5 Vegetarian Thanksgiving Recipes You Have To Try – by Peoples Trust Toronto – 11-13-15

Vegetarian recipes for Thanksgiving.

Chicken pot pie is a classic of the holiday season, leaving vegetarians feeling fairly left out when they can’t cut into a piece of the warm and rich comfort food. But this recipe offers up roasted pumpkin, carrots, celery, kale, and white kidney beans as the main ingredients instead.


5 Vegetarian Thanksgiving Recipes You Have To Try   –   by Peoples Trust Toronto   –   11-13-15



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Abraham Hicks – An illness is just the result of your daily choices of thoughts – and you can change that! – 8-25-15

If you get a diagnosis that is not what you want to hear,the tendency is to say, ‘Oh, my god! How did I get so far away from something I want so much?’

And we say, it isn’t big like that at all it’s just a series of little things. It is the, ‘I could choose this thought which feels good, or this thought which doesn’t feel so good… But I’ve developed a pattern for what doesn’t feel good. And so, it is the daily dose of not being in the receiving mode that keeps me not in the receiving mode.’


Abraham Hicks, 24/3 2001


Christina Sarich – The Right to Grow Your Own Food Is Being Hijacked by the Federal Government – 8-9-15

food0-garden-crops-produce-735-350By Christina Sarich, Natural Society, August 8, 2015

In a document quietly signed into law a few years ago, your right to grow your own food was surreptitiously taken away and given to the Federal government through the right of ‘seizure’ given to the Feds, by the Feds. Was this a preemptive strike to make all Americans dependent upon corporations like Monsanto, Syngenta, Dow, Bayer, etc. for food?

The document is titled executive order 13603: “National Defense Resources Preparedness.” In this 10-page document the federal government declares its right to seize control of many things – from ‘all forms of energy’ to ‘all useable water sources’ – and perhaps most alarming:

“All commodities and products that are capable of being ingested by either human beings or animals.”

That means food.

Though orders like these have admittedly been issued at different times since the Cold War, they smack of totalitarian control over all the vital resources of our nation – right down to the organic broccoli or non-GMO potatoes that you might want to grow in your own backyard should the DARK Act pass.

This isn’t the only legislation that we should be wary of, though. Bills S.425 and H.R.875 were introduced both in the House and Senate of the US Congress by Democrat Rosa DeLauro. This is concerning because Rosa De Lauro is married to Stanley Greenberg, who is Chairman and CEO of Greenberg Quinlan Rosner Research.  This entity has carried out work for Biotech company Monsanto.

Fortunately, Bill S.425 and H.R. 875 were not enacted, but they were attempts by Big Ag to instill a total monopoly over our food supply.

In fact, the primary aim of these bills is to completely industrialize all food production in America. If these bills or future similar bills (like the DARK Act) are implemented, it would be illegal to grow food in our gardens, and even illegal to give that food away to our friends and family.

Other parts of these bills attempt to restrict and control the usage of valuable minerals and vitamins that have proven beneficial effects on people’s well-being. You can bet that Big Pharma had its say in developing those portions. Or are Big Ag and Big Pharma really just one in the same?

You can come up with your own conclusion, but the political breadcrumbs are there for those with eyes to see.

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Found at:  http://cultureofawareness.com/2015/08/09/christina-sarich-the-right-to-grow-your-own-food-is-being-hijacked-by-the-federal-government/

Steven Bancarz, @ Spirit Science .net – Bio-Energetics – Questions To Ask Yourself If You Have Physical Pain, Sickness, Or Disease – 7-26-15

Spirit Science .net   –   Bio-Energetics  –   Questions To Ask Yourself If You Have Physical Pain, Sickness, Or Disease   –   7-26-15

The physical body is a vehicle for your emotions, spirit, and psychology, and as such it will always react and response to what is happening to you internally.  Raised by Western philosophy and Western medicine, our first thought when we get sick is “What medication should I take to alleviate my symptoms?”.

Through my recent journeys through physical illnesses of main kinds, I am starting to realize that bio-decoding lies at the heart of healing.  Bio-decoding is the act of treating your physical symptoms as signposts pointing towards psychoemotional issues.  Unhealed emotional wounds and emotional blockages lie at the heart of chronic diseases.  Nutrition plays a huge role as well, but everyone is starting to experience health in a much more holistic way, and science is beginning to catch up with this.

Dr. Susan Babel, a psychologist that specializes in trauma-induced depression, wrote in Psychology Today, “Studies have shown that chronic pain might not only be caused by physical injury but also by stress and emotional issues.”

Many people are already familiar with the fact that emotional stress can lead to stomachaches, irritable bowel syndrome, and headaches, but might not know that it can also cause other physical complaints and even chronic pain. One logical reason for this: studies have found that the more anxious and stressed people are, the more tense and constricted their muscles are, over time causing the muscles to become fatigued and inefficient.

“More subtly, one might develop psychosomatic symptoms or stress-related symptoms because of unresolved emotional issues”.

“Often, physical pain functions to warn a person that there is still emotional work to be done, and it can also be a sign of unresolved trauma in the nervous system” she continued.  So what should we do next time we are sick or ill?  Try asking yourself the following questions and see if any of these resonate with you.

1. Am I being honest with myself?

2. Am I holding on to something I am growing out of?

3. What are my REAL intentions for my ambitions and goals in life?

4. Am I being guided by my ego, or by my true self?

5. Am I healed from being bullied in my childhood?

6. I am healed from my parents abusing me?

7. Do I have self-love for myself or self-hate?

8. Am I holding grudges against anyone, including myself?

9. Am I resisting change?

10. Do I feel trapped or caged in by the relationships I am in?

11. Am I expressing myself properly or do I suppress emotions and feelings?

12. Do I give myself permission to be true to myself?

13. Am I honoring my commitments?

14. Am I listening to my intuition?

15. Am I following my heart?

Chances are, a few of these questions resonated you at a deep level, and you will be surprised at how quickly you will heal when you address underlying psychoemotional factors.   Sometimes, it doesn’t even require you to fully heal from psycho-emotional issues in order for your physical illness to heal.  It only requires for you to look, be honest, allow yourself to feel it, and shine the light of your consciousness on it.

The physical is a manifestation of the spiritual, and what happens at a cellular level is a manifestation of what is happening at a psycho-emotional level.  Sometimes, a physical diseases is your Higher Self’s way of telling you to slow down and take a look at something.  Diseases can actually be looked at as potential solutions if we are willing to look deep enough into ourselves to see if there is any energetic blockages preventing our body from operating optimally.

The next time you feel illness come on, don’t reject treatment, but in addition to treatment zoom out and take a look at your energetic state.  Is it conducive to Life Force? Is it aligned with the highest version of yourself?

Thanks for reading!

Steven Bancarz

Team Spirit

Max and Lana – 21 Tips for Light Workers – Understand, Minimize, Avoid Depression – 5-13-15


Max and Lana

21 Tips for Light Workers To Better Understand, Minimize, or Avoid Depression

When molecules of water are subjected to higher frequencies in order to raise their own, they become a higher or more intense expression of themselves in both structure and behavior.

Since water comprises over 80% of the human body, the same is true for people of higher frequency, including Empaths, Crystals, Indigos, First Wavers, etc. People with innately higher personal frequencies become “super-charged” humans with emotions even more intense than the majority of the population.

For this reason, they are often prone to bouts of intense sadness, “lows,” and even periods of potentially debilitating depression.  While we all have our ebbs and flows as we attempt to navigate the 3d world, it is possible to help prevent and/or minimize these profoundly uncomfortable periods of depression.

  1. Keep in mind that the sadness, hopelessness, powerlessness, and/or apathy that you feel may not be all “yours” or even yours at all! People of high frequency take in and absorb almost everything that is around them—from other people’s emotions and illnesses; to Mother Nature’s pains and natural events; to the pollutants and toxins in our air, water, and frequency ranges. So, it is quite likely that the negative feelings you have are either exacerbated by what’s around you or perhaps primarily from what’s around you. If you can determine the contributing factors from earthquakes to a coworker’s headaches, you can learn to understand, avoid, or even counteract them before they compromise your own mood and system on a more permanent basis.
  2. USE and expend the energy that you have and that you take in both consciously and unconsciously. Depression is negative energy turned inward. If you do not find ways to physically use your intense energies in sports, walking, swimming, martial arts, etc., the energy is likely to be internalized and build up to the point of hindering your mind, body, and spirit. So, get moving!
  3. Check your thyroid and adrenal glands to see if they have been overly taxed by the stress in your life, including the frequencies you pick up. If so, they very likely contribute to your depression. The human body was not built to withstand all of the frequencies and toxins in today’s world that high frequency people tend to receive and take in. The thyroid and adrenal glands often suffer first and become under-active– which very negatively impacts your mood swings, energy, weight, and hormone levels. Fortunately, there are many holistic ways to rehabilitate and protect the adrenals, thyroid, and hormone levels so that your mind and body function more optimally.
  4. Examine your diet and supplement routine to make sure that what you eat or drink isn’t what’s agitating your system and making you more depressed. GMO’s, sugars, dairy, wheat/gluten, too many supplements (even of great quality), synthetic supplements (not of whole food origin), and mercury-laden seafood can cause health, skin, and mood issues, sensitivities, and reactions. Depending on your blood type and frequency, you may require a more diverse or higher protein diet to stay balanced. So, make sure that you are not forcing yourself to follow a diet that doesn’t fit your particular body’s needs. Listen to your body and take notice when you feel and function best– because as a high frequency person, you’ll find that it’s most likely NOT what works for the rest of the population.
  5. Listen to and honor your cravings. For example, sometimes the body does need to sleep for up to a day in order to recover and heal mentally and physically. In addition, many people crave spicy foods when they are depressed, probably because spices assist healing and metabolic processes. In other words, your body is trying to tell you what it needs for balance. So, allow yourself moderate indulgences in food, rest, and activities in order to achieve that balance.
  6. Find alternatives to pharmaceuticals– which usually are not effective for high frequency individuals anyway. For example, taking amino acid therapies appropriate to your neurotransmitter imbalances and body, tapping (EFT), and energy work can be faster, more cost-efficient, and more effective alternatives to anti-depressants—without the side effects! Even pharmaceutical labels warn that anti-depressants and a wide variety of other medications tax the body and can often cause or exacerbate depressed moods and/or feeling suicidal. Working with a health professional to wean yourself off different medications or to find alternatives can work wonders.
  7. Rebalance with water and/or a few leaves. Baths, swimming, and even immersing your hands in a sink or bowl can be very therapeutic, especially for people of higher frequency. Spending time with nature and just carrying around a few leaves from a tree in your pocket can also prevent and alleviate illness and depression in very measurable ways.
  8. Express yourself in writing, art, music, and/or dancing. Finding a creative outlet will help you channel and/or even distract you from your pain– as well as prevent the internalization of that discomfort. In addition, you are likely to create some very inspiring pieces for others to enjoy, relate to, and share with even more of the world. Some of the most successful songs and books were written when the writer was upset!
  9. Write a letter of forgiveness to yourself and to anyone or everyone who has done you wrong.  Anger and regret turned inward are tremendous sources of depression. If you can write down  what you and others have done to hurt you and then forgive, you will release numerous blocks inside of you that are created by repressed negativity —and which inhibit your joy and successes. It is unnecessary for you to actually mail the letter or share it with anyone, as long as your forgiveness is heartfelt and genuine.
  10. Communicate with like-minded people who can validate your experiences, offer insight, and share unconditional support and love for you. Since less than 1% of the population truly is of higher frequency, it can feel very lonely being surrounded by relatives, coworkers, and friends who just don’t “get it” yet. Please know that you are not alone and that there are others. Find them online, in groups, or through other people you know so that you can connect and have the support team that we all need to function optimally.
  11. Ask for strength, guidance, and signs from the Universe, Source, Mother Nature, your guides, or whatever term you use for your connection to the Divine. You will feel stronger and be reminded that you are connected to Divine light and extra power at all times. You’ll also see comforting and encouraging signs all around you, such as in number sequences, song lyrics, road signs, and other synchronicities.
  12. Remind yourself that just as day turns to night and night turns to day, you will see the light again—and most likely brighter and longer when it returns again too. Your body is simply a vessel or conductor of currents and cycles that flow in and out. Your body reflects everything you “pick up” in the universe, including the light which is always there and which will dominate your perspective again with each new sunrise.
  13.  Don’t do something permanently damaging to address a very temporary circumstance.  Make a pact with yourself to have a 2 week, 2 month, or 2 year “waiting period” before making any life-altering choices, moves, or decisions when you are in a depressed state. Making the same deal with someone else who has “been there” or is prone to those depths too is also very comforting and effective.
  14. Peak into the future using Tarot cards, your own intuition, and/or consulting a psychic. The future is never as bad as you fear and getting confirmation that good times are ahead can be extremely helpful. Having a road map for any challenges in the present or future can also prove very comforting and uplifting.
  15. Touch. As much as isolating and recoiling may be on the radar, touch can be extremely helpful—particularly if the other person is not depressed. A hug, kiss, touch of the hand, manicure, massage, energy work, or other modality can work beautifully— if the practitioner is at least at your frequency level or higher. If the practitioner feels a “mutual exchange of energy” or is more energized from the process, find someone else so that you are not unintentionally “leeched” or drained of your own energies when you are supposed to be the client or recipient of the therapeutic work.
  16. Offer to help someone else with his or her task or dilemma. Nothing helps you reframe or see your own “baggage” as more of a valuable “tool belt” than when you throw yourself into helping others. Your painful experiences, lessons, and missteps make you sincere, compassionate, and insightful. So, offer what you have. Doing so boosts your confidence and satisfaction—and sets your good deeds up for a boomerang effect because we are all connected. Taking action to help another person or even an animal’s situation, rather than wallowing in your own, will quite literally do a world of good.
  17. Adopt the attitude of gratitude with a daily list. Make a list each morning of at least 15 people, places, things, creations, or experiences for which you are grateful. They can be as mundane as running water and your toothbrush or as monumental as Mother Nature and the Universe. The frequency of gratitude will shift your personal frequency and you’ll attract even more people, places, things, emotions, and experiences for which to be grateful.
  18. Give the gift of asking others for help.  As light workers who are here to help move this planet forward, people of high frequency tend to be uncomfortable asking for help and receiving it. Please keep in mind that giving a person or people the opportunity to help you is one of the best gifts that you can give them. If you allow their help to move you forward– so that you can help others– everyone wins!
  19. Make a vision board or collage of what your life would look like in 2 years if you could wave a magic wand and make it happen. The more specific your descriptions are and the more areas of your life you depict, the more excited you will get—and the more surprised you will be when you see it all unfold like magic in the months ahead. There’s a reason why different psychologists and life coaches say “write it down and make it happen.” It can, does, and will happen for you too!
  20. Do whatever raises your frequency, not what works for others. Whether it’s working out, listening to certain music, getting lost in movies, being around others of higher frequency, going to the country or beach, exploring healing modalities…simply do it.  Depending on your nervous system and frequency, mediation and “quiet time” may not put you in your zone as easily. So, do whatever does put you in that empowering and happy place. Remind yourself how it feels. The more time that you spend there, the more that feeling will be contagious both to others and to yourself, even when you are doing other things.
  21. Look back at all of the cycles, synchronicities, pleasant surprises, signs, miracles, and blessings in your life. Know that they continue and will continue to be there for you. Being a light worker is not always easy or happy, but you can find joy in what’s around you, in the beautiful day, and in the promising future. After all, the human form is very temporary. So, enjoy the human experience while you can–and know that “the best is yet to come!”

“21 Tips for Light Workers To Better Understand, Minimize, or Avoid Depression,” by Max and Lana, May 4, 2015 at http://in5d.com/21-tips-for-light-workers-to-better-understand-minimize-or-avoid-depression/


Original link: 21 Tips for Light Workers To Better Understand, Minimize, or Avoid Depression

Found at:   http://goldenageofgaia.com/2015/05/13/max-and-lana-21-tips-for-light-workers-to-better-understand-minimize-or-avoid-depression/



Dr. Stephanie Seneff walks through the complex biological paths that she says supports the body’s circulatory system. Find out what she thinks could be the root cause of inflammation and so many of today’s common diseases.

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