Karen Dover – Navigating the Storm of Destruction in Truth – 5-2-14



Karen Dover



For many of you the last linear week or so may have seen you question your reality and for many of you, your very existence, such is the nature of the passage of the human vehicle from the “snowglobe” of the old 3D earth created reality into the true nature of the universe which is multi and inter dimensional.  The New Earth energies at ALL moments seeking to illuminate within, through and around you all that is not TRUTH. The human logical mind may have tried repeatedly to tell you that what you FEEL is not what is occurring and at all moments tried to get you to move BACK into the logical teachings of the old 3D earth reality.

I personally have been challenge repeatedly, my mantra being one of where I find “fear” I do exactly what I feel the fear of, this is part of the process that I undergo when I can FEEL the intensity.  At times over the past linear week I have felt intense fear, a fear I have never felt ever before at this level but at all moments had to TRUST and to let go as best as I could and I have now come to understand that ASSUMPTION is a tool that is used REPEATEDLY within the old 3D earth created reality in order to confuse and to blind at human conscious waking mind level.

I have lost count then number of times where I automatically attempted to ASSUME that a situation was one thing when in TRUTH it was something entirely different, I came to recognise the containment and the frequency residue that sits in the energetic signature of ASSUMPTION. Within the old 3D earth created reality you are TAUGHT to assume what people think, do and act in relation to YOU and this is not TRUTH. ALL JUST IS, a situation JUST IS, a reaction is born out of ASSUMPTION and as this is not TRUTH it is not supported in the New Earth. Translated to human conscious waking mind level this means that any attempt at allowing yourself to assume that you have worked out what is going on and thereby taking yourself out of the moment of NOW is not supported. This may have seen many of you driven to distraction as your outer waking reality attempts to shift into multi dimensionality and you at a human conscious waking mind level attempt to assume a LINEAR unfolding.

LINEAR has NO place in the old 3D earth created reality and this will be shown to you from your SOUL until you can ankhor this TRUTH.  I have already blogged how this has personally challenged me with my ASSUMPTION that my journey to the USA would be an unfolding in a certain way and a taking a break from my “work” in order to “settle” in to a new life. This is not TRUTH for ALL JUST IS and ALL IS NOW therefore I cannot place my life in a linear context and every time I have attempted this I have been pushed into expansion and shown how I can expand and ALLOW this expansion, experiencing life on MANY different levels all in the NOW.

The unfolding of the New Earth is now FULLY underway, the PIVOT POINT has been reached and exceeded which at a human conscious waking mind level means that there is no turning back, many of you will have now reached the point of no return where any attempt at trying to live or BE the way that you have been taught within the old 3D earth created reality is now dissolved, no longer appropriate and no longer referenced or interacted with. Once you begin to embrace this way of expansion then you exist ONLY IN THE NOW, with no past, no present and no future. This has seen me at a personal level wake up in the morning and by what could be described as a “lunch time” having no reference points for anything that happened prior to the “lunch time”. No time frame in which to reference anything and this takes some adjusting to when interacting with those who are still functioning within the old 3D earth created paradigms.

There is a STORM that is now approaching and many of you are being moved into position in order to help alleviate the energetic fall out from this STORM for there is now no longer enough energy signatures running the old 3D earth created frequencies that will allow it to continue to function. At a human conscious waking mind level please prepare for some “out there” scenarios as explanations will be thin on the ground, a NEW WORLD is a new way of living with no reference points. The collapse of the old paradigms is but a breath away.

Peace and harmony are found OUT WITH the paradigms, in the space that is created WITH YOU by your SOUL, shelter in this space and allow the NEW to birth through you, you came here to EXPERIENCE the planet earth in a human form and this is what you are now moving fully into.