Light Body Activation Webcast – Light Body Activation – Meditations Change Your Destiny


Light Body Activation Webcast
Light Body Activation Webcast: Light Body Activation, Meditations Change Your Destiny
Global Forum Recorded Live April 6, 2013
Dr. Pillai and special guests explore the benefits Light Body Mastery, the path of enlightenment, and the recorded world history about the Light Body. Dr. Pillai gives initiations, meditations, mantras and Darshan (energy transmissions) in this exclusive interview about the Light Body.

Special Guests include surgeons, doctors, business leaders, healers and people who share their experiences of their path of the Light Body Phenomena.

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Heavenletters – Love Fills You Like Light – 5-28-14

God said:

In Heaven, there is no such thing as Hurry Up, nor is there such a thing as Slow Down. Hurrying up and slowing down are not even a possibility in Heaven. In Heaven, an idea pulsates. It is instant. There is no planning it, no making a big decision, no board meetings. The idea is done. It is over. It circulates across the Universe, for there is no time in Heaven to speculate in. There is Infinity which leaves the concept of time out. Time in Heaven is an impossibility. Time does not accumulate in Heaven.

There are no storage places in Heaven as well. There is no stopping-off place either. Think of the most solid happy time in your life on Earth, when all was easy, and all was sweet like a dream come true, and you will have a thimbleful of how loving it is in Heaven. It’s not that you flit in Heaven. No landing place is needed or offered. There is no cleaning or upkeep that has to be done. Great mobility in Heaven. No barriers. When you think about it, are not time and space barriers on Earth?

In Heaven there are no boundaries to break, for there are no boundaries.

Time and space confront you on Earth wherever you turn. At the same time, the concepts of time and space are a blessing to you, a mixed blessing. Time and space boss you around. They take over your life, and, yet, even so, they give you great joy. You look outside you, and there is sunshine or rain or any of the elements, and they come in season. There are no seasons in Heaven. The concept of seasons does not exist in Heaven any more than the absence of joy exists in Heaven.

Pure love streams in Heaven, and more of that essence of love is streaming into your lives. You are surrounded by miracles that love brings. Heaven is an exciting dimension, yet contrast does not take place. When all is love, what more can there be? Nothing can be missing for all is well and all is supreme. In Heaven, love is beyond emotion. Fullness of Love is simply present. Divine Fullness of Fullness.

You might as well start getting ready. You are ascending while Heaven leans over and reaches for you. It is not that you have to ascend. You can even let go of ascending. We could say that angels and I lean down to pick you up and bring you here. We could say that. Yet there is no up and down in Heaven. There is no here and there. Let Us say that Love fills you like light, and you are risen to your true value. Ah, you become right-side up even as there are no dimensions in Heaven like that.

I am already in your heart, not solely as theory but rather as Reality. It is not really that you enter Heaven. You clear your eyes, you let go of non-recognition, and you begin to see what always has been. You have been a virtuoso of perception, seeing what is not and not seeing what is. Now, you are beginning to see. You are beginning to sense Reality which is, of course, beyond perception.

Certainly, We can say that you pull yourself up to the Reality of Heaven, although you don’t really pull yourself up. You can’t pull yourself up to where you already are. You can only be here with Me deep in your heart, and not for yourself alone, for what is the fun in that?

New Golden Light Body – With Comment from Archangel Michael – Image by Ute Posegga-Rudel – 5-27-14



This is about what it takes for humanity to transition into the new Golden Light Body. Intense Golden Light is presently released onto our planet.  I woke up one morning and the transition into the new Golden Lightbody was accomplished – or: the new Golden Lightbody has been created.

Although I had no explanation for it, I knew that something profound had happened, my whole body was radiantly sparkling and very light. It was in spotless Divine Harmony of a supreme beautiful energy and exquisite  transparency. No imbalance, no density.

On that evening a friend said: Your energy is totally golden, you radiate Golden Light, it comes even through your voice …
Only then I knew what really had happened.

Recently I have been graced with frequent blessings and conversations with Archangel Michael who commented:

“I AM the messenger of the Sun and thereby of the Great Central Sun. I oversee the process of the Golden Light Body. I am here to serve by drawing humanity out of the darkness into this extreme Golden Light. The light of Recognition, the Light of Spiritual Origin.
Many know images that describe Me fighting with the dragon, you see that is exactly what I do. Serving the worlds that are drowned in the madness of separation and falseness.

Yes, this is a sick world, a false world. There is no Divinity in it. This artificially created world is not of Divine Origin. If you are used to it, it seems to be ‘normal’, when you are used to the heaviness, to the deceit, to the lies and believe them. So when you are in this low vibration, it all appears normal to you.

Whether you know it or not, when you are in this world, you are always in shock. Your system is all the time in shock. That’s why human beings don’t have a long life, you see.

The process of humanity’s ascension is nothing but to awaken to their own Original Divine Creative Power that works from inside out, and dropping victim consciousness. As long as humanity is bound to victim consciousness there is no awakening. Any spiritual experience that is occurring while locked into the victim consciousness, is an illusion as it is not based on your Own Truth that you are a Divine Being.

Victim consciousness is based on the belief that the world is happening TO them, that they are nothing but the product of external events, external conditions, even such as genes, DNA, belief systems, and so on.

To be the victim means to exist in a dark world, and the light that is experienced in such a disposition is the secondary, illusionary light of the mind, not the Primordial Divine Light that is Love and Wholeness, the Light that is the Experience of Oneness and Perfection.

In your case you wanted  to understand the process humanity in general is going to experience in order to transition into the new Divine Consciousness. One can only teach in this world what one understands from the profundity of  one’s own experience.”

So according to this, from my “human point of view”, the transition to the New Divine World is often accompanied by the so called “dark night of the soul”.

From the “point of view” of the new Golden World, the old world appears to be black! All lower emotions may start to feel unbearably painful. What appeared to be as “normal” in the old, familiar world, is now being perceived, as what it is from the Divine “Point of View”: horror, deep suffering. Pains, intolerable emotional and energetical states. Heaviness. Darkness. (Just remember the famous paintings of Hieronymus Bosch and some reports of Christian Saints)

The contrast to the light appears to be immense. It is about a radical turning around from downside to up. There seems to be no “harmonious transition”, there is either the New World of Golden Light, or the world of the dark abyss.

But when you are still somewhat comfortable in the dark abyss, you can experience it even as light. This is a result of the illusion of the synthetically created light. This light is deceptive, it is the light of a mind that is separated from the human being that is Divinely Whole.

As this light is deceptive, many believe even, that they are in a kind of paradise. However it all happens while in victim consciousness. But as soon as the True Divine Light is being experienced, by taking responsibility for all your experiences, this illusion is being recognized and vanishes forever. Hence it is experienced as black.

Such a transformation involves processes that are not over in a moment, but follow the natural law of change. It requires patience. A sudden changeover happens however,  when there is no going back, because the darkness has consumed itself in your consciousness in due course of the process.

The difference between the two worlds is really indescribable.
In the New World there are no dangers, there is no heaviness, no suffering, no complication. It is Single, it is Whole. There is only Happiness, Love, Lightness, Unity. Radiance.

You don’t just imagine or feel it, you KNOW it when your new Golden Body is being created, because it is always your body that KNOWS.

Dear friends, listen to your body NOW and follow its revelations. What does it tell you now? What does it FEEL like? Do not listen longer to a separate mind, a mind that is severed from the wisdom of your Divine Wholeness. Breathe and allow that Wholeness to shine through your body to dissolve all densities, to transcend the synthetic world.

How do you survive in this density?

Ground yourself, ground yourself, ground yourself!
Connect with the crystal in the Center of Earth Mother.
Draw the lightbody down into your feet.  (Vertical plane)

Expand your heart space.
Remember: we have three hearts; left, middle and right. (Horizontal plane)

Be safe!

Much Love and Many Blessings!

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Image by Ute Posegga-Rudel, Copyright 2014

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Crystalai Blog – New Earth Islands of Light – How to Get There – 5-4-14

Beings of Light
The New Earth Islands of Light and How to Get There
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How do we change the existing environment that we have been living in for
millions of years?

First, there is no Source “and . . .”
There is only Source.
All is Source. All is made of Divine Mind and Divine Love.

In our New Earth Islands of Light that are being created at this time, it is being
created having our being in Source – Divine Light, Divine Mind, Divine Love;
looking out onto creation through the eyes of Source – Christ through the perfect
Divine Blueprint of the 12th Dimension (where your Christ Self resides); known
through the ideal of the Perfect Kingdom of the 6th Dimension; and then breathed
into form in the Structure of the 5th Dimension.

The 4th Dimension is there too, but only the highest frequency aspects of Love,
Compassion, Allowance, Forgiveness that is rooted in the 4th chakra, which is the
new base chakra of all entities that live in the New Earth. Chakras 1, 2, and 3
become transmuted.

The lower frequencies are not a part of the New Earth Islands of Light, including
the lower frequencies of the 4th Dimension. The New Earth is Oneness founded
upon Divine Love.

Our New Earth Islands of Light are being created in this way and will be created
in this way around the Earth. There will be many Islands of Light.

As we went farther and farther from Source, the 3rd Dimension became more and
more dense with lower and lower frequencies. This is a part of God as well and it
is the 3D School of Hard Knocks. Since 2000, we have been on a course back
towards Source and will continue on this course for a long, long time. It is now
time to graduate from the 3rd Dimension.

We don’t change the existing 3rd Dimension, we transmute our own individual
environment around us and grow and grow the higher frequencies around us to
create a standing wave pattern around us that matches that of the New Earth
Island of Light. Once the individual’s frequencies, consciousness, thought, and
actions matches that of the New Earth Island of Light, a shift in the angle of the
rotation of particle spin can occur and “like Magic” the individual will be able to
shift to the New Earth Islands of Light that are being formed at this time.

The shift to the New Earth will take effort on each individual’s part for it is also
your individual ascension and no-one can ascend for you. A door or elevator will
not simply open for you to step into to take you to the New Earth Islands of Light.
You must do it through your own understanding and growth and with the help of
the Beloveds in the actual “rotation of particle shift” to a New Earth. Island of

Cosmic Mystery School of the Omniverse

Dr. Alberto Villoldo – Homo Luminous-New Human – Choosing to Evolve – Our Ability to Grow New Bodies – Your Mind Guiding Your DNA, Health –

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Crystal Andasola – Ascension Protocols – Light Body, Cellular Health – Host Ari Kopel

NOTE: Part 3, Newest Episode Below, follwed by Parts 1 and 2

Part 1

Part 2

Ari Kopel·58 videos

What does it take to prepare us to receive the Higher Frequencies and for us to make the transformation into our Light Bodies? Our new radio show host Crystal Andasola and Ari Kopel have a heart to heart about the importance of having a healthy vessel (body) in order to receive the Higher Frequencies for Ascension. Very important Health Protocols will be addressed with the hope that everyone gets on board and starts tackling those things that have been put in place, by the dark forces, to keep us suffering and to prevent us from reaching our maximum Light Potential.

Find out about the pure water systems that also remove Fluoride and Green Vibrance Probiotics at: and your Crystal Ascension Water and Dry Oxygen/ Opaline Solution at:

Becky Barnica, Spirit Science – We Are Made of Light – Scientific Evidence – Golden Age Of Gaia – 4-29-14


Thanks to Georgina.

By Becky Barnica, Spirit Science – April 18, 2014 –


A biophoton or Ultra-weak Photon Emission, (UPE) is a kind of light particle that is emitted by all living things. Though it exists in the visible and ultraviolet spectrum, in order for us to see it, our eyes would have to be about 1,000 times more sensitive.

While we can’t see them with our eyes alone, technology has given us a glimpse and what it’s shown us may have a profound impact on us all.

Biophotons were first thought to be merely the byproduct of metabolic chemical reactions. That idea is being challenged with an exciting theory that claims biophotons have a much larger role to play when it comes to our physiology and quite possibly our consciousness as well.

Experiments are showing that biophotons (UPEs) can be captured and stored inside of cells and can even travel through our nervous system; suggesting that biophotons might provide a way for cells to transfer energy and communicate information. It’s has also been suggested that UPEs might even have properties which help us to visualize images.

This makes sense considering how we’re creating computers. All computers are is silicon crystal chips which we pass light through to relay 0′s and 1′s. (Light on, Light Off). The first computer was literally built with a lightbulb and these punch-cards which had holes in them, which is how we would program computers.

Today, our computers are far more advanced, and yet at the core, the electrical information we are passing through computers today is still a form of light. Now our sciences are revealing humans work the same way, and Light carries information through our brain, nervous system, and even our DNA.

Yep! Scientists are finding that our DNA is a strong source of UPEs, it communicates with and is created from light itself! It’s been observed that DNA produces extremely high biophoton emissions and has excimer laser-like properties. Excimer lasers (or exciplex lasers) are special lasers consisting pseudo-molecules that only exist in a highly excited state and emit light in the ultraviolet range.

If that wasn’t cool enough already, scientists have also discovered that not only do we emit light, we have the ability to affect it with our thoughts alone. In a recent study, participants were placed in a darkened room and asked to visualize a bright light. When they did this, they were able to increase their levels of biophoton emissions significantly, showing that our intentions have an influence on light itself!

In conclusion, Light appears to be a fundamental part of our being. It’s hard-coded into our very bodies to function directly with, and through – light. On top of that, the fact that we can affect light with our intentions alone… outstanding! It would appear those new age hippies are right when they say we are all beings of light.