Andrea Sullivan – 6 Healing Sounds


Manifest Self-Healing – Guided Meditation – Delta Waves – Kelly Howell

Dubstarlove·21 videos

Harmonically Layered binaural beat frequencies best listened to through headphones.

Benek – Wonderful World – New Zealand

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Music: Ernesto Cortazar

Sacred/Higher Heart Activation – 518hz Frequency – Love & DNA Repair

Helen Demetriou·482 videos

The “Sacred/Higher Heart Chakra Activation” video is empowered with the love and DNA repair 518hz frequency and with mandalas and sacred sounds like the ‘Hum’ . The ‘Hum’ was given to Helen Demetriou during a meeting with ‘Zamiroz’, a light being from a collective consciousness known as the ‘Brarn’. The Hum is a natural vibration which comes from human vocal cords; the frequencies of the Hum bring healing and universal love to all who use and hear it.

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Gaia’s Garden – Beauty We Have Lost

chinmaya dunster·71 videos

“Extracts from my new CD ‘Gaia’s Garden’, released by New Earth Records in October 2011. The music plays to illustrations of some of the beautiful creatures that have been wiped from the face of the Earth by mankind’s actions.
There is a message of hope too for some of the creatures shown that are not yet extinct but are critically endangered. They are in our hands.
The CD features performances some of my greatest musical friends; Karunesh, Govi, Yair Dalal, Manish Vyas, Anand Richa and many more. My gratitude to them! ”
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528 Hz – Love Frequency Healing – DNA Repair

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