Paxton Robey – Light Workers Are Amazing – 3-7-15

Paxton RobeyPaxton Robey

From Golden Age of Gaia, March 6, 2015

Light workers are amazing. The Earth has not hosted such a group of light workers as we have on the planet today for many thousands of years.

The helpful insights which flow from you on forums like this, not to mention the pictures, are aimed at all levels of spiritual beings who will be uplifted by the great wisdom and caring displayed here.

I suspect that most of you have social media friends as wonderful as mine. Sometimes when I am sitting at my computer I can’t see the screen for being choked up. What a time to be on Earth!

We know that we came to Earth this time around with an agenda. We are dedicated to peace on Earth and peace within. We are part of a team of angelic beings and old souls, volunteers dedicated to healing Earth and her inhabitants. I often repeat that we have two jobs.

The first is to complete the healing of our self. The second is to make the planetary transition, or shift, now taking place as easy and as magnificent as it can be.

With regards to the raising of the vibration of Gaia and her family; we are way ahead of the visions I saw thirty years ago as to how good it could possibly get. The express train to the Garden of Eden has departed and is picking up steam. When someone asks for assistance with health, emotions, helping loved ones, or any other concern, light and love and support engulfs them like honey and strawberries covered with roses.

And you should know that in regards to large scale issues of the world’s peoples, such as politics, armies and weapons, greedy power structures, and economics, we are receiving large quantities of help from the Angelic and ET realms. It’s no big deal, it happens every time enough light workers pray for assistance and visualize peace. You didn’t think we had to do it alone, did you?

A Course in Miracles says; “If you knew who walks beside you on the way that you have chosen, fear would be impossible.” And “As you perceive the holy companions who travel with you, you will realize that there is no journey, but only an awakening.”

With regards to healing ourselves and moving rapidly toward graduation from “Earth School”, we are ahead of the predicted schedule there too. We want to sit quietly occasionally, still the mind, and look into our own future. Here we can almost grasp how the greatest gift we can give to our soul family here on Earth and throughout the universe is the person we will be when we are totally awakened.

Compared to the great insights and gifts of healing we give to loved ones today, the gift of an awakened self is a million times more powerful. Master Teacher or philosopher? Saint or good person? Jesus or St. John? Buddha or Bodhisattva? Krishna or Arjuna? Take the higher path of service.

We no longer need to deal with struggles, grievances, sickness, correcting the evils in society, feeling empty, fears, or anything that doesn’t feel joyful, comfortable or even blissful. But the path to awakening must be our top priority if we want to complete the job in this lifetime. The big picture is what counts. For saints and mystics life is not about the stage show. They aren’t distracted by the ego’s need to maintain fear and guilt as a vantage point.

You have heard me tell the old Hindu story of the Guru and his disciple sitting in the hot pool in meditation. The student asks the Guru “how can I attain enlightenment?” The Guru pushes his head under water and holds it there for a very long time. When the student finally comes up, gasping for air, he asks “why did you do that?” The Guru answers “when you want enlightenment as much as you wanted that breath of air, you will have it.”

We have been trained that to be compassionate we should stay focused on the evening news, you know, the drama of who is doing what bad thing to helpless people, the destruction of the rain forest, mistreated animals, the polluted atmosphere, and on and on. That is absolutely not what compassion is. Compassion is healing this illusion we call life. Compassion has nothing to do with exposing the perpetrators of harm.

Compassion is the opposite of punishment and revenge. Jesus told us to love our enemies. Compassion is knowing from your own deepest wellspring of experience, that where another person is hurting, there is love. Compassion is creating heaven on Earth. If thoughts create reality then watching the drama in living color creates more of the same drama. If thoughts create reality then visualizing peace creates nirvana.

Being anti war creates hell on Earth. Being pro peace creates heaven on Earth. It is that simple. Imagine arriving at St. Peter’s gate when you die. Pete says “what are you doing here? We expected you to be at your graduation party.” You say “I didn’t have time to love everyone. I was busy kicking the bad guys out of office.”

While the hosts of heaven are absolutely thrilled at the progress we have made individually toward awakening, I am told we can do more to make our journey more enjoyable. We have to want enlightenment more than we want to hold on to our personal history, more than we want to hold on to our grievances, more than we want to hold on to our old beliefs in right and wrong and cultural roles which we inherited from authority figures and parents.

It is time to no longer look to another person or society for approval or acceptance. That must come from the inner voice, and only the inner voice. It is time to immerse our self in self administered spiritual psychotherapy. Be aware of when something pushes your buttons. After all they are your buttons. Giving yourself heart disease by being angry at the bad guys has no effect on the bad guys but it can kill you. Be aware of each and every fear. Ask your spirit helpers to dissolve the fear once and for all.

A Course in Miracles tells us we don’t understand anything we see. Why would we get upset at something we don’t understand? The Course says we have given everything all the meaning it has for us. There is no absolute meaning to anything, including politicians, in-laws, economists, weather forecasters, generals or goats. In this audio-visual-visceral training video we call life, it is not possible for harm to occur.

Awakening is delayed for those who believe in harm or right and wrong. Feel how that makes you squirm to see how far you have to go. Now feel the love within to know you have no journey left. You are home. The way is narrow and few take the narrow path because it is a total affront to our old out-dated sense of compassion not to be defending the “good guys” against the “bad guys.” There are no good guys and no bad guys, only children of God. Our sense of compassion can be directed at getting all persons to the experience of love instead of fixing them.

Only awakening brings the Garden of Eden to our lives. The more our eyes are open to God’s truth and clear about the illusory nature of life’s dramas within the context of the big picture, the easier it is to assist, to heal, to know peace, to give light, and to live our heart’s desire. We can help our loved ones out of their drama by seeing only love.

You do not live in this world. This world is in your mind. Oh, come on. Really? Really!! Only those close to graduation can put those statements in the category of “may be true.”

Consciousness, thought, belief, and emotion, create the appearance of reality on Earth. If there is anything you experience which looks like it needs correction, check inside. The cause is inside, not out there. We are not masters if we get angry when we enter a room full of angry people. We are masters when we exude love and peace when we enter a room full of angry people. Send love to those who make you upset.

When talking to their dedicated students, Master Teachers throughout history did not speak about behavior, only consciousness. Behavior follows a person’s consciousness. There are no victims. A person’s consciousness determines their experiences. A God of Love would not allow victims or harm.

See how centered in love you can become. Walk in nature and become one with the flowers and trees. If you have a busy mind let it be busy talking to spirit. Better yet have a quiet mind and listen to spirit. Listen to the murmurs and intelligence of the world around you.

If you must indulge your logical mind trying to figure things out, try to figure out how the universe could be 100% friendly and supportive. Figure out how love can be palpable.

If your ego insists on having something to fix, give it the job of getting rid of even the tiniest bit of unhappiness and replacing it with full time joy.

Remember that nothing on Earth is what it appears to be. Nothing which does not last forever is real. Only love is real. You are a unique individual and you are everyone else in existence. Love everyone else in existence in order to love yourself fully. We are one with everyone. That is the principle upon which all reality rests. That’s why love works.

All things are possible now. We can all graduate in this lifetime. We can all be perpetually happy now. We are Source. We are Divine.

In this small step at a time phase which we are in, we look for truth. We sometimes look for it in the books and words of teachers, spiritual authorities outside of our self. These teachers will tell us how to search for the real substance amongst the various sacred texts and ancient writings. A few will sometimes share their personal insights as if they were “truth”.

These authors and teachers can be extremely helpful for students just entering their search for God. I read the words of a number of fellow light workers who often have just the right word for me to lift the gloom or dissolve the struggle. Teachers like Pema Chodrin, Eckhart Tolle, David Carse, and many others, inspire me as I take small steps toward the light.

There is the absolute perspective of all that is, and there is the relative perspective. From the absolute perspective there is no path home, there is no duality, there is no right and wrong or good and bad, we are as we have always been, God. From the absolute perspective, the illusion of all that the ego sees and interacts with, doesn’t exist. It is too big of a step for humans, even old souls, to go directly to an absolute understanding of all that is. That is why the Master Teachers have used words and metaphor to assist us in taking a small step at a time.

The relative perspective of the infinite makes concessions to help the student move forward from the place in consciousness where he/she thinks he/she is. Modern spiritual books, as amazing as they are, don’t come from the absolute perspective; very few would be able to understand them.

The enlightened Master Teachers use words only as hints and triggers to get us to turn to our inner being for answers and what the truth is for us.  There is no one correct path for all students when we are dealing with relative truth because we each have a unique karmic history and journey through the illusory time and space. We need to consult with our guides and decide for our self what our path is.

The enlightened ones say things like; “you are on a journey without distance to a place you never left.” Their words cause the intuition to reach for insights from the infinite which remind us of who we are. If we debate the meaning of words at this level we have missed the point. Words in and of themselves mean nothing. The Tao which can be spoken of is not the Tao.

Everything in this article may be wrong, only you can decide for you.

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Caroline Oceana Ryan – Message To Lightworkers – 2-26-15



The latest guidance for Lightworkers, from our friends, the fifth and sixth dimensional beings known as the Collective:

Greetings to you, our friends and fellow travelers on the path to enLightenment.

And we know that what many of you would like to “Lighten” is the load you feel to be carrying.

We understand and empathize, for though not all of us have experienced the challenges of ascending while in a third dimensional physical body as you are doing, we have nevertheless ascended from one dimension to another, and we know how arduous and complex a process it can feel to be at times.

We see your planet and Her human structures in the throes of numerous changes that seem to be at odds with the peace and prosperity that we continue to ask you to believe in and expect.

We know that it would appear that your leaders have lost their minds (in truth, only some have, but they have been unstable from the beginning).

We know that it appears that your Earthly energy resources are in a desperate state, though we rejoice with you in the growing realization that the use and drawing of fossil fuels are disastrous for your beloved Earth Mother—and rejoice with you over the canceling of the Keystone pipeline.

And we know that many of you are weary and wondering how much longer you can play out this role, while so many are suffering and you yourselves are struggling to pay the bills, raise your children, keep your home or your vehicle in working order, remain healthy, and either find a new job or find meaning in the one you have.

And we would say that you have written all of this before coming here—not all of the hardships, but the meaning you are drawing from it.

That even the “waiting” as it seems to be has a strange beauty to it, a feeling of a quiet lull before not so much a storm, but a celebration such as humanity has never seen.

You see some of your leaders, activists, and journalists daring to do and say things that may and are endangering their lives, as you are aware that the dark ones have quiet ways to kill or otherwise silence those in leadership who dare to refuse their orders.

And yet, these people are for the most part still upon the Earth.


They continue to push that envelope as you might say—to demand accountability from banks, from government, from big pharma, from the educational sector, and from the media.

They continue to require that the truth finally be told—about that day 14 years ago when tens of thousands (not only a few thousand) died (left their bodies) in New York City.

They demand to know the truth about how your governments are being run, and why it is that in a country that proclaims itself to be synonymous with “freedom”—and there are a number of them around the globe—that the truth is not being told about misappropriated funds, mortgage fraud schemes, illegal wars, government drug dealing, mass incarceration of nonwhites, and the systematic abuse of children by the wealthy elite.

And we would say that these brave and powerful Light Beings, disguised (as you are) as mere mortals, are performing a job no more or less important than that of the nurse or other healer who saves a life, or of the honest police officer making only legal arrests and working to keep the peace.

Or of the teacher who genuinely cares for her students, in ways that quietly save those students’ lives.
And their work is no more or less important than your own, though the shape of your work is for many of you, only now becoming clearer.

Generally, what you come here to do is only occasionally encapsulated in your “day job.”


Most of your life path has to do with the amplification and anchoring of higher Light and energy frequencies, in a multitude of areas that are aiding the Earth and Her people.

Just with your presence and your refusal to “fit in” or “stay quiet,” you are busy healing the Earth and those around you for hundreds of miles

You are fast releasing the effects of many centuries of oppression, and in constructing the forms of a New Earth—all while ascending, which in itself is no small matter.

Was I sane when I signed up for this role? you may be asking.

And we would say that though you volunteered to come forward and to deal with all of it—the degradation, the tumult, the fear, and the violence of life on the old Earth—that you did so with joyful anticipation.

You were eager to learn and to discover or rediscover those parts of your own Divine Being that were reaching for the adventure, the new knowledge and the higher forms of Light and existence, and the beauty of reaching Ascension while still in physical form.

And for this astounding bravery, we must salute you in the highest fashion, and tell you that we not only believe in all that you are, and are doing—we are in awe, and we welcome you, each and every day.

We welcome you home, here on the ships and in the dimensions beyond the physical.

We welcome your re-emergence into all that is truly Divine, and made of Joy and Light, and we say to you, You are much loved, and greatly revered. Never doubt this.

Namaste! We are with you, at every moment.

Copyright 2015, Caroline Oceana Ryan

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Lightworkers Awakening – Rosalie Parker

Loves Presence


Everyone is a Lightworker whether they know it at all. Just as truth is truth whether anyone knows it or not. The real question arises then, “Am I aware of who I am?” Behind all labels, behind all self created illusions of mind and ego, or social dogmas and masks, there lies the truth, the answer to that question. Just as the Sun shines bright both day and night, it is only the movement of the planet and clouds that obscure it from view. But the sun is always shining. A Lightworker is awake to this truth, aware of their true presence and living in accordance with the divine plan. All beings that exist are a channel between eternal, formless heaven and the temporary world of form and illusion, earth. Why am I here? One does not always need to consciously realize the answer to this question, but living your life purpose is achievable in every moment, right now. Sit in peaceful contemplation, in pure awareness. Allow yourself to be present in every moment and feel within the depths of your heart for your inner truth, your guidance. The work is easy and the burden is light. Your true essence of being is so vast, it is beyond any concept, any word, thought or form. A Lightworker then is any being, who is aware of their true non-dual nature, their eternal “I Am” Presence and acting in accordance with it. A Lightworker is active in enlightenment, or in cultivating enlightenment.


Rosalie Parker

Rosalie Parker

Jenny Griffin – What is to be a Lightworker – 12-27-15

lightworkers  –   In Partnership With OmTimes

Jenny Griffin


That’s a good question. It’s complicated and simple at the same time. To be a Lightworker is to come to awareness of your own Inner Light and to share it in the world. It’s knowing that the love and joy you feel in your existence is something you would be happy for others to feel. That’s the simple part.

The complicated part is in the information flying around about what the jobs of Lightworkers are, how they might feel, where we might find them. The information is intended with the greatest integrity and is valuable, especially to those who are still in the often-difficult stages of discovery. That said, there are always other perspectives to find within any existing knowledge, and here is one.

To be a lightworker is in essence, simply to be. It is to find your inner light, find the thing that makes your heart sing, and to do it. One part that has become distorted is the belief that Lightworkers are in some way responsible for the enlightenment of others. That’s not true, nor is it entirely possible if you take the definition of the word enlightenment to mean ‘lighten the load.’ No one person can carry the burdens of another or provide the ‘key’ to enlightenment, because each person has their own key. We come into this incarnation to learn particular lessons based on the experiences we have, and if we attempt to carry another’s burdens, they’ll miss out on some of the growth that was intended. This is a part of the reason we took on human form this time, to learn through the combination of grounded, heavy, human experience coupled with the act of connecting with our own higher guidance.

So, as we work through our darkest shadows and find the light within ourselves, we are asked to stand back and be a beacon for those that seek their own truth. Some of what we say may guide them or give them comfort on dark nights, some of what we do may inspire them to find their own path, but we are not here to ‘give’ it to others. There is much insecurity among Lightworkers, as with any humans. We all want to feel special. We all want to feel that our gifts are of some higher design and that we might be a part of saving the world. The truth is, each of us here at this time is integral to the advancement of the planet, whether it is through denial of the light or the advancement of it. Heal yourself of the patterns that keep you from your truth, and in doing so you will act as inspiration for others.

There are many who feel an urgency that they must save as many people as possible, sending out non-stop updates about ascension, Lightworkers, healing, conspiracy theories, and new paradigm thought. While their intentions are good, this is based on fear and old paradigm thinking. It is not your job to try to convert people to your way of thinking by indoctrinating them into the enlightenment club. It is a very personal journey, and not one that comes from without. It is an organic unfolding that comes from deep within. We are in these bodies to make mistakes, to learn through love and through pain, in other words, to be human. If you feel like swearing on Facebook because you’re having a bad day, it doesn’t make you any less a Lightworkers, it simply grounds you more in the human side of the equation. Let yourself be.

Some distortions come from the idea that if you are a lightworker you must be a healer or mystic of some sort. You can be whatever you want, that’s the true energy behind lightwork. You can work in the World Bank and be a lightworker, if working in the World Bank brings joy to your heart and you feel you are shining as brightly as you can there. It is not our job to judge the level of another’s integrity or enlightenment as not being enough if they are not working what we feel to be the job of a lightworker. It’s necessary to have people in all manner of jobs so that the old structures can be shifted to welcome the new. It’s impossible to build new infrastructures on top of old, slippery foundations that are already beginning to crumble.

Think of those who have come before us who have been people of huge integrity, who have brought joy to the lives of those they came in contact with, and who have seemed to have a mission no one else could see. Think of all the people in all the careers, throughout history, who have seemed to emanate a delicious joy for living, and you will see Lightworkers. Freddie Mercury, Jane Goodall, Nelson Mandela, the crossing guard that does her work for the love of the children who greet her every day, the librarian who goes out of his way to take you right to your book because he enjoys seeing the smile on your face; Lightworkers, joy-bringers, all of them. When you can see the utter peace and joy that a lightworker brings to the world through the work they love, then they’ve found their true purpose.

It doesn’t matter if your voice is heard above others, it doesn’t matter if your words are read, it is in the process of doing what your heart and soul cry out for that you connect most deeply with the path of light. You walk your path, and let others walk theirs. Be there to offer support, talk about your experiences and swap stories. And keep on doing what you love, fiercely, passionately. Let yourself be.


About Jenny: Also known as ‘The Catharsis Coach,’ Jenny loves exploring life’s twists and turns through the lens of transformation. When she’s not writing, she’s coming up with new ways to help people move through change with grace and ease.

You can find her at: The Power of Change, on Facebook, or on Twitter

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Lightworker Bill Ballard – 1-11-15 – 23rd Anniversary, Opening 11 11 Doorway – WE DID IT !!



What an amazing adventure we have had since Opening the 11:11 Doorway 23 years ago today. So much we believed and foresaw then has shifted generating a new reality that no one could have prophesized. From our view 23 years ago we were looking at 2 worlds separating and the lower vibrational world of the two destroying itself, similar to the destruction of Atlantis but with those ascending continuing onto New Earth. With all the ceremonies and frequency increases as well as the activation of true blue walking talking ascending masters all over this planet, we have shifted it for the collective… All will come through this ascension process as we proceed…. How long will that take??? I certainly do not know but to see the shifts that have unfolded and the majic we have performed and are currently experiencing in our individual experiences…. Its happening! We did it! We have shifted this planet and the human collective! WE are on our way to New Earth, and together! LOVE!

Ronna Herman’s Archangel Michael message of 1/1/15…. Always a fractal of my own messages each and every time! WE, Ronna and I, bb, come from the same fragment obviously. Ronna describes her process of activation and bringing forth information during her 87 plus years on planet since Harmonic Convergence and Opening the 11:11 Doorway… This is a good listen too with an open mic Archangel Michael channeling! Amazing as usual! Click the “Replay” link at the bottom of the page here:… and…

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Patricial Cota-Robles Healing waters of the past 20 years “During the past 20 years, powerful Activities of Light have taken place involving the Healing Waters of the World. Since 70% to 80% of the Planet and 70% to 80% of our physical bodies are composed of water, it is important for us to know about these events and to realize that they have greatly accelerated our Ascension process.”…

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Aisha North – A short update on the energies – 1-12-15

Aisha-NorthAisha North   –   Constant Companions

By now, much has been coming to the fore in all sorts of ways as the seeming fog of yesteryear is beginning to dissipate. You see, you are all already breathing a fresher air, and so, the outlook upon your lives should become a more detailed one in the time ahead. Let us explain. As we have told you on numerous occasions, you already carry within you all of the seeds to whatever it is you have come here to sow, and by this, we mean the information that is needed in order for not only you, but this entire planet to unfold itself to its full glory. For you are already everything you want to be, and as such, you only need to enable all of that inherent potential in order for not just you, but everything else to change into something that no longer resembles that almost ruinous version of your former selves. You see, not only do you have access to all of this potential in the form of knowledge, you also have access to everything else you might need to recreate what has been desecrated. For as we have told you before, it is all about vibration, vibration in the form of various frequencies of energy, energy that is and will always be fully malleable in every way. Nothing is written in stone, for nothing is unchangeable, even those parts that seem to be nothing more than inert mass standing in the way between you and everything that you dream of. For little by little you will begin to fully grasp the implications of this, and you will begin to literally rewrite all of the old rules and replace them with just this simple one: everything is possible as long as it is coming from a place of love. For that is what this is all about, changing everything around you by simply changing yourself, for when you do that, your metamorphosis will begin to initiate change in everything that surrounds you.

Remember, we have told you earlier that this profound change that we talk about is taking place on a subatomic level, and as such, it can be impossible to “see” if you use the term in the regular way of perceiving something through those apertures in your head you call eyes. They have their uses, but as you all know by now, they have their limits too, and so what you need to do is to shift your line of sight into one that goes beyond the superficial and quantifiable that you are used to taking into account by way of your five senses. What we are trying to tell you in this rather roundabout way is that this profound change will change it all, but it will do so on a scale that is at one time so monumental it actually encompasses All of creation, but at the same time, it is on a scale that is so small, you have yet to be able to fully detect it even with your most advanced technical and scientific equipment. Yet, some of those bright minds amongst you have found a way to begin to peer deeper and deeper into this seeming abyss of mystical events that constitutes the very bedrock of your existence, namely that hidden mechanism behind the emergence of matter. For you know much already, and there are thousands upon thousands of pages written about this by scholarly minds by now, yet they are still mostly speculations, for the full process and the last small pieces have yet to be discovered.

For everything they have seen so far has shown them that there are still so many questions to answer, but even so, they are undeterred by this challenge of digging deep enough into the tiniest of particles in order to find those elusive answers they so hanker for. Well, let us just say this, the answers will be found, but maybe not in the manner they expect to find them, nor in the locations they speculate they may exist. For the reason these answers will emerge, is because of the likes of you. For you are the living proof of how this mechanism not only is quantifiable, but also how infinitely simple yet how highly complex it really is. For you are already beginning to exhibit the effects from this magnificent shift by the way that you are all beginning to literally relearn to retune your entire apparatus of retrieval and transmission of information, and the reason you are able to do this, is by way of interchanging the old subatomic setup of your entire physical vehicle in such away, it will once again become fully compatible to the much more advanced duplexes of energetic highways that exist in Creation, highways that you have so far in your history been shielded from traveling on.

For you have taken the byways and the detours, more numerous than we can count, and they have been necessitated by your inability to partake of the highly charged bursts of informational downloads that are at all times passing through you on all those levels of existence you have been disconnected from for eons. You see, you are literally swimming in a soup of interconnected forms of existence on multiple planes, all co-existing in the same space in ways that will be hard for you to truly fathom, but that makes perfect sense once you learn to distinguish them all on yes, a subatomic level. For remember, space is a commodity that is even more abundant than you at this stage perhaps can imagine, for when you look at an object, you see what you think is all mass, but what is in effect literally just a whirring cloud of particles held together in such a way, it resembles mass. For what it really is, is energized particles commuting through vast and seemingly empty distances of space, so if you compact it all, very little actual mass would be seen by you. The rest would simply be “empty space”, but it is in actual fact not empty, it is filled with those even more elusive particles that make up “mass” in all of these other dimensions that you have around and indeed within you.

For everything that exists in these designated coordinates in space that you define as “your” part of Creation is all here, hidden in plain sight as it were, not merely right in front of your nose, but on all sides, inside and out, so where you only see you, we see all that is currently occupying the same space as you. But now, you will also by and by learn to consciously interact with these so far elusive “relatives” to call them that, the more esoteric parts of existence that you have so far been unable not just to detect, describe or even imagine, but whom you will now learn how to also connect with by way of your own internal “superconductor”, the one that is in actual fact an integrated part of your very own physical vehicle, and that has been enabled is such a profound way over this last period of time by your collective ability to literally tune into these priming vibrations that have been sent out just for this purpose.

Remember, the potential is there for all, but to really become fully absorbed into this until now hidden stream of consciousness that you are already literally swimming in, you need to fully allow yourself to take the plunge. And this, so many of you have done already, hence that tremendous internal change that is already taking place on this planet. For this can in all aspects be likened to a chain reaction, and when enough of you take the plunge, as the case is now, you will engender such a huge blast of energetic movement on a molecular basis, it will literally go to the very core of your planet, and it will go to the very core of all of mankind.

Again, we understand that our explanation will seem to be more elusive than those fabled particles your scientists are hunting so hard to find, yet, we want you to understand this simple fact: you have accomplished such a monumental change for all of humanity already, a change that is even more profound than if you equate it with the totality of evolution you as a species have gone through from the very first time your ancient ancestors set foot on dry land back in the wee hours of mankind’s existence. And even if this monumental shift is not visible to any of you yet, it is simply because it is what can only be defined as a true quantum leap – an occurrence that happens on that level of Creation where it all begins – with the tiniest of particles, the ones that are the foundation for everything in existence. For on that level, you have made such a huge shift it can be likened to shifting from one side of the visible spectrum to the opposite. Again, our words are inadequate when it comes to explaining this, for you need to literally tune into your very new vibration yourself, and then, you will all see what it is we are trying to tell you in this rather crude and inefficient manner. For then, you will find that the inner view of your very own being will have changed in such a way, you will know that who you were is someone that was incapable of the feats that you are about to embark upon now. And then, you will also know that not only have you successfully shifted yourself fully into a new space of the spectrum, you have also allowed your entire existence to begin to play out under some very new stars.

For you have opened up not just a new doorway, you have also removed the ceiling that stopped you from seeing beyond the obvious, and we do mean this in a very literal way. So now, the vistas that will begin to open up are far more advanced and far more hospitable if you will than the ones you have been staring at seemingly forever. For as you allowed yourself to change, you also enabled this entire planet to do the same, and together you will begin to fully explore just how creative you as a fully integrated union can become. And it will be an exploration that will be fully founded on that one underlying equation of love, for that is the drum that will set the beat, that is the new rhythm that will be literally at the heart of it all, and that is the sound that will make all of your hearts sing in perfect symmetry as well. And together, you will create that symphonic masterpiece not just you, but All of creation have been waiting for for such a long time.

Tribute to All Lightworkers – Somehow I’ll Find My Way Home



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