PLEIADIAN DELEGATE – Andromedan – Beings of Light – 6-5-15

LauraJuly2013Pleiadian Delegate

Amdromedans ~ so very close to my Heart. They are VERY high Frequency Beings ~Loving ~ Angelic Like in their Service to the Evolution of the Universe ~Loving All Beings Everywhere, holding all in the One Heart of Divine Love.

They work closely with Advanced Vibrations of Sound and Light, through their Hearts, uplifting all through their Love. There are many on Earth now bringing forth the Love of the Andromedans, through their Advanced Vibrational Frequency, not needing to be Known, yet holding all in the Healing vibration of Love.

If you Are very sensitive to Vibration and have Telekinetic Power, and very sensitive to sound, gifted with music and your voice, and are  clairaudient, and you have influenced the movement of objects, bent spoons, changed electricity, etc. and are very telepathic then you may have an Andromedan Lineage and incarnated on Planet Earth to bring forth Your Andromedan Message and Love. 

Just as there are Angelic Humans, Sirian Humans, Pleiadian Humans, Arcturian Humans there are also Andromedan Humans on Planet Earth. Your Soul is One with all aspects of your Being, which include your incarnations on Earth as well as any incarnations you may have that include Being a different Species.

Within your Original Blueprint is your personal record of all of your incarnations. Your Blueprint is not part of Mass Consciousness. It is your Soul record. Your Soul is not damaged or effected by Mass Consciousness. When you fully access and activate your Original Blueprint in its original State of Pure Being, you will be accessing your True Multidimensional Being, your Eternal Soul, your Immortal Body of Light.

In this State of Pure Union, through Your Heart, in your Original State of Pure Being, all the gifts that are part of Your True Being~ Your Soul, as Source, will be Natural to you, as You are Limitless, Unconditional Love and Pure Light.

Stay Present in your Heart, and as You are Restored in your Awareness to your Pure Original Being, stay present with Your Vibration, and Your Heart. The next time you influence electricity, or move objects, remember you may also exist as Andromedan. Your Heart and your Soul ~ Knows. Your Heart and Soul are the Keys to your Original Pure Being.

More soon, Eternal Souls of Light!


Maya Angelou – Phenomenal Woman

Life Inspirational Message


Phenomenal Woman BY Maya Angelou http://www.LifeInspirationalMessages…. motivational and inspirational poems for women… may they bring a smile to your face and ignite a light in your soul.

Dr. Georgi Stankov – Human Bodies Are Electromagnentic Systems – 7-13-11

body+energy-systems Human Bodies Are Electromagnentic Systems

By Dr. Georgi Stankov, July 13, 2011, Copyright 2011



Some readers approached us, after they have read my last article on  “free photon energy“, and asked me to explain in depth the role of thermal or any other energetic gradient in the Creation/Gestalt of All-That-Is. I am now responding to this request.

While human beings use all kinds of energetic gradients in everyday life and in industrial production, the theoretical background of this universal phenomenon of Nature has not been truly comprehended by all scientists and the rest of mankind so far.

Let me, therefore, depart from what is known to all of you, before I expand my discussion.

When we plug an electric device in the electric grid, we use an energetic, electric gradient. This gradient may differ from country to country, so that you need an adapter. For instance, in Europe we use the 220 voltage, which is another technical term for electric gradient. Some other countries use the 110 voltage, etc.

What we, however, seldom realize, is that without the use of an energy gradient, there will be no technology at all, and we will still dwell as cave men.

Let us stay by electricity and illustrate this ubiquitous fact, so that everybody can easily perceive it for himself.


In order to produce electric power, we build, for instance, dams on rivers and lakes and create a water gradient, which is the most evident form of an energy gradient. When the dam is closed, and no water flows, the water stored in the dam has a “potential energy”, which can be converted into electric energy.

Here, we have another word or synonym for a gradient – a “potential”. A potential is stored energy that can be transformed anytime into active, kinetic energy.

Those of you, who still have some knowledge of physics from school, may remember that there are only two forms of energy – potential and kinetic energy. When you carry a ball to the roof of your house, it has acquired a gravitational potential, which will only depend on the height of your house.

When you drop the ball, this gravitational potential is fully transformed into kinetic energy of the falling ball. Kinetic energy is energy in motion, while potential energy is energy at rest.

What does this observation tell us actually? That energy cannot be destroyed, but can only exist in a stored, static state or in a kinetic form, in motion. This is the law of conservation of energy as already discussed in my previous article on free photon energy.

From a teleological point of view, the above observation, which, I hope, should be cogent to all my readers, tells us actually that

 energetic gradients exist everywhere in Nature = All-That-Is,

no matter if this is evident to the human observer or not.

As human senses are rather limited, we, in fact, can only observe energetic gradients, when they perform a kinetic action that is mainly accessible to our vision and, to a lesser extent, to the other senses.

For many centuries, electromagnetic energy in matter was not known to humans because they could not manifest its action as a movement and use it for their needs. If you have no idea of power turbines that transform the falling water from the dam into electric energy, you will never perceive that the dam reservoir contains potential electric power.

Before I proceed with the discussion, I would like to clear another potential source of semantic confusion at this place – “energy” and “power” are, in practice, one and the same. In reality, there is only Energy, which is a synonym for Nature, respectively for All-That-Is, and power is a specific, abstract mathematical presentation of Energy.

At this place, I must make an important statement that should be in the core of all human understanding of Energy = All-That-Is = Nature:

The Nature of Energy is to exist as Energetic Gradients = Potentials!

Everything we observe is a product of energy gradients. Matter is the aggregate of numerous energetic gradients at various levels. We have the nuclear forces of the elementary particles that build the nucleus and then the electrons in the atom, rotating around the nucleus as described in the famous Bohr’s Atomic Model. At the more macroscopic level, we have molecules and clusters of molecules that build the actual physical matter as substances by exerting the so called “van der Waal’s forces”, of which the reader may have heard from chemistry, etc.

When we separate these elementary particles in a nuclear or chemical reaction, we can liberate a huge and highly destructive amount of energy, as the citizens of Hiroshima and Nagasaki had to experience at the expense of their lives.

When matter is in a static form, we do not perceive the incredible energies that are stored in its atoms and molecules. Only when we manipulate matter by various chemical or physical reactions as to liberate this stored potential energy in the atoms, do we realize the actual power of this energy.

The same holds true for free photon energy, which I also define as photon space-time, because it surrounds all material objects and creates the illusion of empty space, respectively, of space-time, in which all material objects, such as stars, planets, and galaxies are embedded.

As long as human beings have no direct or indirect access to free photon energy in terms of visible, kinetic energy in practical motion, which they can use in everyday life, they will continue to assume that there is no such thing as free photon energy.

This sensual limitation of human beings is the source of their current enslavement by the Powers That Be from the Orion/Reptilian Empire. These dark aliens from the 4th dimension exploit shamelessly the restricted senses of the incarnated human entities to subjugate them to their hideous plans instead of expanding their perception, as the Forces of Light are currently doing in numerous channeling messages from the higher realms.

The current hallucinatory perception of reality by human beings is created by the highly restricted function of human senses. I will dedicate a special article on this fundamental gnostic topic and will explain in depth, how human mind creates the illusionary idea of space-time as static empty space, by processing the limited data, generated by the five human senses, and especially by human vision. Or as I put it, I will explain why human beings are blind Eye-Animals , in German: “Augentiere”. This key gnostic problem is extensively discussed in all my scientific books on the New Gnosis of the Universal Law.


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Brendan D Murphy – Time-space, Etheric Template Body – Formative Causation, Morphic Fields Rebooted – 12-9-14



Brendan D Murphy

Time-space and the Etheric Template Body: Formative Causation and Morphic Fields Rebooted

Formative Causation and Morphic Fields

The hypothesis of formative causation sees the inheritance of not just genetics, but physical form and mental and behavioural patterns in terms of the inheritance of organizing fields possessing a form of in-built “memory.” Thus a living human inherits not just genetic elements from its parents, but also habits of development and behaviour from past members of their own species, as well as the ancestral species from which theirs has arisen.[1] These organizing fields biologist Rupert Sheldrake refers to as morphic fields—a more general and inclusive term than the more specialized “morphogenetic field” (relating more specifically to fields modulating genetic expression).

The process by which what we view as the “past” influences the present via morphic fields is referred to as morphic resonance. This process involves the transmission of formative causal influences in a spatially and temporally nonlocal fashion, such that morphic fields possess a cumulative “memory.” In other words, morphic fields can influence themselves and each other over any spatial distance or any “length of time,” suggesting that the past does not merely recede into our memories, but remains present in some causal capacity, where it can influence present activity. This suggests a three-dimensional (holographic) view of time, rather than a one-dimensional “flow” or “arrow” of time in which the past fades into nothingness and the future likewise has no real existence. Instead, there is only the eternal now in which all moments are nested.

A Link to the Etheric

While Sheldrake’s model undermines the very foundations of the mechano-materialist worldview from which all traces of teleology have been banished, it is certainly not without support. In fact, the mechano-materialist view of the universe as a closed system has been thoroughly discredited. In short, observable facts demand a worldview similar to that postulated by Sheldrake.

Retired theoretical physicist and self-styled “quantum activist” Dr. Amit Goswami has also observed that “living organisms display ‘program-like’ behaviour giving away their secret—that they have another body that consists of the feels behind the programs that living organisms are capable of running.” This other “body” Goswami believes is the “vital” or etheric body written about for centuries by seers and occultists.[2]

Russian author, scientist, and developer of the Gas Discharge Visualisation (GDV) diagnostic technique Dr. Konstantin Korotkov agrees, stating that the existence of this hidden “program” makes an organism on the verge of embryogenesis “run through” all previous stages of development of the species to which the organism belongs.[3] For instance, we all pass through a stage of embryonic development in the womb in which we have gill slits.

Sheldrake has carefully articulated the need to postulate invisible programs guiding morphogenesis/form-making based partly on the fact that our genes do not have the instructions for morphogenesis built into

them. The Human Genome Project found our genome to consist of a mere 23,688 genes: almost 100,000 short of the expected number.[4] In sum, DNA does not contain the assembly plan for arranging proteins into an ordered physical form. It does not contain all the information required to build an organism, let alone maintain it! Thus, DNA primacy is revealed as another materialist illusion. Something else, some kind of purposive formative influence must be present—a field of influence that just may be observable given the correct apparatus—an “etheric body” perhaps. The etheric body constitutes one particular kind of morphic field occupying its own particular frequency domain close to the physical realm (it is actually a part of the physical dimension, according to occultists and seers).

According to independent researcher and writer Tom Montalk, processes that seem mechanical and predictable on the large scale have their origins in quantum jumps that are neither predictable by physical science nor controllable by purely physical means. The etheric body is the “extra factor…that biases these quantum jumps at the small scale to offset the forces of entropy at the large scale.” Thus, the etheric body is “an energy template that biases the probability of acausal biological events to produce ordered and intelligent life.”[5] This formative field is made of what the Hindus have known for millennia as prana (Sanskrit), and what the Chinese call Chi/Qi. In much occult literature, particularly that of theosophy, the etheric body is referred to as the etheric double, a duplicate of the physical body in every way, though existing in a higher frequency domain invisible to normal human vision.

Like Sheldrake’s morphic fields, the etheric body operates probabilistically rather than deterministically and mechanically. If the etheric realm can be thought of as an inverted/reciprocal or “mirror” counterpart of ours, where time in fact “runs backwards” in some sense, then it would act as another influence biasing probability by “pulling” on the physical from what we think of as the future.[6] Likewise, Sheldrake grants the possibility of this “backwards through time” dynamic for morphic fields, even though they simultaneously become increasingly “conditioned” by the “past” with each moment, becoming temporally self-similar (nonlocally through time). Paradoxically, morphic fields behave as if goal-directed, seemingly being pulled on from the “future” to achieve a specific end, simultaneously being influenced by the accumulated “momentum” of their own species’ history, along with their own individual history.

The habitual operations of morphic fields for physical organisms have an etheric basis because repeated behaviours set up a type of momentum in the etheric plane/density that biases probability towards continuation of that behaviour. In Sheldrake’s model, “[m]orphic fields are shaped and stabilized by morphic resonance from previous similar morphic units, which were under the influence of fields of the same kind. They consequently contain a kind of cumulative memory and tend to become increasingly habitual.”[7] 

Through the Eyes of a Seer

As noted, the notion that etheric fields lie behind the morphogenesis of physical organisms is gaining popularity and scientific plausibility, not least of all because of the modern technology that allows us to photograph electromagnetic effects created by these fields.[8] Author and researcher Jay Alfred has written of the role played by the etheric body or “bioplasma” field in this context: 

There is mutual affinity between the bioplasma and physical-biomolecular bodies…[T]he bioplasma fetus wraps around the physical-biomolecular embryo while undergoing an accelerated morphogenesis (relative to the physical-biomolecular embryo). The physical-biomolecular body therefore is cued by the [etheric] bioplasma body which acts [as] an electronic matrix and a time-resolved hologram that guides its development.[9] (emphasis added) 

To Alfred, biological evolution could not have occurred on Earth without the aid of subtle bioplasma bodies interacting with biochemical fields via weak electromagnetic (EM) fields. It is their interaction with (and/or creation of) EM fields that allows us to partially photograph “subtle bioplasma bodies” with specially designed equipment, as detailed in TGI 1.

Having identified the importance of the plasma-like etheric morphic field in morphogenesis, we have solved only a part of the mystery. Obviously this scenario begs the question of the origins of etheric fields—and this is where we are forced to dive deep into the proverbial rabbit h*** in search of answers. Occultists and 

seers have brought a great deal of insight to us over the years regarding the multidimensional nature of man and his universe—insight that has been overwhelmingly shunned by a somnambulant scientific community addicted to a thoroughly reductionist epistemology, and an ontology vigorously opposed to seeing a conscious and living universe for what it is.

The work of Barbara Brennan, a former atmospheric physicist who now writes, speaks, and works as a clairvoyant healer (and is the founder of the Barbara Brennan School of Healing), is of particular relevance to the concept of morphic fields, and takes the theoretical work done by scientists like Sheldrake deep into realms obscure to almost all other scientists (who lack the necessary psi faculties to access them). Based on her direct clairvoyant observations, Brennan offers a map of the human being that includes (in ascending order) a physical body, etheric body, emotional body, mental body, etheric template body, astral body, celestial body, and causal body (plus two more beyond this that we need not concern ourselves with here).

Notice the presence of an “etheric template body” which is “higher” in the scheme of things than the etheric double which we have spoken of thus far. This “body” is a higher-dimensional template for the lower-dimensional etheric body which, in truth, appears to be part of our space-time reference frame, and is generally considered to be “physical” in nature, though of a subtler, harder to perceive physicality than ordinary matter. What is the nature of this etheric template body then?

Brennan states that this is the blueprint of the perfect form for the better known etheric field to take. She compares its appearance to the negative of a photograph; this toroidal field consists of a matrix of clear or transparent lines (in the 3D form of a human body) on a cobalt-blue background of “solid space,” similar to an architect’s blueprint. Brennan describes the process that creates this form as being the result of an infinite number of planes coming from all directions and filling in all space except for a spherical area which is left empty. This empty sphere is a “negative space” in which the etheric field/double can exist and which then forms the grid structure that guides physical morphogenesis.[10]

This scenario of (morphic) fields nested within fields is exactly what Sheldrake’s theory of formative causation predicts, and is exactly what we would expect to see if manifest reality emerged from an underlying field of potential that is in some way “holographic” (with information distributed throughout it in a nonlocal fashion). Every single “body” listed by Brennan (and other clairvoyants) is a particular kind of morphic field which facilitates and influences particular aspects of human expression (physical, emotional, mental, etc.).

Austrian philosopher, architect and esotericist, Rudolf Steiner (1861–1925)—a man gifted with his own considerable powers of clairvoyance—explained in his book An Outline of Occult Science (1909) that to “supersensible” (psychic) perception, the presence of, for example, a stone in the “spirit world,” would be indicated by a kind of cavity, an apparent absence of form or “negative space,” much as described by Brennan: “Around this cavity, however, the force is visible that gives form to the stone.” It appears that Steiner may also have been tuning in to what Brennan refers to as the etheric template level, a reciprocal reality that is a kind of inversion of our own. Objects Steiner viewed here appeared as the antithesis of the form they possessed in the physical world[11] —not unlike the negative of a photograph as compared to the developed image (the analogy Brennan employs). 

Sounds Like Time-Space

The “inverted” plane of reality occupied by the etheric template body, as described by Brennan and Steiner, sounds like what systems theorist Dewey Larson called time-space (as opposed to space-time). In his Reciprocal System theory, which he began enunciating in 1959, our three-dimensional space-time is accompanied by a three-dimensional time-space realm (an “implicate order”), giving a six-dimensional reality system in which there is a flow of movement, force and energy between each realm.

Here, time-space can be seen as more fundamental than our space-time, and as actually “giving birth” to it. In this reciprocal time-space realm any movement translates not as movement through space, but movement in a temporal frame (i.e., through time). Theoretically, if you can access this inverted realm you could simply use your consciousness to “time-travel,” viewing past and future with ease (for more on these phenomena and concepts please consult TGI 1).

It is apt that Steiner referred to the other-dimensional “cavity” around objects as existing in the “spirit world,” because Brennan’s clairvoyant investigations have revealed to her that, beyond the plane of the mental body, analysis of the upper four auric layers and their respective planes/dimensions also reveals the presence of beings without physical bodies, i.e., “spirits.” She states that these higher realms are experienced during sleep, but not remembered upon awakening.[12]

Author and co-creator of the Regenetics Method (RM) of DNA activation Sol Luckman states exactly the same thing in POTENTIATE YOUR DNA, explaining that time-space realms are where we operate in our sleep, and I demonstrate this in unprecedented detail in TGI 2 (yet to be released).

Luckman views Larson’s model in the light of torsion physics, and adapts it to account for forms of sound-based healing such as his own technique (RM) which uses a combination of chanted (and mentally intoned) vowel sounds as well as solfeggio frequencies to stimulate mobile DNA elements into initiating healing processes in the physical body. The reason for tying Luckman’s sound-based healing method and accompanying theoretical model into this discussion is this: Brennan explicitly states in her book Hands of Light that the etheric template plane of reality—in which reside all etheric template bodies (morphic fields) for all forms in our universe—is the realm in which sound creates matter. She states that it is working at this level that using sound in healing is most effective (though in this realm, “sound” is not the same as we experience it here in space-time). Disruptions in the lower auric field must be corrected in the etheric template body in what we are referring to as time-space, in order for the physical body in space-time to resume normal functioning.

Similarly to Brennan, Luckman—who also refers to time-space as the sound domain—writes that a “tried and true way to pursue genuine [healing and transformation] is to work with sound because sound is capable of accessing and changing the sound domain,”[13] the realm in which the morphic/“torsion field” known as the etheric template body resides. In Luckman’s modified Larsonian model, time-space/sound domain is where “sonic torsion fields” weave the templates for our bioenergetic tapestry. Brennan’s visual renderings of the etheric template body existing in its own sound domain reveal a fundamentally toroidal morphology; it is a rotating and self-perpetuating standing wave in other words, essentially a vortex.

The biological mechanism through which Luckman discovered that sound could apparently initiate transformational activity at what we are identifying as the etheric template level in time-space/sound domain is our very DNA (though we might note that ordinary sound in space-time can likely directly harmonically affect the auric layers). Specific vowel sequences plus sound frequencies from the solfeggio scale can literally initialise a transformational action at the most fundamental microbiological level. It seems that DNA is an “interdimensional doorway” which can modulate sound here in our space-time into its time-space “sonic” equivalent to modify the etheric template body along with the etheric double and physical body in our space-time. (Brennan also reveals that she has clairvoyantly observed that specific diatonic tones have a direct and immediate impact on the chakras, and can quickly correct dysfunction in them.)

Written by:  Brendan D Murphy

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Lilou Mace – Being a Vibrational Match – Co-creating From Love – Allow Sensitivity in Each Moment

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Crystalai – Dolphins and Whales Create Ascension Portal – 11-2-14



Copyright © by Dr.Angela Barnett. All Rights Reserved. Permission is given to copy and distribute this material freely, provided the content is copied in its entirety and unaltered, is distributed freely, and this copyright notice and links are included.


THE DVD titled VIOLET ORB is on the Page VIOLET ORB.

This one hour DVD tells the complete story of the Ascension Portal Created for, and with the Dolphins and Whales who were placed here by Sun Ha and La through the portals of Aquafaria of Inner Earth.

As I have written many times before, we will ascend to the place that has the same frequencies that we have. When we ride our crystal star merkabas, we are traveling beyond the speed of light to be in other dimensions instantly. We can ride our merkaba into the Inner Earth Aquafaria and absorb those frequencies, so that we can prepare to ascend to there in 2022.

Or, we can focus on taking journeys to Inner Earth Agartha, and absorb the frequencies from that domain to prepare to ascend to that resort hotel.

We can align our frequencies into any domain that we choose. The rule is that we must remain in the place that has the frequencies more than we remain in the lower frequencies.

I will be placing the first journey that I was taken on in 2008, when my Starry Brother Zaurak asked me to move to Monterey in order to create an Ascension Portal for the Dolphins and Whales to return to Sun Ha.

I come from Sun La. Sun La is the seventh Sun. Sun Ha is the Sixth Sun.
Together these two suns make the Violet Sun or the Violet Flame Reality. I was trained by the Elohim Angels to inhale the Highest Frequency and exhale it as music. My training was for the purpose of aligning my consciousness with the Violet Suns of Ha and La to complete the Portal of Ascension for the Oraphim Braharama Cetacean Raceline.

When I aligned my consciousness as I was trained, I could align in to the frequencies of the sixth and seventh suns and create the frequency gate between the Earth and the Star Gates opening to the Sixth and Seventh Suns.

The Mission was beyond the comprehension of any one who was not prepared with the coding in their cellular memory before coming to Earth.

The memories also extended to help me understand why my husband aDolphino was possessed by Demons. We learned many years later, that part of the reason we were creating the ascension portal for the Sixth Sun Cetacean Raceline was because there were many of these wonderful beings from both of the Violet Suns who had been taken into Phantom Matrixes by the Red Dragons and the FAtaLee Demons. The ones who were taken prisoner were our friends and family. And this was the only time and place that their souls could be set free, so that the entire Cosmic Matrix could ascend.

(The complete story is in the Cosmic Twins)

I wanted to make this story more interesting and more real to those of you who still do not understand the importance of this Ascension Event that prepared the way for millions of others to Ascend who would not had been able to if aDolphino did not prepare for the demonic posession long before he came to Planet Earth.

We had obviously been prepared for this thousands of years ago. There was an exact place to create the portal that we were directed to. There was a formula that we needed to know to activate our Plasma Bodies, there were frequency alignments that we created as the Music that was used to bring aDolphino back from the dead and to create an Ascension Portal to return all of the Souls who had become demonic back to Source.

All of these things had to be done before the Ascension out of the Phantom Matrix could be successful.

We needed to build a portal for the ascension of the Dolphins and Whales who had held the Frequencies of Attunement back to the Sixth and Seventh Suns for all of the Eons. The Dolphins needed to ascend up to the Sixth Dimension and the Whales up to the Nineth Dimension.

This was how the path was paved for the Human Raceline to Ascend to the Fifth and Eighth. We couldn’t ascend until they ascended.

We couldn’t ascend until the Maharji Blue Race was provided a Portal to guide Demonic Souls back to Source so that they could be born again.

I hope you will enjoy the story that I created for you as a DVD with the actual pictures of the Event as it took place in Monterey, California in 2008.

The Ascension Portal was created in that exact area because that is where I began this project five million years ago when Aquafaria was created as the Foundation for Earth.

This is the journey that I take into the Inner Earth Aquafaria each time I record music. My consciousness is in the Highest Frequencies of the Transformational Crystals within Aquafaria when I create the music.

You might like to take this journey when you listen to your music.

Shajinka pulls us around and through the crystal pillars and temples and crystal caves.
We weave and stream liquid light tones of rainbows that sing and resonate into and through the crystals of the city.
Our harmonic convergence with the crystal cities becomes our tone of home.
We feel and hear the sweetness, the harmonies, the colorful, glorious tone of home.

Shajinka pulls us back up into the Sun of Inner Earth. The feeling is warm and light and tingling through the skin in the tiniest little morsels of sweet light crystal energy.

We weave and breathe and stream our consciousness of the crystal frequencies through the sun’s consciousness and light energy. We  create rainbows of layered sounds and colors of consciousness.

We paint pictures of our new reality with these streams of rainbow colors. We ride the rainbows up out of the water and sit on top of a cloud.

We are met by a Unicorn named Apollo,who invites us to ride with him. He prances on the clouds and jumps through the rainbows.

We feel and absorb this new frequency that contains no gravitational pull. We feel this new standing wave pattern and become a part of it.

We are met by many unicorns who dance and prance around on the clouds. Next, we ride these unicorns and they become a merry go round that is dancing and singing as they twirl round and round through the rainbows.

Next, they dive down into the turqoise irradescent aqualene water. They turn into sea horses when they enter the water. They show us that we can become anything we want to be.

We turn into star fish, and then dolphins and then mermaids and then we disappear and turn into rainbows and into crystal pillars of light and then we become mermaids again.

We swim back into our bedroom in our golden dust mansion. We lay on the bed in our room and Zorak -my starry brother, creates a golden portal of golden white star dust energy that he streams through us as we sleep in our bed. He wraps us in a cocoon of this golden dust energy. When we wake up we transmute from this cocoon into a beautiful blue butterfly. We are now able to fly beyond all holograms of the past and create a brand new star system.


We must first prepare our bodies to become zero balance energy with the spiritual and physical. We must first line our bodies with the garments of white light linen, with the golden dust garment, with the cloak of many colors–the rainbow energy or irradescent energy. We can then walk through the Diamond Door. Our Consciousness must be raised into these frequencies of the white light, the golden light, the rainbow light, the crystal light energy before we can truly walk through the diamond door. Many can do this in bi-location mode or Glide mode. But to truly Slide through the Diamond Door into our Future Selves who contain the Standing Wave Pattern of the New Star Earth, we must be fully robed in Divine Consciousness. We must truly turn into the LIGHT BODY through the alignment of the Neutron into oneness with the Proton. We must truly practice and stay in this RESONANCE that is IN TUNE with the Crystal Light Energy, the Star Dust Energy, the Divine Love, the Divine Omnipresent Consciousness of Source, our Divine Creative Principles of our God Selves, our Angelic Selves. These are the principles of Ascension taught and practiced through our new Cosmic Magic workshops.

We walk through the Diamond Door and walk into our Future Selves. Our future self must already be resonating with Star Frequencies. They must  already be clothed in Star Dust Energy. We are now ready to dive into the Liquid Light Turqoise Blue, Irradescent AQUAFARIA Ocean that leads into the Underwater Cities of Light.

We walk into our FUTURE SELVES.
We walk into a Room made of white light and stardust
We keep walking forward in our future selves.
We walk toward a golden dust mansion sitting on top of a tourqoise pond of water.
We walk into our  golden dust mansion.
We walk into our bedroom.
Cinderella -my Oraphim Dolphonoid Mermaid Mother, meets us in the bedroom and carries us deep down into the Aquafarian Ocean.

We dive into this sparkly irradescent tourqoise blue liquid light ocean of cosmic light energy.
Cinderella carries us deep inside of the Sun that is under the water.

We swim and glide and swirl through the sun and collect all of the frequencies of the Earth’ Sun.

Cinderella then pulls us deeper and deeper until we come to a Crystal Cave.

The Cave is made of hundreds of crystals. Each crystal is a different color, and it has a different tone.

Cinderella takes us into the cave to meet the Mermaid Choir.

Cinderella is a mermaid and I am a mermaid. We enter the cave and feel the frequencies of the crystals. Then the mermaids begin to sing.

They line our cells with glowing frequencies to resonate and become crystal cells of sparkly light that sing and harmonize with their voices.
This alignment of their voices and their breaths of consciousness into our crystal cells allows us to begin communication and alignment of understanding this new reality.
They are reprogramming our consciousness to resonate with all of the crystal cells of the music of the spheres.

Cinderella is singing this song through my breath

(This is on the Dolphin Magic Album)

All is love and love is light
We swim and dance in love to make
all things in love we love to know
that’s all we want and all we have
our love for all and all is love
we pray to know the love you were
You bring it back
We sing once more

We swim we fly, we need no wings
Our love so grand
We pray for light
from love and swim
it’s all so easy where we live

We need your love
we swim at night
we weave to send a day more bright

Our rainbows bright
We made before
to love our family like once more

We breath and pray for love more light
We wish we make the sparks ignite
We form whatever things we wish
That made in dreams of love
our bliss

We fly we swim at speed of light
to be where ever love ignites
We pray to know a world more bright
We bring to your bed tonight
To sleep in dreams our melodies
We were once your family
You now will know once more
We wait for you so eager bright
to bring you back to sing tonight

We hope you’ll come back home once more
Our love more liquid like once more
We swim inside your home you make
We wait below we swim to night
To bring home and memories were
We love to make your melodies
Your liquid light we made and make more love to know
Whatever things that we might need
Besides our love our love our melodies

We fly we swim at speed of light
to be wherever love ignites
We pray of love our crystal
we bring to your bed tonight
To sleep in dreams our memories
We were once your family
you now will know once more
We wait for you so eager bright
to sing tonight
We hope you’ll come back home once more
Our love more liquid like once more

We swim inside your home you make
We wait below we swim tonight
To bring you home where memories were
We now can make our family made to love through liquid light
We breathe and make more love to know
Whatever things that we might need
Besides our love our melodies
We do not know of anything that we could need besides our love.

After we sing with the choir for one hour, Shajinka -my Orca sister, meets us at the door of the cave and pulls us deeper into the ocean to enter the City of Lights.

Shajinka pulls us around and through the crystal pillars and temples and crystal caves.
We weave and stream liquid light tones of rainbows that sing and resonate into and through the crystals of the city.
Our harmonic convergence with the crystal cities becomes our tone of home.
We feel and hear the sweetness, the harmonies, the colorful, glorious tone of home.

Shajinka pulls us back up into the Sun of Inner Earth. The feeling is warm and light and tingling through the skin in the tiniest little morsels of sweet light crystal energy.