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Saturn Is A Giant UFO – 2-23-15

Saturn 4


Forget about the scientific “facts” drummed into your head by school teachers.  Saturn is not a planet – it’s a colossal UFO!

That’s the assertion of controversial astronomer Dr. Eduardo Marquez, who has come forward with puzzling photos that appear to bolster the seemingly outlandish claim.

“new high-definition photos taken by the powerful 2.6-meter telepscope at our observatory show windows, cargo bays ane even shuttle-craft-size saucers going  to and from the mammoth vehicle,” says Dr. Marquez, who captured the images with the Nordic Optical Telescope in the Canary Islands.

“Clearly this is not a natural body, but the creation of intelligent beings – an almost inconceivably huge flying saucer 74,900 miles in diameter.”

Shockingly, Dr. Marquez claims that NASA has known the truth for decades and is deliberately concealing it from the world.

When Pioneer 11 flew by Saturn on Sept. 1, 1979 and when Voyager 2 photographed it from just 21 million miles away in 1981, they couldn’t have missed these telltale features, He says.

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The Leo King




The masters sent me to the United States three times. When I finished my last trip I said, “Oh, finally, I finished my mission”. But that was my ego talking. When I got home, there came another invitation to the USA. I said “What do I do with this? I thought I would have to say no, because I have already finished the three trips. So I went into meditation and I said to the masters. “I have already finished my trips. What can I do with these letters. I’m not supposed to go to any more countries in the world.” But the masters said, that sometimes we have to keep going once we have started. The three trips were a test. Along the way were many, many tests. I worked with temptation with many different things. Like food, cheeseburgers, hamburgers, banana splits, good American food. I had to come to my inner Father/Mother to really work hard to receive help in these and other things. But at the end it was good, because my Father/Mother was always helping me.

When I came back from the USA, I said, “Now I don’t want to travel anyplace on planet Earth. Now I will pray to go to the other planets.” But I was too greedy and too ambitious. I am a simple student, who’s just beginning. All my desires are just ego. Only great masters can be taken to other planets for interplanetary initiations. But I started working hard to go to the planet Venus. I was eating less meat and all that. I worked a lot with the three steps. I asked them (Venusians) to give me the opportunity to see. I didn’t want to go to stay there, because my work is not on Venus. What can I do there? They don’t need me there. I have to finish my work here on this planet Earth, not on Venus. This is very important. I only wanted to know, to experience Venus, to compare that civilization with our civilization here. I wanted to bring a little bit of insight for humanity, a little bit. So a test was given.

First Impression of Venus… After going past the astral plane, I arrived on Venus at a sea port. Many cosmic ships were there in the ocean. It was very, very alive, like in the sixth dimension. Everything has life, brilliant vibration, very, very delicious life. You feel good. Your spiritual body feels really good. It feels like home. It is something that I do not feel here on Earth. But when I got there, they were waiting for me, the celestial marines. All the boys there were young, because they live eternal life. They have a physical body like us, but live eternal life. They are very young looking, like the age 22, wearing white uniforms like American Marines. They have a blue light, a celestial cape over them. It was very, very nice when I got there. I said “Wow”! I got very emotional. “Wow”! “Finally I’m here”! But it was no good, because it was an inferior type of happiness. So I didn’t pass the test of the emotional body. I looked to them like a monkey you give a banana to and they jump with happiness. (Willaru jumps around the room to demonstrates how an excited monkey looks) Something like that. (The group breaks out in laughter) My happiness was still a little bit of an animal nature, but which is natural on planet Earth, being human. They (the Venusians) understand this, so they showed me a little bit more.

Government… The first thing, there is no government. There are no palaces or government buildings like the White House, embassies, ministries or anything like that. They have no president. Everyone is their own government. There are no separate countries. Planet Venus is one country. There are no passports, separate flags, separate nationalities, frontiers, borders, all these things. They do not have courts because they are their own judges, their own government, their own lawyers, even their own architects, everything. They have liberated their consciousness from all that. There is no monetary system either. They work for the Father/Mother to build their temple of the Father (points to the mind) and to build the temple of the Mother (points to the heart). Wherever they go, they are home. There is no division between them. Everybody is the army, because everyone is guardian of the planet. There’s no Court of Justice there, because there’s no ego. Nobody has ego. If there is ego, of course, there is karma. If there’s karma, then there are the police, there are judges, and jails. They don’t know those things. They have liberated their consciousness a long time ago, and they don’t need it. They have no weapons, like machine guns, tanks, airplanes to fight or attack. That is based in fear, and fear is ego. They have finished a long time ago with this.

Most of the people on planet Earth say “Perfect communist doesn’t exist”. But on Venus they say, “To have perfect communism, we have to eliminate the egos”. So you see they don’t need any political parties to take responsibility for all the material things. The only question is the action of the consciousness. Everyone on Venus is rich spiritually. It was only with the elimination of the egos that they became the perfect society. There’s no fighting present because everybody is their own government. Everybody speaks only a little bit, but also every one knows they are masters with different perspectives.

The Venusians… They are intelligent. They have created a solar system in their brain. It is different than ours. It is more intelligent and has a larger capacity and is wiser, enlightened, and a higher vibration. They have an aura of love, because all the egos have been transmuted. You know that to be an alchemist brings much privilege. This is why they have a lot of electricity. They can fly also, of course, because they have total control over their vital body, astral body, mental body, causal body and their physical body. They are authentic man with all their faculties and powers. We can call this the kingdom of the supermen. They still have a little of the animal in them, but there is a difference. They are authentic man.

RELIGION… The religion is the same as light. It is the light of the life, of the universal cosmic Christ. They see that light everywhere, in the Father/Mother, in the sexual energy. Even when they see the most beautiful woman, they have another mentality, not erotic, like the people on planet Earth. When we see a very attractive girl…. we are a little bit like an animal, you know. But on Venus there is much respect, a respect based in consciousness. This is very important to understand, because life is everywhere, the universal cosmic Christ. The light of the Creation, this is their religion. Religion for them is to be united with the Father/Mother, and to be always in the inner temple. So, they don’t need any organized religion. Their life is more solar cosmic universal culture, the culture of Gods. Everyone has all their faculties and powers. They have intuition and telepathic communication. They have the faculties of clairaudiance and clairvoyance. They don’t speak so much, like we do here.

Their planet is ruled only by 24 laws, not as many laws as on Earth. It is governed by less laws because they have liberated their consciousness totally. Their religion is the three steps of revolution of consciousness. The first step is the elimination of the ego. Although they don’t have ego, they still have the root of ego and they are aware of this all the time. They are always cleansing themselves. Their mind is illuminated. Their mind is in service to the Father/Mother, not in the service of the ego anymore.

In the second step, every marriage on Venus is based in alchemy. All the marriages are conscious. There is no divorce there, because they are with the Father/Mother. They don’t experience those things over there. Everybody knows how to make love. This is the biggest step. A long time ago the Venusians used to live like we do on the planet Earth, but they have grown up psychologically. Only a few people at first began working with the three steps and then there were more, more, more, more, and then at the end, everybody was taking these three steps. Soon everybody was an alchemist. That’s why they have skin that is very transparent, shining like a baby’s, because they have never wasted their (sexual) energy. (The third step is sacred service and unconditional love)

On Medicine… Everyone is a doctor also, a medicine man. And as they walk, they heal their planet. Everyone is a master, and they say “My physical body is not my master. My Father is my master”. They are very humble. They are very simple. They have no negative ego. “My Father is the one who knows, I am serving my Father, so I am an eternal servant of my Father/Mother. He/she is the one who is the master, not me”. They have no pride. They do not show off. There are no universities, like we have University of Miami, University of London etc. They say these universities are mental only, “Poor people, they suffer so much to learn a little bit, and still it is not useful”. It is not complete. There are doctors on Earth that don’t know how to heal. Everybody on Venus is a medicine man. They don’t need any medicine, because they ARE medicine. Of course, they eat the three foods, the organic foods, food from the air, also food from the impressions of the life, the Cosmic Christ which is there. They radiate with the hands of light, which comes from their Father/Mother that are connected to the superior dimensions. They can heal any kind of illness. So in their spiritual path, they don’t have to go to a doctor. As they grow, they are given all the faculties, even to heal the blind, the deaf, and cancer. But there is no illness and there are no hospitals. There’s no contamination, because they never use any gasoline, or electricity, or petroleum like on the planet Earth. They have everything there, but they use solar energy. So this is a totally different system.

Birth control and family… They know how to make love, so it is not necessary to be taking all those pills, or to use condoms to control the population. These are for when we are not civilized. They know how to make love in the holy way, in the sacred spiritual way. They ask the inner Mother not to have a baby. They ask to have a spiritual baby. That’s the most important, not the physical baby. If they want a baby, a physical baby, they ask the inner Mother to have a physical baby and then the physical baby comes. They ask the great master who’s in charge of the ray of creation, who’s giving that baby the spiritual essence, to connect in the moment to conceive the baby. They don’t know abortion.

On Earth’s modern technology… I asked, “What about the technology on the planet Earth with their machines, computers, airplanes and other technology?” One master said to me “The technology on the planet Earth is mentally retarded technology. You think you are civilized. You think you are on top of the world. What are you thinking when you make trips to the moon? This is a violation of cosmic law. When beings live in the spiritual culture, as they grow in the initiations, they are given the keys, the secrets, to make their own cosmic ships, but this technology is only learned in the spiritual culture. Interplanetary trips that are made are holy and totally sacred. In this way we shall travel. Everybody can travel in the universe. But traveling on only a mental/intellectual level is dangerous.” That’s all they said.

Cosmic Ships… They can make cosmic ships and there’s a big, mother ship, very, very giant. There they have no weapons like tanks, machine guns, airplanes to attack or atomic bombs or anything like this because they say it is not necessary. They know another way to control, a superior way. They are the kingdom of the supermen. They are Gods and the Goddesses. They have a better way to control because they know electromagnetic science. The only weapon they have is a little spray. When they spray a little bit, for example before landing in New York, let’s say, only with a little spray they can paralyze all of New York State, even many states, three, four states. It paralyzes all machines, all the human beings without killing, without making damage to the machines, without making any noises, or without destroying anything, buildings or anything, paralyzes everything. In that moment they can control everything. Anytime if they want, they can take over the planet Earth. They don’t do it, because if they do, they will lose their initiation. Why would they lose their initiation? Because they will be violating the law of free will. We fight all these wars with each other among countries. This is our free will. This is our reality. We cannot complain, because we want the easy life. The easy life is not meditating, not practicing the spiritual culture. We want to dominate the material first before the spirit. It doesn’t work that way. We need to be spiritual first, then dominate the material.

Control of nature and the material worlds… This is the way they work to dominate nature. They are the kings and queens, so like a king they dominate nature. Whenever they want rain, they make it rain. Whenever they want it cloudy, they make it cloudy. Whenever they want it sunny, they put away the clouds and then it is sunny. They live in the Fourth Dimension. In the ancient times their planet used to be a Third Dimensional world and the Fourth Dimensional world. These two are in the physical. The Third Dimensional world is the subconscious, because it is not a conscious world. Now many conscious people are living in paradise on this planet Earth. There are some masters already living consciously in this Third Dimension. Most of the conscious people are in the Fourth Dimension. On Venus they have united, they have become one. They are living in paradise, so it is protected. It’s an enchanted planet, almost un-touchable, because it is ruled by less laws. If they come here it is because they want to share wisdom. They want to give a message, a warning to humanity, to show us another way.

There are other civilizations, more developed, more enlightened, in the spiritual path. it is very important to know their life, to compare our civilization with the civilizations of other planets in this solar system. They feel sorry for us because we are not growing enough, but they are also very glad because we are working. We are understanding little by little. Their guidance says not to look for connection with ETs, because sometimes when we invoke this, we want to be taken, not to come back and that’s no good, because we are running away from our responsibilities. We have done almost no work here, and we want to be saved. That doesn’t work. Also from the other solar systems comes negative entities, cosmic ships, etc. The gray men don’t come from other planets. They come from the planet Earth. There is the Fourth Dimension light side and the Fourth Dimension dark side. In the dark side are living those gray people. Humanity believes that they come from other planets. Also in our planet, living in the dark side are other kinds of monsters, and big animals also. Dimension by dimension there is life, different forms of life. Only in the Third Dimension and the Fourth Dimension can we live with a physical body. To go to the other dimensions, fifth, sixth, and seventh, we need other bodies, astral body, mental body, causal body, atomic body, and other bodies. (end)

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Cobra Update – Solar System Situation Update – Starship Earth: The Big Picture – 2-8-15

February 9, 2015

Another exciting sit-rep and fascinating history, Cobra. Thank you.

This sounds a lot like what David Wilcock and Yellow Rose have recently told us. ~ BP


Breakthrough phase means that the Light forces are no longer focused only on opposing the Chimera and the Cabal, but are gathering momentum for the final breakthrough instead. During the breakthrough phase, the Veil is slowly being dissolved and the quarantine slowly being lifted. There are operations underway to arrange Disclosure leaks through mainstream media by high levels sources in India and Russia. Those leaks are expected to occur when the Chimera group will lose enough power over the military in the aforementioned countries.

Our Solar System has been under control of Orion/Andromedan Chimera empire and their Draco/Reptilian minions for the last 26,000 years, effectively putting planet Earth under quarantine status, isolating it from positive ET races.

The Light forces were forced to sign a non-interference treaty which states that they will not interfere on the surface of planet Earth directly and in turn the Chimera will also not interfere on the surface directly. Although this treaty was quite harmful for the development of humanity in the last 26,000 years, it has also prevented humanity to be harvested by Chimera and their Draco/Reptilian minions directly. This is the reason the Resistance Movement agents are not contacting human beings on the surface of their planet. This treaty is also the reason why the Reptilians have not been massively eating humans for breakfast in the open in surface human cities after 1996 when their presence under the surface of the planet was huge, with 500 million entities present. This treaty is also the reason strangelet bombs were not detonated in many occasions. As soon as the Chimera threat is gone, the Light forces will intervene on the surface of this planet directly.

The indirect attempts to pierce through the quarantine have begun in the 19th century when the Pleiadians have inspired NYMZA secret society (Sonora Aero Club) to build airships:

Tesla had connection with NYMZA and he attempted to build a spaceship to travel to Mars. His attempt failed and after that JP Morgan stopped financing Tesla.

Marconi was a student of Tesla and after he has seen how the Cabal mistreated Tesla, he and a few other people (including the famous alchemist Fulcanelli) have relocated to South America where have built a secret underground city in the Andes in 1937:

Tesla, Marconi and Fulcanelli are all members of the Brotherhood of the Star.

The second Pleiadian attempt to pierce the quarantine began in early 20th century with Thule / Vril societies in Germany. Soon, more hostile races took control over the German space program, which has culminated in building a secret German Nazi Moon base during WW2. Like attracts like, and Nazi Moon base was taken over by the Reptilians shortly after the end of the war, all personnel wiped out.

A more direct attempt to pierce the quarantine was made on February 20th, 1954, when President Eisenhower met with representatives of the Pleiadians and of the Ashtar Command at Edwards air force base:

Pressured by the Negative Military, Eisenhower was forced to reject an agreement with the positive ETs and later to sign a treaty with negative Zeta and Draco races instead.

Pleiadians, however, have managed to negotiate a permission from the Negative Military to build a secret base under Bora Bora island in French Polynesia, under condition that its existence remains unknown to the surface population.

James Francis MacIntyre, the bishop of LA, was present at the meeting in Edwards AFB and reported the proceedings to the Jesuits. There are photos and films of Pleiadian ships, taken at that meeting, in the Vatican library. Jesuits were also regularly updated from Negative Military about all technologies which the military has received from the Zetas and Draconians. A secret Jesuit space program was started in 1956 to build bases on Moon and Mars. The program was not that successful and, ironically, was codenamed Marconi.

Real secret space program has started in early 1960s, when the Chimera group has given permission to the negative militaries of USA, NATO European countries, USSR and China to build joint secret Moon and Mars bases in certain restricted areas. Also, a secret treaty was signed between the Cabal and Draco/Reptilian/Zeta complex which gave the Cabal technical support in construction of Lunar and Mars bases whereas those negative alien races were given permission to build underground bases on Earth together with Negative Military.

Joint USA/USSR Mars base was thus built in 1964 and then expanded in the next few decades, when more Moon and Mars bases were added to the program. The main lunar base was built on the far side of the Moon and was codenamed LOC (Lunar Operations Command).

The whole secret space program was named Solar Warden and top supersoldiers were accepted into the program and brainwashed with the idea that they are defending Earth from the negative aliens. Some UN diplomats knew about the existence of the Solar Warden and they naively believed it to be a global program for Earth defense against alien threat. In reality, the purpose of the secret space program was to build joint human/Draco infrastructure throughout the Solar System for the Archon invasion which happened in 1996:

From the human side, the program was directed by unholy four (Bush Sr., Henry Kissinger, Donald Rumsfeld and Dick Cheney). The unholy four are actually Draconians who took human incarnations 26,000 years ago and are the four most visible Draco/human hybrids.

Dick Cheney was the leader of Mars Corporation and claimed to be the owner of the planetary debt that Earth owes to the Mars Corporation and to the breakaway civilization, which has milked the Earth workforce through the Rothschild central banking system:

The Light forces have infiltrated the Solar Warden space program in many ways. Eisenhower, cornered by the Cabal and forced to team up with the negative aliens, has formed some secret cells inside the Solar Warden program which were working for the Light.

Please Continue Reading at Starship Earth: The Big Picture

David Wilcock 2-7-15 – Secret Space Program Disclosure – Download MP3 Files (6) courtesy of Kauilapele – 2-18-15

Comet Lovejoy – Sirius – Pleiades Perturbation – – 2-2-15

Comet-Lovejoy-PleiadesOh folks…I can feel something good and positive is getting closer and closer and…it’s on it’s way! Many are experiencing a great lightening of the load in the past few days and I AM one of those. Yes, I have moved, and am busy with a demanding, and rewarding job. Yes, I AM still unpacking from a truly dreadful move complicated by dreadful movers. Yes, I could be in the “mullygrubs” (my name for despondancy), but I AM instead on fire with a real sense of peace and inner joy because I KNOW what is happening…for ALL!

So…Please read this article by Celia Fenn who discusses why we should all reconsider what we think we know about Comet Lovejoy and it’s current environs out there is space, reconsider your soul and what you are all about, and…


This is the second in our series of Starseed Transmissions for 2015.  At the moment we are feeling very strongly the influence of Comet Lovejoy passing through our part of the Galaxy, in the region of Orion, Sirius and the Pleiades.  This part of the Galaxy has a strong connection with the Earth, with many Star Seeds coming from Sirius and the Pleiades, as well as many Cosmic Teachers who connect with the Earth to share information about the evolution of the Earth in relation to the Solar System and the Galaxy.

Obviously, the name of the Comet is interesting, for the combination of “love” and “joy” suggests that this particular comet has a specific role in its passage through our part of the cosmos.  In our metaphysical understanding of the nature of celestial “events”, comets always represent an opportunity for significant change on the Earth and the arrival of new energies.

But, as I was tuning into the Starseed Transmission channel to see what I could learn about that event, I heard very clearly the word “perturbation”. Several times.  I had no idea what it meant so I looked it up.  It has several levels of meaning.  One is part of a set of mathematical theories in Quantum Physics that was just too mathematical for me, but clearly it had something to do with shifts and changes within a system.

I found some more down to earth definitions that helped to clarify the meaning for me.

The first definition was “anxiety and mental uneasiness”.  The second definition was “a deviation of a system, moving object, or process from its regular or normal state or path, caused by an outside influence.”

It was interesting to me the correlation between mental states of anxiety, and the results of an outside influence creating imbalance and change in a system.

Here is another definition: “Variation in a designated orbit, as of a planet, that results from the influence of one or more external bodies”.  So a Comet could be an external body that causes temporary “perturbation” and effects or influences the orbit of a planet, like the Earth.

Yes, that makes sense!

The ancients knew well that the passage of a comet had big effects on the Earth, and the closer and more visible the Comet, the greater the changes that would come in its wake.

The Sirius, Pleaides and Orion Connection

The Comet is now moving through a part of our galaxy that puts it close to Orion, Sirius and the Pleiades, on its journey.  It is acting as a temporary external object that creates a disturbance in the energy field.  This disturbance has the ability to influence the gravitation and orbit of celestial bodies, as well as Timelines.

Yes, Timelines are anchored in electro-magnetic energies as well, and disturbances in the field can also create disturbances and shifts in Timelines.

In this case, the disturbances in the field create a potential for a new relationship and a new timeline with Sirius, Orion and the Pleiades that reflects Earth’s new status in the Galaxy as an ascending Multi-Dimensional Planet.

This means, as I am told in the transmissions, that the Earth will assume an honorary status on the Solar Council, and these other member bodies will be working in harmony and co-operation with the Earth Councils.  It is no longer a matter of our Star Nation friends acting as evolutionary mentors and guides, but rather of them working with us as equals as we tell them what we need and how we would like their assistance in our work.

Sirius has functioned for thousands of years as a mentor and teacher energy, and people still journey to Egypt to connect with the “Sirian Star Gate” at Giza.  The Pleiadeans have also invested much energy in the Terra/Earthprogram, and beings from Orion have had constant interest in matters of Earth evolution. But now it is time for a partnership rather than a mentorship relationship.

The New Earth is ready to stand up and be a responsible Planetary civilization.  It may not feel like it as we go through the last stages of the disintegration of the “old” 3rd dimensional  system,  but there is a new way of life emerging that will be supported by our Star Nation friends as well as the Starseeds and Star Children on the Earth.

But this means that we have to stand up and be responsible for our Earth and for what we create on the Earth. Or at least, those of us who feel that we are here to assist with the Ascension of the Planet and her emergence as a Multi-dimensional Body in the Solar system. There are waves of incoming Diamond Light Souls who are incarnating as Diamond Crystal children who will assist with anchoring this new energy and helping us to step up to our new responsibilities.

The Physical Effects

So, right now, many of us are feeling the physical effects of this passage of Comet Lovejoy.

Initially, there has been an increase in anxiety levels with many people, as the ripples of energy on the Timelines creates a gravitational disturbance in their energy field.

Many people have reported issues with the digestive system, and pain and unease in the area of the Solar Plexus and Heart Chakras.

This is because very old issues of mental and spiritual dependence on outside guides and teachers are coming to an end.  We are exiting the “comfort zones” of spiritual “childhood and dependence” and emerging as “adults” who have our own relationships with the Galaxy and the Cosmos.

As we integrate this new energy, we are also releasing years and lifetimes of “religious” and “spiritual” abuse and domination that has been a negative side effect of some of our contacts with some of the Star Nations and with the darker and more unstable Star Gates in the Middle East.  This release of old mental pain and anxiety is being felt in the physical body as pain, anxiety and discomfort.  But it is coming up in order to be released and to allow for the activation of the Original Divine Template in the DNA, for Spiritual maturity, and for evolution according to the Human Divine Template.

We are releasing the fear of domination and control, the fear of abuse and the fear of lack and suffering. All of which were “seeded” on the Earth through our interactions with Star Nations prior to the fall of Atlantis.  It is now time to finally release that fear and anxiety and enter into the Garden of Love and Joy.  For that is the purpose of Comet Lovejoy, to assist us to remember the Garden and to once again make our Planetary Home into a Garden of Love and Joy!

Return to the Garden

10625099 708330335869109 7074688165369353113 n

If you would like to work with Comet Lovejoy and the incoming energies, you can follow this simple meditation.  It will also help you to release any discomfort that you might be holding in the Solar Plexus and Heart areas of the body.

Begin by relaxing your body and breathing deeply.  Follow the in breath and the out breath until your body feels relaxed.

Focus into your Heart Center and allow yourself to connect with the Divine Flame within your heart.  Expand that Light into your Light Body and feel the expansion of Love, Light and Awareness.

Now focus for a minute on this image of the Comet.


After a while you will feel the energy activating the Heart Center and you will feel the rising of Love and Joy in your Being.

As you feel this rising energy, also allow yourself to release all old energies and patterns that relate to fear and abuse through religious control and old forms of abuse on the Earth.  Just feel these old patterns melting away into the Light.

Now…focus on the Garden that the Earth is meant to be.  Visualize the Earth becoming a Beautiful Garden once again, filled with Abundance and Love and Joy.

You may see the Waters of the Planet as fresh an clear an vibrant, dancing with elemental energy. You may see trees and forests, plants, herbs and flowers, animals, birds, insects and people, all living in harmony in the Garden of Earth, as it was originally meant to be.  Clear Skies, rainbows, rainstorms, and the bright stars overhead.  And the forests filled with unicorns, fairies, dragons and other magical beings!


And FEEL the LOVE and JOY!

If you would like you can also watch this video….the Return to Innocence by Enigma!


Astrologer David Palmer – Week Jan 21-28 2015 – Mercury Retrograde, Venus in Pisces

The Leo King

Simon Vorster – New Moon in Aquarius – The 5th Element – 1-20-15

New Moon in Aquarius - The 5th Element - Wake Up World


By Simon Vorster

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

The zodiac does not enact life, it merely reflects it.

The 20th of January marks the arrival of the Sun and Moon into the constellation Aquarius. Another celestial cycle has come to an end and with it comes the unfolding of the next chapter in our current awakened state. It is time to break free from the norms and embrace your own personal liberty.

This month’s cycle brings with it some amazing celestial gifts that I am sure many of you have been waiting for. Although in typical Uranian fashion, the route to accessing the truth that is available is delivered to us in an offbeat and fragmented way…

REPOST – NIBIRU and its PLANETS are NOW LEAVING OUR SOLAR SYSTEM – Jelaila Starr Message – From Niburuan Council – 12-1-14

Nibiru art

Nibiru Art  –  Artist Unknown



This one has a video!

Hey Sohini,

It’s been a while since my last update on Nibiru.  I’ve not written about it the Nibiruans informed me that Nibiru is no longer an issue for us.  Yet, there appears to a lot of fear mongering still going on; in fact, it has heated up recently.  I’ve been asked to share my perspective.

A Mini Solar System

As explained in previous updates, Nibiru is not just one planet; it is a mini solar system.  How can this be?  Our sun has a twin, a brown dwarf/ dark sun that never fully ignited and thus, glows a reddish orange color.

A brown dwarf can also have orbiting planets because due to its powerful magnetism.  The strength of its magnetic core determines the strength and reach of its magnetic field.  Though not as strong as that of our sun, Nibiru has a strong magnetic core and far reaching field.  It’s ring nodes (rings much that that of a hula hoop on which stellar bodies orbit are pretty strong with those furthest out being the weakest.

Nibiru, the planet or planets

This part is a bit off topic but I thought I’d throw it in for those eager to learn more about this mysterious planet of which many ancient civilizations spoke.

I am told that the Nibiruans do not live on their sun; they live on several of the planets that orbit the main sun. I know this sounds strange but keep in mind that the Nibiruans are a very advanced race having long ago colonized their local planets.  I didn’t understand this when I first began my work with them, that is why I said back then that Nibiru was a planet, a ship and a battle star.

In any case, one could liken Nibiru to a small town.   The main planet, or homeworld, contains the downtown area and governing buildings.  It also has areas that we liken to communities where the majority of the people live including the royal lines. Other smaller planets hold the laboratories, medical facilities and universities.

I am told there is one planet that is colonized by a race known for their healing abilities.  This planet is not the one that has the medical facilities, or the laboratories, but one that is more akin to a tribe of indigenous healers who work with properties of plants and minerals.

Though most of the planets have a police force of sorts, there are also fleets of military craft that include battle stars.  The battle stars, owned by different species that make the Nibiru system their home, are part of the military that protects the planets and their inhabitants. The battle stars come in all shapes and sizes.  I’ve seen them in my dreams, even visiting one once in the dream state.  I recall traveling through space; we were on a way to one of the battle stars.  As we got closer I noticed that it had an outer surface comprised of thick, heavy armor of interlocking metal octagons.  One silently slid open to allow us entry!  The dream was so sequential and logical that it felt like much more than a dream.

Okay enough rambling about Nibiru.

So what is causing the recent increase in fear mongering?  I’ve found that it increases around the times of the summer and winter solstice.  That is when we are most likely to get a glimpse of Nibiru due to our orbital location.

It appears we are currently in position to get a peek and this is what is causing alarm.  What most people don’t realize is that Nibiru is outbound now, therefore we are seeing her from behind.

More Planets Coming?

Though the brown dwarf is moving on, we still have the back end of her solar system to contend with.  Nibiru’s orbiting planets, comets and asteroids will continue to make their appearances and this may go on for a few more years.  Bottom line is that we are “out of the woods” when it comes to a major pole shift, but we are not completely out of the woods in regards to the backend of Nibiru’s system.

The ring nodes of the outer stellar bodies can still cause some aggravation for us.  The main effects will be seismic and weather related changes with the seismic activity occurring mainly in the “Ring of Fire”.  But, as mentioned earlier, the farther out they are from the brown dwarf, the weaker they are.

On that note, it is my understanding that our current level of seismic activity, along with the erratic movements of the Jet Stream and Polar Vortex, are due to having our magnetic field currently locked with one of Nibiru’s ring nodes.  Since we are closest to the side of the sun where Nibiru’s system is traveling, we are more likely to experience a “handshake” from the ring node closet to us.  Again, it is my understanding that this handshake will end near the beginning of January when we will have orbited far enough away to break the hold.

To sum it all up, we are going to be okay.  I firmly believe that there will be no pole shift.  We will still have weather related challenges and some seismic activity, but that will be the worst of it.

Let’s talk about the fear mongering for a moment.  It  is my humble opinion that the fear mongering is so easily triggered because we suffer collectively from what author, Barbara Hand Clow refers to as catastrophobia.  We carry a deep cellular memory of past catastrophes that occurred when Nibiru’s passing was cataclysmic.   It is also my opinion that the channels, bringing through messages and warnings are not necessarily receiving highly alarming news, rather that is how the news is being received due to our collective catastrophobia.  So if you are reading an alarming report, be kind to the channel as they may not be aware of this cellular trigger.

As Barbara also states this time we will see a milder passing and so far we have.  Of course the reason is that we are spiritually awakening and clearing our emotional crap.

As the Nibiruans, along with many other esteemed off-world groups have stated, we can have a profound impact on Nibiru’s passing, reducing the severity through continued emotional clearing.  Why? As we clear our personal emotional baggage, Mother Earth is relieved of having to do it for us.

In closing, Nibiru not meant to bring planetary catastrophe, instead she was to prompt cataclysmic emotional and spiritual change by helping us blow ourselves out of our old dysfunctional beliefs and systems.   The fact that we have grown in consciousness, preventing the fulfillment of the old earth changes prophesies, tells me that Nibiru is successfully fulfilling her purpose and we are right on track in this ascension.

Sending you warms hugs,
Jelaila Starr
Psychic/Intuitive Counselor
The Nibiruan Council

Dahboo77 – Stunning Ice Halo Captured – Above Red River In New Mexico

Dahboo77 – Astronomers Claim – 2 New Planets May Lurk In Solar System Beyond Pluto – 1-16-15

American Kabuki – The Woman in Comet Love-Joy
Noticed this plasma burst from Comet Love-Joy… there’s an image of a woman in it!

I inverted the image and also color shifted it to highlight the woman.

Julien Wells, Athen Chimenti – Diamonds Forever Show – Sidereal Astrology, Pleiadian Message – 1-2-15

Julien Wells

-Athen’s website:
-Julien’s website:
-Athen gives a bit of background about himself and how he got into Sidereal Astrology
-Julien gives his intro, and what drew him to astrology
-Julien’s first question, why isn’t Sidereal so obvious to most people as being most accurate?
-Western still accurate in some ways, depending on focus
-24 degree variance between the two systems
-Western Astrology was “fed” to the masses
-The Vedic system matches most closely with Sidereal
-The realm of subtle information
-Athen’s partner Rachael’s tarot website:
-Athen gives astrological overview of 2015
-Julien’s “you are your own solar system” metaphorical description
-Brief overview of 2014
-Synastry- astrology of relationships
-Pleiadian views on relationships
-Julien gives his Pleiadian message, speaks with Mistra
-The power in the “youthful vibration”
-Sessions with Julien:, Mastering The Zodiac on Youtube
-Athen gives Natal Chart reading to Elizabeth

Georgi Stankov – Urgent Energy Update – Another Huge Explosion of the Great Central Sun Alcyone – 1-12-15

Great Central Sun

Another Huge Explosion of the Great Central Sun Alcyone on January 11, 2015

by Georgi Stankov


Yesterday when I wrote my energy report in the morning, I mentioned that  “today the energies feel much calmer and more comfortable, but who knows for how long.” I had already the premonition that something big was in the making.

Then around 15.00 p.m. Pacific time I published my article on the false flag attack in Paris and said my decree to reveal all crimes of the ruling cabal three times with a very loud voice, almost shouting, in the name of the Source. I immediately received goose bumps as a confirmation from my HS that this was a very powerful and timely decree that has triggered a huge alchemical reaction worldwide and has accelerated the process of final revelations.

Then around 16.00 pm I was hit by the most devastating energy wave of total emotional depression. It put a heavy leaden weight on my breast and I could barely breathe. I have had such waves several times in the past and they have always been associated with massive transformation of my body at the quantum level when the whole energetic structure is completely changed and it feels as if dying in your body, while still being alive in your spirit, a kind of full paralysis due to curare poisoning.

I am confident that many of you must have felt this massive wave in some way. It came from the collective and also beared a strong component of total desperation and dread of the ruling cabal, who realized all of a sudden that they have lost everything. Then I experienced a series of severe chills, which are always indicative of MPR on near-by timelines. This was another massive ID shift.

This wave lasted for about an hour and a half. Then shortly after 17.00 pm, there was an incredible sudden energetic burst from the Great Central Sun that flooded my fields and body. I thought that this time I would be burnt for ever or that my physical body will disintegrate in billions of quantum particles and I would finally ascend. I could barely move, so stiff and depleted my body was. Carla experienced at the same time this same wave.

The most remarkable of such Source waves is that when they hit the physical vessel, the body elemental immediately enters a state of high alert as if a mortal danger is menacing you. The survival instinct of the body elemental is so all-encompassing that in such a case I need the full power of rational argumentation of my mind in order to calm down this animalistic angst.

As I was listless, I lay down and slept for an hour or so. Carla was also taken away at the same time. As we discussed it later, we were surrounded during our nap by very loving energies, while we received this huge energy blust from the Central Sun Alcyone, that protected us and gave a great consolation to our body elementals. We knew that something huge was happening last night as we could no longer feel as humans. We knew it was the peak of the portal 1.11, which is a follow-up of the stargate 11.11.11., but what actually happened?


After we recovered somewhat from this energy shock, I received an email from Erick late in the evening with the following link:

Breaking news! Solar flare is in the form of DNA – Alien technology! January 11, 2015

This could be one possible explanation.

Then a couple of minutes later I received a letter from Rick here in Canada who wrote: “A message I received several evenings ago from an ethereal contact was “initiating molecular activation“.. This was a very important message followed by an instantaneous download of what it meant; it meant, mass activation for “sleepers“.  And he sent me the following link, which is a partially correct, albeit not very precise description of the LBP in terms of changes in the DNA:

I think that this kind of communication is never at random, but always has a deeper purpose.


In my yesterday’s energy report I mentioned to you that we received lots of codes of information from the Agarthans when they visited us in our apartment two days ago. We are indeed receiving now huge downloads of new codes and information that transforms our energetic structure at the quantum level and makes it more fluid and malleable and brings it into full compliance with the laws of immediate creation. This is the kind of evolutionary leap we are now undergoing in preparation for our final transfiguration.

All these codes have to flow first through the personal fields of the light warriors of the PAT, the new Logos Gods, before they reach the second wave ascension candidates and some other old and ripe souls and prepare them for their ID shift to the new 4D worlds. But we are also infusing Gaia with these codes in preparation for its final move to the new Golden Galaxy.


The explosion of the Great Central Sun Alcyone yesterday evening was the peak of this code transmisson, which began with the New Year and has the purpose to transform the whole energetic edifice of this holographic reality. As Carla observed today, and I have repeatedly mentioned it in my energy reports, our bodies are the most reliable and fine-tuned instruments to gauge every energy wave coming from the HR or the Great Central Sun that transforms this reality. On numerous occasions, and without any exception, such experiences with Source waves, which I have reported in advance on this website, have been confirmed by the Elohim who also gave us additional explanation. This website is a seamless chronicle of the ascension process of Gaia and humanity as it flows through our fields and bodies. There is no other information on this planet that describes the ascension process more accurately and precisely. You should not forget that for a minute.


My interpretation of the yesterday’s energy burst from the Great Central Sun is that it was of pivotal character and has thrust Gaia firmly into the new Golden Galaxy. This means that the energetic quantum structure of humanity and the whole holographic model have now been transformed in a profound and radical manner. From now on the collapse of the old matrix must begin to manifest with a rapid speed and I am very confident that we will experience some very dramatic events in the coming days, whereas one should always bear in mind that linear time is an illusion.

THE SUN – by Zorra of Hollow Earth – ( Yellow Rose For Texas, Take Note )

“The sun is a star, a hot ball of glowing gases at the heart of our solar system. Its influence extends far beyond the orbits of distant Neptune and Pluto. Without the sun’s intense energy and heat, there would be no life on Earth…”



Those of us who have been following Zorra from Hollow Earth for almost four years now, have OFTEN heard him tell us that Helios, known as “our Sun” – is NOT a star… but is a hollow planet.  Zorra has explained that what Earth scientists have classified as “solar flares” is actually a hologram giving the illusion of solar flares and intense heat… to discourage unwanted visitors.We remember on one of our conference calls with Zorra, where he and Zaraya trade bodies, that Zaraya, upon his return to his surface body and the telephone, told us where he had found himself in Zorra’s body:  on Helios!  He told us that the temperature is a moderate 72-degrees. He met the 12th Dimensional Shining Ones, and said their faces were so bright you could not distinguish features.  He also told us he had embraced them, and their energy was very warm and loving.

Zorra has also told us that the heat that we attribute to the Sun is actually caused by the centrifugal force and friction of toxins in our atmosphere. Zorra asks, “If the Sun were hot; why is it cold in outer space??”

So… now, WHY is Helios removing his “mask?”  Zorra has told us, through Zaraya, that it is time for us to be aware of the true nature of our Sun.  It is a hollow planet, just as all of the other planets in our Solar System.  That is why recent photographs have shown spacecraft entering and exiting the Sun.

Once this “message” is complete and fully documented, the hologram will return and the Sun will appear as before.

All is well and all is safe. Nothing to fear.  This “Announcement” by Helios is just the beginning of our Galactic Education!

Twenty Per Cent of Our Sun has Gone…
NASA has No Explanation


“Top and Bottom of Corona
Missing from the Sun Now


… to be continued.

Astrologer David Palmer – Horoscope – Mercury in Aquarius, Full Moon Finish – 1-5-15

The Leo King

Starfire Tor – Solar Wind Hits Earth – Geomagnetic Storm In Progress – Time Shift, Time Line – Edit Activity In Progress – 1-4-15


The solar wind, from that large southern coronal h*** I’ve been keeping an eye on, has arrived and is hitting the Earth right now. Photo from SDO. Although the winds are now only 407.8 km/sec, they have already caused a whopping G7 geomagnetic storm in the northern latitudes. The auroras should be great. Elsewhere in the world, the current solar wind hit has caused unsettled magnetic field conditions. If the solar wind speed rises, then some or all of these areas should rise to the level of geomagnetic storm. Either way, reports coming in indicate that we are experiencing Time Shift activity. So watch for those Time Shift markers.

Here is something else to watch for: Directly Earth facing giant sunspot 2253. Why? Because as it’s positioned, it has the energy to fire off an X flare right in Earth’s direction. Yesterday 2253 fired off an M1 flare, which would have hit us except there was no coronal mass ejection [CME] involved. The M flare’s energy fell back to the sunspot.

As a reminder – Here is a brief summary of what to watch for in Time Shift markers. Due to frequency and time line edit changes associated with Time Shifts there may be Time Shift triggered earthquake, volcano, tornado, weather, and geophysical events. Tech communications may be disrupted, cetaceans may strand or swim wrong way. Auroras will form. Time Shifts create an amplification of paranormal activity, ghost activity, haunting activity, poltergeist activity, apports, synchronicity, psi abilities, time/word/object prompts, deja vu, psychic dreaming, precognition events, awareness of Time Shift Living Dead persons, altered time line events, time line looping, altered terrain, altered structures, altered world events and more.

Learn more about my Time Shift Alerts

Alice Claggett – Incoming Light – 1-3-15

Alice Clagett


Dear Ones,
Diaphanous red and green spheres around the sun, and red and blue cross on 3 January 2015. The beautiful instrumental music is “Prelude No. 2” by Chris Zabriskie, from

In love, light and joy,

I have the copyright on this work (aside from any content I have attributed to others). Any person of good will can use any of the information herein that is mine, with attribution. –Alice B. Clagett © 2014

Georgi Stankov – New Year’s Explosion of the Great Central Sun Alcyone

In the last several days there were numerous reports on the Internet that the sun has dramatically changed its form and outer appearance:, etc.

There are many wild speculations as to what the cause may be and some of you have asked me what my opinion is on this phenomenon. We know though that our sun is simply a portal for the Great Central Sun Alcyone in the Pleiades, from where all Source energy for the Ascension process comes from. This has been the case since the PAT opened the stargate 11.11.11 more than three years ago and enhanced the last most intensive phase in the ascension process of Gaia and humanity.

At New Year’s night Anthony sent Carla the following message, which he has spontaneously received. She asked him for permission to publish it on this website and here it is:

My Dearest Sisters,

The most happy and healthy and prosperous of years to you to us and to the World. I was just texting with Julian when I got this message from HER, the Great Central Sun Alcyone:

The energies of the Great Central Sun are here and hitting the Planet they are the tide of transition that is coming, a wave of huge proportions.
She, the female energy of The Pleiades, is bringing this about. She is now making the cosmic movements that will unset the PTB and make them the PTW.

Her greatest task at this moment is the complete turning on of the Prime wavers who are small in number less than a 1000 and the movement of the 33000 that are the 1st wavers. (under the word “turning on” Anthony most probably means our transfiguration as the PAT is the “prime wavers”; Note, George)

We are to do little to nothing over the next 7 days other than to bring ourselves into a state of grace within and to hold our selves to what we know as truth. No magic, no running to save anything or anyone, no nothing energetically other than possibly uniting our selves together. Come into your own source energies and remain there until the 7th.

All will be made clear!


I checked this message this morning and it very much resonates with what I get from my HS. We are now in the most crucial phase of ascension when this uppermost mother planet is flooded with a tsunami of Source energy from the Great Central Sun Alcyone in preparation for the final ID split of the old 3D matrix and concomitant shift of this timeline to the new 4D worlds. Simultaneously, this will be the time of our ascension.

As you all must sense the energies have been exorbitant in the last days and they are continuing to spiral with the beginning of the new year 2015 – the most auspicious year in the history of mankind, when ascension will take place. You will not experience this whole year in this reality, there should not be any doubt about it. The only question is when we shall ascned, but it feels very close to me.

Since two weeks I get constantly impulses from my HS to prepare for my mission to introduce the new Theory of the Universal Law to this humanity. As already mentioned, I have no idea whether it will be on this timeline before the big events will commence or after Ascension. But the creation of this scenario is happening now and the green flame of healing, truth and science is now flooding this timeline in an all-permeating manner and prepares it for this paradigm shift.

NASA, What Is Interacting With Our Sun? – Yellow Rose For Texas













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Staring at the Sun – NASA takes incredible Solar Portrait – 12-23-14

X-rays stream off the sun in this image showing observations from by NASA's Nuclear Spectroscopic Telescope Array, or NuSTAR, overlaid on a picture taken by NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO). (NASA/JPL-Caltech/GSFC)

X-rays stream off the sun in this image showing observations from by NASA’s Nuclear Spectroscopic Telescope Array, or NuSTAR, overlaid on a picture taken by NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO). (NASA/JPL-Caltech/GSFC)

A NASA telescope designed to probe black holes and the vast expanses of the cosmos has set its sights on the burning heart of our own solar system, capturing the sun in all its high-energy x-ray glory.

The picture is the first image of the sun captured using NASA’s Nuclear Spectroscopic Telescope Array, or NuSTAR.
While the sun is far too bright for other NASA telescopes to gaze at without risking damage to their detectors, NuSTAR’s high end optics – designed to focus X-rays – were more than up to the task.

READ MORE: Vertigo-inducing NASA video shows Orion hurtling through Earth’s atmosphere

According to the agency, solar scientists had first considered using NuSTAR to study the sun around seven years ago, while it was still under construction. Fiona Harrison of the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena was initially skeptical of the idea.

“At first I thought the whole idea was crazy,” said Harrison. “Why would we have the most sensitive high energy X-ray telescope ever built, designed to peer deep into the universe, look at something in our own back yard?”

READ MORE: Galaxies spiral into each other, create spectacular light show (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

She soon warmed to the proposition, however, after David Smith, a solar physicist and member of the NuSTAR team at University of California, Santa Cruz, told her that faint X-ray flashes predicted by theorists could only be seen by NuSTAR.


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Winter Solstice – Important Turning Point – 12-21-14

winter solstice


We experience an important turning point at the Winter Solstice on December 21 at 6:03 PM EST.   And that annual turning point toward more light has more importance than usual as there is a New Moon in Capricorn also on the 21st, at 8:36 PM EST.  

Adding to the importance of this year’s Winter Solstice day is the fact that the transformational planet of awakening, Uranus, will change directions and go Direct that same day- at 5:45 PM EST.

All of these events happen within three hours of one another.  So it will be an especially good time then to be present, to meditate or at least stay aware of this shift.

Last weekend an exact Uranus/Pluto square was experienced in a very profound and powerful way by many people.

There was much intensity and even turmoil for many then.  Emotions were brought up to the surface and expressed.   Truth was spoken and in some cases there was a real breakdown of old thinking or ways of being.

Then afterwards there were breakthroughs and awakenings for some, and for others a facing of some core truths that were difficult to handle.

Much of the intensity has lifted for many now, and there has been a clearing and a greater acceptance of what is real and true.

Now at the Winter Solstice, which will bring an end to the move toward darker days, we feel the turning toward more hope for the future.

But remember that the Winter Solstice brings the Sun into Capricorn, and not long after that the Moon joins the Sun in Capricorn to create a New Moon.

So there are new beginnings and movement forward, but Capricorn is not about immediate gratification or fast movement, and is instead about the long haul, discipline, planning, and a slow building toward one’s goals.

It is true that Uranus, which will also be prominent on the Winter Solstice, is more lightning like energetically, and hence brings a feeling that one has broken some chains, woken up, and is liberated.

Even if you are feeling that, keep aware that even though Uranus is bringing you a quick inspiration or idea or sense of direction, there will be much work to go through and the results are unknown.

It will be a very good time around the Winter Solstice to make intentions and yes even resolutions, but making things stick and truly manifest will take effort and commitment to the process.

These are very transformational times and often now your heart and soul may not agree with what you think is the correct or safest thing to do.

That issue will need to be worked out through time.  It is true that during times of great change as we are experiencing now (and will continue to experience for quite awhile longer) that one’s heart and soul need to lead the way. That is because our heart and soul are connected to the energies that are moving through our world and through us.

But we each need to work on the apparent contradiction between what the heart and soul feel they are driven toward and what will apparently keep our lives feeling safe and secure.

Perhaps you will need to make the drastic change your heart is opening up to, but it is also possible your heart has merely let you know you that you have been asleep and detached from your passions.

You may still be able to bring some heart back into your current situation, or at least find some balance between the seeming opposites.

The energies in Capricorn tell us we will likely need to trust time to bring us the answers at the right time.

Our human family is truly taking a collective ride into new territory together.   Though many will instead say that there is never anything new under the Sun, that history always repeats itself, and that “Groundhog Day” repeat performances is all we can ever expect; they are dead wrong as there is a New Age we are rapidly moving toward.

And the changes will accelerate, especially as we move through late Winter and Spring 2015.

Uranus will square Pluto one more time, on March 16 2015.  A few days later, on the day of Spring Equinox March 20, there will be the first of two eclipses in a row.

Not only will be that be a very powerful and meaningful day, but it will also give a signature of deep transformational change for Spring Season 2015.

In April 2014 there was a Cardinal Grand Cross with Uranus and Pluto mixed within. There were also two eclipses that month.

And the Grand Cross triggered the USA Natal Chart from July 4 1776, as it was at the same exact Cardinal degree as the USA Sun placement that day- 13+ degrees of Cancer.

So there is growingly clearer view of the great changes the USA is going through in order for it to be aligned with the energies and realities of the Age of Aquarius.

Aquarius is about equality and Diversity within Unity.  There can be no Empires or Superpowers in an Age of Aquarius.

There is breaking down of the notion of superiority and privilege, and a greater sense that “we are all in this together”.

Much worldwide change will be triggered by events in the Middle East, and the economy is destined to be drastically changed as well.

With Cuba now being brought into more normal relations with the USA and west, with Iran being brought more into normality with the rest of the world, with Palestine being more and more accepted as its own state, there is much positive movement toward an Age Of Aquarius,equality, and Diversity in Unity.

There is also much awakening toward the need for even greater civil rights and fairness for African Americans, Hispanics and the Gay/Lesbian community. And of course there is a great need to understand the painful plight of so many women around the world.  Ane men are also caught in the chains of conditioning from the old paradigm, dying in wars that are most often fought for monied interests and the privileged.

But there are also many powerful forces that oppose such attempts at reconciliation, justice, and unity. And there is a real culture war developing between many in the Muslim world and the Judeo-Christian world.   And there are many who want the old world to stay at it is, or even to go back to an earlier time.

So during these times of transition, most especially when powerful planetary movements are erupting like Uranus Square Pluto, there will be much light coming through to awaken people to new consciousness and ways of being with one another on Planet Earth.

But there will also be much resistance to the new energies and new world.

That is like worlds colliding, bringing with it big breakdowns and huge breakthroughs.

And in each of our individual lives, we are experiencing similar breakdowns and breakthroughs.

If you truly are staying present and aware, open in your heart and mind, trusting the Universe and your soul’s journey, you will take the ride to your best and authentic self, to more authentic relationships too.

You will also see more synchronicities, signs from the Universe, and magic.

But you may also experience some pain as you resist the new energies, or as you watch old chapters and people or pets from those old chapters die or leave. You may feel anger, grief, being alone, confusion, and disorientation.  But you will be alive and evolving, and being part of a larger community of souls who are transforming just like you.

We are co-creating a new world together and bringing all the opposites together with truth as our guide.

Turn toward the light now as we move through a most important Winter Solstice this year. There is hope if you open your heart to receive it.

BPEarthWatch – COMET LOVEJOY – Brightening Rapidly!



Bashar Archives – Redefining Niburu


 This clip is from the session “Master Tools of Manifestation”

See this and more titles at
© Darryl Anka – Licensed to Bashar Communications – All Rights Reserved


Astrologer David Palmer – Horoscope – Moon on Saturn in -Scorpio -Sagittarius – 12-19-14

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