Steve Beckow – A Global Call for an End to Gender Persecution by January 1, 2015 – 4-13-14

Gender Equality 22

By the power vested in me as a free and sovereign citizen of Planet Earth, I declare that gender persecution will end on this planet by January 1, 2015.

There’s no basis in the universal laws, in human nature or in any other context of life for the notion that women are somehow subservient to men. There’s no basis in any context that women can be mistreated.

This condition of unworkability exists solely because we allow it. It leads to a structural hierarchy based on gender inequality. And it now needs to end, everywhere and forever.

We tolerate gender persecution because we don’t think we have solutions that will resolve, dissolve and eradicate it. We don’t think that we can actually make a global difference.

But we do and we can. I’m certain of it and I declare it.

We on this planet are global brothers and sisters, unhindered by national, religious or ethnic differences which no longer serve us. I call on all people, wherever they are on the globe, to come together and rid the planet of this condition which keeps our sisters in extremity and our brothers in brutality.

On my own authority and say-so, I declare that unworkable conditions like this not only have no place on Planet Earth, but that we have the resources, capabilities and will, right now, to have them be gone.  And they’ll be gone through our own committed speaking and acting.

To coordinate our efforts, we need a society-wide deadline. I declare that our work will be complete by January 1, 2015.

To those who say it cannot be done by that date, I say that it can and it will.  By that date, according to globally-accepted measurements that we will generate, we’ll see the complete eradication of gender persecution on Earth out of our own committed action.

Wherever we can, and in some instances we may not be able to, I invite us to create win/win, global solutions that leave no residue.

I invite us to allow no element of fear to enter our hearts but to think the unthinkable and create the impossible.

I urge us to end the longest war in human history – the war between men and women.

I invite everyone to take up this goal or support it.  I call upon those who see flaws in our plans, not to oppose us, but to join us and add their expertise to correct what they see and ensure that our vision is realized, by better means.

I invite us to take on our world’s heartache as a sacred promise to the Divine Mother. I ask that we be responsible for it and assume leadership in it to see that our commitments are realized by the deadline we agree to.

I invite everyone on Earth to join me in committing to workability between the genders.  Research how it can be achieved. Contribute whatever you can to any credible organizations already at work in the field. Start projects yourself and link them up with others. I ask that this declaration be reposted widely.

Our actions will be like dominoes.  These two elements of global unworkability – gender persecution and, with it, gender inequality – cannot endure against such concerted, coordinated and committed action.

“Concerning all acts of initiative (and creation), there is one elementary truth, the ignorance of which kills countless ideas and splendid plans: that the moment one definitely commits oneself, then Providence moves too. All sorts of things occur to help one that would never otherwise have occurred. A whole stream of events issues from the decision, raising in one’s favour all manner of unforeseen incidents and meetings and material assistance, which no man could have dreamt would have come his way. I learned a deep respect for one of Goethe’s couplets:

“Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it.
Boldness has genius, power and magic in it!” (1)


Steve Beckow
Free and sovereign citizen of Planet Earth
Editor, Golden Age of Gaia
Former Member, Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada


The Poofness Report – News of Worldwide Currency Changes – Funds for Humanity Projects – 4-13-14



NOTE  –  This is an edited version of Zap’s Report. Link below will take yuo to the full report  –


ZAP says:













The RV Release date is now in a sealed envelope that only China and the IMF know the exact release date. This was done to eliminate the Illegal Currency Manipulation, ie FX Probes. The final tranches to fund the RV & GCR took place on Friday, and the United Nations has completed all items required for Iraq to become an Internationally Tradable Currency.

Iraq has also submitted all paperwork required to become a full member of the World Trade Organization. EM’s are now positioned to circumvent the IMF reforms and delays created by the United States if an agreement is not reached.

Devaluation of the USD is imminent, and the Treasury Reserve Notes are now in place to be released thus eliminating the Fiat Federal Reserve Notes. The Bonds have all been converted to the new TRN system and infrastructure to circumvent global corruption and criminal activity.





Archangel Raphael via John Allen – An Unstoppable Force – Unfolding Right Now – Global Currency Reset, RV, Ascension, Take down of Cabal, Environmental Relief, Cell Awakening, New Birth, New Choices, New Change, Prosperity for All, Disclosure, New Government, Return of Unconditional Love – 3-30-14


Archangel Raphael   –   Image Source


An Unstoppable Force

Hello, this is Archangel Raphael. I return to you today at a most glorious time. As we watch the world change we notice that things are not quite what they seem to be. Most of you have had changes in some form or another visit you in a most unforeseen way. It would be most difficult now not to have noticed any changes. Are you surprised? Are you impatient? Are you balanced? The change is here and it is up to you how you choose to feel about it.
Over the last few weeks there has been much movement in places that are still unseen. But this does not bother many of you anymore as most of you have realized that the eyes can be deceiving. As the patterns change around you the energy of who you really are takes on a clearer shape. This is not to be seen with the eyes only as most of you have realized. Your hearts have began to reach out and stretch and awaken from a very long slumber. The mind has been taking more time off lately as your feeling takes charge. We have noticed how you have mastered the art of discernment. With love have you gently said good bye to the paradigms of the past. With ease do you trust your feelings when reading messages from your star family.
We celebrate your new found power at taking control of this beautiful world of yours. With such power and steadfastness have you taken your power back. We dance as you organize yourselves under a common goal and get things done. When you find that you are having a difficult time with what you see, I invite you to think back to a time when this life was at it’s infancy. What changes have you seen in your lifetime? Wouldn’t you be amazed to find out the changes that you have seen in many lifetimes.
Let us visit your year of 2011 until now. Can you remember the changes that were being introduced to you? Do you remember the times in your online communities when some of you would argue about the changes that would come? Do you not see that the way in which you communicate with one another has changed? Can you remember the first bankers that began to run to the hills? How far have we come? Let us not forget the excitement among light workers during the last presidential election. Can you remember the mysteries of containment? One Pope resigns and the next one seems to break all of the rules. What about December the 21st? We have watched your impatience dwindle to just a spark every now and again. Can you feel it? What you feel is called progress. What you feel is called unconditional love. It has returned to you. You have called it forth.
What do you feel today? Have you noticed the blanket of light that has covered many of your hardships? Many of you are still swimming in personal difficulties. We see you. We are with you. But you are not drowning as much as before. The life preserver of hope is within reach now. You can see it. The awakening of your mother Gaia is causing you to awaken as well. You can feel her now. She can feel you. The happiness that fills her of the return of her children is touching everything now as we are all one.
The small pockets of darkness can be seen at last for what it is. Thank it for your experiences here and send it away never to return. When you do this you take it’s power over you away. There is no way now that darkness can return to you. The light that radiates from you now is more powerful than the dark ever was. Know this. Watch now as you come into focus.
It is important now that you allow for the possibility that things are often not what they appear to be. Be open for what comes now and continue to look outside the box. What comes next is the grand finale. Remember that everything is tied together. We have said this before and we remind you again now. What is unfolding right now is the Global Currency Reset, the RV, Ascension, the take down of the Cabal, environmental relief, cell awakening, new birth, new choices, new change, prosperity for all, disclosure, new government, and the return of unconditional love. Is there any reason to get down? Does worrying make you feel good? Does impatience open your eyes when your heart is already open? Brothers and Sisters, the change that you have called forth is here. Let the dark see you celebrate this.
The coming together of Light workers lately has triggered an unstoppable force. Your mass meditations and group consciousness has unleashed a divine power that will only grow. There are things for all of you to do now. Go within and speak with your guides about your path. Ask for the doors to be opened for you and you will find that you do not have to walk in alone. The up and coming RV will give you great possibilities in changing your world when you work together. Remember the dark side of currency. Thank it for reminding you that it exists and choose it not. In the name of love and light you can make it work for you until it is obsolete.
Greet this day with great joy and be in peace. Remain in balance for in balance will you make your greatest choices. As I leave you now, I remind you that I have not gone anywhere. We are with you at all times. Call on us. Invite us. Speak with us and listen for us within your heart. I love you and look forward to spending the coming days with all of you! Your Archangel Raphael.

Christine LaGarde – Global Currency Reset – Interview With Christine LaGarde – International Monetay Fund ( IMF ) – 3-30-14

Global Currency Reset·12 videos – Christine LaGarde discusses the reset and how it will take place. This video is required for anyone holding iraqi dinar. If you are expecting a revaluation, you need to watch this video and share it with others.…

Global Currency Reset Book –…

Cosmic Vision News – Geoffrey West Host – World News, NESARA – 3-28-14



Click On Ths Link To Listen To Cosmic Vision News

















St Germain via Goldenlight – Raising of the Frequency of Money – Revaluation of Currencies, Global Currency Reset – Our Rising Consciousness – Golden Age Nears – 3-27-14



Channeled by Goldenlight, © The Golden Light Channel. Please include this copyright and credit, original title, the full message unaltered, and a link to the source message when re-posting this message.


Dear Friends, I’ve been having an ongoing conversation with St. Germain lately about the world financial picture, including the revaluation of currencies and the global currency reset. Below is a message I brought in last night with a snippet from another recent conversation added in at the end. Please note I channeled this message in “stream of consciousness style” and I’ve left some of the punctuation out so that it reads back with fluidity, the way I brought it in. Love, Goldenlight


Hi St Germain, just checking in on the progress of the RV…just an update on where we are at in the process.

You are an important part of this transition, your messages have helped and uplifted many already and as you know this transition is about raising one’s frequency. The frequency of money is going to be raised by this RV (Revaluation of Currencies) and by this GCR (Global Currency Reset)… it will be raised to match peoples consciousness. A new paradigm around money will develop, eventually leading to a money-less society. We in the higher dimensions live without money because we are so highly aware that we are All One that we would never even consider living outside of that mindset. So we know that everything we do affects the whole and affects the good of All. Things are just of a different DENSITY in the higher dimensions… Things are more energy-based and not as dense as they are in 3D… We can pretty much manifest instantly here but we do it with the deepest intent for the highest good of All for we know that another’s well-being is our well-being, and vice versa. It takes the Golden Rule concept to a higher level, that to do anything to another is to literally do it to yourself… So we know that we affect things throughout the universe with each action we take and each thought that we have.

So getting back to this RV and the bigger picture of the GCR on Earth… what is happening is a balancing out of goodwill, energy, power, and well-being so that all may enjoy living on your planet, not just the elite, royal families, people in government or churches in power, etc. An even more advanced concept would be for each county to give its citizens enough income to live for each month or year or some increment of “time.” Some countries are already starting to do this, such as Switzerland (1). Easy for Switzerland to do because this country doesn’t spend its money on wars. Eventually it will all become one planetary nation acting as a whole for the betterment of All. Imagine such a society! It is a very real possibility for your planet in the future. The GCR and RVs of currencies will create a more level playing field which is also coinciding with a raising of consciousness and eventually a returning of your planet to full galactic membership. As you know, the surface population of your planet (2) has been somewhat “quarantined” (from interaction with other galactic star nations) for a very long time as an experiment, and this quarantine will be lifted as the consciousness of your planet continues to rise and your collective vibration begins to match that of the higher dimensional societies with which you will begin to interact after full galactic citizenship is achieved.

So this RV and GCR process is part of the process of the raising of your vibration and frequency to the point where you really begin to realize that your consciousness is actually One Being as you are all “Emanations of Source” as the Council of Angels like to say… So as you are all beginning to realize this you then begin to realize that you want well-being and happiness for the All just as much as for yourself and so as the planet awakens to this and that includes some of the power players. Then these players realize that indeed to uplift others is to also uplift oneself and the whole unit of consciousness on earth then really begins to raise to a much higher level and poverty becomes a thing of the past along with wars etc because each currency now has a somewhat similar value… not exact because they will be based on countries assets, but even that too will level out in the future as countries’ borders begin to dissolve in goodwill and harmony… as the wars stop, poverty stops hunger stops and the whole world begins to come together as one… do you begin to see the picture here?

Oh yes it is a vision I have seen many times in these wonderful channelings I’ve brought forth and I thank you for describing it so eloquently.

You’re most welcome and so this is all rolling along and progressing nicely because in fact all those who are involved are an intricate part of making this happen because it is a collective manifestation… So all good thought towards it is also helping to move everything along besides what is happening by the power players and by the hidden powers behind the scenes. This is an elaborate process that is rapidly coming to a conclusive end as one by one people are waking up to the truth of many things and realizing that there is a better way of how things could happen on Planet Earth. And the revaluing of worldwide currencies is a part of this and so it is all coalescing into a higher frequency vibration so that money becomes not a weapon of the elites’ power, control, wars etc, but a tool for planet-wide well-being and harmony which signifies a shift into the Golden Age.

That’s an excellent description and was easy to translate because of the vision you were showing me, thank you. So from an earth perspective, everyone here wants to know the answer to the big question of when we will see the RV and GCR?

Well as I mentioned when we spoke last time there is a strong likelihood of its occurrence before or during the month of April, as many things are colliding on that date, but it is difficult to estimate on an earth timeline when this will occur. Many things can shift a timeline and from a higher perspective dates are irrelevant… from my perspective in the higher dimensions it already has occurred as there is no time here and everything is happening simultaneously. So in order to answer your question it can be difficult as I have to tune into your current timeline of possibilities to give you an answer. There is a target date being set by some but it seems to be a moving target. Nonetheless all is proceeding rapidly now. What I can tell you is that, as many have said, the bonds have been released which signifies the release of the funds for the RV so you can see that that part of the process has been unleashed. There is also the worldwide situation of the collapse of world economies, which is also setting the stage for the RV of many currencies; the decline of the US dollar as the world’s reserve currency, the switch to asset-backed currencies worldwide (including the new UST note), etc. The dinar is the catalyst or first domino in a chain reaction of currencies resetting or revaluing worldwide. And everything is being set into place for this. The US is trying to set it up so that pandemonium does not ensue and this has been taking a lot of strategic planning, but things are almost finished being set into place.

Thank you for showing me that answer and for taking the time to talk with me tonight. I love the vision you showed me of the great shift in the frequency of money and how it is shifting into being a positive frequency used for the good of all rather than for destruction and power or control. So that instead of money being “the root of all evil” as some may have previously perceived it, it will instead be seen as “the root of all good”! I don’t mean this literally, of course, just that it is a huge paradigm shift. It is exciting that we on earth will be a part of this shift in how money is perceived and used for good and well-being, not just for ourselves but also for others.

Yes this is the higher dimensional way of things and the mark of an advanced society…to act always with the intention of creating the highest good for All. And as the earth’s populace moves into even higher frequencies, you will move into even more goodwill and love for others… eventually into a free trade and money-less society but that is a ways down the road. For now the transition in the frequency of money is a huge leap forward. That transition is occurring now and being fully implemented with the release of funds for humanity as well as the RV of worldwide currencies including the two catalyst currencies of dinar and dong which will set off the chain reaction of the GCR… Or: If the elite powers trying to hold those two RVs back continue to stall, the GCR is well underway and cannot be stopped and will catapult forward with those two currencies being included. Either way its a massive avalanche that is already underway. There’s no stopping it and and it will reach its conclusive endpoint when it is supposed to, and the raising of your consciousness, frequency and vibration is coinciding with the timing of it all.

Thank you very much again St Germain for taking the time to speak with us tonight. I will share this on the site with your permission?

Yes of course that is why I’ve taken this time tonight… Please share with all and know that this is a process that cannot be stopped now… and as sure as the sun will rise tomorrow, this is all occurring in the great NOW time.

Imagine a world
Without borders
Without poverty hunger or homelessness
Without wars
Where nations share resources
Where people share wealth
Where there is abundance and joy and freedom for all
That world is coming into being with each thought of each person in each country who focuses on this vision today
Thoughts create reality many people thinking the same thoughts creates the same reality
So focus on the world you want and you will be a part of thinking it into being
Never underestimate the power of your thoughts
Thoughts are Things



Excerpt from St. Germain conversation, 3-22-14

The transition to a new treasury note (TRN) and replacement of the FRN (Federal Reserve Note) is almost complete… Monies from China are in place to fund the RV exchanges for dinar and dong. The fed funds itself through debt, wars, and loans to foreign countries fueled by the ravages of war. This will all change… the new treasury note (TRN) is backed by gold and assets and held by the US Treasury and therefore (there will be) no need for debts loans wars IRS, etc.. It will change the entire paradigm.. We’re trying to hold off the RV until we can get new TRN in place, but we may just have to let it go and have a slow phase-in of the TRN… we just want to make sure your money is safe after your currency exchange and it will be safer when the TRN replaces the FRN, as it will not be based on debt. Eventually there will be a new type of bank, that is the kind of bank that should be in place, which serves the people… with no corruption… and is tied to the TRN not the FRN … Where your money is safer.

Wow thats great so not much longer right?

There are many events colliding into one goal and one direction of the Iraqi Dinar revaluing first, then the GCR, and hopefully this will all happen after the TRN is in place.

The iraq bonds are in place at 3.71 with the budget set at that rate to start April 1 so with luck it will go international by then… we just hope to get the TRN in place by then. And once the IQD goes, then it’s a domino effect on other currencies like the VND (Vietnamese Dong), Rupiah, etc.

Then the GCR happens as a result of that, as well as central banks being replaced by gold-backed and asset-backed currencies all over the world, along with the release of humanitarian funds also beginning to flow in earnest, and the erasing of world poverty starts to happen… colliding with the raising of consciousness and enlightenment as we head into the final Golden Age on Earth. Your planet has always been a showcase planet and will be restored to its pristine beauty following the restoration of full consciousness, return to full galactic citizenship, and the unleashing of free energy and planet-wide prosperity for All just as we have in the higher dimensions.


(2) i.e., not including your Inner Earth, containing the Agarthans (formerly of Lemuria), who are a higher-dimensional society and members of the galactic federation

Channeled by Goldenlight, © The Golden Light Channel. Please include this copyright and credit, original title, the full message unaltered, and a link to the source message when re-posting this message.


Sheldan Nidle Update – New Banking System – RV, Prosperity Funds – Abolish Personal Taxation – Suppressed Inventions Made Available – Cleaning Air Water Sky – First Contact – Mentoring You To Full Consciousness – 3-18-14


11 Eb, 15 Ceh, 10 Caban

Selamat Balik! We return with some wonderful news! Progress continues! The dark cabal is reaching a point where it needs to surrender. All strategies to disrupt the Light have utterly failed. A set schedule is now in effect to distribute the RV funds and prepare you for your prosperity monies. These efforts will also deliver a new banking system based upon the reporting rules agreed upon years ago. These rules will alter how banks operate and severely limit any kind of bank fraud. When all of this is accomplished, new governance can then freely and legally manifest. This new governance will abolish personal taxation and permit a new business environment to emerge. In this fair environment, presently suppressed inventions can appear. These devices will clean your air, water and sky and make possible a formal disclosure of our sacred mission. First contact is to permit us to travel to your shores and begin a mentoring program that is to lead you to full consciousness. During this time, you are to be reintroduced to the Agarthans.

The Agarthans live in a most beautiful realm and have watched over you for the past 13 millennia. Under their watchful eye, the Ascended Masters of your world have arisen. The myriad Sister and Brotherhoods are dedicated to return this globe to the Light. Each of them has contributed to your conscious spiritual growth. Whether under the yoke of the Anunnaki or their multitudes of minions, you have been restricted from easily following the wisdom of these grand spiritual masters. Due to this, a number of your ancestors were forced to adopt beliefs that favored the dark and its Anunnaki masters. Gradually, the Ascended Masters and their Agarthan allies have shone more and more Light on your spiritual affairs. Our arrival in great numbers, just over two decades ago, allowed this great movement to gain spiritual momentum. It is this sacred energy that makes possible the great triumph over the dark. Aiding all of us are those individuals who are appalled by the dark and intend to end their long reign of terror!

We now stand at the very edge of manifesting events that are the true preliminaries to your freedom and the rise of new governance. Elements are in play that have already legally forced the dark to relinquish much of its power and prevented large-scale international wars from occurring. The next steps are to end the power of fiat money and shake out the bankers from their lairs. These actions are to set the stage for a permanent prosperity that transforms global poverty and homelessness. It is to replace these horrible scenarios with a jubilee that allows all to get beyond current survival modes and come together at last to creatively solve the pollution and gross depravity that were on the verge of sending you into oblivion. We now are to interact with a people ready to accept its innate spirituality and inner desire to save and protect Gaia. This is to serve you well as you prepare to reunite with your Inner Earth cousins.

These events are to make our contact with you important. As you start to reach out and reclaim your spiritual essence, you are also to reconnect with whom you truly are. Your original Lemurian society was built on a model that you carried from the stars. This model is still in effect in Lemuria. Together you are to forge a new galactic prototype that embodies all of the varied forms of Galactic Society that exist throughout the Galactic Federation. That is why it so vital for us to return you to your former full consciousness state. Then you can produce a variant that demonstrates the vitality present throughout this galaxy. This new star nation is destined to create a natural energy that is to finally cement together this galaxy. Immersed in this grand Light, we are to do much to unfold the Creator’s divine plan. Your mission to the former Ancharans is to be an example of the wisdom you have accrued during your long night that has lasted 13 millennia.

   Namaste! We are your Ascended Masters! We arrive from Agartha with good news! The events that are to begin to transform your world are here. A number of incidents that slowed this from manifesting are now things of the past. The first few events to occur involve the monetary and financial systems of this globe. The post World War II world has been at the mercy of a number of major nations and banks. These institutions have currently been forced by our associates to relent. Bless all and let it be known that Spirit has moved and the Light has grown stronger! The birth of a new financial system, which is being revealed, is to bring you a grand prosperity and permit the shackles forged by the ravages of personal debt to be removed. A new method to move you to a realm that is beyond money has graciously begun. This realm is to ready you for your blessed transformation into full consciousness.

Ever since you were plunged into limited consciousness and then put at the mercy of the dark ones, you have been the victims of hate, division and war. Your ancestors told these sorry tales for countless generations till it seemed to be the norm. You are filled with the Light and Love of Heaven. Your fate is not to suffer needlessly at the manipulative hands of the dark. Rather it is to grow again into the Light and be freed from endless abuse. Then you are to realize your power and use our supervision to push yourselves into the Light and accept the grand gift that you are presently receiving with divine grace. Those who have worked so diligently are most joyous that their sacred tasks give you the means to break free from the heinous clutches of the dark ones. A time for revelry arrives. Be blessed and ready to accept these glorious, sacred events!

We are ready, at the right auspicious time, to address you and give numerous insights that can best direct you in your final march into full consciousness. This galactic event is to give you a number of special abilities. You need to have ones assigned to you that can easily bridge your move into a new and most exciting reality. We rejoice at what is now happening to each of you. This final glorious sprint will give a whole host of information about who you are and why you are here. This is to allow you to better understand what is now happening to Lady Gaia and how you can assist her in protecting the countless eco-systems that live both on and in her. This information is to ready you for reunion with your spiritual and space families. Hence rejoice and sing divine Hosannas to Heaven and to our sacred Creator! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

Today we gave you a brief view at what is unfolding around you. Be gracious and be prepared to accept what has been so wonderfully given you. The changes happening are only the precursor to our arrival and your formal transformation into fully conscious Beings of Light! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

Dr. Kathryn E May – Ashtar, Saint Germain, Zorra (Father God) – Malaysia Flight 370 – NESARA – World Currencies Reset – World Peace – Hollow Earth – – 3-12-14


Dr.Kathryn E. May, Live Channeler
NOTE: For brevity,  some non-guest commentary has been omitted.

Channel Panel Call 12-Mar-2014 – Transcript courtesy of Adept1
Welcome, this is Anne Dehart in Southern AZ, for our Wednesday night gathering.  I see that the lines are already overflowing!  We are gathering with Dr. Kathryn E May with Mother/Father God and guests – probably St Germain, who never goes far from his beloved Lady Portia.
Dr. Kathryn May is a clinical psychologist in the New York area;  when younger, she realized she had extra gifts that nobody understood, but now she uses them to help usher in the Golden Age.  Her website is;  her book of the same name has been described as “a manual of ascension”.  Kathryn has been traveling, most recently to Atlanta, and now she is working from her home, which is much easier for you.
Kathryn:  Anne has a wonderful website as well, called, where she posts updates and breaking news, and other channelings.  There is also information about how to order laminine and soul seed that we’ve been hearing so much about.
Now, tonight… I was asking who would be with us tonight, and got a whoosh of excitement.  Ashtar will be here to follow up on the message he gave me the other night that knocked our socks off, and about what is developing as a result of that.  We will also hear about passengers from Flight 370, where they are and how they’re doing. I bet that Father God wants to make a comment about that, too.  I think Ashtar’s going to give us an explanation of how they planned this and what’s behind it, and St Germain wants to come tonight, too.  It’s really exciting;  there is so much going on.
St Germain came to me on Monday before I heard from Ashtar, and I felt the excitement as he said, “We are making fabulous progress on NESARA.” Then I talked to Ashtar and he told me about the cigar-shaped UFO, the “weapon”, the Sky Dreadnought (dread-not)… <laughter> We are going to hear more about that.  The information is posted on the Facebook page, and along with that is some very relevant information:  there was a radar clip someone got hold of, and you see flight 370 flying north across Malaysia.  It gets just to the northeast shore and it starts to waver to one side and then the other, then back again.  Meanwhile, there are two planes on the radar;  they come across the screen, and one goes off out of sight, but the other suddenly speeds up to 4-5 times the speed of the other airplanes, and then it suddenly stops and stands still.  This is not the way our airplanes move, but do you hear anyone talking about this, in the media?  They don’t know what to do with such a hot potato! Maybe the plane turned around and went somewhere else, but if you look at the radar, it’s obvious that this plane wavered, stopped and the plane vanished off the radar.  Then the airliner vanishes, seconds later.  So we posted that on the Facebook page.




Kathryn:  Ashtar is really excited;  he wants to come and talk to us.  Let’s let him have his say!
Ashtar:  Yes, it is I, Ashtar!  Kathryn noticed I was champing at the bit to talk to all of you.  We are all whooping and hollering on the ship – this was quite a coup!
First, I want to let everybody know that the passengers on flight 370 are absolutely delighted spending time in Hollow Earth.  And when they come back, they will have quite a story to tell.  They will be interviewed on television, and stations all over will want to find out where they were and how it happened.
In case the cigar-shaped UFO that is now assigned to hover over every conflict on the planet, in case that hasn’t made enough impact, when the people come back from Hollow Earth they are going to give everyone an earful.
They now know all about our galactic plans, and how eager we are to put an end to war.  They were more than happy about the idea that they will be the poster children for peace on earth.  They have asked us to please use them as “hostage” to create leverage, to insist that governments all over the world must not only turn over all their WMD, but also agree to enacting NESARA law around the world in every country.
Now this may take a little arm-twisting and negotiations, and we’ve had to wait for a few days while the thousands of people, ships, helicopters, etc., from 12 or 14 different countries, scour the ocean looking for evidence that they crashed – which of course they won’t find.  They picked up a few plastic bottles or something, and thought that this might be evidence.  Of course there is no evidence because there was no plane crash.  We scooped up the airplane, as we have done before, took it to Hollow Earth, and all are safe and sound.  It is a shame that the families are suffering, and that we wish we could to put an end to quickly.  If any of you know anyone in Malaysia or China, if you know any of the families, please get the information to them:  the families are safe and sound in the loving hands of the Galactic Federation of Light (GFL).  They are being wined and dined (although we don’t drink wine but have better replacements);  they are being well cared for and they are having the time of their lives.  And, you know, none of them have ridden on a pterodactyl!
There is more excitement and I will give you another bit of information.  Many had their cell phones with them, and we also have their luggage, with their adaptors, and such.  We are able to tap into the networks, so eventually they will be able to send messages to their loved ones.   First, though, these crews who are SURE they will find some evidence, must finish scouring the entire Asian continent.  There are stories about “maybe the airline turned around and went back across Malaysia” but of course they didn’t.  It’s very obvious on the radar that our ships were just off the coast, anticipating… We did actually choose this airliner itself because of the group of passengers who were there.  When we captured the airliner, we were very careful.  There was no harm to the airliner or the passengers or crew.  They hardly felt a bump.  We can catch and carry a large airliner with no problems;  our ships are enormous.  We were disguised are airplanes in shape as we flew across Malaysia to position ourselves closely enough to capture the plane.  It vanishes suddenly from the radar.  You have seen it;  they have seen it.  Those radar pictures have been suppressed but thanks to the internet you all have it now.  Many have posted it;  so many have it now that they cannot suppress it.  There is the proof.
Yes, we need another name for our ships besides UFO. We are not ‘unidentified’;  we are flying objects, I suppose, but we do need another term.  How about federation ships?  We are no longer from outer space, we are right here in your atmosphere, although we did originate from all over the universe.  Let me tell you our plan.  We are going to use the cigar-shaped ships, the one that was over the Ukraine that was filmed and posted everywhere, too.  There will be better films to come.  Of course, there are trouble spots in the world that are not easy for our light-workers to reach, or for film crews, either.  Syrian, Somalia, there are no more American reporters there.  You will notice that anywhere a conflict kicks up, you will be seeing this ship, and people will start to associate any sort of war-mongering, any conflict and/or withdrawal of troops with the appearance of our ships.  Already Putin is taking his troops back to their barracks – a wise decision on his part.  And now, if necessary, we will begin lasering a few tanks or weapons – never when there is anyone around, of course.  There are many storage areas out in the open, and we can just melt a few tanks or weapons, and see if that hits the news.
There are a few pictures on the Internet showing that we have already destroyed underground storage facilities that were holding weapons of types that you might not even be aware of.  They are defunct now, but you don’t see that on the television news, do you?  It’s interesting how they can suppress this.  You would think it would it would be big news if a 600’ storage place holding all kinds of weapons has been eliminated.  You would think that if several have been destroyed this would draw the attention of local news.  It did create quite a flash!  They managed to suppress that, too, and it give you an idea of who controls the media.  Of course we will put a stop to that.  We had to work around it… you liked our clever use of the old Turner Network, and it seems a nice way to begin.  As I mentioned in the message to Kathryn the other night, it was sort of an elbow in the ribs to Ted Turner, hoping he would sign up and help us get the word out.  But as you said, there is information on his desk, or those of the people on the ground.
Let’s see, where will I pick up to let you in on more of our information. Many will have read our message and I want to fill you in a bit.  There is of course a large connection between the cigar-shaped ship and flight 370 and the introduction of the NESARA law, which will shift the entire planet to a new way of governing.  We are so excited, we are beside ourselves at this opportunity.  WE had to take it into our hands because of the new blackout.  We aren’t ready to take over all the stations as we promised;  that is coming, though.
We wanted to do this a bit more gradually.  The capture of the flight, the announcement of the UFO, and its capabilities… you know that this story has been handed up the line and that there are now any number of military leaders having apoplexy at having been boxed into a corner. What can they do now?  Do they dare ignore it?  They’ll try to do that for a little while.  Do they dare ignore an airliner that disappeared so close together – is there a connection, they are asking.  Well, of course there is!  Now some of them are getting our infamous description of the awesome weaponry that is available on this ship.  Of course, we will never use our beams to wipe out whole countries and repopulate them – of course this is nonsense, but it does sound pretty frightening, doesn’t it, especially to the cabal because that is exactly what they would like to be able to do.  You bet they are jealous!  And they appreciate the power and the absolute control that is possible when you have such technology.   That’s the way their minds work here on planet earth because everyone’s thinking has been contaminated by the cabal, their paranoia and the dark way they operate, and the constant control and who is going to control what?
We do not see ourselves as controlling anyone.  We offer our strength, the technology we have developed over millions of years, and we offer it for your protection, well-being and the good of all.  We offer to help you gain your freedom. WE are delighted to do this finally for the inhabitants of planet earth.  We do this by agreement with Prime Creator and the various Councils that have consulted about these things for centuries now.  We have finally been given the green light to help out.
As you can tell, we have used restraint.  Our help has been subtle and suggestive, but not in anyone’s face up until now.  It’s time to make it more obvious, and I can tell you we had a very good time writing that piece, creating it to show the world what an awesome ship we have and what it’s capable of, and how they’d better listen up because now all those puny little weapons even the secret governments of the United States and those European families with their strangle hold on the planet for centuries… you can bet they were experiencing shock and awe, because nothing they produced comes even close to what we have and what we take for granted because we’ve had this technology for eons – long enough to know you cannot keep peace by making war.   We have no intention of intervening in a war;  we have never done that on planet earth.  We do not intervene in your wars, or bless one side or the other.  We do show ourselves to remind people what they are doing is dangerous and unacceptable.
We have a program now that any time there is a ‘duck-duck’ on the planet, it does leak out that people are seeing the cigar-shaped UFO. Now there will be websites about this UFO, getting out the information, and eventually everyone will know about it.  In the next phase, we are looking to create an environment in which we will contact all the leaders of all the countries and let them know (especially the ones with citizens on the plane) that we are open to negotiating with them, and that the passengers will be freed when they have signed the NESARA law in their country. As soon as this gets out, that will be the next challenge.  We’ll need some help with that.
As soon as the world understands that the ‘hostages’ will not be returned until the law has been signed into effect, people will begin to hustle.  They will fall all over themselves to negotiate… or drag their feet… or agree but not actually sign it.  We know all their tricks and we will be putting on the pressure.  Of course we are not holding the passengers against their will, and if they want to go home, we will send them.  But many are determined to stick it out until the last paper is signed because they are delighted to be the ones who will bring about world peace. They are now the diplomats or representatives of their countries, and if we don’t get some action you’ll be hearing from some of them. They are out-spoken, they are well-spoken, they are dedicated, and they really understand the importance of this project.  It is an exciting time!   It is a very exciting time!  There are many levers to pull and negotiations to be arranged, and there are delicate ways of approaching this, so we don’t expect any of you to go off half-****ed and start talking about this in hysterical terms.  We are proceeding carefully, with respect to all concerned.  There will be no real threats but as you can tell, the letter we wrote carries an implied threat.  We are telling the world that we will no longer permit the destructiveness and bad behavior that has been the norm.
That’s my update for all of you.  I hope you understand.  I will repeat as many times as necessary:  we do this for the good of all, for the entire planet, and we do this with love in our hearts, for we are your brothers and sisters.  We hold you as precious in our hearts.  We know you have suffered, and we wish to help you put an end to it.  Do not think that I am saying to you that we are going to take over. It is not so.  We are not taking over anything or anyone.  We have offered our help and at any time should the passengers decide they don’t want to be involved in this, they will be taken home… but we are not going to advertise this.
The world does not understand how we operate;  many of you do not understand, because in our negotiations is the depth of love, respect and concern for all involved.  We do not make war or create division.  This is why we have taken this type of diplomatic action. We do not take sides, we simply try to arrange things so that no one is hurt.  Even the dark ones who created the problems will be given the chance to come forward and ask for help.  We will gladly give it.  We have no intention of creating dissension.  Think deeply about what we have told you and you will see how carefully thought out this is.  We have created an opportunity for people to come forward, be courageous, carry the light and join with us.  We offer our help with an invitation to join us, and of course that means the ultimate invitation to for people on the surface to join the Galactic Federation of Light.  You have not been member until now;  the planet was under the control of the cabal, and we do not permit such in the Federation.  Now blessed mother Earth will be given the opportunity to join us at last.  Of course Hollow Earth and Inner Earth are already members, and now you will finally be able to join us.
So look into your hearts when you read these messages and try to understand what we are  doing.  Do not assume this is a lie or a trick.  No!  You know that any game has strategy, and you have seen a bit of strategy on our parts, that’s all. If you were a football coach, you will teach them some intricate plays, and that’s what we have been doing.  We are on the side of Light, and our intentions are to bring you the peace and love we experience in the higher dimensions.  We wish you well, and love and happiness and joy.  We are here to stand by your side, and bring you the glorious paradise that has been promised. You have made this possible!  Do not find yourself spreading around the internet, “Oh, this a lie;  it can’t be true, because I cannot believe it!”  Why can’t it be true?  Just because it hasn’t happened before doesn’t mean it isn’t true.  It has taken a long time but we are building momentum, all of us together – not just those of us in the higher realms or on the ships, but all of us together are building momentum.  You can feel it happening.  We have crossed the line.  There will be no more nuclear warfare, destruction of planet earth or need to rescue everyone on the planet because they are in danger.  The plan has changed!  There will be no Armageddon;  it’s going to be brighter and more fun every day.
So I come to reassure and encourage you, to cheer you up and help you change that direction that says “Oh, this doesn’t match with what someone said over here and therefore it must be lies!”  Don’t be silly.  People see this from different perspectives.  Look for the light and the successes;  look for the real change that is happening, because it is happening everywhere. Notice the disasters are waning.  Yes, you still see some vapors in the sky, but those are simply leftovers.  People think they are creating illness and control but it’s not working. There will not be a plague;  we will not permit nuclear war.  You are working with us;  together we are creating this.  Watch, listen, be aware, and put your shoulder to the wheel.  Be part of the solution, as you say!  Be part of the hope, not the one who say “I’m a skeptic, and I’m going to disprove everything criminal Ashtar says, and these horrid people who say there’s a whole through the middle of the earth!”
Ignore those people.  Don’t read that stuff. Listen to your heart.  Let yourself be uplifted.  It is all happening!  Unfortunately, you don’t have a media to tell you about it.  There is no media that will tell you about the news, so don’t count on that.  There are sources on the internet, and these channelings;  listen carefully.  Along with the words, we send you vibrations to help you lift yourselves.  This is all about Ascension, dear ones.  It is all about raising your vibration, and if you tearing down someone else, you are not raising your own vibration. Join in uplifting yourselves;  leave behind fear and the suspicions that cause you to doubt anything that sounds good.  That’s not skepticism, that’s just close-mindedness.  Look into your heart and question:  “Am I just despairing and being negative because I’ve experienced that before?”  Well, it’s understandable if you’ve been disappointed or had a hard life.  I assure you, we are working hard on your behalf, and our beloved St Germain, who has been much maligned lately, has been working day and night to help.  We have to have fast footwork to keep ahead of the cabal;  that has been our goal, our challenge and our triumph.
It would have been nice if it could all have happened on 21. December, 2012.  Not everything happened that day, but that was the beginning of the watershed. It has been gaining momentum ever since, this wonderful ride that will conclude in your Ascension.  That’s not an ending, but the beginning of a whole new life.  I hope I have encouraged and reassured you;  all is well, progress is being made, surprises are around the corner, and if you have an open mind and a sense of humor, you will delighted with what we have in store.  Be ready laugh, cheer, celebrate and dance in the streets.  There are wonderful things coming. Open your hearts and minds, and don’t try to figure it out according to anything you have experienced before.  It’s going to be fare more interesting, complex and wonderful than you can imagine!  I will now let my brother St Germain speak with you, and Father God as well.  Mother God has turned it over to ‘the guys’ for tonight.  There are masters here with us, and the feminine power is ascending, and we rely on the women to bring messages through to those on the ground.  We have such an effective powerful team, and all of you are part of it. Salut, everyone;  it is I, Ashtar.
saint germain - in suit
St G:  Greetings, beloved Anne, Lady Nada.  It is I, St Germain.  Yes, we have been experimenting and I am very comfortable today.  I am very excited also;  Ashtar has been giving you a bit of an overview of what’s going on.  It’s exciting, isn’t it! Our dear brother Ashtar is finally able to show his brilliance.  None of us are military, exactly, but Ashtar is known as the Supreme Commander and this is where his special intelligence and humor came into paly.  What a design this is.  There are generals on earth who would be envious of his strategic abilities.  Of course, we never do anything alone.  We don’t ‘have any generals in higher dimensions;  every project is a group project, and that makes it more interesting and fun.  We did have quite a laugh as we helped him write his piece about the ‘sky dreadnought’, Ashtar’s name for his ship, or rather the Sirian ship.  That is quite a clever moniker for that ship, don’t you think?  It’s supposed to sound fearsome, but he explained the play on words:  dread-not.  Dread not, folks;  we are not planning that resembles what the cabal does.  We just like to outmaneuver them.  It is fund seeing the toy soldiers dashing about trying to figure out what to do.  They are learning lessons.  Everyone here has learned that lesson:  arrogance leads to nothing good.  It puts you in the position of hurting others, doing senseless and insensitive things.  This is not what we do.  It is possible to out-maneuver them because we would never use tactics of alienating or destroying another person or causing them pain or heartache needlessly.  We don’t do that;  we never try to take control of anyone.  And for this reason, we win friends everywhere.  We create networks.  We have people joining with us because they will never be asked to do something they regret. Imagine a life in which you never have to do anything you regret… this is our motto and our way.  We do not do things in such a way that when the end becomes clear, we can say that it was difficult and we had to do some hard things, but in the end everyone benefits.  Most of you don’t dwell in the higher dimensions, so you have only your experience to go by;  we understand that.
We know you’ve been disappointed that these things that have been happening, like the RV dragging on, but we know that in the end you will be delighted!  We can see that ahead.  We can see that the outcome will be so brilliant and wonderful that you will say to yourselves, “Why was I complaining when it was only getting better and better?”  Yes, there were some shenanigans with the cabal, but that is not the reason for the delays.  They occurred to protect you and make sure that when your blessings come you will enjoy them and not be robbed. How awful and disappointing would it be if you were given these wonderful blessings and then the banks kept them for themselves. They could have done that, you know.  And they were trying to do that!  “Oh, well, we have no record of the five million you deposited here, sorry.  Take it to the courts.” And then they would pay the judge two million to know nothing about it.  That’s what was in the pot;  this is what they were stirring up, to steal your money.  We would not have stood for that.  Every time they came up with some new trick to rob you, like an NDA that said “if you talk about any of this, we have license to take away all your money”… well how do you think that would have been used?  There would have been chaos!  And if even one person had been robbed, that would have ruined everything.  We could not allow that, so there was a delay.  And you know how clever they are, there were lawyers everywhere, working on new strategies, new tricks.  Of course, we were trying to convince those in charge that they should back off.  Each time we thought we accomplished that, someone would create a contract or way of creating a financial instrument based on 35 pages of intricacies that would have ultimately robbed you.  That’s what was in the works, and we were trying to prevent.
So when the GCR is finally instituted, and it will be soon, and when your RV of your currencies here, the ones you will be able to cash in and receive your blessings, when it does happen, it will be simply, exquisitely joyful.  You will not have to worry about half of it being taken in taxes, as was considered a few months ago.  If your rates are not as high as you hoped, that’s not a bad thing.  The rates are lower because there have been so many taking part in this program.  As light-workers, you can enjoy sharing these blessings.  Can you resent that?  Can you possibly think that is a bad thing, that you are not getting quite as much because so many light-workers are also getting the blessings of wealth?  Those are the friends, loved ones and family members who have finally awakened. They will be sharing the wealth, and the more of you are creating this abundance the farther your reach and the safer it will be for all of you.
I can assure you, you will not need to squirrel your money away in trust for grandchildren who have not been born yet.  There will be such abundance in the coming years and months that there will be no need to for foundations, trusts, annuities and savings accounts that will come due in ten years.  Don’t bother.
This is about NOW.  Now is the time to share, not to create a foundation and gather a board and spend a year planning what you might with the money.  Do it now!  Yes, you can create programs, because some things take a while to come to fruition.  I’m not discouraging that.  I certainly know that! It has been a while;  I started this work, the day-to-day work, of creating prosperity funds, and finding the people to administer them… it has been hundreds of years, without a break. Now, all of this is coming to the wonderful finale, and here we are, with you, close beside you, talking with you all week long… we hope that you enjoy our communications, and understand our intentions.  We have not tried to drag you along, trick you or lie to you.  No one has lied to you!  We do our best to create with you.  When we say YES, it is done, it is done.  This is how we create.  You have been taught about manifesting. You must say “It is done” and then it is done. So say it with me now, all of you:  IT IS DONE!  Our abundance is here!  We are celebrating our new Golden Age together!
And this how it is done.  It is not a mystery.  We have not been teasing you or lying to you… of course we haven’t!  We have been encouraging you, telling you what the difficulties were all along.  Of course we haven’t laid it all out, that would have taken a map the size of the globe and million hours to describe some of it.  We tried to give you the tone, and described what we are overseeing.  You are the boots on the ground.  I talk to you through my twin flame as many of the Masters do, friends and familiar colleagues.  We love to talk with you, and you are creating it.  We give suggestions, help, emotional support and love.  We nourish you with our love, and when you open your hearts, you become brilliantly effective, powerful and able to make this happen.  It is you;  we cannot do it ourselves. You have no idea how powerful you are in an human body, when you combine your mind and heart, you ARE the creator race.  You are masters.  Stand up on your hind legs, and join with me. I never want to hear anyone say again “when are they going to do this?”   I turn back and say “When are YOU going to do this?!
You cannot do this alone and we cannot do it alone either.  We are in this together.  Never imagine that it’s anything but that.  We are a team!  We are all masters;  use your mastery and vision.  Use your creativity to manifest what you want.
This is the path to Ascension and also to great happiness. If you don’t like how long it’s taking, speed it up! Join with us, and now, let’s do it together. I am going to count from three to one, and say “It is DONE!”  When we do that, I want you to envision all your favorite images of what prosperity will mean.  Giving our money on the street corner?  Giving checks so your grandchildren can go to college?  Helping your children find a beautiful place to raise their children?  Helping your neighbors, an elderly person who wants to live in a protected community?  Helping mothers to find care for their children and themselves?  Helping the children buy a bicycle, buy books?  Sending children to school with a good lunch?  Do something that will raise a person’s spirits and speed them on their way.  Think not about the color car you want to buy for yourself – well, you can do that briefly.  What matters is not what you do for yourself, although it’s good to lift your own heart, too. When you celebrate your blessings, know that this is not about the money.  It’s about camaraderie, triumph and freedom.  If you have been enslaved by financial systems, then we must help you free yourself by doing something that simply overwhelms the financial system.
Now you know that the Federal Reserve Bank is going out of business.  It’s hardly made the news apart from announcements that the Chinese may buy the FR, in order to bury it.  The Federal Reserve Bank doesn’t really exist apart from the privileges it allowed the people in charge.  Once it is dissolved, there are not privileges or money, there is no real power except for what was given to it and to the families that owned the bank. It was just a scam.  So what they would be buying is the name, and they would get rid of it.  If that is the only way to get rid of it, they will agree to do that, and they will use prosperity funds to do so.
Do we turn over the money to the cabal?  Of course not.  We do have our way.  We are arranging behind the scenes to create a NESARA world. You heard Ashtar talk about the leverage we are creating.  Well, some of you might say “how distasteful to use people to extract promises.” How else will you convince leaders of countries who are smug in their power and think they control everything.  What kind of uprising will occur if the president of that country decides that he is not going to repatriate his own citizens?  How long will he stay in power?  We have to play their game, but we do it with love, and love will triumph.  The love of those passengers on flight 370, they will never forget this adventure.  The families who welcome them back, their hearts will swell with love and pride when their family members come home and bring peace to Mother Earth.  Would you not sacrifice a week or two of absence from your loved ones, even the fear that they might be gone, would you not be willing to suffer that if you knew your beloved would be bringing home peace to your country and to your world.  I don’t know of any families who would deny that;  I don’t know of any mothers who would not be proud beyond anything they felt before to know that their child would be the one to bring such wonderful news or create such change by their own loving actions.
Think of it!  I have heard many say “I wish I’d been on that airplane!”  yes, indeed.  It will be a magnificent time ahead.  Now, I’m sure there are many questions that people have, and I know Father God would like to fill in.  I will step aside, and let’s hear from the others.  Namaste, all.  I am your St Germain.
Anne:  Namaste, St Germain.  Thank you!  What a saga we’re witnessing, in real living color! WE are the privileged ones to know the inside story, and to watch it play out…  I can open up Father God’s line, and also open people for questions.  What would you prefer?
Kathryn:  I bet Father God has some inside information about those passengers. Let’s ask him!
Zorra:  Indeed, beloved Masters!  And how be you?
What has been said has been quite interesting and informative. Concerning the craft on the radar before changing shape, it was a disk shape before, and then to blend in it took on the appearance of another jet.  Anyway, what transpired there was that before the take off of the Malaysian aircraft, there was maintenance that was not well done on the aircraft.  It took off and when it got over the coastline it experienced hydraulic failure. It banked to the left and to the right, and it had difficulty with its flaps. It gained altitude, contrary to the direction of where it was wanting to go. As it started gaining altitude, the flaps were fixed in a position to raise the craft.  If it had continued, it would have taken a quick journey into the stratosphere and into space.  It would have not reached that altitude because it would have been destroyed.  Ashtar dispatched the craft to intercept, which it did.  It suspended it in mid-air and that was perplexing to the air traffic controllers, seeing this craft at 30,000 feet.
Anyway, when the ship was suspended, they boarded the aircraft and gave the opportunity for people to make a decision.  One was to make the transition to 5th dimension, and the other was to go on board the aeroship that has suspended the ship.  Many decided to go on board the Ashtar vessel and they were granted that opportunity.  The others that chose to transition were allowed to remain on the aircraft, which took a nosedive directly into the ocean.
Kathryn:  They found no wreckage;  was that on purpose?
Zorra:  Indeed.  That is what transpired. The people who went aboard the Ashtar vessel were quite happy.  They were with their star brothers and sisters, and overjoyed at their union.  The ones who went down with the aircraft are in full 5th dimensional bodies already.
Anne: It’s hard to believe they chose that.
Zorra:  They did, by oversoul contract.
Anne:  How many, Father God?
Zorra:  The aircraft was a full flight, and 75% are aboard the Ashtar ships, and 25% are in full 5th dimensional bodies now.
Kathryn:  Thank you for that information. There were 200 or so people on the flight.
Zorra:  The one called the Dreadnought, they tried to describe that as a US military weapons system.  If it had been a US military aircraft, would it not have been instantly shot at?  Think of that.  So what took place before it appeared was a transmission to the Russian Air Command from the ship.  It called and let them know what was about to transpire, so they knew far ahead what was about to happen. Therefore, they did not dispatch any fighters or any missiles because they knew the mission of the vessel.  They knew it was not American, nor theirs;  they knew it was from the Ashtar Command.  That is why it was not shot at.
However, what also transpired was a show of force, in a sense. As the ship appeared over the Ukraine area, a pulse was sent forth that shut down all missile firing mechanisms and all electrical capabilities for the firing of such missiles, so they were powerless.  On top of that, the weapons of the soldiers on the ground refused to fire – such as pistols, rifles, automatic weapons, etc.  This was to show them that they were not in control.  That’s why they backed off so quickly;  they wanted not part of the vessel above their heads.
That was a Sirian vessel, and it also had Arcturians and Pleieadians in it, in observations.  Similar vessels are also healing vessels. They are similar in structure, and near in description to the cigar-shaped craft.  Each is well over 3,000’ in length.  The Arcturians are prepared to make their landings.  You will see more ships like that in your skies, over many cities and countries and less populated areas.  You will see more of these as the hours and days pass.  This is just the beginning of what you will see.  Here in Nevada, Q and Z were out on the patio watching a Southwest jet fly over.  Z said that the altitude was the altitude of the  ships that start showing themselves.  They will be quite distinguishable and describable, and many will hover in locations that allow them to be photographed as well.  Many more sightings will transpire in the days to come, more and more.
Concerning the revaluation of currencies, there is a little more to add. The Chinese are backing the Vietnamese dong and the Zimbabwe dollar.  The reason is that Zimbabwe has mines for gold, diamonds, emeralds and rubies.  All of them are being worked by Chinese workers. Now, being they are backing the currency, then the currency is being backed with gold and precious metals and such.  Another misconception about the Zim:  saying that they are losing six zeros is a false statement.  They are taking NONE from it.  A hundred trillion note is a hundred trillion note.
Once it is fully authorized, the RV shall be in the higher brackets.  The dinar shall be between $32 and $38, with 38 being the China rate and 36 being the US high rate, and the lower rate being the  32. They have not determined which shall be the final rate, but they are negotiating it.
Kathryn:  Is there enough money in the world to pay off the people who have invested?
Zorra: You must understand that when people do their exchanges, the money goes into the banks, and they are not going to pay out millions or billions of dollars.  It will be the same as usual:  they can take out small amounts and the rest will remain within the accounts.  So, it doesn’t matter what amount it is, because it will still be your money, and that money will be in an account.  You will still be able to purchase whatever you need to purpose, and invest in whatever you want to invest in, and there will be no fear of debt because all debts will be abolished.
Kathryn:  And that’s when the NESARA law will be enacted?
Zorra:  Indeed.  Now, the dong rates are being negotiated, and they will be somewhere between 6 and 15 dollars.  But it has not been negotiated as to how it will be.  That is being discussed between the US and China;  they are negotiating at this moment.
Kathryn:  I got the impression that St Germain might be preparing us that this would not be as high as we had hoped…
Zorra:  It will not be astronomical, that is true.  I will tell you this:  Prime Creator, myself and Mother God, we are not going to give you a sapling;  we are giving you the forest.  Do you understand this?
Kathryn:  I certainly understand.  A forest is complete.
Zorra:  Indeed.  It is complete.  WE are not going to give you a portion of a blessing;  we are giving you an entire blessing.  If that equates into millions, then so it shall be.  If it is billions, as for some, then it shall be.  Understand that these great things you are receiving are for the purpose of eliminating poverty on your planet!  It is not for your own gain.  It is not for you to become a Donald Trump!  It is for you, as light-workers, to help those who are less fortunate than your selves, for those who did not know of your blessings, for those in dire straits.  Also, there are people in debt to the banks and such because of mortgages.  That is just another control issue or control factor.  So we are taking that control factor away.  So they cannot use that as leverage to impoverish more people.  Debt is a no-thing, anyway.  It is a way whereby the cabal can control you, and that control is being taken away as well. There shall be no more mortgages;  the homes you own, you will own.  The homes you will buy, you will own, without mortgages.  You will have more than enough to buy the dream home of your choice.
That is for everyone!  Also, when money is no longer needed, you can barter and trade and that will be the norm.  There shall be no more need for money.  When I say this next thing, many will start digging a hole to get to hollow earth (especially miners), because in hollow earth, a gold nugget is the size of a boulder.  This gold has no meaning or value to us.  It is very pretty and it adorns the landscape, or the aeroships, if you can imagine a gold flying saucer.  Many on the surface value gold as money, but it is a gift of Mother Gaia to you. Anyone is privileged to have it and do what they wish with it.  However, in hollow earth, there is more gold than in all of the surface of the world.  But gold has no value, but on the surface it does.  It does have healing properties because of the high frequency.  Some have gold headbands or medallions, and they are quite powerful.   They give off a higher frequency or vibrations, and gold does have healing properties.  Gold can be used for healing and that is much better than using it for trade.

**** End of Transcription ****

Saint Germain – Solar Flares, NESARA, Galactic Energies – Channeler Meline Lafont – 2-26-14

Channeled by Méline Lafont   /   February 26, 2014

(Note from Méline: Saint Germain has been speaking about this to me in my private space for some weeks now since he is at the moment more consciously present on our Earthly planes, but I never found the time to actually sit down and allow a channeling about this to come through. Finally I grabed the chance a few days ago and made some space for this message.)

Greetings, my beloved friends, it is I, Saint Germain providing news, a lot of news actually. Now and then I enjoy stepping in with important news referring more to present events while at other times I prefer to give you more profound actualizations which are having a deeper impact on your Ascension process. Well, this message contains both approaches.

The year 2014, which is the first year of the actualization of all your wishes, your realities, your creations and your preparations, has already brought about many initial shifts. For starters I am more specifically referring to the intense solar flares which are having an enormous impact on your Earthly reality and also on your current consciousness and your embodiment.

Never underestimate those enormous powers and impulses as they represent a crucial link in this global Ascension process. More than ever they rush towards you with more powerful impulses and at an even faster pace than you could ever imagine. Be forewarned, my friends, it will all intensify and increase even more! This will help to achieve more awakenings and more shifts coming to pass in your Earthly reality. Up until now, the increase in solar flares has been a kind of ‘terra incognita’, an unknown region for many of you because the intensity of those flares has never reached such proportions as they have now.

Each solar flare is in itself a huge creation and an activation which contributes to the actualization of your inner Self within your very own environment, within your reality as well as within your own embodiment. The majority of the Lightworkers and Masters on this planet who are ready for this are embodying the merger of their I AM Presence and the Christ Consciousness, all of this evolving along different phases.

That might require even more grounding and relaxing as well as more resting and a certain expertise in order to convert them into an inner creativity and a balance. It calls for a way to penetrate your reality and your consciousness, but it also requires a means to manifest itself in the ALL by way of your reality and your embodiment. Your bodies and your consciousness are crucially important in this whole process.

It is not only the human consciousness that manifests its visualized forms and its creations but also the global consciousness in its entirety across the entire planet, of all the creations on Earth and beyond, takes on forms and creations as we are talking about a planetary – and a solar shift which also concern and have an impact on other planets and other realities/Dimensions.

As a collective consciousness you are becoming increasingly more aligned not just with each other as the human race but also with the elementals of nature, with the animal kingdoms and even with the world of fairies. The more you are aligned on the same level and on the same vibration with the animals and the elemental kingdom, as well as with the higher Dimensional beings such as the fairies and the Devas, the more your consciousness will expand towards a more Galactic union and a merger of consciousnesses.

The Galactic Federation already started their plans to guarantee an effective presence on a planetary level for all those of you who are ready for this. Depending on each one’s reality, on the intention of the heart, on their respective consciousness and vibration, contacts will be made in such a way and on such a frequency level that you can easily handle it. If you still adhere to the consciousness where separation is still present than that fact will be reflected accordingly. If, on the other hand, you represent the consciousness of Oneness and of tolerance than a more consciousness merger will take place with these Galactic energies which allow you to become more aware of your Multi Dimensional aspects of yourSelf.

The more you are the Master of your own Being, meaning that you stay in your own power in the heart and that you are in balance, the more you will be able to determine and to create in what manner you wish to experience your very first Galactic contact for yourself. There are numerous possibilities and they are all at your disposal for your well-being. Enjoy the upcoming creations and the more conscious interactions and explorations with those Galactic aspects of yourSelf and with your family of the Light.

Quite a number of ships has actually landed as permission for this has been granted by the collective consciousness. However, we await anxiously what the political response will be concerning our presence amongst the human population, that issue is now the order of the day. A certain amount of very important breakthroughs are coming your way and covering not only the Galactic consciousness but so much more.

One such issues concerns Nesara as I have pored very hard over it these past few weeks. The Cosmic Law pertaining to the pleading of unconditional Love and Freedom has arrived at your shores. The breakthrough has already manifested itself and has come to pass. Firstly everything gets accomplished on an etheric level before a planetary shift takes place, but do not forget, my beloveds, that you are the ones in control as to what may transpire in your personal reality. So, in a nutshell, you are the ones to decide when and how all of this is going to occur in its final phase. I am the one who paves the way for you to enable this and to help bring it to fruition.

Only the collective consciousness can authorize and allow what will happen next, this with the cooperation of your own Divine powers, I work with your energies and with your consciousness to determine where I can assist to reach a breakthrough or where I still need to lend a helping hand to succour the powers involved. You can view it as an orb of Light energy which is handed over to me from all of you, and in itself it symbolizes your heart creations and your inner powers for change. This orb of Light energy allows me to accomplish everything that is contained in it due to my manifestation powers whereafter I can pave the way politically as high up as possible. Without that orb of creations I can not interfere as interference is not allowed without your consent, your cooperation, your openness, and your growth in consciousness. The more that this orb contains the unity, the cooperation and the heart intentions, the more powerful it becomes.

There have been many discussions these past few months, a lot of preparatory work has been done even though you are not aware of that. Nevertheless, some of you are utterly aware of what went on and were able to pick up some memories. Your patience will be rewarded, a fact that is becoming more and more evident.

Leave the attitude of waiting for something to happen behind you as things are not entirely done for you; they are done through you and with all of you, as together we form a unity that can stack all powers that will create effective shifts and changes. We can only function as a link or as an assistant, however the rest remains your own collective experience, your own possibility/creation because it is your consciousness that marks and realises everything here on this planet.

I am not the saviour of this planet rather I distribute my consciousness and my Master energies in a strong and constant way on this reality as a contribution in this process of Ascension as it is the Age of Aquarius which represents my pure energy and my powers by way of the Violet Flame.

Let’s all empower now this collective consciousness and let’s continue as one and the same Source of Love so that the way to eternal freedom and to a careless existence can be accomplished. Together we will achieve the planetary Ascension as perfectly as possible; we are nothing without each other and we are everything in ourself.

I AM that I AM

Saint Germain

Méline Lafont 2012 – 2014, permission is given to share freely in its entirety and unaltered and


St. Germain / Kathryn E May – Message to Lightworkers – Life Post-RV – Massive Changes To Begin in Commerce. Education, Social Traditions, Political Activities, Governance – 2-24-14

saint germain 2

Dear Friends, it is I, St. Germain, and I come to tell you we are planning great things here in the Heavenly Realm.  The reason we are free to plan these wonderful things is because we are finished with the hard work which led up to the RV.  It is now up to the very competent crew on the ground to make the final announcements to begin trading, and we are on to the next phase – Announcements and Disclosure.

There are so many changes coming in such a short time period that you are going to be amazed, astonished, and you, Beloved Lightworkers, will be joyfully fulfilled.  You will feel that your cup runneth over; you will be gratified by the sudden blossoming of evidence everywhere of what has been growing behind the scenes for years.

Once the RV trading is underway, which we expect immediately, we will be on to even better and more dramatic changes.  The arrests of the criminals who have enslaved the planet for their own profit will be coming forth in great numbers – so many you will not believe your eyes when you see dozens who were honored as captains of industry and finance being walked off in handcuffs.  All will be given a chance to redeem themselves, for we are a merciful community here in the higher dimensions, but it will not be done at the cost of holding up the march of real progress for all.

We have worked so long for this, Beloved Ones.  You and I have seen the bright future for Planet Earth and have moved always in the direction of Light.  Our rewards will be abundant, glorious, and ongoing.  Yes, there is much to look forward to after the RV.  It is just the introduction to a complete Shift in the way business is done on Planet Earth.  By this, I do not mean only commerce.  Education, social traditions, political activities, governance – all will be different.

Now, we wish to prepare you for the necessary upheaval which will inevitably result when the financial systems are in the process of changing over.  There will be a short period in which the banking system may shut down, in order to institute the new, fair and  free economic standards which are to be put into place.  No more will every transaction, every trade, every loan be tailored to enrich the cabal which grew fat while the rest of the world was starving.

No more will hardworking people be forced into homelessness; no more will employment or education be akin to slavery.  The human condition is about to change globally, and we are asking you to help usher in this glorious New Golden Age.  You who are reading this are the Lightworkers who felt the rising vibrations and were inspired to invest in the possibility of using your own resources for the good of all.  You will be rewarded tenfold, with the pleasure of giving what you have to support and nurture others who are in need.

You will also find the way open for you when you take action to build, create, form networks and organizations to benefit all.  It will feel as though a weight has been lifted, and the wind is always at your back.  Doors will open for you as if by magic, because the old resistance which was built into the system has evaporated.

Life was intended to be beautiful on Mother Earth’s surface, but it has not been for many centuries.  The abundance that was to be shared by all was co-opted by the few, bringing terrible pollution and degradation to her and causing disease and ill health to become the norm.  You saw the effect of the chemtrails in recent weeks – aberrant weather patterns, devastating drought and crippling snowstorms, all caused by the arrogant manipulation of the natural world.

This reckless poisoning of Earth and all her creatures will never be permitted to occur again.  Your Galactic Brothers and Sisters are neutralizing the effects of this weather manipulation, which was intended to create profit from engineered illness and famine, by creating such environmental disaster that the entire globe would be brought to its knees.  An entire population which suffers from hunger and disease is at the mercy of those in power when those in power are ruthless and feel entitled to their privilege.

You will be astonished by the revelations which will be coming hour by hour over the newly freed media.  The Rockefeller/Rothchild/Murdock cartel will be removed from operations of all the television, radio and print news production, and the world will gain a true source of communication.  It will then be used to honestly inform the population of what has gone before, and what wonderful opportunities lay ahead for all of you.

We have met today with Mother/Father God, Prime Creator, and all the Company of Heaven to discuss how we might bring the information to forewarn those of you who are not given to hysteria or paranoia of the coming difficulties you may encounter during the enormous Shift.  We are concerned that many who are completely unaware of the coming disruptions may become panicky or even violent when the resources they are used to having are limited for a short time.

You have all seen the extreme reaction when people are told there is a large snowfall coming.  Many stock up on enormous amounts of food, water, and emergency supplies at the thought of being snowed in for a day.  These are the ones we are concerned about reaching with the message that all is well, all is being managed and overseen from On High, and there is nothing to fear.  Just the opposite – this is the sign that progress has been made already, and that the new way of life will be brought forth from the rubble of the old, toxic and debilitating conditions.

Here is the concern for the coming weeks:  There may be a period lasting from a few days to a week or two during which the banks will be closed.  Depending on the reaction of the populace, this will have a greater or lesser effect on all other elements of life, like food distribution, the transport and delivery of needed medical supplies, and even the ongoing stability of power, water and transportation.  We hope to avoid any hysteria or panic by preparing everyone in advance to expect a certain amount of disruption and to prepare for it as much as possible.

Ultimately, your own good humor and generosity will provide the needed bridge to help carry others to the other side, to reassure and prepare them for a joyful completion of the process of change for the better.  As long as people remain calm and friendly, resourcefulness and creativity will carry the day, and all will come out of this Shift in high hopes, with their Vision of a new and more humane world alive in their consciousness.

I want to reassure you, Dear Ones, that we have left no stone unturned, no idea left on the table without consideration, and we are resolved that this entire process – even in its enormity – will be accomplished with Grace.  It cannot be done without a certain amount of chaos, but it can be completed without great loss or upheaval.

Consider how much fun you have had on a camping trip when you left behind the comforts of home in favor of living in the natural world, with the pleasures of life in a forest or at a seashore all around you.  Think of the coming transition as something like this – the opportunity to get closer to Nature and to those you love, while relying on your own and others’ resourcefulness.

You may have a day or two without your iphone, ipad or computer.  You may experience a disruption in your cell phone reception or your TV programming.  When all services resume, you will be ready for the massive changes that have been planned for you.  Free energy technology is just around the corner, a gift from your Star Brothers and Sisters.  Opportunities to stretch your mind, offer your hidden skills, and celebrate with everyone around you will present themselves as you discover new pleasures, new friendships, and astonishing news about yourselves, your unique identities and your true path in life.

Yes, it will be a grand adventure if that is the way you approach it.  Of course, there will be some who become angry and upset if their daily routine should change even slightly, if they are inconvenienced in some small way, because their grasp on stability and happiness is defined in terms of “safety” – meaning that they cannot tolerate change in any form, even for the better.

This is where you come in.  You will be called upon to reassure, to comfort and to teach.  You have been reading these messages, finding your way to deeper Heart communication, deeper self-acceptance and Love.  Many around you have not had the benefit of such reassurance, and such training in patience and Faith as you have had.  They will be blindsided by the knowledge that all is not what it seemed and that it did indeed need to be changed, and now.

Like the cabal, many of Earth’s sleeping inhabitants had found a way to remain unconscious of the massive suffering by blaming the victims, or by developing some philosophical or religious explanation for how suffering is inevitable or even preferable.  We are here to show the way to a new outlook, Beloveds.  We will work together with you to maintain stability even as the familiar ground is shifting under our feet.  We will sustain our Vision of Peace, Joy and Justice for all, and so it shall be done.

Never again will any of Earth’s people have to suffer under the oppression of a ruthless despot who gained control by force.  No force will be allowed in the weaponless environment of peaceful diplomacy, fair and respectful concern for all, regardless of one’s former position of power or powerlessness.  It may seem impossible to you to imagine such a change, while you still see around you the remnants of centuries of oppression and disregard for the basic rights of humankind as well as the Animal Kingdoms and the natural world in all her beauty.  How can all this be expected to change in a moment?  By removing all possibility of military might, psychological manipulation through propaganda, and secret political power.

The Forces of Light on the ground and Above have been preparing to step in to shift the balance for many years.  Only now has the energy on the planet and throughout the Universe risen to such a level that the tipping point has been reached.  The era of darkness has ended.  Planet Earth will never see another war, another genocide or another mass suppression of freedom.  It will require the help and Vision of all to create the New World, but we are confident that once the sources of fear and oppression have been removed (as is happening at this moment), the cream will rise to the top, as you might say.

There are unsung heroes, courageous adventurers and industrious Creators on every block, in every house on the planet.  As soon as the pall of fear and the Veil of Forgetfulness is lifted, they will shine, and many will rise to follow their example and yours.

You will feel an enormous blast of Love from the Central Sun which will trumpet the beginning of the Great Change.  The dominoes will fall in rapid succession – Prosperity funds being released around the world, displays of ships from many planets of far-flung galaxies to thrill and reassure those on the ground, Disclosure of the true origins of humankind and other extraterrestrial beings like you, and in short order, Landings which will bring wonders we can only hint at because it is impossible to truly describe in words.

We, your Ascended Masters, helpers and guides will join you at last, as visible and tangible to you as your next door neighbor, and we will rejoice with you.  Along with new sources of food, water and power, we will also bring music, laughter, unending Love and our heartfelt Joy.   And I, your faithful St. Germain, will be happy to lead the parade as we dance and sing our way across the world, from sea to shining sea.  Of course, I will invite all of you, as well as my beloved Lady Portia, to lead the parade with me.

What a jubilee we have ahead, Dearest Lightworkers!  Our time has come at last, and we will lead the way into the new era, singing “Hallelujah” in praise of God’s Love, as we rise together to the Promised Land which is truly our Paradise on Earth.  You will see the Crystal Cities appear before your eyes, your beloved Sananda will indeed return, and you will all find reason to weep with joy every moment of every day.

Walk with me, all Beings of Light.  Stride without fear into the new dawning Light.  The New Golden Age is begun, and we are here to welcome its birth.

I am your Adamos St. Germain, here for you always. I love you without end.

Transcribed by Kathryn E. May/Lady Portia on Feb. 23, 2014, 12 am, Atlanta,

Permission is granted to share or copy these messages, providing no additions or alterations are done, and credit is given to the channel and the website,

Eckhart Tolle – The Current Economy

Eckhart Tolle ·117 videos

July 2009 Issue Preview, view the full talk at

Eckhart describes why the collapse of ego-based institutions is absolutely necessary for the planet and for humanity to survive.

Steve Beckow – The Process and Goals of Financial Reconstruction – Golden Agre Of Gaia – 2-17-14

Reval 22

Steve Beckow

In Oct. 2013, Archangel Michael described what is happening at present in the world economy as “financial reconstruction. It is the shift in what you think of as basic societal and institutional values.” (1)

What are some of the goals of this financial rejigging?

One feature, as Sheldan Nidle’s sources point out, is to “drain the cabal of its vast influence and to force upon its numerous banking institutions new rules of procedures that negate their many irregularities.”   (2) Sheldan described the expected impact of the changes on the financial industry:

“There will be a vast transformation in the banking and financial services industry that will forever change how these various financial institutions operate. These new rules will enforce policies to end the tyranny that these financial institutions spread across this globe.

“In its stead, freedom and personal sovereignty will blossom once again.” (3)

Apparently, the bankruptcy of world governments is being hidden to avoid panic, Sheldan’s sources inform us:

“All the major governments on your world are either bankrupt or nearly bankrupt. This fact is being hidden to maintain the current ruse without arousing the ire and panic that will ensue when this truth is made public.”  (4)

Besides the stress on the world economies caused by many of the bubbles of the 1980s and 1990s, the ultimate bubble – the derivatives crisis – is one that the world economy cannot recover from.  It’s estimated to have caused a debt level equivalent to $200,000 for every man, woman and child on the planet. Much of that debt is being hidden. (5)

Another way of putting the restructuring’s aim is to say it will end the predominance of North America and Europe in the world, according to Sheldan’s sources: “The proposed revaluations will set up a currency system that ends the dominance of North America and Western Europe.” (6)

That predominance has seen Western nations launch financial warfare against so-called “Third World” and developing countries, bringing economies down and securing resources at rock-bottom prices and without environmental safeguards. (7)

The global currency reset, one part of that operation, according to Archangel Michael, “is a massive bureaucratic undertaking. And because it has to do with what human beings, might I say unfortunately, are obsessed with, and that is their money, they want to make sure that everything is perfectly in order and progressing in ways that do not cause upheaval, panic, division, derision.”   (8)

“There is much that is occurring behind the scenes,” he continues. “It is not that there is obstreperous obstruction or that there is intentional delay. It is simply that this is a massive undertaking, both above and below, but particularly below.” (9)

Sheldan’s sources tell us that, as part of the reset, “a vast amount of protected gold bullion and sterling are now in position to force a more stable currency upon the world.”  (10)

St. Germaine called it last August “rivers of gold that are flowing quite rapidly all over your globe, all over the planet.” (11)

We heard years ago that battleships had been sunk in the Pacific Ocean with dazzling troves of precious metals and bonds. St. Germaine revealed that these were being recovered, an operation that was not difficult for the galactics.

“It has not been a difficult process at all. Now, don’t forget, we work with energy. Your star brothers and sisters, what you think of as technology is a different use of energy.

“And let me be very clear. The Americans aren’t the only ones who have, hmm, shall we say, placed for safekeeping money, gold, treasures, underneath the waters. It has been a practice for hundreds and hundreds, in some cases thousands of years. And it is an open secret above and below.

“So it is rather humorous. Now, it is simply, there are many, many space stations that are located actually underneath what you think of as your oceans or large bodies of water. So it is not a matter only of your star brothers and sisters going to recover. But they are already there, and their ability to teleport to various locations is as simple as snapping your fingers. So it is simply not an issue.” (12)

It isn’t only the Reset that’s occurring. Sheldan’s sources tell us: “This vast change is to be the prelude to the delivery of the prosperity funds and the rise of new governance. (13)  St. Germaine described the prosperity programs last August.

“There are twelve Prosperity Programs that were started hundreds of years ago. And that the participation in them, which has always been free choice and freedom, has grown and been protected over the centuries.

“As you well know, I would include within this my own prosperity program and what you think of as the St. Germaine Trust. But it is one of several.

“Those who are participants in the Prosperity Programs have undertaken not just a casual agreement, but a very deep, sacred vow to share the wealth as it has come forward and when the time was nigh, was right. And that is beginning right now.” (14)

The Reset, or “the first stage of this complex procedure is underway,” said Sheldan’s sources. The rest of this new system [Steve: which historically has been called NESARA] will emerge when the new governance comes online.” (15)

What we’re aware of at the moment is chaos but Archangel Michael assures us that the desired end will be achieved.

Archangel Michael: First it looks like chaos. Let us use the example of the current situation in the United States of America with government shutdown. It looks, it tastes, it feels like gridlock, does it not?

Steve Beckow:   Yes.

AAM:   But really what is appearing as chaos is a breakthrough. (16)

AAM’s memory goes back a lot further than ours. What he wishes to avoid is the annihilation of the intergalactic wars, rather than any event that may have happened on Earth.

“I reflect back to the gridlock that had occurred, not at the peace tables, but during the intergalactic wars. If it continued on, there would be annihilation.” (17)

All of this is being carried on while carefully managing the introduction of extraterrestrials to the world and moving the Earth’s population along the road to Ascension. The scale and magnitude of events underway are unprecedented in our history.

JC Collins – SDR’s and the New Bretton Woods – Part Six – 2-18-14

Old Strategies

“In recent decades, emerging and developing economies have become bigger players in the global economy. However, their representation at the IMF has not kept pace with these changes. The G20 will continue to pursue reforms to the IMF during 2014 to ensure that country representation at the IMF better reflects the economic weight of its members. These changes will build greater confidence in the IMF’s ability to respond to global economic instability.”

–          Statement on Reforming Global Institutions on the G20 Website

There is a unique game of chess taking place on the global economic scene.  And like all good games of chess against worthwhile opponents it takes patience and calculation to strategize every move well in advance.  This particular game began in 2010 when the G20 countries all agreed to enact the International Monetary Fund’s Governance Reforms (or Code of Reforms) to change the quota amounts for member countries and restructure the Executive Board to more accurately reflect the changing dynamics of the world economy.

With the full implementation of these reforms we will see all the currencies of the world that are now pegged to the value of the U.S. dollar shift to a more balanced system of weight values and be pegged to the value of the SDR (Special Drawing Right) as issued by the International Monetary Fund.

The SDR was originally meant as a form of credit but since the collapse of 2008 has been slowly transitioning into a form of money, or currency.  Some of the reasons for the expanded use of the SDR can be found in sets of problems and remedies.  Which are:

Problems in the international monetary system:

  1. Persistent Global Imbalances
  2. Large and Volatile Capital Flows
  3. Unstable Exchange Rate Fluctuations Not Based on Fundamentals
  4. Insufficient Supply of Reliable Global Assets

Remedies for the international monetary system:

  1. Global Policy Collaboration and Stronger System Surveillance
  2. Enhanced Systemic Financial Safety Net
  3. Financial Deepening in Emerging Markets
  4. Development of New Reserve Assets

It’s the last item, development of new reserve assets, which we will focus on in this installment of the SDR and the New Bretton Woods series.

But first let us address the issue of corruption and rampant conspiracy theories which are overshadowing the real process and strategies which are taking place on the global scene.  Next week the 2014 G20 Summit is taking place in Australia.  Two of the many priorities for the G20 this year are anticorruption and reforming global institutions.

G20 Brisbane

The reforming of global institutions is a clear reference to the I.M.F. Code of Reforms which have been held up in the American Congress since 2010.  And we are seeing anticorruption tactics and procedures playing out every week as more and more government officials and top bank directors are being arrested or executed for fraud and crimes against the people.

The problems with the international monetary system as listed above create opportunities for corruption and for rent seeking elite groups to transfer wealth from the larger disorganized groups with no addition of new wealth to the system.  This has caused severe imbalances in the system and can no longer be allowed.

In “What Are Conspiracy Theories” we defined this rent seeking elite and described how one of the tools of the larger disorganized subordinate group (the middle and lower classes) to combat the smaller elite was referred to as “weapons of the weak”.

One of these weapons is gossip.  It is my proposition that conspiracy theories are in fact the unofficial and disorganized structure of this weapon of the weak.  When we are left with no official source of valid information in regards to what is happening in the financial world, we are prone to analyse and function on the lowest common denominator of information sources, which are conspiracy theories.

Some of the black and white or good guy and bad guy definitions of these conspiracy theories are laughable and do nothing but create confusion and misdirection away from a real understanding of the economic situation which the world faces in our modern era.

From mystical beings to secret informants, the ridicules angles and propositions run the gambit of the most profane amongst us.  Nowhere is the truth more hidden than in the midst of the absurd stories and so-called enlightenment of these secret sources and “top men”.  It is a system of maggots feeding of the hopes and dreams, not to mention confusion, of the large mass of disorganized subordinates.

True enlightenment comes from the realization that helping others is helping ourselves.  When you feed off others you are in fact feeding on your own life.  Whether intentional or not, this bottom feeding on each other only helps and encourages the small rent seeking elite to continue in its wealth transition from the masses to itself.

I will pay no further attention to the absurdities of the profane and absurd.  Good and evil exist in the minds and fairy tales of children.  And there they shall remain.

With that being said there is an organized structure or process attempting to bring rule of law and a balanced system to the international monetary system.  This system of change is based on the fundamentals of self-limiting rent seeking elites from large transfers of wealth which only serve to deepen economic recession.  We are seeing this system of self-limiting being successfully implemented in countries such as Vietnam, China, Russia, and India, with more to come.  It is not a perfect process but it is a process nonetheless.

Self Limiting Rent Seeking

This is not China against America.  Or some shadowy group against another shadowy group.  All the information about this new system is already out in the open and available for all who take an interest in learning about it.

Zhou Xiaochuan of the People’s Bank of China is one of the most vocal members of the international community calling for the implementation of this new SDR system.  And a big part of the structure of this new system is the Basel 3 regulations as put forth by the Bank for International Settlements.  So it’s no surprise to learn that Zhou Xiaochuan is in fact one of the board members of the Bank for International Settlements.  This should put to rest any conspiracy theories about China overthrowing the current banking system.

When we hear talk of the Global Currency Reset and the Great Consolidation, what we are reading or hearing is in fact a simplified version of the modifications being slowly implemented in the international monetary system.  Though they will in fact benefit greatly from the consolidation and composition process by way of increased physical assets.

As we have covered in previous essays, the Great Consolidation will be the restructuring of sovereign debt into the new SDR system of compositions and allocations.  Considering that commodities will make up a large percentage of the SDR compositions, it’s important to manage this sovereign debt as the debt itself will eventually, and in essence already is, undermining the commodity prices which will build a basket of goods used to value the SDR’s themselves.

What we’re saying here is that if there is no Great Consolidation (restructuring of sovereign debt through the I.M.F.) than there will be no Global Currency Reset or SDR basket of currencies based on goods and other commodities.

With the new SDR system in place, all the currencies of the world can peg their value to the SDR containing the basket of commodities and other composition weights which we have discussed. With the SDR acting as the reserve currency anchor a fixed exchange rate can be set (or allowed to fluctuate within a band) and the foreign reserves held in dollars will be slowly replaced with SDR reserves.

With a large scale substitution of U.S. dollar reserves with SDR reserves, it will create a situation where less exchange rate pressure is exerted on the U.S. dollar as it attempts to restructure its sovereign debt through the very same SDR consolidation system.

So why hasn’t the Global Currency Reset and Great Consolidation taken place yet?  Simple, the United States Congress has not passed the legislation required to restructure the Executive Board of the International Monetary Fund.  For those who doubt that this is indeed the holdup, a very brief review of the 2010 Code of Reforms themselves should be required.  The U.S. holds 17% of the vote on the Executive Board.  For any measures to pass the required vote is 85%.  The U.S. can veto any resolution or policy change as it sees fit.  It is holding off on restructuring the board and in turn the international monetary system as referenced by the G20 above, as a form of chess game in which it is seeking additional allocations and compositions for the dollars’ value and placement within the system once said system is fully implemented.

Now that Congress has given a blank cheque debt limit increase, the money should be available for increased deficit spending which will increase the U.S. quota injections into the I.M.F. This will allow for the sovereign debt restructuring to begin.

Another probable explanation for the refusal of the Congress to enact the legislation is the likelihood of the exchange rate risk associated with the transition from dollar liabilities to SDR liabilities.  This risk could be captured in a temporary substitution account which would be setup as a form of safety net for the dollars collapse.  Perhaps the United States is negotiating a shared risk instead of sole responsibility for maintaining the dollars SDR composition value on the substitution account as the transition from dollar reserves to SDR reserves takes place.

It is well known by all sides that the dollar cannot collapse without causing the collapse of the new SDR system before it is even fully implemented.  The I.M.F. and the U.S. both require this substitution account as a temporary transition point to ensure there is no sudden drop in demand for dollars.  The transition has to be slow and orderly.

The substitution account will further allow for the direct foreign exchange market intervention for SDR’s which will enhance the attractiveness of the SDR compositions and allocations as laid forth in the capital asset reserve structure of the Basel 3 Regulations.

As foreign exchange in the SDR system increases, account balancing and clearing can be completed by the Bank for International Settlements.  The BIS has already developed a multi-tiered system for clearing and settlement of SDR payments.

Thus we come full circle back to the statements made by Zhou Xiaochuan of the People’s Bank of China, (who just so happens to be one of the most influential economic figures in the world) calling for the SDR system.  And remember, he is a board member of the Bank for International Settlements as well.

Zhou Xiaochuan

If China gets its way and overall economic growth is added to the weights of SDR compositions, which could in fact be used as a method of shared risk within the temporary substitution account, than we will see the SDR system implemented without further delay.

Once all the world’s currencies are pegged to SDR’s and not dollars than we will see a form of global trade which will not only encourage, but also enforce a method of real effective exchange rate stability based on real economic values.  This is where currencies like the Vietnamese dong will be revalued and become a stable form of wealth storage for the people.  See “Why the Vietnamese Dong Will Reset”.

A complete peg to the SDR will promote global trade by removing exchange rate fluctuations and will in essence act as a simulacra of the gold settlement system.  A de facto gold standard.

Let’s us go back to the beginning of this essay and think in term of the chess game again.  The complexity of this SDR system is not easily understood or explained.  It will be sold to the public at large as an extension of what it happening already.  In previous essays we have thought in terms of micro and macro patterns.  Let us do so again, as we consider that the Quantitative Easing through the Federal Reserve will slowly transition into SDR Quantitative Easing through the International Monetary Fund and accounts balanced through the Bank for International Settlements.

As the Fed tapers QE we can expect that it will mean an increase in SDR QE through the I.M.F.  In time this will become more obvious.

Full implementation of the Basel 3 Regulations through the Bank for International Settlements have been extended to 2018.  One can only wonder if this has to be a direct cause and effect to the delay in the 2010 I.M.F. Code of Reforms.

The Basel 3 Regulations are meant to strengthen bank capital requirements by increasing liquidity and decreasing bank leverage.  This increase in capital requirements are broken into two categories:

  1. Tier One Capital – must be common shares and retained earnings.
  2. Tier Two Capital – Supplementary but Harmonised Capital:
    1. Undisclosed Reserves
    2. Revaluation Reserves
    3. General Provisions
    4. Hybrid Instruments
    5. Subordinated Term Debt

It is the Revaluation Reserves that interest us in regards to our essays on SDR composition and allocation.  When foreign exchange reserves are revalued to match the level of economic output and commodity basket or composition of the SDR’s, the banks themselves that hold these foreign reserves will see an upward revaluation of their Tier Two Capital requirements under the Basel 3 Regulations which are meant to support the I.M.F. 2010 Code of Reforms and consolidation of sovereign debt, which will come about when the Executive Board of the I.M.F. is restructured to reflect the economic realities of the emerging markets.

This is the Global Currency Reset and Great Consolidation.  Please refer back to Part Three for a full explanation of the problem/reaction/solution Hegelian Dialectic which is being purposefully played out in the system which we are attempting to explain here.  The process is confusing and convoluted.  Is there any wonder that there are rampant conspiracy theories about it?  You just need to remember that this is a game of chess and not checkers.  The development of new reserve assets takes place through the SDR system or we are likely to face further sovereign debt problems and untethered currency fluctuations.  Its consolidation or collapse, not conspiracy theories.  – JC Collins

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By JC Collins – SDR’s and the New Bretton Woods – Part Five – 2-12-14



Pattern Recognition and Rent Seeking Limitations  /  By JC Collins

At first there was nothing but an absolute whiteness.  It was an endless emptiness of infinite possibility.  With a whisper there appeared a single black dot in the middle of the white vastness.  The dot was less than – but would become more.  The whisper echoed throughout the absolute and the dot smeared outward from both sides becoming a line.  The single line filled the void with purpose and direction.

The line eventually duplicated itself followed by the two opposing ends turning inwards and outwards until they touched each other forming a letter “L” shape.  The whisper sound returned but louder this time.  The “L” shape also duplicated itself with only one of the two turning itself opposite until all four ends of both shapes connected forming a square.

The square sat in the whiteness of the absolute.  It was both large and small at the same time.  An impossible translucence that was almost solid.

My first thought was one of curiosity as I studied the square.  Time was of no relevance so I do not know how long I stared at the shape before it also began to transition into something more than.  I watched as the square duplicated itself five times.  This made a total of six squares which floated in the absolute. All seemed to change size from small to large before finally positioning themselves into a conjoining shape.

The cube solidified in my mind’s eye as I began to differentiate patterns in the sound of the whisper.  Some patterns made me feel sad while others brought feelings of security and comfort.  As the whisper became a voice, and the voice a language, I felt the cube pull me into its center.  There in the center of the cube I waited and watched as other shapes and colors formed outside the cube.

One by one the cube pulled the other shapes into its confined vastness.  All the shapes of varying sizes and colors became a blur of motion.  The motion also took on patterns which I slowly began to recognize as things of importance.  The sensation of heaviness enveloped me.

There was hunger and tears.

Seeking out pleasure I roamed around in my heaviness, grabbing at objects, touching, smelling, and hearing distant sounds of satisfaction.  Always one object became another until there was a chorus of material piling up around me.  But always the pattern repeated.  Endless, back into the infinite possibility from which it came.

In my early years I knew on a deep level that the world was not as it was presented to me by others.  Giants walked around inside my world planting seeds from which truth would eventually blossom.  But the truth would never come.  The giants became smaller and smaller as I grew larger and larger.  And the truth seemed to be lost within the geometric shapes that made up the material world around me.

It would take many years for the truth to be extracted from the patterns. And at times the truth would hide itself within false truths and sink back into the patterns.  Many would waste valuable time and energy to pull forth false truths while the true truths lay embedded deep within the subconscious of our minds.  The greatest true truth of all is the infinite possibility of the absolute just before the black dot materialized.

Like the black dot, fiat currencies are a false truth.  Yet they are what we collectively gravitate towards in times of massive centralization.  History proves this pattern.  So what will it take for the world to back away from the fiat currency and transition to a more stable shape?

In the other parts to this series, we have discussed the 2010 Code of Reforms as agreed upon by the members of the International Monetary Fund.  Though the agreements were made, the United States Congress has yet to pass the supporting legislation required to restructure the Executive Board of the I.M.F.  The obvious reason for this is that once the reforms are passed and the board restructured the quotas for each country will change and the dollar will be stripped of its reserve currency status.

Congress knows this all too well and is pushing negotiations into dangerous territory as the world is threatened with currency collapse and sovereign debt defaults.  As such many countries have been developing workarounds to the dollar by way of currency swap agreements.

The intention is not to repeat what we have already stated in previous posts. A quick refresher on some of the information will help as a lead in to the additional information contained within this part.

In part one we were introduced to the 1913 Chinese Gold Reorganization Loan bonds.  A final payout on these bonds is indeed in the works and is one part of the overall 2010 Code of Reforms process.  Every time a deal was to be finalized with the bonds it corresponded to the debt ceiling debate and Code of Reforms within Congress.  They hopscotch each other onward until we find ourselves here today with no resolution on either.

It’s important to know that by China honoring the 1913 bonds, they will be able to access their full gold reserves, including the portion that was used to support the 1913 bonds.  This is the same gold the Chinese government after the communist revolution denied having.  They couldn’t now all of a sudden materialize said gold without explaining where it came from, or honoring the bonds which they supported.

With that being said, the bonds will not be honored at their full face value.  These bonds will be considered a part of the overall sovereign debt of China and will be integrated within the SDR composition of the renminbi and re-allocated as securities through the BRICS Development Bank.

Like any debt consolidation, all sovereign debt most be included.  The owners of the Chinese bonds will get their payout.  The payout itself, is based on a flat amount already set for the historical bonds.  This amount is specifically valued within the renminbi’s SDR composition.  The more bond holders that come forward will decrease the individual payout for each bond holder.  This is what has been agreed and implementation of the buyback program is simply waiting for the 2010 Code of Reforms to be passed through Congress.

Since most countries have sovereign debt and outstanding historical bonds, it stands to reason that other situations like the Chinese bonds will be handled in a similar fashion.

Another pattern that emerges as we study the history of reserves currencies is that with each reserve currency the centralization has become tighter and tighter.  The reserve status of the U.S. dollar has brought this centralization to a whole new level.  In simple terms the dollar has exported inflation to other countries.  But when we realise that inflation is in fact a mechanism for further centralization the more complete picture comes into focus.  Through increased centralization the countries of the world have sunk deeper into sovereign debts from which even more centralization will be offered as the solution.

The SDR solution, with a focus on further centralization, may have been the intended plan back in its inception.  Hard to imagine, but perhaps the collective mind of the rent seeking small elitist group of organized special interests has unknowingly pushed forward on this path.

The International Monetary Fund is riding fast and hard on getting these reforms passed through Congress. Even to the point where Christine Lagarde is calling a new multilateral economic system non-negotiable.  Sovereign debt restructuring is something the I.M.F. is taking extremely seriously.


Within America the Treasury is in favor of the reforms and is also putting pressure on Congress.  The important question to answer here is why is there a division between the Treasury and Congress on the 2010 Code of Reforms?  The Treasury is saying yes to the dollar losing its reserve currency status and Congress is saying no.  Make no mistake about it, the power the United States has experienced since 1944 and the Bretton Woods Agreements has come from the reserve status of the dollar.  After the reforms are passed and the Executive Board restructured, the U.S. will become a regular country like every other country in the world.

This of course will leave a huge void in the geopolitical world which will be filled by a consortium of foreign countries.  We can see the anticipation of this opportunity by measuring the military buildup in other regions of the world.  Especially in China.

But it’s not only geopolitical ramifications.  There are profound cultural consequences to America as its stature in world affairs is minimized to that of a regular participating country.  It’s a humble pie that perhaps some members of Congress, and other industrial and banking interests, are yet prepared to suffer.

Moving forward the potential threats posed by delaying the implementation of the SDR system are real and measurable.  The reforms could come too late for effective sovereign debt restructuring.  Or the debt restructuring, when finally implemented, could be insufficient to meet the expanding debt contracts under which the economies of the world toil.  Banks exposed to debtors could see the confiscation of their assets.  We are already seeing this as China has and will continue to purchase banks within the United States.

The rest of the world will not wait for Congress.  But it’s my prediction that Congress will in fact pass the 2010 Code of Reforms and allow for the restructuring of the I.M.F. Executive Board.  Its matter of timing, planned or unplanned. From the moment the reforms are implemented, the dollar will see multiple devaluations staged to coincide with a multi-staged restructuring of the debt.

It’s important to mention that with the passage of the reforms, the world will not see an overnight immediate response.  The new system will take time to fully integrate.  The Global Currency Reset will happen in levels as currencies are allowed to free float within the parameters as set forth by the SDR composition of each country.

As stated previously, this composition will include the following economic fundamentals:

  1. GDP – Self Explanatory
  2. Human Development – Research how China engineered a middle class to fill the empty cities they built over the last ten years.
  3. Ecological Sustainability – Programs through the United Nations make more sense now.
  4. Concentration and Diffusion of Assets – Investigate precious metal price manipulation.
  5. Income – Examples include the growing middle classes of not only China, but also Vietnam and other emerging economies.
  6. Demographics – Immigration and the mass movement of people are directly related to the planning of the new system.

The economic system as it stands today is out of balance and will be corrected by a supra-sovereign reserve currency by way of the SDR mechanism.  Between the time the reforms are implemented and the year 2018, the currencies of the world will slowly adjust and fluctuate as their true SDR composition weight settles out.

As another pattern of note, the Basel 3 regulations from the Bank for international Settlements are also set to be fully implemented by 2018.  They were originally scheduled to be completed by 2014 but also had to be pushed out because of the delays within Congress in regards to the I.M.F. Code of Reforms.  This is not a coincidence.

As we touched on in a previous post, the SDR compositions will be segmented into different regions.  Based on what I’ve learnt and what information is publically available, it is my best estimate that these regions are going to be as follows:

  1. Asia and Pacific Region
  2. Europe
  3. Lower Middle East and Northern Africa
  4. Upper Middle East and Central Asia
  5. Western Hemisphere
  6. Southern Africa
  7. South America

Right now the Ukraine is the hinge between Central Asia and Europe.  Syria is the hinge between the Upper and Lower Middle East.  The border area between both will become major trade zones with Lebanon regaining much of its past glory.

The hinge between the Western Hemisphere, comprising Canada, Mexico, and the U.S., along with some Central American countries, will find its hinge in the Nicaragua region as the Chinese funded alternative canal project takes form.  This new canal through the center of Nicaragua will include two international airports, one at each end, oil and gas pipelines, and a shipping lane almost ten times the length of the Panama Canal.  It will take eleven years to complete and is considered the largest construction project in the history of the world.


The SDR compositions themselves will be based on both macro and micro weights and measures.  The macro breakdown of each country’s currency composition will be as follows:

  1. 25% Production Commodities (such as oil, gas, rice, wheat, iron ore, etc…)
  2. 25% Foreign Reserves and Precious Metals
  3. 50% Fiat – Pegged to increase and/or decrease based on the fluctuating values of the above 2 factors.

How the SDR composition system is setup will in essence work as a form of self-limiting rent seeking for the purpose of economic balance between the small elite organized group and the larger worker disorganized group.  For a more detailed explanation of rent seeking and what is being proposed here, read the post “What Are Conspiracy Theories?”.

It was my intent to also discuss the cultural impact that the New Bretton Woods will have on the world.  But I have stretched this post out too long I’m afraid.

In parting, I’d like to close this essay off by saying that every manner of concept and design can be implemented into the world economy.  Like the black dot which limited the possibility in the white world of the absolute, all systems will invariably self-corrupt and begin anew the process of centralization or the movement towards decentralization, which is collapse.  The world has seen complete decentralization on all levels, both macro and micro, before in the era of the so called dark ages.  This came after the gradual collapse of the Roman Empire.  There was nothing organized and semi-centralized to take its place.  Though there were “pockets of prosperity” sprinkled throughout the world.

What I ultimately propose is a system of balance between micro decentralization and macro centralization.  The New Bretton Woods which I have been attempting to describe could be such a system.  It’s an opportunity for regions and economies of the world to earn a composition value through local energy expenditure and production while safe guarding a new method of energy storage from rent seeking groups.  It is my belief that the SDR composition system holds the potential for such energy storage and economic efficiency.  We can be more than.    – JC Collins

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