Sanat Kumara – We Override those who Want to Hurt by Anchoring Greater Peace Within – Host Steve Beckow – Channeler Linda Dillon – 2-25-15

Sanat Kumara


Feb. 19, 2015 An Hour with an Angel with Sanat Kumara – Part 1/2

Graham Dewyea: Hello and welcome to An Hour with an Angel with Linda Dillon, the channel for the Council of Love and author of The New You and The Great Awakening. Joining her is Steve Beckow, founder of the Golden Age of Gaia and author of Building Nova Earth: Toward a World That Works For Everyone. Our guest today is Sanat Kumara.

But before we bring on our guest, Steve, we had quite a big show here just the other day on the Peace Initiative. How are you doing?

Steve Beckow:  I’m doing fine, Graham. Actually I feel joyful. I feel peaceful and I’m surprised at the number of people I’ve talked to who’ve said, “Gee, I feel peaceful” or as one said, “Well you know, I haven’t led a peaceful life and yet I feel peaceful.” So I feel great, but I also feel quite tired.  It was an intense build-up, an intense initiative that we took on and so, by the end of it, when the show that you’re referring to occurred I began to feel a little tired.

So, I’m going to be taking a little bit off next week, just putting my feet up and enjoying life and enjoying this peace.

That’s how I feel. How does Linda feel?

Linda Dillon: Well, you know, Steve, I think in some ways I could echo your emotions that the intensity and level of excitement and the push, the work load – because even when we’re doing something that’s incredible and joyous and we’re on purpose and mission – the after-effect, as the adrenalin starts to cool, can be this sense of spiritual exhaustion.

And I’m really glad that we’re taking time today to talk about spiritual exhaustion or just plain old exhaustion and what we do about it.

Personally, today I did something really unusual which was I rescheduled – other than our time together right now – my clients because I knew that I was at a point where I just needed that time to re-gather myself, re-gather my energies, fill-up, and that I wouldn’t be doing anybody any favors after the intensity of An Hour With An Angel to be channeling for any individual. So, it also comes to that honoring of ourselves.  Graham?

GD: I agree, Linda.  The road we’re on, and I say ‘we’, the ‘collective we’, is that all of us are holding in our hearts the vision of a world that we know is available to us, a world that works for everyone, where Peace and Love and unity consciousness is the theme.

And what we do, each of us and collectively, to that end can feel challenging, can feel real hard at times. I know for me, the gap between knowing what I know is available and what I see around me at times can feel really discouraging.

And these exciting opportunities to hold in our hearts what’s available to us, the potential that we have like what we did with this Peace Initiative here recently. It’s all very exciting. The build-up, the experience of it, and if we look around and say, “Gees, there’s still evidence in my mind, the way I see it, that suggests that we’re not there yet,” it can feel disappointing.

So how do we stay the course? How do we keep going? And also how do we take care of ourselves in that process? And I really like what you’re saying, Linda, taking time to be gentle with ourselves and to take a rest when we need it.

Steve, you’re taking a well-deserved, needed vacation and Linda, you’ve pulled back a little. I’ve noticed I’m doing that as well. We do need to take care of ourselves and I know sometimes we can get caught up in doing the big splashes and really going for it and really advancing this whole initiative.

I also want to honor and recognize that everything we do, even though it may not feel like a big splash is huge: holding the intent, holding the vision within our hearts, carrying that out in our day, in our world, being the change, living that which we wish to see in the world.

And of course, we’ve been talking about peace, being peaceful, embodying that. Of course, we’ve talked about as within, so without. That’s where it all starts. That’s where it’s really the central focus here and the objective is the internal work and shining it out. So, I’m really glad we’re having this discussion and we’re having this show today. Steve.

SB: Well, just before we leave, what also occurs to me, Graham is just the amount of skill that’s involved here. We were talking earlier today about the fact that, when I find myself feeling tired, I can go along for a long long time if the road is smooth and straight, but if we hit a bump in our lives, if we have some personal tragedy or something like that, then there’s this bump in the road. There’s this resistance. There’s this problem that’s come up that we can’t talk over the top of it and unless we take some time out and resolve situations like these you can’t go forward.

So we’re learning to manage both our personal lives or our own reactions to things while still needing to continue with our work. And so that kind of skill is needed.

And another skill Andrea pointed out to me is not to lose sight of all we’ve gained because we didn’t get exactly what we wanted.

In my case, that would be some very big splashy thing like swords disappearing or disintegrating. Okay, you didn’t get swords disintegrating but you got terrific impetus towards World Peace.

And we actually have visible signs like the Russians pulling back in the Ukraine. So it is actually happening and don’t lose sight of that.

So we all of us are in the process of growing up spiritually. We’re becoming mature. We’re remembering our mastery and we’re still a work in progress.  We’re in a process of becoming world leaders and of building Nova Earth and we’re just learning the ropes here.

GD: We’re getting closer and closer all the time. I really appreciate what you said: it’s important to reflect and celebrate everything that we’ve accomplished and I feel, I see how we’ve expanded and the vibrational frequencies have risen on the planet and things are happening quicker. The human aspect of me, so many of us can relate to this; wants it now! And when it doesn’t happen all those human parts come up.

SB: Linda?

LD: I think you really raised a good point, Graham, when you talk about how the human stuff comes up.

And I know, as I was preparing, meditating, this morning especially, knowing that we were going to have this conversation about ‘what do we do when spiritual exhaustion hits?’ and I’m sure that many of our listeners can relate to this, but one of the things that Sanat Kumara and actually Jesus…

A quick aside, because I might forget, is that in that meditation preparation, I know we’re channeling and chatting today with Sanat Kumara, but St. Germaine came in and he said, “Well you know, this is really my bailiwick,” so even as we’re talking today and even as Sanat Kumara will be channeling, St. Germaine is with all of us, listening and participating and igniting his Violet Flame once again to really help us with this issue of spiritual exhaustion.

You know the key to this, regardless of the reason, is compassion, sweet compassion for ourselves and I’m guided to say that when this issue arises we need to really simply ask ourselves ‘what’s going wrong?’ and because there’s a couple of reasons why we feel spiritually exhausted and sometimes we feel like ‘oh my god, I’ve been at this for years, I’ve been at this for decades, I’m not seeing anything, I’m not getting what I want.’

And we go on and on, but that disappointment, disillusionment, that feeling of disconnection, ‘nobody loves me, I’m separated, I’m all alone, I’m doing this by myself’, like a lot of that can be core issues or vasanas, false grids, and when we discover that that’s the issue then we need to go in the direction of working with Archangel Michael or the Divine Mother or whomever your guides or your circle is and work on dissolving and letting go of those false grids.

But then there’s the flip side that it’s not that we’re in a core issue, we’re simply tired. And, you know, we’ve seen this in our, can I say, our physical life where we’ve just been working too many hours and we’re exhausted and especially as the frequencies and the vibration in our physical body’s holding all this energy and on the planet, our bodies are talking to us more and more clearly.

And so, if they’re saying to us, ‘you’re exhausted and you’re exhausted spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically’, we have to listen and take that time to rebalance.

Archangel Michael has used the analogy of the fulcrum or the see-saw, at least he has with me, and if you’re at one end then you’re really out of balance. It’s like it’s finding that teeter-totter and going to the center point of balance and some practical things like what do I do when I feel this way? Well I do, I take some time for myself, I go to the 13th Octave. The Mother Mary has said to us time and time and time again, Archangel Gabrielle, Archangel Michael, come to the 13th Octave and heal, go to the heart of One.

But I also just sit down or lie down and say to my guides and to the Council, and you would say to your circle, ‘fill me up…just fill me up’ and I flip open my crown charka as if you know, we go to an old fashion gas station and I let my guides put their energy in and fill me with this liquid, different colors, different rays, whatever I need and just let them do it for me.

Or I hand it over to them and say, ‘You know what? I’m too tired. I’m overwhelmed. I don’t know how to do this.’ So often as lightworkers we feel like we have to do everything, even though we know we’re in unity consciousness, even though we know we’re part of the community, we feel it’s our responsibility and we have to do it all.

So, when I get to this point I just hand it over and usually my ‘hand over’ person, my ‘go to gal’ is Archangel Gabrielle and I just say, “Look, I can’t do it, I don’t even know how to do it, I don’t even know where to begin because I feel completely cooked, I’m empty, I’m a little teary, I’m a little frustrated. So, could you just take care of this for me?”

And we have this endless array of tools and what happens when we’re feeling in this place of ‘I’m trying and I’m trying or I’ve been in this real high and now I’m like in the backwash, is that we stay there and we forget to ask for help or to have enough compassion for ourselves to just say, “Time out.”

SB: We should make a list of all these techniques, Linda, because you’ve really given us a large number of them and I found myself the other day saying, “What did Linda recommend? Oh, okay, what do I do here, what do I do there?” (Laughter)

Can I just add to what you said, Linda? A lot of people, especially when a core issue comes up, but even when a vasana, which is…core issues and root vasanas are the same, it’s just that a core issue is total emergency, all lights on, etcetera, etcetera. and the usual vasana is not.

But when it comes up people think ‘oh my god, I failed’, ‘I shouldn’t be feeling this way,’ ‘oh what am I going to do?’ and they think that something has gone wrong. But I would like to remind them that it’s only when the core issue or vasana comes up that it can be worked with.

It’s only when a core issue comes up, as far as I’m aware, I may be wrong here, but that the Company of Heaven can take it away from us. So really, if you’re in the midst of a vasana going off or a core issue or something, you could if you want say, “Halleluiah! Here it is, I can work on it now. I can have the Company of Heaven take it away from me” or whatever. So, please don’t be upset when a core issue or vasana comes up. Just don’t project it onto others and don’t interject it into yourself.

LD: I completely agree with you, Steve because when someone will call and say, ‘I’m basically at that point of ‘I don’t feel loved, I don’t feel worthy, I don’t think I can go on’, I say, “Halleluiah!” because it means that you’ve hit that core issue, that core key motivator that you need to let come up and out because it’s the trap door, you think it’s the bottom of the well but there is a trap door right there and once you open that trap door you’re just falling into the hands and the arms of the Mother.

SB: Right. Graham, anything you want to say before we transition?

GD: Yeah, I really liked, Steve, how you were saying that we’re learning as we go here. Let’s remember that we’re experiencing times on the planet that has never happen before this way and so we’re learning as we go here and I think it’s important to remember that…we’re all learning.

And I really liked the discussion on our last show about the focus and the emphasis on what’s going on inside of us, how we’re sharing about how we’ve been feeling more peace within.

And it’s interesting, it’s really easy, again getting back to the human part of us, which I hold with compassion, we want proof, we want benchmarks, we want to see tangible evidence of things happening, shifts.

And it’s easy to go to things like ‘is peace on Earth happening?’ and ‘how has that happened?’ and talk about ISIS and talk about the RV and talk about Ascension and Disclosure and what I really liked about last week is that we’re emphasizing it all happens within. That’s were it starts and that’s really where the focus needs to be.

Because if we have peace within, we have harmony within and if we’re embodying unity consciousness, those all feed into this ultimate vision that we are holding so near and dear in our hearts: a world that works for everyone, right? A world that has Love and compassion and unity consciousness as the theme.

So it’s good to remember that. I’m underscoring that for myself. That that’s where the emphasis and the opportunity is. It’s really internal work and everything else moves from there. So that’s it for now.

SB: Yes. Well, and it’s surprising too, how much we have to learn about doing the internal work, working the internal aspect of ourselves. There’s so many things that aren’t taught in school, right, like marriage, parenting, and working with yourself also is not really taught very much in school, so we’ll change all that, right?

LD: Yes, we will.

GD: In our own way, in our own time, and it’s not all on us.

SB: And we don’t have to do it tomorrow… Linda, are you…

LD: I have one last comment though. It’s not all on us. But it is incumbent on each of us and it isn’t something that we, most families did not focus on and certainly our education system didn’t focus on it, but in terms of our spiritual path, which is not removed from our physical path or our emotional path, what is our spiritual hygiene practice? What is your time of meditation and refilling and prayer and ritual?

Are you maintaining your spiritual hygiene? Because that’s the key for that within. It’s not ‘I’ll meditate when I get an extra 10 minutes’ or ‘I can’t meditate because I have to work and I have to take the kids to soccer’ and we can have a million excuses, but each of us are responsible for taking care of that spiritual part of ourselves. And when we do, the spiritual exhaustion, that sense of overwhelm, becomes less and less and less. That’s it… I’m done.

(Continued in Part 2.)


Feb. 19, 2015 An Hour with an Angel with Sanat Kumara – Part 2/2

SB: Okay, well why don’t you relax and make your transition and while you’re doing that I’ll just introduce Sanat Kumara for any who don’t know him.  The only reason that would be is in the the case of new listeners.

Sanat Kumara, I think, remains our Planetary Logos, the position I believe is going to be transitioning to the master Kuthumi at some point and Sanat will be Solar Logos.

He’s known to all the world’s religions as the Ancient of Days, Ahuramazda, Skandha, Subramanya, Quetzlcoatl, Dipamkara, the Lamplighter Buddha and so on. Today we’ll be discussing with Raj, as he prefers to be called, the topic of spiritual exhaustion, of people who’ve been going a long, long time with this and may be feeling that their jets are dragging somewhat.

And we’ll also be discussing the topic of transparency into what’s going on behind the scenes with the major events. What information do we need to know to feel as if we’re really making progress here? So that’s what we will be talking to Raj about and with that I welcome Raj to the show.

Sanat Kumara: And greetings to you. Yes, I am Sanat Kumara, Keeper of Universal Law, Planetary Logos, and, yes, dear hearts and friends, you may call me Raj. You may call me SK. You may call me whatever you wish as long as it begins and ends with ‘friend’.

SB: Thank you.

SK: Welcome, welcome sweet angels of change, not masters in the making, but exemplary human beings, starseeds, hybrids, Earth-keepers, all of you wayshowers, all of you angels and agents of change.

Yes, I know there are many who claim you and particularly Archangel Michael and St. Germaine and not to forget my golden sister, Archangel Gabrielle. They love to claim you.

But let me also say you are all part of this anchoring and the unfoldment of the Mother’s Plan, for this planet and for each and every one of you, you are responsible and part of your plan within the Plan. I remind you of that not to highlight what has or has not been done, and, yes, we will discuss this, but simply to remind you who you are and the magnitude of what each of you, in your own unique, beautiful way, have chosen and volunteered to do, not merely to hold space for, not merely to observe, but to do in the action of transition, of becoming, of unfolding, and being the entirety of your divine self. This is no small feat. And I say this on behalf of all of us.

We do not sit on some distant cloud and simply observe and say, “What are those humans up to? Why don’t they get on with it?” We understand your feelings, your process of becoming, your anchoring, the rising of the vibrations and frequencies, the gifts… I could go on and on.

Part of our sacred partnership, our sacred union, which is why I am glad to speak today, is mutuality. It is that unity and unification of energy, not merely what you think of as consciousness but of every aspect of your being, the kingdoms, and of Gaia. So, it is important, in the evolution of this sacred union that we are now sharing, that you understand us as much as we say we understand you.

So I think we know something about spiritual exhaustion and we certainly have been in this for the long haul.

SB: Millions of years…

SK: Yes, millions of years. Now, I do not say this in a dismissive way and I know that when you are in human form that a single year, oh, sometimes a single day, can feel like a thousand years.

Let us begin this conversation, in which I will refer to Universal Law and the unfoldment of the Plan, but let us begin with compassion. Let us begin with the understanding that when you are feeling this way, we are not asking you to expand and engage even more.

It is that establishment, and this is Nova Being. This is Nova Earth. This is New You. It is the cognizance, spiritual, physical, mental, and emotional, of holding and giving and receiving adequate compassion for your beloved self to know when to approach, when to avoid, when to withdraw, when to engage.

And when you are feeling this sense of exhaustion it is a signal, on every level: Back up, go into your cave, spiritual, mental, emotional. Take the time to replenish, not merely your spirit, but of course we will help you in each of these realms. Take time to replenish your physical self.

Most times, and when I say ‘most’ I mean about 99% of the time particularly in this time of your evolution and the unfoldment of your Ascension process, spiritual exhaustion is accompanied by exhaustion of every realm, physical, mental, spiritual, emotional. There can not be separation.

So that is an illusion. So you say, “Well, I am spiritually exhausted but I have enough energy to do one more thing, one more task, oh, I don’t want to let Raj down. I don’t want to let the Mother down.” Do you think we are that cruel? Do you think we are that unfeeling and unkind? When you are feeling this way, it is the Mother telling you, “Come and rest in my arms, let me wrap you in my cloak, let me hold you.”

It is a time when your physical body needs to be nourished with good food, good water, supplementation if that is necessary. You need to be nourished by rest.

And rest is different. For some of you it is play. For some of you it is simply being outdoors, whether it is sitting on a bench at the park or hiking a mountain or staring at the ocean, playing with the birds, putting your hands in the dirt and absorbing the energy from sweet Gaia. For some of you it is simply staring at the wall.

All of this is good. All of this is worthwhile because what you are doing is you are entering into the pause. Let me be clear, when I say the pause — in this sense I am not talking about moving into inertia. That is a different phase of spiritual unfoldment — but you enter into the pause to receive, not only from Gaia, from the kingdoms, from your guides, from us, but from your sweet self.

It is you in this new partnership saying, “Not only am I responsible but I am worthy, so I give this consideration, this tender, gentle kindness, this nourishing energy to myself because I am worthy, I deserve it, and yes, I am committed for the long run.”

Not the long run of drudgery and feeling that nothing ever happens…and we will speak of this… but the long run in terms of your return to the Source/God/One, Mother/Father Essence. And when you are depleted you forget that. So, we do not say this in any form of criticism or judgment.

If we wish to keep it very simple, I would say to you my beloved friends, angels of light, angels of being, invoke the Law of Unification and Unity. This is where Compassion and Charity and Love live. It is the 7th dimension where you can bask in the Christ Consciousness of Love and Unity.

Simply relax into it as if you are easing into a warm bath. Just declare it. Go there and allow yourself to be restored. We do not ask, desire, want you, ever, not a million years ago and not a million years hence, we do not request in our sacred union that you continue when you are feeling exhausted, when you are feeling diminished, when you feel ‘I need to receive’. So, turn to us but also turn, sweet angel, to your sweet self.

Sacred union, beginning even before you’re in sacred union with us or the divine or a physical person upon the planet, the sacred union is with yourself, with the totality of your being. So, when you’re informed of your exhaustion, please allow yourself to take the action of doing nothing.

SB: Raj, thank you very much for that, I’m probably going to listen to that repeatedly. Can we take the discussion into the other dimension that you referred to in passing and that’s that, I think, many of us are talking about spiritual exhaustion in the sense of our spirits being exhausted.

In other words, we’ve waited for, some of us decades, others many years, and the events that are talked about don’t seem to actually occur, like October 14, 2008, December 21, 2012, more recently we obviously achieved a great deal in our Peace Initiative, but we just didn’t get the whole thing.

And maybe we can’t get the whole thing because maybe it’s silly for some to say ‘Peace has been achieved on Earth’ and then something breaks out in Nigeria and there is doubt and there are questions.

So maybe we can’t say absolutely we’ve achieved peace on Earth but there’s this feeling that the events just don’t arrive. The Reval’s another example. Pre-NESERA funds were another example. So what do you say to people who feel that they have just about lost the ability to carry on in the face of things that just don’t seem to happen or don’t arrive, don’t get there, Raj?

SK: Now I am going to be very forthright in this discussion because you are at a level of maturity, spiritual and emotional, where you can truly engage in the discussion, not the soliloquy, but the discussion of ‘what does this mean? How does this occur?’

Now, there are two aspects in which I am going to speak and one is directly, of course, to the lightworkers, loveholders who feel ‘I have held the flame. I have held the candle of light. I have beamed. But I don’t feel I am getting enough tangible evidence.’

A great deal of my discussion, fortunately and unfortunately, is to the people of the world, to the 8 billion people on the planet. And you say ‘but they aren’t listening.’ Well, might I suggest that they can’t help but hear me. It may not be auditory in this sense but let me be very clear, when you give any of us this platform, the energy, the message, the actual sound is in the air and therefore it is heard on a subtle, unconscious, energetic, physical level. Like dogs hear higher frequencies, so do human beings.

So let us begin. You have given me a wonderful list of events. Now I really wish you had started with the parting of the Red Sea.

SB: (Laughter) Okay.

SK: And I think you can laugh because you can understand what I am saying because humans love events but you are in a process of unfoldment.

Let me just speak to the events. What you expected. What you were guided. What you anticipated did not always unfold or come to the fullness of fruition of what you thought it would be. But it would be erroneous, it would be akin to your term ‘throwing out the baby with the bath water’ to say that nothing occurred. So we need to start there.

The evolutionary jump, the growth of human consciousness, of unity, heart consciousness, of inter-dimensionality of the anchoring of Nova Earth, dear Steve, the anchoring of the Cities of Light, the anchoring of Nova Beings, the interplay between the kingdoms, has been more significant in the last 5 years than in the last 50,000.

SB: Wow!

SK: So let us start there and that is why I have begun today by saying, “Well no wonder you’re pooped. You have been working hard and you feel exhausted.” And I do say rest, but I also say, “Is there further yet to go?” Yes.

Now, some of you may take this the wrong way, but I am your Planetary Logos, and so I speak to you, my beloved cadre of Love-holders, of repatterners, regridders, the gifts that have been given and bestowed upon each and every one of you, particularly the lightworkers, because in the acknowledgement and in the embrace of such energies, there is an implosion/explosion in terms of the creative energy that becomes present in your field.

You have received, let us go back to pre-2012 and the diligence with which so many of you approached your Ascension process. You cleared, you anchored, you prepared, you followed, might I even say in the generic term, religiously, the ritual and the process recommended to you, not merely by Michael, MiKaEL, but by all of us, and you expanded and you expanded to such a degree that you were able to make a collective decision.

Now, let us talk about this. Collective decision making had mostly, other than small groups here and there, but as the human collective, collective decision making had been absent upon the planet since the inception of the Creator Race.

When there was a deviation from that original group, when the deviation to greed, control, lust, power in terms of force, when all of that was born, collective decision making was aborted. It died.

Now, did Love die? No. Did the desire for connection die? No. The memory, the knowing, internal and external, within and without continued on.

But the ability to come together, what you think of as esoterically, etherically, spiritually, it matters not the terminology – these are your words, not ours [had disappeared].

But you decided that you cared enough and you loved enough to do it as a group and to take as many beings upon the planet, to take them by the hand and go through the portal as one. And that included the most outrageous, atrocious, darkest energies on Gaia at that time and still to this day – we always called them the reluctants, the recalcitrants, and so on.

But you have looked at… so I am leading you through this scenario… but you have looked at that event and said, ‘we didn’t get the jump that we are conscious of’ even though Gaia herself has told you that she jumped, she ascended and you are on her and therefore you are exposed to this wide variety of inter-dimensional energies. Your consciousness has expanded but you said, “I didn’t get what we thought we were going to get and therefore I am heartbroken.”

Now, to your absolute credit, did you stay withdrawn, spiritually exhausted and heartbroken? Well some did. But the majority went within, felt the Love, chose to stay the path and continue on to build community, to build Love, to hold heart, to come to more deeply understand, and to keep their eye, collectively and individually, on Ascension, on Shift, on growth, on unity.

That has been phenomenal and because of that, in many ways, we have been feeding you, we use the example of the Mother’s gifts, first of Clarity, of Purity, of the Tsunami of Love, of Grace. Now, some have embraced it, but many …and I speak to the human tendencies that are shifting and have need to shift, this is the expansion of the within that we are speaking of … many have said, “Well, that’s nice” and like a two-year-old with a new toy, threw it aside and have never played with it or put it on a shelf as an icon and never brought it into their life, into their practice, into their being.

Now, have they been affected, because when the Mother blesses you with something it shifts you, but the incorporation of that energy into the conscious living? It’s been about 50/50, if that.

So the gifts that have been intangible have not always been grasped and loved for what they are.

If this sense of Clarity and of Peace is not present on my planet, for the moment Gaia, although I come from Venus, if it is not present, how do we then translate the spiritual qualities into the physical realm? How does that happen if it is not embodied in the physical form by humans, by you my beloved ones? How does that not activate what is to come? It is a precursor.

So why have many of these events, as you call them and as we call them, not come? We have been having continual events and we will talk about what is going on behind the scenes, but we have been having these continual events, continual downloads, continual expansions and some of you said ‘yes’, some of you have said ‘later’, some of you have said ‘no thank you’. Do we take umbrage? No, we keep going.

Now, as I say, this message is also for the 8 billion because many of you who are spiritually exhausted you would say to me, “SK, Raj, I have kept going, but what do I do now? I’m tired, I’m broke, I’m sick.”

Understand when you are tired, when you are sick, when you are in dis-ease, when you are in lack…of money, or health or Love or support, including from this side, that is not the real issue, that is a symptom of what is transpiring, that is a symptom of you, your very soul saying, “I need more, I want more, I demand and command more” and it is a very small step from saying, “I create more. I accept more. I invoke more.” And it is in that that you begin to see tangible results.

Globally there have been events, but human interest, including lightworkers, human interest is very rapid to dissipate. It is as if your level of attention, which we have been working on by the way with you, your attention is akin to a news cycle and you constantly want the news, the tangible, seeable, touchable.

Now, we do not say that this is wrong or erroneous but what I am saying and what we are saying is ‘could you also give equal credence to the intangible results?’ You have created a modicum of peace within and without, upon the planet that is stellar and I use that word very specifically to refer to how this is bringing you closer, in sacred union and partnership with your star brothers and sisters. You have done this.

Is it possible to declare peace on Earth today? I will answer out of both sides of my mouth; I will say ‘yes’ and I will say ‘no’. And let me tell you why: I would say ‘no’ because there is still this filament, this wisp, what Michael would call this echo of doubt about whether it is possible, whether you, my beloved cadre, have the power to do this.

And in that power, how do you override, because that is what it is, how do you override those upon the planet who still want to maim, hurt, kill, and create general mayhem and chaos? You do it by anchoring greater and greater Peace within.

So, this initiative has not stopped and it is already spreading like wildfire. So do not underestimate what you have achieved. That is like a child having a report card that is straight A’s or 100% and he brings it home and his parents say, ‘that’s nice’ and they toss it on the sideboard.

Do not do that to yourself. Give credit where credit is due. See what you have accomplished in tangible form. But look also to your lives, look to your lives – and now I speak especially to the lightworkers – you have said, many of you, you feel more peaceful without external cause.

Perhaps there is still disruption or lack of what we have discussed in your life. But for some reason you are feeling more peaceful; and that reason is that you, with Michael, with all of us actually, have allowed this energy to come within, to anchor it and are translating it into who you are and in terms, practicality, of creating peace on Earth and in your life.

Are you transmitting this in your eye contact, in your smile, in your interactions with every being you meet? Because that is how Nova Earth is truly anchored.

It is community after community, city after city coming to a place of saying ‘we can do better.’ These financial institutions, these societal institutions, these ways of doing things, these processes that are of greed and cruelty and lack and limitation and hatred don’t work.

And is it storming City Hall? No. It is creating that ripple effect that what people vote for, who runs for office, who is fulfilling their mission by taking that office, is of peace. So it is not really a choice. The choice is already peace/harmony. And they are not being influenced, for example, the way Obama was influenced during an early part of his tenure, they’re not being influenced in that way to deviate from the path they have chosen.

So, you are strengthening that collective belief.

You have made another collective decision, the magnitude of which is enormous. You’ve made a decision that there will be peace on Earth and we are certainly in agreement with that, you know that! So do not think there are not tangible results, but would you please, with me, engage in creating more tangible results in this way and also utilizing the intangible?

SB: I fully agree. I have no problem representing the people of Earth in saying ‘yes’ to your request.

SK: Halleluiah!

SB: (Laughter) Thank you. I would also like to add Raj. I think there’s a great desire to have more transparency into what’s happening behind the scene, so to speak, behind the veil.

Is there any way that we, down here walking around in these heavy, tiring physical bodies with our memories impaired and all the rest of it, can know more about what’s happening with the Company of Heaven? When is a kind of liaison going to begin? When are people here going to be able to go up to the ships? We have one editor who’s dying to go aboard the Neptune. When are we going to be able to establish whatever contact we can?

SK: It is already underway. Let us talk about this. First of all let us talk about the ships and the galactics and inter-galactics and even the human range of participation in what you think of as this human and starseed and actual star-being families.

Many of you are already on-board ship, most of you at night but some of you are in the full engagement because really you’re first mission is on-board ship.

So what you are really saying to me is ‘when and, yes, I know exactly who you speak of, when will I consciously be on-board ship?’

And for those of you who are very engaged and that part of your mission is acting as emissaries, ambassadors, translators, beacons, anchors for your star brothers and sisters, you say, “Well when will that begin? When will I be doing and engaging in the fullness of my mission?”

The vibration, the compatibility quotient, think of it that way, the compatibility, energetic quotient, match, compliment, is much closer than it has been.

Now, for a long time there has been back and forth, back and forth, back and forth and the quotient of fear, even though there has been acknowledgement by the general populace that the majority know and accept the presence of star beings or the life on other planets or realities, dimensions. The fear factor has still been very strong.

And as you know, your star family is never, ever going to engage in the situation where it becomes so fearful that there is panic in the streets.

Now, it is not a matter of any of the various nations involved, shooting arms or bombs at your star brothers and sisters because that would be like pillow-down and so that is not an issue at all. But the fact that nations would send bombs or arms is an issue because that would create fear and mayhem, and therefore it would not be a Welcome Party.

Now, there are many, many in positions of leadership that are already fully aware and in very close contact with the star beings. And it is the public secret, and I would suggest that even to most lightworkers that public secret is well known.

But your question is, “When do we get to the place?” Right now it is still at the place – and the Peace Initiative is having a huge impact on this – your star brothers and sisters are cheering you.

Think of a child putting their hand on a hot burner. Energetically that is often what the contact between your star brothers and sisters and the general populace of humanity is like. Only it is spiritually and emotionally – yes, they do have emotion – it is just in a very different way.

So the energetic grids need to come a little closer and that is why it is individuals, increasingly, who are [going] back and forth to the ships, consciously and not, but it is getting much closer.

There is so much intervention by your star brothers and sisters in creating peace; they are assisting you and it is not just Michael and his legion and the Company of Heaven. Now you say you want transparency. When will you see us? When will we be more present? When will that veil be lifted?

SB: When will we know more about the way decisions are made behind the veil? We’re intensely curious but we’re also affected by these things and if there were more transparency I think it would be easy for us to ride the wave, so to speak.

SK: If you wanted to know a way in which you can understand how decisions – we wouldn’t use that term – but decisions are made on this side, you can look to your physicians and your healing practitioners and use that phrase, ‘First do no harm’.

So when we look at a situation the assessment, and I am attempting to use your terminology, the assessment is: Will it help or hinder? Are they ready? Have they incorporated into their beings, their lives, their hearts, their treatment with each other, the qualities that will allow them to take the next step or not?

And which pieces of, say, what you would think of as an event, which pieces can be allowed to be seen or viewed or participated in, which is what the sacred union that we are in right now is about. What pieces will lead them to the place where they are fully cognizant, consciously, heart-consciously, but also mental consciousness, emotional consciousness, that they can participate and not be reactive?

The unfoldment you have talked about, and this is part of transparency. Tell us about divine timelines? Tell us about the unfoldment of the Plan?

If ever a Plan had been put into slow motion in order to allow humanity to catch up, it has been this Plan of collective Ascension. Many of you, and we keep saying this, have been in and out of the Ascension process, portal, however you conceive of that, for years now and each time you do that you are bringing back the higher frequency, the higher energy, the inter-dimensionality, and you are anchoring it, in form, for the collective.

Those who are going through the portal back and forth, if you stop…just stop! And perhaps this is part of why we are talking this day about spiritual exhaustion. Peace is also has an element of quietude about it. Stop, go into your heart and say, “Let me have a peek, let me understand, let me at least have the vision or the visitation so that I feel that I am, not only part of this unfoldment but that I’m part of the team, that I have been briefed and clued in.”

So, it is not merely collectively listening. It is individual listening because many of you, and now I do speak again to the loveholders, many of you are already at a point where you can listen, hear, see, receive and understand, comprehend and translate that into the bigger picture and your own life.

So for many of you it is that process of the meditation, it is – and if you call it listening or being still, it is the same thing – stop and listen. And ask your questions.

SB: Well, that’s very helpful and I have to tell you, in all honesty, one of the things you said struck home with me in a very particular way and that you said, “Will you be able to be non-reactive?” And I looked at myself and I said, “Steve, you know darn well that, if you see something that you don’t like, you do react and oftentimes when you do, other considerations go out the door, out the window, and you stand on principle and all the rest of it and never at any point do you see that you’re just being reactive. So, I acknowledge that I may not be ready because I’m probably somewhat still reactive.”

SK: But, can you see the humor in it, my beloved friend?

SB: Always…(Laughter)…but please, tell me what is particularly humorous here.

SK: The fact that you see that you are reactive is beautiful and it is reflective of the expansion that you have gone to and through. The humor is that you continue to be reactive.

SB: (Laughter)

SK: For example let us use Disclosure or mass landings or an awakening of the entire populace of humanity that the star beings are among them. Now, are you at a stage, and I’m talking now of humanity not particular individuals, are you at a stage where you are reactive or is it neutral, is it investigative, is it an opening, is it an excitement–let us see–or is it ‘us or them’, is it they are superior? They are bringing superior technology. Therefore we are going to be enslaved. Or is it reactive that they are better than us. We better protect ourself. That has been some of the thinking, if you want to call it that, that has gone into the divine decision-making process. Is the collective going to be reactive in a negative way?

SB: Hum, well, that’s very helpful. Thank you. That’s exactly the kind of discussion that we’ve wanted to have. I think we have about 8 more minutes to go and perhaps I could just ask you to give us a very short summation of what might be happening with a couple of events.

I’m not going to ask you about Ascension, because I think we all know that that’s a gradual process and it’s happening and I think we know about that. But we don’t know about (1) the Reval and (2) Disclosure. Can you just tell us in very short form, a synopsis of what is happening on those two fronts?

SK: There was a decision conjunct with your star brothers and sisters and what you can think of as the Company of Heaven, the Council of Love, this side, that was undertaken, oh, in your time probably about a couple of years ago, that the wide display that you see in your night skies of all the ships, and some of you see them in the daytime as well, would not be what you can think of as a ‘grand event.’

There would not be a parade of spaceships down Main Street or on the White House lawn or on the Kremlin lawn. There would be an integration of what we have termed ‘boots on the ground’ of star beings who have come to the planet and who are integrating into your societal framework, and very diligently, for you especially Steve, this is good news, working on the anchoring of Nova Earth and Nova Being.

They are high-being transmitters, communicators, and anchors for this energy so that there becomes, what you can think of as a new normal. So Disclosure as a main event? No. The quiet awakening to Disclosure that we are not alone. Yes. And that is already well underway.

SB: It is a change isn’t it? Because you flew over Lima in great numbers and over Mexico City, London, and New York, but after that you abandoned it, is that correct?

SK: Because of the reactive nature, not so much of the populace who were by and large excited, but about the National Guard reactions.

SB: Right. I see that you regularly park a light ship over Vancouver International Airport. Can you tell me, are you hoping the pilots see it?

SK: Oh, the pilots see us all the time.

SB: So they come in every day and see a flying ship.

SK: Yes, this is what we mean by the public secret. There are very few pilots that you would talk to, in casual conversation, that would not say that they had seen an ‘unexplained flying object’ that is either accompanying them or zooming by them or that they had seen on a night approach or a day approach.

So, we are visible, it is just not overly visible. So, this is part of the quiet Disclosure until it becomes second nature.

SB: Yes. And then the pilots will say, ‘oh, we’ve been seeing these for years’.

SK: That is correct. That is correct. So, there are certain groups of people that are being honed to be the voice of quiet and calm and the pilots are one of them and the entire staff that work particularly on airlines.

So that is the divine decision regarding Disclosure. But I encourage you, my brothers and sisters. Go quiet, call your star brothers in. Meet with them. Talk to them. Visit the ships one by one, but your time is close.

SB: Okay, you make that editor first because he wants to get up there in the worst way. So, you know who I’m talking about.

SK: We hear you.

SB: Okay, now the Reval. One prominent channel said to me, “Are you seriously thinking there will be a Reval because things don’t work that way” and other lightworkers have said, “Oh, no, no, there’s not going to be a Reval. It’s going to come in in dribs and drabs. It’s going to come in small amounts and build up over quite a while.” Is there, in fact, going to be a Reval or not, Raj?

SK: Lightworkers sometimes have exclusive tunnel vision. Review your history, dear hearts. And what you call this Reval and what we call the Reevaluation of financial systems of which what you call the RV or the Reval is a small part, but nevertheless I’m answering your question.

It was originally designed to assist veterans, to assist those who were the warriors and those who were harmed by war. And it was also a political promise that when there was a cessation of war and an establishment of what political nations call peace, which is not the same as our peace, that then there would be the carrot that your currency will be reexamined in light of your economy and your resources.

And the reason why many of the veterans were included in this was the understanding, above and below, that these beings had paid dearly by engaging in war. So, it is not merely a blessing from heaven for being a lightworker; that is not the case.

Now, is it a blessing for lightworkers? Yes. But is it exclusionary? No. It has been, not simply the Company of Heaven running this; this is why we always say to you, “Look to your spiritual currency. Look to your own ability to create within and then without.”

Will there be a reassessment, what you call a Reevaluation of a number of currencies worldwide? Yes.

Now, let us take you back to this reactive business, not merely is this going to occur when those who would be the recipients of great wealth [might] use it to enforce control, power, greed, death, mayhem, chaos. That is why the Peace Initiative is so important.

But it is also, even for the lightworkers, it is not simply a blessing so that you [become] an exclusive group or that you are retiring, although many of you will.

It is monies that can be used to create, to anchor in a physical reality the institutions, the rework, the re-engineering for Nova Earth. And so, again I say to you, “Are the human beings ready? Are that 8 billion ready?” No. “Are many segments ready?” Yes.

“Is it in process?” It is not dribs and drab. This is a political move. This is an economic move.

“Does it herald a shift in the consciousness of what is fair and equal?” Yes. “Will it come forth?” Yes. “Are we going to give you a date?” The channel will not allow such a thing.

SB: Yes, we don’t want to go there either. We understand that it’s a matter of frequency, of vibration. We understand it’s a matter of the expansion of our hearts, and we understand that it’s not only a matter with the Reval but with Disclosure and Ascension and peace and everything else.

But am I to take away from our discussion today that we should, all of us, just say ‘hey, this is going to be months if not years from now. Let’s get on to thinking about something else because this Reval is just not going to happen very soon, so face it, suck it up and let’s get on with something else?

Raj, when I say this, about the Reval for instance, I’m talking about building Nova Earth, I’m talking about having the resources to end gender persecution on the planet, to rescue the poor people from Darfur from everything that besets them, to bring peace to other areas of the world, to rescue so many women from sexual slavery around the world that’s supported by multinational corporations, to right the wrongs in the world, to get the world back on kilter.

So it’s not a case, when I’m speaking anyway, of wanting to retire to Florida, but it’s a desire to get to work on building Nova Earth.

SK: And many of you are there. Now, should you abandon this and say, ‘well, tough luck’? You can if you wish.

What I will end with is something, dear heart, that I have had and heard many of you say, proceed ‘as if’ (1) and when I say this, let me be clear, “Proceed ‘as if’ it is not going to happen and therefore I better get to work and create with my community and my resources everything I can possibly do and proceed ‘as if’ it is going to happen and that I am putting in place everything that is going to transpire when it does.” So, proceed ‘as if’, use the fullness of your creative potential in partnership with us, with the usage of Universal Law.

You know how powerful you are. If you focus simply on the money will it occur? No. But if you focus on what you are wishing to do, that is an entirely different scenario.

SB: Uhh, okay, alright. I think we’re going to have to allow Linda to come back and relax after our discussion with you.

SK: Then I will give you my goodbyes. I will give you my farewells. But know that I am with you, as is St. Germaine.

Beloveds, rest, bathe in the peace and give it to everyone you meet but most importantly, your sweet self.

SB: Thank you very much, Raj. Thank you for coming.

SK: Go in Peace. You are welcome. Farewell.

SB: Farewell.

Okay, I think we’ll give Linda just a minute to make her transition and come back, but, Graham, do you want to discuss what you’ve heard from Sanat Kumara today?

GD: Well, I think the emphasis is really good and important. The focus is not the money. The focus is proceed as if we have it available to us to build that world that works for everyone, to create that world, that vision that we have in our hearts.

I think that can’t be underscored enough and like you said, Steve, it’s about the frequency within. It’s about opening our hearts and I think the less focus we put on these big events like the RV and Disclosure, that’s healthy.

We have it within ourselves, as Raj was saying, we are powerful co-creators. Don’t stop, keep going and everyone can play a part and needs to play a part as powerful co-creators to build this world. But it starts with the heart.

SB: Right, I also think that the point he made about ‘as if’ is very important. The higher dimensions work on the basis of creative imagination, right? What you think about you create in the higher dimensions.

And since we’re gradually moving into those higher dimensions, the closest terrestrial match-up we have to that is this, what one author called “The Philosophy of As If.” (2) If we operate ‘as if’ what we want to have happen has already happened.

We operate in this case ‘as if’ the Reval is going to happen and then it does at some point and we’re not creating a barrier against it happening, but we’re just shelving that for the moment and then using the same ‘as if’ in areas of lightwork like gender equality or the relief of hunger in the world or the relief of homelessness.

It’s a way of entering into this whole domain of creating with our imagination, which there by the Law of Attraction draw something to us and have something materialize.

I wonder if Linda is back enough to chat? You might be tired, Linda, you might be a little ‘out there.’

LD:  I am a little ‘out there’ but you know, one of the things that I bring away, not just from today’s conversation but from the repeated messages is – and it does relate to what you were just saying, Steve, and thanks for the reminder ‘as if’ – I see everything is there, like on the table, and I proceed ‘as if’ what we choose to create is entirely possible. Otherwise we wouldn’t have the idea. We wouldn’t have the inclination. We wouldn’t have the desire.

I don’t think that we’re set up that way, so I proceed ‘as if’ it is possible and we can bring this into form with focus and it’s heart focus. So I try and this is where our full circle back to spiritual exhaustion comes, I try and be really gentle and kind and considerate and compassionate with myself and with everybody else when something with the main event or something doesn’t come to pass, I still proceed ‘as if’ it will.

I may not know the timeframe. You know me and my issue with time frames, but I do proceed ‘as if’ it will come to pass because that’s, to me, holding the vision.

SB: Well, we’ve been conditioned since earliest days to be a stimulus-response machine and also to think in terms of cause and effect, cause and result, which we don’t even realize and which orients us to expect some big event or to always wait for the conclusion of something or the culmination of something. What happened? What resulted with the tangible results?

And I’m the worst offender in that whole area but we’ve got to break this stimulus-response circle that we’re in of reasoning and thinking and one of the easiest ways is to use this function of the creative imagination to see the result as actually having happened and orient towards it as it does.

You were talking about this Linda, and if you don’t do it that way I’d add on to it that even if the result happened we wouldn’t see it, because we’ve already decided the result’s not going to happen and so we wouldn’t even notice it.

LD: That’s right.

SB: And if somebody offered it to us, we’d say ‘well, no, no, no, no, I don’t believe you. It hasn’t happened’ and so we’d just walk by the opportunity. So seeing it ‘as if’ it has happened or seeing it ‘as if’ it will happen opens us to it happening in this other way as well. Sorry, Graham, go ahead.

GD: Well, I’m thinking about my internal process and to add a little bit more of what I was speaking to earlier, the focus for me is not about a specific event or around Ascension, like December 21, 2012, I admit I got caught up in that and the build-up of it, the focus for me is not Disclosure.

The focus for me is not the abundance programs or the abundance economy. The focus for me is when I really get to my heart space and when I really connect to my grandest vision and dream and what brings me joy. The focus is creating a world that works for everyone. The focus is a world of peace, of unity consciousness. These items are not the focus and I think we can get lost in that too much sometimes. So, I’m feeling just the need to underscore again. It starts with us. It’s the internal work within that effects everything else in our outer world.

SB: Right.

LD: Amen.

SB: Linda, anything further before we wrap things up?

LD: I think we stay the course, be gentle with ourselves, breathe the Blue Breeze of Peace, and keep going!

SB: Very good. I agree. Graham, anything in last words from you?

GD: No. Thank you very much.

SB: Okay. Well, thank you both. What a wonderful show and thank you to the Company of Heaven. We’re grateful to them for all we’ve received, tangible and intangible.

Channeled by Linda Dillon 02-19-15

© 2015 Council of Love


Sanat Kumara on Spiritual Exhaustion – An Hour with an Angel – Host Steve Beckow – Channeler Linda Dillon – 2-19-15

Sanat Kumara

 Sanat Kumara on Spiritual Exhaustion    –   An Hour with an Angel   –  

Host Steve Beckow   –   Channeler Linda Dillon   –   2-19-15


February 19, 2015: This week on An Hour with an Angel, we have as our guest Sanat Kumara, planetary logos.

Having just emerged from a push to create world peace, many of us are experiencing fatigue, and even exhaustion. Some of us have been working for decades; others for years on the major events that have been foretold and that still elude us.

We’ll ask Sanat to “part the curtains” and tell us in a heartfelt way what’s happening behind the scenes and what the factors are that determine when the events we’ve heard so much about will happen.

We’ll ask him how to handle spiritual exhaustion and how and where to find the push and energy to keep going when the road seems long.

Sanat Kumara and Sananda/Jesus – The Dark Ones Leave – BEWARE Who You Blame for Earth’s Troubles – 2-10-15

SanatKumara2Sanat Kumara:

I am contacting you from my position as participant observer in the affairs of Planet Earth. I am at an Inner Earth meeting of the Intergalactic Council of One.

It is a large gathering of representatives from all the cosmos who are intimately involved in the preparations for the final removal of the cabal from Planet Earth. This solemn ceremony will occur on Wednesday evening at 8 EST, at which time all remaining dark cabal forces will be removed from the planet to be rehabilitated or dissolved, as they choose.

Sananda is speaking. He is appealing for a carefully coordinated effort from all parts of the Universe Nebadon (yours) to orchestrate the follow-up actions once the removal of the cabal is complete. We do not want a repeat of what happened following the removal of the Reptilians, when so many dark minions stepped up to take their places, in spades.

We have set a limit on the overall Light/Dark quotient which will be permitted within each individual before they are automatically removed from life on Planet Earth. However, should many more humans turn away from the Light to take the place of the departing dark ones, it would create havoc, and set us back many years, even if they did not become as murderous and vicious as the departing souls.

Should they rise to new levels of darkness, as their predecessors did, they will be immediately removed. This edict from Source will remain in place forever.

It is a crucial time in the development of the New Golden Age. It is intended to bring prosperity to all, relief from oppression, and the comfort of knowing all are safe to live their lives in peace. We cannot allow a proliferation of petty criminals and playground bullies to counteract the marvelous events we have in store for all of you.

There are many exciting events in store for you in the coming months. Your Intergalactic Federation is on the move. They are coordinating a careful approach to Earth.

There are many considerations in carrying out a massive operation like this, including (to put it in Earthly terms) the cosmic equivalent of weather, turbulent energy patterns, gravity, and approved air traffic control routes. Separate meetings under the guidance of Commander Ashtar will be moving forward during these coming days.

At the same time, the focus of your Ascended Masters turns to the conditions on the ground, and what we can expect to occur in the aftermath of the removal of the leaders of most of the world’s banks, corporations, media organizations and political entities.

The most obvious for the U.S. will be the cessation of all activities of the secret government, providing those of you on the ground can maintain a high level of Light energy.

I will explain how important your role is now and why. Removing the leaders, the darkest of the dark leaders, will still leave the shadow structure of the organizations they put in place.

This will be felt in a similar way to what you have experienced with the removal of the dark sleeper cell. The cell is gone, but the memory of its vibration is still present within your brain and body. This too must be eliminated through careful focus and determination.

We are now at a similar point in the evolution of the planet. Removal of the “dark cell” of leaders will leave in place the dark thought forms you are used to and many of their minions.

These beings, like all of you, have been spared for the time being because they carry within them a promising proportion of Light in spite of their past involvement with darkness.

God is merciful, as we have told you, and will make every effort to help those who wish to help themselves. This is not a free ride, we assure you, or preferential treatment for those who have lived destructive lives.

Many of these border-of-darkness beings are your neighbors, lovers, relatives and friends. Many of you reading this message may have gone through periods in your lives where you were attracted to schemes that promised wealth and power, or addictive substances that promised relief from pain. As Jesus taught, “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.”

Of course, we do not speak in terms of sin, but humankind uses this language to describe destructive behavior.

We prefer to see human behavior on a spectrum from dark to Light. At this time, there are still a large number of humans who fall into the range of 60% to 70% darkness.

They are the polluters, the oblivious racists, the animal abusers, the arrogant executives, the punitive parents, the cruel teachers and the extremely religious of all stripes. Many of this enormous group have aligned themselves with darkness because they felt powerless, or because they could not have sustained themselves and their families economically otherwise.

Do we condemn someone who flips poisoned burgers for a living? Of course not. We remove the burger-meisters. (I could not resist that small pun.) Then we must find ways for those left adrift to fill their days with productive work, and teach compassion and forgiveness for those who have been compromised by having lived in an impossibly difficult world system.

Everyone has been enslaved in one way or another, you see. No one has been spared the bite of having to “fit in” to an environment that encouraged soul-destroying behavior, while ingesting mind-control substances daily.

This is why so many Masters are here at this time – because a young soul could not have maintained a connection to her heart under such crushing psychological and physical abuses. You are realizing, as you have struggled to clear darkness from your own beings, just how difficult this process is.

Know that I do not tell you these things to alarm or discourage you. No, rather, we wish to encourage and inspire you to join with us now, find your place in the Army of Light, and help us to make the world over anew! All are needed!

When you align yourself with our intentions to calm and shift the vibrations on Planet Earth, we will accomplish the miracle of seeing the atmosphere clearing, the Light dawning all across the planet.

You have already accomplished the heroic lifting of energies that has made this current transition possible. All of you must be aware of the tremendous change in the alignment of energies since December of 2012.

It may not be what you expected, but it is clearly a separation between Light and Dark, a massive schism that now makes it clear what is Light and what is not.

What was once a blurred thin line between good and evil, as you call it, is now blatantly obvious to more people every day. For instance, a popular newscaster is disgraced for having said that his helicopter was attacked in Iraq, when it was not true.

A few months ago, this story would have been buried as a footnote, shrugged off as a “slip of tongue” or an understandable exaggeration from one who may have been anxious at the time.

No! The public now sees a contrived piece of propaganda when it is dangled before them. A journalist is not an entertainment figure. He is expected to hold to a standard of truth-telling that transcends mere sensationalism, or worse yet, acting as a puppet for his cabal handlers.

This same standard of truth-telling is now being held up for your political leaders, sports figures, and all others in the public eye, including us, your overlighting Masters of the Higher Dimensions.

You have demanded more information, and more of the whole story, rather than the bits and pieces we have given in the past to introduce you slowly to the mind-expanding truths of life in the cosmos.

I have assured you in the past that we truly did not lie to you when we thought the prosperity programs would be released. Our plans were that this should happen, and our view of what was happening on the ground led us to conclude that it would transpire as planned.

I will give you another bit of truth that may surprise you. We, your Ascended Masters, are much like you, in that we are not omniscient – all-knowing – and we are not all-powerful.

We are Gods, yes, in our abilities to create and expand, but we do not have absolute control over what happens on Earth, or within our Universe. Even Prime Creator cannot make a unilateral decision to create or destroy on a large scale.

Just as I have revealed to you that I, Sanat Kumara, was filling the job description of “Father God,” the Creator of your Milky Way Galaxy, Prime Creator was one of our Archangel pairs – twin flames who generally work together to fill these important positions.

In Higher Dimensions, we all work with each other, and sometimes move up or down the hierarchy to fill the positions that are needed at the time. At this moment of Now, the Multiverse is expanding at a rapid rate because Source has created new Universes, which he does because it is what he does – Create.

As the great cosmos expands, the complexity expands logarithmically, you might say. We are now in a time of great expansion, and the responsibilities have expanded simultaneously.

Where a “laissez-faire” management style was previously appropriate, given the Universal Law of nonintervention, it is now more crucial than ever that we remain in constant communication with each other and with Source.

Only Source has the say about what will be done in the final analysis, but he depends upon us, his/her “boots on the ground” to carry out all programs and to keep everyone involved informed of all complications or problems, within their local area and beyond.

Now, I represent the Company of Heaven when I offer you the following apology, offered from the depths of our hearts to yours.

We regret that during the period after the removal of the Reptilians in August of 2013, we turned our attention to the development of the New Universe and the opportunities it would create for all of us, because we truly expected that humankind would fill with Light the void left by the Reptilian overlords.

Instead, the cabal – whose humanity has been compromised by eons of cooperation with the dark forces – took over with a vengeance.

It was not that we were completely ignorant of their power and determination, but we were blindsided by the speed with which they took control. At the same time, of course, the Light quotient was increasing because of the courageous Lighworkers’ efforts.

This is when the great gulf between Light and darkness expanded so suddenly. In cosmic terms, the shift was a moment, but a huge moment in terms of the effect it has had on you, our dear children.

These recent months of struggle and conflict were not intended to get so out of hand so suddenly. It was complicated for us by the fact that the sudden shift that created a huge warp in the electromagnetic field around Earth also obscured our ability to see what was happening. Things went from bad to worse in the blink of an eye.

You may remember that it was during this time that we asked Kathryn to begin sending you a message every day, in hopes of awakening more Lightworkers and keeping the hard-working ones energized.

Unfortunately, it did not help, since some of our information turned out to be inaccurate, given the prevailing timeline, which kept changing from day to day. We can tell you now – we were heart-broken to see how ineffectual our efforts were, and how discouraged and angry many of you were.

We too were in a dilemma. Source wants us to learn, to grow into the skilled managing directors who will be needed at every level in the present and new Universes to come.

He will not step in to rescue us – whether incarnated or in lightbodies – unless our actions cause a threat to others in the Universe. The suffering caused by the recent complications was heart-breaking and regrettable, but it was a part of the original understanding of how difficult this incarnation would be.

We must pull ourselves out of our own messes, with his profound Love and guidance. This is the True Way. It is how we grow, and in the long run, we are always glad for the opportunity to stretch ourselves.

This failure on our part was a tremendous wake-up call to us as well. Fortunately, in spite of the dense energies, we were able to maintain contact with some of our Lightworkers and channels on the ground, and so the long climb back to order and calm has proceeded, under different leadership and with renewed focus.

We acknowledge that, like you, we were stretched thin, trying to keep up with the shifting phenomena we could barely detect through the thick fog of swirling, chaotic energies around your planet.

We turned from our planning and projecting and instead began to rely on our human counterparts to lead us through the quagmire.

We acknowledge with great humility and gratitude that our twin flames and soul incarnation aspects have been the ones whose knowledge and great determination have turned the course of events here on Earth.

The energy of Source, our Central Sun as we sometimes call him, has ignited the imagination and creative genius in those who knew what steps would have to be taken to turn this Titanic around, as you have so aptly quipped.

Your clear demands for fairness and truth, and your willingness to take responsibility for helping to “clean up” the problem on the ground has made all the difference.

As you have gained in power and Light, especially after the removal of the dark cell in your brains, your connection with us has solidified, and we can now work as a well-oiled machine, with you, our beloved Earthbound souls in the lead.

You are brilliant managers and executives, and your deep understanding of the moment-to-moment feelings of your fellow humans surpasses ours. We humbly reach across the great divide that has separated us to clasp your outreached hands, and we share with you the power of Light from our Great One.

We honor you with all our hearts, Beloved Human Ones. Together, we are magnificent, and together we will finish this job.

This is the time of the rising of the Divine Feminine. You have noticed how many of the most powerful Lightworkers are women.

Even in positions of power in politics and finance and in spiritual leadership, women have stepped forward in spite of the odds against them. Look to your women, Beloved Humankind, for they are the first to absorb and put to use the great crystalline power that will lead you into the Light.

My dear brother Sananda is here. They have just adjourned the Council meeting for today. Let us let him share his news with you.


Thank you, Sanat, you are truly everywhere helping all of us. We are grateful, Dear Brother.

Beloved Ones, we are resolved to put our energies into moving forward immediately following the removal of the last members of the Earth cabal.

We will be “on it” as you say, to avoid any rushing in to fill the void on the part of the lower level minions who are now teetering on the Great Divide between Light and dark.

Now, this week, this day, is the crucial time when you must all be ready to open your minds to grasp the truth of the history of Planet Earth and open your hearts to be filled with forgiveness, mercy and compassion. There must be no revenge, no witch-hunts, no punitive or bitter recriminations.

The consequences for everyone’s behavior while on Earth is well investigated and understood when a soul returns to higher dimensions to meet with their Creator and their Guides. This is a process the cabal members have avoided for centuries, and it will no longer be permitted. Their free reign has been completely curtailed, and will never – I say NEVER – be restored.

You must work hard to understand, Beloved Ones. Forgiveness does not mean permissiveness or weakness.

These are cabal ideas. The consequences of all actions, destructive or Light-filled, are taken into account when a soul review is undertaken.

In the case of cabal members whose Higher Selves have been damaged, this will require additional healing, but this does not mean they will not be held accountable for their dark deeds. I remind you here – before their review is done, they must witness first-hand the atrocities and cruelty they inflicted on others.

They will experience those atrocities themselves, from the point of view of those they abused, in real time.

You see, after each lifetime we gain more knowledge and most importantly, more empathy. This will be the process of rehabilitation those damaged souls will have to undergo if they are to return in their bodies.

When they go to higher dimensions there is no time limit to how much work they must do or how long it should take, because there is no time.

They will return when they are done, not before, and as you learned from the movie, “Interstellar,” it may have been only a heart-beat in Earth time.

Now it is to be your work, Dear Ones, to ease the transition for others, to hold the bar high, to teach a new kind of forgiveness based in knowledge and wisdom. It is vital to our Great Plan that Earth not sink into a phase of indignant rage, vengeance and cruelty in the name of Justice. This would destroy everything we have worked for.

Begin with capital punishment. No one must be killed for a crime committed in the past. It only creates more darkness.

You must learn to make a convincing case for the importance of keeping a high standard of ethics, which includes allowing for a person to “work off” the penance for their crimes if it would be for the greater good of humankind. Community service is a time-honored way to provide for both atonement and reparations to society.

Truth and Reconciliation must be kept in Divine balance in the months to come. Do not allow yourselves to be swept up in rabble-rousing or propagandizing for any side. This was the way of the cabal, and it must not be reestablished as the order of the day after they are gone.

Now is not the time for lynch-mobs or character assassination. The worst danger is that the wrong people would be persecuted as a result of the passionate and ill-formed opinions of “experts” about who was right and who was wrong in the intricate web of the past.

You were told this week that Lucifer was portrayed by Archangel Gabriel. This does not mean that Gabriel “fell” or turned dark. He portrayed Lucifer, the Dark One, in order to infiltrate the dark forces.

The idea of “fallen angel” was his cover story to allow him entrance to the inner workings of Archon (4th dimensional) darkness.

They saw him as their leader, Satan, even though he was simultaneously carrying out undercover operations for the Great One.

Given the current misunderstandings, Gabriel would be sent to the guillotine or the death chair for crimes against humanity, when in fact he was your greatest “asset.” The same could be said for Barack Obama.

BEWARE WHO YOU BLAME for the past travesties. Look instead to understand more deeply, and then more deeply yet. The Truth will reveal itself in waves, as you search your intuition, consult with your HIgher Self, and converse with us at length on every issue.

Use our invitation to speak with you on the radio show at every Wednesday evening. We will answer your questions and offer support gladly. Click “follow” near Kathryn’s picture on the BlogTalk internet page to be informed of upcoming shows.

Please, we beg you to pass this information on now. We must reach larger numbers of people, and we must teach the removal of the dark sleeper cell to help all move into the new era with grace, in a state of inner peace.

Be resourceful and daring. Reach out to others who are still asleep. Connect with each other, and stay balanced as you step into your leadership positions in preparation for the challenges to come.

In the name of the Company of Heaven, I am your Sananda/Jesus. I love you without end, and I will be with you to the end of this road.

Transcribed by Kathryn E. May, February 9, 2015, New York

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Sanat Kumara – A Battle Won – Love Everlasting – The Company Of Heaven – 2-3-15

Sanatkumara Sanat Kumara

The Company of Heaven and Sanat Kumara: A Battle Won, and Love Everlasting
The Company of Heaven:

Dearest Earth Ones, today is a day of celebration and jubilation for us. It is only fitting that we give you some idea of what we are so triumphant about so that you can celebrate with us.

It has been an unusual time for us, these last few weeks. We have spent much concentration and effort to make important decisions about how we could intervene in your behalf, given the requirements of our contracts with you, but we have been given a recent dispensation because of the work you have been doing individually and as a group to remove the dark seed within you and to cancel the contract to carry what you have been calling the “Sleeper Cell.”

You have been most effective in your efforts, and the declaration from many of you that you are now consciously revoking that contract has changed the conditions of our pact with you. We are now able to help you in more active ways, especially in encouraging you toward greater freedom of thought and action. As a result of the work you have done that is just beginning to build in momentum and power, you are going to see things moving fast now.

One of the things we have been able to do on your behalf was a confrontation with the Dark Hats of the sort we have seldom undertaken, because of the seriousness of the possible repercussions, and because of our reluctance to put our beloved Warriors of the Light in the path of danger. Nevertheless, it was with the full agreement of your Galactic family and especially the Ascended Masters who have taken a personal interest in your Ascension, that we did this week what you might term “throwing down the gauntlet.”

Last night a full-fledged battle ensued – not of the sort you are familiar with on the surface of Earth, but a serious confrontation of the wills. Our very effective resource is the courage and Light energy of our Masters, who have pledged themselves in service to the Great One. The technology we use in opposition to the Dark Hats involves focusing Light energy to protect and encircle our Warriors while they use the power of Light to blind and literally overpower the Dark Hats. Our forces were guided by their beloved Brother Archangel Michael.

Unfortunately, the Dark Ones responded with illicit weaponry, taking advantage of our beloved Brothers and Sisters of the Light who had voluntarily descended through dimensions to meet the Dark Ones close to the Earth plane. Some of them are incarnated, others remaining cloaked in higher dimensions as backup for those who were on the “front lines” in direct contact with the Dark Hats who have been so belligerently holding on to their power over humankind.

It may sound like a mild form of conflict to you, but we assure you it is taken on with great concern for the well-being of our beloved defenders, for such encounters have inflicted severe damage to our side in the past, and Source does not wish to risk any of our souls to such a conflict. Many weeks of serious contemplation and discussion were required before consensus could be reached about the wisdom of proceeding with a direct challenge to the Dark Hats.

A number of your beloved Masters were injured by the attack, although all were healed by powerful teams of energy healers who were very effective in their fast response. Your Sananda was slightly injured, and the one who channels this report, Kathryn, took a serious hit during the height of the skirmish. Sanat Kumara, her mentor and beloved friend, was present with Archangel Raphael and many others to lead the teams of healers, and all were administered to immediately, restoring their energetic integrity and cellular organization.

We assure you that all our Light Warriors are well and being celebrated with medals, victory songs and an outpouring of Love from all the corners of the Universe and beyond.

(Kathryn: At this point, as the relief sank in, I felt a distinct pain in my toe. A familiar voice came forward.)
Sanat Kumara:

I wish to interject a personal note here. I am aware of the Company of Heaven’s primary interest in presenting this story in a way that will not cause alarm to any of you, or in any way make you feel insecure or doubtful that the power of the Light will always prevail. I too wish to reassure and comfort you in that knowledge, and I do want to share more details with you, in the spirit of openness we have established with you since you have matured and evolved in your understanding of Galactic events.

This was one of the most difficult events of our Earth history since Atlantis, and was approached with great concern that it might flare into a full-blown Galactic war if we were not extremely cautious about containing the conflict to only those we were challenging over the control of Planet Earth – the dark ones who remained in human form after the clearing of the Reptilians and their dark allies.

We did not want to attract the participation of those Dark Hats who linger in the outer reaches of our Galactic neighborhood, some of whom are still resentful of their allies’ expulsion from Earth, and would have relished the excuse to reassert their influence here. For this reason, the entire operation was overseen by the Ashtar Command of the Galactic Federation of Light, to prevent any outside interference. Without these forces to protect and contain the battle we could not have proceeded with such a dangerous mission.

You see, there are Dark Hats lurking in other parts of the Universe. They are being carefully contained and managed, and this operation will serve as a reminder to all that it is fruitless to try to overpower the Light when those on the ground are awake and linking their energies with ours. The days of control of Planet Earth by the Dark Hats are over. We are now able to complete the “mopping up” phase of negotiating their rehabilitation and return to the Light.

I also wish to express my gratitude and great Love for the valiant “boots on the ground” whose dedication to the Great Plan – the Ascension of Planet Earth – has made this monumental progress possible. As many of you know, my heart has always been with our beloved Terra and humankind. I have served here for millennia side by side with my Lady Venus, our beloved Brother Sananda and his Nada, the other Masters you know and love so well, and the entire legion of Elohim who pledged their hearts as well to this glorious plan.

You may be hearing the note of nostalgia in my voice as I address all of you, Beloved Ones. It is true that I look now at the extraordinary accomplishments we have achieved against all odds, and it brings tears of joy to see the triumph we worked so long together to achieve. It may take a few days or months for the world to absorb the meaning of our successes, but I assure you it will never be the same again, my Dear Ones.

I now wish to reveal to you something that may come as a surprise to many of you, although I trust that your discernment has allowed you to intuit the truths behind our teaching methods, which may have seemed madness to you at times. Of course, it is just our sometimes last-ditch measures to make contact with you that may seem unfathomable to you in the process, but you will see the method in our madness as the truths unfold for you in the coming months.

Here is what I wish to tell you about now: During this last phase of your heroic struggle to win back your beloved planet, much has transpired in the Cosmos. Source, the Creator of All, has created a new Universe, and it is now in the process of being populated and “fleshed out” you might say. Lady Venus and I have been asked to serve there in the position of Prime Creators while your very competent team of Masters completes the Great Plan here. You may wonder at the idea of a “promotion” to Prime Creator for one who is a familiar Master to you, however I assure you such is the way of the Multiverse. We each grow and evolve, learn to create and to manage at higher and higher levels under the loving training of our Creator.

You see, there is more I wish to tell you about my identity, and that of my beloved Twin Flame. We are more familiar to you than you might realize. It was a part of the Great Plan that we should find methods to help awaken those on the ground in new and innovative ways, especially to help counteract the destructive religious training which portrayed God as angry, vindictive and well, downright mean.

We put our hearts and minds together in the Company of Heaven, and an original plan was hatched. It was determined that I would come through our channels to speak to you, since it was we, Lady Venus and I, who had created your Milky Way Galaxy. You see, our job description was one that humankind would see as the work of God, although it was actually doing the work of God in the capacity of Creation in your own galaxy. It was decided that I would take on, for a time, the title of Father God, and my Beloved would speak as Mother God so we could teach you of our nearness and great Love for you.

We understand that it may have been a bit confusing for some of you to learn of the many levels of Creators in the Hierarchy of Heaven, but we hoped you would forgive us for the minor name changes to help you learn more about us in a gradual way. Throughout the history of Planet Earth we have incarnated among you and have spoken to the prophets and oracles and have been known as gods in many religions.

As I told you in the hundreds of messages I sent to you through Kathryn, called “When God Pinched My Toe,” I have been called Jehovah, Allah, Shiva, Ra, and many other names. Most recently I came through to speak as Zorra for a time, to establish a media connection with all of you, although it became necessary for me to reveal my identity as Father God in order to communicate more directly with all of you, and so you would know it was I who had worked with Kathryn to create all those messages for you.

We have told you of our abilities in higher dimensions – the skill of multi-locating, being able to appear in many dimensions in many forms. You, Dear Ones, have the same abilities in various levels, even as you experience yourselves as solitary beings here on Terra. I assure you that you have such seemingly wondrous abilities yourselves. You will be learning much more about yourselves very soon. It was this ability to multi-locate that gave us the opportunity to present ourselves simultaneously as incarnated humans, as Masters in human-like form, and as Galactic beings of various shapes and sizes, and each one is our true identity.

I want you to know that even as we depart for our new assignment in the New Universe, I carry in my heart the great Love for all of you that could never die. You are my children, my beloved brothers and sisters, my cherished friends. We have shared the struggles and the battlefields together; it is now time for peace, companionship and Love. I wish you all the happiness you deserve, all the prosperity you have been promised, and all the freedom you have long struggled to achieve for humankind.

We have traveled this long path together, My Beloved Ones. Although I will make a leap into another Universe, and that leap is not one which can be retraced on a whim, I have already spoken with your Kathryn, and she insisted that we create a permanent portal through which we can communicate, regardless of time or distance. Together we have created such a portal, for our long and loving relationship, going back to her time as a young woman in this lifetime, (along with our eternity as Children of the Great Sun) makes a strong bond of affection and trust that transcends time and distance.

The power of the connection between a human on the surface of Planet Earth, combined with the energy of a higher dimensional being, creates an exponentially increasing forcefield of Light. It is eternal, recognized throughout the Cosmos as the greatest Creative energy in the Multiverse.

Across dimensions, Love reigns supreme, as many of you know who have felt the continued presence of loved ones who have passed to higher dimensions. We will be here with you whenever you wish to communicate with us, as we build a bridge across Universes to a new experience of Oneness.

Together, we will remove all barriers, eliminate all boundaries as we forge our connections, deeper and stronger than ever before. Our Light will bring forth new hope, new possibilities for the Creation of Love without end. We venture forth now, but we do not leave you, for our hearts remain forever linked with yours.

I am your Sanat Kumara, Father God, and I speak with the heart of the Company of Heaven as my own.
Transcribed with the deepest love, gratitude and endless tears, Kathryn, Feb. 1, 2015, New York.

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Sanat Kumara via Jenny Schilz – Time of the Great Purge – 1-23-15


January 23, 2015 

This is a brief message to discuss with you what will be taking place energetically over the next few weeks. We are calling this period “The Great Purge”. All that no longer serves you, all that impedes your growth and progress will be shown to you. We ask that you pay close attention to your thoughts and emotions. Anything that brings you out of balance, no matter how minute is showing you something that needs releasing and changing.

When you become triggered or overwhelmed with emotion, it is the time to examine the thoughts and beliefs that lead to you feeling uncomfortable. What then is your normal response in situations like these? For you see, all that is coming to light you have experienced before, if only in a slightly different context. Once you identify how you have reacted and felt before, you can make a conscious choice to do something different. By making the conscious choice to respond and behave differently you are then actively rewriting old programming and emptying yourself of what you no longer need on your journey. This is an important time and if properly utilized will provide tremendous soul growth. You must first be aware and conscious of what you are being shown and of how you would have normally, unconsciously responded, then you must choose to do different.

Once you understand this process you will be able to see where others are being triggered as well. You will be able to see that when another lashes out that they too are being shown areas needing changing. We urge you not to judge them, instead look at how their behavior affects you. How you react is also a clue to what may need releasing. If you would normally react by returning hostility, choose a different way. If you would normally respond in judgement, respond instead with compassion as you too are being purged. Understand that all you are being shown through your internal thoughts and feelings and your external relations with the world around you are designed to show you old programming, beliefs, thoughts, and actions that need changing.

While many may feel this is a difficult time, it is also a miraculous one. Have gratitude for this process as it will change you to your very core if you allow it. Once the old is released and a new way of being that is inline with your heart centered existence is in place, you will see the beauty of this process. Not only will you experience the mental purging you will also feel the effects of physical purging taking place. All emotions and behaviors are stored in the body. These too will have to be released. Don’t be alarmed at the stomach upset, the aches and pains, and exhaustion. Drink plenty of water and limit your exposure to chemicals in your food and environment.

Know that in all times what you are experiencing is in your highest good. You have a choice to utilize these energies to your fullest potential or to continue on the path you have always known. Be courageous and choose to allow yourself to become what you truly are.

Show compassion to yourself and others,


Personal Note:

I asked if this time period coincided with Mercury in retrograde for a reason and was told yes, but that this will be a much more intense period than normal Mercury in retrograde. I also asked if I should stay off Facebook or away from potential triggers and was told that it would be my choice. However, exposing myself to as many possible triggers is recommended. “Through each experience you will see what needs changing”. So this is a time of experiencing life but of enough mental stillness to stop and examine my thoughts. I have faith that we can all do this and make great change within ourselves. Once our inner changes, so too will our outer world.

**As with all information we receive regarding the ascension process, discernment is necessary. If you read or hear something and it does not resonate, simply let it go and find what makes your soul say YES!

Much love to you, Jenny Schiltz

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Sanat Kumara via Kathleen W – Our Sacred Purpose Makes Our Heart Sing! – 1-10-15

Sanat Kumara

Building Nova Earth   –   Toward A World That Works for Everyone

Sanat Kumara, Keeper of the Universal Laws and our Planetary Logos, helps us come to know and work with the Universal Laws.

In accordance with the Law of Sacred Purpose, we find that our sacred purpose rests in our hearts and is truly our joy to do!

The litmus test is: Does our purpose make our heart sing? Is it something that excites us, moving forward in daily life?




Let’s look at how the first dimension of ideas, the root chakra and the divine qualities of compassion and humility interconnect with our sacred purpose.

In the handbook, Chakras as Portals by Linda Dillon, Albert Einstein explains that the 12 dimensions associated with this planet are not linear measurements, but circular planes, with states of being and growth patterns that define them:

“Humans usually think of dimensions in terms of measurement. The term ‘measurement’ refers to length, width, depth in the third dimension with the added element of time in the fourth and numeric assignment to the fifth. I wish you, my dear friends, to think of dimensions in a different way – not excluding measurement but as a measurement of growth and qualities of being: states of existence.

“As humans, you have come to consider growth as the core definition of what is alive – what is living. Examples of this would be trees, plants, animals, crystals, and of course human beings. It is natural for you to think of yourselves as the top rung of the food chain of life which expresses in the third dimension.

“What you and I failed to realize is that life, life forms and dimensions are not a ladder but rather a circle. That circle of twelve dimensions, each with twelve planes, defines this Universe in which all life forms participate or have the capacity to participate.

“Each dimension has qualities, or growth patterns that define it. That is the concept of dimensional measurement; you are measuring the energy force of that quality. Each of these dimensions has their own signature as it were and of course, within this there is a gradation – much the same way a diamond has a gradation.” (1)

As sheer energy, sparks of light, ideas of the Mother, we emanated from the Heart of One — each with our own unique sacred purpose — into the universe, into the multiverse.

Through the pinprick of light in the centre of the root chakra, on the accompanying meditation CD to Chakras As Portals (1), we access the black velvet of the void, the first dimension, where we find the idea of who we are, the qualities of our sacred soul design, our original essence — the joy of who we are.


root with pinprick


The blessings and virtues or divine qualities came from the Mother, as did the Universal Laws. They are Her ideas, ways of being and guiding laws, that spin in the colourful rays of our chakras.

By aligning our chakras with the One, and operating from the heart centre, in conscious joyful sacred purpose, we find the blessings and virtues or divine qualities are the practical foundation, along with the Universal Laws, for a life based in Love.


Dalai Lama


The qualities of compassion and humility, found in the red ray of the root chakra, are ways of being, guiding us to live and be our sacred purpose.

Compassion is the ‘heart’ understanding (with utilization our wisdom vision) of situations presented to us — knowing not to assume others’ burdens, for that could deprive another of valuable lessons.

Being compassionate means we love and serve without judgment.

Humility is vital in all our work; the privilege and honour it is to be in service with and for the Mother/Father One, our guides and guardians, the Council of Love, our Star Family, our human family, the elements, kingdoms, the animals, the plants, the fairies and the devas — our one family — intertwined with gratitude. It is the:

“Ability to be truly grateful for the many blessings bestowed upon each and all. Necessary for all works and sharing of service.” (1)


the void


From the stillness of the void, comes the joyful heart awakening to our sacred purpose, with the divine ways of being, of compassion and humility, helping to weave the tapestry of our spiritual journey.


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Channeling’s by Linda Dillon © 2014 Council of Love



(1) Chakras As Portals, by Linda Dillon, with accompanying CD – 55 minute meditation, 2014


chakras as portals & cd

Law of Sacred Purpose Radio Show

meditation into the heart temple is at 15:00 ~ 48:10


A Message from Sanat Kumara – The Reunion of Souls – Channeler Bob Fickes – 1-8-15 Kumara
 Channeled by Bob Fickes

Thu January 8th 2015

Image Credit

Welcome my friends! Welcome! I AM Sanat Kumara! I am with you always. You are the new leaders in the world of consciousness. You are the new leaders in life as it should be now and forever.

There is a new world coming. It will delight you to know that the world is ending as you once knew it. Heaven is merging with the Earth realms and all the Masters are here to meet with you now. There is a mass gathering of old souls on Tenkawa. This is the place where we once gathered before…over two million years ago. We met here and then went out throughout the worlds to give our assistance and our knowledge.

Now is the time for a reunion of souls. Our souls want to meet with your souls on Tenkawa again, even as we have done so long ago. It is time for you to remember who you really are. It is a time when your knowledge must be restored and your soul will find its place in the world to come.

Gather with us now. Come to visit us any time from now until Valentine’s Day next month. This is a time of renewal and rebirth. You are welcome to come in your physical body or if this is not possible, then come at night in your dreams.

It is a momentous achievement that you have begun your journey once again and remember your rightful place in the world to come. You are all meant to be guides and helpmates to your fellow souls all over the world. Come to Tenkawa bearing gifts of fruits and flowers and offer them to the gods and masters all over the world. This is the meeting place and the place where you will refresh your souls. Come to visit us! We are waiting for you now!

I AM Sanat Kumara, the Ancient of Days. I Am younger than the youngest and older than the oldest. I was and always shall be the first Master of all masters. I sit with Mahakala, Lord Shiva! I call on you now to remember your ancient heritage and your place in the new world. I welcome you with all my love and all my presence. I am your true and everlasting friend. I AM Sanat Kumara!

Sanat Kumara via Jenny Schilz – You Have Entered A New Phase – 12-15-14

Sanat Kumaraimg_9273-0

December 16, 2014

You have entered into a new phase of this process. Many will not be able to discern the difference, but I assure you that you will in time. The immediate difference will be on the downloads of light codes. Prior they were released in phases and many could feel when they were receiving the codes. Now, the codes are constant and you will receive them as soon as you have cleared enough space in your being for them. You will find yourself on a purging, downloading, assimilating routine. With every purge, with every aspect that you release you will find yourself changing deeply. These codes of light are designed to make your very nature crystalline. This process will take time and can only be accelerated by your willingness to release all thoughts, behaviors, and actions that keep you locked in third dimensional thinking. Many of you have done tremendous work and have left the lower dimensions as a whole, but still have lingering aspects that are residual from your lifetime spent at these levels.

These aspects will absolutely be triggered by your those around you. It is really a blessing to have these merge from the depths of your psyche to be shown in the light and released. Many of you many be shocked at your displays of temper, the courseness of your thoughts and the emotions that seem to overwhelm you in these moments. You may be asking “What is wrong with me?”. I assure you that there is absolutely nothing wrong with you. You have progressed to the point in your development where all kernels of third dimensional thought patterns and programming must be removed, no matter how minute.

For some the cleansing takes place through the body. This can be seen in digestive issues, sinus drainage, and aggravation of old wounds that have an emotional component to them. For those unaware, this can be a challenging time. For those that are aware, we ask that you release them by stating your truth. Many thoughts and old programming are based on lies and immature emotional processing. Look at the thought, examine it and see where it leads you into feeling like a victim. Then state the truth, that in every given moment we choose to act, think, and feel in a certain way. Once the truth is stated, release the old into the light. The violet flame can be used to help you transform those old thoughts and behaviors you believed you has left behind.

Know that the purpose of all your purging and physical discomfort is that your DNA has indeed been switched on so that you become a crystalline being. Once the DNA is switched on, there will be no return to your original carbon nature. This change will not take place overnight though many are impatient. Your soul remembers what is happening and many may feel an impatient excitement.

Know that all is unfolding as planned and the utmost care for your vessel is being taken at this time. You may find that your sensitivities increase and the need for purer food and drink is required. To help ease this transition your consumption of water needs to be high.

Know and trust that all is happening in your highest good.

Sanat Kumara

*** As with all information we receive regarding the ascension process, discernment is necessary. If you read or hear something and it does not resonate, simply let it go and find what makes your soul say YES! Much love to you, Jenny Schiltz

Sanat Kumara via Fran Zepeda – You Are Complete and Whole Whenever You Dwell Within Love – 12-14-14

Sanat Kumara

Greetings to all on this auspicious day, another rung in the ladder of your deep Awakening and Ascension. And to you I give my strength and purpose and Love of all Humanity to hold and cherish in your hearts.

It is to this end that I address you now – the Love of all Humanity, the Love of all Beings of the Celestial and Galactic Realms, the Love of Creator – and that, dear ones, is the crux, for that brings you to the inception of your experience with Oneness.

It is this day that I address you into and from your Hearts to hold a vision for Humanity, a vision so encompassing that it takes over your consciousness – A vision of Love for all, and Harmony for all, and the creation of your dreams from deep within yourself and consciousness, utilizing all the gifts and abilities that are lying deep within you, and for some still dormant.

Allow these abilities now to come forth, for they are needed in this grand awakening of all Humanity. Place your hand over your heart and decree:

‘I now hold within me all that I need to create within my reality the perfect life and creations that model and enhance my deep essence and purpose and being, that as it unfolds like the petals of a beautiful lotus flower, it creates Harmony and Abundance, and for not only myself but for all. And in that comes Perfection and Purity of my unfolding of my Divinity.

May all Humanity experience a deep awakening now, and with that a sense of Peace and deep purpose for the well-being of all.

And I thank Creator with all my Heart for this chance to experience imperfection, for in that is yielded and created my Perfection and Wholeness, for in illuminating anything keeping me from realizing my wholeness within Creator, I am born again into Wholeness.

I ask for all my aspects to come into my Being with effortless Grace, and for all Humanity to experience the same, and together and always we come together in Wholeness, the individual and the collective, and experience a deep explosion of awakened Bliss and Harmony, forever and always.


My dear ones, it is foremost important that you realize that you are already whole and complete when you allow the Love of Creator to permeate your Being, when you allow yourself to allow and accept your complete divine nature as a servant of Creator, and thus an essential part of Creator, for you are one and the same whenever you surrender yourself to experiencing the deep Bliss and Wholeness of Creator as the essence of who you really are, an aspect of Creator, yet the whole of Creator’s essence.

Accepting this, you are Whole, you are complete in your Divine Nature, for you carry the blueprint of Creator within your very beings, and that spark can be illuminated at will with your increasing Love of yourself and of all Humanity.

Accept the help of all Beings of the Celestial and Galactic Realms and come back into yourself with full disclosure of your Divinity, dear ones. The time is now, the time is eternally now, and forever and always you carry that beautiful Spark of Divinity, of Oneness with Creator.

Recognize your Divinity in everything around you. All the beauty around you is part of you. All the magic around you is part of you. All the Love you see in others’ hearts is you. You are Love. You are one heart with the hearts of others, dear ones. Rest and relax into that knowing. For you are awakening to that truth, and you will be forever changed with that deep acceptance and knowing.

Relax into the knowing that you are complete and whole whenever you dwell within Love, whenever you invite all your aspects to integrate within you, and whenever you immerse those parts that you deem negative or separate into the Love of your Being and Wholeness.

I give you this today to enhance your awareness of your Wholeness and Abundance, and with every breath you take you are ‘solidifying’ that truth into your very core.

I bid you farewell for now, with the prayer and wish that you take unto you the complete awareness of your Oneness with Creator with every breath that you take.

I AM Sanat Kumara, at your service.

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Sanat Kumara – Heart Space, Transcendence Activation – 11-28-14

Sanat KumaraSanat Kumara

I had a wonderful and exciting experience yesterday evening. It was around 7:11 pm. That time and 7:14 (Angel Time) seem to be important times for me. LOL

I was thinking about an Ascended Master Message from Sanat Kumara that I wanted to share. The thought just popped into my head. Then I was thinking that I should check the cards to see if I got the same message (to see if it was truly timely) and I was kind of joking with myself that yeah, cuz Sanat Kumara just always wants to talk to me…

Well, all I can say about what happened next is Holy Crap! I got this feeling of movement and chills on the back of my neck and shoulders and I realized that Sanat Kumara was indeed with me and really did want to talk to me. And he’s been wanting to talk to me in this way for a while. Although I have connected with him in the past and I have experienced initiations and such with him, it was never like this before. I was never able to grasp his words and intentions so clearly before. I never felt his presence with me the way I did last night.

I was beyond joyful and he was happy about it too! Yay!

I hope all of this makes sense. These kinds of experiences are so hard to describe in 3D language. The point is that my communications with other Beings are becoming so much more clear now and I am just thrilled about that. I have been working on that for a while and now that it is happening in a more clear and productive way, I am so happy. To be able to share inspiring and helpful messages is really an honor for me and makes me very excited about my new Divine Role and blueprint.

I hope the following message/activation from Sanat Kumara makes you feel as excited and blissful as it made me feel.

~ Love Rain
Bridge to Freedom Crew Member
P.S. I Love You, Brothers and Sisters,

~ golden ~

♥       ♥       ♥       ♥       ♥       ♥       ♥

Rain, it is with great joy that I communicate with you in this moment.
I have long waited to speak with you in this way.

♥       ♥       ♥       ♥       ♥       ♥       ♥


On this day of Thanksgiving for many of you, it is important that you let go of fear and thoughts and feelings of separation. I see many of you expressing gratitude yet still struggling to let go of past issues and blame. Holidays and family gatherings still trigger many of you in these areas.

Now is the time to step into your Divine Roles and embrace who and what you are. You must let go of all that is weighing you down and jump into the unknown. This is what you came here to do and the only thing holding you back is yourselves.

Stop playing The Blame Game. Stop looking for enemies where there are none. When you point fingers at others, you are only pointing at yourselves.

We are One. No-one of us is better or worse than another. We all Serve Love.

Before you can understand and integrate these truths, you must first love yourselves. When you truly love yourself unconditionally, then you will start to find your way out of duality, out of the illusion, and out of the experiment.

Do you love yourself enough to free yourself? Then open your Heart to Love, first for yourself and then for all of your Brothers and Sisters.

Beloveds, do you really believe that in Reality, in the higher dimensions, where all is Love and only Love exists ~ do you really believe that there is any Being who has ever done anything but Love another? Do you really believe that there is any Being who has chosen to do anything but Serve Love?

If you understand that only Love is Real, then you must understand that there has been no wrong-doing. There is no blame to be placed and there is no forgiveness that needs to be extended. All you have ever received is what you asked for: experiences and opportunities. Opportunities to choose Love. Choose Love Now.

Nothing is as it appears in the illusion. Are you ready to see beyond it? This seeing starts in your Heart. Move into your Heart-Center now and see all, approach all, and feel all from there. This is where you expand from. Feel that expansion and open to it as you expand outward to encompass, embrace, and become One with All and All-That-Is.

This is your key to transcendence. I give you This Key now. I place it in your hand and ask you to hold it next to your Heart until you feel it enter your Heart and become part of your Heart. This is an activation for you, Beloveds. I give you now an open door to Reality, through your expanding Heart Space. I have been waiting for you to join me there for a long time.
Join me now.

~ Sanat Kumara

Sanat Kumara via Arthura Hector – Forgotten Moon – Feathered Rainbow Serpent – 2-6-13


Hello, Dear people of the earth, here speaks Sanat Kumara through Arthura and I will tell you about Quetzelcoatle the Feathered Rainbow Serpent!

The Feathered Rainbow Serpent is an energy that is very strong. This is the primal force of the knowledge of wisdom, the healing power. The old medicine! When this man will awaken the healing serpent power will get back. The Feathered Rainbow Serpent or Quetzelcoatle is the unity between the two dualities. The kundalini snakes both part of the dual energy inhabit: the feminine moon energy and the male solar energy come together and then create the unity of the rainbow. A unity that carries many different colors, but still moves as one.

Kundalini strength
The two kundalinislangen that are sleeping roled with the humans are slowly waking up. This is the serpent power in man which man will lead to wholeness. Until now, the kundalini energy had been single, for one of the two tubes was dominated. The forgotten moon energy is already asleep and kept sleeping.
Know that this is the imbalance that now prevails on earth. These will be released, because this primal force cannot be stopped. Many forces are already at work, both the Golden Solar Energy (in red color) and the Blue Moon Energy. Both should precede the advent of the Feathered Rainbow Serpent! When the unity is reached, this rainbow serpent will grab itself in the tail and make the full circle. This is the circle of unity and completion. This circle is the force that now on earth is missing and this power will recover.

Before this point is reached, man will be invited to convert many lesser pieces in themselves. The negative forces that will be released in the proces, are the imbalance that will awaken the moon energy. These are the imperfections created by the conquests of the one side, the manipulative snake. When the Sun Part is too much present it will behave like a negative force, that opposes the creation of God, the Source. Malformations in the energetic kundalinislangen arose and give birth to a monster out of Ego and Manipulation. One often speaks of the beast and the negativity of this, but sweethearts, know that this beast is a part of your energy! Your energetic duality hoses are blocked and deliver a disharmonious picture. the energy is disrupted and this may be healed. That’s what on earth is restored. All those twelve years, the energy recovered from Mother Earth, her kundalinislangen been restored and balanced. Her twelve gates are opened, her codes are restored and activated. On 21 December 2012, this happened. What will happen in the year 2013, is to take place is the energetic unity of all conscious on earth.

Mankind has a great job to solve here. The kundalini snakes that are with the humans may now come into balance and the next full moons will play a role in this proces. Twelve full moons and the Twelve chakras which are also associated with the Twelve dimensions will be touched, so the total unity can arise.
The Twelve gates of the Twelve chakras of the earth are the last Twelve years opened and activated. Now the twelve gates of the selves of humans will arise and join together to the 13th point. The thirteenth point is Unity. In the eyes of the earth, humanity is her thirteenth point, the snake biting it’s own tail, of the unification. This also presents the natural consciousness. The thirteen moons in a solar year, in combination with the umbrella circle of solar power, will fill the energy along. This is also the symbol that man has been given on earth, such as the medicine wheel, the circle with the 12 points that are connected to the central 13th point. This zero point is reached when the man in sight has become into balance. In the year 2013, this 13th Divine point will be reached.

Before this can occur or can be born in man, lots may be converted! Make sure that this energy now arising, will be warmly received and with much love for the self embraced. Only with love from the heart, this energy can be kept in balance. This energy is so powerful it can devour humans and to pieces. Choose the right path, if you live in balance, the primal power of this energy will settle down as a lamb to surrender. They will behave like the energy in man. Are you manipulative then this hard mirror held up by this wonderful energy which purpose is Unity.

She will start to recover everything is out of balance. The earth mother force is in her and she will lay eggs in the nest of man. Where the heart is and it will go together where creativity resides, even in the second chakra! If there’s no heart energy, another energy will be pronounced and lay down in the nest. The monster can now be defeated, George and the dragon is an ancient symbolism that show this data in man. When kundalinisnkes roll out and do not come to an act of love, they will not reproduce themselves. And then the Gold and Blue Light cannot merged together. Then there will be another creature emerged and it is far from Light off.

All who were connected with the false light will begin to experience this now. To recognize, nothing remains hidden, be honest rather against this force and be modest, it will also modest to you. But when you are overconfident, the energy goes down to the ego, and allows you to look not only this part in the eyes but in the eyes of a very large cosmic monster! This is the shadow energy.

You see, dear ones, it is essentially the same as that of the love and light, but when the power in man is mishandled it will go against your back. Like a mirror, this primal force you to reflect only a thousand times stronger. This is what happened in Atlantis, the cosmic monster, the serpent was fed. The unilateral serpent of the selfish part.

If you notice this, change to the other path and be especially HONEST. Tune with the universe and God the Source. Request for help and know that there will be listened. Your dark side is now visible and will be visible. If you just deal with this part, nothing happens. Then it will be a very healing process for that imbalance ever been placed in you to be able to recover.

It is the medicine of the unification of the two dual hoses and not the poison of the serpent. If you just deal with this energy you will be shown the drug. But when you deny or rejects, the poison in the bitten tail will work out. The poison against the union and against the Holy are used. The connection will not be made and no round circle will be completed.

Don’t allow yourself this coming year to be seduced by the illusions and the dark sides, do not pursue Unity, because the Rainbow Serpent is for the energy balance, so the more distractions from the truth, the right path, the harder the journey to wholeness will be.

The Kundalinisnakes want to go together and roll, and recover the connection, leading to a Sacred Marriage with God the Source. This is a wonderful energy occurs in the multicolored rainbow. Working with the Quetzalcoatle energy is one that is very powerful. This is a Sacred Energy and contains the Sacred Medicine.

Be loving to every challenge that she gives and you will see that the path you are walking, the new earth path will be. This is one of great joy! This is the dance of dances between the hose forces leading into a mating dance which will lead to the eternal union of the rainbow. It is a playful and loving energy between dual parties. Once one reaches this path of harmony, then the rainbow colors will be around you and for you to wear. Then connections will be made with the other Rainbow Bearers of the New Earth. You will step into a world with your heart full of Light and Love. This knowledge is the medicine of the Holy unification. This knowledge will be show to you when you are going into this primal force of Love. Are You ready to open your feathered wings in the colors of the rainbow worlds? Then you can fly dear, fly to the rainbow worlds which also acquired this energy of Unity.

In his fight with your own part is not the intention, be conscious of this. Transform and create everything to the light of joy, then you gain the power of the Feathered Rainbow Serpent, the medicine of the ancient knowledge of the Earth and the Light. How they ever been to a unit and come again. You’re a part of it dear and are again allowed to participate in this festival of deep ecstasy of connection.

This primal force comes straight from God the Source, to raise man to go and let love triumph. Quetselcoatle comes from far, but touches the hearts deeply. Since man cannot yet experience this dept of Joy, this deep touch of God will reach humans through grief. Unfortunately this depth is also a shadowpoint which should be crawled out from. From without the joy can also be, but man has so long been in disagreement that this will be the fruit that can be picked, the path of this deep touch on earth, will go through pain.

This depth will allow a transformation to take place, which touches the right the tone and straightens disharmony. All inequalities in the consciousness will become again equal. The psyche can start wearing this in harmony. The voices will no longer speak against each other and access to the Rainbowpath is as close as much as the voices speak In unity, and the battle is fought. The dual hoses can rest in the one big Feathered Rainbow Serpent. The journey then will be made in total unity with the Feathered Being there is no judgment needed. The journey on Mother Earth will be in joy and in harmony with her.

The Feathered Serpent is an energy wave, you go along with it or you will be overwhelmed by it and flushed down. To every human there is a choice, the choice of free will to be in service of the Light of God in unity with that power.

This was Sanat Kumara, Quetzelcoatl
on February 3, 2013,

This may be shared in its entirety, stating the source Arthura Hector:

Heavenly Blessings – Sanat Kumara on Abundance – Linda Dillon Channeler – 8-30-14

SK 1Suzanne Maresca: Good morning and welcome to another offering of Heavenly Blessings with Linda Dillon, channel for the Council of Love and author of The New You, Emerging into the Brilliance of Humanity’s Heart Consciousness and myself, Suzanne Maresca.

Today we’re going with the flow… we were ready to welcome Sanat Kumara back to the show for the first time since our Universal Laws series last year.

The discussion was to include how Universal Law applies to Abundance and I am looking forward to whoever shows up because we might have a surprise today.

The Abundance feels as though this is the one issue that is catching a great deal of our attention these days and it hasn’t been so easy to keep up the faith when we allow worries to take up so much space in our thoughts and it seems like the world is exploding.

Good morning, Linda!

Linda Dillon: Good morning, it’s good to be here and as you say you know today I think we could do a subtitle here “going with the flow.”  And I can feel Sanat Kumara.

Let me tell you what happened to me last night again at 3.33 this morning after I’d been awake for hours listening to the things they want to include in the Union and Reunion Gathering coming up in October.  Mother Mary appeared again by my bed.

SK 2And it’s not just like an apparition with your eyes closed and feeling the presence, but full-on, front and center.  That’s how I wanted to start the show today.  I think I’m going to cry…what do you do when the Mother shows up?

To me, the embodiment of the Mother in the way I can handle, even though I know she has a million faces as Mother Mary.  What do you do when she shows up?

And what I do is, I just am in this sense of overwhelm, of awe, of wonder, of joy.   But I just start crying because it’s so big and it just takes away, even in the middle of the night, it just takes away everything else or can I say that sense of importance – no false importance really, or exaggerated importance – of everything else.

It’s like you’re just there and you’re in the Love, and those 22 million things on your “to do list”, it’s not that they disappear but it’s that sense of this is all that really counts, this is all that really matters is to feel that Love.

How I often say this in our InLight team meetings is that the Council of Love can be really boring.  All they ever talk about is love, love, love.  But when you have these experiences, it’s like nothing else matters.

And the feeling of overwhelm with the “to do list” changes in terms of overwhelm, of just feeling this abundance of Love. So my reasons for bringing it up is that I know the Tsunami of Love is going to increase.  This is The Mother’s heads-up and how she tells me here comes another wave.  I wish everybody could just feel this abundance of Love.

sk 3Sanat Kumara, in preparing for today – he is so funny, he actually made me, made me – listen to me, suggested strongly, that I go and look up in the dictionary the meaning of abundance.

And I did of course and there are various explanations, but abundance – the primary consistent, dictionary after dictionary, explanation for abundance – refers to measurement and particularly in chemistry, I guess.

But it struck me as I was sitting there reading this, is that of course he is talking to me.  When we talk about the 13th Octave and about being in the place of Divine Union, about going to the Heart of One, they have always explained the 13th Octave as a measurement.

Going beyond what we think and have thought as the old 3rd dimension, going beyond to the 13th Octave or beyond into the 12 dimensions that we have while we maintain our body.  There is no such thing as lack.  The abundance of the various qualities, the laws, everything that is available to us, yes in a whole bunch of different forms, but that that abundance is there.

You know that overflowing, plentiful fullness was another example.  You know affluence was way at the bottom of the list, and we tend to think of abundance too many times because many of us are concerned about money.  If we’re not concerned about money for ourselves, we’re certainly concerned about money and food and shelter and clothing for the world.

But what I hear Sanat saying to us – and the Mother too – is that it’s really time for us to start at least thinking and perhaps even feeling abundance in a different way.

SM: Well, It involves trust.

LD: It involves that darn trust again. St Germaine where are you when we really need you?

SM: Right here


sk 4LD: Yeah right here, and the room is full, Suzi. And I can hear our listeners saying, “Well yeah, I can see abundance! I can see abundance of war; I can see abundance of friction, of mayhem, of chaos, of hatred, of greed, of rape, of pillage, of starvation, of abuse of animals.”

I think one of the things I’d like to ask Sanat Kumara, the Mother, whomever is present because Gabrielle just walked in too, is to give us another word so that we’re not sort of defiling that word of abundance.

The we can start thinking of and creating in a different way, because this has to shift.  I know many of you who are sitting there are feeling that – this has to shift.

SM: This has to shift, exactly.  It feels like all the lack and the poverty and all the things that you mentioned and war as well as disease are all created things. It would be interesting to track where the creation of these things has started so that we can dis-create them.

LD: Or torch them, or use the Law of Elimination, you are absolutely correct. Because all those things that we are talking about are human creations, they are human, man-made – and I don’t mean gender prejudice – but they are man-made creations.

SM: It brings me to wonder, and I’m sure that many listeners are wondering how long we need to keep the faith, hold the Light and do what we are doing while the rest of the world doesn’t.  And when our perceptions will open enough to know in our hearts and in our bones that everything really is OK, and that we can just relax and keep doing our thing.  I mean, how long does that go on for?

LD:  You and I have certainly had that conversation and the answer, when I am in a flip mood, is “As long as it takes.”  You know, we put our heads down and keep going, but of course the real question is how long?

sk 5And I do sense that if we just didn’t even look outside this room, if we just looked at ourselves then we’re not the same.  I say this to everyone who is listening – we are not holding that energy of war and lack and limitation. We may be having an old 3rd dimensional experience of lack and limitation, but we are not holding that energy.

So how do we shift into that fullness of abundance? Because it’s abundance of joy, it’s abundance of knowing, it’s abundance of all those things that are the higher qualities, the Blessings and Virtues that were included in the Mother’s gift of Grace.

SM: Well one of the challenges is if we see these things for ourselves then we trust and have faith, and most days we’re strong in knowing that everything is going to be Okay.  Yet we’re continually surrounded with people who don’t feel that way, and it’s really hard to hold the Light in those circumstances.

Some days are better than others.  I mean, most of my days are great and I can be in that place, but yesterday I had kind of a cranky day.

LD:  And part of that is allowing yourself to have a cranky day too. You call it cranky I call it goosie… Laugh…But yeah, there are days.  And yes you can fool yourself and say, “Oh I’m just processing for the Collective.”  Yeah right!

And of course the reason that we can say that is that it’s true, we are processing for the Collective, like we’ve never done before.  But if we didn’t have a speck of that energy of whenever we’re cranky or ticked off about within us or within our field, if we didn’t have that mirror to match up with, then that’s not the issue that we’ve been processing.

So I think my question to the Mother and to Sanat Kumara is, “How do we move from being the mirror of that lower vibration to consistently, in every waking hour, being the mirror for that real sense of abundance?” Wow, I wonder if they can deal with this.

SM: Well, we’ll see. Time for meditation?

LD: Time for meditation and it’s also time for us to realize that this is a process for us.  This is part of our Ascension process as well.

sk 6SM: Yes, indeed. And I agree that what we pay attention to is important.  On those days when we’re just feeling bombarded with all the negative energy and the bad news in the world and how people feel about it – that’s when we need to really, really step in and hold the Light.

LD: That’s when you need to lie down in your bed and ask Mother Mary to come and comfort you.  You and I have talked about this and I think it s important to share: even when we’re in this feeling of bombardment, we’re also still in a really highly creative phase.

So we’re building.  I mean look at you and your Whale Tails.  You are in production city, girlfriend!

SM: Oh I am. I haven’t done it for 8 months and I finally opened a new kiln.  I’m still taking pictures and updating the website.  But yeah, I’m doing that and I feel really good about it.

20140728_183516-1They turned out really beautifully and the energy in them is awesome. But at the same time that’s one of my reasons for being cranky yesterday: I took a bunch of pictures and they didn’t turn out to be as color-accurate as I wanted them to be.   I wasted all that time and I’m just like a little, you know – whiny.

LD: Yes but you know what? We’re taking pictures right now of the planet and of what’s going on on the planet, and that’s not color accurate either.


SM: All right!

LD: So with that …

SM: So with that, here we go… (meditation begins at 17:12)

sk 7LD:  So let’s begin to take a nice deep breath of gold, the gold of Sanat Kumara, brilliant, shiny gold and the gold of Archangel Gabrielle, that rich molten gold, the Florentine gold and the gold of Yahweh, which is like a canary diamond, sparkling and brilliant. And breathe and simply give yourself permission to just be here, to be bathed in this golden energy, in this golden Light.

And go down into your heart and as you’ll remember, see that tiny pinprick of Light, the center of your heart and unfurl your golden wings and stretch and relax and feel the truth, the might, the abundance of who you really are.

And fly through that pinprick of Light, right through that portal, to the interior of your Being, to the interior of your heart and see those golden walls. And see the beautiful writing and symbols and messages that you have written on your walls to remind yourself of the truth of who you are, of your magnificence in and out of form, of your divinity, your wonder, your gifts.

Go to that place, whether it’s a cushion or a stool or a beautiful chair or a throne and go and sit down. Come with me and come deeper into your heart. And as you sit and you gaze around this wonderful chamber, look and notice, What is the very particular abundant quality that you brought to Earth, that is as much as part of your Being as you lungs, your hair, your skin?

What is that abundant quality that is an essential part of your soul design? Compassion? Or joy? Humility? Prudence? Maybe you carry an abundance of hope so you can be the well spring that others drop on, or Love, or peace.

Take a minute and let yourself really feel what your special abundance gift is. And as you do this, feel the gratitude welling up in your heart, in your Being, in you core, as you are sitting there. It’s just you. Feel the gratefulness for who you are and for what your carry, for you carry it not just for yourself but for the Mother/Father One anchoring it on Nova Earth, you carry it for your family, for your soul family, for humanity and there is enough to go around for everybody.

You are an embodiment of the Mother’s infinite design. Acknowledge this and accept this and be grateful to yourself and allow others to be grateful to, for and with you.

sk 8Sanat Kumara: Greetings, I am Sanat Kumara.

SM: Welcome.

SK: Yes, I bow to the Mother and I stand with Gabrielle and I thank you, my beloved friends, for inviting all of us this day as you always do, you know. Yes you may give me or St Germaine or Archangel Michael the opportunity to speak, but know, particularly, there are instances when we speak as One.

Do we have slightly different perspectives, different ways of expressing? Yes. But the kernel is Truth, the kernel is Love, the seed is Love.

And yes, I have come this day and asked, requested, not merely to review the Universal Laws, which I am so happy to share with you, but also to take you by the hand, to put my arm around your shoulder, not merely as Planetary Logos but as brother and friend and guide. Yes, and guide you and lead you to a different place, a different place of existence, a different octave, a different way of Being, a different way of perceiving.

When I have shared with you, my beloved family, the Universal Laws, straightforward and simple, my purpose is to share with you how things work, the mechanics, not merely for Earth, but that is our concern at the moment is it not? It is how do you operate, how does Love behave and create in this planetary sector?

sk 9So, I share with you the Laws of Sacred Purpose, of Change, of Unification, of Dispensation, of Elimination, of Give/ Receive/ Intend, all of this, not because I wish to be the instructor but because – yes as Logos – but as friend, as brother, I want you and I need you, in our sacred union and in our partnership, I need you to understand, to implement, to use these Laws and to begin the creations of your life, of your journey, of your Being and yes, of Abundance.

You have asked dear Suzanne, how to discreate? And previously we would not have had such a creation discussion, but that is the purpose of the Law of Attraction and Repulsion, of Give and Receive, of Transmutation, of Transmission, of Dispensation, of Elimination.

You are tending and I mean you, the human race, because I, like all who are coming to you at this time, I speak to all the people of Gaia. You are thinking of abundance in terms of drawing in, but that is only one portion of it because to be in balance, when you bring in there is also a release, otherwise you are going to tip over…not really because you are infinitely able to hold far more energy than you are even dreaming or conceiving of.

But there is too much, yes even for me, there is too much discussion about the clearing, about the letting go, about the dispelling, the elimination. And on the creation side, which is why we started to have this discussion about the Creation Formula and the Universal Laws in the first place, there is not enough discussion, there is not enough action about the ‘bringing in’.

Now you say to me, “SK, Raj, brother, I am asking every day to bring things in.” That is all very well and good and there are our Legions – quite literally – ready to assist you, in addition to your guides and circle, to bring things in. But we are also in a time, your time and our time, of Sacred Union, of the Mother’s Tsunami, of the imbuing of Grace, of all the Divine qualities and attributes.

So, it also means that you are pulling in; so, not merely are you asking to receive, you are actively, you are forgetting the action piece, not totally, but this is what I wish to speak to you of, you are forgetting the action piece of Creation.

sk 10You – yes in partnership but that is what partnership means, we do not do it all – you are the servants of the Mother, the strongest of the strong, masters, how many times do we need to say this? You came to Earth in your mastery and you say to me, “Well, SK I sure don’t feel it.” Well, nevertheless this is the truth, the stand alone truth; you are the masters.

Look at what you are creating. Now I am asking you, each of you, pleading with you, are you collecting daily, the codes of what you wish to bring forth, what you wish to create, in accordance with the Divine Laws, in accordance with the Divine qualities, in accordance with dimensional reality, not the old 3rd because the old 3rd will get you nowhere. It is an illusion, so the more attention you pay to the illusion you are living there.

So you say, “Dear Heart, it is hard for us to ignore when people are being shot down, starving, raped, pillaged, when institutions are taking away our freedom.” But that is not the truth. You cannot – it will kill you if you continue to live in that old reality; it will kill you mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically – you cannot do it, you cannot live, thrive, build, create in a non-existent reality that the Mother is banishing from the Universe.

You have spoken of discreation. Well one the fundamental discreation that is taking place is the discreation of the old 3rd. We keep saying it is but vapours; there is nowhere for you to anchor. You may send the energy but do not live there and you most certainly do not create there. So you say to me, “Well then Raj where do I create?” Start – and not tomorrow, not an hour from now – start right now with me creating in your heart, in your room, in your car, in your office, wherever you are in this instance. Let us start and never stop.

sk 11I am not saying that you do not have time out for play, for laughter, for sleep, yes for what we call staring at the wall; these are important pieces of creation. But start! It was not an intellectual exercise for me to explain and to share and to give you and ignite within you the Universal Laws, the understanding of how things truly work.

So you say to me, “Well then, if this is how things truly work, if Universal Law is simply an expression and explanation of how Divine Love behaves and manifest, how do I begin?”

And that is what I wish to review with you. In our reality time has always had a different meaning. Our time lines at this juncture are in alignment, our energy are in alignment, our grids, our intentions, the Divine Plan, it is all in alignment so that is why I am here this day, that is why the Mother is flooding you even as I am speaking to you.

How you begin is being in your grateful heart. You say, “I don’t have anything to be grateful for; I’m sick, I’m tired, I’m broke.” Then be grateful that you are breathing, be grateful that you know that you are in a situation that must change. Look outside your window and be grateful for the sky, the air, the grass, the trees, the cement.

Start with me by anchoring in your grateful heart. In your heart, not the heart, not the heart of One, but your Sacred Heart that is an infinite, eternal vessel of Love.

Now while you have become magnificent at bilocation, I am asking you, for this exercise, not to be in two or twenty places at once. Be fully present with me in your infinite, loving, grateful heart so that you cannot be in that place of lack and limitation, hatred and greed.

sk 12So anchor my Beloved with me. Your intentions for Ascension, which is throwing the door, the portal, wide open, not only interdimensionally but to the opening of all your talents and abilities. So let the intention be, for this moment, your Ascension, forget humanity, let us focus on you because you are the mirror, you are the mirror of each other and you are the mirror of the Mother.

Now, what do you wish to create? What I am asking is to take your focus away, just this day, just this week, just this month, during this transition phase, take it away from what you are thinking as repair work.

It is not that it does not need to be done, but rather than looking back at the old 3rd and saying, “What I am creating is peace on Earth,” bring in the abundance of the new, not just repairing the old but what is true peace, Nova Earth, where all are fed, all are clothed, all are welcome, where there is community like there is at home, on Venus. Where there is only the expression of Love.

Decide with me right now that that is what you are going to bring into you. Now as you do that, it pushes out the old. So bring in the abundance of whatever you choose: humility, compassion, peace, Love, do it. Put your hands, your arms out. Feel the coolness; the air is filled with what you think of as creation codes. It does not matter if you are sitting in a closet, a car, an auditorium.

The air is filled and your wonderful magnetic hands, your Violet Flame hands have the capacity to simply gather the abundance of these codes.

sk 13So throw open your arms my beloved friends and bring in the abundance of what you desire of these codes and bring them in directly through that portal of your heart, bring it in right now.

And understand as you do this, as you bring forth and in an abundance of awe, of joy, of compassion or charity – as you do that, what does it experience interdimensionally?

What does it experience, what does it manifest as in terms of the tangible, of a physical expression that you can maintain form with? It is everything you want.

So I am not saying do not collect the codes for a new car, or a new sofa, or a new house, or financial abundance, what I am saying is bring forth the Laws and the qualities that allow those things to manifest. So you have said today, “How long do we have to wait?” What I am saying to you, each of you, you Wayshowers, Gatekeepers, Pillars, beloved Angels, Masters, how long do we have to wait? I say not one more minute.

This alignment is not a figment of imagination; it is as tangible and real as your physical form. So let us proceed.

Now Suzanne I know you have a million questions.

SM: I don’t really have a million questions; you’ve answered a lot of them. I would love to see our work from your perceptive because down here on the surface, the faith and the trust, and everything…. you know, my entire life is built around things that can’t be proven and can’t be seen at this time.

sk 14What you’ve been telling us and what we’ve been getting from the Council of Love in general is how to use the things that are already available. So what I’m hearing you say is that it’s all available right now – we just need to do these exercises, trust and believe and know that it’s there.

I thought for the longest time that if we had our super powers we could do so much more for humanity and helping the shift, and what I hear you saying is that we already have them, we just need to open our perceptions that they’re actually here and available now.

SK: That is correct. You are activating them and we are helping you activate them. So often you will have a perception, an insight, an inspiration, you will actually see something and this is part of the difficulty with the patterning of the old 3rd, you actually see things and then you, almost before you consciously acknowledge them, you dismiss them.

SM: Well what that makes me think of was a vision I had a couple of weeks ago.  The work that I’m doing as a conduit for Divine energy to come down, go into the Earth and out to humanity; it’s a matter of stepping down, transforming it into a palatable form for others, and that I really have no idea what that energy is used for.

But then I wonder if this is actually the transforming of human carbon-based form into the new crystalline form.  We just have these expectations about what things will look like, but I’m just feeling as though I’m doing what a crystal does. Is that the transformation into crystalline? Even though I still have this flesh and blood body?

sk 14SK: Yes, of course you have a flesh and blood body, because you are maintaining a physical form. Will it transmute, appear younger, healthier, stronger? Yes. Because when you look at yourself in the mirror do you say, “Oh look! There I am, a carbon base being?” Of course not!

You look at yourself and you see the magnificence of your beauty, then something even more important; you have had the realisation – and I speak to you, but I speak to many – of who you are and what you are really doing. You are a beacon, an anchor, a transmitter.

Now you can say that, “Oh isn’t everybody?” Like you can say to the channel, “Well, is it not everybody is a teacher, a healer or a channel?” There are variations. There are millions, billions of variations on the theme and not one of you is doing exactly the same thing. But you have glimpsed who you truly are.

Now that transmitter isn’t the same Being, that thinks about going shopping but what I am saying to you is that they are the same. So, it is also what St Germaine has been suggesting to you, it is this period right now of the unification, not only a unification above and below but unification of you. And how do you do that? You do that by pulling in and realizing more and more. When you are pulling in that what you wish to create you are also anchoring and activating more and more and more, in physical reality, who you are.

So you are doing magnificent work. I know your frustration. I don’t want you to know ours. So we know your frustrations and that is why I have returned with this very simple lesson.

The thing that has happened with humanity, with your societies, besides from a few isolated tribes, is that you have made your understanding of this planet and the Universe very complex. That it is beyond understanding, let alone what we would call manifestation or manipulation of codes.

sk 15And in fact it is not complex. Is it magnificent? Is it startlingly beautiful? Sparkling radiant? Yes! Look to the animals, kingdoms. They know the wonder of the plan, their place within the plan, they live the plan and they do not make it overly complicated.

That is why we have given you the simplest formula. Not because we underestimate you but because we know you are brilliant enough to comprehend the simplicity, the Divine simplicity and intricacy of the Mother’s plan.

And let me be very clear: war, bankruptcy, poverty, hunger, none of this is of the Mother’s plan. Yes, continue, by all means, to use your torch of our beloved St Germaine, but can I ask you, please, to start bringing in the abundance of what you want to be, rather than simply thinking of what you don’t want. It is that simple.

SM: So I can think of a restructuring of government and a disbanding of things like the IRS and a.. you know…..

SK: No!

SM: No?

SK: No. Think of it this way …thank you for bringing that up because many would misunderstand what I have just said… it does include all of what you have said but what you are truly bringing in is the beauty, the Love, the truth of community of Nova Earth. Where we have a planet that is of a frequency of harmony that does not permit, it does not literally energetically support all of those things that you wish to eliminate.

SM: So the rest will just fall into place when we do our work?

SK: It is already falling into place, just as it is falling into place for you to see who you truly are.

SM: Right. So I guess the question is, “Is enough of humanity, because it seems there is a very small fraction of humanity that listens to the shows or understands Light and energy work and all that sort of thing, are there enough of us to really do this?”

SK: Yes. Don’t forget you are in sacred partnership with us.

SM: Yes indeed.

SK: And you are mighty Masters but let us also say this. There are enough of you – you have to know that, not just hope and pray but hold the knowing. Yes, it does include trust and faith and hope.

sk 16So if you are feeling that there is in any way a lack, then bring that in. And if you say, “Well, I don’t know about creation codes, I don’t know how to do that,” well then throw open your arms as if you are a thanksgiving cornucopia and let us fill you. And when you feel that you have collected the biggest bouquet of flowers in existence then bring it in to your heart. You do know how to do this.

SM: Yes. Well thank you for coming to guide us and remind us of what we can do.

SK: I have only begun to remind you what you can do, what you are capable of as co-creators of Nova Earth, as our partners, as our family.  So you do not do this alone.

SM: Indeed.

SK: Go with my Love, Dear Heart.  Go with my blessings and go with my Abundance.

SM: Thank you so much.

SK: Farewell.

SM: Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon July 29, 2014

© 2014 Council of Love


Sanat Kumara and Adama – Tsunami of Love will wash away the Old You – CosmicGaia – 2-25-14

Sanat Kumara
Sanat Kumara

Channeled by James McConnell  /  February 25, 2014

Sanat Kumara

I am Sanat Kumara. I am the One you have known, each of you has known, in many times previously. For we have fought many a fight. Not the kind of fight you would think of though. Not the battle you would know of today but a fight for love and understanding. We have been there in the trenches, you and I. To all who would be in this room and to most who would be reading these words. For I am One who is known as the “One Initiator”.

I am the One who is there whenever there is that change in consciousness that movement that takes you to the next level of your being. I am there with you at that time. And have been many times before. But now at this time, we no longer call it initiations because that is no longer necessary. In the past, it was an initiation to move from dimension to dimension. From vibration to vibration. In order to receive that initiation you had to go through much. Many of you have done that in the past. If not in the bodies here in the Earth, in your other systems that you came from.

But now the time has changed. It is a new time. A new awakening. It is the time to start anew. With a new body. Not that you will not have your physical body, you will. But a new body of vibration. A new body of light. Some have called it the rainbow body. You are taking that body on once again. You are taking on as a cloak over you. For it is really no different than that.

It has been said that the year you are in now is a year of transformation, a transition. That it is. This is the year when all that you know of is going to wash away. That tsunami of love that has been spoken of many times. Just as the old is washed away in the wake of a wave, so too will this tsunami wash away all the old ways, the old programming that you have become accustomed to. It will wash away all that is no longer needed. For you are approaching a new life. A new level of understanding within you. And in many respects it will appear as a new life for you. But in reality it is not. You are returning home, each of you are returning home from whence you came. From the One-ness that you know already.

All is about to change in the twinkling of an eye. And you, dear ones, are here to be a part of that. As you have been there in other times and other places. In other galaxies. For you have moved into a system and scattered it asunder. Just as is happening now to the understanding of what you know as the 3 dimensional illusion. For it is being taken down piece by piece to be replaced by the new you, being the collective You here.

We are prepared and have been for some time. You are preparing and have been for a long time as well. When the time comes, as you know it is not too far off now, no we will not use the word soon or imminent, but we will say on the verge. You are standing on that precipice, each of you. Ready to jump when the announcement is made, the clarion call goes out. It is coming!

All of my peace and love and understanding and joy be with you now as you hear the changes coming.

I am Adama. I come to be with you now from that which you know of now as the Hollow Earth. From our Telos, your Telos. Because each of you in this room now, may already be aware of it, each of you have been there before. You were there with us as brothers and sisters, long ago, in the Earth’s time frame, there on our beloved land of Mu. For we worked together as a family. To make everything in our civilization at that time as perfect as it could be. Then, as you know, the Dark Ages came upon us. Not without warning for we knew ahead of time, that it was coming. It allowed for those of us to prepare. To find what you would call refuge. And where did we find refuge? In the City of Telos, deep underground.

And there we are still to this day. Many of us. And we were with you at that time when you first heard about those changes coming. And small portion of you at that time was frightened but the majority of you, you yourselves, knew that even though there would be those darkest of times, there would be the brightest of times after that. You now are in those brightest of times, fast approaching.

And soon, yes, I will use that word, because we are right here with you on this, our beloved planet, Gaia, Terra, we are here with you. And we are aware of all the things that are happening here on the surface. We monitor that on a daily basis and we know of the lights going off in each one across the planet. We know as consciousness changes that those lights flicker more and more grow to ever increasing brightness until they become the violet flame within each. That is what those of you here in this room and those who would be reading these words are about to do. You are about to become the violet flame once again.

Indeed, those of us who mentor to you, your brothers and your sisters, are here ready to emerge from our deep refuge, to be back on the surface with you once again. To intermingle, to join once again with our brothers and our sisters, our family that we left behind in those times long ago.

We are anxiously awaiting the time for our emergence. We have grand celebrations planned, both here in Inner Earth and there, on the surface and yes, up in the ships as well. It will be as if you are going from one party to the next. We think that you will not mind that for you have worked and worked and worked in your many lifetimes here to bring you to this very moment you are arriving at! We think all of us, believe, that you have earned the right to party.

But it is going to be unlike any party you have ever attended. The celebrations are going to be many and varied and in some respects, wild! Not in the sense of drunken stupor-ness but wild in ecstasy and joy. For you, my brothers and sisters, are coming home. And we are coming home with you as well.

All my peace and love be ever with you as we continue on this journey together. I am Adama. Adonai.

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Sanat Kumara – Sacred Law of Attraction and Repulsion – Interviewer Suzanne Maresca – 11-12-13 – Golden Age Of Gaia


18 Monday Nov 2013

Suzanne Maresca: Good morning and welcome to another offering of Heavenly Blessings with Linda Dillon, channel for the Council of Love and author of The New You: Emerging into the Brilliance of Humanity’s Heart Consciousness and myself, Suzanne Maresca.

Today’s topic is the ever popular Law of Attraction and Repulsion, and once again Sanat Kumara will be joining us to offer fresh perspective on a much discussed Universal Law. The Council of Love tells us that when we align with the Law of Attraction we call in assistance from sources that we may not even be aware of. The Law of Repulsion goes hand-in-hand with the Law of Transmutation and both are involved with returning discordant energies to the One for recycling.

Its wonderful to be jumping back into our exploration of Universal Law. So much has been happening and so quickly that for me the information and energy gets classified, filed and put away immediately to make room for more Light to come through. I feel like a spacey blur and the weeks are just speeding on by. Good morning Linda.

Linda Dillon: Good morning Suzy and boy is that an apt way to put it; it does feel like time, and in fact, it has speeded up. And partially its because the experience of time in the 5th, 6th, 7th, higher dimensions, is a different experience than it is in the 3rd dimension.

So, we tend to be doing that translation, that transition, that Ascension process where there are times when we feel that time is really dragging and we’re waiting and waiting for things to happen and then there’s this other piece of us that just feels like ‘Where do the days, the weeks, the months go?’ I can’t believe we’re in the middle of November; its just amazing.

So, here we are again and I want to thank you and thank our listeners…I think that your idea of taking some time out and not doing a new law every single week has given us some integration and some breathing time.

You know, the whole idea when we began Heavenly Blessings was basically to have a ‘how-to’ show and on An Hour With An Angel we talk to the Masters, the Archangels, the Mighty Ones, the Company of Heaven, we talk to everybody and so often they will say, “Do this, do that” so in a casual conversation they can say to us, Archangel Michael can say, “Well use the Universal Law of Attraction and Repulsion” and that’s all that’s said.

And the guidance in what you and I have been doing – with a lot of fun – has been taking those concepts and really having a chance to explain them, to explore them and to work with them. And these are massive; this is the explanation of how things work. So, I think the idea of having that interim week to be able to chew some things over sometimes has actually, certainly been beneficial to me, but I think its been beneficial to all of us.

SM: Oh, it certainly has been to me.

LD: You know, I think that part of what we, you and I and everybody who’s listening, have been doing is taking the Law…and its one thing to understand it in theory, you know, ‘this is that concept’ but then to have the practical application, the how-to, and how does it work in my life, how do I actually utilize it, is huge. And its especially huge when we think ‘well, not only are we working with one Law but we’re working in this tapestry, this grid of all the Universal Laws because they are all interacted and they’re all connected and they’re all about balance. So, its massive what we are doing. So, thanks everybody for hanging in.

SM: It is and we’re ready for it. Oh absolutely. I’m really enjoying this very much and its been an expansive experience for me and the practice opportunities have also been very helpful because, well, you get the opportunity to prove to ourselves that this is real and this is not just imaginary, visionary work, it actually works. I’ve done it on my fighting cats and the shift has been amazing. So, the things that I work on, that the shift in transition isn’t quite as clear, its easier for me to trust and know that the invisible work that I’m doing actually is making a difference.

LD: Yeah, its nice to have those, not just the intangible but the tangible signs, things that we can see and touch and smell and taste. I think that one of the other things that’s happened in this series is, I don’t remember – well its never happened – to have Sanat Kumara or any of the Masters spend so much time with us on an intensive basis and I think that all of us have this closer feeling to Sanat Kumara. I think when we started it was like ‘who is this guy?’, ‘where does he fit in?’, ‘what does he want?’ and ‘why is he taking so much time?’

SM: He’s coming into my visions now, so, yeah, I definitely feel like it and it almost feels like even though this is spread out over weeks and sometimes we skip a practice week, it feels like a residential workshop where we all get to really be close and living together and understanding one another and experiencing the day-to-day with one another. I can’t explain that because clearly it is not the situation, but that’s the way it feels.

LD: It does feel that way to me and in some ways it also feels that Sanat Kumara, Raj, basically moved in with us. And it makes sense in terms of all the ascended Beings or high energy Beings, enlightened Beings that we work with, he’s the one that’s the Planetary Logos, he’s the one that’s basically in charge of overseeing the unfoldment of the plan here for Gaia and for us. So, this closer relationship, it makes sense but boy, its intense and its brand new.

SM: It is and its really interesting because before I could hear Planetary Logos and it doesn’t really mean that much to me, but now its really becoming much clearer to me just how huge that is, what kind of Being that we’re having these friendly discussions over a coffee table with; its just amazing.

LD: Yeah, it is amazing. When I first heard Archangel Raphael identify himself, introduce himself, as the Archangel that’s responsible for the healing of the Universe, the healing of the planet, and the healing of humanity, I thought, “Oh, my God.” When you think of it, that is such a massive, massive role and yet in so many ways SK is in exactly the same kind of a role. So to have him take his time for us is really neat.

SM: Oh it is really neat but it makes me wonder how many of us humans, ‘boots on the ground’ kind of people there are for each Master. And then that brings me into this whole thing like this interwoven tapestry because there are many Archangels and Masters that I feel connected with that’s just one big, wonderful, happy, glowing group of Beings but it makes me wonder how many, say Archangel Gabrielle, how many humans does she have, you know, that are doing, channeling her energy or channeling Sanat Kumara’s energy or channeling…so it just feels like this interwoven tapestry because each one of us may have our interchangeable teams of energy that we’re running through for…does that make sense?

LD: It absolutely does. You know, when we talk about guides I always, when I talk about this subject we talk about, I talk about, the Council talks about, basically two categories and there’s your personal guides, that circle, usually of about five to seven Angels or Beings, enlightened Beings, that surround you throughout time. You know, people talk about their guides changing but in fact, they don’t, they may come forward or back off at different times, but your guides really don’t change.

But in addition to that we have what I call ‘the big boys’ and those are the Beings that each of us has this love and devotion and connection with. For me, Gabriel, and I’ve said this so many times, Gabrielle, Susanna Michaela Gabrielle, is my ‘go-to’ gal; she’s my teacher, my mentor, my comforter, my nurturer, but in addition to that I also have such connection with the Universal Mother, especially Mother Mary and Yeshua.

But you can tell when you look at people, even just glancing at them, you can see that they’re holding that Buddha energy or that they’re holding the Michael energy which is very much the warrior, peaceful warrior energy, or they’re holding the Quan Yin energy. And so, we do have, usually, these multiple connections to these Beings, these Ascended Masters and these Archangels as well as the Divine Ones, that…and there’s Yahweh people, you see these people that are just strictly, I mean, its Heavenly Father the whole way, they want to work with that masculine energy.

Now we’re all finding that balance but each of these Ascended Ones has, like you are putting it, these ‘boots on the ground’ and I think what’s happening in our transition and in our Ascension is that all of us are realizing more and more who it is that we’re working with.

When I was getting ready, doing the meditation and stuff, getting ready for this morning, I was thinking that there were things that I couldn’t talk about because they are really part of the expanded body of knowledge that’s in The New You…here’s my plug for my book…but that’s not the purpose of it, its that there’s new understandings and new expansions. But the basis of everything we do is having that really clear, finite understanding of our foundation of who we are because we can’t expand if we don’t have that clear understanding of who we are to start with.

And part of that understanding is, of course, who are we connected to, what is our mission and purpose and what does our fulfillment of that mission and propose look like, because its completely different, there may be similarities, but its different for each and every one of us.

So having that starting point is really important, so I think this is an important conversation that we are having.

SM: It is an important conversation and as you were speaking and you talked about the Buddha, I listened to part of the Dali Lama’s webcast, he talked about all of us becoming Buddha’s and doing a chant or prayer to say, “Let me become a Buddha for the highest evolution of humanity” and I just found that really interesting. I couldn’t listen to the whole thing but it was…that was the part that set out to me most, so, very interesting.

LD: I think of all the teachers that are really, physically anchored and present on the planet, the Dali Lama, in my book, is at the top of the list. He is such a phenomenal Being and so humble and so compassionate and so real.

SM: Yes, exactly. Alright, so are we up for a meditation?

LD: I think we are, what do you say?

So, let’s begin by getting comfortable, by beginning to sink into your chair or your cushion or your car seat or your bed or the floor and let go of the day, let go of the day and the week that lies ahead or the weekend that just completed, let go of your to-do list and to all the busyness of your life. Make sure you’re comfortable and really let yourself let go of your body so that you can simply be in this time for your sacred self.

We’re going to begin by breathing not only the beautiful gold of Sanat Kumara, of Archangel Gabrielle, of Gabriel, of Yahweh, of your Divine masculine, but we are going to tinge it with pink. And it is the pinky-gold of purity, of grace, and of Venus, so its that rose gold. Open your crown chakra, that soft spot, your fontanel on the top of your head and just allow this pinky-gold, the gold of Venus, of the Cities of Light, particularly of Hana in Hawaii, to come into you.

Its strong and its gentle at the same time and just feel it as this warm molten gold coming in through your crown and caressing and surrounding your pituitary, your hypothalamus, your pineal gland, and just the way lava flows, filling and activating all the fissures, the crevasse, the hemispheres, right and left of your brain, and breathe pink-gold. And let that lava stream continue on down your neck, your clavicle, your high heart, filling the central column of your spine, into your heart, down into the gold of your solar plexus, your umbilical, your tummy, your sexual and reproductive areas, your organs, your liver, your gall bladder, your kidneys, down into your legs, your knees, your shins, your feet, until you feel that you are this wonderful liquid pink-gold. And breathe and relax.

And we ask this day for the assistance of all the Golden Ones throughout all systems, the Company of Heaven, to come and assist us with our expansion, with our purity, and with our grace that we may be filled and overflowing and healed.

Now come back up, gently, to your heart, to this center where you live, to the center of your heart consciousness where you truly anchor in the higher dimensions, and feel your heart expanding. And breathe that rose-gold. And go deeper.

Now once again with me, see that tiny pin-prick of white light in the center of your heart, the portal to your heart and your heart consciousness, to who you are and feel your wings unfurl…let them unfurl. And feel yourself flying towards that pin-prick of white light in the center of your heart, through that portal into the golden chambers of your Being, into your sacred space. And breathe. Deeper.

And look at the walls in this wonderful golden chamber where you have written eons ago and yesterday, your intentions, your sacred purpose, your creations, your heart’s desires. And take the time to see the symbols, the ancient symbols and the new ones, for you will notice today there is new information on your walls. So take a minute and look at it, look at what you are telling you. Now go and find your chair, your cushion, your place to sit and to be in your sacred space and relax.

And we are going to go deeper into your heart, into the core of who you are. I want you to feel, not to think, but to feel what is the dearest desire of what you wish to create? What is that hidden dream, the action or the experience, the situation, the energy that you feel would assist you most greatly, right now, in the fulfillment of your sacred mission and purpose? What is it that you feel would make you believe, would equip you to complete this journey right now? And go deeper.

And if you think its something tangible like money, financial support, better health, better home or living circumstance, peel it a little deeper, come with me and do that. What do those physical things which you are fully entitled to receive, but what’s contained inside that request? Is it the sense of being loved and cared about, of being safe, of being free? Don’t judge it, just allow whatever it is to just come on up so that you have the fullness of the picture. Now allow yourself, with that knowing of what you desire to create and to attract to yourself in this very moment, to be fully aware and awake in your heart and love it.

And invoke with me the Law of Attraction. In this case we are giant magnets and we are pulling across the Universe that which we desire. If it was not already in form, in existence, you would not desire it. So feel yourself expanding now out into your various bodies, your mental, your emotional, your causal, into the fullness of your field, out as far as your Solomon Seal, and feel how large you are and at the same time see that you are part of this wonderful golden grid, that you are a butterfly on the golden grid. And feel this expanded self, take your right hand as if it is a giant magnet, and reach out where you see what you are asking for on the grid and simply reach out and begin to pull it towards yourself. See it moving and it doesn’t matter whether it is a partner or a sense of well being or balance or new car, pull it into you. Stronger.

Now take that hand and bring it into your heart where all energy, all creation is anchored. And set the timer as it were, the universal timer, that this sensation of pulling, of magnetizing across the grid into your hand, into your heart will not cease until it is completed. And rest in the knowing that it will be completed and give thanks, knowing it is already done, the delivery’s on the way, and that you can come back here every day and check and pull some more, attracting and using the Law of Attraction. And rest.

Sanat Kumara: Greetings, I am Sanat Kumara…

SM: Welcome.

Raj: …Keeper of Universal Law. Welcome my friends of gold, my fellow Venusians, my fellow Gaians, my family, for that is what is occurring and that I wish to refer to even before we discuss the Laws. I am not some distant entity, some foreigner sent from a distant planet to work with you and with Gaia. We are family and that is what you are beginning to feel and it is not simply family with me, far more importantly, it is family with each other. And this sense of unity and connection, of brotherhood, of sisterhood, of sibling, of Mother/Father/One, this is growing.

Now how does this relate to Universal Law? How does it relate to the Blessings and Virtues, to the Divine Qualities? Dear Heart, it is how we are, it is not merely how we operate, how we think, how we feel, it is how we are and increasingly, much to my joy and the joy of all who participate, you are realizing this, you are realizing that we are but one family, one collective, that there is not this collective and that collective, but that we are unified on one grid, in one Universe, in one Omniverse. We are not broken up and separated, that is not the way it is.

So how does this relate to the Law of Attraction and Repulsion? Well, with Attraction it is very simple; first of all, what you desire, what you desire in truth, not as a false grid or an expression of the old realm, but what you truly desire you call to yourself because, in the most basic terms, it belongs to you, it is part of your makeup, your birthright, your formula, your design. And nothing, nothing, please listen to what I say; nothing is ever withheld from you that, in fact, belongs to you.

Now are there ripples, have there been interruptions? Yes, but might I also suggest to you that that is also because perhaps you are not fully applying the genuine nature of your heart’s desires or calling upon this Law of Attraction and Repulsion is no limitation in the Divine Mother’s Universe, none, and that is part of the realization that you are coming to. So you cannot think in terms of limitations, that something is withheld from you because maybe there isn’t enough. Creation is constant; there is always, eternally, infinitely more than enough for all, in any Universe, in any reality, as long as that creation is of the molecules and the codes of Love.

So, what you are truly calling to yourself when you are practicing Attraction is more love. That is why the channel, that is why I’ve asked her in this meditation to dig deeper to what it is you are truly looking for, it is more love; more love of self, more love of others, more sense of unity, more sense of community. When you invoke, not only my name but the Law of Attraction, you are not simply calling the energy, you’re not simply calling the thing, the environment, the situation, whether it is a chocolate bar or world peace, what you are doing is calling upon your entire Universal family, your Star brothers and sisters, the Intergalactics, the Company of Heaven, the Archangels, the Seraphim and Beings that you do not even have any idea about, you are calling everybody and you are saying, “Can you help me?” And everybody, all energies of all forms are speeding to your assistance.

This is not a minor exercise, ‘oh, I will think it and then it will happen,’ it comes from the core, the very core of your being, of your soul. And it comes with the truth of allowance and acceptance and not forcing the tide, not being dictatorial, not attempting to control the how, where, why. So, in attraction is also the Divine quality of trust. You cannot even begin to fathom how much power you have in this but if you work with it every day you will begin to see. Now, is it the totality? No. All the laws, all the energies work in conjunction.

So let me be practical here, and yes, I know I go on but you did give me a hiatus, so let me say, you have said, “I am attracting a full sense of safety, of being safe in my planet, in my life, in my body, in my reality.” Now here we are all streaming towards you infusing that energy into you. But with that and inside that will also mean that you will begin repulsing, sending back to the Source, all fear, all sense of displacement, all sense of insecurity, all sense of inappropriate vulnerability. So you say, I prayed for security and here I feel that I am gnashing my teeth because your issues are coming to the forefront to be repulsed back to the One. It is the balance, it is the scales of justice and it works in the personal sense and it works in the global sense and the universal sense and the infinite sense.

So, do not turn to me and say, “Raj, I did this and it didn’t work; things got worse.” Well all that means, my beloved friend, my family, is there was a little housekeeping, there were some cobwebs and dust bunnies that needed to be let go of. And think of them as no more significant than that, because you don’t want to be caught in the cobweb, you don’t want to be caught in the dust bunny, you wouldn’t see a dust bunny under your bed or under your chair and say, “I think I will crawl in and live there.” So, let it go, let us help with the clean-up and the repulsion as well.

So it is this sense of pulling in and at the same time of pushing out. Now this is a very physical example and a reality that we share with you so that you have that sense because you also push out your creations as well, when they have been inseminated, when you have had that stillpoint implosion/explosion. But understand, when you are working with the Law of Repulsion you are never, ever repulsing people or nations; you are repulsing the energy directly, directly back to the heart of One, not to any chamber for clean-up, directly to the heart of One because it began just as you did, as the energy of purity and love. So you send it back, it is recycled, and then it is returned to you. So think of it as etheric dry cleaning without the chemicals.

Now I have gone on, I know you have questions for me sweet angel.

SM: I do, Raj, my friend. I’m so happy to be speaking to you again in this way and I really appreciate the shift in relationship that I’ve been feeling lately. So really, thank you for that and being more present in my life.

So, we keep getting the message that our perceptions determine our reality, so the highest and best that I can imagine for myself already exists somewhere and when I focus on that in meditation am I not actively calling those aspects of myself into my current vessel? And is this an overlap with the Law of Instantaneous Transmission?

Raj: Yes it is. Now you are understanding it perfectly. And when you think of it, it is in accordance with your intent, with your purpose, with the balance of all. So yes, when you are holding that highest perception, that vision, the truth of who you are, you are instantaneously transmitting, transmuting, transubstantiating, and bringing to the forefront faster than the speed of light, at the speed of love, the truth of who you are.

SM: Wow. Okay that is a beautiful thing. If all that which we desire is to serve the Divine Mother, I imagine we can trust that our souls design is what will manifest and that it will all unfold naturally. So far I haven’t got a handle on what I will be doing next but in this meditation just now I got a glimpse. I haven’t been raised with much tradition or community and the perfection of that may be so that now I can be an ambassador between cultures, on Earth and beyond.

For some of us the path may reveal itself quickly and I guess for others it will be a more drawn out process but I’m wondering if the Event being referred to so often now will pop those and the forefront of human evolution into a deeper knowing all at once? I’m feeling that after that point I won’t even need money; am I delusional in having visions now that’s far removed from this one?

Raj: No, you are not delusional and yes it is true that not everybody is having simultaneous experience, so that it is not happening at the same speed, shall we say, for everybody. And it is also depending on how deeply you are holding that truth and that vision of who you are. Let us also say, the Event as you call it is still a series of events because you aren’t all working at the same moment in the now. Yes, there is only one moment, but within that moment there is eternity and infinity. So think of it more as a portal, as an activation, as a series of events.

When you reach the level of creativity, of creation, of reclaiming who you are as creator race, then you have what you need. Now if you feel that you want to play or create currency, then that is fine with us; we really don’t care and we don’t mean that in a dismissive way, we mean that it is a choice. There are various intergalactic cultures that use various forms of currency because they like it. But the crux of this is the understanding, and this is why we have asked you to divorce yourself from the focus on the currency to your own currency, and what you are capable of bringing forward, it is a choice. So if you wish to call the molecules of Love that form a home, a community, a City of Light forth, then that is what you do. But it is not dependent upon the simple manifestation of what you, in the current reality, think of in the old 3rd because the currency of the 5th is different.

So the old currency, it is not dependent on simply that. What we have said and what we will continue to emphasize as changes in currency, financial systems, governmental systems, political institutions, judicial institutions, they are heart consciousness, attitudinal, spiritual shifts; these things don’t simply occur because of the availability of money, they are heart changes, they are a change in your consciousness.

So, some will always love to play with currency and that is fine. And the idea of currency over the next five years or so will change; what it is used for, how it is available, how it is available to those who wish to create because where the currency issue comes in is truly just in the transition phase. But it has never been the Mother’s plan simply to say that everybody upon the planet would have plenty of currency. No, her abundance is much bigger than that. Can it include currency if that is part of your belongings? Yes, but it is so much bigger. I can tell you, I do not deal in currency.

SM: Beautiful. I have one more question and then we will go on to callers. It has occurred to me over the past week or so that my awareness of the current world situation and on the mundane task required for my life has been fading away. I’ve been feeling less and less present and I’m wondering if that will continue and one day I will switch over to what has already been created in the new world and reality with what we know and experience now fading away in consciousness awareness? Will you speak to that please?

Raj: Yes, and many of you are having this experience that you feel less and less present, or can we say, attached to the old reality. Now we have been saying for some time, in fact almost a year, that Gaia has anchored herself firmly in her heart to the 5th, reaching up to the 7th, brushing the 3rd so that you, of course, did not fall freely into space. So what you are doing, it feels to you, you have an expression in film where it is a fade and then there is a new scene and that is exactly what you are experiencing.

So, some of you feel less and less competent, interested, available to engage in the routine of the 3rd. For some of you, yes, this channel has expressed it repeatedly, that the interactions with the old 3rd literally make you feel sick, nauseous, that you want to turn and run. So, yes. Now, that is those of you who are through the portal, who are in some ways balancing back and forth because you are wayshowers and you are helping people through the portal. So in many ways, Dear Heart, an “event” is not necessary for you because it is already underway. So yes, you are correct in your understanding.

SM: Well, that’s wonderful. So, that will just continue to unfold, the understanding will grow deeper and deeper and will have…I mean the visions that I am having are just enormous about who I am connected to and why I’m here and to be honest, its an adjustment for me…

Raj: It is an adjustment but we would ask you and we would ask all of you…trust your visions, trust your dreams. Many of you are processing and making this transition in dream state, in the dream frequency because your days are very busy and you don’t have the time. Trust what you are hearing in meditation; trust your intuition and not only trust it, actually follow it. That is how we talk to you. Yes, it is always our joy when we are given this kind of opportunity, but on the day to day basis, Dear Heart, this is how we talk to you.

SM: That’s wonderful and I’m so looking forward to the time when communication is more present and available. I know you are around me all the time, I just don’t see yet and I’m hoping some day I will.

Raj: And because you have declared it and because you desire it, you know that it is part of your belongings.

SM: Yes, yes, true. Thank you. Okay, are we ready for some callers then?

Raj: We are indeed.

SM: Okay, here we go…area code 248, are you with us?

AC248: Yes, I am. Thank you, Raj and Linda and Suzanne. I wanted to mention that I have been holding the space for a deep desire here in the dimensional world and the time line is coming to expiration at the end of the month. I’m running out of ideas on how to proceed in a physical way to bring closure to this desire. Is there anything more you might suggest?

Raj: What do you mean, Dear Heart, your timeline runs out?

AC248: I have a legal contract for some property and technically that timeline concludes, that contract concludes at the end of the month and it requires physical currency and I’ve been looking at ways to bring that forward and I’ve been noticing that I am currently running low on any other ideas as to how to fulfill (?) the contract.

Raj: Not only expand time, sweet angel, but take yourself outside of time. So that is the first thing. Then have the soul conversation with the contractors because there is, what you are doing is you are calling forth what we have been referring to in this conversation as one of your belongings and it is actually not only a belonging for you but for the collective. So, continue to call forth your belonging but have the soul conversation with the contractor, then have the physical conversation as well, and do not wait until the last moment, and extend the contract if necessary. But we do not believe it is necessary or will be necessary.

Now we also want you to do something else: can you hand it over to me? You are a very busy little fairy, but there are times as hard as it is, that you could use a little help. So I offer you, out of time, soul conversations, physical conversations and my assistance.

AC248: Thank you, thank you.

Raj: You are welcome, Dear Heart.

SM: Alrighty, we are on to area code 810, are you with us?

AC810: Yes, I am. A quick question: How does anyone find out who they really are? Someone like me, I like to think I am a Starseed but it could be wishful thinking and another part, how does one connect with who they really are and can we speed up the process of attracting like-minded people?

Raj: You discover who you truly are, Dear Heart, through meditation, through going within, it is actually not as complex as you wish to think it is, it is a matter of knowing your ray, your guides, your affiliations. What you desire to do is the truth of what you are and who you are and why you are here. So, it is to take some time because as the channel has said, this foundation, this foundation of knowing is very important.

So, use the meditations that are being made available to you to know this and to work with this. And then, to find like-minded people, it is two-fold; yes, of course, call upon the Law of Attraction for like-minded people, might we even suggest like-hearted people. But then take action; put yourself, physically in community, in situations where you may encounter those who are of like-heart. So it is not simply a matter of just hoping they will find you, you have need also to engage with your family of humanity. Do you understand what I say?

AC810: Yeah. What is the best meditation for this? Not to use up all the time…

Raj: We would strongly urge you to use the Council of Love meditations on Soul Color and Meeting Your Guides.

AC810: Okay. Thank you.

Raj: Farewell.

AC810: Farewell.

SM: Okay lovely. Alright we are on to area code 604. Are you with us?

AC604: I am. Hello Suzanne and hi Linda and hi Sanat, its Kathleen calling. I have a question about worthiness and if you could actually define it, define worthiness, value, and some practical tips how to anchor this quality into our foundation and if this is contained in love?

Raj: First of all, worthiness is part of your spiritual makeup and your physical makeup. It is not something that you need to go seeking or searching for. Now, can it be expanded? Absolutely. Worthiness is knowing that you are part and a spark, an integral piece of the Divine.

When you truly accept this knowing then you have reached the place of knowing your worth and then what happens with that is that there is an excitement to explore. That is why we have talked about the importance of knowing your essence of who you are because within that is your worthiness.

This is the cancer, the primary cancer of the human race, the lack of self-worth, the lack of self-value, the lack of self-love and too often, because this has been one of the strongest false grids of the old 3rd dimension, is the belief system that you have to earn your worth, that you need to become worthy. How, Dear Heart, can you and I be birthed from the heart of One, carrying the essence of One and not be worthy? That is like saying that your essence was destroyed when you took form. And if your essence was destroyed, and we will speak next week of the Law of Elimination, if your essence was destroyed you would not be breathing, not in any reality.

The value, your worth, is infinite, infinite. In this lifetime and in this Ascension and in this Shift what you are coming to know is your value, your worth, and your potential. Now even as you shift, are you working at the fullness of your potential? No. It will continue to grow and grow and grow. That is the way of spiritual evolution. But will you be happy, joyous, in the state of bliss as you realize that, that you are in the constant state of becoming and expansion? Yes, you will be because joy is also the key to creation. You do not create, you do not find your self-worth and worthiness in misery.

Now, does sometimes misery or lack trigger that essential finding? Yes it does. It is like falling down a very deep, dark well and sitting there, sometimes for what feels like eons and there is no light and there is no hope and there is a sense that you are not even remembered, above or below. And then you realize at the bottom of the well what you are sitting on is a trap door and you open that door and you fly free because you demand it, because you either extinguish and perish, because you cannot live indefinitely with no sense of self-worth, or you simply fly free and find and discover what has always been within you. That ember, that flame, is within you. Just like that flame of joy is within you.

Now when it expands, it calls out, it announces throughout the Universe and the expansion and the energy which is sent to you, complementing you, grows and grows and grows. It is a phenomenon. You have often thought of the creation of your Universe in the old science; you have said this planet was created by the ‘big bang’. Well to us, the big bang is when you acknowledge and accept your worth. Is that clear?

AC604: Yes. Thank you so much.

Raj: Farewell.

AC604: Farewell.

SM: Okay, we are on to another caller and this caller I’m not sure what to call you so I am going to call you “Yellow”. Hello Yellow, you are on the air, are you with us?

Yellow: Hi, hello there, hello Raj, thank you for taking my call.

Raj: Hello Dear Heart. And what is your question?

Yellow: My question is that I have got three creations that I am trying to integrate to become one, but I have a feeling that if I follow one of my creations I might just lose the other, so, I don’t know what to do about that.

Raj: Do not limit yourself. Now, one of the things that you are doing is that you are thinking that, and I use the word ‘thinking’, that all of these creations have need to be simultaneous. And while, now I am going to speak about quantum physics, while in our reality they are all simultaneous, in your reality of what you are doing, you can work these as sequential and not lose a darn thing. Begin with what is most near and dear to your heart because that will feed the energy for the other creations to come forth like a supernova. So, do not feel like you have to sacrifice; choose one over the other. Do you understand what I am saying to you?

Yellow: I understand. Thank you so much.

Raj: Go with my love. Farewell.

SM: Okay, so we are on to area code 520, are you with us?

AC520: Yes I am. How are you doing this morning, Suzanne?

SM: Fabulous. How are you this morning?

AC520: Good thanks and Raj and Linda, hello, good morning. Regarding the Law of Attraction and Repulsion with your soul family, can you talk, Raj, a little about timing and soul mates?

Raj: Can we say ‘yesterday’? Can we say ’22 eons ago’? Can we say ‘tomorrow’? I do not wish to be flip with you, my friend. There is much happening upon your planet and that is one of the reasons why, this day, I have chosen to begin by talking about how we are coming together, you and I and all of you who are listening and participating, coming together more and more closely as soul family and the recognition of that because soul family, soul partners, that truth is in the recognition as well.

Now, what do I mean by this? When you are working with the Law of Attraction, you are pulling the energy, the codes. Now you may have – let us use the practical example of a soul partner, of a sacred union, which is the theme of humanity right now, and yes, we are speaking a great deal about it – you may have a vision of what that looks like and that is fine for using the Law of Attraction for what you are pulling unto your sacred self. But what we are saying is part of the Law of Attraction inside that delivery system of your belongings is what we would refer to as the recognition factor. So you need to understand and recognize with your heart, with your heart consciousness, and then with your entire field, what it is that you are looking at.

So, for example, if you are expecting a car, you are creating a car and you have visualized a perfect Jetta and we have delivered you a BMW. Can you at that moment recognize that this is what you have attracted and that this is the fulfillment of your attraction; and visa-versa, if you have been visualizing a BMW and we bring you a Ford then know that that is the perfect match. So there is an element in recognition of also letting go of preconceptions and control. And it is a process of being open and receiving and then also realizing that you can expand on that creation.

AC520: How do we improve on our ability to recognize?

Raj: It is acceptance and allowance and truly looking, with your heart, with the eyes and the knowing of your heart, but also your third eye, center of forehead, your fourth eye, between your brows, and what we have come to refer to as the fifth eye, which is at your hairline, which is the ability to see with the eyes of the Mother. So when someone or something is in front of you, stop, simply stop and look and allow yourself to see the truth of what is standing in front of you and then you will know, not think, not judge, but discern and know the truth of that.

Now, there is a piece of this that I am glad you have brought up. You do not need to accept all deliveries ‘as is’. Now we are not talking about a lack of gratitude, what we are talking about is supplementing and building and building and building the energy.

So you may see, for example with a soul partner, the truth of purity, the beauty of the person standing in front of you. But you may also say, “But wait a minute, there are areas that perhaps have not been completed, either by myself or by that person or with the help of the Universe, the Company of Heaven, so we want to add on greater communication, more clarity in communication, more openness of heart, greater security, to be that truth, to not create false separations or lines in the dirt.”

So that you can build upon the creation that is right in front of you as well, it is not that it is there and it is done and then you have to move on, you can build, in form, as well as in the etheric. But you have need first to discern with your heart, with your 3rd, 4th, and 5th eye what is the truth of this. And if the truth is that it does not match and does not feel that it is truly what belongs to you, then release it, release it in gratitude and in love and continue on.

Because all things that pass your energy field, tangible or intangible, are not meant to be anchored with you; sometimes it is a symbol, it is a catalyst, it is a moment in the Eternal Now but it is not meant to be clung to. Sometimes there is a tendency in the human beings to cling to something because they think that is all they are going to get and what it does is it turns off the speckot of creation and it limits what you are open to receiving so that truth with yourself and with creation is very important. And we do not get offended in any way, shape, or form if you say, “Thank you, but this isn’t quite enough.”

AC520: Well, thank you very much Raj, I don’t want to take time away from others. Thank you very much.

Raj: Go with my love, Dear Heart, and thank you for your work.

SM: Okay David, I’m taking you on the air. We only have a couple of minutes left.

David: Hello, hello Linda, hello Suzi, okay so I’ll make this quick. I want to know, as far as I understand it, we need only the Law of Attraction while we are in this duality and this illusion because as far as I understand, we are, or I am, the great I AM is the Law of Attraction because it is everything and we become that which we become aware of, that which we focus on, so what I want to know really, how can I be calm in this time where I sometime know I am everything and that we are all One, but there is still a time lapse within this illusion that creates a feeling that there is still this separation in-between that which I want and that which I am in this moment of Now.

Raj: The greatest way, and I thank you for this question because it is an important way in which we finish up, the greatest, most rapid way in which you allow the Law of Attraction to come into the fullness, first of all is to utilize the Law of Repulsion. Send back to the Light the illusions, that sense of separation, that sense of time lag, the sense of separation of who you wish to be and who you are in this very moment. That is an illusion. You are not in that old reality, so don’t even look at it, simply send it, the fullness of it – kit and caboodle, you would say? – send it back to the Source because the old 3rd, this place of limitation, the 3rd dimension is a beautiful place of physical experience of smelling flowers and having form.

But the old 3rd, the sullied 3rd that is filled with these false grids has no place. So how you do that is constantly practicing this Law of Repulsion; take this limitation and send it home. Nothing can transform Gaia and humanity faster than this one simple action

Transcript: Sanat Kumara on the Sacred Law of Attraction and Repulsion. November 12, 2013 « Golden Age of Gaia

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