PLEIADIAN DELEGATE – Andromedan – Beings of Light – 6-5-15

LauraJuly2013Pleiadian Delegate

Amdromedans ~ so very close to my Heart. They are VERY high Frequency Beings ~Loving ~ Angelic Like in their Service to the Evolution of the Universe ~Loving All Beings Everywhere, holding all in the One Heart of Divine Love.

They work closely with Advanced Vibrations of Sound and Light, through their Hearts, uplifting all through their Love. There are many on Earth now bringing forth the Love of the Andromedans, through their Advanced Vibrational Frequency, not needing to be Known, yet holding all in the Healing vibration of Love.

If you Are very sensitive to Vibration and have Telekinetic Power, and very sensitive to sound, gifted with music and your voice, and are  clairaudient, and you have influenced the movement of objects, bent spoons, changed electricity, etc. and are very telepathic then you may have an Andromedan Lineage and incarnated on Planet Earth to bring forth Your Andromedan Message and Love. 

Just as there are Angelic Humans, Sirian Humans, Pleiadian Humans, Arcturian Humans there are also Andromedan Humans on Planet Earth. Your Soul is One with all aspects of your Being, which include your incarnations on Earth as well as any incarnations you may have that include Being a different Species.

Within your Original Blueprint is your personal record of all of your incarnations. Your Blueprint is not part of Mass Consciousness. It is your Soul record. Your Soul is not damaged or effected by Mass Consciousness. When you fully access and activate your Original Blueprint in its original State of Pure Being, you will be accessing your True Multidimensional Being, your Eternal Soul, your Immortal Body of Light.

In this State of Pure Union, through Your Heart, in your Original State of Pure Being, all the gifts that are part of Your True Being~ Your Soul, as Source, will be Natural to you, as You are Limitless, Unconditional Love and Pure Light.

Stay Present in your Heart, and as You are Restored in your Awareness to your Pure Original Being, stay present with Your Vibration, and Your Heart. The next time you influence electricity, or move objects, remember you may also exist as Andromedan. Your Heart and your Soul ~ Knows. Your Heart and Soul are the Keys to your Original Pure Being.

More soon, Eternal Souls of Light!


Brendan D Murphy – Time-space, Etheric Template Body – Formative Causation, Morphic Fields Rebooted – 12-9-14



Brendan D Murphy

Time-space and the Etheric Template Body: Formative Causation and Morphic Fields Rebooted

Formative Causation and Morphic Fields

The hypothesis of formative causation sees the inheritance of not just genetics, but physical form and mental and behavioural patterns in terms of the inheritance of organizing fields possessing a form of in-built “memory.” Thus a living human inherits not just genetic elements from its parents, but also habits of development and behaviour from past members of their own species, as well as the ancestral species from which theirs has arisen.[1] These organizing fields biologist Rupert Sheldrake refers to as morphic fields—a more general and inclusive term than the more specialized “morphogenetic field” (relating more specifically to fields modulating genetic expression).

The process by which what we view as the “past” influences the present via morphic fields is referred to as morphic resonance. This process involves the transmission of formative causal influences in a spatially and temporally nonlocal fashion, such that morphic fields possess a cumulative “memory.” In other words, morphic fields can influence themselves and each other over any spatial distance or any “length of time,” suggesting that the past does not merely recede into our memories, but remains present in some causal capacity, where it can influence present activity. This suggests a three-dimensional (holographic) view of time, rather than a one-dimensional “flow” or “arrow” of time in which the past fades into nothingness and the future likewise has no real existence. Instead, there is only the eternal now in which all moments are nested.

A Link to the Etheric

While Sheldrake’s model undermines the very foundations of the mechano-materialist worldview from which all traces of teleology have been banished, it is certainly not without support. In fact, the mechano-materialist view of the universe as a closed system has been thoroughly discredited. In short, observable facts demand a worldview similar to that postulated by Sheldrake.

Retired theoretical physicist and self-styled “quantum activist” Dr. Amit Goswami has also observed that “living organisms display ‘program-like’ behaviour giving away their secret—that they have another body that consists of the feels behind the programs that living organisms are capable of running.” This other “body” Goswami believes is the “vital” or etheric body written about for centuries by seers and occultists.[2]

Russian author, scientist, and developer of the Gas Discharge Visualisation (GDV) diagnostic technique Dr. Konstantin Korotkov agrees, stating that the existence of this hidden “program” makes an organism on the verge of embryogenesis “run through” all previous stages of development of the species to which the organism belongs.[3] For instance, we all pass through a stage of embryonic development in the womb in which we have gill slits.

Sheldrake has carefully articulated the need to postulate invisible programs guiding morphogenesis/form-making based partly on the fact that our genes do not have the instructions for morphogenesis built into

them. The Human Genome Project found our genome to consist of a mere 23,688 genes: almost 100,000 short of the expected number.[4] In sum, DNA does not contain the assembly plan for arranging proteins into an ordered physical form. It does not contain all the information required to build an organism, let alone maintain it! Thus, DNA primacy is revealed as another materialist illusion. Something else, some kind of purposive formative influence must be present—a field of influence that just may be observable given the correct apparatus—an “etheric body” perhaps. The etheric body constitutes one particular kind of morphic field occupying its own particular frequency domain close to the physical realm (it is actually a part of the physical dimension, according to occultists and seers).

According to independent researcher and writer Tom Montalk, processes that seem mechanical and predictable on the large scale have their origins in quantum jumps that are neither predictable by physical science nor controllable by purely physical means. The etheric body is the “extra factor…that biases these quantum jumps at the small scale to offset the forces of entropy at the large scale.” Thus, the etheric body is “an energy template that biases the probability of acausal biological events to produce ordered and intelligent life.”[5] This formative field is made of what the Hindus have known for millennia as prana (Sanskrit), and what the Chinese call Chi/Qi. In much occult literature, particularly that of theosophy, the etheric body is referred to as the etheric double, a duplicate of the physical body in every way, though existing in a higher frequency domain invisible to normal human vision.

Like Sheldrake’s morphic fields, the etheric body operates probabilistically rather than deterministically and mechanically. If the etheric realm can be thought of as an inverted/reciprocal or “mirror” counterpart of ours, where time in fact “runs backwards” in some sense, then it would act as another influence biasing probability by “pulling” on the physical from what we think of as the future.[6] Likewise, Sheldrake grants the possibility of this “backwards through time” dynamic for morphic fields, even though they simultaneously become increasingly “conditioned” by the “past” with each moment, becoming temporally self-similar (nonlocally through time). Paradoxically, morphic fields behave as if goal-directed, seemingly being pulled on from the “future” to achieve a specific end, simultaneously being influenced by the accumulated “momentum” of their own species’ history, along with their own individual history.

The habitual operations of morphic fields for physical organisms have an etheric basis because repeated behaviours set up a type of momentum in the etheric plane/density that biases probability towards continuation of that behaviour. In Sheldrake’s model, “[m]orphic fields are shaped and stabilized by morphic resonance from previous similar morphic units, which were under the influence of fields of the same kind. They consequently contain a kind of cumulative memory and tend to become increasingly habitual.”[7] 

Through the Eyes of a Seer

As noted, the notion that etheric fields lie behind the morphogenesis of physical organisms is gaining popularity and scientific plausibility, not least of all because of the modern technology that allows us to photograph electromagnetic effects created by these fields.[8] Author and researcher Jay Alfred has written of the role played by the etheric body or “bioplasma” field in this context: 

There is mutual affinity between the bioplasma and physical-biomolecular bodies…[T]he bioplasma fetus wraps around the physical-biomolecular embryo while undergoing an accelerated morphogenesis (relative to the physical-biomolecular embryo). The physical-biomolecular body therefore is cued by the [etheric] bioplasma body which acts [as] an electronic matrix and a time-resolved hologram that guides its development.[9] (emphasis added) 

To Alfred, biological evolution could not have occurred on Earth without the aid of subtle bioplasma bodies interacting with biochemical fields via weak electromagnetic (EM) fields. It is their interaction with (and/or creation of) EM fields that allows us to partially photograph “subtle bioplasma bodies” with specially designed equipment, as detailed in TGI 1.

Having identified the importance of the plasma-like etheric morphic field in morphogenesis, we have solved only a part of the mystery. Obviously this scenario begs the question of the origins of etheric fields—and this is where we are forced to dive deep into the proverbial rabbit h*** in search of answers. Occultists and 

seers have brought a great deal of insight to us over the years regarding the multidimensional nature of man and his universe—insight that has been overwhelmingly shunned by a somnambulant scientific community addicted to a thoroughly reductionist epistemology, and an ontology vigorously opposed to seeing a conscious and living universe for what it is.

The work of Barbara Brennan, a former atmospheric physicist who now writes, speaks, and works as a clairvoyant healer (and is the founder of the Barbara Brennan School of Healing), is of particular relevance to the concept of morphic fields, and takes the theoretical work done by scientists like Sheldrake deep into realms obscure to almost all other scientists (who lack the necessary psi faculties to access them). Based on her direct clairvoyant observations, Brennan offers a map of the human being that includes (in ascending order) a physical body, etheric body, emotional body, mental body, etheric template body, astral body, celestial body, and causal body (plus two more beyond this that we need not concern ourselves with here).

Notice the presence of an “etheric template body” which is “higher” in the scheme of things than the etheric double which we have spoken of thus far. This “body” is a higher-dimensional template for the lower-dimensional etheric body which, in truth, appears to be part of our space-time reference frame, and is generally considered to be “physical” in nature, though of a subtler, harder to perceive physicality than ordinary matter. What is the nature of this etheric template body then?

Brennan states that this is the blueprint of the perfect form for the better known etheric field to take. She compares its appearance to the negative of a photograph; this toroidal field consists of a matrix of clear or transparent lines (in the 3D form of a human body) on a cobalt-blue background of “solid space,” similar to an architect’s blueprint. Brennan describes the process that creates this form as being the result of an infinite number of planes coming from all directions and filling in all space except for a spherical area which is left empty. This empty sphere is a “negative space” in which the etheric field/double can exist and which then forms the grid structure that guides physical morphogenesis.[10]

This scenario of (morphic) fields nested within fields is exactly what Sheldrake’s theory of formative causation predicts, and is exactly what we would expect to see if manifest reality emerged from an underlying field of potential that is in some way “holographic” (with information distributed throughout it in a nonlocal fashion). Every single “body” listed by Brennan (and other clairvoyants) is a particular kind of morphic field which facilitates and influences particular aspects of human expression (physical, emotional, mental, etc.).

Austrian philosopher, architect and esotericist, Rudolf Steiner (1861–1925)—a man gifted with his own considerable powers of clairvoyance—explained in his book An Outline of Occult Science (1909) that to “supersensible” (psychic) perception, the presence of, for example, a stone in the “spirit world,” would be indicated by a kind of cavity, an apparent absence of form or “negative space,” much as described by Brennan: “Around this cavity, however, the force is visible that gives form to the stone.” It appears that Steiner may also have been tuning in to what Brennan refers to as the etheric template level, a reciprocal reality that is a kind of inversion of our own. Objects Steiner viewed here appeared as the antithesis of the form they possessed in the physical world[11] —not unlike the negative of a photograph as compared to the developed image (the analogy Brennan employs). 

Sounds Like Time-Space

The “inverted” plane of reality occupied by the etheric template body, as described by Brennan and Steiner, sounds like what systems theorist Dewey Larson called time-space (as opposed to space-time). In his Reciprocal System theory, which he began enunciating in 1959, our three-dimensional space-time is accompanied by a three-dimensional time-space realm (an “implicate order”), giving a six-dimensional reality system in which there is a flow of movement, force and energy between each realm.

Here, time-space can be seen as more fundamental than our space-time, and as actually “giving birth” to it. In this reciprocal time-space realm any movement translates not as movement through space, but movement in a temporal frame (i.e., through time). Theoretically, if you can access this inverted realm you could simply use your consciousness to “time-travel,” viewing past and future with ease (for more on these phenomena and concepts please consult TGI 1).

It is apt that Steiner referred to the other-dimensional “cavity” around objects as existing in the “spirit world,” because Brennan’s clairvoyant investigations have revealed to her that, beyond the plane of the mental body, analysis of the upper four auric layers and their respective planes/dimensions also reveals the presence of beings without physical bodies, i.e., “spirits.” She states that these higher realms are experienced during sleep, but not remembered upon awakening.[12]

Author and co-creator of the Regenetics Method (RM) of DNA activation Sol Luckman states exactly the same thing in POTENTIATE YOUR DNA, explaining that time-space realms are where we operate in our sleep, and I demonstrate this in unprecedented detail in TGI 2 (yet to be released).

Luckman views Larson’s model in the light of torsion physics, and adapts it to account for forms of sound-based healing such as his own technique (RM) which uses a combination of chanted (and mentally intoned) vowel sounds as well as solfeggio frequencies to stimulate mobile DNA elements into initiating healing processes in the physical body. The reason for tying Luckman’s sound-based healing method and accompanying theoretical model into this discussion is this: Brennan explicitly states in her book Hands of Light that the etheric template plane of reality—in which reside all etheric template bodies (morphic fields) for all forms in our universe—is the realm in which sound creates matter. She states that it is working at this level that using sound in healing is most effective (though in this realm, “sound” is not the same as we experience it here in space-time). Disruptions in the lower auric field must be corrected in the etheric template body in what we are referring to as time-space, in order for the physical body in space-time to resume normal functioning.

Similarly to Brennan, Luckman—who also refers to time-space as the sound domain—writes that a “tried and true way to pursue genuine [healing and transformation] is to work with sound because sound is capable of accessing and changing the sound domain,”[13] the realm in which the morphic/“torsion field” known as the etheric template body resides. In Luckman’s modified Larsonian model, time-space/sound domain is where “sonic torsion fields” weave the templates for our bioenergetic tapestry. Brennan’s visual renderings of the etheric template body existing in its own sound domain reveal a fundamentally toroidal morphology; it is a rotating and self-perpetuating standing wave in other words, essentially a vortex.

The biological mechanism through which Luckman discovered that sound could apparently initiate transformational activity at what we are identifying as the etheric template level in time-space/sound domain is our very DNA (though we might note that ordinary sound in space-time can likely directly harmonically affect the auric layers). Specific vowel sequences plus sound frequencies from the solfeggio scale can literally initialise a transformational action at the most fundamental microbiological level. It seems that DNA is an “interdimensional doorway” which can modulate sound here in our space-time into its time-space “sonic” equivalent to modify the etheric template body along with the etheric double and physical body in our space-time. (Brennan also reveals that she has clairvoyantly observed that specific diatonic tones have a direct and immediate impact on the chakras, and can quickly correct dysfunction in them.)

Written by:  Brendan D Murphy

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Jasmuheen – Open-hearted Interview – In the Beginning There Was Light


The complete 2 hour interview that Jasmuheen did in 2006 for the movie IN THE BEGINNING THERE WAS LIGHT – virtually unedited & never before seen in this way – As there are no additional visuals, this video is only or those who are sincerely interested in her work. We released Part 1 of this earlier – with additional visuals – so for those who have seen that, then go to around 32 minutes of this video to see the balance. The complete “In The Beginning There Was Light” movie – of which this interview is a small part – can be seen at this link –

Jasmuheen – 12 Stages of Light Body Ascension –

by Jasmuheen

We are aware that while the planet is under going a shift to a higher frequency that, because she is a living moving energy system, all who reside within her energy fields will also experience this realignment.

Consequently I would like to cover in this article two issues.

Firstly what many are experiencing naturally as the planet undergoes her transformation which is what is termed the ‘Creation of the Lightbody’.

So the next few pages will outline the different stages we may experience as this occurs and how it is manifesting in our own energy fields e.g. bouts of flu, headaches etc.

Secondly as many are enthusiastic and joyous at these changes, I would like to cover practical things that we can consciously do to build and increase the Light quotient in our own bodies.

Tuning ourselves to the higher octaves of Light and changing our vibrational frequency has been explored extensively in previous chapters which I will briefly summarize and then add a few additional techniques to accelerate this process.

The process of transition into Light is a gradual one. We are not matter one day and pure Light the next.  Our energy fields are infused with and realigned to Light gradually or else we would experience electrical ‘burn out’.

In the text “Revelations from an Archangel – Ascension to the 12th Dimension” – Archangel Ariel states that the entire crystalline structure of matter was activated to 3rd level Lightbody, for all planetary inhabitants, in April 1989.

Creation of the Lightbody is due to the planets current transition process and is not an optional experience or process.

Being’s not wishing to be part of this process at this time will choose death by accident, natural disaster or decay and disease.

As mentioned previously, it is foretold that they will continue their cycle of evolution on another planet of frequency comparable to their own – there is no judgment – it is just the changing nature of energy.

According to Ariel, the Lightbody is gradually created through the transmutation of our current physical body as it mutates and absorbs more Light.

Again this is interconnected with the realignment of our energy fields to higher frequencies and higher octaves of Light and the following information describes the actual physical process and common symptoms as this change occurs.

We are all evolving and absorbing Light at our own pace.  Some are consciously working with these changes and so their transmutation is quicker, some are unaware and are absorbing this Light and change in direct relation to planetary change.  However, one can classify this creation into levels:-

1. First level –
when the body drops density it commonly displays mutational symptoms of flu, headaches, diarrhea, rashes, muscle and joint aches.

Most flu epidemics are actually Light epidemics!

Brain chemistry changes, right and left brain functions blend and the pituitary and pineal glands begin to change in size.

The DNA structure and chemical components begin to change and pick up extra hydrogen atoms and chemicals that the cells need to take undifferentiated higher Light and break it down into useable Light encodements for the DNA.

2. Second level –
the etheric blueprint floods with light and releases karmic experiences, individuals may feel disoriented as well as experience of’bouts of flu’.  Many begin to question “why am I here”.

Light in the etheric blueprint releases 4th dimensional structure and causes spins in the geometries of the emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.  Change is rapid and many feel tired.

3. Third level –
physical senses become much stronger. Your bodies not only absorb Light for its own change but also acts as a transducer – decoder of higher light energies to the planet as a whole.

The process of the in-breath is now irreversible, like an elastic band that has been stretched to maximum capacity, been let go of and will return to its natural state.

4. Fourth level –
major changes are in the brain and its chemistry and electromagnetic energies – symptoms are often headaches, blurry vision, loss of hearing and sometimes chest pains.

Crystal regulators in the etheric body keep lines of light within the 5th dimensional blueprint from connecting again until you are ready.

Chest pains are due to the expanding energies of the heart as it opens to deeper levels.

Vision and hearing are being realigned to function differently. The mental body begins to wonder if it really is in charge and individuals get strong unexplainable and undeniable urges to follow spirit without hesitation.

Individuals may get lashes of telepathy, clairvoyance and nearly all begin to experience empathy.  This is a time of feeling, of honoring and accepting and validating the emotional body and learning to control it.

5. Fifth level –
the mental body decides to tune to spirit, dreams change and may become more ‘lucid’, you get feelings of de ja vu. Thought processes become non linear.  Being’s oscillate between knowing and doubt.

We realize the habitual nature of thinking and behavior and look at de-programming and re-programming to create the “I” we wish to be, not the “I” we thought we were from our interaction with parents, peers and society etc.

Change seems to be constant and we consciously begin to discern from our heart rather than judge from ‘conditioned responses’.

6. Sixth level –
we draw to us others for mutual support and stimulation of growth.  We question what is real, our mental process and how we identify with others and ourselves changes rapidly.

Re-evaluation may be uncomfortable but we feel it must be done – we look at our relationships, jobs, home environment, living styles, it is a time of letting go, of moving on.

We change our friends, everything feels to be in a state of flux but we feel lighter, vaster, freer somehow.  By this stage the Light quotient in our being is 33% – we feel as though we are opening up our inner senses and clairvoyance, clairaudience etc. seem normal and natural to us.

7. Seventh level –
the heart chakra opens more, we become more ‘real’ with other emotions, we just have to be ourselves! We release blocks and old patterns – it is a time of great emotional clearing and great intensity as we seek to rid ourselves of emotional baggage.

We feel more in tune with each moment, feeling very present and flowing with life.  Often old relationships end or change rapidly as Being’s dig deep and honour their feelings – there is simply no room for denial on any level. We begin to lose emotional attachment to others.

Chest pains (angina) are more common as the heart continues to open its energy fields.

(Doing the Unified chakra meditation will assist in the heart opening).

Fear at this time is released as the energy fields of all the bodies are realigned through the heart and when aligned, fear drops away.

Pressure at the forehead or back or the head is due to the opening of the pituitary and pineal glands as they absorb more light, when these glands are fully open, activated and functioning at the highest level, aging and death cease.

When the pineal gland is fully open we experience multi-dimensionality yet duality seems to increase as we leave it behind.

Some days we feel connected and joyous, others we are in fear and caught up in survival issues.

Many wish to ‘ascend’ and leave the planet as we sense the very real possibility of ascension through our deepening connection with spirit.

As we learn to follow our joy, we may then want to ‘save the planet’ and have everyone follow their joy.

ALL are stages of progression and reflect our changing perception.  Dietary wise, you feel to eat less, more light, live food –
many at this stage have ceased to eat meat, sugar and drink alcohol as they ‘feel’ the effects of these substances on the vibrational fields of the body.

8. Eighth level –
we see the Master in all and purely wish to be of service – we leave the ‘saving and rescuing’ mode behind in favour of the desire to serve Divine Will.

The pineal and pituitary glands change shape, if headaches persist ask the Being’s who are working with you to simply ‘tone it down’ for they don’t feel pain, or ask them to release endorphin’s – the brains natural opiate.

The brain is being activated – particularly the cerebrum, the ‘sleeping giant’.  Cranial expansion is common; triangular ‘seed crystals’ in the brow and recorder crystals in the right side of the brain are activated along with the 8th, 9th and 10th chakras.

We begin to be hooked into the languages of Light.

The pituitary and pineal glands are opened fully and work together to create the ‘Arc of the Covenant’, a rainbow light that arcs over the top of the head to the third eye that is a decoding mechanism for higher dimensional language.

You may find it hard to find words to express yourself as you may think in geometries and tones.

If confused do the unified chakra meditation and ask for messages to be decoded and translated.

Again you become much more aware of the vastness and multi-dimensionality of your nature, that you can be anything that you want to be, you cease to operate from obligation and relationships become transpersonal. You share words from your heart and soul and others may feel disorientated when dealing with you as they no longer have ‘hooks’ into you to link with.

You operate from a deep level of serenity with heightened sensitivity and awareness yet feel grounded and transformed. By this stage, it is possible to be sustained purely by Light and prana, to take no nourishment from the atmospheric realms and to be healthily sustained by the etheric.

9. Ninth level –
decoding geometries and toning is easier, spirit is using the languages of light which shift the 6th dimensional blueprint into a new template for your 5th dimensional Lightbody.

Your body may change shape as the energy fields shift.  You feel interconnected to all Being’s everywhere and less connected to the opinions of others.

You release the desire for and the energy to sustain the ‘game of separation and limitation’ and feel truly free.

The 9th level sees a mass descension of the Lightbody into physical form.

As with the 3rd and 6th, this level sees a strong re-evaluation as we begin the final surrender to Spirit and we truly become the Divine instrument.

Here Spirit determines our income, our work, other being’s in our lives, everything.  This is the dissolution of the ego-self and while ecstatic, it can be most painful.  Making the leap can be fearful even though we have evolved through eons of time to reach this point.

We may go back and forth, clinging to old comfort zones before completely letting go – there is no turning back and all must be released.

9th level is surrender and then ecstasy; the letting go of the “I” – we realize that while free will is real it is also an illusion as it only there to guide us and to empower us to be One with Spirit.

Survival fears leave – focus in on the Now at one-at-ment.  Though fears may surface, they seem unreal and are easily put aside.

We tend to disconnect from consensus reality and our choices and reality seem unreal to others. From the 7th, 8th and 9th the inner light noticeably radiates out and by now you feel unbelievably grounded, connected, centered, filled with purpose and desiring only to serve.

For awhile you may slip between the 8th & 9th, from feeling complete at-one-ment to being ‘ a limited human being’ again, this settles down by the end of the 9th level.

You then continually feel connected and operate from your Christ level and your intention and motivation is always for the highest, although others, due to their own inner triggers and issues, may not always choose to see that.

The 9th is where we begin to hook up to our I AM.

The last three levels unify all energy fields, all chakras are unified and you become totally connected to your I AM.

10. Tenth level –
you are one with Source consciousness and know all is possible.  DNA is no longer 2 strand but 12 strand; teleportation, manifestation etc. are instantaneous.

The Merkabah (another name for our Lightbody) has been built and allows you to pass through space, time and dimensions complete in your totality.

It has its own consciousness to be directed by you.

11. Eleventh level –
all levels of the lightbody have been constructed and activated and are connected to your physical body via ‘spin points’.

These light matrix’s lie along the physical acupuncture meridians and are lines of light intersecting in beautiful geometries
– a new 5th dimensional circulatory system of Light.

Cellular regeneration has been accomplished.

Time is no longer linear but simultaneous – past, present and future co-exist – all exist in parallels.

There is no separation and you will fully manifest your vision of Heaven on Earth and express the ecstasy of Spirit.

In this ‘frame’ of conscious awareness many now access and create new types of Light based technologies, new community living, new systems of government and equitable food and resource distribution systems.

All have received specialist training and skills to help create and manifest the New World – the ‘Golden Age‘.

12. Twelfth level –the continuation of the Creation and implementation of the New World systems – hook up with other 12th level initiates who bring into existence new governments, new financial and educational systems, better system of food and resource allocation etc. as all will be redefined in the final stages of Earth’s ascension so that all may exist in joy, equality and harmony.

By this time the planet and her inhabitants will have been ‘rewoven’ into Light to shine in their full glory as the final stages of this Divine Plan unfolds.

The planet goes to Light, shifts out of this dimension and is brought into a multi-star system where everyone is a lightbody and follows Spirit in total Mastery.

Sphere of Energy Appears in Kemerovo Russia

Jeshua via John Smallman – Your Presence on Earth at This Time is Not Fortuitous, Accidental, or Just Plain Chance – 6-18-14

Jesus postingJeshua: Your Presence on Earth at This Time is Not Fortuitous, Accidental, or Just Plain Chance. Channelled by John Smallman, June 18, 2014. | Thanks to Golden Age of Gaia.

You are in the final phases of your awakening process. As all the channels keep telling you, your awakening is imminent!

Let your deep inner faith shine through and intensify your will to wake up. God wants it to happen, here in the spiritual realms so do we, and so most certainly do all of you, and, as we keep telling you, it is inevitable, unavoidable, and Divinely decreed.

Some of you are having difficulty keeping your Light clear and undimmed as you get caught up in compassionate anxiety, even fear, for all who are presently suffering grievously in the many zones of conflict and abject poverty around the world.

That is why you must keep your Light burning brightly. It is the brightness of your collective Light that is bringing in the essential changes in attitudes and behaviors that will dissolve within all all that is in any way unloving.

Your presence on Earth at this time is not fortuitous, accidental, or just plain chance, it is as a direct result of your holy will aligning with God’s to bring your Light to every corner of Earth to scatter and dispel the dark that has been occluding the Light for so long.

Look to the alternate and independent media channels to find reports of the increasing brightness of the Light among humanity that is spreading, inspiring, and uplifting those who had nearly lost hope.

The Light of God’s eternal and infinite Love for you all can no longer be dimmed or hidden, there just is not enough darkness available, and what remains is shrinking daily. This is an issue on which the mainstream media constantly misleads you, as it focuses always on doom and gloom.

Engage daily with your own extremely powerful Light, and look for and see the same Light shining in others regardless of any egoic masks they may be still using to shield themselves from the Light of Love that envelops them and all of humanity.

There is no possibility of escape from It, and all are in the process of learning this as they see that all that the dark would keep hidden is being bathed in the brilliance of Its ever-present illumination. The dark has nowhere to hide as the Light bursts through every chink, crack, and cleft in the fortress it is fruitlessly attempting to repair and rebuild as it crumbles irretrievably away.

So, to repeat, you are all eternal and invincible Beings of Light. You always have been and you always will be because that is how you were created – to live in eternal joy as inseparable aspects of the Oneness that is All That Is, God, the Source of all that now exists and will forever exist.

Acknowledge the Light within you. It is eternally present there awaiting your acknowledgment and acceptance through your individual free will choice. When you chose to engage in the game of separation you chose to veil your Light to make the game seem more enthralling, more real.

When you choose once more to acknowledge your brilliant inner Light, your personal sense of worth, of value, of your right to exist will be enormously enhanced and you will begin to recognize yourselves once more as you truly are, namely inseparable and infinitely loved aspects of God, fully entitled by Him to an eternal and joy-filled life.

All your Earthly cultures and religions have been fabricated by those who chose to be members of an “elite” among you, so that they could establish a hierarchy that would answer to them and which they could then use to control you by convincing you that you were valueless and inadequate beings whose duty was to serve them.

And you still have those controlled hierarchies established by the “elite” – the police, the military, the politicians, the religions, the corporations – where people are still trained to walk on or intimidate those “below” them in the hierarchy in order to obtain their unquestioning obedience, and at the same time to fawn admiringly on those “above” them, but their days are numbered.

By acknowledging your Light, and by allowing It to shine forth through you as you behave and intend to behave lovingly at all times and in every situation, It will dispel the darkness in which you have been enveloped for eons.

Enlightenment, your awakening, will not be prevented because it is impossible to make the unreal real, let alone have it last interminably to hide from you your true nature. The nightmare is now ending, as always Divinely intended, because you have at last chosen to release yourselves from it and once more experience your true and Divine nature in eternal bliss with God.

Make a point of acknowledging the Light in everyone with whom you interact in any way at all by being open, trusting, accepting, compassionate, and, of course, loving.

This does not mean telling people this, or proselytizing, it just means that you quietly and determinedly be yourself, your true Divine and loving Self, and allow the intense energy of that state to flow freely through you and out into your immediate environment.

As you become more accustomed to living like this your immediate environment will expand and so will the effect you have upon it. This is how the dark is being dispelled, and it is all of you who are dispelling it.

Light is all that exists! The dark is illusory, conceived of and then envisaged into being to add interest, fear, excitement, and an apparent reality to the illusion that you built to experience the thrill of separation from God, whom you momentarily thought was unnecessary, a Being superior to you from Whom you wanted to free yourselves.

Of course it could not work because there is only the One, and because of His eternal Love for you, and because He sees your pain and suffering, He constantly calls lovingly to you to assist in your inevitable awakening.

Listen to His Call to you, that quiet inner Voice that reminds you that life should be a far more exhilarating and enjoyable experience than the one you are currently undergoing. Respond enthusiastically to It, then feel His constant Love for you, and intend to share It indiscriminately with all of humankind, regardless of any evil it appears to you that anyone of them or any group of them may have caused or still be instigating for this simple reason: You are all eternally One in God!

Your loving brother, Jesus.


Anrita Melchizedek – Orbs of Light Attunement

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Orbs of Light Attunement by Anrita Melchizedek
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In this Golden Age of Light, we now have the opportunity to deepen our connection to the many Beings of Light around us that appear as Orbs of Light. These Beings of Light are gifting us with the opportunity to experience their vibrational signatures as we tune into these intricate designs of cosmic consciousness and celestial Light frequencies.
In their highest frequency, Orbs of Light hold the energy signature of the Ascended Masters, Christed ET’s, Angelic Beings, Nature Spirits and faeries as well as aspects of our own multidimensional Selves.

Further to this, many Orbs of Light are either discarnate Beings viewing earth prior to incarnating or Souls leaving Earth most commonly in the form of a sphere, octahedron or star tetrahedron; their unique geometric design creates their own Merkaba Vehicles of Light.

At the time of the Equinoxes, Solstices, Full Moon, New Moon and the many astrological and planetary activities of Light, as we deepen our connection to one another in Divine Love and One Unity Consciousness, we can amplify the frequency experience of these many Orbs of Light.

Another way to amplify and experience, feel and sense these magnificent Orbs of Light and Celestial Beings are through the creation of our own pyramids of Light. The energetic pyramids of Light amplify sound and color signatures in a harmonic resonance that assists us to tune into the Orbs of Light through the many sound and color spectrum frequencies they bring forth to us in this Golden Age of Light. For the Orbs of Light are here to activate our Light frequency; to inspire, enlighten, transform and heal, offering their unique signature of Divine Love co-creatively in acknowledgment of our magnificence and Light.

As we tune into the higher dimensional frequencies of the New Earth Templates, and the One Reality of All That Is as these sacred transfiguring Flames of Divine Love, we experience a new language of communication through the energy of the Light Orbs, allowing us access to various dimensions of Light and the Christed Timelines.
We are co-creating our Heaven on Earth, and doing so with the many Illumined Beings of Light from On High that appear to us vibrationally; through our own gifts of knowing, seeing, sensing and through these many Orbs of Light.

Attunement to the Orbs of Light

I call upon the Overlighting of Mother/Father God,
and the many Beings of Light from On High that I personally acknowledge,
as I now merge with my Beloved I Am Presence,
the Highest Light I Am within the Cosmic Heart of Mother/Father God.

I now visualize a beautiful golden Pyramid of Light
anchored and activated around my energy body.
I now connect through the Unity Grid of Divine Love,
to the Light Workers, star seeded ones and all the Beings of Light from On High assisting in this Golden Age of Light.

I now bring my focus to a Portal of Light found just above my crown chakra,
connecting me to the Sun and Solar Core,
and the Overlighting of Helios and Vesta,
our Solar Logii and God Parents for this Solar System.

Initially now, as I focus on the Sun above the crown chakra,
I experience myself wrapped in these beautiful copper-gold and pink-gold Flames of Solar Service,
lifting me into the Solar Crystalline Matrix of Divine Love, the New Earth Templates and now, the Cosmic Heart of All Creation.

I now sense a beautiful Pink Orb of Light activating at this Sun Portal of Light,
bringing through the qualities of Divine Love and openness within my heart, mind and body.
This Pink Orb of Light now expands around my body and energy field,
and now, within and around the Unity Grid of Divine Love.

I now experience a beautiful Red Orb of Light activating at my Sun Portal of Light,
bringing through the quality of Divine Will and empowerment within my heart, mind and body.
As this Red Orb of Light now expands around my body and energy field,
I focus on activating this beautiful Red Orb of Divine Will and empowerment
within and around the Unity Grid of Divine Love.

I now experience a beautiful Orange Orb of Light activating at my Sun Portal of Light,
bringing through the qualities of healing, insight and understanding within my heart, mind and body.
As this Orange Orb of Light now expands around my body and energy field,
I bring a focus to activating these qualities within the Unity Grid of Divine Love.

I now experience a beautiful Lavender Orb of Light activating at my Sun Portal of Light,
bringing through the qualities of peace, harmony and forgiveness within my heart, mind and body.

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Orbs of Light Attunement by Anrita Melchizedek
Music by Michael Hammer

Jesus via John Smallman – You are all Powerful Divine Beings who have Momentarily Forgotten Who You Are! –



Jesus  – 

Waiting is a very human experience, it is part of limited consciousness, rather like traveling along a winding roadway.  As you round each bend a new vista presents itself to you, but until you actually round the bend you cannot know what will be revealed.  So you wait, and then your expectations are either delivered, or not.  Many have come to learn to live without optimistic expectations as a result of previous disappointments, and this does have certain benefits and also disadvantages, as you have learnt.  In Reality, in Heaven, there is only now, waiting does not occur.

In the spiritual realms we cannot truly appreciate what waiting is like for humanity, even though we may have had lives as humans, and we are very aware that you cannot truly understand what living in the now, as we do eternally, really means.  You may get brief intuitive moments in which you seem to experience it, and then it is gone, and you wonder what just happened!  So I need to remind you that time is of the illusion, and however real it may seem to you – and we know that it does seem extremely real to the vast majority of humans – it is really quite unreal.  Nevertheless, you are experiencing it constantly, while hoping, intending, and expecting to awaken very soon – but of course, in truth you are already awake!

As is evident from your ongoing experiences you did build an incredibly real seeming environment in which to play your games of separation.  But you will be glad to hear yet again that the time for those games to end is rapidly approaching.  You have made the collective decision to end them, and the process of terminating them is continuing to move ahead unstoppably.  You can see the signs of this as the mainstream media quietly and discreetly publishes brief stories offering further evidence of corruption and deceit in high places, while your alternate news channels give you far more detail as they are not able to be suppressed by the wealthy owners of the corporate news organizations.

Change is occurring far more rapidly than you are aware of, and situations that in the past might well have led to war are not now doing so.  This is because you, the Light bearers, and all those billions on the planet who want peace and abundance for all, are so effectively sharing the Love in which the tsunami has enveloped all on Earth.  You always have the option not to engage with It or share It, but the numbers making that choice are miniscule. 99.999 percent of humanity wants and intends that all on Earth shall live in peace, security, and abundance, and because that is your collective will it will inevitably come to pass.

You can help, you can speed up that process, by being loving in every moment, even when it seems that you are under attack, or when it would seem wiser for you to erect defences against attack.  As we keep stressing, and as we will continue to stress: “Love is the answer to every problem.”  Do not be fearful, do not erect defences; be loving, be accepting, and never attack.  Deep within you do know that this is the only appropriate way to live because you are, every single one of you, divine beings created in Love by God so that you could delight eternally in the joy of being One with Him, and therefore with one another.

The apparent successes of those who fight, compete, cheat, and attack are unreal.  They may seem to do well, but that success is illusory and very temporary, and has enormous karmic repercussions for them.  Instead of judging and condemning them for their unloving behavior, pray for them when you meditate, and send them Love.  Doing so demolishes their dark strength like water wearing away stone as it pours over waterfalls.  You think this is an extremely slow process!  But there is no time!  The whole universe appeared but a moment ago and has already dissolved into the nothingness from which it seemed to appear – you are just clinging to a dream of bodies and suffering and pain. Let them go and awaken.

All the wise ones, the mystics, the gurus who have spent time among you in the illusion offering you guidance and assistance, have always stressed the importance of surrender to and acceptance of whatever occurs in this present now moment.  When you do you find that you have the means to cope with what is occurring, to deal with it, and to continue living, in peace.  When you fight what has happened, judge it, and condemn it, you exhaust yourselves in conflicts that resolve nothing and only lead to further suffering.  But until you try it and find that it does work you will strenuously resist surrender.  So try it, now!

Surrender does not mean that you bow to or even join with the forces of the dark – all unloving thoughts, words, and actions – it means that you maintain your serenity, your calmness, your stability in situations that are challenging and stressful, while intending that Love resolves the problems or issues that are arising.  When you do that you establish a calm inner space into which intuitive and loving guidance can flow to assist you in that particular moment so that peace prevails, and threats of conflict dissolve.

As we in the spiritual realms keep on reminding you – most compassionately and lovingly – you are all, every single one of you, powerful divine beings who have momentarily forgotten who you are.  You are dreaming a dream of separation and abandonment, of fear, pain, suffering, and death.  It is but a frightening dream from which you cannot fail to awaken.  Go within daily, to your quiet inner space where there is always peace and Love to support you, and remind yourselves yet again that you intend for humanity to awaken.  That is your ongoing task and you are carrying it out quite spectacularly, so instead of embracing worry, impatience, and anxiety, celebrate and rejoice because the dream is coming to an end.

Your loving brother, Jesus.

Hilda via Jean Haines – The Forces Of Light – Ground Crew Enacting Disclosure – 5-7-14



I had a vision from the light forces showing me the following symbols/picture guided with indigo blue and violet lights: people standing in pillars of light (near future),within an upwards and downwards spiral of light (vortex/DNA spiral). Above their heads in the spiraling pillar of Isis, which represents the activation of the female principle, the etheric chakra’s above the heart. The downwards spiral provided by rainbow ships in the sky, sharing their energies with the people on the surface, activating the 144.000.

With the knowing/insight: there is a sequence in which events happen.I n terms of energy, use what you already know to explain.

To explain, I have to go back to the channeling of Montague Keen received on 8 december 2013:

After this a greater number of lightworkers, than already existed, understood the message that injecting Gaia’s ley lines with light is most vital to keep her stable and to heal everything in existence on this planet.They are beginning to learn that they have to be as well organized as the dark cabal worldwide.

Among many other groups, the Montague Keen Foundation and the Global Ley Line Project on Facebook began to motivate people to join forces in sharing information and organizing events to heal the world/GAIA. Sending their combined heart’s energies towards dark places to balance Gaia’s energy field and therefore to prevent eruptions or black ops., the combined energies changed the outcome of what was intended to be by the dark cabal.

Updates how this progress was to our advance was given in the messages of Veronica Keen, passed down to her from her late husband Montague Keen and hints were given as to where we should collectively aim our love. By doing this, the participants received the correct codes from these power point to become more powerful — the 2-way system.

For instance:

– On the global leyline page., there was an insight to connect to the solar plexus of the world, Ayers rock/uluru Australia. By doing that you correct your codes of the lower chakra’s (the male principal). Therefore this become an expression of love manifest. The knowing how to manifest in the physical world: SHARING — enlightening each other with knowledge

– also an insight to connect Machu Pichu, which is the feminine counterpart of the Himalayas. By doing that you enact the codes or the female principal. The Tor connects the Lower Heart chakra to the Higher Heart chakra in Wicklow Mountains (Ireland). By doing this you activate the upward and downward DNA spiral in yourself, in other words, vortex energy. The knowing how to align with Gaia by using your imagination and feeling the energies.

The Vatican:

– We freed the vatican from the clutches of the cabal and they will be exposed. By combining our energies towards the Lions Gate under the Vatican and still can use more power. The vatican is built on the world tree. This is a vertical energy line that runs over the North Pole, Copenhagen, Rome, over the South Pole, the Hawaiian Islands and back to the North Pole again, completing a circle of light. From this line the energies spread horizontally through the Ley Lines towards everything connected to it. What is intended via ritual is to activate and spread the energies through the Ley Lines towards everybody in the world.

In the regions of the World Tree many inventive people where born in the past. The reason therefore is to keep the higher consciousness supported and vital and to awaken the people around them to their task to what they came to do on earth: Sharing knowledge and thereby freeing humanity from the clutches of the draconian/reptilian system.

The Faraday Cage they enacted is described in the Montague Keen 8 December message mentioned above. This is because it came to our knowledge that the Vatican is built on a goddess temple. Some lightworkers activated its energy by combining their knowledge about how to activate this stargate. They envisioned the wormhole that connected to the other stargate on Niburu to be activated and therefore welcoming the energies of Sekmet and other ascended masters back into the goddess temple in the Vatican.

This stargate has been guarded strictly by men or reptilians. Not one woman is allowed to enter, because it takes only one woman who has an embodiment to activate this stargate and let the light forces in. By imagining connecting to the arc and standing in the stargate it has been activated to let the energies and the codes for the dimensions enter and flow into the Ley Lines.

Imagining yourself to be somewhere else is the way to astral project: imagining/feeling yourself being there. So a few women got the message an enacted the stargate from a distance. They have a feminine embodiment and therefore connecting to Sekmet was not so difficult to imagine. They were in love and therefore without fear.

Niburu is the planet of transmission and brings the new codes of higher dimensions. Gaia must become alike (in love) to enter higher dimensions. In the last Montague Keen message you can read the result: 2013/page1627.html

When all planets align between the sun and the black hole, the crystaline grid of the planets will copy each other’s enacted codes (like a computer copying data). Because you are connected to it, you will therefore be able to tap into knowledge (enacted codes) that you have gained in other dimensions (planets) before coming to earth. This leads to full consciousness.

So coming back to my vision and the information that came through to manifest:

Churches, arena’s, obelisks, pyramids, museums, industrial complexes ,twin towers, etc. are all built on ancient sacred sites. Walk these places in Love to consciously activate them. In ancient times mostly women were the ones who had the connection to the higher realms and were protected in order to have their time in silence and love to meditate and bring in the new knowledge. They discussed that with the male principal to help manifest into reality. During their monthly periods, which have a very grounding and cleansing energy, they gathered in, for instance, moon lodges, to discuss what they saw in their visions and to translate the language of light into 3d understanding. The dark ones always knew this and therefore the witch hunts began out of fear for exposing their evil plans and of course the husbands/sjamans of these women were also murdered who knew the knowledge to enact the female principal.

The vision is to activate lightworkers to search for Ley Line nodes in their own neighborhoods. Hereby you heal the grounds you have been living on your entire lifetime! If you Google them you will find them! This link is a very good example:

Ley-lines are everywhere and all the pyramids and obelisks share their energies with these nodes.vThey are also a very strong point to connect (horizontally) to other places on the planet. By doing this you can experience their energies and bring them into the node you reside on. By using your imagination..the heart/ pineal gland connection — the connection to sun/forces of light above you and your connection to the sun of hollow earth — by feeling,what is called the now moment. When you think, you astral project (send forward by intending) your energies to all situations in the past and future — and where your mind goes your energy flows. You feed with your source energy, OFTEN ENACTING OLD SITUATIONS OF DUALITY AND OUT OF HEART. Call for the Spirit of Gaia to connect under your feet and feel her warmth, her energies.This warmth is the energy of the sun of hollow earth. q=hollow+earth&hl=nl&rlz=1T4NDKB_nlNL560NL560&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&s a=X&ei=F0pqU8yVNcHjO-HygfgD&ved=0CDIQsAQ&biw=1600&bih=776&dpr=0.9


Because we are all one and we are the ones we have been waiting for, we have to give disclosure our selves.

By gathering at certain Ley Line nodes and enacting them with love energies, we are working as one unit with the forces of light: GALACTIC FEDERATION in the sky, HUMANITY on the surface and our light family of HOLLOW EARTH. THEN we are working as one unit of LOVE (enacting the Flower of Life) and thereby intending our family of light to decloak in a joyful manner for everyone to see that we are working as one unit for LOVE.

It is nice to be able to mention that spaceships have been seen in the north of the Netherlands with the Flower of Life symbol on their bellies (womb on micro level). Pictures and films will be made and added on youtube and facebook (the medium of the people). Questions will be answered. We must enact this to awaken humanity. The ones who do not research for themselves and see if they resonate by feeling. But the unwakened ones who want PROOF! The ones we came here to wake up — and with the same intention as Sannanda during an incarnation as Jesus.


Before we incarnated as starseeds and seeing the situation on earth from the side of the lightforces and therefore in terms of energy, we decided to incarnate with thousands to pull Gaia into the higher dimensions by the law of attraction, all the while knowing that many will fail by falling for the many distractions of the duality matrix!. These Starseeds are the ones who caused what they call THE GENERATION GAP. Starseeds do not just copy what they have been taught if it doesn’t feel good, they feel what resonates with heart and change situations by their impeccable intention to succeed. By changing themselves and their attitude back to an expression of love.They broke the circle of karma in the families they were born into.

SO by knowing this,  we can begin to manifest this by gathering at special places worldwide.WHEN WE TAKE THIS HUGE ACTION THERE ARE TOO MANY PLACES AND EVENTS, AND THE DARK CABAL CANNOT DESTROY THEM. WITHIN THE MANY WE ARE STRONG!

I have rainbow ships flickering in the sky in front of my house. I sit on the steps and look at them and connect with heart and they flicker rainbow colors.They look like stars for the people walking by. They just walk by without noticing, engaged in their internal dialog (mind) and do not see the signs, or that the skies are different — MORE LIGHT THAT APPEARs TO BE JUST STARS…with binoculars you can not miss this

We came to earth with the intention to awaken the Unawakened, because we felt compassion and empathy towards the situation on Earth. We were born into 3d families for certain reasons: to learn from them how to survive in this dimension by learning skills and therefore we can support ourselves. In return we give them the knowledge of what is to come and how we can enact paradise together as one force of Love Light! Their hearts then will be open to comprehend a new way of being IN LOVE IN PARADISE, the higher expression of GAIA.







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