Archangel Gabriel via Shelly Young – Navigating New Energies – Ascension Update




Channeled through Shelly Young, Trinity Esoterics, July 30, 2014 | Thanks to Awakening Daily.

Photo: Archangel Gabriel

Greetings, Dear Ones! How pleased we are to be with you yet again. It is delightful to meet with like-minded souls that are all committed to living their highest life expression, assisting the shift on your beloved planet, and co-creating the brand new age that you are now in.

It is our great honour to be in your presence today. We celebrate you for coming to anchor the energies of the group and, of course, when we say group we mean not only those who are in the room at this time, but also those who will be experiencing this transmission on your internet at a later time.

You are doing magnificently well. We understand that you are experiencing yourselves to be stepping into another level of brand new energies. We also understand that it can be somewhat trying as you are attempting to get used to how to navigate in these newest energies, and that is exactly what we would like to address for you today.

The energies will be ever evolving, Dear Ones. There is never going to be a time when the energies stop shifting. The very nature of your soul, the very nature of the universe, is to continue to expand and to grow. You are ever expanding beings, each and every one of you. Whether you are in the body, whether you are out of the body on the other side, you are always growing and expanding. That is your nature and that is to be celebrated.

You are never meant to stagnate. That is why, when you are resistant to movement, you get so uncomfortable. To resist is to create discomfort. Discomfort exists to stop people from being able to stagnate, or stay still, or resist growth for any significant amount of time.

It is very common for human beings, as they step into and start to experience a brand new energy, to hesitate, to stop, to expect it to look the same as all the energies that have gone before it. Change, as a general rule, can seem difficult for human beings. That is because the ego self, the operating system of the human being, is very resistant to change. It wants to stay in control, it wants things to stay the same.

And yet, your spirit, your soul self is always seeking to grow and expand and have further experiences. This is why duality has been so difficult for so many of you – it has been a perpetual tug of war, never quite being comfortable in either approach. This is exactly why you are now gaining skills on how to move through energies with a far greater grace and ease, comfort and enjoyment, now that you are all evolving beyond the old divided operating system of duality.

The way to do that is to allow your soul self, your higher self, to take the lead, and you do that through surrender, faith, flow and trust. We have been speaking extensively about the importance of surrender and flow for years now. The reason why we have been introducing surrender and flow to you all was because it is the operating system of the enlightening human being. It is how to navigate any new energy. It matters not what the energy stamp is of whatever new energy you are being presented with at any given time. It is the way to move with and work with the higher dimensional energies.

So you will hear from many sources that you are really into some unprecedented energies on your planet. You have not worked with this level of light as a human being on your planet, ever. These are unprecedented times and you are becoming experts of navigating change. Not only that, you are co-creating the change. You are creating the change. Let us say that again. You are creating the change.

Many of you think that the change is happening to you, but we would beg to differ. It is the collective of humanity that is driving the change on your planet right now. You are the ones who are creating the change, you are the ones who are shifting and transmuting energies, you are the ones who are anchoring the energies on your planet, you are the ones supporting the grid, you are the ones who are choosing the change. You are the ground crew!

Do you understand what we are saying? You are creating the change and then, ironically, resisting the change! Do you see how that is not in your best interests if you are looking for comfort? The way to navigate any change on your planet from this moment forward is the way it has always been best to navigate change. It is through surrender, faith, flow and trust.

Your faith is already in place or else you wouldn’t be listening to this transmission. When you surrender you are choosing to work and create and navigate through your highest self. Not only that, you are choosing to navigate with all the assistance that exists in the universe for you, that is at your fingertips at all times. It matters not when you are in surrender and flow whether the old way works or not, because you will intuitively be led to exactly what will work in that right now moment.

Let the truth of that settle down into every cell and particle of your being. It is through surrender and flow that you will easily navigate whatever the energies are doing at any given time. You are navigating through your heart centres. You are navigating through your love. You are navigating through your intention. You are navigating through your intuition. Why do you think you’ve been in the process of developing all those aspects of yourselves all this time?

It is not that there is a cruel universe playing a joke on you saying, “Haha! We will throw new energies at them. This should really throw them into a tizzy!” You are in change of how you handle the energies. And yes, you will find them easier as time goes on because you will develop great skill at just being able to effortlessly flow with whatever works at any given moment.

So give up the attachment to the idea that a healing modality will work the same way every day. It may not. Give up the idea that connecting with your guides will be the same every day. The energies are always in flux. You may hear them brilliantly at one level of meditation one day and you may hear them, loud as can be, when you are cooking your dinner another day. But if you surrender with intention to connect, guess what? You are going to find where that place is.

This is starting to allow your own mastery to take the lead. This is you being able to move forward through change fearlessly. Know that all your supports are in place, that you have all the skills that you need. Release the idea that change and moving into anything new is hard work and stressful. Why can’t change be joyful? Welcomed, even? You want peace on your planet. Guess what will bring it? Change. You want perfect health. If you don’t have it right now, what will bring it for you? Change. You want your divine love relationships. What will bring that to you, Dear Ones? Change! You want change! Change is good! Change is what is going to move you into living the life expressions of your dreams.

You have the skills already to do this. What if you got up every single day and decided, today I surrender to being of my greatest service and navigating whatever energies there are with grace and ease, gratitude and enjoyment, fun and joy, and with lots of love. If you are allowing your heart centres, your intuitiveness, your soul selves, and all of your guides and helpers to lead you where you want to go, you can never, ever, ever get it wrong.

When you commit to surrendering and flowing every single day you can rest assured that you are always exactly where you are meant to be, having the highest possible experience. It takes all the second-guessing out of things, doesn’t it?

There will be many people who will be becoming uncomfortable from trying to control energies that will not stay still. You are not one of them. You are here to step into your mastery and to demonstrate the different way of doing things. How about sailing on top of the energies? How about spinning joyfully and playing and having fun in the energies? It’s all available to you, Dear Ones, you just have to choose.

You are ready. This is what this whole enlightenment process that you’ve been in for so long has been for. It has been giving you the skills – now is the time to use them. That is the trust piece. Trusting that your guides are always there to assist, and trusting that you are ready to start navigating whatever comes your way with mastery, grace and ease.

When you allow your highest selves to take the lead in such a way, you are choosing the path of unity and unconditional love, and that is what is going to create all of the changes that you so wish to experience on your beloved planet. This is what we wished to share with you today. Know that you are remarkable, and celebrated, and loved beyond measure. It has been our great pleasure.

Archangel Gabriel thru Shelley Young
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Lisa Transcendence Brown – Your Higher Self Activates Your Own Light – 6-20-14

Image Source  –  Lisa Transcendence Brown


Your old human DNA is transmitting the old reality in every moment

that you are unconscious and living in an exterior reality world.

The moment you go inward, you change your reality.

Every moment you are conscious and shifting to choose from love,

you are changing your reality.

Your DNA is re-mapping, re-structuring

and for every human belief/system you release,

refuse to participate in, refuse to believe anymore….

every time you refuse to support separation andchoose to unify,

YOU activate your dormant STAR BEING DNA inside of you.

Every time you do this,

you are literally restructuring inside at the sub-atomic molecular level.

YOU do this, by choice.

Your reality OUT THERE is being transmitted from within you.

From that which you hold inside.

Your connection AS your HIGHER SELF/SELVES activates your own light.

Your sleeping allows for integration and merging to occur.

Your realities flip/merge as you sleep and when you awake,

LOOK for the NEW.

You birth this from inside of you.

YOU hold all of the power by letting go and

honoring all that is sacred inside ….


Lightworker Bill Ballard – Transmutting the Ongoing Generational Historical Karma of Our Family – 6-2-14

pearls2u·212 videos

My last video had so many private messages on what came through resonating with what was captured. Many of us are consciously transmuting family karmic issues from many previous generations and from culture clashes throughout history since the Fall of Atlantis… For us this is ongoing and certainly not pleasant. The Karma STOPS Here.

I know I cannot remain here, but will have to shift back working with others who hold higher vibrations and intents with their conscious LIGHTWORK. Today I did geomancy here working on the Gulf’s vibrations. So much was coming in as I did that and there is no way it could all get into an hour long video. We are shifting the Metatronic magnetics of Creation… Ascending Universes. It’s pretty cool stuff as we realize the depths we play at consciously, but it is also very painful as many of those we transmute for are awake and know what is going on, as we have now spoken about this for so long, but many persons even though we have been outspoken for a long time, telling what is going on, they are not choosing to advance with us…

Remember as Bashar states so many times… it is where we choose to hold our vision right now that will be where we advance to in our own future… and those not choosing to GET IT NOW… will be left behind by their own choices…. We ALWAYS have to “walk our talk” and with LOVE!

Sometimes, LOVE just hurts… and it is that “HURT” exactly which is the magnetics that must be transmuted and with LOVE… One’s personal experience during times of ascension is ONLY the responsibility of that individual. If they choose NOT to advance or talk without walking the walk… well, then they made their choice… Let em go with LOVE! It’s time to go to the next level, again. This rescue mission is over now… Job well done! It is time to get to others holding the higher light and visions and who are working together… Time is almost out for those on the fence to align their energies, do their personal work and walk the talk… The world KNOWS now the change time, aka ascension is here!


Urgent Message To All Lightworkers – Hilda, Veronica Keen – 4-29-14

NOTE:  This is quite an amazing read.  It is a Clarion Call to All Lightworkers in a Criticality Moment in Our Ascension.  Please use your discernment !

Veronica Keen

Veronica and Montague Keen




As you have read in Montague Keen’s last message:

Montague Keen, April 27, 2014   –


Everybody who read ‘How Did We Become Souls of Distortion” perhaps can comprehend that we have been kept in a Faraday Cage to prevent ascension. On December 8, 2013, Montague Keen shared this important information:

It is wonderful when someone grasps what you are trying to expose and explain: they run with it and they find the answers.

Hilda did just that. She found what was so well hidden that it had escaped the attention of scientists for years. This is so important. It must be shared and openly discussed. Questions must be asked and answers must be given. This is the information that I have been preparing you for, and leading you towards.

I ask that you devote time to study the implications contained in this lengthy document and carefully consider what steps to take, in order to rectify the damage that was done to humanity by the Dark Ones in order to create a slave race to support and serve them.

You are waking up. The doors are opening wide to a future that, until now, you never expected to have. The future is yours. Grasp it with both hands. Go with the flow towards it. Leave everything negative behind you, it is not worth a moment of your time. Welcome the Energy that you will release when you all come together in peace and harmony. This is the last hurdle you face. You now have all the information you need to make the necessary changes. You are almost there. Read the following document carefully, my friends. The prison bars are dissolving, freedom awaits you.


Montague Keen

My love, it is all moving forward nicely. People are ready to do what is necessary to restore your planet and to establish peace and harmony for all humanity.

The answers you need are contained within this document. I ask everyone to now read it. Please click the link below to do so:

Souls-of-distortion, by Hilda:


Tomorrow, May 1st, during Beltane and the New Moon the elite cabal will be grounding Low vibrating, fear based,  energies through powerful ley line nodes into the ley lines to keep on enacting the Faraday Cage.

Ley-line nodes have vertical (wormholes/pillars of light) input from other star systems to enact the codes/open dna/knowledge and therefore we remember the knowledge we gained in higher dimensions.

Pyramids, churches, arenas, etc. are built on these nodes with the intention to generate or love , depending on the amplifiers that reside there. We Humans are the amplifiers.  As described in Souls of Distortion, they see their way out through enacting Stargate CERN.

They need source power for that and the Arc Of The Covenant is their way out!!! They will attempt to take over all dimensions, and the plan was so brilliant. They think they will never loose, or have to give up!!

But as everyone know from light sources:  There Will Be No Nukes! They tried to use nukes to lead the energy of the ARC through the ley-lines towards CERN, and as you can see, this did not happen, so there is absolutely no need to panic. We just have to support Gaia’s energies through Beltane in love with beautiful visions of paradise for humanity.


By Energizing the Obelisks and seeing all Pillars Of Light shooting out of the Ley Line Nodes toward Infinity    –   Connecting to other Star Nations  by the Wormholes that will empower Gaia  –  like Universal Umbilical Codes.

We will free Gaia and Blaze the Violet Flame towards everybody standing in these Pillars.

Gaia then will then be taken back to the Light with open arms.

If a person can’t take this Love Force, they will back off.

We have to do it ourselves.

We are the Ones we have been waiting for.

The cabal has one advantage: They are well organized worldwide.

This kept everything under control by creating fear and using psychological factors connecting to the fear-based Ego.

Hitler used these ideas and they still use it to keep the masses under control.

The cabal, however, has one advantage. They are well-organized worldwide. They have kept everything under control by creating fear and using psychological factors connected to the fear-based ego. Hitler used these ideas and they still use them to keep the masses passive and under their control.

The results of this are:

— They are able to shut off the use of the angelic christed extraterrestrial brain. We can only use the reptilian/reflex brain, i.e., do what you are told to do — out of fear!

—We feel the fear of being cast out of our group/family because we are different (in a larger way — via witch hunts).

— We feel the need to blame someone else for our own “poor”situation. Playing the victim role to legalize war is a role of the ego.

— We feel the strong need to be a member of the winning party — with, of course, as a result the promise of an abundant life.

All this fulfills the Intention of our s–called Leader   –   and gives our energies to the false system and empowers it.

These techniques are used on all levels of consciousness, and they are used even within the Occult sector (also with economies and the military).

These rituals that we think are only of the cabal will also be attended by the forces of light (ground crew), so please do not get agitated when you see those in the news at these dark rituals whom you thought were of the light, because they still are!

They are there to override the System/Input with the highest power of one individual. They will have the Highest Power of one individual. They will have the impeccable Intent to Align with Source will bring in the Highest Energies.

What we can do to assure this goes smoothly:

We see the Light from Other Dimensions flowing into the Ley Line Nodes as Pillars Of Light

and Gaia releasing her pressure built up by the Sun of Hollow Earth.

We see the creation of a 2 – way system of receiving and giving.

We see these Pillars of Light infusing the Ley Lines and mingling with the Energy of The Arc directed towards Rome. enlightening all Obelisks!

By doing this will empower Gaia and everyone who is connected with Her, and therefore also the ones who perform these rituals.

We, The Lightworkers, will align ourselves with the Will of Source, seeking total release from the Dark Forces.

Because theu cannot stand Love, the Dark Ones who will stand in these pillars will step back.

Those of the Light will remain standing!

By putting asie our fear of being ridiculed, we, ourselves, will shorten the window of Opportunity to free Gaia.


We are the ones we have been waiting for.


Please see the importance of this message.

Put everything aside and share — in every way and with everyone you can imagine!

Please also share with regular media outlets.

Please share as far as possible.

It’s time to come Together as One!*

See the Keen Foundation/global ley-line project on Facebook;


Love and Light



Bill Ballard – Integration, Fusing of Incoming Energies into Physical Form – 1-12-14

pearls2u·226 videos

There has been a great shift in the energies these past days. It is integration and fusing of the higher levels of self, LIGHT Quotient and those frequencies into the physical atomic and cellular structure. ISON’s energies are upgrading and changing the H2O of all consciousness as it comes through. I have not had words or understanding that I could relate to others in video format these past months and until yesterday I was not fully understanding or relating to that which I feel in my own field. I have fused with it now.

It is interesting that happened 22 years to the day after 144,000 of us joined in unified focused thought and doing our ceremonies, the Wheels within Wheels mentioned by Ezekiel in his book chapter 1 so long ago… That it has taken 22 years now to bring our planet and humanity into a shift was not something I could relate to then… Most of us felt we would be off 3D Earth by 1999… but isn’t it funny how things shift as we are ALL ONE… The rest of the collective of humanity did not want to be left behind… hehe, and that was what 9/11 was all about, and more. So Thanks Team Dark for that!

I also thank everyone who has been working with me on the High Energy Exchange which allows me the funding to do projects I manifest… That is working well…

WE-l-come to 2014 and New Earth my dear other parts of ME!



Integrating All the Multiple You’s – Living in Multiple Timelines at Once – Suzanne Spooner, Ron Head – Speaking with Self – 1-9-14


I think you are going to like this! I’ve recently been bouncing some theories around in my blonde brain about quantum mechanics, the relativity to our current lives and congruent, parallel lives and multiple time lines. This stuff gets me so excited and so frustrated at the same time! I want to “get it”! :)

So, as I was preparing to TAUK through the topic and questions for my next QHHT (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy) session with Ron Head, naturally God came through to chat with me about my curiosity. The topic for our 14th session (first session of 2014) was about renewing ones connection to Source. Great topic, I thought, for the new year!

BUT when I TAUKed through the 3rd question I knew He was ready to start this conversation, I was hoping for! The question was:  ”Tell me how the multiplicity of aspects of human consciousness effect me and everyone”….. THAT I thought would be an interesting answer!

The answer to that question turned into a dialog and that turned into a YouTube clip called “Exploring Your Multiple Selves”. I’ve had to listen to it several times to grasp the information given. We’ve removed the pauses and reduced a 23 minutes 23 second clip to just under 15 minutes. The clip is found below.

Ron and I are having a lot of fun exploring all these different topics and presenting them to you! We want to give YOU a New Years gift!! So to listen to all the questions and answers to our 14th session for our Speaking with Self website for FREE click HERE!!! Go to “Session 14″. Click on the “package” not the individual questions. The code to enter is “IAMALL” (I Am All without the spaces).  It’s used in the shopping cart prior to checking out in Paypal. Above the little credit card icons is an area to enter the discount code.  Enter it and hit tab or return and it will apply  the discount.  We hope you enjoy some mind-bending conversations!

12.12.13 – From Within the Portal – With Yeshuwah – Becoming Whole

becoming whole

Image Source

This is Judith, and YES there IS a 12.12 portal– because I am IN it right NOW as I write the following words.

In the midst of chaos, we embody our dreams. Yesterday I found myself living one at the Wildlife Waystation. Today I found myself living another. I was getting “insights” for the Tele-Gathering for Energy Sensitives on 12/17, when suddenly Yeshuwah came through with such overwhelming Love and such amazing “insights”– both so far beyond what “I know” in my human self– that I DID know the experience was FAR REALER than “what I think I know.” It was even far beyond any dream I had consciously allowed myself to know of!

And meanwhile, I am also feeling very human, and very small indeed, as I face integrating all of these dreams into the limitations of “who I thought I was.”

What I “got” in response to using the word “small” about myself is something I wish to pass onto you–

“You are not small, but vast. You are not either/or, but all. The process You are in is one of integrating opposites into wholeness. What feels like riding a loop-de-loop, as You have described it, is simply the way the process of re-claiming All That You Are feels in human form. Allow the re-balancing to occur, claim the truth of your power as You recognize your manifested dreams, and LOVE yourSelf whole again.
To put it succinctly, Beloved, be still and know that You are God.” — Yeshuwah


Copyright(c) Judith Dagley, 2013–All Rights Reserved.

You may copy and redistribute this material as long as you do not alter it in any way, the content remains complete, and you include this copyright notice link:

Corrina On Ascension – Re-Returning to Beginning – Universal Love Flows – Golden Web Integration – 11-26-13

Cosmic Mother

Listen to this Earth Hive update

Earth Hive Blog

There was a deep momentum building in November that reached a crescendo effect over the weekend, bringing us into a new choice point.  We are being given the option to choose again.  It’s like a re-do in the collective.  The story is deeply influenced by the new feminine Cosmic Creation field that has been circling the Earth’s atmosphere since October.  With it’s full emergence pressing, there is an upheaval in the masculine created world.  From the Earth Hive perspective, a cosmic consciousness of the Cosmic Mother light, we can see that it is the Mother’s nest making way for a stable place to land deeper into the Earth.  It is a time of the wise woman’s knowing, honoring the space of the great Mother, and allowing for her children to scramble a bit as all that has been known to be real shifts underfoot.

The Flow of Universal Love

The Earth and humanity is embarking into a vast new field of creation.  In the last two months, this has been remarkably influenced by the Golden Web of Creation, a master field of creation generated from the feminine source of life and heard throughout the cosmos as Earth’s new song of the Mother.  The incoming Golden Webs are positioned throughout the planet as an intervention.  Many of us have called in this light field to allow for an easier transmission of the Mother’s light and to right the “wrongs” of the false light creations (part of the corrupted masculine energy).  The call was received and fulfilled for many reasons; yet, a crucial reason is the heart wounds of Earth are disrupting the flow of the one love frequency from the universal heart Core.  This disruption leads to rips in the fabric of the universe, a kind of “heart sore” in the universal fabric of God’s universe.  It is paramount to the universal flows of omni-love for Earth to repair her heart frequency and heart disconnection, not only for the sake of humanity’s heart, but for the sake of cohesion in the greater universe of love.

From the perspective of the cosmos and the higher dimensional light beings that work to maintain the flows of universal love, Earth is now an active player in the cosmic milieu of creation.  Our lower projections (hate, hurt, pain, suffering, trauma) are impacting the universal heart highway, the heart lines that transmit the one heart pulse through all of creation.  The Golden Web of Creation has been ushered into Earth as a buffer to the lower projections, sending them back to Earth, but also to very quickly change the context by which we create on Earth.  The impact is great.  We are feeling the reverberation of these lower projections instantly.  At the same time, we are receiving greater amounts of love flows through the universal heart lines.

The great Mother consciousness is very powerful on Earth now; she is enacting new codes of creation that elevates consciousness to be inclusive of the “wholeness of experience”.  Greater consciousness is required in all of our thoughts and actions as the mirror of reflection is showing us exactly what it is that we are choosing to create.  We can see the “whole” rather than the “part”, if we choose to engage in this level of seeing.  Our experiences are received now as spheres of reflection; these are bubbles of light that contain the whole intelligence of that which we are creating.  As we sort through these reflective bubbles of experience, we are being given a fresh start, the option to choose an entirely new reality.

The Re-Return

In this process of re-creation we are undergoing on Earth, the Earth’s clock has been reset numerous times.  This is one such moment.  The entry of the Golden Web of Creation, as well as a harmonic shift coming from the Earth’s core syncing up with the Galactic core (this is an infinity frequency sync-up), is re-aligning the timing sequences on Earth.  This is one of those cherished moments where we can truly leave the past behind and start anew.  If we take this golden opportunity, we are empowered to re-create with all the love power of the universe to fulfill our divinity on Earth.  Many of us have been gifted with universal plans of action to carry out on Earth.  Some of these plans are very, very clear.  We are receiving the clarity of knowing that we are responsible for these plans, and yet, we can start fresh today with their orchestration.  It’s truly a new moment on Earth and our actions will manifest differently than even in the not so distant past.

The “re-return” is like a surprise gift of new life.  The quality of the creation atmosphere on Earth now is saying that we begin today.  Pay deep, deep attention to what it is that you are receiving.  The awareness is starkly crystal clear now.  Doubt and confusion can arise if we dip into the reverberation of the lower projections.  View your own crystal ball, the light bubbles of reflection, and you can dip out very quickly and re-start with the power of universal love supporting your wholeness of experience.

Golden Web Integration 

December will see the acceleration of the integration of the Golden Web of Creation.  As I am seeing it now, it will reveal a new dimensional layer on Earth.  It’s a golden-ness of creation that hoovers just above the Earth’s soils.  As humanity receives this golden bath, the buffer of protection for love’s creations will amplify.  It will create a type of reversal in the layering of Earth.  Lower projected thoughts/actions will counter-intuitively “rise” out of the Earth’s surface as they will not be able to live near the surface where the Golden Web has created her nesting ground.  It may be chaotic or it may flux smoothly.  This is yet to be determined as it’s the masculine principle that will significantly influence how the pattern of “reversal” manifests.  The masculine experience on Earth is in a test run at the moment to inquire on this process.

There is room for the wise woman, the intuitive healer and the knower and revealer of Truth, to hold ground to effectively clear the ground space on Earth of dis-ingenious experience and cycling.  We may see a greater power and effectiveness of the true maternal instinct and matriarchal strength that does what needs doing to allow for a greater purpose to unfold.  It is a time of affirming what is the desired experience within the materially present world, and this role is being re-balanced to the female presence on Earth, a presence that shows up in a myriad of ways.

One of these ways of the female is through the divinity of the bees.  They have been acting up lately to re-insert their way of creation, the feminine hive creation experience.  In their multi-dimensional body of higher intelligence, they are swarming close to the surface clearing the ground-level debris and polishing the surface to smooth the transition for the Golden Web’s “nesting” space.  In their dusting and polishing, they are creating an expanded ground level space for the new creation that invites more people to ground into the honeycomb design of life.  There is literally more space bee-ing created for humanity to connect to the honeycomb foundation, the unification of the One Mind and the One Heart where universal intelligence meets the universal heart pulse.  The bees welcome ALL who desire to pulsate with this oneness.  You may find that their buzzing, a harmonic of the AUM vibration, is tapping at you, introducing you to the hive and initiating you into the Golden Web of Creation.  When you are touched by the buzz, you are being given the choice of igniting the universal love flow within yourself–a greater spaciousness of experience awakening and understood oneness enveloping your reality.

Welcome to the buzz of unity!

Earth Hive Blog

Jayme Price – Weekly LightBlast – 11-16-13

Following Another
Sweet, sovereign Being; you have been graced with Life in individual form for your courage to do so.  It is not something you earn, for you have asked; it is something you answer.  You are at a poignant point of discovery at each moment.  In your current expression, you are discovering the Self as it relates to the Whole.  You are discovering your answers beget the question, and the discovery of Life continues.  Wholeness is the nature of Life, though that entails the seen and unseen, the spoken and the unspoken – the connection of duality.  Duality can be an ease or a disease, it is for you to answer that question of Life.  Duality is merely two opposites, Wholeness is your sovereign choice to be empowered enough to integrate both within you.  What then does Following Another have to do with this?
Following is a refinement of allowing.  To become Whole, you Allow Life to flow along your path and you direct/choose it into empowered expansion.  You direct and allow, allow and direct.  The circle encompasses and blurs the point of separation, as the beginning and the ending merge into Oneness.  This then is the benevolent Truth of Following.  It is not the giving up of the Self to another’s authority.  It is the Self creating a path of Life.  Allowing is the opening, following is the flowing and choosing, a simultaneous act of observing and desiring, that desire stirring the next path of flow.  Life will never ask you to Follow to your detriment, though that is a choice you can make.  Life will continually seek to flow you to your greatest path, such that a new path begins.  So as you Follow Another, you are recognizing the sovereignty in all, open to the flow of Life, and choosing for the Self.  In this way, you understand the interdependence of Life and you actualize the independence of Self.  The two are co-creative, creating a Wholeness that blazes a new trail for another to choose to merge.  This merging, from another perspective, creates a fork.  The beginning and the ending blur into One, Another One.
In Following Another, you are merely observing the reflection that Life is presenting to you.  You are the question in form, the answer forming.  Another reflects for you clues to your choices, that is what you Follow.  As you observe and choose, you are an Empowered Sovereign that is creating with the wealth of information that Life makes available to those with eyes to see and ears to hear.

As we sit to Blast Following Another, we are empowering our internal choice with external information, the two becoming One to create anew.  We are Allowing and directing our own flow of Life with the wisdom the past brings into the now.   We are the wayshowers of Loving Life, such that the clues we leave upon our path Light the way of Love for another.  We are the answer on a quest for Grace.  The path follows the heart.  Blast on!

7-3-13 Bill Ballard – Integration of Light Being and Angelic Self – Holding Paradise Energies

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were brought home to this being, and karmic contracts were voided to become truly sovereign again, I went through another initiation process integrating those higher parts of me.

Many of us are going through this process right now as I see so many talking about their experiences. It brings so much JOY as that means the Duality Experiment IS TRULY OVER! IT IS DONE! Finished and completed!

Now we are integrating the New Earth Energies, the Energies of Paradise, of the Mansion Worlds of this Galaxy. Those new frequencies each of us are channeling into Mother Earth ARE the Coordinates of where Earth (and our local universe) will re position itself through the Anterion Stargate, the Middle Star of Orion’s Belt and in the center of the Milky Way Galaxy…. WE COLLECTIVELY ARE THE COORDINATES OF THE OTHER END OF THAT WORMHOLE GENERATED BY THE PLANETARY MERKABA WHICH WILL BE IN THE STARS AS SEEN IN THE ASTROLOGICAL CHARTS OF 7/29/13! Do ya realize how BIG THIS IS??? Haha!

My message is to stay completely focused on holding those frequencies from now until that time. I see so many others who have also stepped through this doorway and have integrated their higher selves into their physical bodies, which is keys to the coordinates of where Mother Earth is going!

This is what we have always waited for, for millions of years… Here and NOW!

With Such Expanded LOVE for ALL THAT IS!

Bill Ballard