Angel Wisdom with Sharon Taphorn – Honour Yourself – 1-15-14

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Channeler: Sharon Taphorn

2014 Message – Three Paths of Humanity – Solara An-Ra

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The Andromedan Overseers of the Galactic Council through Solara An-Ra (Music: by Robert Haig Coxon)…

You who have chosen to be on Gaia now – you who have chosen to be on this planet at this time – step every step with conscious awareness, for you have come to heal your troubled dimension. You are a work force of Light bearers, in service to the Divine plan for ascension on Gaia – and yet you differ in your methods and style of operation. For the moment we will say that there are 3 primary paths or modes of operation within your ranks. This is a simplification, but it serves a purpose in these times.

The first path is that of the Warrior of Light. You who walk this path shine your Light openly for all to see, walking your talk as awakened ones, slicing through the veils of illusion that have blinded humans for many years now. You are the teachers, the leaders, the initiators who bring the Light tribe together. Your courage and determination will yield fruits more easily in this year of 2014 which dawns – more immediately than ever, for you move towards the time of instant manifestation.

Those of you Pleiadian Goddesses incarnated into your civilisations now, who weave your magic way on the Earth plane, you are the Magic Weavers. You demonstrate lightness, joy, frivolity – and nevertheless you produce results just as powerful, for this is your way of spreading and holding Light. There are of course Magic Weavers from star systems other than the Pleiades, but always your signature style is to affect change through play and creativity. You raise vibration through music, art and channelling all forms of creativity; you heal others through bringing laughter and fun, and many of you work with the Indigo and Crystal children, assisting in their blossoming.

And those of you who walk the middle path, neither Warriors nor Magic weavers, you are the Frequency Keepers – ones who hold a steady vibration. You hold the balance point, the heart chakra frequency of your universe constant, as those in Samadhi have done before you. You transmit Christ Conscious vibration and higher dimensional frequency into your world of 3-D. This way seems more passive but is the most difficult of all to achieve, for you ones must remain constant in your own frequency in every moment possible in order to seed your star codes and higher dimensional frequencies into your planet’s vibration. (For the rest of the transcript, see here:…

Love love love,
Solara An-Ra, Magic Weaver 🙂

Anna Merkaba – Update from Galactics – Happy Times Ahead – 12-24-13


Anna Merkaba Channel

Dearly beloved children of the universe,

We come to you today in celebration of the new beginnings unfolding on your GAIA. Many of you have been waiting this moment of eons, those of you who are first timers on earth and the ones that have come to liberate this planet from the veil of forgetfulness who are the first wave to arrive on this planet, understand the preciousness of this moment quite well. For this is indeed that which you have been striving for, for so long, finally it is to unfold before you.

What you are about to see is the unconditional love that all of you have been harmonizing within your hearts, spread to many finally all at once. For you are to see the acts of kindness of humans to one another and to their nature brothers and sisters (animals), unfolding daily before you. Many a stories are to be published in your journals, many a stories are to appear on your Internet and in the news announcing this and that se experience, of humans being kind and understanding to one another.

The holidays that you are about to experience, are unlike any other you have ever dreamt of, for not only your beloved GAIA but many distant stars and galaxies are to be affected from what’s to occur here , in the present moment of NOIW right before your very eyes.

Yes indeed the ISONic energies will herald the birthing of the new beginnings, truly as it was meant to be eons prior.

And so , we ask you to celebrate this holiday in the next few days with fervor, cheerfulness, and pure magic of love and light, for the year ahead is going to be a turning point for humanity, a turning point from which humanity will arise from its ashes of forgetfulness, and finally fully and truly begin the journey back home, home to their true selves.
Much awaits you dearly beloveds in the coming months, much of what you have anticipated will indeed come to pass. Watch as your brothers and sisters of the human kind, begin to share more and more miraculous news with each and every one of you. Watch as the news unfolds of new discoveries, new understanding of spirituality, new understanding of YOURSELVES.

We are standing by you, celebrating the new beginning together in unison with all of humanity.
WE love you. WE are with you. Goodbye for now.

Galactics– Channeled by Anna Merkaba – Distant Energy Healer- Channeler – Lightworker. To book a Healing or Pychic Session with Anna and for more channeled messages to help you on your journey to self discovery visit : Sacred Ascension – Key of Life – DISCOVER YOUR TRUE SELF THROUGH THE VIBRATIONAL MESSAGES FROM BEHIND THE VEIL –

Montague Keen Report – 12-1-13

Excitement is mounting as the consciousness increases. People are experiencing the changes, both in mind and body. You have a lot to be excited about because your awakening has brought about a change in the Dark Controllers due to the light that is now flowing through the minds and souls of humanity. Become aware of the light that eminates from the sun. Welcome it and take every opportunity to link with it. The Dark Ones try to block it from you with the use of chemtrails but it still manages to get through, so it is important to connect with it. Sunlight is important. Ask the question, why is so much effort being put into blocking it from you? Who has the right to block the sunlight that is your God-given right to have and enjoy? These questions must be asked, and explanations demanded. You can no longer just sit back passively and allow your lives to be contaminated in this way. It is time to stop being victims. You have a voice, so when you come together with one voice then the answers must be given. If you want change, then you must ask for it.

There is more than enough information out there in the public domain for you to do the research regarding chemtrails. The flouridation contamination, GMO crops, etc., it all needs to be brought out into the open and debated. The facts are there, they are not hidden, and you are not powerless. We can guide you, but the action that is needed must come from you. Do not allow yourselves to be side-tracked by foolish gossip about things that do not matter. This is how they fill your minds with trivialities so that you forget what is important.

Fine words are being spoken by so-called leaders but their EYES do not convey the messages that come from their mouths. The eyes cannot lie as they are the mirrors of the soul. You can no longer just accept things at face value.

These are important times as the next few months could bring about the complete transformation of your world. You need to be of one mind, all wanting the same thing – love, light and peace for all humanity. This is a window of opportunity to make this happen quickly and peacefully. Trust each other and forget all man-made differences. Deep down, you are all brothers and sisters who want to live in peace and harmony. When fine actions do not accompany fine words, then see them for what they are. Your eyes are open now, so these tactics no longer work. They are usually telling you to look elsewhere. They say . . . Do not look at me or my actions, for I want to hide from you! However, you can see through all this now. Soon, they will get the message that ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS. For words alone are no longer acceptable: it is time to expect and demand action, peacefully and always with dignity.

With those whom my dear wife calls “our friends from abroad”, (your extra-terrestrial family), we have prevented many attempts to start World War 3. We have successfully rendered useless, many missiles and other implements of war. The war machine is in difficulties and money will not solve the problems we have created for them. They are now learning what it feels like to be helpless. They desperately search for different avenues to go down, in order to hold on to the control that is slipping through their fingers.

Mankind has been used to playing the victim, who always accepts what the great and the good tell him is the case. But now, people can see what is true and what is false. The propaganda no longer works. So people can never again be asked to enter a country to kill its people just on the whim of politicians and bankers. They now see that killing is KILLING and it can never be justified.

The real reasons for the declaration of war on another country go much deeper than you were ever aware of. Look at the ancient history of those countries and you will see what has been kept hidden. It is the ENERGY they hold that worries your controllers. All is energy. Until now, the Cabal has kept the planet’s energies contained and controlled. Observe the tracks of the chemtrails, for they carefully follow the energy lines in an effort to destroy this precious energy, which should be freely available for the benefit of all humanity.

There are sacred places all over your world that have been desecrated and covered over. All this wonderful energy needs to be released. Those of you who know how to do this, have a duty to take steps to release it, as everything on Earth will benefit. Set about this task with love in your hearts for all living things. Walk barefoot on the grass. You need to become truly grounded human beings. This will bring you a deep sense of belonging that you have not yet experienced because this information has been denied you. By releasing it, you create the peace that your souls cry out for. Connect with the Earth and with each other, as you are all in this together. The chains that bind you are slipping and becoming weak. This must happen for you to be released from bondage.

Much will be done in order to create fear. Do not buy into it. It would be better if you avoided all so-called NEWS, whether in newspapers or on television. It cannot be trusted. It is all from the same propaganda machine, operated and controlled by those who wish to keep you servile and under control. I have pointed out, many times, that your thoughts create your reality. Be clear in your minds about what is best for you. Do not dwell on the negative. Instead, raise your vibration, and keep it raised. We are depending on you to do this quickly and successfully.

Veronica and I wish to thank those who reached out with love and good wishes in order to assist with the purchase of another car. Your gifts and kind wishes were gratefully recieved and appreciated. The surplus will be used to assist with the hiring of machinery needed for the project that must be carried out to create a better world for all who dwell in it.

Our work goes on. We will achieve our aims.

My dear, when your work is complete, you will be with me once more. Together, we will help create a better experience of life on Earth for all humanity.

Always, your adoring, Monty.

Matt Kahn – A Galactic Message –

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Matt Kahn is a spiritual teacher, mystic, and intuitive healer who, along with meditation guide and yoga teacher and sound healer, Julie Dittmar, travel the world inviting seekers of all faiths to discover their true divine nature.

Matt’s spontaneous awakening arose out of an out-of-body experience at the age of 8, and his direct experiences with ascended masters and archangels throughout his life. Many spiritual seekers have experienced amazing, unexplainable healings, and have awakened to their true nature through his profound and loving teachings and his transmission of sacred heart wisdom.

Heavenletter #4741 – The Human Condition – 11-17-13


God said:

How can you not be compassionate for everyone else who walks on Earth unsure of where to go and what to do? Which human being on Earth knows what is going to befall? From an Earth point of view, there are land mines everywhere of one kind or another. Once My beloved children on Earth stepped out of their door, cautious of wild animals. Now there are buses to watch out for and cars and any number of footfalls.

There is no armor to wear. Even steel does not work. Hard hats do not always work. Each day all on Earth wake up to a world that may wound them in one way or another, and hearts are tender.

From a human point of view, everyone is brave to wake up in the morning, unknowing of what may befall to themselves and those closest to them and also to so-called strangers.

I ask again: How can your heart not be tender to everyone who lives on Earth, in your same house or in a land far away?

Everyone wakes from sleep, and everyone has to meet the day whatever it may hold or may not hold.

This is what is called the human condition.

How can everyone’s heart not support every other? The least everyone can do who walks the Earth is to care about one another.

It is true you are all in this life together. Oneness means One with Me, and Oneness means One with everyone and everything.

In Truth, beloveds, there are not too many decisions you have to make. You think you have a myriad of decisions to make. Not so. You are to make the world as comfortable a place as you can for all the hearts and souls on Earth. You are not over-solicitous, yet you have in mind that you serve Me, and you serve the Children of God. You serve all the creatures and all the vegetation. You serve the mountains and the planes. You serve as one who serves water. It is not really such a big thing to serve. It is a natural thing.

If you open a coconut, you share the coconut and the coconut milk. If you milk a cow or a goat, you share the milk. You do not have to bear a heavy yoke. Not at all. There will be lightness in your step.

You merely give back to the Universe all that I have given you. When you have, you give.

It is not that you give to the poor. Let there be no poor. Who are you to separate human beings and name them poor?

Which man, woman, or child, or animal of the Earth or bird of the sky is to go hungry?

Giving takes nothing away from you. It nourishes you.

It is better that there is no reason for begging. Benevolence does not mean you are higher than anyone else. Perhaps more fortunate, yes. Higher? No. Make a world where there are no beggars, where there is no such concept as begging. No one is to be a burden who makes others look away.

Do those who are sure they have greater merit – do they create beggarliness? Certainly beggars cannot create themselves all alone. Does the world create the more fortunate in order to create the less fortunate?

Let everyone wake up in the morning with good will in his heart for all.

In the morning, you brush your teeth. Now also cleanse your heart. If everyone left his door with good will in his heart, what would the world be?

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ETs answered the Arecibo Message – Making Crop Circles

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Heart of Your Heart

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Pleiadian Souls – Helping Ascension into Oneness – A Message to Humanity 2013

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Pleiadian Souls (beings of Light) are here to assist the Ascension into Oneness.
These Souls come from Higher Dimensions to help Humanity and all living beings on Planet Earth.

The serve the Light, for daily inspiration we recommend to join our facebook:

ETs Assisting Earth – Arcturian Message – Soul Evolution – GOD force

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Benevolent multi-dimensional extra-terrestrials originating from the star of Arcturus, divine expressions of energy which have been assisting us for many thousands of years.
This video is a channeled message, an introduction for the series of ” Teachings from the Arcturians ”. Which is a series of videos forming as manuals for personal and planetary evolution. Informative and deeply trancedental. they express their nurturing love towards humanity, as they express ideas of how we can raise the collective frequency of our planet. In these series of channeled messages, they also welcome you to integrate the information of their own civilization, and many aspects of their universal wisdom.

ETs Assisting Earth – Arcturian Message – Solar Rays, Earth Changes, Energy Transmutation.

ECETI Message From the Pleiadians – James Gilliland – July 10, 2012

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Love Shine A Light

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let’s hope for a peaceful world and living for peace to give a better world to our children..
all together Peace & Love we can make it

actually I made this video last year, for some reasons it took me all this time to post it..
Katrina & the waves winner of Eurovision 1997

Love shine a light, in every corner of my heart
Let the love light carry, let the love light carry
Light up the magic in every little part
Let our love shine a light, in every corner of our hearts

Love shine a light, in every corner of my dreams
Let the love light carry, let the love light carry
Like the mighty river, flowing from the stream
Let our love shine a light, in every corner of my dreams

And we’re all gonna shine a light together
All shine a light to light a way
Brother’s and sister’s, in every little part
Let our love shine a light, in every corner of our hearts

Love shine a light, in every corner of the world
Let the love light carry, let the love light carry
Light up the magic, for every boy and girl
Let our love shine a light, in every corner of the world

And we’re all gonna shine a light together
All shine a light to light a way
Brother’s and sister’s, in every little part
Let our love shine a light, in every corner of my heart

And we’re all gonna shine a light together
All shine a light to light a way
Brother’s and sister’s, in every little part
Let our love shine a light, in every corner of my heart
Shine a light, in every corner of my heart

Pleiadian Quantum Shield of Rejuvention

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WARNING from Solara: some of the hathor sounds are LOUD! If you open yourself to the sounds, you will feel the recalibration they offer 🙂
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To activate the Pleiadian Quantum Rejuvenation Shield of Light, you will spin the emotional body octahedron around your body in a clockwise direction, at the same time as spinning the mental body octahedron in a counterclockwise direction around your body, and within the sphere of Light 77 feet in diameter around you. You do this seven times at the Fibonacci ratio of 34/21 (34 to 21) 33 x God speed to infinity. What this means is that the mental body octahedron will spin around you 34 times while at the exact same time the emotional body octahedron will spin around 21 times, and this is for 33 sets God speed to infinity, a speed not possible to measure. Keep practicing. It may not activate the first time or even the second, but you will start to feel a difference in terms of your focus in your body and health and finding a better emotional balance.

The Pleiadian Quantum Rejuvenation Shield is a sphere of Light radiating around the body and energy field 77 feet in diameter around us, with an inner energy sphere approximately 7.2 feet in diameter around us. The Pleiadian Quantum Rejuvenation Shield of Light recalibrates and restructures the lower bodies, organs and body parts in particular light frequencies and sonic vibrations, to bring about rejuvenation, healing and rebalancing. Additionally the Pleiadian Quantum Rejuvenation Shield of Light protects us from environmental toxins, harmful electromagnetic radiation and the energy of others.
The Pleiadian Quantum Rejuvenation Shield of Light is initially activated through the re-energizing and recalibration of particular organs within the body, as well as the 12 main meridians found along the body which connect all the organs and systems in the body. Additionally, in reactivating the flow of energy through each body part and related channel, we further activate the axiatonal lines through particular spin points of sound and color found along each meridian. Furthermore, we link into the axiatonal lines found along the ley lines of Mother Earth, taking us to the Unity Grid of Divine Love and the New Earth Templates.
We are taken into the Ascension Seat within Alcyone and embraced within a Pleiadian Quantum Rejuvenation Shield of Light, are placed within five Healing Chambers of Light connected to the emotions and body parts that need rebalancing and re-energizing respectively, to recalibrate the flow of energy through our bodies and energy fields and to activate our own Pleiadian Rejuvenation Shields of Light.

The first Healing Chamber is Light is the Spleen Healing Chamber of Light. The Spleen Healing Chamber of Light recalibrates the spleen in particular light frequencies and sonic vibrations, and releases excessive mental energy that takes us into worry and stress.
The second Healing Chamber of Light is the Lung Healing Chamber of Light. This Chamber of Light recalibrates the lungs through particular breathing techniques, and well as releasing the emotions of grief, sadness and detachment.
The third Healing Chamber of Light is the Liver Healing Chamber of Light. This Chamber of Light recalibrates the liver, and well as releasing the emotions of anger, resentment and frustration.
The fourth Healing Chamber of Light is the Heart Healing Chamber of Light. This Chamber of Light recalibrates the heart, and well as releasing the emotions of lack of enthusiasm and vitality, mental restlessness, depression, insomnia and despair.
The fifth Healing Chamber of Light is the Kidney Healing Chamber of Light. This Chamber of Light recalibrates the liver, releasing the emotions of lack of power, fear and isolation.
Following this, we activate the axiatonal lines found along the acupuncture meridian lines within our bodies as well as connect into Planetary Axiatonal lines of Mother Earth, and from here, into the Unity Grid of Divine Love.
We then activate our own Pleiadian Quantum Rejuvenation Shield of Light, using the sacred geometry of the octahedron, and spinning these octahedrons within our outer sphere of light, 77 feet in diameter around us, at particular Fibonacci ratios God speed to infinity. Once activated, we need only repeat this Fibonacci ratio God speed to infinity to re-activate and permanently create our Pleiadian Quantum Rejuvenation Shield of Light. The Pleiadian Quantum Rejuvenation Shield of Light further assists in clearing out old false beliefs and judgments while bringing greater frequencies of Light into our energy fields, physical bodies, organs and body parts for good health, vitality, increased energy levels and emotional well-being. This is a most wonderful gift given to us from the Pleiadian Emissaries of the Light, and brought to you in a co-creation with Solara An-Ra and Anrita Melchizedek, two well-known Pleiadian channels.

GaiaPortal – Gaia Message – July 24, 2013



Gaia Portal Blog

“Steeled” resolution from the Higher Heart is called upon at this time. The Steeled” resolution means a strong resolve to purpose intention to needs of Gaia.

All prior conflicting messages and conflicting intentions are resolved as each “steels” within, from Higher Heart Center.

Gaia calls each in their own way, for their own particular strengths, for Light service at this moment.

And thanks all who heed the call.

Prepare Yourself For Something Big – Pleiadian Message To Humanity 2013


First Contact and Earth Rising message 2013. MUST SEE! New message from the Pleiadians for the humanity of planet earth. Important message for the lightworkers, the family of light and the members of the bringers of the dawn. Prepare yourself for something BIG…

Music: Lino Rise, Source:,”Initiate Frame I”, “Transcending Minds”

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Messages From Saul, Jesus – Galactic Federation of Light July-14-2013

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The information now being brought into the light is empowering you all as never before
07/14/2013 by John Smallman…

What purpose could be more important than to experience once more the utter joy of being your true selves
July 14, 2013 by John Smallman…

SaLuSa July-11 Divine Mother

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Create your own Ascended Earth Now — SaLuSa Speaks for the Galactic Federation 11th July 2013 — Multidimensional Ocean
Copyright © Laura/ Multidimensional Ocean. All Rights Reserved. Permission is given to copy and distribute this material freely, provided the content, including the title, is copied in its entirety and unaltered, is distributed freely, and this copyright notice and links are included: http://multidimensionalocean.wordpres… andhttp://auroradreamflights2.wordp

The Divine Mother through Isabel Henn July 01-09 2013…
Copyright © Isabel Henn. It is allowed to share this message in its complete form without changes and when the author’s name and the link to the original site is given.

Sheldan Nidle Update – For The Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation of Light – July 9, 2013


6 Ahau, 8 Kumku, 9 Eb

Dratzo! We return with more information for you. Your reality is shifting! The dark cabalists panic and search for ever-more-desperate ways to resolve their mounting dilemmas. As we have pointed out many times, there is no way for them to extricate themselves from their worsening situation by using their old devious methods. The Light is in the process of irresistibly taking back this realm and returning it safely to Her kindly direction. This direction has so far led to a number of decisions which are permitting the Light’s diverse forces to prepare a new financial system and new governance for the peoples of surface Earth. Gaia is very pleased with what has been accomplished. Your Ascended Masters are backed by a group of individuals dedicated to pushing the dark from power and instituting a new epoch for all. The next stage involves a series of proclamations which permit the new gold-backed currencies to formally terminate the age of fiat money and end the tranching mechanism designed to help the few to accumulate vast riches over the backs of the many. This, however, is merely one of numerous reforms which are incorporated within the new financial system.
   The new financial system’s core reason-for-being is to provide universal prosperity and to break the back of the private banking cartels. On your world, there have always been those who used the banks to gather great wealth to themselves and sequester it in the hands of a favored few. This is now to end and to be transformed into a system which produces wealth for all. This new system is to take you swiftly beyond your present theories of the physical universe and your limiting philosophies of the past, and demonstrate actively the universal law of abundance by bringing wealth to each one on your planet. By so doing, it will create a wholly new reality that has no need of money as such. It will quickly become a moneyless society, based on technologies that render manufacturing and farming obsolete, thus transforming the very nature of how you define yourselves. When you can move beyond your present work-to-survive mode of living, your job description and your pay-grade will cease to define you. Then, who you truly are deep within you, together with your untapped talents, can come to the fore, creating a society where each becomes a sacred Being, honored simply for being who they truly are.

   The social masks you have to wear and the dilemmas which now burden you are to be dissolved, and once this happens the true and wonderful You can emerge. This new beautiful Being and the sacred world you live on will absorb your attention, leading to an understanding of universal unity. You all possess Life and the ability to access the wonders it presents you with each day. This is the real ‘currency.’ As you interact with each other in this new light, you will experience Life in a new way, learning how to sustain it and the amazing spiritual energy that pours into all that you are and all that you do. Now you are on the road to full consciousness! All galactic societies embrace four sacred laws, given to physical Angels by Heaven. These aspects of civility are reviewed every day by each individual and their counselors. Heaven and physicality blend, forging a reality which takes full measure of everyone’s abilities and connection to Spirit. Out of this melding comes an organic method of organization that we call ‘group fluid dynamics.’ In it is contained principles which form the core structure of our galactic societies.
   Part of our mission is to teach you this in a very useful and practical way. Step one is for you to recover the natural sense of yourselves. This was lost when you became enveloped in the alien structures of your present dark societies which make you feel alone and lost within it. This alien way of Being and feeling is to be reversed, using a lot of gentle discussion which reintroduces you to who you were created to be. Most of you have had to fumble around to survive, choosing work that does not express the real you, and it is the job of your individual mentors to guide you lovingly to find the true Inner You. Here, your Ascended Masters can come into their own by teaching you ways to look inside and release the negative self-judgment instilled in you by your dark masters in order to control you. Our purpose is to free you so that you can rediscover this Inner Self, an essential precursor to your return to your original purpose: full consciousness. This divine state brings with it vast revelations about Heaven and the history of your heavenly lineage, and reacquaints you with the reasons why you chose the particular group you were born into.
   Namaste! We bless you, dear Ones! We are your Ascended Masters! A great veil of Light now surrounds our beloved world. The Light is descending, bringing with it serene blessings from the Heart of AEON! The events long spoken of are to be made real and this sacred land is to see a new way manifested upon it. We jointly bless this great happening and ready ourselves for our presentations to you. In the short time left, many wondrous things will happen. This month of July is when the freedom of both America and France was proclaimed, and so this month is now to recognize a new birth of freedom. Our sacred associates are in the midst of a process which is to legally put an end to the private corporation that has run your world for centuries. Its time began to wane when its immense avarice overstepped even the bounds of self-preservation! Its collapse became a matter of time, coupled with its arrogant disdain for the new reality which provides freedom and prosperity for all!
   Heaven’s blessings are a constant, divine gift, filling this realm with Love, Light, and rising consciousness. The Light has bestowed on us the task of coming forth and teaching you to strengthen your Spirit and expand your knowledge of Heaven and your distant origins. This story begins long ago in the Vega solar system and involves a race of aquatic humans and the great gift sent to them by the Galactic Hierarchies. This granting of full consciousness raised our ancestors to the Light and its sacred cause. And thus began a migration which eventually brought us here about 900,000 years ago. We came with the wishes of the Earth’s Hierarchy and began a journey that took us away from, and then back to, full consciousness. This is the gist of a true saga which we intend to explain to you in full, together with its many spiritual aspects and contexts.
   We have much to clarify within the framework of this story. The most important is why we went back, temporarily, into limited consciousness, and why and how you are now to return, easily and quickly, to full consciousness again. The state of wonder that is full consciousness took us many lifetimes and much arduous discipline and practice to achieve in times past. This equipped us with first-hand knowledge which now forms the core of our teachings for you. The upcoming transitional phase is needed to unravel the dark tangle of your perceptions and bring in the clear Light of Heaven. Our painful experiences of the dark can make it hard for some of us to let go and allow this new way to seep in and percolate throughout our myriad thoughts. Remember that this transformation of your realm prepares you for your return to full consciousness, and our purpose is to guide you in this and then supervise whatever Heaven decrees for us! Hosannas to the Creator of us all!
   Today we continued our message about the transformations now happening throughout this reality. The time comes for us to chant and celebrate your liberation! The realm of death and want is to be shifted into one of Love, Light, and Prosperity! An epoch filled with freedom, personal sovereignty, and immortality! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

Kryyon – Time To Evolve

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Live Channelling – Lee Carroll
Kryon – “Time to Evolve”

Starchild’s Message To Humanity

Jessica Schab·281 videos

A blueprint for a higher consciousness.