One Person’s Experience – When Darkness Strikes …

Jesus Loves You

This person I know learned a great lesson about the power and Compassion of God … of Jesus. ” I felt the Force of Jesus.”


John came into the room and said:  ” I had a powerful nightmare today.

All of a sudden,  I was surrounded by a swirling vortex of dark energy.

Extremely Ominous!

I screamed out:  God!  Save Me!  –  God!  Save Me!

A bolt of lightning came down from On High.

I felt a very strong hand grab me and

pulled me up and out of the entity’s vortex.

I looked above me and saw the Face of Jesus.

And, that was it. It was over!

I’ve never been a religious person,

but I now know the  power and force of God!

I felt the force of a Loving, Compassionate God.

When you call out God’s Name,

you should feel intense emotion. “



Ashtar3 with hand star ATHENA




Lord Ashtar and his Twin Flame, Pallas Athena, have spent numerous hours transcribing valuable Teachings of Universal Law … teachings we should have learned as children.  


July 11 2013 

Speak to your own God Presence in love, as you would speak to a father:

“Beloved Magic I AM Presence, (project and establish)… intensify Your protective Pillar of pure substance of light in, through and around me.  Charge with Your invincible protection, all powerful and impenetrable, which keeps me absolutely insulated from everything not of the light, and keep it sustained.  Make and keep me ever sensitive to You and Your direction, and immune to all imperfect vibratory rates.” 

Then visualize it through and around your physical body for about three feet or as far as your outstretched arms will reach, seeing the edge crystallized. (When you feel it has been established, you can then use “intensify” in place of “project and establish.”) 

“My Magic I AM Presence, charge, charge, charge me with your Herculean strength and energy, and perfect health.” 
In privacy, you can raise your hands to the Presence, and as you take the substance from the Presence, charge it into your world by charging and drawing your hands down at your sides.  Since it is the feeling that really brings results, it is well to do whatever will give one the feeling of it being done. When you feel replenished, see again the Pillar of Light open at the bottom. 


 For strength, visualize the ray of light from the Presence and in it a touch of blue.  When contemplating the Presence… and feeling yourself expanding, be sure the Pillar of Light is open at the bottom. 


 Aside from your call for protection… your attention held on the Presence, which is perfection, is a protection in itself because there is no quality or imperfection to attach to or draw in. 


 This Pillar can become invincible protection against everything of a discordant quality in the outer world, Dear Ones; thereby you can be disconnected from the mass pressure, from the discord of mankind that is in the atmosphere.
In the morning, charge the Pillar of Light with Cosmic, Divine Love.  You can charge it to dissolve every particle of discord you contact that day.  Also charge it with acceptance and confidence of the power of light.

Georgi Stankov – BREAKING NEWS – Sacred Violet, Emerald Green, White Flames – Create Image of New Ascended Master – RETURN OF THE CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS – 1-20-15

The Return of Christ - Aurora over Iceland

Georgi Stankov, January 20, 2015

The Return of the Christ Consciousness


The events are stipulating now. Only last night I had a pivotal dream that I have ascended and introduced the new Theory of the Universal Law. The previous night I had another major ascension test run. Today I was taken to the HR in the afternoon and the energies reached an unprecedented peak in intensity and pure harmony.

And now this: “‘I am the light’: Image of Christ the Redeemer appears in the aurora borealis above Iceland”, writes the Orion-UK tabloid “Daily Mail.

Look at the sacred flames, which Carla has just discussed, that built this incredible image and do not tell me this is a coincidence. It is all divinely and perfectly orchestrated and if you have any doubt as to the power of the sacred seven flames, now is the time to start creating with them on a daily basis.

The aurora over Iceland which resembled Rio de Janeiro's statue


Dr. Kathryn E May – The New Scriptures – Direct Dictation from Jesus / Sananda – Who Needs Light .org



Dr. Kathryn E May,  of  Who Needs Light .org

Transcribed all of these sacred documents.

Please go directly to her website


The New Scriptures, as given by Jesus/Sananda. As directed by Sananda, there will be no excerpts, no para-phrasing, no overview of His words. Let us all take responsibility to insure the continuing integrity of Sananda’s words, just as He has given them here for the first time



Dr  Kathryn E May

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The Twelve Holy Nights Celebration ~ Archangel Gabriel and Shanta Gabriel

 From Goldenliight

The Twelve Holy Nights Celebration ~ Archangel Gabriel and Shanta Gabriel

Jesus via John Smallman – You cannot avoid Reality, your Heavenly Home, because you are Always Within It. – 11-7-14

Jesus Audio Blog for Friday November 7thThe event for which you are all waiting – humanity’s move into full consciousness, its awakening, its ascension – draws ever closer.  I know you are becoming tired of hearing this kind of message, you want results, not rhetoric.  Well, time is of the illusion, and although you experience it moving sequentially and at a relatively constant rate, this is not the reality of it.  There are very few of you who have not been aware of time speeding up when you are enjoying yourselves, and of it slowing down when you are in pain.  Time, like the illusion of which it is a major aspect, is purely subjective!  That is probably difficult for you to accept or understand, and yet everything that you are aware of, that you experience is most definitely subjective.Ice cream, a dream, an illness, are all deeply subjective experiences – the joy you get from eating ice cream is not provided by watching someone else eat it!  But your scientists have for many years been discarding subjective evidence, claiming that it is inadmissible as proof of an event, and demanding objective proof in order for them to validate it.  But objective proof is still subject to their subjective opinions – needless to say their “expert” opinions – as to whether or not it is valid.  And over the years many proofs that those scientists have validated have later turned out to be invalid.

You, each one of you, and God are One.  Scientific proof of this truth is not available and never will be, only subjective proof is available.  Only a few of you have had this most wonderful and ecstatic experience, and it did not last.  In human form, embodied, you could not undergo this state of extremely heightened and intense energy for more than a few moments or your bodies would just dissolve, disintegrate, or burn up.  However, once experienced, this experience is never forgotten, because it is utterly beyond any state that you could ever imagine, utterly REAL, and completely unforgettable.

Those who have had such an experience often attempt to describe it in words, but quickly admit that to do so is impossible.  But the changes that occur within them as a result – their attitudes, their behaviors, their increased wisdom, and their uncomplaining acceptance of life in whatever form it unfolds for them – is immediately apparent to all who know them.  And for many that is more than sufficient proof of the existence of an infinitely loving God in which all that exists is contained.  Within the illusion the only proof of the Reality of God, of His eternal existence, is personalsubjective experience, or acceptance of the validity of another’s personal subjective experience.

Once you accept that proof into your hearts you discover or realize that no other proof is necessary, and a great weight is lifted from you as you relax into the knowing that God is All, and that you are an eternally inseparable part of Him.  Your Oneness with Source is a deep inner certainty, a knowing that nothing and no one can invalidate.  If you want further confirmation from your 3D environment then read some of the reports from those who have had NDEs (near death experiences), and be inspired and uplifted. None who have had NDEs have any fear of death, nor do they have any desire for an early termination of their human existence.  They know they are on their path, and they surrender totally to God as they go about their daily human lives, doing His Will by being, sharing, and extending the Love that He offers to all.

So, to repeat, the event draws ever closer!  All that you need do is to accept that divine guarantee, and then go lovingly about your daily busyness or chores.  The important word there is “lovingly.”  To lovingly go about your daily lives is all that God asks of you.  He does not ask or demand that you change the world, because to attempt to do that is to engage with the illusion and attempt to solve insoluble problems with your human intellect, and that cannot be done.

However, if you go lovingly about your day, every day, you will perceive that the world around you is changing.  If you go forth lovingly you will experience love, and if you go forth fearfully you will experience fear.  Up until very recently people whose intent was to be loving used to find their intent oscillating regularly between love and fear as they listened to their friends and relatives and occasionally heard some good news, or listened to the news media and heard of disasters and catastrophes.

Now, enveloped in the Tsunami of Love as you are, you have unprecedented assistance to maintain a loving intent in every moment.  All in the spiritual realms are now over-lighting you 24/7 because the moment for your awakening is exceedingly close.  The Ocean of Love that is following closely behind the Tsunami that leads It is vast, unstoppable, and very close!  Love is momentous, it absolutely overwhelms all in Its path, and all that exists is always in Its path.

Within the illusion that you built and entered by means of your powerful imaginations, you chose to exclude God, the Source of your eternal existence, thereby excluding Love.  But Love is always knocking on the door, the door of your heart, because It wants to fill you with the joy and ecstasy that only It can provide.  And when you open to It, as soon you will, you will find yourselves instantly AWAKE.

You cannot avoid Reality, your heavenly Home, because you are always within It.  The pretence that you have been maintaining – that you live in world that is a real and threateningly dangerous place – is dissolving under the enormous amount of evidence proving it to be unreal.  You are in the process of returning to your natural state of eternal joy because that is your will and God’s.

Your loving brother, Jesus.

Jesus Christ via Kim Michaels – Critical QuestionsAbout God and Religion

TOPICS: No justification for killing people in the name of God – the true purpose of religion is to set people free – the power elite turned religion into a tool for imprisoning people – the fact that religion can be misused does not mean it can’t do good – the devil can win in two ways – you do not need religion to attain union with God – going beyond man-made images of God – your true identity – the true meaning of the sabbath – religion was made for man, not man for religion – God does not condemn people because of outer religion – God did not create an imperfect world, but God did give us free will – God’s law will restore balance – we do not suffer for the sins of Adam and Eve – human beings allowed dark forces to influence this planet – free will and God’s law – people acts as co-creators through their minds – the true cause of human suffering – all people are one – the dualistic mind can justify anything – abusive religions will be exposed – humankind is progressing – only the power elite is willing to kill people – you can prove the reality of God – people can rise above their mistakes by changing their consciousness – religion does not kill; people kill – an organization can be reformed – no undeniable proof because people must pass their tests –

NOTE: This answer was given in response to a series of questions. The questions are listed before the answers instead of all up front.


Source: The Ascended Master Answers Website…

I have a few questions for you to answer, and I believe you cannot or will not choose to answer them:
Question 1. Why is it acceptable to follow any founded religion that has been the cause of so much bloodshed throughout the history of mankind? (religious people tend to give a response like atheists have killed many, but what they also forget is that many Christians & Catholics & atheists fought for these so called dictators. (Christians and Catholics voted and fought for HITLER.)


Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

I never said it was acceptable to follow a religion that violates the principles of God or the teachings I gave during my ministry. The Ten Commandments state clearly that “thou shallt not kill,” and it specifies no conditions under which it becomes acceptable to kill. Therefore, there is absolutely no justification for killing a human being in the name of God. There never has been any justification for this, and there will be, as I explained in more detail in my discourse on the war with Iraq.

If you honestly read the scriptures, you will see that I was in constant opposition to the dominant organized religion of my time, namely the Jewish religion. I challenged many aspects of that religion, but what I truly challenged was the approach to religion taken by the Jewish authorities.

As I explain in an important discourse, the true purpose of religion is to set people free. However, God has given people free will, and free will is an absolute law in the material universe. Therefore, it is quite possible that people can misuse their free will and therefore pervert the original purpose that God has for giving them a religion. When that happens, the religion that God gave as a tool for setting people free can now be perverted into becoming a tool for controlling people.

As I explain elsewhere, throughout recorded history there has been a small elite of people on this planet who are seeking to set themselves up to control, or even to own, the general population. This power elite will use absolutely any means available in order to attain and maintain this control. Religion is no exception, and there are many examples of how organized religion has been used by a power elite in order to control the general population. This was truly what I challenged in the Jewish religion, and that is why the power elite of the time did what they have always done to those who speak out against their misuse of power—they eliminated me.

The fact that something can be misused by people does not mean that it does not have a higher potential. Organized religion does not have to become a means for control. There are examples of how organized religion has done much good, in terms of filling people’s spiritual and material needs. If you look at my discourse on the different levels of spiritual attainment, you will see that some lifestreams have a need for the kind stable environment that organized religion offers. You will also see that those lifestreams who rebel against God or are angry at God can often use organized religion to create their own image of God and then use it as a justification for taking out their anger against God upon other people.

You are reading these words on the Internet, and I am sure you are aware that the Internet has become a vehicle for the spread of pornography, even child pornography, and a recruiting ground for many terrorist organizations. Does this mean that the Internet is wrong or that it should be abolished? No, because the Internet has also become an incredible tool, whereby positive and constructive people can communicate new ideas and expose the fallacies of many of the old belief systems, including many organized religions that are misusing the mandate they were originally given from God.

The simple fact is that human beings can misuse anything. The challenge facing you is whether you will allow other people’s misuse of religion to cause you to reject all religion, or even reject all faith in God, as many people have done. Many atheists use the errors of organized religion as a reason to reject all religion or even to reject God. The problem with that approach is that these people limit themselves, and they stop or abort their spiritual progress.

I am very well aware of the many fallacies and atrocities committed by organized religion. I have no need or desire to find any excuse for them whatsoever, because there is no excuse for this in the eyes of God. Yet I am also aware that the misuse of power by organized religion is orchestrated by the forces who are seeking to turn people away from their belief in God.

What I am saying here is that the devil can win in two ways. When I challenged the Jewish authorities 2,000 years ago, I accused them of being the blind leaders, and I told people not to become the blind followers. If you blindly follow an organized religion that is out of touch with the reality of God, then the devil has won. Today, many people are beginning to see through many of the claims made by orthodox religion. Yet if you go to the other extreme and use the fallacies of some organized religions or some religious people as an excuse for rejecting all religion, then the devil has also won, and he has you exactly where he wants you.

You see, the devil has one goal only, namely to prevent you from attaining union with your Christ self and therefore becoming the living Christ as I was. If you blindly follow an organized religion, you will not dare to put on your Christhood because you will believe the lie that it is blasphemy to do so. Thus, the devil wins. Yet if you see the fallacies of organized religion and thereby reject God or reject the possibility that you could rise above the consciousness behind organized religion, then the devil has also won.

There is a way that seems right unto a man, but the ends thereof are the ways of death. What this quote is truly saying is that there is one way that leads to multiple ends. The one way is to think that you need something outside yourself in order to reach God. That is the fallacy behind the mindset of many organized religions, and that is precisely the fallacy that I came to expose 2,000 years ago. I said that the kingdom of God is within you, meaning that the key to union with God is inside yourself. You do not need an organized religion to attain that union. Because people do not understand this, they think the only possible path to God is an outer path. So they blindly follow an organized religion or they go to the opposite extreme and reject all religion. Whether you go to one extreme or the other, you have missed the true path, the inner path to God.
Question 2. Why would a loving, perfect GOD be a jealous GOD?


Jesus: The consciousness of humankind has, over thousands of years, systematically been raised. The purpose of this growth process is to bring people to a higher understanding of God and their relationship to God. During Old Testament times, humankind was in a much lower state of consciousness than is the case today. I know that seems hard to believe when you read the headlines in the newspapers, but it is nevertheless true. During Old Testament times, people could not embrace a correct image of God. They tended to approach God with fear, and therefore they projected an image upon God as being angry and judgmental, even vengeful.

The first commandment is to have no other gods before God, and the true meaning is that in order to attain Christ consciousness, you cannot let anything in this world or any aspect of the lower state of consciousness, the dualistic mind, come between you and your inner union with God. That is why I told people to be willing to lose their lives for my sake, meaning for the sake of attaining the Christ consciousness. This is also expressed in the saying to choose this day whom you will serve and in my statement that you cannot serve God and mammon.

The true meaning is that you cannot attain inner union with God as long as you maintain any attachments to the things of this world. This simply is not possible, and it has nothing to do with God being jealous or angry. It is a fact that you become that upon which you put your attention. If you put your attention on the material world, you begin to think that you are a mortal human being. The only way to rise above that state of consciousness is to put your attention on your Christ self, until you realize that you are an immortal spiritual being who is only temporarily abiding in a mortal human body.


You can then attain the clear sense of identity that you are a spiritual being, and this allows you to be in this world without being of this world. If you try to do both, you will inevitably be polarized toward the lower state of consciousness, and you will be trapped in a state of mind which is dominated by relativity and duality. There is no middle way. You either see yourself as a spiritual being or as a human being. You can draw a shape that is square or one that is round, but you cannot draw a shape that is round and square at the same time.

Because of the fear-based approach to God that people had in Old Testament times, the original command given to Moses was misinterpreted, and after many translations it was turned into the expression that God is a jealous God. In reality, God has no human feelings, neither jealousy nor anger. God simply is who God is, and God truly is a God of unconditional love.

The statement that God created humans in his image and likeness is true only in terms of how human beings were before the fall. After people fell into the lower state of consciousness, they started projecting their own dualistic, relative state of consciousness upon God, thereby ascribing human imperfections to God. They now created a false God in the image and likeness of fallen man.
Question 3. Why would a loving perfect GOD condemn people to death for working on the SABBATH? (So a person cannot work to feed his or her starving children, but when Jesus came people are no longer bound to these commandments. But GOD before Jesus did such a spiteful thing.)


Jesus: I realize that Exodus contains the statement that he who violates the sabbath shall surely be put to death [Exodus 31:15]. Yet I as I have explained elsewhere, the Bible is not the infallible word of God. As explained above, those who are willing to misuse religion in order to attain control over the people have in many subtle or obvious ways changed religious scriptures to allow them to gain this control.

The command about the sabbath was given to help people attain spiritual growth by setting aside one day a week, when they would forget about the things of this world and put all their attention on God and upon spiritual growth. Once again, the human consciousness can misuse anything, and the sabbath has been misinterpreted in many ways. During Old Testament times, people were in a lower state of consciousness and therefore they needed a set of very clear rules for outer behavior. They were given the command not to perform any work, meaning any outer activities, on the sabbath.

Over the centuries, this became misinterpreted by the Jewish authorities and was turned into an absolute outer law. They set themselves up as a human authority with the power to reinforce the laws of God. They thought they had the right to punish people in God’s stead. This was never what God intended. As part of my challenge to the fear-based, outer approach to religion, I demonstrated the fallacy of the quote that you will be instantly put to death by performing work on the sabbath. Obviously, God did not kill me for healing a man on the sabbath.

The real key here is my statement that the sabbath was made for man and not man for the sabbath. Once again, this means that a religious teaching is given as a tool for your lifestream’s liberation. When people use the dualistic state of mind and their quest for power and control to turn a religious teaching into an outer doctrine and an outer rule, then they have misused the teaching. This is what I sought to demonstrate, but unfortunately many Christians do not understand my intention. Instead, they have turned many of my own statements into the exact same type of outer rules and doctrines that I denounced so forcefully in the Jewish religion. Many well-meaning Christians have actually become as the lawyers that I denounced by saying that they had taken away the key of knowledge. Woe unto those, Christians on non-Christians, who take away the true inner meaning of a religious teaching.

So you are not correct that God did a spiteful thing before my coming. God never killed anyone for performing work on the sabbath, nor did he ever say that he would. The true intention behind the sabbath is that you need to put aside a certain amount of time and attention for God and your spiritual growth. Once again, you cannot serve two masters, so if all of your attention is placed upon the things of this world, you cannot build or maintain your spiritual identity.

It really does not matter whether you do do this one day a week or whether you do it for a few minutes or hours every day. In fact, the true way to keep the Sabbath is to always put God first and all material things second. This does not mean that you neglect the material things; it simply means that you reach for the Christ mind and allow all of your thoughts feelings and actions to flow from the love and the truth of that Christ mind instead of from the relativity and duality of the dualistic mind.


Question 4. What LOVING GOD would condemn people for being of a different faith? (there is around 33 million different faiths in India alone)


No loving God has ever condemned anyone for this. Only the false image, the man-made image, the idol, the golden calf of an angry and judgmental God seems to condemn people for being of a different religion. As I explained elsewhere, there are many true religions on this planet. God, or rather the ascended masters, have given a number of true and valid religions. The goal of giving a true religion is to give people a vehicle for attaining the higher state of consciousness that I call the Christ consciousness. This allows them to enter the kingdom of heaven, which is an inner kingdom, meaning that it is a state of consciousness.

Imagine that humankind suddenly became aware of a giant asteroid headed for earth and realized it would destroy the entire planet. People build a giant spaceship that can hold every human being on earth. At the appointed time, everyone travels to the spaceship and enters it. People use any means of transportation available to them to reach the spaceship. After everyone is safely aboard the ship, it blasts off. As people are moving away from the earth, they see the asteroid hit this planet and blow it to pieces. At that moment, does it matter whether you used a bicycle, a car, a plane or any other means of transportation to reach the spaceship? No, all that matters is that you got to the spaceship and that you are now on board.

The purpose of religion is to bring you into the kingdom of heaven. Once you are here, it truly does not matter which outer vehicle you used to get here. It is only people who are trapped in the relativity of the dualistic mind who become attached to a particular outer vehicle. It is only people who are trapped in the lowest aspects of the dualistic mind, and therefore have an insatiable desire for power, who have the mindset that there is only one true religion and that they need to force all others to join that religion. This however is no fault of God, but the result of the fact that people have chosen to misuse the free will that is their unique gift from God. Do not fault the giver of the gift for the misuse of the gift by the recipient.
Question 5. What perfect GOD would create an imperfect creation?


Jesus: A perfect God who wanted to create a universe that is inhabited by living beings who serve as co-creators. A God who has no desire to create robots that can only blindly follow our rules. You can read more about this in the following discourse.

In reality, God did not create an imperfect world. God created a universe that is based on a set of timeless principles, and those principles ensure that the universe is sustainable and will evolve in a harmonious and balanced manner. The laws of nature, the laws of God, are set up to ensure balanced growth.

When God gave beings free will, he inevitably gave them the ability to violate the principles upon which the universe is based. When people did so, they created a localized imbalance on this planet. Because God respects his Law of Free Will, he allows people to do this on a temporary basis because he knows that eventually the imbalance will be corrected by the laws of nature. People can violate the laws of God only for so long. They will eventually create such a great imbalance that it is no longer sustainable, and therefore their civilization will self-destruct and balance will be restored.

It is the misuse of God’s law that has created the state of imbalance that you currently see manifest as human suffering on this planet. However, that state of imbalance was not created by God. It was created by human beings who misused their free will to go against the laws that God has set up for their protection and survival. Do not fault the giver of the gift for the misuse of the gift by the recipient.
Question  6. If we are to suffer pain and death by the all-forgiving GOD through Adam and Eve eating an apple? Why is SATAN allowed to bring evil to the world? (We get death..for the sin of eating an apple, yet Satan is still around to work his evil.) Some people give the answer we chose free choice or something like that..well it was GOD’S free choice to allow evil to exist in the first place, it was God’s free choice to allow his creation to know temptation….why would god do this)


Jesus: You are not suffering the consequences of the sin committed by Adam and Eve. Adam and Eve are simply symbols for what has happened to every lifestream on earth. The forbidden fruit was a state of consciousness, namely what I call the dualistic mind. It is dominated by the relative concepts, the dualistic concepts, of good and evil. Lifestreams chose to partake of that state of consciousness before they were ready to do so, and therefore they lost their connection to the spiritual realm and became trapped in the dualistic state of consciousness.

When people are trapped in this dualistic state of consciousness, they will knowingly or unknowingly violate the laws of God, and therefore a great imbalance has been created on this planet. It is this imbalance that has allowed Satan an inroad on this planet and into the consciousness of human beings. God did not allow this. Human beings allowed it by creating the imbalanced conditions and the imbalanced state of consciousness which caused the vibration of the entire planet to be lowered.

When the earth was created by Elohim, everything expressed the perfection of the laws of God. As a result, the entire planet vibrated at such a high level that there was no opening for any dark forces to enter the energy field of this planet. When humans began to misuse their free will, they generated mental and emotional energy of a lower vibration. Over many generations, this lowered the vibration of the energy field of the entire planet, and as a result dark forces could now enter what had previously been an impenetrable fortress of spiritual energy.

As explained elsewhere, God did not allow evil to exist. Evil is the result of a choice. God did give his creation free will. But God never wanted lifestreams to misuse their free will to go against the basic laws that sustain the universe.

God chose to give his sons and daughters free will because it is the only way by which they can consciously grow to a higher state of consciousness and thereby become co-creators with him. You cannot give a being free will without giving it the option to violate the laws of the universe. Beings who violate those laws will eventually self-destruct, and obviously this is not what God wants. God wants his co-creators to express their free will within the context of the laws that sustain the universe. By showing that they would be faithful over a few things, God would later make them rulers over many things, so that they could create their own universes and their own laws.

Temptation is an inevitable part of free will. Yet God gave his sons and daughters all the tools possible to help them use their free will wisely. I can tell you that the vast majority of God’s co-creators did not fall into temptation. Planet earth is simply temporarily the abode of a large number of lifestreams who did fall for the temptation to misuse their free will.
Question  7. What perfect loving God would allow children to suffer in pain/disease? Why would God allow this?? (After all children have no knowledge of God until they are indoctrinated into a faith.)


Jesus: God has not created any of the suffering of children or adults. God created a perfect planet, and he sent a number of lifestreams here with the command to take dominion over the earth. What is not expressed in the Bible is that in order to take dominion over the earth, you must first take dominion over your own mind.

It is through the mind that people act as co-creators. Because people chose not to take dominion over the mind, they fell into the relative state of consciousness that I call the dualistic mind. Over a very long period of time, we are talking millions of years, people have gradually created the current conditions on this planet. It is these conditions that are responsible for all of the suffering you see on earth.

God did not create these conditions. Human beings created the conditions. God cannot uncreate these conditions without violating the Law of Free Will. Human beings must uncreate those conditions by rising out of the dualistic mind and putting on the mind of Christ.

In reality, most children are born with a knowledge of God. They are also born with the need to bear what they have created in past lives, and it is those karmic conditions that cause their suffering in this life. However, those conditions are the consequences of choices they made, not choices made by God.

I realize this can sound harsh, but the brutal reality of life on this planet is that God did not create suffering. Therefore, the current conditions will not improve until people wake up, take responsibility for their self-created misery and decide to use their free will to change things for the better. Religion is meant to give people the tools to do this. Yet as you correctly point out, many religions have been perverted and serve only to keep people in an ignorant and passive state of mind. However, that is not the creation of God, but the creation of a few people who misuse religion to gain power over the rest of the population.


Question 8. What God would allow people of the same faith to fight against each other in the name of GOD??


Jesus: Again, God simply respects his Law of Free Will. In doing so, he allows people to descend into a lower state of consciousness, and God does not limit how far people can go, although the laws of God make sure that if people go beyond a certain threshold, they will self-destruct.

God never created any religious conflicts. All religious conflicts spring from the duality, the relativity and the sense of separation from God that are the characteristics of the dualistic mind. When you see yourself as separated from God, you fail to see that your fellow human beings are sons and daughters of God, just as you are a son or daughter. This then allows you to feel that you are separated from or in opposition to your brothers and sisters. When you rise to the single-eyed vision of the Christ mind, you see the fallacy of this mindset. You realize the underlying unity of all life, as expressed in my saying that “inasmuch as ye have done it unto the least of these my little ones, you have done it unto me.”
Question 9. What GOD would allow people to be murdered through another man’s GOD or FAITH? (September 11 many Muslims also died in that terror caused by the following of religion.)


Jesus: Again, it is only the complete misunderstanding and the total misuse of religion that causes people to feel justified in killing someone else in the name of God. As I have already said in my comments on the 911 incident, the Muslims who committed those acts did not go to heaven, and they were not rewarded by Allah for their deeds. Neither will the false teachers who misled these people into committing the terrorist attacks go to heaven. They will surely face the consequences of their deeds, and they will discover that their view of Allah is completely out of touch with the reality of the one true God.
Question 10. If people started following the beliefs of Hitler they would be frowned upon? (Hitler murdered millions through his belief that he was doing GOD’s work in the termination of JEWS. CHRISTIANITY & ISLAM has been the cause of MORE WARS & MURDER yet it is acceptable to follow it? Why don’t these murderous religions have to answer for the evils they committed in the spreading of their faiths? After all we have to answer for Adam and Eve’s sin?)


Jesus: I agree. Those who use religion to justify the killing of other human beings are always out of touch with the reality of God. The very relativity of the dualistic mind makes it possible for people to create illusions that seemingly justify the most atrocious acts. You will see that Hitler and many of those who supported him believed they were fully justified in committing the atrocities of the concentration camps. Yet in reality Hitler did not believe he was doing God’s work, because he did not worship God but the devil. Hitler knew very well that he was not working for God but for the “man downstairs.”

When you look at such events in retrospect, it is easy to see that they were wrong. Yet while people are in the situation, they often become overwhelmed by the negative energies that envelop certain situations. This in combination with the relativity of their dualistic minds make it impossible, or very difficult, for people to see that what they are doing is wrong and cannot be justified in the eyes of God. I can assure you that in the not-too-distant future, most people will be able to see through the fallacy of organized religions who believe you can kill in the name of God. If you want to be fair, you should recognize that even today there are many people who can see the fallacy of this.

It is true that both Islam and Christianity have been used as a justification for killing other human beings. This is never excusable. Likewise, the religions themselves will also answer for these deeds, and this is indeed why you see the exposure of the widespread sex scandals in the Catholic Church. This exposure is partly due to the past misdeeds of the Catholic Church, such as the Crusades and the Inquisition. This karmic return mandates that all ungodly acts committed by the Catholic Church will be systematically exposed.

Nevertheless, you should be fair and recognize that not all Christians or Muslims believe their religions can justify the killing of others. In fact, only a small minority have ever believed that killing in the name of God is justified. I think an honest look at the situation will show you that Christianity has now progressed to a state in which the vast majority of all Christians would violently opposes a papal decree to kill Muslims.

This should show you that humankind is progressing, and as people grow to a higher state of consciousness, organized religion will also be transformed. As a result of this transformation, organized religion will be less inclined to misuse its authority. It will no longer be able to do so and hide behind a wall of silence or a claim to infallibility. What is truly happening here is that the power elite, who is seeking to misuse religion, is losing its ability to do so because people are becoming awakened to the need to see beyond the outer religion. People realize they must be loyal to the timeless principles of God instead of the temporary man-made doctrines.

As explained above, you are not responsible for the sins of Adam and Eve. You are responsible for the sins committed by your lifestream through its many incarnations on this planet. As explained elsewhere, reincarnation is a reality, and you have had many lifetimes in which to use and misuse your free will. The conditions you face in this life are simply the results of your lifestream’s choices made in previous lifetimes. To change those conditions, rise above the dualistic mind, put on the mind of Christ and all of your sins will be forgiven.
Question 11. Religious people tend to justify that if you do not believe, you are an atheist, as if atheists have no morals and as if they follow an organized faith? (They forget atheists are individuals and choose not to believe in something that does not exist. They forget atheists have morals, in fact many don’t wish to follow a faith because they can see the dictatorship and its violent past. They also forget that many dictators such as HITLER were indoctrinated Catholic..SADDAM Muslim Islamic faith, they also forget an INDIVIDUAL ruler STALIN who was mad for power did not murder in the name of ATHEISTS, unlike millions of RELIGIOUS FOLK WHO MURDER IN THE NAME OF GOD.


Jesus: You say that atheists are individuals, and you are quite right. Yet Hitler and Stalin were also individuals. Therefore, please do not blame all Christians for the misdeeds of a few fanatics. That would be committing the same mistake that you so clearly see in the Christians who accuse atheists for not having morals.

If you were willing to take an objective look at facts, you would see that there are not millions of religious people who murder in the name of God. Truly, most religious people would never dream of killing anyone. I can assure you that there is only a relatively limited number of lifestreams who are willing to kill in the name of God. These lifestreams have reincarnated again and again, and they are responsible for most of the atrocities committed by organized religion. Yet the vast majority of the lifestreams on this planet on not willing to kill another human being for any cause, except possibly self-defense. You will also see that the power elite members who are willing to kill will find many different “justifications” for doing so, and religion is only one of them.

I agree that many atheists are highly moral people, and the reason is that deep within their hearts they have a memory of the timeless principles of God (written in their inward parts), and they have a loyalty to those principles. I agree that many atheists clearly see the fallacy of organized religion. Yet as explained above, it is not constructive to use the fallacies of organized religion to reject all religion or to reject God.

I disagree with the statement that atheists choose not to believe in something that does not exist. It is true that the image of God portrayed by many organized religions does not exist. It is a man-made image, an idol. Yet there is a true God who does exist. And if atheists use the fallacies of organized religion to reject the true God, then they are truly hurting their own spiritual growth in the process. This of course is their choice, nevertheless please do not expect me to agree with the belief that God does not exist. I know that God exists. I have proven the reality of God, and every human being can do the same by reaching for the Christ consciousness.
Question 12. Would you believe that followers of a founded religion endorse its murderous past just by following the faith??


Jesus: It almost sounds like you do not believe in forgiveness. It sounds like you have become so angry at the mistakes made by orthodox religion that you want all followers of organized religion to burn forever in hell. I understand your anger over the atrocities committed by organized religion. Yet the entire purpose for my ministry was to show people that it is possible to rise above the mistakes of the past and make things right with God.

Unfortunately, many orthodox Christians have misunderstood my true purpose, and they believe that my sacrifice on the cross paid the price for their sins, past present and future. As explained elsewhere, this is a fallacy. Nevertheless, it is true that it is possible for human beings to rise above the mistakes of the past and be completely redeemed and forgiven by the unconditional love and grace of God.

It is true that organized religions, including Christianity, have been used as an excuse for committing many atrocities. Yet you must admit that the Catholic Church never killed anyone. It was individuals within the Catholic Church who committed those acts. So you see that all acts ever committed on this planet were committed by individuals.

The result is that individuals are responsible for all suffering, and the good news is that this gives them the ability to rise above their own past. Likewise, they can help a particular organization rise above its past. As I said earlier, the Catholic Church is currently reaping the karmic return of some of the past misdeeds committed by Catholics. Yet individual Catholics could, by sincerely striving for the Christ consciousness, help the Church rise above its past. Obviously, this would require very deep reforms in the Church itself. Nevertheless, it is indeed possible that this could happen.

If members of a particular church allow themselves to be trapped in the fear-based, close-minded state of consciousness that caused the atrocities committed in the past, then it is true that those members are endorsing the past by upholding the status quo of the organization. So it is true that some Catholics, for example, are endorsing the past deeds of the Catholic Church by allowing themselves to be trapped in a fear-based approach to religion. Yet there are also many Catholics who have transcended that mindset and who are working in constructive ways to reform the Church and to carry on the good works performed by the Church. I would like to see such people do much more than they are currently doing to bring reform. Nevertheless, if you rise above the mindset of the past, you can become an instrument for bringing about positive change within the organization.

There might eventually come a point of no return, and if a church does not change, it might indeed collapse under its own weight. As explained elsewhere, the Catholic Church needs to go through many reforms before it becomes an organization that can survive into the next millennium. And as Mother Mary has explained, it is indeed possible that the Catholic Church, and many other organized religions, could collapse under their own weight. However, I still hold the hope that orthodox Christianity can be transformed, and I would like to encourage those who are working for such reforms not to become stuck in the mistakes of the past. It is far more important to produce positive change in the present rather than becoming stuck in the errors of the past
Question 13. Why is there no other evidence leading to the existence of Jesus??? Why have no other texts apart from the Bible from any religious or political or educated person of Jesus’ time never stated any existence of JESUS??


Jesus: There is indeed such evidence, as an objective examination of the historical record will prove. Nevertheless, I have no desire to give an undeniable proof of my historical existence. I came as a spiritual teacher, and that means my role is to present people with a test. The test is that people must choose this day, every day, whom they will serve, and they must choose whether they are willing to know from within without having an undeniable proof. If there was undeniable proof, there would be no test and no choice. That would be a violation of people’s free will.
Question 14. Lastly, I would just like to say I believe in GOD but not the MAN-made god Christians follow or any other founded religious MAN MADE GOD…my GOD exist that is all, you don’t have to pray to don’t have to be part of an evil man-made faith to understand it is there. Thank you for your time.


Jesus: I too know the real God, who is so far beyond the man-made images of God, the idols, that most religious people cannot fathom it. You say you believe in this God, but do you know this God? If not, I suggest you follow the path I have outlined on this website and reach for the Christ consciousness, so that you can actually attain true knowledge of God’s existence and of God’s nature. You will then see that you were not created to worship God but to be a co-creator with God and help bring God’s kingdom to earth, thereby ending all human suffering.

So why don’t you strive to create a better future for everyone on this planet instead of allowing yourself to be trapped in a state of mind that is focused on the past and is focused on blaming organized religion rather than on bringing forth the true inner religion that I outline on every page of this website. In other words, stop blaming organized religion and help me spread the knowledge of the true inner religion that transcends all outer divisions created by human beings.

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Jesus Christ – Nature was my Church – via Kim Michaels – 9-21-14

TOPICS: Why did Jesus preach in the hills? – Why Jesus cast out the moneychangers – Jesus preached in nature – Jesus was not born with full Christhood – Those with no respect for God – Many came to find fault with Jesus – Jesus and his feminine polarity – Follow the fire of the heart – Life is joy –

Channeler: Kim Michaels

2009. 10. 28



Ascended Master Jesus, October 28, 2009 through Kim Michaels. This dictation was given in a public garden at the site claimed to be where Jesus gave the Sermon on the Mount and the Beatitudes. It is located on the North shore of the Sea of Gallilee.

So, my beloved, how did you like to ask permission to come to the place, where I supposedly gave my Sermon on the Mount? Quite an experience, is it not? Or was it on this hill I gave the Sermon on the Mount, or the next hill over or the one to the East? Well, no one really knows, do they? So they guess. They study the Scriptures. They analyze. They look at the landscape. And then they go out and say; “Well, we don`t really know, but we have to pick some hill, so let’s pick this one—and then they think they can set this in stone for all eternity. And what they are doing is indeed building a monument, that demonstrates their own unwillingness to go within and contact the living Christ in their hearts.

The Church built behind me by the Catholic Church is not a house of worship; it is not a house that is dedicated to worshiping the living Christ. It is a statement of OWNERSHIP, for they think they can own the living Christ. They think they can encase my Spirit in a house build of stone, a house build with hands, or in a scripture, a doctrine, a set of rules and regulations. Like you have, indeed, seen it in Jerusalem, in the mosque and at the western wall where you, the disciples of the living Christ, were not welcome, because you would not follow the outer rules, but would follow only your hearts.
Why did Jesus preach in the hills?
So, my beloved, was it this hill or the next? Or does it matter at all? Is it not more relevant to ask why did I, Jesus, go into the hills to preach, instead of staying in the villages? Well it was because they would not let me into their synagogues. They did not want me to come in there and rock the boat. So I went to the hills, where I could speak freely, for there were no buildings, no rules, no regulations. Thus, I could let the spirit blow where it listeth and shatter the mental boxes of those who were willing to listen.

Even those who came only in the hope of some miracle of healing, even those I could speak to from the heart to their hearts. If they were willing to listen within the heart, rather than reading in the Scriptures, studying and analyzing, whether what I said was in accordance with the Jewish scriptures or their interpretation of them, as you indeed see Christians today looking at the Christian scriptures.

And they will analyze whether what I say is in accordance with the scriptures or their particular interpretation of them. As, my beloved, I see people do all the time as they find my website, and they immediately find some little thing that they think is not in accordance with their outer interpretation of the outer scripture. And they use it as an excuse for rejecting the entire site and even rejecting the concept that I, the living, ascended Jesus Christ, could be speaking to humankind today through a vessel who is a nobody, for he is not a member of the priesthood of any authorized Church.

What is the need for external authority, when you have the internal authority of the Living Christ, the Holy Spirit, the Living Word? For if the Living Word cannot stir your heart, then your heart has become like a stone. You are one of the dead, and you can go and bury your dead as far as I am concerned. For I did not come to this earth to preach to the dead, and I am not here to preach to the dead today. I am here to preach to those who are willing to leave the death consciousness behind—with all it entails, including these monuments of ownership, that they have built supposedly in my name. But how could they ever be in my name, for I am forever more than any man-made monument, that they can dream up with their duality consciousness, the consciousness of anti-christ, that wants people to worship an outer symbol, an outer manifestation, instead of going within and discovering that living God, who is beyond all form, thus beyond all manifestations, all religions, all Scriptures.
Why Jesus cast out the moneychangers
Take the temple in Jerusalem, my beloved, where I cast out the moneychangers. Do you believe it was only because they were selling animals or doing sacrifices? Do you believe it was only the moneychangers, or were the moneychangers a symbol of something deeper—this tendency to always want to have a visible outer symbol to worship, instead of being willing to take full responsibility for your own consciousness and your ability to contact the Living God directly within your heart.

Do you see the subtle, but o so essential difference that I am talking about here? Do you see, that when you create an outer symbol – such as a church, a synagogue or a mosque – people can believe, that by going into that building and saying a pre-defined set of prayers – performing whatever rituals have been prescribed – well, then they have done their duty. They have done what they are supposed to do, and now God is supposed to reciprocate by doing something for them. Because they have, so to speak, bought a favor from God by going into this building and uttering meaningless words, that cannot possibly reach the Living God if they are not spoken from the heart—imbued with the love of the heart.

And if they are imbued with the love of the heart, what is the need for the outer words and rituals? You might as well tune in to your heart and send love to the living God or a manifestation of the living God, such as your neighbor. Do you see; it is a mechanical form of worship going into the outer building, performing the outer ritual—and you have supposedly done what you are supposed to do to come closer to your salvation, to the entry into the Kingdom of God.

Now contrast this with the true message that I preached 2,000 years ago and that I preach today. It is that of the inner path to Christhood. Do you see, that anyone who is willing to do what is necessary to pass a membership initiation – whether it is to become a Jew, a Muslim or a Christian – anyone who is willing to pay an entry fee, so to speak, can enter into that external Church. And they can therefore make themselves believe that by doing the outer rituals, they have qualified for the favor of God.
Jesus preached in nature
What did I preach, my beloved? I preached an inner path, a living path, where there is no way to mechanically qualify, for you are qualified only in accordance with your state of consciousness, your openness, the purity and the love of your heart. There is no way of cheating on the inner path. There is no way to walk it in a mechanical manner, whereby you think, that performing an outer ritual is enough. It is not enough! It never was enough! It never will be enough!

You will not enter the Kingdom of God until you find it within yourself. And how can you find it? Well, you can give an outer ritual and prayers for ten thousand lifetimes without finding it. Or you can enter into the consciousness of the little child, you can go within your heart and open your heart to receiving the unconditional love of God—that rains upon the just and the unjust every second, every minute, every hour, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year and so forth and so on for all eternity. Do you see, my beloved, THAT this is the path I preached? I went into the hills, because I did not want my message to be associated with or obscured by or fit into any mental box created by the Jewish religion or any other religion. Thus, what was my church? It was the hills, the view of this beautiful Sea of Galilee and it was the blue dome of the sky above. That was my church, my beloved.

You can build any church or cathedral, and you can claim it is the Church of Christ. But I tell you, that if it has walls and ceilings, it is not my Church. There is no building that can hold me, so why even attempt to build a building? For that building would only be an expression of how far you have removed yourself from an understanding of the inner path. The greater and the more elaborate the building, the more you demonstrate, that you have removed yourself from that center-point of the heart, where you can know the living Christ as a living fire burning within your heart.
Jesus was not born with full Christhood
Do you think, that I stood here on this mountain and read from a Scripture or interpreted a Scripture? Or do you think I stood here and spoke the Living Word, imbued with the Spirit as you hear it now? Do you sense, my beloved, that it was the living message that I gave? Why do you think I did not write it down? Because it was never the same message twice—as you cannot step in the same river twice. How do you think that I, the living Christ, could preach the same message twice? Did I give the beatitudes just once, or did I give it many times? Or was it slightly different every time, depending on the place and the state of consciousness of the people, or even my own state of attunement or the level I had ascended to on the path—that I had followed for my entire lifetime.

So forget this nonsense about me being born with the full measure of my Christhood. It is a complete fallacy, as any careful reading of the Scriptures will reveal. What do you think happened to me between the age of 12 and 30? Do you think I just helped in my father’s carpentry shop in Nazareth? Do you think I carved furniture or helped build buildings? Or do you think that I travelled around throughout the East, educating and training myself in the spiritual mysteries of various traditions, so that I understood the inner path completely and fully before I came back here to preach it to the Jews, to those who wrestled with God?

So that I could wrestle with them and confound them in their scripture knowledge and their analytical approach. So that I could shake them out of their mental boxes, turn their mental boxes upside down, inside out and shock them out of this rigid approach. I preached for those who had ears to hear and eyes to see. And for those who clung to their mental boxes, well nothing could be done. They would have to keep playing the dramas that had created those mental boxes, until their time ran out, my beloved.
Those with no respect for God
Some of them did indeed play their dramas by killing the living Christ—those of the Sanhedrin. They were the ones who plotted my death, for they saw the danger that if I kept preaching and attracting five thousand here, eight thousand there and two thousand there, I would soon turn the people against their tradition. And what would that mean? It would mean very simply, that if the people did not fear the tradition, then the Sanhedrin – the power elite of the time – would lose their power over the people. And this, of course, could not be allowed to happen, for they were fully convinced, that their leadership was in the best interest of the people. And it was not in their best interest to follow this, as they said, self-appointed Messiah.

They had no respect whatsoever for me, nor did they have any respect for the people—but beyond that, they did not have any respect for God. For they were not worshipping a living God, but a dead god of their own making, a dead god that they had wrestled with the Scriptures of the past, with the prophets of old, with the Living Word, until they had encoded it in a tradition, that was so rigid, that those who followed them dared not step out of that mental box, even to listen to me or to come and see, whether they could be healed of some disease through the living power of the Spirit flowing through me.

These so-called guardians of the people, representatives of God, those were the ones who were self-appointed as the leaders of the people. They were the blind leaders of the blind, as you see them today in churches, in mosques, in synagogues, in the political establishments, financial establishments, scientific establishments all over the world. There you see them: the blind leaders, my beloved.

But as I spoke in Jerusalem, their day is coming to an end. For as the Christed ones rise up and acknowledge their Christhood – dare to express it as the Living Word, not necessarily spoken in a dictation as right now, but spoken from the heart in whatever context you are called to speak, depending on your background, expertise, experience or even the fire of your heart, as you raise up yourselves beyond this heavy burden, that has been put upon you by following this or that tradition – well then, you will begin to see a difference, you will begin to see that the world will lighten up, the hearts and minds of the people will open up.
Many came to find fault with Jesus
Consider how few people actually lived in this area 2,000 years ago, and then consider what a miracle it was, that there were five thousand people who would come to listen to this preacher, that some saw as the Messiah but many saw as a charlatan. And they came only out of curiosity, hoping to catch me in some error that they could use against me. And you know, that even though I was the Living Christ in embodiment, do you know what happened when people came with their personal dramas and mental boxes, seeking to impose their dramas, seeking to project their images, upon me? Do you know, that the vast majority of them always found some little detail, that they could use to judge me and say: “O this could not be the Messiah. This could not be the Living Christ speaking this way, expressing this way, looking this way, behaving this way.” Any little detail that they could find, they would use to reject me.

This is the same circus going on today by those who find my website. Again, if you come to project and reject, you will always find something that confirms your desire to reject. Go with peace if that is what you want. Go with peace, for I the Living Christ can do nothing for you. Go and bury your dead doctrines, your dead images, your dead mental boxes, your dead personal dramas. Go and bury them in the churchyard, that has been created for you by the blind leaders, who have managed to put their epic dramas upon you, so that you think you have to stay within their boundaries, the mental boxes they have defined. My Beloved, there is no mental box you could possibly create, that could hold me. For if you do not understand that I am here to shatter any mental box you could possibly have created, then you understand nothing of the living Christ.

Jesus and his feminine polarity
When I walked this earth, these hills of Galilee, I was accompanied most of the time by my beloved companion, Mary Magdalene. We held back then, a spiritual office called the Two Witnesses—those who embody, those who hold, that Flame of Christ in the masculine and feminine polarity. And in coming together in union, in oneness and harmony, they can hold that spiritual office. When I walked this earth, there were many, who were critical of my relationship with Mary Magdalene, for we were not married, yet we were companions in every way. And they used this even as an excuse for rejecting me, for I did not follow their tradition. I did not seek the approval of man, but only the approval of God.

The reason why Mary and I were companions back then was that we knew, through the power of the Spirit, that our oneness was needed to hold the balance for my mission, for I could not have done this without the union with the feminine polarity, that divine companion created as my lifestream was created. We could not let anything on earth stand in the way of this, as we met in the physical. There was a need to let everything go, to leave everything else behind, no matter what it seemed like in the eyes of men—who saw it through their personal and epic dramas, through their tradition and judged it harshly, I might say.

This is not recorded in the Scriptures, but Mary Magdalene was married, when she met me, and she left her husband to follow me. She could not get a divorce and thus we could not marry, and this was indeed a cause of judgment and condemnation for many. Yet we knew, that there was a greater purpose to be fulfilled in those three short years, that I had in this area for this mission. So we could not let man separate what God had put together in the beginning. This is indeed the reality, my beloved.

When an office, a spiritual opportunity opens up, and there are those who can fill it, well then if they are willing, they have to put their hand to the plow and never look back. For if they look back, they might be pulled back into the old patterns and dramas, and so they keep looking upwards towards me, the living Christ, as I say to all of you: “What is that to thee, follow thou me.” Let the dead bury their dead. Come unto me on the mount of transfiguration, where you will be transfigured and not even recognize yourselves as you were yesterday or a year or ten years ago.

This is an offer I extend to all who would be disciples of the living Christ in this age, who know they have come into embodiment to manifest that Christhood as one of the ten thousand, one of the millions. Do not look back; look forward. Put your hand to the plow, that I have already set in motion, that has gained momentum, that is cutting through the fields, cleaving the real from the unreal. And when you encounter the inevitable pull from other people, then look to me in your heart, connect to me in your heart and say; “O Jesus, what is that to me; I will follow thee.” And you will feel the return current, as I send the unconditional love of my heart into your heart chakra to fan the fire that already burns there—that you may feel it even more brightly and know, that this is the true star of Bethlehem, that leads you to the birthplace of Christ.
Follow the fire of the heart
Not again an outer symbol, but the inner fire of the heart, that burns evermore brightly for every time you make the choice to leave behind that which is lesser and walk towards that which is more. For I AM MORE. I AM forever MORE. I AM MORE every second, every moment, every instant. I AM MORE, and thus you may take the ultimate guiding rod when looking at yourself, your ideas, your beliefs, your thoughts, your wonderings as to whether you should do this or you should I do that. If an option does not take you to that place of MORE, does not take you onward on your path, then it is not what I want you to follow. It is not the optimal thing to do.

Do that which takes you towards MORE, and you will not lose sight of me. You will not lose your connection to me. But the moment you start going into what is comfortable, at that moment you start sinking into the waters. And even though I may extend my hand as I did to Peter, if you do not grab it, I cannot pull you back up. For you must pull yourself up by looking at the beam in your own eye, looking at the drama, looking at the ego, discovering the oh so subtle ways that you have been tricked into accepting some man-made mental box instead of the Living Truth of the Living Christ.

Life is joy
My Beloved, life is joy. Life is joy! Self-awareness is the ultimate joy, bestowed upon you by an unconditionally loving Creator, who wants you to be all that the Creator is, even more—and thus could do this only by giving you the gift of self-awareness. I know full well, that self-awareness can be seen as a curse and is seen as a curse by many, which is the truth that the Buddha expressed in that life is suffering when seen through the filter of duality.

Blessed are ye who know the difference between the inner path and the outer mechanical path. Blessed are ye who realize, that the living Christ is more than any man-made figure, church, doctrine or ritual. Blessed are ye who seek the living Christ and are willing to go beyond all the outer symbols. Blessed are ye who realize, that following Christ is not a matter of following an outer pre-defined path or ritual. Blessed are ye who realize, that following Christ is a matter of going within, raising your own consciousness, changing that consciousness daily, dying daily to the old consciousness, putting off the old man, putting on the new man, being spiritually reborn in Christ, becoming a new person in Christ every day.

Blessed are ye who are willing to look at the beam in your own eye and realize, that it is your own mental box, your own beliefs and world-views, that are keeping you trapped in a little prison, a mental prison beyond the physical prisons. Blessed are ye who know, that there is no locked door in your mental box, except your own beliefs, your own unwillingness to look at your beliefs and see them for the unreality that they are. Blessed are ye who are willing to reach for the truth of the Living Christ, that will shatter the illusions that make you feel like you cannot or should not or must not leave behind that mental box.

Blessed are ye who are willing to ask the living Christ to expose to you the beam in your own eye, that stops you from seeing the illusions that make up your mental box. Blessed are ye who know, that you can at any moment be reborn by accepting the unconditional love of the living Christ, by letting that love fill your heart and being, so that there is no room for any darkness and shadow. Blessed are ye who know, that you have the right, the authority, the capacity to open your heart and mind for the living Christ to be born in your heart.

And you can do this at any moment. You do not need to wait for some magical time, for some magical astrological configuration or some alignment of the stars. You do not need to wait for anything external, for you can do it at any moment, when you decide that now is the acceptable time. For I am beyond time. I am beyond space. I am with you always.

Do you not understand the inner meaning of this statement? The kingdom of God is within you. The kingdom of God is at hand. I am with you always. Ponder this. Ponder this and then, reach for my Spirit, the Spirit of the Living Christ. Invite me into your heart—not for the last supper, but for the never-ending supper, where you eat the bread of life every day, where you drink the blood of Christ every day as the Living Spirit that I AM.

This is my Spirit, that is broken for you in the Living word. Take, eat, eat all of it but know that you can never eat all of it, for it is infinite. There is always MORE, and I am willing to give you that more without end. This is my promise to those who are willing to follow me into life and to leave behind that which is death. LIFE I AM. I AM the Way, the Truth and the Life. And as long as I am in the world – through those who are in embodiment, who are willing to let the spirit of Christ be born in their hearts – then I AM the light of the world.

Thus, I am the light through those who are the true followers of the inner Christ. And I am the light through the ten thousands and millions more, and I will be more of that light, as you dare to recognize, that you too are more of that light. Thus with infinite gratitude, I seal you in the infinite love of the heart of the ascended master Magda, the ascended master Jesus. We, who are the true witnesses above, seal you in our love. Be it so. Be it so, for it is finished It is finished, my beloved and the living word shall never be extinguished by the dead word, or the dead ritual or the dead stones. [master takes a deep breath.]

Take some time, my beloved, every morning to focus on your breath. Breathe in and know that you are breathing in the Spirit of the Living Christ. And then breathe out and see how that living Spirit is breathed out through you to all life on earth. Thus I am as close as your breath. Remember me. Remember me daily, for I am with you always.

Copyright © 2009 by Kim Michaels

Jesus Christ – DNA Activation and Spiritual Growth – via Kim Michaels – 9-21-14


TOPICS: DNA stores ONLY information about proteins – popular belief about DNA is wrong – not all information about a human being is stored in DNA – DNA receives and processes information from a higher source – materialist have over-interpreted the importance of DNA – DNA does not carry information about spiritual faculties – New Age people built upon fallacy of materialism – your spiritual faculties not dependent upon the body – spiritual maturity means mastery of mind over matter – spiritual growth not mechanical but conscious process – you were not created with advanced abilities – Planet X – use logic – advanced civilizations of the past could manipulate DNA – they were not aliens – some people have incarnated from other planets; not travelled here physically – some junk DNA has a function – Jesus had only 2 strands of DNA – Christ discernment more important than clairvoyant abilities – many ideas come from false teachers – creating a virtual spiritual world – a warning –

Channeler: Kim Michaels 


Question: My thinking is that the vast majority of people today only have 2 active strands of DNA and only 10% of their brains functioning on all cylinders so to speak, hence disease, violence, and a lack of knowing how connected they are to their creator. As Gaia moves towards a 5th dimensional vibratory rate, Im wondering how far of a jump of active strands of DNA do you feel humans might make in the present energy shift and what might this imply in terms of our way of living and overall capabilities while in embodiment?……..

 Needless to say Im a little tired of hearing of “junk DNA” from “scientists” …..
The second part of my DNA question is in your incarnation as Jeshua 2000 years ago, how many active strands of DNA did you have and how many active strands does one have to have to do the sort of advanced healing work you did and perform the “miracles” like walking on water\ intricate manipulation of matter and defiance of the “laws” of physics? 

Can you speak about the “Saint Saint Germain Layer” of DNA and how that works?


Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:


This question opens up a number of interesting perspectives, so I will give several thoughts on it—the most important one being at the end.

Thought 1
It would be constructive if both spiritually minded and scientifically minded people would realize that DNA is a storing mechanism for information but that it contains only three types of instructions:

  • Assembly instructions for how to make proteins.
  • Control instructions for when to make certain proteins.
  • Instructions for how to transfer and combine proteins.
  • DNA contains NO OTHER instructions. In other words, the function of DNA is to allow the cell to construct proteins, which might be seen as the building blocks of the cells. DNA has no other function.


This fact can be found in any biology textbook, yet the popular perception of DNA is that it contains all of the information needed to construct a biological “mechanism” as complex as a human being. In other words, most people have been indoctrinated to believe that every aspect of their beings – including their personality and even their spiritual faculties – is stored in their DNA.

In reality, DNA can be compared to a mason who knows everything about how to make and stack bricks yet is unable to draw an architectural plan for a house or do the engineering calculations. In reality, the mason himself could not build a house but needs someone else to provide the blueprint. Likewise, DNA cannot construct a human being with all of its complex psychological and spiritual faculties. It cannot even construct the human body without being directed by an intelligent being who can read the blueprint and thus activate the DNA and get it to build the proteins that make up the cells.

My point is that if you look at a specific hereditary trait, such as the color of your eyes, the information that determines your actual eye-color is not contained in the DNA. It is contained in the blueprint for your body and is communicated to your DNA at the appropriate moment. This blueprint is contained in an energy field which stores information that cannot be stored in the DNA. The energy field is partly created by combining the energy fields of the parents with the energy field of the incoming lifestream. The actual traits of your body and outer mind are communicated to the DNA by an intelligent being – called a “body elemental” – which is able to read the blueprint and communicate it to the DNA.

I am aware that most people will say that this information contradicts what they were told in school. Which proves that we need to consider why people have been conditioned to believe that DNA is a kind of philosopher’s stone that contains all of the information needed to construct a human “machine.”

The simple fact is that the discovery of DNA became a very convenient way for materialistic scientists to ignore some of the weaknesses in the theory of evolution. This theory cannot answer a number of questions, including how an organism can “adapt” to an environment in which it can neither survive nor reproduce—which is what life had to do to move from the ocean to dry land.

So by creating the myth that DNA contains all of the information necessary to produce a human being and that DNA can “mutate” in random ways, materialists believed they could explain every aspect of evolution—even though they cannot explain exactly how DNA constructs a body when it only knows how to build proteins. Neither can they explain how a purely mechanical process – the production of proteins – can account for the existence of scientists who are consciously investigating the DNA.

Thought 2
My point is that materialistic scientists have created a fictional overlay upon the solid scientific findings about DNA. They have not been willing to acknowledge that DNA ONLY contains instructions related to protein production and that this cannot account for the higher faculties of the human mind. Thus, they have turned DNA into a black box in which they can postulate the existence of mechanisms that cannot be proven scientifically.

They simply assume that every question that cannot be answered by the theory of evolution has a mechanical answer that they have not yet found. They believe that one day scientists will pull this mechanical explanation out of the black box of DNA, as a magician pulling a rabbit out of a black hat. This allows them to ignore the fact that the theory of evolution is not a complete theory and that it will never explain the origin of life—unless it is expanded to include the existence of energy fields that use DNA as a communications interface with the cell.

I hope this can now lead spiritually minded people to conclude that DNA does NOT carry information about your personality or your spiritual faculties. In other words, your spiritual abilities are NOT determined by or dependent upon your DNA. Your DNA ONLY influences the properties of your physical body. Your spiritual abilities are determined solely by your spiritual development. Your lifestream is not dependent upon the body but enters the body after it has been “built.”

The simple fact is that after materialistic scientists had created a myth about the “infinite” amount of information stored in the DNA, certain spiritually minded people built upon this fiction and created the theory that there are more strands of DNA than the two discovered by science. Thus, in order to unlock your full spiritual potential, you “only” have to activate all of your strands of DNA – be that 12, 44, 144 or however many – which these people can – conveniently – do for a fee.

Do you see my point? The idea that your spiritual abilities are mechanical and are stored in a mechanical device such as DNA – or even an energy field – is a double-fiction that started with people who has an agenda to “prove” that life has no spiritual side. The fiction about DNA created by materialists has simply been taken to another level by people who are spiritual and might have good intentions but who lack Christ discernment.

Thought 3
The simple fact is that the higher spiritual faculties are NOT dependent upon the physical body and do not need DNA to be activated. They are dependent exclusively on the lifestream’s maturity, which is not something that can be limited by or unlocked by a mechanical process. It is a creative process that involves choices you make, and spiritual growth cannot be reduced to a mechanical “device.” True spiritual growth requires the raising of your consciousness until you become able to use the higher spiritual laws that allow you to have the mastery of mind over matter. You cannot – which should be logical – exercise the mastery of mind over matter by using a device – the brain and body – made out of matter.

My point being that it simply does not make sense to take the purely physical, mechanical device of DNA and extend it by postulating the existence of a non-physical or spiritual DNA that can be unlocked and magically give you superhuman abilities. This is simply a modern equivalent of the age-old dream of an automatic or mechanical salvation.

Take note that I am NOT denying that you have an energy field that stores information and that this is done in a somewhat mechanical manner. Nor am I denying that you have latent spiritual abilities that need to be “unlocked.” I am saying that unlocking your spiritual potential is not a mechanical process that someone can do for you in 15 minutes—or in any length of time. It is something you must do for yourself through a process that is NOT mechanical but creative.

Spiritual growth is protected by a safety mechanism designed to make sure that those who have not risen above the selfishness of the ego cannot attain unlimited power. The dream that it is possible to mechanically unlock spiritual powers – without abandoning the ego – is a false dream that has been constructed and kept alive by those who seek to deceive spiritual seekers into following the false path that can never lead to the Christ consciousness.

Furthermore, the spiritual abilities that can be unlocked are those that you had attained before you “fell” into the duality consciousness and created the ego. Depending on the individual lifestream, these abilities might not be that advanced. Above and beyond that, spiritual abilities have to be developed, and thus it is not a matter of simply unlocking something you already have.

It is another fictional concept that your lifestream was created with unlimited or god-like abilities. Your lifestream was created with limited abilities and was meant to develop its abilities by wisely exercising its free will. The potential for what can be developed is unlimited, but it has to be worked for—not magically unlocked.

Thought 4
Let me give you a sketchy example of how far these false teachers will go in order to ensnare those who are not alert. Some of the proponents of the existence of extra strands of DNA have attempted to support their theory by referring to a book by Zecharia Sitchin called The 12th Planet. Some people have taken Sitchin’s findings and built unto them.

The basic idea is that – based on archeological evidence and ancients texts – the earth had been visited by aliens in spaceships. These beings came here from a planet that is part of this solar system but takes 3600 years to complete one revolution around the Sun. Thus, every 3600 years, this planet – called Marduk, Niburu or Planet X – is close enough to the earth that beings from it can visit this planet.

These beings supposedly visited earth in the past and had technology and abilities that were far beyond what human beings have today. Thus, they were seen as gods by certain ancient civilizations and their sophisticated technology – including rocket ships – was described in ancient texts.

The aliens supposedly came to earth to mine its resources. Yet because they were not willing to do the hard work, they attempted to create a slave race out of their own DNA, which had 12 strands to account for their god-like powers. Yet even this became problematic, and thus the aliens merged their own DNA with that of Homo Erectus to create Homo Sapiens as a slave race to harvest the resources they needed. In this process they deactivated 10 strands of DNA which supposedly accounts for the fact that Homo Sapiens only has 2 strands of DNA.

One might wonder why these genetic scientists did not simply leave out the other 10 strands of DNA instead of deactivating them? Of course, that would invalidate the theory that you can activate the other 10 strands and thereby magically acquire god-like abilities. Which in turn would make it unnecessary for you to purchase the services of those who claim they can activate your DNA.

The reason I am giving this brief summary of an elaborate theory is to show you that it is extremely important for spiritual seekers to use Christ discernment, even common sense and logic, when evaluating such claims. In this case, take the idea that there is a planet which orbits your Sun and takes 3600 years to complete one rotation. This planet supposedly has an elliptical orbit that in one extreme takes it closer to the Sun than the earth and in the other extreme takes is much farther away from the Sun.

If such a planet did exist, it would at one point be so close to the Sun that it would be much hotter than earth. At the other extreme of its orbit it would be so much farther away from the Sun that it would be much colder than the earth. Thus, if life did exist on such a planet, it would have to be able to adapt to these extremes in temperatures. This, in itself is highly unlikely, but now take it to the next level.

You know that the earth is the only planet with known life, and the reason is that earth has a stable temperature range that is neither extremely hot nor extremely cold. Thus, life on earth has developed within a very small temperature range. Yet the theories about alien visitors claim two things:

  • Alien life developed on a planet with extreme swings in temperature and is able to adapt to these extremes. This form of life would have to be able to live in conditions that are similar to both Mercury and Pluto—both of which have no – material – life forms.
  • This alien life form – adapted to extreme swings in temperature – would have DNA similar to the DNA that evolved in the much more stable environment of earth. The alien DNA is supposedly similar enough to earth DNA to be merged with an organism that has evolved on this planet.


My point is to show you that these theories defy logic, common sense and Christ discernment. They are nothing but fiction made up to deceive spiritual seekers into blind alleys that consume their time and attention without ever leading to genuine spiritual growth.

Take note that I am not denying that there existed past civilizations that were more technologically advanced than modern civilization. Nor am I denying that scientists in some of these civilizations had the ability to manipulate genes and in fact created many animal species and even influenced the genes of homo sapiens.

However, the existence of advanced civilizations in the past does not necessitate alien visitors. This is another example of how some people build on the errors of materialistic scientists. These scientists postulate that human life has only existed on this planet for a very short time span. And they claim evolution can only go in one direction, thus there could not have been past civilizations that were more evolved than the present one. Both claims are incorrect since human life has existed on earth for millions of years and a number of civilizations have risen to great height only to self-destruct. Yet some people have taken this to mean that ancients accounts of advanced technology must come from alien visitations.

If you look at the earth today, you will see an amazing range of technological abilities between tribes in the Amazon rain forest and western civilization. Even greater ranges have existed in the past, which accounts for the fact that certain past civilizations were visited by people with superior technology and mistook them for Gods because they arrived in rocket ships and had superior abilities. Yet the visitors simply came from another civilization on earth.

My point is that the existence of ancient myths or even artifacts can be explained without postulating that earth was visited by alien civilizations. Likewise, the presence on earth of people who have superior abilities or knowledge does not mean that these beings traveled here in spaceships. The earth is a crossroads for lifestreams from many different planetary systems who have been allowed to embody in human bodies. Some of them have had a degree of memory of their lifestream’s origins on other planets or in distant galaxies. Thus, people have created the myth that they must have travelled here physically instead of incarnating.

Thought 5
Let me now comment on some of the questions raised above:

My thinking is that the vast majority of people today only have 2 active strands of DNA … hence disease, violence, and a lack of knowing how connected they are to their creator.


All people have only 2 strands of DNA and that is all they need in order to ascend. The imperfections currently seen on this planet are not caused by insufficient DNA strands and cannot be fixed by activating “additional” strands of DNA because they simply do not exist.

I’m wondering how far of a jump of active strands of DNA do you feel humans might make in the present energy shift and what might this imply in terms of our way of living and overall capabilities while in embodiment?


There is no jump to make and there are no additional strands of DNA. Let me give a simple analogy. As you write an e-mail on your computer, you are using a computer program that contains instructions for how to form letters and display them on the screen. This computer program is completely mechanical and it does not understand the meaning of the words you are typing. It is simply an interface that allows you to interact with the hardware of your computer.

Likewise, your DNA is only an interface that allows your lifestream and body elemental to interact with the hardware of your physical body. What comes out of your computer program is mainly the product of what you put into it. Obviously, the program sets certain rules for how you write, and it can even help you spell the words correctly. But the program cannot prevent you from writing a great literary work nor can it guarantee that what you write is not meaningless nonsense.

The computer program only responds to your input and so does your DNA (except for some response to environmental input). Having “super-human” abilities is not a matter of activating super-human DNA. It is exclusively a matter of attaining the Christ consciousness whereby you can – while in a physical body – make use of the spiritual laws that supersede the material laws.

Needless to say Im a little tired of hearing of “junk DNA” from “scientists” …..


Scientists will one day discover that most of the so-called junk DNA has a function. However, there is a certain “waste” built into the workings of nature, at least as it currently functions on earth. Thus, some of this DNA truly has no function and carries no information.

The second part of my DNA question is in your incarnation as Jeshua 2000 years ago, how many active strands of DNA did you have and how many active strands does one have to have to do the sort of advanced healing work you did and perform the “miracles” like walking on water\intricate manipulation of matter and defiance of the “laws” of physics? 


I assume you now realize that I had no more than 2 strands of DNA and that no more is needed in order to master the laws of nature. The idea that the Christ consciousness can be encoded in human DNA and can thus be inherited is another false idea construed by those who pursue a mechanical path to salvation. It is no more true than the idea that Mary Magdalene was the Holy grail and that certain royal houses of Europe carried the genes of the Christ consciousness and were thus more fit to rule the people.

Can you speak about the “Saint Saint Germain Layer” of DNA and how that works?


This is another false idea that has no bearing in reality. It is an example of how some people deliberately or ignorantly mix a false idea – extra DNA – with a true idea—the existence of Saint Germain as the spiritual hierarch of the Aquarian Age. They hope this can give their false idea some credibility and thus lure people who are interested in Saint Germain into taking a look at or even believing in their false idea.

Let me make a clear statement. The ascended masters and the Great White Brotherhood NEVER use mechanical devices or processes as a substitute for or a shortcut to spiritual growth. There is no substitute that can allow you to grow spiritually without overcoming the duality consciousness of the ego. It is precisely this duality consciousness – in which any idea can be made to look plausible – that fools people into accepting the false belief that there is a shortcut or that they can mechanically unlock their spiritual potential.

Thought 6
Now for the most important thought I will give you. My basic reason for answering this question is to show you how important it is for spiritual seekers to develop their Christ discernment. It is far more important to have the ability to tell truth from error than it is to long for superhuman or clairvoyant abilities that do not guarantee spiritual maturity. As I said, “Seek ye first the kingdom of God, – the Christ consciousness – and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.”

If you use your computer to enter one of the virtual reality environments created on the internet, you know you are entering a fictional world. You know this world is a computer game made up by other people and that it does not exist in the “real world.” You also know that such a made-up world has no connection to reality and thus you do not expect that by roaming around in this world long enough, you will eventually find a doorway that leads to heaven. The people who made this virtual world do not promise you that you will ascend after playing the game nor that you can get back the time you spent playing the game.

Yet there are many channelers and other people who have created what is similar to a virtual world. Some of these people – even most of these people – have the best of intentions, but they do not have Christ discernment. Therefore, they have connected themselves to non-material beings who exist in the emotional and mental – even the lower etheric – realms. These beings have been in those realms sometimes for millions of years and they are very experienced in creating a world that seems real to those who have little discernment. In fact, they are so skilled at creating such a virtual reality that they have trapped themselves in their own worlds, which is why they have not ascended to the spiritual realm and joined the ascended masters.

If a spiritual seeker enters one of these virtual worlds – by studying and believing some of the channeled teachings out there – it is very easy to roam around there for an entire lifetime without ever finding the doorway to heaven—for a virtual world can have no such doorway. Yet in the meantime, you give your spiritual light to those who have created that world and thus contribute to the continuation of the world, even making its magnetic pull stronger so it pulls in more people. By talking about these fantasies as if they were real, you might even influence other people and thus pull them in as well.

Let me put this as clearly as possible. You can find any number of such virtual “spiritual” environments that are blind alleys. They might give you some growth, but they will never allow you to transcend the level of consciousness from which the world was created, and thus they are ultimately dead ends. You will not manifest Christhood or make your ascension as long as you allow yourself to remain in one of these environments.

Obviously, I respect your free will. You have a right to follow any teaching that tickles your fancy. But when you meet me at the end of this lifetime, do not say to me, “Jesus, why didn’t you warn me about this?”


Let those who have ears hear. Let a word to the wise be sufficient.


Copyright © 2005 by Kim Michaels

Master Jesus via Natalie Glasson – A Year of Intense Illumination – 4-20-14

Master Jesus

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Master Jesus: A Year of Intense Illumination, channeled by Natalie Glasson, April 16, 2014 at

Deeply loved and beloved souls upon the Earth, I bring forth to you my love, truth and consciousness to share openly with you as I exist here as a loving brother to your soul. I am Master Jesus and I come forth to speak with you of the Year of Intense Illumination which is entering into your reality and presence now.

As I open my heart to you sharing all that I am and the wisdom drawn forth from the Creator for this sacred time on the Earth, I ask you to open your heart chakra to me so I may lovingly and gracefully transfer all that needs to be imparted and activated within your being. Let us commune with open heart chakras bringing freedom and expansion to all I share and all you experience.

I am a being of illumination and I have walked the Earth illuminated in and as the light of the Creator. You are now gracefully and with the acceptance of your soul achieving the same. You are walking the Earth as an illuminated being of light, the essence of your being is the light you can so easily illuminate with power and intensity. Let this be your truth, your deep knowingness, your understanding and your reality.

To be a being of illumination is to recognise that you are on the Earth now at this very moment to emanate, amplify, share and express the pure light of the Creator in every conscious moment. This assists the evolvement of your inner knowingness and the acceptance of the great wealth of wisdom within your being while also allowing you to be an anchor and activator for light upon the Earth. An illuminated being is allowing the light of the Creator to work through all aspects of your being; this may take the form of healing yourself or simply feeling carried forth by the profound waves of light flowing through and from you.

You may wish to affirm:

‘I am a being of illuminated light; I am the illuminated light of my soul, soul group and the Creator. All that is the Creator is illuminated through me and all souls I connect with.’

The energy period and transition you have labelled as 2014 brings forth into your reality an immense volume of light, flowing from the Creator and activating from and through your being. The intensity of light will build immensely and will continue into 2015 as the main period of intense illumination is beginning now in April 2014 and will continue roughly for a year. The immense light which is flowing from the Creator and activating from within your being has the purpose of magnification.

As souls upon the Earth focus upon the manifestation of the presence of love within their beings with the projection of love into their reality, the intensity of light is magnifying love so that even the smallest thought, feeling, action or projection of love will be amplified to create a profoundly powerful foundation of love upon the Earth and within all beings. It is a time for souls in physical bodies to truly choose love, to observe and experience the power of love, how it is a healer and the source of all on the Earth and the inner planes.

Networks of love will be built upon the Earth while old energetic lines and grids within Mother Earth’s body will be awoken and ignited once more to carry streams of love. The intense volume of light acts as a source of creation and manifestation for love while also carrying into the vibration of love, the new sacred wisdom of harmony, unity and truth from the heart chakra of the Creator.

Many new energetic networks, energetic points and chakras will awaken within your physical bodies and energetic bodies to support, carry and maintain the presence of love, thus allowing love to be created and the experience of all.

The intense vibrations and waves of light flowing into the Earth and activating from your being in the present will also assist in the magnification of your light body thus preparing you to access new dimensions of the Creator’s universe. It is with and through your light body that you make shifts into quicker vibrations of light, accessing the truth within you.

Although souls still exist in physical bodies a transition is occurring where the light body and the physical body are merging which symbolises that separation and the solid nature of the Earth is altering existing in greater conscious unity with the Creator. This is all because of your devotion and conscious awareness that your light body and physical body are merging in preparation to allow you to emanate and express greater volumes of the Creator’s light on the Earth.

The light body holds much wisdom from your soul, information and key activation times for your ascension as well as memories of your true self and the inner planes. With the light body merging with the physical body this will allow for much illumination and enlightenment on many levels of your being. The intensity of light flowing will encourage your light body to expand tremendously becoming double the size or more than it has been in the past.

As the light body expands it will assist you in accessing and holding greater volumes of light thus magnifying all the many new shifts occurring in different areas and levels of your being. It will act as a foundation and inspiration stabilising and guiding your entire being into ascension and unity with the Creator. The light body will create a cocoon of magnification allowing all shifts and the presence of love to magnify at greater speed into the physical reality and experience.

At this most sacred and special time it is guided for you to focus upon receiving the wealth of light from the Creator and being receptive to the abundance of light flowing from you thus empowering yourself with light and magnifying your truth with light. Although this will be a gradual process it may require some adjustment time especially within the physical body, as your physical body seeks further healing and nourishment.

It will be beneficial to support a focus upon yourself as an illuminated being as this will not only encourage you to receive the light of the Creator but to channel and circulate light throughout your being expansively into your surroundings. When you visualise, sense and acknowledge yourself as a being of light not only do you create and anchor light into every situation and experience but you begin to breathe, eat, walk, sleep as light. Everything within and around you becomes purified and raised in vibrations.

With your focus upon embodying love you begin to experience the fully manifested integration and power of love and light. Every thought will be a thought of love magnified by light thus you will be aligned on all levels of your being with conscious awareness to the Creator.

It is time to see self as light for this is your truth! When you see yourself as light you are peeling away illusion and creating a deeper focus upon your truth within you!

‘I am a magnified illuminated being of love; I am light and love in form.’

This is a powerful affirmation which you can repeat out loud or in your mind while bringing the focus of your third eye chakra into your being and heart space to recognise the great wealth of light within your being. With every breath you exhale imagine your light emanating far and wide with powerful expansion, while knowing your deepest essence is love. See yourself as a being of light and know your immense light magnifies the love which is naturally you.

You can imagine immense shining light flowing through your skin and every part of your being. This is a powerful practice to achieve daily as it will encourage your light body to expand and merge with your physical body and all aspects of your being, thus allowing you to exist as the truth of the Creator on the Earth.

It is the time of illumination and with the integration of love and light the downloading of the new Christ Consciousness will manifest.

In eternal love,

Master Jesus

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The Christ Is Within You

Christ Is Within You


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Jesus’ Easter Message To Humanity – Nothing that exists can be less than God – Channeler John Smallman – 4-19-14

Jesus Ascends

Easter Sunday is a very important day for many of you as you make an annual memorial celebration of my resurrection and of its confirmation that all of God’s children (and all are God’s children) have, and are entitled to eternal life. As I, and many others, keep reminding you, life never ends. Our Father created us to enjoy eternal life, and what He creates is, by its very nature, eternal. Since the moment of your creation you have lived constantly, without interruption, within the Oneness that He is. He is all that exists, and therefore there is nowhere else that you could reside. Just remind yourselves, when doubts or anxieties arise, “There is nowhere that is not God.” Your unawareness of God and of His infinite Love for you is illusory.

Today remind yourselves of this truth. And tomorrow, and tomorrow!

The fact that you are not experiencing God’s Love for you in every moment in your human lives is because you have chosen to experience separation from Him. You have free will, and so you can at any moment change your mind, change your choices and change your experiences. However, your choice to experience separation from your divine Source has been part of your belief system for eons and is consequently deeply ingrained within you. Many of you are at present going through a massive release of old emotional baggage that you no longer need or resonate with, and that release is bringing up for you doubts and anxieties of seemingly enormous intensity, and threatening your strongly held beliefs about you and God. “Is there really a God? Am I imagining Him because the thought of death, extermination, a void, nothingness, is more than I can bear?” It is very unsettling because so many of your ingrained beliefs are far less than totally loving – many believe in a God who judges, condemns, and punishes sinners in an eternal hell, but Who may accept those who repent, if they are adequately remorseful. Surely the void would be better than everlasting suffering in hell?

However, the truth is that you are forever loved by God, and there is nothing that you can ever to do to change that. Hell is of the illusion, unreal, but many experience it daily, making it seem utterly real. What you believe is what you experience. You have all met people who are permanently miserable, victims in an unjust world; but have you not all, or most of you, occasionally met someone who is full of the joy of life? Both inhabit the same world, they just choose to see it differently.

God is Love, God is changeless, and as you are part of God so are you. You have just temporarily forgotten who you are, forgotten your true divine nature, and, within the illusion, you are still playing with the idea of being separate from God, and therefore less than Him. But nothing that exists can be less than God because all is One with God. I discovered that when I walked the Earth all those centuries ago, and it is your destiny to make that same discovery.

You can delay that discovery by procrastinating in a state of painful self-judgment where you choose to believe that you are unworthy of God’s Love, and where you follow that up with a belief or a series of beliefs in which you choose to punish yourselves by continuously reminding yourselves that you are unworthy of His Love, and that you must remove yourselves from His sight until you improve or become worthy.

But He created you perfect, so how can you possibly improve on that? Your sense of unworthiness is illusory, part of the illusory environment in which you have immersed yourselves, and which you continue to “prove” is true and real by treating others unlovingly, and then observing the disastrous results of those unloving attitudes and behaviors. But beings of Love – YOU – are incapable of treating others unlovingly because you are One with God, your divine Source.

What you see and experience as pain, suffering, betrayal, distrust, abandonment, aloneness are all aspects of the illusion that you collectively built in order to play with the idea of separation from the Source, God, your eternally loving Father. His Will for you is that you be forever happy, joyful, at peace, content, and ecstatically rejoicing in the fact that you are eternally alive as essential and irreplaceable aspects of Him. When you awaken to Reality that will be your permanent experience.

One of the essential steps on the way to your awakening is to forgive. To forgive yourselves. Until you forgive yourselves it is extremely difficult to truly forgive others, even though your intent to do so is very strong. As long as you remain unforgiven you will continue to measure yourselves against others, comparing yourselves to them, and attempting to justify yourselves while you judge them. But you do not need to justify yourselves. God created you, so no further justification is necessary or possible.

When you honestly do forgive yourselves you will find it increasingly easy to forgive others, regardless of how evil or corrupt they may have originally appeared in your perception. Unforgiveness is the screen onto which the unreality of the illusion is projected. When you forgive you effectively turn off the projector and roll up the screen and the illusion is gone. So this Easter day engage fully with forgiveness and then relax and loosen up in the loving and unconditional acceptance with which it presents you. Remember that I lovingly forgave those who crucified me, knowing that they had no idea what they were doing or why, because that is the confusion of the illusion. Release it and be free, that is your inevitable destiny. God will not forgive you because He sees nothing to forgive! Embrace your perfection by forgiving yourselves, then wonder and delight in the peace that it brings you.

Your loving brother, Jesus.


Channeler Andrew Bojarski – Thank You Jesus For Your Love! – 4-19-14



Thank you for being you, the magnificent being of pure LOVE that you are and always will be.Thank you for coming to Earth 2,000+ years ago and selflessly pouring out your love and light from your heart as the Christ in a time and space when the darkness has reached its lowest point.

Thank you for showing us that Divinity is within our own hearts, that the light that burns within us all is the Christ Light that never burns out, and that we are always connected to our God self within.Thank you for always being with me in all my energy healings and for all the help and support that you have always given me.

Thank you for your beautiful selfless transfiguration, your resurrection, and your rightly deserved ascension which caused such an overwhelming flood of God’s Perfection to spread over the earth so that never again can so vast a darkness encompass humanity in any future age.

Thank you for showing us how to love unconditionally, from the heart, regardless of the situation or the level of consciousness growth in any human being.

Thank you for showing us that the light is supreme and never fails.

Thank you for the vast accomplishment of your sacred life that stands eternally recorded upon the atmosphere of this beautiful ascending planet which now acts as a magnet drawing mankind unto it like perfection that you are, that we all are, the CHRIST!.

Thank you for showing us that the God Self Within is the Owner, Doer, and Giver of all the things in our lives.

Thank you for coming here which was an initiation to all of us and a Cosmic Command to use the Power of Divine Love in all their future activities.

Thank you for your outpouring of Love to the earth at its darkest cycle and period which became the birth of the Christ Child in each of us allowing us to see the Divine Presence in all beings of God’s Creation.

Thank you for calling forth the Cosmic, Divine, Blue Print and revealing the Decree for the incoming crystalline golden age that we are now entering which plan is Complete Dominion over all things finite through the Full Stature of the Christ Within every human being.

Thank you for loving me and for all the walks and talks and many laughs we had together 2,000+ years ago during your preparation work as the Christ.

Thank you for revealing the Conscious Dominion and Mastery that it is possible for every human being to attain and express while still here on earth through their Divine Presence.

Thank you for your smile, your compassion, and thank you for your loving heart, and for loving me the way I love you.

Thank you for proving that it is possible for everyone to so call forth their God Self that they can consciously control all things human.

Thank you for being an inspiration to me and so many others and showing that you need to treat others as you want to be treated, and that this treatment is always through LOVE.

Thank you for being the living proof of our ability to free ourselves from all limitation and to express Divinity as was originally intended for the first condition in which humanity existed was wholly harmonious and free.


I welcome and await your glorious return to Earth and the blaze of your golden energies of the Christ Consciousness my brother, my friend, as you are always in my heart and my heart is always open for your Presence, the I AM THAT YOU ARE!!!

Love – Andrew Bojarski Channeler


An Easter Message from Lord Sananda via Elizabeth Trutwin – (ET Intervention, Truth About Jesus Resurrection) – 4-19-14


An Easter Message from Lord Sananda through Elizabeth Trutwin, April 19, 2014

 Greetings! This is Sananda through Elizabeth Trutwin. We Celebrate this Easter together with Earth set into a new timeline. Those things which were not possible before have become possible. What you will see in the weeks to come are the final steps necessary as we implement the Golden Age on the Satya Yuga timeline. As we are on the new timeline there are no impediments to implementing change.

Easter in Jesus time was different than what has been adulterated in the Bible. I, Sananda, would like to share a true accounting. As Jesus appeared on the cross lifeless, His family took Him down. They took Him into the tomb and placed the stone. The tombstone covered up what was happening inside. A team of supernatural healers were there and worked on Him for days. He did not die on the cross. His wife and his Disciples were not told this would occur. They went about their mourning naturally not expecting His return. He floated in and out of consciousness as these supernatural healers performed light surgeries, applied medicines and fed him the healing remedies. Three days later He was whole and walked out of the tomb alive as before. He then had all of his Disciples beamed on to the New Jerusalem to reunite them with their Twin Flames, introduce them to their mentors, including Moses and Abraham and explain their true Missions to them. After a short visit on the Ship they were deposited back to Earth for a 40 day training period to prepare them for spreading the word of Christ Consciousness to Earth. They knew their work would be dangerous. They were living out life on Earth without Jesus as best they could. They had planted a seed for this lifetime now when Earth has Ascended.

Jesus and Mary Magdalene were able to leave Jerusalem together then where they traveled with their guard to become known as the White Knights. They moved between Scotland, Ireland and France. They had five children together who lived on carrying the bloodline to present day Earth. This Easter Celebration brings us full circle to a time when Mary and Jesus with the other High Beings who have lived on Earth before will join us. They will return to Earth as we remember them. They will carry their Missions to healing Earth. Those who insisted on war will no longer be on Earth. The Royal Lines of Queens and Kings of old, the promises which were made so long ago your human mind cannot remember will be fully renewed and empowered to help all of Humanity.

This Easter the Grand Cross marches across our sky and a few days later a partial Solar Eclipse which follows only a few days ago a Full Lunar Eclipse. This Easter as you reflect on the blooming of your own Christ Consciousness see the Open Doorway before you. An Open Doorway to Eternal Garden of Bliss is made manifest on New Earth. When you enter you breathe in the rarefied energies of wholeness. All petty conflicts crumble like dust at your feet. The concerns of survival cannot exist here. The details fall away. The metal suit of protection covering your heart is thrown aside. Each moment spent in New Earth is one of pure ecstasy. Suffering and hardness are forgotten. It is your TRUE Resurrection into Christ Consciousness.

This will be a place of renewal and rest. This will be a place of new beginnings. The Supreme Ultimate will be here with us forging the Master Plan for New Earth. You will lay down all of your burden you have carried so long. The only thing you carry now is your song. The only thing you carry is that which is unique to your Soul, your gift that you have brought forward to fulfill Earth’s Destiny as a Planet of Diversity within Unity. You carry forth your song to harmonize with all here.

There is some clean up to do now that Earth has been placed within its new timeline. The old cannot sustain this high vibration on New Earth and will be removed. The old ways of operating must be dissolved to make room for the new. Accountability will be paid one final time as karma is finally ended on Earth. All is playing out in the Divine Plan to perfection. We are all expecting to see big changes around Easter. Big changes are happening whether you can see them or not. The Divine Plan has been hidden from the masses to protect the surprises necessary to bring in the changes. The dark have held sway for thousands and thousands of years and the magic bringing the changes needed to go unseen in order to have success.

Move forward now. Never stop making changes for your Highest Good. You may be leaving your job, moving your home, ending a relationship or changing how you spend your time. Change is inevitable. Greet change like an old friend. Be bold. Make Big Moves. Join with those of like mind to Be The Change. In your new found freedom, be creative. Solve problems with creativity. Master new ways to create. Make new things. Start something new. You will be successful.

I invite you to join Me in submergence. Merge with Me in Oneness. It is possible. Become One with me. I have loved you beyond your wildest imaginings since the beginning of beingness. You may have within you My Power, My Wisdom and My Love for All That Is. In your meditative state imagine that I am gently flowing water and you are salt. Dive into me. Submerge. Surrender so that you may experience all of the Blessings given to us by the Ultimate Supreme. Dissolve all that makes up you and join it with Me. We become One. We are salt water together and that which sustains all life here on Earth. Anytime you feel your head bubbling to the surface due to fatigue or doubt, just dive under the water again. Remain merged with Me as One in all our actions together. I lend you all that I Am and All that I Have to make it through the next moments. The more time you spend in the Garden of Eternity the more you become your New Being on New Earth with a fully actualized Christ Consciousness.

Drink in the fragrance of Spring in the north and languish in the changing colors of Fall in the South. Bask in the Sunlight as you watch the seasons changing before you. Walk through the open door of change that is before you. Dry your tears and allow those parts of you which still doubt to melt away. Breathe in Joy. Breathe in Bliss. Activate Love and invoke it in every thing you do. Continue to image on your Inner Eye a brighter day on Earth. Imagine your beloved holding you and your hearts are beating as One. See with the eyes of your spiritual heart the changes that go unseen on the outer.

It is true. Be In Peace. All that you have longed for has arrived. Prepare yourself for the next tasks at hand. No one ever said it would be easy. As the changes unfold in this world so will unfold your strength of right action. Each day is another step toward a well planned series of sequential days lining up for the Event : Arrests, Announcements, the Enactment of NESARA Law, Full Galactic Disclosure and World Peace. All of these things will come together all at once. Join with your families and friends in feasting and celebrate now. Those who go to Church bring your light and your love to all believers there. Experiencing New Earth will happen in the blink of an eye. Nothing more needs to be done. I have this well in hand. Happy Easter. Namaste! This is Lord Sananda through Elizabeth Trutwin, April 19, 2014. © All Rights Reserved. An Invitation: Many have benefited from this and I would like to continue to offer it. For a one hour booking you may email me at It is amazing what comes through from Lord Sananda, the Higher Self of Jesus. This is a question and answer session on video Skype or telephone and you may ask anything you like. I have several written testimonials. Sananda’s Invitation through Elizabeth Trutwin: Many here are looking for answers about their personal life, Mission and what direction to take at this time. I have information I would like to share with certain individuals. As you read this you will know if it is for you. I have asked Beth to offer her Service for 1 hour telephone consultations where she will channel me, Sananda to you over the phone to answer your questions. You have worked very hard and it is time we sat down together to discuss your next steps. I thank you for your enduring service to the light. ~Lord Sananda For more information please visit
Sananda and Ashtar have asked me to offer Readings for folks with half hour and fifteen minute bookings so we may facilitate as many Readings possible for those who want them before the end of the year. If you are interested I require a booking. The three possibilities for Sananda are an hour booking for $101, a half hour booking for $51 and 15 minutes for $33. And with Ashtar an hour booking for $101, a half hour booking for $51 and 15 minutes for $33. This is an amazing opportunity to have a personal reading and ask Sananda or Ashtar any question you like. Each person has different requirements and the shorter readings are for those looking for clarity on deep topics with only a very short list of questions. The longer readings give clarity in all areas of life and facilitate deep growth for those receiving these Blessings. Please email me if you need more information. All International readings are done on Please let me know your day and time preference. My Skype ID is Organic.Cosmos and I am in the Chicago Time Zone. When you write please let me know the time difference which you may look up here with this World Clock.

For more information on the StarGates, Ashtar and the Galactic Federation, the Sacred Galactic Scriptures or my latest Book The Rainbow Bridge : Awaken the Guru Within please see Amazon. Thank you for your ongoing support of my work. Donate.. I hope it helps many. Please share widely. Thank you for all you do.

Akasha Asun – Beloved Mother Mary – Prayer Invocation to Mother Father God For 7th Golden Age – I AM

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Mother Akasha:

“There is another Path to embrace after your Awakening, and one that if you choose, can lift and raise you up and out of the limitation of human strife, raising you into the highest vibration of Light & Love, a path of Higher Consciousness is called “The Path of Becoming your True Self” on Earth, also known as “The Path of Resurrection”. As you embrace this path, a great raising & expanding activity unfolds within your mind and your feelings, your consciousness, and ultimately your physical garments. You are awake, your Life calls upon you to rise now & become on Earth your True Glorious Self ‘I AM’ individualized of Mother/Father God.

It is a path in which there begins to be experienced by you the second birth, lightning flashes of sudden Light within your mind, great outpourings of Love within your being, all that prepares you in the centre of your consciousness to enter into The Secret Heart of your God Nature, and to pass through ‘The Door of Everything’ where you will drink of the Waters of Life, the greatest Love of all, The Mother’s Love, the Love of the Heavenly Mother that individualizes as your Soul. When that Love begins to express through you it will reveal its Presence and it will nurture and fulfill all that your mind dares to conceive. Your Soul is the Sacred Womb of The Divine Mother of our Universe, Individualized, just as the Christ is the Individualized Mind of The Father.”

Akasha Invocation to the Mighty Christ – I AM of the I AM – Star-seed of the Earth – Akasha’s powerful Invocation

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A beautiful blessing , outpouring and gift from Mother Akasha
Open your hearts to receive this great gift to all of us ..
We have been ask to do this call 3 to 4 times a day to truly set aside our human limited self and give birth our Christ Consciousness .

Beloved Akasha
“I have given what in this academy was perhaps considered the most intense invocation to the I AM Presence of this entire student body, that even if there be some obstacle within that individual those obstacles by the command of the Great Central Sun can be set aside for those who lovingly greet The Sacred Fire each day and opens the way for the strengthening of the I AM Presence within the student body.

Welcome to the Dispensation of the Rose Pink Ray to the Earth, the Return of the Divine Mother’s Presence, the Path of the Heart, the I AM Presence, and the Soul.This official Dispensation truly offers a deep understanding of the Soul and its evolution; the highest evolution being the Radiant Rose Soul.

Mother Akasha: “There is another Path to embrace after your Awakening, and one that if you choose, can lift and raise you up and out of the limitation of human strife, raising you into the highest vibration of Light & Love, a path of Higher Consciousness is called “The Path of Becoming your True Self” on Earth, also known as “The Path of Resurrection”. As you embrace this path, a great raising & expanding activity unfolds within your mind and your feelings, your consciousness, and ultimately your physical garments. You are awake, your Life calls upon you to rise now & become on Earth your True Glorious Self ‘I AM’ individualized of Mother/Father God. It is a path in which there begins to be experienced by you the second birth, lightning flashes of sudden Light within your mind, great outpourings of Love within your being, all that prepares you in the centre of your consciousness to enter into The Secret Heart of your God Nature, and to pass through ‘The Door of Everything’ where you will drink of the Waters of Life, the greatest Love of all, The Mother’s Love, the Love of the Heavenly Mother that individualizes as your Soul. When that Love begins to express through you it will reveal its Presence and it will nurture and fulfill all that your mind dares to conceive. Your Soul is the Sacred Womb of The Divine Mother of our Universe, Individualized, just as the Christ is the Individualized Mind of The Father.”

~The Radiant Rose Academy offer Weekly & Monthly Discourses given by the Ascended Masters , spirituals tools to achieve the Resurrection and face the Greatest Love of ALL , the SOUL , the Divine Mother’s Presence that abides within our hearts , The Door to Everything .Once we achieve our Resurrection will assist humanity and the Earth in bringing for the 7th Golden Age .The Ascended Masters are also revealing very important updates regarding the Divine Plan and the Great Shifting of Mother Earth from now until December 21 , 2012 & 2013:

Jesus – Becoming Less Addicted To The Illusion

Download: 2013-03-31-jesus-audio-blog-for-easter-sunday-march-31.mp3

One is the number of God’s creations, but One is not in any way limiting — it is infinite.  This is a very complex concept for you to grasp let alone make any sense of; in fact, it is rather a paradox while you remain constrained by your physical bodies, so don’t even try — it is quite unnecessary.  Just accept that it is so.  Surrender to it and know that you are not being misled.

You do understand and accept that what each one of you thinks, says, or does, has effects way beyond your immediate vicinity because your modern science of physics has proved that to the satisfaction of the brightest intelligences amongst you.  And if this is so, as it most definitely is, then it follows that all are One, and that One is the number of God’s creations – One embracing infinite multitudes if you prefer, but One it is.

The One creation – God and all that is – is constantly sharing with Itself the Love that is the life force, the intelligence, the sentience, and the consciousness that enables awareness of self and others, and allows and encourages enthusiastic interaction among and within that One.  The One is a state of infinite, everlasting and ecstatic joy and happiness, and it is your Home where the infinite warmth of divine acceptance embraces you always.  The illusion is a distraction that needs to be discarded, dissolved, and that will happen when you withdraw your collective attention from it.

It is an imaginary environment in which fear and anxiety are your constant companions.  Even if you deny them or bury them below your level of conscious awareness, they lie there festering until you address and release them, or until they explode venomously, demanding your shocked attention.  Many are undergoing this experience at present as your fears break into your consciousness, disturbing your peace.  Acknowledge them, observe them, and release them.  There is no need to engage with them by attempting to uncover their roots, or to take the actions that unwarranted fear might deem advisable — just let them go.

To withdraw your collective attention from the illusion will cause it to fade away like an ancient veil deteriorating into dust, and as it does so, it will reveal for you the wonder of Reality where you always are.  Presently, that seems like a dream, a scarcely perceptible impression of some faint and distant memory, so remote and unattainable that you remain almost totally unaware of It.  However, the Illusion is but a veil that you have chosen to hide behind, and because you have forgotten that choice it has become amazingly real for you, frighteningly real.

Your task, humanity’s task, is to awaken.  To do that you have to release your worries and anxieties, which are without foundation, and embrace the One fearlessly as It already embraces you.  Fear is a concept that is but part of the illusion, because in Truth, in Reality, there is no fear and nothing that could cause fear.  The illusion encourages fear, and the reasoning egoic mind seeks to uncover what it is afraid of, and the apparent state of separation with which the illusion presents you provides the evidence — others, who might attack you!  But all are one and to attack anyone, as you have often been told, is only to attack yourself.  The illusion, however, does a very good job of convincing you that attack is real, painful, constantly threatening you, and that it needs to be defended against constantly and vigorously.

As you can see, the illusion is the problem and the solution!  The problem, because it has convinced you that it is real, and the solution, because its apparent reality will melt away when you withdraw your attention from it.

When you read a well-constructed novel, or watch a good play or movie, you pay attention, you engage with it, you become wrapped up in it and carried away to another realm — the realm the writer has created.  You feel strong emotions as the storyline develops, drawing you in to identify with one of the characters – the hero or the villain – and you try to surmise what will happen, what will unfold. You become oblivious to the world around you as you focus utterly on the fascination of the developing story.  Then it reaches its conclusion, and slowly you return to awareness of your surroundings, although the energy of the storyline remains with you for a while before fading away.

The illusion is an unending cavalcade of collective stories with which you have all engaged, and the escape, the way out, is to withdraw your attention from it. Sometimes, when you are reading or daydreaming, a loud noise will pull you suddenly, perhaps violently, into the present moment, and the realm into which you had entered dissolves instantly.  When humanity’s collective attention is withdrawn from the realm that you now seem to inhabit, there will be a sudden awakening for you, and it will be exhilarating!

To encourage the arrival of this amazing and inevitable moment, make sure to spend time daily in your place of inner peace, intending to engage with God’s divine field of Love, Reality, that surrounds and protects you at all times.  It is always there, waiting for you to lose interest in the now-rather-predictable and worn-out make-believe which the illusion has now shown itself to be, and to which you have become addicted.  Nevertheless, you are becoming less addicted to, less convinced of, the illusion’s validity, and you have massive energetic assistance from Reality, those in the spiritual realms, to help you release the focus of your attention upon it.

It is your intention — it always has been your intention — to awaken from the dream of separation from your Father, and He has provided you with the means to do so: your own share of the eternal flame of His Love burning constantly within you and forever connected unbreakably to Him.  Your awakening is inevitable, unavoidable, and divinely assured.  You just have to allow it to happen, by embracing God’s Love and releasing all within you that is not in alignment with It.

Your loving brother, Jesus.

Miracle of the Christ – In Our Lives – Mother Akasha Meditation

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Mother Akasha invocation /meditation to manifest the Miracle of Christ in our lives and manifest a miracle in any area of our lives …just beautiful !
From the Tree of Life Class March 20, 2013

Mother Akasha:

“There is another Path to embrace after your Awakening, and one that if you choose, can lift and raise you up and out of the limitation of human strife, raising you into the highest vibration of Light & Love, a path of Higher Consciousness is called “The Path of Becoming your True Self” on Earth, also known as “The Path of Resurrection”. As you embrace this path, a great raising & expanding activity unfolds within your mind and your feelings, your consciousness, and ultimately your physical garments. You are awake, your Life calls upon you to rise now & become on Earth your True Glorious Self ‘I AM’ individualized of Mother/Father God.

It is a path in which there begins to be experienced by you the second birth, lightning flashes of sudden Light within your mind, great outpourings of Love within your being, all that prepares you in the centre of your consciousness to enter into The Secret Heart of your God Nature, and to pass through ‘The Door of Everything’ where you will drink of the Waters of Life, the greatest Love of all, The Mother’s Love, the Love of the Heavenly Mother that individualizes as your Soul. When that Love begins to express through you it will reveal its Presence and it will nurture and fulfill all that your mind dares to conceive. Your Soul is the Sacred Womb of The Divine Mother of our Universe, Individualized, just as the Christ is the Individualized Mind of The Father.”

Easter Sunday – Pope Offers Prayers

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Child Praying – Dear God – Thank You for Loving me

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a 4-year-old boy praying
What a blessing this little boy is

J.S. Bach – St. Matthew Passion BWV 244

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Conducted By: Karl Richter

Performed By: Münchener Bach Orchestra & Choir

Evangelist: Peter Schreier
Jesus: Ernst Gerold Schramm
Judas & Pilatus: Siegmund Nimsgren
Soprano Arias: Helen Donath
Alto Arias: Julia Hamari
Tenor Arias: Hans R. Laubenthal
Bass Arias: Walter Berry

Jesus Christ – Teachings – A Course in Miracles.

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from A Course in Miracles C-5. JESUS – CHRIST

Beloved Jesus – I AM DISCOURSES – Ascended Master Saint Germain

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Poulenc: Gloria – Barbara Hendricks – J.C Casadesus

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Le Gloria de Francis Poulenc pour soprano solo, grand orchestre et chœur, est l’une des œuvres les plus célèbres du compositeur, commandé par la Fondation Koussevitzky en l’honneur de Serge Koussevitzky et sa femme Natalia, il a été créée le 21 Janvier 1961 à Boston, par le Boston Symphony Orchestra et le Choeur Pro Musica sous la direction de Charles Münch avec Adele Addison comme soliste.
Le Gloria diffusé provient d’un concert donné en 1988 à la Basilique de St Denis; interprète par Barbara Hendricks, l’Orchestre National de Lille dirigé par Jean-Claude Casadesus.

Shroud of Jesus

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A New 3 D Holographic Image of The Shroud

Images of Jesus Christ

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From the photo exhibit Reflections of Christ, this slide show is a powerful collections of pictures that remind us all the Jesus Christ lives and loves everyone. A book, DVD, CD, and prints are available by visiting

Gospel of Luke – Movie

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The Gospel According to Luke (Greek: Τὸ κατὰ Λουκᾶν εὐαγγέλιον, to kata Loukan euangelion), commonly shortened to the Gospel of Luke or simply Luke, is the third and longest of the four canonical Gospels. This synoptic gospel is an account of the life and ministry of Jesus of Nazareth. It details his story from the events of his birth to his Ascension.
The author is traditionally identified as Luke the Evangelist. The Apostle Paul referred to Luke as the beloved physician. Certain popular stories, such as the Prodigal Son and the Good Samaritan, are found only in this gospel. This account also has a special emphasis on prayer, the activity of the Holy Spirit, women, and joyfulness. Luke presented Jesus as the Son of God, but turned his attention especially to the humanity of Jesus, featuring His compassion for the weak, the suffering and the outcast.
According to the preface the purpose of Luke is to write a historical account, while bringing out the theological significance of the history. The evangelist divides history into three stages: the first ends with John the Baptist, the second consists of Jesus’ earthly ministry, and the third is the life of the church after Jesus’ resurrection. The author portrays Christianity as divine, respectable, law-abiding, and international. Here, Jesus’ compassion extends to all who are needy, women are important among his followers, the despised Samaritans are commended, and Gentiles are promised the opportunity to accept the gospel . While the gospel is written as a historical narrative, many of the facts portrayed therein are based on previous traditions of the recorded Gospel story and not on what some might consider to be historical record.
Most modern critical scholarship concludes that Luke used the Gospel of Mark for his chronology and a hypothetical sayings source Q document for many of Jesus’ teachings. Luke may also have drawn from independent written records. Traditional Christian scholarship has dated the composition of the gospel to the early 60s, while higher criticism dates it to the later decades of the 1st century. While the traditional view that Paul’s companion Luke authored the gospel is still often put forward, a number of possible contradictions between Acts and Paul’s letters lead many scholars to dispute this account. According to Raymond E. Brown, it is not impossible that Luke was the author. According to some, the author is unknown.
Biblical Scholars are in wide agreement that the author of the Gospel of Luke also wrote the Acts of the Apostles. Many believe “the Gospel of Luke and the Acts of the Apostles originally constituted a two-volume work”, which scholars refer to as Luke-Acts.[2

Jesus & Buddha

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If Jesus and Buddha were to meet, they would recognize one another as fellow prophets because they were teaching the same truths.
Both stayed in the wilderness for 40 days and 40 nights and were tempted by evil, Jesus by Satan and Buddha by the demon Mara and his daughters.
Jesus’s original teachings promoted peace and turning the other cheek, passive resistance rather than armed insurrection. Marcus Borg, a Christian and Jesus scholar, focuses on this basic aspect of Christianity by selecting a range of quotations from the Gospels and pairing them with parallel sayings by the Buddha. For example, whereas Jesus said, ‘Blessed are the poor, for yours is the kingdom of God,’ Buddha said, ‘Let us live most happily, possessing nothing; let us feed on joy, like the radiant gods.’ It is surprising, to a reader familiar only with the Bible, to find how similar the words of the two religious leaders actually are.
When we compare two ancient spiritual traditions like Buddhism and Christianity, what we see is a striking similarity between the narratives of the founding masters: in the case of Christianity, Jesus Christ, and in the case of Buddhism, the Buddha. I see a very important parallel: in the very lives of the [founders] the essence of their teachings is demonstrated. For example… the essence of the Buddha’s teaching is embodied in the Four Noble Truths: the truth of suffering, the truth of the origin of suffering, the truth of the cessation of suffering, and the truth of the path leading to this cessation. These Four Noble Truths are very explicitly and clearly exemplified in the life of… the Buddha himself. I feel [it] is the same with the life of Christ. If you look at the life of Jesus, you will see all the essential practices and teachings of Christianity exemplified. And in the lives of both Jesus Christ and the Buddha, it is only through hardship, dedication and commitment, and by standing firm on one’s principles that one can grow spiritually and attain liberation. That seems to be a central and common message.
Apart from that, there are few similarities, apart from living a simple life.
Buddha searched for the way. Jesus said “I am the Way”
Buddha searched for the truth. Jesus said “I am the Truth”.
Buddha searched for a reason for living. Jesus said “I am the Life. No one comes to the Father, except by way of me.” JOhn 14:6

Both claim royal descent;
Celestial bodiest announced the birth of both;
Both were tempted by the devil;
Both experienced supernatural events after the devil left;
Both were said to know the thoughts of others;
Both helaed blind men and claimed that the affliction was due to a previous sin;
Both required desciples to renounce worldly possessions;
Both had a disciple who walked on water.