Meg Benedicte – The Cosmic Release – 3-11-15


Next week on March 16-17th (depending on time zone) will be the final Uranus-Pluto square – initiating more sustainability in all areas of life on planet earth. This square revisits the themes of the Uranus-Pluto conjunctions of the 1960’s and the counter-culture revolution and protests against the controlling, destructive establishment. Society has reached the ‘no pass’ zone of global pollution, war, poverty and pestilence. The rising tide of human desire eschews violence, corruption, prejudice and inequality. We will see more and more evidence of changing trends and populace acceptance of diversity. This last Uranus/Pluto Cardinal square will be felt constantly throughout 2015 and 2016.

For the past 3 years the Uranus-Pluto square held us suspended in a tense hinge-point between progress and destruction. The dual spin polarity created immense stress between those who are contracting, conserving energy, holding onto the past vs. those who are expanding, progressing, and releasing the past. This escalating tension will unlock after March 16-17th with the completion of the exact square…opening the gates for a different future outcome. It resembles a release-valve unlocking all pent-up pressure in a burst of force – so that all stuck energy may flow forward again. This cosmic pressure release will help us ‘purge’ any remaining toxic sludge/karma/ego/entanglement with the Mind Matrix.

Adding to the square’s ‘forceful release’ is Mars joining Uranus at 15 degrees Aries—stepping into the tense Pluto-Uranus square today. Warrior Mars represents masculine assertion and action, so we could see an aggressive push for change on the global stage or in our personal interactions. This carries an ‘accidental warning’ effect – watch your tempers, breathe deeply, and maintain your Still Point during this volatile time.

There is much written about the world-changing Uranus-Pluto square, so I’ll focus on the highlights. Pluto is the planet of evolution, albeit tortuously slow, hidden, underworld, associated with secret societies and the old guard. Uranus is lightning fast, sudden, shocking, revolutionary and life-altering. These 2 planets have been head-locked in a tense square for over 3 years – fighting for control, power and domination. Where Aries and Capricorn are located in your chart will determine where the push-pull battle has been raging.

The waxing square this month acts like spin-point acceleration of the evolution/revolutionary ‘freedom fighting’ started in the 1960’s. Humanity has the opportunity now to shift from a warring, divisive world into a new paradigm of caring connection. Most of the Baby Boomer System Busters were activated at the initial Uranus-Pluto conjunctions in Virgo during the revolutionary 1960’s. We carry within our hearts a pioneering spirit that is passionate about freedom, equality, healthy living, expanding consciousness and service to the greater good. Our energy field pulses with catalytic purpose – it is anti-institution, anti-patriarchal, anti-war, and anti-power elite. We vibrate with Unity Consciousness! We are the embodiment of the revolutionary New Earth.

Our time has come to take more direct action, as the square opens the floodgates for change and transformation. Not only are we experiencing deep inner change in our own psyches but also witnessing massive overhaul of our planetary systems. That which can no longer support progress will fade away. As the Galactic Alignment streams new photonic consciousness into our minds, hearts and DNA, many of us are gradually mutating into more advanced humans. The evolutionary transformation occurs in the energy body/chakra pillar as divine sentient intelligence recodes our thoughts, our biology as well as the crystalline Merkaba Light Body. Those who are awake and actively receptive to the Light infusion are gradually morphing into telepathic, semi-solid Divine Humans. Those who are asleep and unaware of the Cosmic Ascension will require additional time in polarity to learn life lessons of Unity Consciousness.

Over a decade ago I was guided to communicate with my Soul’s Twin embodied as one of the Elders in the Sirian High Council. He was my lifeline here on Earth as I worked thru the Ascension Process to remove all entanglement with the dark, oppressive Matrix. As we move through the steps to reconnect to our eternal Soul Presence and Soul Family/Star origin, we receive unlimited loving support from our loved ones. I felt such comfort and relief when my Sirian Twin streamed the dark, rich indigo blue Sirian Light into my pineal/ 3rd Eye of Horus, activating our psychic connection and Merkaba Light Body.

The Sirians were intimately involved in creating Zep Tepi and the ancient Egyptian Mystery Schools of Alchemy. They communicated the essence of creational templates, sacred geometry and the Metatron activation of the Merkaba. Those Light Bearers with Sirian lineage have a deep understanding of the science of creation, the mind-matter connection, and utilizing Vortex energy within the shifting timelines/grid flux of the multiverse. We are tapping into ancient knowledge of Alchemy beyond the lower 3rd dimensions of matter. This requires extraordinary upgrades to the mind’s capacity to bridge higher dimensional realms and holographic realities.

The Sirian Light frequencies will assist with the activation of the pineal antenna and 3rd Eye lens, forming a spinning vortex magnetic field surrounding the pineal in the brain fluid. With increasing focus, we can download multiple waves of Sirian Light intelligence into our Soul’s portal/pillar as we unlock and extend our divine crystalline Merkaba light vehicle.

In Jan 2010 I was invited to stay with a lovely Starseed couple, the Chapins in Tuscon, and experience their extraordinary Galactic Light Collector they had built in the desert of Arizona. The light collecting panels rose up 5 stories high and required a lift to move you into position. It was the final week of winter that they could reach Sirius and they knew I had a personal connection to this beautiful star. So I hopped on a plane and flew to Tuscon, knowing I was in for an adventure.

For 2 nights I stood on the lift in front of the Galactic Light Collector and soaked in powerful indigo 6D Sirian Light – awakening DNA Consciousness from ancient Sirian-Egypt. For hours I witnessed the deep indigo blue light steaming symbols, codes, images, and intelligence across the panel arrays. At one point I saw the Sirian Light spell across the panels LOVE. It brought tears to my eyes to receive such a beautiful message from our soul family far, far away on Sirius.

I returned to my life in Los Angeles and spent the next 4 months obsessed with translating the Zep Tepi Chamber Activations and how to use the Metatron’s Quantum Vortex of Alchemy. Before 2010 I would silently activate the Quantum Vortex and run it for my clients. Since the trip to Tuscon and my Sirian Light download, I was able to start teaching the mechanics of the alchemy technique. We are so blessed at this particular time to step into the shoes of the ancient initiates – to walk their path, to awaken their knowledge, to perform their alchemy and birth alive a new human race. The Sirian Masters have teamed up with the Galactic Federation and ArchAngels to assist with the human Cosmic Ascension, in providing the Sirian Light intelligence to activate the pineal network to the Great Central Sun, the source of crystalline monad frequencies that fuel our Merkaba Light vehicles.

As the pineal gland receives the Light Code transmissions from Sirius, you will encounter any remaining veils/barriers/membranes/ blockages to the 6D 3rd Eye Chakra. Use the spinning Vortex pineal magnetic field with deep indigo Sirian Light to dissolve, clear and release all illusions of false programming and/or frequency fences in the inner mind. As the pineal ‘lights up’, it will begin to stream an encoded photon laser beam into the 3rd Eye lens – piercing the quantum field of all possibilities. We have the ability and knowledge to significantly transform the world stage, and our curtain call is now!

Lovingly, Meg

Copyright (c) 2015 Meg Benedicte * All Rights Reserved * You may copy and distribute this material as long as you do not alter it in any way, the content remains complete and you include this copyright notice.

Astrologer David Palmer – Mercury Direct, New Moon Prep – 2-12-15

The Leo King

Astrologer David Palmer – Week Jan 21-28 2015 – Mercury Retrograde, Venus in Pisces

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Simon Vorster – New Moon in Aquarius – The 5th Element – 1-20-15

New Moon in Aquarius - The 5th Element - Wake Up World


By Simon Vorster

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

The zodiac does not enact life, it merely reflects it.

The 20th of January marks the arrival of the Sun and Moon into the constellation Aquarius. Another celestial cycle has come to an end and with it comes the unfolding of the next chapter in our current awakened state. It is time to break free from the norms and embrace your own personal liberty.

This month’s cycle brings with it some amazing celestial gifts that I am sure many of you have been waiting for. Although in typical Uranian fashion, the route to accessing the truth that is available is delivered to us in an offbeat and fragmented way…

Julien Wells, Athen Chimenti – Diamonds Forever Show – Sidereal Astrology, Pleiadian Message – 1-2-15

Julien Wells

-Athen’s website:
-Julien’s website:
-Athen gives a bit of background about himself and how he got into Sidereal Astrology
-Julien gives his intro, and what drew him to astrology
-Julien’s first question, why isn’t Sidereal so obvious to most people as being most accurate?
-Western still accurate in some ways, depending on focus
-24 degree variance between the two systems
-Western Astrology was “fed” to the masses
-The Vedic system matches most closely with Sidereal
-The realm of subtle information
-Athen’s partner Rachael’s tarot website:
-Athen gives astrological overview of 2015
-Julien’s “you are your own solar system” metaphorical description
-Brief overview of 2014
-Synastry- astrology of relationships
-Pleiadian views on relationships
-Julien gives his Pleiadian message, speaks with Mistra
-The power in the “youthful vibration”
-Sessions with Julien:, Mastering The Zodiac on Youtube
-Athen gives Natal Chart reading to Elizabeth

Astrologer David Palmer – Horoscope – Mercury in Aquarius, Full Moon Finish – 1-5-15

The Leo King

Winter Solstice – Important Turning Point – 12-21-14

winter solstice


We experience an important turning point at the Winter Solstice on December 21 at 6:03 PM EST.   And that annual turning point toward more light has more importance than usual as there is a New Moon in Capricorn also on the 21st, at 8:36 PM EST.  

Adding to the importance of this year’s Winter Solstice day is the fact that the transformational planet of awakening, Uranus, will change directions and go Direct that same day- at 5:45 PM EST.

All of these events happen within three hours of one another.  So it will be an especially good time then to be present, to meditate or at least stay aware of this shift.

Last weekend an exact Uranus/Pluto square was experienced in a very profound and powerful way by many people.

There was much intensity and even turmoil for many then.  Emotions were brought up to the surface and expressed.   Truth was spoken and in some cases there was a real breakdown of old thinking or ways of being.

Then afterwards there were breakthroughs and awakenings for some, and for others a facing of some core truths that were difficult to handle.

Much of the intensity has lifted for many now, and there has been a clearing and a greater acceptance of what is real and true.

Now at the Winter Solstice, which will bring an end to the move toward darker days, we feel the turning toward more hope for the future.

But remember that the Winter Solstice brings the Sun into Capricorn, and not long after that the Moon joins the Sun in Capricorn to create a New Moon.

So there are new beginnings and movement forward, but Capricorn is not about immediate gratification or fast movement, and is instead about the long haul, discipline, planning, and a slow building toward one’s goals.

It is true that Uranus, which will also be prominent on the Winter Solstice, is more lightning like energetically, and hence brings a feeling that one has broken some chains, woken up, and is liberated.

Even if you are feeling that, keep aware that even though Uranus is bringing you a quick inspiration or idea or sense of direction, there will be much work to go through and the results are unknown.

It will be a very good time around the Winter Solstice to make intentions and yes even resolutions, but making things stick and truly manifest will take effort and commitment to the process.

These are very transformational times and often now your heart and soul may not agree with what you think is the correct or safest thing to do.

That issue will need to be worked out through time.  It is true that during times of great change as we are experiencing now (and will continue to experience for quite awhile longer) that one’s heart and soul need to lead the way. That is because our heart and soul are connected to the energies that are moving through our world and through us.

But we each need to work on the apparent contradiction between what the heart and soul feel they are driven toward and what will apparently keep our lives feeling safe and secure.

Perhaps you will need to make the drastic change your heart is opening up to, but it is also possible your heart has merely let you know you that you have been asleep and detached from your passions.

You may still be able to bring some heart back into your current situation, or at least find some balance between the seeming opposites.

The energies in Capricorn tell us we will likely need to trust time to bring us the answers at the right time.

Our human family is truly taking a collective ride into new territory together.   Though many will instead say that there is never anything new under the Sun, that history always repeats itself, and that “Groundhog Day” repeat performances is all we can ever expect; they are dead wrong as there is a New Age we are rapidly moving toward.

And the changes will accelerate, especially as we move through late Winter and Spring 2015.

Uranus will square Pluto one more time, on March 16 2015.  A few days later, on the day of Spring Equinox March 20, there will be the first of two eclipses in a row.

Not only will be that be a very powerful and meaningful day, but it will also give a signature of deep transformational change for Spring Season 2015.

In April 2014 there was a Cardinal Grand Cross with Uranus and Pluto mixed within. There were also two eclipses that month.

And the Grand Cross triggered the USA Natal Chart from July 4 1776, as it was at the same exact Cardinal degree as the USA Sun placement that day- 13+ degrees of Cancer.

So there is growingly clearer view of the great changes the USA is going through in order for it to be aligned with the energies and realities of the Age of Aquarius.

Aquarius is about equality and Diversity within Unity.  There can be no Empires or Superpowers in an Age of Aquarius.

There is breaking down of the notion of superiority and privilege, and a greater sense that “we are all in this together”.

Much worldwide change will be triggered by events in the Middle East, and the economy is destined to be drastically changed as well.

With Cuba now being brought into more normal relations with the USA and west, with Iran being brought more into normality with the rest of the world, with Palestine being more and more accepted as its own state, there is much positive movement toward an Age Of Aquarius,equality, and Diversity in Unity.

There is also much awakening toward the need for even greater civil rights and fairness for African Americans, Hispanics and the Gay/Lesbian community. And of course there is a great need to understand the painful plight of so many women around the world.  Ane men are also caught in the chains of conditioning from the old paradigm, dying in wars that are most often fought for monied interests and the privileged.

But there are also many powerful forces that oppose such attempts at reconciliation, justice, and unity. And there is a real culture war developing between many in the Muslim world and the Judeo-Christian world.   And there are many who want the old world to stay at it is, or even to go back to an earlier time.

So during these times of transition, most especially when powerful planetary movements are erupting like Uranus Square Pluto, there will be much light coming through to awaken people to new consciousness and ways of being with one another on Planet Earth.

But there will also be much resistance to the new energies and new world.

That is like worlds colliding, bringing with it big breakdowns and huge breakthroughs.

And in each of our individual lives, we are experiencing similar breakdowns and breakthroughs.

If you truly are staying present and aware, open in your heart and mind, trusting the Universe and your soul’s journey, you will take the ride to your best and authentic self, to more authentic relationships too.

You will also see more synchronicities, signs from the Universe, and magic.

But you may also experience some pain as you resist the new energies, or as you watch old chapters and people or pets from those old chapters die or leave. You may feel anger, grief, being alone, confusion, and disorientation.  But you will be alive and evolving, and being part of a larger community of souls who are transforming just like you.

We are co-creating a new world together and bringing all the opposites together with truth as our guide.

Turn toward the light now as we move through a most important Winter Solstice this year. There is hope if you open your heart to receive it.

Astrologer David Palmer – Horoscope – Moon on Saturn in -Scorpio -Sagittarius – 12-19-14

The Leo King

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Daily Astrology Horoscope: Dec 19 2014 Moon on Saturn in Scorpio, then in Sagittarius

Lynda Hill – Learning And Sharing – December: Gemini Full Moon 2014 – 12-5-14

Learning And Sharing: December’s Gemini Full Moon 2014
a message from Lynda Hill

Friday, 5 December, 2014

“December’s Gemini full Moon falls on Saturday, December 6. After so many very stressful lunations (new and full Moons), this full Moon seems to hold a better charge around it. There are some great aspects in this chart, most notably from Uranus, which is sextiling the Moon and trining the Sun and Mercury, which translates to issues of freedom, taking on new things, wanting change, desiring to break free, etc. Uranus can bring about the ability to break free, not just the promise of it. First, though, we may have to defuse a few situations, to take the ‘charge’ out of situations, relationships, our thoughts, etc.

We need to see possibility as there is possibility in this full Moon. Although we are not there yet ,this is a great time to visualise where you want to be in 2015. This full Moon is about letting go of limitations – not only because Uranus can have us wanting more freedom and liberation from constraints, but, also, we have Venus in a lovely trine aspect with Jupiter – with a tip of the hat to the Moon’s nodes. This can be loving, expansive, giving, bring a sense of good fortune and the promise of good times and enjoyment with friends and family. But as always, there is a caveat – a warning – there can be a little too much expansion happening in the form of spending money, throwing caution to the wind, partying, wanting to kick over the traces of the past. All this is good, but Jupiter can have us marching at full force towards our desires when, really, we may benefit from taking a moment to assess what our goals really are and going towards them in a way that is sustainable, approachable and realistic….”


Astrologer David Palmer – Horoscope 12-4-14 – Jupiter Trine Venus Sun Trine Uranus

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Astrologer David Palmer – Weekend Horoscope – Neptune Direct, Moon in Leo and Virgo – 11-4-14

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David Palmer, Astrologer – Weekend Horoscope – Saturn Exits Shadow in Scorpio – 11-1-4

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By Danielle Paige – 5 Ways to Keep Your Sanity During Mercury Retrograde – 10-8-14

By Danielle Paige

We’ve all heard of it…the dreaded time when Mercury goes retrograde. Gulp!

However, what I’m here to tell you may shock you. You see, Astrology is an amazing tool to help you understand how the energies above affect you down here on earth. As you know, there are certain cycles where the energy feels confusing and ungrounded. During those times it’s not uncommon to react emotionally and dramatically affecting both your physical and emotional body.

Fact: Mercury will be retrograde from October 4th – October 25th 2014.

Common reactions: “Ahhhh, OMG, I hate when this happens!”
“My computer is going to break!”
“My boyfriend broke up with me last time!”
“My car broke down!”
“The sky is falling, the sky is falling….”

Sound familiar?

Since all this frazzled energy is a major cause of disturbances in your mind, body, and soul here’s a brief description of what’s really going on behind this so called Mercury Retrograde.

Mercury is the messenger of the zodiac and its energy rules your thinking, speech, communication, technology, and transportation. When this planet goes retrograde it appears to be moving backward. However, it’s not actually moving backward, but from our PERCEPTION here on earth it appears as if it is which disrupts the smooth flow of communication. Think of a cable wire with a hole in it.

As our perception gets skewed it’s not uncommon for things to go a little haywire.

Here are the 5 ways to keep your emotional and physical body balanced during this time:

1. REceive and be Open

As your perception shifts it’s an OPPORTUNITY to receive new information. You may learn something about a person that you might not have been open to hearing during the time Mercury was direct. Take it in, but don’t act on it. Wait until Mercury goes direct to communicate your concerns or new findings.

2. REconnect

When a planet goes retrograde it’s an indicator that something from the past is going to be revisited and with this people from the past often emerge. The past is the past and I’m talking past lives here too. Think about a real soulmate coming into the picture to help you on your journey. I don’t know about you but that sounds nice to me!

3. REdo, REpeat, RE….

This is a good time to go back and REview old projects that you haven’t finished or REvisit something that you’ve been putting off for a while now. It’s about REassessing, REdoing, REarranging….anything that you can put a “re” in front of is a good way to keep your energy grounded during this time.

4. It’s all about the R & R

When Mercury is retrograde it’s not a great idea to sign contracts or to start something new because the energy is as such that you may be missing some information, not seeing all the fine print, or you may be signing something that’s not for your highest good. That being said, if you’re feeling confused and overwhelmed it’s a good time to just stop and allow yourself a celestial nap! Shift your gear into cruise control and take a breather. I realize that life still goes on while Mercury is retrograde, however, this is one of the times that you’re allowed (without feeling guilty) to pause, REflect, and take a mental break. Your soul will thank you for it.

5. Go within instead of without

Mercury retrograde is often a time of heightened intuition and can open you up more than you would like at times. This makes it an opportune time to REconnect with your heart center through meditation and learn to REconnect with your higher self. You can read all the self-help books you want, however, at the end of the day the answers lie within you. The outcome: by the time Mercury goes direct you’ll be ready to take on the world with a whole new perspective.

So there you have it. Yes, there may be some confusion and some electronics may break down during MR, however, think of it as a green light from the Universe to take a step back and REassess any situation. Trust that whatever happens during this retrograde period is opening you up to a greater perspective and vision in life.

About the author: Danielle is an Intuitive Astrologer, healer, and spiritual life coach who blends her trained astrological background with her intuitive abilities to help clients understand their energetic blueprint (i.e. who they are at the core) so that they can live a more fulfilling life. She specializes in helping clients understand their love life, how to balance and resolve their karma, find what their true purpose is in this lifetime, and so much more! She is also a contributing writer for JMag, Jdates online magazine and is the go-to Astrologer for Marilu Henner on the Marilu Show. For more information and guidance on your path you can contact her through her…

David Palmer, Astrolger – Horoscope – 10-9-14 – Fate Train After Lunar Eclipse

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AstrologerCoach – New Moon in Libra – Our Capacity for Balance – Sept/Oct. 2014



Archangel Metatron via James Tyberonn – Mega Equinox of Sept 2014 – Duo of Total Eclipses – Why the World Seems to Be Going Mad – 9-21-14

earth_keeper_logo_1Archangel Metatron via James Tyberonn ~ The Mega Equinox of Sept 2014 and the Duo of Total Eclipses
September 21, 2014 by The Golden Light Channel


Why the World Seems to Be Going Mad

By James Tyberonn, All Copyrights Reserved

Greetings Masters, I am Metatron, Archangel of Light, and I greet you in a vector of hope, and of unconditional love. And so in this session we offer you a unique explanation of the energy encompassing your planet and affecting humanity. It is a confusing time, and 2014 has been a year of change and intensities. We speak with you through the voice of the Angelic via the channel of Tyberonn, and are joined by a collective of energies from the Cosmic Collation of Ascended Masters.

Many of you are viewing the turmoil about you and asking why the world seems to be going mad. We have told you that the Cristos Energy returns to the Earth in 2038. In terms of Polarity this is the energy of Light. What is occurring in the present are the final throes of the dark energy, innate to duality, in a futile attempt to block the return. And we tell you the return will occur and cannot be thwarted.

In the past few weeks the world in macro and micro has seemed intensely chaotic. Wars, violence, injustice and the threats of increasing turmoil are surfacing everywhere, both in individual and mass scenarios. It is a time of the ‘Cosmic Cross-hairs’, with each of you seeming at times perhaps to be in the targeted aim of chaos. It is a time in which differences are highlighted a time in which deviations and disparities are surfaced into clarity in a seemingly chaotic aspect of polarity to pave the way for requisite harmony & unification.

Cosmic Gravities – Truths & Paths

Masters, astrology in its correct application is one of gravitational and electromagnetic waves that influence the human body physical and the etheric bodies of the mental and emotional matrix. It is real, it is not folklore. We are not speaking about horoscopes, rather about very real waves of energy, that are teeming with frequencies, light and colors that effect you by induction and federate patterns. These patterns are vibrations that influence you whether or not you accept that they are real. However no influence is greater than the power of will. But by being aware of the patterns you can more effectively work with and not against the patterns. Accordingly opportunities can be understood and thus seized, and pitfalls can be wisely avoided. Do you understand?

In the New Earth, the Crystalline Grid has taken predominance over the magnetic grid, and this in kind influences both gravities of planets & stars as well as the interpretation of Light. And a force if influence that plays into this energetic collage is that of Divine Thought.

There are patterns of influence from the collective Divine Aspect of Humanity and that termed Universal Mind that are injecting specific patterns through the Crystalline Grid into the Earthplane at apertures formed in phases of eclipses, solstices and equinoxes.

The Current Pattern of Seeming Madness

Accordingly, you are in a unique timing in which planetary influences have combined with cosmic forces that are not normally associated to astrological gravities to create a unique and succinctly intense purging in the paradigm of the New Earth. That termed the shadow, the darkside is in a temporal free-flow for a peculiar period of frequencial time to bring to the surface repressions and frustrations, whether justified or not, to be confronted, viewed and dealt with in the crucible of human experience and manifest reality. That which was hidden or repressed is being percolated to the top. Past transgressions and unresolved conflicts that may have been hidden will surface in this time for facing and responsibly clearing.

It is a time of misunderstanding, of overreaction and illusion. It is an energy underscored by extremes in expression of repression, a backlash of frustrations that may be revealed in a squeeze of untoward, even inappropriate venting in releasing that which was in ‘shadow’.

Divine Purpose

Now before we precede with a more in-depth explanation of the astro gravities permeating the earthplane, let me take a moment to once again tell you that nothing that is happening around you in the present is without purpose. Although opposites (and as such dark energies) exist in duality, good and evil in your terms are purposed illusions. From the higher stance above polarity opposites do not exist, and everything is part of and leads to the greatest good. Earth is a testing ground, and although the experiences you have in duality are very real to you, such essential lessons are designed for your development of co creatorship. You are learning, growing, being taught, and you are teaching yourselves to optimally manage energy, to become conscious co-creators with ‘All That Is’, Creator God in your terms. And one of the “stages of development” or learning processes in the University of Duality includes dealing with opposites as realities, with good and evil. And because these opposites exist in duality, it is requisite that you choose ‘good’ in the path of love.

The struggle between light and dark, good and evil is within you all. Some of you exude light; others of the family of humanity do not as yet. Learning to find unity is part of your curriculum. This represents a unification, and integral whole that you cannot as yet truly grasp in the field of duality because in 3d-duality you largely perceive only portions of reality, not the whole. Opposites are real in polarity, and accordingly you must learn to deal with them.

Do not misunderstand, darkness must be confronted and light must and ever prevails, and although above duality good and evil do not actually exist, they are indeed actualities, as conditions of existence in your system of reality. In rather simplistic terms, concepts of good and evil will in time serve to teach you the sacredness of existence and the responsibilities of consciousness, and provide guidelines along your path.

Now, we are joined at this time by a collective energy to share with you the frequencial conditions on the planet. Give us a moment….

… (Pause)…

Astro Overview

Greetings, and so we share with you that what is occurring in this phase is quite unusual, and involves more than just what may be considered as standardized astrological interpretations, as there are Cosmic influences at play that are directed by forces other than planetary. From a higher stance, it is a purposed cleansing. This interpretation is valid from the period of mid August thru the end of October 2014, for indeed the lingering effects are collated and quite active in the New Earth matrix beyond what may be considered as traditional views, pre 2012.

(Updated Addition) Over the period of the next 5 weeks there will be a powerful Equinox, a Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse and on the New Moon a Total Solar Eclipse. The Sun enters cardinal Air sign Libra on September 22nd 2104.

September Equinox – Monday Sept 22
Mercury Retrograde Begins – October 5-26
Full Moon Lunar Eclipse October 8
New Moon Total Solar Eclipse – October 23
Psychic Clarity Window In the Haze of Confusion – October 8-23
Relationships Redefined – Sept 22 October -23

The Equinox of 22 September

The September Equinox of 2014 is one of the most powerful solar events of the year, and carries a great intensity, a great testing and powerful opportunity of redefinition. It is a perfect time to regain equilibrium from the turmoil that has been reigning since August. In September there are four influential and powerful retrograde planets: Pluto thru September 22nd, Neptune thru November 11th, Chiron thru November 23rd, and Uranus thru the December Solstice (December 21).

And the potent and influential energies of revolutionary independence and the push for change and devolution, such as what has been seen in the UK (Scotland) relates to the Uranus-Pluto square. There is as well as an underlining spiritual awakening from Neptune in Pisces that can work as a double edge in benevolent transformational shift … or on the other hand aggressively pushing for change at any cost, not precluding violence…and to some degree this is influencing the Middle East, although there are many more complexities in this area.

Jupiter-in-Leo is initiating trining Uranus-in-Aries, beginning in the week of the expansive Equinox, (from Sept 19-26)… on September 25th, and this intensity can trigger emotional surges, and surfaces additional releases.

This Equinox is a time to meditate and find priorities. It is embedded in a powerful collation of energies that are testing and redefining relationship.

Masters, what is also occurring especially in the phase of the triad of the 2 extraordinary Total Eclipses and super Equinox, are the codes to enable the fitting and utilization of the expanded 33 chakra system for humanity, a move from polarity into nonpolarity, and this will continue for some time.

The Eclipses:

The Total Lunar Eclipse on October 8 Full Moon is at 15º Aries. It will fall on the star of liberation through expansion. It initiates a period of extreme vision, a time in which clarity can emerge in an extraordinary window, piercing thru the delusion that has pervaded this unusual phase of energy. An energy of liberation is projected. Much of the sense of liberation, the ‘release of chains’ is the Uranus influence. This Full Moon Total Eclipse can work in a positive or negative means, either peacefully in transformation or in triggering a more aggressive response, even violence in political stages .It is a very powerful time and the intensity will be felt. It should be utilized wisely and employed for prayerful intent in co creatorship.

The Total Solar Eclipse on the New Moon October 23 2014 is at 0º Scorpio. It is conjunct the planet of Venus. This Solar Eclipse emphasizes issues of responsibility of enacting clarity around spiritual values and the use of psychic vision. This will also allow for re-calibration of belief system programs and will reveal imbalanced ego aggrandizements, a delusionary force that removes one from accurate vision and negatively neutralizes one’s ability to use ones psychic abilities in clarity. It is also a powerful time to review negative attitudes that may have been hidden, and are hindering relationships.

The Mercury Retrograde of October 4-25: This is an unusual retrograde and it occurs in the air sign of Libra. As ever, relationships are emphasized within Libra. This is encapsulated in the rare current frequency on the planet. This retrograde of Mercury in Libra will encompass redefining relationships with partners, friends and loved ones. But in this phase, one will also be required to confront relationship with self.

Issues of self denial, self aggrandizement and self worth will be faced and redefined. Old issues may need to be confronted. Although communication is normally clouded in Mercury retrogrades, there is a rare and specific ‘homeopathic’ element to this retrograde of Mercury in which clarity of obstacles in relationships, both to others and self may be seen clearly, although in an intense edging that purposely reveals short comings. Tread lightly, but take time, especially during the eclipses to review. Taking clear review and decisive action to heal any areas of dysfunction in your close partnerships is emphasized from late September (Equinox) through the tandem eclipses….and is focal in the retrograde. Take care not to allow this opportunity to fall into argumentation for it allows unusual clearings if approached in wisdom.

Dear Humans, All of this is taking place at a time in which coronal mass ejection (solar winds), the fixing of the solar reversal and the amplification of the September Equinox exaggerate already spiked emotional oscillations. The Saturn Mars conjunction, the Venus New Moon Square to Mars, the emerging of Pluto in Sagittarius and Mercury movement into Pluto are part of the energetic cocktail that has opened the ‘basement’ door to allow for the escape of hidden shadow and repressed feelings, even dark emotions. Within this specific and quite unique collation of energy, that termed the dark energy finds an opening. In phases of this frequency the red energy of Mars will sweep the planet, compounded by adverse angles of other planets…and emotions are easily mal-affected, and can tend to flow into what you terms as the illogical and negative. Therefore it is imperative that you act wisely and do not over react.

Those of you who utilize the energy of gemstones in application to the aura are advised to wear gems of purple and blue, thus converted red to a higher frequency in this scenario.

Reality Checks

Now, in this energetic frequency, Neptune adds an extreme illusionary influence. Those prone to delusion, to occasional grandiose misconceptions or mirage of aggrandized fantasy will find that drossy veil opened wide into false dream worlds, and these temporarily lost dreamers may well bite the hand that attempts to wake them. Reality checks offered from even the best intent may result in a confusing, unexpected counterpunch or rejection.

It is a time in which even the pure of heart may reject seemingly good willed advice, much less intervention. It is a phase in which any figure of authority, right or wrong, may be seen as interfering.

A rebellious attitude is given leeway, in Mars, even among those not normally fractious, and may influence one to take steps in this rather cloudy frequencial phase that would not have otherwise seemed logical. So keep in mind this unusual energy can influence all. The inner ‘coyote’ is released. The teacher has left the room, and the students are on their own, mischief applies as the rules are not as enforceable in this misty frequency. Many of you will act in ways that are unexpected and unusual, well outside your normal pattern, as constraints are lifted in this influential gravity. Those factions and individuals that are tied to negative aspects of revenge or any negative tainting may be prone to act in extreme measures during this phase.

Pluto comes into play in this juncture. Concepts of not being recognized, of ideas being excluded, rejected, of being passed over or repudiated in any manner. This applies in macro to ideologies, religions, countries or groups that feel their ‘power’ is not realized or has been diminished. Religions that allow for violence or condone aggression fall into this category. Groups and individuals that feel repressed will find a venting opportunity.

And so it is important in this time to measure twice and cut once. Take time before acting….and reconsider your actions before taking them. In kind allow for leeway among friends and family, for misunderstandings can more easily occur. Allow for honest expression, even if it feels disagreeable or out of character.

Crucible Effect

Deep feelings that were not previously felt, suppressed or hidden will surface in this timing. Inner truths are being sought, and it is sometimes through misaction that one’s own limitations are brought to surface.

In this energy actual feelings that may or may not be considered or meritorious come out. These may come from ones personal ‘ Pandora Box’. These may be seemingly hostile feelings, emotions of jealousy, anger & greed. There may be unexpressed emotions of dislike of another, or irritation from a long passed confrontation or issue that bursts out unexpectedly in a ‘Freudian Slip’ toward an ally, family member or acquaintance….something that just pops out that surprises both sides.

Dear Human, any frustration you felt, something you may have wanted to express but did not, a comment you wanted to make but held back (and it became a festering feeling you buried) bubbles out in this energy. The silver lining is that it allows an opportunity for the air to be cleared.

Facing What Emerges

The positive outcome is that the surfacing of many of the issues you have hidden, swept under the rug, denied, avoided , ignored, feared about yourselves, about life, about others, about relationships, about mentality of lack , of not having enough can be revealed and thus become a trigger for an opportunity to release and become a greater carrier of light. To one degree or other impurities will surface in this frequency.

But again it must be realized that not everything that surfaces is correct. Many suppressed hostilities may not be accurate or true feelings, and thus the revelation of their surfacing can be a double edged sword. Honest emotion of an inaccurate response can still hurt…the positive is that you confront it, but you must leave room for consideration of whether or not it was just.

Saturn in Scorpio reveals the hidden secrets and Mars in Saturn puts them in full spectral view, placing feet to the fire in your vernacular, and rings the bell. And thus sets up the opportune challenge of clearing in a scenario that cannot be easily denied. Confrontation is required.

On an individual level, this may be a phase prone to seeing all you dislike in others to varying degrees. And for those of you that are at times in more of a solitary environ this same energy may mirror, may turn inward into an overly critical self review that can become akin to self condemnation. Keep in mind that while self review is very important, the goal of self review is to make corrective adjustments, not to punish the self. It is not virtuous in any review to denigrate or condemn self, because you feel you have made an error, acted inappropriately or not lived up to your best behavior in any given circumstance.

Now, the energy phase in September, even prior to, even before the actual backward movement of Mercury contains the aspects & characteristics of the full blown retrograde. This will be felt from September 22nd. And this energy can be used wisely to self calibrate.

However there is within this specific phase and frequential field a potent influence to become overly critical. To become gloomy and depressed. So we urge you to take note, for this energy should not be allowed to lead you into energy of persecution, of negative condemnation, either of others or self. Rather it is to be used as an opportunity purge and learn what is accurate, what no longer serves, and what is beneficial in your life.


This is a time that can be used wisely, albeit patience and wisdom are important to temper and guard the gates. Relations can be tested and redefined for the greater good. Obstacles can be seen in the crucible and brought and removed up to clear the way. This energy will prevail through the Equinox and into the Total Full Moon Lunar Eclipse of October 8 and the Solar Eclipse of October 23. Keep in mind these have a wider frequencial l influence than just the days of apex, eclipses and indeed all astrological gravities and amplifiers extend for elongated periods. The asteroid that is passing near you earth is an incredible amplifier and teamed with the Solar Winds and Equinox, are creating exaggerations that further amplify the planetary forces.

Use this time wisely. There will be a natural surfacing of emotions you term as negative, whether these emerge as guilt, shame, jealousy or anger, do not allow them in this energy to result in actions of attack, vengeance or violence. All humans have faults and in this phase, these are revealed and can be released. The shadow is revealed, and can be turned into light….and that is the higher aspect of what is herein purposed.

We honor you and offer our blessings and deepest love on you path.

…And So it is…

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Malcolm – Fall Equinox 2014 And Basic Astrology – Pluto Goes Stationary – An Act Of Deception May Get Revealed Per Areas Ruled By Pluto – 9-13-14


The Fall Equinox takes place with the Sun at 0 degrees Libra, and it simply means that the Sun “crosses the Earth’s equator” relative to its 23 degree axis tilt and proceeds to move to the lowest (or most southern) point of per direct lineup with Earth; this is assuming the North Pole is the point you decide to be “superior” in position.  This southern movement of the direct lineup between Sun and Earth continues until it reaches the Tropic of Capricorn, which is 23 degrees south of the equator (and this event is known as Winter Solstice, with the Sun at 0 degrees Capricorn).  

These two points (along with the 0 degrees Aries and 0 degrees Cancer points) are referred to in advanced astrology as “the world points” or “the cardinal points,” and they have a lot to do with events that may have an effect on the world or during the season that commences on the passage of the Sun through these points, and these four points define the four seasons as the Sun conjuncts these points.  Hence, the first day of fall is Fall Equinox (with the Sun at 0 degrees Libra), winter begins per winter solstice (with the Sun at 0 degrees Capricorn, around December 22), then the Sun moves north after reaching the Tropic of Capricorn until it crosses the Equator again for spring equinox (which is when the Sun equals 0 degrees Aries, and this is near March 22), and continues to move north of the equator until it reaches the Tropic of Cancer near June 22 (otherwise known as summer solstice).  Then the Sun moves south, and crosses the equator for fall equinox (around September 22).  Again, the movement of the Sun up and down relative to the Earth’s equator is due to the 23 degree tilt; this is why the northern hemisphere has winters while the southern hemisphere has summers, and vice-versa. It is all about which part of the Earth is receiving more or less sunlight relative to the position of the Sun with the Earth.  This is why the areas of Earth in-between the Tropic of Cancer and Tropic of Capricorn will always have the greatest mean temperature compared to areas outside the two tropic zones; these areas in between the tropics receive the most sunlight year round.

Here’s the chart of Fall Equinox 2014 below:


Fall Equinox 2014 will feature the Midheaven (MC) conjuncting the star of Sador.  This star is related to aviation, birds, the arts, and the Christian cross.  The Ascendant is conjunct the star of Hoedus I, and this rules “happiness but also rules situations beyond one’s control,” as well as public service. This may define some sort of “event in the air or above ground,” or event related to Christianity in some way. 

Note that Pluto is going stationary in the seventh house (and a strong square between Mars in the sixth and Neptune in the tenth is going on as well).  This could define some crisis or act of deception (or “disappointing” action, depending on your perspective) to take place in areas ruled by Pluto.  These areas include banking, insurance, finance, intelligence gathering or actions of intelligence agencies, organized crime, or secret scientific research.  Combined with the Midheaven and Ascendant definition, this can define an intelligence or a government “false flag operation” involving  jets, accidents in the air, or possible military involvement that will involve airspace of others. Hence, there is a possibility for a military air strike or an aviation event, as well as a possible accident or disaster due to a disappointing action or unexpected activity. And let’s not rule out financial institutions or organized crime (or both), as this falls under the definition of Pluto, which may get the lions share of astrological meaning with this event due to it going stationary.  This may define a financial scandal or fraud getting exposed.

The Horoscope of the Central Intelligence Agency And It’s Potential For Improper Speculation With The Fall Equinox 2014 Chart

The C.I.A. started at 5:00 AM on July 26, 1947, with President Harry Truman waking up at 5:00 AM (as he always did) and signing The National Security Act of 1947, which included the provisions for the start of the Central Intelligence Agency.  The chart is below:

Now lets look at the Fall Equinox 2014 chart laid over the C.I.A. horoscope:

The Moon usually rules “the people, population, or the employees” on a mundane chart, and the Fall Equinox 2014 chart has an exact midpoint of North Node / Jupiter equal to the Fall Equinox Moon.  This can define people or population (or employees) that may be involved or connected with “finance, religion, or travel.”  Note that the Equinox Moon (in the C.I.A.’s third house of communications and local travel) is in a hard square with the natal C.I.A. Mars in the eleventh house  (“activity or action involving associates, aspirations based on actions”).  This can represent a conflict involving the C.I.A. and an international population, or involving the C.I.A. employees themselves (or their associates, as defined by Mars in the C.I.A. eleventh).  Also note that the midpoint of the square between the Equinox Mars and Equinox Neptune is very close to the C.I.A. midpoint of Ascendant / Venus, and this can define a public relations disaster or disappointment with an important friend or ally. Finally, note the quincux between stationary Pluto in the C.I.A.’s sixth house of criticism and the C.I.A.’s natal Saturn in the C.I.A. first house of expression to others.  This quincunx is sharp, and usually defines a tension relative to “a slight depression” or “a difficult time for a positive transformation to manifest.” 

Mars rules the ego, and this planet will be forming a conflicting square with Neptune this Fall Equinox of 2014. Neptune rules disappointments and deception, and disappointments involving one’s ego (as well as the egos of the individuals running governments) is an overall possibility to watch for this fall. Hence, there may be an astrological message here regarding some interesting times this fall with people in government (as well as ourselves) learning about why we need to be careful with the expression of the ego.  Let’s hope that nations and people can get along and be honest and open with each other, as it is better to build things and build relationships rather than to destroy such.  Weapons are best when they are locked up in a safe for one’s own defense of their life or the lives of their people, as opposed to the defense of a few selected individuals with egos that are clearly out of control.

Love to all,


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Archangel Metatron via James Tyberonn – Why the World seems to be Going Mad – An Astrological Energetic Overview – 9-7-14

The Golden Light Channel

Archangel Metatron via James Tyberonn, /





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Malcolm – Full Moon For July 2014 – Cardinal Cross Forms With North South Nodes, As Well As Mars – Possible Peace Breakthrough? – 7-11-14



This will be the last Full Moon before Jupiter leaves the sign of Cancer and enters the sign of Leo.  Leo rules speculation and entertainment, and with Jupiter ruling expansion and good luck, I am sticking to my guns that the next year will feature a memorable bull market movement in the U.S. stock market before an equally memorable panic follows this bull market.  


The July Full Moon will feature the Sun conjuncting the star of Castor (“violence and mischief”) and the Moon will be conjuncting Dheneb (“ability to command and martial arts”).  It will form a cross with the North and South Nodes, with Mars near the North Node. The South Node is near Kudah Alkurah (“kings, rulers, judges, and injuries of war”) and the North Node is near the star of Spica (“the fortunate one”) with Mars nearby.  

The star of Al Pherg (“steadiness and success with determination”) will be overhead in the District of Criminals chart that I provided below (on a Saturday). The Star of Praesaerpe (“murder, tragedy, fires”) will be rising at seven degrees Leo.  

As inferred earlier, Mars will be conjunct the star of Spica (“the fortunate one”). Mercury is conjunct the star Menkalinan (“ruin, disgrace, violent death”), Venus is conjunct the star El Nath (“weapons of war, luck, success”),  Jupiter is conjunct the star Aludra (“charitable and good hearted”),  and Pluto is conjunct the star Nunki (“truthfulness, optimism, foreign affairs”). 



Interpretation And Prediction

This will be a tough call (as usual). But because of the overlapping of violent and military-related star energies mixing with star energies of wisdom, peace, and success (and with the Nodes in houses that are related to “pen and paper” (third house) and “the law or philosophy” (ninth house), there is a possibility of either important mundane treaties or agreements for peace to be made (hopefully) OR breakdowns in mundane treaties and agreements related to peace or international agreements. It is possible that some important breakthrough in settling a major conflict may take place (and yes, there are many such conflicts going on).  Either way, expect something important to take place regarding treaties and agreements affecting two or more countries.

Pray for peace.

Love to all,


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Mahala Astrology .com – Planet Alert July 2014 – Mercury Has Gone Direct – The Great War That Has Been Going On In Our Galaxy For So Long Is Finally Coming To An End – 7-6-14


Thank goodness Mercury has gone direct. I don’t know about you but it was an awesome event for me. All kinds of emotional stuff from the past came up for me to look at and release. I know many people experienced letting go of old stuff, which started big time on June 23 and continued until June 29 when the energy finally broke.


I woke up a couple of days ago and realized that Jupiter has been in Cancer, one of the most emotional water signs of the zodiac, for the past year. I think we went through some kind of water-emotional clearing for this past year. Jupiter went into Cancer in June of 2013 and this was when the cycle started. No wonder there have been so many people in chaos. The last time Jupiter was in Cancer was September 11, 2001 and that started a major change on Earth, which has lasted for a little over 12 years. Now we will be starting a new cycle when Jupiter moves into Leo on July 16, 2014.


Leo rules the heart. The positive energy from this sign will be the opening of people’s heart chakras big time. The negative part of this energy could be more heart attacks for people who have closed their heart chakras because of being hurt so much in the past. Sometimes it takes a heart attack for people to open their heart chakra. There must be an easier way to do that. Maybe we can focus on our heart chakras from a meditative state and see it open up like a beautiful pink rose.


Another thing that it is time for us to do is to love ourselves. That is the most important thing we can do right now. I remember the song we used to sing in our church. It was called “I love myself the way I am, there is nothing I need to change. I am beautiful and wonderful and the best me I can be.” Once we learn to love ourselves we will be able to ‘Think With our Hearts’ all the time. What a beautiful world we can create if enough of us learn to totally love ourselves.


Ascension comes from within. We are creating from the inside out. When we perceive that someone is doing something to us, it is just a reflection of what we have created. For many years we have been creating from our subconscious mind and wonder why what we want does not manifest. This is why we have had to release all our old programing so we can become clear channels for God’s love. And who is God-We are. The crystal spark from God is within all of us and is hidden within the sacred chamber of our hearts. This is why it is so important to start thinking with our hearts and to totally love ourselves.


Before we are born we create what we choose to experience in this life-time, and then we are born at the time we choose to come into this Earth plane. This is why Astrology works. It can be used as a road map for what we choose to experience. And then we have the choice of either experiencing the positive or the negative energy of the planets. We have been living in a duality system for a long time and that has been very difficult, especially if you have an afflicted or hard chart. Even the hard charts can be neutralized by love because love is all there is. Now we are on the verge of experiencing Unity Consciousness, or at least some of us are ready to do that because we have been releasing old stuff for so many years.


The Great War that has been going on in our galaxy for so long is finally coming to an end, and the end part is being played out on the Earth. The Earth is still in 4D because that is where the war is being fought. The controllers live on the 4D Earth and they use people who are negative thinking to control us. Once we finish up this war cycle, control will cease to be a problem for those who are manifesting 5D and higher energy. I believe peace will be a manifestation of the 5D Earth. Some people might choose to stay in 4D and continue fighting for a long time because they haven’t learned yet that you don’t win by fighting. You just have to come back to another 3D planet to learn that is not the way to go.


Once we have completed the Ascension process we will be able to manifest energy from 3D to however high we wish to go. We will be considered a miracle to the rest of the Galaxy because we will be the newest and the best creation of the whole Galaxy. Now that is something to work toward. It’s my understanding that 6D is on the frequency of magic and miracles and this is happening all around us right now.


The sun will make a conjunction to Jupiter on July 24, and will square Mars the next two days. Around this time we will probably see more troop movement in the Middle East, or the Ukraine because those areas are ruled by Scorpio and that is where Mars will be moving to on July 25th. Mars and Jupiter also rule the financial system and there might be some kind of money crisis at that time, along with the war in the Middle East, and more fires.


For two months Mars and Saturn will be together in Scorpio. This will not be a good time for the Middle East, which includes Israel. Saturn is the karmic planet and most of the people who live there are living out their karma, one way or another. Saturn has been over the Middle East for two years now and will move into Sagittarius on December 24, 2014. Mars will move into Sagittarius on September 13, 2014.


I had been pondering why the Islamic group that is moving into Iraq call themselves I.S.I.S. I know that it stands for the Islamic State Iraq Syria, but it still spells ISIS who is one of our creator goddesses. Then I got it. The renegade part of the Islamic race has been treating their women in a horrible way for a long time and has totally suppressed them. This is symbolic of the way woman have been put down for thousands of years, at least two thousand years or more, and this group wants to keep it that way. This is the real reason they are fighting, and of course they also want to rule the world.


The Goddess energy started coming in on July 11, 1991 when Regulus, the Royal Star of the Lion moved into the sign of Virgo, which is the goddess. This is the only sign in the zodiac that has a woman as its symbol. Venus is considered the planet of love and rules the goddess/love energy, and Neptune is the higher vibration of the goddess energy. We have been working since 1991 to bring women back into their power and to manifest love in our life.


Neptune is considered by Astronomers to be a giant ball of ice. The movie Frozen was all about the destruction of Neptune that happened millions of years ago. Neptune was the first planet created in our solar system and there was a mind war there that destroyed the planet. The planet still existed but it became frozen. After seeing this movie it means to me that Neptune is finally healed, and now it is time for the Earth to be healed. As above, so below! And the ending song was ‘Let it Go, You don’t need it anymore’. Isn’t that what we have been doing for many years now? It’s finally time for everyone to come into their power and to love themselves. We are needed on this beautiful blue ball called Earth.


We are once again experiencing the Cardinal Cross. It happens on July 4-5, and I heard on Coast to Coast that four time-lines are coming together on July 7. I don’t know if we will experience anything on that day although this will start bringing in Unity Consciousness. The energy will continue to be very intense and things of a negative nature may happen. Please don’t get caught up in the war vibration, either personal or worldwide. Thinking and focusing on it is not the way to go. The way to go is to just be who you are, which is a great Being of Light. Manifest love; don’t think about the past, we don’t need it anymore. Live in the Now! Be happy and laugh a lot. Laughter can do a good job of changing any vibration to one of joy. We are here to co-create Heaven on Mother Earth. So Be It!



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