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Jesus Sananda About Relationships – An Hour with an Angel – Transcription – Channel Linda Dillon – Host Steve Beckow

Ellen has again rushed us a transcript of last night’s Hour with an Angel, in which Jesus shared about his lost years.

In this interview, Jesus has shared that he he was “in-filled” by the Holy Ghost at age 5 or 5 1/2 and that his baptism by John with the descent of the dove was symbolic.

He discussed his travels around the spiritual circuit of his days, his marriage to Mary Magdalene, and his daughter Sarah and the fact that she is what is referred to by the term “holy grail.” He made many more revelations in this interview. Next week he returns to continue the story.

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An Hour with an Angel, January 9, 2012

Graham Dewyea: Hello, and welcome to An Hour with an Angel, a weekly radio program with channeler Linda Dillon, the channel for the Council of Love, along with Steve Beckow, editor of the 2012 Scenario.

Tonight Linda will channel Jesus and Steve will ask him questions. So without further ado, I’ll pass it on to you, Steve.

Steve Beckow: Thank you, Graham. And thank you, Lord, for revisiting us today. I mentioned last time we spoke that it seemed better to reserve a time after Christmas to discuss some of the details of what have come to be called “the lost years,” and also other matters relating to your ministry on Earth. Our purpose is not to cause any heartache to your followers, but simply to iron out some of the mysteries that surround your life. Is that satisfactory to you?

Jesus: Yes, it is. Although I would not say that there are any lost years! But I welcome you, Steve, and I welcome all of you. And you may call me Jesus, or you may call me Yeshua. But I am pleased to be here with you this evening.

S: Thank you. Gee, I don’t think I can call you anything but Lord, Lord! It just comes naturally, and I’d feel a little strange. I’ll try.

Before going on to the lost years, Linda herself has asked me to ask you a question, and so maybe I can ask that first. And that is: what can we do for people who are in despair? And by despair, she means, “Is Ascension really going to happen? Am I going to make it?” She reports that a lot of people are feeling somewhat despondent. Can you discuss that with us first, please?

J: Yes, I would be happy to. For we have all known a dark night of the soul. We have all known a time when there does not seem to be any light that creeps in, either with the dawn or under the doorway, when we forget the light that is our inner light and our inner guidance.

And what is transpiring for many during this time is not simply the concern, or the fear, or the despair, or the lack of hope around the Ascension or around the events of 2012, but also around the issue of their lives, around the meaning of their mission, the fulfillment of their mission, the feeling of love in their hearts, or the lack thereof.

Our Mother [the Divine Mother or Holy Spirit] has said often, where there is no hope there is no life. And I know that many of my followers had fallen into this place, now and then, and even I at times had had feelings of despondency, though I never had the occasion to live without hope.

But this situation is often a residue of what has gone on in the individual’s life, or in the collective’s lives, or even in earlier lifetimes, that is coming to the surface now for complete elimination, for cleansing, for letting go, for whatever you choose to call it. (1)

Now, that does not always help, to know that it is something that you are letting go of once and for all. The ironic thing about what many feel is the lack of hope is not because there is no solution, from above or below or from the inner being, from the soul or from the higher self; often what the yearning is is for contact, for communion, for union, for unity, community, for reaffirmation from the human race, from friends, from neighbors, from family – sometimes even from strangers.

It is the time we have talked about, for action and for standing up and for sharing what you know to be truth, and the truth of your own individual journey. But part of that action is also reaching out to those fellow light-holders, light-bearers, and light-workers who are finding themselves in this predicament, in this place where they do not know how loved and valued they are.

They have forgotten their own inner worth and their own sense of hope. The thing that I recommend, the action that I recommend and ask of you, is to reach out to those, not simply by sending healing, or by sending light and love, but in a physical way as well, by a chat on the phone, by a conversation – in person or [by] other media.

Let the individual know that you are there holding the hope for them until they are ready to resume their place in this unfoldment. It is to reassure one another that you are not alone in this journey, that it is a journey of the collective. And of course that goes not only for light-holders, [but] for those that you think do not understand that they have not understood what this unfoldment, or what 2012 or Ascension or any of this business that we are so keen to talk about, is about, for these are people who also need greater hope.

So have the conversation with them, too. And if they do not understand, it does not always matter. What matters is that you’re communicating caring and love. That is the only thing that is necessary. So this is what I ask for you to do. Extend yourself, and in extending yourself you are giving the gift of hope, you are reinstalling it within your friend’s heart, whether they are family or stranger.

S: Thank you, Lord. Perhaps a subsidiary question to this is that some people – I think of Matthew Ward, particularly – have said that your followers who fall into the category of Fundamentalists will have a great deal of trouble accepting the Ascension, and in fact they may choose not to Ascend, and may choose to leave. Can you speak any words of encouragement to them at this moment around Ascension?

J: Of course I can. And there are many, many who fall into this group. And perhaps it is also with what many have come to understand as Ascension. It is the word, it is the phraseology. And we have run into this for centuries! But it is the word that frightens them, first and foremost. But it is also an issue of self-worth and self-love. But they think in terms of my Ascension, for example, but there have been other examples as well, as you well know.

But we are not talking about taking your corporal or even astral or spiritual body and ascending into the oneness of all, into what they would think of as heaven. We are talking about ascending in a trans-dimensional way. We are talking about movement, and for this reason we have often had this channel use the word shift. But the key to Ascension is not fully, intellectually, just understanding it, or not understanding it. It is the holding of love in your heart. This has always been the case. And it has always been the message.

The Fundamentalists have carved a path – we do not say this in judgment – but rather than carving it with flowers, grass, and moveable sand, they have carved it out of stone, out of rock. And they believe that this foundation is firm. And that is reassuring to them. And of course we always want people to feel reassured, but the difficulty with that is that too much of these beliefs that are human-made, not divinely directed, have become entrenched, and that they think that their path is proscribed. They do not think that there is any flexibility.

They think in terms of reward and punishment. And of course that is of duality. It is of polarity, and at its worst it is of judgment. It is very sad, and sad in the fullest sense of the word, as in disheartening, but also as in pathetic, to feel that we would judge in that way, that some are welcome and some are not, that some are lost and some are found. That there is only a chosen few. That is simply not the case.

Now, when the time comes they will see this. They will be given their own signs and their own revelations, and this will give them the opportunity to move, or not. Many will come. Many will choose at the last moment to ascend and to accompany the rest of the collective in this new adventure. And for them to let go of this yoke that has really been self imposed will be so freeing. And then they will truly know what it is to bask in my love, to walk with us, to share with us – for that has always been the plan. We do not save some and condemn others. That is not the way of love.

Graham Dewyea: Hi, Jesus, this is Graham. We seem to have dropped Steve’s call, so I’m going to monitor the panel here so that when he comes in I can bring him back on. And I invite you, if you’d like, to use this time to speak further of Ascension or any other comments you’d like to share. Thank you.

J: I would like to begin with what Steve has asked me about my early years, about my life as a child and as a young man, as an adult coming of age. And I want to begin by telling you, I had an incredible life as Jesus, as Yeshua. I had an incredible family. Yes, both above and below. And that is where so much confusion often occurs.

But I and my human family, and my beloved mother and my beloved father, and yes, my siblings, my extended family, they were so supportive since the day I was conceived. And yes, of course, it was known, although it was kept in many ways quiet – although it could not be kept that quiet, because I was quite adventurous. They supported my journey, and of course that is why I had been sent to this family in such exceptional circumstances.

At a very early age, around five, five and a half, I was completely, can I say, reunited or filled with the Holy Spirit. That full reconnection to Father-Mother One, what you think of as God or Source, what I think of as Mother-Holy Spirit, took place.(2)

And so that awareness and that connection, that knowing, and what you would think of as information, was available to me from the start, or from the very early age.

But I was also of a very educated family, and one that placed great value – not just my mother or father, but my entire family – who placed value on the learning, and what you can think of as the sacred learnings, of both Hebrew, certainly of the Laws, the Laws as a Jew, but also the universal laws. So I learned not just the languages of Greek, and I travelled.

There is – and I have spoken in other situations about my learning to assist my father in this, what you would now think of as construction business. He was far more than just a humble carpenter, although that is the job that he took or assumed when we first returned to Nazareth. But through these family ties I was brought to study and exposed to many scholars and many different points of view, including the Eastern philosophies.

My cousin, my beloved cousin John, who I loved as a brother, with him we studied and became familiar with the Essenes. So the exposure was brought. The difficulty was very often that I would correct my teachers, or I would challenge my teachers, not in a way that was offensive, for I was a very polite boy, and even a more polite young man. I did not ever wish really to draw great attention to myself. But what I could not understand sometimes was when there was a point of law or a point of philosophy that I knew was either incomplete or not rounded or even incorrect, I would ask about it.

And it was wonderful.  This is the gift of being trained in a true scholastic environment: it is not just about obeying or obedience or adherence – and that is also the message that I would give to our fundamentalist friends, or any -ism – it is about exploring.

But it is about exploring from the inner knowing, and from your connection, because there is no being – no being – on Earth that is not touched or gifted with the wisdom, the energy, of the Holy Spirit. It is available, and it is truly gifted to many. Yes, you can turn away and say no, but that has never been understood – not while I was in human form, and not really now. It always comes back to this situation of self-loathing or self-worth, the lack of self-worth.

Now, you would say to me, Yeshua, if you were filled with the connection and the knowing, why was it necessary for you to be prepared in this way? My parents – particularly my mother, a very astute woman – it wasn’t just the value of education and culture. She knew that I would move in and amongst the people, in and amongst the cultures, and that in order to have credibility in my teachings, as I entered my more public life, that there would need to be a full understanding and an acculturation into these belief systems, even those that I did not completely agree with.

And that would be necessary in order for me to be accepted amongst my people. Because, although my message was universal, and always has been, it was to the people of the Jewish faith, those who had been promised and who were looking for a savior, a messiah, for a leader to take them out of this bondage, to make them what they thought would be leaders of the world.

But of course it is not of this world that I lead you. Yes, I teach you, I guide you, I help you. I help you every single day, whether you know it or not. I help you to maneuver and to deal with this world that you live in. Whether you feel that you are on top of the world, on top of your journey, on top of your game, or whether you are lost, I am still with you, and I am guiding you. And I have many voices, and even many faces, but they have always been the same message.

So, now, Steve?

S: Yes, I’m back –

J: We welcome you back.

S: Thank you. Graham, could you just orient me to where we are in the questions?

G: Absolutely. Welcome back.

S: Well, thank you.

G: Jesus was just talking about his upbringing and childhood, and just continued on your original question around Ascension.

S: Okay. So have we asked you, Lord, about the manner of your birth yet?

J: What do you want to know about my birth?

S: I take it we haven’t asked that question. Well, the problem is that some people say you weren’t born in a manger or a stable, that you in fact didn’t come from parents of a humble and poor background – humble obviously – but that instead you came from a well established family. They weren’t poor by any means. Which version is correct, Lord?

J: We have known good times and bad. I was of a very well-established family. Let me make that very clear. And the establishment of our family was in the lineage, and yes, position, not just in terms of wealth, but in terms of heritage, of respect. Were my parents humble? Absolutely. For they could not have brought me forward if they were not. But as I was saying, in my family there was a tradition, and a deep respect, and yes, in your society you would say an expectation, of what an upbringing would be, and what that would be entailing in terms of training and scholarship, education, exposure, acculturation.

Now, when I was born, when I took form, let us put it that way, upon this beautiful Earth, it was during a time of mass migration and confusion. And it wasn’t what you would think of, has been romanticized as, a stable, a manger, but it was in a very humble situation, where there was a back room, yes, where animals were close by.

But that was not unusual, you know. So yes, in that situation, because of the requirements of government, I was born as [laughs] somewhat of a displaced person. But my family, my family was what you would think of as a very well-placed lineage.

S: Well, that’s very helpful. When your parents left Israel, where exactly did they go? What part of Egypt – I think it was Egypt – did they go to?

J: We went to a small village just outside what you would think of now as Alexandria. It was very humble. But then again there was family. So you have to understand, in our society, as in many of yours, the family took care of us. So it was not that I was in any way, or that our family was in any way, deprived. That simply was not the case at all. We had comfort.

My mother tended, in the beginning – well, always, really, but – to be what I would say would be very protective. She did not want to have me exposed to too many people in a strange and foreign place. She often feared that, should people know of the promise of my being, that it would place me in harm’s way. And so I was kept very close in the early, early years, not that I would wish to go anywhere anyway. But she kept me very close by her side within the family compound.

S: All right. And the Aquarian Gospel describes you as coming into contact with the Egyptian hierophants. Did you in fact take a course of study with the Egyptian priests while in Egypt?

J: Yes, I did. As I have said –

S: Like the description?

J: Yes, we have. But understand what I say, because I came into my knowing, into the fulfillment with the Holy Spirit, at a very, very early age. And so yes, I studied with the high priests and was exposed to their belief systems. The Egyptians, later the Greeks, the Romans to some extent, although that did not really have great impact at all, but the early times, and the understandings of the workings of the universe, the role of a priest in society was embedded from those early teachings in Egypt.

But it was – also there were studies with the Hebrew scholars as well. I learned Greek. I studied many cultures, and especially from the East, from that tradition, which was common, not unusual, in my family. But it did not – it did not cause contradiction, because there is no contradiction. Yes, you may ask your question.

S: Thank you. When you say that, “I studied with Greeks and Romans,” are you saying that you studied with them in Alexandria, or did you go on the same philosopher’s circuit that Apollonius of Tyana did, namely to Delphi, Egypt, Persia, India?

J: Yes, I travelled a great deal in my early years, as a young man – as an adolescent, and as a young man. My family felt that it was very important. My mother in particular knew the universality of the messages that I would come to share with many, and she wanted me to be fully prepared. Now, she did not always understand when I would challenge or debate, shall we say, some of my teachers.

But they always understood. They welcomed the conversations and different insights. There was no restriction. You see, this is what has been misunderstood. There has always been a feeling that the belief system was very constricted, and it was not. So yes, I was exposed and studied and went on many pilgrimages.

S: Apollonius of Tyana describes a circuit that many people followed almost as if it was well known in those days –

J: [ ? ] sequential.

S: Sequential. Did you actually set out to follow that same circuit?

J: Not step by step by step. But through exposure, yes, we did. And when I say we, I mostly mean that I was always accompanied by someone from my family.

S: All right. I know that we have many listeners in India, and I’m sure they would be most interested to know where you went in India at this time, whom you studied with, what lineage they were or what path they followed.

J: What you would think of is it would be the path of Hinduism. It is the path of the Masters, of the Teachers, of the Yogis.

S: Would you have made a distinction between, say, Vedanta [the non-dual path] or karma yogis [the path of service], or bhakti [the path of devotion], at that time?

J: At that time, no, we did not. There was very little. It was more preferential, but it would be more bhakti [devotion than anything, if you were to look at it in terms of today’s. But it was also very rigorous in terms of also physical discipline and training as well.

S: And where did you go in India to study?

J: Everywhere.

S: I passed a marker outside of Pondicherry that celebrated the passage of Matsya, the fish prophet. Was that you?

J: Yes. Yes, it was.

S: That’s very, very interesting. What else should we know about these years before you started your ministry? What else would be relevant to us appreciating you as you began your ministry? What was important?

J: What I would want people to know – yes, in India, in Africa, in the Himalayas, certainly, in what you think of now as the Middle East – was the universality. My family obviously was in the Judaic tradition. But the level of sophistication – and yes, because I had the privilege to travel, to study, but also to work along side many fellow travelers, I was not alone. And I never thought of myself as the only voice, or the only teacher, or the only way. I was one. I was one where the Word, because of the Holy Spirit, was in flesh. But I certainly was not the only one.

So there are those who have said oh, yes, Jesus, another prophet. And then there are those who take great offense at that. I do not. Because each tradition that I have studied, whether it was in India or Egypt or in the temples, or at home, whether it was with the philosophers or the rabbis, they all were really telling me and teaching me the same thing.

And it was ironic in many ways. Yes, I understood – and it was rigorous! Do not think that I got to go on tour and live in the lap of luxury, because there was none of that. Yes, I was attended to. But it was far from luxurious. And there were times when my family depended on the extended family, always, for support. But it was considered important – because everyone knew that I was being prepared so that I know all paths.

So this is not meant in any way to say that what I taught came from here or there. And, yes, I have traveled, even further than most think. As I travel these days, amongst your star brothers and sisters. But it is the universality, it is the community spirit that I would wish to emphasize, it is the community of love.

And that was the message I received. I received it from the high priests. I received it from the yogis, I received it from the teachers and the masters, from the rabbis. They all had valuable teachings, and they taught me also not to be arrogant or conceited, to bring humility to my work, and to know that I was simply honored to be in service, as are each of you.

S: Well, you have mentioned the Holy Spirit in flesh, so I’m going to turn at this moment to another line of questioning. I’m quite sure we’re not going to get finished with our discussion today, so if you’d be so kind as to return next week, we can continue and I won’t try and rush through this, if that’s satisfactory to you.

J: Yes, and why do you think I have turned it in this direction, dear friend?

S: Very good. Thank you. I know I can rely on you to guide me. You mentioned the Holy Spirit in flesh, and that raises questions about your ministry. Do you consider that the word “avatar” applies to you and your ministry? Sri Ramakrishna says….

J: Avatar is not a word that I particularly cherish. (3) Let me put it that way.

S: All right.

J: There are those who wish to label me as an avatar. And I would accept that label, but I would not choose it. I would choose the label, or the description, of teacher.

S: Okay. Well, maybe we could creep up on it then from another route. Sri Ramakrishna considers you an avatar and publicly declared that. Can we talk about who was here then, please? You were here in bodily form. But –

J: Yes.

S: – Sananda was also here overlighting you, was he not?

J: Yes.

S: So that would be a second layer to your ministry, so to speak, the overlighting.

J: That is correct.

S: And then in addition to that, the Holy Spirit descended into your form. Is that correct?

J: That is correct.

S: And did that, by the way, happen when you were being baptized in the River Jordan?

J: No, it happened at a very early age, actually. The baptism was a symbolic refilling, if you want to put it that way. But, no, in order for me to go forward in my journey on Earth, there was an infilling of the Holy Spirit at a very early age, of about five, five and a half. And then it was renewed, or – symbolically renewed – so that the people would know that this was available to everybody.

S: All right. Well, if you were the human form that was overlit by a spirit as exalted as Sananda, and the Holy Spirit descended in you, that I would call an “avatar.” Would you disagree?

J: [Laughs] I do not disagree. I simply say to you that it is a designation that I am not so eager to claim.

S: Okay.

J: Yes, I will accept it. You know there was so much controversy, when I did walk the Earth, not only about my family’s position but about the politics of the “King of the Jews” and wanting leadership and political intrigue. So I am always very hesitant to give myself or to accept designations.

S: I accept that.

J: And I will tell you why. Because you, or your listeners, will then say, “Oh, well, he had this overlighting, he had this infilling, and that makes him different or separate,” and it does not. If anything, it allows me to be closer to you.

S: All right, I accept that, Lord.

J: All right. So I have made my point, then! [laugh]

S: Yes, Lord.

J: And I want you to accept, each one of you, I have often teased this channel that you are M-in-Ms, masters-in-the-making, but now we will call you A-in-Ms, avatars-in-the-making.

S: [chuckles] All right. I had another question for you, but it’s entirely slipped my mind.  Were you in fact married to Mary Magdalene?

J: Let me put it this way. Yes.

S: All right. Formally married? I don’t know the customs of that age, so forgive me if I’ve asked an indelicate question, but married according to –

J: She was not my mistress, dear heart, so yes, we were formally married. She was my beloved wife. She was my sacred other. She was my divine other. She was my partner, that made my walk on Earth full with joy – and more human. It was anticipated, you know, that a young man would marry. But it was not simply because of custom, or because I wished to be part of or separate, it was because I wished to be in sacred union with my Magdalena.

The love that we have shared was deep and profound. And there have been many who have naysayed and made up many myths and stories about her. But she was my support as I was hers. She was my sounding board. It was a very difficult.

When we came together, she knew. We discussed very fully what the future held and the road that we would walk together. She was one who always prepared ritual, and helped to put ceremony, often, around our situations.

Now, as you well know from the Egyptians, and from the travels to India, I had learned about ritual and ceremony and the importance of it. But in many ways, even from the family that I was raised in, I was a very relaxed and casual person. I wanted to move amongst the people.

And often she would say, yes, we will move amongst the people, and we will have the joining and the teaching, but let us put some ceremony and ritual, for she had also been trained in this way. So yes, not only was I married, we had a family as well.

S:  Why would the gospel writers neglect to mention that?

J: It was not considered particularly important, but it was also considered protection and reverence for her.

S: All right. Okay. So you actually had children, did you not?

J: Yes.

S: How many?

J: We had two children.

S: Two children? A girl and a boy, or – ?

J: Yes, we had a son. A son and a daughter.

S: Could you tell us about –

J: Our son died very young. It was very hard. But our daughter lived.

S: And is she the Holy Grail?

J: That is correct. Our Sarah is the Holy Grail.

S: Sarah. Where did she go after you left the Earth? France?

J: She went to the south of France.

S: And was she that which was revered by the Cathars?

J: That is correct.

S: Oh, it takes my breath way to hear you say this, Lord. I actually notice that the time is getting close to our ending, but again, I’m just going to continue next week, if you’ll permit me. So perhaps this could be a wind-up question. Did you teach reincarnation during your ministry?

J: Yes, I did. Now, is that not a radical statement for many to hear?

S: Yes.

J: But yes, I did. Because this was a very common understanding – not always agreed to by the rabbis, but in many of the other cultures. The continuity of life, the continuity of the flame of the soul. How could I teach that you did not die and not talk about reincarnation? How could I raise the dead and not talk about reincarnation?

S: Yes.

J: So yes.

S: But you also – you also say – you also speak about enlightenment conferring immortality. But I take it that by that you mean that someone would not need to be born again, not need to leave the temple and go more out. Is that correct?

J: That is correct.

S: All right. So we are immortal?

J: Yes, you are immortal. Every single one of you. And we will talk about karma and the requirements for reincarnation when next we meet, because this has need to be clarified.

S: And I’m looking forward to that immensely, Lord. Thank you for visiting with us tonight.

J: It is my pleasure. And I bless you, and I thank you. And I give you my love.

S: Thank you. Farewell.


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This time on Creating 5D, probably one of the clearest channels you will encounter… Nora Herold. “We are Universal Beings of Light and Love”. She been has been channeling, lecturing, and doing healing work for over 20 years. She channels a multitude of high frequency beings, including Yeshua, The 9th & 12th Dimensional Pleiadian Collectives, The Lyrans, The Faeries, The Angelics, & Enara.
She has spent some time most recently filling out her memories from Lemuria, both the first Lemuria on the other Earth, and the Lemuria we created on this one.

Series of live channeling Saint Germain ~ Serie 2 part 3 ~ Animals in this Ascension (august 12, 2013) ~ By Méline Lafont



Changing topics if I can for a quick second. A lot of questions came in with respect to our animals and pets, our cats, our dogs, maybe horses, animals in general.. and basically 2 quick questions I would like your feedback on. The first question is: why do our pets, our cats, our dogs not live as long as we do? They live maybe 10, 12, 15 years and then they end up leaving the physical body. There are a lot of questions that came in on that cause a lot of people don’t understand it, they are concerned about their pet and it is very traumatic. The second question is: can you maybe talk about our pets in this Ascension process? What happens to them and how do they ascend? Just maybe to give some reassurance to the readers and the viewers.


Saint Germain:


All of the animal kingdoms that you see around you are very experienced and high evolved souls who have chosen to assist in this ascension process and the duality by taking on forms of animals and pets as you call them, to bring awareness and to help the human experience as to how cope with different kinds of embodiments and energies than the Human one. They are here to the extent of bringing awareness, to bring and show what acceptance is. They have chosen to take on short lifetimes because they have a short soul contract.


They do not have to learn like human beings have to learn an entire lifetime of maybe 70 to 80 or 100 years. They are such evolved beings that a 10 year lifetime would be enough for them because merely they are here to assist you all, to bring awareness to you all, to teach you a lot of things because they are teachers. All the animals are teachers, but like you at the same time they are experiencing at the same time. They are experiencing the Ascension process and the duality but they have more awareness than humans have.


They were born with a greater awareness and an awakening and activation than you are, when you were born in a human being. The animals chose to have short soul contracts because what they bring as an assistance to you all is very important and as I have said earlier they do not need a lot of time to awaken and ascend as they are far ahead of you all. Do not worry about this when animals chose to go through the death process, just like human beings are, they are ascending as well. And as they are far more evolved than you are, they will go to the new world and meet you there as well.


As the matter of fact, the animal kingdom has ascended a long time ago before you, when the alignment has taken place on December 2012. They already made the shift a few months before that, they have been awaiting you all in this new reality and as you are now reaching this reality, they are connecting more with you. You will see more butterflies, you will see more devas and fairies, unicorns. You will feel more Presences of the Dolphins around you! They are all eagerly waiting to connect with you and they are taking steps towards you and coming closer. They are searching for a new connection because they feel you are now ready to interact with them on a telepathic way.


They have always been aware of this and they have always been communicating with you telepathically but the Human race was not ready to see this. The Human race was not able to feel or to hear this and as now you have reached this threshold ethereally and it is now being played out physically, you are now moving into a new world where a better understanding with the animal kingdom is being born again and where each and all individual will be able to communicate with each animal telepathically.


So do not be worried about the animals, because this is what they have chosen. They do not wish to be here on Earth and serve you all, Humans and the ascension process by being in incarnation for another 80 to 100 years. They wish to do short soul contracts because being in an animal form is not always so easy as being in an human form. They have other instincts and even though they share a lot of consciousness as human beings have, by nurturing each other, by connecting with each other, they share a lot of other consciousness and instincts as well like you see in Africa; they kill each other to eat. Well this is an instinct of an animal and this is part of their learning process as well as this is a part of their incarnation contracts just as you have parts of your incarnation contracts as well, that are a part of your learning processes.


Cats are very evolved beings, they are the Galactics in incarnation. There is a saying that cats have more than 9 lives, well yes that is correct and why is this? It is because they are galactic beings and they are so evolved and they have so many talents and gifts that they are here to experience and to bring a lot. So if you have guardian angels incarnated in cats they will be present in your life, always. They will nurture you and they will guard you always every time. You can see it in their eyes which ones are galactics and which are not. Not all cats are Galactics but most of them are and they are here to accompany you and to speak to you through their eyes. Look into their eyes and see how special they are. You will feel the Galactic presences into their little incarnation that they are.


Horses are very enlightened beings as well, they are here to assist humanity in that way to bring awareness that humans are not the only intelligent beings on this planet, because horses are incarnations of Earthly Angels. They are here as keepers of nature they are here to serve Gaia and to bring many manifestation on your Earth. They are really absorbing a lot of energies and grounding these into Earth. They are our ground crew, they are the angelic ground crew and as they have a close connection to Human beings, they learn and teach the human beings that by working with their energies, by co-operating with them and their energies, a beautiful connection can unfold and be born into the heart. Horses will guide you and point at the important things what you exactly need to see and absorb at this time. They will ground you when it is necessary to be grounded again and they are here for you as they love you the most!


Dolphins are very enlightening and very spiritual beings as well and they are the keepers of the portals and vortexes of the oceans, they are there to keep the portals open so that your galactic sisters and brothers of Light can travel through it back and forth, they are the keepers of the crystals as they guard the crystals that are found of the times of Atlantis. They watch over them and they activate every crystal that is needed to be activated at this time. So love them and be blessed my beautiful dolphins for you are wonderful beings by heart. I am so thankful that they are present here because they are doing so much for the oceans and they have one of the most toughest missions on Earth because the dolphins are not always treated the way they way they need to be treated. They deserve the most respect and love from every human being and still whatever happens with them, whatever disrespect they receive and pain they go through, they love you all intensively and deeply and they still continue to grown and bring awareness to you all. They still love you so much and they keep the oceans clean, they work constantly to purify the oceans to guard the vortexes and the portals and the crystals of Atlantis.


They love you and Gaia deeply,they are here to support Gaia. They are a part of your soul consciousness because these are the Sirians and the Pleiadians incarnated in Dolphin embodiments. So as you can see the animal kingdom is far ahead of you and they are showing the way to you. It is time that all of your realize how important they are, that they are not just pets and animals that are lower than you or behind in evolution, because they have more awareness about everything that is unfolding than you are. This due to the fact that they have a close connection to Gaia and all the elements.


The fairies are here as well, they are present at this time and they are making their presences more known at this time. Every day they are coming more forward and making themselves know to people in dreams but also in realities. They are trying to access your consciousness at this time because it is time to connect again with this new 5 d world and this new beautiful Light world you are accessing at this time. It is time to make a connection with them and they will search for a way find this connection with you. They are the ones who will take the first step and make a connection with you, so be blessed because they are truly wonderful beings.


All the animal kingdoms and elementals, fairies, all what you call fantasy which is in fact reality, are now coming to you all by arising into your beautiful world. Embrace this and embrace yourself for you deserve this. Enjoy this new connection for it is the most beautiful one you can have. You are all so blessed, we are all so blessed that it is time to reconnect because we have all been waiting so eagerly for this, so does the animal kingdom for they have suffered enough. It is time to shift this consciousness into love and co-operation with the animals because this is why they are here. They all are awaiting you eagerly.


Thank you Saint Germain

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Series of live channeling Saint Germain ~ Serie 2 part 2 ~ Individual ascension and collective ascension (august 12, 2013) ~ By Méline Lafont


Another question that I have is: there are a lot of channellings and different things out there that talk about the collective Ascension, that there is also a collective Ascension in addition to an individual Ascension and that a certain threshold percent that needs to be reached for the collective to ascend. Is that true and does the collective need to ascend before the individual can ascend or in other words can I ascend and then the collective may later follow if I am ready? And what has to happen for the collective as one consciousness on Earth, on Gaia to ascend? Can you maybe give some clarity on that?

Saint Germain:

Yes. In order for the collective to be able to ascend, each and individual needs to be ascended first because as you ascend individually, you are making it more possible for the collective to ascend along. And this because each and everyone of you are connected to the collective and you are a part of this collective. You can see this as a beautiful puzzle. Envision this puzzle as being the collective. The more pieces of the puzzle are colored green so to speak, like we use green and red, red for not ready and green for ready. The more pieces of this puzzle are colored green, the more the collective is ready to pass this threshold and the more individuals are ascending, the more Gaia is able to awaken in this new reality and to share this new reality with each and everyone of you.

So yes Andrew and my dear friends, an individual process of Ascension is needed first in order to lift up the entire planet of Gaia and the collective with you. So if you ascend individually first, you go through the Ascension portal and back and you do this continuously; you go back and forth to adapt to the new energies. You come back to ground them into the collective world you are living in, so that energy that you have absorbed during your ascension process can be grounded into Gaia and as it is grounded into Gaia, the collective will absorb this as well and activate this in the heart. The more individuals are doing that, the more the collective is absorbing and activating. The more new souls are being awakened and reborn in this awakening.

So yes, the individual process is very important. This is why we stress the fact so much to meditate, to work on your personal evolution, to be balanced, to be Love all the time, to ground yourself, because by grounding you are allowing to bring in the absorbed energies into the world of Gaia and her collective of humanity. You are giving the chance and bringing all the opportunities to all the individuals on your world to access all the energies that you have all gained and absorbed by Ascending and going through the portal of Ascension.

The more you do an Ascension process and you always come back into this reality, the more you ground this by coming back into this reality. You may be lingering in 3 or even 4 or more worlds at the same time but this is the reason why you are still here lingering as well. Because while you are bi-located in the other realities at the same time and your consciousness is constantly shifting from one reality to another, you are experiencing time frames and little aspects of these other dimension and realities at the same time.

Sometimes you experience the fourth or the fifth dimension or even higher dimensions, and it is like a split of a second. Most of the times you do not perceive it to be your reality but you are starting to perceive it as your reality now and you start to recognize it that you just did a time travel consciously and you take that back to your lower and other Dimension, which is the Earthly one where the collective is lingering in. This is the fourth dimension that the collective is lingering in. And you take it back to that Dimension and you ground this as it helps to awaken a lot of people at the same time.

You can be in the fifth Dimension or in the sixth Dimension and stay there for plenty of time while at the same time your embodiment is still in the fourth Dimension and your consciousness is most of the time lingering in this Earthly plane but at the same time you are experiencing a new world. You are absorbing all of this, you are experiencing your gifts and your talents, you are accessing other time frames and time lines and all that you are. You take this with you every time you consciousness shifts again into the lower fourth dimension.

This is needed to be done, this is the way how you help Humanity; by constantly lingering in all those dimensions and realities at the same time. And the more you ascend the more you grow in this, and the more you grow in this the more you are doing this on a conscious way! So you see Ascension with body is much more wonderful and challenging than just choosing to exit the planet through the death process. But anyway, I do not wish to diminish this at all. I have respect and the most of respect for the souls who choose to do this through the death process, because it is challenging for them as well.

It is going through the fear of dying and letting go of the body which is not an easy one if you fear it. If you don’t fear it, it is a very beautiful process.. I can tell you that. And I have the most respect for those who choose to leave the body and go through the ascension gate by leaving the body behind because this way they are granted new opportunities to take on new forms which they will choose and whatever form they would like to do. By this I hope I have answered your question to the fullest extent possible because truly ascension is so beautiful, it is very hard to put it into words and I try my best to give you an answer and an image of what the opportunities are and how important it is to do an Ascension process.

Andy: yes thank you so much and very well said! I am just so excited because I think personally I am ascending with body, I’d like to think I am.

Thank you Saint Germain

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9 1 13 Bill Ballard – Integrating Lord Metatron with Meline LaFont

pearls2u·205 videos


Meline LaFont told me she had a message from Lord Metatron who wanted to make contact with me as “Boots on the Ground” so to say to channel that level of energy into Mother Earth and Humanity at this time. It turns out this was my OWN personal “missing link” in my connecting back to Prime Creator. What unfolded was quite majical. This video is full of LIGHT ENCODINGS for ALL who need them at this time.

Notice the energies behind me as well as the strange thing that Skype did as Metatron came through Meline Lafont. At the same time, my head gets pulled back and there is a transfer of encodings into me and my field as Meline is channeling Lord Metatron. I turns out that Lord Metatron IS my higher self between Archangel Michael and Prime Creator…. and that was my missing link. Many of us are of the same lineage if you are of Archangel Michael.

Listen to the sounds as it changes with the recording as I am channeling Metatron but while still in my being. It is not the same as how Meline channels as I have always held my space, myself and no one but my higher self in… but Metatron IS my highest self so I find out now.

Notice the Merkaba energy shift in my field as well as all other downloadings of encoding going on… It is visible for all to see.

Andy was also in this Skype recording but for some reason it never came out… as well as the flips between Meline and myself as she is channeling and I am receiving the downloads…. Metatron pulls my head back at that time….

I downloaded a program from the web to add my movie intro at the beginning. That program was shareware and why there is an icon from that company in the middle of the videos. There were 2 different types of formats used in this video.

Live Channeler Méline Lafont – Saint Germain – Serie 1 part 3 – Ascension: What Is It, What To Expect During It – August 1, 2013



Beautifully said Saint Germain, thank you! I think this will help so many people.  Thank you again.  I would like to ask a question.  A lot of people would like to know about the process of ascension.  I think they understand what it is but how exactly does one ascend and how will we know when we ascend?

What will we feel, what will we see in our conscious state?  So many different channelings talk about this but maybe they don’t address the actual process of you know, are we going to be lifted, are we just all of a sudden just going to disappear.  If you could just talk about how are we going to know in the conscious state what will we be seeing and feeling during our individual ascension as we move up.

Saint Germain

Ascension is a large concept.  It could not be put into words in that way to be fully grasped by humanity, how ascension really is.  But let me try to explain it in the best way possible.  Ascension is an ongoing process.  It is not a process that you do only once and you are there. No. 

All the ones who have reached a higher level of consciousness even though they feel they are ascended and they have all the knowledge they desire and required to ascend, even then, you keep on evolving infinitely.  There is no stop.  There is no higher level to achieve.  It is a continuous process.  A never ending story.  

Ascension is merely something ethericly, it is not going to a portal or gate, opening a door, closing it and being in this totally new world or galaxy or other place.  No.  Actually it is merely a change inside of you.  The ascension gate or portal is inside of you, it’s your heart.  This is why we stress how important the heart is, how to connect with the heart constantly and be love in the heart because this is the gateway to your ascension. 

Every time an ascension process has unfolded in your life, you will feel it because you will feel different.  You will feel as a changed human.  You will feel that a lot of the old aspects of you are gone.  It’s like you are an entirely new person and being.

You will see that a lot of people will tell you that you have changed and that you are not the same person anymore.  People will even claim that it looks like someone else just entered your physical vessel.  Well for them, it appears this way. 

And in fact, there is part truth in this.  You are still the same person.  Nobody has taken over your form.  You have just grown out of things.  And when you grow out of things, you become lighter, more awakened, you have learned more lessons and you will cope with things differently than you did before. 

Always in a gently and loving way.  With more confidence, you will be more certain in life, with every step you take.  You will know things instead of doubting, you will know.  It’s like you say a thing or you act upon something with such a certainty. 

And afterwards you realize what you did.  And you are surprised that you did this with such a certainty because actually you are not aware of what you are doing. 

Well this is your higher self, your true essence speaking and acting and thus means that you have a connection with yourself and that you are full trusting yourself and that you have a knowing and a feeling that you are not relying anymore on other sources or that you do not doubt anymore that this is the right way.  This is an ascension process as well.  It’s the knowing, the feeling. 

And every time you go through that gate and you come back, because you ground those energies, because Earth needs this, it’s not that you go through a gate and you never come back again.  Yes there are some beings that choose to do so.  But that means their contracts have ended. 

That they have chosen to achieve a certain level or achieve their missions and then go to another plane or frequency or just to their home or their galaxies and disappear from people’s lives or just leave the body behind.  It is all depending on the soul contract that you have chosen for.  But let me tell you, the majority of humanity has chosen to ascend with body.  Let me put that straight. 

No need to fear to leave the body behind.  Because in the ancient years, the ascension process was through the death process.  We needed to leave our bodies behind in order to ascend.  Well, this is new, this is exceptional.  Because now we take our beautiful physical forms with us. 

We change it and transform it into a light body.  And this is why we stress so much that it is important to give the ascension process time because steps are needed.  The physical vessel is very dense and very sensitive. 

We need to be careful to not stress it too much.  It needs to be able to cope with all the incoming energies.  So if there is stress that pushes the body too much, you may lose it.  So this is why it may take such a long time for you beautiful souls. 

But know that we have never ever achieved this kind of awakening and ascension before.  Not in this way and not in a physical level.  I see many light beings already. 

I see many light bodies as well.  Even though you still appear to have a physical form.  Let me say this.  This is not the case for many of you – you are already a light body.  It just needs time to be absorbed this way and perceived this way with your earthly brain because you do still have a connection with your earthly brain.  You will now adapt to who you are, what your light body is, you will absorb this in your reality, accept this. 

And you will start to see this light body around you.  You are used to seeing the physical self because you are creating this physical aspect of yours, still.  And as soon as you stop creating this physical aspect of yours, maybe you will lose that part of you, not in the sense of leaving the body behind, but in the sense of releasing the thought of who you are in the physical incarnation and start to see your true essence and accept this.  

You will see more and more light appearing around you.  The ascension process is all about reconnecting with yourself, reawakening, becoming your true essence to Source.  Ascension is learning, adapting, coping, changing, creating, feeling, becoming. 

Ascension is a complicated process.  And the more you ascend, the more you will feel warm inside and blissful, happy, joy and living in perfect harmony with yourself.  That is ascension. 

And the more you are this, the more you do all of this, the more your reality will be reflected this way because all that you are inside of you reflects to the outer reality.  And you will start to see all signs in your reality.  And you will attract more loving people, this is one sign. You will see more light, more energies. 

You will see more loving actions of people towards each other, people helping each other.  You will have less confrontations with chaos and negativity as it will not affect you anymore.  It’s not your truth.  It’s not your reality anymore.  At this time you are still lingering between those two facets of your life, levels of your life. Triggering you because you will outgrow this.  This is ascension as well. 

The leaving behind of duality – the outgrowing of the old you – the 3D you – you are connecting with your higher self.  This is ascension as well.  Every time you ascend, you do a transformation process.  This means you transform into something new.  Let me put it that way.  You transform more and more into light and love.  And so yes, it may be visualized as a gate that you step through, it is a symbolic envisioning of that – an image. 

But in truth, it’s the opening of the heart, its being in the heart and as you know all energies come in through the heart and go out through the heart as well.  If you transform yourself, transmute yourself or teleport yourself, this is also going through the heart.  The heart is the center of the Universe; it is the center of you.  All secrets, records, knowledge and wisdom lies in it.  So ascension is opening up to your heart, into yourself.

To see the full 1 hour channeling and length (video)

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Series of live channeling Saint Germain ~ Serie 1 part 2 about money, funds and how to work with incoming energies (august 1, 2013) ~ By Méline Lafont

Sain Germain45984-dsc02632 


People are losing their jobs, they are losing their houses, they so not know where to turn to and that turns to worry and it lowers their energy vibration and it kind of puts them in a position where they’re stuck.  So I guess my questions is how do you use these existing Merkabah energies that we just received and all of the available energies that are here now for us to manifest and create abundance consciousness to help eliminate this worry about money so the vibrations can be raised so people can move up in consciousness.

What message can you give them to help them break out of that cycle or that double edge sward, if you will with respect to money and where they are in their lives?

Saint Germain

Oh, yes money is the ruler of this earthly plane.  All is about money.  Well yes, humanity has created money. It has made it to be important in your lifes.  You all created this.  Well, as we are now reaching this new world, so to speak, you are starting to see that this is quite an illusion, the money.  It’s a pain in the ass.  I can tell you that. 

Even though I have created my funds, which are true, they are reliable, I have created them to protect humanity to have a sort of compensation to give them back what they have the right on, where they have the right to have this, it’s what they deserve. 

But the money would not be created, it would not exist, it would not exist as well, so I took advantage what you have created and put my energies into it and created something out of the money for you. 

Money is always an issue in the mind.  It lowers your vibration and gives you worries and fears.  I see a lot of hearts out there that are really pulled down due to money issues.  Let me say this to you my sweet friends; do not let it pull you down -it is paper.  It is created energy in paper.  It is much important to think more of other energies and other creations instead of money. 

Well yes Saint Germain, but what about the money and the bills and everything that comes in in this reality?  Do we just drop it and ignore it?  Well no, at this point you cannot just ignore it and drop it. Not yet.  But you want to grow to that part, that timeframe and timeline where you will be able to just drop this, yes as it will not exist anymore.  Not in that way that you are used to it now. 

It will all change.  As a matter of fact it is changing at this time that we speak.  I have always told you that there is only one person who can access these, which is me.  Only me.  And even though I am not in incarnation, let me tell you, I can come on your Earth and put a sign or a little stamp on paper to just release the funds.  I can do that, I have my own body; I can do whatever I want with it. 

I can manifest myself and I can be at many places at the same time.  So this is not the problem.  The problem is that humanity needs to do this by themselves.  I can only limit my assistance and energies, but people need to do the work themselves. 

It is your planet, it is your reality, it is your creation.  You need to learn from it.  I cannot do the work for you even though I am doing so much work for you already. To take things of hands and do my best with it so that you can cope with all because I know this is a hard world to live in.  So we are now reaching a point in time where all the money and the financial systems are turning into something else.  Something else will come in place, yes.  You cannot just drop money and continue without it. 

Not yet anyways.  There will be too much chaos and problems in the world as people are holding themselves too much on money.  So, it will change.  Something else will come in place.  Let it be the bridge to the new. 

This is now the time when this is happening.  You are now forming this, creating this, changing this.  It’s now happening.  It just needs time and steps.  Trust me; I am doing whatever I can.  But know that waiting for it, for me to do this for you will not help.  We need to work together; we need to do this together, all of us. 

And you are now getting that and taking the steps to do it.  Know that change is in the air and that it’s just money.  Happiness and love is much more important, very important. 

It’s worth a trillion more than just the paper called money.  With happiness, you can buy anything.  Let me rephrase that.  You cannot buy happiness my friends.  You simply cannot.  You can have all the money in the world, but can you truly buy happiness?  No you can’t because happiness is in the heart.  So when you feel down by money, go into the inside of yourself and go into the heart center and see yourself sitting in there. 

Now love yourself, see how beautiful you are.  Engulf yourself with the pink flame and see yourself smiling, enjoying, being happy, loving everybody around you, and loving yourself the most.  That you cannot buy with money.  The systems are falling, trust this.  You are making them crumble. 

So these Merkabah energies which are still at this time very much present on your Earth are helping this all, these creations, the crumbling down of the systems, the crumbling down of the old, the growth of the new. 

This is now happening and these energies are empowering everything that you are, that you do,what you bring, what you create and what you think.  So be careful my sweet friends.  What you think is so powerful – you create with your thoughts.  This is how powerful the energy is.  So what you can do with those energies is the following.  You meditate.  If you do not know how to meditate, just make yourself quiet for a few minutes. 

This is meditation.  You block everything that comes in your mind and you let it go.  You have an empty mind and you just feel.  Everything around you that might disturb you, you will not hear anymore.  Put on some music, some beautiful dolphin music, some Angel music that helps you to relax.  And you just sit and feel.  And as you are doing that, you open yourself up to all the energies and beings of light.  Now how do you do that Saint Germain?  Open up?  I do not know how to do this. 

Envision the heart and the crown opened.  See this channel opening up, becoming a big ball of light.  See light energies and a big ball of light entering your body through the heart and crown chakra.  See it going downwards moving through your chakras and body.  See from this ball of light all kinds of energies floating, all floating inside of your body filling your body with light and love and energy. 

Ask for the energies of the Cosmos and the Merkabah to be absorbed.  Open the crown and the heart and see the energies coming in. See them floating in and see them merging with you.  And then you will feel warmth.  You will feel loved and blissful, for it is a wonderful feeling.  And as you are absorbing these energies, make use of them. 

By that, I mean ground them, take them inside of your heart and say that you want to use them to help you to connect more with yourself, to connect with others.  Use them by sending love to others and yourself.  Use them by grounding them in Earth.  This is the most important part – Gaia needs those energies. 

And as you are grounded, you pass them through to Gaia, and as you are connected with Gaia by grounding, you as well will make use of them because she sends them back to every single living soul on this earthly plane.  You are connected as One.  And as you are connected to each other, from heart to heart, you will help each other.  You will collectively help each other and grow so much.  This is why grounding is important. 

You ground yourself in the earthly grid inside of Mother Earth.  And you will connect on the earthy grid around Mother Earth as well forming this beautiful flower of life.  This is what the Merkabah formation is helping and assisting to.  All the energies are poured from the Cosmos and are led straight to you, in each one of you in the hearts. 

So by opening up, just state that you want to receive them, that you want to be this light channel, this light pillar of light absorbing all that is, entering into your fields.  Let it be absorbed in the heart and ignite the heart.  And then pass it through to Gaia.  This is what you can do, this is working with energies.  This is channeling energies.  It is channeling.  And so that way, you will help more than you know. 

You will work with energies instead of just waiting and closing yourself, not opening your heart and chakras.  Just taking a waiting position will not lend assistance to yourself, nor the collective nor Earth.  To be able to absorb the maximum of those energies, you will allow yourself to absorb them.  Your body and higher self will know how much you will be able to cope with.  The arch angels will know how many of you can absorb what kind of level of integrations. 

Know that every single soul on this Earth has the opportunity and the ability to do so, to channel those energies.  Every one of you, on their own way; it could be during sleep.  Most of the souls are worked on during their sleep.  They absorb these energies during the sleep because the sleep is the only timeframe in their lives that they open themselves and release and let go. 

By this I mean the unawakened ones.  The awakened ones, the lightworkers, you all, the masters – you do this on a conscious way and I thank you for that my beloved friends, because you are helping so much.  I feel it and I am really passionate about all of this.  You are truly seeing so many wonderful things happening on the earthly plane. 

And every one of you that is awakened and connected to Self can feel it as well in the heart and they start to see it in their worlds and realities as well because it’s becoming tangible as ever.  Wait, because more will come.  You will be engulfed by so many light beings and love and energy.  You will connect with more of us very soon in the heart.  Does this all answer your question, dear Andrew?

To see the full 1 hour channeling and length (video)

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Méline Lafont – Series Of Live Channeling Saint Germain – August 2013

Saint Germain, I guess the first question I’d like to ask you is, I was wondering if you could just tell us a little bit about yourself.  What your role is in this ascension.  Maybe about some past lives you have had.  People I think want to get you know you a little bit more.  So much has been said and written about you.  Some true, some untrue.  Maybe you could set the record a little bit.  Maybe just about you and who you are, what your role here is.  Just allow people to get to know you on a personal side.  Would you do that?
Saint Germain
I would be honored to Andrew.  Do you have two hours or three?
(Laugh) We have one
Saint Germain
Well, let’s make a short list then.  First of all, I truly am honored to be here in this time, to serve you all, to assist you all.  That is my great pleasure because my heart is with you and humanity, with Gaia, with the awakening process, with the ascension process.  That has always been my true desire, to accomplish this, and to assist you all in this.  So with this said, let’s begin by a short introduction.
I have had many past lives on Earth.  A lot of them I have loved so much.  I really always enjoyed life.  I enjoyed music and art, as you know.  I have also enjoyed culture.  I have helped the poor and the rich, the common human.  I was loved by a lot of people.  I still am.  And I love everybody back as much as I am loved.  I am a master of the violet flame.  I did my ascension process on earth with physical vessel.
I disappeared.  This is what man perceived at that time.  The ascension process was a disappearing from this earthy plane with body which was like a huge shock back then.  Now, it’s understood, but back then it was not.  I have transmuted myself during the ascension process to my body.  I did this consciously.  I mastered alchemy.
This is how I ascended.  I have been a lot of figures as I may be called in the past lives.  I have been the wizard known as Merlin.  Yes, I was Columbus as well, that horrible man that people say.  It’s Ok, I’m used to that.  But I truly was Columbus, yes.  But Columbus was not entirely the person that is described to be in history books or movies.  Parts are true, yes, parts are not true, to make that clear.
I have not been such a murderer that has been told in history books.  I have made faults, yes.  I have worked the dark ways as well, yes, we all have, and you all did as well.  So yes, I have made mistakes and I have worked for them to make them go away, to clean myself again, to clean and purify my deeds again, like a punishment sort of speak, which is not a punishment as a matter of fact.  I have lived in woods and castles.
I had worked with so many beings, with kings, with royalty, with poor, with normal straight human beings having normal lives.  I have seen everyone.  The life I enjoyed the less is probably, well is probably the one I made so many mistakes where I have killed a man.  I have served for this.  I have truly worked hard for that as I was an ascended master back then.  And even then, you can make mistakes.
You can lower yourself in ego and 3D.  Do you see sweet friends how important it is to stay pure as you are in the heart.  Even though you are an ascended master, or an Arch Angel or any being of light, awakened and ascended, you can always be pulled back.  This is called self-mastery; to stay at the level that you are, to stay in the heart that you are.  But anyway, I’m off track again.  You were asking me about me.
Well, this is part of me, this is something that I am not proud of but it is a lesson for me, a lesson for you all as well.  Do not take things for granted by thinking that if you are awake, nothing can pull you down again.  No, this is not true.  You need to work on this every single day, every single moment of your being now, time and moment, every single second.  I have earned my self-mastery in many past lives.
I have worked hard for this, many lives.  I have searched for the goal of life, the goal of the cosmos and the Universe and I have found it in so many ways during my lives on Earth.  I truly have enjoyed them a lot.  As you know, I have enjoyed women as well, a lot.  I have enjoyed friendships, love, affection, art, beautiful music, ballet, and alchemy – all the beauty of your Earthly plane.  But now, I am also enjoying not being in incarnation.
I enjoy all the work that I am now doing for you all, for humanity, for this ascension process.  I enjoy watching it, I enjoy assisting, and I enjoy absorbing it. And truly, it is with my immense love with my entire heart and pleasure that I’m serving you all.  This is now the age of the Aquarian.  It is the age that I am at the helm of with my beloved twin flame and many others.  And I am so grateful to get this opportunity.
I’m so grateful to show my energies, to invoke my energies to you all and through you all on Earth.  To enflame your beings with the violet flame, to enflame Earth with the violet flame.  I love to do this.  It is such an honor.  I am doing a lot for you at this time.  I am working very hard to reform the financial systems, the governments, removing the dark heads, which are really, most of them are removed already, yes.
But it’s all up to you to accept this dark part of you or not because they are merely reflections of you as well, the dark aspects as you know.  Let me tell you my sweet friends:  This is the Golden Age.  The Aquarian Age.  And it is the most powerful and most beautiful one ever.  The state that you all have reached has never been reached before.  So these are glorious times my friends, glorious times indeed.
As an ascended master of the violet flame, I work closely with a lot of ascended masters, with the galactics as well.  So are the Arcturians close to my being. I work a lot with them, side by side.  They have the technology that is required to do some of the jobs and missions that I have to accomplish, like tracking.  We use a lot of tracking methods of technology for the dark heads.  Yes, they were clever, but not too clever for me.
I have assistance from many beings, like Lady Master Nada, as you all know.  She’s part of my crew and team and we both assist in that way to remove the dark heads.  We both assist in that way to bring justice.  I work as well with the angels and the Arch Angels.  We truly are one big family helping you all.  And we love to do this because we love you.  I am doing one million, billion, trillion tasks at this time at the same time and I can do this and I love to do this.
And I am so driven to do that.  You must know that I’m not the only one as a lot of people perceive me as the top of the Masters doing most of the work, no this is not true.  We are all One.  We are all part of each other and we are all equal and let me stress that fact very clearly.  You are helped by so many beings and you are not even aware that they exist.  There are more than the ascended masters and the galactics.  There is more than arch angels and angels and hollow earth people.
There are so many beings that you have never heard of before.  They are all eagerly waiting to connect with you all.  To introduce their selves to you.  Well, I’m going off track now Andrew, I’m sorry.  I can just continue and continue about everything and talk the complete hour is that right?  Its one hour that I have time to speak.  Well, let’s do this, I’m excited
To see the full 1 hour channeling and length (video)
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Nora Herold Interviewed By Lance White

This time on Creating 5D, probably one of the clearest channels you will encounter… Nora Herold. “We are Universal Beings of Light and Love”. She been has been channeling, lecturing, and doing healing work for over 20 years. She channels a multitude of high frequency beings, including Yeshua, The 9th & 12th Dimensional Pleiadian Collectives, The Lyrans, The Faeries, The Angelics, & Enara.
She has spent some time most recently filling out her memories from Lemuria, both the first Lemuria on the other Earth, and the Lemuria we created on this one.

Urgent Message Issued To Light Workers – Get Your Connection Back

 2 doves


By on July 27, 2013 • ( 3 )

My dear Lightworkers. The last few days, were not easy for me. Many of you are writing to me and saying that you are all experiencing the exact same thing. I felt that I was TURNED OFF and plunged back into the 3D world, the gates were shut and my entire awakening felt like a dream, that I made up.

It took me a day to realize that something is off. I started to call to my higher self, but heard no answer. Again and again and again I tried and finally I started getting a signal. I am fully restored now and am able to connect again at ease.

Many of you are not able to re-connect with the divine, with the galactics etc.,

I just visited the counsel and was told that the “cabal” is using a new technology to completely shut off ALL LIGHTWORKERS. The entire Ground crew! That a wave of infra red light technology went off and blocked off all the communication with the divine and galactics. Furthermore they are instigating situations where we would FIGHT

EACH OTHER. Where we would get upset at little things that mean nothing and basically are trying to divide and conquer us.


They told me how to get it back and I’m sharing it here with all of you. PLEASE SHARE WITH THOSE THAT NEED IT.

You are to find a quite space and STOP panicking. You are to focus all of your intent and energy on your crown chakra, and forcefully break through all the way thinking and seeing that you have a shaft of golden particles that are like an arrow breaking through the clouds. Here’s the key.. DO NOT STOP.. keep going until you see the source, until you feel the source.  KEEP GOING.. until you get to the highest realms.. YOU WILL KNOW, you will feel it. THEN TEST IT! Ask a question.. and hear the answer.. your heart will tell you who is speaking with you.. if you feel any inkling that it may not be of the highest realms, keep going. Keep pushing the arrow up all the way through the clouds, through the stars, all the way to the council all the way up, up up. Keep holding the image of DAISY FLOWER.

This is very important for all of you to do at this point.


Channeled by Anna Merkaba – Energy Healer- Channeler – Lightworker. To book a Healing or Pychic Session with Anna and for more channeled messages to help you on your journey to self discovery visit : Sacred Ascension – Key of Life – DISCOVER YOUR TRUE SELF THROUGH THE VIBRATIONAL MESSAGES FROM BEHIND THE VEIL

Thrive On News – Spirituality And The Art Of Channeling

Thrive  On News

Becoming a medium does not happen overnight. It takes a lot of soul-searching, discipline and training of the mind, body and spirit. An older soul ( young soul, baby soul, mature soul, old soul, king soul ) one that has past life memory and is open ( all seven chakras activated and in unison ) will have the ability to achieve the state of trance meditation that is required for a clear direct channel from spirit.

The natural ability and experience as a telepathic, psychic or clairvoyant provides the perfect platform to launch into the next phase of channeling. Practice as a part of your every day ritual, meditation for you must be of no thought.

Channeling comes in various depths and levels an example is a musician or performer those that have made it into an art form ( actors or singers that are old souls and reach for intuition ) begin to channel spirit uplifting and sharing their channel to whomever may be watching or listening.

To the other extreme where a proficient psychic reading tarot cards suddenly starts to disregard their tarot spread look up at the client and rattle off two minutes of talk about their dead relatives. Normally to the surprise of the client and the reader, this is the first glimpses of a connective channel beginning to find it’s on switch within the psychic.

An example of a trance channel medium that reached the heights of what channeling can achieve is the world famous Edgar Cayce. Although his methods and path to reach this, were unorthodox and messy. Goes to show us a natural-born ability will out weigh hard learned intellectual knowledge on any subject.

There are several other depths I will touch on, for an idea on the vastness of the topic. While you are channeling for a client you are actually connected to their higher self and communicating with there spirit guides. When a trance medium is in session he or she is channeling from the universal collective therefore being able to connect with planetary and universal souls to bring in knowledge for the benefit of the people in session with the medium.

After that we have necromancy the ability to bring through the veil the spirits that are being communicated with. Overwhelmingly there is no mistake to the client or the medium their family or guides now stand right in front of them the energy can be so powerful that even the client begins to see through the veil. This experience is so strong tears laughter fear and excitement all rush through you in seconds.

This is a very rare art form, as I have said before we can all sing we can all dance but that does not mean we are all good at it.  – Ian Scott

Bashar – The Secret and Visualization

Peak Zen·155 videos

This is from Bashar’s “Flipping the Switch”, for this and more visit: