THESE ARE TIMES FOR NEW BEGINNINGS – Divine Mother, Yeshua, One Who Serves – Channeled by Dr. Susan Sammarco and James McConnell – 12-23-14


Divine Mother channeled by Dr. Susan Sammarco

Yeshua and One Who Serves channeled by James McConnell

(Note: These messages were given during our weekly Prepare For Change group in Glendale, AZ)


“Divine Mother”

It is my great pleasure to share with you this day, to be with you in the season of the Holy Week. And no matter what your belief system is, whether you are a Christian or a Jew or a Muslim or a Hindu, what you believe or don’t believe about what is true about the birth of Jesus or the non-birth of Jesus, it does not matter. It does not matter for we love you all.

The stories have been brought forth and yes, some of the stories have been changed and altered and the truth has not fully made it to the present. But the reality is that this is the time of the year that the Christ Consciousness, the Christ Awareness is most prevalent on the planet and the time for peace and blessings and goodness are most evident. It is a time when the most miracles appear on the planet because most people are in a state of expectancy.

And the birth of Jesus at the time, 2,000 years ago, that did, indeed, happen (we are not going to get into historical conversations today).\ It was also the great symbolism of the time for the new consciousness to come upon the planet, and indeed a preparation for the times that you live in now.

For the message I bring is of love. Love for one another. Love for those that you find hard to love. Love for those of other faiths, other worlds, other countries. Love for yourselves. That is the most challenging love at times. That love that moves through and in and out of you throughout your lives. Love for yourself. There is a concept that if you are being “good” that you deserve love. That is a false concept. It is a false programming. For each and every one of you is love incarnate. Each and every one of you deserves the best, the most wonderful love experience every day of your lives.

In part that is in the relaying of love that you give to others in the world. For as you give you receive.

This is the time of miracles. This is time when the vibration upon the planet is at its highest. And there are those who still mean to do mischief, who try to squelch or hold down the beauty that is present in the planet right now. The beauty that is present even though this is the time that part of the world sleeps for this is the winter and part of the world is sowing, growing and raising the good parts that will be experienced at a later time. At Christmas time, all of the planet shares the concept of rebirth even if it is not in a dark time, a dark time of long nights and short days.

This is a time of love. What can you do to increase self-love? What can you do to increase the positive feelings and the joy and to express those things even though we know, dear ones, that frustration and even anger are present with many of those upon the planet who are carrying the messages of love and light. We know that it feels as if it is just going on and on. We are aware of those things which you discussed. We would recommend it to take time to be quiet. Take time to invite the presence of whoever brings you lightness of heart, whoever brings you joy, whatever, in terms of music or videos or time with children and pets. Find time for laughter and joy.

For that is the reason that we call upon you now. For as things are manifesting upon the planet there is no room for darkness in any of your beings. This is why we called in the light for complete healing for each of you today during the meditation so that you might be balanced and harmonious in your own being as well as in the interactions with others.

Be that light to the world that you expect to see in the world. Be that love in yourself, for yourself and for your loved ones that you expect to see in the rest of the world. Be the change that you want for that is part of your task for being here at this time and yes, 2015, will have all the bells and whistles you are looking for. It will have all the opportunities for you to know that all of those puzzle pieces have fallen together, all of the dominoes have fallen. All of those big things that you look for as Earth residents but also your spirits will be wide open. You WILL feel the oneness upon the planet and hear the songs of the angels singing in the heavens for gratitude for the opening of this planet’s heart at its deepest level.

I wish you a wonderful Christmas week. Make time for yourselves. Make time for the love that is ever present around you to come into your own heart and to grant your wishes and to bring you something to smile about.

I leave you with my love and blessings and with the excitement of knowing that your Christmas presents will be something very different in this world and something very joyous.

I leave you and thank you.


My brothers and my sisters, it is so wonderful to be with you again at this time, in this moment, as another year is about to begin, a new year of understanding and love that has been absent in many aspects until now. But as this New Year begins it is a time of rejoicing, a time for love and this time, your holiday season, is it not a time of peace? Is it not a time to share an understanding of love upon the planet? This is what this time represents. Yes, you celebrate Christmas. But what is Christmas? Is it a celebration of my birth? I think not. Is it a celebration of the birth of Christ? Yes. It is a celebration of the Christ Consciousness throughout all the planet.

For not one on the entire planet does not feel this resonance at this time of the year. Whether it is the celebration of Christmas or the beginning of the New Year but in some way everyone celebrates this new beginning. It is a new beginning of a new understanding. Of a new level of love and peace that is going to spread throughout the planet.

I, Yeshua, have been that filter of Christ Consciousness into the world for the last 2000 years. My time is almost up and I will move on just as all are moving on to a new celebration of their oneness. So as people look to this time does it not draw all together? If not for just a moment bring a smile to everyone’s face as they look upon a small child as they open their gifts. Does that not bring a little bit of a sense of peace and love?

Do all have this at this time? No. All do not experience this but the time is coming when all will, for this is going to be a time that is going to be remembered. When the veil is lifted and you can see the reality of all that you have been missing up until this time. Everything will open up to a new light, to a beginning of a new dawn for mankind.

So look to this time, this day, this day now as the Winter Solstice, this day when the nights are the longest and the days are the shortest. But what happens the next day? The night gets a little shorter and the day gets a little longer and each day after again and again. Until you come to that time in the next year where the days are the longest and nights are the shortest.

But what does this represent? It represents a new beginning. A movement forward and with the days becoming longer and the light shining more and more and more and more and the darkness fading off into the distance. Is this not symbolic for what is about to occur to this entire planet? As has already happened throughout the galaxy where many have turned to the light where they were so steeped in darkness previously but it is now time for the light! It is time now for the light to shine. For the Star of Bethlehem to once again shine forth! Not as a true star but as a ship as you know it, the New Jerusalem.  And as I said so long ago, “there will be a new Earth and a new Heaven.” This is what was meant, the beginning of a New Age, a New Age of love and oneness that has not been present up until this time.

So be of good cheer, my brothers and sisters, be of peace. No matter what is occurring around you always know that all happens first within and then is expressed without, first within and then, without. Believe that. Know that. All will happen in its time, in its frequency, in the right knowing that this is the moment!

I am your dear brother, Yeshua. I am and always will be with you. Let all thoughts of divergence let all thoughts of separation from your brother and your sister next to you, let all those thoughts fade away with the beginning of this New Dawn.

I leave you now to be peace and love for all time.

“One Who Serves”

Greetings to you! Good to be here with you again as we celebrate this time we are coming to. We celebrate as well. We may not have Christmas Trees and open presents and these types of things. We look forward to celebrating though. It is certainly a time of peace and love but we have this all the time so it is nothing special in that respect but we look at it as peace and love for the planet. And we look at you being your elder brothers at this moment and we see this time to share with you all we have to share and even though you may not know this throughout the year we are doing this. As we as those who mentor to you, we so-called “Ascended Masters’, as well as all of the celestial brothers and sisters, the Galactics, and the Inner Earth as well, the angels, All of them are working to bring about this grand celebration that is coming and it is like you plan for a party, do you not? You do all you can to plan for it, how many people you have, how many place settings to put out, cleaning your home area before, all these things you do.

We are doing the same thing just a little differently. We are planning the celebration for all to experience. All across the planet who choose to come along and is a part of the celebration. So as the Yeshua said, as the Divine Mother said, be of good cheer! It is a grand moment that is coming and it is a grand moment that you are in today do not put off today for the future, as we say you must always be in this perfect moment. All be a part of the joy in the moment for the next moment you do not know what it is going to bring. But we all know that as you are in that moment of joy now it leads to more moments of joy to come and again and again and again.

The more you find that joy the more you create that joy in every moment of your life in front of you. So you do not need to look for the future, the future is already here. You are in the future! You are in the past; you are in the present moment all right now. Know that and believe that and all will work out as it must. All will be as it is to be!

Do you have questions for One Who Serves?

Question: I had a dream about a doctor standing in front of me and told me that I was carrying six Tarantulas in my stomach, three black and three brown. Can you help explain the dream?

Yes  we think we can. The one standing in front of you was your Higher Self. And the Higher Self is indicating that you have this quandary within you. This quandary between the light and the dark. Not in the sense of darkness as opposed to the light but in terms of this sense that you still have within you of duality and those of the black Tarantulas, although being somewhat fearful looking are not really fearful at all. They do not represent fear and especially within you but they do represent within most of mankind as they look at this because the spider, itself, has a deep recognition to mankind in terms of where you have come from and the other forces of darkness that are in the universe that have been represented in the arachnid type of look here. You see?

So this is a deep recognition that is within you that is coming out but showing you that there is no fear here there is only the resemblance of that fear. And the sense of the black and the brown, the brown is the resemblance to the brown robes that many of us wear in terms of the Ascended Masters. Many of us wear the brown robes, there are brown and white and gold and all of this also but many of us wear the brown robes. It is what the monks wore, did they not? The brown robe and this is significant in this respect.

It is looking at this duality that is forming within you but coming out. It is coming. Coming out of this programming, the releasing of the programming that has been within you that has been there for a long, long time. Does that make sense to you?

There is a little bit more that you have not remembered in this dream but this is significant up to this point.

Question: The Event that everyone seems to look forward to what is our role in triggering this?

We can say here that you are already doing it. There is nothing to do for the future. You are in the process of doing it and have been for some time now. In everything you do, everything that you represent, you being the collective whole now, collective mankind we are speaking about and those who are in the “know” somewhat, in the awakened state in some respects, these are the ones triggering all of this, you have been triggering all of this. As has been said, “You are the ones you are waiting for!”

And because of this awareness that has been created across the planet, you are the ones who are causing the awakening of mankind to continue the process in many different ways. Very many have access to various levels of intelligence and things behind the scenes you might say because many things are happening behind the scenes and they have access to this and there are others who have access to their access you might say, becoming aware of what is happening and therefore raising their awareness. And this is happening more and more and more, little leaks you might say are happening everywhere to bring about a more total awareness across the planet.

Just your Internet alone has created a coming together of the world to hear. Even though there are those who have not had the opportunity, just the communication that is happening worldwide that did not happen 50 years ago or so is happening now and it is creating a coming of oneness for all your brothers and sisters across the planet.

So, you yourselves in this group and those across the planet, those who read these words and resonate to these words, this is very important, you are the ones who are triggering all of this. You are the ground forces, the boots on the ground you might say. It is necessary for all. It is necessary for those in the deeper levels as well as for those who are just the ones become aware through the Internet and feel that they cannot do anything. They wish they could but what can they do? We are saying you are doing it by just becoming aware and you are putting that out into the collective unconscious across the planet that everything is changing and going to change.

As you expect these miracles that are coming they are going to happen because you are creating them to happen, you see?

We will release channel. Be of good cheer people. Be of good cheer. It is a wonderful time you are entering. It is a wonderful time you are in now. It is a wonderful time you are moving toward and as we have said many times over and many different sources have said this, “You ain’t seen nothing yet!”

Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the One!

Channeled by Dr. Susan Sammarco and James McConnell
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Jose Sanchez – Ode to Divine Feminine, Divine Mother – Embodied by all Women – 12-15-14

This month is so unlike any other time since so much is taking place within the higher realms and the etheric world. Many might have noticed or will start to notice tomorrow on the absolute presence of the divine Mother. I mentioned before how there is a new grid being built and this isn’t like any other known to man or even the higher beings.

Connect deeply with your heart and meet her in the sweet dance of the lovers reuniting once again.





I love you so 

In your heart I am
In your love I exist
Great is the joy my soul feels upon the remembrance of your loving embrace.

My heart is eternally yours and my life in your service I give.
Blessed are we who have seen your face and who have known of your sacred nectar.
My mother, my lover my very heart I love you as the very depths of your light.

It is in your wisdom I became a light of this world.
It is your love I became a master of my soul.
It is in your divinity I freed myself.

The master became the servant and the servant is no more.
As one and as no one only our love exists.
In your infinite expansion, the lover became love.

I saw your smile and your joy has become my joy.
I saw your light and your purity has become my innocence.
I saw your eyes and your spirit has become my foundation.
I lived in your embrace for an eternal fleeting moment.
Eternally I now dwell within you.
You are the Sun and I am a ray of your light.

The warmth of your sacredness infuses my entire beingness.
The cool breeze of your breath, and the warmth of your heart awakens my all.
I am eternally grateful to exist within your holy womb.

My Mother, my lover, my All!

Jose Sanchez – Divine Mother shares a little about Divine Union Force – 12-13-14



Divine Mother  via  Jose Sanchez

Among the greatest miracles of life, we are about to witness the greatest miracle. The miracle of the full presence in spirit and manifestation of Divine Mother. It has taken the entire age of creation for such happening to take place. The complete merging of the awakening codes of Divine Father and Divine Mother. For those who are sensitive and even many who aren’t it is completely undeniable that the presence of the divine is upon us. Unification of light is nearer and nearer by the day.

The blessings of heaven are now upon us and it is time to lift our hearts in the song of joy. We must finally accept the change of life that is taking place. We can not and must not avoid our responsibility to live in joy and manifest in love. As the greatest atonement in the history of existence is taking hold in our very reality.

How fortunate we all are to be part of this incredible and amazing unfoldment of a greater level of light. The evolution of light itself is a magnificent event in the lives of all of us. Feel the deepest of joy, aware or unaware, awake or asleep as the miracle of having the presence of the Mother of the Mothers, the queen who reigns over light, over love and over all is here to stay.

Divine Mother

Blessed are you within my sacred heart. My children, all who reside within the cosmic holy womb. I am here to bless existence from light to void and beyond. The time of change at the deepest of life is a grand event.

I and the Father have since the moment before creation waited for this grand event, this moment when light evolves beyond itself. It has been a wonderful unfoldment and yes for humanity it has been quite a journey. You have for thousands of years lived in separation. Much was as it was intended and because of it you are now granted the blessings of life.

I wish to remind you and for those who are not aware there are three aspects to the Christ Force. Male, female and neutral. Since the beginning of time it was through the creational union of Father and I that such complete force was created. I also wish to reveal magical news upon the completion and this only in your linear time as in essence it has already taken place the birth of a new force. A force that in your human term can be called a sibling to the Christ Force. This will be a completely unified force, an energy of a new frequency that will assist in the transcendence of this game.

Never has this energy been manifested or been at play at any level. It is taking place now because not only have we your creators evolved, but also your creation and your souls and spirits have blossomed into another level of light. Through this new unified force a new game is now being started. It is the time for joy and happiness and peace to reign eternal.

There are vast portions of the universe where beings live in absolute peace. There are also parts where balance is still necessary and Earth is within one of those parts. On this side of the universe duality has been lived to its highest degree and here you have the most opportunities and possibilities for growth.

The Unified Force has the frequency and the vibration to bridge duality into a holy union. Every being whether functioning within light or within darkness or neutrality will accept and recognize this new energy as the bond and the heaven where differences can and will cease to exist. This new vibration is the missing piece to end duality and it is the beginning of the promised golden age.

I am not here to punish or to play as judge. I am here to bring balance and to smooth the frequencies that have kept change from being more fluid. Every single being has the right to live life at its fullest and that includes those you have deemed the illuminati, cabal, grey and reptilians. They will all feel and see the new light. This new energy will open their hearts. Patiently you have all waited and I only ask for you to be patient a little longer. Allow this new force the time and the space for their evolution to be aligned.

What to expect from this new force

Imagine the sturdiest and the most efficient of bridges is being manifested. A place where life finds itself. Where reality awakens and old paradigms fold and new ones unfold only to fold again, making room for absolute self. Throughout the known and the unknowns parts of your universe there is a new grid of light being created. Your planet mirrors what is taking place by having a new grid created around it as a new way of life and creation and even manifestation around your sphere. This shall in effect activate your own energies and new grids of the body that will begin to carry new life. This new life will bring you in the direction of change and evolution into peace and peaceful living.

There is another layer being activated within your DNA. This new layer will be more and more apparent in the new generation of children. Those things such as senses considered metaphysical and magical will begin to awaken and will become common which will lead to what is already happening to many of those who have activated their DNA. New senses are developing, new abilities beyond what has been deemed psychic which in reality is your natural state of existence.

Back to the new force, this is a merge of the higher essence of the holy trinity of divine creators. This new unified force is the result of such divine union and something that there is no word in your vocabulary. This is a creative force field of creational frequencies which can be termed Divine Union Force. As a result of the Divine Union Force, greater levels of your game and a new game are being activated. Life just expanded! The cycle of birth ad death and reincarnation will dramatically shift into a new reality. One where you are allowed to live to your highest potential and at your highest potential of the multidimensional self.

The unified field that connects all the dimensions and all realities and all universes including the parallel ones. There is great potential and new potentials that are giving way to a number of new possibilities. Quantum physics is about to meet its match.

My love, my blessings and the grand birth of a new force are upon you.


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Divine Mother – What If The Cabal Was No Longer Present – Now, Act As If They Weren’t – 11-18-14

“Divine Mother” channeled by Dr. Susan Sammarco

“One Who Serves” channeled by James McConnell

(Note: these messages were given during our weekly Prepare For Change group in Glendale, AZ)


“Divine Mother”

Greetings, my beloveds. I am the Divine Mother. What a wonderful choreography, Miss Ginny. Thank you for inviting this beautiful energy in this room.

Breathe deeply of this blue energy that I come into this room with. You may smell the scent of roses. Feel the peace and tranquility that my entry brings to you.

I come today to speak of love. And the question earlier from James was, “What if the cabal was not present?” And indeed, as you have been speaking about for many months now, the Ascension HAS taken place. And what is it that continues to block your vision for this beautiful event? We would share with you that it is this world that keeps you locked in balancing right from wrong, dark from light. We have urged you to see Oneness. To see all as a part of the play as was so rightly brought up earlier (today).

We love when we are close in the room; all of us in service to you and you listen to our words as spoken to your ears and bring the points up in the conversations. These are Divinely led conversations with intent to prepare you for the messages of the day. Ashira has spoken of this and I speak of this today.

A couple of weeks back you were told that the Cabal had a different intent. Not right or wrong but operating under a different belief system. And each week we continue to move you along the path, those of us who share with you and speak with you. To help you to continue to help you to grow in this “Oneness” understanding.

Think back, all of you in the room when you first became aware of affirmations. When you began to understand the importance of putting the right words out, of putting the right words in your mind, writing them down, repeating them, catching yourselves when you thought differently. When you became aware of the power of your words. Those were times of enlightenment for you.

We are here to continue to urge you away from the judgment of this 3D experience, of the “good” guys and the “bad” guys, of the drama of it all. If you could move but one fraction, one moment more into love into peace into understanding and compassion. If you could but erase the lines between “you” and “they” of the Cabal. For the more that they come into the language that you use, the more that you have thoughts upon their activities or give them responsibilities and power, the more you keep them in their power. When in fact we have told you that their time has passed. Still you keep the drama alive.

This is not meant to punish you in any way. It is merely a point of attempting to continue to teach you. Think back about the times when you thought about affirmations. Initially, the thought came into your consciousness that you could create a new life for yourself by incorporating affirmations. And to one degree or another you were successful. If nothing else you learned that whatever you focused your attention on was what you were able to attract. Maybe not in the moment or in a week or a month but your life gradually changed as you became more aware.

And that is the process that has been taking place since 2012 when many were disappointed that they did not awaken in the New World. And it was decided that all would go in the same time and place. The active imaginings and the intent began in earnest. For those who knew how to manifest and began to see that New World. There is no reason upon this Earth except for the duality, the polarity that is here in this drama, in this hologram, that you are not seeing that 5th dimensional life, that 5th dimensional living.

There are those upon the planet who are telling you that you must do this or you must do that or you must not do this or you must not do that. You must eat properly. You must listen to this teacher or that. You must go through this activation or that.

Dearest Ones, the Divine Father and the Divine Mother and all of those here in service to you, we accept you completely in this very moment for the perfect being that you are. There is no more work that has to be done. The work that has to be done is a change, a shift in your perception, your consciousness. A shift that will raise the frequency to give you new eyes, to give you new vision, to give you new opportunities for creating this world you long for.

Think of yourself as walking upon a beautiful beach. And it was a good experience. And you laughed and perhaps you touched your foot or your legs into the water. You picnicked perhaps. You had a day at the beach. And as you walk away from the beach and you move out of the sands there is sand that continues to stick to your skin and to your toes and to your feet. Maybe it sticks in other parts of your body too and it gets to be uncomfortable. And you look for a shower or you try to brush the sand off because now it is irritating.

Think of your experience here in such a way. That all of the fun that you have had, all of your experiences that you have had; now they cling like dried sand upon your skin. And you look for a way to wash them away. Wash those memories, wash those experiences. Wash those good and bad as you perceive them completely from your being. And you emerge that Christed Being, fully expressing your Christ Consciousness in Divine Love and Light. Your High Heart fully functioning with all experiences of joy and peace and everyone upon the planet feels the same way. The Tsunami of Love has been flooding in for months now striving to wash away the sand.

These are times that are calling for you to watch your thoughts. And shift them. Do you still take enjoyment from watching entertainment that shows the “good” guy and the “bad” guy? Do you still take time to read papers or pay attention to the news? And we would invite you to fully and completely be washed of this sand. To spend your days feeding your mind with beautiful music, beautiful environments, striving for beautiful relationships and joy with everyone you come in contact with.

These are the frames of references and minds that are creating the New World that are taking the blinders away from what you see and experience every moment of the day in the 3D illusion so that you can see more and more, that the New Day has arrived! The New Day is already here! The more you can stay in that frequency as the word is now used, the more you will understand that everything is in this moment at this VERY time and this VERY space. It is all for you NOW.

And we, all of those in service with you and to you are here to take your hand and move you out. This is why the idea of Ascension has seemed like you were going to be stepping from something into a grander plan. Moving from the heaviness and density of the third dimensional world into the fourth and fifth dimensional worlds. You have been existing in the fourth dimensional world for a long time now. But again, it is not something you recognize until you see and you state to yourself, “I support the preponderance of unifying love messages, images, relationships and concepts in my life, moment to moment, day by day. And I share that understanding with all of those around me in this group, in my family, in my workplace and in my world.” For the more that you can do this the more the seeds will continue to grow upon the planet and the more you will find likeminded people who are living in this mindset.

Let go of the Cabal. Let go of dominating thoughts that there is control outside of you. Come to know yourselves as the powerful beings that you are. We have told you all that you are Masters. Step into that role. I invite you to step into that role fully and completely as your, “I AM”.

Last week was an interesting conversation you had in the group about being children as opposed to being Masters and as opposed to all of the other roles that you have played and are playing in your soul’s existence. We have moved away from calling you “our children” in conversations with you because we do not want to feed that part of your belief system. We strive to bring you into your “Master-hood”. We strive to bring you into your power. We strive to encourage you to experience the power that you have that is beyond this single body, this single life, this single brain and mind that you have at this moment. To bring you into the power that you have with all your lifetimes past, present and future. To bring you into the power of using all of these talents and experiences to bring you into the power of creating that world that you are stating you are looking for to bring it into the NOW.

This group and many others have been a prime source of the seeds that have gone out into that unconscious part of humanity’s mass consciousness. This day, again, with this message and this shift we expect to see within each of you, for we have called it forth fully and completely. This will again be seeds that go forth into that mass consciousness. And that will be bring change upon the entire planet as well as change within each of you.

This has been our message today. We will not take questions today for we know this has already gone long. We bring you our greatest love, our greatest appreciation our greatest respect. WE know that we ask you to step into great shoes to move into this future but we know that you are fully capable of it. That you have been called. Your alarm clock has gone off and this again is another level of that alarm telling you, “It is time!” Catch yourselves every time that you think a duality or polarity type of thought and bring yourself into unity consciousness and we will be there to support that.

Blessings to you with abundant love.

“One Who Serves”

Greetings to you! This is “One Who Serves” here, those who are here to assist you in your continuing Mastership. This is certainly very important that you grasp this understanding. That you are not children. You are not in Kindergarten, as many say they are. Do not know where that came from. You are much more than this, as you are beginning, we hope here, to understand.

That you are so much more than what you appear to be when you look in the mirror. When you look in the mirror we want you to begin to see yourselves as we see you. Do this simple exercise. As you look in the mirror see yourself glowing. See a halo if you wish, around you or an aura of light around you. Know that this is the way we see you. This is the way you vibrate and when the time or frequency comes you will be able to telepathically understand another by their vibration. And you will be able to resonate to that vibration and to a like vibration. In other words you will find yourselves drawn toward those who are of like vibration to you. And not so much to others who are not.

You hear about opposites attract and that is correct within your illusion system here in your 3D world. That is not necessarily the way it will be when you have moved on into the higher vibrations for the higher vibrations will bring those together who are of the higher vibrations. And those that are a little bit lower vibrations will be aspiring to come to those higher vibrations and those who are at the higher will assist in terms of being a teacher in the way of being a mentor.

You see, you have been hearing that mentors are coming to you to assist you but you may not have heard that you are also assisting as mentors. That you will be mentoring to others. So, in many respects the mentorship program is including you! Did not know that did you?

Now we also wish to assist in the idea that in your guided meditation you are visualizing within your mind, you are creating within your mind, but we wish for you to understand that it is real. Those crystals that Ginny has spoken of, the twelve crystals, they are real. They have consciousness, they are beings within themselves. So know this! When you are calling to them. You are not calling to a rock. You are calling to consciousness. You are calling to a Being. Just as the Earth, Gaia, herself, is not a big rock! You see?

So, when you do these exercises and you will be doing them again and again not so much this same one but others ones as well, know that when you do them they are real, they are MORE real than the illusionary world you are in! You see? Come to understand this. As you come more and more to understand this it will become more and more real for you! This is important! The more real it is for you, the more powerful it becomes.

So as you are working with these crystals and lay lines and energy patterns and all these things, know that it is real. Know that when you travel by the speed of thought or you travel in any ways with your Merkaba Light Vehicle; know that you are doing so! Know that you are really going to these places and please understand that there are other places. It is much more than this single world you are in. There are many different worlds out there. Too many to even begin to fathom. You see?

So, let go! Let go and go with the flow and be in the NOW. Look for the future, yes for the future is going to be wonderful but the future is what you make it. Again, this is what you are going to have to understand. You are all, as a collective, creating your future. You are not only creating your own individual future, you are creating your collective future. You see?

When you are at the Advance, we have been giving little glimpses to the James here; you are going to be working with the Universal Mind. And that in itself seems imaginary as we have spoken of. So be ready for this and be aware. Most of all when you are doing these experiences be there within that experience. Let that experience take over you. Let it take you from this realm you call yourself everyday life and find yourself in the New World, the New Golden Age, that you are creating with every single thought that you have. That is quite a sobering thought is it not?

That is all we have here. Do you have questions now for “One Who Serves”?

We welcome those of the new ones here, very much so. You may not know it yet but we knew of your coming! You were guided in many respects. Does not mean that you need to keep coming that is up to you, it is a free will universe after all, but know that you are certainly welcome and if you continue to come, you will receive guidance. Not just from us but from yourselves.

Questions now?

Question: I am wondering how I can overcome fear that I felt when I received a “wake-up” call this week?

Have you heard the term before, “Feel the fear and do it anyway”? Do it. Go beyond it. Know that there is nothing behind the fear. What is the saying, “False evidence appearing real”? That is all it is! There is no fear except what you create in your minds

So, know this. As you know and grasp this, then those beeps and bumps that happen in the night, you will go and see what they are. Know that the mind is the builder here and it is creating this fear based on past circumstances, past lives and past experiences in this life in terms of many of the media and things that have portrayed life as fearful. Life is not fearful!

The question that was given to the James earlier that he asked the group, “What if the Cabal was not here? Where would you be?” You would be in higher vibration all the time for there would be nothing to pull you back down again.

But understand that the Cabal is also within you. It is not just an external force. It is a force within you. All have both sides within them, you see? Know this and when this situation comes up go with it, allow it and you will be amazed at what occurs from this.

Question: Are you saying we are part of the Cabal because of our fears that give them the power?

Yes, it is that but it is also that there is a dark side within each that was shown in your movie, “Star Wars”. You see? The force can take you either way. This is what is meant here and those that are of the Cabal have gone to the Dark Side. Does that mean that they cannot come back to the Light? Yes, they can. For what happened to Darth Vader at the end. Did he not come back to the Light in the end? Can this not happen to others in your reality here? The more you forgive, the more love you send and light you send, the more will take that light  and respond to it and embrace it and allow it to shift them, even a tiny little bit. But even that tiny little bit that they shift and move more and further into the light, it makes it easier to shift next time and the next time. You see?

And even if those who are still of the Dark Forces determine that they do not want the light, they do not want to be loved, even if they have determined this, at some point they all will return, even if it has to be that they are rejuvenated you might say. Do you understand this? Other questions here?

Question: I am grateful to be here. Are we getting closer to a physical manifestation in our lives?

Are you getting closer? You must ask yourself within yourself, are you getting closer? Are your vibrations increasing? Is your frequency rising? And if the answer to that is yes and you know it within yourself then you would have the answer there. In terms of when the vibrations have increased enough then the miracles and the magick begin to happen. Such as that which has happened for the Diana here. In her recent experience here.

Diana, what was said to you at the last Advance when you sat in the middle of the Star?

Comment: “Marvelous things are going to happen!” and they did!

The reason we are bringing this up, Scott, are you ready, you say you are ready and you say you have no fear but given the situation directly where they would appear to you, appeared exactly over your head and you had no question what they were, would there be an inkling of fear there or would your heart open up and would you embrace the experience coming?

Comment: I believe I would kneel down and give thanks.

Then that in itself would keep this from happening. Now we know this is difficult to understand here by the idea of praise, the idea of worshipping or putting yourself as lesser than would not allow this to occur.

Comment: I understand that. Gratitude within myself, I would be thankful to myself and to them and I would stand to greet them as an equal.

Yes. And open your arms and invite them! Open your arms and invite them. It may not happen tomorrow or the next day but it will. You are creating it within yourself and you are creating it with intention. It will be! It will happen and in the least expected moments. But it will happen. It may not happen in the way you are expecting it to happen. Do you understand this?

Question: When I saw the extraterrestrial I was a little fearful but now I would be more accepting. If I sent love would he have sent love back?

Yes. They respond to vibration. If you have a vibration of love, they respond to that likewise.

We will bring this up as it is apropos. James here, had some time ago, many years ago had an experience in his bed when laying there a light came through the window. He watched the light come through the window and stop at the end of bed. And he had been asking for some type of manifestation. What do you think he did? He started praying. He started saying, “Help me Father!” “Jesus”, “Somebody come and help me!”  (Laughter) Do you think that light stayed there? No, it skedaddled out of there. So, if you are asking and it happens, let it be! You see?

Remember, always we are drumming this into you as much as we can. Believe. And then you will see! For if you do not believe, for the most part, those who do not believe will not see. They will not move into the Higher Vibrations at least not in the first waves as you call them or stages.

Question: I always have  a vision of a home, a church or healing center, of people having plenty and soldiers putting their guns down. So, are these the kinds of visions you want us to have?

Yes. Certainly. Always and in all ways! Again, you are creating as a collective consciousness this world. As a collective consciousness you decided to wait until all the others were ready, to not leave a fallen comrade behind. You see? You are creating this Nova Earth, this New Golden Age.

Question: What is going to happen to those who are not awake?

Those that are ready, those that are moving on will move into the Higher Vibrations will be creating the world at that point. And those that decide to remain, to stay on in their illusion, they will have their world, their creation.

Just as all of you have created this 3 D illusion, this world that you are in, that you collectively created this. You created the debt structure and you created the buildings and you created the cars and the exhaust fumes and the use of oil and all of these things, you, as a collective have created this. This is the world you have created. Now is the time to create the New World. Just as you did the old.

Now you will have the advantage of being in the Higher Vibrations and not having lower vibrations pulling you down. You see? In many respects the lower vibrations are the memories you have, the programming you have been through. And those memories will fade away. As you look at your lives now, how many of you remember when you were 4 or 5 years old? Those memories have faded have they not? So too will the memories of this life that you have had even though you are still in the body, those memories will fade. Those lower vibrations that are associated with the memories will fade away. The chakras won’t fade away but they will not be as prominent anymore.

Those that are staying behind will not know where you are but you will know where they are. This is an aspect of continuing to assist. In helping those that have fallen and continuing to help them. You see, just as we are mentoring and continuing to assist you, you will have the opportunity if you wish, to assist those who are at the level they are at. You will be at the vantage point where we are.

Other questions here?

Question: Does that mean that we will be between the veil and the rest of the universe?

Please understand that as your vibration increases, vibration is exactly that, it is a frequency. As you vibrate faster and faster and faster, in the laws of physics here, you would disappear to those who are of the lower vibrations. You see? That is what is going to happen in many respects. Remember, this has never happened before and we do not know how it is going to be exactly. You have glimpses. We have glimpses too. We do not know everything. We know quite a bit but not everything. We would say, we know just enough to know that we don’t know everything. (laughter)

Question: Knowing that we were guided to be here. What is the message we are to take away?

That, my dear sister, is for you to determine. There can be many messages here. What is the one that resonates to you the most? This is what you want to look at, this is what you want to ponder after leaving here today. What was the message for me? And in doing it that way it will be much more for you than for us to say what the message is. Do you understand this?  (Yes)

We love it when we hit it right on the noggin! (laughter)

Question: My son-in law came through a medium. I am not sure if my daughter is receiving his messages. Is there anything he really wants her family to know?

We will tell you this. If there is something he really wants to get across, he will get it across in some way. This is how we work! In terms, if there is a message we wish to give to you we don’t always come right out and say here is what you are going to do this week. We speak to the James and Susan here in terms of how you come to understand what you might be doing each week. You understand this, Susan? (yes)

And whenever there is a need for a message, who needs to get the message to you it will get to you in some way. It may be someone handing you a book and say, “Here, read this”. It may be someone telling you about a movie to go see or it might be someone on the street who says something to you or it may be more literally, a voice coming into your ear and saying listen to this message. “Now, hear this!” (laughter)

Question: I have a question about the veil. Was it created by our consciousness and if so, can we un-create it?

There are two answers to this question. You have created this veil but there are those that have assisted in creating the veil and putting you behind the veil. There are those forces at work, more in terms of extra-dimensional here, we are speaking of what you are calling the “Archons” and they created this quarantine on the Earth process here. When we say that you have created this veil as well as a collective, you have added to it over many lifetimes. So they created the framework for it and you all filled it in for them. You see? You can un-create this!

Yes, utilize a big eraser going across the sky wiping out the veil. PacMan, you see? Yes, seed it into the consciousness that there is no veil and “no spoon”. Did you get that one? In the “Matrix” movie, you see?

Question: I have a niece in the hospital that has extremely high blood pressure. Do you have any insight?

Whenever there is a question on healing and a question on how to help one having a difficult time let’s say. There is no perfect answer because you must look at entire picture here. Maybe this one is not wanting to be whole. Maybe this one has a contract to go through a certain portion that she needed to do here whether it is a karmic situation or not. It is a contract and if you interfere in that contract, are you really helping that one. Do you understand this?

That is a different question. How do I check with her Higher Self. Do that by speaking first with your Higher Self that can talk to her Higher Self. You can say what your wishes are to your Higher Self and the Higher Self of that one will either pay attention to your wishes or not. Contract involvement and karma here. What is better here?

Question: I ordered a book on healing before I left. That book is being delivered to her mother. Will it help my niece?

It goes back to what we were saying earlier. Messages come to you in different ways. Whether you tend to those messages or not is up to you. You see, you keep coming to this group you will see that we will not answer directly, we will not interfere, we will not step in and do for you what you can do for yourself. That is not the way we operate here. You see?

We know that there are many times that people want to say, “Just help us already. Tell us what to do”. We will not do that because we are not allowed to do that. Have you heard of the “Prime Directive”? Have you not? That applies here. We cannot interfere unless the situation allows for it. In many ways the situation does not allow for it. Now, as a group comes together here as a group consciousness, yes, we can come in and give all kinds of guidance but we can’t do it for you.

We would hope that you look at it as going within yourself. You see, the channeling process is to push you in a direction to call upon yourself. Not looking for some crazy voices like this to come through here. That is not the goal here. The goal is for each one to reach in and find the answers within yourself for they are already there. You are already Masters. You already have the answers. You see?

Question: I believe but I don’t know how to get from here to there. I believe we have been offered mentors and I ask for my mentor to come forth. Is my mentor close?

My friend, you have just done it! In your asking, you shall receive. In your seeking, you will find. In your coming to the group here is your seeking. And when you knock, it shall be opened unto you. When you believe fully, all the world will open up to you. We are speaking of the New World, the Higher Vibrational energies. You are in that process now and the more you have the attitude you have here now, the more you maintain this, the more you are assured you will move through the vibrational process of the Ascension. Do you understand this?

Question: Many people are suffering right now. Karma is supposed to have been completed. Isn’t it time for healing?

Yes. You are a part of that. Just in your being here and being a part of this, not only part of this group but being in a position that you ask for what you wish for, as you are asking it is occurring and as it is occurring you are in gratitude for having it occurred.

Must release channel now.

Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the One.

Channeled by Dr. Susan Sammarco and James McConnell
Article may be reproduced in its entirety if authorship and authors website is clearly stated

Diamond Shield of the Divine Mother For Protection – 10-19-14

My Special Offer of Protection against all Negative Intruders and Spirits

Since some time I have shielded myself for protection first with a shield out of the silverplatinum ray and then with a wonderful and strong shield made from the diamond flame of Prime Source.

After some happenings around Christmas last year I created it for some close friends too.

I used to renew it daily but this is a time- and energy-consuming method and that is why the Divine Mother gave me a permanent shield to last as long as the person concerned wants it to stay active.

To give you some further explanation:

The diamond flame is the flame of Prime Source, the Reunited Soul of the Divine Mother and the Divine Father who are the first and Divine Twin Flames.

It consists of the whitegolden ray of the Divine Father and the silverplatinum ray of the Divine Mother and it is the strongest energy ever in Creation.

No negative being and no negative energy is able to pervade through this divine energy if not the protected person will issue some invitation to do so.

Since I myself have been protected with this shields for one and a half year I know how excellent and effective these shields are working.

I never had problems any longer again with negative energies or negative beings since I first used it.

No energetic attack whatsoever is able to penetrate through them and I am safe and secure.

Yesterday the Divine Mother asked me to offer this shield to those who want or are in need of a strong protection and we modified it a bit for this.

The Diamond Shield of the Divine Mother includes a severing of any unwanted strings, a thorough cleansing of your bodies and auric field and a transmission of healing energies and is followed then by the creation of the Diamond Shield.

I noticed several times now that I remove even implants or an occupation by lower entities during the cleansing.

It is thus now a permanent shield that will last as long as you want it to stay and need only once to be done.

The Divine Mother told me that nobody else on earth would be able to create this very her shield.

So this is a really unique gift I received from her and I am very grateful to her for the receipt of it.

And to share it with all of you I am making the following offer to you:

It is such a unique shield – especially created by the Divine Mother and myself of long life (respecting your Personal Free Will as long you want to retain it for yourself when received once) – with 120,00 Euro I believe this is an adequate price to pay for it since it has to be done all by myself and entails quite a lot of energetical work.

In case of arising interest to attain such protection I propose the following procedure:

1) Send me an e-mail to with your real name and attach some photo of yours … this will enable me to visualize the necessary cleansing of you first followed by the creation of your protective shield. It is a matter of course that neither nor name nor photos will be revealed to anybody else being kept strictly confidential.

2) Usually within 24 hours after you have pressed the “Donation Button”or sent me the amount due per PayPal I shall proceed with the creation of the required shield.

3) On receipt of your payment I shall contact you that your Shield of Protection has been affiliated to you for as long as you wish to retain it.

I shall be very glad if you consider to be protected by this very unique shield offered to all of us by our Divine Mother. Please, keep in mind that paying for such a great protection is not to be considered in the sense of some commercial dealings under the former 3-D-Matrix but on basis of balancing our energies to each other and this with the approval of the Divine Mother too.

Don’t be shy to tell me if there are financial issues, because the Divine Mother will give me instructions what to do in such a case.

With all unconditional Love and Compassion from me to all of you.


Copyright © Isabel Henn. It is allowed to share this message in its complete form without changes and when the author’s name and the link to the original site is given.

You Are Currently Straddling Two Worlds – Divine Mother and One Who Serves in Answers From the Masters – Channeled by Dr. Susan Sammarco and James McConnell – 5-27-14



“Divine Mother”

What a wonderful sound, the chanting of the “OHM”. This helps to raise the vibration. There is a little bit of fatigue in this group from the blessings of the day yesterday. I am the Divine Mother coming to share with you today. We all enjoyed the picnic yesterday so very much. And we enjoyed the opportunity to share with you in very different ways. As you look through your pictures you will find me bathed in blue tones in your photos and know that I was there. And I saved the message for today because there was enough that was shared yesterday.

What is important to share with you today will be a follow-up to dear Ashtar’s message last week. Because as this evolution has sped up more and more there will a feeling that you are straddling two worlds. He spoke about the feelings that many things in the life you have lived up to this present time have become more and more distant in your memories. And there is purpose to this.

I would say that there is a way to describe this in a way that the women in the group will understand better than the men. When a woman goes through the fullness of a pregnancy and then the labor begins. And as the labor pains increase, how many times (and I have had times of bearing children in the physical body), in the midst of that labor, one thinks, “Never again.”

But what happens at the other end when there is a natural rush of hormones and new memories that are created? Does not one feel amnesia set in when you hold your baby and you see your baby’s face and you connect with your baby for the very first time? So that is what these days are like, in many ways, you are birthing a new human. And it is all of you who are part of the process of giving birth.

It is raising consciousness, yes. It is lifting up of all the humans on this planet and it has been, we know, great sorrows, great challenges, great pains, great realizations and there shall be a sense of amnesia that sets in when you reach the other side and look back over the river you have crossed. Sometimes you have crossed in canoes that you had to paddle with your hands to reach the other side. And it will be beautiful and you will soon forget all that you had to endure to get there.

Part of that experience is knowing that this amnesia that is setting in and it seems more like remembering your life as a past life in many ways. As past incidences no longer hold their toll on you that you know longer connect with things that might have been hurtful or challenging in your younger years. That as you let go and release which is part of the importance of this time, to release and let go of old patterns, old relationships, old jobs, old achievements, old successes even. None of these have meaning in the life you are living now and the life you are moving into.

And one of the things that is challenging is that it can bring fear up because you are in a place of insecurity, you are in a place of uncertainty. If not this, then what? This is another reason that we have talked so much with you during these messages and in messages we have delivered through others, about visualization. About creation of the new world, about creation of what you want to accomplish, about what you want to have in your life. The creation of the project that this group has been given for the worldwide global consciousness event set for September 11th this year is part of the vision for the new world. There is intention in this for it is part of this group’s consciousness in creating a new world of unity, love and forgiveness. And so this project is important for the seeds you are planting, in the audiences you are reaching out to around the world.

And so what can I tell you for a picture of what you are doing at this time? What comes to my mind is for you to think of someone who is walking on stilts. And, you might have that picture in your mind at this moment. Imagine, even you have never done this, imagine that you are ten feet off the ground on these stilts and you are walking and you seem pretty balanced and pretty confident. Then there is a large body of water, say five or six feet across, and you don’t want to get the stilts wet because there is some part of you that believes that if you get the stilts wet they might slip which is not true but that is your belief. So you take one and you walk it across the water and then the leg that is left behind you does not have the other stilt beside it to balance. And you become wobbly and uncertain about whether you can move that next stilt over to where you are balanced again. So you are struggling to remain in balance between these two points. Finally you have that strength and you move that stilt to you. And you struggle a little to get the balance point again and then you stand upright again and can continue on the path.

So you are in this very awkward position right now of moving from one aspect of your life as your internal bodies changes are taking place and those are mirrored in the outside world as you continue to move forward as other changes are taking place within the world. Again, this is a time of uncertainty and confusion. Sometimes it brings up fear. Sometimes it brings up grief. Sometimes it brings up other emotions. We will tell you it is time to be in the moment. Allow whatever emotions arise to rise. To acknowledge them, work with them and see what they are. And know that you are birthing a new baby. You are birthing a new you! And that everything, and we know it is taking faith in the moment, but everything will unfold exactly as it should and on the other side you will be washed with such joy and emotion and bliss that none of this will have mattered. And it won’t matter how long the labor took. It won’t matter how many pains you had to go through. It won’t matter that what you thought would happen in days, months or even years took as long as it did because it just took what it needed to.

And so, we give you this opportunity to experience this grand change on a very personal level as well as in this group and the group level of all of humanity. There are so many of us here who are acting as your “Midwives” and we are going to continue with this analogy and continue to birth this new humanity. And to work with you and beside you but we cannot take your labor pains away. But we are here to mop the sweat from your brow, we are here to take you under your arms and support you, we are here to give you our heart, standing with, beside you, behind you and around you with love.

That is our purpose in this and be able to share in messages such as this to let you know that you are on the right track and that life in fact exactly where it is supposed to be. We appreciate that this particular group has moved beyond the questions of monies and currencies and whens? And has been much more focused inwardly. That is a tremendous amount of growth that we wish to acknowledge in you. And know that one foot going at a time in front of another, you are on the right path. And even if you are concerned about whether or not you should be planning for a year ahead, five years ahead or ten years ahead, whatever you are planning, if you are doing it with love and with Divine Guidance, it will unfold exactly as it is meant to unfold and perhaps all you have at the moment is the vision from the perspective that you can hold in the moment.

Much as the planning for the lighting of the candle, you can plan for what you can plan and as those event begin to unfold in your world begin to unfold and you can have that flexibility and adaptability to move the way that you need to move and that is symbolic for each of you in your lives. It is symbolic for you in terms of your jobs, it is symbolic for you in terms of your relationships, it is symbolic in terms of where you are with your children be they adults or little ones.

You cannot put your lives on hold, Dear Ones. It is not a time to put lives on hold. It is a time to plan and build a consciousness. It is time to visualize and affirm. To write out what you see and what you feel for yourself. And as things continue to unfold you have the ability to be flexible and adaptable to maneuver on the path as you need to.

So go forward in faith and know that you are being led by your Higher Self. And that as more and more of that communication takes place with you and that part of your being that has a much larger picture of what is in store for you, listen to the messages in your heart and those messages will never lead you astray. And so this is a time, as always, that love in action, in your life, in your words and in your thoughts and as we are with you we are happy to be love in action with you as well.

So today we will take questions on this topic or what is happening in the world. Whatever you would like to discuss this day.

Question: This is about my husband’s dream. What insight can you give?

In part, of course one of the things we must remember when discussing dreams is that everybody’s symbols mean something different. And so, reading books are not effective, truly, in understanding what a person’s dreams may mean. Because there are levels of symbols that are universal that people will relate to and there are levels of symbols that are very personal. For instance, I would share, perhaps a person is standing by an ocean and their feeling about the ocean in the dream is, “Oh, how beautiful. It is so calming. The white caps on the waves are so pretty.”

Another person may have a dream of standing on an ocean and have a similar picture in the dream but they may have great fear come up because for them the ocean is frightening. Perhaps, they had a past life where they drowned and the ocean does not bring them feelings of pleasure. So, I want to share that before I discuss this particular dream.

So, let’s say that, in part, it is important for him to know is that he is feeling blocked in by his life in some way, by his previous thought patterns, by his background and he is seeing an opportunity to work out of that particular pattern. And the nine by nine is the completion set of numbers so it is time for him to walk out of that darkness and find the light and follow that light in his path. It is being revealed to him moment by moment. Can you take this message back to this one?

Question: What is my next step in spreading the light for me and my path?

Yes, we would say to you that your heart is leading you in the direction you need to go and so it is merely a matter of listening, listening to the direction and watching as things come across your screen, let us say, those things that come into your mind because more and more you are linked to those messages that are coming from your guides, your angels, from all of those who are around you and from your Higher Self. Again, this is the message today, that the Higher Self is more and more integrating with every single one of you in this room and for all on this planet but especially those who are Lightworkers and those who are awakened.

You will notice that there is a more direct conduit for information coming into your life. You have a path of healing opening up to you. The healing you will be working with will be to help people move at this time, through traumas in their lives and you will help them come into a more balanced understanding around. You will continue to reach out to people in ways that you have already begun but as you have inspiration along this path you will actually be receiving methods of healing from your Higher Self and from your past lives. And Susan and James will both be able to assist you in this process of helping you to access that information more effectively.

You are indeed a light in every place you appear Dear, and you are a light in every place you go. As you continue forward in your path see where inspiration begins to lead you. You do not need to know specifics but what you are moving into is a much greater area of healing and working with people and that heart that you have is so large that it will lead you in the correct direction! Watch your dreams. Watch TV shows. Watch for messages that come across your computer because you will be receiving messages from all places and they are magnetized to you at this time because it IS the time for you to receive them. Does that make sense to you?

Question: What is my role in this life?

You had quite an immersion today, haven’t you? You are opening up in many grand ways and what you will be able to see is that you are going to witness of the connectivity of all of life and of all of these things you learned about today and how they directly connect back to you in a way that will very much surprise you. You will be receiving messages from those that you have close to you in spirit and ways that will awaken you at times because you will be receiving more and more messages in that dream state between sleeping and waking, Raj, and what those dreams will be doing is providing ways to guide you in this world too.

Your life will take many changes and you are going to see that as you move forward you will be traveling around the world and you will be involved with many different activities that are of interest to you. We actually see you involved with many building opportunities for various and various peoples and places and you have to know that it is after the changes take place and then you will be moving supersonically around this planet and in charge in moving and building and helping to shape this new planet.

So do not be impatient. Wait and share! We look forward to hearing about the dreams that you share with this group in the future. Know that you will be having dreams of blueprints that won’t make any sense to you except that you had the courage to ask this question today.

Question: When I go to the Temple, what am I doing there?

This is a time that you spend in attunement. This is a time out of this particular realm so that you get clarity and strength and you bring attunement more deeply into your whole soul being. And so when you come back into this particular existence you are then moved in the directions that you need to move. It is all in preparation and unification of your various parts, your multidimensional soul parts. It is time to unite all of those things.

You take a lot of time and a lot of pleasure in examining your various lives, your past lives, your future lives; you take great pleasure in knowing totally who you are at all levels. That is why it gives you so much pleasure to be there and why you come back feeling lighter and refreshed.

Question: How can I help my daughter who lost her husband?

We wanted to take a moment to think about the entire big picture here. As you know there are no accidents so as horrible and as sad and all of those other human feelings that we have around these types of situations, this is something that was planned and it was a soul agreement that she had with her husband.

As hard as this is for you, it is not a time to be a mother in terms of wanting to “get her on the right path” let us say. It is time to be a mother that is just there in heart. Be there to fill her cup to overflowing with love and to be very sensitive to your grandchildren and very sensitive to looking at her actions and knowing that they are her way of dealing with grief. And that they are her way of muddling through a very, very dark time in her life.

And while it may seem that she is not productive in what she is doing, in her activities, around this very sad event and things that are unfolding in her life, we see that it will return to more of a state of norm when she is allowed to do the process that she needs to do. And so it is your job, yes, to be a grandmother, and to support those grandchildren and to support her with love but not to try to change her. Not to change her path, not to change her behavior because that puts walls between you and the daughter you love. It is your’s to fill her with love. We know that this is a huge task we give you but this is the guidance that we would give.

Would there be any more questions today from this group? Well, hearing none and feeling no more in the energy, we will let this come to an end.

Please know that the message that Ashtar brought to you last week and this I bring to you this week as a group is to support you and to continue to let you know what is unfolding on a moment to moment basis to the best of our ability. For there is much that you just need to experience in the moment. Be in faith and know that there is a Higher Plan at work and that your Highest Self knows what your part in it is, even if you do not in this moment. Do not worry about sliding backwards. Do not worry about making movements forward. Just live in the moment, day to day, moment to moment and yet yes, think about what you want to be planning for your future so that this ripe, fertile ground that is right in front of you is ready for your dreams and ready for that new life you are birthing!

We bless you and we give you thanks for your time and attention. We will speak with you again.

“One Who Serves”

We will be very brief here. We know that the energy has been sucked out in some ways in your experiences yesterday and we wish to share something with you very quickly here. And that is to continue to be who you are, wherever you find yourself, be who you are. Do not hide behind the rocks but come out in the front and be the person that you are, the Lightworker that you are. The one who brings the Light to all that you come in contact with.

We understand from your earlier discussion, and yes, we do “peep” in here and there and know some things that happen during those times, and we know that Natalie had experiences in her native land and she shared the Light! She shared who she was and she continued to be herself. And not hide as a wallflower.

It is important for each one of you to know who you are and to begin more and more to share who you are. To go about your mission. To go about your Father’s business as Yeshua said long ago. This is very important and wish for you in this time in your movement of consciousness, for you to begin to do that. To not hide behind but to come forward to share who you are. That does not necessarily mean that you are to hit someone over the head if they are not ready to listen or are not ready to awaken, only if the opportunity arises, if the question comes up, or of anything of this nature, then share openly as to who you are. Do you understand this?

It is very important now as the conditions continue on toward the mass awakening which is coming here, this is what we are asking now. That you assist with this mass awakening wherever you possibly can. This will also help to bring on what has been called the “Event”. It is all part of it. And you are a major part of it. You, the collective “You” who are the ones called the Lightworkers.

Would there be any questions at this time? We know you have already had questions but if there are particular questions that “The One Who Serves” can answer here, we are happy to do so.

Question: Was the violet light that I saw yesterday, St. Germain?

We find that this was an expression of the St. Germain, not so much him being there because he is quite busy now, you must understand. So there are many things that he and others, Archangel Michael and other renowned Ones are quite busy. Yes, they can be in many places at one time just as we can but it is important that a portion of himself was there for you to experience that which you experienced, you see? Does this make sense to you?

Question: Were there extraterrestrial or star ships there?

Oh, my goodness! Were there star ships there? Oh yes! There were extraterrestrial ships, star ships, Elemental Beings, Cetacean Beings, all of them were there. And yes, those of us that are called “Ascended Masters” were there. Please understand that we do not necessarily like the term “Master”, we use it because that is what you use. We are brothers and sisters. Always know that. So even though we will use your terminology we do not necessarily like it and it will not continue on very shortly after the “Event” and we will simply be who we are.

Just as the new member of the group here, the Raj, is who he is. Raj, “Do you recognize this personality? Do you have recognition here?”  It will come in time because we certainly know of you and it is not from this lifetime necessarily but it is from a past time when you were a chela, a student, that was working with a Master and those of us were also in those times with you. Not so much with the one you were working with but in the vicinity with you. You will come to understand this more and as the guidance continues for you to come to this group and it will come for you. Welcome here!

And we want to say it is very interesting and important that you have a group that has come together from many different areas of the world. And know that as you are preparing for your group project, is that not to unify the entire world? So what better for it than this group that is beginning the process? You are doing it right in this group. We are very pleased here and we will continue to do our part. We will continue to send them to you and to guide them to you. Whether they stay or not is up to you and those things that you do in the group, if it resonates with them. But we will send them.

We are done at this time. We want to say keep on keeping on, people. You have much to look forward to.

Shanti! Peace be with you. Be the One!

Channeled by  Dr. Susan Sammarco and James McConnell
Article may be reproduced in its entirety if authorship and authors website is clearly stated

Consciousness is the key to the Divine Codes – The Divine Mother Shekinah through Marc Gamma – 5-16-14



When you use the divine codes from Raphael and the Divine Mother it is important that you stay all the time in your heart, when you use them and draw them on the body, food or water. If you are not in the heart it will not work and the water code for instance will give you a wonderful reminder that you are not fully in the heart of yours.


When you face people trying to convince you that something is wrong with the codes and that they are not working, then they are trying to get you out of your heart space and this is something you can overcome in no time if you believe in yourself and the divine codes we have given to you. Only humans with an open heart, balanced and in LOVE will feel the effect of the divine codes given through Raphael and me.

I do know that you are not sure how to proceed with what you heard and read and I, the Divine Mother will tell you the following:

We are approaching a very important portal opening in the very near future not explained to the humans on earth. This portal of LOVE is in the building up phase and will start to transfer wonderful LOVE energies, when the humans have reached a certain level of consciousness. The portal of LOVE is connected to your heart and every person in the field of LOVE will receive it directly from the portal to the own heart.

This portal has such a different quality, so it will give you all the chance to grow and to be the LOVE you are. When you decide to be the LOVE and life in LOVE, you will receive it and this will make you happy and the bliss will surround you and flood you with my divine energy.

Coming to the end of this short message transferred once again to a male channel I will use if it is necessary to transfer some important message to you. I will come again when the time is right and then I shall give some more codes through another channel of mine. I will embed much more energy of love of the divine mother into the codes beside of some new functionality I will not explain here.

Wishing you all the best to find the LOVE in you that you are my beloved child. I am the divine mother and will be holding you in my arms when you reading these lines of mine.



Copyright © Gamma Marc. It is allowed to share this message in its complete form without changes and when the author’s name and the link to the original site is given.


Devi Prayer ♥ Hymn to the Divine Mother Akasha ♥ Music by Craig Pruess and Ananda Devi

AkashaLight1111·9 videos

Dedicated to the Divine Mother Presence of this Universe Akasha
Queen of Heavens .I found her at
May you feel the Akashic Force , her Divine Love and Grace that is everywhere …
I feel the Akashic Force of the Flower of Life everywhere and I desire to share my vision and feelings to all who love the Mother’s Presence and Feminine Principle of Life
Music by Craig Pruess and Ananda Devi Prayer Sacred Chants Of Devi ” Sacred Names of Mother Divine.
Portrait of Akasha by the beautiful Galyaa
much love ♥

Lady Nada via Fran Zepeda – It is like you are Completely Cushioned in Love Now – 4-4-14

Lady  Nada


Lady Nada (Received 4.4.14):

Hello dear ones, my precious frequency travelers and way showers for Peace and LOVE. You are magnificent. I cannot tell you this enough. You are riding along an ever-increasing wave of LOVE now. Can you feel it? Is it enveloping you just as you are enveloping it? Good. I can perceive this, dear ones, just as you are beginning to. And it is becoming such a part of you.


It is like you are completely cushioned in LOVE now, as you accept the beautiful energies coming in and as you spread them out. It is becoming so clear to many of you that you have arrived at a new level of your awakening. You have slipped quietly into it and now you are still trying it on for size and fit. And it is a perfect fit for You Now In This Moment. It delivers to you more peace and it delivers to you more clarity, does it not?


Oh, my dear ones, you are no doubt discovering that you really did not fully fathom before what it would be like to swim constantly in this Lake of Love, this Ocean of Love, this expanded you that encompasses so much more now. You have extended your boundaries and are much more comfortable in this expanded state, so much so that it is becoming quite familiar, and you are growing quite fond of the increased feelings of  this expansion, for as you allowed it and stopped resisting it, it has become such a natural part of your existence, and as you adjust your view to encompass this new vista, you will maintain and receive many new insights and revelations and a new side of looking at things that is so intrinsic to your new way of being, your New Selves.


I once again commend you for this giant leap many of you have taken. Allow yourselves to settle into it because there will be More! You are quite used to it by now and you are learning to set yourself back in balance quite quickly after a major influx of light and energy shift. You are being buoyed around by the Light, but just like an ocean buoy, you also right yourself quite quickly. As you know, it just depends on the strength of the gust of wind and the magnitude of the wave as to how long it takes to allow the ocean buoy to right itself, and so it is for you. But you are beginning to trust that you can and will do this, and much more easily, no matter what is “thrown” at you.


For you are so much more entrenched in LOVE energy as the base and core of you that it rules and governs now every perception and every action you make. It is at the center of you much more now. Can you feel it? I can certainly see it: Your Golden Glow of Christ Consciousness is so beautiful and encompassing now. You have indeed reached a new level.


The heightened levels will be coming much more quickly now, but then again, as I have said, you have the stability of your Heart Center more firmly in place and you can handle the climb. You no doubt feel this, dear ones. Oh, what a magnificent journey you have traveled, but oh, what a much more magnificent journey you have yet to encounter. The vistas are opening and you are in for such a surprise as long as you bide by your higher aspects and flow with the changes.


I beseech you to continue your self-care. Your physical body is playing a major role now as you develop and refine your crystalline structures. As you have heard many times, please allow yourself to listen constantly for what your body needs, whether it be in the way of rest, relaxation, time in nature, time in the sun,  clear clean water and/or pure food as close to its source as possible. And in concert with this care, your self-love will be just as important to maintain. Being LOVE, Being DIVINE, feeling it in your core, will carry you far in these coming days.


And always come back to your Heart Center and lead from there. Balance will come from that, and Balance in these coming days is very important. By now you are more firmly rooted in your grounding exercises, and this will carry you far, as you balance and align and stay at zero point as much as possible.


And so dear ones, I want to add, that you are really getting proficient at managing these energies and incorporating them into You, and in integrating all aspects of yourself as well as in staying more prevalently in the higher aspects of yourself as you integrate with all aspects of you and all your multidimensional selves as well as balancing and accepting all parts, making “friends” with all parts of you, as they converge into an integrated and balanced You in your emerging I AM Presence.


Some of those old parts that you have been “making friends” with are – in your acceptance and subsequent release of them, or transmutation of them into their higher aspects – making you more Whole. They have served their purpose and are now being transmuted to make way for a more refined and pure You.


It is a “Whole New World”, as they say, and you are becoming quite comfortable inhabitants of it.


I bid you farewell for now, but I shall return with more “tidbits” for your illustrious and continued awakening!


I AM Lady Nada, in LOVE and SERVICE.


image credit:

©2014 Fran Zepeda. Permission is given to copy and distribute this material, provided the content is posted in its entirety and unaltered, is distributed freely, and this notice and links are included.


Stars, Planets, Motherships – The Divine Mother through Isabel Henn – 2-27-14

(Translated from original language german)

My child, have you ever asked yourself if these stars that you see twinkling in the sky so glorious at night are actually all stars?

Many really are, also planets that are there, like Venus or Jupiter, who are so nice big and bright.

They are but so close to Earth.

Others, however, are motherships from your diverse stellar families.

Especially the big motherships are shining so bright that they look like stars.

They are living beings with a soul and a high consciousness.

They consist to a large part of pure energy that is changing and manifesting as the beings that live on them just need or wish.

The big motherships like my own, the Mesime, that means the ‘Light of God’, have their own habitats and in this sense are already like a small or larger planet.

They supply the beings that live on and in them with all that is necessary and they can use it for thousands of years and even longer to travel around the various universes.

But also the stars and planets are living beings with their own consciousness.

So is Gaia, whom you sometimes lovingly call Mother Earth a wonderful soul with a high consciousness.

She provides you with everything you need for your life and your existence.

Your body is made ??out of the materials making up her own body.

She gives you food, water, air and shelter.

Please be also lovingly in your interaction with her. Be careful with your ‘mother’. You help her with this to recover from a long abuse.

The lesser Gaia will have to let go of negative and low energies and this ultimately comes to your own good.

Do you understand that, my child?

Your Earth, my beautiful daughter, is not a dead rock covered with a lot of water, but a loving wonderful soul.

Esteem and love her.

This is my request to you, my beloved child. ~

Your Divine Mother

Copyright © Isabel Henn. It is allowed to share this message in its complete form without changes and when the author’s name and the link to the original site is given.


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Divine Mother Activation – In the Face of Truth – Lady Quan Yin – Channel Natalie Glasson – 1-23-14

rainbowabundance·1,554 videos

In the Face of Truth, Divine Mother Activation by Lady Quan Yin
Channelled through Natalie
It is with a heart filled with great compassion and gratitude that I, Lady Quan Yun, step forward to
greet you. Please know you always exist in my heart as my love is as ever with you as it binds with
the light of the Divine Mother aspect of the Creator which is so vividly in existence upon the Earth in
this present moment. I bring forth with my own energy the intertwining and connection I experience
with the Divine Mother vibrations so that you may unite with the same within and around you.
Whether you are male or female in physical form you have the ability to exude the Divine Mother
from every cell of your being. You have the ability and even the passion within your soul to express
the Divine Mother, enacting her guidance within your reality to enhance her presence upon the Earth.
The Divine Mother brings forth and ignites within your being the energy of protection on all energetic
and physical levels of your being. Beloved ones know that you are protected completely by the
Divine Mother vibrations but know more deeply you are the protection you seek and believe in, you
have the ability like a caring Mother to protect and cradle yourself in love, while protecting especially
energetically all those around you and upon the Earth. It is your own divine love that is your protection
and through your love for others you are safeguarding their energy and enhancing their own belief in
their safety in the reality you exist within.
The Divine Mother brings forth to you the energy vibration of sweetness, she speaks of the nectar of
life and of your soul, through your recognition of the nectar of life and your soul you are able to
experience the sweetness, beauty and blissful miracles of life, human and soul connection,
manifestation and the presence of the Creator as a realised vibration within you. Your ability to
experience fully the Creator in all its magnificence is your sweetness; never forget the gift that has
been bestowed to you. Through your focus, mastery and awareness of yourself you can experience
all that is the harmony, bliss, paradise and ecstasy which is the Creator. Sweetness is acceptance
in your entire being of the Creator, a process of surrendering to the flow of the Creator within all,
including yourself.
The Divine Mother brings forth the presence of truth, a truth that can only be spoken and exist in love.
A truth that changes ones perspective sheds one’s ego and yet has the power to simultaneously
inspire a simple expression of essence and a return to the innocence of a child. The child in you now
sees past all false energies, scenarios and manifestations, focusing only to what is true and pours
from the essence of the Divine. The Divine Mother embraces you asking you to bring forth in her
presence, the beautiful child within you, not your child self from your current lifetime but the child of
your soul, the essence of innocence of your soul. The part of your soul that gazes in wonder,
acknowledges the sweetness of the Creator in all things, sees past the truth free from judgment and
fear, while understanding with tremendous knowingness that all aspects of itself is cradled in the
loving protection of the Creator. The Divine Mother will support you as you allow yourself to ignite this
transformation; all she asks of you is to trust in her vibration around and within you. Know that all she
reminds you of is within your being; it is yourself to share with yourself and all souls around you.
Take a moment and invite the Divine Mother energy to be as one with you;
‘Lady Quan Yin I call upon your support and assistance in my reality now, please surround me in your
loving compassion so I may recognise the same within my being, emanating loving compassion in
readiness to connect more fully with the Divine Mother.
Beloved Divine Mother, I call your presence to intertwine with my own, bring forth to me your ever
loving presence as I emanate to you my loving compassion. I am ready to work with you to aid the
ascension of humanity, to allow the Divine Mother vibration to be vividly present in balance and
harmony within the vibrations of many people and the Earth. Let me act as an instrument of your light
sharing the love and truth of the Divine Mother in my everyday reality.
As I breathe your light and presence deep into my being support me in activating the innocence of
my soul and child of my soul so that I may bring forth into complete manifestation the innocence of
my entire truthful and divine being. Support me in gazing in wonder, acknowledging the sweetness of
the Creator in all things, seeing past the truth free from judgment and fear, while understanding with
tremendous knowingness that all aspects of myself are cradled in the loving protection of the
I recognise this may be a transformation I may not fully comprehend but let me be conscious of the
energies igniting within my being with your support. Thank you.’
Beloved ones, please know you are here as a powerful support for the unfolding of the truth of the
Creator on the Earth. You are present within the Earth’s reality to witness the same unfolding of truth
within your own being, acknowledging how it will influence the Earth’s vibration. One of your missions
which is now coming into play is to support the unfolding of truth within souls newly entering the
Earth, the children and new born into a physical body. With your choosing it can be your purpose to
recognise yourself as a divine soul and to therefore present these newly entered souls with the same
vision, perspective and knowingness. The Divine Mother asks if you feel guided to be a support and
presence of truth for children upon the Earth. See within yourself your own truth, the truth of the
Creator, be confident with knowingness in this truth whether you mentally understand it or not.
Looking into the eyes, souls and simple presence of children that you see with the same
knowingness of truth and as a divine instrument of the Divine Mother vibrations will be of tremendous
benefit, it is not about sharing words or wisdom but the process of acknowledgment which can be
expressed free from words or actions. Your simple awareness in the presence of children, unspoken
or undefined is a powerful foundation and support. They will sense the truth within you, your
knowingness and faith in presence of truth and the Divine Mother within you from a place of humble
love which will offer to them a support and foundation, an inspiration for them to ignite more fully the
truth of the Creator they align with.
The Divine Mother invites you to access your soul child, the innocence of your soul and to allow the
Divine Mother vibrations to flow through your being; energies of unconditional love, support, truth,
protection and sweetness let them beam from you with great abundance. Permit this sacred flow of
energy so rich with the qualities of the Creator to flow to every child and new born upon the Earth. Let
the divine vibrations flow to every Mother and to the Divine Mother vibrations within every being
whether male or female upon the Earth. Allow all to be dowsed in this light of the Divine Mother that
wishes to flow through all beings with freedom and to ignite from the truth of all beings to bring
actions of truth, protection for all, love, sweetness and support into the reality and consciousness of
the Earth for all to experience.
After experiencing the invocation previously shared with you, let yourself imagine the light vibrations
of the Divine Mother merging with yourself and extending across the world to all beings.  Know that
you are activating a new age and era for the Divine Mother, bringing forth the Divine Mother aspects
within all beings upon the Earth.
It is forever your purpose to support the unfolding of the truth of the Creator, from your being and
support the same in others. You will see this mission manifests in multiple and diverse ways which
constantly evolves in your reality. With the support of the Divine Mother let your face become the face
of truth, let yourself show and demonstrate the face of truth to others, knowing that you are only ever
showing the vibrations and qualities of the Creator through your expression such as through your
smile and gaze.  It is important to remember that the truth of the Creator can never truly take form or
be truly understood for when it does it only becomes a mental projection of the Creator no longer
holding the limitless expansion of the Creator. All that you can truly express is a vibration but this can
support the entire foundation of all beings upon the Earth, including yourself.
With the love of the Divine Mother,
Lady Quan Yin

Sacred Cosmic Fire of Perfection

Anrita Melchizedek·65 videos

The Sacred Cosmic Fires of Helios and Vesta ~ The Cosmic Fire of Perfection
Mp3 download
Elders Channeling…

On December 21st, 2012, we entered into a new Golden Age of Light as One Awakened Unified Cosmic Heart through the energy of Divine Love pouring forth from the Cosmic Heart of all Creation. In this Galactic Alignment of Light, all Life moved up an octave, and in this Cosmic In-Breath of Divine Grace, as all planets, stars, solar systems and galaxies drew closer into the Cosmic Heart of Mother/Father God, a deeper level of Cosmic Christ Consciousness was activated within the hearts and minds of all Humanity. This unparalleled activity of Light took us into Solar Christ Consciousness through the Overlighting of Helios and Vesta, our Divine Parents and Twin Flames to this Solar System.

As our Sun becomes the Central Sun and Mother Earth, the Spiritual Sun for this Solar System, Helios and Vesta imbue us in the radiance of their Divine Causal Body of Light and the new Earth Templates through the Cosmic ray of Solar Service, a combination of all twelve rays with a focus on the second ray of Love-Wisdom.

In the initial creation of our Solar System, Helios and Vesta directed the Light rays of Absolute Consciousness into this Solar system to maintain the planets in a particular orbital position, and to sustain Life thereon. Upon passing this initiation, the Divine Blueprint and Immaculate Conception of our Solar System came into being with the assistance of the Silent Watchers, the Might Elohim, builders of form, and Nature Intelligence.

And now, as the Patterns of Perfection are again being re-experienced through the new Earth Templates in this Golden Age of Light, we are offered an opportunity to experience the sacred Cosmic Fires of Helios and Vesta through their great Spiritual Sun Temple of Light, within the etheric Sun behind the physical Sun. These sacred Cosmic Fires are the Light ray qualities of the Ray of Solar Christ Consciousness, and spiral forth in beautiful copper-gold and pink-gold flames.

Additionally, as we are drawn into the Divine Causal Body of Helios and Vesta, we are surrounded in an Electronic Ring of Fire, a shield of pure God essence, further activated by our Beloved I Am Presence and sustained by the sacred Cosmic Fires of Helios and Vesta. This highly charged Electronic Ring of Fire is a collective atmospheric space of tremendous radiation that expands exponentially, from the Solar Grid of One Unity Consciousness, and from here, into the Planetary Unity Grid of Divine Love. This further assists the Group I Am Avatar Consciousness of Light directive in the focus of the creation of Heaven on Earth, and our ability to maintain and increase our Light Quotient and affect and create change within our realities.

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Invocation by Anrita Melchizedek
Co-Created by Adi’El
Mp3 download
Music by Michael Hammer

Be the Lighthouse – The Divine Mother through Isabel Henn – 11-1-13


October 31, 2013   Sirian Heaven


(Translated from original language german)

My child, I ask you to be there in the coming weeks and months for your slowly awakening fellow men. They are still half asleep and have forgotten who and where they are. Stand by them when they ask you or obviously need help. Don’t impose yourself on them, but be accessible for them. Be the lighthouse showing them the way to the safe haven. Take them by the hand when they ask and show them the way back to me. You already know it, my child. It leads through your heart. I love you. ~

Your Divine Mother

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Your Dreams – The Divine Mother – Channeller Isabel Henn – 10-20-13


(Translated from original language german)

My child, your Spirit Guide is now increasingly working with you in your dream state. You’ll gain valuable insights from your dreams. It is best to put paper and a pen ready in the evening so that you can write down your dreams and the resulting findings. You could too easily forget through the night, as it happened to my scribe this night. If such a thing happens to you too, just relax and not think twice about it. The memories will come back to you when you least expect it. Nothing is lost. Your Higher Self and your Guides will bring back the memories to you. Because they love you as much as I love you, my child. ~

Your Divine Mother

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The Journey Into Your Inside – The Divine Mother – Channeler Isabel Henn – 10-19-13


(Translated from original language german)

My child, without the veil of oblivion you could not fulfill your mission. The pain of memories would be too much for you. It was absolutely necessary that you forget everything so that you could work out anything new and in this working out anew you  can pass on to your fellow man your experiences and cognitions of it. The fog of forgetfulness was in this sense a blessing for you. Now it is getting thinner and memories, knowledge and skills are slowly but surely coming back to you. Through meditation you can speed this up a bit. Pay attention to what you see in it, hear and feel. Pay attention to what your intuition gives you and on your dreams. You’ll remember that way much. You are a multidimensional being, my child, and you know and can do more than you can imagine now. Start on the journey into your inside and rediscover yourself there. You’ll be amazed at what you can find there ~

Your Divine Mother

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The Divine Mother – Accept Yourself – Through Isabel Henn – Sirian Heaven – October 13, 2013



(Translated from original language german)

Love yourself more, my child. You have still to do something in this regard. And love your fellow man more. If you see enemies in them, they are the mirror image of your own. Then you are still hostile to yourself. Accept yourself as you are, unconditionally. Who says that your life has to be flawless? How can you gain experience when you are afraid of making mistakes? And you learn yet more from your mistakes and failed attempts. They tell you what works and what does not work. So live my child, and love yourself. Accept yourself. Unconditionally. Can’t you love yourself in as much as I love you? Without reservations and conditions? ~

Your Divine Mother

Copyright © Isabel Henn. It is allowed to share this message in its complete form without changes and when the author’s name and the link to the original site is given.

The Divine Mother – The Role of Clarity – Golden Age of

There is not one of you — and I mean this not only of humanity, but your star brothers and sisters, all the kingdoms that are involved in this unfoldment — none of you came to have an incomplete mission. Not a one. You have brought your mastery, and I have been adding to that since the day you were born. And I add to it again.

Now, why do I choose this period of time for the gift of clarity? Because it is a precursor to many events, physical events. The difficult times that you have experienced, through health, through poverty, through feeling that you have not been seen, that you are isolated and alone, is over if you choose.

When you are in clarity, when you are in truth, then you are in unity with us and with each other, and what previously may have been befuddling is no longer. (3) And because of that you are able to send your love and your clarity to the elements, or the pieces that need the infusion of energy to be unblocked, to be transformed, transmuted, brought into alignment, not only with my plan, but with my law.

So I ask you, yes, as your Mother, to receive, to share, to receive, and to anchor, and to allow this new awareness, to simply be who you are. Now, I know you have some questions.

SB: Thank you, Mother. Well, before I ask you a question, let me remind listeners on the east coast of North America that you’ll be listening to this at 8 o’clock p.m. tonight, and so it’s appropriate at the end of the program simply to go into meditation because that will be 9 o’clock in your local time zone.

Mother, my first question to you is I know there will be listeners who will want to know how this energy download, this tremendous transformational light that’s coming to us at the present time, and which has been predicted by many channels, fits with Ascension. There will be some people saying, “Is this Ascension?” Where does it fit in our progress towards Ascension, please?

DM: It is a precursor to the fullness of your Ascension. Now, you have been in your Ascension, oh, for close to a year, some of you for 10! Some of you for much longer. But this clarity, this removal — because what the clarity does is it removes the doubt, the fear, the confusion, the turmoil; it prepares you to simply fly through the portal.

Many of you, if you think of Ascension as a hallway, most of you came through the initial doorway back last December, even those who aren’t aware of it. But there has been a great deal of milling around. Now, the milling around has been useful, and you have been guided — by pillars, by Michael, by Gabrielle, by wayshowers — and often you have approached the gatekeepers for the fullness of the Ascension portal and you have been turned away. And they have said to you, on my behalf, “Go back and do a little more.”

And when I have said this, it has not always been that you had more to do, but perhaps you wanted to offer a little more help! Because you decided [to help] the collective. So, think of this clarity as if you have all been in this waiting hall, this doorway, this hallway, and it has become smoky, and the air has been stale, and there is debris on the floor, and the clarity is cleaning it up so that you all make the final rush through the portal. It is the immediate precursor.

SB: Thank you, Mother. Next question for you. One of our listeners has said that the energies right now are impacting her to the extent that she feels — and I’m using these words suggestively, not literally — that she’s losing her mind. Can the energies have disorienting effects on people? And how can we reduce those effects?

DM: Yes, they can. And that is one of the things that your channel has said … she is my channel as well! … that you are not here. (4) It is important that you not only connect in an esoteric manner with Gaia, but in a very literal manner.

And if you live in a city, still, go out and breathe the air. You cannot, right now, drink too much of my water. My water. Gaia’s water. The pure water. It will help the electric energy to not short circuit you. Your brain is being expanded. Your physicality has shifted.

Bring your attention, dear heart, to small things. When you have this clarity, and you are still feeling — yes! — like you are losing your mind, and I would suggest that what you value as your mind has been a very, very minute portion of who you truly are — but make [things] even smaller.

So perhaps you are picking up a needle and thread and mending something. Perhaps you are making a meal. Food is important at this time as well. The action of making food will help you ground. Touching, holding, Gaia, animals and each other, will assist you as well.

And then, if you are still confused, come to me. My heart, as you would think of it, has room for all of you. (5) It always has and it always will.

SB: Thank you, Mother. I can’t helping noticing the synchronicity of this energetic outpouring with the first significant opportunity being presented to lightworkers, which we call the Reval. There are no accidents, so I don’t really think this synchronicity is an accident. But if not, what is the relationship between the two?

DM: You cannot have a recreation of Gaia, of community, of society, of government, of financial systems, without the clarity.

It is not a coincidence. No, I did not come to speak of physical currencies this day, but I again will emphasize your spiritual currency. Throughout the universe, the multiverse, the omniverse is growing. Check your accounts, sweet angels.

So is there such a thing as coincidence? No. But in order to truly proceed according to your plan and ours, this gift will assist you because we don’t want you scurrying about or becoming entrapped in the old allures. That will not be acceptable.

So there are many of you who are involved in this, and you think, “Oh, I will invest in this or that,” and you are looking to the old Third! Look forward, my friends. Look forward to the seventh. Look what you have, the potential and the clarity and the direction to create! That is the purpose of the gift. I cannot be strong enough on this point.

SB: Thank you, Mother. Mother, if we could look behind the scenes, we know this is coming directly from you. But it’s also being passed down, I imagine, by many. If we could look behind the scenes, perhaps we could see all the beings who are involved in passing this energy down. Can you tell us a little bit about how this energy, which emerges from you, passes down through levels of beings and at last arrives to us, please?

DM: I will tell you two things because this infusion is in some ways an exception to the rule. Now, when I have begun this outpouring from my infinite being — and yes, our infinite being — (6) it is moving directly from me to you. Very few can stop anything what I send directly, (7) but when I begin such an outpouring, all come to my side! (8)

Just as you all have outer form and have said, “Mother, let us assist, let us help” so the seraphim, the cherubim, the archangels, the legions of angels, every ascended, enlightened being, your star brothers and sisters — and there is a very strong component, by the way, that the channel also did not talk about, with your star brothers and sisters – in this gift, they are all acting as transmitters.

Normally, it would come from me to my realms, to the dominions, to the serraphim, to the archangels, et cetera, (9) to the masters, to your guardians, and then to you. But that is why each of you is shining like a star with many facets. You are being bombarded by all of us. You see, there is no shortage of what I have to share.

Because of my plan, I am doing it in this way. So if you feel, sweet angels, a little unsteady at moments, then sit down and catch your breath. But keep saying, “I allow, I receive, and I am grateful,” because you are being transformed.

This is a group effort by all who serve, and is even being brought in in physical signals by your star brothers and sisters, both above Earth and on the ground. Receive. So this is an exception in terms of how we penetrate.

SB: Thank you, Mother. Three or four centuries ago, a lone initiate might receive a tremendous outpouring like this from his or her master, or from an angel, but at this time we’re all receiving it. Is that a correct statement?

DM: That is a very correct statement, because in many ways, consciously and unconsciously, which are becoming increasingly united, you have declared yourself as a single unit. Each element in your unit of humanity is unique, desirable, cherished. But yes, you are receiving this as one.

SB: Thank you, Mother. At the same time, we on Earth are the first to experience this current Ascension. What special responsibilities does that assign to us, in this case in relation to the outpouring of energy? And, as we go further into Ascension, what special responsibiligies does being first give to us?

DM: You are the wayshowers, the pathfinders for the next wave. And the responsibility — I am glad that you have brought this up — the responsibility is, as I have mentioned, the translating of the clarity into thought, collective thought, individual thought, holding to that potential and acting upon it.

This is a time of stepping forward. That is why I have made this plea to so many who still feel themselves in turmoil and pain to come home to my heart, so that you can then return and be in action, not just my action, but your deliberate, chosen, laser-like, direct action, that you can collaborate.

If there is one undertaking, one lesson that the human collective — all of you! — are learning at this time, it is collaboration and cooperation. That is the aspect of unity. So as you do this, you are setting the paradigm for the next and the next and the next. Because it cannot be achieved in a solitary manner. That was not my plan. And I am not changing that.

SB: Okay. Thank you, Mother. Now, there could be some lightworkers who may be waiting before they step out as way-showers. They may be saying, “Well, I’m too far in debt,” or “I don’t know what to do,” or “Am I really a way-shower? Is that really true?” What would your counsel to them be?

DM: You can be a way-shower in your bedroom. What you mention is part of the turmoil, the uncertainty, the pain. And I say this with the understanding, so you do not do what I demand, because I do not demand, I request, I ask. I ask you to stretch, yes. I ask you to step forward, yes.

But perhaps you are one in such a position. And so how you are acting as the way-shower is exactly what I have asked you to do. It is to receive and then send.

This is the request and the partnership. So your clarity will grow. But I am asking you to send it, not just to be in a public forum speaking of it, not to go to your place of work where they will fire you because they think you are insane, and speak of it, but to energetically share it, hold it, be it. And people will follow you because their heart is yearning for more.

There is not one being on your planet at this time, even those who have been worked with and put in containment. They all yearn for a clear sense of how and direction.

So, be the way-shower in your room. Then step out into the living room, perhaps, and share the energy with your children. You do not need to say a word. Then walk down the street and look at everybody you meet, in the eye, and smile.

The Divine Mother: The Role of Clarity « Golden Age of Gaia

Divine Mother Interview – Ascension Review – Blue Mist Energy Field (oct. 6 to Oct. 13) – Live Channel Linda Dillon – Interviewer Steve Beckow – InLight Radio – 10-7-13

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We’ve heard today that the Divine Mother had revealed that an outpouring of transformative energies will take place on the planet from oct. 6 to Oct. 13.

This is one of the events that Archangel Michael talked about and is probably the event that Blossom Goodchild’s sources referred to.

This week on An Hour with an Angel, we’ve invited the Divine Mother to address us and discuss these events, beginning with the one that’s happening this week, but also looking at what is up ahead, if appropriate.

Devi Prayer – Hymn to the Divine Mother

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Many have wondered who the Divine Mother is, yet she is part of all spiritual traditions as a Presence. This video was created as a communication of her Being. See also the sequel “Light of the Presence – God the Mother” –…

Our conversation – The Divine Mother through Isabel Henn – August 30, 2013


(Translated from original language german)

I am not unattainable for you, my child. This was only told to you from your religions. You don’t need a middleman to talk with me. I am but living in your heart, you are but a part of me. I so want to talk with you, I just wait for it. It isn’t difficult. You need only to go into your heart and be still. There I speak to you, you need only to answer. It is the gentle, soft voice that you hear there. Talk to me, my child. Answer me and we will continue a wonderful conversation together, because you have already talked with me once. Your soul knows me very well. ~

Your Divine Mother

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You are unique – The Divine Mother through Isabel Henn – August 24, 2013


(Translated from original language german)

You are unique in my creation, my child. You are not twice. Nowhere. You have unique abilities and a unique life plan for this incarnation. So don’t compare yourself with your neighbor, because also your task, your mission on earth, is unique too; like your way back to me. It would be but boring if all would be same. I like it to be colorful and very manifold. I can’t do without anyone of you because you are important like each one of my children, a part of the huge jigsaw and without you I can’t accomplish it. So be confidently and enjoy your uniqueness, my beloved child. ~

Your Divine Mother

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Merkabah Energies – The Divine Mother through Isabel Henn August 01, 2013


(Translated from original language german)

My child, work with the wonderful energies this Merkabah has brought to you. They are very strong and you can walk your further path with them and manifest your future. But be aware that also your maybe still existing negative thoughtforms will manifest with them. So pay attention to what you think and say. This only to your welfare, my child. ~

Your Divine Mother

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The Golden Middle – The Divine Mother through Isabel Henn – July 29, 2013


(Translated from original language german)

My child, find the balance and stay in it. Your emotions will still for a while deflect like a pendulum, but will find more and more in the middle. You will see that the deflection will become smaller and smaller and then come to rest in the middle. Stay there. It is the “Golden Middle” like you say so often. But don’t quarrel with yourself if it doesn’t go smoothly immediately. Look at your emotions and let go what you don’t like. Just simple; don’t think anymore about them. Give them to me, I will transmute them with my silverplatinum flame into love and give them back to you in this form. My love will fill your heart and let it come to rest. I love you so much, my child. ~

Your Divine Mother

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Heat and Nourishment – The Divine Mother – Through Isabel Henn – July 27, 2013


(Translated from original language german)

My child, my scribe has asked me how she can best cope with the current heatwave. With pleasure I share my answer with you.

Drink a lot of clear water. Please not icecold, but lukewarm. This is better for your body and let you sweat lesser. Salt your food more, with sweating you lose more salts, but not the normal salt, that you can buy everywhere. This is worthless and even damages you in that form. The healthiest salt you can get is unrefined Himalayan salt. In it there are still all minerals, all 82 elements, that you find in sea water, in amniotic fluid that surrounds an unborn child and even in your tears. These are elements your body needs, but are removed from normal salt by the industry for their own purpose and their own profit. Eat light, a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables, the best as raw food. Avoid the full sun, use the morning or evening hours to get sunlight and information. Don’t work too much, the energies are very strong and you need much rest. Enjoy the summer, my child. ~

Your Divine Mother

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Law of Attraction – The Divine Mother through Isabel Henn – July 21, 2013


(Translated from original language german)

My child, I have already told you, that you create your reality with your thoughts. But I see that you need a reminder. When you don’t like your life so change your thoughts, because that what you send out you will receive from the universe. It is law. Think beauty and you will receive more beauty. Think loneliness, disease and abandonment and you will receive more of exactly this. Think always positive and in love and your life will change in so much more. You will then attract and receive what you REALLY want, my child. ~

Your Divine Mother

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Co-Creator – The Divine Mother – Through Isabel Henn – July 19, 2013


(Translated from original language german)

My child, it was told you so often, you are a co-creator. You can calmly believe this because it is so. Has not my wonderful son Jesus told you 2000 years ago, that all he can do you can do too? So begin with it for the welfare of all. You know with your thoughts, words and deeds you create your own world. This is now valid more than ever. Your manifestations appear now ever faster. Be conscious of what you think, say and do and show me what beautiful things you can create, my child. Show me the love that lives in your heart and with which you can and shall manifest wonderful things. I am looking forward for this. ~

Your Divine Mother

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Bless your food – The Divine Mother Through Isabel Henn – July 13, 2013


(Translated from original language german)

My child, I know that your food and your drink don’t have always the highest vibrations for you. It isn’t always possible to get such food. But you can improve your food a lot with your own light. Take your thumbs and press them each for some seconds into the palm of the other hand. Not too hard. Then bring both palms nearer together. You will then be able to feel a prickling in them. These are the healing crystals I have placed there and which you activate with this. Then take your food or your drink between your hands or put your hands above it and visualize your light, that flows out of your hands into the food or your drink. Go into your heart and feel your love there. Let it also flow combined with your light into your food. Bless it with the words:” I bless you with my light and my love. I raise your vibrations, so that you do only good to me and provide my body with all that serves me, for my highest of all best. Thank you!” See and feel your light and your love in your food and know that you have just raised the frequencies of your food for the well-being of all. You are not bound at my words, my child, you can also choose your own words, like they are senseful for you. You have also in this your free will. ~

Your Divine Mother

Copyright © Isabel Henn. It is allowed to share this message in its complete form without changes and when the author’s name and the link to the original site is given.

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