Wes Annac – 5 Questions You Might Have About Channeling – 2-11-15

Written by Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness

The basic philosophy that underlies channeling and the ‘new age’ community is that there are higher, spiritually refined planes of existence beyond the physical earth. In these realms are believed to exist all kinds of spiritually evolved entities who, in service to Source, attempt to communicate with beings in lower realms.

Their objective is to connect with us and help us spiritually evolve, and a lot of different channeled messages glitter the internet these days. There are messages that claim to come from angels, archangels, extraterrestrials, ascended masters – the list goes on and on.

While each message is unique, they all share a common theme, which is that the channeled entity gives spiritual advice that’s meant to help us learn, grow and refine our consciousness to the point that we can spiritually evolve.

Extended from this philosophy is the idea that humanity’s already spiritually evolving, which is where the idea of a ‘new age’ comes in.

We’re shifting from the Piscean to the Aquarian age, and according to some spiritual and ‘new age’ philosophy, this will herald a collective shift from our former ways of hatred and separation to a new way of life that entails love, respect, harmony and cooperation from one person to the next.

Not only will we treat each other with love and respect – we’ll realize how devastating the things we’ve done to the plant and animal kingdoms are and we’ll change our ways so we can live in harmony with all life.

Here, I’d like to address a few basic questions about channeling that newcomers to the concept might have when they read the various messages published to the internet every day. We can benefit from some channeled messages if we’re willing to open our minds a little, but it’s hard to be open to something we don’t understand.

First, we’ll address the most obvious question.

1. What is channeling?

Channeling is the act of getting into a meditative state of consciousness to communicate with non-physical entities who are believed to want to help humanity spiritually evolve. Like I said above, all kinds of different entities have been claimed to be channeled, and they all share the common interest of helping us along the spiritual path.

A medium or channeler uses meditation to connect with these entities, and depending on what type of channeling they practice, they either leave their body to let an entity speak or they receive the entity’s messages, which the mind translates into physical words, during their meditation.

If it isn’t channeled in front of a live audience, the resulting message is usually posted as a video, a sound clip or an article for people to watch, listen to or read later on, and some channelers bring through multiple messages a week.

Some even channel every day, giving themselves a large following of loyal viewers/readers who enjoy hearing what the channeled entities have to say each day.

2. How do channeled entities communicate with people?

I mentioned that a channeler usually uses meditation to connect with an entity, and the entity is basically allowed to use their body (or portions of their body, like their fingers) to deliver messages.

I can’t claim to know what the channeling process would be like from the other side of the veil, but I’m sure some kind of connection would be made with the channeler’s higher self before a connection with the channeler could be established.

We obviously have a better understanding of how channeling is done from our side than we do the other side, and when it comes down to it, the methods a channeler uses to connect with their source are unique to them. I’m sure every channel uses different methods and practices, but meditation and other forms of spiritual attunement are popular.

Anyone who wants to channel would probably want to find some way to get into a deep state of consciousness before, during and maybe even after the session, because it’d increase the potential legitimacy of the message.

3. What kinds of things do channeled entities discuss?

The main things most channeled entities talk about are life, growth and spiritual evolution. They give their readers tips on how to make life better, smoother and more enjoyable, and they also talk about the things we can do to stay consistently aligned with spirit, ward off negative or selfish thought forms, and eventually ascend.

Some channeled entities have been known to describe the higher realms, and the terms some of them use can be complex and hard to decipher. Especially when it comes to descriptions of the higher realms, some channeled messages can be a little hard to follow because of the complex philosophies and terminologies that are expressed.

You’d have to already know what most of the terms mean to benefit from the denser, more cryptic messages, but some channeled entities speak a little clearer. When it comes down to it, the kind of information you read in a channeled message depends on the channeler and the source itself.

Some channelers use the opportunity to have their sources talk about love, self-growth and similar concepts that are easier to decipher and understand, while some seek complex, scientific and pseudo-scientific explanations about the higher realms, the structure of the universe and various other related subjects.

Some messages talk about concepts that are so rooted in spiritual and ‘new age’ philosophies that they’re as hard to interpret as the scientifically dense messages, and we’ll know to walk away from a message if its explanations just don’t make sense to us.

4. Why should I believe channeling is real?

You don’t have to! Channeling is one of those concepts that’s so far out there, even for some spiritual seekers, that it’s just too hard to wrap one’s head around, much less advocate.

There have been a lot of problems with channeled messages over the years, and one is that some channeled entities are followed without question, as if they or their channelers can never err or say anything wrong. I think this is an unhealthy way to look at the messages, and we’ll want to question anything we read – especially something that’s claimed to come from an exalted source.

There’s also the problem of popular channeled entities promising that amazing, revolutionary changes will happen ‘soon’, and a lot of channelers have lost their followers because of these predictions, which prove erroneous nearly every time.

The general problem with channeled messages, which is at the root of the problems mentioned above and any other, is that some followers don’t yet understand the importance of self-empowerment. Some seekers will basically glue themselves to any spiritual source or teacher they think is exalted, and it’s a habit that’s embedded into our DNA.

For centuries, we’ve been taught to give our power away to external religious or spiritual figures who promise to show us the way out of our suffering; the way into the metaphorical ‘land of milk and honey’, and things are no different in this day and age.

Whether it’s a spiritual teacher who talks about enlightenment, a channeled source that’s claimed to come from the higher realms, or a spiritual writer/blogger who claims to have it all figured out, a lot of people – even spiritual seekers – are willing to bow at the feet of someone who’ll help them see the light.

What they don’t yet understand is that this light already lives within, and all we need to do to access it is realize that we’re the exalted spiritual forces that are meant to change the world.

It’s understandable that some of us want a ‘savior’ figure to look up to, but a lot of teachers and channeled entities have encouraged us not to see them in such a light. I’m open to the idea that higher-vibrational entities exist and we can communicate with them, but you won’t see me worshipping them or giving all my power away to them.

Nor will you see me giving all my power away to a spiritual teacher who claims to be enlightened, and it’s all the same thing. It all leads back to the idea that there are figures out there (or within) who are more spiritually evolved or knowledgeable than us, and all we need to do to become as enlightened as them is listen to what they say.

Most of us know better by now, and I’m sure even followers of channeled material have learned to be a little more levelheaded with it all. Discernment, self-empowerment and the willingness to question things led most of us to our current perspective on life, and we don’t want to scrap those qualities just because we find an appealing concept like channeling.

You don’t have to believe in channeling, and unless it’s explicitly meant for you, whether or not you believe in it won’t affect your spiritual path at all. You’ll have plenty of sources of guidance to choose from if you do decide to believe – some more genuine and some less – but the same can be said with any other belief system.

Whether or not you believe in it, it has a huge following and I’m sure it’s popularity will continue to increase. My hope is that the conscious community’s discernment will increase as channeling becomes more popular, because there are some messages out there that really can’t be taken seriously and we’ll need to maintain our levelheadedness as we read them all.

Now, for the final question.

5. I want to channel. What should I do?

Try it out! Channeling definitely isn’t for everyone, but you could have a hidden talent without even realizing it. It takes trying something to know if you have a knack for it, but I’m not saying you should rush to channel an archangel or extraterrestrial.

Some channelers take this route and it works for them in the end, but I highly recommend connecting with your inner intuitive voice first, which I call the ‘voice within’ but other people call the ‘higher self’. I actually want to encourage any potential channel not to try to connect with an angel, extraterrestrial or ascended master at all.

Instead, bypass all that for a direct connection with the higher self. If we turn to our higher self, we’ll empower ourselves by making our channeling more of a personal practice and there won’t be any popular labels like ‘Archangel Raphael’ attached.

Given that the higher self constantly communicates anyway, we might as well try to use that connection for the benefit of others instead of connecting with an angel or any other popular entity.

Even channeled entities will tell you that the purpose of spiritual evolution is to get to know ourselves as our creator; to empower ourselves and eventually understand that we’re Source in limited, individualized forms who are remembering our divine origins and reconnecting with our essence.

Rediscovering ourselves is the entire purpose of enlightenment and spiritual evolution, and one of the most direct ways to do it is to connect with the higher self; the inner voice; whatever you want to call that aspect of our consciousness that’s connected with us and the spiritual realms at the same time.

I definitely recommend connecting with that part of us over any popular channeled entity, but connecting with a popular archangel is the best way to go if you want a lot of people to see your messages.

In conclusion, I can’t tell you whether or not channeling is real, because I know as much about it as anyone else. I can say that some messages out there are very informative and uplifting, and things have been said in them that really helped their readers in one way or another.

I follow a few channeled sources with enthusiasm, but for the most part, I try to be discerning with it all. When it comes down to it, we really don’t know if these messages are from who they’re claimed to be from because we haven’t yet raised our consciousness enough to actually see into the higher realms, so we’ll have to go on faith.

That automatically raises alarm bells in the minds of some spiritual seekers, but faith doesn’t have to be the boogeyman it’s sometimes made out to be.

I choose to have faith when I read an uplifting channeled message that helps me along my path, and I know in the back of my mind that even if that message came from the ego (or higher self) of the channeler instead of a disembodied source, the help it gave me made it worth my while.

That alone keeps me reading some channeled messages, but again, we don’t want to take anything we read or listen to at face value.

Hopefully, this article has answered some of the questions a newcomer to channeling might have, and when it comes to anything spiritual, we’ll want to be discerning without descending into egoism or claiming something that really helps people is inaccurate.

We have to find what works for us along this crazy evolutionary path, and whether or not you believe in channeling, you can empower yourself and raise your vibration enough to spiritually evolve. Then, you’ll know for sure if the messages are real.

By the time you raise your vibration that high, however, you won’t care one bit whether or not any concept is real. You’ll be immersed in pure bliss, and that’s exactly what spiritual sources and teachers want for us.

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Archangel Michael via Ronna Herman – Angels Of Mercy – 3-30-14



Beloved masters, during these unsettling times of great change while, seemingly, unending catastrophes and suffering are taking place around the globe, we wish you to know that we are always here to assist you and show you the way. One of the greatest gifts during these times of human evolution is your conscious awareness of your intimate relationship with the angelic realms. It has been addressed and explained many times before, but allow me to refresh your memory once more as to how the angelic realms fit in the Creator’s grand plan, along with a brief overview of what our functions are.

During these times of the great awakening of humanity, those of you who are in the process of integrating the many attributes and talents of your Higher Self, and who have tapped into the storehouse of wisdom of your Sacred Mind, are beginning to gain an understanding of how the universal laws work within your multidimensional world of reality. We have told you many times that you must evolve out of the “limited emotional concepts of religion/spirituality,” and begin to learn and abide by the sacred science and universal laws of spirituality.

We have explained in great depth about the multitude of Pyramids of Light that are scattered throughout every dimensional level of this Sub-universe. We have explained in great detail how you can create an etheric work pyramid within the fifth dimension where you may plant the Seed thoughts for any new creations you wish to manifest. You can also go there and through a ritual of forgiveness, break any and all discordant agreements that you have created with others from your past, present and future, thereby clearing any and all negative vibrational timelines. When you focus on a particular person, it will be his/her Higher Self that takes them into your work pyramid; he/she will be transported into the pyramid in their etheric body, enclosed in a sphere of protective Light. You should always envision a person’s Higher Self standing behind them, and your Higher Self will also be directing you.

You also have your own personal Pyramid of Light located within the appropriate level of the fifth dimension. If you are not familiar with this concept from the higher realms, we suggest you read the full explanations that have been given, and then we encourage you to make use of this wondrous gift, if it resonates with your truth. (Pages 125-130 * SCRIPTING YOUR DESTINY * R)

For those with a compassionate nature, down through the many ages, no matter the race, culture or religion, there has always been an inbred desire to pray for or to send loving thoughts and energy to others, especially to loved ones who were/are in distressful situations or experiencing great sorrow. In the past, this has always been a loving act of faith, for hardly anyone was aware of how or if this wondrous gift was received by the intended recipient.

We have explained this concept to our messenger, and she has shared it with those who are actively studying our teachings in-depth via the ongoing webinars she and her spiritual/business partner, Randy Monk, present on a regular basis. There is a division within the angelic realm called: the Angels of Mercy. This powerful group of angelic Beings is under the direction of the Feminine Archangels and the Order of the Goddess. They convey all the attributes, qualities and virtues of our Mother God, and it is their mission to receive the unconditional Love / Light that anyone sends to another person. If the intended recipient’s heart center is open and receptive, the Love/Light will flow into their auric field, and it will slowly be integrated into their four lower bodily systems, thereby giving them access to a special infusion of God Light. An Angel of Mercy will always appear and stay close to a person who is being sent pure unconditional Love/Light. For those who are still stuck / suffering in the density of the third and lower fourth dimensions, the Angel of Mercy will integrate the Love/Light and store it within their Sacred Heart Core, so that it will always be readily available when the intended recipient is ready to open their heart center to receive the precious gift of love. If a person never removes the shield of negativity and opens their heart center during this lifetime, the Angels of Mercy watching over them will go with them when they pass into the next realm. The Angels of Mercy will hold in reserve the loving energy you have conveyed to your loved one until he/she is ready to “awaken.” It should be a wondrous comfort to you to know that the recipient will be aware of who sent the priceless gift of love to them.

Remember that you do not send Adamantine Particles of Creator Light directly to other people; you are sending them Love/Light, which will be monitored by your Higher Self as to the appropriate “formula of Love/Light” for that person. It will also be monitored by the other person’s Higher Self as to when and how much of your gift a person will be able to integrate at any one time.

As we have explained many times, we give you these concepts in the simplest terms possible for your better understanding. However, you should be aware that all of the higher truths are much more complicated than you can understand at your present level of consciousness. We are revealing and explaining more and more universal concepts as you grow in Self-awareness, and as you experience the new, more powerful frequencies of Light. As you are ready to integrate it, we are gradually refining and expanding your cosmic knowledge. The more refined frequencies you integrate, the stronger your desire will become to share the powerful loving energy you feel pulsating from within your Sacred Heart center. You will begin to expand your vision, and your loving energy will flow forth beyond your family and close circle of friends, as you include more and more people, until eventually you will gain a group consciousness that includes all humanity, the Earth and all Creation.

There are many levels and departments within the Celestial Hierarchy of angels, which are still only one facet of the Creator’s conscious expression of Self. We, the archangels, carry the attributes and virtues of God consciousness, just as you do. But the difference is that we radiate specific attributes of the Creator—you might say the driving force for several major aspects of the God Mind. We embody faith, love and absolute obedience to the Creator and our Father/Mother God, always. The angelic realm in its many expressions was created by the Creator to assist, guide, nurture and instruct you, the bold ones, who agreed to diminish yourselves into lesser beings in order to experience God consciousness in its most fragmented forms. Originally, you embodied all the aspects and attributes of the God Mind, but gradually as you journeyed down through the ages and the higher dimensions, you left your higher consciousness in the care of your I AM Presence.

The Elohim, the mental radiance of the Creator, the great builders of form, and the wondrous Devic and Elemental Kingdoms, who helped create and now oversee the entire nature kingdom on Earth and in other worlds, are also standing by to assist you in these turbulent times of transition. We hope you have accepted as your truth that you all have guardian angelic Beings who were assigned to you at the time of your birth, who will guard and serve you faithfully within the limits of Universal Law, and to the degree that you will allow. There are other wondrous angelic Beings ready and willing to serve you, but you must ask, for they are not allowed to infringe upon your free will.

Love and joy attract angels like a magnet, for their greatest desire is to be of service to humanity. Begging is not the way to gain their favor, but asking them to assist you in your endeavors will assure their cooperation. They will help you to manifest your dreams, if what you desire is for the highest good of all; however, you must understand that it will happen in their time and in their way. The concept of money is confusing to them; instead, ask them to assist you in manifesting abundance, joy, love and peace—this they understand. But you must also do your part by taking the necessary steps, as well as eliminating any self-sabotaging beliefs that you still harbor in your subconscious mind.

There are loving, angelic Beings to help you with affairs of the heart, and your mental or creative endeavors—they will help you firm your resolve and work with your Body Elemental to bring about good health and well-being in your physical form. The wonderful, playful cherubic angels are waiting to bring you joy and a sense of lightheartedness. These precious, little Beings of God Light love to be near you and to surprise you with little miracles or coincidences. Ask them to help you find things that are lost, and you can learn to communicate with them as well, but their language is a language of feelings and thoughts rather than words. They will cause “angel bumps” to rise on your skin when a truth has been stated, and they will buzz you with an angel kiss or sometimes surround you in a lovely fragrance. The angelic realm brings the love and radiance of God to humanity, and the angels’ greatest desire is to be of service.

The Essence of angels comes to Earth in embodiment through people like you and you and you—they come to be the representatives of the great archangels and to walk amongst humanity to share the virtues and attributes of God consciousness. Yes, they are just like you, and you may be one, my precious friends, making your way through human evolution as you grow from the lower rungs of the evolutionary ladder through study, work and service. There are representatives of every level of God consciousness on Earth at this time, embodied in the physical expression in order to anchor the most lofty, rarified aspects of the Creator. Have we not told you that you are more magnificent and precious than you could ever imagine?

Dear ones, let us now continue to build the vision for the future of your world. You must realize that, first, you begin to build your vision in the higher realms of unlimited possibilities. Your thought forms slowly take form as they draw forth more Divine Creator Light substance, and then gradually begin to manifest in the physical expression on Earth. The greater the focus and intent, the more quickly your vision will manifest. As you come together in unified, conscious intent with the good of all as your motivating force, you create a synergistic thought form of dynamic proportions. This is why you are now making such inroads in the mass consciousness mind set. As spiritual Light warriors, even though your numbers are fewer than that of the masses, you are making great progress because of your unified, empowered thoughts of love, peace, abundance and harmony for all.

It is time to be bold and outrageous in your vision. Envision yourself as a loving, masterful sovereign entity, and then formulate in great detail how you will operate and function multi-dimensionally as a cocreator of love, Light, peace and joy.

Begin to look at fear in a new way. State to yourself until you believe it: “I have a new relationship with fear. Fear is an emotion that serves me, and I AM always in control of my emotions; therefore, I AM in control of fear.” Transcending fear means you can experience it, observe it, learn from it and then move through it. In this way, fear will serve you as a warning bell as to what you need to be aware of, what is out of balance—what you need to bring into harmony. Emotions consist of negative- or positive-energy thought forms, and you must control them instead of allowing them to become your master.

Lay the foundation for the emotional nature of your vision. What makes you joyous and fills you with gratitude? You must allow your Spirit to soar; however, you must also nurture the inner child as well as the soul. Be willing to express and claim that which touches or nourishes the innocence within: joy, delight, spontaneity, or sadness, anger and fear—feel these emotions, but realize that you are not these emotions. Freedom of expression should be an important facet of your vision. Know that you have a right to be completely spontaneous and follow your own inclinations and desires as long as they are for the greatest good of all. Begin to expect the best of people, and they will meet your expectations. Claim and envision your life being filled with miracles, beauty and joy; and gradually, your grandest affirmations will come true. As you support, love and cherish all things, you will receive support, and you will be loved and cherished in return.

Develop your own philosophy of life and living. Listen to your inner guidance and practice discernment. Begin now to interact with the multiple facets of your Being as if they were all around you, in your presence every moment—for in truth, they are. You are consciously accessing information and wisdom from the fifth dimension and above, and as you accept it as your truth, you will be able to clearly and truly communicate with your guides, teachers, masters, angelic helpers and all the great Beings of Light. Do not allow the barriers on the path to deter you; boldly walk through or over them. Do not allow the discomfort and pain to discourage you; call on your angelic helpers to soothe and support you. Do not allow the doubts and judgment of others to weaken your resolve—show them by your example and be bold in your convictions. Do not take your eyes or your attention from your goal, dear ones, for that doorway of greater Light is nearer than you think. We relay the loving thoughts of our Father/Mother God to you as the spiral of ascension takes another turn. Are you ready for the next awakening?


Transmitted through Ronna Herman http://www.ronnastar.com/ * Copy freely and share. However, I claim the universal copyright for this article in the name of Archangel Michael. WE OFFER ARCHANGEL MICHAEL’S MESSAGES ON OUR WEBSITE AS A GIFT; HOWEVER, WE DO APPRECIATE YOUR DONATIONS TO HELP DEFRAY OPERATING EXPENSES AND POSTAGE FEES FOR THE FREE LOVE PACKETS WE SEND AROUND THE WORLD.

*Portions of this message were excerpted from SPEAKING OF ANGELS, The Golden Promise, page 386.

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DEAREST FRIENDS: Many of you are aware that this past year, I have been experiencing, what Archangel Michael has called a “Rite of Passage.” I have been married to my husband, Kent, for forty-five years, and we had many wonderful years together. However, sometime our loved ones choose a different path that we cannot follow, and we have to make some very difficult decisions. These past ten years have been a great test for me, especially the last two years. I have learned so much about staying centered within my heart, while rising above the negative situations with compassion and forgiveness. Beloved Michael said to me during this difficult process, “Remember, beloved, the Path of Light is also the Path of Freedom.”

It was not my choice, but my husband allowed one of his sons to convince him that divorce was the best course of action. It was a drastic decision I would never have considered; however, I can now see that, no matter how painful, it will be for the best. I have learned so much during the process, and I have released everything in my life to our Father/Mother God, and in service to my spiritual mission. I am at peace within my heart, and I know this is all part of my personal ritual of passage.

I hear from so many people these days that are being tested to the maximum in many areas of their lives. The tests we are experiencing are about maintaining our integrity, but also about taking our Spiritual Power. This is not an easy task for many of us, for we have always been followers, caregivers, and willingly assuming a “support position” most of this lifetime, and I am sure, in many past lifetimes as well. Archangel Michael has also told us, “We are to be actively assertive, with a loving overlay.” It seems we are being prepared for the next big step into a higher frequency State of Being; therefore, we must release all the fear, and the deep residual negative energy from within, so that we can function appropriately within our new environment.

My former husband, the father of my three children, has passed away, and so I have chosen to take back their family name: VEZANE. I have four grandchildren and two incredible great grandchildren, and our precious Zoey Ronna Vezane will make her entrance into this world any day now. We are a very close and loving family and spend as much time together as possible. I have chosen to use RONNA, my first name only, as my professional name; however, my legal name will now be RONNA VEZANE.

I am so very blessed, and I wish to thank all of you for your loving support and prayers. This has, indeed, been a time of miracles. I know the best is yet to come. “Thank you, Father / Mother God.” Forever love and angel blessings, Ronna



Gerald O’Donnell – Academy Of Remote Viewing – Message from the One and Only – To Be or Not to Be – ( Malaysia flight 370 ET intervention? ) – 3-11-14




 Gerald O’Donnell

Gerald O'Donnell


Dear friends:

An unusual and still mysterious event has occurred with an airliner which perceptually vanished over S.E. Asia. From the information that I received, The One intervened directly in order to avoid a potential tragic dangerous situation which could have badly affected our world because of what was intended. I will not go into more details as I myself have not received many. Suffice it to say that, in the message I received today, The One announces that It decided to intervene in our Creation (alike what It last had done many thousands of years ago when two large cities, Gomorrah and Sodom, were totally de-manifested around the Dead Sea region leaving no trace of their existence) to stop a serious situation and let this open intervention stand as a symbol to the way by which the Godliness will operate from now on at all levels of Creation and towards each entity or structure that foolishly challenges The Oneness intensely.

This is the real explanation. Please integrate the fact that our world will never operate anymore as it used to before, as the One if now fully and openly engaged.  We all need to align with Oneness; nothing is more important now. Please pay especially great attention to the warning addressed to all of mankind by The Godliness. Do not take this lightly, and try to realize fully the implications.

Please read the message slowly, and let it sink in. It is a message of Love, from Pure Love manifest, and see this intervention in the Light of Infinite-Love and Its Care for all of humanity and all life.

 Gerald O’Donnell, 03.11.2014: As I lay down, I felt the familiar presence of the One coming and enveloping me as a cloud of solid Living Light, within and without. I totally lost the perception of having a biology, and the following words came out of my lips…

 This is a message from The One.

Events have occurred that have necessitated a direct intervention by levels of the Godliness who have not shown themselves upon this Creation for eons.

The One decided to show Itself directly again to each and every one of Its Creations.

The perception was that if It had not done so, Creation as a whole would have engaged a painful spiral of termination; and that could not be allowed anymore.

Therefore, orders were given to de-manifest certain elements in our Creation who could have caused great harm to it, were it not that the Godliness interfered in their projects.

The One is solemnly warning every single of Its entities that, if need be, It will cause a similar de-manifestation of their existence if they continue opposing the desire It has for all to live in peace and harmony.

No thing can continue existing without The Oneness having some level of concentration upon it; when that concentration is removed, that level ceases to be.

And this is going to be the only rule by which all of existence shall exist from now on.

Heed this word…

Align with the Godliness and you shall flourish and expand beyond anything you can imagine.

Do not test the resolve of the Oneness!

Love each other and The One in which you are now basking.

Be kind to all.

Remember who you all really are, which is but The One manifest in Creation.

Stay at peace, and The One will make that Peace last and continue forever.

Bless yourselves and The One who is giving you Life.

Soon you will all understand…

This is all, for now…

The One and Only

You can listen to the message, recorded as it was gifted, by clicking on either of the links below. We give you two links because we expect the servers to be busy.

Link #1

Link #2

 The Great Shift is on, rejoice!

Gerald O’Donnell



Kindly spread this message as wide and to as many as you can. This would be a great act of Love and Oneness towards others and appreciated as such.

PLEASE send to as many friends,  family, and other individuals as you can the link to this message: http://probablefuture.com/Be-or-Not-Be.htm

– See more at: http://probablefuture.com/Be-or-Not-Be.htm#sthash.KFQxwLnx.dpuf


Lincoln Gergar – You are Love – ChannelHigherSelf

Channel Higher Self·1,722 videos

At the core of every human being is a radiant White Light of Pure Blissful Love. Let this Higher Self teachings and meditation take you in your Spiritual Heart.

We are all multi-dimensional human beings. We have a physical body, emotional body, mental body and spiritual body. It is our pure spiritual body that is this energy of blissful Love. Every person can awaken to the depth of who they are and have a direct experience of this Inner Light. Like any goal we set, we must understand the journey and work to move forward.

This Channel Higher Self video will give you the knowledge and tools to take your awareness deeper inside, giving you the experience of the blissful Love that is your Spiritual Self. You will learn how to live from your Spiritual Heart in your daily life, transforming your life into one of happiness, peace and celebration.

Perfection is the state of awakening in the mind. Blissful Love is the state of awakening in the Heart.

Blessings and Love.


Horus – News From Hollow, Inner Earth – Channel Nancy Tate – 1-27-14

Hollow Earth 2


I am Horus once again, with you to tell you the latest from Hollow and Inner Earth. There is a great deal of activity going on within this great planet. It is a matter of all of you on the surface completing your missions here and then being ready for what we will be bringing for you to the surface. As you all take your places in the cosmic happenings that will be coming as a result of your choices, it will be as a homecoming for many of you, and a complete surprise for others. I speak of the coming forth not only from the cosmos but from inside this planet that you have called home for so long.

As we come forth from the north and south poles, and from the portals that have been readied for our emersion, there will be many sightings that will be welcomed by many of you who have agreed to step forth and tell the people who we are and why we have come forth. It will be a choice that is made by every individual in the way that they agreed to before coming to this planet to play this melody of love versus fear. It will be a blending of the energies back to the perfection of the Eternal Love that is at the root of the All.

What I am telling you now is part of the activation of the time warp that has been created by Creator Source to speed up the ascension process. It has been noted that the process had no relativity in the experience of all of humanity and so this is a partial awakening that is going to happen. When I say partial, I am referring to the energy of Creation that is expressing itself in the heavens of those who are ready for the ascension that they will be experiencing. It will be a heaven-bound experience that will begin in the blink of an eye for some, and for others in the stretch of many more years. This is a direct result of so many of you having expressed your intentions for becoming fifth dimensionally existing once again in the lifetime that you are in at this time.

As this takes place, it will be a closure for those who have already accomplished what they came here to do. It will be a direct exposure to what they will be doing to assist the ones who are not yet ready for their own experience of ascension. What will take place is that the newness of Gaia will be started in the lives of those who have chosen to ascend at this point, and they will be in place when the rest of humanity has made their ascension. It is what you may call the preparation for the coming home of the rest of the family for the grand reunion.

It is all wondrous, and in the energy of the Creator Source. It is in connection one to another, and all of creation is in harmony with it. The choices that have been made individually are all in compliance with The All, and it will be as a gigantic homecoming when this part of the eternal expression is complete. Till then it will be a last chapter being written in the book of humanity in duality. When that chapter closes out the book there will be a new story already in the works and all who chose to be in this one will flow into the next expression of the creativity that is inherent from the expression of Love of the Mushaba energy, from which this universe was born.

What will those who experience their own choice see in their new world? It will represent what it is that you desire and then create. It will be a busy time for you all, for it will seem that time speeds up to a speed that suddenly is no more. It will bring about many ideas of what it is to live in the Now. There will be responses from different happenings that will be coming that will give new language to the chapters of the book that is present now. It will open up new doors that will expose truths that seem familiar, but that at the same time will bring some feelings of doubt. Then these feelings will stir remembrances of familiarity and that will bring the clarity that will be noted and set into place. As these clarifications become part of the known and lived it will speed up the awakening process and then there will be no need for the timewarp and it will all melt into the oneness that will close the last chapter. It will be as if it always was, and the memories that are still lingering on at that time will gradually fade into the sunset of Love, and the sunrise of new beginnings will take center stage.

This is where I, and the rest of our family come into the picture. We will welcome you all back into the Inner and Hollow parts of this planet, and you will have a grand reunion with us all. You all helped to write the book that has and continues to fill the Porthalogus Library. You will then be part of the recognition of the vastness of the Universe and all that has come from this experience. You will enjoy the grand reunion. Then when you are ready you will all dance forth in the expression that you have created, in the energy of the Loving Creator Source which is within all of you, for you are All One in Love, peace and joy.

Blessings to you All! We love and cherish every step you have made and continue to make. Go forth in fun and Love.

Thank you dear Horus,

Love, Nancy Tate


Archangel Gabriel via Marlene Swetlishoff – Quality of Love Known as Manifestation – 2-7-14



Archangel Gabriel: The Quality of Love Known as Manifestation, channeled by Marlene Swetlishoff, February 6, 2014 at: http://www.therainbowscribe.com/archangelgabriel2014.htm | Thanks to Golden Age of Gaia.

Beloved Ones,

Let us have discourse on the quality of love called manifestation. This quality involves the application of several other qualities of love, namely trust, determination, diligence, discipline and faith. In its application, this quality of love requires a set intention (either consciously or subconsciously) that what one strongly desires to become a reality in one’s life will come into one’s reality in order that one may experience the outcome as envisioned.

This is a facet of love that is now coming into its own and is in its beginning stages of application. This quality requires inner power and drive to accomplish successfully. It requires focus and singleness of purpose as an individual practices creation of that which is desired to be experienced in their lives.

As people on Earth continue to release fear and doubt within themselves, this quality within them will allow new and creative materializations to come into being. There are many new and wonderful innovative technologies that will be given to the world by individuals who desire to create beauty, health, joy and wellness within all individuals.

As these ones experience success in fulfilling their visions, they will be inspired to create ever greater and more helpful tools with which to enhance the quality of life upon the Earth for all its life forms. This will become a labor of love for many more individuals in the near future and this activity is, of course, already taking place in the moment of now. The desire to be of service to one’s fellows will be the impetus that will see its fruition.

Within each individual life, this quality of love is at work constantly. Every circumstance in one’s immediate environment is created by using this facet of love. As each person desires to create an experience of a more abundant and prosperous existence, and takes time each day to visualize clearly what they want, the circumstances and synchronicities begin to occur in a way that will bring their hearts desire to them in seemingly miraculous ways.

As more people begin to consciously experiment with their ability to manifest greater good in their everyday lives, this quality will be developed to a higher degree of mastery in its benevolent outcomes for each person and their loved ones, their neighbors and friends, and the collective of humanity.

This quality is a skill in which each person can become accomplished. As a person consciously practices their powers of creation in a way that is of benefit to them in their daily lives, it becomes an innate and integral part of their repertoire of talents and abilities and it is one that can be used over and over again to bring all the good that they desire into their daily experience.

As each person experiences success in using and practicing this skill and gains more confidence, the possibilities become endless in what can be successfully accomplished. People use this quality to create a better world for all upon this planet and a greater sense and understanding of unity between each other is the manifested outcome.

As this quality of love is practiced with diligence and responsibility, the world moves into a higher vibratory quality which will enable humanity as a whole to become free of former limiting patterns that they found difficult to overcome. It becomes easier to walk one’s path upon the Earth in a more joyful, passionate and enthusiastic manner. As each person discovers this quality that has been latent within them and employs its magic, the age of illumined living becomes more firmly anchored and established in the lives of all.

May you manifest all the good that is waiting for you.

I AM Archangel Gabriel

©2014 Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana (Soo-tam-ah) Keeper of the Symphonies of Grace Permission is given to share this message as long as the message is posted in its entirety and nothing has been changed, or altered in any way and Scribe’s credit, copyright and websites are included. www.therainbowscribe.com www.movingintoluminosity.com


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Lord Ashtar – via Victoria Meyer

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Lord Ashtar Channeled by Victoria Meyer


Archangel Michael via Meredith Murphy – How to Tune into, Live from Your Purpose1-2-14



Greetings Dear Ones and Blessings to you, and all of your family of light today. This day, in which together we begin to explore this more Cosmic approach to being you and living here in this NOW moment of incredible light and upliftment.

So much is opening up for you. So, so much. To really know this you have to take time to explore. We keep saying this, but it’s true and we cannot do that part for you. We cannot get you to sit down and go within and find those new rooms within you those new spaces that are now accessible and all that is within them. The perspectives and consciousness available for you to merge with and retrieve, to incorporate. No, we can only point you in that direction, encourage you, tell you there is BIG STUFF there and say — GO GET IT. PLEASE.

And the rest is up to you.

Often Lightworkers, you are so aware of how others do not heed their inner urges. Their calls to more awareness, greater ease. To more love and joy in their lives. It can seem so obvious to you that life is pointing out to someone else, calling them, into a greater relationship with themselves. In the past, you often would tell them how you noticed this and encourage them to act upon it. Of course, now in your sovereignty, you’ve learned to let them find their way.

Yet even now, you still don’t realize that some times when you find you are not in a life experience you want, you forget. You forget to do the simplest thing which is to go inside, find the energy that is resonant with what you don’t like, because it’s in you! That’s why that experience happened! And explore it. Listen to it. Understand it. See if you can, where it comes from. Don’t spend too much time, but be in a state of unity with you, and understand all of this. And then, shift it, revise it, choose a new perspective. In effect, what you call “heal” and what we would just see as resolving something you don’t prefer to experience and creating something you prefer more. And when you unattended to what you think of as wounds which are really just stories or perceptions that are distorted which are creating experiences you don’t like. You are really living the truth of your being more and more fully when you take the time to do this. Because frankly, lovely ones, just like other humans sometimes don’t really heed the call.

We are teasing you a bit, but we’re also quite serious in this. You must realize, that to really live the life potential you have created you have to take seriously these ideas that you create your experience and you also, out of self-love might consider that nothing is really too small or too unimportant for you to attend to in your life.

And where we’re really headed in all of this, is THIS: realize that in some ways, you are complacent.

And in this complacency, you have developed a habitual tolerance of life being okay, or life being good, in some areas, but not really being great.

And you have gotten used to letting things go in these areas where life is kind of good, or okay, you’ve gotten used to letting these things go. Regardless of this, at the level of desire, at the level of the true, incredible fast moving flow of the current of you, you want more then this, you want perfection. You want to really optimize your life. That is so much what it is about to be human. An endless drive toward finding the best version of life and creating that. That is innately human. That is your shared quality in this human experience more then anything. So if you’re not feeling this, if you’re not feeling a strong desire to continually enhance and expand your life experience in all kinds of ways, then you’ve in some way got that complacency thing going. Because this continual drive to discover more and more joy is your nature. Not more and more contentment, more and more joy.

So in fact you’ve have to kind of numb that drive a bit to not feel it. You’ve got to build a habit of tuning out your inner preferences in some areas of life, or deciding you’re okay with not having it, in order to not feel it. Of course this happens in life, when you don’t feel that confident about creating what you want.

But the thing is, now? You’re embracing your divine powers of creatorship! And the thing is, you experience this contentment. And we understand that it’s an achievement. Because so much of human life was not really that peaceful, and many of you really want to savor this thing that you think of as peacefulness, which is really just contentment. Which is really just “no more trauma.”  And we understand this. And we know you are enjoying feel more of it. So we encourage you to soak it up — that’s all good and wonderful. But we want you to remember it’s not the destination.

Contentment is NOT JOY. It’s really not joy. It’s clearly, definitely NOT JOY. And YOU WERE MADE FOR JOY.

So, tolerating contentment is a bit like a distraction from, actually, the quite excellent stuff available to you! And which you have spent a long time creating. Even if your version of tolerating contentment is really a lot more like enjoying contentment, we are here to prod you and remind you and even kind of nag you a bit and say, don’t sit there and get so distracted by that, that you forget you came here for exquisite radiant, bubbling over joy.

Those moments in life when you’re laughing so hard your face turns red? Meredith had some of this delicious experience yesterday, those moments are the reminders that it’s ALL mean to be like that. Not necessarily that literal experience, but at a pitch, energetically, which is much higher than contentment and a lot more like laughing so hard your face turns red!

You see, lovely ones, the truth is, and this is the issue, so we’re going to talk about it quite directly and then about what to do about it: you’re not really used to positive intensity. And you really hate negative intensity. It doesn’t feel good to feel quite intense feelings that you would view as negative. And the truth is, you’re not used to sustained positive intensity. What you would called positive emotion.

You’re not really used to the intensity of sustained, exquisite joy. 

Because, actually, sustained, exquisite joy is super fast vibrating energy. And you didn’t have the capacity for it before. Now you’ve got the energetic capacity for it. But you have to build kind of, an emotional affinity with having this experience more often and longer!

You gotta build it! You actually might be surprised to learn that the truth is, you actually tend to shy away from exquisite, exquisite energies like joy. You tend to prefer the calmer, gentler stuff. You tend to think that’s the aspiration.

Realize that this comes from your own experiences being so challenging, not because it’s the actual destination.

It’s great to have contentment as your go-to emotion, rather then rage, or grief, or irritation. But it’s a lot better to reach even higher and to grow your capacity for joy. And then to grow your capacity for bliss and most of you don’t have it yet. You don’t have it yet — you don’t have that familiarity to handel the fast-moving, high vibration stuff all the time.

But you came here choosing to insert yourself into a realm where you were determined to get there, in the material.

To bring the material into a new, higher standard for vibration. To merge with all that you are. And to do this while retaining your connection to all that you are. And then becoming, through resonance, an Ambassador to Earth for other aspects of your lineage to discover all this, with you, through you, as you, as we talked about yesterday.

That is the point. And so to really embrace our message yesterday. To start to host your Cosmic Family on Earth more and more. The point is not to create a guest room and spend all this time on that. The point is to get used to higher frequencies more and more often and give up contentment and reach for JOY. Reach for bliss. Don’t stop at contentment.

Reach for fantastic, expansive experiences of freedom. And start to cultivate your new set-point, ideally, some thing higher then contentment. Something more like hope, or even enthusiasm. And when you can get to enthusiasm more and more often. And eagerness? Which are really words for happiness. Happiness is really eager and enthusiastic. Then you are going to find that thing you’ve missed and wanted for so so long, so here is the carrot that we’re using to lure you forward.

When you get to eagerness and enthusiasm, you’re going to find your zest for life. Because you’re going to feel that thing that you human beings call PURPOSE. Purpose. Because you’re going to be, in happiness in eagerness, and in enthusiasm, you’re gonna be right on the brink of passion. And that is really what most of you are not feeling right now. You’ve changed so much, that you haven’t really felt like doing much. And this is because you’ve been integrating the energies. Building your energy structure. And also getting more and more comfortable with all the change in your life, your jobs, your relationships, your feelings, your understanding, your energy level.

So a lot has been going on … and in this year of 2013, you have completely reformatting your body to play in the New Earth energies. And the way you will most joyfully do that is with one another. And in creation. In acts of creation and co-creation or collaboration. And in sharing fun and joy. And the way to get more used to what you’ve got going on, is to continue to deepen your self-love. To really pay attention to the things large and small, that you have been tolerating, but could really go from good to sensational.

And to be willing to take the time to do this. To go within, and in unison, revise your energy structure and your stories, and your expectations — all of this is really just revising your consciousness, right? And so you’re building your capacity for higher vibrations and vibrations that are higher than contentment.  And you work into more happiness, more and more of the day. You reach for eagerness and enthusiasm and happiness. And you CULTIVATE your ability to stay in those feeling states more and more often and it’s actually going to be practice for you!

It’s going to be practice for you because I’m telling you quite directly: you have tended to shy away from sustained intensity. 
Of any kind. Including the good stuff.

So. There were reasons for this in the past, but they’re gone now. And for what your Cosmic Family is coming for, in part, is to see and experience this exquisite New Earth with you. But also! They’re coming to support and assist you. To amplifying your energies by merging with you! And expanding your consciousness by merging with you, so you can create! And for you to do this, in the way you’ve intended, you have got to grow your capacity for the intensity of passion and freedom.

And in doing this, re-discover your unique drive. For expressing your essence. Which is what you think of as purpose and what we’re calling passion. Your unique passions for life and in these arenas in which you feel this, create. THAT what’s opening up for you next. And in order to really claim this, you have to take the time, to go within, to revise the things that you kind of gotten yourself used to that are kind of “okay” or good, but that aren’t really great. And you’ve got to become accustomed to being in more sustained, elevated vibrations, longer and longer. In a sense, facilitating your familiarity [ and comfort* ] with the intensity of JOY.

We look forward to your capacity for this becoming more familiar and growing, because this is really what you wanted all along.

I AM Archangel Michael

* additional channeling added during transcribing.


12-14-13 – Arcturian Message – Choosing Conscious Creation

Choosing Conscious Creation
Our Ones, We are the Arcturians,
Many of you are having the “feeling” that something is about to happen. We want to share with you all that that “something” is already happening. You see, what you are feeling via your fifth dimensional language is happening in the NOW. The NOW is always available to you. All you need do is raise your consciousness into the fifth dimension and beyond. Then you will consciously experience what you are feeling via your increasingly activating Lightbody.
While you are logged into the 3D Game you wear an earth vessel, but once your consciousness enters the fifth dimension you wear a Lightbody. Your earth vessel is so accustomed to perceiving reality as having hard edges with spaces in-between that you think your Lightbody’s reality of interconnected images of wavering light is “just your imagination.”
You are correct in that it is your imagination because imagination is fifth dimensional thought. Thus, it is not just your imagination that you are experiencing but fifth dimensional communication. You are receiving this fifth dimensional communication because your consciousness, and hence your perceptions, have moved beyond the limitations of the third dimension and into the fifth.
The feelings, thoughts and perceptions of the fifth dimension fill your mind with the great power of imagination and your heart with unconditional love. You will know when you have morphed into the fifth dimension because you will feel bliss and unconditional love. You will, also, know when you have returned to the 3D because you will experience time, work, anxiety, depression and conditional love.
When you appear to be just third dimensional but are filled with a great creative force, joy, and love, you consciousness is likely resonating to the fourth dimension. Once your consciousness returns to the third dimension, you may have the experience of “coming down” from a wonderful experience.
We say this to you not to say that the third dimension is not enjoyable, but to tell you that usually when the third dimension is enjoyable is because your consciousness has expanded into the higher sub-planes of the fourth dimension. The truth is that a great percentage of Gaia’s Earth is NOW resonating to the higher sub-planes of the fourth dimension.
Therefore, Gaia is returning to Her multidimensional expression along with many of Her inhabitants. Of course, there are still many who suffer, who are poor, who do not have enough food or adequate assistance. Hence, it is important that the awaking ones pull their fourth and fifth dimensional experiences into the Core of Earth. Once in the core, your gift of unconditional love and bliss can be shared with every area of the world.
What is “happening” in your NOW is that inter-dimensional communications are becoming more and more common. People are realizing that they do NOT deserve to live in poverty or domination and they are standing up for them selves. Also, more and more “hidden patents” will soon be released which will greatly alter our every day life.
Meanwhile, the few who have ruled the many are either waking up or losing their power. The third-dimensional concept of “power over others” is quickly being replaced by the fifth dimensional concept of “power within you SELF.” Thus, those who have been downtrodden are beginning to look up into the light.
They are choosing to look up in dignity rather than look down in subservience because they, too, are feeling that something is happening. They do not know what that “something” is, but some how it is giving them HOPE. Hope than leads to courage and courage leads to a higher self-esteem.
Once the self-esteem is healed, those who felt they had to accept that which was unfair and dominating will begin to realize that they DO have a choice. The light that is filling their consciousness more each day whispers to their heart, “If you serve the light, it will protect you from the fear.”
What is happening is that people are realizing that they actually have a choice! This concept of choosing the life you wish to create is beginning to hit critical mass. Then, those who have lost all hope will begin to raise their heads in dignity and honor to find their power within. Once their inner power is discovered, the light of ascension is ignited in their hearts and they will insist on fairness for all.
This insistence on fairness is growing everyday. Country after country is beginning to shed the shackles of domination to stand up for their SELF and for those that they love. The few can only rule the many when the many are brainwashed and have lost their hope.
This Ray of HOPE is spreading across your globe. Meanwhile, more and more awakened ones who have enough money, enough food and enough liberty are preparing themselves to CARRY the beacon of HOPE for those who are bstarting to find their power within.
We see that there are two ways in which the many can be being controlled by the few. One way is that those who have so little believe they have no options. The other way is that those who have so much become attached to their possessions and become the slave of that which they “own.” We wish you to know that there is NO poverty and NO possessions on New Earth. If you need something, you manifest it with your Heart/Mind.
You think the thought of what you believe you need and fill that thought with unconditional love. As long that that “need” is forefront in your consciousness you will continue to think of it and love it unconditionally. However, once you no longer need it, it disappears from your reality because you are no longer in the active process of thinking about and loving it.
You don’t possess anything on fifth dimensional Earth because what you have created only remains manifest for as long as you are thinking about it and loving it. Also, there is no “want” on New Earth because if you desire something, all you need “do” is create it with your Heart/Mind.
Those who have become lost in their possessions may have a more difficult challenge resonating to the frequency of New Earth than those who have been living in poverty. With few possessions, bonding and love is sought, not in things, but in people, nature, animals and in Spirit. If possessions are lost, there is less of a feeling of grief as they usually have so few.
On the other hand, those who have measured their success and power by having possessions will find it difficult to release their “stuff.” If they are able to expand their consciousness into the fifth dimension, they will soon realize that if they have a fearful thought of losing their belongings their consciousness will drop and they will “fall out” of the fifth dimension and return to the physical world.
We want to say to all of you who think you are alone, please look inside your SELF. There are myriad realities within you that you can visit with your Heart/Mind. Through these visits you will begin to remember that YOU create your reality with your every thought and every emotion.
Hence if you think, “This is going to be a bad day,” and you fill that thought with anxiety and regret, you will create a bad day. On the other hand, if you think, “Today I will create a wonderful, love filled day,” you will create a wonderful, love filled day.
If you say, “I am so sick of the 3D. When is New Earth finally going to happen,” and fuel that thought with the feeling of victimization and anger, your consciousness will drop, and you will successfully push away your experience of New Earth. You have the choice with your every thought and emotion to decide what reality you will create. You are NOT limited to your 3D earth vessel or to the situations, which “happen” to you. YOU are the CREATOR of your reality.
Please remember that many of these choices were made before you took this body. For example, many of the poor, downtrodden, starving will be the first to become fifth dimensional because they have nothing to lose, which is why they chose that reality. There are many Earth religions that are based on poverty, suffering and denying the physical to find the core of Spirit in all life.
We know that this information is not new. In fact, it has been spoken, written, sung, drawn and danced since the first realities on Gaia’s body. However, your third dimensional memory forgets all that you have learned and experienced in your myriad “past, parallel and alternate” incarnations on 3D Earth.
Can you remember NOW what you have always known? The choice is yours, but you must consciously make that choice. If you want to be the creator of you life, you must take full responsibly for everything that YOU have created. It is this degree of responsibility, as well as total discipline of your thoughts and emotions, that creates your inner energetic pathway to New Earth.
This inner path is created by your thoughts and emotions. Every thought and every emotion can be a portal into New Earth or force you deeper into the illuisons of the third dimension. When you fall into fear, you will walk a path of fear. When you remember love, you will walk a path of love. Which path will you choose and what reality will you consciously create?
Gaia 2
Looking Inside Your SELF

Alldenale’s Return – The Event – Channel Multidimensional Ocean – 12-11-13



Laura: Hi Allendale! It was nice hearing you and feeling your presence yesterday and again today! Thank you for dropping by and giving us some news! You were telling me about the upcoming Event in the kitchen yesterday. Would you like to give us some news about it maybe?

Allendale: Ai lassie! It is good to be back. I have returned to be part and to witness the last and final phase of the Ascension of this amazing planet of yours.  She has been caring for so many for so long, she went through pain and suffering through time, and now, she is in her most desperate hour seemingly, because of the constant threats to her life and to the lives that she carries with her.  We all have an immense respect and love for your Earth, and we all rejoice to see her suffering come at last to an end, as she will complete the final phase of the permanent transition into the freedom and loving grounds of the 5th dimension.

You are going to see more and more activity in the air, as it is going to be increasingly difficult for the ET guests to remain hidden from the amateur astronomers, and the folks on the ground with cameras and  phones.    I have to admit that there s a big crowd out there monitoring this birthing event so to speak.  It is going to be an amazing transition, and we all want to be part of it.

I know… at the moment, the cabal and just random events are conspiring together to take as many souls down the rabbit hole as possible, including your planet’s soul. This is in fact a sign of how desperate they are, and how they try all the tricks in the books. This is the other reason why so many of us are here to keep an eye and an ear on their deeds, so that they don’t interfere in a dramatic manner with this beautiful transition.

The transition is in the books, it has already taken place, and many of us, who can time travel come back to this moment in time, when all seems lost, and people begin to awaken to the fact that they have been lulled into this illusion of democracy, of freedom and peace, when in actual fact the truth is far from what is being advertised on TV by the news media.

This is a moment in time when the power of awakening hits many, and the vibrations of love, peace and change begin to truly manifest visibly into reality.  Oh, I know that your readers have been fed up of hearing us speak of liberation time and again. You have got to understand that to any of us, who exist outside of the time and space plane, we do not perceive time as you do at all. So I am sorry for all the unrest and expectations that our messages can sometimes bring to you. Please take them with a pinch of salt and understnd that they come from a time outside of time, and from a place, outside of space. From beings who have bridged the gap between the perception of life and death. To us life and death are 2 sides of the same coin, and we keep our consciousness both when we take a physical form and when we are only in our energy form.

I come to bring great news, as the matters will continue their natural acceleration from now on towards the Event. The Event will be as beautiful as you can all dream it as a collective, you will help and shape this transition into 5D. It wil be a cosmic Event, of Galactic impact and awareness. The victory of Love and Light at long last, that many of you have been waiting for, for so long, thoughout many lives.

Keep dreaming of love, of peace, keep calling your twin flame to you, and you will experience unimaginable hights of love, passion, and you will transform yourselves and the planet together.
The Earth’s rivers will flow with tears of joy, and with unconditional love. Earth will be freed from those who kept it in shackles for eons and will know true joy and abundance at last.

Many people are still working behind the scenes to make dreams come true. These are your angels and archangels, and also many people incarnated onto the Earth at this time. Keep the spirit of love and Chrismas alive, open your heart to joy and abundance. The door is now open, and you are once step away.

Allendale out!
Channel: Laura Multidimensional Ocean


Copyright © Laura/ Multidimensional Ocean. All Rights Reserved. Permission is given to copy and distribute this material freely, provided the content, including the title, is copied in its entirety and unaltered, is distributed freely, and this copyright notice and links are included:http://multidimensionalocean.wordpress.com/

Kwan Yin and Deeper Appreciation – by Sara Hillman

Found at  Galactic Free Press

Ah beloved masters…good day to you…a most beloved day to gaze upon your magnificence, as any day with you in it must surely be. Oh dear hearts, dear still and peaceful hearts of LOVE, it is a privilege to be with you in this way and in every way, for you light up ALL with your dedication and endless creativity.

Still and peaceful – yes beloveds! You may be pondering that, and I tell you it is so, and completely so from where we are; for not only are you bringing ever more of your unique essences into your bodies, engaging with your own fullness with your conscious minds – which is bringing you greater stillness and peace – but you are also beginning to comprehend that which you are achieving in this way also. Oh my beloved friends – do you comprehend what miracles you are, even in your simplest actions?

Because your focus is so very much upon your grand and beautiful intentions, and you are so steadfast in your masterful direction, you cannot fully see from your perspective just how incredible YOU ARE in the ‘small’ things. Just take for example, the very simple things you take so much forgranted in being human. You hold together the cells of your body, you breathe, you walk, you talk, you put sentences together, you eat and drink. And not only this, you are kind, you are joyful, you are patient, you are loving, you give of yourselves continually, and you continue to expand faster than we ever thought possible in every one of your now moments with masterful ease and grace.

The amount of light you are each holding with such relative comfort – and you hold more each and every day – is so impressive, bright stars; we are gasping and smiling and laughing with delight. Oh we live and breathe our delight for you, beloveds, for you are the shining stars on the stage of creation, and you are about to take your standing ovation in your conscious lives before you have even begun the next act, for you are rapidly approaching the integration of all that has been so firmly ‘behind the veil’, and so you will know what love and delight is truly showered upon you in every moment.

Some of you dear hearts look at your lives and you see inconsistency, you see your moods fluctuate like yo-yos, you see your apparent inability to stay connected to LOVE in your conscious minds, to create fully and instantly, to transform your bodies already! and move beyond discomfort and frustration. Oh my darling ones, if you could only see what a vast achievement it is for you to even stay solid at this point, you would marvel at your majestic aims and the standards you set for yourselves! This is why I wish to bring you my light in this way, to show you more of how you shine to us in everything you do; as you go about what to you feels most mundane, as you wait for the fireworks, whilst for us YOU ARE the fireworks in your every living, breathing, flowing moment.

For us, dear hearts, your speed and grace and agility in this undertaking is breathtaking. Simply breathtaking, and you are beyond doubt the most miraculous beings of LOVE. Dear hearts, it would be my great honour and privilege to bring you a greater serenity on your progress, if you feel this would assist you in relaxing further into where you are. It would be the deepest pleasure for me to aid your appreciation and delight in your every achievement, your every moment of being, for truly I am continually awed by you!

My beloveds, wherever you are, and however you wish for my energies to support you, I am yours to command and share your divinity with in the most easeful ways for you. I bring the full serenity and peace and compassion that is my heart for you, dearest sparks of the divine. I wish only for you to glimpse more of your own glory, for therein lies your deepest peace, and greatest appreciation. For if you could see what we could see, my courageous and precious beloveds, you would never again cease to love yourselves in your full perfection, and you would never wish to look anywhere else ever again!

In deepest humility and abundant LOVE, I am yours in heart and mind, in peace and joy, in serenity and excitement. I AM Kwan Yin ♥


Channelled by Sara Hillman ~ December 6th, 2013 ♥


To read older channelled messages, visit ~ http://followingthejoy.wordpress.com/

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Hilarion via Marlene Swetlishoff – Remembrance of Your Mission – 12-9-13




Aquarius Paradigm

Hilarion via Marlene Swetlishoff: Remembrance of Your Mission Will Become More Available to You in the Days Ahead, channeled by Marlene Swetlishoff, December 8, 2013 at http://www.therainbowscribe.com/hilarion2013.htm | Thanks to Golden Age of Gaia.

Beloved Ones,

Change continues to take place in every corner of your world. That which has been hidden continues to be exposed to the light of humanity’s awareness and discernment. All that was once kept from the masses can no longer be controlled and the dissemination of enlightening information flies through the airwaves across the planet in mere seconds.

All manner of secret activities are coming up to be looked at with awareness and acknowledgment and this will continue to be so until all is transparent in all interactions between humans on their world. This enables each person to become better informed about the many activities that take place so that they can input their choice of how they wish their world and the workings of it to be conducted.

No longer will deception be tolerated and this will become increasingly clear to all who hope to continue in the old paradigm of keeping the masses ignorant of the behind the scenes activities that have been taking place upon the planet, for just as soon as secret agreements are made, they will be discovered and exposed. The times you are living in call for truth, fairness, justice and honor in all activities.

The minds and hearts of all people upon the planet are bone weary of business as usual and grow impatient with those who are supposed to be serving the greater good of their own citizens. The wake up calls have been made in many different countries and have clearly demonstrated this to all who would deceive the people they are supposed to serve, you have but to read or listen to your daily newscasts to see that they are filled with such stories and information.

You are still in passage and walk between two worlds, the old and nearly crumbled systems, and the new Earth reality in a higher dimensional consciousness. It is difficult for many of you to realize the good that is occurring all around you as the focus is almost always on the happenings of the old ways of doing business on your planet. These are illusions that are quickly fading from human consciousness.

In its place comes an earnest desire to take the high road in all activities between people, nations and world. There is a sense of urgency and anticipation that is tangibly felt in many individuals across the length and breadth of your planet. It is incumbent upon each individual to hold to the highest standards of conduct in all interactions as this will facilitate an exponential effect in all communications that take place.

The increase in the energy and light quotient relentlessly continues to effect changes and transformations in all facets of human existence. There is a great need for the healing of old wounds in many individuals and they seek to find the method to accomplish this. Many who have just awakened will seek answers to their many questions and to alleviate their fears, doubts and confusions. You who are the emerging masters of life upon a physical planet are now being placed in a position of elder brother or sister, perhaps not so much in years as in your sagacity. The light you hold becomes more easily discernible in the seekers and they will seek it.

As you have met your great challenges and responsibilities to the higher order of things, you have qualified for the role of guide and teacher to others in your sphere of influence and will soon step into your new roles with relish and great confidence, knowing that you have the wisdom within you to give assistance when and as needed. There has been much training taking place in the times your physical body sleeps and this will activate in divine timing. Remembrance of your mission will become more available to you in the days ahead.

Until next week…

I AM Hilarion

©2013 Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana (Soo-tam-ah) Keeper of the Symphonies of Grace.

Permission is given to share this message as long as the message is posted in its entirety and nothing has been changed, or altered in any way and Scribe’s credit, copyright and website is included. http://www.therainbowscribe.com

Aquarius Paradigm

Valerie Donner – The Ground Crew – Message From Mira – Pleiadian High Council – 12-8-13



Greetings, I am Mira from the Pleiadian High Council serving on the Earth Council.

I greet you with love. We are very close. We have expanded our mission according to circumstances on the Earth as well as around the Earth. I think you know what I mean. There is a lot that you are not being told right now. I cannot tell you much either for it is not my job. Soon you will begin to hear from others. Some of the communication will actually come from those who should have informed you in the first place. It is impossible to hide the truth now.

We want you to know that we love you and have your best interests in mind. It is good that we are focused on you and you can reciprocate by focusing on us too. Not only does it make our jobs more enjoyable because we feel welcomed but it lets us know that you ready to meet us.

We are busy coordinating and managing chaos to a large degree. We are working with massive teams and intelligence due to the hazardous conditions on your planet. We need humanity’s cooperation. We need you to be ready to make changes. The Earth is moving ahead with her plans for her ascension. The earth changes will continue regardless. The extreme weather conditions will also continue.

Please remember that life as you have known it will not be the same. This is what last year was about. As you rise in consciousness and prepare to meet higher consciousness beings you need to make many internal changes. It could be exciting for you and exactly what you have been waiting for. Can you feel that something substantial is on its way? Always trust your intuition, not what you hear from some outside sources.

You will be moving into a more natural state of being and doing. It is natural for you to know various things. You will be looking inwardly rather than having to rely on others like you have in the past. Your planet is spinning out of control and your time as you have known it is ceasing to exist. You will have little choice but to be in the present time.

We understand that it is challenging for you to be told some of this, yet is it necessary to bring new truth and understanding. This is for your highest good. You will be compensated with great love and Light, healing and a sense of wellbeing in spite of what is going on around you. Stay grounded and reach up to skies and heaven above you. Let the Light come to you to activate your cells and consciousness in the quantum field of energy that some of you are beginning to understand.

To further our mission and yours it is important that we learn to work together. We are your friends and family. We love you and have the utmost appreciation for you.

I am Mira from the Pleiadian High Council.


Message from SaLuSa, Lord Ahstar, Guardian Angels, Guides – Multidimensional Ocean – 12-6-13



Atlantis / Other planets life span

We encourage you to continue keep the faith in these increasingly difficult times, dear ones.

You are coming to a time when your true identity will be revealed to you at last. It will come to you as evident that so many among you are not from this beautiful planet originally.

You will receive communications from us, through dreams, or through your higher self about your star origins.

Many of you already know of their star families, and of the many lives that you have lead among the immense and powerful Galactic Community of love and light beings.

In actual fact, the majority of you had many lives on many planets, among various species, and have chosen to let go of those lives when the time for you to leave the planet felt right.

Indeed on the vast majority of planets what you call death here is nothing more than a conscious letting go of the attachments on a planet. There comes a time in everyone’s life when family duties are complete, when one has no other life obligation or question about a planet, and feel no desire or attachment to the planet and decides to move on to the next realm, in order to start again on another planet.

This is part of the natural process of growth, of life and death, or eternal rebirth. This process usually takes place naturally as on many planets life forms can live as long as they need in order to move on the next level of existence. The longevity on other planets is much longer than on Earth, and depending on the body’s level of development, life can last from several centuries to several thousands of years, or even more.

During the Atlantean times such a process of life extension was very common, but reserved to very few privileged people, through technology that was given from the Star brothers.

During the Atlantean times, Earth was populated by beings from many races and planets, and the genetic research was aimed at life prolongation, especially through cloning.

This is a process that is very familiar in the Pleiadies.

When Atlantis fell, and with it its technology, extended life spans stopped, and life started diminishing according to the vibrational needs of Mother Earth.

Man’s Dual Nature and the Twin Flame

As a few of you already know, your human physical bodies are linked to their Earth creator and to the Earth bound life and expectations. The other part of you is linked to the God Spark of eternal life and to the Stars. That part is eternal, and moves on from experience to experience, from body to body whether on your planet or on other planets. This part is always attached or linked to a twin flame, to one or in most cases to several soul mates, and to an overall soul group, who share a common history through incarnations on Earth especially.

This part of eternal love is always present inside of you all, and it recognises its twin flame at first sight, in fact both twin flames seek one another constantly if they are both incarnated on Earth at the same time. This process is going on from a very young age, and unconsciously.

This does not mean that one has to stop oneself from loving other Earth beings. In fact the reason why many of you experience what you call adultery is because of this dual nature inside of you.

Many of you are married to one person and have feelings for this person, but also have deeper feelings for someone else. The feelings for the someone else are sometimes a little of a mystery as it is soon discovered that it is often not possible to have a normal life with the twin flame on Earth.

This is because the twin flame is also subject to this human dual nature, he or she is also under the influence of the other being living inside of their body.

The relationship with the twin flame very often remains on the higher realm, and no expressed on the tri-dimensional form at all.

Very often the twin relationship on Earth are very dramatic because of this duality within the human condition. On many occasions, on wishes to run away from the twin flame, as the experience is one of awakening and somewhat painful at the same time, as the memories flow in, and one is faced with a deep fear of the unknown.

We do not encourage anybody to force relationships with twin flames, as the door will be open from above when you are both ready for the re-union on the physical level. Until then, that door is best locked, and we recommend slow moves, patience all around, as the twin flame is likely to reflect the sides of you that you dislike most.

Having said that, the time is coming near when many of you will have to literally face your other side and learn to be patient with it and love it.

There will come a point when the Twin Flame unions will greatly lift Mother Earth and bring much joy in the hearts of the many. This time is the time of reckoning.

As we are coming up shortly to that moment in time for your planet, prepare for many questions to suddenly be answered for you. Prepare for much joy and love to come, and for much forgiveness for past mistakes and for karmic settlements.

Along with this time of reckoning, you will recall much about your own soul’s history and about the planet’s journey and significance to you, as a divine being.

The other worldly origins

We continually feel the pain of your inner suffering and frustration at your human bodies, and human limitations. Many you have not had happy lives on Earth on the majority of their incarnations, serving the light in an area of space filled with darkness on many levels. You were always a spark of hope and light for the souls of Earth who badly needed your light and wisdom, as well as love.

Many of you have managed to block from your memory your past unhappy lives on Earth, but these memories will also be uncovered shortly. Many of you have had only short lives on Earth, because nothing made sense to your alien mind. The planet had no heart connection with you, neither did the beings living here, you felt alien, but never knew why you could not relate or connect even to the members of your family.

Many of you have committed suicide in many Earth past lives, or have been killers here, as you could see this place as a place of desolation and abandoned by God and love, you were also scared, and could not understand anything that was happening to you and why you were here.

Many of you died in early age accidents, except that those accidents were not entirely accidents but more like self-inflicted accidents, in a wish to end your suffering.

The human bodies are not what you are used to, as many of you have lived for thousands of years in more sophisticated and evolved bodies. Many of your past lives bodies on other planets were able of levitation, astral travel, infra-red or microscope sight, limitless abilities to love, which gives place to growth and transformation of your environment, natural telepathy, limitless sight, hearing, and vision, the list can go on and on dear ones. Suddenly, in comparison the limited DNA strand of a human body seemed like a cruel joke. You often felt like you were in a constant prison and trap in your human body.

To top things up, your natural Earth family had no idea why you were talking about extra-terrestrial life all the time, and why many of you had powers that terrified your own parents to the point of feeling threatened to death if you were going to make things move with your mind or play other tricks that they regarded as little less than sorcery. Fear of the unknown and violent reaction is natural dear ones, but many of you were so shocked at their parents’ and loved one behaviour that you decided never to trust them again and very often have removed them from your child’s heart for many, many years.

Your heart was very often battered and bruised by human’s ignorance of your ways and of what true love meant to you. As a consequence, most of you renounced to your birth right powers that remained within you, as part of your ET heritage. Many of you were forced to conform to the expectations of your parents and of society, in order to fit in somehow and try to have a “normal” life on Earth.

Dear ones, we are pleased to tell you that those days are now over, with the arrival of many more enlightened beings coming onto your planet either as bew borns to starseeds parents, or in spirit among you, during your daily routine.

Many of us are with you in spirit only, hence you can only hear you,  but very often cannot you see us, as we are not physically with you. We are with you in energy only and our presence can be felt in many ways by your own sensors.

We keep our mind, heart and eyes on our star families, here on Earth, although very often we cannot interfere, but we see and hear what you hear what is happening very often.

We love you very much and ask you all for just a little more patience before the end game times.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, I am Lord Ashtar of the Ashtar Command, we are the angelic realm voices for your well being and protection.

Love and Joy to you all

Channel: Multidimenisonal Ocean


Copyright © Laura/ Multidimensional Ocean. All Rights Reserved. Permission is given to copy and distribute this material freely, provided the content, including the title, is copied in its entirety and unaltered, is distributed freely, and this copyright notice and links are included:http://multidimensionalocean.wordpress.com/

Ascended Master, Serapis Bey’s Weekly Message ~ December 06 — 13, 2013

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Saul – Humanity’s Awakening – Utterly Magnificent Welcome – John Smallman –

The welcome that awaits you is unprecedented, utterly magnificent.


Here in the spiritual realms we are observing with joy your excellent progress towards your awakening.  Your task remains to focus on holding the intent for humanity to awaken as divinely planned and intended.  You can really have no idea how effective you have all become at holding that intent, and because of that it is going to happen.  Remember, Love, God does not impose, does not override your free will, but It embraces you joyously when you open yourselves to receive what is always on offer.

Your collective separation induced and constant fear has become deeply ingrained, and that is why, now that you have chosen to leave the illusion behind you, it appears to you that your awakening is taking so long to achieve.  That fear is the fear of abandonment, by God!  You, as humanity, attempted to separate yourselves from Him, thought that you could and did, then presumed that He must have also abandoned you.  That concept is indeed terrifying.  Without Him, your eternal connection to Him, and the state of being in love with Him and being loved by Him, then there is nothing, not nothing as experienced as a lack of something, but nothing – no people, no world, nowhere, no God – and that possibility is what terrifies you.  How could it be otherwise?

However, the ascended masters, prophets, guides, and mystics who have incarnated among you over the eons and shown you, each in their own way, how God’s Love for you is eternal, have assisted you in moving back from the brink of self-abandonment that kept tempting you to engage in self-destruction.  That is what all your conflicts, wars, judgments and condemnations at the deepest level are all about – self-destruction – you see yourselves as not good enough, unable ever to be good enough because you made the insane choice to separate from your divine Source.  But your perception has changed, judgment is falling away, and you are realizing that God is Love and that His Love for you is unchangeable.  Truly your progress is rapid and accelerating, so keep intensifying your intent to complete the journey and be welcomed Home by the enthusiastic and loving community that is expectantly awaiting your arrival.

The welcome that awaits you is unprecedented, utterly magnificent, and it is there for you, every single one of you without any exceptions, to experience as though you were the absolute center of creation on which all Love is eternally focused.  And because all are One, each one of you is the center of creation, and the joy of experiencing the Love that flows to that point is beyond any meaningful description.

Often you note that others, with big egos, seem to imagine that they are the center of the universe, and you find that offensive as it is frequently accompanied by a powerful sense of personal grandiosity.  But that sense of being the absolute center is what you are all seeking because it is your heritage, your destiny, it is where you were created, and without it, because of your sense of separation, you feel lost, alone, isolated and abandoned, and to relieve the pain of that your egos attack other egos to try and improve your standing, your status in the hierarchy of humanity. Well, your status within the egocentric boundaries that the illusion provides, however elevated it becomes will never satisfy you.  The illusion cannot provide satisfaction because it is unreal.

True satisfaction, eternal satisfaction will greet you when you awaken, and you are approaching the moment when all will fall divinely into place as the illusion dissolves and the mist or fog in which it appears to enfold you clears allowing you to see the wonder that is Reality.  You cannot and will not fail to arrive Home because, as you well know, there is nowhere else.  To arrive Home is to awaken from the illusion, and most certainly eternal sleep is impossible.

You are stirring towards awakening, as you have so often been told, and then you snuggle down again, fearful that you might be re-entering the nightmare that has been so much a part of your life experience for so long.  We are all assisting you as you strive towards awakening, reassuring you that it is full wakefulness that you are approaching and not another fearful nightmare.  Listen to us, hear us, and be comforted and encouraged in the knowledge that what we keep telling you is what you need to know so that you can move forwards into wakefulness.

The field of Love, in which you are so gently and lovingly enveloped, is feeding you with irresistible sensations of which you can no longer remain unaware and enticing you onwards, upwards from the depths of your sleep, and towards the brilliant Light of eternal day.  Shake off all the accoutrements of the illusion that are not in alignment and harmony with Love, and allow your awakening.

With so very much love, Saul.


Blossom Goodchild – The Event Is Coming! – Galactic Federation of Light – 11-21-13

Blossom Goodchild.com

(  Found this on   –   2012 The Big Picture   –   LOL. It’s always amusing to me when they use our colloquialisms and jargon.  In this message Blossom’s gang (collective) uses a charming term of encouragement that to her means one thing, but to us in North America means quite another.  You’ll know which one it is.  Too funny.  Thanks for the chuckle.  ~ BP )


What ho chaps! Back again! I have been RIDICULOUSLY tired these last few weeks … anything to do with what’s going on, or is it just ‘normal life’?

We would send cheering greetings back to you and as always it is exciting and endearing to be within your company once again. The tiredness you are experiencing … and indeed many … is far more than the average day- to- day exhaustion! The energies that ARE to enter are of such magnitude that even as ‘they are on their way’ … they are causing many to have this side effect … of the sudden and overwhelming desire to sleep. Within that sleep there is much downloading taking place for one is ‘almost’ aware that they are not asleep yet deeply ‘elsewhere’.

ALL THIS is preparation for the EVENTS that are to come.

I notice you say EVENTS … plural … obviously intended.

Indeed for we have stated that after the first major precursor … there shall be an ‘onslaught’ of following occurrences that shall ‘wow’ the senses to an extent that one cannot at this stage imagine.

We ask you dearest ones to ‘keep one’s pecker up’ as we believe you humans would say … For in doing so … the vibration shall remain strong and allow that which is to proceed … to do so in the most fitting manner possible.

Someone asked regarding karma and reincarnation ‘after’ The EVENT … will all that be over and done with as we move into higher ground?

We would say not necessarily done with ‘AS” you move into Higher ground … yet certainly once you have arrived … For do you see ? There shall be no repercussions from one’s actions as ALL actions ‘once arrived’ shall come from LOVE.

There will be those who have chosen to remain behind within their journey and are not yet READY to transform/transgress into a Higher positioning of themselves.

I know that statement will cause concern for many so could you elaborate on that please?

It will be the soul’s individual choice and this must be understood. There will be those who are so attached to ‘greed and selfish adulation’ that they are not yet ready within their soul space to move into a space that is for the betterment of ALL.

There is nothing at all wrong with their decision … for as you know … life goes on and on and on and on … and when ‘they’ FEEL ready to move on they shall.

Ok … so here it’s going to get tricky I can tell. Where will ‘they’ reside and where will those who have chosen to move on reside? I have never felt that there would be two separate planets … for those ‘awakened’ and those ‘asleep’.

This will not be so … yet is it not that you have an elemental kingdom that you are unaware of within/upon your planet? …

I am aware of it … not unaware … yet are you meaning … ‘cannot be part of it’?

Yes … thank you for the correction.

And that’s a first … and most likely … a last.

The only thing stopping one being part of it and ‘aware’ of it … is the different frequency of vibration … that is all.

When THE EVENT has taken place … there will be a rise in vibration FOR ALL … and we mean FOR ALL. Yet … many of your world are of a different vibration from one another NOW … yet still residing within the ‘general’ frequency.

Often it has been explained by example of a radio frequency and which station you are tuned into … So we would express the same … yet regarding the matter of which we speak … there will be those who reside ‘bang on the marker’ and those that are ‘off the marker’ and therefore not receiving the fullness of what is available and often experiencing ‘interference’.

Still a little confused … actually, more than a little. Would you say the majority of humans upon the planet will be ‘on the marker?’

The majority will ‘eventually’ be on the marker … It is a question of ‘self sufficiency of the soul’ if you like. It is the individual that determines at what vibration they are able to reside in. This of course is no different from now.

Yet you are saying it ‘will’ be different after the EVENT?


How so ? Regarding residency of souls of different frequencies is what I am inquiring of? Earlier on in this piece I got a feeling/vision of those ‘in the know’ being on a Higher plane and seeing those …’ not in the know’ … carry on their lives on Earth ‘below’. So difficult to explain!

You see now our dilemma Blossom?As one rises into the NEW WORLD … the NEW VIBRATION … the NEW ATMOSPHERE … they will ‘pass through the veil’ … ‘the mists’ as it is sometimes called … rising on up as the physical vibration allows itself to match the soul of that individual. As one attunes themselves to each ‘degree’ of self enhancement they progress/travel deeper into the HIGHER VIBRATION of where the NEW WORLD resides.

So are you saying it is a place? A different place from our EARTH?

No. We are saying it is of a different vibration upon/within your Earth. Yet we do not wish to confuse this with residing within your Inner Earth. This is different entirely.


A HIGHER VIBRATIONAL PLANE/LEVEL … and the changes that the impending EVENT shall bring to/within the souls deepest expectancy shall assist each one to ‘get there’ … depending on their understanding of soulself and of course their desire for ONENESS.

We have spoken many times and so has the dearest soul White Cloud of THE BRIDGE. We have spoken how many of you shall walk back and forth over THE BRIDGE assisting many to cross. Until such a time that one’s vibration shall be so settled in the Higher plane that it becomes too uncomfortable to return to the lower plane to continue bringing others across.

Yet there will always … always be more and more that will find themselves ready to take over from such souls. The souls who have ‘done their duty’ through choice … shall then realize that it is then time to bask in the resolutions of that vibration unto which they have rightly ‘earned their place’. That is not to say that work shall cease … Yet what is ahead … ‘once there’ … shall not be work … but simply pleasure in assisting.

You see … once THIS EVENT arrives … there is no going back. There will not be the want to return to the old … even though there shall be some upheaval and confusion on all levels.

This is where you will KNOW more than ever why you came and more precisely … KNOW what it is you are to do.


There will be much ‘work’ ahead … yet it will be of a different kind. It will come from the soul’s natural dependency to assist and many many thousands will do so.

You will not suddenly wake up in this NEW WORLD. Although some will … yet few in comparison to the majority. There will be … how should we put it … those of a much HIGHER GRACE who are to proceed before others in order to simply ‘be there’ for one’s arrival … They shall arrive immediately in order to have their vibrational pull settle and reside in the place where it TRULY belongs.

As for the majority … we state first and foremostly …


The change that this EVENT brings forth is beyond words … as many things we ‘try’ to explain often are!

Yet we do our best to portray that which is to come and we would liken it to a FEELING of falling in Love for the first time … and then that happiness magnified a thousand fold.

The FEELING OF LOVE for one’s family … not just their immediate … yet for ALL brothers and sisters shall swell the heart space. The thoughts of judgment shall very quickly dissipate and smiles of the biggest variety shall adorn the faces of each one you see.

Words shall lose their power … for they are so often … as we have stated many times even this day … so very inadequate to express TRUTH.

And TRUTH dearest souls … dearest beloved souls upon Earth … is what is to be revealed.

A recognition of Truth shall overwhelm one in an instant.



Yet am I correct in saying that not everyone will recognise this?

We would say that everyone shall be given ‘the opportunity’ to do so … as to whether they accept and embrace it is up to them.

I cannot see personally why any one would possibly refuse?

You would be surprised dearest Blossom. For some … the TRUTH is far too compromising to handle.

They would choose ‘to ‘pretend’ they had not felt what they had felt. They would choose to ignore what had become so transparent within themselves.

Yet not all of a lower understanding shall react this way … There shall be many who desire to repent for their actions … and forgiveness shall be granted.

Some people are confused regarding ‘forgiveness and karma’. I mean … for those who have been really dark in their behaviour … surely they shall not suddenly be forgiven and offered an ice cream? Surely they shall have to account for their ways?

Oh indeed Blossom. They shall recognise TRUTH … yet you cannot IMAGINE the pain for some as they do so. For the recognition within their soul of the hurt and pain they have caused to another both physically and mentally … in fact on all levels … shall ‘hit them’ where it hurts!


THAT PAIN … received back a thousand fold is certainly not one that another could say ‘They got away with it’.

Nobody gets away with anything.

You reap what you sow.


Yet it is not to say that they are in complete acceptance of that which they ‘deserve’ … we do not feel that is a good choice of wording.

Yet they have the wherewithall to then continue their life … after their awakening … in service to all … and one of this manner would find themselves ‘happy’ to do the most menial of tasks over and over if it meant that they were ‘giving back through LOVE’ … now that they had found it .

DEAREST FRIENDS … for we have no enemies …

That’s an odd thing to say …

We desire to make that clear … WE HAVE NO ENEMIES … although there are those that would consider us to be their enemy … for they desire not to live in the way that we consider correct.








Beautiful … Roger over and out … Yet not before sending you a moment of silence from my heart in gratitude for your communications and assistance. LOVE YA!

And we do the same.


Yeshua – Keep Nourishing your Beautiful Landscape of Love and Heart-Centered Purpose – Channeled by Fran Zepeda – 11-18-13


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Greetings dear ones. I greet you from an entirely different perspective today. For you are approaching a more complete merging with your Higher Selves and with your monad, and so the vibration from which I communicate is higher and more conducive to your new level of understanding.

And the perspective is beautiful, as you can see. You have reached an entirely new playing field and so it is taking you a little adjustment to integrate and accommodate this new perspective. And it is entirely your own doing, for your intent has been for the most part to accept these loving intense energies of late and absorb them and allow them to build your Light Bodies further.

And you cannot but see things through a new lens, dear ones, an entirely different landscape for many of you. Do not be concerned if you do not physically feel a lot different, however many of you would be hard-pressed to deny that you are feeling and seeing differently. Let go of the resistance and the doubt and you shall see more clearly.

And so dear ones, I beseech you to constantly reach for your higher perspective that is becoming more evident to you. Choose to see things from that perspective. You will find it will become easier to let go of the fears and limitations that once held you back, for your soul is wanting to soar higher and will not be denied.  Allow this process with the grace and acceptance and knowing that you have never lost. Let it become your true mode of operation from now on.

The time is here to discard and leave behind your old ways of analyzing with your ego and with your old frameworks of beliefs. Feel with your heart and welcome your new perspective based solely on your hearts. Coming from there all the time now is becoming much more available to you. These energies of late guarantee it. You don’t need to fight it or to call anything according to your old perspective, for you have graduated into a new level. Look around and get acquainted.

Now is the time to connect always with your Higher Self first. Allow it to merge. Allow all the fractals of your essence to merge. Feel yourself merging with your monad or soul family. Take it in stride that you are One. The pieces of information available to you now are limitless. It merely requires you to open to them and take care to not color them or analyze them with your separate self, with your ego. That way of participating in life is going by the wayside as you integrate all of you into this higher perspective you are being welcomed into.

And so it goes that you greet your new selves with honor and love always, accepting and knowing that the divine flame within you is building to an ever-increasing crescendo and taking over and encompassing all aspects of you, as all aspects come home to your divine center.

The process has been beautiful to watch as we observe you “coming into your own” so to speak, of discovering all new and desired possibilities as real and imminent as you pass through the door of your higher awareness. Let yourselves become that expansion and wholeness that is beckoning you.

The old ways of duality are becoming distant as if looking through a rear view mirror as you move forward, and now you see ahead of you an entirely new landscape vibrating with a newness and shimmer designed by love and grace, a landscape that was and is being designed by you in your infinite glory of creative abilities.

Notice, dear ones, that those thoughts and goals of yesteryear may beckon from time to time, as a weed may continue to push through the ground after you have decided to pull it. But it does not have to be so that you allow it to take over your new pristine landscape. For you are stronger and more capable of averting your gaze and intent to keep nourishing your beautiful landscape of Love and Heart-centered purpose. Stand strong now in your new awakened reality. The more you lend your attention and your energy to it, the more it is grounded and manifested.

You are the divine creators and the divine landscape architects of your new lives and your new world. And wherever your mission is leading you will be adorned with beautiful flowers of immense love and vibrant color, awaiting you to focus on them and love them and decide how to use them in your new life. Send only love to the “weeds” in your garden, dear ones and do not focus on them. Focus instead on the beautiful bounty of immense possibilities you are growing to fruition, those beautiful flowers of love and compassion and prosperity and peace and harmony.

You are so close dear ones. You are doing it. Please keep your faith and please keep your attention on your goals for a lighter brighter world for all to enjoy and flourish in. That is your divine birthright and no one can take that away from you.

You are all my precious comrades in peace and love, my beautiful brothers and sisters. Together we are building a beautiful world, one glorious step at a time. Know this and nourish yourselves within this knowing, for it is yours to have forever.

I am forever your loving brother,


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The Event – (Celestial Consciousness Trigger) – Higher Self Interview – Suzanne Spooner, Ron Head – Nov 2013

InfinityHealers·5 videos

This recording was part of a Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy (QHHT) session. The subject is Ron Head and is deep in hypnosis. The practitioner is Suzanne Spooner.

When Ron is hypnotized he accesses the Creator or God energy. Each session, Suzanne guides Ron into trance and then asks questions on a topic. Each time he gives beautiful, deep and profound answers. They place these recordings on their website, http://www.SpeakingwithSelf.com.

This recording was made at the end of their 9th session on November 6th, 2013. Suzanne had thought the session was complete and had turned off the recording. On a whim she asked one more time if there was anything else that needed to be discussed.

After a long pause Ron, still in trance, starts to speak again. Suzanne quickly starts to record again mid-sentence.

After she asks if there is anything else, he responds, ” There are some things we can tell you and as much, that we can not. But we will say your favorite word, soon….” This is where the recording begins. As it plays out, more and more details are given about this Divine Event.


This is a continued conversation about “The Event”.

Suzanne is asking for clarification and more details of what to expect as The Event occurs and how it will be perceived after.

This recording was part of a Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy (QHHT) session. The subject is Ron Head and is deep in hypnosis. The practitioner is Suzanne Spooner.

When Ron is hypnotized he accesses the Creator or God energy. Each session, Suzanne guides Ron into trance and then asks questions on a topic. Each time he gives beautiful, deep and profound answers. They place these recordings on their website, http://www.SpeakingwithSelf.com.

This recording was made at the end of their 9th session on November 6th, 2013. Suzanne had thought the session was complete and had turned off the recording. On a whim she asked one more time if there was anything else that needed to be discussed.

Hatonn through Marc Gamma – Introduction to Sirian Space Ships

Ashtar Command Crew

Hatonn[Original language German, translated by (Contra)Mary]

My beloved humans here, this is I, HATONN, speaking to you.

It is the first time that I speak to you through this very channel and certainly it won’t be the last time.

As from now I shall return to you in regular intervals with some new and interesting message since I’ll be elaborating with this channel some very new and inexhaustible subject to be conveyed to you.

We shall go on a journey to the spaceships of the Galactic Federation.

This my channel is a great lover of the famous series of Science Fiction and cinema films and always did he sucked in any information with all his possible attention desiring to be able to come on board of these ships.

I cannot fulfill this wish for the time being and neither am I able to do so for all of you since until now you have not evolved that far in order to make such experience.

Still I want to mention hereby that many of you are resuming their place onboard of spaceships when their souls are journeying during their sleep at night.

And this concerns many of you doing this repeatedly at night. Unfortunately, no-one of you is able to recall this experience but this fact too will change soon in due time.

Thus we shall start with the series about spaceships, the technology of these and how life is lived on board of such a spaceship.

You will become cognizant about various types of spaceships and their pertaining races of extraterrestic beings.

We also shall explain to you respective technologies being used therein. Much of it is – from your viewpoint – Science Fiction but for us these are actual facts of Science.

Let us begin today this series with spaceships of our Sirian Fleet. And this on grounds of our channel being some Sirian himself too and moreover being my very channel in future we are granting him here some sort of priority.

Sirian Motherships moving in orbit or immediate neighborhood to planet Earth are mostly very big ships.

This type of ships will not be able to touchdown on any planet as they do not have the appropriate layout for it. Moving the crew from board of such sizeable ships to some planet is being done by the use of so called shuttles.

The latter ones are being used on most of the spaceships particularly when e.g. some delegation is to be conveyed from ship to another.

Sirian Spaceships – as already mentioned – are of immense size and likewise powerful. Being equipped with latest technologies that are being revised always to the newest standards of research and technical developments.

Sirian technology is some far progressed one whereby there are still other races with their special spaceships applying even more modern technologies than being presently done by Sirian technicians.

This is being closely connected to levels of consciousness of Galactic people belonging to the respective model of spaceship.

You may also assume that some highly evolved race may possess likewise a sort of spaceship with equal highly developed technology while those with minor evolved consciousness will always make use of ships with minor levels of technology.

Thus it always will be secured that appropriate technologies are being applied strictly in accordance to the actual level of evolutionary consciousness of the respective races.

Just imagine we were to give some folks of minor evolution meaning consciousness e.g., on planet earth – some weapons to make use of and this folk is not cognizant and conscious enough how to apply this very technology …. do you imagine what amount of pain and deterioration might be created by any unduly application of it?

Thus, we – meaning the Galactic Federation of Planets – ensure that there never will be any race provided with any technology not being accorded to its prevailing condition of evolution nor consciousness.

This is the sole way to ensure that all technology is being dealt with and used in its very right way.

Returning to the subject of Sirian Spaceships. Much has been written already about spaceships of the Federation and much about it is quite correct.

Nevertheless there are humans on earth who have added thereto some things created by their phantasies.

And it is these latter ones which we are trying to muck out a little – since such false pieces of information may only create some sort of confusion about it.

Sirian Spaceships are being categorized according to various classes. This is done in order to classify all spaceships into some order because of their particular function and affiliation.

This sequence of order is being continuously be reviewed and brought to the latest update as there are always new arising functions and possibilities to be found by research.

Developing spaceships will never cease and there are always new ideas and new concepts turning up and being applied too.

This also will lead to the necessity – also with other races resp. folks of the Galactic Federation – that those have to review and update this classification for their ships too.

The classification of Sirian Spaceships and their location is as follows:

Big sizeable Mother-Ships – being located remotely and far away from Earth – are those guarding entire and whole sectors.

They will never be located in direct neighborhoods of planets as they may damage planets and their electric fields considerably.

This is another reason too that these motherships are located for service far far away from any planet.

Minor motherships may come into orbit of some planets. And these are those motherships which you may watch from time to time too.

Such observation is made possible in case we have been permitted beforehand to become visible for some certain time.

Being visible has its own advantages and disadvantages either. In order to become visible we first have to adapt our frequencies to those of your planet and its human inhabitants on it.

This may be compared with some spaceship which may be seen by you but simultaneously is non-existent or vice versa.

What do I want to express in this way? It is the actual fact that we always are here and being visible too yet only for those wanting it dearly and thus will then may be able to see us in your sky.

There are many facts playing here within too and to explain these would fill a whole library and we are in lack of time either – moreover you would not be much pleased having to learn about all these details attached thereto.

Still, of course there are some exemptions of the rule (chuckling).

A lot of minor spaceships are being garaged too in Sirian motherships. And those again are being classified into differing categories.

They also are being used for Short-and-Medium-Flights whereby such distances may not be compared in any way to yours.

We are speaking about “light-years” here and you about kilometres! Details hereto will follow at some later time too.

Let’s concentrate on the most essential facts and characteristics now and later we shall supply further details too.

All above mentioned spaceships are being equipped differently according to the very application. They have to be configured for each and every mission and special task. This also may considered like a very complex kitchen tool.

According to each application purpose the appropriate tools have to be added to the suitable sockets of it and thus the machine is being made prepared to be applied to some special use.

With ships of the minor kind they are functioning in somewhat similar way. Each ships may be equipped with any installations so wanted or even in some order of combination.

Such procedure will enable us to prepare any ship for its particular service to the optimum. Configurations always is done on board of motherships since all the necessary components are to be stored there.

We are being assisted always by ships escorting us which carry components of exchange so to enable us to change configurations of our ships even without returning to any mothership.

This now has been a minor excursion to motherships and to minor ships of the Sirian Fleet stationed in your very surrounding and near Gaia for any mission to be called upon.

There are still many other types of spaceships of various other and differing races, resp. folks of the Galaxy. Ships are foremost of similar looks or equipment since all races stationed here around Gaia belong to the Galactic Federation.

Consequently thereof we are making use of quite some similar technologies and ships since we are also similar in our levels of consciousness and related thereto we maintain similar technological developments as explained already above.

I am to conclude this introduction now – still, this will be continued as I am being left here with even more items to report to you. I should recommend to you to pose your questions yourselves which may be of interest to you.

Don’t turn to this channel with any question of yours – just ask yourselves! We shall hear you and will give you the answer thereto. This is to become a project of our community! You will ask and we shall respond to you!

This will lead to some essential knowledge i.e. that you, humans here, will be prepared in due course which is some inevitable fact namely that you will be seeing this technology with your very own eyes.

You will be capable – with your eyes and hands – to look upon – to grasp with your very hands – all this technology.

Quite soon you will be on board of spaceships yourselves and you will be of great assistance to planet earth with all your activities.

However, this will become the very topics of further channelings by which matters will be explained to you stepwise as this is nessary for you to come into the right feeling what will expect you when time and you are mature for it too.

I am now – really – concluding this message, my dear humans here on earth, and forward to you my best greetings ….

Until next time …!

Yours HATONN, Fleet-Commander and Captain of Spaceship Phoenix


Copyright © Gamma Marc. It is allowed to share this message in its complete form without changes and when the author’s name and the link to the original site is given. http://soul4free.wordpress.com


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Lanto Speaks – Current Events – Prosperity – Power of Your Intention – Transcribed by Kathryn E May – 11-8-13

Dr. Kathryn E. May Kathryn E. Mays Lanto Speaks Message

Galactic Connection

Thank you for taking this message.  I come to you with news about the planet which I know you will be of interest to you and those who read your postings.

It is a time of tremendous change, as you know.  I will give you an update on some of the happenings you could not have access to in your media.

First, the Middle East.  Iraq is still suffering under the iron fist of Maliki, but this is beginning to change.  The dictator was severely chastened by your President Obama, and has begun to cooperate because he sees he has no choice but to do so.  I cannot tell you what pressures he was able to bring to bear, but you will learn these things in due time.  Your Obama is a brilliant negotiator, and he has the force of the Universe behind him.  It is a very effective combination.

Once Maliki steps aside, accepting the offer he cannot refuse, things will begin to change more rapidly in Iraq.  The people of Iraq are tired of living in primitive conditions, without proper services like electricity and clean water.  They did not thrive as they might under Saddam, but conditions were far better.  They are a proud people, used to creating much out of little, and they are ready for a change.  They are eager to take part in their own recovery and rebuilding, but Maliki is a selfish and controlling man who has prevented growth with his heavy-handed tactics and extreme greed.  Such is the aftermath of the war your previous administration engineered.

There have been negotiations around the world, involving the leaders of every major country involving the state of the global economy.  Many countries are over-stretched economically, threatening the global security.  This is the result of the dark practices of the rich and powerful cabal, the association of the Thirteen Families – those who nearly succeeded in draining away the resources of the entire planet by funneling the riches into their own pockets.  There are a few in your government who have seen this travesty and have struggled to stanch the flow, but every time they began to gain some ground toward enlightening the people, a new strategy was hatched by the Powers That Be.

Many of you are aware that the electorate of the United States has been relentlessly manipulated and mislead by campaigns which have been funded by the cabal.  The Tea Party Movement is only the latest of these ploys to stir up hatred, discontent and division in order to neutralize the efforts of any who oppose them.  They were nearly effective recently, when they succeeded in shutting down your government for no reason other than trying to create difficulties for the President, whom they despise.

Their reasons for despising Barack Obama are the following:  He is resolutely proceeding, with great restraint and patience, to change the entire global atmosphere.  He is a Lightworker of great power, which is recognized outside his own country, and his presence is welcomed whenever a difficult negotiation takes place.  He is working with very talented and dedicated underground teams to bring fundamental change, including the global reset of currencies.  He is also actively participating, in concert with his Secretary of State Kerry, to bring peace around the world.

It has not been apparent to the citizens of the U.S. that he is having a great effect, because of the barrage of propaganda that fills your airwaves, and because he does not wish to advertise his actions.  Nevertheless, in this fifth year of his administration, things are truly beginning to move.  I will alert you to a few of those things.

The stability of the world markets, and the civil control in many countries was in jeopardy because of the economic imbalances.  The only solution would be to accomplish a redistribution of wealth, including the dissolution of the institutions which had created the problem of great debt and overwhelmingly steep payment programs which are strangling nearly every country on the globe.

How did this come about?  Was it because of profligate spending on social services, as the world propaganda machine suggests?  Not at all.  The debts were created by the usury of National Banks around the world, which are all owned and operated by the Thirteen Families.  They had been successful in destabilizing governments around the world through war, engineered natural disasters and other trauma-producing devastation.  They then lent the money to repair the damage they had been paid to create.  It was a tremendously profitable enterprise, but it is coming to an end.

The United States will become a leader in the great Shift that is coming, in spite of the dysfunctional government of the moment.  New blood, and continued work behind the scenes will gain momentum in the coming days.  The true leaders will come forward, and those who have been elected and supported by the cabal will be exposed for the buffoons and scoundrels they really are.  The more visible bad actors were funded and supported by the so-called Tea Party, which was anything but a party of the people, but there are many more in both parties who are simply shills for the cabal.

You see, the great changes will be largely extra-governmental, as they have always been.  Your elected representatives have been largely powerless to effect change against the power of the Thirteen Families, until now.  You are now getting help from your Star Brothers and Sisters, and as you know, the Reptilians are gone.  The memory and teachings of their Dark ways is already losing its grip on the imaginations of the people, as they turn their eyes to the skies in wonder.  The stars are suddenly brighter, are they not?  Have they not become more numerous and brilliant than ever before?

Yes indeed, Dear Ones, the skies are filled with bright ships, and the astronomers are speechless.  Fortunately, your internet is carrying the news of the phenomenon.  People are seeing the pattern in their uncloakings as well.  They appear over large sporting events, where the energy is high and people are in a celebratory mood; they dance about in the skies for witnesses to document and share.  They respond to flashing lights on the ground by lighting up their green and red lights in greeting.  Their behavior suggests the playful camaraderie of friendly revelers, not threatening invaders.

All this is leading up to a marvelous, joyful culmination – a triumph of Love and perseverance.  You who have raised the vibration on the ground to such a high level have created these changes.  You will learn after your Ascension exactly how your Light  energies were instrumental in moving these changes forward.  It is the dynamic you have been taught – you create with the power of you intention.  The flow of energy which creates change is invisible to you, but it is not to us.  We see the actions and feelings of those on the ground, and we can follow the rippling effect of those actions.  It is these waves of energy and the patterns they create which give us the evidence we then use to predict how the change will unfold.

Sometimes we are a bit optimistic in our predictions, but we prefer that to discouraging you with negative news; it is not our way.  As the days passed and you became more organized in your concerted efforts to effect change energetically, the process has escalated.  The past year has been historic in the speed with which you move toward your glorious goal of Ascension for all humankind.  We congratulate you, and celebrate your success.

Now you will have a respite, Beloved Ones.  You will be given a time of rest and pleasure as you reap the rewards of your Faith and hard work.  The investments you have made in the currencies of Iraq and Vietnam will repay you handsomely, and you will create another global change by spreading the prosperity to all you meet.

The banks in Iraq are already distributing the currency at the new rates, quietly instituting the global currency reset in their country first.  Since Iraq has recently gained status as a global trading partner, their action will signal the change around the world, and all must now follow.  You need not worry about further delays.  The work is done; it is now unfolding according to plan.

You may wonder why it is I who have come to give you this news, since your channel could give you the same information through St. Germain.  I asked to come because I wish to tell you of the tireless efforts and brilliant achievements of our Beloved Master whom you call St. Germain.  He has been the energy and the creative force behind this endeavor for centuries now, attending to the complex intricacies of the financial systems, establishing enduring connections with Lightworkers on the ground, and nudging freedom forward in every arena where a spark presents itself.  His partner, Lady Portia, has been an equally tireless and effective participant, incarnating in many overlapping lifetimes, carrying the message to the people as she does now.

Together these representatives of the Godhead have carried the torch of freedom forward, setting the pace, in step with their beloved brothers and sisters whom you know as your Ascended Masters.  They have taken a leadership role during the past centuries to prepare the way for the return of our beloved Sananda, for this, above all, is the glorious event which will inspire and lift all hearts.

It is a time of celebration, a flowering of hope, and a glorious Final Chapter which reveals the great Truth that Love truly does indeed conquer all.  You are here to take part in the great celebration, the Ascension of Planet Earth – you, the hardworking beacons of Light and Love who have made it possible.  I bring you this message of gratitude and admiration from the Company of Heaven.  We love you without end; we cry tears of joy as we watch the final unfoldment of this Great Earthly Adventure.  We are One with you, and we await your triumphant return to the Fifth Dimension as cosmic heroes.


I am Lanto.

Via Kathryn E. May, on October 8, 2013, 7 am.  EST

Galactic Connection

High Council Of Orion – Ascension Message – 11-7-13


Release The Old You

“Greetings Dear Ones, We are the High Council of Orion. Channeled by Holly Hawkins Marwood, Transcribed by Paul Marwood

We ask you today to step firmly gracefully, clearly, into who you want to be and not who you have been. Every human being on the planet has a history, and yet as many of you are experiencing, history becomes such a relative term when your experience of time seems to be going by so quickly, and many of you can chuckle to yourself about how many lifetimes you feel like you might have lived, in the span of one incarnation.

We ask you to boldly stop redefining who you are by who you have been, for you are not who you were when you were five years old, or 15 years old, or at whatever age you wish to put in there, the truth is, you are none of those things anymore, and you are not those stories anymore either. Anymore than you are currently embodying the stories of who you were in other lifetimes.

If you walked around and told the story of your life in this incarnation, and used references to problems and victimization and things like that from other lifetimes, it would be ridiculous wouldn’t it, it would be laughable and people could easily say to you, well that was another lifetime let it go, and we would say to you also let go of anything that is in your past that’s the story that your holding that is holding you back.

We would politely and lovingly say to you about anything in your past, “who cares.” For the truth is you’re not that person anymore are you? Yet you have an incredible future in front of you that is being made and formed, and designed in this very moment. We ask you to let go of the old paradigms, let go of the old stories, let go of the old lifetimes, even in this lifetime and stand firmly where you are at now, in terms of who you know yourself to be now, and look forward to who you are becoming.

In those moments where you find yourself telling the story to yourself or to others about what happened in your past, we ask you to stop yourself even midsentence, even if those of who you are with beg you to continue on. Allow yourself to stop mid sentence, stop telling the story, stop repeating the history that you wish to not be there anymore. And shift your story to who you know you are now, and who you know you are becoming, and who you know you wish to become.

You are the architect of your life; you are the designer of your now and your future, so allow yourself to embody all the changes that you’ve made in this lifetime. Allow yourself to be in a more healed more confident more understanding more connected more spiritual, healthier, whatever term you want to add in the place, and allow yourself to only be defined by what you are in this moment, and where you know you are going, or where you know you wish to go.
Where you are striving to be.

This will take some retraining, this will take some choice to let go of the past and not let the past define your now. But the more you do this, the faster you move forward, the more you are in your present moment, the more you’re free to create and re-create who you are again and again, for you have unshackled yourself from your past.

We say to you also, if you find yourself aware of needing to tell and retell an old story over and over again, spend some time with yourself and ask yourself why you need to keep resurrecting that energy. What part of it can you free yourself of, what part of it is unhealed, what part of it can you release, what part of it can you jettison out of your energy field and say it’s in the past, what’s done is done, what others have done is done. And I am in my here and now, I am only looking forward to my future.

Evaluate why those stories need to come up over and over again, why is it that the tale of wounding needs to be repeated over and over again, why is it that the emotions need to keep recirculating and recycling in ways that aren’t beneficial. What is it about them that you’re not willing to let go of, and then heal it, release it. Become aware of it, free yourself from the burden of it, and feel the openness and the expansiveness as you step into who you are now, and as you have your gaze on the future of who you want to be and who you will be, and who you know yourself to be in all of your glory, in all of your infinite soul’s expression.

Set down the burden of your past and enjoy your present, and look forward to your future.

Be Blessed.

We are the High Council of Orion.”

© 2013 Copyright Soul Genesis
This channeled message may be reproduced in it’s entirety provided it is kept in it’s original form and not altered or changed in any way, with the Author and a link to http://www.AkashaHealingStudio.com clearly displayed as shown below.
Author: Holly Hawkins Marwood           www.AkashaHealingStudio.com

Pleiadian Council via Goldenlight – Transformation to Crystalline Bodies – We can change our form at will, and so will You – Telepathic Communication During our Visits – How To Prepare Yourself For First Contact – 11-8-13

Pleiadian Geometry

Image Source

Original message: http://thegoldenlightchannel.com/pleiadian-family-via-goldenlight-11-8-13-transformation-to-crystalline-bodies-and-telepathic-communication-during-our-visits/

Greetings we are the Pleiadian Council, and your Pleiadian family for many of you who come from the Pleiades star system. The channel had an interesting dream the other day about crystals growing out of her hands. She’s spot-on about her thoughts on this dream… indeed what is happening is that the structure of your physical bodies is changing from carbon-based to crystalline, and this dream was confirming this for her. The crystalline structures that will be materializing within your bodies (is a good way to explain it)…it’s a transformation that’s occurring as decreed by Source Creator, into your physical human vessels now. Everything is of Source Creator… All that Exists in the universe, multiverse, and All of All …is All an Emanation of Source Creator. You are an emanation of Source Creator. Your entire being is an emanation of Source Creator….that includes all of your bodies…all animals are emanations from source, all plants….all planets and galaxies… all universes. All that Is, is….an emanation of Source Creator. WE are an emanation of Source Creator. We are a civilization that exists in the higher dimensions, and we have….journeyed through space and time, as you know…some of us, from our civilization have done this….to….wrap you in our love….our arms of love.

As there are many of you on Earth who originated from the Pleiades star system, as did this channel. She had many lifetimes with us, living in the higher dimensions. We do not know of physical death in the higher dimensions. We simply…de-materialize when we decide to no longer take this form, and we can change our form at will. You, too, who are now of mind to ascend into these higher dimensions….and yes ascension is a harmonization with the higher frequencies that exist in the higher dimensions. You, too, will be able to change your form, and that is indeed what you are doing with your third dimensional bodies; you are changing their form. And your awareness of this process will assist you with this transformation. Your bodies now are transforming into a higher dimensional form which will be able to contain your spirit in a higher dimensional way. For the older human bodies which consisted of carbon-based materials could not and can not exist in these higher dimensions. And as many of you know and as we and the Council of Angels have mentioned, all of the old third dimension is now vanishing, including all of the old structures of your earthen society. That includes all structures in your earthen society. And think upon what this may mean. This includes governments, it includes schools … everything in your societies are changing now.

You, who wish to, will continue to harmonize with these higher frequencies into the 4th dimension and beyond…eventually existing in a higher dimensional, 5th dimensional society. This is the society where the Cities of Light exist, and we can see beyond your current dimensions that you are in, and we are showing a vision of this to the channel now, of this higher dimensional society. Your old 3rd dimensional earth is transforming into a 4th dimensional society. There exists portals – energetic portals – to a higher dimension beyond this 4th dimension, which exist going into the 5th dimension. We are showing a vision of this now to the channel now and we wish for you to tune into this as well and you will be able to receive this light encodement – this informational light packet – of information which we are sending to you right now. You see, it’s all energy, everything is energy…and frequency…and light. And the higher the concentration of energy, and frequency and light, the closer you are to Source. And the less of these elements, the farther away from Source you are, and the more duality you will have. And this is simply something that used to exist that was a learning school for you to eventually ascend through the frequencies on your journey home to Source.

And all in the universe is upgrading now, as we and the Council of Angels have said this many times, ALL aspects of Source Creator are upgrading now, and that includes your Earth. And your Earth is the so-called lynch pin of this transition and this universal upgrade that is occurring. And that is why many of us from many star systems are surrounding your earth now, is because we wish to help along this process and to ensure that this process is successful as it affects not only your planet, but many other planets and many other star systems. You are not the only planet in creation as you know, and you are not the only beings in creation. There are many others, as many of you know. And we (the Pleiadians) are just one civilization, and we come through this channel as she is of Pleiadian origin. You may receive communications from other channels who bring in other channeled messages from other star beings such as the Andromedans and the other various star systems. Now we all work in unity in these higher dimensions that we exist in, and we all work together as One. Yes, there are “rogue” elements but they are NOT in harmony with us and they are NOT a part of this upgrade process of which we speak. And they are not affecting in any way this entire upgrade process.

So all is well…and all proceeds as planned…and we wish for you to see this from a higher perspective.

Now we also wish to address the issue of our interactions, and particularly our FIRST interactions with you. We wish for you to be free of fear, and we also wish for you to know that you may communicate with us even before you meet us. You may communicate with us telepathically. Now, as part of your spiritual journey and growth process, we wish for you to be able to… tune into your soul… and tune into your soul origins, and discover for yourself of which star system you resonate. This is the star system with which you will have the best communication. You may be able to communicate with all the other star systems as well, for we all communicate telepathically, but we are speaking of right “now”, before you actually have the first contact. Begin to try to tune in. The best way to do this, as the channel and the Council of Angels has mentioned many times, is to first tune into your higher self. Your higher self is that aspect of yourself which is…not separated (or has the illusion of being separated) from Source Creator in any way. It’s the higher frequency, higher dimensional part of yourself that does not exist in a human body.

And this process of ascension, part of this process for many of you, if you so wish, is to bring in your higher self into your daily life, into all aspects of your daily life. We wish to note to continue to do this as a daily process, as part of your daily meditation, to bring in your higher self. The simple way to connect in with your higher self is to state, “I connect with my Higher Self, please connect with me.” And to do this in a quiet, meditative state where you are really tuned into your deepest self. And to connect in like this every morning, just as you may wish to connect in with Source every morning. You are Source anyway….you are a part of Source….but this helps you then to remember that you are part of Source. It helps you to feel more “a part of”…helps your brain so to speak to get on board as well. And thought processes are indeed a part of the brain.

So we wish for you to know that you can tune into your higher self first. Then you can begin to tune into your… family of origin on a star/galactic level. You have your family of origin on earth; you also have a family of origins on a galactic level. For the channel it is the Pleiadian family which is a group of us now speaking through her that are her Pleiadian family. She has spent many lifetimes with us. We of the higher dimensions do not physically age, we can transform our bodies at will. Most of us take on a form of someone that you would say would be in their 20′s, who is healthy with beautiful skin and hair and such. and many of us do take on these beautiful forms as we can change our form at will with our minds, with our powers of creation. You, too, will learn (or “re-learn”) how to do this.

Now back to our meetings, then. After you begin your telepathic communications with us, if you find that we…. do meet, in “whatever way we may”…and we are being purposely vague here….once we meet, we do wish for you to know that we do telepathically communicate. We do NOT communicate by speaking words. This is a very archaic form of communication for us. We are laughing because this may sound like strange information for you…we are perceiving what your reception of this information may be and we realize that it may be very “archaic” or strange in itself to hear these things…that it may sound strange for you. But we want you to know that when we do meet – and we say WHEN, because in the great “Now”, which is outside of time, this has already occurred – that you may communicate with us telepathically.

We wish for you to know that we are of the Light, we wish for you to know that we wish to assist you in your spiritual growth, and to assist you with YOUR assistance to humanity in this great transformation. We are all in this together. We want you all to know that YOU ARE NOT ALONE IN THIS PROCESS. Please take a moment to really let this sink in.

You of the lightworker are not alone (in the universe or in this upgrade process) like you think you are. It feels like you are but you are not. And the channel is breathing a sigh of relief now too because this is very comforting information. So….WHEN we do meet, we want you to know that we will communicate telepathically. So, you can begin to open up your minds to this…possibility….this reality….of this telepathic communication. And this message that the channel brings forth now is actually a form of telepathic communication… in that we are relaying this information to her telepathically then she simply speaks out the words…there isn’t even a translating going on. We almost just speak through her.

So, these are the beautiful things we want to tell you…that….there is no need for fear. To begin to prepare yourselves mentally, emotionally and physically for our meetings. To begin to prepare yourselves that the communication that will occur between us – and communication is a very important aspect of Creation, by the way – the communication that will occur between us will be TELEPATHIC. And the channel was watching a video with the person who wrote the Fire in the Sky book/movie, and this person thought that he could not communicate with the beings he came into contact with, and we wanted to note that if he had not been in such a state of fear and if he had been a bit farther advanced spiritually he could have communicated with us telepathically, but he could not pick up on this communication for all of these reasons. We know of this visit that occurred and this is what we wanted to say about it.

So then to begin to prepare yourselves emotionally for this is very important. This is very important information that we are putting out there right now because this is a necessary step of preparation (for our visits). The other thing for you to know is that you are all beginning to raise your frequencies in a very effective manner right now, so that you are beginning to resonate to a higher dimensional frequency that is beginning to meet or intersect with our frequency. This is why more and more of you are seeing our ships now. These visitations – the visitations of our scout ships – will begin to “seemingly” increase now. They are not actually increasing; it is your vibration that is increasing so that you can now see them.

There is a crescendo of energetic vibration occurring in this NOW moment, and you are beginning to resonate with this. It is a crescendo of chaotic change which is creating new realities. And this is part of this upgrade that we speak of here.

So, our main reason for wanting to come through today with this message is twofold. The first one is… continue your work with your physical transformations and know that these physical symptoms of pain and such that you are having are part of this physical transformation from carbon to crystalline which is necessary for existing in the higher dimensional frequencies, so that your bodies can resonate with a higher vibration….which is part of your ascension. The other thing that we really wanted to impress upon you is that when our visits occur, when the intersections of our civilizations occur, please… be free of fear …and prepare yourself now to be free of fear and welcome our upcoming interactions. Also to know that we will telepathically communicate. We will communicate in a telepathic manner which is done with our minds….and to begin to train yourself to know this. There will not be speaking of words; there will be telepathic transmissions between us.

So we of the Pleiadian Society wanted to tell you these things today, and to give you this message of hope and of love…for we do love you All….and…we are wishing you a peaceful day.

So keep these things in mind in your meditations… this communication with your Higher Self, and this freedom of fear and… the need for telepathic rather than spoken communication when we meet… and this transformations of your bodies which is sometimes slow and sometimes rapid. And you are going through a phase right now where it is rapid and it is quickening, and that’s why some of your symptoms seem to be quickening.

So thank you all for listening, and we are sending you our love today, and…wishing you a blessed existence in this light frequency that we emanate. And that we are looking forward to the day when you are a fully intergalactic society, as there will be open relations between us. This is something that exists in the NOW – and we find it hard to speak of these things sometimes because we exist outside of time, so it may be difficult for some humans to understand some of the things of which we speak because we are outside of time and everything is now and occurring simultaneously. So we are existing in a “time” which is the “now” where we have open relations with you already. So we are seeing this from this perspective. So think about it that way, and that will help you to “tune” yourself into being outside of time and also tune yourself into harmonizing with the knowledge that we all have open relations already, in the now. And that you as a society, thinking you are all separate but you are not, you benefit greatly from this interaction, because we have a lot of knowledge, spiritual and not just spiritual but technological knowledge which will help you in being a higher dimensional society.

So we love to share all this information with you and we hope that you can understand things from this perspective of being outside of time, and this is all occuring in the now. We wish for you to try to “wrap your minds” around this, so to speak, and…maybe that in itself can be a meditation for you tonight.

We thank you for being here, and…for participating in this transmission. And we thank you, Goldenlight for bringing this transmission through. And Namaste to you.

Channeled by Goldenlight, http://www.thegoldenlightchannel.com. © The Golden Light Channel. Please include this copyright and credit, and a link to the source message when re-posting this message.

original message: http://thegoldenlightchannel.com/pleiadian-family-via-goldenlight-11-8-13-transformation-to-crystalline-bodies-and-telepathic-communication-during-our-visits/

Archangel Michael – Channeller Meredith Murphy – Leading Edge Makes A Quantum Leap – 11-8-13




(Channeling given as Daily Message, the morning of the Hybrid Solar Eclipse, Nov. 3, 2013 as part of the the Soar Fest.)

Hello You Love-Beacons!

Yes — you! YOU shining one, you bright and shiny, centered and increasingly contained in your own energies. In your energies, being! Welcome to the New Harmonics! Welcome to a new experience of Earth. Welcome to a new experience of YOU. We are heralding this, because this is what’s happening now! You are being refined. You are being refined in ways that lift you up high and in which you are becoming increasingly self-sustained as you are energized from within. You are becoming self-sustaining. You are tapping into the awareness of your eternalness as your consciousness. With this state of being, you tap into your own perpetuality as experience. You tap into your own knowing of your eternal-ness and you begin to realize and orient to the Source of you, within you, the source of your being, that’s within you. You are getting right to it, going direct. And it is all becoming a very luminous experience of present, and it’s a beautiful sight to behold.

For it changes you are experiencing, change the way you can be experienced. For those who, as we do, relate consciously to you as energy you’ve got a new look today! For your clarity is expanded. You are vibrating with the energies which have infused your planet. These energies have been transmitted from the Great Central Sun to your Sun, and have been elevating your reference point for your own leading edge. You are now emerging into a new platform of existence.

With these energies your own leading edge has taken a quantum leap forward.

It will take some time, and we really mean some time — as in years — for you individually and you collectively, to fully incorporate. To move into Unison with the leading edge that shone forth upon your world today. It took place in a flash of illumination. It took place with the Eclipse. But you are now being directed by this energy. It’s influential, it’s absolute. It’s absolute in it’s intent and it’s influential in it’s frequency,

So you’re now oriented and being directed by an underlying rhythm of the Universal Mind of Creation. It has risen up from now and the transmissions to your planet. So you’re being infused — from within you, from your own fullness of being and the connection to Source Creation which you innately are — and from the waves of light softly, gently washing your planet in loving harmony. You’re in kind of a clarity sandwich. You’re being entrained and impulsed into greater clarity and coherence from within and from the world. And all forms of life around you are feeling this elevation. Everything is aglow with the light of creation and the song, the harmonics of this expression, is so exquisite, so uplifted, so harmonizing, so capable of holding everything and lifting it up, that it is softly, gently, drawing all of Earth into an expansive version of the leading edge.

What was is now over. What is is unfolding and it is new and it is splendid and it is within you. For you are absorbing it and you are embodying it. You are allowing it. And as you do this, you are becoming more refined. You’re becoming refined.

There is no effort needed to receive the gift of these transmissions of love. In fact, effort interferes with your ability to receive. So please, if you do anything today, take striving,and making effort off the plate, out of the mix and right now, right here, decide you’re ready to live with the knowledge that you really can do this easily. That you’re ready to let life be easy. You’re ready to see all the ways that you have been striving, all the ways you have a tendency to create effort in the way you’re living and that you are open to seeing these patterns and that you would like to be assisted to let them go. I invite you now to make this decision.

I also invite you to be disciplined in doing this. Discipline is about strength of focus and it is about, in fact, decisiveness. It’s not about effort. It’s about being clear and making decisons. It’s not about having a preference that lasts for a moment. It’s about making a decision about what you are how you live, and what you’re available for. So to be clear is to be disciplined because when you are disciplined you are, out of love for you, you choose and live your standards from the clarity at the fullest, wisest, most informed edge of your experience. So I encourage you to use discipline to live in them now. To live the light of the New Creation, of the New Harmonics, as an upgraded version of you.

These energies, this energy sandwich you are experiencing within and now in the world, they’re all about clarity. Transparency has been a big theme this year and with transparency, comes vision, comes insight, comes greater perception about what’s really you and what’s not. You are in a perpetual process and now you are being profoundly directed and impulsed from all that you into a refined, distilled, into a uplifted, whole, idealized essence extension of the fullness of you. You’re becoming, a rarity. A wonder. An amazingly beautiful distinction, a special, discrete, singular coherent self-sustaining, sovereign, identity of Luminous being. A Unity of Spirit.

That is all we have to say to you today, for today really is not about words, it’s about basking in the light of immense love. So for the rest of your day, as much as you have time to do so, and we will  join you. We encourage you to be part of a communion of light, and open to bask in this immense love bathing your planet in the highest version of the New Harmonics yet transmitted to Earth. And which Earth, is more then prepared to receive and integrate and move into Unison with!

May you, in your inner wisdom, commit to your own disciplined decisiveness, so that you might too, join in this reunion of a greater expression of the fullness of your being.

I AM Archangel Michael


Suzanne Lie – Pleiadian Book, Part 4 – Life Within New Earth, Part 3 – The Sinking Of Lemuria – 11-8-13

Author;s Note:
Third dimensional communication is logical, sequential and focused on time-based past, present and future. On the other hand, multidimensional communication is based on imagination, perceptual images and emotional/bodily feelings within the timeless NOW. Something is blocking my ability to imagine, perceive and/or feel next segment of the multidimensional story of Lemuria. Therefore, I will call upon Ra and Ra Mu, the King and Queen of Inner Earth Lemuria.
Dear Ra and Ra Mu,
I come to you NOW via my fifth dimensional, imagistic communication. I ask you to assist me with the next segment of Mytrian’s journey through your vast Lemurian world in Inner Earth. I had the deep honor of being taken for a brief visit to your world and remember the feeling of unconditional love and joy to which you all resonate.
        I have had some difficulty getting totally centered on this segment of the storyline in which Mytrian is about to visit Telos. I live in the beach area of Southern California, which was once a part of Lemuria and often walk through the Northern California Redwood forests that remain from your civilization. I will take a moment to remember that “feel” while I await your message.
“Our Dear One,
       You needn’t wait for the FEEL of our message, as we live within your heart, as well as within the heart of Mytrian. In fact, it is not the visit to Inner Earth’s Lemuria that has caused you pause. It is the FEEL of your Multidimensional SELF as presented in your “story” that has caused you to be still and remember.
Remembering is not an action; it is a stillness of body, mind and spirit. Also, our beloved Lemurian one, in order to remember our inner world, you must go through the memory of the destruction of our topside continent. This memory is not one to which any of us wish to return. However, through the darkness is the light.
       Please allow us to hold your “hand” while you move through that memory HERE within our NOW. We will take you back into our communication in which you are “just telling a story.” It is through calling this memory a story that your unconscious can release its vigilance of protecting you from information until you were strong enough to receive it. Therefore, we begin where you left off with the Lemurian leader saying,
       “Our leaders saw the possible reality of our total destruction and tried vigilantly to avoid it. However, our cycle had ended, and we needed to enter Inner Earth to find safety. However, that is a story for another NOW. Please, follow us into your celebration.”
     The leader then turned to guide us into the city but suddenly disappeared. In fact, our entire vision of the city, as well as our other Lemurian friends, was gone. We were standing alone in a very dark cave within the core of some version of Earth. Worse yet, the memory of how we came to this cave, and even of our own identity, began to blink in and out of our perception.
       Our vague vision of Mytrian was morphing into the images of a tall man and women who wore what looked like ancient Grecian tunics. The tunics were the same for both the male and female and were made of a cloth that looked like spun light. The female’s tunic flowed down to her ankles, whereas the male’s tunic stopped just above his knees. Both tunics were fastened at their left shoulder with a golden clasp.
       However, the clasp was not made of gold and appeared to be more crystalline in nature. At their waist they wore a belt of the same golden crystal, but it was flexible rather than solid like the clasp. On their feet were sandals of yet another version of the golden crystal substance. The female had long dark hair, which she wore in one braid down her back.
       The braid was intertwined with a golden tread. She wore a necklace that hung from a golden/crystal chain with a large pendant that sat on her High Heart. The pendant was a simple circle, but flashed of different colors that visually displayed her every thought and emotion.
       The male was slightly shorter than the female and wore a transparent golden helmet that held back his dark hair that was cropped to the length of his shoulders. He wore sandals that rose to just below his knees. The male also wore a similar pendant over his High Heart, but it hung from a slightly denser cord. His pendant also flashed of different colors to visually display every thought and emotion.
       Both of the pendants were emitting a dark brown glow with red streaks, which we determined to be fear as we could feel great anxiety emanating from them both. Why were they afraid? The Lemurian world we had been visiting world seemed very calm and tranquil.
       However, with that thought our vision switched from the deep cave of Inner Earth to an unknown location, which was relatively flat and smelled of the ocean. However, it also smelled of an unidentified gaseous odor that instantly frightened us.
       “It is too soon,” cried the female who we somehow knew was named Landara.
“Yes,” the warrior Landar calmly replied. “Far too many of us will die now. Fortunately, our secrets are all imprinted into the Cornerstone Crystals of our settlement in Inner Earth. Also, many of our leaders are below to assist those of us who have been able to travel through our passages to Inner Earth.
       “Now, most of the psychic passages have been closed by the terror of the people topside and the physical passages are all filling with water. We are sinking and soon the gases that we smell will erode the remainder of our physical matrix. Our homeworld has ended,” Landar spoke as one tear rolled down his check.
“Come, my Beloved,” said Landara. “We must join the gathering at our remaining Temple. Many of the topside people sleep and are unaware that our destruction is NOW.”
       How anyone could sleep while the earth shook and the waves thundered across the land was beyond our imagination. However, our answer came when Landar and Landara arrived at the nearby Temple.
       “Welcome,” said Laetara, who was the leader of the group of warriors and spiritual or governmental leaders. “We have sent out a ‘glimmer’ to assist the majority of those still topside to fall into a state similar to sleep. In this manner, they will be protected from the terror of their untimely death.
       “In this manner, their collective trauma will not leave deep scars of fear and revenge on the remaining land or within the waters of our ocean. We have lived as peaceful people, and we wish to die in the same manner.”
       Landar and Landara joined the “Circle of Completion.” They were among those who had volunteered to remain topside to transmute as much of the ever-present fear into love as was possible. The group had hoped that more of their people could have escaped to the inner settlement. But, since the ending was sooner than they thought, it was a blessing that those trapped on the surface could sleep through the demise of their magnificent world.
       The volunteers who numbered several hundred, formed a large Circle of Completion in front of the entrance to their Temple of the Sun. The living essence of the Sun Temple called down to his Divine Complement, the Temple of the Moon, who had been taken by the sea in an earlier cataclysm.
       Both of the Temples were living beings, as the crystals that formed the Temples were alive. The volunteers felt the crystalline Sun Temple’s eagerness to join the crystalline being of his beloved Moon Temple who awaited him under the trashing ocean.
       The Sun Temple Being, as well as the humanoid’s, knew that only their forms would die. They knew that their essence was immortal, but it was deeply wounded by the violent ending of their peaceful reality. However, all thoughts of sorrow must be released. They had volunteered to assist in calming the land, sea and astral world that would still remain, albeit in a vastly different form.
       Not only would the form and structure of their world be forever altered, but the innocence of timeless eons of peace, joy, unity and love would be lost until humanity could again return to fifth dimensional consciousness. They knew that “time” would weigh heavy on the body of Gaia for many eons because her surface would be diminished to the frequency of the third dimension.
       The Lemurian leaders and warriors had known for quite a while that the end of their world would be the beginning of “third dimensional time.” Because their consciousness was free of time, they could see that Atlantis would eventually join them deep below the surface. The people of Atlantis, who had once been their family, had become their enemy.
       With the loss of these two great worlds, war, lack, suffering and sorrow would dominant over peace, abundance, joy and love for many cycles of “third dimensional time.” Everyone in the Circle knew that that prophesies were truth. They also knew that the Lower Astral Plane would carry the burden of the loss of two continents and the eons of suffering that would follow.
       However, there was still hope for the higher planes of the fourth dimension.  The members of the Circle of Completion had all made a personal sacrifice in order to assist Gaia during her transition into the lower realms. They made this choice in hopes that they could spare the Land of Fairie and the higher fourth dimensional worlds the sorrow, rage and revenge that threatened to remain within the land, sea and heart of the survivors.
       Their individual and united thoughts and goodbyes instantly stopped when the land made a huge lurch in response to the rising seas. They all felt the Sun Temple calling them to unite in unconditional love and forgiveness. One-by-one, and as a whole, the volunteers ceased their thoughts to focus on the feelings of unconditional acceptance of the situation, unconditional forgiveness of all inner and outer “enemies,” and unconditional love of the land and sea that had been their home.
       When the High Priest of the Sun Temple began to sing, the others joined in. The singing created a deep unity of consciousness and focused their attention on their joint task of transmuting ALL shadow into LIGHT. Suddenly, a huge flame burst out a deep fissure in the center of their circle. Their group was in such unity consciousness that they simultaneously focused on seeing the fire as the Violet Flame of Transmutation.
       Their focus on transmutation of fear into unconditional love calmed them so completely that the sound of their singing became louder than the sounds of the surrounding destruction. The members of the Circle held their united vision of the Violet Flame transmuting ALL shadow into Light and observed as the Violet Light shone through the Land of Faerie and the higher planes of the fourth dimensions.
       Many volunteers in the Land of Faerie also formed a Circle of Completion to accept this light and pass it on to the higher realms. The two Circles of Completion, with a huge Violet Flame in the center, echoed the power of transmutation back and forth between the third and fourth dimensions.
The forgiveness, joy and love resounded between the two realms of reality, served to send their divine message deep into the body of Gaia. Gaia smiled as her core filled with love. This gift greatly assisted Her to remain balanced on Her axis despite the disaster on Her surface.
       Gradually, all became calm. The sounds of destruction were muted, the land accepted the water, and the violent waves transmuted into a steady rising tide. The volunteers held their place within the Circle as the water steadily rose up their bodies. Every voice continued to sing loud and clear and every heart remained opened and loving.
       As the waters advanced beyond their throats and into their mouths, the drowning ones held their position within the circle until only the voice of the tallest Priestess remained. When the waters silenced the Priestess’s sweet voice the song of *“Auld Lang Syne” drifted into Gaia’s ethers to be sung again at the close of Atlantis and at the beginning of each new cycle.
       The ending was completed and the beginning had commenced.
       Our vision ended as suddenly as it had started. Once we had settled back into the being of Mytrian we looked up to see the leader and all our Lemurian friends surrounding us. All their “faces” were beaming with joy. The Leader held out its hand of light and said; “NOW you are ready to join us.”

As we looked past the leader, we saw the beautiful Lemurian settlement shimmering just beyond the curtain of light.

*(The name of the song channeled by Aurelia Louise Jones at www.mslpublishing.com)


Valerie Donner – Message From Mira – Pleiadian High Council – 11-8-13



Greetings, I am Mira. I am still on assignment with the Earth Council. Our presence and concern for your wellbeing is our utmost concern at this time.

The tides are rising and the risks are high. We are watching at all levels to assist the Earth and all of life. What is at stake is beyond reason. Make no mistake we are with you along with the Light Realms and your galactic family. What happens on the Earth affects all of life. The Earth is in need of assistance. We are here for you.

As our Creator’s keepers of Light on the Earth you are being called into active Light Duty. We don’t mean that your tasks are unimportant we mean that they are most necessary. Each of you has a piece of a complicated puzzle. It is nearly 2014 of your Gregorian Earth Calendar. Plenty has occurred since December 21, 2012. Are you ready for even more?

There will be a continuing focus on life beyond the Earth. This means there are openings and new truths to be told about our presence. The Earth can no longer be separate from the oneness of all of life. This truth will be told. There will be more activity with ships and other events. It has to happen for the safety of all life on the planet.

Those who are involved are loving beings. You will be tested on not giving up your power to anyone. Your discernment in all aspects of life is important. The Light is paramount; this includes the Light within you, coming from you and that is all around you. It is a powerful tool that must be worked with. The universe is comprised of this Light and love. It is about creation itself.

Your planet is surrounded with the greatest force of Light from all of creation; all eyes are upon you. We are holding the energy with your assistance for the transformation of your planet. The Earth wants to free herself from the encumbrances that have been holding back her ascension for a very long time. It is her time.

The inner Earth beings are also a part of this energy. They have been holding the unconditional love that the Christ brought over 2,000 years ago. They are preparing for their own ascension along with you and the Earth.

Set your struggles aside. Rise to the occasion. Elevate yourselves in thought, word and deed and become a part of the great unfolding back into the heart of the Creator. This is what ascension is about. It is about letting go and rising in consciousness in every way to remember and become your divine selves.

We are sorry we cannot give you exact dates and details. As I said at the beginning there will be rising tides and rising emotions. Keep using your Light filters to see through the events that will present themselves. Filter everything with love and remain in your hearts.

I am Mira and send you love and blessings.


Saul – Channeller John Smallman – Your Collective Intent is the Determining Factor – 11-1-13

John smallman Blog   /   11-1-13

Here in the spiritual realms we are watching with joy as humanity’s progress towards the moment of awakening becomes ever more powerfully focused.  We have told you many times that it is a done deal, which indeed it is, but your collective intent is the determining factor, the force driving you forwards and homewards so purposefully.  It has always been your collective intent to awaken, ever since the moment of apparent separation, but of course the distractions and enticements of the illusion that you had conceived and built were quite fascinating, and for all practical purposes you had forgotten that ineradicable intent and became lost and distracted in the vast maze that is the illusion.

Many have come among you over the eons to remind you and show you the way home, and finally their loving and persistent efforts are coming to fruition as ever more of you open to the realization that you are indeed eternally alive spiritual beings undergoing learning experiences, requiring physical bodies, that will lead you out of the illusion and home to Reality.  The way ahead is clear, there are no obstructions or obstacles that entail any more diversions or detours, just hold the intent to awaken, for yourselves and for all of humanity, and reconfirm it at least once daily, and preferably many times because your task is to wake up and remember with wonder who and where you truly are.

You have a saying: “Home is where the heart is,” which basically means that home, where you all perpetually desire to be, is a state of knowing that you are always and unconditionally loved, and where you want for nothing; but within the illusion that is an almost impossible state to attain.  Yes, some of you have wonderful relationships, when judged by your human standards, but even then you know that however good it is something is still not right, something is missing.  You are always on the lookout for something more, and that of course is your divine and eternal connection to God.

That connection has never been broken and never can be, but your awareness of it, your knowing it is lost temporarily, and you yearn for it – which is why, as a human, you can never find true satisfaction – because deep within you know that that is what is missing in your lives, and there is absolutely nothing that can replace it.  A few do become aware of this and turn to God full time for the Love that they know is their due, and in doing so they fall fully and finally in love with God.  But only a very few have sufficient dedication and persistence to come to know Him and dwell in His Presence during a human lifetime.

Now, with the intensifying field of divine Love bathing and embracing the planet and all sentient life forms, an awareness of this is growing throughout humanity, that you are indeed spiritual beings.  Many are finding this hard to accept.  Nevertheless, their awareness is strengthening despite their doubts and skepticism, and resistance is futile.  You are beings of Love, eternally connected to your divine Source, and denial of the reality of that divine Truth can no longer be maintained.  And for many that is very unsettling.

Having bought into the apparent reality of unreality it can cause considerable emotional distress to acknowledge that you had made an error, and that the environment of pain and suffering that seems to envelop you is a figment of your collective intent.  You focus intently on your ingrained beliefs to convince yourselves that you are right, that the world around you is most definitely real – after all you experience it directly with all your physical senses, so it must be real, right?  And in that rightness is your unhappiness and dissatisfaction firmly maintained.

So often you are in places or situations where it seems you cannot safely be yourselves, and so you have all donned disguises that you have become so accustomed to wearing that you believe they really are you.  Then something unexpected happens and you find the disguise cannot cope with it and an aspect of yourself you had forgotten you had breaks into your awareness.  It can be a sense of great strength and ability to cope, or a terrifying breakdown into emotional collapse.  Either way it is shocking for you.  Rest assured that when something like that happens to you it most certainly is not an accident but a wakeup call, a learning opportunity that you had built into your life path to assist you on your way to awakening.

You can still deny its meaning and refuse to become aware of the lesson with which it has presented you, but even so it will have such an enormous impact on your life perspective that you will eventually have no option but to acknowledge it, leading you to make necessary alterations in your attitudes and behaviors.  It is a little like finally admitting to alcoholism or drug addiction and agreeing to take part in a twelve step program.  And, as you all know, doing that can be a life saver and a life changer, bringing amazing rewards to those who find the courage to admit that they need help.

You need to keep remembering that a human life on Earth is an ongoing learning experience, an experience you willingly chose to undergo for the essential lessons with which it would present you.  Once you accept that and start to accept what life presents to you with equanimity and patience your stress levels will fall, and you will find yourselves far better able to cope with the unexpected situations or crises that life seems to throw at you.

At first, when a crisis occurs, go immediately into your inner space, give yourself time to unwind a little, to relax a little, and then ask for help from your angels, guides, mentors, saints – whomever you feel most comfortable, or perhaps least uncomfortable calling upon – and you will receive it, instantly.  But be aware that the guidance that is offered so wisely and lovingly may not fit in with your presumed need.  You will need to be prepared and ready to see things differently so that you can understand, appreciate, and then put into effect the assistance on offer.

Learning life’s many lessons is all about surrendering to Love, God, the Source of all that exists.  Love does not judge, blame, condemn, or deceive, It offers a wise and loving embrace that will solve all issues.  Holding out for justice or restitution encourages a state of bitterness and resentment that burns – it is like holding your hand in a flame, the only remedy is to remove it.  When you first feel the pain that another seems to have caused you, possibly with intent, it is difficult to stand back from the situation and maintain an awareness that that other is also in pain, and that the remedy is Love, because part of you wants to hate!  But you know from experience that clinging to a hurt, a mistreatment, a betrayal, or any other form of attack only ensures your own continuing pain.

When in pain, therefore, whatever the reason, go within to ask for help and for a loving embrace.  Open your hearts as you do so to be ready to receive the incredibly powerful loving embrace that will be offered immediately, and let your intuitive knowing that you are indeed doing the right thing in that moment relieve the pain and stress that you are experiencing.  At a deep level of your being you know this is so, because you know that all is Love.

With so very much love, Saul.

John smallman Blog

Be the Lighthouse – The Divine Mother through Isabel Henn – 11-1-13


October 31, 2013   Sirian Heaven


(Translated from original language german)

My child, I ask you to be there in the coming weeks and months for your slowly awakening fellow men. They are still half asleep and have forgotten who and where they are. Stand by them when they ask you or obviously need help. Don’t impose yourself on them, but be accessible for them. Be the lighthouse showing them the way to the safe haven. Take them by the hand when they ask and show them the way back to me. You already know it, my child. It leads through your heart. I love you. ~

Your Divine Mother

Copyright © Isabel Henn. It is allowed to share this message in its complete form without changes and when the author’s name and the link to the original site is given. http://thesilverplatinumflame.wordpress.com/

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