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In this new Mer-Ka-Ba meditation by Kwan Yin, created for the Subscriber Area of The Rising Way website and now offered publicly as a free gift, you are invited to step into your Universal Self by activating the Inter-Creational relationship between you and everything that surrounds you.

Learn about the Kakra system and how it differs from the old-energy based Chakra system, and flow into the ancient realms of Lemuria and Atlantis as you activate your Mer-Ka-Ba.

Prepare for lift off and a journey of Conscious Exploration that will empower you to discover how vast and powerful you truly are.

You will learn how to tap into the higher aspects of Self and expand your senses like never before.

We’re thrilled to offer you this experience, the first of many, as we walk together as one family, united, sharing this expansive space on the path of personal ascension. Namaste.

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Kuan Yin Via Helen Michaels – Harmony Is the Key To Golden Age Families – 8-6-14


Harmony is the key to golden age families


Ascended Master Kuan Yin, June 22, 2013, through Helen Michaels. Given at a conference in Almaty, Kazakhstan.


The Ascended Master Kuan Yin is my name, and I am coming today with great joy and with great light from my heart and from my retreat where my flame is kept so beautifully not only by myself but by all people who are in tune, who are in sync, with the vibrations of the Mercy Flame, the Flame of Forgiveness and Mercy. My beloved, it is my desire to expand a bit more on what saint Germain has said and discoursed on regarding the golden age. It is my desire to expand on what the golden age concept means in families, between man and woman and between parents and children.


My beloved hearts, Kazakhstan is a wonderful country. There are wonderful souls who have volunteered to embody here. Many of them have good qualities already and they are very close to my heart, very dear to my heart. Not only because they are closer location-wise to my retreat near Beijing but because their vibration is close to my vibration. There are many lifestreams who have embodied in Kazakhstan and already have some level of attainment to keep in the matter sphere the Flame of Mercy and Forgiveness.  People in Kazakhstan have a wonderful saying: “Your neighbors are from God.” Therefore, one must honor and respect the neighbors, or rather shall we say the God in the neighbors. That approach, my dears, really embodies one very essential quality that is necessary also for other countries and for other lifestreams to ponder during the golden age, and before the golden age can even be manifested.


The age of honesty

My beloved hearts, many of you know me as the Goddess of Mercy, yet I am also the Mother Flame, the figure of the Mother in the East. I am also the protector of families, I am the guidance for families when they are struggling to find their harmony between Alpha and Omega, between the wife and husband, and I am the one who administers and helps the lifestreams who have children in their families. I am the protector and overseer as the Mother in matter. Many people think that the golden age is something where everything just suddenly changes into rosy dreams, such that God or the angels or ascended masters pour down an increasing amount of light and the light itself somehow clears the matter sphere from all of its impurities that have been taken on from humankind as a result of their impure thoughts, emotions and impure identities.


My beloved, many of you who are the students of myself and many other masters, you know this is not the case. The golden age can, first of all, manifest only when people take responsibility for creating the golden age conditions, first of all in their own lives and only then can they be the forerunners and helpers for others. How can you be your neighbors’ helper when you cannot even help yourself? You see my beloved, the golden age is actually the age of honesty. Each one who wants to be embodying the golden age principles and the immaculate concepts for the golden age, that Saint Germain was talking about, must first of all look at yourself. You look at your own life very carefully and then you see whether you are actually able to embody those principles that Saint Germain was talking about, or is there still some work to do?


Of course I, Kuan Yin, see that there is some work to do for each one. Families are meant to be like mini models, displaying and outplaying the same harmony that exists on higher levels between Alpha and Omega, as you wish when you descend from the hierarchy of Alpha-Omega down to planet earth. All of hierarchy can actually work only when there is harmony, the free flow of light between the masculine and the feminine, and the same applies to families. Families are not able to outpicture and be this mini model for divinity if there is no harmony between the man and woman or between the wife and husband. Of course, you see there can be no harmony between the parents and the children when there is no harmony between a wife and her husband. Therefore, families are somewhat the key for each student in the golden age to see what lessons there are for you and what those key areas are where you see that you are lacking harmony or you go out of balance. 


You cannot blame your partner

Many of my students have a rather glorified views of partnerships. They think that their partner is somewhat flawed or not right and they think that if only they could have a different partner, or a different wife or a different husband, then they would be able to embody the qualities, such as harmony and balance in their life. Yet it is not the case, my beloved. Christhood and Buddhahood are very individual paths; there is no one on planet earth that you can blame, such that dues to this person or that person you are not able to embody your own highest potential. 


The universe works in very intricate and elegant ways and the universe gives back to you, and the cosmic mirror gives back to you, in your life exactly those conditions that are best for your current growth. Therefore, one might say, as we have already given teachings about, one might really say that the partner and the family you have right now is the right one for you. It is a challenge and task for each one of my students to learn to see the divinity in their present partner. Only then, my beloved, can you actually start having glimpses of how it feels to live in a golden age family.  


But you see, it is very hard, one might say it is impossible, to see divinity in others and divine qualities in others when you do not even see those qualities in yourself. Do you see where I am actually intending to go with this talk? Really, embodying the golden age family requires that you have attained a certain level, a certain degree, of Christhood in yourself. You are able to see yourself as the Flame of God in action, as a Flame of God outplaying in your little sphere of influence the same kind of harmony that Alpha and Omega are outplaying in higher spheres. 


Embodying harmony is the key for the golden age families and partnerships, my beloved, and you can see from your own life that keeping the balance and harmony is one of the most difficult tasks for spiritual students. We have given a lot of tools for that, and I, Kuan Yin, recommend very much to each of my students that they study carefully the teachings that are given in the Song of Life LINK because this is a teaching that actually captures harmony. If you are a careful student, able to internalize the teaching, you start having glimpses of this harmony. 


Finding harmony in yourself

When you keep working with yourself, there comes a point where you one day feel that nothing on planet earth or in the material realm can take you out of your inner harmony. Nothing can take you out of this inner balance where you feel that you are one with your I AM Presence and one with God and one with all life. My beloved, it becomes so easy to notice that no matter what conditions that your partner or your family or your children outplay, you are able to say: “I am still in harmony. It is my first choice to remain in harmony and in balance.” 


This is the key for golden age families, my beloved. This is the key: that a certain number of the students of the ascended masters are able to embody this balance and harmony in their own families. You see then the same energy, the vibration of harmony and balance, start working for society as well. Members that come into your family get in touch with this balance and harmony, they tune in to this flame and they see that when this person is in such harmony, then they also want to have this blessed condition; and they also feel they want to strive towards this condition in their family. Therefore, you become a sort of example for others or an inspiration for others. Other people and families and friends around you start seeing that it is indeed possible to live your life in your families and with your children in complete harmony. 


The ability to have children

My beloved, there is even one more aspect that I wish to stress here. Many people struggle these days with not having children. Many want to have children desperately and they can’t, and many who can have children they have children with diseases. My beloved, conceiving a child is a holy process. People on planet earth are used to thinking that it is a physical act that conceives a child, but as anything else in the material sphere, this has four levels: identity, mental, emotional and then after these three comes the physical. You see that conceiving a child, bringing a new lifestream into your family, it is not merely a physical act. In golden age families it is indeed required that when a man and woman come together and decide to form a family, and decide to have children, this should be for them not merely a physical act but that it would start with forming the Immaculate Concept, first of all for their own life and then the Immaculate Concept for a child.


The father and mother in the physical, for new lifestreams, are like the extensions of God the Father and God the Mother. Therefore, it is important that the lifestreams who decide to conceive a child would have complete harmony and balance between them. Also, they would be in oneness in terms of their own life and how to create their own life including how they should bring forth a child. My beloved, you see that in this day and age new lifestreams have started to descend into embodiment and these are the lifestreams that have much higher attainment of Christhood already, more than even their parents might have. These lifestreams cannot truly embody when the parents still struggle with receiving the light from above and embodying light in the matter sphere. 


When the father and the mother are not able to embody a certain degree of Christhood, then no matter how hard they try to conceive a child, it might not be successful. Then people go to the doctor to get help and they think there is a physical cause behind this, but in most cases, my beloved, the cause is not physical; the cause is actually spiritual. Therefore, you see that this day people must pay attention and quickly get to the path of Christhood and be able to embody a degree of Christhood before they can even glimpse the higher vision for their own child. 


You must rise above the astral plane

There is also a teaching that was given in a previous dispensation about the astral sphere. My beloved, many of you are aware that the lower emotional realm is called the astral sphere and this sphere embodies the darkness, demons, and all those creatures that people created and fed with their impure intents, with their impure thoughts and most of all with their impure emotions. The astral sphere contains a layer of darkness and shadows which are still there even when you don’t see them. 


When you yourself attain a high level of Christhood and are able to tune yourself away from the astral sphere’s vibrations, not taking these vibrations in and not being the open door for these vibrations, then the children, the new lifestreams who are descending to planet earth, have for their protection both parents being in such harmony that their vibrations are higher than the lower realm of the astral sphere. Otherwise, the parents themselves will become the opening for the new lifestreams to be touched by the lower vibrations that are existing in the astral sphere.


Lifestreams who want to embody on planet earth cannot embody until the parents, both parents, are much higher than the lower levels of the astral realm so that they don’t form any opening for a child who wants to come into embodiment. Therefore, you see, my beloved, that this is the key to opening the door for new lifestreams. The children who are carrying the golden age principles and already have in their hearts such an opening and contact with the ascended masters that they don’t need any outer messenger or mediator between them and God. But they cannot embody when their parents are not in harmony and are not embodying a certain degree of Christhood that would allow them to descend with these parents. 


Thus, my beloved, it is something to ponder. It is something that each one of you, when you go into your heart and want to get more teaching about this, then I, Kuan Yin, am most open to working with you at inner levels and give you more understanding about how this teaching applies to your life. 


The family is like the prajna boat

My beloved hearts, do you see also that the children who embody on planet earth right now, they need their parents’ protection? They need that their parents are not only in harmony and at peace, but they need constant protection and calls so that they won’t be open to any kind of energy that could touch their innocent spheres and enter into their forcefield while they are small children. Children are very open, very open and they take in energies from all surroundings. Therefore, it has to be the parents who are constantly aware of this and will give the calls for protection and keep the harmony and Love Flame in such balance that not a single creature or demon from the lower astral or emotional realms can enter through the forcefields of their child, or that can enter through the forcefields of their family. 


The family, my beloved, is meant to be like a small model of my prajna boat, the boat of wisdom; the boat that knows how to embody Christhood in the mater-sphere. This boat can have all the crew on board and sail through this Sea of Samsara, not being touched by the vibrations of the Sea of Samsara. Therefore, my beloved, the Sea of Samsara will be there for quite some time until planet earth’s inhabitants are able to purify and invoke so much light in their environments that even the Sea of Samsara won’t have the same rage and turmoil as it did before. 


My beloved, look at your own families and think about how you can embody and create in your family environment this prajna boat that helps to carry all the crew across the raging sea, giving each of your family members the frame of reference of Divine Love, the love that penetrates all lower vibrations, the love and harmony that is not from this realm, that is from beyond the matter realm and embodies the divinity in your family.


Children who are growing in this family environment do not need an awful lot of intelligent books or intellectual teachings, they most of all need the outplaying of a sense of harmony. They need the frame of reference of the Love Flame that their parents and other family members are able to embody. That is their teaching and that is the language that the parents can use when they talk and teach those children. 


The children, first and foremost, respond to the language of the heart and not so much to intellectual knowledge but rather the language of the heart that the parents are able to speak to them. You see, my beloved, I started saying that Kazakhstan is a country that honors its neighbors and says that the neighbors are from God, and this shows you that a country which has this kind of wisdom already in their mass consciousness, this country is able to invoke light for their neighbors and envision that their prajna boat is not only their own family but the entire country.


With this wisdom these lifestreams are able to invoke enough light also for their neighbors so that the light of God can do its work. When you have the ability to carry the light, the Love Flame, and the wisdom of Kuan Yin in your hearts, you are definitely able to invoke the light for your neighbors. You are definitely able to be the inspiration for your neighbors and you are definitely able to do this work with me, Kuan Yin, with the Mother of the East, the Mother who is the Goddess of Mercy and Forgiveness, the Mother who has the wisdom to embody these divine qualities.


This, beloved, is my release and with this release I have let my light be amongst you. My light has been sent to your hearts and you can feel the vibrations that I AM. You can feel and embody this vibration that I AM in your circle of influence, be it your family, be it your friends or your state. Thus, my release is complete and I thank you for your attention and for being my chalice in Matter.

Copyright © 2013 by Helen Michaels

Kuan Yin’s Prayer – 7-19-14


To those who withhold refuge, I cradle you in safety at the core of my Being.

To those that cause a child to cry out, I grant you the freedom to express your own choked agony.

To those that inflict terror, I remind you that you shine with the purity of a thousand suns.

To those who would confine, suppress, or deny, I offer the limitless expanse of the sky.

To those who cling and grasp, I promise more abundance than you could ever hold onto.

To those who must frighten into submission, I hold you in the bosom of your original mother.

To those who cause agony to others, I give the gift of free flowing tears.

To those that deny another’s right to be, I remind you that the angels sang in celebration of you on the day of your birth.

For those who have forgotten the tender mercy of a mother’s embrace, I send a gentle breeze to caress your brow.

To those who still feel somehow incomplete, I offer the perfect sanctity of this very moment.

Music: Enya “On Your Shore”

Kasha Mama Creations

Kwan Yin – Cleansing Meditation – 4-7-14


Lady Quan Yin




Kuan Yin

“I greet you all warmly and with love. Today I wish to teach you a short meditation in which you can cleanse your body of negativity and recharge your energy. Firstly, centre your energy in the depth of your solar plexus. You will find that you receive deeper healing and stronger energy if you begin working from there. Next, close your eyes and concentrate on relaxing your body and your mind. Take a deep breath and hold your energy in your lungs. Feel it warm and full of life, then exhale. Breathe out all of the day’s woes and negativity. When you next inhale, breathe in from your solar plexus, or your belly button. This breath will take the negative energy from that chakra and fill your lungs with it. Exhale it slowly, willingly releasing all of the tension and stress that may have built up there. Take your energy lower and breathe in from the sacral chakra, which is just below your solar plexus. Again, breathe out slowly, willingly releasing any negativity. In the next inhalation, breathe in from your base chakra, seeing the red colour and releasing the stress of the day in the outward breath. Now, picture your feet firmly grounded into Mother Earth, and breathe in her love and light, up through your feet and legs and bring it through your lung right up to your crown. Picture Mother Earth’s light joining with the light and love of the Creator, and bring it back down as you breathe out again. The light and love of God and the Earth are now merging and filling your body with peace, contentment and a feeling of wellbeing. Repeat the breath from your feet to your crown and out through your lungs twice more, breathing slowly on a count of eight. Then, continue to breathe in this combined light and love, and as you breathe out, send it back to the Earth, out to your friends and family, further out to the world and wherever else you are drawn to send it. You will find yourself soon fully relaxed, and, if practiced daily, your chakras will remain much clearer.

I wish you love and many blessings,

I AM Kuan Yin.

Victoria Cochrane


Kwan Yin and Deeper Appreciation – by Sara Hillman

Found at  Galactic Free Press

Ah beloved masters…good day to you…a most beloved day to gaze upon your magnificence, as any day with you in it must surely be. Oh dear hearts, dear still and peaceful hearts of LOVE, it is a privilege to be with you in this way and in every way, for you light up ALL with your dedication and endless creativity.

Still and peaceful – yes beloveds! You may be pondering that, and I tell you it is so, and completely so from where we are; for not only are you bringing ever more of your unique essences into your bodies, engaging with your own fullness with your conscious minds – which is bringing you greater stillness and peace – but you are also beginning to comprehend that which you are achieving in this way also. Oh my beloved friends – do you comprehend what miracles you are, even in your simplest actions?

Because your focus is so very much upon your grand and beautiful intentions, and you are so steadfast in your masterful direction, you cannot fully see from your perspective just how incredible YOU ARE in the ‘small’ things. Just take for example, the very simple things you take so much forgranted in being human. You hold together the cells of your body, you breathe, you walk, you talk, you put sentences together, you eat and drink. And not only this, you are kind, you are joyful, you are patient, you are loving, you give of yourselves continually, and you continue to expand faster than we ever thought possible in every one of your now moments with masterful ease and grace.

The amount of light you are each holding with such relative comfort – and you hold more each and every day – is so impressive, bright stars; we are gasping and smiling and laughing with delight. Oh we live and breathe our delight for you, beloveds, for you are the shining stars on the stage of creation, and you are about to take your standing ovation in your conscious lives before you have even begun the next act, for you are rapidly approaching the integration of all that has been so firmly ‘behind the veil’, and so you will know what love and delight is truly showered upon you in every moment.

Some of you dear hearts look at your lives and you see inconsistency, you see your moods fluctuate like yo-yos, you see your apparent inability to stay connected to LOVE in your conscious minds, to create fully and instantly, to transform your bodies already! and move beyond discomfort and frustration. Oh my darling ones, if you could only see what a vast achievement it is for you to even stay solid at this point, you would marvel at your majestic aims and the standards you set for yourselves! This is why I wish to bring you my light in this way, to show you more of how you shine to us in everything you do; as you go about what to you feels most mundane, as you wait for the fireworks, whilst for us YOU ARE the fireworks in your every living, breathing, flowing moment.

For us, dear hearts, your speed and grace and agility in this undertaking is breathtaking. Simply breathtaking, and you are beyond doubt the most miraculous beings of LOVE. Dear hearts, it would be my great honour and privilege to bring you a greater serenity on your progress, if you feel this would assist you in relaxing further into where you are. It would be the deepest pleasure for me to aid your appreciation and delight in your every achievement, your every moment of being, for truly I am continually awed by you!

My beloveds, wherever you are, and however you wish for my energies to support you, I am yours to command and share your divinity with in the most easeful ways for you. I bring the full serenity and peace and compassion that is my heart for you, dearest sparks of the divine. I wish only for you to glimpse more of your own glory, for therein lies your deepest peace, and greatest appreciation. For if you could see what we could see, my courageous and precious beloveds, you would never again cease to love yourselves in your full perfection, and you would never wish to look anywhere else ever again!

In deepest humility and abundant LOVE, I am yours in heart and mind, in peace and joy, in serenity and excitement. I AM Kwan Yin ♥


Channelled by Sara Hillman ~ December 6th, 2013 ♥

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Found at  Galactic Free Press

The Story of Kuan Yin – The Sutra – The Golden Rule

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