Lisa Transcendence Brown – Your Higher Self Activates Your Own Light – 6-20-14

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Your old human DNA is transmitting the old reality in every moment

that you are unconscious and living in an exterior reality world.

The moment you go inward, you change your reality.

Every moment you are conscious and shifting to choose from love,

you are changing your reality.

Your DNA is re-mapping, re-structuring

and for every human belief/system you release,

refuse to participate in, refuse to believe anymore….

every time you refuse to support separation andchoose to unify,

YOU activate your dormant STAR BEING DNA inside of you.

Every time you do this,

you are literally restructuring inside at the sub-atomic molecular level.

YOU do this, by choice.

Your reality OUT THERE is being transmitted from within you.

From that which you hold inside.

Your connection AS your HIGHER SELF/SELVES activates your own light.

Your sleeping allows for integration and merging to occur.

Your realities flip/merge as you sleep and when you awake,

LOOK for the NEW.

You birth this from inside of you.

YOU hold all of the power by letting go and

honoring all that is sacred inside ….


Mother Mary – You Are the Harbingers of Love and Light – Channeller Fran Zepeda – 6-9-14


Mother Mary:

My dear precious harbingers of Light and Love. There was a time when I appeared before this channel and announced those very qualities in myself. But now I say them as applied to you all. For you have indeed turned another corner; a milestone in your development has been reached and you stand now so engulfed and encased in luminous Light and Love that you stand ready to spread it in an even more monumental way than previously.

For attached to you now is a sustaining connection to Source and Oneness, the likes of which have not been seen since your early days of inception. For the full glory of it is still to be felt and still to be understood, but know, dear ones, that you have arrived at a Pinnacle of Love never reached before. And I say to you now: enjoy it, embrace it and use it to create the world you want, if even in the words you speak and the gestures you make and the actions you take. Let them be from this new place of Love that is vibrating and reverberating within you now.

Let not your physical encasement be any boundary to your immersion in and expression of this love. Walk talk and Be it 24/7 now, dear ones.

Have you noticed that you see things differently now? That you interpret things differently now? It is all as a result of your embracing the “Tsunami of Love” as many have termed it. You may notice that your physical body is much more in-tune with it and much more capable of holding these massive amounts of love particles, adamantine particles, and although you may feel exhaustion at times, you are acclimating to the expansion of your physical body to accommodate the light infiltration.

For it may seem like you are floating at times, and yet in your encompassing so much light, it is becoming easier to navigate this new crystalline body that is forming and serving you more and more. And it makes it easier to mesh and commune with Source, does it not?

In your quiet moments of meditation, and yes, more and more when you are moving through your day, you retain an ethereal quality that used to be reserved to meditation. The more you concentrate and abide by the Now Moment, this is true. You are getting used to being and thriving in the higher dimensions even while you seemingly hang out and operate in your everyday life that used to be part and parcel to duality. It is now taking on a much different essence, is it not?

Many of you are experiencing rhythmic pulsing in your bodies, and often very loud “swooshing” and ringing in the ears. This accounts for a raised vibration and operating in the higher frequencies. If you try to focus too much on it, it becomes distracting. So we suggest that you just allow it and meld with it and know it is indication of your rising frequencies into the higher dimensions.

Love is all-pervasive now. It is the milieu in which you swim. And now you need not be tempted to get out of this “pool” in which you are swimming, for it is your natural habitat now. Get used to it. Get used to the soft yet exciting quality of the Love you are embracing now. It is you. It is your new way of Being.

The old thoughts and intentions of yesteryear’s duality are fading. Be careful not to try and re-enter this old world out of habit. You have a new springboard into the higher dimensions now that you have welcomed this new Light into your cells and this Love into your heart. Look for ways to utilize this new framework, this new way of thinking and Being. Don’t get pulled back to your old ways as they are fading.

Re-energize and re-dedicate yourselves every moment to living in your new life of Love, Harmony, Balance, Abundance and Peace. You are becoming more stable in it. Now is the time to take up the new “net” being cast and let it take you into the higher dimensions.

The Love you receive and the Love you give are now One and the Same, dear ones. It is a constant bandying of energy back and forth and within you as you learn to live within this beautiful “Net of Love”, taking everything and seeing everything from that standpoint, the standpoint of Love and Beauty and the sweet soft nurturing that Love is offering you now.

You have been the trail-blazers in this new era and even though it has been confusing and even anxiety-producing at times, you have heralded your new “Song of Love” with such Grace and Expertise, as we knew you would. You were chosen, and you chose yourselves for this task and you are executing it with such Grace. For you were born for this task and you are now receiving and remembering how to carry it out ever so much with Grace and Precision designed to bring it to all those around you.

Yes, you are the “Harbingers of Love and Light” and we bow to you and beseech you to carry on, dear ones. You are doing magnificently indeed.

All my love,

Mother Mary


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Hilarion via Marlene Swetlishoff – Hold Your Light Steady – Crystal kingdom being Reprogrammed to Higher Frequencies – 6-9-14

hilarion2Hilarion, channeled by Marlene Swetlishoff, June 9-16, 2014, at

Beloved Ones,

The energetic downloads are intense and powerful, and will lead those who are attuned further into their missions and destiny. Many there are who are finding the transformation process a difficult one, and it is helpful to allow for times of rest and nurturance when feeling overwhelmed.

The Earth continues to move into a less dense level, and this will have a profound effect on all her inhabitants. There will be less stress within the human system and more increased feelings of contentment, joy, and peace. As you hold your light steady you are assisting the greater field to align to the light pouring from the celestial realms.

Rest easy within your hearts, knowing that however difficult these times feel to you in the present moment, you will emerge victorious. The more of the incoming light that you can assimilate and absorb, the easier it will be for you.

The crystal kingdom is being reprogrammed to the higher frequencies, and this will also have a catalytic impact upon the whole of the Earth and all upon her. Daily attunement to the crystalline grid is essential in order to be receiving the codes that are available to be activated with the DNA/RNA of the human body system.

Life is unfolding into a higher level of consciousness and humanity is being supported by the universe in unseen ways. Affirming daily your intent to be aligned to, and connected with, your divine essence will facilitate the process. The I AM Presence of every human upon the planet is endeavouring to bring in the greater light within each soul.

These are the days that require a steadfast vision that will raise the frequency field to a new level, and your powerful intent and visualization can accomplish miracles. Believe in your power to create change in a non-violent and loving way and maintain this vision in your daily existence.

You may be feeling the effects of the old systems as they begin to reset and start anew, many of which are bringing vast improvements for all upon the planet. Your patience is required as you meet with pockets of resistance from the old paradigm thinkers and doers. By remaining attuned to the greater light, this will feel easier than before.

The Goddess energy is growing in power and might and a balance between the masculine and feminine within is required to maintain one’s graceful transition into greater light.

Have faith in the process you are going through, and trust that you are being assisted in all that you are experiencing. This will be evident by the synchronistic and affirming validations that take place in your personal process.

Listen to the whispers of the angels and watch for signs of the hidden realms, for it is now becoming easier to discern. Interact with delight in the beings that surround you. Observe life opening to new perspectives and a closer connection with All That Is. Find the wonder and magic in nature, and know that you are an integral part of all that is unfolding.

Work your magic, Dear Ones, and continue to bless everyone and everything that crosses your path. Along with the seeming chaos of the crumbling paradigm that is now taking place, there is much to be grateful for. Focus on this, for it is gratitude that will bring more of what you are grateful for into your daily life. You can and you are, doing it!

Until next week…

I AM Hilarion

©2014 Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana (Soo-tarn-ah) Keeper of the Symphonies of Grace. Permission is given to share this message as long as the message is posted in its entirety and nothing has been changed, or altered in any way and Scribe’s credit, copyright and websites are included. Thank you for including the above website link when posting this message.

Polona – Being our Self – Star of David Merkaba – Ascension Pioneers


Dear Ascension Pioneers!

On July 29th, we will have a peak of the Diamond alignment, which some astrologers also call the Soul alignment. It happens around 12 PM GMT, but its meaning and impact will go on for a few months, and the influence will be felt well beyond just this year. This will be a very rare formation of a Star of David, the so-called Star of Merkabah or the six-pointed Star. We will also have the first quarter Moon on that same day. What is this all about, really?

I wanted to do some automatic writing about it, but Spirit keeps showing me the importance of the fact that this needs to be a sacred intimate experience for each and everyone of us. I was not guided to do an automatic writing prior to this peak of the alignment, but I might do it after it happens. I feel I still need to experience something else before I can write about it, as I do not yet hold all the pieces of this grand puzzle. That is why I AM leaving into the wilderness again, to be by myself in Nature for two days and focus on the feeling side of life and to receive new guidance and directions. Many people are saying many different things about it, but I always share only through direct experience and inner knowing.

I feel this experience will be deeply personal and unique for each and everyone of us, but there are some commonalities that I can share about. One of them is the simple fact that this alignment is very rare in astrology. In the past, they often used to associate it with the birth of a “king” or a very “special” Being. But this time, we are going deeper, and we know that it’s about the personal and the collective Christed consciousness within each of us … the Divine Love Essence of who we truly are and what is beginning to re-emerge within us … what we are starting to embody. And we are remembering that we are all very special and unique.

It is also no coincidence that the Star Sirius is now the brightest and the most influential in our sky, because this alignment is also deeply connected with the Sirian alignment, gateway and activation. There is a Sirian alliance involved here as well. But mostly, I feel that this is about us moving from a five-pointed Star Being (the Human template) to a six-pointed Star Being (the Divine Human template)… an integrated whole … a conscious Divine Human Being embodying Christed consciousness. This is the return of the true Human genome. We were adding the fifth element of the ether, which follows all the other primary four elements, and now we are adding the sixth one, which is Light body. It is also no coincidence why many say that the Sirian collective that is deeply associated with Earth, is a six-dimensional group collective.

With this, we are bringing forth all of our Soul fragments and merging them into One. We are also connecting to all of the primary DNA contributors of our true Human genome and integrating this into our DNA matrix … so all of the Star Beings and nations/families who have contributed to this Cosmic soup, for the Divine Human Being of Light to be created. This is now being restored, but again … in a completely new way. This also has to do with our embodiment of the perfected balance of the Divine feminine and masculine … the sacred marriage within, which can later also manifest as that ultimate sacred partnership without … so externally. There is great Union taking place with this. And we are remembering the unique shining diamond that we are!

There is also something else and something deeper going on, but let us all welcome the element of a surprise and leave it up to the Divine to surprise us with something amazing and magnificent.

All we need to do is show up and be ready!

Within Divine Love, Polona