Steve Beckow – An Ascension Unique in the Multiverse – GoldenAgeOfGaia – 6-8-14

ascension33Given statements that have been made that Ascension as a process has begun, I feel the need to review the case for why this Ascension is from many standpoints unique in the multiverse.

There are three perspectives from which its uniqueness can be observed.

First Physical Ascension

The first feature that makes it unique is that it’s the first time the population of a planet has ascended with their physical bodies intact.

Until this time individuals ascended only after leaving their bodies upon “death.” Archangel Michael tells us:

“What the difference is [between this and other Ascensions], and why so many of you are here, both on Earth and hovering slightly above, is because it will be anchored very much in physicality and form. This shift is not simply an Ascension out of form into sheer energy or into a different dimension or reality. It is an Ascension while having the full opportunity and choice, the selection, to maintain physicality.” (1)

SaLuSa explained back in 2009 that “this [Ascension] is unique, as you take your physical body with you. Not as your existing carbon-based body, but one that has become crystalline and can function in the 5th. Dimension. One that has become lighter, and has moved into a near perfect expression of itself.” (2)

Ela of Arcturus explained that “you will ascend with the higher expression of your physical body. It may not sound special to you taking part in it, but experience is what you seek all of the time. To be as it were, the pioneers of a special dispensation from the Creator, and to be on Earth at such a time is truly worthy of such fine souls as you are.” (3)

Jesus, who “died” before he ascended, reminds us that “I am not talking about dying for immortality. I am talking about living and assuming your human form, or, for that matter, whatever form you choose, to continue on into the golden times.” (4)

SaLuSa invites us to look at the galactics if we wish to see the outcome.

“This time you ascend with your physical body. It is not therefore death of your old one, but simply a change that enables you to use it in a higher vibration. Look at us, as that is where you will eventually be as far as your evolution is concerned. We are always seen as an example of bodily perfection, and in our prime. In fact we can be 100′s of years old without any visible signs of aging, because it is not part of our experience.” (5)

So as not to damage or destroy the physical body, Ascension “will be more of a slower process rather than a snap,” (6) Archangel Michael tells us. Mira the Pleiadian informs us that our bodies are still being prepared for the event.

“Even though most of you are prepared, you have little idea about how these higher energies will affect your bodies. Your hearts hold the dearest energies of Love and Light yet the physical bodies still are being prepared.” (7)

Events like the baptism of clarity and purity and the Tsunami of Love are what are preparing us by gradually raising our vibrations, Archangel Michael explains.

“Has [the raising of your vibrations] reached the fullness of what is required? No. But it is sufficient that this outpouring of love onto the planet will not disassemble or overwhelm you to an extent that you could not maintain or stay in your body, because, of course, the entire purpose of this glorious Ascension is that it is being done while maintaining the physical vessel, which is something that is brand new.

“Do you know, my family, how rare something new is throughout the multiverse? It is rare and it is precious. And therefore it is being very carefully monitored. I wished to say orchestrated, but that would give you the impression that it is us simply doing to, and that is not the nature of this unfoldment.” (8)

I confess that I did not grasp the full importance of statements that had been made since 2008 by people like Matthew Ward that, after Ascension, “there will be no abrupt shift from one extreme to the other in what I shall call ‘daily living.’” (9) Or SaluSa who asked us to “allow for great changes to come with Ascension, clearly not all at once but as a process of evolution that is always taking place.” (10)

All that will happen is being overseen by highly-evolved beings. “Your physical ascension process is being driven by and in the realms of spirit,” Saan through Wes Annac says. (11) Who are these beings? Matthew Ward called them “the highest universal council.” It was they who “planned the Golden Age.” (12)

SaLuSa described them as “exceptionally powerful Beings who will ensure that all action is completed in accordance with the Divine Plan. They oversee our activities and we have complete and utter faith in them. We obey their instructions to the letter, and know we are taking the best course of action for all concerned.” (13)

Under their watchful eye, the process of Ascension has already begun.

In the next part of this series we’ll look at the mass character of this Ascension as a second unique aspect of it.


Ascension 555

First Mass Ascension

Another unique feature of the process we’re going through is that it’s a mass Ascension. Until now, only a few initiates ascended, but now the gift is available to everyone who chooses and has assimilated sufficient Light, as Archangel Michael through Ronna Herman tells us:

“In past ages, the Ascension process was available only to those who incarnated as initiates firmly on the path – as disciples whose mission was to anchor as much Divine Light and to bring forth as much cosmic wisdom as possible.

“That time is past. It is a time of mass Ascension.” (1)

The Hathors through Wes Annac reminded us that “your evolution is coming about in a collective manner, and this isn’t the norm for the ascension of most planets.” (2)

SaLuSa affirmed this aspect of our Ascension:

“Although individuals have always been able to ascend, it will be the first time that mass ascension on this scale has been attempted. It will of course be successful, as it is in the hands of powerful Beings that do the Will of God.” (3)

He added:

“Never before have both the people and the Earth ascended together, but there is absolute confidence that it will successfully take place. You should feel quite pleased to be the ones who are on Earth at such a wonderful occasion. The significance of it all will not be lost on anyone, as to have such an experience is quite unique. We shall be eagerly watching the whole process, ready to welcome the latest members of the Galactic Society.” (4)

However we added an extra wrinkle to the notion of mass ascension in that we apparently decided prior to Dec. 21, 2012 that we wished to ascend with as many people as possible.

Numerous sources record this event. Here is Jesus through John Smallman: “You have made the collective intent to awaken.” (5)  Here is Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young: “ You have all, as a collective whole, decided to move forward into the next grand age of enlightenment.” (6)  And here is the Light Collective through Tazjima: “Humanity as a collective has chosen to ascend.” (7)

Archangel Michael calls “this collective decision … a huge evolutionary jump, leap.” (8)

But he reminds us that it did not create a lengthy pause: “The hiatus that has been created by the collective desire of humanity to go forward in this undertaking of magnificence, of which we have spoken a great deal, is not indefinite. The plan of the Mother does not get put on hold, on pause, indefinitely.” (9)

In fact, he recently told us, the process of Ascension has again begun and we are passing through it at the present time. On April 1, 2014, Archangel Michael reported through Ronna Herman:

“Do not take your eyes or your attention from your goal, Dear Ones, for that doorway of greater Light is nearer than you think. … Are you ready for the next awakening?”   (10)

And on An Hour with an Angel, he brought us this news:

Archangel Michael: The Ascension process does not begin in the Fifth Dimension. It has already begun. You are already experiencing it. But when you reach there ― as you are about to, by the way; that is as close as I can come without breaking my promise with the channel.

SB: Well, now, Lord, I think I need you to confirm that you’re talking about everyone and not just talking to me.

AAM: That is correct.

SB: Everyone? Okay.

AAM: Every person.

SB: Okay! There you go, folks! [laughs] Thank you! (11)

That was followed up on June 3 by this suggestion from Jesus through John Smallman:

“We have been talking for some time now about a Tsunami of Love, well right behind it is an avalanche, and that avalanche is unstoppable! Prepare yourselves to be enveloped in its brilliant white Light, open yourselves to it, float to its sunlit surface, then get up on your snow boards or skis and glide gloriously across its shining surface in a state of ecstatic enjoyment.” (12)

Tomorrow we’ll look at how the Earth is the first planet in the multiverse to have begun this new process of physical and mass Ascension.


Universe 22







First in a Multiverse-Wide Ascension

Mira the Pleiadian informs us that “there is not a single place in all of Creation that is not affected by what is going on with the Earth right now.” (1)

St. Germaine explains why: apparently we’re “the first who are going through this process.” (2)  Saan through Wes Annac tells us that “you’re helping strongly to initiate the ascension of this Universe.” (3)

What are they referring to? Well, apparently what is happening on Planet Earth is the first domino in the Ascension of the entire universe, as Goldenlight’s sources explain:

“Your planet is the catalyst in a ‘domino effect’ that will affect all other planets, galaxies, and universes in the multiverse; the ascension of Gaia and her inhabitants to higher dimensional levels is setting off a chain reaction in the multiverse wherein all other planets, star systems, galaxies, beings are being upgraded a level or two.” (4)

On another occasion her sources called Earth ”the star player in the game.” (5) They explain that “all attention is focused on Earth now as this is the staging ground for the upshifting of all elements in the universe.”

“The entire universe is going through an upgrade and Earth is an integral part of this, for just as your Earth beings and all other beings are a projection of the Divine Mind, so too are the other elements in the universe. And the upshifting and resetting of the systems of Earth must happen before the upshifting can occur in the rest of the universe. …

“You see, your planet plays a vital role in the Divine Plan for All and is an important Intergalactic member who will now be openly welcomed into the Intergalactic Councils with great ‘fanfare,’ joy and welcome from all the other members. Your planet is becoming a ‘grown-up’ and maturing from its infancy stage and coming out of the darkness of quarantine which has lasted a very long ‘time.’” (6)

Sanat Kumara said that, with our Ascension, everyone in the universe receives a fresh start.

“With this Ascension, with this shift and the conscious embracing of love, everybody, everywhere, all beings, all planets — which are sentient, as you know — receive a new start. It is a transfusion and a new beginning.

“What it marks, the impact as you would think of it is the beginning of a new cycle of existence. It is not a minor thing. And what it does, it not only allows those who are already well underway and in different dimensionality to fly freely, but everyone upon the planet as well.

“But it also affects those who have been caught in what you would think of as darkness to return back to the light, to have that illusion destroyed, to have a new beginning as well.” (7)

The Divine Mother appears to confirm this: “As you [ascend], you are setting the paradigm for the next and the next and the next.” (8)

A group calling itself the Company of Heaven explained what’s involved.

“The evolution of the Universe will be aided immensely by the Earth’s ascension, and in return, will aid in the evolution of other structures of existence far beyond even the grasp of what’ll be your united and ascended Universal consciousness.

“Indeed, as an aspect of the Universal ascension every planet and civilization will come together and interweave with each other in ways that see you working with us to help every other facet of Creation ascend.

“You’ll establish, along with us, a collective Universal consciousness and from there, we’ll help the Universe ascend and help in the next expansions and ascensions that’ll take place.

“The ripple effect the Earth’s ascension is causing couldn’t be expressed enough, as it’s to help bring about the Universal ascension which will then bring about continual greater ascensions in realms and Creational structures far beyond the consciousness of the Universal collective you’ll establish. (9)

Collaboration is important to the ripple effect of Earth’s Ascension, Jesus tells us:

“It’s important for your populace to reach the point of collective ascension, because of the importance of your ascension to that of the Universe. The Universe is ascending along with the Earth, and the various planets that’ll be uplifted because of the Earth’s ascension will themselves inspire and uplift other planets and civilizations to find evolution and aid in the Universal ascension.” (10)

He suggested that Earth’s Ascension was a much bigger event than has been hinted at so far and explained why it was muted.

“The Universal ascension is a much bigger event than has yet been hinted at by the majority of channels, and for quite a while, the protocol was to first have you focus upon your Earthly ascension and bring it about before we introduced the most intricate discussions regarding the Universal ascension. … You’re being led to greater understandings about the events taking place.” (11)

Sanat Kumara tells us that our Ascension will continue to ripple on well past the Fifth Dimension.

“That is why we say that it is not simply an ascension into the fifth-dimensional reality. It is to continue on and it is the freedom in form to be able to experience the different realities and dimensions.

“Now when that is anchored, the pattern, the repatterning, the grid, the model is set. And those planets who have had their own hurdles will then take the pattern, the energetic imprint of Gaia, and be able to utilize that and the energetic imprint of humanity and be able to utilize that with their own populations so that they may rise back to the place of love, back to a place of greater consciousness.” (12)

That’s why so many intergalactic ships are here observing us at this time, he explains.

“It is a system that is in flux. That is why so many are in attendance at this time. That is why you are being observed in a very positive light so closely. So much hinges on these hard decisions that each of you is making.” (13)

He adds:

“Well, they have always been watching Earth, and they have always been interested in the Ascension process, because it is unique. … So it is having a ripple effect throughout the entire universe. And the fact that the human race matured enough to say, no, we will care for everybody, has caused ripples and amazement throughout the galaxies!

“So they are watching very closely how you are doing it. And how it is going, because it will set the paradigm for other planetary Ascensions, other realms that want to work in this way.” (14)

This being the case, it shouldn’t be surprising that, as Sanat says, “some of the final pieces [were just] put in place very recently.”(15)

Thus, this Ascension is unique in the sense that it’s the first in which we take our physical bodies with us, transformed from a carbon base to a silicone or crystalline base.  It’s also unique in that it’s the first in which a mass Ascension will occur. Its uniqueness was amplified by the fact that the population of the planet asked at soul level to wait longer so that the largest number of people possible could ascend.  And finally it’s the first in that the entirety of the multiverse will ascend after it following the model presently being set and established on Earth.

Steve Beckow – Earth is the Laboratory – Mass, Physical Ascension is the Experiment – 5-12-14

Michael 23Archangel Michael recently had two discussions about Ascension – one with me in a personal reading on May 5, 2014 and another with another team member, also in a personal reading on May 6, 2014.

The two discussions “updated my file,” so to speak, and so I reproduce both here. Again, as AAM has said and as Sanat Kumara says in footnote 2, Ascension is not that far away.

In the first discussion, I asked AAM about a friend who has ascended. I confess that I didn’t know what an ascended person would look like and so I asked AAM about it.

Archangel Michael: There are many who have gone through the ascension portal and have basically turned around and come back with the additional insight, energy, paradigm to assist with the rest of humanity because that is the agreement.

Steve: When I think of Ascension, I think of somebody floating on a cloud, so to speak.

AAM: And that is not the case.

S: My friend said that the human apparatus prevents the full expression and I accept that. But what am I missing?

AAM: We are not talking about full Ascension. (1)

Let me pause here to make sure we understand this remark. I think that by “full Ascension,” Archangel Michael is talking about Ascension as, say, it may have been on Halion or similar planets, where people left the body (and even the planet) to ascend.

Here we are engaging in a new form of Ascension with the body. And so the process is different so that we don’t burn out its circuits and lose the body.

Keeping the body has apparently resulted in several changes to the Ascension process.

Ascension now must be achieved at a pace and energetic modulation that the body can withstand. And this makes representations of Ascension that we may have had previously – where the person appears as a shining light, floating on a cloud, so to speak – in need of revision. Archangel Michael continues:

Archangel Michael: Think of it in this way. And there are many, many who have done this.

Think of it as going through a carwash, coming out bright and shiny, but you are still a car.

You make a U-turn. You get back in line and go back to the front of the car wash to get ready to go through again because you are collecting everybody else in line to go through with you.

The key to this Ascension is keeping the form – to ascend in form. Too many are thinking about the release of the body or that their body is so remarkably different. It will be eventually but not in that snap. It is not a snap. It is a process and humanity is in the middle of that process.

Now, will they shine more brightly? Will their consciousness be completely different – expanded, world view different? Yes, all of that is true.

The unity, the heart consciousness, the ability to create and to co-create with us? Yes. But it is not to wake up and find yourself – that would be a shame actually – it would not mean that the plan had worked and that is impossible (laughs) so you will not find yourself floating on a cloud!

S: OK. Well, I have to update my impression. Now you did say two years ago that Ascension would be a snap. (2)

AAM: Yes, it is a snap in a moment in time when someone truly gets to that point in the carwash when they are clean and bright and shiny but it is a process also, going through. (3)

In the second reading with another team member, he gives more details about Ascension as a process rather than a discrete “snap.”

Archangel Michael: Ascension — and that is why we keep speaking of the process — it is not merely a snap or a moment in time, and especially a moment in your time, human time.

It is an expansion, expansion, expansion, until, because you are flying so fast and so high, you simply fly through that portal. And the human collective has put the proviso, or the desire, expressed the desire is a more accurate way of putting it, to the Mother directly that they would like to do that together. Not a problem.

But it is the journey. It is the tools, it is the understanding. It is not ‘Now I am ascending and therefore I have the understanding,’ it is ‘I have the understanding and therefore I am ascending.

It is not something that the Company of Heaven is doing to you or for you. Yes, with you, and we are in this sacred partnership.  (3)

He then went on to discuss a related subject and that is that many lightworkers have lost faith in the Company of Heaven because dramatic, outward signs are not necessarily visible. But, he say, the process is in its most important parts spiritual and so the outward, tangible signs are not as relevant as the inward, spiritual signs.

Archangel Michael: Many human beings either have lost their faith in the Company of Heaven or never had it, never truly made the soul commitment or effort to find it and to anchor it. And that is what is going on now.

That is what all the chaos, the clearing, the illumination and the forward thrust [is about], as if it is a satellite taking off into space. But the forward thrust has happened and the satellite has left the platform.

But it is a spiritual process, and a spiritual journey, and a spiritual outcome, and yet [humans] are still looking for the physical, tangible indicators.

Now, it is not that we do not understand human existence or your desire for physicality and that experience of physicality, and part of the plan is that you remain in form. But the true measures are spiritual measures.

It is the measure of the love, of the heart consciousness, of the expansion, of the expanded awareness and understanding, of truly what is important, what is important to you, what is important to the collective, how you behave, how you interact, how you come from a place of love.

And then from there recognizing that the power of that love is what creates the entire experience of being human and on Earth. Not the other way around.

And so there are many who are, shall we say, disheartened, literally. And they look and they say, ‘I haven’t seen enough signs.’ But they also haven’t looked in the mirror truly and deeply enough. They are looking in some ways at the Company of Heaven in a very parental kind of role, like the parent who says, “If you behave I will give you a lollipop, and if you don’t behave you won’t get your allowance.”

That is not how we operate. It has never been how we operate. That is the paradigm that the humans fell into in the old third. It is not us.

So we try, and we do, and we give all these gifts, especially the Mother. But again, they’re intangibles, but they manifest in what we would call tangible ways — greater clarity, greater ability to truly navigate, to see, to create, to go forth. You have seen it in your own journey, in your own life. The clarity is there. The purity is there. (5)

So Ascension with a physical body is more of a process than Ascension after discarding the body. Again we’re creating a new, universal paradigm for Ascension here and Earth is the laboratory in which the experiment is being carried out. This means that our mass Ascension in a physical body is more of a process than a snap.

There will also be a snap, but not as much of a one as there would be if we ascended after discarding the body.

Finally, if we wish to look for signs, even though there will be outward, tangible ones, the really important signs are inward and spiritual.


Lisa Gawles – Biological Changes – The Soul Binds to Our Biology – 4-22-14

soul body

Biological Changes As The Soul Binds to Our Biology!

Lisa Gawles

Phew baby!!  It has been both a rough and wild in this here body the last several days, talk about duality!!  I have never felt so damn good and so damn bad all at the same time!!  One thing is for sure, I learned so much about the new body needs thru it all.   Our bodies are going to be the main focus for today, from this crazy first person perspective.  And a great thanx to my own personal body for sharing a much larger understanding than I have ever had before.

I hit menopause the same time this precious world of our did too, October of last year.  Menopause, a change of life.  At that time, all I could think of was; thank god no more periods!!  I have bled for 40 years, I have sooooo looked forward to this change in venue in my body for a long time.  I just didn’t realize that I had to take responsibility for the changes within my body and learn to live anew as well, but I will get to that in a moment.

Women do much more than produce an egg to give life.  They (we) are the emotional filters of this planet.  The emotional filters of life itself.   With that in mind, we were also designed to release the life seed and discordant emotions thru our uterus once a month, a replenishing on all levels of Being, for ourselves and the world around us.

So when we are gifted that precious time of menopause, it is usually our time to pass the torch, take the rest of our lives off from this responsibility (that we didn’t even know we had) and take a new approach to life.   The hormones in our bodies change to equal a slower stroll thru life.  A stroll where we are being asked to stop and smell the roses.  For most women tho, myself especially, this stroll without any life changes on my part, came with some very serious weight gain.  A very surprising element, because just last year, before life herself went into menopause, we got the message that it is now time to give back all the light cells (AKA fat) that so many of us accumulated along this very long path to Here.  I expected it to just get up and go by itself.

Damn responsibility.

From October thru April, I watched my waist bloom.  I no longer fit in my clothes, dammit.  The more weight I gained, the less energy I had to even more.  Hey!!  What the hell.  I have done nothing different than I have done for the last several years, I should not be in full body bloom here!!  I gained 10 pounds this year alone, my back hurt just doing dishes.  It got to the point I had to give myself a pep talk just to muster the energy to take a shower.

Couple this weight gain now with replacing my monthly period with monthly asthma-like attacks.  With now 7 months in my rear view mirror, I see an absolute connection to the last time I had a period (Sept of last year) to the time I started coughing (October of last year.)  When my period is due, the full moon time, my body now starts to clear the emotional energy I take in every single day by what I have chosen to do (readings, constant sharing, etc.,) thru a release in the lungs.  So I no longer bleed, I wheeze!  Let me tell you, I would take bleeding any day lol.  I no longer create life with my uterus, but with the very air you and I breathe together.  That would make you my mate, at least for 15-60 minutes a day lol.  I suppose, that would make me a slut!! lol  Ohhhh some things just never change (big toothy grin.)

It wasn’t like my body wasn’t showing me exactly what was happening, I just never bothered to listen to why such a sudden change happened.  For the last decade, life, thru readings, meditations and inner expression consistently said over and over, weight gain is necessary when you are using so much light energy.  The fat cells act like a storage for electricity to be used when needed.  Maybe I just didn’t want to hear, when the field kept saying last year, it is now time to release the weight and use it within your own world of creation.  Truly, I just expected it to go of itself.  NOT!! lol

Because “the world” is so far away (an hours drive one way) I do my grocery shopping one month at a time.  April 6th, I went and did my usual chocolate and comfort food shopping.

I woke up on April 9th and my whole body had one focus and one focus only.  Change.  When I woke up that morning, my whole body kept placing the word “Atkins diet” in my mind, over and over and over again, like it was obsessed!! lol  When I opened the Atkins website and seen their HUGE sign that said LOOSE 15 pounds in 2 weeks, I was sold right then and there.  As I looked over the food allowed in what they call the induction phase, I was happy, all my fav’s: meat, eggs, cheese, and tons of veggies.  I am in!!  Sadly tho, I don’t buy a whole lot of fresh veggies because they just don’t keep for very long.  But if I am going to stick to this diet, I gotta have a wide variety.  Back into the world I went.  Freakin $40 worth of veggies in tow, I started to drive out of the walmart parking lot when my head was suddenly turned to a single car (among so many) in the parking lot with a front license plate that simply read: “BATMAN”  I had to laugh so hard!   I get that message loud and clear!

My body was so freakin happy.  Not the Lisa part, but fully the body as a whole.  I worried just a bit… no more coffee.  I have drunk a full pot of coffee every morning for the last 25 years (with cream and sugar of course.)  I was sure I would jones big time for a while at least.  But, I now fully realize (because my body told me so lol) that it needed this change of diet.  I have had zero cravings for anything.  And the first 10 days, I lost 11 wonderful pounds.  Just in those 10 little days, my back completely stopped hurting, my vital energy has returned to more than I have had in many years and I am already growing back into my clothes I have not worn in a year!!  So even tho, weight wise I only really lost what I put on this year, fat wise, I lost more than that.  And I can see and feel how it is recycling itself back to my outer and inner world.  I am loving this!!

But of course, then we get the monthly cycle of wheezing on the evening of the 16th.  Now what I thought was strange about this crazy new releasing cycle that is a part of my life, it only happens at night-time.  It last for 5-7 days (just like my period did) and then stops and fast as it started until the next month.  I cough all night long and blow my darn vocal chords completely out.  Every month except last month, it spirals into a full-blown asthma-like attack that requires a trip to the ER, because god forbid that should happen when the local clinic is open.  Did I mention the closest hospital is an hour drive!!  Grrrrrrrr!  I drove myself to the ER on Saturday, got my breathing treatment, came home and simply passed out from pure exhaustion.  Whatever it takes, I had a great nights sleep!!

ADDED NOTE:  I cannot believe I forgot to add this very important tid-bit.  The reason why this clearing happens to me at night is due to the lunar pull.  The moon is very much a part of my monthly cycles and when she is out in full, she is pulling from me the excess emotions and energy, my body releases it thru coughing.

When I woke up, which happened to be Easter morning, my body must have spent the entire night showing and explaining so much to me, to the point that when I woke up, I was so clear about what is happening and why.  Couple that with the intense avalanche of pure radiant love that was just falling from the skies all day long on Easter… holy shit what a day!!

In its own way, the entire world has gone thru menopause.  Change of LIFE on all levels.  All last year, spirit kept saying, what worked for us before, will no longer work in this new energy field.  Silly me, I just thought it meant energy stuff.  Of course, EVERYTHING is energy stuff.

The new energy coming into the earth since January 2014 is changing everything and every human from the inside out.  The body does have a grand design to be a part of this new energy and MUST process and filter the way it was designed to.  To the outside eyes and the way it was “before” it looks more like it is breaking down at points.  Suddenly there is a large amount of people getting things like stomach flu’s, sinus crud, coughing, it runs the gamut depending on where the energy is building and changing the most within each individual body.  This is a time to celebrate yourself and be gentle.  Of course, our first reaction is to try and stop the process because we are so conditioned to think something is “wrong” when it is actually incredibly right.

On this amazing Easter day, I watched from the inside out as the energy moves into our (my) body, it is so much more than air that we take in.  There is such an amazing quantum field of stuff that we take in.  When we are in resonance with this field, it starts to increase the vibratory rate within the cells of our body, usually (but not always) one location at a time.  This Easter love was all about heart, lungs and throat/voice.  The pure loving Self expression of what we think of as our soul fussing more deeply with the body.  On that note, may I highly suggest anyone who still thinks of their soul as something outside of themselves, to really feel the presence in YOU as YOU.  You are one (or at the very least, becoming more and more one,) not two separate beings kicking about.  This also allows a much fuller “mind meld” if you will.  No longer having to access something outside of yourself, but deep within yourself.

Another thing that is happening in force is the updraft of the pure earth energy, the Eden styled earth.  It is moving up thru the feet and what I call the major root chakra (cuz there are chakras at the arch of each foot too.)  This is causing vibrations like crazy, some comfortable, some feeling sexual, some just overload and down right unpleasant!

Then there is the release of the higher atmosphere coming in thru the crown.  Intense dizziness, headaches, vertigo like symptoms… all a perfect part of the plan of CHANGE.

Remember, in ever other lifetime before this one, we opted to physical die and then come into a new body with all these enhanced changes.  Now we are doing it while still incarnate, wide awake and no Novocaine!!  lol  It is going to have unpleasant (from the biological experience) unpleasant moments, with added heights of incredible moments.  Bob and weave, but please do not stop the process.  Do whatever you can to sooth the symptoms, but don’t throw in the towel when you are soooooo close to absolute change.  Besides, these unpleasant side effects have increased value in our spiritual abilities binding within our bodies and we are gearing up to use them more and more now.

Let me just share a lesson I learned in this cycle of mine this month.  When my body goes down to fulfill the change ongoing, it affects a lot of people.  I have 5-6 readings/ET sessions every single day.  It breaks my heart more than you will ever know to say those words “I have to reschedule” because I know you, like me, look so forward to the experience and exchange.  So Friday, I gave in and asked for energy to be sent at 8pm, when I go to sleep.  I just wanted a full nights sleep so I could read the next day.  I can whisper readings, but without sleep, I am useless.

I do surround myself with the most powerful people on this planet, and ones who are so ready and willing to serve.  Energy came raining in as I laid down to sleep, and fell fast asleep without even the first cough.  That is… until 2 am hit.  It must have backed everything up inside of me… because holy shit batman, my cough and my lungs hurt more than ever and did not subside with the light of day.  This usually always subsides when I wake up.  That caused my trip to the ER.  But what an amazing, invaluable learning lesson.

So, I changed my plan a bit.  This monthly cycle is vital to my own ongoing growth and acceleration, so I changed the environment a wee bit.  Invested in an air purifier, the desert gets really dusty and I live in an oasis where bugs find their way in and leave their remnants and natures sexual release of pollen and of course I smoke to beat the band… so I changed the air quality yesterday and invested in a vaporizer as well, just to add moisture and some eucalyptus oil into it, and I slept like a happy, content baby all night long.  When I woke up, I had some coughing to do, but so unlike the previous nights.  I am one very happy camper!!!

So with all that said, it is time to change your approach to your own life, depending of course, where you want to go with it.  If you are perfectly content with where you are now, then no worries.  But if you want to start to use the light body that is binding fully to the biology, when your body sends you a signal to do something different… do it!!  Don’t let your own biases and previous understandings hold you back!!

Now, on a completely different note, thru my down time, I have gotten so much inspiration for the Soul Gym, thanx in large part to so many ET sessions.  It is amazing what we can and NEED to do together to expand and bring out the resting codes of spiritual expansion within us.  Sitting idle in the midst of our-self’s is not going to cut it any longer.  So there will be a small $5 a month membership fee just to help me pay for the extra’s.

For the 25 people who just endured rescheduling these last few days, I told you I would find a way to make it up to you and when the Soul Gym opens, you all have a free pass for the first month.  You will just have to email me so I can give to you (when the gym opens, not now, I will get confused and forget!! lol)

Anyway, I am so ready to whisper readings today.  I pray my voice holds out.

I love you all so much.  Thank you for being so incredibly kind, compassionate and in my world all the time!!

The great, is about to get a whole lot greater!!  Are YOU ready???


Lisa Gawlas

Kara – Expanding into More Light – Enhanced Merkabah

ScreenHunter_11 Nov. 10 14.49

Found on  Galactic Free Press

We are in a powerful movement forward and upward. You might question all that you have known, including what you know about Ascension and how you are traversing through life. This may very well leave you feeling confused or lost. However, if you can trust that all is unfolding in Divine Order, and let go of the need to know what, why or how, and stay in the Moment, you will be just fine. Much is disintegrating including your desire to put things in a category/label and your desire to be a part of something.

Certainly one of the biggest shifts is that of belonging; whether that belonging is to be a part of a like-minded group, a family, friends or whatever makes you feel less alone. I can tell you that the reason so many have felt alone is because it is important to realize that you are not alone, but a part of something bigger than the group mindset. It’s a big shift that is essential. Realize that you are not alone, but a part of something universal; rather than worldly. We can only ascend on our own in order to anchor our spiritual sovereignty and Authentic Self. The sense of needing to belong somewhere actually limits you and limits your Unity Consciousness. Be discerning about any group you join; go deeper and ask yourself why you want to. In fact, be discerning about anything you are drawn to do and/or be a part of.

We all must step into our own Power and the present energy is helping us do just that. Remember when I shared about the Sirian Universal Merkabah back in July? That Merkabah is amping up in energy, and since we are receiving this even higher Light now, we are being taken to a whole new level. The Merkabah has been steadily activated with every Gateway, Full and New Moon and Eclipses. It’s huge energy now and asks that we let go of what we think we know and be empty in order to receive this Light. I posted something on my Facebook Community Page about this a few days ago, not really knowing what the energy was, but simply sharing how it felt. The energy of the Universal Merkabah has been ongoing and has increased in Source Power, so you may feel more sensitive and your body may be adjusting. A few days ago, when I connected to the energy, my ear-ringing took on a whole new level…it was so loud! This often happens when there is a new level of Light energy flowing through. And your body often tells you when this happens…in its unique way.

As part of this amping up, threes are very prevalent. Three is a beautiful number and symbolizes Joy and Creativity. This is a message that not only are we in touch with the Trinity and Merkabah (3×2=6), we are asked to have our Soul speak to us through Creativity and Joy. Of course, when one is creative; no matter the form; they are connected with Soul and thus experience high Joy. Doing so raises us up in God/Christ Consciousness, activates our Soul’s DNA (which rests within our physical DNA), and our Souls are merging with and as us…as we allow our entire past go and all that we think we know. Also, go beyond what you know the Trinity to be. For me the Trinity is Source/Soul/Me; One. The New Trinity is not separate aspects; it is the sacred geometric shape of One.

Trust that you are led by Soul. This means that any plans you make may not be honored, for all is in Divine Order. When your desire is manifest, it is aligned with Soul. The only thing you can do is trust that Soul knows what It’s doing. If things seem to be on hold, perhaps there is more old to let go of. Truly, the only thing to do is to surrender to the Moment. Soul already knows your deepest desires. If there is any attachment to what you want, it probably will not come to pass. Attachment to form is another big thing to let go of and replace it with Divine Order and Divine Time. Take a look at your life. Realize that whatever is present right now is meant to be there for your highest evolution. If you don’t like it, see what lesson/gift is there for you to integrate, accept and/or release. If you are in judgment of something, this is attaching to it and until you can allow it to be, it will not evolve into something New.

Yes, we are evolving in this cycle; more than we have ever before. Do you feel it? It will be different for each of you. It doesn’t matter how it manifests; whether you are just waking up or whether you’ve been on this Path for years; know this: it is an expansion of your Christed Self; the leader in you. No longer are you a sheep, following whatever beckons you. Being Christed means you follow your own Heart. It means to be fully awake, aware of yourself 100% and of others. It means that you can see what still needs release and it is to not try, hope, or wish things were different. It is to be in full Acceptance of where you are. It means you are detached from personal desire as well as what others are doing, including your closest connections. It means you are in Acceptance of each moment; not wishing it was done with or different. Being Christed means you see the gift in everything and you do not judge anything or anyone as good/bad, smart/dumb, awake or asleep, etc; for these are all of 3D duality and being Christed is only of Oneness, with no opposites; no Light and dark. Being Christed is to be in Acceptance of What Is.

As part of this powerful time, you have an opportunity to release all past lives, including your lineage. You have an opportunity to let go of deep cultural beliefs; this frees you from the 3D matrix, which holds you back in the old. Ask yourself about Christmas. Is it a cultural belief that you follow because it is expected of you or…?

As you continue to release the old, you will notice that your life will be very different. Welcome! You are creating the New. See how simple it is? You let go and the New fills you up with Love. Know that your Heart Center is the core (Coeur) of you. It is where the Angels, Ascended Masters and Soul speak to you. It is so important to meditate within the Heart Center. It is the Gateway to higher dimensions and your Christed Self. As your Heart is activated, as it is now, you may feel heart palpitations (or butterflies in the heart), a sense that your Heart is expanding or even being squeezed. This focus on the Heart is why you feel more sensitive and are more intuitive. The Heart is clear; it is not wounded or hurt or broken. It is the home of Soul; therefore, the Heart is pure and strong. It is the purpose of the Solar Plexus to handle emotions and perceived pain…in order to keep the Heart clear.

As you focus on your Heart, you empower your Christed Self. Your feeling-sense is enhanced, as you let go more of your intellect-sense. Your separate ego thus becomes more your unified ego; that of being the Soul’s vehicle for expression. As you align with the vibration of the Heart, it becomes easier to let go of anyone/anything that does not similarly vibrate. Certainly, to be Christed is to have everything within you and around you be congruent, is it not?

Allow yourself to rise, evolve and Be your Christed Whole Self. It is OK to let go of anything that does not resonate with you; in fact, it’s imperative. It takes great Courage to do so and you are so very honored as you commit to being all, in Truth, that you are…and keep it simple. The more complicated things are, the more your Vision and Heart are foggy. May you be profoundly blessed during this powerful time.

~ Channeled through Kara

Blossom Goodchild – The Event Is Coming! – Galactic Federation of Light – 11-21-13


(  Found this on   –   2012 The Big Picture   –   LOL. It’s always amusing to me when they use our colloquialisms and jargon.  In this message Blossom’s gang (collective) uses a charming term of encouragement that to her means one thing, but to us in North America means quite another.  You’ll know which one it is.  Too funny.  Thanks for the chuckle.  ~ BP )


What ho chaps! Back again! I have been RIDICULOUSLY tired these last few weeks … anything to do with what’s going on, or is it just ‘normal life’?

We would send cheering greetings back to you and as always it is exciting and endearing to be within your company once again. The tiredness you are experiencing … and indeed many … is far more than the average day- to- day exhaustion! The energies that ARE to enter are of such magnitude that even as ‘they are on their way’ … they are causing many to have this side effect … of the sudden and overwhelming desire to sleep. Within that sleep there is much downloading taking place for one is ‘almost’ aware that they are not asleep yet deeply ‘elsewhere’.

ALL THIS is preparation for the EVENTS that are to come.

I notice you say EVENTS … plural … obviously intended.

Indeed for we have stated that after the first major precursor … there shall be an ‘onslaught’ of following occurrences that shall ‘wow’ the senses to an extent that one cannot at this stage imagine.

We ask you dearest ones to ‘keep one’s pecker up’ as we believe you humans would say … For in doing so … the vibration shall remain strong and allow that which is to proceed … to do so in the most fitting manner possible.

Someone asked regarding karma and reincarnation ‘after’ The EVENT … will all that be over and done with as we move into higher ground?

We would say not necessarily done with ‘AS” you move into Higher ground … yet certainly once you have arrived … For do you see ? There shall be no repercussions from one’s actions as ALL actions ‘once arrived’ shall come from LOVE.

There will be those who have chosen to remain behind within their journey and are not yet READY to transform/transgress into a Higher positioning of themselves.

I know that statement will cause concern for many so could you elaborate on that please?

It will be the soul’s individual choice and this must be understood. There will be those who are so attached to ‘greed and selfish adulation’ that they are not yet ready within their soul space to move into a space that is for the betterment of ALL.

There is nothing at all wrong with their decision … for as you know … life goes on and on and on and on … and when ‘they’ FEEL ready to move on they shall.

Ok … so here it’s going to get tricky I can tell. Where will ‘they’ reside and where will those who have chosen to move on reside? I have never felt that there would be two separate planets … for those ‘awakened’ and those ‘asleep’.

This will not be so … yet is it not that you have an elemental kingdom that you are unaware of within/upon your planet? …

I am aware of it … not unaware … yet are you meaning … ‘cannot be part of it’?

Yes … thank you for the correction.

And that’s a first … and most likely … a last.

The only thing stopping one being part of it and ‘aware’ of it … is the different frequency of vibration … that is all.

When THE EVENT has taken place … there will be a rise in vibration FOR ALL … and we mean FOR ALL. Yet … many of your world are of a different vibration from one another NOW … yet still residing within the ‘general’ frequency.

Often it has been explained by example of a radio frequency and which station you are tuned into … So we would express the same … yet regarding the matter of which we speak … there will be those who reside ‘bang on the marker’ and those that are ‘off the marker’ and therefore not receiving the fullness of what is available and often experiencing ‘interference’.

Still a little confused … actually, more than a little. Would you say the majority of humans upon the planet will be ‘on the marker?’

The majority will ‘eventually’ be on the marker … It is a question of ‘self sufficiency of the soul’ if you like. It is the individual that determines at what vibration they are able to reside in. This of course is no different from now.

Yet you are saying it ‘will’ be different after the EVENT?


How so ? Regarding residency of souls of different frequencies is what I am inquiring of? Earlier on in this piece I got a feeling/vision of those ‘in the know’ being on a Higher plane and seeing those …’ not in the know’ … carry on their lives on Earth ‘below’. So difficult to explain!

You see now our dilemma Blossom?As one rises into the NEW WORLD … the NEW VIBRATION … the NEW ATMOSPHERE … they will ‘pass through the veil’ … ‘the mists’ as it is sometimes called … rising on up as the physical vibration allows itself to match the soul of that individual. As one attunes themselves to each ‘degree’ of self enhancement they progress/travel deeper into the HIGHER VIBRATION of where the NEW WORLD resides.

So are you saying it is a place? A different place from our EARTH?

No. We are saying it is of a different vibration upon/within your Earth. Yet we do not wish to confuse this with residing within your Inner Earth. This is different entirely.


A HIGHER VIBRATIONAL PLANE/LEVEL … and the changes that the impending EVENT shall bring to/within the souls deepest expectancy shall assist each one to ‘get there’ … depending on their understanding of soulself and of course their desire for ONENESS.

We have spoken many times and so has the dearest soul White Cloud of THE BRIDGE. We have spoken how many of you shall walk back and forth over THE BRIDGE assisting many to cross. Until such a time that one’s vibration shall be so settled in the Higher plane that it becomes too uncomfortable to return to the lower plane to continue bringing others across.

Yet there will always … always be more and more that will find themselves ready to take over from such souls. The souls who have ‘done their duty’ through choice … shall then realize that it is then time to bask in the resolutions of that vibration unto which they have rightly ‘earned their place’. That is not to say that work shall cease … Yet what is ahead … ‘once there’ … shall not be work … but simply pleasure in assisting.

You see … once THIS EVENT arrives … there is no going back. There will not be the want to return to the old … even though there shall be some upheaval and confusion on all levels.

This is where you will KNOW more than ever why you came and more precisely … KNOW what it is you are to do.


There will be much ‘work’ ahead … yet it will be of a different kind. It will come from the soul’s natural dependency to assist and many many thousands will do so.

You will not suddenly wake up in this NEW WORLD. Although some will … yet few in comparison to the majority. There will be … how should we put it … those of a much HIGHER GRACE who are to proceed before others in order to simply ‘be there’ for one’s arrival … They shall arrive immediately in order to have their vibrational pull settle and reside in the place where it TRULY belongs.

As for the majority … we state first and foremostly …


The change that this EVENT brings forth is beyond words … as many things we ‘try’ to explain often are!

Yet we do our best to portray that which is to come and we would liken it to a FEELING of falling in Love for the first time … and then that happiness magnified a thousand fold.

The FEELING OF LOVE for one’s family … not just their immediate … yet for ALL brothers and sisters shall swell the heart space. The thoughts of judgment shall very quickly dissipate and smiles of the biggest variety shall adorn the faces of each one you see.

Words shall lose their power … for they are so often … as we have stated many times even this day … so very inadequate to express TRUTH.

And TRUTH dearest souls … dearest beloved souls upon Earth … is what is to be revealed.

A recognition of Truth shall overwhelm one in an instant.



Yet am I correct in saying that not everyone will recognise this?

We would say that everyone shall be given ‘the opportunity’ to do so … as to whether they accept and embrace it is up to them.

I cannot see personally why any one would possibly refuse?

You would be surprised dearest Blossom. For some … the TRUTH is far too compromising to handle.

They would choose ‘to ‘pretend’ they had not felt what they had felt. They would choose to ignore what had become so transparent within themselves.

Yet not all of a lower understanding shall react this way … There shall be many who desire to repent for their actions … and forgiveness shall be granted.

Some people are confused regarding ‘forgiveness and karma’. I mean … for those who have been really dark in their behaviour … surely they shall not suddenly be forgiven and offered an ice cream? Surely they shall have to account for their ways?

Oh indeed Blossom. They shall recognise TRUTH … yet you cannot IMAGINE the pain for some as they do so. For the recognition within their soul of the hurt and pain they have caused to another both physically and mentally … in fact on all levels … shall ‘hit them’ where it hurts!


THAT PAIN … received back a thousand fold is certainly not one that another could say ‘They got away with it’.

Nobody gets away with anything.

You reap what you sow.


Yet it is not to say that they are in complete acceptance of that which they ‘deserve’ … we do not feel that is a good choice of wording.

Yet they have the wherewithall to then continue their life … after their awakening … in service to all … and one of this manner would find themselves ‘happy’ to do the most menial of tasks over and over if it meant that they were ‘giving back through LOVE’ … now that they had found it .

DEAREST FRIENDS … for we have no enemies …

That’s an odd thing to say …

We desire to make that clear … WE HAVE NO ENEMIES … although there are those that would consider us to be their enemy … for they desire not to live in the way that we consider correct.








Beautiful … Roger over and out … Yet not before sending you a moment of silence from my heart in gratitude for your communications and assistance. LOVE YA!

And we do the same.


New Cosmic Portal Opening Up – Immense New Wave of Cosmic Change Is Upon Us – 11-20-13


There is a massive cosmic portal opening up just in between Jupiter and the earth, which has been closed for millennia. It looks something like a wormhole, and it brings for the first time in millions of years the return of a mass cosmic consciousness which is embedded in certain star gates in this solar system.

The mechanisms of this massive field of consciousness is that of the ancient beginnings when the first galaxies were formed, the first 12 master galaxies, and then, when the wars of heavens started, this massive portal was closed down, and moved towards those new galaxies forming in the outer reaches of the cosmic whole.

What is will be doing is affecting the pyramids and pyramids grids inside, on the surface and those under the sea, and bring about the acceleration of the rising of consciousness on this planet.

It will trigger immense memory banks in our inherent DNA and molecular memory banks, and bring about the a massive shift in the way we perceive our material world, as a lot start disintegrating which once held form, while other forms of life, which have been living alongside us, in different dimensional states, and also inside the earth, will now for the first time be visible to those who are tuning into the cosmic impulses emitted by this massive portal.

This portal is directly linked to the Bear constellation, for it was one of the first galaxies to truly evolve to the Super consciousness which brought about a massive shift in the greater cosmic whole, and later then influence life on Sirius, on Andromeda, the Pleiades, Arcturius, Orion and Milky Way Galaxy, as well be Pegasus, Taurus and Leo.

It will start affecting us, and the earth energy grids open up. It is very high frequency energy which cannot be detected as yet by human measurements, as it vibrates at a frequency range which is out of our orbit. It will bring in the activation of the synopses within our latent brain – in others words those parts of our brains we have not used for thousands of years.

It will bring about a sudden opening up of talents, faculties and abilities which will enable us to make a total shift of consciousness within a very short span of time, as the planet is now ready to step up in consciousness and is thus pulling us into a much higher frequency band.

It means that electronic equipment will suddenly start malfunctioning and satellite communications will be affected. It will hone in on the lower frequency bands which will slowly and surely start disintegrating and thus cannot function any more in that very slow frequency rate it used to function in.

It will bring about a mass movement into the heart energy spaces which will then in turn disintegrate old patterns, which are also ancestral patterns and most of all old thinking patterns which no longer serve this planet, as this energy field is now penetrating the existing energy matrix and it is now shifting the whole field.

As this brings tremendous cosmic fields of new energies in, which together with the cosmic solar flares emitting from sun – which is also now more and more affected by this portal opening up – it will affect our daily lives in the subconscious field as we start understanding more and more that the old structures, the old lies, the old control mechanisms now fall away and the new start forming which is of such high frequency, that the old cannot move into those fields.

As we move into the highest truth and integrity of our own soul and its inner guidance system, we will receive help from those in the higher dimensions to incorporate the changes and thus to move with this field and move into the higher states of consciousness.
It is therefore imperative that we continue with the clearing of whatever comes up in our memory banks, whether this be personal, family and collective clearing. One will only feel immensely disorientated if one is not willing to do the inner clearing and go with the cosmic flow.

What will most be affected is the way of thinking and way the science will finally understand that all thinking without incorporating the heart centered living and an holistic approach is but wishful thinking.

As we step higher in the frequency bands and consciousness we step more and more into the co-creator role. Yet, this can only be done when we start adhering to the cosmic laws and are in harmony with this and thus learn to flow with the cosmic frequency bands and become one with these.

Expect then for changes to escalate and for more changes to come in. Nothing is settled anymore. All is in a tremendous flux, and all is busy dissembling and forming something new.

Hold onto nothing. Attach to no-one and nothing. That does not mean you cannot love someone – just do not attach. Learn to go with the flow and not to resist it.

You will only feel intense pain if you resist this massive cosmic wave of disintegration so that integration on a vast cosmic scale can occur.

It is time for the New Age to make itself felt, and none more so in these higher cosmic frequency bands.

~ Judith Kusel  ~ November 17, 2013


Stankov Universal Law Press – The Elohim Confirm in a Surprising Message – The MPR (Magnetic Pole Reversal) is Progressing Smoothly after the Opening of the Megaportal 11.11 ( Final Megaportal Of Ascension) – Will Occur in Two Weeks on November 23-25, 2013

Magnetic Pole Reversal

(NOTE: Dr Stankov mentions  that members of his PAT Group, who have undergone intensive preparation for Ascension to the Fifth Dimension, are ready for this Event.)
 – – – – – – – – – – – –

by Carla Thompson and Georgi Stankov November 13, 2013


The time for our ascension has arrived – together with the impending MPR that will transform this timeline. This is what we have been awaiting all the time, but now we have the official confirmation from the Elohim.

This is a sensational message by all means.

Yesterday, while Carla and I talked on the skype on the ascension scenario, the Elohim came all of a sudden and made this urgent message. We had to interrupt our conversation, so that Carla could write down this most important message for all of us and for the entire humanity.

The Elohim then confirmed what we were just discussing, namely that the MPR and most probably our ascension will come in two weeks after the opening of the final 11.11. Megaportal of AscensionThis means that this upper 4D earth will be hit by the MPR around November 23-25, depending on when one sets the opening of this final Megaportal of Ascension. For me it happened on November 9th, but this opening still runs under the official cosmic portal 11.11, when the earth aligned one more time with the great central sun as it did two years ago, when we, the PAT, opened the stargate 11.11.11, as this has been extensively discussed and documented on our website.

Only yesterday I wrote that this is what my HS is telling me and Carla confirmed my intuitive perception (see below). Then, we discussed the physical mechanism of the magnetic pole reversal (MPR), which is much more that the occurrence of huge natural catastrophes, such as a global deluge and massive terraforming of the continents. Below I will summarize the quintessence of our discussion from a scientific point of view as it was the key precursor for the Elohim to come up with their message.

The latest Elohim information, of course, does not exclude the possibility that we may ascend even before this Event happens. I myself asked the Elohim about this during our conversation, but they only laughed about my question and did not give us any definite answer. My guess is though that we shall stay till we see the onset of these transforming events, which will be definitely the most exciting time of our whole incarnation and mission on the earth and will only then move to the 5th and higher dimensions together with Gaia, as she will also finally ascend during this triad of events: MPR, ID split and ascension of Gaia with the first wave of ascended masters, such as the PAT.

But it is almost certain that this all will happen this month and the big transforming events will then continue into December for those who will stay on this upper 4D timeline.

This is the first time that the Elohim have given us a forecast. Until now they have only commented on energetic events that had already occurred and were registered by myself and other PAT members and have been announced on our website. Insofar, this fact alone is highly significant and heralds the finality of our mission on this planet as I have recently wrote.

Today I have for the first time the deep feeling of profound satisfaction after a well done job and also a notable relaxation of the inner tension, which was enormous in the last 3-4 weeks in preparation for the opening of this Megaportal of Ascension.

Now I will proceed with my popular scientific explanation of the Elohim’s message as its physical background is much more profound and complex than this short message superficially relays to the reader. This disquisition includes the discussion I had with Carla yesterday evening in Germany and early morning in Vancouver for Carla.

The Physical Background of the Magnetic Pole Reversal (MPR)

Let me be clear on one issue from the very beginning: Magnetism alone does not exist, it is always part of electricity, hence the term “electromagnetism” in science since Maxwell derived his famous four equations of electromagnetism about 150 years ago (see volume II on physics). Before that the two phenomena, electricity and magnetism, were erroneously considered to be distinct entities. This blunder is a fallout of the profound compartmentalisation of the scienists’ minds in the current Orion matrix.

Electromagnetism exists as photon space-time and as matter. It displays the same properties and behaviour in both levels of space-time. Hence it is not possible to separate /distinguish the electromagnetism of matter from that of photon space-time, which in present-day, failed physics is erroneously regarded as empty space or vacuum.

When we speak of the MPR, we actually mean a complete transfiguration of the quantum atomic structure of matter and also of photon space-time. The latter also has a distinct structure, which is currently neglected, respectively not at all understood by all physicists. I was the first scientist who established this fact by deriving an important local law as an application of the Universal Law for the invisible structure of photon space-time (electromagnetism). It is called “Stankov’s law of photon thermodynamics” and proves irrevocably that each thermo-gradient that is abolished in matter e.g. in a metal rod that is heated on one end, is not being lost as the false second thermodynamic law of entropy now erroneously claims, in total contradiction to the first thermodynamic law of conservation of energy, but is transformed without any loss of energy into a thermodynamic gradient of the surrounding photon space-time. This is how the structure of photon-space time is affected by matter and vice versa.

This breakthrough alone is sufficient to revolutionize physics and science as it abolishes the law of entropy as a complete wrong idea, deliberately introduced in science by the former Orion masters of humanity to mire all scientists and to prevent them from grasping the simple idea that free photon energy is available everywhere. Instead humanity was forced to use fossil energy and to destroy its environment, while at the same time the Orion-Reptilian masters used these shortages of energy sources to wage numerous geopolitical wars and to enslave humanity on the principle of scarcity. This is a huge topic on human enslavement by the Orion empire that very few enlightened people have really comprehended in its totality from a scientific and theosophical point of view.

The impending MPR is thus a very complex energetic process that goes beyond current physics and even I can only speculate what exactly happens now with the atomic lattice of matter and with all elementary particles. What I get from my HS is that the whole atomic structure is currently profoundly reshaped at the most fundamental quantum level and at the subatomic quantum level, before the elementary particles appear in this 3D and 4D holographic reality.

At present these changes occur in the higher dimensions, just as our LBP takes place in these higher frequency levels and cannot be observed by any material instruments, hence the failure of medicine to recognize this fundamental process of ascension, with which you all have been confronted in a deplorable manner in your life.  It is important to observe that these higher dimensions and levels contain our 3D holographic model in themselves  as a smaller U-set. Hence all the real changes that affect our reality take place beyond the electromagnetic spectrum which scientists can only measure, so that these changes cannot be detected currently with the usual material instruments. This is very important to stress as to understand why conventional scientists have not the faintest idea what is currently happening on a grand cosmic scale with Gaia.

At present the tension of the impending electromagnetic transfiguration of matter, known as MPR, is rapidly growing, until it reaches a threshold when it will trigger the final phase transition of the current electromagnetism of matter into a new 5D reality and structure. Please observe that the Elohim use in their message the correct physical term “phase transition”, which I have introduced to you long time ago and very often use to explain the mechanism of the MPR and our ascension.

At this place, it is very important to stress that the MPR, we are talking about here, is a much bigger event / process than the MPR that took place on the 12 lower 4D earths since June 8th and on the three upper 4D holograms this month. The reason for this is that now also Gaia will undergo for the first time a complete transfiguration and will firmly ascend to the 5th and higher dimensions as an energetic entity. This was not the case when the MPR occurred on the lower 4D timelines, as they did not ascend, but rather descend.

The phase transition of current electromagnetic matter and photon space-time that build the visible forms and structures of this 3D reality can be assimilated and partially explained by some known electromagnetic quantum effects. One of them is how semiconductors function at the quantum level. These are material conductors that are resistant to the flow of electricity under certain conditions due to creating an energetic barrier in their atomic structure, which the electric current cannot overcome. However, this resistance blockage can be modulated under the influence of electromagnetic fields and can flip-flop all of sudden and become conductive for the electric current. This is the energetic foundation of all current electronics.

There is another physical phenomenon that is not so well understood by current physicists and scientists – superconductivity. I, myself, have made a great contribution to this very exciting field in volume II, which you can read as a secondary literature. Basically, superconductivity can be defined as a particular energetic condition, under which a conductor loses its whole intrinsic resistivity and can transmit electromagnetic energy without any loss of thermal energy, so that the current can flow infinitely. Superconductors alone could revolutionize human life as they will automatically solve the energy problem of mankind for ever.

From a broader point of view, as I have been shown by my HS,supercondutors are an example how the energy will flow in the 5D and higher dimensions. The occurrence of thermal heat during the flow of electric current in current common metal conductors is at the same time the basic mechanism how this closed 3D reality is created as a holographic model, and matter can exist. This is a great philosophical and theoretical question and hence I do not intend to delve into it now. But I must make you aware of this principal theoretical dimension, as it affects all human energetic existence. Please do not forget that I have shown in volume III on bio-sciences and medicine that all cells and the human organism are purely electromagnetic systems and operate as spherical capacitors.

What I want to relate with this disquisition is that the MPR is a much more complex and profound energetic process than the simple terraforming of the earth’s crust, which all humans will directly experience as to be put into a state of total healing shock. After that they will change their weltanschauung for ever and will realize that they are immortal multi-dimensional beings.

In the first place, this phase transition has the objective to alter in a fundamental manner the atomic, quantum structure of matter and photon-space time, also defined as electromagnetism. Now with respect as to how this will occur at the micro- and macroscopic level, let me introduce you some basic axioms and new derivations of the Universal Law in my new physical theory, which assess this phase transition in earth’s electromagnetism, which may not be cogent to you.

The basic feature of energy, its very nature, is to be elastic. You can, for instance, substitute the word “energy” with “elasticity” and you can establish the same theory of the Universal Law  as I have done based on the word “energy” without changing anything. This all has to do with human semantics and language and how transcendental ideas are transformed into human language. where the operational mechanism of phase transition of formless ideas of the spirit into the form of sequential language is intrinsically based on the elasticity as the basic property of 3D matter and space-time.

When I first started to discover the Universal Law, I had already realized the existence of the principle of elasticity as an ubiquitous property of energy = space-time in a very deep and profound cognitive manner. It was the primordial idea from which I departed to discover the Universal Law and establish the new theory of science. Hence, I introduced at the beginning of my research a working title for the Universal Law and called it the “The Principle of Elasticity“. It is notable to mention that I developed the idea of this principle more than ten years before I founded it in physics and implemented it first in economics and social sciences, but also in literature as a fundamental principle of human psychology. This is just a glimpse into how convoluted, but still in a very rational manner, human mind operates when it is intrinsically connected to the soul and the Source. Because ultimately all ideas have the same origin in the primary term of our consciousness which is energy = space-time = Source = universe = Al-That-Is, etc.

Now, the elasticity of energy is a property that can only be observed in 3D and 4D holographic models, where space exists as an illusory dimension of the human senses. Only within these realities, do we perceive as sentient beingsthe movement of energy as expansion and contraction, which are the visible manifestations of the intrinsic property of space-time as elasticity. There are many laws in classical mechanics that describe this property as distinct laws, such as Hook’s law.

I was able to unify all these distinct, heterogeneous descriptions of the physical world that cause much more confusion in the human mind than help our physical understanding, by being the first modern scientist to have discovered the fundamental property of elasticity of the only two dimensions, which space-time = 3D energy has – space and time. I am talking about thereciprocity of space and time of the current 3D and 4D holographic models:

Axiom of reciprocitySpace-time (energy) is proportional to time and inversely proportional to space. Time is inversely proportional to space and vice versa.

This basic axiomatic conclusion is confirmed by all physical phenomena: the greatest energy is found in the smallest space of the atoms (e.g. strong forces of hadrons and quarks, black holes, etc.) and the smallest energy is found in the greatest volume (e.g. in gravitational objects). There is no exception to this rule. This is also a fundamental proof that physics can be axiomatized from a single term.

Both dimensions, space and time, are thus “canonically conjugated“, that is to say, they cannot be separated and always behave reciprocally / antagonistically. This fundamental property of space-time can be summarized in only three basic axioms of application in the new theory of the Universal Law, with which one can derive all known physical laws that are now erroneously considered to be distinct natural laws. I will draw your attention to the 3. axiom, as it is relevant for our discussion here:

3. Axiom of ApplicationThe reciprocal behaviour of contiguous Long Range Correlations, LRC ( = energetic gradients) of a system:

According to the second axiom of reducibility, any system can be regarded as consisting of two levels (U-subsets). The space-time of these levels can be expressed as LRC = gradients. In this case, the two LRCs of the system manifest the reciprocity of space and time. When the LRC of the first level increases, the LRC of the second level decreases and vice versa. This follows from the reciprocity of space and time. The reason for this reciprocal behaviour of contiguous gradients is that the space-time of the system is constant – it is a U-subset of the constant and closed space-time. This approach is very useful in describing the dynamic behaviour of real systems.

Precisely this axiom has been used by the Elohim in their message below when they describe the mechanism of the MPR and how it will unfold. They use the visual example of an arrow in a bow, which is static and immovable as long the bowstring is drawn taut. When one releases the bowstring and the arrow with a single move, then the arrow flies and we see this movement as manifested energy. The Elohim knew that Carla is very good at shooting with bow and arrow and gave her this example. There are infinite such examples that ultimately illustrate the elasticity of energy, respectively the reciprocity of space and time.

This visual describes the phase transition of´potential energy which is static, into kinetic energy, which manifests as a movement  e.g. a stone that is lifted high and has a maximal potential energy at this point; when it is dropped, it reaches the maximal kinetic energy at the moment when it hits the ground. This all follows from the law of conservation of energy (1. law of thermodynamics) as already discussed above.

Hence the MPR obeys the reciprocity of space and time, the principle of elasticity of energy, which is actually the Universal Law in operation. It is as simple as that.

Now there are some technical aspects that I would like to elucidate here. The magnetic field of the earth is largely created in its nucleus, which is believed currently to be of fluid iron, but this is not correct. However, for our consideration it does not matter of what stuff the earth’s core is. It is important to know that now this nucleus is steadily building its electromagnetic gradient, which will lead to the visible MPR. During this time, the accumulation of energy is not visible and we perceive this period as static. I described it yesterday as an energetic plateau.

When the threshold is reached, this gradient, LRC, will undergo a phase transition and will flip-flop within the blink of an eye. Into what?  – Into a new 5D reality. The whole matter of Gaia will be transfigured into a new 5D structure of higher dimensional energy, which is completely different to that of current 3D matter. It will then obtain the property of superconductivity and will lose its electromagnetic resistance for ever. That is why I gave you these examples with superconductors and semiconductors above.

However this very short moment of phase transition will not immediately affect the more dense layers of the earth and the earth’s crust. The propagation of this transfiguration in the earth’s core will need some linear time of probably several days, as the Elohim told us, due to the inertia of these dense layers of earth’s matter. Hence we must reckon with the actual occurrence of the MPR in the earth’s core before the actual terraforming events begin to manifest on the earth’s surface. I am fairly confident that we will sense this phase transition in our fields and bodies, just as we felt the opening of each cosmic portal or MPR in the past, before they actually manifested on a lower 4D timeline.

What remains uncertain yet is the one billion question – when shall we ascend? Shall we depart with the flip-flop event in the earth’s nucleus when the magnetic structure of this 4D holographic model will be profoundly transformed into a 5D and higher energetic structure of superconductivity and immense expansion within the blink of an eye, or shall we first witness the onset of the MPR on the earth’s surface and then ascend?

I am neutral on this issue. It could go both ways and my HS tells me that the final decision has not been made yet. But we can as well reckon to ascend even earlier than the actual flip-flop event of the MPR in the earth’s nucleus and actually trigger this event with our ascension by delegating our three lower chakras and huge amounts of our field energies into Gaia’s core. In fact, the more I think about this alternative, the more I like it and the more probable it seems to me. Anyway, I will check this one more time with Carla and the Elohim.

Bottom line is: We have made it and now we no longer need to do anything, but simply enjoy this cosmic drama that will unfold in front of our eye as enlightened observers – and the PAT is the only group of humans on this planet that deserves this privilege – because this spectacle is unique in the whole universe and will not be repeated soon. As we are the architects and the actual builders of this Event, it will be a pity to leave the spectacle before it fully erupts. just as one does not leave a thriller, before one knows the final resolution of the plot.

Dear Georgi,

I have read your recent energy update and I also feel that the 2 week pattern has been a reliable indicator. I myself am getting November 23rd as being of substantial import, about which I will soon be told no doubt, as we get closer to this date…


Dear Georgi,

Here is the message from the Elohim, that they came with during our call a few minutes ago. The first statement really reflected a deep appreciation for YOUR dedication, specifically. They were very eager that you get this message.


The Message

” Greetings, we are the Elohim!

We come in this moment to once again express our deepest gratitude for your uncompromised dedication to the evolution of all Life within this beautiful expression of All-That-Is! [ a message for you and all awakened lightworkers on the planet at this time].

As confirmation to your inquiries, it is true that the magnetic fields upon, within, around and through the body of Gaia and every other expression of Life, now begin their phase transition from one nuclear representation into another, the other, being the full engagement into a complete structural enhancement for instant realisation of fifth dimensional energetics.

This event commenced with the opening of this recent MegaPortal [November 11] and once begun, shall now continue until its completion, that is, until full fruition of the electro-magnetic superposition [super-impression] requisite of the fifth dimension and higher.

All parameters are flowing with ease, all adjustments perfect and joyfully embraced.

Gaia is breathing more easily already, as these adjustments to the core of Earth, begin in earnest and are building with great speed. It is a chain reaction like no other!

It is like the arrow in the bow. The arrow is neutral, until it is placed into position and the bowstring is drawn taut. As the bowstring is drawn, the energy builds, until it reaches the maximal energetic point, where the only move is to release the arrow. The energy held within the bowstring builds until it must eventually, and inevitably release.

The energies now build following the nuclear re-ordering and soon the magnetic energy must instantly peak.

This process should take a fortnight, following which a ripple effect through Gaia’s physical body shall impressively manifest.

This spectacular event is the final culmination of a very long process of energetic re-encodement, then re-alignment, followed by re-expression.

This is a magnificent ascension as All moves with Divine timing and Divine Grace within the Creators Universe!

Enjoy these times! They shall never come again!

With infinite love to All, we are The Elohim.”

Dear Carla,

thank you for this clarification. After I read the message I became immensely tired as if my soul was retrieved from my body. Then I received one more time a confirmation from my HS that the Elohim message is absolutely valid and how the process of ascension and the MPR will unfold in the next two weeks.

To stay by the rubber-band visual, the inner tension that I carry all the time with me in the last 3-4 weeks, actually in the last years seemed to have vanished all of a sudden and then I really collapsed. But it was a nice feeling of a well done job and that we have made it now. This is what I am sensing for some time, but the opening of this last Megaportal was a huge compression for me and I must have done a great job, transmitting all these energies and that is why the Elohim now have appreciated this final achievement.


Dear Georgi,

Tonight, about 5 hours ago (Midnight in Vancouver), I suddenly got a clear affirmation that our ascension will take place very shortly. I will be honest and say that I have never ever felt this, with such certainty as tonight.

I too felt a great sense of relief, disguised as exhaustion following this revelation, this instant knowing. As you say, it’s as though the rubber band has let go and all the years of holding that stress and tension within, are now over. I am flying high on these energies tonight, and I hope to get clarity on a few issues.

Well, my dear, I wish you a lovely day. I intend on a night of focused prayer for our ascension, Now.

With love,

This From  Stankov Universal Law Press

Sheldan Nidle Update – Spiritual Hierarchy – Galactic Federation of Light – Full Disclosure – Visits To Motherships – Agarthans from Inner Earth – We will have 3 Moons – Ancient Earth History – Anunnaki former masters – Announcements – Your Own Ascension Mentor – Return of Ascended Masters – Full Consciousness – 11-5-13

Selamat Balik! We come now to explain a number of events that are happening across your globe. The dark remains in retreat. Its secret officers are ready to surrender when so called on. Our various liaisons are concluding a series of private discussions with the diverse leadership of our earthly allies. These talks have set up a number of recent dates for concluding all the pre-landing events that are to be announced by new governance. The talks also set the date for the end to the UFO cover up and when we can formally broadcast our schedule to surface humanity. We are most anxious to conclude all that needs to be done before we can meet you. Our mentors are ready to begin a special interaction with each of you but this first requires that we give a few talks about what this mentorship is all about. Moreover, we need to briefly outline your history and how you fell into limited consciousness. We are your family and dearly wish to begin a way to return you to your former state of consciousness. In addition, we have technologies that can help you in this transition to a full consciousness lifestyle.

Full consciousness will open up a greatly enlarged reality – a reality you will easily be able to hear, smell, taste and sense. This reality includes not only your normal 3D scope but a number of other dimensions as well. This increased set of possibilities opens up a world that you cannot yet fully imagine! Our mentors’ prime task is to prepare you for what is to come. This will include a large number of “hands-on” sessions where you can temporarily experience what is to come. Further, we intend to help this process when you tour our many motherships. We have educational tools onboard that can aid in your experiences of what you are to be. As part of this grand set of procedures, we will introduce you to your Inner Earth cousins, the Agarthans. The time approaches for the end to this great secret that the dark has long hidden from you. All planets and stars are hollow. Beneath the surface of Gaia is another world that has always been within the realm of full consciousness. This 5D reality is in fact larger than you can imagine.

This is why Gaia is to expand when your planet reunites as a full 5D reality. This expanded realm will also see the return of two moons that are three-fourths the size of your present “Moon.” Each will orbit approximately 180 degrees apart from each other. Moving your present satellite will be accompanied by a series of talks by us that will explain the true ancient history of your world. In this Light, you can better understand the convoluted mishmash that is your present set of philosophical beliefs. These is something that you need not treat as sacred, but realize it was simply a means used by your former Anunnaki masters both to deceive and manipulate you. This will be replaced by truth and a sense of what is really divine. Your Ascended Masters will give you an even deeper understanding of what it means to be both immortal and fully conscious Beings of Light. These facts will form a foundation that you can use to gain a sense of who you really are!

True identity is quite empowering, and it can provide a glimpse into what Heaven really is, and the divine relationship between the physical and spiritual realms. This sacred interaction is the prime mover for all of our social actions. You are to enter a realm filled with truth, ritual and special actions. We are both individuals and a collective. You will learn exactly how all things are one, and about the glories that transcend all realities. You will be able at all times to confer with your spiritual and physical guides. This is something that we hold sacred. You are to learn of this and discover how you can best interact. You each have a truly unique set of spiritual and physical relationships. These form the basis of your daily interactions within our galactic societies. Your mentor is to give you a slight “taste” of this, and realizes the need to prepare you for the beginnings of your new life as a successful galactic Being.

Namaste! We are your Ascended Masters! We come to you bearing most blessed news! You are very close to the changes that are finally to set you free. Our associates and those who help them to create the new financial system reached a fundamental series of agreements. These blessed ones set the final dates for your sacred blessings to manifest. In addition, the scenario that will allow new governance to appear was also agreed upon. Consequently, you are now in the final period before the end of this most dark and difficult reality. The change in currencies, as well as the arrests that will occur, are to portend the rise of the Light and the transition to a higher state of consciousness. We are most joyous and presently ready ourselves for the public lessons that we need to give. There is much knowledge and wisdom that you can use to transition to this new reality. Our grand blessings go out to you!

As you receive, be ever aware of why this is happening. The dark cabal is losing its wealth while you are gaining yours. Divine purpose is in play. Hence, use these funds wisely and permit your brethren to enjoy the fruits of this new prosperity. Realize that a new reality is dawning and reflect on your new fortunes. Be ready, when required, to explain why new governance emerged. This will drastically change your lives on this world and is all part of the decrees in action issued in pure Love from the highest regions of Creation. You will receive messages not only from space families and us but also from your spiritual. Your isolation is to end formally and be replaced with a great reunion of all that encompasses humanity in this galaxy.

We come as representatives of Spirit and express the Light and the Light that constantly abounds from on high! We wish to explain the grand responsibilities that will emerge from this great reunion. The living soul that is Gaia dearly wishes to return to her former glories and knows what your future tasks are to be. She is proud of all of you and wants to do her part in being the base for your most heroic and grand galactic societies. Much is to happen after you create this new star nation. Heaven decrees many things to us about those responsibilities we will take on as a collective. Indeed, the entire family of humanity expects great deeds from us! We are to bring joy and use these deeds to further the unfolding of Creation in all of physicality. We say this and shout Hosannas to the Lord Creator of us all!

Today, we carried on with our messages. As you can see, we are very close to what we all desire. The time comes for all to accept this new reality in glee and to understand fully what is expected of us. This great reunion approaches. Be ready to accept all that it implies! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

Planetary Activation Organization | Mailing Address: P. O. Box 4975, El Dorado Hills, CA 95762 USA
E-mail: | Website address:

New Physicalization Begins – Ascension – Energetic Synthesis .com

For many years now I have been deeply aware that the biological codes for the Christ consciousness race was required to be fully “physicalized” into the human fleshly body as a part of the Ascension plan and upgraded future timeline. With the levels of carbon based density and dark cellular memory embedded in the human being’s physical elemental vehicles, this is not an easy task for most Starseeds that have come to earth to be an Ascension prototype.  As we are being sequentially activated with increasing solar mass ejections and higher sound frequencies, we are slowly becoming progressively less dense in our carbon based 3D forms. These frequency activations are ultimately serving to transmute the human race bodily form into a new model of silica based biology.

This transmutation process also allows a whole new set of neurological plexus and energy receiver matrices to be activated for our new bodies to perceive and transmit within multidimensional layers of consciousness awareness. It has been mentioned several times by the Guardians that we have an unprecedented opportunity to access a level of Ascended Mastery in these new forms that has not been possible before in human evolution. There are some smaller groups of us in the Starseed lineages that are evolving into the new ascension prototype templates for the human species during this time. The goal is to physicalize the Cosmic Christos Crystalline Template (The Kryst) into the human body thus anchoring the instruction sets into the entire planetary grid. We are in a stage of acceleration in the embodiment of these new prototype templates which create the necessity of an intense spiritual initiation period. A part of this process that is required is a type of purging that is referred to as the Patriarchal Exorcism. The impostor spirit must be revealed to the surface view and then through the process of inner alchemy the shadow parts must be purged at a molecular, atomic and subatomic level. The Galactic Starseed “pathcutter” group may have felt they descended into the hell realms recently as this may be experienced as a phantom death sequence. Be diligent, stay the course and take care of your body, this too shall pass.

Another wave of Lightworkers on the Ascension timeline are going through the Ascension initiation of their Monadic body integration, which is when the Oversoul Identity begins to start to merge with your personality/physical/gender parts of identity.(The Oversoul is stationed in the 7th-8th-9th Dimensional levels) This can feel strange and disorienting. The power of the Monadic body can be experienced very forcefully in its strength as it is merging with your physical body, producing great energetic surging and the need for long hours of sleep or napping. This purging process also brings to the surface, as if in a deep detoxification, many items all at once that were embedded in your cellular energetic matrix that need repair work and re-templating. Holographic memory bits from other timelines or other identities may start to play out in your surface consciousness, and it may be a strange feeling like sleepwalking while in 3D or watching your life as if it’s a movie projected upon a screen. This is common sensation while your consciousness identity stations are getting used to their new “broadcast” frequency level and are in the process of merging with several identities into one integrated body. In many ways this state of being is the NEWLY BORN ASCENDED as you may feel like a newly born baby in certain ways. As your life undergoes deep shifting questions like; What do I need to eat? How much do I need to sleep? What do I do during the day? What is my next level of creation or assignment? How am I being supported in all of this change in my life?

We have crossed into a major frequency split and intersection in the time zone fields. This is the divergence of time and also the convergence point within our multidimensionality that we have not yet experienced as spiritual consciousness before in a 3D body. The time divergence point creates many more synchronous events manifesting in our lives as the time zone fields collapse. We are getting major consciousness upgrades in so that we can graduate to exist and navigate ourselves smoothly in simultaneous space/time zones. Recently this has brought up many old circumstances, acquaintances, family, places and scenarios from the past to resurface currently into an energetic resolution in the “now time”. Any unfinished business or incomplete exchanges are returned to us to be resurrected into new circumstances. This process brings us to the end of the entanglements in so that we may experience energetic completion and in some cases, it is the opportunity to say “bon voyage” as we move into our new energetic reality.

The recent gateway of energies acts as a great dimensional doorway of energetic completion from our ancient past histories. Also, the recent radical influx of frequencies combined with the “global brain” upgrades which are transmissions to the planetary logos, have been confusing to our brain wave state and its chemistry as we learn to adapt. Many of us are feeling less mental acuity and more brain fogginess while we are acclimating to this new brain wave state as the planetary brain undergoes so much shift and code induction. Some days it feels as if we exist within a “dream state” even as we are moving around physically in total wakefulness. The vibration of the fields have drastically shifted in so that many times when “awake” we are consistently experiencing the “Theta” brain wave state which is a deep state of meditation. This “witness” state is when tasks become so fluid that one can mentally disengage (the ego levels) from them when in the activity. The thought patterns that can take place during the theta state are often free flowing and occur without censorship or guilt. Theta is a brain wave state of flow, moving meditation and consciousness stimulation. The Alpha or Beta brain wave state is what our brain had originally recognized as a state of “wakefulness” and being alert. As we receive these new neurological entrainments, our brain is reformatting itself to this new frequency range in the planetary brain (logos) to fully function in meditative states as an “awake” and active state of being. For now as we are attuning our brain, we may feel sleepy, head pressure, forgetful, and fuzzy! 

We have been aggressively working to transmute the energetic records from eons of time resulting from the accumulated patriarchal creeds enslavement dominions and its resulting masculine polarized energetic imbalances. What has been purging and is representative of the “big burrito” of all clearing releases is the current phase of which the human species and planet are undergoing as the “Ancestral Patriarchal Exorcism.” These ancestral patterns exemplify the patriarchal imbalances that crucified the female attributes of God Source from its ability to be fully creatively expressed into the physical realms. This latest planetary clearing has been the crux of the abuse patterns created from the corrupted power structures of the imbalanced masculine forces that sought to suppress the spiritual (vertical) power that emanates from within the female bodies. (and thus also prevented the male body from its ability to balance into wholeness within) This was an enslavement of both genders by suppressing the possibility of sacred union within and with God Source directly. This is has been used as the ultimate manipulation tool to experience separation from God source and thus the dark cycle of patriarchal domination holds much pain for humanity. These enslavement programs were designed to suppress consciousness and exist in every possible level in our form, as it also permeates through all energetic templates of the entire planetary hologram creating miasm and disease patterns. These vast schisms of our perceived “separation” created karmic distortions in the way the light of our consciousness refracts within the energy template of our personal hologram which is our energetic aura. This distortion in our energy template then created a distorted view of perception in how we actually saw ourselves and related to others in the external world. We then became asleep to our Oneness and interconnectedness with all Life. Humanity then digressed into a collective group soul that disconnected from life and thus became increasingly hostile and at war with itself.

The long history of our species living in war with itself has created thick iron veils of dark painful memories embedded within our cells and that of the planet. Many of these iron veils (doorways) came to a shattering crescendo with the collapse of many shadow dimensions and the underworld realms recently.

Much of the Galactic Starseed “clean up” crew that is on the Earth is now helping to cross over huge amounts of wounded souls, soul fragments, and those that have been stuck in lower dimensional realms for eons of time these spaces are referred to as the “Underworld” regions. With recent ancient doorways opening there has been a big push to get the “transits” to move quickly, especially as dimensional spaces are rapidly collapsing into simultaneous time/space. As these hidden dark records and miasma surface they appear as tarry black goo, energetic and/or physical parasites, soul fragments, astral debris and repellent death and phantom energetic recordings. Some of this will be purged within our own bodies energetic templates (and throughout our soul extensions). There is much psychic pain attached to these consciousness units and as they are revealed to us, at every level of our awareness, whether conscious or unconscious of this event, we may be experiencing a sympathetic response.

Many of us can feel this purging as an amplified intensity in the mass negative consciousness fields now. Intensified anger, frustration, anxiety and the victim-victimizer belief patterns are rip-roaring into the larger unconscious collective human environments. This phantom death energy is very present and is influencing the masses to create a belief in “death” rather than the correct view that the human species is “rebirthing”. If met with energetic resistance this latest round of amplified energy will constrict the bodies greatly and will increase molecular compaction. This compaction of our cells when partnered with imbalanced belief systems create intense fear, and may then manifest as illness or a disease pattern in the physical body very quickly.

It is extremely important now that you understand how to care for your physical-energetic body and to not fall asleep to the truth of who you really are. This phase is not for the faint of heart. These times will test your ability to surrender fully and trust in your process as released into the hands of God Source. There is nothing to fear, however you will need to be armed with some framework of comprehension that this is a necessary process of the human shadow’s alchemical transformation into its pure light source. Stay Steady in your Inner Light and discipline your mind to remain in stillness no matter what it appears like externally. You can change and shift anything in the light of pure consciousness with dedication to the God Spirit living within you.

The energetic and emotional clearing of our own bodies clears the distorted patterns for many soul groups, planetary and otherwise. One will find many parallels of this “patriarchal exorcism” in your own recent experiences of emotional clearing, such as; facing your father, father figures, authority figures, patriarchal issues that sought to enslave or suppress one from the true inner knowing. It is not personal as it was the circumstances of which we are in agreement to heal in this dark cycle of creation. However, you will find the personification of this in all areas of your life in the form of symbolism. Many Starseeds with these specific healing niches had this mirror of corrupted masculine energy in our own father or male relationships. This has met at a huge crossroads of change and of which we are undergoing a drastic purging now.

During this phase, we are witnessing more “imbalanced” or disease patterns manifesting in our physical bodies around our sexual reproductive organs. The source causation is a direct energetic and deep psycho-emotional wound embedded throughout our mass consciousness belief systems and programming around our perceived gender roles, our interpersonal relationships and sexuality. Our creative forces that empower our sexual and sacred union with God Source have been harnessed for energetic control and manipulation through the ancestral record and the Negative Alien Agenda. As we are working to free our own creative intelligence forces to be directed for our personal spiritual liberation, we will encounter blockages in this sexual organ area. Remember to maintain your equanimity when and if you come to face this as an energetic blockage that has manifested physically. It is NOT exactly what it appears to be at the physical level and you may need to address it aggressively and from a multidimensional consciousness perspective. Take ownership of your multidimensional being by stating your command and intention to do so. Call upon all of the evolution teams to support and direct you to the most effective ways to cleanse this pattern of pain from your body, with full confidence and take immediate action. Know that many of us now are going into the phantom death energy to emerge renewed and reborn into the new energies. This is the spiritual ascension process of the human species undergoing the “alchemy of the shadow” which leads into the new frequency reality of the Newly Born Ascended. Be strong and do not fall emotionally prey to the surface of what may appear and maintain your inner connection and spiritual practice.

This is an extremely powerful time that we are witnessing in all of its symbolism, as the return of the Female Principle of God Force, Mother Aurora is being made fully now. Hence we are undergoing an intensified process of the patriarchal exorcism from the planetary fields at this time. The balance of power is energetically being restored to reflect sacred union within.

The Ascending Universe will not tolerate ego distortions nor impostors in the return to the patterns of living light perfection as the Inner Christos. The One Eternal Living Light Source is here to reclaim its creation into its original divine blueprints of perfection, saturating us in the eternal life rainbow currents of full resurrection into our new identity. The false identity, the false prophet, the impostor and illusory are revealed as the veils are rapidly disintegrating and there will be a time nothing can hide any longer in shadow……

(Source : Adapted from Patriarchal Exorcism, 2007)