Captain Bill – Nibiru and Events – Answers of an Alien from Andromeda (108) – 11-26-13

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Answers of an alien from Andromeda — video hundred eight – November 26, 2013.
Encounter date: November 25, 2013.Atlantic time.

Indian in the Machine – Reading ET First Contact Book – Sipapu Odyssey – It Is all Coming True

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SIPAPU ODYSSEY is one journal of 250 journals given to humanity by our star family… to help us…. this first journal is the only journal given to us in fiction form, because it is said, we have trouble handling big truths…. well, everything in this book is coming true thus far… and this book tells of humanity meeting our star family… if you want to know how it´s going to be…. complete with earthquakes and the send coming of Jesus… and more…. read this book and the others.

You can read these journals oline at the link below   –

Indian in the machine

Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation – June 4, 2013



Selamat Jarin! We return with important things to discuss. The most important is about first contact. In the past, we decided to rely heavily on a formal disclosure announcement from your new governments. Now, what we intend to do is increase the present level of daytime sightings to supplement the general disclosure policy of the new governance. It is of course simple to sit back and let the current scenario play out. However, we intend to create a more conducive environment for these announcements by more actively preparing the ground for them. We are committed to demonstrating that we are both benevolent and dedicated to a full disclosure. We are aware that many of you do not comprehend what these flyovers are leading up to: namely, the global mass landing of our craft and the formal introduction to each of you of your own personal mentor. Each dearly wishes to meet you and begin the teachings which prepare you for your wondrous shift into full consciousness. There is much for you to learn: an entire new history of your branch of humanity; a new understanding of physicality; and a working knowledge of how Heaven operates.The Light has certain operating procedures that you need to know about because it is what our galactic societies are founded upon. Each of these procedures brings you closer to a better understanding of the Four Laws, and once we arrive, we will all need time for you to get a good grip on, and feel comfortable with, all that is changing in your lives. Boredom will be a thing of the past! Just about everything you think you know will shift. In short, the amount of change you are being asked to absorb is staggering! As an example: all of you will be brought to a realization of how badly you have treated your home world; Gaia graciously acknowledges the nearly complete ignorance of these matters that most of you possess and so the first order of the day will be to realign your society’s basic priorities. We will then explain how the new principles and their accompanying technologies work within the structure of your daily lives. This is an example of the pivotal role that your new prosperity can play in furthering all that must be done to uplift your societies. So much of your lives, and indeed the lives of all living things on your surface world, need to be healed, lightened, and reformed.

This transformation is just the first of many that you will move through. You reside on a very special world, and she is dying. Gaia’s diversity is severely threatened and you are swiftly approaching the start of a deadly syndrome which is capable of becoming a mass extinction cycle. We are waiting to implement an operation which can quickly reverse all of this, but you need to know that the dark cabal has come up with a most sinister plot to extinguish life on your surface realm. To stop this, we require your assistance as your energies are to help us reverse this dark contingency. All that is to be done we will do together. For millennia you have unwittingly given away your powers to whatever scheme the cabal so desired; now comes the opportunity for you to step up and reclaim responsibility for what you wish to see accomplished in your world. Demonstrating your acceptance of this responsibility, and of the ways of the Light, moves you swiftly along your path to full consciousness. Our mission goal is most assuredly to assist you as quickly and seamlessly as possible to return to full consciousness.

This prophesied leap in planetary consciousness is the reason we are here. Heaven has a divine timetable for all this and our mission is therefore contingent upon this same schedule. We dearly wish you to have access to all the information that you need in order to grasp to some extent the significance of what has been divinely decreed for you. Recently, Heaven mandated a period of delay, but the time for picking up the schedule again has now arrived and so we intend to take some historic actions. A prime requisite is for you to see that we are real, and committed to you and your return to full consciousness. We have planned some events with the Agarthans to assure you that you are not alone. We will not announce these many events in advance, but they will be done in such a way as to leave no doubt in your minds that we are here! The dark cabal has run this reality for too long without any option for you to escape its tyranny. It is our intention to provide you with the ability to do so!

Blessings, dear Hearts! We are your Ascended Masters! We arrive with good news! Our secret sacred society members are in the last stages of preparing your funds for delivery. When completed, the activation of these funds will trigger the new governance, the series of formal announcements, and a massive change in how your world operates. All this will produce an environment favorable to disclosure and the opportunity for us to begin our many sacred teachings on a global scale. Our manifestation among you will transform your present notions of your origins and what your future holds. You are sacred Beings, who have spent the past 13 millennia wandering around in a dense fog with no memory or understanding of how you got there. We have come to put you in the picture again and present you with a cogent account of what is going on in your world. You will then be reliably prepared for what will happen after first contact.

Your now-suppressed spiritual abilities will be much emphasized by your new mentors, who will also focus on a lot of new history, new spiritual philosophies, and even the nature of your upcoming missions on Heaven’s behalf. The framework you will be given will be in stark contrast to the grim and gloomy pack of lies and manipulation force-fed to you since the fall of Atlantis. Our own successful efforts to return to immortality and to the true Wisdom of the Ages were a feat of unbelievable focus and sheer willpower, and we are so pleased that you will not have to undertake such strenuous procedures as well. This crucible is to be replaced with a living and Loving Light Chamber, individually tailored to each one’s specific needs, thus allowing you to be healed and restored to the splendor of your original design! This glorious, reconstituted Being can then conjoin with the Agarthans and us, your Ascended Masters, as we prepare to reunite with our spiritual and space families!

Your transformation into a fully conscious Being of Light is something that the dark and its ilk have dreaded for millennia and, as you know to your cost, have done all in its power to prevent. Now Heaven has put in place the optimum course to bring about her sacred edict-your return to full consciousness. Once you emerge from your Light Chamber, you are a changed individual, with little vestige remaining of what you were. You are returning to your original template and capable of expressing the full gamut of your original blueprint. Our work with you will then change as we show you and your personal mentors the nuances of galactic society. We will also explore how to maximize your new potential as you create your own, unique galactic society, which is quite quickly to become the foundation of your new star-nation. Heaven intends to ‘smile’ on us and bestow on us many marvelous spiritual gifts. This will further ensure us a special place in the Galactic Federation of Light.

Today, we continued with our series of updates. Be advised that the time arrives for what we have so long been waiting for: namely, the long-talked-of changes which will allow us to meet you and begin the proceedings to return you to full consciousness. This is a most auspicious time in our joint histories! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

Planetary Activation Organization | Mailing Address: P. O. Box 4975, El Dorado Hills, CA 95762 USA
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5D Chakra System – Whole Heart Chakra – Wendy Kennedy & Nora Herold

Part 1

Part 2

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Wendy Kennedy & Nora Harold
Channeling session dec 2011 part 2

The 9th Dimensional Pleiadian Collective amongst others.

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Channeler: John Smallman – Jesus – Public Domain Information Release Underway




We are watching with joy from here in the spiritual realms as the divine energies surrounding you all start to really take effect, so much so that even in your mainstream news media some “good news” is being reported, albeit with a certain lack of the overarching enthusiasm that they show when disasters strike! Nevertheless, it is a sign of things to come.  The Good News can no longer be ignored, dismissed, or go unreported.  A sea change in the way information is released into the public domain is underway, although that reportage always lags behind when it comes to reporting on the alterations occurring in attitudes, behaviors, and awareness that have resulted in those changes.

Much is happening worldwide that will amaze you when you hear of it.  The field of divine Love works constantly and surreptitiously to enable and bring about the essential behavioral changes that will ensure that an end to grinding poverty, contagious diseases, and desecration of the planet is achieved smoothly and effectively. As that happens, planetwide healing of the earth herself and of all the life forms she supports will accelerate as the constant damaging activities that have encouraged and maintained those wretched conditions cease.  That cessation of widespread damaging activities will release enormous quantities of energy to assist in the necessary cleansing and renewal that needs to occur to return your planet to a state of tranquility in which her health, beauty, and abundance can thrive so that the needs of all who rely on her wellness for their own well-being can be fully met.

All of creation is interdependent, mutually supportive, and harmoniously cooperative, because that is how God so lovingly creates, but when you built the illusion to experience separation, awareness of that essential aspect of existence became lost as rugged individualism sought to prove that it was strong, independent, and resourceful.  That naturally led to the state in which people frequently robbed each other instead of cooperating with one another for the benefit of all, and the damage those attitudes brought about have finally begun to be understood.  Many are now working to replace conflict and unhealthy competition with harmonious cooperation.  Their numbers are growing daily, and with the assistance that you are receiving from the new energies with which you are willingly engaging success in that endeavor is assured.  As I told you in “ A Course in Miracles,” and as you well know at the depths of your being: “Heaven is here. There is nowhere else. Heaven is now. There is no other time.”  That knowing is to break through into your conscious experiential awareness, changing your perception of one another and of the world around you, permanently.

What you presently perceive as reality, the physical world and all that it is composed of – humanity, the flora, fauna, and mineral realms – will be seen in a new and magnificent light of acceptance, understanding, appreciation, and thanks, as the lessons it has enabled you to learn become apparent, so that you could prepare to awaken from the nightmares of pain and suffering that you have been undergoing.  You are indeed in a New Age, and the changes that are occurring as a result of that are becoming ever more visible.

You can mightily strengthen the energy field surrounding you as well as the effect you have on others by distancing yourselves as far as possible from engaging with the drama and emotions that bad news encourages.  Instead, quietly intend to send love and compassion to any who are hurt, and at the same time reconfirm your intent for humanity to awaken into awareness of its holiness as children of God.  In your present embodied state as humans it is almost impossible for you to appreciate how incredibly effective that kind of intention is, but rest assured that every loving intent that you make further intensifies humanity’s collective intent to awaken.

The power and intensity of the loving intent that each one of you holds and shares is an essential part of your awakening process, so please remind yourselves of that as each day commences, whenever you think of it during the day, and again as you end your day.  You are bringing humanity home to your natural state of being exhilaratingly alive in Love, shining brilliantly with Its Light, and showing others by your demonstration of loving conduct the path to follow.

As you take your daily quiet times for prayer, meditation, and reflection, what you should reflect on is the fact that you are divine beings who have been sleeping, and while in that state have temporarily forgotten who you are.  Then remake and restate your firm intention to awaken and ask your spiritual guides, the saints, and the angels to assist you.  Doing so is an extremely powerful choice and decision, and it will speed you along your path.

Your loving brother, Jesus.

Message From Jesus – April-21-2013

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Spring is in the air, and so is change of a most magnificent kind
April 21, 2013 by John Smallman…

The Oneness that is God has all of creation enfolded within It; It is the infinite field of divine Love where all Wisdom, all Knowledge, all Consciousness has its eternal existence. It is a state of utter joy, peace, and contentment, where no one is, or can ever be in any way, bereft. It is Reality, where all are free to create abundantly with the skills and abilities that God has bestowed upon them, and delight in the results.

It is into this sublime state that humanity is to awaken. Your present state of sleep, constantly interrupted by dreams and nightmares that you experience as real and substantive, no longer serves you, and so you have chosen to wake up into the refreshing, stimulating, and exhilarating state of wonder from which you chose to briefly hide yourselves but a moment ago. It seems to you that you have been experiencing this imaginary reality for a very long time — and in “time” you have — but it has been only momentary, as you will discover when you wake up. And then your joy and amazement will be boundless and unceasing. Reality is always amazing because it places you in the Presence of the infinite, all-loving Source, which created you solely to experience eternal joy, amazement, and wonder — and so you will.

Many of you are feeling out of sorts, bored with the lives you are presently experiencing, and wondering if there is any way to improve them, to make them satisfying and uplifting, while you see all around you people, loved ones, strangers, even yourselves, struggling with anxiety and suffering which, it seems, continues interminably, and for which there appears to be no relief. In fact, you have come to see the illusion for what it is: a place in which those states are endemic. You want to wake up, you intend to wake up, and daily more and more are making the choice to do so and thereby changing the collective will of humanity. As the collective will changes, your dissatisfaction intensifies, because your awareness of the unacceptability of the present living conditions of so many on Earth becomes far clearer. To allow such painful life experiences for so much of humanity to continue unresolved has become unacceptable to you.

It is that intent, that desire that is intensifying and thereby ensuring that the collective intent of humanity changes, and it is that collective intent that creates the space, the environment in which you find yourselves. Spring is in the air, and so is change of a most magnificent kind. The power of your collective intent is immense, and whereas until recently it had been scattered, divided, angry, and fearful, it is now coming into alignment with a loving intent to establish peace, health, and abundance for all on the planet through harmonious cooperation and understanding. Since December last year an enormous shift in intent has occurred all across the world, and the effects of that are beginning to show.

It has become impossible for those who would control the world to accommodate their own self-centered agendas by keeping them hidden or under wraps any longer. The truth is coming out, and for those who would hide and suppress it, that is alarming; in fact, it is terrifying. But there is no going back; the veil of corporate secrecy has been lifted and is now being removed altogether. Corporate secrecy has been a major but largely unacknowledged aspect of all your worldly organizations since time immemorial, and it is now in the process of being dissolved. Enormous worldly power centers are crumbling, and their collapse is imminent. That power has always been illusory, but because people generally believed in it and accepted it, it appeared to have substance.

As the information and the technology, which will make it possible to overcome disease permanently and provide abundantly for all on Earth while repairing the enormous planetary damage that has occurred over the last few hundred years, is made known and shared widely and freely, the ability to control large numbers of people through fear and the threat of confiscation of their assets will be removed. Each one of you is a sovereign being, created by God to enjoy to the full the fruits of life through the intelligence of consciousness, creativity, and harmonious cooperation, and you are now in the process of rediscovering and reclaiming for yourselves the respect and dignity of that inalienable state in which you were created.

Humanity Is At A Crossroads

April 3, 2013 by John Smallman

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Humanity is at a crossroads.  Many are not ready to surrender to Love, to their divine nature, although at the deepest level of their being they have always intended to do so.  An intense effort on your part, the wayshowers and Light-bearers, is essential now to assist them to remember their God-given intent to accept and embrace their true nature.  You are receiving massive amounts of energy from all in the spiritual realms to move you forwards on your path to awakening and homecoming, but many of you were disappointed by the lack of evidence in the world around you of your entry into the New Age in December last year.  Consequently, many of you have let your intent and resolve to awaken weaken as you have got caught up once more in the distractions of the illusion.

Remember that it is you who have to awaken; we can only nudge you towards that state, and to awaken you have to focus on doing so.  And as Light-bearers and wayshowers your intent to do so is immensely powerful when you choose to engage with it.  Also, that intent strongly affects those who remain, at present, unable or unwilling to respond to the stirrings in their hearts which the new energies are arousing.  Your intent arouses and strengthens theirs.

Your task is to wake up, to become brilliantly conscious beings, fully aware of and embracing of your true nature, and as you do so, to help your more deeply sleeping brothers and sisters to do likewise.  Due to the personal lack of interest or weakening of intent that many have allowed to occur since late December last year, the power of your collective intent has also weakened and needs to be revitalized.  You are firmly established on your path home, but you have taken a break for rest and now you need to start moving forwards again.  This is what I mean by a crossroads.

The best way to get yourselves moving again is by spending time in your individual places of inner peace and allowing yourselves to listen to your intuition, your guidance, from those in the spiritual realms who can and will assure and show you that you are not alone, that you have not been abandoned.  Many of you have been feeling lost, discombobulated, as the new energies have embraced you because they have demanded more from you physically, and you have found yourselves feeling very tired, irritable, and unmotivated.  This is a temporary state of affairs as you adjust to these new energies.  It is analogous to learning a new activity like cycling, skiing, yoga, or swimming: first, there is the technique that has to be learnt; then, you have to practice, and while doing this, muscles that are not accustomed to being used in this way have to strengthen and grow more flexible.  And that is tiring.

The new energies are powerful and intense, and it has been very demanding and tiring for your bodies as they have been learning to adjust to and work with them.  We understand that, and we see how you have been struggling with fatigue.  Nevertheless, you are magnificently supported in every moment, so do not allow your doubts and anxieties, enthusiastically offered to you by your egos, to distract you from the task in hand for which you are supremely qualified.

You incarnated in order to assist your sleeping sisters and brothers to wake up and recognize their true nature as perfect divine beings of immense power and beauty with limitless creative abilities waiting to be rediscovered and deployed for their own delight and for the joy of God and all of His creation.  That truly is a most wonderful reason to be experiencing life in the illusion, despite all the discomforts and difficulties with which it presents you.  Yes, you also have lessons to learn, and you are learning them most effectively and efficiently, and the honors that you have earned will amaze you when you arrive home in Reality.

Today’s message has been to encourage and empower you, and to confirm for you that you are at all times fully supported by those in the spiritual realms. Whenever you feel down, unsure, depressed, anxious, or overwhelmed with doubts then please turn to us and ask for help — you will receive it instantly.  Just open your hearts fully to receive and experience the warmth of our loving embrace, and know that your homecoming is inevitable.

Your loving brother, Jesus.

Channeled by John Smallman

The Pleiadians – We Are What You Are Becoming

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Michael Jackson – Heal The World

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Music video by Michael Jackson performing Heal The World. (C) 1991 MJJ Productions Inc.

Kryon – Your Divinity – Your Divine Connection To All

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Kryon, channeled live by Lee Carroll, shares with us more about our divinity and our connection to all…

December 21, 2012 marked the halfway point in a 36 year cycle wherein Gaia has entered the milky way galactic equator, or center. We have 18 years to go, to build this “New World”, and for decades beyond that… This date marked a point with the highest potential in consciousness that humanity has ever seen in over 26,000 years. We are in it already halfway. This is a time of Earth changes. This is a time of profound consciousness shift. Our perceptions will go beyond our 5 senses. We will be able to better detect wisdom, also feelings of compassion and love. When we are not aware of our path, our path becomes fearful. Now it is imperative that we seek within for answers, and ask for help, and it shall be given. Authentic power needs to be created, and it must be created. Development of you, by you, to better distinguish the difference between love and fear… Find the qualities that are not serving you, and find the ones that do. Every moment and every second is a choice. The power lies in within you. You can change the planet and your life. Realize how beautiful, and powerful you are.

Songs of Deliverance

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Edgar Cayce – Akashic Records

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Join Kevin J. Todeschi, A.R.E.’s Executive Director and CEO, for the free online virtual conference presentation Edgar Cayce on the Akashic Records. Explore the mystery of the Akashic Records, the storehouse of all information for every individual who has ever lived upon the earth, and the source from which famed psychic Edgar Cayce received many of his remarkable insights.

I Believe – Mr. Holland’s Opus

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The Lettermen performs I Believe acapella live and in concert. From the motion picture Mr. Holland’s Opus is An American Symphony written by Michael Kamen and performed by the London Metropolitan Orchestra.

Ascension Gateway – Spring Equinox 2013

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Intense energies, discernment and recommendations for the jump in frequency this month. Apologies for frowning into the bright SUNlight – it is a beautiful spot. Gratitude to the blackbirds for the soundtrack.

I will have a guided meditation this week, to keep everyone focused as the interference frequencies trigger the lower levels. The awakened collective is larger than the distorted HUmans pushing the buttons on these pointless programs. Stay in your KNOWing, your Heart, and in gratitude for the journey. Amplify the higher vibe and the lower vibe has *no choice* but to rise.

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A Message to Humanity

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To order passes or Livestream to Summer 2013 Star Knowledge Conference:…
Chief Golden Light Eagle will host many Chiefs, medicine people, and wisdom keepers at the next Star Knowledge Conference.

Russellian Science: “A New Concept of the Universe”, by Walter Russell, part 2

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Part 2 of the readings from “A New Concept of the Universe” by Walter Russell.

Russell lays out the case against academic cosmology in great detail in this book.

Newton, einstein, hawking, sagan and lately micho koo koo have all been dethroned for the false science they taught for their corporate masters. The false academic sciences have need utterly demolished within the pages of the many volumes written by Walter and Lao Russell regarding the true Nature of our Universe.

If anyone is still slaved into this false, corportae owned belief system, I would suggest reading all of DB Larson’s many books which have proved beyond any doubt that quacakdemic science is nothing more than a dumbed down mind control program which enslaves humanity to:energy barons, war mongers and central bankers.

The Stream of images in this vid series is a collection of the diagrams created by Walter Russell in his attempt to explin the simple yet extremely detailed Cosmology which was revealed to him by the very Universal Mind which is our source. This information is based on mind knowing, whereas western science is based on sense thinking ie. emperical reductionism, which has diverged from Nature and Reality.

My intent is to communicate directly with the inner “knower” via these images. The synchronistic association of images with the narrative was created without thought, with the exception of einstein’s images.

It is my hope that theese images speak to your inner knower and awaken memories of who you are, on your spiraling path, in the scope of eternity. We are all of Universal Mind and therefore we have access to all knowledge when we commune with that which is our higher selves.

Produced by Robert Arnett Otey

Free Energy and Free Thinking

Archangel Michael Message – March 2013 – GFL

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Beloved masters, what we term as Sacred Breath consists of the normal third- / fourth-dimensional air containing oxygen as well as Prana, which is third- / fourth-dimensional air/ether that also contains the Adamantine Particles of Creator Light. The magnitude and power of these Divine Particles increase with each higher level of consciousness you attain. The empowering Breath of Infinity opens the pathways that lead to the multidimensional levels of Creator consciousness. Your inner perspective will automatically broaden as you gradually change your way/mode of thinking and perceiving.

The In-breath loop of the Infinity Breath passes through the Medulla Oblongata and out the back of the head as it sweeps upward into your Soul Star. The Adamantine Particles of Creator Light that you have inhaled through the back portal of your Sacred Heart are programmed to integrate a specific number of Life-Code Seed Atoms from your OverSoul-Higher Self as the Sacred Breath passes through your Soul Star. The Out-breath or exhale passes through the Root Chakra and enters the Kundalini Seed Atom contained therein. Monitored by your Over-soul-Higher Self, measured portions of the Adamantine Particles stored within the Root Chakra are added to the Sacred Breath.

The Adamantine Particles of Light which are stored in the Root Chakra are unique, for they have already been programmed with some of your special talents, attributes and qualities from past life experiences. The Sacred Breath then moves back up in front of the physical vessel and automatically enters the body where your crystalline Still Point Seed Atom is located. This Seed Atom was designed to magnetize, integrate and hold these higher frequency Particles of Light. It could be called a holding center, for it is directly connected to your Sacred Heart. The Adamantine Particles of Light are then drawn into your Sacred Heart to be activated through your seed thoughts and intention. These programmed Adamantine Particles are then ready to be breathed out into your Twelve Ray Creator Wheel, as well as out into the world-at-large. A dedicated portion will also stream into the World Pyramid and other pyramids of Light of your choice.


Forgiveness and the Freedom of Letting go

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Forgiveness is the mental, emotional and/or spiritual process of ceasing to feel resentment, indignation or anger against another person for a perceived offense, difference or mistake, or ceasing to demand punishment or restitution

Michael Ball and Il Divo – Love Changes Everything

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Michael Ball Britain’s leading musical theatre star & platinum recording artist comes together with Il Divo, the most successful operatic pop vocal group to record an outstanding new version of the enduring classic ‘Love Changes Everything’ by Andrew Lloyd Webber.

This video is a behind the scenes look when this exciting collaboration was recorded & the song features on Michael Ball’s brand new album Both Sides Now.

Michael first recorded Love Changes Everything – from Aspects of Love in 1989 when he originated the role of Alex in the West End and Broadway productions; the song became a huge hit and stayed in the single charts for 14 weeks!

Linda Eder – Something to Believe In – Let Your Spirit Soar!

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Astrology Overview for 2013 – Predictions and Insights – Donna Page

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Astrology for 2013 predictions of new paths of healing, growth and change. If you subscribe you will find your sun sign recordings too. This is the overview for the year, for more understanding It is best to listen to the recording for your ascendant and your sun sign (and moon also) found on my channel in order to get a most complete picture for your New Year. If you need your astrology chart to know your ascendant request your free chart @

If you would like information on a personal professional astrology reading…

Keep up to date with…
Astrologers have look at the sky for signs and symbols that will help them understand, or predict what will transpire in the year ahead. The 2013 astrology predictions are based on several major transits and configurations throughout the year. Most noteably the Yod, which is 3 planets, 2 of which are 60 degrees from each other and 150 degrees away from a third planet. This is called a yod, or finger of fate. This transiting pattern portends situations and circumstances coming into existence that where not noticed, available or seen before. Going in a direction not expected or a new avenue that demands adjusting to what was once the norm. Saturn in Scorpio , the north node in Scorpio highlight the realm of going deep within to find greater meaning. (see my other video on Saturn in Scorpio for more). There is a grand trine in water element in the summer along with the years under and over current of the Pluto Uranus square demanding change and accountability to what is best for all of humanity.

A Course In Miracles – Dr. Helen Schucman

A Crash Course In Miracles-Ep.1   –   Urtext, Searchable Online Text  –  A Course In Miracles   –   Amazon    –   Dr. Helen Schucman, the Scribe of A Course in Miracles

A Crash Course in Miracles #22 part 2 of 2

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A Course In Miracles-( Audio Only)

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Prophecies and Science of a Golden Age – David Wilcock
In this heavily-anticipated sequel to 2012 Enigma, (#1 Most Viewed on Google, 12/1/08), David Wilcock presents a compelling case that the prophecies of a Golden Age are not myth or superstition. Our DNA has been evolving 100 times more rapidly in the last 5000 years due to a natural galactic process which is also creating climate change throughout our entire solar system. If the prophecies are correct, psychic abilities and powers such as telekinesis, levitation, spiritual healing and telepathy may soon become as common as breathing.

The Mayan Calendar, the Timeline in the Great Pyramid of Giza, the story of Jesus Christ in the Bible and many other ancient mystery schools and spiritual teachings all speak of a great tribulation that transforms Earth into a Utopian Age. Many misunderstand these prophecies as predicting pole shift, asteroid collisions, supervolcano eruptions or Armageddon thanks to Planet X, alien invasion, Illuminati/government takeover, or a solar event.

Russian physics reveals that anti-gravity, free energy and time travel technology arise from a Source Field that is the energy of Mind, Spirit and Consciousness. Life emerges from nonliving material by Intelligent Design and evolution occurs in sudden bursts that repeat in 26 and 62 million year cycles, apparently the result of energy waves gradually rippling out from the center of the galaxy and transforming our DNA.

For at least 1200 years, crop circles have presented symbolic messages of DNA transformation and even Ascension on or around December 21, 2012. Easter Island, Stonehenge and some 4000 ancient sites are built on a Global Grid of energy that creates portals in space and time, such as the Bermuda Triangle. Rapture may indeed occur but in a very different way than most believe.

Project Camelot whistleblowers reveal that extraterrestrials look human like us and may even be time travelers from our future! Edgar Cayce and the Law of One reveal we have a Higher Self leading us through reincarnation and Graduation.

Wakan Wochekiye – A Sacred Prayer

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cWakan Wochekiye – A Dakota & Lakota Sacred Prayer

This prayer was given to me in a dream sequence & vision back in the summer of 2008. I give thanks & blessings to – Tunkashina / Tunkashila, Great Grandfather, Wakan Tanka, the Creator, Great Mystery – for sharing this beautiful and sacred prayer with me. Ninety-nine percent (99%) of what you read in this video is in its original form as I remembered it and wrote it down coming out of this vision… that is except for some minor punctuation.

I hope these words touch your soul deeply… as they did me.

This prayer is a gift to all of the Dakota, Lakota, Nakota… and all other indigenous people to Unci Maka/Grandmother, Ina Maka/Mother Earth & Turtle Island.

For the sake of clarification, the planet Dakote, home ancestral planet to the Dakota, Lakota, Nakota & many other Native People… it is in the Taygeta star system, located in Winchincala Sakowin, the Seven Sisters, known by the Lakota as the – 7 Little Girls, known by most people as – the Pleiades constellation.

Wodakota kodas and kolas.

Mitakuye Oya’sin

Mato Was’tečaka

Saul: As You Come into Alignment Your Energy Fields Undergo a Dramatic Shift

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These are exciting times for humanity as the intensifying energies of the New Age swirl around you, sweeping you up into an increasing awareness of your spiritual heritage: your oneness with one another and with God.

Focus on the sensations that they inspire — an awakening realization that Love is the answer to every question, to every problem, to every conflict, to every confusion, to every fear . . . because there is only Love. That realization, stirring within the hearts of even the most staunch believers in the reality of the illusion, is leading you irrevocably homewards.

Love . . . Love . . . Love is where you need to focus your attention, because It is the divine energy field in which all of creation is conceived. It is abundant, kind, generous, inclusive, utterly accepting; and It contains all sensations – sight, sound, touch, taste, smell, and an infinite selection beyond those – which provide the constant experience of beauty and inspiration, gift-wrapped in Love, that your Father has created for your infinite fulfillment.

You can see from the reports on the mainstream media that there is still much behavior and activity across the world that can at best and most compassionately be described as unloving. However, the vast majority of humanity is finding it increasingly unacceptable as the embers of the original flame of Love within them stir and nudge them towards the awareness that will lead them to awaken. You are on course and on schedule for your grand awakening as you release anything within you that is not in alignment with God’s infinite Love for you.

Many of you are now finding that sensations of irritation, anger, even extreme rage, are among the unattractive moods and feelings that are rising up into your awareness to discombobulate and unsettle you. Do not engage with them; they will pass, although it can be helpful to scream, bang on drums, or hammer on unyielding surfaces to help with releasing the forceful and seemingly uncontrollable energies that have been set in motion.

Do not project them onto others, even though something another has done may seem to have been the trigger that roused your ire and consequently makes it seem justifiable. These feelings are invariably ones that you have suppressed, buried, or denied, either because they seemed unacceptable or because it would have been too dangerous for you to express them at the moment they originated.

This is what psychology refers to as the shadow side. Every human has a shadow side, and it has to be fully integrated if you are to release the feelings of unworthiness, guilt, and shame that have accumulated over your many life-times. In the illusion there are countless opportunities to cause enormous harm to another or others – pain, intense suffering, death.

What you have done in these circumstances is illusory, but because it appears so real it brings with it intense feelings of shame, guilt, and anger – anger with yourselves, which you seek intently and constantly to justifiably project onto others. Frequently, opportunities occur that apparently justify your rage, as you observe the unacceptable and gross misbehavior of others. When this happens remind yourselves that all are one!

Feelings of anger, guilt, and shame have to be acknowledge and accepted as your own. Initially, that can seem not only impossible but quite wrong: without doubt others are to blame for the anguish you have experienced! But as you allow these intense feelings space in your awareness so that you can observe them, you will realize with amazing clarity that this area of heartache is crying out to be comforted and loved by you – it is often referred to as your inner child.

Instead of moving into those feelings of wretchedness and attacking whoever is conveniently to hand, compassionately offer yourself the comfort and solace for the suffering you have undergone which was unavailable or denied to you at the moment of your pain. As you begin to comprehend what has brought you to this state, you will perceive with the eyes of an adult, and realize that those who impose pain and suffering are, themselves, in great pain . . . and you will find compassion for them.

When that happens, an opportunity opens up within you to forgive: first yourselves, for any unacceptable things you may have said or done; and then others who have hurt you, your loved ones, or humanity at large. The dawning of this realization is a moment of tremendous healing for you, and as you are healed, your ability to express compassion and love expands enormously.

This healing allows you to open your hearts ever more fully in love, as your understanding of the insanity of what has come to be regarded by so many as normal behavior enables you to offer others only love and compassion — whatever the situation. This is you coming more fully into alignment with the energies of the divine field of Love enveloping you.

And as you come into alignment your own energy fields undergo a dramatic shift: compassion and love flow through you and from you without effort, assisting all who come into contact with you to bring their energy fields increasingly into alignment with the divine one. And it is precisely this that you are on Earth to do.

When you feel overwhelmed by the suffering you observe throughout the world, remind yourselves immediately that Love is the solution, that It is flowing vigorously and compassionately throughout the whole observable universe, healing and comforting all who open to It. Doing this reopens your hearts — which you were allowing to close in response to your sense of overwhelm — as God’s Love fills them once more.

Remind yourselves that you are never alone and can never be alone because you are all essential and inseparable parts of God’s creation, united with Him in every moment of your eternal existence. And rejoice!

With so very much love, Saul.

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