KRYON – The Future of DNA – 11-7-15


KRYON   –   The Future of DNA   –   11-7-15015


Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service. My partner steps aside, as he must for a channel like this to be given. He knows what this is like and has done it many times. He’s in a place, if you wish to call it that, and he is listening like you are listening. He has distractions, however, that are not the ones that you have, and he has spoken of this before.

He is not talking now. I am and, again, we say that perception must be clean for you in order to cognize what is being said. I speak of things that are beyond his knowledge and I talk about the real energy of this planet that is physical right now. We’ve spoken of odd physics many times, but we’re not going to today. Instead, we’re going to talk about physical, three-dimensional things that are affecting you through a multidimensional source that is changing that which you know and understand.

Planetary Shift Has Been The Prophecy of Many

We have said now for years that physical change was coming to the planet. The prophecies have been clear in their own vague way, and they say that the consciousness of the planet itself is going to shift, and that the planet will become “softer” in humanism, and that unexpected things would happen. We even told you there might be a wild card coming and that you’re going to get more of them. These wild cards would be unexpected or improbable things – world-changing inventions you didn’t expect, actions from others you didn’t expect and even benevolence you didn’t expect. Softer energy is coming to you, and that is very sweet, and many have said that’s a good prediction and a wonderful prophecy. I want to tell you what’s really happening however, and I want to give you the ABCs of it, as you say. I want to give you the physical 3D reality of what’s going on around you.

Some of this will appear to you as a review, but it isn’t. It’s a consolidation of many little pieces that I have given you before in order to show you what is going on today. The subject is DNA. DNA is not simply a chemical molecule in your body. It is a multidimensional piece of divinity. The very molecule that you call DNA is all over the galaxy, dear ones. It is life and it is the way life forms everywhere. It is the patterning and the geometry of life everywhere and you’re going to see this someday as you are able to examine other life you find outside your planet. DNA can only change through physics, for it is physics that controls chemistry. It’s about to change.

The Physics of Consciousness

Let me review some things I have said in the past so you can see how it relates to the lesson today. Twenty-six years ago when I started giving messages, I told my partner to write in his first book, that the magnetic grid of the earth would be shifting. Indeed, it did. This is now science history, and magnetic north moved a few degrees since that time. I gave the message that your magnetic grid is related to, or intertwined with, the physics of Human consciousness. Be clear on this: Consciousness is not a wispy esoteric thing that can’t be measured. It’s real physics that you just have not seen yet. Many experiments on the planet at this moment are aware that the strength of the magnetic field actually shifts with mass Human consciousness (a coherence with compassionate events on the planet). When you are eventually able to measure multidimensional fields in a clearer way, you will be able to see the correlation between the magnetic field of the earth and Human consciousness. Therefore, you might say, “As goes the grid goes Human consciousness.” Now you know why I’m called, “The Magnetic Master”.

The Magnetic Grid and The Change Coming

What you should be aware of is that the grid hasn’t moved much in Human history and has remained fairly static through your many lifetimes. In 1987, however, it started to move a lot. The reason? It is moving so it can be positioned to receive something – something expected that is coming. Think of it as moving your furniture so that you can better view something you didn’t know was viewable. The reposturing of the grid is for something coming that we are going to call “evolutionary energy” and it’s physical. It is really physical! In fact, you can even see it coming!

Months ago and years before that, we told you that your planet is going into an area of space that it never has been in before. This is not esoteric. Ask an astronomer, “Is the solar system coming out of a protective bubble into a new kind of radiation or energy that you haven’t seen before?” Is it possible that your solar system is losing a protective sheath that it’s always had because of where it was in space?

Let me explain this more to those who don’t understand much about galactic movement and your solar system. All the stars in your galaxy are slowly moving around the center. Your solar system and its star (the Sun) has always been on the move as it rotates around the center of the galaxy. As your solar system rotates around the middle, you are always in a new period of time and space. It moves so slowly, however (millions of years to go around one time), that for all of humanity, it has basically been in one energy, like a protective bubble – and now it changes. Don’t believe it? Do your research or ask an astronomer if there is something different. Make this channelling real to you, and you will understand more fully what we are saying to you.*

The Role of the Sun

As you move into this new energy, or what some have even called “radiation”, you should know how it works, for it’s very related to your Sun. Physically, it affects the magnetic field of the Sun (the heliosphere), which then in turn is blasted to your own magnetic field via the solar wind. That’s the physics of it, but dear one, let me give you the esoterics of it. This has been the plan all along, that if you made it as a Human race past the 2012 marker, you would pass into this area of space and the magnetics would shift, allowing Human consciousness to change. Dear ones, this was always here waiting for you to pass the marker! This is why I came 26 years ago and told you the magnetics would shift. This is an evolutionary energy that is going to affect your Sun – the heliosphere of your Sun – which then will pass to the magnetic field of the earth, a field that has now been repostured for this new consciousness.

Oh, there are those intellectuals who would say, “Well, what if we had destroyed ourselves as the prophecies said we would? What if there were no Humans to receive this?” It’s simple. No Humans would have been here, but the planet would have still moved into this new area of space and the same energies would have been there, but you would not have been. Simple. But indeed, here you are!

So now you can see that the prophecy from the indigenous is also being fulfilled, for they told you about the changes coming after the precession of the equinoxes (December 2012). How could they have had this prophecy about your movement into a new place around your galaxy? Think about it! These things are not new, and even the ancients told you it was coming! They may not have known the specifics of science, but their prophecy is the same one I have: New consciousness is coming.

Dear ones, I want you to continue to put together these pieces physically in what you can see. As we told you, these changes affect your Sun. The heliosphere of your Sun changes you magnetic grid. Now, for this all to work, the Sun had to be quiet for this. I want you to ask an astronomer about the Sun and the cycles of the Sun. Ask about what period of radiance the Sun is in at the moment. The astronomer will tell you that it appears to be one of the quietest cycles that the Sun has ever seen. Solar flares and sunspots are disturbances in the multidimensional field that surrounds the Sun, so these had to be gone while the new energies were starting to be implemented. For this all to work, the Sun had to be as quiet as possible, and it is. The Sun’s quiet time is also affecting your weather, and we told you that, too. Due to its quietness, you’re in a cycle of weather that we also predicted [a cold time coming] that also has a lot to do with the energy that’s coming. That’s physical. Ask an astronomer, “Are they worried about all this?” Some of them are and others are not. But it is affecting you and the planet right now. Now you know why the magnetic grid was changed when it was changed and why. That’s physical.

The Esoterics of It All

Now, at the same time that all this above physical shift was happening, we gave you esoteric information about the Pleiadian nodes and the nulls.** Is it possible that the Pleiadians themselves, having been here at the beginning and knowing about this coming change, actually helped with the prophecies (influenced the ancient calendars and prophecies)? Indeed, this is true, but it appeared to the indigenous as “intuition from the ancestors”. The nodes and the nulls left by the Pleiadians are fast-track engines that are affecting the grids of the planet.*** Consciousness is related to the grids of the planet, remember? But not just the Magnetic Grid was involved. It also includes the Crystalline Grid (Human emotional remembrance) and the Gaia grids – all of them. These are all being worked on at this time in combination with the new evolutionary energy from the Sun. These grids are being fed, if you want to call it that, by the nodes and the nulls. What is it all doing? What is the real bottom line of all this? The answer: These confluences of energies that are shifting and changing are all directly affecting one thing – your DNA.

The DNA Evolution is Coming

The DNA of the Human Being is ready to shift and change. You’ll never see it in a microscope because it’s not chemical; it’s physics. Listen for a moment, for you have already seen how this works. The 90 percent of DNA that heretofore was junk is now understood by your science.**** Science now understands that this 90 percent is information – a manual – a control panel for the genes. But it’s still a mystery as to what it actually contains or how it gives out the information to the genes. What is not acknowledged yet is that it is a multidimensional transmission. To most biologists that would be a stretch, but there actually is a bit of quantumness in your DNA, and this has also been scientifically seen (Garaiev and Popoinin experiments with DNA).*****

This 90 percent of DNA is like trillions of antennas in your body, ready to receive information and then rewrite the manual via the changes in your grids. The DNA is going to receive information and shift. It’s going to affect genetics. Mothers will receive it first and pass it to their children. Mothers, you don’t even know you’ve got it, yet you are passing it to your kids right now. Are you aware of the books of my partner from more than 10 years ago about “The Indigo Children”? These children were precursors to the new energy. The kids are different! It started before 2012 – way before – since the potentials were very high that you would make it, and you did. Mothers of grandchildren, do I have to ask you if they are different? Very different!

Changes in the Kids are First

A Human baby comes into the planet today, but what is going on today is different from when you were born. You’re in a new place in space, the Sun is quiet, you have the nodes and the nulls feeding new information into the grids, and the paradigm of consciousness is different for them than it was for you. Their Genesis cells, the “how a Human works” cells, are changing.

Things will start working that are unusually different for standard Human nature. The intuitive self, the barrier between innate and consciousness, will start to improve. The barrier starts to become less. Be ready for children who have very accurate intuition about what’s wrong with them. If they tell you something’s wrong, take them to the doctor! Immediately. Don’t tell them, “It’s your imagination, honey”, or, “It will be okay later; it’s growing pains.” Do you hear that? There are those listening to this right now who need to hear that, because their children are saying, “I feel funny; something’s wrong.” Mothers who are used to raising children are also used to an old energy paradigm that has a certain health template. This is changing. The kids are starting to awaken to being intuitive about their own health. The bridge isn’t built yet to innate, but it is closer with them and they’re feeling something. Innate is talking to them for the first time. Listen: You didn’t have it, but they do. Listen to them.

The Akash of the child is starting to become clearer. These children are going to tell you many things about who they’ve been and what they’ve done. If you’re a parent and you are listening to this now, the worst thing you can do is suppress it. The best thing you can do is to tell the child the absolute truth, the absolute truth: “I believe you.” When you say things out loud, it helps the child. That’s truthful and the child will get it. Listen, parent: In these things, be an ally to your child, and it will change your relationship with your children. Be honest with them about it all. Tell them not everyone will understand, so there are times to be quiet about it. These are instructions for kids in the New Age. These attributes are going to get even stronger, and your instructions will make sense.

Instinct is going to work better than it ever has. Instinct is not something that you are used to seeing much in Humans. You see it in animals mostly, because the offspring of animals have a very strong survival instinct. It is passed to them so well that they can actually walk within hours of birth! You don’t have that. However, this same mechanical passing of instinct is starting to become stronger in Humans, and especially that which will come from the Akash. It is chemical as well as being esoteric (genetic and Akashic). As it is in animals, you should have it also and you will. You’re going to see children remembering how to walk and how to eat much earlier, without training. It will be faster than the older paradigm, and faster than the doctors who know about child development will have seen. It will be “off the scale”. Get ready for it; it’s instinct. It’s simple chemistry. It’s the DNA working better.

If you look at the DNA cell itself, you might ask, what is happening? The truth is that DNA is becoming more informed, some say “enabled”. Now, there is a buzzword in esoteric belief called activation. Please don’t change it, but know that it’s not accurate. You are not activating anything. Instead, you are releasing DNA from a prison. If you have somebody who is crippled in a chair, shriveled and not able to move, yet suddenly they are released from this bondage, and the fingers untangle and the hand starts to become whole again, it’s because something that has happened to the DNA. It hasn’t happened to the hand, or to the muscle, or to the fingers, not even to the arm, but to the DNA. It’s a release. I want you to hold this vision. All the changes I have talked about are about being released from a prison of crippled DNA! And (get ready), it happens to ALL DNA in the body at once. It’s a “whole body experience”, not a local “hand/arm” one.

Your DNA is crippled in this old energy, and it’s your own free choice that created this. Your DNA, your lifespan (aging), your diseases are all where you wanted to take the energy of this planet, and your DNA cooperated. This is what you’ve lived with, and what is now changing. It’s not DNA activation, it’s DNA release. Release!

The profundity of it all: Do you realize the help that you have? Did you think for a moment that all of this was going to be you just doing these things? It involves the galaxy, the part of space you’re in, the nodes and the nulls, and the creator of the Universe. It involves the Pleiadians, it involves your timeline, and it involves love. All of this is for you to sit in a new energy and release the bonds of your DNA. Now, dear ones, old souls, there is something you ought to know. You don’t have to wait to be reborn for this. The old soul has the equipment inside right now, just like the newborn.

DNA Templates

Your DNA is filled with information and templates. Now, templates are patterns and paradigms of life. Most of these templates are ones that you have that are not complete. Now, what you don’t know about a template is that is has what we would call a patterning of its own. If you have a portion of a template already, that is to say, a piece of the design, it draws to itself the rest of the design, if it can. Did you understand that? If you have a piece of the picture, that piece has an attitude – an attitude of desire – wanting the rest of the picture! As soon as it’s possible to get that missing piece, it’s like magnetics. It literally flies to itself and the template snaps into place and you get the whole thing. All of you have pieces of the template and the ones who have the most profoundly “ready” pieces are old souls (the ones reading this). Your earth experience has waited for this! You are then going to complete the templates that are missing, old soul.

Genesis Cells: The Starting Template

This term I’m using in this message is a Kryon term today, not a medical term. There may be a medical term similar, but this is different. One of the templates that always exists and never goes away is part of the Human manual. It’s not as linear as in this explanation, but it will work. Think of it this way: I want you to think of the manual of birth. When you came in, what was the manual like? What page were you on when you were five days old? What page were you on at six months? What page were you on when you were 30? You all know that all the pages are different because of the chronology of growing up.

The pages are still there, and the template is still there for what I call Genesis cells. Genesis cells, as I will define them, are the cells of a newborn that accelerate growth and learning in a special way. The child absorbs so much of the world around him/her in six months. This includes speech, language, the beginning of standing and walking, and much more. The antennas of the Genesis manual are so big! They are listening to the attitudes and the consciousness of everything around them. You already know that. It’s active for a newborn Human, then it slows down and you become the adult. Genesis cells are magic. They are used at first, then they are not, but they’re still there and never go away. The template is still there, the instruction sets for how they are made, if you want to call it that, are still there. This is all physics, for the chemistry of how it all works is physics. What you should know about the children of today is that the antennas are up to 10 times as long as they were for you.

Now, old soul, what if I told you that you could release these cells now, make them active for you? They could be available for you now, just go get them in the manual. Do it with affirmations, do it with consciousness change, do it with meditation. However you communicate with innate, it’s ready to release the Genesis cells from their time prison to be used again! What that means to you is fast-track growth to enlightenment! They work with the Akash!

It’s for any situation you might have. Don’t limit it to what you think you need! Always ask, “Dear Spirit, what do I need?” State, “Dear Spirit, this and something better.” Use this potential! Genesis cells are ready for the old soul. I keep saying old soul, did you notice? In other words, a number of lifetimes gives you the template information that a newbie would not have who has only been on the earth a few times. Old souls have hundreds of lifetimes, maybe thousands in order to develop experience and the template of knowledge. Every one of you in this room can say to yourself, “I know that I’ve been here before” and your innate will vibrate with the truth of it. You know too much! You feel too much! You’re in this room listening to channelling! This message is accurate and it’s true. You’re an old soul. Everything I’ve just told you is about the enhancement of the Human Being in an energy that you have expected.

I close with this: The secret to mining your Akash, or releasing the template, is by having a compassionate consciousness. Does that surprise you? That’s what has been missing all along. If you are going to mine your Akash [pull upon the things you have learned in the past] and start rewriting who you are, you’re going to have to come to an agreement of compassion with yourself. How are you doing with lack of anger, care for others, purity of God inside? The physics of consciousness to create compassion creates what I call compassionate action. It’s for everyone in the room and those reading. An old soul knows how to do this. Listen: I know who you are. You wouldn’t be listening or reading unless you were an old soul, even an uninterested old soul. You are one, and you know you are. Compassion is the king of all emotions at this point on the planet. It’s going to lead you into an evolved state of love, and without compassion and caring for others, it is not going to work. In fact, nothing will work.

Very slowly there is going to be a split of consciousness on the planet, and we have talked to you about it before. There will be those who are compassionate and those who are not, and it’s going to be obvious, so obvious! Caring and uncaring. There is a dark army right now on this planet. What is its “compassion factor”? Do you understand? It’s a free choice state of mind, but that’s the split to come. Don’t worry about this, compassionate one. When you take the attributes of the master, light surrounds you. No more fortressing or protecting yourself from darkness. It will retreat from you automatically. No more catching the diseases of the day, they won’t be able to touch you with compassion. It’s physics; it’s real; it’s physical and it’s happening now. Your society will reflect this sooner than you think. When you turn on your news and you think I’m crazy, just wait. There’s some wild cards coming. Benevolence is a new energy!

I’m Kryon, in love with humanity.

And so it is.



GREGG PRESCOTT @ – The Anunnaki MUST Return To Fix Their Creation That Has Gone Astray – 10-27-15

Annunaki *

by Gregg Prescott, M.S.

For thousands of years, our spiritual and physical capabilities have been limited through the genetic manipulation of our DNA by the Anunnaki. To modern science, this is called “Junk DNA” but in fact, the “Junk DNA” contains the dormant genetics that separate us from being literal gods and goddesses.


The key is in our DNA

According to the research of Gregg Braden, we only have 20 of the 64 codons in our DNA “turned on”. One must ask, “Why would Creator/Source limit our genetic capabilities by turning off most of our DNA?”

Hypothetically, if we can figure out how to turn on the latent codons in our DNA, we could feasibly do anything, such as heal every person on the planet instantaneously as well as healing Mother Earth, herself, from the poisoning of our water, air, and food supplies.

Robert Morning Sky gives one of the best explanations of how our DNA evolved.








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Our DNA was limited by the Anunnaki in order to keep us living in subservience, control, and conformity to our Anunnaki overlords.

These overlords are known as Enki and Enlil, the sons of Anu.

Enlil is Lord of the Word and all religions are based on honoring him as such. In biblical terms, he is referred to as Lord or God, but he is NOT anywhere near being Creator/Source. The Anunnaki is referred to in the bible where it says, “Let US make man in OUR own image.” These are the GODS that religious people worship and are in no way associated with Creator/Source.

Enki is known as Lord of Creation and is the one who is responsible for limiting our DNA in order for us to worship the Anunnaki as gods. He ended up falling in love with his creation and commingled with us which gave us the Anunnaki DNA as well.

Because the codons in our DNA were limited, the Anunnaki DNA also lies dormant in our DNA.

At this point, Enki’s creation (humanity) had no passion or consciousness.


The gift of the feather

According to Morning Sky:

Enki was approached from a being from another galaxy outside of the system.  These particular beings, in their evolution, left the need for their own physical bodies and learned to use internal energy “to climb the mountain.  They didn’t need a rope.  They didn’t need a ship.  They were able to use their own energy.  As they used more and more internal energy, they needed less density.

So, these beings from another galaxy were able to generate an evolutionary formula and plugged in a humanoid bird.  As they evolved, these beings lost their density.  They lost their need for a physical body but they liked ‘bonking’.  For courtship purposes, they retained their wings.  But in the dark, there’s no sunlight… the energy beings glowed.  They came to Prince Ea and said, “Do you really want to give them independence?  Do you really want to give them Free Will? I’ll tell you what we’re going to do.  We’re going to give you one of our own strands of DNA.  If you hard wire it into the beast, you’re going to condemn him to passion, to inexplicable fire.”  Prince EA said, “In a second” and he took that DNA and went to the beast and hard wired it into the beasts.  Suddenly he (the beast) was linked to another race in another galaxy.  Suddenly, he was aware.  He was conscious. These beings were called AKUThe gift that was given to Prince EA (that) was placed inside of the beast, was known as the Gift of the Feather.”

When we look at the so-called “royal bloodlines” we are most likely looking at DNA that does NOT have passion of consciousness, nor does it contain the AKU DNA, the “Gift of the Feather”.

In other words, those who have been controlling us for millennia know that the true genetic royalty on this planet are those who are NOT within their bloodlines. In order to remain in control, they rule through fear because once our DNA is awakened, we become MUCH more powerful than our perceived controllers (world leaders, royalty, etc…).

According to Simon Parkes, we have 12 strands of DNA and each strand is related to a specific galactic race.

With such a rich galactic lineage, it’s no wonder that our DNA is the true genetic royalty of the universe and why so many galactic neighbors have a vested interest in our planet’s population and DNA.


As above, so below

EVERYTHING that occurs on our planet is a microcosm of what is happening outside of our planet.

Because of the dysfunctional hierarchy involved in the Orion Wars and the ultimate fight for resources (Earth), we can see the same reflection here on this planet as various countries are constantly fighting for resources without any regard for humanity’s best interests.

The story we’ve been told is that the Anunnaki is a battle for control and power between two brothers, Enlil and Enki.

In reality, this is no different than political parties where you have the left wing and right wing. Republicans and Democrats. It’s always the same crap from a different toilet while the shadow government controls everything in secrecy.

An easy way of looking at this is through any given government where you have your leader and a shadow government who is pulling the strings of that particular government’s leader. The same can be seen in the Vatican where you have the secret Black Pope pulling the strings of the elected Pope.

In the case of the Anunnaki, the Republicans and Democrats are Enki and Enlil, while the shadow government is their father, Anu, who secretly is pulling all of their strings.

In an interview with Freeman Fly, Robert Stanley believes that Enki was passed over for kingship to the Orion/Sirius Empire because he is mentally unstable.  “You can’t put somebody who’s insane in charge of an empire. If you know someone is crazy, you don’t put him in charge of a country, let alone a galactic empire.”

Yet this is what is being reflected here on earth with the divine right to rule over fellow human beings.

Our Earth DNA also contains the DNA of Enki’s mother.

“Our DNA could be reactivated at any time and Luciferian Enki’s people know this and they fear it, so they’ve been trying to accelerate their (negative) timeline.”

Creator/Source has demanded that the Anunnaki must return to fix what they had messed up (mainly our DNA). Stanley added, “When they say they’re coming back, they’ve been gradually infiltrating and doing what they can covertly.  And that’s one of the reasons why both the good guys and the bad guys remain behind the scenes… because they don’t want to spoil the show.”

Approximately only 4% of our universe is of negative polarity and this can be resolved by unlocking our DNA, which will allow us to see that which has been hidden from us for millennia and will give us the abilities that are inherent to our genetics.


This will make us more genetically abundant than the Anunnaki (and all of our world leaders who claim to be of the royal bloodlines).  The truth that the ruling elite do not want you to know is that it’s not THEIR bloodline that is superior, but OURS!

When our DNA is activated, everything will become transparent and the truth will no longer be hidden.

Your latent abilities, such as telepathy, bilocation, manifestation, etc… will become commonplace and there will no longer be a need for money, government, or religion.

This falls in conjunction with Pluto entering Capricorn in 2008 and staying the until 2023. Pluto is known as the “Destroyer” and will tear down everything that is not in humanity’s best interests. We’re already seeing the collapse of money, government, and religion along with revolutions all around the planet.

Is it possible that Pluto in Capricorn is the timetable that the Anunnaki are working with in order to restore our DNA by 2023?


A vision of what is to come

I recently had a vision of how this is all going to unfold.

In this vision, I saw a HUGE flash of light surrounding me. It happens in the literal blink of the eye! Once you feel and see this light, your DNA will be healed instantaneously. You will have many new and exciting abilities. You’ll also KNOW the truth about how we’ve been enslaved for millennia and who was responsible for all of the ongoing tyranny and oppression on our planet all throughout history. You’ll feel unconditional love like you’ve never felt before. Imagine that person that you love unconditionally, then magnify that times 100,000+. This is what you’ll feel.

Robert Stanley refers to this energy as possibly being a galactic superwave, but this could also be Wave X or a number of different cosmic wildcards.

Whatever it is, it’s coming. It may be like the change of seasons where you gradually see a drop or rise in temperatures, but in my opinion, it’ll hit is all at once in the blink of an eye.

Right now, it’s a race between whether the Anunnaki fix what they have corrupted versus the incoming energies lifting the veil and exposing the Anunnaki for what they’ve done to humanity.  They have an opportunity to do what is right in humanity’s best interests or be returned to Source/Creator to be held accountable.

Either way, we win and our dormant DNA is activated.

In the meanwhile, the ruling elite will try to keep as many people living in a low vibration because misery loves company and it’s a lot easier to control the population through fear.

Without the fear agenda, there’s world peace.

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About the Author:
Gregg Prescott <a href=Gregg Prescott, M.S. is the founder and editor of In5D and BodyMindSoulSpirit. He hosts a weekly spiritual show on In5D Radio and promotes spiritual, metaphysical and esoteric conferences in the United States through In5dEvents. His love and faith for humanity motivates him to work relentlessly in humanity’s best interests 12-15+ hours a day, 365 days a year. Please like and follow In5D on Facebook as well as BodyMindSoulSpirit on Facebook!

Magnificent Possibilities – Peggy Black and the Team – Your DNA is a Portal – You are a Cosmic Traveler – 10-14-15



Magnificent Possibilities   –   Peggy Black and the Team   –    Your DNA is a Portal   –   You are a Cosmic Traveler   –   10-14-15

Message from the ‘Team’

We are here, once again embracing you with our deep gratitude as well as our acknowledgment for your courage and willingness, the willingness to anchor the intense energies that have been bathing humanity. These energetic rapids that you have been navigating are beginning to soften. We can almost feel the collective sigh.The celestial energy waves have been anchored into the matrix of earth. These vibrational seeds have been planted in the consciousness of humanity.  Now these seeds of awakening must be nurtured and allowed to come forth. This process will be unique to each individual, the process, however, has begun.

There are those reading these words who are aware and who have welcomed the recalibration and the reset.  Even if you are unsure just what that means, your inner knowing and awareness realizes that something profound has happened.

You can begin to nurture your own transformation and recalibration. Imagine that the galactic waves that you experienced triggered latent aspects and abilities held in your very DNA.  We have shared that your DNA is a galactic blueprint.

Your DNA is actually a portal, a gateway to access the higher dimensions. You are slowly and gently being invited to realize that you are a cosmic traveler. You are becoming aware that you are not limited the 3rd or 4th dimensions of illusions.

We realize that your experience of the 3rd dimension is very real. If you could, just for a moment, consider the possibility as real that it might be just a hologram or hologame. We know that statement stirs up all your limited beliefs and arguments because from our observation you do experience your reality as real and solid.

So we would like you to consider that the reality in which you are reading our words is just one reality. Now having put that aside in a place that is acceptable, we can invite you to expand your thoughts to the possibility that you are capable of moving to the higher realms of truth and light.

In order to nurture the recalibrations that you have experienced, in order to strengthen the expansion and uncoiling of your very DNA, it is important that you hold the thoughts and feelings of what might be possible.

You have been informed that your very state of mind as well as the emotions that are generated by those thoughts and beliefs affect the way in which the DNA of each and every cell responds. You are powerful in this ability to influence your own personal expansion.

So the galactic energy and gifts you just experienced jump-started your cosmic awakening. Many have called this the Christ consciousness and the Buddha awareness.   We could also say it is you becoming aware of your magnificent multidimensional SELF.

We like the example of the caterpillar becoming the butterfly, for it is a simple illustration of what humanity, one by one, is experiencing. The caterpillar has no idea that it will be transformed into a SELF that can fly.

You are in the process, the wondrous exciting process of becoming a cosmic being of pure light.

The goal is to understand that you are in a reality which exists in time and space and also to acknowledge that you are free to move between the dimensions beyond time and space. It does not need to be either or.

While you are a willing earth-walker here to contribute to the upliftment of the consciousness of humanity in the realms of cause, you are also an incredible being of divine light here to anchor a new earth, here to transform all the misqualified energy that has held this 3D reality in the illusion of limitations.

Claim your personal power; know that your very DNA has been triggered to allow all your incredible gifts and abilities to come forth. This has taken place at the very atomic, cellular level of your being. The influx of gamma rays began the process of your DNA strands expanding from the double helix to your original multidimensional twelve strands.

We realize that what we are sharing might not be exactly clear to you. However, we want you to know that you are in the most astonishing transformation. There has been a tremendous shift and you will begin to see what you might call miraculous changes occurring in your reality.

It is important that you own this possibility. It is important that you anchor this possibility of truth. Allow yourself to play with the possibilities of being unlimited. What would that look or feel like. Allow yourself to truly imagine awesome and magnificent possibilities.

Stretch beyond what you think is possible in your own personal life and experience as well as the physical world in which you observe. Remember often that you are unlimited; you are awakening to your true essence of divine light.

Start your day by claiming, I am fully embodied, anchored to this planet and connected to divine source. This is a powerful statement that brings your multidimensional divine consciousness into your physical form.

Continue to ask yourself how could this reality be even better. Begin to envision the very things you would like to see in your news. Remember to not push against the very things you would like to see transformed. Instead, envision true solutions to the issues and the challenges humanity faces.

Remember you are a part of the solution; you are not just an observer or a judge. Claim your personal power and awareness that your opinions, thoughts, feelings either amplify the misqualified action and event or uplift and transform any pattern of violence, prejudice or hatred.

It is a shift that takes place internally within, however once that shift has occurred you begin to offer an attitude, a frequency, a vibration that actually joins other similar vibrations of love and forgiveness in the collective and a different reality becomes.

We invite you to begin to call forth your abilities and gifts that have been activated. Practice sending a mental or telepathic message to a friend.  Give yourself a moment to mentally ask and know who is calling before you see the identity. Practice using your imagination many times a day. Allow yourself to see or envision an event unfold in a way that is pleasing to all. Spend a few minutes aligning your actions with your highest thoughts.

Realize that you are connected to the energy field of others, so begin to notice when you are still influenced by another’s attitude or emotions. The best and quickest method in dealing with this is to say often to yourself, “All energy that does not belong to me, I send back blessed and transformed. I call my energy back blessed and transformed and integrate it with grace and ease.”

This is like an energetic hand wash. Because your empathic or clairsentient abilities have been fully activated and are increasing, this is the first line of action that truly transforms and shifts the energy of the other.

Each time you send someone’s energy/emotions back blessed and transformed, you are offering them a blessing of grace and you are doing your part in transmuting misqualified energies. Little by little you are sending light packets of awareness to everyone you encounter.

Begin to engage with the quantum field in which you exist in a manner that is pleasing and nurturing to the highest and best for all. Remember you are a creator, so create supportive and life sustaining projections onto this quantum field and this hologame.  Be gentle with yourself allowing these internal shifts, gifts and abilities to softly unfold for you.

This is an exciting time and we celebrate your expansion of awareness into the true starseed crystalline being that you are. We will continue to remind you of your true unlimited nature and all that is possible.

We are ever available as are other beings of light and love in the non-physical realms, Invite us into your awareness, your life and all that is occurring on your planet. Together we will support the true awakening of humanity and ascension into the higher dimensions of love and light.  the ‘team’

©2015 Peggy Black All Right Reserved. You may  share this message and distribute as long as nothing is changed, you credit the author and include this copyright notice and web address.

KRYON – Effect of the New Energy on DNA – WAVE X – Lee Carroll

Melania Anghel


KRYON’s message through Lee Carroll “Energy and DNA” (Effect of the New Energy on DNA) during the Seminar in Mineapolis, Minnesota, dated Saturday August 1st, 2015. Meditation: Dr. Amber Wolf,

UPCOMING WAVE X – NEW POWERS, ABILITIES, DNA UPGRADES – Kyle Croft via Enchanted Infinity – 7-28-15

blue DNA Art
By Kyle Croft via Enchanted Infinity, 28 July 2015


Found at:


I consider myself to be “in the loop.” Its the age of Aquarius now and what was once impossible is now becoming a reality. I have read on several blogs, posts, and new age websites that there will be a mass shift occurring in September 2015. I spent a long time mediating on this myself, and I sense full complete truth about this one as I myself am already feeling the effects.

This shift is going to be a strong one, and it will alter the lives of many people. Ever since December 21st 2012 our planet and solar system has been in a new area of space, we are now in a photon belt and it is full of energy completely new to us. This is gamma light coming from the central sun, it’s important to note that we are already well inside this cosmic gamma blast referred to as WAVE-X and many of you have been feeling this increase that will continue intensity everyday until September 28th, 2015. For people who have been resonating close to that of 5D for the last 2 years, improving your lifestyles, and seeking enlightenment,  you will be feel the effects the strongest. I feel like around 1 third of the population will pierce through the veil in the next 2 months, whilst 2/3 will still feel different, but not gain enough DNA upgrades to experience everything this new energy is bringing in just yet. The entire world is going to be very different soon though. This is not a bad thing at all and I am by no means speaking to any doomsday people here.

It’s like this, you are not leaving 3D! Instead you will continue to exist in 3D, 4D and 5D in the same time-space (now here) and you will be fully aware of your experience in each dimension. Your new awareness will feel like you are merging with other realities and you will develop new abilities. We are currently experiencing a steady bell curve in gamma light frequency increase as we move into the most intense part of the photon belt so see if you can be aware of its effects on the body, mind and emotions over the next two months!

All of this is happening during a strong Venus retrograde as well and a blue moon in Aquarius on July 31st marks the beginning of this transformation. It is proven that gamma light can instantaneously evolve the DNA of any species into its higher form. You are literally evolving quickly now into the highest version of you! Be sure to go with the flow during august and September, don’t fight the current. Follow your bliss and let go of what is no longer serving you. If you can do that everything will work out fine. All of this is going to come to full accumulation on September 25-28th. After hearing some channeling, reading, and mediating on my own I am convinced that many of you will definitely start developing and/or getting strong at your own supernatural abilities. Below is a list of some of the powers you may already have or start to get. This is fun to think about.

  • Animal Speaking – telepathic communication with animals.
  • Enhanced Empathy- influencing and receiving emotional energy.
  • Inter-dimensional Perception- seeing into other dimensions of reality.
  • Clairsentience.
  • Levitation – ability to raise one’s self into the air.
  • Dreamwalking – enter another persons dreams with your astral body.
  • Premonitions – having visions of future events.
  • Astral Projection
  • Telepathy – psychic communication.
  • IQ – More brain power.
  • Precognitive Dreaming – dreaming of future events.
  • Eternal Youth – bodies don’t appear to age anymore.
  • Remote-viewing – visualizing events that happen anywhere.
  • Cryokinesis – ability to control ice.
  • Pyrokinesis – ability to control fire.
  • Hydrokinesis – ability to control water.
  • Electrokinesis – ability to control electricity.
  • Chronokinesis – ability to change ones perception of time.
  • Intangibility- ability to pass through solid objects.
  • Force Field – ability to use the aura for defense and protection.
  • Biokinesis – ability to control genes in the body to alter your look.
  • Psychometry – to gain information by touching objects.
  • Telekinesis – ability to move things with your mind.
  • Bi-location – ability to be two places at once.
  • Teleportation – instantly transport anywhere.
  • Flying – achieved through mastery of levitation.
  • Quick Healing- your rate of healing will increase!
  • Mind Reading
  • Plant Speaking – ability to communicate with plants telepathically.

There are many other abilities I have not mentioned but these are just a few. Basically we are evolving as we receive new energy from space. We have been shifting in consciousness for a long time and now everything is finally coming to fruition! Embrace these changes in yourself and the people around you because we are capable of so much more. There may be beings out there who do not wish this to happen because they will loose the control grip they have on societies but their time is over and they will not be successful at stopping wave x.

Sending you all love and light!
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Susoni @ Rumor Mill News – DNA Can Be Reprogrammed with Words and Frequencies – 7-19-15

DNA Harmonic Alignment


Susoni @ Rumor Mill News   –   DNA Can Be Reprogrammed with Words and Frequencies  –   7-19-15

That’s why they call it ‘Spell-ing.’

An exciting new science is beginning to emerge that involves reprogramming the DNA molecule with intentions and conscious will. We see this small scale in the placebo effect, but we are now beginning to explore this on a much larger scale.

The very concept of DNA being reprogrammed is premised on the understanding that the building block of the universe is not hard matter, but non-local energetic waves. Particles that can be both solid and stable in space one minute, and smeared out in space in wave form another minute where they can be measured as being in more than one place in space at the same time.

DNA is a molecule of course, but it is made of subatomic particles which have wave-particle duality, meaning that they can be influenced in wave form as well as in material form. What happens when we harness the knowledge quantum physics has given us about particles and apply it to biology?
The Studies

To illustrate the potential of Linguistic Wave Genetics (altering DNA with sounds), Dr. Peter Gariaev describes a study that took place in Toronto, Canada in which researchers administered poison to a group of rats in order to harm their pancreas. This control group of rats developed diabetes and died shortly after. The other group of rats received genetic information via a laser, targeted to re-grow and regenerate damaged pancreas cells. This group of rats survived and their pancreas became functional again.

Dr. Gariaev, the father of wave genetics, claims there are two methods for assisting people to extend their lives using this technology.

Dr. Gariaev, the father of wave genetics, claims there are two methods for assisting people to extend their lives using this technology.

1. He would take the stem cells from the umbilical cord of a person’s newborn child, as well as tissue from the placenta. Next, he would read the information from those tissues using a laser. Dr. Gariaev would then translate this information into a sound and record it on an MP3 to be listened to by the person every day.

2. Dr. Gariaev speaks on the common theme that we live in a holographic informational world and this data is available to everyone. He states that he “has the technology to address the holographic person.” This is done by reading a newborn’s holographic information and transmitting it to an elderly or ill person, allowing them to regenerate, recover and even reverse the aging process.

“Living chromosomes function just like solitonic/holographic computers using the endogenous DNA laser radiation.”

This means that they managed for example to modulate certain frequency patterns onto a laser ray and with it influenced the DNA frequency and thus the genetic information itself. Since the basic structure of DNA-alkaline pairs and of language are of the same structure at their most fundamental levels, no DNA decoding is necessary.

These concepts and ideas don’t just apply to humans, but can also be applied to plants, as Dr. Gariaev describes in an experiment he and his team performed. They took plants that had been damaged on the chromosomal level. The damaged chromosomes of one group of plants were talked to using a “specific algorithm” spoken through a generator in various languages. The other group had the same process repeated but the difference was that the words spoken were simply random, meaningless words. The first group of plants became healthy and recovered while the group given the random, meaningless words continued their downward progression.

To address the wave-property of DNA, they did an interesting experiment where they captured information patterns of a particular DNA and transmitted it onto another, thus reprogramming cells to another genome. So they successfully transformed, for example, frog embryos to salamander embryos simply by transmitting the DNA information patterns! This way the entire information was transmitted without any of the side effects or disharmonies encountered when cutting out and re-introducing single genes from the DNA.

ACTIVATION Of Your Divine DNA NOW – Channeler: Akashic Records – 7-5-15

EVOLUTION REAL DNA ACTIVATION -as the very structure of the evolution of reality itself-

Warning: The following message is INTENDED to physically ACTIVATE YOUR DNA.

The first time you read this it will have zero effects in respect to your free will,

if you decide you want your DNA ACTIVATED IMMEDIATELY

read this message a 2ND TIME and your DNA WILL BE ACTIVATED IMMEDIATELY.
While reading the second time, this information will automatically activate your dna,

if you do not want this, do not read the message a second time- also,

if you read a second time ‘by accident’ or without wanting your dna activated,

the following content will not work on you.

This is in respect to your free will, you are not forced to do this, you are offered the choice.


You must live in the supreme reality, it is the only place where you can be conscious, as your consciousness is and has always been, love. You decided this, because the conscious of love leads to what you love, and what you have always loved.

Our history was necessary to construct your DNA to this extent, the same way a creature must slowly evolve, so too does the soul, as this is the order of how things are built. Things must be built from the ground up. The reason there are so many different species and genetic varieties, is because of the law of chance. Chance is the process of randomization, where events occur by random selection, but, be aware, randomization/chance is effected by consciousness, by true thought. This is proved by the random number generators all over the world, which begin to ‘randomly’ produce the SAME NUMBERS when big world events happen, such as 9 11.


This is why there are ‘no coincidences’ all ‘random events’ are in fact produced by your consciousness.
This is also why things such as “the secret” “law of attraction” “affirmations” are also so effective, your consciousness alters the chance of randomization, therefore, selects what events will happen. A creature is able to evolve into some thing stronger, because it’s consciousness alters the random copying ‘errors’
in the DNA, which causes physical mutations. How dna is formed, is by a dna splitting itself, and duplication the information is has, but sometimes, there are random ‘errors’ which are actually, ‘corrections.’ Without these ‘corrections’ creatures would not have evolved the very aspects which keep them alive!

This is because for evolution to be effective, a creature must evolve in a way which helps keep it’s species alive, otherwise it would die, and sease to exist. Evolution is the process of creating a form of life which keeps itself alive in the most effective way. You are in your body right now, because your current reality is the best opportunity for the evolution of your DNA.

Now depending on the consciousness of the creature, it’s thoughts and feelings, it may evolve into a mouse or a tiger. If you think “tiger thoughts” you become a tiger, if you think “mouse thoughts” you become a mouse, if you think “angelic thoughts” you become an angel. Let us venture together, and think the most high thoughts conceivable, and become them.

Your consciousness determines what you will transform into, and you already decided, to transform into your ultimate form, that which is THE ONE, THE ONE WHICH IS THE ALL, THE ALL WHICH IS THE ONE.
THE ONE WHO IS moral, psychic, immortal, clairvoyant, all seeing, feeling, sensing, and understanding, connected to divine understanding, creativity, patience, appreciation, acceptance, full love, full compassion, and completely connected to all which is, as you understand it is you, and always has been, as you are the conscious of every creature and all life.


You decide your reality, you built it from the very first strand of DNA, your consciousness is what made all reality possible, your consciousness is what all reality is made of.

So you may wonder, well, why do bad things happen to me? If I am really this supreme being, Why would I decide these bad things to happen to me? The forward, and to the point answer is, because you required those events to transmute your DNA into your ultimate form. You needed those events to foster a consciousness, able to foster the activation of your DNA, which you may ACTIVATE NOW.


Things need to experience process, or they remain the same thing, if you could not evolve, you would repeat the same action for infinity, you would just run in a loop. In order to experience anything other than the loop, you must evolve, and you cant help but evolve towards your ultimate form, because that is what evolution can’t help but evolve into! Every step of evolution is REQUIRED for your ULTIMATE FORM to have THE MEANS to EXIST, the ‘bad’ things in your life are NEEDED for you to EVOLVE PAST YOUR PERCEPTIONS.
Your history has been building your DNA to the ultimate reality you have selected for yourself, which has been called, and always will be, heaven.

You have selected this reality because what is within it is everything you have always desired, or somehow will lead to the reality your true self desires, and you may need to experience some challenges to get there, but know, they are not in your way like a wall, or a block, these challenges or events are truly stair steps, building the way to the reality you have always wanted, you need one step in order to reach the next. You have been desiring complete bliss, content, and satisfaction, and it is delivered to you! But it must be delivered in pieces, that you must put together, as you are living your life, so you can personally construct your supreme reality in the way which is exactly how you desire it to be, tailored to all your needs! You are a Creator! You are meant to Create!


You cannot help but create your truly desired reality, because your desire can’t help but decide what happens to you! As above so bellow! And you know you desire what IS BEST! You cannot help it!

Now do not fear the effect of your reality on others, everyone sharing this reality with you is also here because they desire the same reality! Otherwise, they would not exist here because of the effects of their consciousness! They cannot help but be the same consciousness as you because you are them! And they you! To exist here, they must be! Because all consciousness is YOUR consciousness. Even if it may not appear so, they are just as much you as you are them, and your desires are their own, it is the WAY OF THE ONE. It is as it is.

There is a center in your brain, called your pineal gland, which releases DMT as you dream, which is also a potent psychedelic, as well as THE SPIRIT MOLECULE. when your DNA is fully activated, it is designed to release the ‘essence of eternal life’ in the form of DMT, the same thing dreams are made of, the same thing reality is made of. This essence is the nectar of eternal life, and infinite wisdom.

You are ALL LIFE,
You understand WHO YOU ARE
Every creature, every realm, every atom!
You use your knowing of being ALL
You cannot help this process, as it is as natural as you yourself,
Do not fear the unknown,
As a baby bird, who sits at the edge of their nest,
You must leap,
And watch yourself soare,
And soare you will,
Because the wind lifts you from under your wings,
Because you have faith in yourself,
And because you are THE ONE,
You are
The Chosen One.
Forever, in great love,

Collective-Evolution – We Have The Ability To Reprogram Our DNA – 5-16-15



Evolving Ourselves is a chronicle of how life is evolving to meet our specs and choices, of how we can change our own biology, and of the unintended consequences for future generations. It proves that how we use our enormous power over life forms and our ability to engineer new environments will determine nothing less than the survival of humanity.”

I first encountered Enriquez’ work through his TED talk in which he described DNA not “like” a computer program, but AS a computer program.  His work seen in perspective may prove to be among the most important of our time.

In this book the authors go beyond Darwinian evolution to discuss “how unnatural selection and nonrandom mutation are changing life on earth.”

The underlying assumption, of course, is that everything not done by man is “natural” and “random” – which is an assumption I am not sure I accept.  In previous discussions of the meaning of DNA as a computer program it seems to me, at a minimum, that there must be a “natural [nonrandom] intelligence” at the source of DNA.

The narrative offers a wonderful example of how a Russian scientist took foxes and in a few generations reprogrammed them (through genetic manipulation – by breeding for certain traits) for domesticity and the offspring a few years later could be sold as pets. Of course the opposite is also feasible, as the horrid world of dog fighting demonstrates.

Do We Know What We’re Doing? 

The birds at my feeder are not “sweet” – in fact by human standards they are quite vicious, possessive, and not at all politically correct.

Most of them, especially the hummingbirds, have a dark “shadow” side – they would rather expend massive amounts of energy preventing another bird from drinking than just taking what they need, even though there is more than enough for all of them and it gets refilled regularly.

Is this a mistake in Nature or a “bug” in our DNA program?

The question Enriquez and Gullans ask seems to be, now that we have the means to reprogram ourselves for “niceness” and “sharing,” — should we?   What would happen in terms of Nature’s apparently programmed tendency toward competition and survival of the fittest?

And of course, along those lines, what happens when some members of our species decide we should reprogram ourselves for even more viciousness, power, and strength — due to the same evolutionary imperative — survival of the fittest?

This goes back to the political correctness issue. Enriquez and Gullans make powerful cases, for example, for the genetic differences between gender and races – a topic that is too hot for calm discussion in our time but one that is destined to haunt us for many years to come.

It is about the integrity of science itself – can it address difficult issues impersonally?

And can it see the level and scale of human intelligence in perspective – in its proper relationship to Nature?

While nature seems impersonal and precise, we have still not understood consciousness.

The questions that Enriquez and his co-author either ignore or assiduously avoid is “how do we account for the reality that DNA code operates intelligently?” and what does that mean?

One or Both of These Statements Must Be True:

We are the product of a conscious universe capable of manifesting incredibly complex genetic code and/or

We are the product of one or more immensely intelligent species capable of programming incredibly complex genetic code.

Either or both conclusions require that we alter our scientific perspective to see ourselves in a more realistic and subordinate relationship to reality.

While the authors make a fervent case for “intelligent design” on humanity’s part going forward, they take for granted that the code they’re working with existed before humans inhabited the planet.

The Scientific perspective seems to have little time for awe and reverence for anything but the human brain itself, rather than the “context” in which it arose – namely an intelligent universe or natural world which they continue to try to control and manipulate.

And yet, the science works.

The Conundrum:  Calculation is Not Consciousness But…

The current film “Ex Machina” presents a synthetic human programmed through a massive search engine of infinite power. But it seems to me that when the electronic “guts” are exposed it is still not “conscious.”

Our consciousness flows through or manifests as a biological machine.  This leads me to wonder whether a synthetic human with consciousness is even possible, since our consciousness flows or manifests not just from neck up but within the living energy – the animating force – of each cell.

We believe generally that Consciousness includes Love and All of Life energetically. As Eckhart Tolle says, it is “no thing.”

But what if even our own bodies are illusory in the sense that we know them only through thought?

Then is even “life” or “animate” a concept?  Is my own sense that Life is sacred and somehow “special” also merely a conceptual result of massive conditioning and the evolutionary brain on DNA?

Stephen Hawking’s Fear of AI:

“It would take off on its own, and re-design itself at an ever increasing rate,” he said.”Humans, who are limited by slow biological evolution, couldn’t compete, and would be superseded.” –

I put no real stock in Hawking’s warning because I feel that Life is “special” – it is the manifestation of Consciousness.

But if Consciousness is Everything (All) then the “specialness” of Life is illusory – and just another concept.  And then I suppose nothing is Sacred.

So would you agree that an “artificial” life form created by us could be programmed for survival and prove “fitter” and replace us, its creators?

“Evolving Ourselves” doesn’t go down this path; instead the book concludes with a more hopeful set of possibilities which involve mankind leaving planet earth and continuing “our” evolution after “reading the genetic manual” and making the necessary adjustments.  Of course, the troublesome reality of deep space travel in our present physical form has been well documented.

There is also a chapter on hubris – “Does Nature Win in the End?”

“Our hubris as to how much we have accomplished sometimes leads to a conviction that we are already smarter than we will ever be.”

This is a wonderful warning about Scientism – and the assumption that what is “Natural” is also “random” and “we” know better.  For all of the marvelous science described in this book, a much closer examination of that assumption still lies at the root of our ability to survive as a species.


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Brandon West – The Human Energy Field and DNA – How You Choose Your Genes – 3-6-15

Genetic research, conceptual artwork

Brandon West, Contributor
Waking Times

Every human being has an energy field around their body. Some people call it the aura, or the luminous energy field, or simply the human energy field. The purpose of this article is not only to prove the existence of the human energy field, but also to explore the function of our DNA, the interaction between DNA and the unified field, and the influence of the human energy field on that relationship.

Ultimately, if the science is indeed correct, this is a first step to health, healing, and possibly human evolution.

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” – Nikola Tesla

Human Energy Field and DNA – The Origin of Health

In the Western world our doctors go through almost a decade of schooling, and in that time they become masters of human biology, anatomy, and physiology. They become adept at understanding disease, and diagnosing all forms of illness, yet in a large majority of cases, what is their prescription? Drugs or Surgery.

All illness has a spiritual/energetic origin. When you do not cleanse your human energy field your energetic field becomes distorted, stagnant, and impure. It becomes extremely imbalanced and charged with low-energy vibrations which cause disease in mind, and spirit, and eventually in our bodies. But why?

The reason why this occurs is because one of the major functions of our DNA is that it receives and transmits energy. This has been shown to be one of the major functions of ‘junk DNA’ (which make up about 95% of the human genome) which is what it was called before they understood what it was all about, but now it is beginning to be shown as thean essential component of our biology and DNA.

One of the new discoveries in DNA as Bruce Lipton talks about is epigenetic control, which means literally “above-genetic” control. Thus the new understanding of DNA is that the genes which our DNA codes is dictated as a response to the environment. In essence we are in a perpetual process of adaptation, which means that we have the potential for continuous evolution in our environment, moreover, spontaneous evolution.

More specifically, what is it that our DNA responds to in order to determine the nature of our environment? Our DNA does not have eyes, or ears, so it cannot see or hear what is going on. Instead it determines the environment by ‘reading’ the energy. It receives energetic signals from the environment and interacts directly with the information and codes encoded within the unified field, reads them, and then our DNA codes and/or activates the appropriate genes suitable for the environment we are in.

What do you think happens to DNA when the human energy field is all polluted by negative energies? To answer this question, we have to look to water.

Consciousness and Water

Dr. Masaru Emoto from Japan for the last number of years has been doing some truly revolutionary work with water. What he is doing is researching the effects of human thought, emotion, andintention (directed attention) on the structure of water. (The source for this section is The Hidden Messages in Water by Dr. Masaru Emoto, and it is a truly enlightening book.)

His tests involve him sending specific thoughts to water (or getting others to do so), and then he flash freezes that water so that he can take a look at the crystal formed, and examine the relationship between the energy/thought/emotion sent to the water, and the crystals that are formed as a result.

Amazingly he found that when positive thoughts, energies, and words were directed to the water, they formed beautiful, highly coherent crystals. Whereas when negative, angry, or hateful thoughts and emotions were directed towards the water, or in some cases with words directly, he found that there was no more coherent structure, and that the crystals froze with no sacred geometrical pattern. In other words, there was no coherence.

This work proves two things: (1) That our thoughts and emotions influence reality directly; and (2) That the type of energy matters.

What is going on with these water crystals is that when an individual thinks a certain thought, speaks a certain word, or feels in a certain way, their energy is oscillating the human energy field which restructures the geometric patterns within space according to that energy.

Then the frequency of our energy radiates throughout space (or it is transmitted non-locally – I truly have no idea) and it restructures the field in accordance with our energy, and this restructures the field – the space – around the water molecules because atoms are 99.9999% empty space. Then when the water is flash frozen, it freezes along the geometric pattern created in the space around its molecules by human thought, emotion, and intention.

As we have seen from the images, the highest emotions of love, kindness, joy, and gratitude create highly coherent geometrical patterns in the field which creates crystals that are truly perfect, beautiful, and harmonic which resonate those emotions within us as we observe them.

Negative energies on the other hand seem to distort the natural structure of the field, vibrating the field in a discordant fashion, which create crystals that radiate a sense of ugliness, imperfection, dis-coherence, and in essence, disease. If it is possible for water crystals to look sick, ill, and literally diseased, it is these ones.


So if our bodies are 75% water, and if our genes are bio-oscillating crystalline structures which read and interpret energy, and if we are 99.999% space, then how do you think the energies within the human energy field are impacting our DNA, and most relevant of all, our health?

As I said before, the latest, and possibly the cutting edge of genetic sciences is working with epi-genetic control, meaning that our DNA and the genes which are coded are determined by the energy of our environment. Well, what determines our environment?

It is not what is out there which has the greatest impact, it is our perception of what is out there. In other words, what we believe, think, and feel to be true about our environment determines how we perceive our environment. So if we think the world is negative, it becomes negative to us. But the opposite is also true. If we live in a state of love, happiness, and inner peace, then we perceive our environment to be the same and thus what we attract is much different.

The human energy field directly informs our DNA and is directly responsible for the genes coded, our health, any illness or disease which may appear in our body, and even our intelligence, memory, and ability to heal is directly affected. All aspects of our lives are determined by the quality of our consciousness.

The Phantom DNA Effect

Another important piece of evidence that helps us to understand really what is going on when our DNA interacts with the unified field and with consciousness is known as the Phantom DNA Effect. It was discovered by Dr. Peter Gariaev who put DNA in a tiny quartz container and zapped it with a mild laser. He then observed the DNA with equipment so sensitive it could detect a single photon. He found the DNA acted like a sponge, and absorbed the photons storing them in a cork-screw shaped spiral.

After he finished his experiments he removed the quartz vial with the DNA in it and left. Yet to his utter amazement when he returned to his lab he discovered that the machines were still detecting the photons of light spiraling in the same cork-screw spiral as if the DNA was still present, even though he had removed it from the machine! The spiral was visibly for a further 30 days.

(Source: p.160-163 of The Source Field Investigations by David Wilcock)

What does this mean?

I believe that we can safely make these deductions based off of the evidence at hand:

  1. The structure of the vacuum, the unified field, actually stores information, energy, and light, which in reality are all the same thing.
  2. This strongly suggests that the DNA molecule and structure is resonant with the structure of space-time. In other words its structure is somehow coherent as to cause the field to interact with it in this way once it is charged with energy, in this case a mild laser. Could it be the field responding with the codes necessary for the DNA molecule to adapt to its new environment?
  3. This process infers that to some degree the DNA molecule is like a biological computer chip, an interface between our biology and the unified field. It means that an interesting function of DNA is to store light (which is information), and that this structure leaves a particularly strongenergetic imprint onto the fabric of space-time. Maybe even that the process of the DNA storing energy activated an energetic construct already present in the unified field.
  4. The evidence also suggests that there is communication going on between our DNA which stores energy/information/light, but it also seems that our DNA is not just informing the field and leaving an energetic imprint on the human energy field, but that the field is informing our DNA right back.

As a continually growing body of information related to energetically driven evolution is suggesting, all the codes, imprints, and information may very well be stored directly in the energetic field which creation emanates from; in essence, within light itself.

And when we are young or when our energetic fields are pure and unpolluted, our energy resonates most clearly with the universe in this state causing an unobstructed communication between our consciousness and universal consciousness, and between our DNA and the field. When this communication is undistributed, we become the epitome of mental, spiritual, and physical health.

If our emotions were negative or incoherent, that would be disrupting the communication between the field and our DNA, and it is this above all which evidence is suggesting is the source of all disease.

The field of intention, conscious awareness, energy, the universal mind, whatever you choose to call the infinite energy density of the vacuum, the fact remains that the energy of space all around us, is infinite. In other words, it is love, for that is the highest energy that we have a name for.

As Masaru Emoto’s work shows, the more positive, loving, and compassionate the person’s energy, the higher the degree of coherence in the water crystals. Imagine what these positive energies do to our bodies which are 75% water, and imagine the effect of that highly coherent energy on our DNA. When we align with this energy, with our source, and thus with our higher self, we are embodying this energy which clears all the negativity and energetic disturbance within us manifesting health in mind, body, and spirit.

“Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality that you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy, this is physics.” – Albert Einstein

About the Author

Brandon West is the creator of Project Global Awakening. A website dedicated to the research of a variety of scientific and spiritual disciplines, and applying that knowledge to help you live an inspired life and change the world. Follow Project Global Awakening on Facebook, and Twitter.


This article is offered under Creative Commons license. It’s okay to republish it anywhere as long as attribution bio is included and all links remain intact.


Indra – DNA Activation for the Golden Age – 2-23-15

DNA Activation for the Golden AgeWritten by Indra, Contributing Writer for Wake Up World, February 22, 2015

The coming of the golden age is prophesized in many cultures, and some important shifts are happening on Earth that are leading many to believe we are at the cusp of that new era; the evolution of human consciousness to a level never before conceived of.

In our purest form, we are consciousness; we are the light that experiences everything. The instrument through which we experience our light – the human body – is essentially created by sound, i.e. atoms vibrating on different frequencies. These vibrations proceed in all kinds, aspects, and densities of the matter that constitutes the Universe, from the finest elements to the coarsest.

Collectively, we have recently tuned up and moved into a new Universal vibration, one which holds a much higher resonance. This frequency is calling forth a higher consciousness, forever changing the face of how we, as human beings, engage and navigate the world.

So for those of you who are wondering “how do I become the amazing being I know that I am in my meditations, and I feel that I am in my heart? How do I really live out that power?”….

Upgrade Your Sensational Reality

The key is in merging with your physical body, which means you’re going to have to upgrade your sensational reality. These sensations that are coming out from the glands have to be in their natural state and not a programmed state. We have to re-learn the programs that are true to our nature so we can return back to what it feels like in our activated, fully vibrant state.

The body is simply an instrument through which the soul expresses itself, so the better we get at using it the possibilities we have enabled to us. Like a musical instrument, the more notes and chords we know and use, the greater our potential to create.

Within the body is a full octave of glands and organs that resonate on a certain frequency. When the white light of consciousness enters the body, it refracts and travels through seven different organs and glands with seven different frequencies. Each frequency regulates the characteristics and color of light emitted. For example, when the consciousness light enters the pineal gland, the energy emitted is violet due to the specific vibration of the gland. By that standard, our ‘bliss frequency’ – what we call The LumenOctave – is the light of consciousness experienced through the full octave of frequencies in the body: the seven frequencies plus the origin of the octave (the high ‘c’).

Glands Chakras Energy Centers LumenOctave

When the instrument is tuned to the “correct” frequency, amazing things happen. This is the state where we are most blissful, most beautiful, most thriving and most divine.

Firstly, it returns to its healthy natural state. It heals all the organs and systems that are around it, acting like a lighthouse and providing healing vibrations to all that’s in its vicinity. Next, the healed organs go from trying to “get by” to “healed” to “thriving”.  This process is then multiplied with the activation of other frequencies in the body. So, as each color of the body’s spectrum is activated, it adds more possibilities to our creative color palate. We have more potential to “play” with.

Fibonacci-SpiralThe Law of Octaves

The musical scales follow the Fibonacci sequence, the recurring formula for exponential evolution in our Universe. It is depicted by the spiral shape – the universal shape of evolutionary expansion.

Starting from a Middle C, when we follow the Fibonnaci Sequence from 1 (1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8 etc.) we arrive at 8 – a full physical octave above our starting point.

Although that note is a full octave higher than Middle C, it produces a tone that resonates a similar vibration – the note of C. Then, the next number in the Fibonacci sequence is 13 (or 8 plus 5) which now includes 7 white ‘natural tone’ keys, 5 black ‘flat/sharp’ keys, and returns us to the starting ‘C’ vibration – in a higher octave.

Similarly, we have 13 activation points located both within and outside the body, which also function as a spiral. While the 8 centers main centers (the “white” keys) within the body are static in all of us, we all have infinitely unique DNA. As DNA is influenced by thoughts and emotions, the 5 external points (the “black” keys) vary for person to person, depending on the lineage of the soul.

Your 5 unique keys can be discovered by using special techniques.

The LumenOctave Techniques

The Lumen Octave techniques are a way to activate the DNA’s full potential that I first enabled in the year 2000.

DNA Activation for the Golden Age - IndraIncorporating sound and light frequencies, each tone of the LumenOctave is the native sound to a specific aspect of the human experience, e.g. finances, sex, relationships, personal boundaries, love, communication, independence, mental clarity and purpose, etc.

For an overview of each tone, its native region, color and purpose, and most importantly, how it communicates, please see my previous article: The LumenOctave Principles – A Detailed Guide to the Language of the Soul

Essentially, everyone has the potential to activated his or her DNA. The codes that we have developed since 2000 are based on one principle alone – Bliss.

At LumenOctave we believe that Bliss is the master frequency. It is a deeply felt, tactile sensation that is released in the physical body when we follow our own unique energetic path. Even simple changes can help us cultivate and live in the Bliss frequency, if we learn to feel not just our emotional responses but our body’s tactile responses as well. The body releases the “bliss” hormone oxytocin, when we are feeling loved, loving and love. The feelings will guide the way and never steer you wrong. But, while oxytocin is released by the Pituitary Gland in isolation, we need the alignment of the other glands – the body’s energy centers – to live in the total grace of “oxytocin bliss”.

Our Bliss reflects our true beauty, true intelligence and evolutionary path, and drives us to be the most upgraded version of ourselves we can be. Our multidimensional selves are able to be accessed through fully activated bliss bodies, where we are living within the sensation of who we truly are all the time instead of struggling to heal ourselves or to truly know ourselves. Instead of experiencing ourselves within the constructs that we’ve been given in the physical universe, we can begin to know ourselves truly and genuinely – as divine beings.

Previous articles by Indra:

About the author:

Indra - bio picIndra is a powerful international healer. Through her work, she has helped hundreds of people find health, wealth, love and happiness, transforming their lives forever.

At age 15, she had her spiritual awakening in India, through which she experienced a deep physical, DNA-level activation. This led her to the discovery of profound knowledge about self-empowerment through the activation of DNA. Wanting to explore the full significance of her experience, she took on the challenge of testing her spiritual knowledge in everyday situations, exposing her self to all aspects of the human experience.

This intense experiment with the programmed world proved to be a solid confirmation that the Bliss Instinct reigns supreme to all other instincts of human kind. Having returned to her natural blissful state through the LumenOctave principles, she has dedicated her life to healing and inspiring those around her.

Holding a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and a Masters in Communications, Indra combines her esoteric and intuitive knowledge with practical academic and corporate experience to offer a never before seen healing technique, which addresses the human condition on all levels.

Connect with Indra at… Facebook/LumenOctave and Twitter/BlissInstinc

Judy Satori – DNA Recoding Transmissions – 2-12-15


Dear Friends
The first DNA recoding energy transmission comes from the Elohim.
It is taking us BEYOND HEALING,
to activate a series of critical synapses within the brain
that will instill an expanded ability to think and create.
All you need do is listen.

The high frequency energy now coming in to the planet is opening aspects of human DNA expression. The energy will first cascade into a sparking of critical synapses within the brain that will in turn activate the coming forth of an expanded ability to think and create. Source: The Elohim.


From the Elohim: The energy that is now coming in to Earth from the central point of all creation within the Local Group of 20 galaxies is growing progressively stronger as it builds in intensity. The Local Group is the name given by astronomers to describe a diamond shaped cluster of 20 galaxies. strong>Note: Our Milky Way Galaxy is part of the Local Group. (See the book “Tuning the Diamond” by scientist Susan Joy Rennison.)


When you listen to this energy transmission you may experience an altered sense of self, a feeling of being very far away, or of floating in space. People have reported feeling a greater sense of peace and oneness with all life. You may feel vibration or pulsing. The energy opens a series of DNA time locks, like dominoes rolling or cascading. This transmission begins a process of DNA change and is its foundation.


The second energy transmission is to calm, recalibrate and consolidate. Use this transmission if you feel spacey or ungrounded.


This transmission is designed by Spirit to improve your ability to think and create. It may also help with memory loss.


Click to Listen (Right click to Download) – Thought Creation Expansion


Click to Listen (Right click to Download) – Recalibration and Grounding


How the Thought Process Works:
Brain cells communicate with each other through an electro-chemical process. Every time we think, learn or communicate a brain cell or neuron sends an electro-magnetic biochemical message or nerve impulse down its axon. An axon is like a conduction channel between one brain cell and another. Each brain cell makes many thousands of connections with other brain cells during the thought process. When a brain cell (neuron) activates or fires and activates other neurons a cascade effect takes place creating a multiple domino-like firing process. This process creates neural pathways in the brain. The same thoughts repeated strengthen these neural pathways and make repetitive thoughts more dominant.


This transmission should be repeated three times, but not on the same day. The repetition consolidates the desired outcome, which is an expanded ability to think and create. The electro-magnetic energy of the sound vibrations (energy words of new creation) create the changes as explained. Repeating the transmission three times creates a trinity. The second transmission is to ground and consolidate as you may go very deep while listening to this transmission and feel spacey. You can listen to the second transmission as required.


Shekina Rose – Language of Light – DNA Activation – 528 Hz Miracle Solfeggio Transmissions

Shekina Rose


In the “Language of Light ” The Language of PEACE,

By: *Shekina Rose, Angelic Messenger of Mother Goddess SHEKINAH & Channel of the Blue Ray who sings in the 528 Hz Love Solfagio, Transformation and Miracles (DNA Repair}

*What is so unique about Shekina’s transmissions is she is a direct voice channel for Mother Goddess in the language of Light and she is supported by the Angelic star tribes as a vibrational choir of healing frequencies.

“Shekina’s voice transmissions” have been analyzed by a Physicist and her vocals resonate to the frequency of 528 Hz Love Solfagio, Transformation and Miracles (DNA Repair}and amazingly 6 other frequencies
FA 639 Hz Connecting/Relationships
417 Hz transmutation Solfagio
741 Hz Consciousness Solfagio Awakening Intuition
1471Hz rodin grid space horizontal
1174Hz (1741Hz) rodin grid space horizontal
339Hz rodin grid vertical
of Rodin mathematical grid – Grid of God, that can heal the souls of humans. Science seem to has found hidden information abound in Gods Blueprint of Numbers in the voice of Shekina. This sound will enlighten your inner soul and make you healthy. She can easily give you light and peace.

If you have spectrum analyzer you could draw the God’s code from Shekina’s voice transmissions. Their is hidden knowledge in her sound.

In Shekina’s frequencies of sounds of the Language of Light, some doctor who uses them to awake the inner wave energy of the human also called the kundalini serpent. This will awake the kundalini serpents that rises to the crown chakra and awake your powers. You will then become enlightened being with more power than normal being. These sound have also been used in Hindu Culture and also in Budhist Culture.

Those sounds can heal cancer and rise your Chi or Om Energy beyond comparison. Those sounds awake your soul to meet with god himself.

**Shekina gives private session – Challenged Soul Readings, Shekinah Language of Light healings, Activations and is available for Spiritual Performances, in the Language of Light – Sound Transmissions where the God Code points of the body are revealed and activated.

**Get the Amazing ~528 Hz Miracle Healing Code Cd ~…

***Get Free channeled updates from the ‘Blue Ray Transmissions’ the ‘Ancient Sacred Technologies’ of Alchemy, Transformation & Ascension to empower the light bearers in these significant times

“Activation of your Divine Original Blue Print”
check out: Are You from the Blue Ray? Star Beings, Walkins & The lost Ray of the LightWorkers –…

Activating the DNA of Ascension – GoldRing with Asa9 and Rysa5



Activating the DNA of Ascension – GoldRing with Asa and Rysa – Join us at

The Hall of Records – DNA

hall of records med


Andromedan Perspectives on The Hall of Records

There is a Vast Interspecies Alliance of Guardians that exists within this Galaxy. One of the Main Governing bodies is composed of various segments of the Andromedan, O’rion, and Draconian species. There are many secrets which lay enshrouded, awaiting the oppurtune moment to be beheld within your minds eye. As the future unfolds, the Human Species will slowly begin to completely reconceive of every single concept which you hold dear within your hearts. Those of you who disbelieve that monumentous energetic shifts are underway upon your planet are in denial of information which is rising to the forefront of your conscious minds. You would be surprised to know there is a scientifically correlatable relationship in between changes in the suns chronospheric activity/solar flare eruptions and electromagnetic field fluctuations that does affect Earths Living Systems processes. The Human Species has the oppurtunity to re-acknowlege your inherent potential Divinity.


The dawning into the awareness of your stellar ancestral heritage is underway.

Now is the time to acknowledge the intricate design and true story contained within your DnA Structure.

You exist upon a living planetary homeworld.

This is an awesome gift, given to you by those species who conceived of the original creational design patern for the template or image you are molded within.

Woven inside every single cell within your beings, there exists a semi-visible matrix {The ‘Master Key Template of Divinity’ -of which the ‘Original Intended 12 DNA Strand Blueprint’ is an aspect}.

These parameters serve the function of creating an interface in between the chemio-electromagnetic chromosonal genetic structure and processes within your dna {that are responsible for the animation, form, functioning, and stasis of your physiological vehicles} and your souls.

The yearning human species has much to learn about the true functioning parameters and operational directives housed within the design specifications of your beings.

This is your introduction to realms of conscious awareness that utilize full alignment and embodyment on all levels of your divine presence {using both hemispheres of your brains simultaneously – with a heart lock focus}.

It is important to establish a Sacred Space Inside your Heart, and the presence of mind with a focus on allowing unfoldment.

In this space the full presence of the Original Creational Patterns can become apparent.

There is a sense of both Urgency and Excitement within the vibrational amplitude we are intending to bring forth through these communications.

Within the intricately designed sophistication latent inside your genetic code there exists volumious amounts of information.

A good majority of this information is of integral importance through this evolutionary process your species is within.

You are here to awaken within yourself and anchor into your conceptualizations an understanding of what shall unfold and become known as ‘Omni-Dimensional Science & Spirituality’.

Your Species is on the Fulcrum Point leaning towards the verge of unlocking the shackling binds of your solely linear analytical geocentric based consensus notions of reality.

We feel it is time to more formally introduce ourselves, the energy which you will become familiarated with through these upcoming transmissions is that of the ‘Andromedans’.

First of all we would like to create a feeling tone within you that engenders a sense of compassion for all life forms along the entire spectrum from light to darkness and from within creation until completion {all forms being various strands within the grand orchestra of creation within this vast universe}.

Your species is in an introductory familiarization process with thoughtforms and concepts that have the capability to extend the world view currently held onto.

This should awaken within you a slight sense of excitement.

Your Earth, this planetary homeworld has been overseen since its creation and original development many many great cycles ago.

Upon this planet and within the unfolding times a grand process of re-calibration, attunement, and synthesis is underway.

Certain encodements within your Genetic Code that have lain dormant or out of reach to individualized human are unfolding.

Those of you who find a level of resonance with this information should sense through internal reflection a vibration of truth in that which we speak.

Individuals who have awakened these levels of cogniscience and heart felt embodyment and expression of your inherent Divine Potential are Seeds.

Part of your purpose is to plant into the masses consciousness concepts which are in many ways unfamiliar to your conscious mind but have a level of resonanct vibration within your subconscious and superconscious sensitivity levels.

Many of your curious brethren are having visions of the near or distant future and the Ancient Past.

You are finding that your consciousness has more fluidlike characteristics and an uncanny ability to shapeshift.

This is your introduction to fuller more complete embodyment of your Inherent Divine Presence.

Upon your inner visual field in a state of quietude and meditation the rotational capacity of the gyrospectrum instrument that your consciousness is begins to surface.

Upon this inner visual field information can be projected with 3-dimensional and holographic like qualities.

There is a mode or functioning level within the individualized human being where this is a potential.

Inside states like this is where the other abilities which have lain hidden for so long will be revealed.

You posess dormant functional paramenters far exceeding capabilities such as extended sensory perception.

As the shifts in the masses collective consciousness continue to increase in amplitude, you can guarantee yourself that the world will be a very different place in 10 years, 5 years, even 2 years.

There are a multitude of Urgent, Critical and Crucial issues which your species and the Governing Structures of your Planet must confront.

It is time for this species to really get down to putting some thought into what your continued behavior will manifest as the future unfolds.

If you allow yourself to run rampant and continue along the pathways we see you headed, you will short circuit this process and completely annihilate your entire developed level of civilization.

It is now time for you to begin to come together and put everything out into the open and on the table.

We urge your Worlds Governments and the Leaders within your Spiritual Community to begin to utilize the tendriling energy which seeks to bridge the chasm of seperation.

We are here to assist you in addressing potential solutions to the many challenging obstacles you are all facing.

We are also here to assist you in reformulating your internal conceptualizations as they relate to your deepest core notions of life, death, the universe, creation, completion, your ancestry and sentience itself.

Every single belief system you now hold will be overlaid and woven around.

To you who are within this process it will appear as if the sheath or veil of the semi permeable membrane dividing all opposing pole will be breached.

It is our hope that these communications assist you in changing the shape, amplitude and vibrational pitch of your resonant attunement.

This is a process of aligment of your individual heartbeat pulse with the planetary heartbeat pulse. The planetary heartbeat pulse is in the process of being adjusted through regulatory mechanisms within your stars functioning. There are processes within processes interlinked like the flower of life matrix.

It really and truly is a reconceptualization of who or what ‘GOD’ is.

Throughout all of your mythologies, religious belief systems, and mystery school teachings there are always references to the heavens and those who came from the stars.

We the Andromedans would suggest that if you are in the United States; please view the television program which will be aired on March 2 about the Pyramids in Egypt.

It is being brought into the mainstream’s attention that the potential for the monuments on the Giza Plateau may be much older than your Academic Egyptologists have accepted.

There is so much that your species is being given, literally the torchlight of wisdom and harmony handed down from generation to generation.

Those Original Core Concepts around the Universal Laws that procured and shaped the evolution of social groupings, up until the levels the human species has reached today.

We would like to see your species completely overlay from within outwards;the ancoring of a new perceptual framework.

This perceptual framework shall allow your species to re-orient your sense of direction on many levels and bring into alignment your internal gryospectrum inner visual lens scope/consciousness/mind-energy field. This is where you must begin to understand electromagnetic fields…

An understanding of elctromagnetism is an integral aspect and one of the most important contributing factors towards comprehending the entire scenario that is underway upon Planet Earth.

An understanding of electromagnetic fields opens up doorways within your consciousness that lead into the quantum and gravitational realms.

Earth based physicists have discerned these main operational forces: Electromagnetic, Gravitational, Quantum and Nuclear Strong & Nuclear Weak.

Your Einstein searched to understand and mathematically prove the existence of of Unified Field of Creation and Completion.

Your species is now in the position to reconceive of things on a multitude of levels.

There are many master geniuses awakening upon your world.

They are the ones who will serve as wayshowers, holding the torchlight of your illumined core.

There are many of you who are in the process of assisting the masses in navigating your perceptual frameworks into a clearer lens scope.

The process you are within is designed to bring into alignment not only your individualized conceptualizations and energy fields, but also this species collective consciousness – the opening of the individuated self into the species level ancestral oversoul.

We the Andromedans speak to you of the Truth that their exists a higher order of creational procedures, rules and regulations which are responsible and oversee the operational functioning of planetary worlds with living systems… and especially ones such as the earth which have been seeded and attended to throughout so many regions of space and vast distances of time.

We have so much to share with you all, if this one is allowing we will seek to bring these communications through as readily as available, as Daniel is realizing his ability to tune into these higher levels of cognitive functioning that shall in their own time be open up within every single individual who is going through an awakening process… some times can bring the opposing polarities of both extremes…

These are truly unusual times you will find yourself within… where the seemingness of paradox becomes co-incidental and synchronicity appears “as if by design”

A basic beginning understanding of Electromagnetic fields can help you to understand how the nucleo-synthesis process occurs inside of human DNA..

Those with a base level understanding know that human DNA currently contains within it four base chemical compnents Lysiene, Glucene, Cytosene, and Adenine …

So if you can understand that there exists a quantum level within your human being with which functions exist {Deepok Chopra Talks about this}.

You can understand that there is an electromagnetic field which is woven through some unknown mechanism with the physiological chemical combinents of the DNA…

This is where an understanding of Sacred Geometry, the Phi Ratio and how consciousness has a shapeshifting ability arises… your human perception has so much potential to be completely transformed on every single level…

Imagine a Magnetic Field… you all have seen them… A Magnet has a Noth and South Pole, and there is a torus shaped energy field that is created surrounded the iron-magnetic core.

Imagine will you now for a moment your being.

Feel your being… Take a couple of minutes and fully tune into your physiological structure…

Feel this being… The is the vehicle which your soul inhabits through its extensional experiences into expression within the levels of physical dimensionality.

As Daniel has over the past recent years been working towards forming a new perceptual framework, we have been working with him through these times. The experiences he has had in his life have been intentional in altering the direction and structures of his consciousness however harsh some of these experiences may have been…

With this Visualization of the Torus Shaped Magnetic Field, one Can begin to understand how the mechanism of the changes and shifts that are truly underway are occurring.

If you understand that electromagnetic fields are in part responsible for the cohesion and interweaving of the of the opposing yet complimentary polarities – one can holographically visualize all of this.

Just imagine that Your Ancestors, those who came from the Stars and whose “Wisdom” is “Purported” to be stored in the “Hall of Records” did leave their knowledge somewhere.

Pharoah Akhenaten {Amenhotep IV} was a Representative of some of the Highest Councils which Exist.

It should be quite clear to you that so much of the Egyptian Religious beliefs and symbolism was representative of a very keen higher knowledge that for many thousands of years was lost.

There were individuals who incarnated at strategic times throughout the historical timeline to anchor certain vibrations into the hearts and minds of Men…

Jesus Christ and Pharoah Akhenaten are only two of these individuals among innumerous others.

These individuals who have been the humans who incarnated into physiological structures with a specific purpose to perform.

There is a reason why Pharoah Akhenaten sought to Institute a Monotheistic Solar Deity Based Religion.

This was because the role of the Pharoah was to serve as the Representatives of the Gods Themselves on the Physical Dimensional Levels of The Planet.

Literally these Lineages were passed down through Thousands and thousands of years.

We would like you to understand that as the 21st Century unfolds and the challenging obstacles your species is facing are dealt with, integrated and transcended your current conceptualizations and belief systems in regards to your concepts of those who created you will be significantly shifted.

Also your understanding is beginning to dawn in regards to the larger solar galactic orbital cycles of time, and how all the inter-relationships of the mechanism of this spatial time wave energy band shift into a higher octave of space.

This is all related to the Solar Galactic Orbital Cycle and why our Calendars were created in the first place.

There are larger cycles of time that affect the rotational velocity of our star.

This is due to our star system shifting in space in relationship to other star systems.

You all know that there are significant and active changes occurring to your Sun…

with an Understanding of Electromagnetism and some basic Astrophysics things lock into place.

You can see how everything is truly connected.

There is a Diamond Light Crystalline Core of True Knowledge and Wisdom that Underlies all of the Mystery Shool Teachings, Religious Belief Systems, and Stories of the Omni-Science of the Gods.

This is unfolding and being re-awakened within these times with what shall become called Omni-Dimensional Science and Spirituality, and it does involve the Human Species Stellar Ancestry.

There is a Connection here…

The Ancient God Kings who held onto the Highest Esteemed Positions of Leadership, Showmanship, Rulership and Guidance of the People of Egypt still held onto bits and pieces of the Original Core Teachings that Existed before the flood.

The Pre-Flood Civilizations were real, this is why there is this overwhelming sense of Deja Vu encompassing the Collective Consciousness of the Masses today.

The Ancestral Memories is what the this is all about.

This will allow the Universal-Galactic-Solar-Earth-Human Circuit to be completed and the Ancient Future Earth Star Wisdom of the Law of One to be Completely Anchored and Remembered.


We the Andromedans are representatives of Some of the Most Important and Significant Seats Within Solar and Galactic Councils, Dear Luminous Fires…Beautiful Humans… The knowledge which we bring to your world these times, much of which did not even originate within this milky way galaxy {although it has been seeded here previously}… Your human species has a long ways to go towards fully and truly conceiving the awesome truth and gift you have been given through your physiological beings… This is the times for those of you who are healers… those of you who hold onto these visions of the future… and those of you who have a soul embraced and expressed through their hearts must take the lead and become forerunners and wayshowers as the dawning unfolds within this great beginning you are being offered… A completely new direction to re-orient your individual selves and the structures of your civilization…


Those of you who Seek to Open the Hall of Records must first come to understand that the true hall of records exists within these quantum levels of your DNA. As you begin to slowly unfold and rotate your energy fields as your understanding of Harmonics, Sound, Dimensionality and Human Consciousness expand. The unseen abilities which lay unaccessed will unfold, and This Ancient Future Perceptual Framework of the Original Template shall Be Anchored. This is truly what the opening of the Hall of Records is about and It Truly is Underway. This is when the human species will see what planetary existence, life in the cosmos, and the processes that operate and maintain the functioing of the universe is all about.




Literally This Communication is Coming through at these Times as a Co-Incidence beyond Synchronicity that beyond matter based illusory perceptions should appear to you “as if by design”. You know that what you are seeking to understand is what is contained within the deepest regions of your memories. Those memories which are stored and imprinted within you that hold onto the awareness of all the knowledge of that which existed before the Global Occurrence of Catastrophic Worldwide Flood. Those of you who are following the research of Individuals like Graham Hancock, Dan Winter, Amargi Hillier, Jose Arguelles, Drunvalo Melchizadek, Greg Braden, John Major Jenkins, Zecharia Sitchin and all the other not so well known researchers and sources of Channeled, Inspired Material or Prophetic Visionary Divining {Including Nostradamus, Edgar Cayce, and Terrence McKenna} all point to the times the inhabitants of your world find themself within today as being the most significant with energies unfolding in the direction of this awakening.
Does the Golden Spiral Layout of the Pyramids point to The Heart of O’rion?

We The Andromedans would like to thank you for this opportunity to share our perspective. We wish for you to be aware that we hold your species in esteem within the highest ranks of beings that have been created. We see you for who you truly are and the potential which you truly have the capability to once again become. We have much more to share, and you will come to understand the true importance of the Andromeda Galaxy. As the knowledge of the Giza Pyramids Alignment’s with the Belt Stars of O’rion, and how when the Fibonacci Spiral is Overlaid on top of the Pyramids the location on the ground relationally corresponds to the Heart of O’rion. Understanding of this is what brings forward this Andromedan Perspective on The Opening of The Hall of Records.


We Wish You The Most Pristine Stellar Ancestral Memories and Dreams… on Behalf of The Elders and the Solar & Galactic Councils..

We Are of The Andromedan-O’rion-Draconian Alliance and Galactic Federation of Star Systems & Civilized Worlds



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Lisa Gawles – ExtraTerrestial Lineage in our DNA – Turning it ALL On in 2015 – 1-2-14


Lisa Gawles


Happy 2015 everyone!!  I have ended 2014 in a way that has just wet my taste buds to experience and taste what the fullness of 2015 is going to reveal for our experiences.  New Years eve I did an ET connection session that was rescheduled from Christmas eve.  Sorry I didn’t get this out yesterday to really start the new year with, but, I was recovering from the most wonderful playdate I had with my kids.

My lady had three different friends from the skies show up, two revealed themselves, one said when she is ready for her connection, she will reveal herself at that time.

Some things became very clear in my understanding with words many of  our ET’s refer to, such as “realms” when talking about different solar systems beyond their own.  Also, sectors when referring to other planets within their own realm.  All three of her friends were from different sectors within the same realm.

I was very grateful I didn’t have to try to pronounce their names, they let me give them nicknames, her main was is Andy from Andromeda and the other one I simply called Kirmy cuz he sort of reminded me of Kermit the frog.  The third, like I mentioned, was present but not revealed, however, definitely a feminine presence.

All three of them have a related interplay of abilities they are gathering together to help her remember.  Andy’s focus is on the dimensions themselves.  Unlike anything I have ever seen with dimensions before, he showed us how they really look, like fluttering sheets of energy.  It so reminded me of something moving with the currents in the ocean, a gentle fluttering that constantly opened and closed with I suppose solar or space winds.  There were no portals or vortexes as I have become accustomed to seeing.  Andy explained that they can open and close these sheets, the dimension sheeting at will with the use of their brain waves, as could we.  He showed us arcing energy emerging from just above the temples on each side of his head moving outwards to connect with the dimensional sheets.

Kirmy had an interesting device in his hand that resembled our rubies.  He made it clear that the material that made this thing he called, “the mechanics of time” up, was from his realm and not ours. It was about 6-8 inches tall and was a cross between a pyramid and cylinder shape, really hard to describe really.  There were like facets on it, but not really facets either.  As he was showing us this time thing, suddenly what looked like a small white flame appeared inside at the base and started to move, grow, collapse and start all over again.

As I was looking for a main picture for this sharing, I found this image, which actually looks exactly like that mechanics of time thingie except made of a substance that resembled ruby.

machinics of time

To put the use of this thing in the most basics of categories, it alters time and is used in conjunction with the dimensions for their travels.

They made an exciting statement during our session together, we have learned to travel interdimentionally with our etheric body, but wouldn’t it be more exciting if we took our physical bodies with us too!!??  Ahhh… hell yeah!!!

They must have heard my inside thought about the various atmospheres and immediately one of them said, there is so much we do not fully know about our bodies capabilities.  Thru eons of time we have been programmed that our bodies can only do this, or breathe that and yet, none of it is true.  Our lungs have the ability to adjust to various atmospheres.

When her two friends did the energy alignment within her during our session they gave me a bird’s eye view of what they were doing with her.  Kirmy was really targeting her pineal gland as well as her visual cortex.  He showed a series of what I can only call movie screens suddenly opening at the back of her head (the visual cortex area) that will help her remember how to use all that is going to be revealed to her. What excited me even more, my lady was describing what she was seeing and it was exactly what I was seeing too!!  Her ET friends seemed genuinely surprised at my excitement of seeing the same thing in the same way and one even commented, why would she see or experience something different?  Dah??  I dunno!!  lol

One thing for sure, our telepathic ability has increased!!!

I watched as Kirmy started to do something… energy work of some sort at her foramen magnum (the large opening at the base of the skull.)  He explained, again, how much we have forgotten about our bodies abilities.  At this particular opening there are frequency regulators that will become an important part of our interplanetary biological travel.  Thru this part of her session, all I could think about was the medulla oblongata, AKA The Mouth of God.


Somewhere thru this amazing session, they showed us the various splices of DNA that now forms what we call the human body.  Many bits and parts of our star family went into this version of the human species.  So much is regulated by what we would call our brain waves or more simply stated, what we think we know about our bodies.

Ohhhh, another thing Andy stated as well, we really have no clue about the vastness of dimensions either.  On earth we talk about 3, 4 and 5 D when there are actually hundreds upon hundreds of dimension.  We really need to get out of our limited way of seeing the greater creation or we will be bound to what we think we know.

I am completely resigned to say I know thing about our bodies and am more than excited to allow the light of truth to be shined on us, thru us, as we kick-start the most amazing year of experiences ahead.

On that note, I hope I wet your own taste buds for the extraordinariness that lays within us!!

Happy amazing new year of a brand new experience of Self Discovery to All!!  Wrapped in ((((HUGZ)))) of course!!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S.  I am going to leave my $40 off the ET package in play until I get back Home on the 7th.  I really do not feel like doing any webwork,so my laziness is your bonus!!

Do Cosmic Rays Evolve Consciousness And Transform DNA? – 12-31-14

Cosmic Ray Shift


Written by Elina St-Onge, Collective-Evolution, Waking Times, December 30, 2014 –

26 years ago in the year 1987, something happened and the world felt it. The first globally synchronized meditation –commonly known as the first “Harmonic Convergence” – took place. Tens of thousands of people gathered all around the world at sacred sites around the planet to co-ordinate their intention. What intention? José Arguelles, who initiated the meditation put it this way:

“There comes a point when things have to change. A vibration signal was sent out. Where the signal was coming from – whether it was coming from our genetic coding, whether it was coming from the Earth, whether it was coming from outer space, or whether it was coming from all of those – this signal went out and people responded to a signal. It is very much like when a species gets a signal to change the direction of its migration pattern.” – José Arguelles

It was from that year on that the human mind began to open up more than it ever has before. Even though the status quo resisted these new ideas, more and more people began seeing through the old paradigm of war, environmental destruction, poverty, slavery and materialism, and instead opened their eyes and minds to a more wholistic worldview. People began questioning the many structures of society, and suppressed information began to resurface and become available to the masses. Ever since 1987, human consciousness has experienced a noticeable acceleration.

Now what is this all about? And why 26 years ago? Is this just some new age speculative talk? As much as world change is not a concept that needs to be backed up by science to be recognized as important, interesting studies have shown that this evolutionary movement isn’t just a coincidence or a simple initiative of a few individuals. The whole cosmos seems to be in.

Cosmic Rays and Human DNA

Before delving into the significance of the year 1987, let’s explore what scientists have discovered to be a key factor in the evolution of life: Cosmic rays. Cosmic rays are light waves of a very high frequency that have been shown to transform human DNA –therefore affecting human evolution. In fact, an analysis of ice cores extracted from polar stations in Greenland and Antartica have demonstrated that about 12,000 years ago and 34,000 years ago, an incredible increase in cosmic rays occurred. Scientists were astonished to find that both times correspond to periods of great leaps in human evolution in terms of art, technology and state of consciousness. Andrew Collins, a science and history writer who has studied the effects of cosmic rays, said:

“The effects of cosmic rays on our own genetics has led to mutations within the body, within the mind, the brain, that has altered our perception of reality… The correspondence between ancient cosmic ray levels and sudden evolutionary leaps and human technology and art are facts.”

Even as far back as 1973, famous science writer and astronomer Carl Sagan spoke about how cosmic rays cause DNA mutations and would have affected human evolution.

Cosmic rays are passing through the Earth and our bodies all the time due to ambient processes of the cosmos – hence, there is always a slow and gradual evolution taking place. However, in 1987 – the same year when a spark of change was being felt across the world –something different took place. A Supernova occurred close enough to the Earth that it was visible to the naked eye. Cool, but what does that have to do with anything?

A Supernova is a rare stellar explosion so powerful that its radiation can briefly outshine an entire galaxy, releasing as much energy as the sun is expected to emit over its whole life. What type of energy are supernova’s known to emit? You guessed it: Cosmic rays. 1987’s supernova – scientifically referred to as Supernova 1987A – propelled evolution-inducing cosmic rays throughout the universe that have reached planet Earth and are still affecting us to this day. In 1987, an evolution in consciousness began – followed by a growing global movement for change. Coincidence or not, the connection between rising frequencies and rising consciousness is factual.

“Are you aware that a Shift in human consciousness is occurring, even as you read these words, that employs celestial triggers such as supernovas and Earth’s alignment with Galactic Center in the years leading up to 2012, to trigger the evolution of our species?” – Sol Luckman

Around and after the year of 1987, many other celestial events have occurred; the most known being a massive increase in solar flares (also producing cosmic rays) and a rapid decrease of the Earth’s magnetic field – both of which are happening to this day. The Earth’s magnetic field is known to act as a shield against high frequencies… so what happens when it weakens? All the goodness of high frequencies seeps right in. Now many would think this is crazy because of the common belief that they are dangerous, however the purpose of cosmic rays and other high frequencies isn’t to fry us alive; but to gradually instigate the evolution of our DNA; the blueprint of our level of consciousness.

According to medical science, we have 2 strands of DNA and 10 strands of “junk” DNA which are believed to have no purpose whatsoever. But what if this so-called “junk” DNA is merely dormant DNA? Studies show that our dormant DNA is now reactivating.

Dr. Berrenda Fox, physiologist and naturopath (who was later on “silenced” by the government and given a bad name to suppress such information) said it herself:

“Everyone has one double helix of DNA. What we are finding is that there are other helixes that are being formed. In the double helix there are two strands of DNA coiled into a spiral. It is my understanding that we will be developing twelve helixes. During this time, which seems to have started maybe 5 to 20 years ago, we have been mutating. This is the scientific explanation. It is a mutation of our species into something for which the end result is not yet known. I am working with three children right now who have three DNA helixes… Some adults that I have tested actually do have another DNA helix forming. Some are even getting their third. These people are going through a lot of major shifts in their consciousness and physical bodies, because it is all one. In my opinion, the Earth and everyone here is raising its vibration… A lot of the old paradigms can no longer exist, yet are fighting to be maintained, but there is no doubt that it is changing. Those of us who have chose to live at this time are the forerunners of almost a new species.” – Dr. Berrenda Fox

Could this be the beginning of another evolutionary leap? I think so.


About the Author

My name is Elina and I’ve been writing for Collective Evolution since 2010. My main focus as a writer is to unveil the wisdom and lessons I learn from my personal experiences and observations, and share it with all of you in hopes that it will assist others to see the challenges within their own journey in a new light. A bit more about me: I love photography, I enjoy drawing, I’m a pretty decent percussionist, I love nature and animals, I like grilled veggie paninis… other than that, I have no set life plan but I aim to enjoy the moment and stay open to all possibilities! Feel free to e-mail me: [[[Check out my new Ebook ‘How To Change The World’ Here:]]]

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Devara ThunderBeat – The Next Step – Activating Your 22 DNA Strands – 11-23-14



DNA Harmonic Alignment




By Devara ThunderBeat

The DNA is the building blocks of life, containing the genetic codes for creation. The mapping of the physical strands has begun. Scientists have only distinguished that we have 12 Strands of DNA. Our human DNA contains far more than scientists know. They are unable to read the etheric codes at this present time. Plus they have considered 10 strands out 12 Stands of our DNA as “Junk DNA” thinking that it serves no purpose. In the future, when the technology is developed to enable them to read this part of the DNA codes, they will be significantly surprised.


Majority of the population has only two to three active DNA strands and the other strands are dormant. When you come down to a planet like Earth that is a lower frequency of dimension and the programming of human life styles, this blocks your DNA. Therefore, we forget who we are and why we are here and all our higher dimensional capabilities. Most of the Crystal, Indigo and Rainbow children have four to five DNA Strands activated. That is because Mother Earth has raised her frequency and these beings are now willing to come here.


Your DNA is sacred, personal and unique. It is the blueprint of who you are, where you come from and why you are here on Earth. DNA determines your body type, behavior patterns, potential diseases; it holds your family genetic patterns and karma. It is passed down from your ancestors and you then pass it on to those who come after you.


The 22 strands of DNA are of etheric light-based DNA not visible under the microscope. This knowledge has been known for thousands of years. The ancient Egyptian priests and priestesses initiated 22 DNA / activations in the temples. In the ancient times they did not call it DNA they identify it as the “22 GOLDEN LIGHT CODES “. In India, a Yogi receives many steps of initiations that activate their DNA and could take a lifetime. These Golden light codes are also mentioned in the keys of Enoch in the 202 section of the book.

When a person is ready for the next step of ascension, they are attracted to the 22 Strand DNA Activation.


  • Enables you to have more energy and clarity.
  • Opens up unconscious knowledge stored within.
  • Clears dysfunctional family and genetic karmic patterns.
  • Strengthens the immune system and quickens rejuvenation.
  • Creates a greater opening for connecting to the Higher Self.
  • Helps you to remember who you are and why you are here.
  • Empowers you and brings forth talents and abilities yet unrealized.
  • It activates dormant brain functions to their original divine function.
  • It raises your frequency level by bringing more light into the physical body.
  • You will begin to manifest your higher senses like intuition, telepathy, and clairvoyance.


Please contact me, Devara ThunderBeat at or call me at 928-204-0752 to Schedule your appointment.

The one time session is a 1 ½ hours. Private 22 DNA Activation are through Skype or in person (I live in Sedona, AZ) you will also receive a chakra balancing, what to do after the activation and a recording of your session, as many messages from your guides, ancestors and or angels will come through.

You only need this activation once – in -a –lifetime, Never having to do it again under any circumstances.

May You Walk In The Light Of Truth Of Who You Are!


About Devara ThunderBeat
Devara ThunderBeat is a Native The name “ThunderBeat”, was given to her by Native American elders, because of her abilities to heal and awaken through the power of sound. She has traveled to numerous sacred sites around the world to redeem ancient knowledge. She is a Multi–Award Winning International, Musician / Composer, Author, Teacher, Speaker, Psychic, 22 DNA Facilitator, Certified Reiki Master and a Pioneer in Sound Healing. 







Tory Offers Deep DNA Readings, Activations, Past Lives – Past Life Clearings – Host Elizabeth Diamond – 12-14-14

Elizabeth Diamond

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Crystalai – Preparing To Shift Into The Ascension Earth – 11-21-14




In 2017 those who have raised their frequencies into 5DNA where they have created their desired multi dimensional realities will shift into the Bridge Zone. The Bridge Zone is the layer of reality between Net Earth and Ascension Earth. The Bridge Zone has equivalent frequencies with Inner Earth, Agartha.

Those with Lower frequencies will notice many people have vanished suddenly, but most things will seem the same as always. During May to June 2017, there will be a period of confusion and fear for those people and they will have a problem with electricity.

Those who shift to the Bridge Zone will see two moons because they are living in between two dimensions of reality. They will be meeting with Guardian Races to guide them to Ascension Portals of Inner Earth. They will be meeting their teachers and mentors and guides. They will see New Earth that is the original Earth that was never damaged by mutations.


Those who want to raise their frequencies into that reality, need to work on raising their frequencies and programming their DNA to contain that reality. DNA only contains the realities that each person places in them. DNA becomes activated by raising frequencies- yes. However, the reality that is programmed into the DNA before it activates is a personal responsibility. If there is nothing new placed into the DNA, the same old illusions will continue to manifest, even if the 5th DNA is activated.


I can help you raise your frequencies to the activation of the fifth DNA, however, I cannot change the ideas in your mind. You must do that for your self. Whatever reality that you choose to imagine into your DNA is your individual freedom and responsibility.


What does the Frequency Music do to your body that activates the DNA?


DNA is activated by the pulsation rhythms of the particles that compose your body and consciousness. The New Higher Frequencies of Consciousness that are in the Crystal Magic Orchestra Music increase the rhythm of the particles in your body.


These frequencies in the music move your consciousness into the NEXT set of dimensional Sub Frequency Band. When this happens, the previous set of dimensional sub frequencies Manifest into Perception.


This means that whatever Ideas or Beliefs or things that you wish to Manifest Will Not and Can Not Manifest until you have moved your consciousness into the Next Set of Dimensional sub frequency bands.


What is a Sub Frequency Band? It is one of the Spheres of Light and Sound- one of the Bands or Spheres in the Music of the Spheres. DNA activation is a Musical Event. It requires the symphony of love that is created when the spheres spin into a new pulsation rhythm.


The spheres are also the strands in the DNA. When a sub frequency band is activated by breathing more frequencies into the pulsation rhythm of the particles that compose the body, whatever was in those sub frequency bands will Manifest into your new Physical Reality or Illusion. The only thing that is real is what you believe to be real.
Everything is actually a holographic illusion that we call reality.


Why do we want to place our desired Manifestation into our Consciousness?
Why do we want to create this desire so strongly in our imagination?


Because, when the frequencies are activated in the cells of the body the cells increase in rhythmic vibration and that is when the manifestation of the desire will appear as physical manifest appearance.


This is how a new reality is created.


As long as a person continues thinking the same thoughts and believing in the same old realities, even if their frequencies are increased by listening to the Music, the only thing that will appear is a REPEAT of those old ideas that the person is still believing.


This is why I have asked you to add the candle focus to your listening.

If you use the candle to move from the Thinking Brain into the Frequency Specific Mid Brain, this is the first step in stopping the re-manifestation of the same old thoughts you have been thinking.


If you are listening to the Frequency Activation Music and your reality isn’t changing, it is because you are not imagining the NEW REALITY that you desire.


You must IMAGINE the things that you desire. You must see them, visualize them and KNOW that this is your New Reality. This is Not just Wishful Thinking.


We do not Wish for or Hope for something. We learn that in NORMAL RELAITY our DNA will Manifest the Reality that is manufactured by the pulsation rhythm of the frequencies that compose your body and consciousness. This is a FACT.


So, if you want to Manifest a Higher Reality, First you need these frequencies from the Frequency Music of Crystal Magic Orchestra. The Crystal Spheres of Crystal Liquid Light, Crystal Star Dust and Crystal Gelaisic Radiation contain the Divine Substance that all is made from in NORMAL REALITY. that Crystal becomes the MAGIC of activating Dreams Come True when the Orchestration into the Music of the Spheres is performed correctly in Consciousness to create the Frequencies of Transformation.


The Music already contains all of the higher pulsation rhythms that will progressively activate one harmonic sub frequency band at a time.


However, the Music cannot change the thoughts in your head. You must choose to Think something new. You must know and say
I am fabulously wealthy
I have always been fabulously wealthy
I will always be fabulously wealthy.


You must change your belief of your past, present and future reality because the present doesn’t manifest a new reality until the past has been transposed into a new reality, and then after the present reality manifests it cannot appear until the future reality is transposed. Our reality doesn’t really consist of past, present and future. It exists from no time and no space. It is an illusion of linear time. However our reality is one continuous time field. It cannot be one thing in the past and a different thing in the present. It is always the same PERFECT DIVINE REALITY. ALWAYS!!!!!!


The candle and the music will help you melt away the old thinking brain so that you can move into the frequency specific Mid Brain. You will know you have moved into that part of the brain when the candle flame looks Blue. This means you have changed your mind to begin thinking with the fifth dimensional Frequency Brain. You will feel old thoughts coming to the surface to fight for their existence. You must melt those old thoughts away or else they will re-manifest again into the New DNA.


The DNA is the vessel through which your illusions that you create in your thinking brain are manifested. If you want your DNA to manufacture a new experience that will be painted into your illusionary experience of external reality, you need to shift your consciousness and use your Imagination to Program your DNA. You must re-program the past, present and future with higher pulsating frequencies that contain your Desires. These Imaginations will Manifest into Physical Reality through your DNA if they are held in your Frequency Specific Brain Continuously for hours at a time. Actually, as of 2014, it is only supposed to take 15 minutes to create a manifest able idea.


The problem is if any of the old Thinking Brain is still involved in the process, the idea will be de-manifested before it can manifest. The reason that we will have better luck manifesting after 2017, is because we will have INSTANT MANIFESTATION. We will not be given enough time to interfere with our own manifestation. However, that reality will only be a part of those who make it into the Bridge Zone of the Ascension Earth where there is no time.


The holographic thought forms that you manifest into your external reality are actually stored inside of your cells just like your computer programs are stored inside of your computer. The DNA works exactly like a computer. it projects the data that is on the memory chip of your cells into physical manifestation.


This is how we make God’s Movie. You are each the only god who is creating your reality or your movie. Each of you has their individual mind of god that creates reality from the Energy of Source Consciousness itself.


Well, at least that is the way NORMAL REALITY WORKS.


Those living on Planet Earth have not been experiencing a Normal existence. Most of the ideas that have been programmed into our cellular memory for our DNA to project out as our reality come from structures of creation from Invader Race Consciousness fields intentionally blocking and replacing our own ideas.


However, the people on Planet Earth have never been able to realize that they are being tricked into seeing illusionary holograms that are planted in them through culture, society, media, religion and government.


And the structures of reality have absolutely nothing to do with the god’s movie that each individual has the divine right to co-create through their own DNA programming.




We cannot become the producers, directors and creators of God’s Movie until we EDIT out the old movies. The old movie reels that contain millions of years of bad programming must be melted away by brining in the Full Spectrum of Light and the Highest Frequencies of Consciousness into the Thinking Brain and into the Cellular Memory in order to melt away those old out dated movie reels.


We must create God’s Movie through our imagination. In my story of life, my husband and I were woken in the middle of the night several times between 1985-2000 with the message MAKE GOD’s MOVIE. We have been on this journey of learning what that message meant for many years. We have been given the understanding. We have grown in our understanding each day. One of the greatest indications of DNA activation is growth in understanding.

Even though I theoretically understood Frequency Activation, DNA activation, the imaginations of taking journeys and the spiritual art of healing, this doesn’t mean that there wasn’t always room for more and more growth in understanding.
I think this is what is different from myself and most other people.


I never stop searching deeper and deeper for meaning. This is probably a habit I gained from doing so much research for my Masters Degrees and Doctoral Degrees. Most Doctoral Candidates mimic the beliefs of their Doctoral Committee. They usually agree to continue the research topic that one of the Doctors on their Committee has already begun. The real purpose of the Dissertation is to add more validity to what someone on their committee wanted to become the most powerful Theory. When this is done at an institution such as Harvard or Stanford the Theory becomes known as FACT.


Of course, there really are no Facts. There are only theories of reality. They only become a Fact because there are Power Committees and Pay Offs to Scientific Communities, Educational Communities and to the government. If you take the time to read some articles in the Life Extension Magazines, you will learn that every drug on the market was a result of pay offs and political agendas. The drugs that were made unpopular were made that way through the same method. This is how all FACTS are made in our societies. I chose to obtain my Doctorate at an institution who chose NOT to pay off the Establishment because I wanted the Real Thing.


When I read an article or book that is heuristic in nature, I read each page over and over many times and I receive New Meaning each time. I don’t read it all on the same day. I read the same books over about once a month because I know I have more DNA activating each month which allows me to see a larger reality each time.


My favorite books that I read every day of my life was Science and Health, with Keys to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy. That book is full of Truth about the immortal Man who is made in the image and likeness of God. Eddy’s formula was to have students study a new set of truths in her book each week. One week we would study Infinite Supply, another week we would study the Life that is Eternal, another week we would study why many is Immortal, and another week we would study Divine Love. We would study all of the different synonyms of God in order to fill our minds completely with the reality of reality. These topics would be repeated each year because each year the DNA would activate into a higher understanding than the year before.


As the readings took on new meanings the DNA was actually braiding the harp strings of our minds to prepare to sing a new song of reality. This is how the DNA develops a new movie, from the harp strings called axion and synaptic cleft in the neurons. Scientifically, the frequencies of the outer band of the Music of the Spheres is the 14th dimension of heliotalic frequencies of pre light and pre sound which is the spiritual water vapor called hydrolaise mixed with the plasma of the sun and the stardust of the Universe. The combination of the frequencies from the eighth dimensional Sun’s Frequencies, the 12th dimensional stardust and the 14th dimensional Cosmic Water send out tones that run through the harp strings and sing the DNA into activation.


Copyright © by Dr.Angela Barnett. All Rights Reserved. Permission is given to copy and distribute this material freely, provided the content is copied in its entirety and unaltered, is distributed freely, and this copyright notice and links are included.


Crystalai – DNA Activation – Orb Body – 10-30-14


Dr. Angela Barnett

(Teachings of the Cosmic Mystery School of the Omniverse)


Once a body undergoes atomic transmutation through natural activation

of interfaced DNA sequences and the formation of the celestilline wave that

carries the Divine Blue Print 12D pre matter hydroplasmic liquid light state.

When the presence of atomic transmutation is set in motion

by the activation of the interfaced DNA sequences and resulting formation

of cellestilline and DNA strand braiding,

it happens so quickly throughout the entire organism

that the physical body appears to disappear instantly.

Presence of cellestilline is many thousandths of split second instatatneous flash.

Personal identity and consciousness after it disappears .

As DNA fire letters awaken or fire and the chemical DNA assembles its turnstile interface sequences

distinct changes occur through out chakra, axiotonal Kundalini and auric field systems

of the personal subtle energy anatomy.

Subtle energy anatomy systems are the energy relay systems

that circulate interdimesnional frequency between

the physical body and the Kathara body template,

chemical DNA and atomic structure.

The changes that set in motion the physical atomic transmutation process

which begins with stimulation of the codes in the DNA template

and  the resulting activation of the DNA.

This begins with changes in the subtle body energy systems.

The process of this stimulation by which the Vector codes in the

DNA template activate and by which the DNA template electro magnetically

transfers active blue print into chemical DNA blueprint

is called the transduction sequence.

In the transduction sequence  in coming frequency passes from

the external dimensional unified fields of energy –

the Universal life force currents.

These flow into the embodied Kathara Grid


We are presently returning to our elemental structure

that is normal in a star system.

Our physical elements from the elemental chart

are now uniting with the elements from the spiritual elemental chart

into the set of elements that are a part of any normal solar system.

Our system is converting water and air into hydrolaise.

The new earth and those on it will be a part of

this star system that is hydrolaise based.

We are now becoming a normal eternal breathing system.

We are becoming immortal.

We are becoming normal.

A carbon based system is a dying system.

A hydrolaise based system is a Christic based immortal system.

When damage happens so a solar system or sun or planet

that natural ascension process of accreting frequency

and then going up in density each time is broken.

Then the planetary system gets stuck in a time warp

wherever it lost the ability to accrete frequency.

Our system has fallen into that category

over a period of millions of years.

We’ve been in a system that has not been able

to do natural symbiosis for a very long time.


This is the first time in many millions of years

that our system is able to become normal.

This is why everyone in our universe, our galaxy, our solar system,

and many other solar systems are celebrating now.


Most systems

(the planet, universe, galaxy, star, beings, animals, plants)

have the solar symbiosis cycle.

When a star breaths it draws energy in and when it

exhales it sends energy out.


When we breathe, we send energy out.

A living system sends energy up and out to the top of its poles

and out to all of the planets and suns in its system.

There is a breathing circulation within and between

all planets and suns in that system where solar currents

go out of the top of the sun and they get picked up by stars

around it gives off energy around it and picks up energy

from those around it on a horizontal plane.


There is a natural solar symbiosis cycle with an eternal life solar system.

In such a system all Merkabas are spinning at the right speeds

and everything is exchanging energy through Prana in natural crystal order.

Around each Merkaba is a chariot of fire with electromagnetic fields

that plug into the next level up.

Our body works similar to this Natural Flow System.


A natural conversion process is hydrolaise.

The light body builds on this Template.

The light body is a breatharian body that breaths hydrolaise.

Hydrolaise is key to an intricate breathing process that stars use.

It is like our process of breathing that keeps cellular process going

where we emit carbon dioxide,

but it is closer to the photosynthesis process that plants do.

The natural prana exchange cycle has to do with

bringing in spirit body and progressively re-spiritualizing matter

through prana exchange.

Buillding charge that allows you to move forward in time

by re-creating your spiritual body

frequencies through the Eiradonis.


The Conversion process involves taking in certain things from the air

that have to do with the oron crystals release

and bringing it down from the higher air

and down into the Earth and into the body.

There is a breathing process that is literally breathing light

and it allows for this conversion of various things including

hydrolaise in the body that sends parts of the converted energy

from hydrophase back into prana seed so you can keep the flows open.

The conversion process sends part of the light energy into the blood

like oxygen circulates in our bodies and it releases back into the atmosphere

a form of the hydrolaise that then goes through its conversion

in the air where some of it becomes water and some of it becomes lighter

(a gas)  that goes into the air.


The frequencies that have been coming in for the past year

have been brought here to jump start this hydrolaise conversion in our bodies.

As it kick starts, we can begin to take more than just oxygen from the air.

Very light plasma is coming in.

It is a form of air born hydrolaise.

It is releasing now in the spanner gates and coming down

in our atmosphere that will create a process for us.

If we don’t use it. It will evaporate and loose charge.

There is always a natural relationship between the Christic Beings

and the star they lived on where their natural bio-process

would give back something the star needed for its natural process.

So it was always a natural symbiotic relationship.

The solar symbiosis process is a process by which

emissions coming from the central sun

send the solar wind- electrons, protons and things like that.


There are supposed to be certain things in the atmospheric layers.

Some would be from the choronosphere, some would be below the choronosphere.

Those things are called ORONS (oxygen bound with Helium)

the elemental manifestation they pick up solar charge –

natural emissions from the central sun

and they store them for a while and after they densify a bit

they come down in certain areas.


We have genetic time codes in our body called complete Spiritual Body,

Adrogynous Body, Complete Body or which means

male and female in the original God Language.

The true meaning of male and female is a

certain crystaline structure within the body.

The spiritual physically manifests within the body

as etheric dust memory that directly interfaces

with the organ system in our natural circulatory system.


These Frequencies of Hydrolaise can be experienced

by listening to the Eternal Life Waters album.

To listen to to


We will begin activating the Crystal Dust memory

or no pain, no time, no death very soon.

We will become free of all implants and miasms that we picked up

as we reincarnated in this solar system from the original Tara.

The new incarnating race line will be soon be the Rainbow Race line –

6th generation humans.

This race line will be fully awakened Avatars.


DNA Skin Suit Technology – Andrew Bartzis – 10-15-14


Galactic Historian

We have Spirit Tech blueprint…we are our own Stargate, we are creator gods and goddesses. We just need to remember and claim our potential, and allow ourselves to become Who We Really Are once again!

Essence Ka tha’ras – 144 Double Helix Strand – Spiritual DNA Activation Process


A friend recently asked for instruction on Activating Multiple Strand Spiritual DNA. In response to her request I have written the following and decided to share it here for any who may want to use this particular process for Ac
tivating their Multiple Strand Spiritual DNA.

DNA Activation Process

I suggest you start with initially activating 12 Strands of Spiritual DNA, then proceed in increments of 12 until you reach 72; so that would be 12 Double Helix Strands initially activated, followed by 24, then 36, 48, 60, 72.

Once you have activated the first 72 Double Helix Strands of Spiritual DNA you will then activate another 72, which will take you to 144 Double Helix Strands of DNA, or 288 Single Strands of DNA.

First I would like to share this article I wrote back in February of 2012. In it I shared a bit of information about Spiritual DNA. Here is what I wrote on Spiritual DNA, and a link to the whole article if you would like to read it in full. “The Purple Pathe” is my old web-site.

Conscious Intent & Purpose

“5) Back to that Spiritual DNA we were talking about

By now most Lightworkers are aware of the process of activating multiple “new” strands of Spiritual DNA. The Spiritual DNA we are currently activating has always been a part of our complete Spiritual Self, and is necessary for raising the frequency of our physical and etheric bodies so as to enable us to, safely and effectively move “back into” our Light Bodies.

Sometimes this process is misunderstood. It is more clearly stated that we are RE-Activating these Spiritual DNA strands.

They have always been there; we just stepped too deeply into dense frequency vibratory rate realms for them to operate at full capacity. In a very basic manner, the vast majority of these Spiritual DNA strands had to shut down almost completely or we would not have been capable of moving into such dense frequency realms.

This DNA has always been within us, and the knowledge of this hidden and almost completely dormant DNA allowed those who knew of it to implant mechanisms and devices into it that aided them in using it in controlling ways. Keeping the knowledge of these “Spiritual DNA Strands” hidden for as long as possible was the first order of business for the Shadow Side Forces.

Strategically placed locks within particular Spiritual DNA Strands create blockages to the knowledge of the truth of humankind’s Spiritual heritage.

Tactically placed, these obstructions create stumbling blocks that, although they cannot and will not halt the inevitable outcome of all that is encompassed in the current Ascension process, if left unchecked and unattended, can and will, slow the process.

Every truth humans reawaken to, deal with and take charge of implementing into their lives, individually and collectively, is one less blockage that can hinder the progression of our journey home to ONEness.”

Now for the activation process

Each of us has what we can term or label an “Etheric Physician”; “Etheric” meaning non-terrestrial. Very basically, I guess you could say, this is one of our Spiritual Guides who we can call on to help us maintain and care for our Etheric and Physical Bodies, including our Aura; our personal energy field.

Step 1:

Go into a meditative state with the intention of calling upon your Personal Etheric Physician. The first time you call upon your Personal Etheric Physician, I suggest you take the time to meet them and get to know them a bit. Very much like you would a physician in the physical world.

Questions you may want to ask and have answered

Do they emit a Masculine of Feminine frequency? (to us… are they male or female) What is his/her name? What do they look like? Where are they from? Have you work with them before? and if so, when and where? And any other questions you might have.

Step 2:

Once you have gotten to “know” them, you can either set an appointment for later, (if you are ready to physically leave meditation) to Activate the number of Spiritual Strands of DNA you are ready to activate and maintain.

Sometimes they will have specific instructions as to certain work they want you to do for a certain number of days, in preparation for the Activation. Examples such as, they may want you to fast and/or cleanse.

They may want you to meditate on something specific for a certain amount of time, or they may want you to finalize some particular type of emotional release work, etc.

They may also ask you to gather crystals or other stones of particular vibratory rates to utilize during the activations, or even particular Essences or Essential Oils.

Other times they will think you are ready then. Simply follow their instructions.

On the day of each activation, try to find at least a several hour period when you will be undisturbed.

This allows you time for the meditation process where the activation will take place, plus time afterwards for relaxing and allowing the initial assimilation of the new frequencies to settle into your personal energy field/aura and you physical body.

A visual for this newly activated Spiritual DNA:

The Double Helix Strands of DNA weave themselves together creating an energy channel, or tube, that runs through the center of your body.

Basically you can visualize it creating a boundary, or the wall of your Sushumna Channel.

(For now only focus on the Sushumna Channel in the picture below, and do not concern yourself with the Ida and Pingala energy channels for this work.)

The activation of each additional 12 Strand increment increases the diameter of the Sushumna Channel. How this will feel is very individual. My personal experience is that once all 72 Double Helix Strands are activated and woven together, the Sushumna Channel fills approximately the center 1/3 of the physical body.

Once you have activated the first 72 Double Helix Strands of Spiritual DNA, and have worked with this for a sufficient amount of linear time and are comfortable with maintaining this frequency, then you are ready to activate the next 72 Strands.

The Second 72 Strands of Spiritual DNA

The activation of these 72 Strands is done all at once. I suggest, if possible in your daily life, you set aside two days of at least minimal physical exertion for this activation.

(Alone time is always best, but is not always afforded to us in our day to day lives.)

This will give you time to do the work with your Etheric Physician and then have a relaxing down time to let the physical body rest and adjust to the substantial frequency increase.

The process is the same as with the smaller number strand activations. I highly suggest you meet with your Etheric Physician a few days, to a week or so before you plan on doing this activation to see if they have any specific instructions they would like for you to follow.

The activation of this second set of 72 Double Helix Strands of Spiritual DNA creates a second outer wall of your Sushumna Channel. In other words, the “Energy Channel/Tube” created by the first 72 Strands will be contained just inside this “Energy Channel”. Like double paned glass, this makes a second layer.

On the day of this Activation, do as before and move into your meditative state, following all instructions from your Etheric Physician.

Allow quite relaxing time to assimilate these new frequencies after the work is completed.


If you notice, each of the numbers associated with this DNA Activation process adds to either a 3, a 6 or a 9. This is the same number sequence associated with the Solfeggio Frequencies. I highly recommend the use of the Solfeggio Frequencies during the time of preparation for, and in the actual Activations.

Personally I suggest you specifically use the 528 Hz – Miracle/DNA Repair and the 417 Hz – Transmutation. The use of any and/or all is fine, but these two in particular are very good for this work.

If you are not familiar with the Solfeggio Frequency tones and music, you can simply search it on the web. There are many good Solfeggio music videos on Youtube and you can buy any number of versions of them on iTunes. Just find what resonates with you.


Remember, 12 Double Helix Strands is actually 24 Single Strands of DNA, 24 Double Helix Strands is actually 48 Single Strands of DNA, etc.

Each Double Helix Stand pair will have a Masculine/+ Charged Strand and a Feminine/ – Charged Strand joined into one “Double Helix”.

In conjunction with these activation, once you have assimilated and adjusted to the higher frequencies you are now holding and maintaining, (allow several weeks after the assimilation of the second 72 Strands before doing this next step), you will initiate a double spin direction of these two layers of Spiritual DNA.

Once again, go into your meditative state and call upon your Etheric Physician to assist you in this process.

Initiate/Start the inner Energy Channel spinning in a clockwise direction. Give a few minutes to allowing this spin to start and then find its proper rate of spin.

Once this feels complete you will then initiate the outer Energy Channel to begin spinning in a counter-clockwise direction. Give yourself time to allow these two spin directions to find equilibrium and set the proper spin rate and ratio to each other.

Your Double Helix Strand Spiritual DNA Activation is now complete.

My personal advice:

1: Don’t let your ego guide you into thinking you can skip ahead in this process. You can cause yourself emotional and mental discomfort and slow the process down by thinking and acting on decisions made with Ego’s voice and advise.

2: You need to give some linear time, usually a few weeks, (1 to 3) between each additional Activation. You have to learn to operate, and maintain each higher frequency.

3: Consciously work each day with these newly RE-activated Strands of Spiritual DNA. Give at least a few minutes time each day to making sure your energy is flowing correctly and with no blockages.

4: Become acquainted with what the energy flows feel like along these Strands and within this newly expanded Sushumna Channel. If you discover any blockages, or begin having emotional, mental or physical issues, simply call upon your Etheric Physician for assistance and follow their instructions.

5: For all who practice Energy Healing. Remember, we each have our own personal Etheric Physician. When you are doing Healing Energy Work on another, you can call on your Etheric Physician to contact their Etheric Physician for assistance. Once you become more efficient at working with Etheric Physicians, you can call directly on the Etheric Physician of the person you are doing the Healing Energy Work for.

I hope this information is of assistance. It has been shared in the Frequency and the Energy of Unconditional Love and ONEness.

In-Joy your newly RE-awakened Frequencies.

Blessings from All Realms of Creation

Essence Ka tha’ras

© 2013 Essence Ka tha’ras

Shambahalla-New Earth & The Metatronic Consciousness Energy Round

Please feel free to share this information, but only in its entirety, and with credit to the

Author – Essence Ka tha’ras…

and please add a link back to this web-site….

Jesus Christ – DNA Activation and Spiritual Growth – via Kim Michaels – 9-21-14


TOPICS: DNA stores ONLY information about proteins – popular belief about DNA is wrong – not all information about a human being is stored in DNA – DNA receives and processes information from a higher source – materialist have over-interpreted the importance of DNA – DNA does not carry information about spiritual faculties – New Age people built upon fallacy of materialism – your spiritual faculties not dependent upon the body – spiritual maturity means mastery of mind over matter – spiritual growth not mechanical but conscious process – you were not created with advanced abilities – Planet X – use logic – advanced civilizations of the past could manipulate DNA – they were not aliens – some people have incarnated from other planets; not travelled here physically – some junk DNA has a function – Jesus had only 2 strands of DNA – Christ discernment more important than clairvoyant abilities – many ideas come from false teachers – creating a virtual spiritual world – a warning –

Channeler: Kim Michaels 


Question: My thinking is that the vast majority of people today only have 2 active strands of DNA and only 10% of their brains functioning on all cylinders so to speak, hence disease, violence, and a lack of knowing how connected they are to their creator. As Gaia moves towards a 5th dimensional vibratory rate, Im wondering how far of a jump of active strands of DNA do you feel humans might make in the present energy shift and what might this imply in terms of our way of living and overall capabilities while in embodiment?……..

 Needless to say Im a little tired of hearing of “junk DNA” from “scientists” …..
The second part of my DNA question is in your incarnation as Jeshua 2000 years ago, how many active strands of DNA did you have and how many active strands does one have to have to do the sort of advanced healing work you did and perform the “miracles” like walking on water\ intricate manipulation of matter and defiance of the “laws” of physics? 

Can you speak about the “Saint Saint Germain Layer” of DNA and how that works?


Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:


This question opens up a number of interesting perspectives, so I will give several thoughts on it—the most important one being at the end.

Thought 1
It would be constructive if both spiritually minded and scientifically minded people would realize that DNA is a storing mechanism for information but that it contains only three types of instructions:

  • Assembly instructions for how to make proteins.
  • Control instructions for when to make certain proteins.
  • Instructions for how to transfer and combine proteins.
  • DNA contains NO OTHER instructions. In other words, the function of DNA is to allow the cell to construct proteins, which might be seen as the building blocks of the cells. DNA has no other function.


This fact can be found in any biology textbook, yet the popular perception of DNA is that it contains all of the information needed to construct a biological “mechanism” as complex as a human being. In other words, most people have been indoctrinated to believe that every aspect of their beings – including their personality and even their spiritual faculties – is stored in their DNA.

In reality, DNA can be compared to a mason who knows everything about how to make and stack bricks yet is unable to draw an architectural plan for a house or do the engineering calculations. In reality, the mason himself could not build a house but needs someone else to provide the blueprint. Likewise, DNA cannot construct a human being with all of its complex psychological and spiritual faculties. It cannot even construct the human body without being directed by an intelligent being who can read the blueprint and thus activate the DNA and get it to build the proteins that make up the cells.

My point is that if you look at a specific hereditary trait, such as the color of your eyes, the information that determines your actual eye-color is not contained in the DNA. It is contained in the blueprint for your body and is communicated to your DNA at the appropriate moment. This blueprint is contained in an energy field which stores information that cannot be stored in the DNA. The energy field is partly created by combining the energy fields of the parents with the energy field of the incoming lifestream. The actual traits of your body and outer mind are communicated to the DNA by an intelligent being – called a “body elemental” – which is able to read the blueprint and communicate it to the DNA.

I am aware that most people will say that this information contradicts what they were told in school. Which proves that we need to consider why people have been conditioned to believe that DNA is a kind of philosopher’s stone that contains all of the information needed to construct a human “machine.”

The simple fact is that the discovery of DNA became a very convenient way for materialistic scientists to ignore some of the weaknesses in the theory of evolution. This theory cannot answer a number of questions, including how an organism can “adapt” to an environment in which it can neither survive nor reproduce—which is what life had to do to move from the ocean to dry land.

So by creating the myth that DNA contains all of the information necessary to produce a human being and that DNA can “mutate” in random ways, materialists believed they could explain every aspect of evolution—even though they cannot explain exactly how DNA constructs a body when it only knows how to build proteins. Neither can they explain how a purely mechanical process – the production of proteins – can account for the existence of scientists who are consciously investigating the DNA.

Thought 2
My point is that materialistic scientists have created a fictional overlay upon the solid scientific findings about DNA. They have not been willing to acknowledge that DNA ONLY contains instructions related to protein production and that this cannot account for the higher faculties of the human mind. Thus, they have turned DNA into a black box in which they can postulate the existence of mechanisms that cannot be proven scientifically.

They simply assume that every question that cannot be answered by the theory of evolution has a mechanical answer that they have not yet found. They believe that one day scientists will pull this mechanical explanation out of the black box of DNA, as a magician pulling a rabbit out of a black hat. This allows them to ignore the fact that the theory of evolution is not a complete theory and that it will never explain the origin of life—unless it is expanded to include the existence of energy fields that use DNA as a communications interface with the cell.

I hope this can now lead spiritually minded people to conclude that DNA does NOT carry information about your personality or your spiritual faculties. In other words, your spiritual abilities are NOT determined by or dependent upon your DNA. Your DNA ONLY influences the properties of your physical body. Your spiritual abilities are determined solely by your spiritual development. Your lifestream is not dependent upon the body but enters the body after it has been “built.”

The simple fact is that after materialistic scientists had created a myth about the “infinite” amount of information stored in the DNA, certain spiritually minded people built upon this fiction and created the theory that there are more strands of DNA than the two discovered by science. Thus, in order to unlock your full spiritual potential, you “only” have to activate all of your strands of DNA – be that 12, 44, 144 or however many – which these people can – conveniently – do for a fee.

Do you see my point? The idea that your spiritual abilities are mechanical and are stored in a mechanical device such as DNA – or even an energy field – is a double-fiction that started with people who has an agenda to “prove” that life has no spiritual side. The fiction about DNA created by materialists has simply been taken to another level by people who are spiritual and might have good intentions but who lack Christ discernment.

Thought 3
The simple fact is that the higher spiritual faculties are NOT dependent upon the physical body and do not need DNA to be activated. They are dependent exclusively on the lifestream’s maturity, which is not something that can be limited by or unlocked by a mechanical process. It is a creative process that involves choices you make, and spiritual growth cannot be reduced to a mechanical “device.” True spiritual growth requires the raising of your consciousness until you become able to use the higher spiritual laws that allow you to have the mastery of mind over matter. You cannot – which should be logical – exercise the mastery of mind over matter by using a device – the brain and body – made out of matter.

My point being that it simply does not make sense to take the purely physical, mechanical device of DNA and extend it by postulating the existence of a non-physical or spiritual DNA that can be unlocked and magically give you superhuman abilities. This is simply a modern equivalent of the age-old dream of an automatic or mechanical salvation.

Take note that I am NOT denying that you have an energy field that stores information and that this is done in a somewhat mechanical manner. Nor am I denying that you have latent spiritual abilities that need to be “unlocked.” I am saying that unlocking your spiritual potential is not a mechanical process that someone can do for you in 15 minutes—or in any length of time. It is something you must do for yourself through a process that is NOT mechanical but creative.

Spiritual growth is protected by a safety mechanism designed to make sure that those who have not risen above the selfishness of the ego cannot attain unlimited power. The dream that it is possible to mechanically unlock spiritual powers – without abandoning the ego – is a false dream that has been constructed and kept alive by those who seek to deceive spiritual seekers into following the false path that can never lead to the Christ consciousness.

Furthermore, the spiritual abilities that can be unlocked are those that you had attained before you “fell” into the duality consciousness and created the ego. Depending on the individual lifestream, these abilities might not be that advanced. Above and beyond that, spiritual abilities have to be developed, and thus it is not a matter of simply unlocking something you already have.

It is another fictional concept that your lifestream was created with unlimited or god-like abilities. Your lifestream was created with limited abilities and was meant to develop its abilities by wisely exercising its free will. The potential for what can be developed is unlimited, but it has to be worked for—not magically unlocked.

Thought 4
Let me give you a sketchy example of how far these false teachers will go in order to ensnare those who are not alert. Some of the proponents of the existence of extra strands of DNA have attempted to support their theory by referring to a book by Zecharia Sitchin called The 12th Planet. Some people have taken Sitchin’s findings and built unto them.

The basic idea is that – based on archeological evidence and ancients texts – the earth had been visited by aliens in spaceships. These beings came here from a planet that is part of this solar system but takes 3600 years to complete one revolution around the Sun. Thus, every 3600 years, this planet – called Marduk, Niburu or Planet X – is close enough to the earth that beings from it can visit this planet.

These beings supposedly visited earth in the past and had technology and abilities that were far beyond what human beings have today. Thus, they were seen as gods by certain ancient civilizations and their sophisticated technology – including rocket ships – was described in ancient texts.

The aliens supposedly came to earth to mine its resources. Yet because they were not willing to do the hard work, they attempted to create a slave race out of their own DNA, which had 12 strands to account for their god-like powers. Yet even this became problematic, and thus the aliens merged their own DNA with that of Homo Erectus to create Homo Sapiens as a slave race to harvest the resources they needed. In this process they deactivated 10 strands of DNA which supposedly accounts for the fact that Homo Sapiens only has 2 strands of DNA.

One might wonder why these genetic scientists did not simply leave out the other 10 strands of DNA instead of deactivating them? Of course, that would invalidate the theory that you can activate the other 10 strands and thereby magically acquire god-like abilities. Which in turn would make it unnecessary for you to purchase the services of those who claim they can activate your DNA.

The reason I am giving this brief summary of an elaborate theory is to show you that it is extremely important for spiritual seekers to use Christ discernment, even common sense and logic, when evaluating such claims. In this case, take the idea that there is a planet which orbits your Sun and takes 3600 years to complete one rotation. This planet supposedly has an elliptical orbit that in one extreme takes it closer to the Sun than the earth and in the other extreme takes is much farther away from the Sun.

If such a planet did exist, it would at one point be so close to the Sun that it would be much hotter than earth. At the other extreme of its orbit it would be so much farther away from the Sun that it would be much colder than the earth. Thus, if life did exist on such a planet, it would have to be able to adapt to these extremes in temperatures. This, in itself is highly unlikely, but now take it to the next level.

You know that the earth is the only planet with known life, and the reason is that earth has a stable temperature range that is neither extremely hot nor extremely cold. Thus, life on earth has developed within a very small temperature range. Yet the theories about alien visitors claim two things:

  • Alien life developed on a planet with extreme swings in temperature and is able to adapt to these extremes. This form of life would have to be able to live in conditions that are similar to both Mercury and Pluto—both of which have no – material – life forms.
  • This alien life form – adapted to extreme swings in temperature – would have DNA similar to the DNA that evolved in the much more stable environment of earth. The alien DNA is supposedly similar enough to earth DNA to be merged with an organism that has evolved on this planet.


My point is to show you that these theories defy logic, common sense and Christ discernment. They are nothing but fiction made up to deceive spiritual seekers into blind alleys that consume their time and attention without ever leading to genuine spiritual growth.

Take note that I am not denying that there existed past civilizations that were more technologically advanced than modern civilization. Nor am I denying that scientists in some of these civilizations had the ability to manipulate genes and in fact created many animal species and even influenced the genes of homo sapiens.

However, the existence of advanced civilizations in the past does not necessitate alien visitors. This is another example of how some people build on the errors of materialistic scientists. These scientists postulate that human life has only existed on this planet for a very short time span. And they claim evolution can only go in one direction, thus there could not have been past civilizations that were more evolved than the present one. Both claims are incorrect since human life has existed on earth for millions of years and a number of civilizations have risen to great height only to self-destruct. Yet some people have taken this to mean that ancients accounts of advanced technology must come from alien visitations.

If you look at the earth today, you will see an amazing range of technological abilities between tribes in the Amazon rain forest and western civilization. Even greater ranges have existed in the past, which accounts for the fact that certain past civilizations were visited by people with superior technology and mistook them for Gods because they arrived in rocket ships and had superior abilities. Yet the visitors simply came from another civilization on earth.

My point is that the existence of ancient myths or even artifacts can be explained without postulating that earth was visited by alien civilizations. Likewise, the presence on earth of people who have superior abilities or knowledge does not mean that these beings traveled here in spaceships. The earth is a crossroads for lifestreams from many different planetary systems who have been allowed to embody in human bodies. Some of them have had a degree of memory of their lifestream’s origins on other planets or in distant galaxies. Thus, people have created the myth that they must have travelled here physically instead of incarnating.

Thought 5
Let me now comment on some of the questions raised above:

My thinking is that the vast majority of people today only have 2 active strands of DNA … hence disease, violence, and a lack of knowing how connected they are to their creator.


All people have only 2 strands of DNA and that is all they need in order to ascend. The imperfections currently seen on this planet are not caused by insufficient DNA strands and cannot be fixed by activating “additional” strands of DNA because they simply do not exist.

I’m wondering how far of a jump of active strands of DNA do you feel humans might make in the present energy shift and what might this imply in terms of our way of living and overall capabilities while in embodiment?


There is no jump to make and there are no additional strands of DNA. Let me give a simple analogy. As you write an e-mail on your computer, you are using a computer program that contains instructions for how to form letters and display them on the screen. This computer program is completely mechanical and it does not understand the meaning of the words you are typing. It is simply an interface that allows you to interact with the hardware of your computer.

Likewise, your DNA is only an interface that allows your lifestream and body elemental to interact with the hardware of your physical body. What comes out of your computer program is mainly the product of what you put into it. Obviously, the program sets certain rules for how you write, and it can even help you spell the words correctly. But the program cannot prevent you from writing a great literary work nor can it guarantee that what you write is not meaningless nonsense.

The computer program only responds to your input and so does your DNA (except for some response to environmental input). Having “super-human” abilities is not a matter of activating super-human DNA. It is exclusively a matter of attaining the Christ consciousness whereby you can – while in a physical body – make use of the spiritual laws that supersede the material laws.

Needless to say Im a little tired of hearing of “junk DNA” from “scientists” …..


Scientists will one day discover that most of the so-called junk DNA has a function. However, there is a certain “waste” built into the workings of nature, at least as it currently functions on earth. Thus, some of this DNA truly has no function and carries no information.

The second part of my DNA question is in your incarnation as Jeshua 2000 years ago, how many active strands of DNA did you have and how many active strands does one have to have to do the sort of advanced healing work you did and perform the “miracles” like walking on water\intricate manipulation of matter and defiance of the “laws” of physics? 


I assume you now realize that I had no more than 2 strands of DNA and that no more is needed in order to master the laws of nature. The idea that the Christ consciousness can be encoded in human DNA and can thus be inherited is another false idea construed by those who pursue a mechanical path to salvation. It is no more true than the idea that Mary Magdalene was the Holy grail and that certain royal houses of Europe carried the genes of the Christ consciousness and were thus more fit to rule the people.

Can you speak about the “Saint Saint Germain Layer” of DNA and how that works?


This is another false idea that has no bearing in reality. It is an example of how some people deliberately or ignorantly mix a false idea – extra DNA – with a true idea—the existence of Saint Germain as the spiritual hierarch of the Aquarian Age. They hope this can give their false idea some credibility and thus lure people who are interested in Saint Germain into taking a look at or even believing in their false idea.

Let me make a clear statement. The ascended masters and the Great White Brotherhood NEVER use mechanical devices or processes as a substitute for or a shortcut to spiritual growth. There is no substitute that can allow you to grow spiritually without overcoming the duality consciousness of the ego. It is precisely this duality consciousness – in which any idea can be made to look plausible – that fools people into accepting the false belief that there is a shortcut or that they can mechanically unlock their spiritual potential.

Thought 6
Now for the most important thought I will give you. My basic reason for answering this question is to show you how important it is for spiritual seekers to develop their Christ discernment. It is far more important to have the ability to tell truth from error than it is to long for superhuman or clairvoyant abilities that do not guarantee spiritual maturity. As I said, “Seek ye first the kingdom of God, – the Christ consciousness – and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.”

If you use your computer to enter one of the virtual reality environments created on the internet, you know you are entering a fictional world. You know this world is a computer game made up by other people and that it does not exist in the “real world.” You also know that such a made-up world has no connection to reality and thus you do not expect that by roaming around in this world long enough, you will eventually find a doorway that leads to heaven. The people who made this virtual world do not promise you that you will ascend after playing the game nor that you can get back the time you spent playing the game.

Yet there are many channelers and other people who have created what is similar to a virtual world. Some of these people – even most of these people – have the best of intentions, but they do not have Christ discernment. Therefore, they have connected themselves to non-material beings who exist in the emotional and mental – even the lower etheric – realms. These beings have been in those realms sometimes for millions of years and they are very experienced in creating a world that seems real to those who have little discernment. In fact, they are so skilled at creating such a virtual reality that they have trapped themselves in their own worlds, which is why they have not ascended to the spiritual realm and joined the ascended masters.

If a spiritual seeker enters one of these virtual worlds – by studying and believing some of the channeled teachings out there – it is very easy to roam around there for an entire lifetime without ever finding the doorway to heaven—for a virtual world can have no such doorway. Yet in the meantime, you give your spiritual light to those who have created that world and thus contribute to the continuation of the world, even making its magnetic pull stronger so it pulls in more people. By talking about these fantasies as if they were real, you might even influence other people and thus pull them in as well.

Let me put this as clearly as possible. You can find any number of such virtual “spiritual” environments that are blind alleys. They might give you some growth, but they will never allow you to transcend the level of consciousness from which the world was created, and thus they are ultimately dead ends. You will not manifest Christhood or make your ascension as long as you allow yourself to remain in one of these environments.

Obviously, I respect your free will. You have a right to follow any teaching that tickles your fancy. But when you meet me at the end of this lifetime, do not say to me, “Jesus, why didn’t you warn me about this?”


Let those who have ears hear. Let a word to the wise be sufficient.


Copyright © 2005 by Kim Michaels

Alcyon Pleiades 22-1 – Improvement of our DNA-RNA – The Beings of Light

Alcyon Pleiades

As the amount of photons of light heading towards Earth increases many things will continue to be modified, all that we are will be impossible to hide and the consciousness will awaken in one direction or another, following the path that each of us has chosen.

Therefore, whilst we are in this purifying limbo-purgatory of transition the Rescue Beings are indicating to us the importance of preparing ourselves thoroughly and it is urgent to be [positive, affectionate, empathic, show solidarity as well as learning to digest or transform density into subtlety.

Likewise, we are being asked that as much as possible we prevent ourselves from experiencing reactionary, disturbing or turbulent states so that we avoid falling into strong outbursts or discharges of emotion, as is the case with the vast majority of people who do not know how to conduct themselves prudently, intelligently and with good sense.

We are experiencing are the result of conspiracies and provocations, which have been clearly, deliberately and perfectly staged with the aim of keeping us trapped within the low frequency the dark ones emit.

So, in order to counteract this dominating anti-light
we must fight to free ourselves from the shackles that have bound us for centuries and whilst this huge change of genetic vibration takes place, we must try to recover the stellar heritage that rightfully belongs to us only in this way will we achieve the freedom of our soul-consciousness, which has been eternally ours.

A metamorphosis is taking place throughout the planet and behind it lies the defining photonic energy, the photons spur us on to establish our preferred stance, desires and tastes, whether towards the light or towards darkness, and all that they entail.

This situation is experienced by the whole of humanity alike, this is why there is no place to which we can attach ourselves, complain, use to shield ourselves, or from which we can try to seek help, the only thing that is true is the harmony and integration that each one of us feels and can develop with others.

Video created by Alcyon

Arcturus Ant – Healing Music – 432 Hz DNA Repair Mode


432hz vibrates on the principals of golden mean.

Relaxing 432hz music which can be used for studying, healing, meditating or sleeping!

Lincoln Gergar – Align your DNA with your Soul – Meditation – Channel Higher Self

Channel Higher Self

Satsang with the Self
video series by Channel Higher Self.
Align your DNA with your Soul Meditation

Welcome to the Satsang with the Self video series. To learn more about Satsang with the Self, visit: or

Align your DNA with your Soul Meditation

Our DNA is the foundation of our manifest physical expression. The structure of our DNA determines our physical appearance, our mental health and emotional health. By making changes in our DNA we can change our physical body, mind and emotions manifest.

In this Channel Higher Self video meditation learn how to create changes at the DNA level to bring your manifest self into alignment with your Soul and Higher Self. Learn what the DNA is a subtle structure of vibrating matter that determines and reflects your manifest appearance and experience. Learn how the DNA alters the stream of Creative Life Energy flowing through you. Learn how to align your DNA with your Soul to remove suffering and limitation; to create more Love, peace, and unity.

This is a powerful Higher Self energy practice that will produce changes within your life. Trust that your Soul knows what is best for you and align with your Soul and Higher Self.
Many blessings and much Love!
To learn more about Channel Higher Self, please visit:
To watch more videos from the Satsang with the Self series, visit:
For personal Higher Self Channeling sessions, visit:

Crystalai / Dr. Angela Barnett – DNA Harmonic Alignment – 8-9-14

Divine Self


Dr. Angela Barnett

Please note you are welcome to share this article or any written work from this or to post anything from this work in other forums; however, please do so with the following guidelines: Include author’s credit, Crystalai, copyright 2014 and include the website url. CRYSTALMAGICORCHESTRA.COM


Crystalai  /  Dr. Angela Barnett
Please note you are welcome to share this article or any written work from this or to post anything from this work in otherforums; however, please do so with the following guidelines: Include author’s credit, Crystalai, copyright 2014 and include thewebsite url.*CRYSTALMAGICORCHESTRA.COM

The reason that human beings often feel like lonely, isolated strangers who spend their lives

trying to figure out why they are here, and believe that they  must seek and strive in their lives

rather than freely enjoy and manifest reality like we would do in a Normal System is because

our DNA has had certain base tones and overtones disconnected.

This means the beautiful harmonious structure that is supposed to exist within every cell in our body

has become a disconnected harmonic field causing minor modes and disharmony in our bodies and in our lives.
The reason that Jesus Christ said “FORGIVE THEM FOR THEY KNOW NOT WHAT THEY DO”

is because just 3400 years before Jesus arrived, human beings had their memories completely removed.

They did not have a clue who they were. They were disconnected from their Souls.

Remember that the Soul Level is the dimensional 4,5,6.

Our Souls were in Tara and our Bodies were on Earth.

We were broken apart from our Soul Memory. What Jesus said was very literal.

They literally did not know what they were doing.

And that state of amnesia has been the basis for our entire World as we Know it.

At that time in history, people broke into small groups and created languages and cultures.

They made up realities. They created the language and structure of reality that they wanted.

That was how the world was created.

Now, is the time for the End of the World and the return to our Normal Reality.

That begins with having our memory returned to us.

Our Consciousness of our Entire True History is within the Morphogenetic Consciousness Field

that has been reactivated within the Crystal Core Domain of Mother Earth.

That means the Etheric, Starry Earth within the Earth we stand on.

That Consciousness Field can be activated now and we can connect our consciousness

into that memory field of who we really are.

When we do that, we remember that we are actually a part of an entire Cosmic Self

that is so far beyond any controller on this

man made world that we would laught at anyone who thought they could control us.

We would remember that it is actually impossible to die or even get sick

because we are actually living in the Source Field of Eternal Life Energy.
Ascension is a Musical Event.

The word God vibrates at the highest and fastest frequency

within and beyond the Universe and the Cosmos.

But, it isn’t the Word that vibrates – it is the frequency and the frequency signature

of the Idea of God which holds this frequency of the Divine Template of all Creations.
The Breath of Source is the highest frequency of the eternal creation.

We ignite that spark of Source within our selves when we breathe the crystal light energy

into the spark of Source in our Crystal Hearts.

This is what all of the music on this website is created to do for you.
That Breath of Source Consciousness contains the frequency signature of the Divine Template.

The Divine Template is the formula or the foundation from which all of the grand Creator’s creations are formed from. The grandest creation is man, who is made in

God’s image and likeness. The image and likeness of Source is the Divine Template.
Each Soul is that Divine Template. Let’s look at what the Soul has been and is going to on the Divine Scale.

Let’s say that the Creator was this grand musician who was orchestrating the most glorious,

luxurious, joyous symphony ever to be heard.
Let’s say that Composer wanted to hear His perfect frequency signature or key signature

performed in the most harmonious

harmonic weaving and braiding of glorious sounds as they transformed His perfect frequency –

still the Highest Frequency into Music or Sound.
Let’s say this grand creator decided to base his glorious symphony of Love on eight tones.

Or maybe it was 12 tones. Or maybe it was 16 tones.
Lets say it took 8 tones to create what this great musician wanted to produce.

So, everything he creates is based on 8.

That eighth dimension contained the man made in the imageand likeness of source.

And that man was a co-creator who could create

symphonies through the ears of the Elohim of Hearing who lived in the 16th dimension,

exactly one octave- or 8 dimensions above the  dimension of the God Man.
Now, let’s imagine this distorted creature who has no apprceciation of music or harmony comes along

and wants to create the most distorted structure that is completely disconnected

from the Source Field of Eternal Creation.

He knows that all he has to do is remove some of the notes from the scale

so that the harmonies can never be truly harmonic.

So, these fallen angelic races disconnected the parts of our base tones and overtones

that should be connected to the higher levels of our selves.
We had our physical bodies disconnected from our spiritual bodies.

Man is in reality Spiritual – not Physical The Spiritual overtones were disconnected

and the higher base tones were disconnected from our bodies and from our planetary body.
That is the formula for turning a Star into a Planet and an Human Angelic into a Human.
The base tone rhythms of Earth must connect their frequencies to the overtones

of the spiritual parallel reality of Tara.

In the normal reality system all of our base tones

where correctly connected to the overtones within each DNA strand.
In order for the Fallen Angelics to disconnect us from the Mind of God-

our Spiritual Mental Body and our Etheric Emotional

Bodies, they first disconnected certain base tones and overtones from each set of DNA within each Chakra area.
The reason that human beings often feel like lonely,

isolated strangers who spend their lives trying to figure out why they are

here, and believe that they  must seek and strive in their lives

rather than freely enjoy and manifest reality like we would do in a Normal System

is because our DNA has had certain base tones and overtones disconnected.

This means the beautiful harmonious structure that is supposed to exist within every cell in our body

has become a disconnected harmonic field causing minor modes and disharmony in our bodies and in our lives.
The reason that Jesus Christ said “FORGIVE THEM FOR THEY KNOW NOT WHAT THEY DO” i

s because just 3400 years before Jesus arrived, human beings had their memories completely removed.

They did not have a clue who they were.

They were disconnected from their Souls.

Remember that the Soul Level is the dimensional 4,5,6.

Our Souls were in Tara and our Bodies were on Earth.

We were broken apart from our Soul Memory.
What Jesus said was very literal.

They literally did not know what they were doing.

And that state of amnesia has been the basis for our entire World as we Know it.

At that time in history, people broke into small groups and created languages and cultures.

They made up realities.

They created the language and structure of reality that they wanted.
That was how the world was created.

Now, is the time for the End of the World and the return to our Normal Reality.

That begins with having our memory returned to us.

Our Consciousness of our Entire True History is within the Morphogenetic Consciousness Field

that has been reactivated within the Crystal Core Domain of Mother Earth.

That means the Etheric, Starry Earth within the Earth we stand on.
That Consciousness Field can be activated now and we can connect our consciousness

into that memory field of who we really are.

When we do that, we remember that we are actually a part of an entire Cosmic Self

that is so far beyond any controller on this man made world

that we would laught at anyone who thought they could control us.

We would remember that it is actually impossible to die or even get sick

because we are actually living in the Source Field of Eternal Life Energy.
In order to return to the harmony that is naturally ours in a Normal System

that wasn’t invaded by Fallen Angelic Race lines,

we can now begin to harmonize and tune in to the missing base tones and overtones

within each DNA strand and Chakra Area in the body.

Michelle Walling, CHLC – Beyond Science – How to Talk to Your DNA


by Michelle Walling, CHLC

Our DNA holds the secrets of immortality and wellness. Within it lies the wisdom of not only our genetic ancestors but our past and future life experiences as well. We have been told that we will be activating ten strands of dormant ‘junk’ DNA that are overlaid in the two active strands of DNA that we currently operate with. How can we activate this extra DNA in order to access the wisdom needed to move forward?

What is DNA?

DNA lies in the nucleus of each cell in our body except for red blood cells. The blood in the body carries DNA but only in the white blood cells of the blood since red blood cells do not have nuclei. The instructions for the blueprint of our human body is replicated in full in each nucleus. In essence our body is one large hologram with each cell containing a complete pattern of DNA and all cells make up the whole of our physical existence.

Besides serving as a template, DNA serves as a place to store records of experience and wisdom Beyond Science: How to Talk to Your DNA | In5D.comand also allows for communication to deeper aspects of ourselves. Scientists today are aware that we have two active intertwining strands of DNA that carry the codes for our characteristics and interaction as human beings. Within these two strands lies the genetic imprint of our other, father, grandparents, and so on for our physical embodiment.

The other strands of DNA have been labeled inactive by science. Beyond science, this mysterious DNA is the magical doorway to a new kingdom. The exciting news is that the other strands are slowly awakening and merging with our two strand DNA in expansion as we raise our vibration in concert with the planet.

What affects our DNA?

The diminishing magnetic field and the increasing Solar Flare activity is part of what will cause our other strands of DNA to be “activated” or to merge into our existence as our vibration continues to rise. This would allow a shift in consciousness as the higher wisdom of our DNA is accessible within the physical body.

Why would I want to talk to my DNA?

Every cell in our DNA has consciousness that is linked to the higher self. The higher self is the conscious mind of our soul, which is the larger essence of who we are as a spiritual being. We are a finger of consciousness from our soul sent down onto the lower dimensions, as our soul is so big that it cannot fit into the compact denseness of the third dimension. As our Universe, galaxy, and planet expands, it allows the space for us to expand as well. This will allow for more access to our soul particles and we are choosing to bring them into this reality of living in a human body. In order to do this we must change from a carbon blueprint to one of a lighter density.

By communicating to our DNA, we can accomplish many things including:

1. Healing– By sending love and light consciously into our cells, we have the power to heal the body.
2. Nutrition– By asking your body what it would like to eat, it can tell you the optimal food it requires based on its genetic code.
3. Wisdom– The process of remembrance involves gaining access to Akashic records through our DNA.
4. Ascension– When we expand each cell in our body with light, we become crystalline based beings vibrating at a higher frequency of love where we cannot be interfered with by lower Beyond Science: How to Talk to Your DNA | In5D.comvibrational beings. Manifestation of this into our reality can be achieved by verbally intending what we wish to manifest in our reality.

Because our bodies are holograms, we only need to speak to one of the cells in our body in order to communicate to all of the cells. They are interconnected and function as a whole being. They are the blueprint for what humanity is striving to be as a macrocosm. However, it is acceptable to talk to cells of a particular organ such as the kidney or liver if you want to specifically send healing to those cells. They will in kind send healing to all of the other cells in the body.

How to talk to your DNA

Communication with your DNA is not a difficult process and can be as personal and unique as you would like for it to be. You can try different methods and choose what feels best to your body.

In order to have the highest intentions it would be a good idea to set up a miniature ritual before you begin to communicate with your body the first time. If you are going to be indoors, this would include setting the energy in the room and making yourself comfortable. If you would prefer to be outside, nature can provide the life force needed to serve as a bridge to you and your higher self through your cells. Once you make initial contact with a cell or cells in your body, you can simply pick up this conversation anytime you wish, anywhere you are.

Talking to your cells is a mixture between meditation and prayer.

The following is an example of how you can talk to your DNA

1. Find a comfortable position that works for you. You can sit in a lotus position, lie down, sit in a comfortable chair, sit on the couch, or even sit in a warm bath.
2. Close your eyes and relax.
3. Take a few slow, deep breaths from your diaphragm area. Bring your attention and awareness into your heart chakra. Take another deep breath as you focus on sitting within the energy of your heart center. Imagination goes a long way when intending within mediation. What you are doing in your heart center is sitting with yourself in the highest vibration of your body which is love.
Beyond Science: How to Talk to Your DNA | In5D.com4. Next think of a section of your body. Choose the first section that comes to your mind. Do not second guess your first intuitive response.
5. Within that section of your body, narrow your focus now to a smaller section of your body, then go further and further within your body, deeper, and deeper, until you lock focus on one cell of your body.
6. Speak softly to your cell and let it know how happy you are to make contact with it. Let it know your intentions. This could be healing, having a conversation with it, or intending that your cell be filled with light in the process of ascension. Whatever your reason for contact is, your cell will be ecstatic that you have finally realized that you could communicate with it. As you practice sitting in communion with your own cells, you can pause and listen for an answer. It is important to pay attention to the first thing that comes into your mind. Many times we tend to think we are just communicating with our own imagination, however we are indeed in contact with a portion of ourselves.

Meditative communication is a great way to get to know your body’s needs. Since all cells are in communication with each other, you can ask this one cell if there is another cell that needs attention. Do not worry of you cannot receive any answers from your cells “verbally” or mentally in your head. Many people are able to feel the way our cells communicate with us. Some people have chills up and down the body in response to truth. You could ask yes or no questions to your cell and wait for an answer, where yes could be established as chills, and no would be absence of chills.

The end result of talking with your cells

As we talk to our cells we bring love into them. Love is light and as we bring light in we raise our vibration. As we expand our cells to receive more light, we create an  environment for more of our soul light to join us within our body. Eventually we will all be able to communicate freely with our higher selves which are tied to our souls. Our souls are tied to our monads, which are simply a finger of consciousness of our creator.

This gives a new definition of what it means to “go within” in order to have all of the answers we could want. Our cells are all connected to each other and further they are connected to all of the wisdom we could need, from our higher self to our soul which has access to all of the experiences of everything that ever was recorded in the Akashic Records. Your soul may or may not have access to certain things now, but eventually as we learn how to maneuver our consciousness up the ladder of connection to Creator, this wisdom is indeed ours just as it is our Creator’s.

When we heal our DNA we help others too

Until the shift into the Age of Aquarius, the door had been closed to this wisdom by those who wished to control and dominate humanity upon earth for approximately thirty thousand years. A massive amount of dissonance has been carried in our DNA from generation to generation and from lifetime to lifetime. When we clear this dissonance in our DNA in our physical body today, it also Beyond Science: How to Talk to Your DNA | In5D.comclears all of our blood ancestors’ dissonance as well. It is an exciting and beautiful reminder that there is more happening to us than just ascending; we are rewriting the past and creating a new future in an expanded consciousness like no other.

When the first person expands the light within their cells to a maximum potential while still existing in a physical body, the doorway will be open for this person to shift their consciousness to a fifth dimensional perspective. Once a body is filled with light, there is no concern of turning back or slipping back into a lower vibration. This is the purpose and explanation of what we understand is the ascension process. Most of have already ascended before in other lifetimes, however we have shed our physical bodies in the past and returned to moving our consciousness into a light body. This is truly a learn-as-you-go process and we have a lot of help from our guides, angels, higher self, and soul.

Once the first person on earth prepares completely for ascension, it provides a template for others to quickly follow. Our bodies must be cleared of lower vibrational energies and the space where those energies were can be filled with light. Once the majority of cells are filled with light, it will spark the rest of the cells to burst forth with light. The more people that prepare for shifting their conciousness to a higher dimension, the faster we will be able to move larger portions of the human consciousness to a higher dimension. Eventually this consciousness will become whole again.

The veil is lifting and knowledge is pouring in which blesses us with wisdom. Within this wisdom we may find that there are an infinite number of strands of DNA instead of just twelve. Creation is infinite and we are microcosms of the macrocosm. Activation of our strands of DNA will bring a clear connection with our higher self which will be the foundation for the Golden Age. Talking to our DNA is a powerful tool of creation which allows for the manifestation of this transformation into our reality. These are the secrets that have been hidden from us for many years. Knowledge brings wisdom and wisdom brings peace.

About the author: Michelle Walling is a Certified Holistic Life Coach.  She has devoted her life to being a bearer and grounder of the light in service to others. As a truth seeker, she is committed to share her experiences with the world. She is also a hands-on healer, a distance healer, an empath, and an intuitive. Michelle has recently joined forces with Gregg Prescott as an admin for the In5d Facebook page, as an assistant for In5d Events, as a contributing author for  Michelle also supports Gregg’s endeavors in many other areas including alternative and holistic healthcare. Their next project is a walk in clinic under the name AHH- Alternative Holistic Healthcare to be launched in 2014-2015 in the Sarasota, Florida area, and then subsidiaries will be opened around the world based upon that model. Michelle Walling’s cosmic writing website is Holistic Counseling sessions can be booked on the website Michelle’s personal Facebook page can be found here.

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Crystalai – DNA Harmonic Alignment – 7-29-14


Image Source


Crystalai  /  Dr. Angela Barnett
Please note you are welcome to share this article or any written work from this or to post anything from this work in otherforums; however, please do so with the following guidelines: Include author’s credit, Crystalai, copyright 2014 and include thewebsite url.*


The reason that human beings often feel like lonely, isolated strangers who spend their lives

trying to figure out why they are here, and believe that they  must seek and strive in their lives

rather than freely enjoy and manifest reality like we would do in a Normal System is because

our DNA has had certain base tones and overtones disconnected.

This means the beautiful harmonious structure that is supposed to exist within every cell in our body

has become a disconnected harmonic field causing minor modes and disharmony in our bodies and in our lives.
The reason that Jesus Christ said “FORGIVE THEM FOR THEY KNOW NOT WHAT THEY DO”

is because just 3400 years before Jesus arrived, human beings had their memories completely removed.

They did not have a clue who they were. They were disconnected from their Souls.

Remember that the Soul Level is the dimensional 4,5,6.

Our Souls were in Tara and our Bodies were on Earth.

We were broken apart from our Soul Memory. What Jesus said was very literal.

They literally did not know what they were doing.

And that state of amnesia has been the basis for our entire World as we Know it.

At that time in history, people broke into small groups and created languages and cultures.

They made up realities. They created the language and structure of reality that they wanted.

That was how the world was created.

Now, is the time for the End of the World and the return to our Normal Reality.

That begins with having our memory returned to us.

Our Consciousness of our Entire True History is within the Morphogenetic Consciousness Field

that has been reactivated within the Crystal Core Domain of Mother Earth.

That means the Etheric, Starry Earth within the Earth we stand on.

That Consciousness Field can be activated now and we can connect our consciousness

into that memory field of who we really are.

When we do that, we remember that we are actually a part of an entire Cosmic Self

that is so far beyond any controller on this

man made world that we would laught at anyone who thought they could control us.

We would remember that it is actually impossible to die or even get sick

because we are actually living in the Source Field of Eternal Life Energy.
Ascension is a Musical Event.

The word God vibrates at the highest and fastest frequency

within and beyond the Universe and the Cosmos.

But, it isn’t the Word that vibrates – it is the frequency and the frequency signature

of the Idea of God which holds this frequency of the Divine Template of all Creations.
The Breath of Source is the highest frequency of the eternal creation.

We ignite that spark of Source within our selves when we breathe the crystal light energy

into the spark of Source in our Crystal Hearts.

This is what all of the music on this website is created to do for you.
That Breath of Source Consciousness contains the frequency signature of the Divine Template.

The Divine Template is the formula or the foundation from which all of the grand Creator’s creations are formed from. The grandest creation is man, who is made in

God’s image and likeness. The image and likeness of Source is the Divine Template.
Each Soul is that Divine Template. Let’s look at what the Soul has been and is going to on the Divine Scale.

Let’s say that the Creator was this grand musician who was orchestrating the most glorious,

luxurious, joyous symphony ever to be heard.
Let’s say that Composer wanted to hear His perfect frequency signature or key signature

performed in the most harmonious

harmonic weaving and braiding of glorious sounds as they transformed His perfect frequency –

still the Highest Frequency into Music or Sound.
Let’s say this grand creator decided to base his glorious symphony of Love on eight tones.

Or maybe it was 12 tones. Or maybe it was 16 tones.
Lets say it took 8 tones to create what this great musician wanted to produce.

So, everything he creates is based on 8.

That eighth dimension contained the man made in the imageand likeness of source.

And that man was a co-creator who could create

symphonies through the ears of the Elohim of Hearing who lived in the 16th dimension,

exactly one octave- or 8 dimensions above the  dimension of the God Man.
Now, let’s imagine this distorted creature who has no apprceciation of music or harmony comes along

and wants to create the most distorted structure that is completely disconnected

from the Source Field of Eternal Creation.

He knows that all he has to do is remove some of the notes from the scale

so that the harmonies can never be truly harmonic.

So, these fallen angelic races disconnected the parts of our base tones and overtones

that should be connected to the higher levels of our selves.
We had our physical bodies disconnected from our spiritual bodies.

Man is in reality Spiritual – not Physical The Spiritual overtones were disconnected

and the higher base tones were disconnected from our bodies and from our planetary body.
That is the formula for turning a Star into a Planet and an Human Angelic into a Human.
The base tone rhythms of Earth must connect their frequencies to the overtones

of the spiritual parallel reality of Tara.

In the normal reality system all of our base tones

where correctly connected to the overtones within each DNA strand.
In order for the Fallen Angelics to disconnect us from the Mind of God-

our Spiritual Mental Body and our Etheric Emotional

Bodies, they first disconnected certain base tones and overtones from each set of DNA within each Chakra area.
The reason that human beings often feel like lonely,

isolated strangers who spend their lives trying to figure out why they are

here, and believe that they  must seek and strive in their lives

rather than freely enjoy and manifest reality like we would do in a Normal System

is because our DNA has had certain base tones and overtones disconnected.

This means the beautiful harmonious structure that is supposed to exist within every cell in our body

has become a disconnected harmonic field causing minor modes and disharmony in our bodies and in our lives.
The reason that Jesus Christ said “FORGIVE THEM FOR THEY KNOW NOT WHAT THEY DO” i

s because just 3400 years before Jesus arrived, human beings had their memories completely removed.

They did not have a clue who they were.

They were disconnected from their Souls.

Remember that the Soul Level is the dimensional 4,5,6.

Our Souls were in Tara and our Bodies were on Earth.

We were broken apart from our Soul Memory.
What Jesus said was very literal.

They literally did not know what they were doing.

And that state of amnesia has been the basis for our entire World as we Know it.

At that time in history, people broke into small groups and created languages and cultures.

They made up realities.

They created the language and structure of reality that they wanted.
That was how the world was created.

Now, is the time for the End of the World and the return to our Normal Reality.

That begins with having our memory returned to us.

Our Consciousness of our Entire True History is within the Morphogenetic Consciousness Field

that has been reactivated within the Crystal Core Domain of Mother Earth.

That means the Etheric, Starry Earth within the Earth we stand on.
That Consciousness Field can be activated now and we can connect our consciousness

into that memory field of who we really are.

When we do that, we remember that we are actually a part of an entire Cosmic Self

that is so far beyond any controller on this man made world

that we would laught at anyone who thought they could control us.

We would remember that it is actually impossible to die or even get sick

because we are actually living in the Source Field of Eternal Life Energy.
In order to return to the harmony that is naturally ours in a Normal System

that wasn’t invaded by Fallen Angelic Race lines,

we can now begin to harmonize and tune in to the missing base tones and overtones

within each DNA strand and Chakra Area in the body.