Paul Armitage – Compassion – The Feminine Heart – “A Soul’s Journey”

Paul Armitage


Compassion is Track 4 from Paul’s new CD ‘A Soul’s Journey – Align With Your Diamond Potential!’, ten beautiful tracks, each one serves as a powerful healing tool to integrate and align one’s creativity and life force energy expressed through the chakras. The music on ‘A Soul’s Journey’ complements a powerful healing modality created by Amanda Butler, a gifted intuitive healer. Available at and for digital download.


Georgi Stankov – The Divine Symphony of the Planetary Ascension Team (PAT) – Composer Paul Armitage – 9-11-15

Ascension 133


by Paul Armitage, September 11, 2015



The Divine Symphony of the Planetary Ascension Team (the PAT); Composer: Paul Armitage, Vancouver, Canada; Commissioned by Georgi Stankov, the Captain of the PAT, for the PAT; Image: Lake Louise, Rocky Mountains, the retreat of AA Michael

Paul Armitage and His Divine Music

by Georgi Stankov, September 11, 2015

I am infinitely happy to present to the PAT the divine music of my friend Paul Armitage, the most gifted composer I know personally, on this auspicious day when 14 years ago the dark cabal committed one of their greatest crimes on humanity.

Now we shall reverse the history of this planet and its human population and shall trigger with this angelic symphony the most glorious ascension in this omni-verse – the ascension of Gaia to the New Golden Galaxy – the Guardians of which the PAT is. How beautifully everything aligns these last days in this rapidly changing reality!

I commissioned this divine musical portrait of the PAT with Paul some time ago and only yesterday did he send me the video from Australia, where he is now for a visit, so that I can publish it on 9/11, Infinity (2015 = 8). I knew that it will come in the perfect moment in time. Why?

Because Paul is unique in his open access to his soul and monad and from there to all human souls incarnated on this planet within the Christed Unity Consciousness. He is inspired directly by the angels and his music is incredibly healing and purifying.

I know what I am talking about as Carla and I have ordered already 4 personal musical Soul Portraits with Paul in the past and he has captured our soul essence better than we are able to – the unquenchable longing for our home within the Source, the accumulated pain of infinite incarnations, the unlimited power of our mission as Elohim, the beauty and the glory of our creationary visions for Gaia…

All this you will find in this musical masterpiece – the Collective Soul Portrait of the PAT. Its harmonic identification with the true core of your souls will propel you into the highest spheres of cosmic awareness, from where you can virtually create anything you desire for you and this humanity. Remember, you are the incumbent Logos Gods of Gaia and this is the hymn of your glory as Creator Gods. Let yourselves being carried by the purity of Paul’s music into deepest meditation and re-connection with your soul essence and manifest its beauty here, in this reality, with the mighty thoughts and visions that this symphony will inspire in you.

While listening to Paul’s music, it is as if your soul is manifested in this reality in all her glory and with her deepest inspirations and aspirations that has driven her commitment to this creation – Gaia – since eons of time. Let this all now come to the fore. Words pale to express the beauty of Paul’s music, which is a mirror image of the beauty of your souls. He is undoubtedly one of the greatest, if not the greatest, living composers with an unrestricted access to God.

We have had numerous conversations with Paul and, what has struck us most, is his uncompromised honesty and sincerity, coupled with indomitable courage, to question himself and his musical talent to the utmost and to expand his musical expression beyond the limitations of human experience. He is the born seeker and a wayshower to humanity, as you also are.

Needless to say that Paul is also an intimate connoisseur of the New Age and shares our opinions on this failed movement. Even though he continues to play music for such groups from time to time, he has long transcended their narrow-mindedness and has acquired the stature of a true spiritual teacher and a leader who derives his inspirations directly from the Source. His influence on the light workers community in the coming real New Age, which the PAT now creates, will grow immensely in the coming days and months. It is my privilege to present the music of my friend Paul Armitage on the eve of the greatest and most glorious event of all times in the history of this planet and humanity – the ultimate ascension of Gaia to higher dimensions – which is the sole achievement of the PAT, the protagonist of this divine symphony.

Please, listen to Paul’s music and this superb symphony as often as you can, as it will raise your vibrations in leaps and bounds. It embodies the most powerful archetypal myth in All-That-Is – the glory and indestructibility of the individual soul, even in the most dense and toxic environment, her indomitable spirit to overcome the limitations of physical matter, to transcend the human spirit and to merge with the Whole by virtue of her inexorable and exuberant drive for unlimited Creation. Just as this symphony already represents a unique highlight in the human history of music.

For all my readers who want to learn more about Paul Armitage and his music go to his website:

Paul Armitage Music

I highly recommend each one of you to commission a personal musical Soul Portrait  with Paul in order to discover the beauty and glory, the true nature of your transliminal souls as Creator Gods – especially now, in the last most auspicious days in this waning reality – and to better attune to your new existence as Ascended Masters and Custodians of the New Humanity. This is the best investment you can make in this auspicious time for a musical masterpiece, which this paper money actually cannot and should not buy. Therefore, consider it rather a privilege to be gifted with your personal musical Soul Portrait by one of the greatest composers of modern times, Paul Armitage.

Wes Annac – Music: The Language of Spirit, Part 4 – 4-6-15

03-13-2012-musicWes Annac

Music: The Language Of Spirit

The great thing about music is that we can practice it in whatever way works for us. We don’t have to conform to anything strict or rigid, and no matter how we prefer to play, we can embrace it and use it to elevate our consciousness, inspiring ourselves to take it as far as we can in the process.

For example – you don’t have to be a good singer to embrace music, and whether you sing or play an instrument, all you have to do is diligently practice to get the most out of it. If you aren’t confident in yourself as a singer, maybe you can pick up a guitar, a keyboard or another instrument and practice away.

Singing seems like one of the hardest talents to hone, because in my opinion, singers put themselves out there a little more than people who play instruments. Anyone who plays music obviously puts themselves out there, but singers tend to be subjected to more social pressure.

We don’t even have to play music publicly, and the point of these articles is to provide a glimpse into its massive spiritual benefits instead of its social ones. We can elevate our consciousness by singing, playing an instrument, or even chanting wildly during meditation, and all we have to do is pursue what works for us.

Personally, I’m starting to think I’d benefit more from playing guitar than singing, and every musician will find specific paths that work for them. We don’t have to limit ourselves to one instrument, even if we sing, and if it lights our inner fire, we can pursue multiple instruments and increase our talent (and passion) for all of them.

Sri Chinmoy, our main guide for this series, tells us that listening to spiritual music while we sleep is helpful for the spirit but not as much for the body, which needs pure silence when it sleeps.


Were we to play spiritual music on tape while we slept, would it benefit us in any way?

“While you are sleeping if you play soulful music, your subtle vital, subtle physical and subtle mind will enjoy it.

“But your physical body may find it difficult to appreciate it, for it wants total silence. Although soulful music will add to pure silence, inner silence, the physical body wants a kind of silence which is totally devoid of outer sound.” (1)

Playing a tape softly while we sleep will help our subtle bodies, he tells us, which are constantly active. Playing it loudly can negatively affect the physical body that’s trying to sleep, however, so we’ll want to be careful.

“If you play your tape very softly, it will definitely help and inspire the subtle physical and subtle vital which are not sleeping. Many, many times when the physical sleeps, the subtle physical and the subtle vital do not sleep.

“They move around. They roam here and there. They visit their friends and enemies. My music is definitely a source of joy to them. So for the subtle physical, subtle vital and subtle mind, undoubtedly it is a help. But for the gross physical which is trying to sleep, it may be a hindrance, a disaster.” (2)

We’re also told about the ‘supreme duty’ of the conscious musician, which, as I’ve said before, is to offer their creativity to Source.

What is the supreme duty of an artist or musician?

“The supreme duty of an artist or musician is to meditate before he creates something and, while creating, to be in a very contemplative, divine mood. Then, when the creation is completed, he will immediately offer his creation to the Supreme.

“No matter what others say about his creation, no matter what his feelings are about his own creation, as soon as his creation is completed, he will offer it to the Supreme for Him to use in His own way. This is the supreme duty of the spiritual musician or artist.” (3)


It’s interesting that Sri Chinmoy mentions the importance of offering our creativity to Source, because I recently stumbled upon a very similar revelation. I was worried about something that had to do with my creativity, and I received an intuitive hint not to take it so personally.

Instead of making our creativity so personal and limiting it to what we feel like we can achieve based on our current level of talent, we can offer it to Source and let our divine Mother and Father take care of any lingering doubt.

It’s important to be grounded in the present moment, especially when it comes to creativity, and offering our work to Source is a great way to enjoy it while staying grounded in the Now, instead of taking ourselves out of the Now by worrying about what other people will think.

It helps to remember that we’re here to elevate humanity’s consciousness with creativity and anything else we enjoy, and we’re on this planet on a mission from the Most High to raise the awareness that desperately needs raised before we can bring this world into the light.

Since we’re on such a crucially important mission from Source, we might as well offer our creativity to him/her before we hit the ‘post’ button and send it out into the world.

That way, our creation will be inundated with divine energy and we’ll impact others on a much deeper level than if we would’ve offered it without any energetic input from our creator.

It’s probably obvious by now that creativity is a form of meditation, but it’s only meditative if we keep spirit in mind while we do it. If our thoughts are in a low place, our art will reflect that lowness and the spiritual value we’d otherwise get from it will be diminished to nothing.

Is creativity another form of meditation?

“It depends on what you are creating. If it is spiritual art or music, then certainly it is a form of meditation. But if you play undivine music or write unbearable books or keep your mind in the gutter while you are painting, this is not any kind of meditation.” (4)


We have to pay attention to where we place our consciousness when we’re being creative, he tells us, and our work won’t be very spiritually potent if we don’t keep Source in mind during a session.

“While you are creating, if your consciousness is in the lower vital world, it will not be a form of meditation.

“But if you are singing something soulful or if you are in a very high consciousness while you are creating, if you are giving yourself in a divine way to the object or subject that you are involved with, then definitely you are doing a form of meditation.

“You have to know what you are creating and where your consciousness is while you are doing it.” (5)

Meditation is an essential component to spiritually inspired music, and without it, music might not provide the portal into a higher consciousness that we seek.

“I am giving a lot of importance to aspiring through music. There is nothing wrong if you feel aspiration in your music. But you have to know how many hours you can think of your music.

“If you spend five hours, six hours, seven hours a day on music, then you should spend one hour or two hours, let us say, on spirituality. Music is also a form of spirituality; I do not deny it. But the height that you will achieve from meditation either you may not get or cannot get from your music. Music is an added help.” (6)

Music alone might not get us where we want to go, but if we practice it in conjunction with meditation or other forms of spiritual attunement, it’ll take us deep within and allow us to connect with the sacred self in a way that other forms of creativity fail to do.

Any form of creativity provides a path into a higher state of consciousness, and it’s probably clear that I’m passionate about writing.

Beyond music, I think writing is one of the best ways to connect us with our inner realms and the flowing telepathic expression that takes place there, but it’s also incomplete if we don’t practice it along with meditation.

I’m getting the intuitive hint that as long as we stay creatively and spiritually active, it really doesn’t matter what we do. We can embrace music and play our hearts out, or we can embrace writing and write our hearts out.


As long as we remember how crucial meditation is to the sustainment of our greater connection with spirit, we can use any creative avenue we want to raise awareness and inundate the world with the love and spirituality that seem to have dried up.

In all things, our dedication and where we place our thoughts are important, so let’s remember to enjoy our creativity, practice it with meditation and offer it to Source – especially when we don’t feel like it’s good enough.

Anything and everything is good enough for Source, and we’re infinitely accepted by our creator. All we have to do is open up and realize it, and everything else will start to fall into place.

Sincere spiritual seekers might feel ‘miserable’ if they don’t play spiritual music or play their music in accordance with meditation.

“If you can play spiritual music, soulful music, then you will have no problem in your life.

“But if you play only mundane music, then you may not be satisfied. You may be pleasing the outer world, but you are not pleasing your Inner Pilot in His own way. If you are not an aspiring seeker, that is fine. But if you are a sincere seeker, then you will feel miserable.” (7)

If we want to use music to elevate our consciousness, it’s essential that we write and play things that appease our need for a deeper level of awareness.

Music that’s hollow or spiritually dead won’t do much for us, whereas music that’s filled with the spirit will satiate that relentless thirst and allow us to uplift others in the process, provided we play publicly.


We don’t have to play it for other people, but if we do, we’ll uplift ourselves and everyone else who’s in need of the higher vibration our creativity can provide.

As always, there’s still a lot to say about the spiritual value of music and we’ll pick this discussion back up another time.

I’m sure there’ll always be something to say about music’s spiritual properties and its potential to uplift us and the rest of the world, and as we’ve learned, all we have to do to feel its true effects is play from the heart.

It also helps to believe in ourselves and our power to use our creativity to awaken and uplift the world, and when we can finally empower ourselves, everything else will follow suit.

Wes Annac – Music: The Language of Spirit – 3-28-15

Bob Marley, chanting down Babylon from heaven. Photo origin unknown.

“If we can feel that

“It is not our voice,

“Not our fingers,

But some reality deep inside our heart

“Which is expressing itself,

Then we will know that it is

“The soul’s music.” – Sri Chinmoy

By Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness


Have you ever picked up a guitar or put in your favorite CD and let the music carry you away to a place of bliss and ecstasy?

Most people might not understand where this euphoric feeling comes from, but in my opinion, it comes from an innately spiritual place. I think music elevates our consciousness and introduces us to a spiritual reality that’s comprised of pure sound and color, and this is why it appeals to so many people.

As we’ll learn here, music is a universal, metaphysical language that we can tap into and use to lighten our vibration and uplift anyone who hears our joyful, melodic sounds. Plenty of people think there’s more to music than meets the eye, and we’ll get the most out of it if we can open up and consider that it could actually be spiritual.

There’s obviously something mystical about music.

It’s quickly becoming a way of life for me, and I can’t go too long without picking up the guitar and singing something. Plenty of other people can say the same, and there’s a reason so many people have dedicated themselves to music throughout the ages.


They’ve been uplifted by it, and they’ve realized (if not consciously, then subconsciously) that it’s one of the most direct paths back into a higher vibration.

Here, we’ll look at what Sri Chinmoy has said about music’s potential to help us raise our vibration and spiritually evolve.

I’ve written about Sri Chinmoy before, and he’s a spiritual teacher who never encouraged us to all-out abandon physical reality, but rather, to use the consciousness-expanding tools embedded into it to raise our awareness and transcend our limitations.

Sri Chinmoy was a huge advocate for transcending limitation and achieving miraculous feats, and he wrote a lot of music and poetry when we was alive.

He was also an advocate for exercise as a means to spiritually evolve, and he encouraged the masses to transcend their limited perception of themselves and achieve things they never thought they could before.

He was famous for talking about music and exercise (among plenty of other things), and here, we’ll hear his opinion of music and spirituality.

First, he tells us that music is “the inner or universal language of God.

“I do not know French or German or Italian. But if music is played, immediately the heart of the music enters into my heart, or my heart enters into the music. At that time, we do not need outer communication; the inner communion of the heart is enough.

“My heart is communing with the heart of the music and in our communion we become inseparably one.” (1)

Credit: Getty Images

When it comes to elevating our spiritual awareness, music is second only to meditation.

“In the spiritual world, next to meditation is music, the breath of music. Meditation is silence, energising and fulfilling. Silence is the eloquent expression of the inexpressible. Aldous Huxley says: ‘After silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music.’” (2)

Music is the closest thing we have to a higher vibration beyond meditation, and this is why sticking with it can provide so many soul-level benefits. It also seems like a better way to reach the masses than meditation, and while group meditations are popular, they probably aren’t as popular as concerts.

Almost anyone loves a good concert, and I’d imagine most spiritually and socially aware people love to attend the performances of people who use their music to shed light on issues that are worthy of attention and discussion.

Not only can we raise our own social and spiritual awareness with music – we can raise others’ awareness too. We can get people thinking about issues that have to do with our society or our spiritual evolution (or both), while we subsequently enter into a musically meditative state.

Sri Chinmoy describes how the silence we explore in meditation is relevant to music.

“Silence is the source of everything. It is the source of music and it is music itself. Silence is the deepest, most satisfying music of the Supreme.

“Silence is like a stream that goes to one place and becomes a river, or to another place and becomes a brook, or to the sea where it is totally expanded.” (3)

‘Divine music’, he tells us, originates in the silence of the sacred Self.

“Silence is the nest and music is the bird. The bird leaves the nest early in the morning and returns to the nest in the evening. Similarly, in the spiritual world, divine music comes from the inmost soul of silence.” (4)

It’s safe to say that this is where all music originates, and even the unoriginal mainstream music that’s pushed onto us likely has roots in the silence.


It promotes vanity, materiality and hollow concepts that usually have to do with love or romance, and it probably won’t raise our spiritual awareness in the slightest, but everything, including it, comes from that sacred, silent space.

Darkness strives to manifest itself on earth, Sri Chinmoy tells us, and light does the same. Most of us know how darkness manifests itself (anger, hate, greed, envy, lust, etc.), but music is one of many ways the light manifests.

“Soulful music immediately awakens and inspires our hearts because it embodies the Absolute Supreme. Soulful music is the Light that wants to express itself in a divine way. Even as darkness wants to manifest its authority on earth, Light also wants to manifest its Reality and Divinity in a specific way.

“Light is the soul of everything. Light is the soul of music, Light is the soul of love and Light is the soul of all art. When Light divinely manifests itself in the form of music, it is the music of the soul.” (5)

Music, he tells us, “means Self-expansion and oneness.

“The Self expands through music. The Self that expands is not the individual self but the unlimited Self. Music is the expansion of unlimited Reality.” (6)

Our finite self might take something valuable from our music, but for the most part, the ‘unlimited’ Self is the one who benefits when we play our hearts out. Music allows us to connect with that unlimited aspect of our consciousness, and again, meditation is the only thing that helps us forge that connection in a more direct way.

We can’t deny that meditation is the most direct route back to Source, but music deserves a lot of credit.

I think our spiritual evolution is based primarily on meditation, creativity and activism, and I think more people will eventually realize music’s potential to help us connect with spirit. When they do, I’m sure they’ll embrace it as much as meditation and material transcendence.


Humanity’s awakening isn’t far off, and when more people become aware, they’ll probably turn to things like music to help them feel the spirit in ways that nothing else (besides meditation) can.

Music will greatly enhance our ‘spiritual life’ if we keep in mind that it isn’t separate from our spirituality. The two are one and the same, and remembering this is important if we want to get the most out of music.

“We can use music to help us in our spiritual life provided we know that music and the spiritual life are like twin brothers; we cannot separate them.

“How can we separate two fingers, two eyes? They sit side by side. If one eye is not functioning well, then we feel that our vision is imperfect. Similarly, music and the spiritual life must go together; one complements the other.” (7)

Music compliments spirit, and in turn, spirit compliments (and enhances) music. We can’t separate the two if we want to raise our vibration with music.

“Music helps the spiritual seeker to go deep within to get the utmost satisfaction from life, from truth, from reality. The spiritual life, in turn, helps music to offer its capacity and its strength, which is the soul’s light, to the world at large.” (8)

The world could use more conscious, spiritually inspired music, but admittedly, there are already a lot of conscious musicians on the forefront of the cultural awakening.

They’re doing what they can to raise awareness and help people see that a vibrant spiritual reality exists beyond our conscious perception, and they certainly deserve some credit for their endless efforts.

We have plenty of musicians to help us become socially and spiritually aware, and all we need to do is open up to the good vibes that permeate their music and the truth that permeates their lyrics. I could offer plenty of recommendations for spiritually aware musicians (most of them would be reggae artists), and their numbers grow by the way.

The musical fire is lit. Credit:

More and more people are realizing that music does more than satisfy the physical senses. It satisfies the spirit and reintroduces us to the bliss of our inner self, and it uses the awesome power of sound to do it.

Next to color (and, of course, pure silence), music is the greatest creative element we’ve been given. I think sound and color are primarily responsible for creating our reality, and when we eventually evolve into a higher vibration, I think we’ll be inundated with lighter frequencies of sound and color.

Music will be encouraged, and it might become our lifeblood. It’s already the lifeblood of a lot of people, conscious or otherwise, and it’ll continue to be as they ascend the dimensions and discover increasingly pure, musical states of consciousness that are comprised of sound-filled bliss and ecstasy.

Expect more articles about music’s spiritual potential in the coming weeks, because in my eyes, this subject is more relevant to our evolution than anything else I’ve touched on recently.

I’ll repeat that there’s a lot more to music than we know at the surface, and I’m sure will realize this (and a lot of other things) as our awareness continues to grow.

“The outer music

“Comes from an outer instrument.

“The inner music

“Comes from the heart.

“The name of this inner music

“Is oneness.” – Sri Chinmoy

Crystalai – Sound Is The Microphone Of Light – 3-7-15

Symphony Of Light



by Crystalai @

It is very interesting how different people have such different perceptions of the same music. The answer to why that happens came to me yesterday from an Aquafarian friend of mine. I just learned that it is my Aquafarian crystal blue water crystal family who are actually the nanoscopic entities who work inside the liquid area that surrounds the microtubules within our DNA strands. It is their music frequency that absorbs the light energy coming through the photon belt as gamma waves that is the actual energy that raises our DNA. They told me they are working on the fifth and sixth strands in me right now. This is why I am now able to see the within in the without. I can actually see my microscopic friends as they weave and braid the frequencies inside of my DNA. It looks like what we might see in a chemistry lab through a microscope. I can see this activity when I look out into the morphogenetic field around me. I see tiny, little strands of light energy weaving and braiding into new forms each time I exhale their Cosmic Frequencies.

When I sing or exhale the frequencies of my Blue Crystal Water Fairy Family (the angelic and elemental consciousness  ), they are the ones who sing these tunes that are familiar.

Only those of us who have at least five strands of our Cosmic DNA activated at this time would have the perceptions that can be seen in the light fields around us. Those who would be disturbed by familiar melodies sent through the angelic breaths are still perceiving through their old 3D wave patterns in their DNA. Those old slower wave patterns still hold memories of a separation between the music of the spheres holding the 12 DNA and the present 2 DNA.

The bottom line is this. People can only perceive of those things that are on the same wave length as their consciousness is on at this time. That is the reason why my audience is so small. Those who are receiving the higher, shorter frequencies of light coming in from the gamma rays and being translated through the sound of the ultra violet blue crystal water of the Aquafarians are few in number at this time.

Those who are riding this Cosmic Wave that brings the Highest Frequencies to Earth
through Music are not experiencing the pain that many light workers report. When the body template is in the same exact rhythm and resonance as the Cosmic Activations, the body glows from the inside out. When the body is not aligned with the Tiny Crystal Liquid Light Frequencies that are absorbing the gamma waves, the body is not in Tune. The Aqua Blue Crystal Tiny Ones provide the key of atunement when we ride our merkaba down into the etheric realms of Aquafaria in Hollow Earth and then exhale these frequencies into our morphogenetic field. We did this continuously for three years before our higher selves – the tiniest ones – were living inside of us continuously.



Robert Haig Coxon – Touching Softness

Carol Munt


Linda Eder – Let Him Fly



Producer: Frank Wildhorn
Producer: Jeremy Roberts
Composer: Frank Wildhorn
Arranger: Jeremy Roberts
Lyricist: Nan Knighton

Kevin LeVar – A Heart That Forgives

Feature Productions

Kevin LeVar & One Sound
CD: Let’s Come Together

Produced in Nashville and Southern Ontario, Canada by Feature Productions. This is the official music video for “A Heart That Forgives” as part of Kevin LeVar’s Forgiveness Campaign

Unity Consciousness – John Lennon, Imagine – Inspires Crowd To Sing At Paris March – American Kabuki – 1-14-15

John Lennon’s ‘Imagine’ Inspires Crowd To Sing At Paris March

The Huffington Post UK
By Paul Vale
Posted: 14/01/2015 17:29 GMT Updated: 4 hours ago
There have been many remarkable responses to the attacks in Paris last week that left 17 people dead, from the national anthem being sung in the French parliament for the first time in 100 years, to the candlelit vigils held around the world in solidarity with the fallen.
However, perhaps the most uplifting is this crowd at a Unity rally in the French capital on Sunday singing John Lennon’s “Imagine”. The music was played from a window above the streets, with the crowd spontaneously joining in. After the famed final line, “I hope someday you’ll join us, and the world will live as one,” the crows burst into applause.

Deva Premal – Om Tare Tuttare – Devine Feminine – Express Yourself

Lucas Mauro


Samuel Barber – Agnus Dei – Accentus Chamber Choir



Samuel Barber “Agnus Dei”
(Adagio for strings opus 11
Transcription Samuel Barber)

Accentus Chamber Choir
Laurence Equilbey – conductor
Andy Sommer – film director

Alexandra Preston – Playing a Musical Instrument can Protect Cognitive Function – 1-5-15

music_playing_735_350Written by Alexandra Preston, Natural Society January 4, 2015 –

There is no doubt that playing a musical instrument such as the piano or guitar can be a fun hobby and a great way to meet friends, but that isn’t the only benefit. New research shows that regular practice may also protect against age or disease-related mental decline. The findings strengthen previous evidence that links mental ability to playing music, and shows that spending even moderate amounts of time on this activity can have a benefit.

For this study, researchers compared groups of young adults based on their lifetime number of accumulated hours of practicing a musical instrument. They were tested on their abilities to complete various mental tasks, such as the widely used conflict test known as the Stroop test. In this test, participants are shown the names of colors written in mismatching colors, and are asked to name the color of each word.

The results show that those with more accumulated hours of practice had a faster response speed than non-musicians and no less accuracy. More well-practiced musicians had a “better engagement of cognitive control processes,” meaning they had faster reaction times and better ability to correct mistakes. They were also less likely to go back and adjust their responses when they made mistakes, as this is not practical when performing on stage or rehearsing in groups.

These mental processes are the first to be affected by aging and mental illnesses, which is one reason behind the importance of these findings.

Age-related cognitive decline is not the only neurological problem that can be remedied by music. One small literature review found that “rhythmic auditory stimulation” can improve gait parameters such as velocity, symmetry, cadence and stride length in stroke patients when compared to standard care.

Read: Listening to Music Boosts Immunity, Improves Mood

Music therapy may also improve swallowing training in those recovering from strokes, as demonstrated in a small study. After the sixth session, improvement of pitch in the laryngeal category was significant, and after 12 sessions there was statistically significant improvement in other categories.

Additionally, a trial of 60 patients showed that listening to music every day significantly improved verbal memory and focused attention while reducing confusion. What’s more, autism is another condition that can be improved with music therapy, with children randomized to receive improvised music therapy showing greater improvement in non-verbal communication and joint attention behavior than play sessions.

Another method of using music therapy for autistic children is the addition of background music to teach emotional understanding, which was more effective than only relying on verbal instruction or teaching the children about various emotions by singing songs about them. Listening to music regularly, whether it be daily or even weekly, can reduce the symptoms of depression in adults too; this requires an accumulative effect of over 3 weeks in order to be significant.

It has been theorized that the mechanism behind music’s effects is the adjustment of steroid hormones such as cortisol, oestrogen, and testosterone, which facilitates regeneration and repair of cerebral nerves, as well as neurogenesis. This could therefore be a superior alternative to hormone replacement therapy in the prevention and treatment of Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias, as there are no side effects.

What It’s Like for a Deaf Person to Hear Music for the First Time – Listening to Mozart! – – 12-28-14



What It’s Like for a Deaf Person to Hear Music for the First Time- listening to Mozart


How do you feel listening to Mozart’s Lachrimosa? Upon listening to it shivers descend down my spine, and I am stirred;  no one could say it is too fanciful to say this is not an otherworldly, sacred piece of music that reaches deep into the soul….

But imagine you were born deaf, had never heard music before, didn’t really know what music even is. Then one day you get implants and you hear this…

For a hearing person the Lachrimosa is a powerful listening experience; how much more so would it be for someone born deaf and then able to hear this?

Austin Chapman was born profoundly deaf. Hearing aids helped some, but music — its full range of pitches and tones — remained indecipherable. As Chapman explains: “I’ve never understood it. My whole life I’ve seen hearing people make a fool of themselves singing their favorite song or gyrating on the dance floor. I’ve also seen hearing people moved to tears by a single song. That was the hardest thing for me to wrap my head around.”

But earlier this month, that changed when Chapman got new hearing aids. Suddenly:The first thing I heard was my shoe scraping across the carpet; it startled me. I have never heard that before and out of ignorance, I assumed it was too quiet for anyone to hear.

I sat in the doctor’s office frozen as a cacophony of sounds attacked me. The whir of the computer, the hum of the AC, the clacking of the keyboard, and when my best friend walked in I couldn’t believe that he had a slight rasp to his voice. He joked that it was time to cut back on the cigarettes.
That night, a group of close friends jump-started my musical education by playing Mozart, Rolling Stones, Michael Jackson, Sigur Ros, Radiohead, Elvis, and several other popular legends of music. Being able to hear the music for the first time ever was unreal.

When Mozart’s Lacrimosa came on, I was blown away by the beauty of it. At one point of the song, it sounded like angels singing and I suddenly realized that this was the first time I was able to appreciate music. Tears rolled down my face and I tried to hide it. But when I looked over I saw that there wasn’t a dry eye in the car.”


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Let There Be Peace On Earth – The Angel Choir


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The Lark Ascending – Ralph Vaughan Williams

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