Urgent Solar Impact Update! – Impact US Eastern Coast – 1- 5 AM – Friday Morning – 9-5-14 – NASA: 27 Hour Event



– Dana Mrkich – Finally an M Flare – Thank You Sun! – 8-1-14

Dana Mrkich

The very heavy energy of the past days (weeks?) is finding release today as the Sun finally unleashes an M Class solar flare after weeks of quiet. We are so attuned to solar energies these days, and I’ve found that this period of quiet created a build-up of emotional energy within us that rose to an uncomfortable crescendo in the past few days. Physically the body can only take so much, so many of you may have found yourselves wiped out with fatigue, the flu or physical soreness. As the sun flared this morning, the release of that energy is palpable.It is like a big exhale after having to hold your breath for too long. I get an image of strings and strings and strings of old energy being gathered together until it turned into a huge ball with all of us contributing. 

This gathering process that July revolved around has felt intense and exhausting to say the least, but then today this ball was given a huge throw into the universal recycling bin on behalf of us all. No longer do we need to process things with a hundred therapy sessions. Thank you Sun for sweeping so much old stuff away with a big flare wooshka! I for one appreciate it.

(c) Dana Mrkich 2014


Alexandra Meador – Solar Flares and Freedom – 6-13-14

x2 2 solar flare june 10 2014 300x214 Solar Flares and Freedom

Alexandra Meador   –   6-13-14   –   http://galacticconnection.com

I just finished reading Laura’s Oracle Report today and what stuck with me was the following combination of statements such as “a battle between swords and torches…see that the field of possibilities is rearranging, reorienting, and resetting.  Opportunities are opening…Blow out your own mind space by opening up room for new ideas so something doesn’t have to do it for you.”  Wow!  This REALLY lines up with my messages as well, as our small team here at Galactic Connection are working to “re” tweak all of our processes, paperwork, ideas, visions, priorities, etc.  The more we have buckled down to complete this “regrooming,” the more opportunities are coming our way.

So I ask all of you did you see the significance of not one, not two, but THREE X-Flares that occurred this week (where X-class flares are the most powerfully recorded) with a 30 percent chance of another X-class flare arriving today on this auspicious day, Friday the 13th WITH a full moon? Check out this excerpt on the sun’s activity:

“A temper tantrum that the sun unleashed this week has led to a series of powerful flares and solar storms—including one that will reach Earth on Friday the 13th.

Three X-class flares, the most powerful of solar blasts, have erupted off the sun’s fiery surface in the past three days.
Such solar flares are powerful bursts of radiation generated on the sun’s surface, each one many times wider than our planet. They can cause disturbances in Earth’s atmosphere, disrupting GPS and radio signals. The disruptions can last for as long as the flares, anywhere from minutes to hours.
That is exactly what happened on Tuesday, June 10, resulting in short blackout periods in high-frequency communications that lasted for a few hours. Polar-route airline flights are typically lengthened by these disruptions.
The two back-to-back giant flares on Tuesday emerged from the southeastern region of the sun. Each one produced a billion-ton cloud of charged particles directed toward Earth. The flares were classified as X2, according to NASA. An X-class storm denotes the most intense flares, and an X2 is twice as intense as an X1.
However, the sun wasn’t done yet, as a third powerful flare erupted from the same location on Wednesday, June 11.” http://newswatch.nationalgeographic.com 
 Solar Flares and Freedom
Here is another article discussing their possible impact on Mother Earth TODAY!
So what does this mean to us?  Remember that it has been predicted through a variety of ancient texts and messages that the MAJOR SHIFT would be brought about by external influences such as weather phenomena and celestial disturbances. But that is only part of the consideration.  It is how these solar flares (which can also be interpreted as a battle within the sun) impact each of us that truly brings the desired outcome from God or Source Itself.  These “flares” are actual magnetic storms that release huge amounts of high-energy particles and gases, triggering our central nervous system and brain activity. They also deliver a big wallop to our equilibrium, awakening and clearing our cellular memories.  Receiving 3 X-Flares in a decreasing intensity which all included a time stamp with the number “5″ really got me thinking.  I just knew this had a much deeper message than it appeared.
The number “5″ correlates with MAKING POSITIVE LIFE CHOICES AND DECISIONS as well as experentially learning our lessons from life!  Number “5″ is also greatly influenced by personal freedom, individualism, courage, adaptability, and release. We are truly in the beginning stages of our New Renaissance where personal creativity and tenacious adaptability are essential!  And as we continue to move through this shift, the sun’s flares provide us with a powerful reminder that our masculine and feminine aspects of freedom and individuality must come into alignment.  We must accept our days of polarity as being short in order to gain the heaven on earth we so dearly long for!  These 3 X-flares have perpetuated a triad of possibilities – such as 1) awakenings, 2) releasing, and 3) new beginnings.  This could be an intense day for all of us, as we are prompted to abandon all old structures that no longer serve The All Is.  And this will continue to be taken to a physical 3D level through the incessant dismantling of this contaminated and dysfunctional matrix.
Have a wonderful weekend and look to the release as a bath of light raining down upon you, freeing you from all oppression once and for all!