Lisa Gawlas – Shambhala, The Rains Of Heaven, Christ-Mass! – 5-22-14

lisagawlas2These last few days in the land of readings have been interesting to say the least and taking me much longer to understand what is happening than usual.  I realized something about the water colored energies from three days ago during a someones sharing of her experience in the soul gym last evening.  A fuller, richer, diverse increase in your soul energy coming into the wholeness of your created field of life.  Energizing everything with that pure, heavenly radiance.

If seeing everyone in water-color hue’s wasn’t strange enough, the following day took everyone to a whole new level of odd.  Right before the connection, I would get a flash, a single image for the person I was about to read for, expecting (my bad) to elongate on that image once we got the reading started.  Nope.  Instead, when I bent over to align my antenna with the back yard, the light became so bright I could not see thru it.  I eventually realized (after several connections) that the bright light I was seeing, was like a massive spark, an igniting… I could see its shape.. the full breadth of each persons field of life, from top to bottom, but the bottom was more like triangulated, incoming energy, pure Light energy to ignite the fields of life.

So I have to look at the preview of each person… the snapshot of imagery before our connection.  The first one was for two ladies who removed themselves completely from their old lives and moved to Panama.  I could see pastel colored flowers raining down all around them, I recognized these flowers from a long time ago… Shambhala flowers.  The rains of heaven filling their life, but equally, taking form.

My second flash before the connection was of a waterfall image that aligned with his entire outer edge of his field of life. Kinda like this:

link to picture

The pure hydrating energy to fertilize the very ground of life.  However, the waterfall energy was just starting to flow towards his center.

The one thing I am sure of today, all of the pre-images represents each persons emotional currency from spirit activated by the intent of seeing it, hence the intense bright light at our connections.

I have no idea what to expect in yesterdays connections, I was hoping for (and received) more than a flash!  What is interesting, out of 6 connections yesterday, all but one had the energy, the visuals happening in the same place in their fields.  I made a humble image of my viewing field:

My viewing field

What I find interesting if not telling, every persons “center path” is showing up in the area I call the East Field, new beginnings, fresh growth.  Of course, looking back on these last few days, it is exactly that.  Even more interesting, the only place you can go towards is the left or west side, created life itself.  Anything to the right or more east of center path is collecting the energy of pure emotion.

This shift in the field actually makes sense, to get to here, to this new moment in our story, we had to go deep within ourselves (the right side of the field, our emotional/spiritual life) and clean house.  Well, we should be pretty damn cleaned out by now because the focus of the field of light is what you are now doing in Life.

The yellow star in the image represents where all but one persons imagery was happening.  The place I call created life but also the gateway from Mays energy into the vast twin months of June and July.

One of the connections yesterday started with a pre-song.  I started hearing this song before I we connected.  Her name happened to be Virginia and the song playing in my head over and over was “Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus and you’ve got the right to believe.  I had to smile when Santa himself showed up in her reading, in that place where the yellow star was… but santa was having a wee bit of a problem getting down the chimney of her created life.  So I watched him twist and turn to get where he needed to be, in her Life field.  Then I realized he was using the energy of both a sine wave and the elongated fractal energy to moving himself thru the chimney (the space where heaven meets earth.)

I didn’t realize that the song I heard was actually from a little 8-year-old girl way back in 1987 as she wrote to the editor of the SUN newspaper.  The SUN/ The SON.  Christmas, CHRIST-Mass.

My beautiful Virginia was celebrating a birthday… her true Christmas, embracing the Christ that she is.  And now, she has become Santa Claus him/herself!!

I do want to share a bit of the editors amazing, enlightening reply to the Virginia who wrote to the Sun:

“DEAR EDITOR: I am 8 years old. 
“Some of my little friends say there is no Santa Claus. 
“Papa says, ‘If you see it in THE SUN it’s so.’ 
“Please tell me the truth; is there a Santa Claus?


VIRGINIA, your little friends are wrong. They have been affected by the skepticism of a skeptical age. They do not believe except they see. They think that nothing can be which is not comprehensible by their little minds. All minds, Virginia, whether they be men’s or children’s, are little. In this great universe of ours man is a mere insect, an ant, in his intellect, as compared with the boundless world about him, as measured by the intelligence capable of grasping the whole of truth and knowledge.

Yes, VIRGINIA, there is a Santa Claus. He exists as certainly as love and generosity and devotion exist, and you know that they abound and give to your life its highest beauty and joy. Alas! how dreary would be the world if there were no Santa Claus. It would be as dreary as if there were no VIRGINIAS. There would be no childlike faith then, no poetry, no romance to make tolerable this existence. We should have no enjoyment, except in sense and sight. The eternal light with which childhood fills the world would be extinguished.  …

We as children bring our wish list to Santa.  We can look at this Santa as our soul energy ready to give back to the human who houses the fullness of this magical, wonderful, heavenly body.

I am equally finding, there are many who have the same dilemma as I do.  I have no idea what is on my “desires” list.  For me personally, my life is full, I love my home, my work, my play…. and for a moment or two, I got worried because I really feel complete on all levels.  I was relieved of my pondering when I heard my Self say… now you are open to receive what you cannot even conceive of (mentally.)

May we ALL be open to receive and then ACT on the incoming energy.

Merry Christ-Mass to ALL!!!

((((HUGZ)))) of celebration and joy,

Lisa Gawlas

Solara An-Ra – Warrior Of The Light – Ascension Initiations

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This channelled message came during my recent ‘Opening to Channel’ course in London. We had just experienced an Ankh Initiation – I was guided in exactly what to do for each participant and then my assistant teacher Armukara Angel initiated me.

We were placed in a Golden Pyramid at the start, the energies of which were activated my channelling Hathor and Amun-Ra sound frequencies – a WONDERFUL experience of spontaneous overtoning for me!

You, dear tribe, are being encouraged to do initiations in your spirtual groups – healing/meditation groups, or spiritual friends, get together and allow yourselves to be guided – all instructions will come from your Higher Selves/guides/the Angels/Ascended Masters/Star Beings – they are literally waiting in excited anticipation for you to call them so they may assist in your initiations!

If you have received your spiritual name, this is a great reason for an initiation! My next one is for my ‘Mayan Transition’ when i turn 52 on the 24th July 2010 – thus entering my second cycle and my Wisdom Years. The coming Summer Solstice on June 21st is a great time for one as well. Let me know about your ceremonies and initiations!

Love love love,
Solara An-Ra
Warrior of the Light

Michael Mirdad – The Seven Initiations Of The Spirtual Path

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We are all spiritual beings. Therefore, every path we walk is a spiritual path, and all paths ultimately lead Home. There are no exceptions! The only difference is whether or not we are conscious participants on our journeys. However, being “conscious” offers a quantum leap forward on these evolutionary journeys and allows us to learn life’s lessons the “easy way” versus the “hard way.”

The Seven Initiations On The Spiritual Path explains how the path towards enlightenment involves seven major tests, or initiations as a means of reaching our personal awakenings. The masters of ancient civilizations understood these initiations and taught us how to walk through our personal tests and into higher levels of awareness. The Seven Initiations On The Spiritual Path condenses volumes of information into clear and simple concepts that explain how each initiation will look in our lives, while providing a map (found in the sacred geometry of our bodies) for our evolutionary journeys.

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Ethan Indigo Smith – How to Enhance Intuition – Understanding the Four Forms of Awareness

By Ethan Indigo Smith   –   Wake Up World

Found on abzu2 Blog

You are intuitive. You are capable of metaphysical observation that would make angels jealous. And yet as mortals we are all susceptible to the eternal rule applicable to systems in impermanence; move it or lose it. If you do not practice enhancing your observations but instead focus on limiting them, you limit yourself to the mere tangible.

Metaphysical intuition is very much like chi, metaphysical energy, and is in fact enhanced in the same meditative practices. To initially feel the flow, one must first believe, one must first imagine, and then the chi – the metaphysical intuition – will arise. This runs completely contrary to our post-modern mind state that refuses to believe until being presented with proof, sometimes even after being presented proof.

We are trained to sense only the tangible and physical. We believe we are not trained, we think we are completely developed. But take a step back – there is no limit to our development. If you do not practice developing your chi or your metaphysical intuition, instead concentrating on the tangible routine, you are limiting your comprehension and being. If you’re not training, you’re being trained. Meditation and meditative movements are called practices because one is never finished, for if you are not practicing or training, especially in the extensively meditated post-modern world, you are being steered or trained by others.

Sometimes we catch metaphysical intuition and then convince ourselves that our physical senses revealed the observation, not our metaphysical intuition. This is part of the predominant training of outside influences, that we do not have intuitive insight, that the institutions have the answers and that it’s not in us. We convince ourselves to even stop listening to our own insights because we have been trained that way.
The Balanced Mid-Point

The idea of balance in tai chi and all meditative movements for that matter is best expressed using a dual linear cross reference. Consider one can be tense or limp and that relaxed awareness is balance between the two, the midpoint of a horizontal line. Consider also that one can perform actions out of form or function, optimally expressed in a balanced midpoint between the two points on a vertical line. Relaxed awareness is a requirement and conversely a result of meditation and meditative movement, and can be represented as the point where these two ideas intersect and balance. This point of relaxed awareness is achieved when one properly intersects and balances the linear ideas of tense and limp, form and function. Whenever performing any activity, this state is required for optimal results, be it tai chi or meditation or shedding burdensome training.

“The loose string, which is like a life of indulgence, produces a poor sound when struck. The overly tight string, which is like a life of extreme asceticism, similarly produces a poor sound when struck and is moreover likely to break at any moment. Only the middle string, which is like the middle path, produces a pleasant and harmonious sound when struck.” ~ Story of Buddha

Levels of Awareness

Tai chi and meditative movements activate all aspects of awareness, physical awareness and metaphysical awareness. The first level of awareness multiplied through practicing meditative movement is interoception, the understanding of the one’s material self, how you feel and move. The second level of understanding is exteroception, the understanding of the material world outside oneself. Thirdly is proprioception, the understanding of how much strength, speed and from what position one can best manipulate or deal with the material world outside oneself. The fourth aspect of this set of four forms of perception is preprioception, the utilization of intuitive understanding and sensitivity for metaphysical observation.

Tai chi and all meditative movements enhance these four forms of perception, expanding one’s perimeter awareness metaphysically. Interoception, exteroception and proprioception are commonly understood terms, but the fourth part, preprioception, while obvious to meditative movement practitioners is mostly unconsidered. And it’s mostly omitted and unconsidered along with metaphysical intuition, because otherwise institutions could not lie to us. If one practices enhancement of intuition, proprioception, institutions cannot lie.

Language is a map, and omitting words rubs whole regions from the map. Simply understanding the four forms of perception can help enhance metaphysical intuition and make it so one might not be lied to so easily. Practicing meditation and meditative movement will enhance your perception also, of course.


2013, The Year Of Initiation – Gillian Macbeth Louthan – 10-21-13

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by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

2013, The Year of Initiation – Gillian MacBeth-Louthan – 10-19-13

As the dignitary of time walks about, showing its fullness of color, like a well endowed phoenix what was uncompleted long ago comes forth written in the sands of time.  No one is certain where the hands of time will land. All await the next dust storm to settle before the writing on the window sill has been seen. 2013 has existed as an isle outside of time beating to the drum of a new element. Rules gone by no longer adhere to earth as the hidden formulas within the text of the ancient ones reveal the magician behind the curtain. The invisible ink has faded and all can be read. What has been redacted bursts free from its inky shackles.

The universe can no longer wait for solar systems to awaken those that sleep.  You have come fully packed on an earthen journey of initiation. You have come with all that you need in truth, in matter and in all longings. The melodramas of earth are yours to own or dismiss accordingly. All situations that have come undone are holograms of misrepresentation projected by what needs to be acknowledged and released.

The first of 2013 was welcomed with open arms by many in far off galaxies. Many unified fields of light breathed a deep sign of relief as earth continued to spin at a beneficial rate. Earth herself was happy to make it through the dimensional flux. Since then Powerful plays of energy have announced themselves through meteorite and comet activity as well as deep space and solar emanations.  Tachyon touches every cell of all life as it passes through planet earth. Time has come undone and retied to fill every loop of energy.

Emanations from the stars reach down to work their healing magic upon earth.  The light from the stars shines down onto all choices. Everything you do or do not do will be felt in all sectors of heaven and earth. Everything in the universe opens its cupboards to show what is hidden in plain sight on its dusty shelves.
Problems come to move you through clogged sections of time into a cleared portion of your own truth. You are finally able to enter the free flowing experience of all possibility; like newly fallen snow with no footprints on it, you will walk upon a clean time slate.

Your starry nature can no longer be denied as every incoming piece of galactic history affects the human body. Like telegrams from home ports of call, civilization awakens to a deep cellular peace among the debris and shifts. All of the universe is connected in a unified quantum field. Earth’s starry nature comes back to show its ancestral tree of life. Everything is connected.

Humanity is at a place of coming undone in order to be rewound, not in a tighter ball of wool, but in crocheted free form like a silken sacred geometry. Lessons are wide and varied as the colors of flowers on earth.  Shifts and changes abounded in 2013 within those shifts many secrets will be unveiled.  Secrets of old give food for thought as everything changes. New pathways are laid in the land and roads as old circuitry is dissolved.

More will be asked of you as you expand into unforeseen places in your future chart. Your magic of believing has returned and a new hope and faith has been born. Biologically the human species must push past mental limitations into a place that succeeds from prior truths. Finally entering a place of a higher awareness that takes one into a temple of great healing. Every word counts dear ones, every word, with no exceptions to the universal rule. Creating and destroying is your full time job. Every word every thought, every second, without failure is creating. All limitations are transformed in this expanded version of reality

Seeing into the future is not a place for those weak of heart or knee. As one walks through the time doors many trap doors make themselves known, places of dissimilar time loops can escort one back and forth creating a dizzying effect. Time doors open and close faster than the blink of an eye. Truth and time are individual, and do not present a singular view or outcome.  The unknowable becomes seen, in the halls of time. That which has been emptied now becomes full. Freeing itself from definition there is nothing to do, there is nothing to let go of, you are simply free to explore all that you are. A shift of realm awakens from a long sleep to escort you into the nexus cornerstone where time and space meet and embrace you.
You cannot change what you cannot see! It is your destiny to look into places of the future that seek to be seen. humanity is part of the tapestry of time. You as a planet hold a key that has been hidden in plain sight.

You house the codes that allow the nexus to be experienced. You are blending dimensions and finding that being spatial is not as effortless as one would think.  Movement through the heavens will be seen without constraints, Nothing is hidden no matter how hard it tries to conceal itself.  Bubbles of illusions are popped A new entrance is created in the old pathways allowing the dimensions to meld and become  Seeable. The language of light from the stars comes to speak to earth directly in a form that can be absorbed. No more encrypted codes that can only be deciphered by the gods, but a new underlying simplicity that untangles the DNA.  Finally taming that which was previously mustang within, with a soft hand and a loving whisper.



Pleiadian Delegate – Secret Chamber of The Heart Initiation

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