The New Golden Light Body – Comment From Archangel Michael – 8-6-14


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This is about what it takes for humanity to transition into the new Golden Light Body. Intense Golden Light is presently released onto our planet.  I woke up one morning and the transition into the new Golden Light body was accomplished – or: the new Golden Light body has been created.
Although I had no explanation for it, I knew that something profound had happened, my whole body was radiantly sparkling and very light. It was in spotless Divine Harmony of a supreme beautiful energy and exquisite  transparency. No imbalance, no density.
On that evening a friend said: Your energy is totally golden, you radiate Golden Light, it comes even through your voice …
Only then I knew what really had happened.
Recently I have been graced with frequent blessings and conversations with Archangel Michael who commented:
“I AM the messenger of the Sun and thereby of the Great Central Sun. I oversee the process of the Golden Light Body. I am here to serve by drawing humanity out of the darkness into this extreme Golden Light. The light of Recognition, the Light of Spiritual Origin.
Many know images that describe Me fighting with the dragon, you see that is exactly what I do. Serving the worlds that are drowned in the madness of separation and falseness.
Yes, this is a sick world, a false world. There is no Divinity in it. This artificially created world is not of Divine Origin. If you are used to it, it seems to be ‘normal’, when you are used to the heaviness, to the deceit, to the lies and believe them. So when you are in this low vibration, it all appears normal to you.
Whether you know it or not, when you are in this world, you are always in shock. Your system is all the time in shock. That’s why human beings don’t have a long life, you see.
The process of humanity’s ascension is nothing but to awaken to their own Original Divine Creative Power that works from inside out, and dropping victim consciousness. As long as humanity is bound to victim consciousness there is no awakening. Any spiritual experience that is occurring while locked into the victim consciousness, is an illusion as it is not based on your Own Truth that you are a Divine Being.
Victim consciousness is based on the belief that the world is happening TO them, that they are nothing but the product of external events, external conditions, even such as genes, DNA, belief systems, and so on.
To be the victim means to exist in a dark world, and the light that is experienced in such a disposition is the secondary, illusionary light of the mind, not the Primordial Divine Light that is Love and Wholeness, the Light that is the Experience of Oneness and Perfection.
In your case you wanted  to understand the process humanity in general is going to experience in order to transition into the new Divine Consciousness. One can only teach in this world what one understands from the profundity of  one’s own experience.”
So according to this, from my “human point of view”, the transition to the New Divine World is often accompanied by the so called “dark night of the soul”. 
From the “point of view” of the new Golden World, the old world appears to be black! All lower emotions may start to feel unbearably painful. What appeared to be as “normal” in the old, familiar world, is now being perceived, as what it is from the Divine “Point of View”: horror, deep suffering. Pains, intolerable emotional and energetical states. Heaviness. Darkness. (Just remember the famous paintings of Hieronymus Bosch and some reports of Christian Saints)
The contrast to the light appears to be immense. It is about a radical turning around from downside to up. There seems to be no “harmonious transition”, there is either the New World of Golden Light, or the world of the dark abyss. 
But when you are still somewhat comfortable in the dark abyss, you can experience it even as light. This is a result of the illusion of the synthetically created light. This light is deceptive, it is the light of a mind that is separated from the human being that is Divinely Whole.
As this light is deceptive, many believe even, that they are in a kind of paradise. However it all happens while in victim consciousness. But as soon as the True Divine Light is being experienced, by taking responsibility for all your experiences, this illusion is being recognized and vanishes forever. Hence it is experienced as black.
Such a transformation involves processes that are not over in a moment, but follow the natural law of change. It requires patience. A sudden changeover happens however,  when there is no going back, because the darkness has consumed itself in your consciousness in due course of the process.
The difference between the two worlds is really indescribable.
In the New World there are no dangers, there is no heaviness, no suffering, no complication. It is Single, it is Whole. There is only Happiness, Love, Lightness, Unity. Radiance.
You don’t just imagine or feel it, you KNOW it when your new Golden Body is being created, because it is always your body that KNOWS.
Dear friends, listen to your body NOW and follow its revelations. What does it tell you now? What does it FEEL like? Do not listen longer to a separate mind, a mind that is severed from the wisdom of your Divine Wholeness. Breathe and allow that Wholeness to shine through your body to dissolve all densities, to transcend the synthetic world.

How do you survive in this density?

Ground yourself, ground yourself, ground yourself! 
Connect with the crystal in the Center of Earth Mother.
Draw the lightbody down into your feet.  (Vertical plane) 

Expand your heart space. 
Remember: we have three hearts; left, middle and right. (Horizontal plane)

Be safe!

Much Love and Many Blessings! 

Archangel Michael via Celia Fenn – You and your Chrystalline Body, Part 3 – Coping With Ascension Symptoms

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Image by Suzan Hafma


This channel was given in response to a Lightworker who was experiencing severe “Ascension Symptoms”.

“That which you call “Ascension Symptoms”, are the physical imbalances that occur when a being becomes fully Multi-dimensional, but is unable to hold their center or keep their balance, when the Cosmic energies become very strong.

Now, the energies of the Rising New Earth will continue to be strong, and until ascended humans learn to hold their balance in these energies, they will continue to experience the “ascension symptoms”.

So, what we will say to you now is, we hope, a way of guiding you and leading you to such a place where you will be able to move through future stargates and energy vortexes, without losing your balance to such an extent that you become ill and disoriented, as you have in the past.

The key to this is to integrate fully your Higher and Lower energies, and that means to be completely GROUNDED and then to be able to align your grounded physical vehicle with your Higher Energy Bodies, which are your vehicles for Multi-dimensional consciousness.

You see, often people who have a strong spiritual mission on the Planet, spend so much time in the spiritual realm that they become severely ungrounded, and they do not have the strong foundation on the Earth plane that is needed to hold and carry the powerful ascended energies of the New Earth. So, at times when the energies are particularly strong, then they lose their balance and the physical vehicle is put under great strain, which creates illness and unhappiness.

All the physical symptoms that manifest are a result of the higher and lower bodies not being fully aligned and balanced. For when the bodies are in balance and the HEART is functioning fully, then the energy is able to flow clearly from the higher levels through the Heart chakra and into the Earth, as it is meant to. At this time, many people are unable to transfer the energy from the higher to the physical, and this is felt as heart palpitations and spaciness, as the energy backs up in the higher bodies. The lower body feels tired and weak and unwell, because it is vibrating out of harmony with the energy of the higher.

Also, you may find that you will become overly emotional and angry, or tearful and depressed. Or you may become very self-absorbed and play out ego and control dramas. These are not evidences of a need to “heal your inner child”, since most ascended beings have passed through that basic healing already. It is an evidence of the lower chakras being pushed out of balance by the powerful energies that are active in the higher chakras. Imagine, if you will, that the lower chakras are “coming up to speed”, and in this process there is a little “speed wobble” and a little distortion as the chakras become used to their new “spin ratios”.

Many people have said to us that they do not understand why they feel so angry or so emotional or so out of balance. Or that they cannot do anything about it. Well, this is true. Once the lower chakras start to spin at the ratio needed to balance out with the higher chakras, there is little that you can do except allow the process and know that soon you will feel the benefits of the alignment process. But know also, that this balancing process is natural and “automatic”, and the higher energies will achieve this balance if they are allowed the time and space.

This is only a temporary alignment phase, and in time your energy bodies and your physical bodies will have worked out how to balance and align. You can help this process if you understand that it is primarily an alignment process, and that aligning higher and lower will alleviate these symptoms. Of course, the KEY is the HEART. The Heart must be fully open in order to allow the full flow of Cosmic Creative Energy through the system. When the bodies are aligned and the Heart is Open, then the physical body functions as it should, as a channel for the Divine Creative Energy.

In this full alignment and flow, the space is created for the experience of miracles. For the flow of Divine Creative Energy is so intense and powerful that almost anything can be achieved.

But it is achieved through the flow of the Heart energy and not through the head. As soon as the head or the “ego” tries to control the process, then the flow cannot proceed. And the manifestation of miracles is blocked. What results is a feeling of being in “limbo”, as though nothing is happening in your life. In fact, it is you yourself who are creating the energy “dead-ends” by not being willing to accept the miracles that happen in your life. Your rational mind says -no this is not possible – and so you close off the energy and refuse to allow the manifestation. And so you live in a place of seeming nothingness, when you could be in place of great richness and abundance if you would just allow your heart to lead you there. And all that is required is that you let go and just experience what you need to feel, and cease always needing to judge and analyze with your head and then react with your ego.

The ego will need to be trained to work in harmony with the heart, and to allow the Heart to be the Leader. Only then, will you enter fully into your HEARTSPACE and will you be able to balance the energies and manifest what you desire. Often, so much energy goes into resisting what you desire to manifest and what the Universe desires to give you, that you exhaust yourself trying to hold old programs and beliefs in place.

It is time to let go and allow the abundance of love and material well-being that the Flow of Divine Creative Intelligence wishes to bestow on you at this time.

And so, we would also say, that as the energies begin to accelerate once more as you move towards the 11:11 stargate and then the 12:12 gate and the midsummer solstice, that you make these simple changes in your life.

Ensure that you spend some time each day outside, either walking in nature or working in a garden space. This will help you to get grounded.

Try to eliminate all processed food and focus on fresh organic fruits and vegetables, eating brown rice and legumes or bean sprouts. This will bring you fresh and strong earth energy through your food.

Spend some quiet time each day with personal meditation and growth for you alone – not for the planet or for others, but for you. Consider your own growth as a person and what your soul and spirit might need from you to assist it with its earth walk. Give unconditional love to yourself, and then you can share it with others and with the planet.

And then, as you approach these new energetic high points, you will feel more grounded and you will cope far better.

We would also suggest that as a daily practice that you visualize yourself standing with your energy flowing into the earth. See the enegy streaming into your crown chakra from the Cosmos, and then moving down into your heart, and then down your body and into the earth and your Earth Star chakra and then into the crystalline grids. This will set up a flow of energy that will allow you to remain centered and open without losing your balance and allowing your chakras to spin out and distort, causing imbalance and discomfort.”



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