PAULINE BATTELL – Memories of the Maldek Evacuation – Rananda Kumara @ Opening The Gate To Christ Consciousness – 12-4-15

Rananda Atlantean crystal



The planet Maldek used to orbit the Sun between the planets Mars and Jupiter and was an upper 4D planet with a civilization that was more technologically advanced than that of the Earth today. They had advanced space travel based on crystal technology, and could cross the entire the Solar System in moments. They also had crystal laser weapons like the “Star Trek” phasers.

There was a scientific community and a military community on that planet, and the scientific community would invent things for the military to use. I remember living lives in both communities. During one life in the scientific community, I remember discovering a deposit of a mineral that could only be described as “levitation stone”. I demonstrated it to the military governor and led him to the site of the deposit.

The planet was very cold, being further from the Sun than the planet Mars, and the populace, which numbered only a few hundred thousand, lived underground as they do on most planets with an extreme climate. Their homes were heated by geothermal heat from the planet’s core.

The Maldekians used crystal technology in the propulsion and guidance of their craft and in their laser weapons and tools, and they fought a war with another Star Race over the crystal mining rights on the moons of the outer planets. I was involved in this war as a sort of space cadet in the military during one life, and narrowly escaped with my life when I turned up late and the patrol that I should have been with was ambushed and everyone was killed.

The Maldekian men were bald with a long nose and large eyes that had evolved from living underground. The women were very beautiful with short hair that grew upward on top of their head, like a long crew cut.

ART : Bead - by Escume @ DeviantArt

Maybe I should make it clear at this point that I was not truly a Maldekian, although I had lived several lives on that planet. I was GFL “Ground Crew”, but didn’t know this until my final life on Maldek. During that life, I was contacted by the GFL and was told that I was one of their “Ground Crew” members on Maldek and made aware of the other Ground Crew members, most of whom I already knew and communicated with. The GFL voiced their concern that the Maldekian government had refused to abandon their development of nuclear weapons after being warned by them, many times, of the danger of continuing to test them. I was told that this would result in the destruction of their planet, and that I should get the others together and prepare to evacuate, so I contacted all of the other Ground Crew members and told them of the message from the GFL. We came together and formulated an evacuation plan.



Wes annac – Dwarf Galaxies Found Orbiting The Milky Way, Like Galactic Moons – 3-16-15


From Higher Perspective, March 15, 2015

The illustration you see above maps out the previously discovered dwarf satellite galaxies (in blue) and eight of the newly discovered candidates (in red) as they sit outside the Milky Way. The image was put together by Yao-Yuan Mao, Ralf Kaehler, Risa Wechsler (KIPAC/SLAC)

Astronomers were stunned by the discovery of nine potential dwarf galaxies orbiting our galaxy. It marks the largest number ever discovered at once. The findings were published in two studies available on arXiv.

Dozens of dwarf galaxies were spotted in 2005 and 2006 above the northern hemisphere. The nine new galaxies were found in a small patch of sky above the southern hemisphere near the Large and Small Magellanic Clouds. These galaxies are about a million times smaller and a billion times dimmer than the Milky Way itself. This makes them a challenge to find.

“These results are very puzzling,” Cambridge’s Wyn Evans says in a news release. “Perhaps they were once satellites that orbited the Magellanic Clouds and have been thrown out by the interaction of the Small and Large Magellanic Cloud. Perhaps they were once part of a gigantic group of galaxies that—along with the Magellanic Clouds—are falling into our Milky Way galaxy.”

“Dwarf satellites are the final frontier for testing our theories of dark matter,” Vasily Belokurov of Cambridge explains. “We need to find them to determine whether our cosmological picture makes sense.”