Commander Valiant Thor – Asteroid 2014-YB35 will pass safely by Planet Earth on Friday 27 2015 – Posted by Valana – 3-2-15

Commander Valiant Thor

Asteroid YB35 is being flanked and trajectory controlled by Universal Protection Ships.  It is due to pass safely by Planet Earth and our Tech ships escorting will assure the safety of the planet and that the trajectory will not change.  The scheduled impact with Planet Earth in 2087 will also be averted by our ships barring interference.

The ships will be for a time in target range of Earth protection technology.  I ask politely that these ships not be targeted with any destruct Technology, as if so I will pull them out immediately for their protection and all Asteroid and Comet protection will be removed from that arena for future events.


You may re-post this for the public view.   –   Transmission from:

Universal High Command

Headquarters Altair 5

Univ. Cmdr. V. Thor


By Alien Implant Technology

V. Terese Thor