Who are the Elohim – Transmitted by the Elohim and Lady Venus thru Grace Antara Ma – 7-3-15

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Who are the Elohim

The Elohim are mostly described as powerful creator angels or builders of form, who implement God´s will. There are many different rays and groups of Elohim, who each serve a specific purpose and host a different divine quality. One of these groups are the Elohim of grace. They represent the loving, feminine, nurturing power, that redeem, forgive and release, the unconditional love, which together with the divine feminine power restores divine balance and equilibrium. It dissolves not only karma, but also vows and oaths etc. with ease and grace in the alchemical process of establishing divine equilibrium.

The Elohim revealed to me, that we all carry the gene of the Elohim in our original dna. That we are all powerful angels in human form originating from the stars. But that we forgot by the fall of Atlantis, by the fall of awareness and the word human was created.

In Helene Blavatsky’s Isis Unveiled. In Genesis 6: we find some quotes about the Elohim:

“And it came to pass, when men began to multiply upon the face of the earth, and daughters were born unto them, The “the sons of God (Elohim) saw daughters of men that they were fair; and they took unto them wives of all which they chose…. There were giant in the earth in those days; and also that when the sons of God (Elohim) came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children of them, the same became mighty men of old, men of renown.”

We also find reference to the Elohim in a few verses in the same book to Seth, Methuselah and others living to ages of eight or nine hundred years, which may suggest the length of lifespan of these mighty beings of light.

In Isis Unveiled Blavatsky states:

“Tradition says, and the records of the Great Book explain, that long before the days of Ad-am and his inquisitive wife, He-va, where now are found but salt lakes and desolate barren deserts, there was a vast inland sea, which extended over Middle Asia, north of the proud Himalayan range, and its western prolongation. An island, which for its unparallel beauty had no rival in the world was inhabited by the last remnants of the race that preceded ours. This race could live with equal ease in water, air, or fire for it had unlimited control over the elements. These were the “Sons of God;” not those that saw the daughters of men, but the real Elohim, though in the Oriental Kabala they had another name.

Merging with the Elohim

Christmas 2009 I was surprisingly contacted by a group of Elohim, who told me directly, that they wish to merge with me and work with me thru sound healing among other things. The process of merging took about 4 months and I was consistently “pushed” towards acknowledging and expanding more and more into my I Am Presence. From the first contact they said, that I Am Elohim, and also asked me to use the name Elohim, when I feel ready. They said, without me they are not whole and without them I am not whole. In later messages they told me to change my name Alisha to Al-Isha…they said it would totally change the meaning and the vibration of the name. So I did. And as I later went to the computer and googled out the syllables I found… Al from arabic meaning descending from and Isha from sanskrit meaning goddess. I was so delighted and honored to read that, as it all rang true to my heart. And if it would stop here… no…. months later, they contacted me again after a long period of silence (though they had been working consistently with and thru me) and told me to change my name to Grace Elohim, as they said… Grace is who and what you ARE and that I belong to the group of Grace Elohim. Grace Elohim is all about the energy of the Divine Feminine the nurtering, forgiving and compassionate mother – the Divine Feminine, hence Al-Isha. In the start they did not want to convey, which group or ray of Elohim they belonged to, they said it was not of importance at that point of time, which I understand now. The moment I heard this message and the name Grace… my inner knowing KNEW this to be true… it absolutely felt like home and the next day I changed my name Al-Isha to Grace on my facebook account and shared what the Elohim had told me. The reaction of many fb friends was absolutely stunning to say the least, it was truly celebrated and I got so much incredible feedback all agreeing, that this name fitted me perfectly and that this name is representing my true essence. At this point I did not change my name to Elohim (only to Grace )… well…. yes I thought this change was already huge and then this on top on it… so I thought I would go in stages…and so did the Elohim…very smart… lol. Not only had I let go of my limited christian name Linda to embrace my soul’s essence Grace, which was such a liberation, but also a challenge, because ego tends to want to hold on to its illusion of I(dentity), but to accept and acknowledge oneself as being an Elohim challenged any feelings of unworthiness, that I still had. Standing up and standing to I Am Elohim is not something you just do, though I know and feel the truth of it in my heart. It is who and what I Am. It is home. So as a birthday present to self (in sept. 2010) I decided, that it be the right time to finally stand to what and who I Am. To stand to I Am Grace Elohim, no more, no less. Below is an excerpt of the initiation, that I went through as part of the merging process. I share this as I believe, that the time has come, where many will be merging with their angel presence (angel I Am) and Angel family. I have also got evidence of this in the sessions, that I give. Now is the return of the Angel Tribe. Now is the time that the angels walk on earth again, but this time being aware of who they are. The Elohim shared with her, that we are all angels inhabiting a human vessel and that the word human being was created at a time where we had degraded in consciousness and lost the memory of our true origin.

Excerpt of the merging

The Elohim worked with me for a period of 4 months to prepare me for and merge with me. In april 2010 we went into the final phase of the merging. Suddenly the back of my high heart was on fire and my crown which had been influxed with highvibrational energy continously during three days again started to burn with intense fire and the fire spread out to my head, neck, back and then in front of my high heart and chest and radiated from there into my legs, arms, hands ect. Again I saw my wings opening. The burning was so intense it actually felt like fire. The Elohim explained to me, that it is the reason why the merging has to be made step by step to emit overburning. I had to consciously breathe real deeply to anchor the energy into my body and to let fully go. Actually this burning was like icecold and fire burning at the same time. I lay down inoperative on my sofa for a time which seemed endless (as I looked at the clock afterward one and a half hour had passed) and I had so many other sensations, which are difficult to explain, but I will try. I also felt how I somehow slowly melted away. The Elohim explained to me, as they felt my fear….your I is melting away and you become Elohim. The fire spread out to all of my body and ran down the different channels throughout the body. My body shivered and twitched again and again and I also felt a deep fear emerging in me, because of the sensation of dissolving. Though I was afraid, I was able to let go and embrace it, but now and again the fear peeped back. Suddenly I got a shock, as I sensed and saw a snake with my inner eye, not only did I feel the movement of the snake inside of me, but I saw the head of the snake outside but very close to me from inside of me. Difficult to say whether it was actually inside or outside, I saw a huge head of a cobra. After a while it stopped its movement and rested somewhere between my third eye and crown and afterwards I had this totally weird sensation of consciously looking outside of my vessel from the inside, but out of one HUGE eye, I felt like almost my whole head was one eye. It was the sensation of my soul consciously looking out of my body into space. My body vibrated in a very strange and unfamiliar way and I first could not see normally, as I opened my eyes, as my vision was shivering and blured. This was all new and strange, but it was/is surely divine grace entering my life and whole being. Since I decided to stand to who I Am a whole new flow and abundance has entered my life. I am blessed with divine grace each present moment and my heart is overspilling with joy and gratitude for the beauty of existence. Blessings of infinite grace is bestowed upon us each present moment, as soon as we open up to it. It is time now to stand up to who we truly are. No more playing small, no more playing unable and unworthy. We are all we need to BE, if we’d only dare to let go of our fear of not being enough and of the illusion of being separated from God/Goddess.

Enter the flow of life within your heart

and start living the life you dream of

Living Joy is your divine birthright

and what you came here to BE

“BE-ing in the flow of life is what ascension is all about… descending spirit (your divine spark of light) into matter and becoming one with the divine matrix of all-that-is, transcending all individuation, all separation which is intricately of the vibration of the divine feminine. Ascension is the pure surrendering to being one in and with God/Goddess. It is the flowering of creation, a constant making love with all-that-is, that can take place in every cell, every atom of your being, the sacred inner marriage between the divine feminine and masculine. It is the sacred union within and the anchoring of the twinflame energy, that will be the nectar that all humans of the new earth will be nourished by”. Transmitted by the Elohim and Lady Venus thru Grace Antara Ma

I welcome you into this space where spirit flows and nurtures you and invites you to step (back) into your heart – to surrender in acceptance of all shades in you, all the parts and aspects of you, that you have disowned or discredited because of fear, pain or simply because it didn´t fit into what was expected of you and along the way mayby even left you alienated to self and finally got you here.

This is a space to wake up to and to enlighten what no longer belongs to you and serves you, so that the divine in you which includes every bit and inch of you…even and especially the part of you that is lessed loved, may melt into one, the one that you truly are, so that you may enter the divine flow of the universe, the sacred dance of ecstacy, that is reigned by love and by love only. The flowering of the omnipresence of love in you, an infinite space and vibration in you that has always been and that always will be, independently of the ebs and tides of life. The very essence of who you are.

Are you ready to enter heaven-on-earth in you……  come take my hand and I will guide you there, let this be the first step…. come bask in the energy here and learn how I can assist you in discovering and reclaiming this space in you and realign you with your full divine potential. No more playing small, no more dimming your light, no more giving your power away to fear. No more compromises of who you are. No more resistance to simply BE-ing you authentic and naked in coherence with your heart and in honor of your divine spark of light, that shines so bright, if you just accept all shades of you as being expressions of that light.

Love is who and what and why you are.

Your wildest dreams are begging to be lived and they are a pathway to your divine purpose and part of your soul´s plan.

To love nothing is impossible.

The limitations and challenges that you are faced with are invented by your mind and no matter how real they may seem, they are a fatamogana created by ego. Your soul however knows of the infinite potential in you, that enables and gratifies you to live in joy, happiness and abundance…. and successfully living the life you dream of in coherence with the universal forces.

And it starts NOW

Breathe with me into this space of your infinite potential

of light

Give it life and permission to take you over

Let spirit dance thru you

and take you to the most sacred place in you

the holy grail

the kingdom within

of peace, love and abundance

where living joy abides

the space in you where all things are possible

step aside and stop doing

stop intervening and interupting the divine flow


start BE-ing (in) this space

letting go of controle

of the divine flow in you

that is perfectly able to manifest

everything that you ever dreamt of

BE the dream come true

if love can

you can

you came here not to suffer

but to co-create the new heaven-on-earth

sing your heart song

and live in joy and BE

your unique creative expression of all-that-is

Let us begin

as ONE



The Elohim – The Divine Badge of Courage – by Carla Thompson, Georgi Stankov – 3-9-15


The Elohim: The Divine Badge of Courage

by Carla Thompson, March 9, 2015


The highly compressive energies of the February 21st portal led to sweeping changes in our perception, not only of ourselves but of the reality around us. Here we experienced highly compressive and unrelenting energies through to the end of February and into early March. This entire time has been another gift of massive deconstruction that has made way for the truth to reveal itself in yet another expansion of our consciousness.

The Elohim have a very strong message for us: Share truth from a strong foundation of courage!


“The World as you knew it has now changed. Your life, as you knew it to be, shall now be of greater beauty. Your Being, as you knew it, drops the old attachments that your mind truly knows to have no more value nor benefit to you along this road to enlightenment. True freedom has been graced upon you!

There are great shifts that continue to flood your reality. Shifts that pull the dysfunctional lineage of mankind back into the newly created third and lower fourth dimensional parallel Earths. Shifts that push the highly light-filled warriors further along their way to enlightenment, through the upper fourth dimensions, as the revelations expand through your light work, both as subconscious and conscious creations.
We feel immense joy as your world begins to accept the truths presented in synchronistic fashion, using fresh language and supported by a solid foundation in science.
Dearly beloved and the family of Man, we know great joy as every one of you begins to dismantle your masks of untruths that have ruled your lives seemingly from one eternity to the next. Untruths that have grown from silently accepted deconstructive treatments from one’s own self to those of society, where society claims uncontested ownership over your beingness and therefore your “accepted” expression.
The foundation of society with all it’s lies that formulate the facades and structure living “truths” by only being repeated over and over again, is now being torn from its moorings, as the old third dimensional holographic overlays melt in the presence of such powerful energies flooding in to your Gaia, and you, on a moment to moment basis.
It is the time of Revelations! It is not enough to state what is wrong with the world, or what is wrong with the leaders; the power of change lies with the people, and great power lies with You, the Great Light Warriors!
Speak your truth Now, with clarity.
Speak your truth Now, with directness.
What ails Mankind is not “knowing what to do” because you know what to do, you know how to act, you know where to turn, you know how to speak and you know what to say!

However, these are actions that must be carried on the wings of courage, for courage is the foundational skill needed to speak your truth, and to speak and live the truth of the Ages. To have courage, is to live the way of the heart.

This is the way of the Ascended Master!
To have courage means to be fearless, to not be controlled by your fears.
Join together and begin by presenting to the world, your reflections and your point of view on this reality in an open, direct, and transparent fashion and welcome to the New Earth!
You are now Creator Beings moulding your reality by knowing the truth as it arises from your sacred heart space, and by choosing carefully the correct spoken words to best convey the truth that has presented itself for sharing.
We are the Elohim and we are so full of joy and love for you as we feel your expanding awareness of the true issues that have held you from your natural expansion.
Follow your heart!”
          You cannot be truthful if you are not courageous
          You cannot be loving if you are not courageous
          You cannot be trusting if you are not courageous
          You cannot inquire into reality if you are not courageous

Hence courage comes first and everything else follows. – Osho



The Elohim via Carla Thompson – The Sacred Flames of Creation – by Georgi Stankov – 1-19-15

 Rays of sunshine breaks through the clouds


The Elohim  via  Carla Thompson   –  The Sacred Flames of Creation   –  

by Georgi Stankov   –   1-19-15



We are now at the moment in time where the Sacred Flames of Creation are being brought to our attention!

What are the Sacred Flames of Creation?  They are the coloured light rays that are flooding our existence daily and while they seem to be “new”, they have actually always been here, coming to us since the beginning of time, from the Source of All-That-Is.

Our awareness of these energies is the first step in recognizing how creation may occur, but of course this means that we must not only be aware of their existence, but it behooves us now to be open to and accepting of  their role in our very own creations.

The Elohim recently said this:

“The Great Rays of the Ages, of the Creation, are flooding Gaia from the Source of All-That-Is!  They are not in any way new to this expression – perhaps only new to You, through your newly raised awareness!  As You, the Masters of this Creation, move forward along your paths of evolution, notice that the wisdom of the Rays is imparted, one Ray at a time!
It is with great love that we see Humanity opening its heart to these Divine Rays of God-Source, for it is remembered, and honoured, that these sacred teachings from the Source unfold as light transmissions!
The transmissions have come to you in an apparent haphazard fashion, but it is the case that everything comes in perfect order as All is interlinked in perfect harmony, like a beautiful symphonic piece that has each instrument and each voice as separate expressions, then when woven together in perfect harmony they create the masterpiece called the Symphony, created from trillions of tonal events, tonal frequencies, which when brought together make a statement of love, of reflection, not only on the individual elements but on those creating the whole, in Unison.

Your experience has afforded you great knowledge of many flames, many more that the seven flames to which you now apply your attention.

Notice that the teachings began initially with the Platinum Ray and have continued through the various colours of Gold, White, Violet, Royal Blue, Yellow, Violet-Gold, Rose-Pink and to the recent experience with the Emerald Green Ray.

Why all these Rays? What is their role?

Each ray, each component, together, completes the juggernaut, the puzzle of life, the puzzle called your reality!

Through the use of these Rays you move into your expanded roles as Creators, as you hold the focus upon these flames, each in correlation to the energetic centre that holds each light frequency.

And when you look at these Flames in the same light, they each represent one side, one aspect of the fuller awareness that one must hold in order to create the stunning tapestry!  It takes many Rays to make a rainbow!

These Rays are energies of great power, of full consciousness and of the perfection of All-That-Is, and AS awakened Humans and Creator Gods, you are able to draw in the energy, the frequencies, as colours.  Your Human vessels are able to actively see colours with the physical eyes, perceive colours with the Third Eye, Imagine colour with the Mind, and Feel Colour with your heart!  It is through the engagement of all levels of your beautiful electromagnetic vessels that you are able to create instantly upon the multi-dimensional landscape!”

The Agarthans have also come forward to stress the importance and necessity of using these flames within the context of our roles as Light Warriors, but not from the perspective of creation as the Elohim emphasize, but from the simple standpoint that the use of these flames is the Foundation to our ascension!

Ahnahmar of Telos stated recently:

“The Sacred Flames are the keys to your success as Masters of Light!  With these flames you shall cleanse and purify your body, your mind and your spirit system, and once complete, your manifestation through the use of these flames shall leap one million fold into a most beautiful creation of perfectly ordered moments.

There is one more thing:  Mastery of the seven sacred flames is the foundation to your ascension!  Each flame represents one area of purification not only at the Soul level but also and most importantly at the ego-mind level!  As each flame’s lesson is perfected and internalized, one moves quickly up the scale of mastery in preparation for the Ascension.”

Whether we are focused on creation, ascension, or perhaps both, the time has come to make the leap in consciousness to acknowledge these beautiful living light energies, knowing they carry their own signature, and have their own realm of influence and purpose for being.

We must know that they were created for the purpose of creation, just as we were.



Continues with a detailed discussion of the seven flames of the Source in Part II.




The Elohim: The Sacred Flames of Creation – Part II

by Carla Thompson, January 19, 2015


As our awareness expands to observe and perhaps feel the flames (rays) of creation, we then naturally make the leap in consciousness that invites our focus upon these flames.  We may find that we first focus with our minds, as we imagine the colour.  Then we imagine, with our minds, the location of the flame in terms of which chakra it is associated with, and since we have some background understanding of each chakra, it is then easy for us to attribute our knowledge to the kinds of strengths that colour will carry, and what role the Ray itself will have in our creations.

The creation with these flames is undoubtedly a complex skill, but we are up to the task!  We have phenomenal electromagnetic bodies that were built for creation! As we engage our body/mind/spirit systems through the use of our physical eyes, our Third Eyes, our mind’s imagination, our emotional body to fuel the visual information and our I AM Presence to infuse the God Energy, we can purify our selves at the deepest quantum levels.  All disease is related to energetic blockages within the physical, emotional and mental body systems. The healing in all of these areas primes us for spiritual growth and therefore the evolution that is expected of us now in order to meet the demands of the ascension.

We have to learn to HOLD light, and to MOVE light because we ultimately Create with Light!

Several Flames have come to me over the past 3 years in a unique order – I will present them by Colour:

THE GOLD RAY – Represents the Gold Christed Light; Also known as THE FLAME OF RESURRECTION; Energy Centre is the Solar Plexus;

THE WHITE RAY – Represents the Pure, Whole Christ Consciousness; Also known as THE ASCENSION FLAME OF PURIFICATION; Energy Centre is the Root Chakra;

THE YELLOW RAY – Represents the illumination of the mind, wisdom through balanced discernment and the application of love; Also known as THE FLAME OF ILLUMINATION; Energy Centre is the Crown Chakra;

THE VIOLET RAY – Represents the true science of transmutation through Alchemy and leads to true Freedom, on ALL levels; Also known as THE VIOLET FLAME OF TRANSMUTATION; Energy Centre is the Soul Chakra where the I AM PRESENCE resides, about 30 feet above our heads;

THE BLUE RAY – Represents protection and faith in the Will of God/ Source/ All-That-Is; Also known as THE FLAME OF THE WILL OF GOD; Energy Centre is the Throat Chakra;

THE PINK RAY – Represents compassion and true unconditional love; Also known as THE FLAME OF COSMIC LOVE; Energy Centre is the Heart Chakra;

THE EMERALD GREEN RAY – Represents Healing on all levels; Also known as THE FLAME OF HEALING AND MANIFESTATION; Energy Centre is the Third Eye;

There is one NEW RAY which has graced our world:

THE GOLD-VIOLET RAY – A Foundational Ray as it represents active/ immediate cleansing, healing and manifestation of all events through the application of a fully conscious awareness within this flame, for the Highest Good of All Involved;  An Omniscient Energy; An Omnipresent Life Force; A gift from the Central Sun, ALCYONE

I have begun to use all of these Rays together, in a RAINBOW RAY, wrapping them up finally in a velvet coat of VIOLET-GOLD. I call it Violet-Gold because to my eyes, the Violet is predominant.

The BEST reference I have found regarding this information is in the book: THE SEVEN SACRED FLAMES written by Aurelia Louise Jones:  http://divinezeal.com/files/The_Seven_Sacred_Flames.pdf. It is a fully comprehensive channeling of Adama and others from Telos.  It speaks directly to our ascension through the mastery of these flames. If there is any One thing to Do, it is to study this book from cover to cover, internalize it and ascend from the gifts that it has imparted to us!

I send each of you all my love as you make your journey of creation into the Ascension!


Carla Thompson – Elohim on The Mega-Shift of January 3-5, 2015 – Proper Use of Source Flames – by Georgi Stankov – 1-9-15

 Elohim  -  I Am


by Carla Thompson   –  January 8, 2015



I have been aware of a large message coming in from the Elohim for over a week now, but because of my work with The Central Sun – Alcyone, I have not had the time, nor the energy to be honest, to pull this one through. Even now I know that it is only half complete, I will nonetheless start with this first part about our evening at the hockey rink, where the Mega-Shift occurred.

This message is very exciting because it is also linked to the appearance of the Green Flame of Healing and Knowledge of God’s Natural Science. This means that the groundwork for the appearance of the New Theory of the Universal Law has begun and I know that if I am excited about this news, you (Georgi) are going to be ecstatic about it!

Here is the message:


” We are the Elohim and we come in this moment to share in your inquiry about the event you are calling the “Mega-Shift”.

This was indeed, a magnificent and profound event, catalyzing wondrous reactions upon the multi-dimensional canvas of infinite realities.

Your experience of raising lower timelines upward, has been the common effort of many Light Warriors of the First and Last Hour, as you refer to them, although these warriors may not always notice this work as the Third Dimension continues to enforce its unrelenting pressures and distractions.

This lightwork of raising lower timelines is first initiated by the Light Warriors on the ground who anchor their energetic fields into the lower timeline, followed by their natural connection to their Soul Monad in the Higher Realms which brings about the lifting of these expressions through the universal principle of Energetic Gradients.  The energetic gradient is activated between the lower timeline, connected to you, the light warrior [Below], and the Monad [Above].  There is an instantaneous reaction to bring about the reclamation of a specific timeline that has met the energetic requirements or higher frequency thresholds of upper fourth dimensional expressions.

All the timelines that are now being brought upwards to higher expressions, are those of the upper fourth dimension that now become the foundation of the New Earth in the multi-dimensional layers of reality.

Once the timeline reaches the higher frequency, those of humanity are then also gifted with an expanded awareness, beyond their previous experience.  While one may not be instantly aware of any expansion, know that the arrival into a higher frequency means an experience of higher consciousness is facilitated once the timeline is fully integrated into the new energetic landscape.

We completely confirm the arrival of the Green Flame, the great flame of Healing, to the upper expressions of the Fourth Dimension. [On December 27th as I was driving through the tunnel, I noticed that there were dense billowing green clouds that flooded the tunnel – it was awesome! Note, Carla] This Flame not only carries the power of healing for the physical body, it also has the ability to heal all other bodies including the emotional, mental and ethereal bodies.

The Green Flame is introduced at this time as it is a powerful tool to cleanse the human mind of patterns of limited thinking and therefore clear the minds of Humanity for new ideas, such as new knowledge, especially new knowledge within God’s realm of natural science.

This is a prerequisite for the upper fourth dimensional worlds, where the existence of the Theory of the Universal Law has become the foundational awareness for Humanity’s expansion into understanding their very essence as Souls and the multi-dimensionality of their Beings, as the great Truth that has until now evaded you!

We are the Elohim and we have more information for you on the great cosmic flames flooding your worlds now, and how you shall learn to use these flames.  As the Masters, you move forward along your paths of evolution, and the wisdom of these great flames is being imparted to you, one flame at a time. It is with great love that you have opened your hearts to these divine rays of God-Source, for it must be remembered, and honoured, that the sacred teachings that unfold as light transmissions through sacred colours, are the key to your multi-dimensional creationary powers.

We remain forever by your side, holding you in the Gold-White Christed light of unconditional love and peace!”


I have another message discussing these powerful flames and we will publish it as soon as it is complete.

The most important message for us as Logos Gods:

We have to learn to HOLD light and to MOVE light, because we ultimately CREATE WITH LIGHT.


Georgi Stankov – Energy Update – 1-7-15

ascension portal

by Georgi Stankov


I have actually retreated for a meditation today to process what has happened since New Year, so that my report will be hopefully short, but very important in terms of what we have learned from the Elohim these last few days. Carla has channeled some messages, on which she has to elaborate further before I can publish them, but here is some crucial information that I decided to publish in advance, so that you can consider it immediately in your daily life.

First, the Elohim confirmed that on January 3th/4th the whole PAT accomplished a very dramatic shift of Gaia and this uppermost mother planet as reported by myself the next day. They explained how such shifts concretely occur. All light warriors of the first and the last hour belonging to the PAT go together to a very lower timeline. Then we anchor our fields there and begin to heave it collectively to much higher levels and to cleanse it simultaneously from dark patterns.

During this vertical ascension we take as many timelines as possible with us and cleanse them in the same way. Our collective bi-location to such lower timelines now occurs in regular periods and we repeated this same procedure one more time on January the 5th. One can visualize our repeating descent-ascension movements as a sine-wave that undulates through the multidimensional edifice of Gaia and cleanses huge swaths of dark energies that still belong to her. She can ultimately ascend and be firmly anchored in the new Golden Galaxy only after she is freed from all these lower, still very dark timelines that have accumulated in her energetic structure since eons of time. During these ascension shifts we also separate many lower timelines that are destroyed by MPRs. Hence you may experience pronounced chills during such shifts.

Since we separated the electric grid of the archons and their human minions in December last year from the crystalline grid, we are now flooding earth and all incarnated human beings with the green flame of healing, intelligence, truth and science. We no longer have to deal with the dark archons from the astral planes as they have been fully removed from all timelines we now visit and ascend. We are currently entirely focused on clearing the fields, minds and psyches of the humans, who are potential candidates for ascension to the new 4D worlds.

All true PAT members, as recently described by Jerry (and this definition has been very much appreciated and affirmed by many of you), are now fully operational as Logos Gods and Guardians of the new Golden Galaxy. Gaia is the major focal point, the nucleus of this new galaxy which we have collectively created in the last year. By cleansing all her timelines, we are actually preparing the energetic foundation for creating infinite new 4D worlds for future incarnations of trillions of new souls.

Hence what we now do is much bigger than this reality and even Gaia – we are creating the new energetic foundation of a whole new galaxy, and then a whole new universe. That us why you have not only ascended already, but you have been advanced to mighty creator beings beyond human imagination.

And here I come to the most important part of my report. Since early summer 2014 we have introduced three major flames from the Source:

1) The Gold-violet flame of ascension, transmutation and healing in May and later on I published an Invocation of St. Germain channeled by Jahn after I informed him that St. Germain had come to us and introduced this flame on this timeline. We were informed about this flame a month earlier by the Elohim. The chronicle of the introduction of this flame can be read on this website. Most of you have used this flame in the meantime to create your own reality and have confirmed how powerful it is.

2) Then in July 2014 the Elohim introduced to us the Pink flame of cosmic love, the chohan of which Carla is. She was urged to work with this flame and contact other members of the PAT, who are also bearers of this flame. Ultimately we were led to the Radiant Rose Academy in Vancouver, the members of which work with this flame. During our first and last visit to this academy on October 29th we opened the heart chakra (4th chakra) and throat chakra of intelligence (5th chakra), which built the centre of truth of all second wave ascension candidates in a very powerful alchemical reaction. These events have also been reported here and widely discussed.

3) At the same time I am using and introducing the Blue flame of the Will of God all the time in order to promote global creation of favorable events in the Ascension scenario. Most of the true members of the PAT are also carriers of this extremely powerful flame of an ascended master.

4) Then in December 2014 the Green flame of healing, Knowledge and God’s Natural Science  flooded this uppermost mother planet. This flame cleanses the human minds from all old patterns of limited thinking that now prohibit the understanding of the new theory of the Universal Law and resets them profoundly for a new holistic view of the world.

People think now in such a compartmentalized manner within the narrow energetic boundaries of their comfort zone established as a result of massive Orion indoctrination in science, politics, finance, economics and daily life, that they are utterly incapable of  grasping the new theory of the Law of One and thus progress on the ladder of ascension to the new 4D worlds.

Hence this green flame that now heals the minds of the people, so that they can ascend to these worlds, where the new Theory of the Universal Law is already established by us as higher holographic images and already active Logos Gods. This is what the Elohim told us yesterday and actually several times in the last months.

Now it is the time to introduce the same favorable energetic conditions on this uppermost mother planet, that is to say, to improve the minds of the masses to such an extend that they will be in the position to accept the new theory of the Universal Law at the collective level and to accomplish the necessary paradigm change. This will be the Big Event that will eliminate the current 3D Orion hologram that is still collectively dreamed and experienced in an illusive manner by most people. But before this can happen, the green flame must have fulfilled its function and prepared the minds of the people for this opening at the energetic and physiological (quantum) level.

All these waves are now firmly anchored in this uppermost mother planet and fulfill their function to cleanse the fields of many humans and timelines of Gaia and to raise the frequency levels and degree of individual purification until the threshold of ascension is reached. These flames do not come and go as fashion trends in haute couture. These and some more flames that are about to arrive in the coming days build a very precise combination of energetic patterns and divine codes of transformation coming from the Source (Great Central Sun Alcyone) that prepare not only our ascension, but also that of Gaia and the second wavers.

And here comes the urgent recommendation of the Elohim to all light warriors of the first and the last hour: to begin using consciously all these flames and create their reality and that of humanity on a daily basis. In my decree on the financial crash in early December I gave you all five flames that are now active on this uppermost mother planet in order to use them consciously and achieve more powerful results, even if it may take some more linear time. For instance, since New Year the equity charts have crashed five days in a row after they had one last fraudulent surge shortly before Christmas caused by the big Orion banks that fully manipulate the electronic trading as to present a better year-to-year balance one last time.

In order to use these flames from the Source that are conscious creative energies, you must know what their energetic structure truly is. You should imagine these flames in the first place as huge energetic gradients of cosmic proportions, coming directly from the Source. I have elaborated in an early article that all energy manifests itself in form of energetic gradients. I will publish this article from July 2011 one more time for you to read it very carefully in order to understand with what you are working now to create the new reality of mankind as Logos Gods.

According to the Elohim none of you makes a full and conscious use of all these energetic gradients that are given to us as flames because the human mind can better deal with the concept of flames (colours) than with gradients. In reality, these flames are energetic gradients coming directly from the Source and have a specific frequency spectrum that contributes to the Creation of All-That-Is. From now on any decision you make in your life you should charge with all these flames in a very conscious manner and must know that it is the only way that you can create a better and more enjoyable reality for yourselves and the rest of humanity. There is nobody else who can do this for you.

The second deficiency on the part of many light warriors of the first and the last hour at the human level (because at the soul level you are all perfect) is that you do not use your emotions in a free and sovereign manner to charge your creations. You must know that emotions are the most powerful fuel of any creation in lower and higher dimensions likewise. It is only the fear of humans to use their emotions in a free and unrestricted manner because they have been conditioned by their Orion masters in such a way as to inhibit their divine and pristine ability to create immediately. This trend must be reversed now by yourselves first and then help the rest of humanity to recognize and accept its creationary potential.

This was recently the topic of our discussions and it became one more time evident that many new readers of this website have not yet grasped the true nature and powerful potential of the uncensored flow of intensive feelings through their emotional fields. You as Logos Gods should accept all your feelings and express them without any censorship as some conditioned human beings will try to tell you in their ignorance and unduly high-esteem.

Let me summarize one more time the basic tenets of this elaboration. You are extremely powerful creator gods now and no longer humble human beings. You have the destiny of Gaia and this humanity in your hands.

1) Use all the flames from the Source that now flood this reality every day in a conscious manner and in the full knowledge that these are powerful energetic source gradients, through which any creation occurs.

2) Then charge all your invocations with these flames with the most intensive feelings you can generate at this moment, be it love for humanity or wrath for their dark sides, and know that you are creating the optimal result each time.

3) Do not listen to what other people tell you. Most of the once self-proclaimed gurus have now entered their first, truly existential crisis, so that they can be initiated for the LBP, and have huge fears to make this last leap into the unknown abyss. Hence they retract and want to take their followers with themselves by instigating fears in them that they are not yet ready for ascension. This is how all self-proclaimed gurus turn into anti-gurus and a hindrance to ascension in the End Time. This is precisely how humanity has fallen from Grace in the past – in Lemuria and later on in Atlantis.

Indecision is the greatest vice for a true spiritual being as it permeates all his decisions and poisons them for ever. Better spit one more time on this humanity and reality, if you feel so, rather than show false acceptance. Remember the words of the Agarthans; “And please do not pretend that you like this reality. This is not helpful for your ascension.“‘

We know that our ascension means at the same time the destruction of this illusory Orion matrix. Why then show false acceptance  and understanding for the alleged problems of other people. If they are in troubles, it is because they need these experiences now to be initiated into the LBP. We have these experiences behind us and we know that we can no longer have false pity for such people, as this will not help them to evolve further. We must only make them aware in an open and frank manner of their actual failures, which hinder their ascension, as I did recently with respect to Jahn in order to help him. If we, the light warriors of the first and the last hour, do not serve as a role model of utmost sincerity and truth, who else? And please do not forget what I told you recently:

Truth is painful on this planet only because the ego hates the truth. Eliminate the ego and truth is a bliss.


The Elohim of the Great Central Sun – Renewal of the Higher Vision – 12-24-14



We are here with you, to support and inspire your courageous and  dedicated work to the light! We are here with you and we encourage you to ask for our support. So we can win the battle together.  
Yes, there have been – what you call delays – but they were not meant to obscure your spirit. In your disappointment about the delays you allowed yourself to be dis-encouraged and to lower your vibration. Inevitably you then limited your vision to the everyday appearances and things in the matrix.  And so many of you added extra time to the delay.
We ask you to focus on your service to the light in all your endeavors, in all your actions – with all your heart! It is most important now to channel the Divine Powers of Light and to maintain them on your earth, to concentrate these Powers, to bring them forward in great clarity and intent.
This is a time not to be confused, and not to diffuse the light, but to concentrate it, to focus it, so that it can gain momentum, presence and invincibility in these end-times where the battle is on its peak. 
We have a great vision of you, the Divine Human: The light of your attention is like a sword and at the same time it is a benign blanket of great brilliance and softness, like the clear and shining surface of a calm lake in the morning sun.
You do not leave. You do not leave your path and determination now, with doubt or while perhaps squinting into possibilities of defeat. You recognize the Divine Light, now so powerfully present on your earth, as a Divine Mighty Presence, as an Eternal Presence, in which all that is not of It, dies, disappears, vanishes.
We are here to support this process, as it is the wish of the Supreme Divinity for change. There is great compassion for all of you, great love, great appreciation and gratefulness for your surrendered service. This encourages you to always proceed on this path, no matter how your world might look like, no matter what is transpiring.
You do not look at the world as is or might develop, you look at the light, you become It, you Are It, you Are the Divine Consciousness which the Light reveals to you. You are steady and you do not look at what is not light.You even see only Light.
You understand that this does not mean to ignore what is showing up in your world, or not to recognize the state your world is in, or to close your eyes when you see misery. But you rather do not identify with it, you do not allow yourself to lower your energy and your light, whatever happens. And you stand in inner silence in the midst of it all. You spread your love so that it covers your planet. You are at peace even when you see war. You do  not engage, you do not step down from the radiant platform of light.
And so you are able to maintain clarity, discrimination, compassion and trust, to be the carrier of these Divine qualities in these critical times. By following your intuition and listening to your heart, you will do what is right.
The unexpected might enter your life, but you never leave your seat of equanimity.
As you remember your Divine heritage, where you are coming from and what you are here for, you do not allow for a moment to be blinded by what your eyes see in this world of illusions. You maintain the clear view of a falcon, indifferent to the shadows, yet with a heart guided by love.
The battle is not about fighting with anything, but in intending to stay in your place of Divinity and to live it. You hold your heart high, you hold your spirit high. You are in joy. And you don’t allow yourself to be touched by anything that differs from your intention.
Soon your vision will manifest and your world will emerge in a new, never before experienced light and beauty. There are attempts to hold you in the matrix and forget the higher visions of ascended Gaia; to not to continue to dream a 5dimensional world. 
But you know: This world as it is now can never become Divine, because it is not a Divine creation to begin with. It cannot be merely improved by changing certain parameters and contents. It is not enough.
Therefore you dare to enter a completely new and ascended world and you enter it by creating it. You do not lose your Divine vision, while it seems that in the matrix there is a cry for a change of actors and a change of furniture on the theater scene.
While you use your higher intelligence, Beloved Ones, you recognize the game but you do not fall for it. You follow the way of Divinity, of an entirely new creation. A creation that truly satisfies your deepest heart desire. This heart desire is like a clear and radiant water that is expressing Itself through you, as it is an emanation of the Divine Heart, or God or Reality.
You tear down the veil of forgetfulness, and you work with the Unconditional Light. You have Awakened! You remember your awakened state in your year of 2012 and you have returned to it now! Some of you allowed yourself to be fooled for a while, but now, Beloved Ones, we see you standing up again. You enter the field of Light, you Become It, you Are It. Unwavering. This is what you  do now, because this is, what is required. This is why you are here.
And you dive deep now into the Presence of Divine Light, and recover and renew your higher vision of a New Divine World.
All the blessings of the Supreme Divinity are with you. And the Love of the Only One Who Is, embraces you!
We Are the Elohim of the Great Central Sun!

Elohim of the Great Central Sun – Channeler Ute Posegga-Rudel – Renewal of the Higher Vision – 12-23-14

Ute Posegga-RudelChanneler Ute Posegga-Rudel

Video (recommended)

Elohim of the Great Central Sun



We are here with you, to support and inspire your courageous and  dedicated work to the light! We are here with you and we encourage you to ask for our support. So we can win the battle together.

Yes, there have been – what you call delays – but they were not meant to obscure your spirit. In your disappointment about the delays you allowed yourself to be dis-encouraged and to lower your vibration. Inevitably you then limited your vision to the everyday appearances and things in the matrix.  And so many of you added extra time to the delay.

We ask you to focus on your service to the light in all your endeavors, in all your actions – with all your heart! It is most important now to channel the Divine Powers of Light and to maintain them on your earth, to concentrate these Powers, to bring them forward in great clarity and intent.

This is a time not to be confused, and not to diffuse the light, but to concentrate it, to focus it, so that it can gain momentum, presence and invincibility in these end-times where the battle is on its peak.

We have a great vision of you, the Divine Human: The light of your attention is like a sword and at the same time it is a benign blanket of great brilliance and softness, like the clear and shining surface of a calm lake in the morning sun.

You do not leave. You do not leave your path and determination now, with doubt or while perhaps squinting into possibilities of defeat. You recognize the Divine Light, now so powerfully present on your earth, as a Divine Mighty Presence, as an Eternal Presence, in which all that is not of It, dies, disappears, vanishes.

We are here to support this process, as it is the wish of the Supreme Divinity for change. There is great compassion for all of you, great love, great appreciation and gratefulness for your surrendered service. This encourages you to always proceed on this path, no matter how your world might look like, no matter what is transpiring.

You do not look at the world as is or might develop, you look at the light, you become It, you Are It, you Are the Divine Consciousness which the Light reveals to you. You are steady and you do not look at what is not light.You even see only Light.

You understand that this does not mean to ignore what is showing up in your world, or not to recognize the state your world is in, or to close your eyes when you see misery. But you rather do not identify with it, you do not allow yourself to lower your energy and your light, whatever happens. And you stand in inner silence in the midst of it all. You spread your love so that it covers your planet. You are at peace even when you see war. You do  not engage, you do not step down from the radiant platform of light.

And so you are able to maintain clarity, discrimination, compassion and trust, to be the carrier of these Divine qualities in these critical times. By following your intuition and listening to your heart, you will do what is right.

The unexpected might enter your life, but you never leave your seat of equanimity.

As you remember your Divine heritage, where you are coming from and what you are here for, you do not allow for a moment to be blinded by what your eyes see in this world of illusions. You maintain the clear view of a falcon, indifferent to the shadows, yet with a heart guided by love.

The battle is not about fighting with anything, but in intending to stay in your place of Divinity and to live it. You hold your heart high, you hold your spirit high. You are in joy. And you don’t allow yourself to be touched by anything that differs from your intention.

Soon your vision will manifest and your world will emerge in a new, never before experienced light and beauty. There are attempts to hold you in the matrix and forget the higher visions of ascended Gaia; to not to continue to dream a 5dimensional world.

But you know: This world as it is now can never become Divine, because it is not a Divine creation to begin with. It cannot be merely improved by changing certain parameters and contents. It is not enough.

Therefore you dare to enter a completely new and ascended world and you enter it by creating it. You do not lose your Divine vision, while it seems that in the matrix there is a cry for a change of actors and a change of furniture on the theater scene.

While you use your higher intelligence, Beloved Ones, you recognize the game but you do not fall for it. You follow the way of Divinity, of an entirely new creation. A creation that truly satisfies your deepest heart desire. This heart desire is like a clear and radiant water that is expressing Itself through you, as it is an emanation of the Divine Heart, or God or Reality.

You tear down the veil of forgetfulness, and you work with the Unconditional Light. You have Awakened! You remember your awakened state in your year of 2012 and you have returned to it now!

Some of you allowed yourself to be fooled for a while, but now, Beloved Ones, we see you standing up again. You enter the field of Light, you Become It, you Are It. Unwavering. This is what you  do now, because this is, what is required. This is why you are here.

And you dive deep now into the Presence of Divine Light, and recover and renew your higher vision of a New Divine World.

All the blessings of the Supreme Divinity are with you. And the Love of the Only One Who Is, embraces you!

We Are the Elohim of the Great Central Sun!

Message conveyed by Ute


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Suzanne Lie – Message from IlliaEm, Arcturian Elohim – Inside the Violet Flame – 11-24-14



Message from IlliaEm, Arcturian Elohim – Inside the Violet Flame. Channelled (in 1997) by Suzanne Lie. November 23, 2014. http://suzanneliephd.blogspot.co.uk/

Dear Readers,

On 10-5-14 I posted the process of “Journey to the Central Sun with IlliaEm”

And shortly after I posted “Entering the Violet Fire,”

Both of these were received sometime around 1997. I knew there was more that I had written, but I couldn’t find it. Last night I found it and am now posting it now.

Since I received this in 1997, I did not know much about being multidimensional yet, so I speak in terms of “Soul” rather than “higher dimensional self.” I will keep it that way, so that you, the reader, can see my process of remembering.

* * * * *

Inside the Violet Fire

Dear Ones, I am IlliaEm.

Since a portion of your consciousness is in the Violet Flame, which is sixth dimensional and beyond, I wish to share with you some information about the sixth dimension. Within the sixth dimension there are waves of possibility that look like sine waves in space. These sine waves move through the sixth dimension in an undulating fashion like waves in the ocean.

The sine waves are in layers, and each layer represents a different dimensional version of the same reality. All the dimensions are represented so that your Soul can choose the octave of the reality that you “the Incarnated One” are experiencing. Therefore, the sixth dimension holds the blueprint of all the possible realities in the lower planes.

For example, let us say that in your reality you have begun a new job. If the resonance of your consciousness is extremely low, you will likely choose a position that is “out of sync” with your Soul and be bound by the needs of your ego.

Because of this choice, you will likely suffer the low level, human “fear for survival” and you may well experience competition with the others in your workplace, as well as insecurity and anxiety. This reality will proceed in a difficult and burdensome manner.

If, on the other hand, you enter a new job and your resonance is very high, you will more likely choose a position in which you have the greatest opportunity for success because it resonates with your Soul. You will easily get along with your co-workers and be able to feel a sense of community and camaraderie.

If you live only from your ego and have no connection to your Soul, it is “normal” to live the illusions and lies of your society. Even though you are “out of sync” with your Soul, you may, indeed, find great success as you have little connection to your higher consciousness. However, if you are receiving this message, it is unlikely that you are that person.

You are here in the Violet Flame because you wish to expand your spiritual life and seek guidance from your Soul. If you can use this time in the Flame to surrender to your Soul, you will form a partnership in which you and your Soul can together create the reality that you desired before you took embodiment.

Just as your ego may go to your Soul to gain guidance, your Soul can go to the sixth dimensional realm to gain guidance too. If your third dimensional consciousness is awake to its Soul during this encounter, you will be rewarded with a great lesson regarding your true creative powers.

Nonetheless, it may take a long Earth-time to fully comprehend that lesson with your third dimensional mind, as it has great difficulty understanding the sixth dimension. In order for you to understand this sixth dimensional reality, you must surrender to the thinking of your fifth dimensional Soul/SELF.

If you surrender to your Soul/SELF, and in turn, your Soul/SELF surrenders to the sixth dimension, you will float together, ego and Soul, upon the sixth dimensional Waves of Possibilities.

Along the sixth dimensional undulating “Waves of Possibilities” are different “Points of Connection.” These Points of Connection are access areas where you can enter any of your possible realities. When a Point of Connection resonates to your heart, you can enter that reality by allowing your heart to engage with the Point of Connection.

Once you are engaged with a Point of Connection, you will follow that reality for as long as it matches your resonance. If your resonance raises or lowers, you will become disengaged from that reality and float along the Waves of Potential until you find another Point of Connection to match your new resonance.

Your third dimensional Self will not experience any passage of time between these realities because the sixth dimension is not bound by time or space. The sixth dimension exists only in the HERE and NOW of the higher worlds. For that reason, your third dimensional world may appear seamless.

However, upon this “disengagement” you may experience a sense of grief in your physical world, because you have just disconnected from the reality in which you once resonated.

When a “good” experience ends because you have lowered your resonance, or even because you have raised your resonance and outgrown that experience, it is natural to grieve the loss of that reality. When programs of limitation are released there is often great fear, because those old programs provided structure and order.

The structure and order is vital to navigate the third dimensional world. The fear arising from the loss of this structure can then create doubt as to whether or not you will be able to proceed. This doubt can then lead to grief due to the loss of the perceived safety provided by the old, familiar limitations.

You may even choose to re-engage with the programs of limitation rather than face the fear of the unknown. Are you ready now to create a reality where the structure of limitation is not needed?

Do not fear or worry that your destiny will not be fulfilled. Be patient, for patience allows your deepest subconscious Self “time” to sprout, and gradually blossom, in your physical world. Each “life” is a point of perspective into third dimensional reality.

Use the visions of the Violet Flame to see how each of your many incarnations is a shining ball of Light. Some Lights shine very bright and some shine very dimly. These balls of Light encircle Lady Gaia and have roots that run deep into the core of Her Being. Your Soul can look through each of these “points of Light” to experience each physical incarnation in a different fashion.

As you communicate with me, IlliaEM you can share my resonance. Eventually, you will learn to associate with me so deeply that I can share with you the vision of my realities. This, however, is a long process and one which should not be rushed, or you will not be able to keep your life force within your clay form.

Be patient, and allow me to teach you how to make the gradual ascent through all the higher levels of your SELF. There are many mysteries that I can reveal to you. First, I will reveal how to Program your Personal Hologram.

There is a message that we have been sending to our Grounded Ones in their night bodies. This message, like other higher dimensional messages, is in pictures. One picture we have sent you all is the lovely form of higher dimensional Beings.

We have also sent you the sign of a circle with a line running through it (often known to you as the symbol for capacitance). We send these messages to assist you, as we understand how difficult it is for your third dimensional Self to maintain a conscious memory of the experiences of your complete SELF. We appreciate your service as a “step-down transformer.”

By “step-down transformer” we mean that you are among the Grounded Ones who receive the frequencies of the higher dimensions into your consciousness. Then, you gradually integrate those higher vibration into the resonate frequency of the third dimension.

In other words, you are “human transducers” who willingly download higher frequencies into yourselves and into your reality. Your service is greatly appreciated.

While in the sixth dimensional Violet Flame, you have direct access to the control panel for the hologram of your third dimensional Earth reality. I will now assist you in programming your personal hologram.

See the Waves of Possibility before you, and allow your heart to merge with the Point of Connection to which you presently resonate. This is easily done while in the sixth dimensional vibration of the Violet Flame. Allow your heart to pull you into that Point of Connection.

You now find yourself in an area that you would probably call a “room.” Do you see the large view screen in front of your? Look into it and see the portion of your Earth reality that you wish to re-program.

Take a long moment to view that area of your life…

How do you wish to re-program it? It may be helpful if you write down what you wish to re-program, and how you wish to change it. Once you write something down, you have made it physically manifest – you have made it a part of your physical reality.

Below the screen are the controls for your personal hologram. See the keyboard before you. There are numbers and symbols on it, which your physical Self may not understand. That does not matter because you will encrypt your message, not with technology, but with mental and spiritual power.

As you look at the control panel, feel the desired reality, which you wish to program. Do not be concerned about limiting yourself because I AM here with you, and I AM able to see the unlimited version of the reality, which you desire.

Now you must impress upon the control panel your desired reality and KNOW that you are the creator of your own personal hologram…

Look at the control panel before you. View carefully the area of your life which you wish to re-program. Take a moment to feel any fear or anxiety that may be attached to that area of your life.

Are you ready to delete this fear from your hologram?

Good, now see the fear portions of the program and highlight them in yellow. Allow all the fear to come up in this life experience so that you don’t miss any of it.

See page after page of yellow highlighted programming.

Now, take three final breaths so that you are sure to release all the fear.


This fear is like a computer virus that disrupts your operational system in many unknown ways.

Are you surprised to realize how much fear you have encrypted into your hologram?

The physical world is, indeed, filled with fear. Now find the delete button. It has become raised on the panel because you have willed it so. Take a long moment to be completely honest with your Self.

Can you release your old friend Fear?

Fear has served as your teacher during the lessons about life you will confront in a third dimensional reality. Fear and pain have forced you to learn from the mistakes you have made. The fear and pain of a negative situation have forced you to avoid negative situations.

Are you ready to release that manner of learning and take the responsibility of learning through Love – love of yourself and love of the lessons that YOU have created?

With your consciousness, press the delete button, and watch as all the yellow highlighted programming disappears.

Ground your intention by speaking, with emotion,

“I AM the CREATOR of my hologram.
“I choose to DELETE FEAR

Repeat this mantra over and over to keep this new program intact.

Fear has been a major component of ALL your third dimensional realities. For that reason, fear is deeply ingrained in your cellular memory. Be patient with your Self and constant with your mantra.

You will likely have to repeat this re-programming many times, and repeatedly say your mantra before you can ground this new hologram in your physical form. Without fear, clear perception of the higher dimensions is possible and constant.

Please remember that YOU are the beautiful Beings that you see in your dreams. Remember these visions of your Higher SELVES. It is the fourth dimensional “flow” of your dream world that allows you to connect – through your fifth dimensional SELF – with the sixth dimension.

The appearance of your true form is like the Beings in your dream memories. They are the blueprints of the humanoid form. In fifth dimensional worlds, such as Venus and Alycone, where persons hold humanoid forms, they follow that blueprint.

The blueprint is formulated in the sixth dimension and crystallized into form in the fifth dimension. The sixth dimension is the control center for your personal hologram. Therefore, if you wish to make adjustments to your hologram, you will move your consciousness into the sixth dimension.

Once the blueprint is changed, or a new one is created, you can connect it to the crystalline labyrinth systems in the fifth dimension where the blueprint is crystallized into form.

It is very important that you hold mastery over the fourth dimension because the astral waves of emotion, if uncontrolled, will make it impossible to manifest that form on the third dimension. You have deleted fear from your THIRD dimensional hologram.

Now you must call in the energy of your fifth dimensional SELF. This SELF, who is likely your Future SELF, can assist you in infusing this blueprint into the fifth dimension. This infusion creates a circuitry that runs,

  • from the sixth dimension
  • through the fifth dimension
  • through fourth dimension
  • and into your third dimensional reality

Now that you are in the Violet Flame, take this opportunity to focus on creating a vortex that connects your third dimensional consciousness

  • to the fourth dimension,
  • into the fifth dimension,
  • and sixth dimension.

Hold the intention that the vortex will remain open. In this manner, you can return to the sixth dimension whenever you wish to make further corrections to your hologram.

I, IlliaEm, shall return.


Georgi Stankov, Carla Thompson – The Elohim – Restitution of the Angelic Realm on Gaia – 11-11-14

Image Source

by Carla Thompson, November 10, 2014  /  www.stankovuniversallaw.com


Dear Georgi,

With all that has happened these past few days, and with the information coming in in batches at different times, I have had quite a job trying to put it all together, but here is a message from the Elohim that explains what has been achieved.

I should also add that I was shown the number “8” as the Elohim were explaining the return of the Angelic Realm. I believe it means that this realm originates in the 8th Dimension, and maybe you have some thoughts on this.
I am also getting tonight that the culmination of these events will take place upon the arrival of the 11.11 portal tomorrow. I am getting that everyone should hold the intention that the re-alignment of the Angelic Realm upon our ascending timelines is fully successful Now, and then visually flood this intention with the rose-pink flame.

Please add any more impressions of your own to this message!

With love,
The Elohim: The Restitution of the Angelic Realm
We are the Elohim and we announce to you that Restitution comes now to the Ascending Ones upon all ascending timelines within this expansion of All-That-Is.
The Restitution of which we speak includes two great areas of influence, first the alignment of the new templates and the insertion of new codes from Source into the upper ascending timelines of Gaia, and secondly, the full restitution of the Angelic Realm to all of your ascending timelines.  
As the Angelic Realm is restituted, great Karmic Balancing results whereby the ascending ones of the First Wave, experience this as a process of cleansing, felt as physical exhaustion, a fatigue that feels as though it flows not only to your bones, but “through you” into your other “selves” as well, on other timelines. This is carried out over and over and over again as it is of a multi-dimensional task, whereby replica after replica of your Self is flooded, moment after moment, with these Source energies that are coming seemingly unabated.

The restitution of the Collective through this Karmic Balancing on all ascending timelines is a necessary adjunct to the complete reconnection of the Angelic Realm, as was present in the pre-Atlantean – Lemurian time of destruction. You both noticed the presence of the Angelic Realm since your visit to the metaphysical shop [On Saturday, November 8th] in the village (Canmore) beneath the ethereal sanctuary of Archangel Michael.  The rose-pink flame of cosmic love has flooded the entire region, and continues to spread its power as you return home to your own abode. This flame is the foundation of the energies found within the Angelic Realm, and it was for this reason that you were recently introduced into this new mission. This mission shall continue and new messages will arrive at your doorstep with regard to the dissemination of this most powerful flame.

We feel great excitement with this new process in the making! Your world is returning to the pristine energetic conditions that prevailed before the catastrophic event surrounding ancient Atlantis and Lemuria. 

Rejoice in these new events that unfold before you!
You are all a part of this Great Healing, and we send our infinite love your way, today and always!
We are the Elohim!”



Ascension means in the first place Reconstitution of the pristine nature of all past timelines and human civilisations such as Lemuria and Atlantis that exist simultaneously in the Now. Essentially this is the final Redemption of Karma of all soul fragments on all ascending timelines before they can make the final Shift and merge with the already existing new 4D and 5D worlds, which we have created in the new Golden Galaxy as Logos Gods and Guardians of this galaxy.

The new Rose-Pink Flame of the Angelic Realm is now fully anchored in the crystalline grid of all ascending timelines that superimpose on this uppermost mother planet. On our way back to Vancouver we could see this rose-pink flame in the firmament and as an overlay over the earth both with our third eye and with our physical eyes.

This mission to bring the infinity codes of the Source and the new human template to the Angelic Realm in the Rocky Mountains and to align them with all timelines is a continuation of the activation of the second wave of ascension candidates and the birthing of the new human template of Celest. As you see, all events that have been chronologically reported in real time on this website beautifully align and reveal the complex structure of the current ascension process. Every new step in the ascension process builds upon a previous one and can only be successful if the previous step has been accomplished in a perfect manner.

For this reason I recommend you to read my latest energy update as of November 9 and all the messages regarding the creation of the new human template of Celest and its repercussions for the new humanity.




Elohim Master Arcturus via Julie Miller – Liberation Through Forgiveness – 10-25-14

Mario Gattoaladino


Channeled by: Julie Miller

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The Elohim, The Elders of Enoch, Elija – 7-22-14

Matt Muckleroy

Elders of Enoch
Channeled by Richard Cisneros August 22, 2014

Steve Beckow – Who are the Elohim? – GoldenAgeOfGaia – 8-31-14

Elohim  -  I Am

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Part 1   –   http://goldenageofgaia.com/2014/08/31/who-are-the-elohim-part-13/

Message from Elohim Arcturus via Julie Miller – 6-28-14

Elohim and Abraham – Listen To Your Body – 6-6-14

Matt Muckleroy·1,444 videos

Elohim and Abraham by Isabel Aynge
June 6, 2014


Eloheim – Transformation of You

eloheimchannel·474 videos

Morning Message from Eloheim channeled by Veronica
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Transformation. It takes many forms and countless paths. But the start and end are the same, YOU and YOU.

Your experience of yourself is of primary importance to us. How you experience your evolution from Homo sapiens to Homo spiritus is unique, yet the evaluation of that is similar. How do you feel? What fills your thoughts? Do your behaviors stem from fear responses or consciousness about your experience? Is the now moment accessible to you for longer and longer periods? Is the survival instinct in charge?

Your answers to these questions and others like them are not to be compared to another’s responses. Your journey is unique! Your answers today are different from before and your answers tomorrow will be different again. Compare you to you. Decide where YOU wish to transform. Observing another’s journey can give you ideas of how you might like to proceed and may offer support in your commitment, but don’t allow their path to somehow be a judgment of yours.

You are here to offer something unique. You are not here to copy cat or matchy match! If you are busy trying to be like him or her, the world misses out on YOU.

Veronica Torres channels The Council. The Council is comprised of seven different groups: The Guardians, The Girls, The Visionaries, The Matriarch, The Eloheim, The Warrior, and Fred. During a channeling session, each of The Council members take turns sharing their teachings. Each Council member has a distinct personality, style of delivery, and focus.

The Council is best known for their multitude of practical tools, which support our journey out of the fear-based operating system into the consciousness-based operating system.

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Archangeloi of the ELOHIM – via Karen Doonan – Message to Humanity – The Portals Are Now Powering Up – Guiding the Human Race to New Earth Dimensional Reality – 3-5-14

Angeloi Elohim


Greetings beloved ones we are the Archangeloi of the ELOHIM and we come to guide and to support as ALL now move into position and take their places in order to guide the human race through the PORTALS to the New Earth dimensional reality. The PORTALS are now powering up, by this we mean that those who are here to move through said portals are now receiving the coding and the updates necessary to their human energy signatures in order that they may now fully ALIGN and MAGNETISE with their CHOSEN New Earth reality.

It is to be remembered beloved ones that at SOUL level the picture is CRYSTAL clear, the movement of energies around you, through you and within you is guidance from YOUr SOUL who watches and expands every movement that occurs at a human conscious waking mind level. We are with you ALL at this time, we are making our presence known in both our human and our non human forms and many are now actively working with the symbols that their SOUL has presented to them in order to further align with TRUTH.

The Archangeloi are the guardians of the Planet Earth in the UNIVERSE of 3 and this now fully births ONTO planet earth, many of you have asked and pleaded to have physical representation of what you KNOW at a SOUL level in your waking human conscious outer realities and we guide CLEARLY that this is what is now forming upon and within the Planet Earth for it is not TRUTH to assume that the human race are the only race capable of walking on the surface of and within planet earth.

The frequencies required to allow this to manifest are now expanding and anchoring both within and upon Planet Earth and we guide clearly that this will now solidify and be manifest in the outer waking human reality that is called the human life experience. Many of you are fully aligned and are now moving into place in order to further support and be supported and also to work with and to work alongside said Archangeloi.

We send out the following coding to ALL upon and within planet earth and we send out much love and many blessings to our children in their human form upon and within planet earth.

111 22 444 888

33 77 88 99 00000

11111111 22 22 33 44

555 22 11 111 88 888 999


222 44 55 99 11111111


It has always been guided that the human race would no longer walk alone for in TRUTH they have NEVER walked alone and now this births fully upon and within planet earth at this time.  We ask for you to stand in the LIGHT of TRUTH and to allow the miracles that seek to birth around you, through you and within you to form and to take shape. TRUST and FAITH in SELF and the process that now unfolds rapidly around you, through you and within you will show you TRUTH to new levels of your BEing upon this planet.

BE at peace beloved ones for ALL JUST IS and ALL ARE.

(c) Karen Doonan, all rights reserved


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Archangeloi of the ELOHIM – Karen Doonan

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Message from the Archangeloi of the ELOHIM for 15th December 2013.

For more information/guidance please visit:


Daily Message – The Elohim received by The Oracle – 1-23-14



The Light quotient has risen sufficiently to move to the next phase.  Fast progress is being made in Humanity’s awakening as the old paradigm continues to crumble.  Portals are in balanced Harmonics processing codes for stabilisation of tone.  Al systems moving on to equalized harmonics.  Lowering of denser energies facilitating operation. Luminaries being observed with interest, a rare phenomena for Humanity to experience.

Karen Doonan – Archangeloi of the Elohim – Message to Humanity – 12-1-13


Archangeloi of the ELOHIM message to humanity 1st december 2013

Posted: December 1, 2013
Author: Karen Doonan
Category: Channeling

Greetings beloved ones, we are the Archangeloi of the ELOHIM and we come to guide and to support ALL as the energy of both Mother Earth and her children now expand and deepen dramatically. For many of you who have taken human form the expansion will be a very physical one, with many different sensations being experienced on ALL levels of YOUr BEing. It is to be noted that the human vehicle must be anchored regularly in order to fully ALIGN with Mother Earth, her energy signature now expands in order to support ALL life that exists within the UNIVERSE OF 3 UPON her surface.

It is to be noted that the frequency required to achieve this is one of the LOVE THAT IS, a high expansive frequency and one that the human race has not experienced in full human form ever before. We guide for you to rest and to relax at this time of extremely high vibrations and understand that the balance that YOU naturally will begin to seek is WITHIN. It is found within the HEART space and we guide for ALL to understand the importance of remaining in balance within this sacred space. As the energies begin to expand and to heighten the human logical mind will have no reference point to the sensations that are experienced at a human conscious waking mind level. Not being centred through the heart space may result in chaos being experienced to increasingly rapid levels.

To those of YOU aware of your SOUL mission upon and within this planet you will be aware of the need to LIVE TRUTH and to reveal SELF to those around you, it serves no one least of all SELF to pretend to “fit in” with the old 3d earth paradigms for they will now dissolve FULLY. The chaos that seeks to trigger those who are termed “asleep” seeks to trigger regardless of frequency and we wish to guide on this further in order to clarify how this process unfolds.  ALL lower dimensional timeline frequencies will be triggered by the outpouring of the lower emotions from the general population. This may appear as one person who is angry suddenly annoying everyone around them, this born of the telepathy that now starts to unfold within the human vehicles of ALL upon and within planet earth. To be around others is to be aware of others and the filtering out of others emotions is now no longer an option.

This is a process that will start to flow across and within planet earth and rapidly increase for it is part of the NATURAL ability of all in human form. The need to be aware of feelings and who’s feelings you are experiencing will become vital over the next 24/48 hours in a human linear context. For those who are asleep are also ASCENDING, they may appear to be asleep but as those who are what is termed “awake” now rapidly advance in their energy signature and move fully into place in order to help birth the New Earth then the ripple will flow out across the planet. Do you understand our guidance beloved ones? do you understand the need to be in full conscious awareness of your creation/ your reality/ your feelings from moment to moment?

This is akin to the birth of a child, the child momentarily stunned by the difference between being inside the womb of the mother and the stark lights and different sounds/smells of the delivery room. The stimulation of ALL at once overwhelming in the first few moments of entering the delivery room. This is where most of the human race now stand poised and it serves no one to not be aware of this. Those who are asleep have no reference point, only the reactions and the actions of those who exist in the reality around them.

We guide in order to prepare ALL for many can already FEEL the building up of the energies and the expansion within, around and through SELF at this time. ALL is not as it appears on this planet and the events of the next linear few days in a human context will allow for more TRUTH to be anchored to deepening levels. The old 3d earth will now dissolve fully from the planet and her peoples. The emotional reactions of those who are “asleep” are asking to be balanced by those who are “awake” and able to shine their LIGHT fully across and within planet earth. A NEW EARTH has been born and now the baby is asking for balance at ALL levels.

Just as you would not expect a newborn human infant to instantly adjust to its surroundings then please beloved ones do not place too high an expectation on SELF for never before in this your human form have you experienced such a change in FREQUENCY around, through and within your human form.

We are the Archangeloi of the ELOHIM and we will guide more in due course. We ask for you to BREATHE, to BE and to find and maintain balance at all times during this process. For ALL JUST IS and YOU ARE in TRUTH.

(c) Karen Doonan, all rights reserved.

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Stankov Universal Law Press – The Elohim Confirm in a Surprising Message – The MPR (Magnetic Pole Reversal) is Progressing Smoothly after the Opening of the Megaportal 11.11 ( Final Megaportal Of Ascension) – Will Occur in Two Weeks on November 23-25, 2013

Magnetic Pole Reversal

(NOTE: Dr Stankov mentions  that members of his PAT Group, who have undergone intensive preparation for Ascension to the Fifth Dimension, are ready for this Event.)
 – – – – – – – – – – – –

by Carla Thompson and Georgi Stankov November 13, 2013


The time for our ascension has arrived – together with the impending MPR that will transform this timeline. This is what we have been awaiting all the time, but now we have the official confirmation from the Elohim.

This is a sensational message by all means.

Yesterday, while Carla and I talked on the skype on the ascension scenario, the Elohim came all of a sudden and made this urgent message. We had to interrupt our conversation, so that Carla could write down this most important message for all of us and for the entire humanity.

The Elohim then confirmed what we were just discussing, namely that the MPR and most probably our ascension will come in two weeks after the opening of the final 11.11. Megaportal of AscensionThis means that this upper 4D earth will be hit by the MPR around November 23-25, depending on when one sets the opening of this final Megaportal of Ascension. For me it happened on November 9th, but this opening still runs under the official cosmic portal 11.11, when the earth aligned one more time with the great central sun as it did two years ago, when we, the PAT, opened the stargate 11.11.11, as this has been extensively discussed and documented on our website.

Only yesterday I wrote that this is what my HS is telling me and Carla confirmed my intuitive perception (see below). Then, we discussed the physical mechanism of the magnetic pole reversal (MPR), which is much more that the occurrence of huge natural catastrophes, such as a global deluge and massive terraforming of the continents. Below I will summarize the quintessence of our discussion from a scientific point of view as it was the key precursor for the Elohim to come up with their message.

The latest Elohim information, of course, does not exclude the possibility that we may ascend even before this Event happens. I myself asked the Elohim about this during our conversation, but they only laughed about my question and did not give us any definite answer. My guess is though that we shall stay till we see the onset of these transforming events, which will be definitely the most exciting time of our whole incarnation and mission on the earth and will only then move to the 5th and higher dimensions together with Gaia, as she will also finally ascend during this triad of events: MPR, ID split and ascension of Gaia with the first wave of ascended masters, such as the PAT.

But it is almost certain that this all will happen this month and the big transforming events will then continue into December for those who will stay on this upper 4D timeline.

This is the first time that the Elohim have given us a forecast. Until now they have only commented on energetic events that had already occurred and were registered by myself and other PAT members and have been announced on our website. Insofar, this fact alone is highly significant and heralds the finality of our mission on this planet as I have recently wrote.

Today I have for the first time the deep feeling of profound satisfaction after a well done job and also a notable relaxation of the inner tension, which was enormous in the last 3-4 weeks in preparation for the opening of this Megaportal of Ascension.

Now I will proceed with my popular scientific explanation of the Elohim’s message as its physical background is much more profound and complex than this short message superficially relays to the reader. This disquisition includes the discussion I had with Carla yesterday evening in Germany and early morning in Vancouver for Carla.

The Physical Background of the Magnetic Pole Reversal (MPR)

Let me be clear on one issue from the very beginning: Magnetism alone does not exist, it is always part of electricity, hence the term “electromagnetism” in science since Maxwell derived his famous four equations of electromagnetism about 150 years ago (see volume II on physics). Before that the two phenomena, electricity and magnetism, were erroneously considered to be distinct entities. This blunder is a fallout of the profound compartmentalisation of the scienists’ minds in the current Orion matrix.

Electromagnetism exists as photon space-time and as matter. It displays the same properties and behaviour in both levels of space-time. Hence it is not possible to separate /distinguish the electromagnetism of matter from that of photon space-time, which in present-day, failed physics is erroneously regarded as empty space or vacuum.

When we speak of the MPR, we actually mean a complete transfiguration of the quantum atomic structure of matter and also of photon space-time. The latter also has a distinct structure, which is currently neglected, respectively not at all understood by all physicists. I was the first scientist who established this fact by deriving an important local law as an application of the Universal Law for the invisible structure of photon space-time (electromagnetism). It is called “Stankov’s law of photon thermodynamics” and proves irrevocably that each thermo-gradient that is abolished in matter e.g. in a metal rod that is heated on one end, is not being lost as the false second thermodynamic law of entropy now erroneously claims, in total contradiction to the first thermodynamic law of conservation of energy, but is transformed without any loss of energy into a thermodynamic gradient of the surrounding photon space-time. This is how the structure of photon-space time is affected by matter and vice versa.

This breakthrough alone is sufficient to revolutionize physics and science as it abolishes the law of entropy as a complete wrong idea, deliberately introduced in science by the former Orion masters of humanity to mire all scientists and to prevent them from grasping the simple idea that free photon energy is available everywhere. Instead humanity was forced to use fossil energy and to destroy its environment, while at the same time the Orion-Reptilian masters used these shortages of energy sources to wage numerous geopolitical wars and to enslave humanity on the principle of scarcity. This is a huge topic on human enslavement by the Orion empire that very few enlightened people have really comprehended in its totality from a scientific and theosophical point of view.

The impending MPR is thus a very complex energetic process that goes beyond current physics and even I can only speculate what exactly happens now with the atomic lattice of matter and with all elementary particles. What I get from my HS is that the whole atomic structure is currently profoundly reshaped at the most fundamental quantum level and at the subatomic quantum level, before the elementary particles appear in this 3D and 4D holographic reality.

At present these changes occur in the higher dimensions, just as our LBP takes place in these higher frequency levels and cannot be observed by any material instruments, hence the failure of medicine to recognize this fundamental process of ascension, with which you all have been confronted in a deplorable manner in your life.  It is important to observe that these higher dimensions and levels contain our 3D holographic model in themselves  as a smaller U-set. Hence all the real changes that affect our reality take place beyond the electromagnetic spectrum which scientists can only measure, so that these changes cannot be detected currently with the usual material instruments. This is very important to stress as to understand why conventional scientists have not the faintest idea what is currently happening on a grand cosmic scale with Gaia.

At present the tension of the impending electromagnetic transfiguration of matter, known as MPR, is rapidly growing, until it reaches a threshold when it will trigger the final phase transition of the current electromagnetism of matter into a new 5D reality and structure. Please observe that the Elohim use in their message the correct physical term “phase transition”, which I have introduced to you long time ago and very often use to explain the mechanism of the MPR and our ascension.

At this place, it is very important to stress that the MPR, we are talking about here, is a much bigger event / process than the MPR that took place on the 12 lower 4D earths since June 8th and on the three upper 4D holograms this month. The reason for this is that now also Gaia will undergo for the first time a complete transfiguration and will firmly ascend to the 5th and higher dimensions as an energetic entity. This was not the case when the MPR occurred on the lower 4D timelines, as they did not ascend, but rather descend.

The phase transition of current electromagnetic matter and photon space-time that build the visible forms and structures of this 3D reality can be assimilated and partially explained by some known electromagnetic quantum effects. One of them is how semiconductors function at the quantum level. These are material conductors that are resistant to the flow of electricity under certain conditions due to creating an energetic barrier in their atomic structure, which the electric current cannot overcome. However, this resistance blockage can be modulated under the influence of electromagnetic fields and can flip-flop all of sudden and become conductive for the electric current. This is the energetic foundation of all current electronics.

There is another physical phenomenon that is not so well understood by current physicists and scientists – superconductivity. I, myself, have made a great contribution to this very exciting field in volume II, which you can read as a secondary literature. Basically, superconductivity can be defined as a particular energetic condition, under which a conductor loses its whole intrinsic resistivity and can transmit electromagnetic energy without any loss of thermal energy, so that the current can flow infinitely. Superconductors alone could revolutionize human life as they will automatically solve the energy problem of mankind for ever.

From a broader point of view, as I have been shown by my HS,supercondutors are an example how the energy will flow in the 5D and higher dimensions. The occurrence of thermal heat during the flow of electric current in current common metal conductors is at the same time the basic mechanism how this closed 3D reality is created as a holographic model, and matter can exist. This is a great philosophical and theoretical question and hence I do not intend to delve into it now. But I must make you aware of this principal theoretical dimension, as it affects all human energetic existence. Please do not forget that I have shown in volume III on bio-sciences and medicine that all cells and the human organism are purely electromagnetic systems and operate as spherical capacitors.

What I want to relate with this disquisition is that the MPR is a much more complex and profound energetic process than the simple terraforming of the earth’s crust, which all humans will directly experience as to be put into a state of total healing shock. After that they will change their weltanschauung for ever and will realize that they are immortal multi-dimensional beings.

In the first place, this phase transition has the objective to alter in a fundamental manner the atomic, quantum structure of matter and photon-space time, also defined as electromagnetism. Now with respect as to how this will occur at the micro- and macroscopic level, let me introduce you some basic axioms and new derivations of the Universal Law in my new physical theory, which assess this phase transition in earth’s electromagnetism, which may not be cogent to you.

The basic feature of energy, its very nature, is to be elastic. You can, for instance, substitute the word “energy” with “elasticity” and you can establish the same theory of the Universal Law  as I have done based on the word “energy” without changing anything. This all has to do with human semantics and language and how transcendental ideas are transformed into human language. where the operational mechanism of phase transition of formless ideas of the spirit into the form of sequential language is intrinsically based on the elasticity as the basic property of 3D matter and space-time.

When I first started to discover the Universal Law, I had already realized the existence of the principle of elasticity as an ubiquitous property of energy = space-time in a very deep and profound cognitive manner. It was the primordial idea from which I departed to discover the Universal Law and establish the new theory of science. Hence, I introduced at the beginning of my research a working title for the Universal Law and called it the “The Principle of Elasticity“. It is notable to mention that I developed the idea of this principle more than ten years before I founded it in physics and implemented it first in economics and social sciences, but also in literature as a fundamental principle of human psychology. This is just a glimpse into how convoluted, but still in a very rational manner, human mind operates when it is intrinsically connected to the soul and the Source. Because ultimately all ideas have the same origin in the primary term of our consciousness which is energy = space-time = Source = universe = Al-That-Is, etc.

Now, the elasticity of energy is a property that can only be observed in 3D and 4D holographic models, where space exists as an illusory dimension of the human senses. Only within these realities, do we perceive as sentient beingsthe movement of energy as expansion and contraction, which are the visible manifestations of the intrinsic property of space-time as elasticity. There are many laws in classical mechanics that describe this property as distinct laws, such as Hook’s law.

I was able to unify all these distinct, heterogeneous descriptions of the physical world that cause much more confusion in the human mind than help our physical understanding, by being the first modern scientist to have discovered the fundamental property of elasticity of the only two dimensions, which space-time = 3D energy has – space and time. I am talking about thereciprocity of space and time of the current 3D and 4D holographic models:

Axiom of reciprocitySpace-time (energy) is proportional to time and inversely proportional to space. Time is inversely proportional to space and vice versa.

This basic axiomatic conclusion is confirmed by all physical phenomena: the greatest energy is found in the smallest space of the atoms (e.g. strong forces of hadrons and quarks, black holes, etc.) and the smallest energy is found in the greatest volume (e.g. in gravitational objects). There is no exception to this rule. This is also a fundamental proof that physics can be axiomatized from a single term.

Both dimensions, space and time, are thus “canonically conjugated“, that is to say, they cannot be separated and always behave reciprocally / antagonistically. This fundamental property of space-time can be summarized in only three basic axioms of application in the new theory of the Universal Law, with which one can derive all known physical laws that are now erroneously considered to be distinct natural laws. I will draw your attention to the 3. axiom, as it is relevant for our discussion here:

3. Axiom of ApplicationThe reciprocal behaviour of contiguous Long Range Correlations, LRC ( = energetic gradients) of a system:

According to the second axiom of reducibility, any system can be regarded as consisting of two levels (U-subsets). The space-time of these levels can be expressed as LRC = gradients. In this case, the two LRCs of the system manifest the reciprocity of space and time. When the LRC of the first level increases, the LRC of the second level decreases and vice versa. This follows from the reciprocity of space and time. The reason for this reciprocal behaviour of contiguous gradients is that the space-time of the system is constant – it is a U-subset of the constant and closed space-time. This approach is very useful in describing the dynamic behaviour of real systems.

Precisely this axiom has been used by the Elohim in their message below when they describe the mechanism of the MPR and how it will unfold. They use the visual example of an arrow in a bow, which is static and immovable as long the bowstring is drawn taut. When one releases the bowstring and the arrow with a single move, then the arrow flies and we see this movement as manifested energy. The Elohim knew that Carla is very good at shooting with bow and arrow and gave her this example. There are infinite such examples that ultimately illustrate the elasticity of energy, respectively the reciprocity of space and time.

This visual describes the phase transition of´potential energy which is static, into kinetic energy, which manifests as a movement  e.g. a stone that is lifted high and has a maximal potential energy at this point; when it is dropped, it reaches the maximal kinetic energy at the moment when it hits the ground. This all follows from the law of conservation of energy (1. law of thermodynamics) as already discussed above.

Hence the MPR obeys the reciprocity of space and time, the principle of elasticity of energy, which is actually the Universal Law in operation. It is as simple as that.

Now there are some technical aspects that I would like to elucidate here. The magnetic field of the earth is largely created in its nucleus, which is believed currently to be of fluid iron, but this is not correct. However, for our consideration it does not matter of what stuff the earth’s core is. It is important to know that now this nucleus is steadily building its electromagnetic gradient, which will lead to the visible MPR. During this time, the accumulation of energy is not visible and we perceive this period as static. I described it yesterday as an energetic plateau.

When the threshold is reached, this gradient, LRC, will undergo a phase transition and will flip-flop within the blink of an eye. Into what?  – Into a new 5D reality. The whole matter of Gaia will be transfigured into a new 5D structure of higher dimensional energy, which is completely different to that of current 3D matter. It will then obtain the property of superconductivity and will lose its electromagnetic resistance for ever. That is why I gave you these examples with superconductors and semiconductors above.

However this very short moment of phase transition will not immediately affect the more dense layers of the earth and the earth’s crust. The propagation of this transfiguration in the earth’s core will need some linear time of probably several days, as the Elohim told us, due to the inertia of these dense layers of earth’s matter. Hence we must reckon with the actual occurrence of the MPR in the earth’s core before the actual terraforming events begin to manifest on the earth’s surface. I am fairly confident that we will sense this phase transition in our fields and bodies, just as we felt the opening of each cosmic portal or MPR in the past, before they actually manifested on a lower 4D timeline.

What remains uncertain yet is the one billion question – when shall we ascend? Shall we depart with the flip-flop event in the earth’s nucleus when the magnetic structure of this 4D holographic model will be profoundly transformed into a 5D and higher energetic structure of superconductivity and immense expansion within the blink of an eye, or shall we first witness the onset of the MPR on the earth’s surface and then ascend?

I am neutral on this issue. It could go both ways and my HS tells me that the final decision has not been made yet. But we can as well reckon to ascend even earlier than the actual flip-flop event of the MPR in the earth’s nucleus and actually trigger this event with our ascension by delegating our three lower chakras and huge amounts of our field energies into Gaia’s core. In fact, the more I think about this alternative, the more I like it and the more probable it seems to me. Anyway, I will check this one more time with Carla and the Elohim.

Bottom line is: We have made it and now we no longer need to do anything, but simply enjoy this cosmic drama that will unfold in front of our eye as enlightened observers – and the PAT is the only group of humans on this planet that deserves this privilege – because this spectacle is unique in the whole universe and will not be repeated soon. As we are the architects and the actual builders of this Event, it will be a pity to leave the spectacle before it fully erupts. just as one does not leave a thriller, before one knows the final resolution of the plot.

Dear Georgi,

I have read your recent energy update and I also feel that the 2 week pattern has been a reliable indicator. I myself am getting November 23rd as being of substantial import, about which I will soon be told no doubt, as we get closer to this date…


Dear Georgi,

Here is the message from the Elohim, that they came with during our call a few minutes ago. The first statement really reflected a deep appreciation for YOUR dedication, specifically. They were very eager that you get this message.


The Message

” Greetings, we are the Elohim!

We come in this moment to once again express our deepest gratitude for your uncompromised dedication to the evolution of all Life within this beautiful expression of All-That-Is! [ a message for you and all awakened lightworkers on the planet at this time].

As confirmation to your inquiries, it is true that the magnetic fields upon, within, around and through the body of Gaia and every other expression of Life, now begin their phase transition from one nuclear representation into another, the other, being the full engagement into a complete structural enhancement for instant realisation of fifth dimensional energetics.

This event commenced with the opening of this recent MegaPortal [November 11] and once begun, shall now continue until its completion, that is, until full fruition of the electro-magnetic superposition [super-impression] requisite of the fifth dimension and higher.

All parameters are flowing with ease, all adjustments perfect and joyfully embraced.

Gaia is breathing more easily already, as these adjustments to the core of Earth, begin in earnest and are building with great speed. It is a chain reaction like no other!

It is like the arrow in the bow. The arrow is neutral, until it is placed into position and the bowstring is drawn taut. As the bowstring is drawn, the energy builds, until it reaches the maximal energetic point, where the only move is to release the arrow. The energy held within the bowstring builds until it must eventually, and inevitably release.

The energies now build following the nuclear re-ordering and soon the magnetic energy must instantly peak.

This process should take a fortnight, following which a ripple effect through Gaia’s physical body shall impressively manifest.

This spectacular event is the final culmination of a very long process of energetic re-encodement, then re-alignment, followed by re-expression.

This is a magnificent ascension as All moves with Divine timing and Divine Grace within the Creators Universe!

Enjoy these times! They shall never come again!

With infinite love to All, we are The Elohim.”

Dear Carla,

thank you for this clarification. After I read the message I became immensely tired as if my soul was retrieved from my body. Then I received one more time a confirmation from my HS that the Elohim message is absolutely valid and how the process of ascension and the MPR will unfold in the next two weeks.

To stay by the rubber-band visual, the inner tension that I carry all the time with me in the last 3-4 weeks, actually in the last years seemed to have vanished all of a sudden and then I really collapsed. But it was a nice feeling of a well done job and that we have made it now. This is what I am sensing for some time, but the opening of this last Megaportal was a huge compression for me and I must have done a great job, transmitting all these energies and that is why the Elohim now have appreciated this final achievement.


Dear Georgi,

Tonight, about 5 hours ago (Midnight in Vancouver), I suddenly got a clear affirmation that our ascension will take place very shortly. I will be honest and say that I have never ever felt this, with such certainty as tonight.

I too felt a great sense of relief, disguised as exhaustion following this revelation, this instant knowing. As you say, it’s as though the rubber band has let go and all the years of holding that stress and tension within, are now over. I am flying high on these energies tonight, and I hope to get clarity on a few issues.

Well, my dear, I wish you a lovely day. I intend on a night of focused prayer for our ascension, Now.

With love,

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Return of the Elohim – Returning Humanity To Full Consciousness – Oct, Sep, Aug, Jun, 2013

Archangeloi of the Elohim – Channeler Karen Doonan – Energies and New Beginnings in TRUTH



Archangeloi of the ELOHIM – Moon Energies and New Beginnings in TRUTH
by Karen Doonan, published on September 19, 2013

Greetings beloved ones, we are the Archangeloi of the ELOHIM and we come to guide and to support ALL at this time of major transition both for the human race and for Mother Earth in TRUTH. That which has always been guided will now manifest swiftly across and within planet earth for the frequencies of the old paradigms are no longer supported on any level by the New Earth in TRUTH.

For personal transition we ask for you to BREATHE and to TRUST, holding on tightly to that which attempts to dissolve from your human life experience is to move against the FLOW of the universal energies. So long have you been taught that you must “control” all that enters and leaves your life experience that many of you cannot LET GO of the need to FEEL in control. Beloved ones, moving fully into the heart space and FEELing the LOVE that IS will allow the FEELings of peace to wash over you, cleansing the lower dimensional frequencies from your energy system and allowing you space to BREATHE.

We ask for you to go WITH the FLOW and become more mindful at waking conscious level of all that appears to be “stuck”, for “stuck” is but a mirror used by the old earth to lower your energetic signature. ALL is in constant ebb and flow like the oceans of planet earth, at ALL times. That which is perceived as “failure” cannot be failure for in TRUTH beloved ones you cannot fail in this your human life experience. There are a myriad of different options open to you at any one MOMENT, many are holding on to the teachings of the old earth paradigms that state “society has a rule”, there are no rules beloved ones and you are here to experience the joy from this at all levels of your BEing in TRUTH.

PEACE, LOVE, JOY and happiness cannot manifest in your life fully if you place definitions on these FEELings, they are to be experienced not to be thought about and referenced, do you understand our guidance beloved ones? do you see how the old earth paradigms have taught you to think your way through something that is actually an experience?  like reading the words on a page in a book, you can think about a golden orb or you can think about a beautiful rainbow, the energy of the golden orb or the beautiful rainbow can only be fully anchored as you EXPERIENCE them.

Many are now holding on to the old paradigms believing that all must be “preserved” at all costs and we guide for you to look at this teaching and allow it to dissolve. ALL is not as it appears on this planet and the human race is being moved into higher states of consciousness to prepare them for the beauty that is to be revealed, the beauty that for many of you is now clearly seen and anchored. Do you understand our guidance beloved ones?

Any definition that you care to place on an experience will begin to contain the experience, the old earth teaching that in order to “allow” yourself to be happy you had to tick off a list of objectives in your human life experience. Beloved ones there are so many millions of realities open to ALL that this could not be. How can 7 billion human vehicles have anything like the same experience and the same list of “happiness” rules? we ask for you to meditate on this and allow your heart to show TRUTH. That which makes your heart sing IS your happiness, defining it any further may lead you back into the frequencies of the old earth. Who sits in judgement of this your human life? for ALL ARE ONE and none are above the other. We ask for you to anchor this fully and allow ALL TO FLOW.

We send out the codings of 444 and 22 once more to those who are the portal keepers of Mother Earth, we place the golden ankh in the heart space of our children who have taken human form and we send much LOVE to ALL upon and within planet earth at this time. By reaching out to each other and by anchoring the LOVE that IS you are creating the FLOW of the LOVE that IS at human conscious waking mind level, this is now altering the reality of the “majority” on planet earth and we guide that this is something that many are filtering out. Perception is a tool of the old earth beloved ones, FEEL TRUTH and experience your happiness, that is the key to transformation of ALL in your human life experience.

As you go through the TRANSITION process into the new earth you will no longer be having a human life EXPERIENCE, you will move into a human life JOURNEY. The vibration and frequency of both should not be confused. When you entered into your human form upon planet earth you incarnated in order to EXPERIENCE your human life and all that was playing out in the dimensional realities into which your SOUL incarnated in order to learn and grow. The old earth knew this and the containment and suppression that was wrapped around both the planet earth and the human race prevented this growth. What transpired was that you incarnated into a human form and then proceeded to go around in the “karmic” circles of containment, unable to grow and to expand due to the heavy energetic frequencies that had been placed upon your human form and your human dimensional timelines.

These dimensional frequencies were further contained by the universal planetary frequencies that were placed upon the planet and the human race by the lower dimensional BEings from many planets.  Soon planet earth gained a reputation for being almost impenetrable. Hence the incarnation of many BEings from across the universe INTO human form in order to move the human race out of the containment and suppression. This is the process that you in your human form call “ascension”. This in human terms is the universe moving you back into the evolution that you would naturally have progressed through had the containment not been applied. The intensity of the initial parts of your “ascension” are the re-alignment that is in process. Once this is completed then ascension becomes like breathing as it is to ALL in the universes.

We ask for you to nurture and be gentle with all especially SELF for the next linear 24/48 hours as Mother Earth once more comes back into balance and harmony. Anchor fully into Mother Earth for she has gifts for you beloved ones, you have been taught to protect your Mother by taking on the responsibility of her pain, this is not TRUTH. She is now able to BREATHE and BE, set free from her containment by the New Earth frequencies and her new dimensional space within the UNIVERSE OF 3. Now she gifts this freedom to her children in TRUTH. She will help nurture you in this your human form and she will re-vitalise and strengthen your human vehicle.

The physical birth of the GOLDEN AGE OF HUMANKIND is almost upon you beloved ones, this will see your dreams become your waking reality and this will see the shackles placed around the heart space dissolve and be replaced with the GOLDEN SHINING LIGHT OF LOVE in TRUTH.  ALL now gather for this momentous occasion and many are now both able to see and hear their universal families in TRUTH. Communication will now expand and deepen as the energies now heighten. Work WITH the moon energies beloved ones, for the heightening frequencies are flowing rapidly to CLEANSE your very BEing. LET GO and TRUST in the process for at all times this process is overseen by your SOUL.

There is now a bigger picture that is forming for ALL in the UNIVERSE of 3, as you move through the next 24/48 hours in your linear human context many will be able to see, note and anchor this bigger picture in TRUTH.

We send you the infinity symbol and ask that you place this firmly in the heart space, allow the energies of the UNIVERSE OF 3 to flow through you and back out into..


(c) Karen Doonan, all rights reserved

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Archangeloi of the Elohim – Birthing Into New Waking Reality – August-31-2013

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Archangeloi of the ELOHIM message for 31st August 2013
By Karen Doonan

Archangeloi of the Elohim August 24th

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Archangeloi of the ELOHIM message for 24th August 2013


Beloved ones we are the Archangeloi of the ELOHIM and we come to guide and to support as we now undertake to expand and to anchor the LIGHT quotient across and within Mother Earth. We ask for you to breathe beloved ones and to anchor fully into Mother Earth at this time.

The energies will now expand rapidly and this may see many of you move into a kind of chaos as your logical human minds will not readily accept the expansion of all levels of your BEing. This is why we ask you to anchor into your Mother for she can help to balance and anchor your human vehicle at this time. We guide for clarity that it is the human vehicle that may not respond well to the expansion of ALL for the human vehicle has been kept vibrationally contained for aeons. The ENERGY that YOU ARE in TRUTH fully accepts this expansion for that is the very reason for incarnation.

Those who are in place to further help the human race at this time will become very visible. We guide for clarity that ALL have left what our channel often refers to as “breadcrumbs” in order to help you remember at this time. There are no coincidences, all is expansion in order to grow at SOUL level.

World events will now begin to unfold as the planet begins her expansion in TRUTH. We guide again for clarity beloved ones that TRUTH JUST IS and the ability to FEEL TRUTH will also heighten and expand beyond measure. This will allow for the rapid dissolving of the old 3d earth in TRUTH for it will no longer be able to hide behind the smoke and mirrors of illusion.

At this time we send an influx of LIGHT codings to the children of ALL races /realms who have incarnated in order to help the human race through the unfolding of the ascension process. We send our LOVE to ALL at this time and we guide further codings will be issued in due course. The world may look similar but it is no longer the world that any of you birthed onto and into and this will be shown to YOU in technicolor.

Karen Doonan – Archangeloi of the Elohim – 5th August 2013



by / Tuesday, 06 August 2013 /Published in Eternal Essence Embodied

Karen Doonan: Archangeloi of the Elohim

published on August 5, 2013

 Greetings beloved ones, we are the Archangeloi of the ELOHIM and we come to guide and to support as the new energies begin to heighten and expand the human life experience upon and within planet earth. ALL is now changing, shifting and moving but in new ways, whereas before energies would be circular now energies are expansive, this is showing up in your waking reality as movement of deeply held patterns of behaviour and thought. For in the construction of the frequencies of the old earth the thoughts were created to be circular. Always playing to the human logical mind and the knots that were tied in the movement of the thoughts around the human logical brain.

The new earth energies now allow for expansion beyond the paradigms that were created FOR the human race and many of you are now beginning to dissolve deeply held structures that you may have believed were the foundation of your human life experience. We guide for clarity that “all that is not TRUTH will dissolve and all that is will remain” and we ask for you to process these words through the heart space. Many of you may be experiencing the pull of the old earth energies through those that share your human life experience.

Those who are termed “asleep” moving to keep tightly hold of the belief structures they were given fully believing that to move out of them would see chaos ensue. This triggering over and over of the 3 lower chakras is what keeps these constructs in their loops of circles. Only by moving into the heart can these circles be broken or expanded. This is why we guide for you to move fully into the heart, the energies of the LOVE that IS pouring through and into the heart space working to dissolve the loops of the old residue of the lower dimensional frequencies in TRUTH.

That which you have been taught as TRUTH on this planet is now fully breaking down, those who are walking the path of SERVICE will now be moved into position in order to SHOW how to LIVE TRUTH and to show that there is no fear in the new earth energetic signature. This is something that must be experienced, a tool of the old earth was the use of human language, many again tying themselves in logical knots trying to explain a vibration that JUST IS. Logic has no place in the new earth frequencies for logic is where the prisons of the old world were birthed, do you understand our guidance dear ones? do you see how the logical human brain is employed keeping you tightly within the paradigms that were created?

As the old earth energies begin to arise within you we guide for you to go within into the heart space and begin to dissolve the energetic loops that will try to keep you closely anchored into these frequencies, ALL IS NOW and ALL JUST IS and as linear time begins to dissolve for you then you will be able to clearly see that ALL IS NOW, that the frequency loops are interacting with ALL at ALL times. In order to move freely into the new earth the loops must be dissolved to allow for deep healing to take place and the elevation of your energetic signature.

To hold onto the loops believing there is no way to heal them is to move into the lower chakras of the human energy system and this will begin to trigger the logical human mind once more. The logical mind has no role to play in the healing of the old earth frequencies for the LOVE that IS only resides within the heart space. Many of you are allowing the old 3d earth to show you that there is no way to heal any of the hurt and the pain, the logical mind unable to find a solution and again we draw your attention to the loops of energy and the healing that is done within the HEART SPACE.

All that is experienced upon planet earth is a manifestation of an energetic frequency, it is not the other way around and yet the old earth will try to teach you that it is. THIS is what keeps you within the loops that the old earth NEEDS in order to survive. The old earth energies are not TRUTH and are not supported therefore will naturally dissolve as they are blended with the new earth frequencies and this blending beloved ones is ALWAYS done within the heart space in TRUTH.

We reach out to ALL at this time and hold you in the LOVE that IS, ALL hold you in the LOVE that IS as you now take your steps out of the darkness that was created FOR you in order to walk in the LIGHT that IS YOU. We are the Archangeloi of the ELohim and we walk with you always beloved ones.

copyright Karen Doonan, all rights reserved




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The Elohim Of The Great Central Sun – MessageA Great Work Is Before You

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Méline Lafont – My Higher Self Of Source – Elohim Of Light – Source And Descending – 21 July 2013




With the most benevolent greetings of Love, the most deepest compassion of caring and the most loving intent, I address you now all with a message coming from the Source of this Being and from this individual part of Myself.

Let’s start with the beginning of Source, the birth of your descent and of your soul. For all that is you, all that is part of You s also part of the Source of All That Is.  As you have chosen to take on forms of  Lightbeings and Presences of Light, you have chosen to incarnate in Elohim, in Archangels, in Masters, in Angels, in Galactics and in Humans.  Much more is upon the incarnation plan and the taking on of forms, but for now it is best to be talking about your current choices in order to understand and grasp this in the best way possible.
Before the choice is made to descend in a form, in a being or in an energy there is a process that unfolds which contributes to this manifestation or to the taking on of a form and energy.  That process is called the rebirth (calibration) of Light into a denser Light, a more solid form but still eternal Light. This gives the privilege of manifesting and experiencing whatever you choose to experience and be in several planes, lifetimes, Dimensions and parallel realities.  Whatever the forms or energies are that you form or take on, manifest yourself in.. all is Always in a High Light spectrum coming from Source and so all that you are and form is of Source spark and Essence.
As this Essence that you are, is forming a more denser Light on its descent, much is being forgotten as we move further away from the Source of our Essence.  This is because veils are being created and passed with our consciousness, forming this outer reality that one has created now.  Many one’s have done the same process in order to get here and form this outer reality which is called the Illusion and the veils.
As this experience and exploration is part of your Self, it is very easily reversed and recreated in a more loving context, for all the power is in you to do this.  As you are this outer reality as well, you form all the aspects of your being into this Illusion on several planes of being.  So whenever a judgement or call for help is being created, it is another aspect of you, who is creating this on another level of understanding for you are several and infinite levels of being at the same time in this reality as well as in outer – and even in higher realities.
The time for introduction to your beloved Christ and Divine Self of the Elohim level of Being is upon you all.  Another level has been reached in your integrations of Self in such refined ways that all levels of understanding will be on a natural way of being and will unfold in the most loving and easiest of ways.  All is about to shine from the inside to the outside like Christ once did, descending on Earth with his Christ embodiment.  This now awaits all of you who are understanding the context of Self and who embrace the Self in the most respectful and loving way in full acceptance of who you are.
No doubts anymore, no shadow self anymore but only the Light will prevail and will become tangible in every single way of your being.  Ascend now from your world in love and acceptance with the full embracement of Self.
I am Elohim of Light, your Christ consciousness and your Divine Self (of Méline).Méline Lafont 2012 – 2013, permission is given to share freely in its entirety and unaltered.  http://lafontmeline.wordpress.com and

Elohim – Galactic Federation of Light – June-22-2013