Suzanne Lie Channels The Arcturians – Taking Us Behind the Scenes on Ascension – An Hour With Angel – Interviewer Steve Beckow

Suzanne Lie


Suzanne Lie Channels The Arcturians – Taking Us Behind the Scenes on Ascension – An Hour With Angel – Interviewer Steve Beckow




The Arcturians Take Us Behind the Scenes on Ascension on An Hour With An Angel


Linda Dillon has had shoulder surgery recently. She’s doing well but will need to rest for a few weeks. Our prayers are with her for as comfortable a recovery as this form of operation allows.

This week (and for the next show) we invited Sue Lie to sit in for her. Sue channels the Arcturians.

To give you a taste of what was discussed, the Arcturians took us behind the scenes to explore how Ascension is being managed.

They explained, before setting out, how putting our attention on the dark’s activities can lead to our becoming tainted by that energy field. Attention is how we connect with realities.

They discussed how the many beings who are helping with Ascension could be thought of as presenting us with different portals to the same place.

There is the angelic kingdom, whose portals present a feeling of love and forgiveness.

The Elohim, which includes “a strong amount of our [Arcturian] beingness,” focus on creating  forms in line with the divine ideal. Their portal is through creativity.

The Andromedans are very technical and scientific and many people appreciate that door and will go there.

Sanat Kumara and Kuthumi are holding the Light within the core of Gaia. The ascended masters generally are quite educationally-oriented and work with Archangel Michael, offering his blue sword to clear ourselves of attachments and St. Germaine’s violet flame to help transmute.

Each person will ascend within the “Now” in which they are ready and each person’s Ascension experience will be unique.

From there we discussed what holding the light entailed, light as information and creation energy, grounding the Ascension energy, what assimilating the Ascension energies involves, what about Ascension was gradual and what sudden, the multidimensionality of Ascension, and much, much more.

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A Message from The Elohim – A Time of Miracles – by Georgi Stankov, Carla Thompson – 3-30-15

Elohim  -  I Am

Carla Thompson, March 30, 2015

There has been a great healing over the past two days, where a group of us have come together on this physical realm to heal a great suffering (on March 27th). And through this work, this healing, a beautiful planetary healing of Gaia was energized, as an individual problem was explored, which then triggered a natural large-scale alchemical reaction. Here is a message from the Elohim that speaks of a new imperative to speak our truth and they use this family situation as a foundation for their loving message.

I send my love to All of you, because you have each done a magnificent job while taking part in this multi-dimensional cleansing, healing and restoration of life. This event was set up initially for a family healing, which moved on to healing within the generic family structure and further on to an extensive healing of Gaia. I am honoured to have been part of this, honoured to have worked with all of you, and the Elohim hold great reverence for all of us.

Blessings of great love to All!



A Time Of Miracles

Greetings! We are the Elohim and we flood you now with a purely radiant loving essence from the Source of All-That-Is!

There has been indeed, a great shift beyond the limitations of the “here” and “now”, a shift into an evolved reality where if one can allow oneself to be placed within the new energetic field of this higher expression of this new reality, one shall become open to a great inflow of natural expansion that is flooding into your fields and into your world.

The concept of “higher expression” is often understood in contrast to “lower” expression, but it is only meant to address the recognition of a reality of more refinement.

A refined reality that now exposes more truth; a reality that then nurtures more of humanity and where more of humanity then softens to life, as lies are exposed and one can now return to breathing with relief, in the knowledge that you, the Light warriors, are now truly on the “other” side, the side of honest recognition, where your power is drawn back to you, returned to you, in a kind of sudden enlightened moment.

(We interpret this pivotal statement of the Elohim, who are very cautious and do not make any forecasts, but only confirm events that have already happened, as an announcement of the impending transfiguration of us, the light warriors of the first and the last hour. We are already on the other side of the ID shift and dwell in the 5th and higher dimensions. We now only wait for humanity to reach the threshold of collective truth in order to fully ascend and acquire our unlimited awareness and omnipotence as Logos Gods. Note, George).

Here is where the truth shall flow and energetic blockages created from lies shall be removed, as the habit of the lie shall be broken here upon this New Earth. We say, in everything that you say and do, say and do without deception!

And in this New Earth, as the energetic blockages are removed, the miracles shall now begin and they shall flourish, whether it be a physical healing or whether it be a change in familial dynamics, where those who have felt misunderstood shall experience a great shift within the group dynamic.

Of course this kind of miracle does not occur of its own accord, the players must exert their inherent power founded within their own self-sovereignty. If one cannot speak their own truth, then they run the risk of betraying their own soul. And this, at the expense of others who are so careless and numb through and through? These careless and numb souls require truth! And these souls also require guidance through exposure of their biased judgements and unkind, unreflected and thoughtless words.

All truth goes on the table!  It may first begin with one sincere statement.

Every individual must rejoice in the opportunity to express their position, with passion and directness.

(Please observe that we can only express our truth with passion and directness. The universe does not resonate with the “lukewarm” as the truth can never be lukewarm. This is a recurrent topic on this website: “For soul is passion, pathos, enthusiasm (be in theos), empathy, unconditional love, and above all courage to be able to express these feelings, no matter what.”  Note, George)

It is every person’s right!

The new Earth supports you in the expansion of your consciousness, but you must have faith and trust in the power of your first statement.

The first statement cracks the dam and opens the floodgates! The lie creates the dam of blocked energies and the truth creates a crack in the dam for the energy to flow. From here the miracles are formed, through sincerity and passion and abiding love.

Do it now or retrieve in full acceptance of what your life has become!

We are the Elohim and we remain alongside of you, accompanied by infinite Beings of light, from the sacred Angelic realms!

Know that you are deeply loved and Know that you are surely safe in all moments!