STEVE BECKOW – Time 11 in the Transformed Space – 11-4-15

Sacred 11Steve Beckow

It’s three hours before the Vancouver Meet-Up and I’m just now entering a very blissful state. I’ll try to record it but I don’t know how well I’ll do.

Thank heavens someone is giving me a ride to the Meet-Up because I lose track of time in this state. I might miss it altogether as I nearly did in the tenth sojourn in this space (Time 10) when I forgot a lunch engagement.

Grand thoughts arise.  I can see that all is a process of letting go. The amount we need to let go will always be more than what we can see or imagine.  Some of the resistance we carry exists out of sight, out of mind – we don’t know we don’t know about it.

There’ll almost always be more to let go of.  Why not just make it a policy to first look at letting go?

I need to ask myself: Is there something I need to let go of?

In this space, there’s no time. A short interval in that “no-time” space and I completely forget what day it is.

There’s been a substantial interval between Time 10, when I was last in this transformed space, and this, Time 11.  The mellowness I feel now is much greater.

This is a refined space – soft, gentle, silky.

I’m buffeted by every current of the tsunami of love. I feel profoundly impacted by each wave of cosmic energy.

And now bliss rolls in like a wave. I can feel the tide of evolution slowly moving forward in the changes I see in me.

Time and movement stop.

Past this point I cannot experience the experience and write about it. I must stop.

Outer Space – Massive Cross is Back



This is the second time a large detailed cross structure has been seen on Lasco C2 in a fortnight. In my opinion these are not Coronal Mass Ejections. Until we know what they actually are or represent, they can be classed as unidentified.

SO NEWS – Double – CME impact Coming – More Big Solar Explosions – Earth-Directed – 6-21-15



NASA, ISS – Best Of Space Anomalies 2014

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Phys Org – Australia to prevent ‘Gravity’ space crash with lasers – 3-7-14

NASA astronaut Mike Hopkins participates in a spacewalks designed to allow the crew to change out a degraded pump module on the
NASA astronaut Mike Hopkins participates in a spacewalks designed to allow the crew to change out a degraded pump module on the exterior of the Earth-orbiting International Space Station, December 24, 2013

Australian scientists said Friday they aim to prevent a real-life version of the space disaster scenario portrayed in Oscar-winning film “Gravity” by removing extraterrestrial debris with lasers.

“We now want to clean up space to avoid the growing risks of collisions and to make sure we don’t have the kind of event portrayed in ‘Gravity’,” said Matthew Colless, head of the Research School of Astronomy and Astrophysics at the Australian National University.

In the film, which won seven Oscars at this year’s Academy Awards, two astronauts played by George Clooney and Sandra Bullock are left drifting in the void after a collision between satellite debris and their spacecraft.

Later this year the new Space Environment Management Cooperative Research Centre will begin research on how to better track tiny pieces of debris and predict their trajectories, largely based at Mount Stromlo Observatory in the Australian capital of Canberra.

But it will ultimately aim to knock them off their paths by hitting them with Earth-grounded lasers, forcing them to slow down and fall back into the atmosphere, where they will burn up harmlessly.

Colless said something needed to be done to remove space junk given the ever growing amount of discarded material orbiting Earth—from tiny screws to parts of old rockets.

Graphic on debris and defunct space hardware that currently orbit the earth
Graphic on debris and defunct space hardware that currently orbit the earth

“There are hundreds of thousands of pieces of space junk in orbit that are big enough to do serious damage to a satellite or space station,” he said.

“Everywhere humans have been in space, we leave some trash behind.

The new centre, expected to be fully operational by mid-2014, will also include Mount Stromlo-based EOS Space Systems, Lockheed Martin, the NASA Ames Research Centre, Japan’s National Institute of Information and Communications Technology, telecommunications firm Optus and Australia’s RMIT University.

The centre’s chief executive Ben Greene warned of the risks to satellites and space exploration.

“There is now so much debris that it is colliding with itself, making an already big problem even bigger,” Greene said.

“A catastrophic avalanche of collisions that would quickly destroy all satellites is now possible.

“Our initial aim is to reduce the rate of debris proliferation due to new collisions, and then to remove debris by using ground-based lasers.”

More than 20,000 bits of cast-off equipment, including old satellites, pieces of rocket and other fragments are uselessly orbiting the Earth in a band 800-1,400 kilometres (500-900 miles) from the surface of the planet, and at terrific speed.


S0 News – Planetary Eruptions, Storms, Spaceweather – 2-21-14

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5MIN News – 11-21-13 – New Island, ISON, GC jets, Mars, Spaceweather

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4MIN News – 11-16-13 – Fukushima, IPCC, ISON, NASA, USGS, Spaceweather

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5MIN News – 10-26-13 – 7.1 Quake, X Flares, CMEs, Magnetic Storm Watch

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Signs in the Sun – Eruption on the Sun – Two powerful X-Class Solar Flares – 10-25-13

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SkyWatcher, NASA – Sun’s Magnetic Field is About to Flip

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MAGNETIC FIELD REVERSAL ON THE SUN: It hasn’t happened yet, but it’s about to. Data from NASA-supported observatories show that the sun’s global magnetic field will flip before the end of 2013. The reversal, which signals the arrival of Solar Maximum, will have ripple effects felt throughout the solar system.

3MIN News – Suspicious Observers – 10-7-13 – Fukushima, Giant Waves, Solar Awakening

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4MIN News – Suspicious Observers – 10-4-13 – ISON – Electric Sky

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3MIN News – Suspicious Observers – 10-2-13 – CME Impact – Magnetic Storm

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4MIN News – October 1, 2013 – South Ice Max – New ISON Data – Spaceweather

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Massive Solar Eruption – September 29, 2013 – Suspicious Observers Channel – Courtesy NASA, SDO/AIA, Helioviewer

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4MIN News – ISON News – SuperTyphoon – Spaceweather – September 20, 2013:

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4MIN News – August 18, 2013 – ISON Update – Major CME

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2013 Perseid Meteor Shower Peaks In August

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The 2013 Perseid Meteor Shower peaks on Monday August 12, 2013. The summer’s best meteor shower promises to be more spectacular than previous years thanks to darker night skies during a New Moon that occurs on August 6 which will only reach its First Quarter by August 14.