as we’ll learn throughout this report, reaching this place requires giving up our identity-based perception.



Concluded from Part 2

As Judge Hatch tells us, Jeshua represents ‘the paradigm of the spiritual man’.

“Jesus of Nazareth is a reality. As a spiritual body, as Jesus who dwelt in Galilee, He exists in space and time; as the Christ, the paradigm of the spiritual man, He exists in the hearts of all men and women who awaken that idea in themselves. He is a light which is reflected in many pools.

“I wrote the other day about Adepts and Masters. Jesus is a type of the greatest Master. He is revered in all the heavens. He grasped the Law and dared to live it, to exemplify it. And when He said, ‘The Father and I are one,’ He pointed the way by which other men may realise mastership in themselves.” (1)

According to Mary Bosworth, Christ exists on a much higher and less fathomable sphere than the fourth dimension, but he’s still there as a guiding, brotherly presence.

“Christ is exalted to the heavens above, but he is as the elder brother and the guide of us all on this plane.” (2)

I’ve always had this feeling about Christ too – that he’s a brother or a spiritual mentor we can turn to at any time for love and assistance. Even though he has a greater link with Source than almost anyone throughout creation, he’s one with us and he’s willing to assist us in our journey back home.

Even though Jeshua incarnated on earth with an overflowing well of inner love, Mary Bosworth tells us, the evil that’s common here held its ground and eventually (and temporarily) prevailed.

“The hope for the future lies in the philosophy that Christ brought to earth and which here is our rule of life. Christ was the apostle of love and patience, and he desired to deliver the world from evil through the power of love.

“But evil held sway by reason of its long continuance and growth, and was too strong, as it has many times since been too strong, to be overcome by spiritual power. But the time is coming when the Christ love will prevail, and wisdom and love together shall rule the world.” (3)

If we can follow the basic philosophy of loving one another instead of fighting and bickering, Christ’s purpose for being on this earth will have been attained.

All it takes is for everyone to open up to the necessity to live in love and cease feeding our former ways of division and war, but even though this seems simple, it could be much more difficult to manifest on the world stage.

Most people seem very stuck on their preconceived notions of reality, and if they could just see how much pure love exists beyond our conscious understanding, I’m sure they’d quickly align with this love and cease everything that continues to keep them from perceiving it.

Helping us mend our ways was one of the reasons Jeshua came to earth to help enlighten us, and whether he’s here or not, we can act on his teachings and love one another.

In our final quote, Mary Bosworth tells Charlotte Dresser that Christ isn’t necessarily one with Source – he’s more of an instrument for Source’s expression.

“”We believe in the Christ, in his mission to earth. We look to Him for guidance and inspiration. But we do not worship Him in the same way he is worshipped on earth.

“He wishes his example of peace and loving service to be followed, and it is our joy to follow his example here. But he is not afar off on some throne of glory. He is more like an elder brother, more like a bright and shining example for us to follow.”

Question: “’Do not some place Christ as one with God?’

“Yes, we have many such, and they are confused and disappointed at first. But they finally come into the true appreciation of the purity and loveliness of his life and character, and are contented and happy.”

Question: “’I wonder if Christ would approve of all the Easter worship of him?’

“No, we think not. To follow his example, to make each one’s own life a blessing to others; this is the religion he tried to establish, and which [he] hopes will at last become the religion of the world.” (4)

If we can follow this basic ideal, we’ll have little difficulty bringing ourselves, each other and the planet around us into the light. We’re given a lot of assistance from various facets of the Company of Heaven, but Christ works especially hard to spread the light on earth.

So hard, in fact, that he incarnated here a few different times to spread the simple philosophy of loving and respecting one another.

His most famous life was when he came here as Jesus, and I personally think he might’ve come back as Haile Selassie (former Ethiopian emperor), but I’d imagine he’s taken even more incarnations on earth that might not have been as famous as his life as Jesus.

Jesus is the name most people know him by, and we might be very surprised to discover the various other roles he’s played here on earth.

Again, he’s been famous for some of them and not so famous for others, but he’s always strived to help us see the importance of love, respect and unity. I’m sure he’s also told us a lot about the importance of knowledge – both physical and spiritual – and we can follow all of his teachings without needlessly worshiping him.

Instead of worshipping the messenger, let’s listen to the message.

From what we’ve learned here, it seems like most fourth-dimensional souls have a very clear understanding of Source and Jeshua, and it makes sense that they would.

They’re closer with Source and Jeshua than we are, but they still have a lot of work to do and a lot of dimensions to traverse before they can convene with either one of them purely. They can apparently communicate with Christ, as Judge Hatch mentioned, but I’m sure they won’t purely perceive him until they reach a much higher state of consciousness.

As usual, the more open and receptive we are, the easier it’ll be to open up to Jeshua or any higher-dimensional soul who’s helping us evolve, and in the end, we’ll be very glad we opened up and requested their assistance. Self-empowerment’s always important, but it helps to have a brotherly guide by our side.

The Way of Love, Vol.1 – Yeshua via Salena Migeot – 10-25-14

Channeler: Salena Migeot

Yeshua: Volume 1 The Way of Love October 24, 2014

Dear Ones,

You are love. The Creator breathed the breath of love into you from your first breath. The Creator creates only through the power of love. It is not possible for Creator to create anything outside of love. As such, those of you who believe Creator is responsible for your crimes and tragedies, look to your fellow man – not in derision or contempt or judgement, but in Love, compassion, and forgiveness. Those of you who blame another might truly look to yourself for whatever your current challenges are. If you are experiencing difficulty, reflect on what part of your thoughts or intentions are being reflected back to you. Are you loving your neighbor as you would like to be loved? Are you helping your sister – with a listening ear, help with the children, or by validating her for her new path in life, her being true to herself, or her commitment to spreading love, as she understands it, through her relationships, creativity, or her example? Are you supporting your brother in being the man you know he can be or allowing him to get side-tracked with petty dalliances, competitions, rivalries, and false loyalties that diminish his manhood under the guise of manliness and fraternity?

Dear Ones, the time of living your life for others is at an end. It is past the time of living by a clock, for a paycheck, or any other way that requires that you are untrue to you. When you are truly true to yourself, you are living in Godliness. Godliness, among other things, is a state of trust that all you require will always be provided for you. If you are in fear of not being able to support your family if you leave a job that you abhor, you are not trusting your relationship with your Higher Power. Know that when you let down the gauntlet of love, the forces of the universe will act in unison to see you realize your highest and best. If you believe you need to stay where you are for the sake of your family, your organization, your community, your company, you are not being true to yourself. You are not allowing the true heir to your position to step into that place. You are blocking not only your own divine path, but that of another. If you have given your best and you are no longer inspired, joyful, creative, or even caring about your role in this place, it is time for you to move on. If however, you are still excited to learn of the new developments, people involved, trajectories of how everything will play out and you still enjoy your job, role, place, then by all means stay and continue to feed and be fed by this place you call home, work, community, or avocation. Know that living according to your divine guidance is always rewarded with greater ability to hear and heed divine guidance. You are always being guided in every moment of every day, with every breath.

And so it is.

In love and light,

Your Beloved Yeshua

Jeshua Speaks About His Ascension and Travels – Judith Oates @ Oakbridge University – 9-17-14


ART : Elvira Amrhein

Jeshua: The Ascension


Beloved one, I have been telling you my story, my adventures after the resurrection. Now we will talk about the ascension. Truly in your holy Scriptures you have an account—a very short, abbreviated account—of my ascension before some of the disciples and some of the ones who were following me. It is a very short account, and it says that I ascended into heaven in a great light, and I did. I knew that I was not confined to the body. I wanted to make demonstration of the Light that we are and to do a tactic, if you will, which would allow the ones who were seeking after me in order to silence what I would be speaking of—the ones who ordered the crucifixion—to think that I was gone.

There was a rumor that had gone out that I was still activating a body and I was still teaching, and there were ones who wanted to find me who pursued the disciples and the friends and were harassing them to learn where I was, because if they had not silenced me in the way that they thought would silence me, they wanted to find me again and do a better job of it.

So I decided that I would do the ascension that is written about in your holy writings and that I would let ones know that I had left. “One Yeshu’a has ascended unto heaven and is gone from your midst, and you do not have to worry about him any longer.” So I made the demonstration, and the story went out that I had ascended unto the Father.

Now, we have talked about the sea voyage to Gaul, going into what you now call Germany, going to Britain, going into the colder northern regions and walking across the landmass into what you have called the New World, into North America and then to South America as well to visit with the people there and to find the commonality of human experience and Oneness, no matter what geographical location we were in.

These were years, as you measure linear time, of some centuries, because it took a while to walk, to travel, to stay in the villages, to meet with ones who truly were friends from other lifetimes and other experiences. Some of the ones that you would acknowledge as being the native tribes in the New World, north and south, were ones who had been with me in the spaceships as well.

You see, an incarnation upon a landmass is not usually the first incarnation that ones have. Ones usually find themselves in space because it is wide open, because it is inviting, because it is adventuresome. Then there is the feeling that they want to experience gravity, as you call it, of living upon a landmass and seeing the various structures of nature on the landmass, so there are then the incarnations on different planetary bodies.

You have done that, and this is not, of course, your first lifetime here. It is not your first lifetime ever, because you are the extension of the one Creator and you are creative, and so therefore you have asked, “What more is there to experience? What more can I create?” Every day you create the day and the experiences in that day.

After we had lived many years in what you call North America, which extended into what is now Canada, and we had adventured down as far as the tip of South America, we traversed back over some of the areas we had visited before and found our way back to friends in what you now call Tibet. We wanted to spend time with the masters in Tibet.

It was a great time of celebration. We shared with the masters our joy. Everything truly is joy. You are created in joy. That is your true nature—joy, ease of being, creativeness. But as has been the human evolvement, or perhaps devolvement, there has been more emphasis placed upon the challenges: how to create the challenges and then how to create a way to come out of the challenges.

Now you are beginning to understand the expanded Self, the spiritual Self; not just the human self, but the spiritual Self that truly activates the human self and the physical self, and to go beyond even the mental self to the place of knowing expanded consciousness of spirit. When we had conversed with the masters long enough, then we said, “We are going to take leave of the physical bodies and we are going to ascend into our true nature.” And so there was an ascension, a second ascension if you will, that is not recorded in what you have available to you right now. It was written by ones who witnessed it, but those writings have been buried and will at some time come to light.

We ascended, Mariam and I, in front of the masters in Tibet, and we allowed some of the physicality to remain with holy Mother Earth, the dust of the Earth. And that is what it was. It was not the bones, it was not a skeleton, but it went immediately to dust, and the wind carried it to all parts of holy Mother Earth.

Those years, as I have shared with you, were years of enjoyment, of being in joy, being able to speak with friends. Even if we did not know the language and the sounds of the various languages that have grown up on holy Mother Earth, we knew intuitively, mind to mind, what was being said and expressed. There was the open heart that truly we met everywhere we went.

If there were ones who were into creative expression of wanting to see what they could do with the physical body, we would absent ourselves from any “danger”, because there were, as there is still in this day and time, the various tribes, gatherings of people who wanted to have power.

Worldly experience has sought after power a long, long time, forgetting that the power is in love, in the divinity, and that there would not be the demonstration of any kind of power without the power of Reality—capital “R”—the Christ nature, the divine nature from whence all power comes. However it is used is the choice of the seeming individual at that time just for the experience of it.

So, if there would be a thought—and we were very much into thought patterns—to see what they could do to our physical bodies, we knew how to absent ourselves quite quickly. The ones who traveled with us also knew this. So there was never any forcing of a destiny, as you would call it. We knew, as truly you know at a very deep level, that you are in charge of your life. And so if it was not hospitable, we did not stay around.

Most of the ones that we met and interacted with were of the heart, of Oneness with nature, except for some in various collections of what was called the “civilized” world, and that was not always so civilized. The ones that we met in the more primitive areas, as is judged, were much more open to the heart energy and to nature and to the Oneness with all life forms.

Anywhere you go, you will find ones drawn to you because of your heart center, because you meet them in love and in the heart energy; you may have mental activities that you do with them, but the main attraction—it is as a magnet—it is the smile upon the face. It is the heart opening and the arms that open into a hug if ones are open to a hug. It is the hand that is held out to be in a handshake perhaps if they do not want the closeness of a hug.

Drop by drop, little by little, that which you send out is having an effect that you do not see yet. It is as the deep water that runs smoothly underneath and is not seen on the surface where there may be a lot of turbulence. You are part of the deep water that runs peacefully and calmly and strongly underneath.

There is no one outside of you bringing it to you. It is you inviting it and believing in it and knowing that it is for Real—capital “R”. Ones have looked outside of themselves for a long, long time. They have looked to the stars, they have looked to the heavens, they have looked underneath the rocks, they have looked everywhere, high and low, for the magic, the master who is going to make everything right for them.

It was prophesied that I would do this, that I would be the messiah who would lead my people into freedom. Who are my people? Everyone; not just the ones of the culture that I was born into, but everyone. I did not see division. I would not claim divisiveness. I only claim Oneness with All, including all human beings and all forms of life; all forms of life.

So I was, yes, the messiah, as you are the messiah in this time as you speak to the friends and you give them perhaps a glimpse of something higher and better that they can believe in, a bit of love that they can feel as you give them a hug, a bit of knowing that they are valued, that they are worth something.

Many of the brothers and sisters, because of early generational teaching, do not feel that they are worth anything. They have been told over and over that they are worthless. If it has not been said in words, it has been said in deeds, where they were not listened to, they were not encouraged to be all that they could be.

And so they have grown up—at least in body, maybe not in the consciousness—to see themselves as still seeking the love that they have felt they never received. So when you come along and you joke with them and you are direct with them about who they are and you say to them, “I behold the Christ in you,”—not in those words perhaps, because they would not understand those words—but you say to them, “I like you,” they can understand those words. They may not claim it at first. They may say, “Well, he thinks he likes me, but if he really knew me, he wouldn’t like me.” But as you say it over and over to them, they begin to think, “Well, she’s a bit crazy, but I like what she says.”

So they come back for more. And as they become filled up with a feeling of being liked, it spills over to other ones that they meet, and little by little everything changes. Think not that what you do has little impact. It has great impact. As you will smile at strangers, as you will smile at ones you meet in the shopping malls, in your various places of employment, places where you go, know that you are the messiah, because truly you are. You are the one who has the message of the messiah. The messiah carries the message.

I carry the message. I said in word and deed that the human expression is not all there is. I did the demonstration on the cross and the resurrection so that ones could see that there is much more to the creative Self—capital “S”—than just what you have been taught.

You carry the message. Allow yourselves to be the messiah. Take hold of the message and allow others to see. Even if you do not say anything, allow other ones to see that there can be an easier, happier path. Allow yourself to show freedom of Being to the world, which is so sorely asking for help. Know that truly you are bringing about a greater vibratory frequency; not from masters on high who are going to now gift you, but from your own master Self. You are bringing in the frequency of understanding the divinity of yourSelf, the higher frequency of divinity.

So the ascension, yes; Mariam and I made ascension a couple of times. Mariam ascended in Gaul when the physical body was burned at the stake. We ascended many times in our understanding of knowing the divinity of ourselves, the same as you are doing. Every day you ascend in consciousness as you perhaps read a sentence or two, and all of a sudden the light bulb comes on and you think, “Oh, that’s what that means,” and you come up higher in your understanding of your own message, and you are your own messiah.

Know that truly the ascension in physicality is not the be all and end all. It is not the thing that crowns you with your spirituality. You are already spiritual; otherwise you would not be here doing what you are doing. You would not be having human experience if you were not already spiritual.

The ascension that is most important is the ascension in consciousness, the ascension of knowing the heart level, the heart vibration frequency that goes out and attracts unto itself the like frequency, similar frequency, completely equal frequency. That is the ascension that is important, and you can do that every day.

You do that every day as you spend time in meditation, however you do your meditation, as you contemplate, “Well, here I am in another day. I wonder what this day is going to hold. I can’t wait to get out and run my feet in the grass outside. I can’t wait to get out and look for snails and see if they’re still here. I can’t wait to meet my friends and to have coffee with them. I can’t wait to get out and talk with the friends about this new book I’ve been reading and the ideas in this book. These ideas are really enlivening; they make my life alive; they make my life joyous. I really get caught up in the heart energy.”

That is the ascension that is important: the ascension in consciousness, awareness of all Life. Anyone, truly, if they want to, can do the physical ascension, but I will share with you that the physical ascension comes after the spiritual ascension. “I understand, I see, I feel, I know.” And then if it be a choice, you can do the physical ascension.

Allow yourselves in every day to wake up and ascend, to wake up and ascend out of the bed—that is your first ascension; and I know that sometimes when you get up it is a bit of a drag, but it is an ascension, and it is the beginning of that day. And then ascend in ideas, and play with those ideas in higher awareness of all Life, of all Being. Abide in the Heart of love and true understanding. Then you are the messiah with a message. You have ascended.

So be it.


– Jeshua ben Joseph (Jesus)
in expression through Judith


Fran Zepeda – Yeshua and Mary Magdalene – A Message of Love Everlasting – 8-10-14

Picture of me 5 (2)Channeled by Fran Zepeda August 10 2014

Yeshua and Mary Magdalene:

Dearly Beloveds. We take you on a journey today to your Higher Being, your Higher Being of Love, your “Exalted-ness”, as has been addressed in a recent message from Lady Nada.

We, Yeshua and Mary Magdalene, come as a unit now to demonstrate and depict and convey a feeling of Love that you all are beginning to tap, that you all are ready to tap into more fully. It is a deeper sense of Love that is connected with your True Being, your True Core, your mingling with Source and all its glory. This exalted state of Love is becoming more available to you as you raise your vibration to a higher level, brought on and instigated by these lovely energies* of late and of Now.

Oh beloveds, you are merely scratching the surface and the depths of possibilities that Love can bring you – that Love can bring you to such a High State of Being that you float amongst the Stars and pure Bliss. Yet because you are Lightworkers on this planet to bring in and magnify and share this Love from Source, you will naturally ground this higher state of the Stars and Bliss into Mother Earth and Humanity.

That is your purpose. As you blend with your Higher Selves and all your aspects, as you mesh and mingle with Source and bring it into, and recognize it in, your very beings, you not only raise and elevate your condition to the natural state of your Divinity, but you also bring it to others and to sweet Gaia.

And our beloveds, we are here as an example of your very potential to do that. As you integrate and blend and anchor your merging of the masculine and the feminine parts of your Being, you become whole and complete, and privy to the full onslaught of Love Everlasting. You bring it to Earth. You bring Heaven to Earth while you are exploring the depths of your very Divine Being and the depths of what Heaven on Earth really means and is:

It is the merging of your divine qualities, the blending of all your aspects to support the higher realms and to support the Earth and all Galaxies and Universes and the Multiverse in this beautiful undertaking of becoming Love Everlasting, of becoming One with All That Is, with becoming once again the Light of Source, here on Earth.

And beloveds, this is no easy task and you are becoming much more adept at it. We now take you hand-in-hand with us, within our Union, on a journey of Love Everlasting. A journey of Love that you are now ready for. Step into our realm at this moment as we lead you on this journey:

Feel our Love, feel our presence, feel our beckoning to you to let go of all that weighs you down, of all that doesn’t serve you anymore, and now that you have had a taste of the higher realms, we invite you to enter them now with us, in this Now Moment, and continually, as you allow yourselves to soar higher into the higher realms and sensations of Pure Unconditional Love that we are extending now to you – Allowing that we are an example of Pure Unconditional Exalted Love. Pure in the sense that it is the basic Love of Source we are offering. It is the glue of All That Is. It is the building block of all Creation. It is the goal of all humanity in their quest for transcendence. And meaning of life and purpose and mission.

Just let go now and feel this Love we are extending to you and match it with your own deep Love within your Divine Heart. Meet up with it deep within your Heart, and together with our Love it becomes magnified and exalted to the extent that you are entering a new feeling of Bliss and Joy. Enjoy this state now, dear ones. You haven’t always acknowledged that you can enter this deep deep state of Love. We stand there with you now to touch and magnify this for you. Go deeper now into your Heart. Access that Love that has sometimes laid dormant and inaccessible, only because of your adherence to the old beliefs and old ways of doing things.

Let go now and feel deep within you that Exalted Blissful State of Love. And it shall build and build upon itself. We are still taking your hand – we are still standing beside you and before you, and within you, but only to show you what you already have deep deep inside of you, waiting to be “unearthed” – Your private link to Source and Love Everlasting, dear ones.

Now feel it deeper. Feel the stirrings of Love Everlasting within you. Lift and let yourself be taken into the Stream of Love that is coming from Source and matched by your very being, your Divine Being. Together with Source you commingle and luxuriate in this natural state of Being you are all becoming so close to returning to on a regular basis. It is coming in stages. You are more and more capable of “unearthing” it as you become engorged with the Love being offered to you now from Source. We magnify and deliver it to you and you awaken it within you more deeply, and then magnify and deliver it further into the world.sanandakleidoscope3

So get used to this beautiful feeling of Love Everlasting that is becoming a natural normal state of your Being, your Divine Being. You see, it has been there all along. You are just recognizing it on a deeper level as you shed the trappings of your duality, to reveal your beautiful “Butterfly State of Love”, now emerging from its long-time “cocoon” of eons, and ready to show itself more fully to the world.

And so Beloveds, we welcome you again to this blissful state of Love Everlasting that you are coming to call your home, that you are coming to be urged to share with others on a more regular basis. And we stand beside you and before you and within you to show you your true potential to Be Divine Love, Divine Love Everlasting.

Feel us now as we embrace you and commend you for letting go and allowing Love to be the “End-All” and “BE-All” of your very existence. Dearly beloveds, dear warriors of Peace and Love Everlasting: We honor you and applaud you for your bravery and perseverance.

All our love,


Yeshua and Mary Magdalene.

*referring to Lion’s Gate and Super Moon Energies of 2014

Copyright © 2011-2014 Fran Zepeda. All Rights Reserved. Permission is given to copy and distribute this material, provided the content is posted in its entirety and unaltered, is distributed freely, and this notice and links are included.

Yeshua, Company of Heaven – You are entering a period of Deep, Deep Transformation – Channeler Fran Zepeda – 3-2-14


Yeshua and the Company of Heaven (Received March 2, 2014):

Greetings, fellow travelers of the Light. You are so magnificent. I just want to tell you that first off. It has been a while since I have greeted you through this channel, but nevertheless, I come in with full force and Light and Love to deliver this important message to you all.

You are entering a period of deep, deep transformation. For this I urge you to prepare yourselves in a very diligent and loving manner, dear ones. You do not want to miss the fragrant and deep and whole enhancement of your Beings as you learn to absorb and integrate more and more Light into your cells and overall Beings.

By now you are most likely becoming acquainted with yourselves as Whole Divine Beings of the Light, of magnificent creatures with so many abilities, albeit still dormant in some. However, these abilities are waiting just below the surface if you are not experiencing them already and they await you to embrace them and practice them.

Although you have heard this many times, these abilities have never been as accessible as they are now. As Light Quotient meets with your willingness to absorb and integrate, you have much in store for you.

My beloveds, the difference with many of you now is your growing acceptance of your divine loving nature and in that, is a catalyst to realize and display all the inherent abilities and perceptions that come with that complete acceptance and surrender to your whole self, complete with all your divine aspects becoming available and wanting to integrate with you.

Much is in store for you dear ones; can you feel the excitement of this in my words, my loving embracing words and feelings that I am attempting to convey through this channel? I am so pleased to be able to connect with you again and I also want to say that I have never left. I am bonding and connecting with all of you as you raise your vibrations to the level of consciousness conducive to the frequency of Christ Consciousness. We hang out together in that milieu more and more, and my dear ones, nothing could please me more. For you see, much can be accomplished and gained through staying in that vibration more and more, which is your natural habitat.

And so I want to describe for you what you can experience if you keep yourselves elevated and accepting of the incoming Light that can no less be interpreted into pure Christ Consciousness as it meets with your already prepared ground for growth and experience of that level:  And so dear ones, I ask you to feel the sweet golden energy from my heart co-mingling with your own, activating more of your consciousness to accommodate the higher realms of experience. It is beautiful and uplifting, is it not? Feel the warmth and the power of it radiating through your body and consciousness. Feel it lift you. Feel it inhabit you. Feel it become you and your experience.

I am your brother, and your friend and your companion in these journeys of enlightenment that you are so sweetly and solidly entrenched in. It would take a lot now to pull you out of this beautiful state of Being, and so you live in it more regularly as long as you avoid the tendency to pull yourself down to a fearful or doubtful state of being. You will find it is harder to access that negativity as you float freely upon this new wave of energy that enhances and nurtures your true divine nature of everlasting Love and Compassion.

I am your example, but I am also your fellow worker in these energies. You are welcome here and we hope you stay here quite a long duration of each of your days, experiencing more and more of a blissful Now Moment full of potential for creation of what you want in your life and for your world.

Dear Beloveds, you are progressing along this new vein in an ever-increasing capacity as you hone in, moment by moment, into your Heart Center and live there, viewing the 3rd dimensional world only as a hologram and means to help others rise above it into the higher realm of Heart-Thinking and Heart-Action and Heart-Perceptions.

My Love for you now equals your own for yourselves, as you are learning to embrace and love yourselves to a larger degree, knowing that what you do for yourselves to maintain this loving nature just enhances everyone else’s. But you know this. But I ask you to experience it on a new level and on a more continual basis, not just in a part of your day, but AS a part of EACH part of your day. It is now that you are learning to integrate this new way of Being as part and parcel of your whole experience in each moment, not as a separate alternative to the day-to-day adherence to the old concepts and duties of 3rd dimensional life.

In this way you can transmute and transform and elevate your 3rd dimensional life into that of the 4th and 5th and higher dimensions very naturally and with gusto. You are no longer resonating with that old life, are you not? You are lifting to greatness and also to new experiences that may take a bit of getting used to. Yet, embrace and relish the pureness and substantiality of these new experiences in the higher dimensions, your rightful place of being.

And so dear ones, we hope you can grasp the level of frequency we are attempting to convey, and that you find yourselves ready and willing and able to dwell there constantly. We love you and we admire you and we support you in so many ways. It is always for the asking and it is always just a whisper away.

Your loving brother, Yeshua, with the Company of Heaven.

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Jeshua via John Smallman – Do not hold on to the Anger that some of these Shocking Disclosures of Infamy arouse within you – 2-21-14

Jesus posting

Jesus: Do Not Hold On to the Anger that Some of these Shocking Disclosures of Infamy Arouse Within You. Channelled by John Smallman. February 20, 2014. | Thanks to Golden Age of Gaia.

John’s reading of today’s post can be found here:

Humanity’s long awaited and much anticipated awakening draws ever closer. It is very hard for you, embedded in the illusion as you are, to keep holding your Light on high, but you are doing an absolutely marvelous job for which we honor you greatly.

The end is in sight although that is possibly not very apparent to you, surrounded as you are by a large selection of nightmarish events that need to be resolved, and for which, at present, there seems to be little sign of that being possible.

Your collective intent to send the energies of Love, healing, compassion, and a desire for reconciliation and peace to all on Earth is having very positive effects all across the world wherever conflict is raging. Please keep up your good work. Here in the spiritual realms we are supporting you powerfully in every moment, and your intent cannot fail because it is fully in alignment with God’s Will.

There has been a lot of talk in your mainstream media during the last couple of years about the 1% versus the 99%, and the views and desires of the latter are having to be increasingly heard and positively responded to by the former. Change is happening all across the world, and the speed at which that is happening is accelerating very rapidly indeed.

No longer can “the masses” be arrogantly dictated to, and no longer can the various law enforcement and military agencies and their employees be relied on to suppress and control society. Needless to say for society to live peacefully together laws and standards that honor and apply to all must be maintained.

When respect is offered to all without exception, enforcement is unnecessary because all recognize and honor the sovereignty of each individual. However, your so called democratic systems of government have not been doing this, and they are at last being seen by almost everyone for what they are, namely endemically corrupt organizations that bow humbly before their masters – those who have enormous wealth along with the power and influence that that buys – who believe themselves to be above the law, and who behave accordingly. Their days of freedom to do as they wish are severely numbered.

The courageous whistle-blowers who have risked their lives and their livelihoods to bring public attention to the secret, dishonorable, and corrupt practices of so many organizations – corporate, religious, political, military, and governmental – are highly regarded in the spiritual realms and are given much support and protection. Make sure to send them abundant love whenever you go quietly within to pray, mediate, or contemplate.

Do not hold on to the anger that some of these shocking disclosures of infamy arouse within you for the perpetrators of these scandals. Remember that they too are very damaged individuals who are running scared, and justifiably so, and they need your Love, just like everybody else.

We are all One and there is only Love. Focusing on anything that is not in alignment or harmony with Love only serves to delay your awakening. Love is penetrating even what appear to be the hardest of hearts, because It is utterly irresistible. There is no one who is shielded from the field of Divine Love that envelops you all, and however strong the intent to block out Love may be it is never strong enough.

Love is infiltrating everyone on the planet, and therefore It is also infiltrating every organization on the planet, regardless of the reasons for which those organizations may have been established, and their resistance to Love’s power is being fatally undermined.

God is Love, and all of His divine creation is contained within Love’s infinite field which is eternal, limitless, and boundless. What you experience as unloving, unaccepting, repressive, destructive, crushing, and frightening is of the illusion – temporal – and therefore cannot and will not survive the gentle but persistent and overwhelming onslaught of Love.

Anything that is not in alignment with Love – and truly that is very, very little – is dissolving, dissipating, disintegrating, because your collective will and intent has ceased to support the illusion and the misery in which it has attempted to envelop you.

It was a silly game which caused you much pain and suffering while you engaged with it, and now you have sensibly chosen to discard it. Without your constant support it cannot survive, because illusions demand the attention of those who would build and support them, and that attention is being very rapidly withdrawn.

Focus your attention on the wonderful and uplifting changes that are happening all across the world, because that strengthens your own energy fields and therefore the effects that they are having worldwide. Just keep reminding yourselves “We are all One!” And within that Oneness there is no room for anything that is not of Love because there is nothing real that is not of Love. Doing just that dissolves the illusion and brings all to awakening.

Your loving brother, Jesus.

Ted Nottingham Presentation – Lost Gospel of Thomas – Original Mystical Teachings of Yeshua

Ted Nottingham·217 videos

Ted Nottingham offers a special presentation on key passages of the Gospel of Thomas, considered to be older than the four Gospels and source material for them. In these sayings of Jesus, lost to the world for two thousand years, we find a depth of wisdom and spiritual knowledge (gnosis) that is utterly transformational to those who would meditate on them and apply them to the moments of their lives.
The presentation is published, along with additional material and the book can be found on Amazon and Kindle:…

12.12.13 – From Within the Portal – With Yeshuwah – Becoming Whole

becoming whole

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This is Judith, and YES there IS a 12.12 portal– because I am IN it right NOW as I write the following words.

In the midst of chaos, we embody our dreams. Yesterday I found myself living one at the Wildlife Waystation. Today I found myself living another. I was getting “insights” for the Tele-Gathering for Energy Sensitives on 12/17, when suddenly Yeshuwah came through with such overwhelming Love and such amazing “insights”– both so far beyond what “I know” in my human self– that I DID know the experience was FAR REALER than “what I think I know.” It was even far beyond any dream I had consciously allowed myself to know of!

And meanwhile, I am also feeling very human, and very small indeed, as I face integrating all of these dreams into the limitations of “who I thought I was.”

What I “got” in response to using the word “small” about myself is something I wish to pass onto you–

“You are not small, but vast. You are not either/or, but all. The process You are in is one of integrating opposites into wholeness. What feels like riding a loop-de-loop, as You have described it, is simply the way the process of re-claiming All That You Are feels in human form. Allow the re-balancing to occur, claim the truth of your power as You recognize your manifested dreams, and LOVE yourSelf whole again.
To put it succinctly, Beloved, be still and know that You are God.” — Yeshuwah


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Jeshua via Judith Coates – Galactic Energy – Golden Age Of Gaia


Jeshua: Galactic Energy, as channeled by Judith Coates, December 2013, at

Beloved one, I would speak with you about a very interesting and powerful change in energy that is happening now and will continue for some time. Your scientists have been studying your galaxy, the stars, the ones in the heavens that you see going into the deepness of the night and into the morning, the ones we watched two thousand years ago together.

Your scientists have been tracking and watching to see the various patterns of the solar systems, and you have come to a place now where there is from holy Mother Earth a clear pathway to the center of your galaxy. There is no other solar system between you and the center of what you call the Milky Way galaxy, the galaxy that you are in.

And with that now is an opening for much energy to be streaming to holy Mother Earth, truly to your own sun and to your solar system. And as you are part, with holy Mother Earth, of the solar system, you are in a direct pathway to access and to feel energy from the very center of your own galaxy. That is what the shift that you have been hearing about for some years now is all about. It is a shift in energy that can be measured and accessed; your scientists are doing that now.

It is an energy that you can use to make great changes within yourself and within everything that is going on in – as you call it – the natural system, nature. All energy, which is what you truly are, is open to you. And the access to it, as there is belief now, is totally open. That is why for some years there has been prophecy of a time when there would be a shift in energy.

You will be seeing many changes in the next twelve months of your timing, because you are going to be calling forth the changes. The progression of changes has to do with awakening. It has to do with feeling and knowing and using your divine power.

Now, this has been talked about for thousands of years, truly. I spoke with you two thousand years ago and explained in terminology of that day and time access to the love of the heavenly Father – Abba, I called it, as a loving Father. For truly in the culture of that time, the father was the dominant provider and would be the one seen to be providing and protecting. But in this day and time it is more correct to call that energy Father/Mother/God/Goddess/All That Is, so we will go with All That Is.

That energy now is going to be taking various forms, because you are going to be decreeing what you want to see happening in your own individual life. You have ideas, ideas that have come perhaps when you have been working on something else, and you have said, “Well, that would be nice, but I can’t because X, Y, & Z.”

Yes, now you can, because truly all energy is open to you. The pathway is open, and what you decree is going to be manifesting much more quickly than what you have seen in previous years, and in previous lifetimes. So, therefore, it behooves you to perhaps take out a piece of the notebook paper and write down what you would like to see, how you would like to see it, how it is going to feel, because truly out of the feeling nature comes manifestation.

Out of the thinking nature sometimes come confusion and complexity, but out of the feeling nature comes manifestation. And then the thinking aspect is brought into play to see, “How do I manifest what I am truly desiring, what do I truly feel at home with, what do I truly feel excited about?”

Now, sometimes you have already begun to play with options, and the options will continue to expand because you have decreed that you are willing to give up old thinking and to allow the thinking mind to be used by the feeling nature to manifest that which truly is in harmony, that which truly is in love, that which truly is the highest and best that you can visualize for yourself and for others.

Old thinking comes from generational teaching: that which you have been brought up to believe and what the parents were brought up to believe, the old generational teaching of, “This is how it has to be.” You are now being freed from that generational teaching, free to choose how you want your life to be.

I will come and I will whisper in your ear from time to time, “What would you like to do? What would you like to see? When would you like to see it? What stands in the way, supposedly, of that feeling of excitement? How can you change that?” I will come and I will whisper in your ear.

As your belief changes, and it will be changing in this next year because of the access to direct energy, unencumbered powerful energy — not too much that it is going to overwhelm you and do away with the body, but it will do away with the old belief that you have to have a body.

You can re-manifest a body anytime, anywhere that you want to be. When you go on a physical journey now you follow the generational belief of how it has to be. A century ago you believed you needed the horse and buggy. Before that you believed you had to walk, or, if you were lucky, you had a camel or a horse, etc. Now you have manifested the belief in the horsepower within the vehicle instead of outside of the vehicle, but it is a belief. Do you see? You have honed it and changed it from what was, as you would see a century ago, and a century from now you will see even more changes.

But it is not necessary to wait a century. This year in your timing you are going to make great changes because you desire to know your true power and, with that, your freedom.

So you see how powerful belief is. If you are—and I will use this as an example—in your vehicle and someone else, hopefully, is driving and you are speaking on the device with someone who may be miles and miles away and you are right there with them, because they are describing what they did the night before and how much fun it was, or vice versa, you are not truly with your mind in that vehicle. You are somewhere else.

And then you come back and you say, “Oh, did we go through such and such town?” And the one who is driving says, “Yes, a long time ago.” I know you know what I am speaking of: where truly you are not present with what seemingly others are experiencing, because you are somewhere else in your mind.

In the next year of your timing you are going to find yourself leaping ahead and wondering, “How did that happen? Something I have wanted to manifest for a long time, I can see how to do it now. If it is something that I want to do on my own, I will see how I can do that. If it is something that I think I want to do with others and manifest it as a ‘group project,’ I will see it coming together easily.”

What you want to manifest does not need to be difficult. Only the belief holds you in thinking that it has to be a certain way and take a certain time and follow certain steps to get there. But that is just in your thinking. It exists nowhere, truly, outside of your mind and the belief system.

What you are going to be doing in the next twelve months of your timing and beyond is going to be exciting, because you are going to be leaving the old belief system behind. You are going to be rushing ahead, jumping ahead to that which you truly have desired, not having to go through a lot of the worldly hoops and hurdles. They may be there for some people, but for you they do not have to be; only as you believe.

Even if you still believe that the world has power over you, you are going to see that power dwindling. You are going to see it becoming as fog. You know what fog looks like. You also know that when you walk out in the middle of fog, it is a no-thing. You can walk right through it. And yet when you stand and you look at it, it can seem to be a barrier.

But then you take a step, and you can take another step, and then you take another step and another step, and the fog allows you perhaps not to see exactly what you want to see or as far, but it does not hold you back. And some of the time in what you call this next twelve months, your next year, is going to be a bit like that fog. It is going to perhaps say to you that, “Well, we’ve always done it this way and it’s always had to go through channels and procedures and you’ve always had to get everybody’s approval.” But you are going to feel that, ‘I am a sovereign master. I can walk through the fog. Yes, there are certain things that the world is going to ask of me, but it’s not going to be difficult. It’s going to be easy.”

Your scientists will tell you that it has been thousands of years since the last time when there was a direct pathway with no blockage to the central sun. That is what the Shift has been portending.

Now, the shift that is most important is the shift which happens within you. You will be using some of the physical energy that is streaming to this planet, to this solar system, because there is belief that you can access it. It has been and is being measured, so those of you of logical mind, you can check in on it.

But those of you of feeling nature, you have felt it for some time now; you have felt, “Things are changing. They’re not what they used to be. And some of the things that I thought were, aren’t. And some of the things that I thought wouldn’t be, have come to be.”

As you believe, so it will be unto you.

And even if you have only the belief as small as a grain of the mustard seed, it will expand and it will grow. If you have the willingness and the belief even as small as the little grain of mustard seed, it will grow as you believe. You realize that out of that seed or out of any seed will come a great plant, a great tree—as you believe.

You are a seedling right now, a most beautiful seedling. You have been growing towards the sun, the central sun as it is known in physicality, and the sun of your own being. You have been growing as the seedling for some time now, because there has been a divine urge within you to know more, to feel more, to feel free, to be able to manifest.

The central sun will help as it is “proof” of energy. We have spoken of the energy that you are many, many times. You are energy. And so on a physical level, your scientists will measure and will give you feedback as to the energy that you are. But the sun that you are growing towards is the sun of your own awakening, the sunshine that happens in the morning of your awakening, when the seedling comes out of the soil which has nurtured it.

So in what you see to be this next year of your timing, you are going to see many changes come about easily for you. In this next year of your timing, you are going to look back upon this time when it was suggested that changes will come easily and you are going to say, “Wow! It really happened. I thought at the time that it sounded really good and I got excited about it and I thought, ‘Oh, wow, now that we have this extra energy coming in from the central sun and there’s no blockage that way, does that mean it’s going to help me clear all of my blockages?’” The answer is, “Yes.”

“Does that mean that I’m going to be free to manifest that which I want to?” Yes. “Does it mean that I’m going to change my belief system from the old generational thinking?” Yes. It will be as you believe it can be. It is as simple and as powerful as that. With the new old energy – because truly it is old energy; your scientists are going to tell you that the energy that comes from the central sun started out a long, long time ago before this lifetime, as you understand years and measure lifetimes – you will manifest the shift.

Now it is here, and it will continue to be here for some time yet. So take hold of it. Manifest that which you want to manifest. Become One with your dreams. Do not be afraid to dream. Do not say, “Well, I’m too old. I don’t have the golden coins for it. It’s probably not going to be accepted by the brothers and sisters. They’re going to think it’s a crazy idea. I don’t think I can do it on my own.”

Dream. Dream big, because it is possible. You now have an accentuated energy that is helping you along with whatever has been your dream. And if you do not have a clear dream about it, sit and take off all the limitations and say, “How would I like it to be? You know, if I had all of the golden coins that it would take and if I had a group of people, maybe even a small group, it doesn’t have to be a big group, to work with me on this, I’d really love to bring a group of like-minded people together so that they could get excited and then go on to build their dream, even in physical form. I would love to travel to the top of the mountain in Nepal. I’m going to make that happen. I want to make that dream happen. I can make that dream happen.” And you will make your dream happen.

You are free, you see. Dream big. Do not be afraid to dream. If you feel held back by a partner or so, do what is necessary for the partner. Bring them along with you if you can. If you cannot, do what is necessary for them, but do not let that hold you back. Go for it. You will never ever have a chance as strong as this one in this next twelve months of your timing. You will never ever, so take hold of the reins and ride the energy.

Dream big. Use the galactic energy that is now coming to you free. There is no charge for it. Nobody in your world has figured out yet how to charge for it. So until they do – and that is doubtful – use it. It is free for the taking.

Your belief system is expanding. It is taking hold of the energy that is streaming into you and you are going with it as far as you want to go with it. Dream big. Do not put boundaries around it. Do not say, “Yes, but…” Say, “Yes; now how do I do it?”

How you do it is by becoming One with it, knowing that you already have it, knowing that perhaps the form of it, the shape of it, how it looks may be a bit different than how you have visualized it; that it will shift and change, but that is good, because it always shifts and changes for the better. A new idea comes in.

Know that truly this is the beginning of the rest of your life. What are you going to do with it?

So be it.

Jeshua ben Joseph  /  In expression through Judith

Yeshua via Fran Zepeda – You Are The Strongest of the Strong


Yeshua: You Are The Strongest of the Strong, Channeled by Fran Zepeda, October 15, 2013 at:

Hello my dearest ones, my beautiful friends. I come before you today with so much love in my heart for you and so much hope in my heart for you, and I see so much promise in you. You are the elite of the stars – starlight, every one of you. Your mission continues and it proceeds in ever-illuminated glory.

You may be experiencing a lull right now in what you deem as your purpose, in what you deem as your mission, in what you deem as your path. But do not forget dear ones, that you are ever-solid in your endeavors, and are ever-solid in your missions.

As you envelop and enfold the energies coming to you, you may feel a difference in your perspectives, in the feel of your bodies. You may not be able to equate it to anything that you are familiar with. Now is the time to just go with it. For in the ever-winding road you are traveling, it is sure to come out into a beautiful meadow of your destination, so to speak, complete with fragrant flowers and lushness.

Just because you cannot quantify your new feelings and experiences based on past measures and markers, it doesn’t mean you are not going full-speed-ahead into what you have always seen as your destination, into full embodiment of your divinity, into full completion of your mission.

And it is not easy right now dear ones, for as we have warned you, or as we have prepared you – would be a better way of putting it – many things do seem to you to be in chaos and unexplainable premise. But as you trust your inner guidance, you are leading yourselves out of the fog and into blue skies of clarity, replete with new shining bodies of crystalline nature and complete with new wiring that will enable you to proceed into a new scenario of abundance and love-filled experiences.

My love for you has never waned, and I never leave your sides. Yes, you make this journey alone, but you always have help propping you up with celestial purity and hope as you let it in and let it become your guiding star.

Take a few moments now to assess how your body feels. Assess how your life feels. Does it not feel new and filled with promise of a new adventure? Move aside the dross of ill-gotten gains and seemingly misspent loyalties. Were not these experiences for the sake of your learning and your growth? Are you ready to leave them there and march on, holding on only to the gift of the lesson?

And I beseech you, dear ones, to remember to always come back to your center and assess your connection with your divine selves, with your higher selves, with Creator, with all of us in the Celestial Realm and Galactic Realm, and with all of your fellow journeying comrades as we all form a full circle, a bond of love, making every part of that circle stronger and more resilient to withstand any seeming set-backs and lags.

For you are full of fortune and promise and it may just take constant re-assessment of your true nature and your true purpose and desires for a better world. Always hold on to that and never let go, for you are getting closer every day, even when things around you feel like they are falling apart. For they are not. They are merely re-working themselves into the correct coagulation for your ultimate success and glory as pure warriors of peace and love marching forward into a new world.

And we have not forgotten you. We never will. And we are always there with you. And we never leave. And we are your mentors and guides, but you possess all of it inside that will take you forward into the world you wish for, dear ones.

So grab a hold of the reins and don’t look back. You are speeding ahead into a beautiful world. So do not forsake yourselves. Do not get discouraged or fall into despair, for you are constantly finding reserves within you that you thought were not there. We are cheering you on and propping you up when you get weary. You are the strongest of the strong, and do not forget it.

I leave you now with these words of encouragement to carry on in the beautiful fashion that has been your trademark since time beginning. You are veterans at this endeavor you embarked on so many eons ago. The picture is becoming clearer and your faculties are becoming clearer, and your world is shaping up into the possibilities you have always heralded as your birthright. Carry on, dear soldiers of love and peace and glory. The time for your full awakening is nigh.

Take this all in now and know your strength. Know your capabilities. Know your possibilities. See them as coming to fruition. Don’t back down.

I am forever at your service and in your hearts, as you are in mine.

Your loving brother, Yeshua.

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Yeshua – Ascension Update – September-23-2013

Matt Muckleroy·1,008 videos

Yeshua and the Company of Heaven ~ The Sky is the Limit ~ Channeled by Fran Zepeda ~ September 23, 2013…

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Fran Zepeda – Mother Mary, Yeshua, Mary Magdalene – Divine Inspiration – 16 September, 2013


Mother Mary with Yeshua and Mary Magdalene:

My dear ones, I speak today with my beloved soul family, including this channel, to spread our deep love to you from behind the veil but not really so far behind the veil in essence, as we are all communing together with you to anchor the Love and Light further upon this planet and the universe and all the multiverses.

And suffice to say that I have always been with you, imparting inspiration and insight that awakens your own. And this is the process you are moving through, awakening your own divine knowledge and insight and inspiration.

Divine Inspiration is a beautiful concept. It means breath, breath of God, of Creator, and as such it is your divine birthright and your divine essence. It is always at your disposal. It is insights and love energy with the purpose of awakening your inner resources of Knowledge and Creativity. Think of it as a bellows that with more air, in the form of Love and Light, it sparks the embers of the eternal fires into pure glowing golden light that is pervading all right now, within you and without you and around the globe and universe and multiverses.

It is a beautiful thing, this divine inspiration. It fuels your actions, it fuels your knowing, and it fuels your unique mark upon the world. Your creative inspiration is the key to transformation and the spread of your essence of love throughout all perpetuity, throughout all eternity, existing in the Now and glowing in its wholeness and fullness of life.

Your awakening, dear ones, is coming to fruition. It is marking your future in the Now. It is building your essence to wholeness, and you feel it, do you not? I love you beyond words and I impart now my Love through this channel so you feel the magnitude of it.

Imagine yourself now in a beautiful meadow with golden white light permeating your entire being. Feel it on your skin and feel it within, in every cell of your body. Step into it now so that it is the only thing you are experiencing. Imagine now it permeating your heart and feel the glow as I transmit my Love to you, as we as a group extend our Love to you. Recognize it as the potential love you can impart to yourselves. Recognize it as the love you can impart to others.

Now feel it within, as such a huge ball of light permeating you and everything around you so that you do not feel the difference or demarcation between you and outside of you. Revel and luxuriate in this Love and Golden White Light so it is the only thing that exists now in this moment. You may start to see pink and magenta or other colors and rays. Allow it to permeate. Feel the warmth. Feel the very power of it. Melt within it. Know it spreads out as far as the proverbial eye can see, the “eye” of your multidimensional selves, that is. Feel the oneness that this invokes. You are now floating within and upon this beautiful light permeating your very Being and on out to infinity.

Sit with this a while. Allow the warmth and glow to sustain you. Notice anything that may come up in emotion or insight and be with it and release gently what no longer serves you, transmuting it and allowing your Being to clear and become lighter because of it.

You are venturing now into this oblivion of Love, dear ones. It is becoming your very means and purpose of living. And for that, you can thank yourselves for allowing it.

We love you, with our pure hearts to your pure hearts. You are Creator’s magnificent creation and in that and from that you are creating what you most cherish, for you are cherished by Creator, and by us, for all that you are Now in this moment, becoming more pure and illuminated with each breath you take.

So keep breathing in the light and inspiration that is your birthright – your increased knowing of your Divine Essence and all it entails. In it and within it is all you are and all you need and all you know, and it increases as you go deeper into your glowing essence, Now in this moment.

All my love is yours, from my heart to yours, magnified by the love of my beloved Yeshua and Mary Magdalene and all the Company of Heaven.

©2013 Fran Zepeda. Permission is given to copy and distribute this material, provided the content is posted in its entirety and unaltered, is distributed freely, and this notice and links are included. (Blog)

Yeshua – You Will Emerge With Your True Selves Intact – Ready To Shine Even Brighter In Your Divinity – Channeled by Fran Zepeda – August 12, 2013




In all perpetuity it is written that you shall awaken. And shall it be so. And so it is. And this is what you are in the process of and this is what you are destined to do and this is what you are made of.  In all intents and purposes you have already done so. The pieces of the puzzle have been laid and you are containing the fabric of your awakening within your consciousness. It hasn’t totally materialized in many ways, but in many ways it has.

Think of it as all the light cells in your body being prepared for a flick of the switch when all conditions are right. You are illuminated so much now, and in a short while all will be readied for that higher beam to be prompted and switched on. You are not used to having that higher illumination yet in your physical bodies and you are being conditioned and readied through all these processes of late to be able to hold the deeper brighter light and sustain it in your bodies. You have gradually been readied and you are so much stronger and able to hold it within you. And to show it to the world.

And so it goes, and so it is. And this is why you feel at times you are at a standstill. But please know that you are building and strengthening to hold this higher light and frequency that will be such a burst and catalyst for immense change once it is able to be sustained within your physical bodies.

Allow this process to proceed, dear ones. Do not forsake yourselves. Do not be discouraged. For if you could see yourselves from our perspective, you would be astounded. You have reached an all-time high in your frequency and illumination. And you are sometimes looking at it through old lenses of the world you are leaving behind. Allow yourselves to sit and absorb and cherish this new feeling of lightness and illumination.

Maybe at times you feel like it doesn’t fit into the world as you see it or as you have seen it. But allow time to adjust. For there is happening a changeover to a new reality and the process is sometimes confusing.

And so it goes. And so it is. And it requires you to surrender and be with your newfound energy without analysis and judgment and trying to figure it all out. For it requires a little coasting within the new milieu; it requires a little letting go and floating amongst it in order to acclimate to it, dear ones.

And this is the time to call on us even more, to comfort and assist you in being with your new selves. For it is so unlike what you have been immersed in for so many eons. And the switchover feels a little rough at times, allowing yourselves to leave the curtains of yesteryear behind; coming through them brings you into such a bright light at times, that you may balk or be shocked at the emergence.

Yes, it is a little like culture shock to many of you, but be assured that it is your natural state. It is only a little like taking off a comfortable suit of clothing that you have worn so long you are so used to it, and being exposed to the elements at first feels a little unsettling. Allow the uncomfortableness, dear ones, and you shall be glad you did.

For the emergence of your true selves, with your new suit of clothing, so to speak, will suit you and fit you so much better. And you will remember what it felt like so many eons ago before you set out on this journey of enlightenment through years of scenarios built by you to experience separateness and confusion, only to know you would be emerging from it with the understanding necessary to be so sure of your divine nature.

Well, that knowing is coming to the surface now and it is becoming clearer and you shall not be disappointed.  Allow these energies that are bombarding you to do their work and all the while be assured that it is leading you to your final awakening and purpose, to your true selves, your Divine Selves, and to your collaboration with Oneness.

It has been a difficult road with many twists and turns, but be assured that those twists are leveling out now and you will emerge with your True Selves intact and ready to shine even brighter in your Divinity.

And we are there with you all the way, your brothers and sisters of the Celestial and Galactic Realm, and we remain ready to assist in any way you need. Call us into your hearts and be comforted by our presence. We are always by your side and in your hearts if you welcome us.

And I stand always ready to assist you,

Your loving brother, Yeshua

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Fran Zepeda – Yeshua and the Company of Heaven – Bask in the Glory of Your New Found Freedom and Happiness – 27 July 2013

ascensionfloater2 (Blog)

Yeshua and the Company of Heaven:

Greetings from all your celestial family!  We come in peace and love to greet your hearts and to beseech you to absorb as much of the energies as you deem capable of absorbing in the next few days. For as you take in the beautiful energies offered to you, you become expanded beings, expanded Light Beings of Christ Consciousness, your essence becoming even more illuminated during this auspicious Lions’ Gate Opening and the emerging Star of David formation.

Now is the time to expand your capability to absorb these energies by focusing on your center and the love you have for yourself and others. Slow to the beat of your heart and be still, dear ones. Take in your golden breath which is pregnant with so much potential to lift you higher and higher into your rightful place of glory and sweet divine essence.

Yes, we implore you to not let this opportunity go by. Pull yourself away from activities and thoughts that bring your energy down into your lower base focus of security, survival and old habits; release your preoccupation with the “how why and whats” of things, and be in the state of clear blue stillness as if you were floating on a placid lake resplendent with sparkle from the sun and allow it to completely support you as you surrender to the stillness and peace of it. Listen to the stillness, feel the stillness, feel the luxury of surrendering to the trust of complete support that the water gives you as you relax into it.  And much like a baby who floats in the womb, you are trusting that all is available for your safety and nurturing.

But alas, you feel it isn’t enough to just surrender and breathe in the golden light as it comes into you. But it is your job now, dear ones. Take in as much as you can and float upon the celestial energies as they come in, much like you would float on that refreshing body of water you just visualized.

Much is being accomplished right now with your acceptance and surrender and receptiveness. Much exists below the surface of it. Much is stirring. All is encompassing. All is well. All is resplendent with each golden breath you take in now. Settle into it and redeem yourself in each moment anew and renewed.

In this expansion you have the opportunity to explore many worlds within your very heart, many portals leading to more awakening and expansion. Consider it as many lotus flowers opening within you. Feel the lightness and the freedom of loosening boundaries all around you as you experience the free-floating feeling of meshing with the expanded energies in your Light Body and beyond. It only has boundaries of that which you allow, dear ones. Push them out and expand.

Feel the Golden Christed Essence of your Being expand as you envelop the energies and allow them to permeate you. Feel every cell, every light cell welcome the energy and light, the Golden Light, little by little, bit by bit, on-going and ever presently expanding into infinity, dear ones. Ground into the feeling of security this gives you as your Light Body finds a new balance and sense of sureness and placement in complete integration. You are finding a new sense of stability in the very expansiveness and lightness that is so different from your former sense of physicality. Feel the pulsing of your newfound lightness as you move through these energies.

We congratulate you on letting go and feeling and experiencing each portal opening and influx of light. By now you are seeing the opportunities to open your own portals and so it becomes a little mind-blowing as to the possibilities and the awareness you are gaining through this journey.

And so you adjust each moment to the new feelings of upliftment and expansion. And we welcome you, dear ones. You are learning to exist on so many levels and to love yourselves as much as we do and we applaud you for that. You are leaving behind those shackles of yesteryear that bound you to limited views of things. You are leaving behind attachments that only served to entrench you deeper into the old realities.

You are learning to be free, something that you have not experienced since those lighted years many eons ago when you set out to embark on this journey, that yes, became convoluted at times, but you are pulling out of it, much like a swimmer swims up steadily from the depths of a deep body of water, to finally break through the surface with so much excitement and exhilaration. You are doing that now, dear ones.

We love you with our essence, so very deeply, just as Creator does. You are becoming much more comfortable within that love, we see, and that will open even more doors for you.

We leave you now to ponder our words and to bask in the glory of your newfound freedom and happiness.

Your loving brother Yeshua with the Company of Heaven

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Message From Yeshua – Channeler Fran Zepeda – You Have Reached Yet Another Marker In Your Development by ~ July 5, 2013



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Hello my dear beloveds. I gaze upon your magnificence, your increasing brilliance of light and sparkling divinity. I am in awe of your power and your resiliency and your commitment. It is to be commended and admired for this was not an easy road you chose to embark on.

But in the truth of that is also the startling revelation that within you is everything that you need to allow this mission to come to fruition. For in the struggle comes strength and an opportunity to gather and tap more strength and resources.

It is the secret of creation, to be able to tap that power within, to meld with Source and allow for Light and Love to prevail in everything you focus on. It is in allowing for that God Spark within you to grow and morph at will. And to allow your essence to grow and prosper in the moment of Now.

For you are discovering that your essence comes into fruition not by trying but by allowing. To revel in your capacity to glow and spread your Love Light to all around you is a privilege and a right you have and are discovering with each passing day.

You are heading into a period of deep transformation, the groundwork for which you have laid out by your acceptance of the massive downloads of light. And you are swimming in it now and it may seem like turbulent waters at times, but relaxing into it and absorbing and being absorbed by it is key to your easy transition in this period.

Do not forsake your physical bodies in this. They ask to be nurtured and cared for as they are the vehicle that will allow and accommodate your coming into the Light in a more complete way, my beloveds.

The time is now to take stock of your focus and intentions. Are you ready and willing to immerse yourselves deeper into the influx of Light so that your essence becomes more and more illuminated with each breath?  Are you ready to allow it to freely mingle and spread to others without restriction?

Be at peace with these new feelings and orientations that are being solidified with your acceptance of the light and information coming into you in steady barrages now. This milieu is becoming your constant and your norm. You have eased into it well, dear ones.

This steady increase in your vibration and level of awareness is becoming more potent with each allowance of grace to enter into your being and with your wholehearted embrace of your divinity and of others’ divinity as well. This is your norm now. This is your state of being, this flowing of swirling energy and bliss that comes from surrendering to it moment by moment.

And for now you are learning that there are so many surprises around the corner with each breath you take and with each surrender of your soul and essence to the truth of your divinity. This is now your base of operation and it becomes more and more established within your reality.

You have reached yet another marker in your development. It is just speeding up now in velocity and intensity, but by now you are becoming quite resilient and capable of accepting more and more Light and keeping your integrity of Love and Grace within the swirling changes being aroused by it all.

You are the peacemakers of the world with just your very essence of Joy and Love within your Being. Holding that as your reality is affecting all around you, my dear ones. Please keep going with this momentum. You are moving mountains.

Above all, keep to your center and spend more time exploring the new information coming to you now. Be still and welcome it. Be still and be In Love with it. Be still and accommodate all the changes to your physical and light bodies as we progress along the spiral of vibrational change into the higher dimensions. This is your new home. Look around and rejoice in it. What a spectacular sight it is!

I leave you now to continue along your path of increasing awareness and engorgement of the Light. You will see you can accommodate more and more as you let yourselves sink into the Sweet Love in your Heart building for yourself and others every moment.

Your loving brother,



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