Indra – DNA Activation for the Golden Age – 2-23-15

DNA Activation for the Golden AgeWritten by Indra, Contributing Writer for Wake Up World, February 22, 2015

The coming of the golden age is prophesized in many cultures, and some important shifts are happening on Earth that are leading many to believe we are at the cusp of that new era; the evolution of human consciousness to a level never before conceived of.

In our purest form, we are consciousness; we are the light that experiences everything. The instrument through which we experience our light – the human body – is essentially created by sound, i.e. atoms vibrating on different frequencies. These vibrations proceed in all kinds, aspects, and densities of the matter that constitutes the Universe, from the finest elements to the coarsest.

Collectively, we have recently tuned up and moved into a new Universal vibration, one which holds a much higher resonance. This frequency is calling forth a higher consciousness, forever changing the face of how we, as human beings, engage and navigate the world.

So for those of you who are wondering “how do I become the amazing being I know that I am in my meditations, and I feel that I am in my heart? How do I really live out that power?”….

Upgrade Your Sensational Reality

The key is in merging with your physical body, which means you’re going to have to upgrade your sensational reality. These sensations that are coming out from the glands have to be in their natural state and not a programmed state. We have to re-learn the programs that are true to our nature so we can return back to what it feels like in our activated, fully vibrant state.

The body is simply an instrument through which the soul expresses itself, so the better we get at using it the possibilities we have enabled to us. Like a musical instrument, the more notes and chords we know and use, the greater our potential to create.

Within the body is a full octave of glands and organs that resonate on a certain frequency. When the white light of consciousness enters the body, it refracts and travels through seven different organs and glands with seven different frequencies. Each frequency regulates the characteristics and color of light emitted. For example, when the consciousness light enters the pineal gland, the energy emitted is violet due to the specific vibration of the gland. By that standard, our ‘bliss frequency’ – what we call The LumenOctave – is the light of consciousness experienced through the full octave of frequencies in the body: the seven frequencies plus the origin of the octave (the high ‘c’).

Glands Chakras Energy Centers LumenOctave

When the instrument is tuned to the “correct” frequency, amazing things happen. This is the state where we are most blissful, most beautiful, most thriving and most divine.

Firstly, it returns to its healthy natural state. It heals all the organs and systems that are around it, acting like a lighthouse and providing healing vibrations to all that’s in its vicinity. Next, the healed organs go from trying to “get by” to “healed” to “thriving”.  This process is then multiplied with the activation of other frequencies in the body. So, as each color of the body’s spectrum is activated, it adds more possibilities to our creative color palate. We have more potential to “play” with.

Fibonacci-SpiralThe Law of Octaves

The musical scales follow the Fibonacci sequence, the recurring formula for exponential evolution in our Universe. It is depicted by the spiral shape – the universal shape of evolutionary expansion.

Starting from a Middle C, when we follow the Fibonnaci Sequence from 1 (1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8 etc.) we arrive at 8 – a full physical octave above our starting point.

Although that note is a full octave higher than Middle C, it produces a tone that resonates a similar vibration – the note of C. Then, the next number in the Fibonacci sequence is 13 (or 8 plus 5) which now includes 7 white ‘natural tone’ keys, 5 black ‘flat/sharp’ keys, and returns us to the starting ‘C’ vibration – in a higher octave.

Similarly, we have 13 activation points located both within and outside the body, which also function as a spiral. While the 8 centers main centers (the “white” keys) within the body are static in all of us, we all have infinitely unique DNA. As DNA is influenced by thoughts and emotions, the 5 external points (the “black” keys) vary for person to person, depending on the lineage of the soul.

Your 5 unique keys can be discovered by using special techniques.

The LumenOctave Techniques

The Lumen Octave techniques are a way to activate the DNA’s full potential that I first enabled in the year 2000.

DNA Activation for the Golden Age - IndraIncorporating sound and light frequencies, each tone of the LumenOctave is the native sound to a specific aspect of the human experience, e.g. finances, sex, relationships, personal boundaries, love, communication, independence, mental clarity and purpose, etc.

For an overview of each tone, its native region, color and purpose, and most importantly, how it communicates, please see my previous article: The LumenOctave Principles – A Detailed Guide to the Language of the Soul

Essentially, everyone has the potential to activated his or her DNA. The codes that we have developed since 2000 are based on one principle alone – Bliss.

At LumenOctave we believe that Bliss is the master frequency. It is a deeply felt, tactile sensation that is released in the physical body when we follow our own unique energetic path. Even simple changes can help us cultivate and live in the Bliss frequency, if we learn to feel not just our emotional responses but our body’s tactile responses as well. The body releases the “bliss” hormone oxytocin, when we are feeling loved, loving and love. The feelings will guide the way and never steer you wrong. But, while oxytocin is released by the Pituitary Gland in isolation, we need the alignment of the other glands – the body’s energy centers – to live in the total grace of “oxytocin bliss”.

Our Bliss reflects our true beauty, true intelligence and evolutionary path, and drives us to be the most upgraded version of ourselves we can be. Our multidimensional selves are able to be accessed through fully activated bliss bodies, where we are living within the sensation of who we truly are all the time instead of struggling to heal ourselves or to truly know ourselves. Instead of experiencing ourselves within the constructs that we’ve been given in the physical universe, we can begin to know ourselves truly and genuinely – as divine beings.

Previous articles by Indra:

About the author:

Indra - bio picIndra is a powerful international healer. Through her work, she has helped hundreds of people find health, wealth, love and happiness, transforming their lives forever.

At age 15, she had her spiritual awakening in India, through which she experienced a deep physical, DNA-level activation. This led her to the discovery of profound knowledge about self-empowerment through the activation of DNA. Wanting to explore the full significance of her experience, she took on the challenge of testing her spiritual knowledge in everyday situations, exposing her self to all aspects of the human experience.

This intense experiment with the programmed world proved to be a solid confirmation that the Bliss Instinct reigns supreme to all other instincts of human kind. Having returned to her natural blissful state through the LumenOctave principles, she has dedicated her life to healing and inspiring those around her.

Holding a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and a Masters in Communications, Indra combines her esoteric and intuitive knowledge with practical academic and corporate experience to offer a never before seen healing technique, which addresses the human condition on all levels.

Connect with Indra at… Facebook/LumenOctave and Twitter/BlissInstinc

Lisa Gawles – The Golden Age Lives Through You – 12-13-14

Golden Age Of Aquarius


Lisa Gawles


Well here we are, the “other side.” well, at least for some anywayz, which really surprised me to see some still maneuvering their way thru the portal, or eye of the needle of whatever we want to call the 11th!! But, before I get to all that, I want to share something that I had seen in a few readings that I really didn’t understand enough to write about.

Several days before that 11 thing took place, there were two people, one male, one female, both on different days, but down days for me, where I went to do their readings and something really strange happened.

I have mentioned before, when I do readings, I literally put my chest on my lap so that my physical eyes are aligned with my floor, the moment I assume that position, everything in my physical reality turns off for a moment and instantly, your field of light is visible to my inner eyes in my back yard.

Once I orient myself to your field of light, my physical environment becomes a soft blur and pales in comparison to your reading energy. On the days I am “down” I see my floor and only my floor, followed by my b*******!! lol With two separate people on two separate “down” days, something unique happened that had me pondering ever since.

I could see my floor instantly, and like a crazy person who refuses the belief the light bulb burned out, I often times, sit up, bend over, sit up, bend over… just to try and get that spark of light going. While doing this, suddenly I seen my floor, but also seen a wide ray of light bouncing off my floor and out in the field (which is literally, my back yard,) an image appeared, but it was so blurry I could not make out the details at all.

The only thing I could make out, was the color spectrum, white and gold. This didn’t happen for everyone, just one man, one lady on two separate days. I was boggled, first of all, my physical eyes were involved along with my inner eye too.

Obviously I snagged that picture from the net, but I sit to the left, the blurry image showed up to the right. On the 11th, the opposite happened. The flood of light coming in from your field made my floor wash out in the light. This happened to the first two attempts at reading I did that day and I simply stopped trying because the increased light gave me a massive headache.

In the hundreds of thousands of readings I have done over the last decade plus, never had I had an experience like this before. There are several ways I am feeling with this, nothing every happens in a reading, or hell, in our lives, without a bigger reason.

First, what you put out is what comes back to you, that is a no brainer. Beyond that, a full on blending of human and soul, three eyes working as one. Taking in and absorbing what you are connecting to. Fortunately, I keep really good company in my connections!!

This is not only true for those who do readings or energy work or whatever, it is true for every aspect of your life. I know for me myself, I am so super sensitive to the energy of discordance and it is most apparent when I am scrolling facebook.

The hate and separation posters out there… few, most commonly targeted at Obama, which in this reflective mirror, is really themselves feeling themselves. But I can feel the chaos, the rumbling energy that must be what the earth feels like just before a full on earthquake.

In my eyes, the energy too, is black and gray… distortion at its best. Usually, I just send them a little prayer of light and quickly move on, but lately, not so much. Tearing a whole in the chaos… leaving comments where I usually wouldn’t.

Responsibility of shining Light… illuminating the darkness on purpose, with purpose.

Which brings me to yesterdays readings. I had been so looking forward to seeing what was on the “other side” of this timeline of ours. One this apparent, that solid looking column of white light has turned into a beam of golden energy that reminds me of the sun upside down, coming out of the earth instead of shining down to it.

For most people on yesterdays agenda, the needle itself was still in my view.

If we look at that image as if was a side view, two people were still on the left side trying to make their way thru the eye of the needle, three were on the other side of it. The first lady just made me giggle.

We were doing an ET – Connect with your guides session and I couldn’t stand it, I had to take a peek at her field, at what the field looked like the day after..

So I slid my chair from ET connection position (front door) to align with the back yard. The moment i bent over I could see her standing there, just on this side of the needles timeline and the moment… the very moment she seen me looking at her, she turned around and tried to run back thru the needle. What the hell????

The first thing her team said, it is a one way portal, it is impossible to go back, there is no re-entry to the old from this side. It all boils down to the immense responsibility we now have taken on. To come out and BE SEEN. BE HEARD.

The days of filling up journals that only you will see, over. The days of only talking to “safe people” who won’t look at you as if you have 10 eyes, over. The Golden Age is Here BECAUSE YOU are the golden age. The light of spirit in body.

She is an amazing channeler, not to mention connected to her ET realm as well. She read me something that she “channeled” several days before and I asked her to share it on my facebook wall. I want to share it here with you all too, because it is so vitally important in content for those still opening their spiritual gifts within themselves:

You need to start meditation now. Every day, no more excuses. If you say you are going to ascend this must be your most dominant thought at every moment. You must act as if you were already a 5D being. This is ascension. It is jumping to the next level. We are all moving as a planet.

But there infinite realities of what could be. You are the only one creating this reality you are experiencing. So if you wish to change it; you must change yourself and your reality. Nothing more.

This is all done through meditations and yoga. You MUST do these exercises everyday. Take one of each of four. Do it well. Everyday, same thing for forty days. Start now. Do a ritual on the 21st.

A special ritual. One that begins things. You must not smoke or drink for 40 days from this period. Build up your energy. Do it as a challenge. Create yourself anew. Trust it. Just do it.

Life is accelerating from this point forth. Yes you will be contacted directly from your family on the other side, for you belong to a much greater consciousness than you could ever imagine. Life is to flow through you so fast and so strong that you will command armies at your will.

For you are truly destined for great things. You have forgotten how special you are and have always been to the creator of all things. You have been queens in other lives many times and on many dimensions.

But you are a gentle queen, strong and firm, patient yet ambitious, balanced in her inner strength. Let the creator begin to flow through you, learn to channel your God within. Communicate with us Openly within, and also without.

Everything Will be ok. You Will become highly conscious very soon. This is destiny. this is what is supposed to happen at this time to you in your present incarnation. Just trust it.

Know it. Know that all the beings that surround you are this pure reflection of you. For that is why you are Eztnab. You reflect back to everyone their highest selves and possibility of higher vibration. By you just being you, you elevate those around you.

Make them all remember that they know each other. That they love each other. That love is the highest vibration that exists. Together with gratitude. Then be that. At every now moment that you remember. Meditations start now. 1hr.15mins. Set a timer, then move away. And do this everyday. Do it. Even if you have to do it in the office. ~By Fallon

Meditation. That gateway that allows you the amazing ability to quite the world around you and connect directly into spirit. But man oh man, we have grown in excuses of why we can’t, won’t, haven’t…. whatever.

My two ladies still on this side of the needle, same conversations directly dealing with meditation, direct and constant connection to their teams. If you could look at meditation as the foundation, what everything else is built on, an unshakable, unbreakable new house, why wouldn’t you dedicate every moment of your self to your Self??

One of the ladies on the side of still passing thru the needle was in a vision of santa clause in a sleigh with 8 reindeer, two by two, in front of his slay, pulling it.

2- duality. 22 – master builder. 8 – infinity, above and below. Moving thru the eye of the needle, the eight becomes a large O. Above and below together as one.

The reindeer representing her guides… yes there job was to get her (all of us) to Here. They guided in so many ways. The sleigh is the support of earth in the guidance.

Santa, well that jolly old fellow bearing gifts. True christed energy in body. This is the season the majority of the world is focused on Christ-Mass. Granted, a single dude most call Jesus. But really, it is the return of the Christ. YOU.

She could not move thru the eye until she released her reindeer and sleigh and moved in of her own accord. Imagine that!! What was also stated too, when she asked about releasing guides… that sounds insane really. But we have changed or are changing and so is the position of our guides. As they said, they will go from being guides to being assistant.

Just like the reversal of the light experience I shared above… their position has changed (at least for those on this side of the 11th.) You are now the CEO of the company called your life, they are your assistance if you do not give them instruction, they get to stand around drinking coffee…. waiting. For this to happen, you must not only see yourself as fully empowered, but live it as well.

The other lady still on the other side of the needle, what a funny visual. The center of her face was lodged in the opening part of the needle, her cheeks on the out side of the sides of the needle.

Her core energy (soul) so ready to move thru to this side, her identity however, stuck in the past of experiences and the fear of past experiences with spirit. Until she releases all the energy of her past, she is wedged…

So lets talk about the folks on this side, the joy from their energy… OMG I just wanted to giggle like kid. I couldn’t see more than what felt like three days out (taking us to that 15th line) but the radiance of golden light that surrounded them… holy s*** batman.

The gifts from the universal spirit of all life, stacking up as if there is no end to them. We are also adjusting to it all as well. Taking in the rays of golden light as we accept the new role (even if we aren’t 100% sure on what that is… yet.) Sometimes (excuse me, most times) we must say yes before we know what we got ourselves into. Blind faith of your soul now in full experience, in action on the new earth.

From what I am (ever so slightly) understanding, the rest of this month is pretty much fitting into our new clothes, our new expansive roles in life, tuned in to the expansive love that we are…

Spirit had said in the first quarter of next year, there are massive “galactic portals” embedded in each month. My first question was… can you give dates so I can plan my calendar accordingly?????!!!!! Their crazy ass smirky smile is all I got back.

However, I do, sorta, understand the significance. Many of us are star seeded energies from other realms, having direct communication and participation with your family from other worlds, key to that juncture and accelerated application. That’s all I know for now!!

The game is about to get even more interesting than it ever was. I would like to leave you with a meditation that is designed specifically to get you in full contact with your soul and with your team. If you do not have that connection yet, I assure you, you are fully equipped and ready to have it, you just have to put the work in to strength train it all. I am going to leave you with the CITY OF LIGHT meditation at the end of this sharing.

Also, one last thing, the rest of my December is fully booked, and on December 25th I am taking a two week pause for the cause to go love on my babies. I will be back January 7th, freash, new and ready for the rest of our evolution.

Please know, all the specials I have is geared for the emergence of the full on 2015 year ahead. Its going to be wet and wild and interesting to say the least. If you need help connecting with your galactic family, I have a package for that too!! Front page of my website. Until this moment, I did not put that on special, but my team is insisting I do… and a whopping $40 off to boot thru 1/1/15.

Remember, YOU are the Golden Age, LIVE IT OUT LOUD!!

(((((((((((((((((HUGZ)))))))))))))))) of grand adventures and amazing gifts aplenty to ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas


P.S. The HOLI-DAYS Special is now Live on my reading page (and ends forever on 12/23): Save $5 – $20 on everything I have to offer.

A meditation to connect you with your spirit guides – Assistants!!!
The City of Light Meditation

There is no right way or wrong way to “do meditation.” Your body fully knows what is best for
you: Trust that. Just because one way works best for someone, doesn’t mean that it will work
best for you. Trial and error will get you where you want to go—deep into yourself. In spirit,
there are no rules and limitations. This is a great time to stop being so human!

Once you are deeply relaxed, build an inner garden retreat. Surround yourself with your
favorite flowers, trees and shrub. , Perhaps add a little pond or gentle flowing waterfall. Create
anything and everything that will allow yourself to feel relaxed, comforted and at peace.
As you build this inner sanctuary, start to truly connect with all the elements you have brought
in. Breathe in the aromas of the flora, of the trees, of the water itself. Breathe in the air and
notice how incredibly these elements mix together. Feel what your body is feeling with each
breath of your inner garden you take in. Feel what is in your heart as the senses become alive
and knowing.

What you are really doing is raising your vibration to the purity of this inner sanctuary. As you
and this inner space become equal, a bird or animal or perhaps even an insect will come to you,
so you can follow it to the next level of meditation. You can talk to your new critter friend as if
you were talking to a human. Ask it why it is there with you now and what you can learn from it.
Should you ask, but feel like you are not getting a response, don’t worry. That will come. You
are raising your vibration each step of the way, including your ability to hear the higher realms
of existence. The communication will eventually catch up with you.

Follow your new friend. He or she will be taking you to a footbridge. This footbridge is really
the crossing stage from the earth realm into the spirit realm. There is work to do at this
footbridge and you will not be able to cross over until you have completed whatever is required
of you.

Walk onto the bridge until you reach the middle. Look over the side and notice what you see
beneath the bridge. There should be some sort of water element here. Somewhere within the
water will be what looks like a reflection. This reflection may or may not look like you.

The first things you are to do are to jump into the water and to feel it. What does the water feel
like? Is it deep or shallow? Is it clear or cloudy? Is it trickling or flowing like a raging river?
The water element is actually your emotional world. The questions above will help you
understand this aspect of you. Do you need to increase your emotional field (if the water is
shallow) or is the water so deep you feel you could drown (are you owning everyone else’s
emotions too)? I hope you can see where I am going with these questions and understand the
symbolisms of the water.

When you feel you have learned as much about yourself as you can from being in the water, go
to the reflection within the water and merge with it. If you do not see your reflection, clear up
your water. Within yourself is the answer to “how do I do that?” This is a journey you had
planned long before you entered the human body that is reading these words. You already know
within you how to raise your emotional vibrational level by clearing your human emotional
field. Just do what feels right, even if you don’t understand it at first. Don’t get hung up on
immediately comprehending each thing on this path. Understanding is what comes with time,
perseverance and patience (more of those key words).

When you are able to merge with the reflection, what are you feeling from it? What
communication are your receiving? Now is a good time to put aside verbal communication.
Words and language are human necessities and not spiritual ones. The reflection is an aspect of
your higher self, soul essence, or whatever words you may use for the part of you that has
always been Home with all of creation. Your soul will communicate in feelings, in various, and
what may seem like random, ways. Trust me that these are never random. A song may start
playing in your head, perhaps. The list is too long to go through, but I think you get the gist.
Spirit uses many things and finds many avenues to “communicate” to you. Be sure to look and

Once you have done whatever is needed at the footbridge, you will be able to cross over to the
other side; that is, the opposite side of where you entered. Once on the other side of the bridge,
you will find a path. Simply follow it to the City of Light. Even this journey on the path will
reveal considerable knowledge about yourself and the world you are within. Pay attention to
every detail. Understand within your heart as much as you can.

The City of Light is unmistakable. You can feel the light emanating before you even get there.
As you approach this place, you may have to adjust your inner vision at first to see the details
clearly. You will find that among the buildings there will be a special one that seems to call out
to you. Move toward it. When you get to that one building that is all yours, go to the door and
knock on it, or ring the doorbell if there is one.

Whoever opens the door is your spirit guide or guides. Talk to your guide like you are getting to
know a long lost friend. Don’t go in there with big questions like “what is my soul purpose?” or
“what am I supposed to be doing in life?” I assure you; your guide won’t tell you. Ask
questions such as; ”what is your name?”— “How long have you been with me?” —“what is
your role in my life?” Ask simple things that your mind can absorb at this point in your venture.
When you don’t know what else to ask, simply tell your guide you are ready to be taken on a tour
of the house. This is, after all, your inner divinity. You can find all that you seek by exploring
the limitless doorways that are within this house. Make sure you invite your guide every step of
the way; your guide can help you understand what may seem puzzling at the time. Keep in mind,
sometimes, guides just let you be puzzled. There are no rules here except to navigate you to the
places within yourself you need to explore.
Enjoy the journey!


John Fitzgerald Kennedy – 11-11-14 – The Light of Truth is Shining and All Is Well

NOTE:  6 months ago, Ashtar mentioned in passing that they had Prseident Kennedy  on his Mothership, The New Jerusalem. I presume  their ability to rescue his Lightbody after death,   And,  that we would  “see” him again in the near future. It appears that this moment is VERY NEAR.




“Greetings, my fellow citizens of Planet Earth! I am once again with you and I have the greatest Joy and Honor to be with you in this moment in your time. And, yes, I asked that Camelot- the Camelot song – be played.* And there is more Truth to that than you may realize, for in the coming age everything will be perfect for every citizen, for every member of the Kingdoms of Mother Gaia!

“But, first, there is work to do. There are missions to carry out to their successful conclusions. You all know that when I was President, I had a full agenda of missions. And as I endeavored to fulfill them, as I endeavored to bring the United States of America – and with it the World – out of war and into Peace, as I endeavored to bring fairness and justice to the financial system and institutions, to bring the dollar back on to the gold standard, there were those who could not bear to see these things happen. For theirs was the program of favoring the very few, whereas mine was to favor all citizens and ultimately the entire World. And so my time as President was cut short, but not my life. And the very dreams that I held dear when I was President are now coming into reality!

“And so it is to be in Joy. Camelot is waiting for all, every one of us. And while it’s true there may be some bumps in the Golden Road, the gates of Camelot are wide open and the welcome preparations have begun!

“Now, those of you in the country of my birth – this time – the United States of America had elections just a week ago this day. I know that many of you were saddened, perhaps even disheartened by the results of the elections. My message to you in this time is you won it all! Peace and Love and Truth are the victors, no matter what your news broadcasts may be telling you, no matter what craziness may be seeming to be about to be put upon you. The Truth of it is that the Light has won! Why? Because there are many, many Truths which are coming out as a result of these elections!

“The Light of Truth is shining upon everyone! There will be revelations of corruption, of denial of voting rights, of tampering with the election machines, of tampering with the counting of the ballots. And most of all, there is not anyone in the World who is not aware of the fact that these elections were bought with money. There is already a story which is coming to Light about where some of that money came from, and it involves the one who is about to become the majority leader of the Senate. Drug dealers are being put out of business!

“And I will say no more because I am not here to point fingers at individuals. I am here to just give that one example of how the election results are actually going to turn upon those who manipulated them. Their stories are coming out now, and there will be more and more in the coming weeks.

“And meanwhile, meanwhile you have a President and World Leader of such stature, of such grandness and such Love, that even though they spit in his face behind the scenes and call him names – and this was done to me a time or two – I promise you that his Heart remains pure! And that he knows full well that he needs to step in to a role of more definitive leadership.

“Support him in every way that you can find to do. Let him know that you know that he is a great Light. Let him know as he treads the waters so carefully, as he must. Let him know that you’re with him, right there. You can address him telepathically or send him an email, or however you choose, but just let him know that you understand that he is here to bring Abundance to Planet Earth, all of it, to usher in the Golden Age. And that, as difficult as his mission is, he sees the Light and he knows who he is and what he is here to do. He is very anxious to get the Great Law announced!

“The NESARA law is unprecedented and it is law! And it is fair. It does not single out any particular class or religion or country to be favored above all others, but rather it is for every, everyone, every member of the Kingdom of Humanity and, by extension, all of the Kingdoms of Planet Earth.

“And so it is to support the Announcement of NESARA. As it is seen, I shall make my presence known when that happy moment arrives, so that even more Truth will come out. I will tell you this – because I was embodied as a human, it was challenging for me to forgive all of those whom I knew had wanted to assassinate me, and there is a grand group. Many, many were involved. But I have done that!

“And so my fellow citizens of Planet Earth, I ask that you do the same. Believe me, if I can do it, you can!!! Stand with me. I offer you the Eternal Flame, that your Hearts may be even more brightly lit, and that you will find all of the Forgiveness that you need to be free, totally free from any, any of the fear-based emotions or thoughts. Instead, turn to Love and let us stand together in front of that Flame, that Flame of Love, that Flame of eternal Peace. And together we move forward into The Golden Age of Planet Earth! I am honored to have been with you in this Gathering, and I thank you more than any words could ever express. And so it is. Namaste!”

* Camelot sung by Richard Burton

Transcription by Marta.
Given through Susan Leland, November 11,

Lisa Gawles – Golden Age Pours Out of Eclipse, October 8th

 the birth of the golden age

I feel like I have been given the greatest front row seat to the most astounding

evolutionary show earth has ever known.  


Lisa Gawles

I carry forward my deep inner regret that I cannot paint or in anyway capture the brilliance, the wonder of what I see thru You.  You’re still stuck with my words (and typos lol) and your amazing imagination.  Ohhh what our scientists would be able to understand if they could only see thru the lens of my world!

The very first thing I could see when my first lady showed up on the field yesterday, was a blazing star rising up in her west horizon.  This was no ordinary star, it was as large as a soccer ball and the intensity of gold then silver blinking in all its glory as it raised up into the sky.  From what was shared in her reading, we all now have a very personal star within our heavens that was created and shines just for us.  It contains and releases the radiation needed to continue our growth in this new landscape.  We were also advised to not look up into our sky and see yesterdays starry sky.  Just like the new earth has a new vibrational “carpet” so does our sky.

We may even look at the sky as if it has a new filter over the mass, but really, it is the old sky that had a filter, purposely held in place as to not release too much energy at any given time.  For those standing and growing on this new earth, what now streams down from the starry heavens is pure energy to enhance our growth.  Look up, find your star with your new eyes.

It took me a little orientation to find my lady on the field.  The earth is still very, energetic looking (as opposed to solid.)  Her form was still emerging into its next creation.  I could only see her feet up to her mid-thigh, skin translucent, but within the translucent skin was an entire solar system starting to form.  I could see the haze of a milky way, stars, moons and a sun, albeit small, it was quite evident.  It was beyond beautiful.

The connection with her rising star will help her adjust to her new emerging navigational system within her body.  So if I can suggest to every one of you, find your star, meditate with it, enliven the solar energy within you, this is your new gps system and works with worlds beyond our own.

Which brings me to one of my other connections yesterday.  I could see her after this eclipse phase, her mind connected with an ET, or should I say an ET (they would not tell me which ET, it is for her to connect and grow with in discovery) connected to her expanding consciousness.  He was streaming the wisdom from his mind directly into hers.  A unified consciousness expressing as her.

This brings the concept of channeling to a whole new, unified experience.  A blend of human and ET consciousness expressing as one, bringing bold new idea’s out into the emerging new world.

This really brings in the knowing that once, we were “star-seeds” and now, we have grown into the living expression of the hybrid, alive, aware and interconnected with our origins of evolution from other planets and galaxies. A seed is only as valuable as its ability to germinate and spring into life.  THIS is our season!!

Both of these connections brought forth deeper understanding of this upcoming eclipse on October 8th.  The moon once again had that black disk in front of it, but from the center a portal of opening that released the most amazing liquid gold from its center.  I could clearly see my first lady with the transparent skin directly under the eclipse energy, the golden liquid covering her entire body, solidifying her new form.

It was stated several times yesterday thru various readings, this eclipse releases the “Golden Age” of Gaia, clothed within the humans who shall bring it to full life.  That would be You!!

My last connection of the day brought in some very interesting visuals and understandings.  She was standing on the energy carpet of this new earth, ice skates upon her feet, skating around in a circle the exact size of a manhole cover.  She skated around several times, then this wedge of energy carpet lifted up (but not out or off the placement.)   For whatever reason, it is important to note that, and I have found a picture that kinda resembles the opening itself (and nothing else about it lol.)

manhole tilt

The next thing I know, her ice skates disappeared and she had a mining outfit on, with the light shining from her forehead.  I watched her as she went down this metal ladder made of copper and bronze (which is interesting since copper is an ingredient in bronze.) Beneath it all, would be what many consider “hollow earth.”  What was revealed to her was that within this area she had buried “treasures long ago when the earth was just forming.  Pure wisdom of how the earth (and what we will call the true golden age of Gaia) shall be and her part in bringing the story to truth.  A part of her consciousness that has been stored in the earth, untainted by time and the many many processes earth has gone thru, so that it is pure as she absorbs into once again, into her Being and uses it.

Her team also reminded her that she now has all the tools she needs to access the ancient and pure parts of her, the connection and nuggets stored in this pristine earth, hence her imagery of ice skater, to miner, to treasure hunter!!  Ohhhh and with her, I was also able to see into the coming weeks of October, a group of people she will be connecting with, what we would consider her “soul tribe” that will play off of each other to expand what is now embedded in her, and each other.  But, even more than that, was this man surrounded by what felt like four women.  The women were golden outlines of people, no faces that I could see and describe, but the man… he was very very different in my visual.  Tall maybe like 7 feet tall and thin, not in a body shape so much, but if you had a beam of white light that was about a foot wide and 7 feet tall, but yet, felt… human.  Once again, the understanding come thru that he was an activated hybrid  Part ET consciousness, part human consciousness.

I must add too, that in understanding that mans image, I could not push out of my mind the man who showed up in my meditation the other week (and no, it was not BB, just needing to be clear here, amazing how many people assumed/thought/was sure it was BB, smile.) that he too, will be activated as a hybrid!  Ohhh the game is going to get quite interesting!!

Also, another bit of wisdom that came thru yesterdays connections, don’t look behind you, to the old earth you left behind.  It too is going thru intense change and is doing so perfectly for its own ongoing story.  How many of us arrived here in this expanded place many call “awakening” because your life fell apart, blew up, in some way, became destroyed.  Change is an explosion of changing realities.  Focus on where you are going, how you are creating, and the magnificence that is unfolding at your feet!!

With ohhhh so much love, honor and extreme excitement wrapped in (((((HUGZ)))))

Lisa Gawlas

Dr. Angela Barnett / Crystalai Blog – Shifting Into The Nener Never Land World – 9-13-14




Dr. Angela Barnett channeled from the Crystalai Council

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links are included. This is what Ascension is. Our

planet and our bodies are absorbing more and more of our star essence each moment. The plan for mass ascension would have

man absorbing enough stardust to become etheric enough to walk through walls. There are already many on Earth who can

already become invisible, walk through walls, levitate and walk on water. Their learning process was extremely long and painfull.

These processes will become very easy after the Earth’s magnetic shift. There will still need to be the learning process. But, the

success rate will be very high. We will be crossing barriers that are not in our imagination at this time. This shift into the wonderful

Netherworlds where realms resembling the worlds of Peter Pan and the Wizard of Oz dwell, will be our new magical home and

future. At this time our Earth will also be much more etheric and the spiritual parallel planets, star systems and universes will all

align into perfect harmony which allows all of our starry families to travel to Earth. This time period of raising frequencies and

becoming etheric starry bodies also includes a complete transformation of the atmosphere of Earth, the complete transformation

of the soil, vegetation and all forms of life on Earth. There will be space ship airports replacing our present day airports. The bodies

are going through this transformation of the music of the spheres sacred geometry at this time. The evolution of the body is

required as one aspect to prepare for the ascension. The body is being transformed from the inside out. Each cell must become

transformed into the etheric starry crystal cell as was originally created through the spark of Source and the breath of the Elohim

Angels. In order for this transformation to take place, people will need to start understanding the truly Cosmic level of change that

is taking place. It is obvious that most present writings in blogs and channelings are being mistranslated through the third

dimensional lack of seeing the quantum that is far beyond what is visible. We must begin to know and see ourselves as the etheric

frequencies that we are made up of in reality. The ascension will result in minds where there is no more opposition, jealousy or

wars of any kind. There must first be the understanding that the change that is taking place is far beyond the human concepts of

becoming more kind and more heartfelt. It is the actual transformance into the light and sound of higher dimensions that causes

the real changes to take place. The Immortality CD’s are created through the sacred geometry of the music of the spheres, which

allows the magical alignment of the physical body into the spiritual body of illumination. This Divine Template that all spiritual

forms are manifest from has been kept within and around Mother Earth’s body for over 500 million years. This perfect

morphogenetic field of the spiritual Divine Template of Earth’s Matrix has lain dormant until this new time of awakening and

re-birth. Our Cosmic family and team, which we have been a part of for long over 500 million years, were the ones who prepared

this Sentinel which will raise the frequencies of the physical essence of Planet Earth back into her Spiritual Starry Essence. The

Star Dome which holds the Etheric Starry Frequency of this Morphogenetic Field is within our Mother Earth and around her

atmosphere. This is a Cosmic Stardust that we are being held within. The formula for realigning the physical aspect of Earth into

her Spiritual aspect is held within the Music of the Spheres. This same formula for our physical bodies to realign into the complete

balance of oneness with our spiritual bodies is also held within the Music of the Spheres. There is a sacred geometry or formula

that guides us in aligning each frequency of the physical essence into the spiritual essence of the body. The body is created from

the same formula as the Cosmic Body of the Earths matrix. The formula can be seen in the twelve pointed star structure that

shows us how to align the frequencies from each point from the physical into the spiritual to cause a transmutation of the lower

frequencies to all be pulled into the higher frequencies. Eventually we transmute all frequencies into the highest frequency of


you about the new reality that is happening on Earth at this time ( this month). I always record the frequencies of each grand

event that happens on Earth as we go through this transition that is leading to our Evolution into the Fifth Level Man, and the

Ascension into the Second Harmonic Universe. Now we are Evolving into the Sixth Level Man. Some of us will even advance to the

Seventh Level Man by 2022. I just completed two sets of two hour recordings of the frequencies that are now weaving into the

original Cloud Cities, our original birth right, our original light bodies- the return to the Emerald Cities in the Land of Oz. Long ago,

Earth was much less dense. She was actually where we see the clouds in the sky at this time. She was actually up in the Van Allen

Belt, 10,000 feet above the ground. That area is where the frequency fence was placed that has blocked us from seeing reality.

Our reality is in the clouds. We have been blocked from that reality. We are now rising and re-attuning into the frequencies of the

Cloud Cities. We are rising more and more into that magical realm each day. OVER THE RAINBOW Crystalai The Earth is Rising into Cloud Cities, morphing into Aquafaria, Crystalizing into the Winter Lands .

This is the reparation for total alignment with Tara in 2017 and Gaia in 2022. This requires the accretion of frequencies into the

parallel double of spiritual reality that transfers all into the frequency of consciousness of Inner Earth,called Agartha and

Shamballa. The Cloud Cities are the place where the sixth level beings live in the Clouds. We are raising our frequencies into their

reality. That is the reality of the emerald covenant. The Emerald Cities of Oz. But this Oz is not the old Oz that was placed in the

hybernizationzone by the wicked witch This is the Oz that existed in the time and space before that illusion was placed upon us.

Earth has been placed in a field of energy called the Aurora Field by the Cosmaya Ships. This is a Buffer Zone that allows us to rise

above the Milky Way Galaxy into a Rainbow Bridge that allows us to walk over the top of the old reality and slide into the new

reality within an inner dimensional tunnel that allows us to realign with the place we were before the Tower of Babel, before the

hybernization zones, before the Sphere of Amenti was tampered with, before all of the problems that were placed up us. This

special gift of interdimensional time shift placement was prepared by our Future Selves and special teams of Ranthion and

Zionites, who we will meet in the future to thank for this gift. Of course, you could thank them now. They are always listening. The

first seven songs in OVER THE RAINBOW allow us to rise up in consciousness with the elementals that are transforming our

biosphere through the translation of water with spiritual water, the transformation of the atmosphere with stardust, that

transformationof our chemical structure through photo plasam and neutrinos and positrons. Please come and listen to this music.

It contains the frequencies of events of EVENTS of our ASCENSION. Each frequency of our transition has been sent to me from

the Elohim of Hearing to record the entire historical event that will become the most cherished sounds of the history of the

Omniverse. The second set of songs in EMERALD CITY 1. Aurora 2. Cloud Cities 3. Winter Lands 4. Aquafarai 5. Rainbows 6.

Riding the Rainbow 7. Cosmaya 8. Morphing 9. Over the Rainbow You are going to love this glorious journey that I have prepared

for you. You will take the actual journey of rising up into oneness with the Cloud Cities, the Winterlands and Aquafaria. This is the

stairway to heaven, the journey on the yellow brick road to the Emerald City. The frequencies will lift you higher and higher into

the interdimensional shift that we are now going through to prepare the Earth to follow. We are climbing the stairway to heaven

just like Job and Mary did. The music is accompanied with the journey and the explanation of this magical transformation journey

we are now actually taking. It is a journey you shouldn’t miss. It is happening to us right now. But, if we don’t know about it and

don’t understand it and learn to FEEL the Frequencies of the journey, we will miss it just like the Masses will miss it. The album

includes the spoken explanation of how Earth is rising back into her original essence, the full spectrum of light, rising back into

oneness with Tara and Gaia. This experience the Journey of our Transformation can be felt and seen at this time. It can be felt in

the frequencies that I record for you in the music. The frequencies were recorded on the week of the Summer Solstice because

this is the time when our Parallel Spiritual Universe is actually flowing into oneness with Earth’s biosphere. We can see this reality

of the spiritual and physical creating a new reality through the way we see the light in the clouds, double rainbows, new colors in

auroras, etc. For me, it is coming easier and easier to see the light bodies of trees, it is easy to see water fairies in their little orbs

flying around me, it is easy to see the fire letters which are tiny little electrical waves sparking around in front of my face. I have

been watching this activation of more and more hydrolaise (spiritual water) uniting with the H2o water to form this new aqua

energy that we have in our air and that we can breathe into our water to transform it ourselves. I have watched the water orbs

grow from just a few in 2008 into millions in 2014. I see many more orbs, more rainbows in clouds, much more conversation of

symbols in clouds, meaning the cloud cities are talking to me. There was a lot of this in 2008, but now it is enormous. It is

important that we all watch for this magical phenomena each day and celebrate it as magical because it is. Members have sent me

pictures of what they have observed in the sky. Everytime you observe something it means you know it is true. Don’t worry about

what scientists don’t know yet, or at least they won’t admit that they know because they don’t want to loose their jobs. Just know

that what you see is the return to the Emerald City, the Land of Oz, the magical land that we have heard stories about. The Bible

tells stories of Job climbing the stairway to heaven and bringing back to his three daughters- one being Mary Magdalene- the

three Crystal Spheres. It is these three Crystal Spheres of Crystal Liquid Light, Crystal Dust and Crystal Gel that is bringing all of

this magic into our perception. This is the magical formula that I was given to collect and record all of the magical frequencies that

are creating God’s Movie every day. Each day the movie becomes more and more fabulous and magical. When I walk outside my

door into my back yard with the flowers and trees and birds and into my garden it feels like pure magic. There is a misty, humid

feeling of magical liquid light and stardust blending with a gelaisic form of transformation. I feel like I’m actually stepping into a

different dimension of reality when I walk outside. Check out the Magic. IT is HERE. I am including a meditation that will pull you

into the fourteenth dimensional frequency that is activated by the Sun. This is the magical formula of transformation. SHIFTING

INTO OUR TIME OF MANIFESTATION Dr. Angela Barnett(Crystalai) During 2015-2017, the

entire universe will shift forward into a new time matrix, a new Cosmic Template, a new Omniversal Reality. Earth’s pulsation

speed of particle base will be raised into higher dimensional time cycles. This time period also offers the greatest opportunity for

the return of our ability of Instant Manifestation because the portals will all align into the zero point of creation where the three

primal sound fields break through the outer Cosmic Band and into the White Light of Source Consciousness. Manifestation

happens each moment-each nano second. With each breath we take, we can each design any complete new reality that we wish.

After the new reality is created, the creator must inhale that reality back through the outer band of primary sound and into the

Cosmic Creation fields. At that moment, an explosion of a new reality manifests. First, as the white light interacts with the blue

light of the fifteenth dimension, it creates a sphere that explodes into rays and sparks like fireworks. This new sphere of creation

frequency weaves itself into the golden and violet flames of the fourteenth and thirteenth dimensions. The idea that is created in

Source Consciousness becomes a manifest form in Cosmic Consciousness. That manifestation that was made of white light that is

completely invisible becomes a more tangible idea in Cosmic Consciousness which begins to manifest in visible forms after passing

through the gamma waves and infra red spectrum. The manifest reality becomes visible in the hertizian fields of the three

dimensional form. When each sphere has a higher or lower frequency, the spheres are separated. But, during this special moment

of harmonic unison that allows our entire Cosmos to sing together a new song and begin the creation of a new reality. That new

song or new frequency, aligns the spheres into a new time vector. This time vector will only include the perfect Angelic Races. The

Fallen Angelics and the problems they have created will not exist in this new reality. All creations come into manifestation from

the highest frequency. Once the individual creates the idea that he desires to have manifest as a frequency form – a

morphogenetic imprint – an idea. That idea is created by the electrical coding placed into the morphogenetic frequency field. This

idea is coated in the frequency specific mid brain. This idea can be aligned directly to the Source Field of Creation where Source

makes this encoded idea become a manifest able reality. Next, the individual must inhale that morphogenetic field that is encoded

through the primal sound fields of crystal liquid light, crystal dust and crystal gel. This idea is held within these three spheres of

creation energy holding the morphogenetic frequency field. Those three spheres are held in the crystal heart until they are felt

and known. Next, the individual must inhale the three spheres into the mid brain and allow some time for the movie or idea that is

being created or developed to form. Next the idea can be exhaled back out into the three crystal spheres of morphogenetic

creation energy. That exhale is the breath that holds the music of the spheres. That is the frequency that allows the forms that

have been created on other dimensions to become manifest in this density. This is the creation formula that I was given personally

from my family of Elohei-Elohim Angels. This is the formula that they taught me to use to create music that brings the highest

frequency to Earth and to create the frequencies that raise transmute the cellular structure of an individual to prepare for the

transfiguration process that allows ascension into higher dimensions. Once the breaths are formed onto the morphogenetic imprint

of the crystal spheres the tones of the breaths transform into a frequency of transfiguration. The blueprint of the new reality now

exists within the breath of creation. The Breath must be created as the frequency specific mid brain connects its dream stream

directly into the Source Field of creation. This dream stream is the Mind of God that brings the creation into the template of the

manifestors. The idea will never manifest unless the dream stream into the frequencies of Source is continuously maintained. We

have been directed by our Creation Team at the Cosmic Mystery School of the Omniverse to create the Individual’s Dream

Stream through the frequencies placed on the Individual ETERNAL LIFE ALBUM at These

frequencies that we collect through the directions of the Elohei-Elohim Angels, of the Individual are aligned into Source

Consciousness to create the Dream Stream which will allow the individual to become saturated with these frequencies of creation

continuously. This is how our Oraphim Angelic families created Universes. SHIFT INTO MULTI -DIMENSIONALITY As we rise

up into our Multi Dimensional Consciousness between 2015-2017, what has seemed to be the only reality in this third dimensional

dream will become only a speck of the possible realities that will become realized. Most of what has seemed to be the only reality

on Earth was created by metatronic frequencies performed through reverse spin technology of fallen angelics. The perception of

those on Earth has been blocked from the creations of higher frequency manifestations through veils, seals, misalignments,

Metatronics and a long list of demonic technology. The realities that have place in the upper cerebellum of the brain must become

dissolved and replaced through the frequency specific mid brain technology that allows direct and continuous communication and

manifestation through the Mind of God. The present reality fields that are being recycled as one looks around himself and keeps

creating the same old reality over and over again will become dissolved into higher and higher realities. These new realities that

will become manifest by those who learn to use the Divine Technology in their brain will come from other dimensions. We can

manifest any part of any other reality that has ever existed. We can manifest the most wonderful culture based on the Lyran

Sirian perfect model. We can manifest becoming the original Oraphim Race who spent their time dreaming new realities. We can

collect all of our favorite realities from each and every Universal System in our Race Lines. We can combine creations of advanced

technology of the most advanced systems and the sweetness of the Aquafarians and Oraphim Dolphins. We get to make individual

and collective utopias. We can create the most magical, fabulous reality systems that we can dream up. First, we must learn how

to create the dream stream through this alignment into the highest frequency of Source Consciousness. There will be no creations

manifesting that are not created through the Mind of God. Only Fallen Angelics create through methods that require the use of

energy from other entities. For millions of years, the human race has been used as a source of energy for Fallen Angelic groups.

We have not even experienced a normal reality system. The present consciousness of this world has been locked inside a narrow

little spectrum of reality. We see this man made world and we think that we can only re-create thinks that look like what they

looked like in the day before. We think that making an improvement within the present reality is some type of achievement. In

the normal kingdoms, an entity can create any new reality that has never been seen the day before. In multi dimensional

consciousness we can form our days on what we saw on another star in another advanced civilization. We can combine all ideas

from all other reality systems into new ideas that have never been created before. This Angelic Human Race was once the

Oraphim Race who were the greatest creators in the Universe. This is what we will begin to become once again. We can now

create, manifest, possess all of the qualities, attributes, abilities, intelligence of any and all of any previous idea that existed any

time in the past or any time in the future. All time is available to be manifested in the present. All present realities are created

from the past. All future realities are seen from the present. We actually have multiple selves that go into the past and into the

future time and space realities. We have imprints of our selves in all other dimensions. We have friends and family in all other

dimensions. We have had a veil put over our consciousness that has caused us to forget who we really are. We have been governed

by fallen angelics for a very long time. Stellar Wave Infusions bring areas of the brain out of dormancy. We will have six of these

stellar wave infusions on December 21, 2012. Our mid brain, which is frequency specific will begin to absorb all of the frequencies

from all of the other dimensions in our Cosmic Matrix. The frequency specific brain will become the movie camera of the new

realities that will form around each individual reality field. The pituitary will blossom and become the movie projector for the Mind

of God to make God’s Movie. During our Involution away from Source Consciousness, our brain has been recycling old information

over and over again. When we begin our Evolution toward Source, we gain more and more frequencies of higher consciousness

each and every day. These frequencies allow us to create more new realities as we are able to see them manifest in our mid brain

through the direct dream stream of Source Frequencies through our Higher Self. We learn to bring our higher self down into our

body to allow this luminary body to guide and direct us through the Mind of God. Our new luminary body will allow us to do things

that we couldn’t do in three dimensions. Our time vector is connected into the present past and future vectors. We can choose the

most joyous perfect future to manifest by aligning consciousness into the highest frequency of Source while creating the new

reality that you form in your consciousness as always existing in the present past and future. The heroic future that is being

created for us is the Christos realignments of humanity into the 12 strand angelic freedom and joy and the Lyran -Sirian perfect

cultural model which is already manifest in the future vector, which allows this reality to manifest in this present vector. So, the

future Earth can be any reality that we choose to manifest it to be. We manifest every reality in to our own present time vector in

the same way. We can connect and realign our present into any desirable future of the past or future time vectors. We can align

into the perfect Oraphim Primal Sound Field of our original Angelic Race who could manifest through dream streams the most

wonderful creations of our universe. We can connect and realign our present into the already manifest 12DNA or 48DNA that

exists in past time vectors. We can manifest the joy and freedom that exists in the future time vectors and the wonderful cultural

models created by the Lyran -Syrian’s past time vector. We can pull the realities out of any of the time vectors of any of the

harmonic universes of our galactic, universal or cosmic spheres. Our Creation Family are the Wizards who would like to teach us

all how to be the grand new creators in this new universe. The Cosmic Mystery School of the Omniverse was formed to allow the

teachings of our Cosmic Creation Families to teach us co-creation techniques as they show us how their original creation of the

most supreme Angelic Human was meant to be. We are moving into Omniversal Consciousness, where all 12 Star Gates are

connecting our consciousness into the Omniversal Consciousness of our new Utopia. The third dimensional mind can only conceive

of the visible realm. When many of us transfigure into the light bodies that transpose us into the fifth and sixth dimensions. Now

we will shift our consciousness into realms that have been unknown and invisible to us before. We will be able to see our Guardian

and Creator Races who have been our families for millions of years. The invisible will become as real as the visible, as the Earth’s

fastest particles begin to transfer to hyperspace and our Universal memory is transmitted through the Earth’s grids. We will be

regaining our Divine Blue Print that makes us able to manifest anything we want, any time we want. We will become the race who

creates light and energy through their own bio fields. We will become creators of new realities such as apple trees that grow lemon

pies — or any idea we come up with. How will this shift take place? We will spin through multiple reality fields that will remain

invisible to one another, as we break free from old illusions planted in harmonic universe one through metatronic frequencies. As

we shed the metatronic frequencies that have been locking our Consciousness into a narrow visible spectrum, we will unfold into a

New Earth that contains a multi dimensional spectrum of invisible and visible realities. As we move onto Future Earth, our bodies

will go through a light transfiguration process that will transform our atomic structure. This change will happen instantly — not

gradually. This means every nano second we transform again and again and again until we are completely transformed. Since we

only know what we see at the moment, we will never be aware of the transformations. However, you can make your self aware by

watching, listening and knowing what to be looking for. The carbon based structure of the mortal body will be changed into the

crystal based eternal life chemical and biological forms. This will be our first pull into the future, as our particles spin faster and

faster through the angular rotation of particle spin that rearranges our biology, chemistry and scenery. Our pituitary gland will

blossom and open our third eye to gain the spiritual vision of the Mind of God when we raise our frequencies to transmute the

lower into the higher frequencies of Source. We will create a continuous dream stream between what we desire to create in our

dreams to blossom into full manifestation in any of the multidimensional reality fields. Please join us at to learn how the highest frequencies retrieved from the Primal Sound Fields of Source can

transform your body into the Light Vehicle of Transfiguration and Instant Manifestation. This is the first step needed to enter the

Cosmic Mystery School of the Omniverse, which will bring the teachings of our Creation Families to Earth. KAGI OVER THE

RAINBOW SET PART ONE-OVER THE RAINBOW The first seven songs in OVER THE RAINBOW allow us to rise up in

consciousness with the elementals that are transforming our biosphere through the translation of the elementals. A spoken

explanation of the grand process is included in this 2.5 hour recording. PART TWO-OVER THE RAINBOW THE EMERALD CITY

THE EMERALD CITY contains the frequencies of the Earth rising through each step of the stairway to heaven back into the Cloud

Cities, the Winterlands and Aquafaria. We can see this reality of the spiritual and physical creating a new reality through the way

we see the light in the clouds, double rainbows, new colors in auroras, etc.


Angelic Guides – A Whole New World – A Look at What’s to Come – 9-9-14

new_world“A whole new world: A look at what’s to come”

“Today we have been asked to discuss what we perceive as being the most probable “future” timeline that you are manifesting at this time. More specifically, we have been asked to share our perspective on where we perceive the human collective energy to be heading and what changes and advancements we perceive as being the most probable at this time.   Certainly this is a very large topic and we will do our best to share with you some key changes that we perceive in your “near future”. So with that we would be delighted to share our perspective, so let us begin.

We will begin by first sharing our perspective of the current now moment and then we will shift into your “future” time lines. As we have said many times, and it is worth repeating, we do not perceive anytime to be in your “future” or in the “past”, rather we see all time happening simultaneously. It is only the rate of vibration and frequency that seemingly divides your experiences into “different time periods”. With that being said, let us begin.

As many of you are noticing, you are in the midst of making very large transitions in your lives. For some it feels quite chaotic as if you are in the midst of a twirling tornado and haven’t the slightest idea when and where you will be placed on solid ground again. To this we say, congratulations! You see, many of you are in the midst of manifesting the many changes you have continually wished, dreamed and hoped for. Humans rarely enjoy change, it’s something that is quite perplexing for those of us in the higher realms as the universe is always changing; it is always shifting to reflect back all that you are resonating with. Though humans fear change almost more than any other fear they collectively hold. We would like to assure you once again that this year has offered you each a wonderful opportunity to really demonstrate just how far you have come, how much you have learned and how much you are currently able to trust that all will be exactly as it should. A rather difficult challenge for some of you though we can assure you that this transition will be well worth the effort. Just as each of you are going through your own transitions, so too is your collective consciousness. The things that were previously allowed to take place on your world will soon become a “thing” of the past.

We have often said that in just 20-30 years of your time you will see more rapid transformation and progress made than there has been in the last 2000 of your years. In approximately 25 years of your time, your world will no longer resemble the world you currently inhabit. The technology will drastically propel you into a world in which space is no longer a barrier. We are not just referring to “outer space” but to the space on your planet. Currently your planet is a very large place, in which not all beings have the ability to travel to any place they desire to visit. This will change. The boarders of each country are currently upheld to prevent invasions from others who wish to conquer or take over others. Though this will no longer be the intention of the collective. You are shifting into a world free of war, free of boundaries, and free of fear. Though from our perspective your world is transforming in a blink of an eye, for many of you who are still experiencing a form of linear time it will seem as though it is a rapid progression rather than an “overnight change”.

We realize that much of this seems quite impossible, how could so much change in such a short amount of time? To this we smile, as we will offer you a similar analogy. How would you describe how impactful the internet has been on your world to someone residing 30 years ago on your Earth? Many of you will have a hard time remembering just how different your world was just 30 years ago. We can assure you this is just the very beginning.

Much of the technology that you have today is handheld, you can take it with you wherever you go and most of you have come to really rely on your devices to assist you in a multitude of ways. Though in a short while many of these devices will seem like old relics as your technology will soon be able to sync with your mind; a thought that many find frightening or even dangerous at this time. Though the fears will subside and you will become quite fond of the technological advances that allow you to sync your consciousness with your technology. As the collective continues to awaken to the innate harmony, peace and balance that can be ascertained you will let go of the many fears the collective holds about power, conquering and controlling as this technology will be used for the betterment of your world.

The technological advances that are to manifest within your future timelines will completely revamp how each of you learn. Many of you are familiar with downloading an “App” on your devices in order to allow the device to perform a new function. This will be quite similar to how many of you will acquire new skills and knowledge in your future, it can simply be downloaded for lack of a better word into your mind. The explosion of progress and advancement within the human race will be quite unimaginable to many of you today. Any skill, language, information that you wish to acquire will be accessible to you much like an App is accessible to your computers.

The technology that will be released progressively over the years will actually assist you to perform many of the tasks that your mind is actually capable of doing yet your beliefs and understandings do not yet support the manifestation of it yet. So you see, your technology will act as a bridge to assist you in carrying out the tasks that are innate within all of you though you are not quite able to perform them yet.

Another large change will be in how you travel around your world. Transportation will change quite drastically. The current forms of transportation that you have are quite damaging to the environment and particularly time consuming. Many of the advancements will allow you to travel to any point on your world in a matter of an hour or two at most. As more and more of you leave your “jobs” and follow your passions you will no longer have the need to travel so regularly as you will be able to provide your services from any location. The vehicles for lack of a better word, though they would hardly be considered as such will be quite efficient and run on crystal energy.

Another large shift that we perceive in your future timeline is the dissipation of “money” and the increasing desire to trade goods and services with one another. Many new systems, ideas and beliefs must be incorporated in order for the “need” for money to be completely removed.  You will begin to trade services rather than exchange “money” as a form of payment for your services.  In fact there are already systems such as this that are beginning to be implemented on a much smaller scale that will act as templates for many of you to move towards to allow you to completely let go of all forms of money. Many of you are witnessing the transparency of money, as it is predominately displayed on digital screens and accounted for in plastic and paper. This will change as you continue to evolve and grow, as you will no longer require the exchange of money.

Another large shift will be in your entertainment and news outlets. Currently, your media at this time plays a very large role in shaping the collective consciousness’s thoughts, fears and beliefs at this time; so we would like to begin by sharing what we see as being the most likely shift in this area. The media and your news outlets around the world are in a sense a reflection of the collective, thoughts, fears, beliefs and interests. It is in a way a direct reflection of where your collective chooses to focus their attention. Currently, your media is highly focused upon fear-based drama though we assure you, this will change. More and more are no longer allowing their minds to be shaped by the fears of others, rather you are awakening to a new paradigm in which you create the harmonious life styles that you wish your world to reflect.

As more and more of your awaken to the divinity within you are choosing to “unplug” from the mainstream media outlets and choosing to reconnect with nature, your true interests and many various forms of finding the peace within. It has been a widespread belief of many that they must remain “up to date”, and are required to watch the gruesome acts portrayed on your television screens regardless of how unpleasant they may be. Though we are witnessing the shift amongst many of you. As each of you become more selective in what you allow your minds to focus upon, you are finding much of the fear, hate and anger displayed on your televisions to be out of alignment. We realize that much of what you are witnessing around your world can be misconstrued as pure chaos, though we are here to assure you that all that must change is coming to the surface for all to see. Only then can you consciously choose to make a change.

Though it appears that those who reside on the other side of your globe do not affect your lives, we can assure you, you are all connected in an energetic web that cannot be separated. The decisions you make in each moment directly affect each and every one of you. You will surely see the forms of entertainment change drastically in the coming years, as you will no longer be “glued” to watching shows filled with drama, fear and segregation, rather you will wish to only focus your attention on the experiences, events and happenings that make you feel at peace, in joy or in love. Your media will come to reflect that in time.

The growth and progress that will be witnessed upon your world will be nothing short of exceptional. We have only briefly touched upon a few key changes that we perceive to be most probable. We remind you that you are always shifting, changing and redirecting your future events in every given moment and we encourage you to make the changes within your own world so that you may create the world you wish to live within.

We hope that you have found this message to be enjoyable and that we have in some way served you.

In love and light, we are your Angelic Guides”

Copyright © 2012-2014 by Taryn Crimi. All Rights Reserved. Permission is given to copy and distribute this material, provided the content is copied in its entirety and unaltered, is distributed freely, and this copyright notice and links are included.

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Judith Kusel – 2014 and Beyond – New Golden Age Master Plan and Activations – 6-9-14

judith kusel 6.9


2014 and beyond – The New Golden Age Master Plan and activations


Posted on September 6, 2014 

The years leading up to 2012, were the forming years, where the earth was in this state of rising to ascension or rather stepping up in higher vibrational frequencies, and the years prior to that, were like the testing ground, to see if enough souls could raise their own frequencies and vibrations sufficiently, in order to avoid catastrophes from happening.

In that we did succeed as the quotient level of 144 000 souls who have had to hold the Light steady, did wake up, and managed to keep this light not only steady, but to amplify it.  This indeed, is a feat in itself, and before 2012, nobody really knew if this would be possible of not.

The problem with most volunteer souls is that when they incarnate onto this planet, they fall into a deep sleep of forgetfulness, and then forget what they have come in to do or be here.  However, with the wave upon wave of cosmic frequencies and solar rays pouring into the planet, a sufficient number of souls did wake up and then got activated, each according to his or her own soul’s commitment and its higher soul purpose in higher service to mankind.

A lot of souls in this process had supreme and severe initiations, in order to purify themselves to such an extent that they could hold the higher frequencies and vibrations, and then work through the heart energy space, which connects directly to the cosmic heart and the earth heart energy centers.

It is  then in the heart energy centers, that the Divine Feminine could make her return and thus anchor in her energies sufficiently, via these 144 000 souls.  As she made her return the energies transmitted through these souls (whether they were consciousness of this to not), was amplified 72 000 times, so that indeed, these energies then could root themselves into Mother Earth and radiate out into the rest of mankind, as 96% then are still not sufficiently awakened to such an amplified level, which is the 5th to 7th dimensional state of consciousness.

Dimensions themselves work on multiple tiers within the spiraling energy ladder which forms a type of cosmic Jacob’s ladder to the Divine.  Each tier has a portal or star-gate which needs to open up before access can be gained into the next evolutionary state of being.  So in order to move from the 3D and into 4D, souls had to go through initiations, just like going to the 5D etc.  With each tier, the soul vibration and frequencies have to have risen sufficiently in order to be able to step past the portal and into the next state.

However, once the 5D State is reached, it is much easier to span dimensions and move up and down the tiers, for one has then certain keys and codes activated which enable one to move into the cosmic energy matrix, or Super-consciousness fields, which is a massive cosmic energy field where all knowledge in the whole cosmos is stored.  It is pure energy and therefore is accessed by certain keys and codes encoded within each soul.  Yet, the soul has to attain a certain light quotient level in order to be able to access the field.

In the next years from 2014 onwards, the network of Light workers activated to this immense higher state will increase, as 2012 opened the star gate to the New Golden Age, and this was recently amplified with three massive portals opening up.

We have been aligning the building blocks for the foundation of this Age.  Now we have to move into the next stage – which is the stage of lying down solid foundations for the whole structure of the New Age to be built upon.

Think of yourself as a master architect and builder.  First you have to design the building plans, and then you need to find a builder, and the all the bricks, mortar etc. to start laying down the foundation.  You have to made one hundred percent sure that this foundation is able to carry the weight of the building you wish to erect, and is on solid ground.  For it the foundation is not able to hold the whole structure – the whole comes tumbling down.

See this then as a vital time in human development, where each of us have to step up in soul mission and purpose.  We cannot afford to dilly dally anymore, and we cannot afford not to be activated to the full.  We have to truly now step into the higher octaves of being – which means truly living from the heart and soul, and bringing our highest soul calling and purpose into this planet.

We all have genius inherent inside of us – it is a matter of owning that genius, and then the creative force will inspire us to act upon this genius and anchor this into Mother Earth.

True genius is not so much found in the mind – as in the heart, where it connects to the soul.  Passion is found in the soul, for when the soul is fully activated from within, it will work from the heart and soul and with great dedication to higher service.

It will love what it creates and what it creates from the space of Love, and then mind, will be infused with higher frequencies – thus higher vibrations, as something which is enforced and not from the heart.

The more activated we become at heart level, the more creative we become, for inspiration comes from soul level.  We are living our soul purpose.  We are empowered.  We are in cosmic tune and harmony with our soul group and its higher mission and purpose, and most of all; we are in tune with the master plan for this planet, and the anchoring in of the New Golden Age.


If we build shaky foundations, these new children will not be able to complete the work.  We cannot do sloppy work.  We have to do work from the heart and soul and with all that we’ve got!

Therefore the activations will now intensify as the keys and codes get activated within us.

Some have immense connections with the consciousness matrix as held by the crystal skulls and keys in the etheric.  These are held in the etheric until that soul is fully activated and can start tapping into these.

Some of us work with the crystal pyramid keys and codes, which are also held in the etheric, and can also only be accessed by the activating the keys and codes within.  There were 12 Master Crystal Pyramids, and each one worked on a Cosmic Master Ray, and it was from these 12 that the first 12 tribes of mankind were brought into Being, each one carrying a specific set of Master-keys and codes.

The 12 High Priest and High Priestesses have all incarnated again, in order to see this through and it is the 13th that holds the Master-keys and codes which unlocks the rest.

Such is the Master plan – and this Master plan works on multiple dimensional states, and can only be activated when such a higher state of consciousness is reached by each individual soul.

(Judith Kusel)


judith kusel 6.9

Saint Germain via Channeler Kim Michaels – The Alpha and Omega of the Golden Age – 7-25-14

sant Germain


TOPICS: No specific plan for the golden age – The problem with scientific materialism – Elitism and science – Submission to the ultimate theory – Male and female relationships in the golden age – Getting out of the linear mindset – Stop identifying with outer things – You can do nothing to bring the golden age – Individual expression in the golden age


Saint Germain

I AM the Ascended Master Saint Germain, and I come to give you the second installment in my discourses on The Descent of the golden age. I previously gave you the overall picture of the consciousness that needs to be embraced in order for the golden age to have a chalice through which it can descend. This time I shall strive to be less philosophical, less spherical and perhaps more practical, but whether it is practical or not depends on how you apply the teaching.

No specific plan for the golden age

The teaching is, of course, not meant to tell you every detail in the practical, and this was part of my point in the previous discourse. We will not give you every detail for we are not actually interested in seeing you manifest a specific result, a specific plan. As I have said before, I do not have up here a giant model of what the golden age in full manifestation will look like on earth. The reason for this is partly, as I said earlier, that there is plenty of room for diversity, for individual expression. This means by individual people but also by groups of people, including what you now see as nationalities but which I see will eventually start to dissolve and become more people who realize that they vibrate at the same level in a deeper level of their beings. They magnetize together based on that inner vibration rather than from certain outer physical characteristics, be they race, ethnicity or nationality.

Let me get on with the topic of how to make the golden age practical and how to manifest it in the material realm. This very much requires you to understand the Alpha and the Omega of the golden age, the Alpha and the Omega of spirituality, the Alpha and the Omega of life. We have, of course, given a number of dictations and teachings on the fact that you are the divine feminine because you are in embodiment. Therefore, you have the potential to form a feminine polarity with the ascended masters where we are the masculine polarity in the Alpha-Omega flow between us. Yet there are other aspects of this that I wish to make clear to those who are ready to embrace this teaching.

The problem with scientific materialism

Let me as, a starting point, talk about the current state of science. You have today a philosophy, an approach, to science that is very much out of touch, based on a perversion of the Divine Mother and the Divine Father, a perversion of the Alpha and the Omega. An example of this perversion is the fact that you have a scientific establishment that has espoused a particular philosophical framework, which we might call scientific materialism. The prevailing thoughtforms that dominate the scientific community are that there is nothing beyond the material universe. It is extremely important for many people in the scientific community, for many people in government circles and for many people among the public that science comes up with some ultimate proof of this philosophy. You will therefore see that there are scientific experiments being conducted that are aimed at coming up with such an ultimate proof, as science can currently conceive of this ultimate proof and how to get it.

You may see that there is research into distant galaxies, the birth and the evolution of galaxies, such as what causes the birth of a sun, what causes the dissolution of a sun. Or is there something called black holes? What causes a black hole; are they the doorway to another parallel universe or what are they? There is research done into the cosmic background radiation that supposedly proves that the Big Bang did happen because it is the remnants of the Big Bang, or so the theory goes. There is an attempt to build ever more powerful machines that can accelerate subatomic particles closer and closer to the speed of light. It is assumed that if you can accelerate a particle to the speed of light, you will have the ultimate demonstration of how matter came into being. But my beloved, scientists cannot even agree on what a subatomic particle is so how can they actually know what it is they are trying to accelerate?

Do you see, my beloved, the current scientific paradigm defines the kind of experiments that scientists can see, and there is another paradigm that says that it is worth any amount of money to confirm the scientific paradigm. Yet what if the very scientific paradigm that is the foundation for these experiments is fundamentally limited or even fundamentally flawed? Would this not mean that these experiments have no chance whatsoever of producing the result that is hoped for because the result that is hoped for is defined from an incomplete or flawed idea?

Would this then not mean that all of these billions of dollars that are spent on this expensive research are, in fact – when you are completely honest and straightforward – wasted, completely wasted? I realize you can say that all of the research that is done will increase certain technological capabilities that might have effects which are actually practical or can produce results. But what I seek to point out to you is that on the one side you have a scientific establishment that has a desire for an ultimate theory, the theory of everything; and on the other side you have a willingness to spend huge amounts of money on research that only seeks to prove the theory.

Yet my beloved, if you look at the reality, you will see that the people in the scientific and governmental establishments who are making the decisions to carry out these experiments and to allocate billions of dollars, they are sitting in their very comfortable offices, almost like in an ivory tower, or at least in a glass tower. They have huge salaries and secure lives because they feel that their position in the scientific establishment is secure, and so is their income and their retirement. They are living a very comfortable material life while completely ignoring that there are billions of people on this planet who live beneath the poverty level.

There are millions of children who starve to death every year from either lack of food or from malnutrition. There are numerous problems and cases where people live miserable material lives, yet the very same people who sit there in their comfortable material lives completely ignore this and are ready to allocate billions of dollars in research money to research these far-flung theories. Or my beloved, to research weapons of how to kill people instead of directing their entire attention at solving the very real problems which people face on this earth.

Elitism and science

Would it really be wise to spend millions of dollars to send man back to the moon or send man back to Mars, or would it be better to spend the same amount of money on improving life on this planet? I realize there are some who believe that one day humanity will have used up the resources on this planet and they will have to move on to other planets in order to survive. Yet I also see the minds and hearts of these people and I see that there is nobody who envisions that they will be able to build enough spaceships to transport seven billion human beings to another planet. Therefore, they only envision building enough space ships for themselves, for the elite, and this is precisely the problem I wish to discourse on.

The problem is the elitist mindset, which is a perversion really of both the father and the mother aspect, but it is especially of the father aspect. This of course goes back to what we have talked about before, namely that there is a small group of fallen beings who have been allowed to embody on this planet and who have brought a certain mindset with them. They perverted the father aspect in a previous sphere before they fell into this sphere and ended up on planet earth. They did not volunteer to come to planet earth, they fell here because they had disqualified themselves from embodying on other planets. This was for most of them their final opportunity to actually embody in the material realm.

We have earlier given many teachings on this so I will not go into depth here. Obviously, it was the consciousness, the collective consciousness of the lifestreams embodying on earth, that allowed the fallen beings to come here and they partly came here as a testing. Would people follow the fallen beings, would people follow the elite or would they stand up for themselves?

My point here is this: The fallen beings had perverted the masculine aspect in a previous sphere. They believe they are superior to the human beings on earth, the lifestreams on earth. In some cases, they are more sophisticated in their ability to abuse both the father and the mother aspect. This is why they can impress people by certain abilities or by their magnetic charisma as the strong leaders, such as you have seen abundantly throughout history.

If you look back at history, you can see what you call the Judeo-Christian tradition or the three great monotheistic religions: Judaism, Christianity, Islam. You will see clearly that these have been ruled by a specific paradigm that actually is in some ways very similar to the paradigm that rules science. There is a belief in an ultimate theory, an ultimate belief system and an ultimate religion. Science and religion are not very different when you strip away all the outer camouflage and look at the psychology, the mindset, the paradigms behind them—which is the desire to define some ultimate truth.

Submission to the ultimate theory

This is the perversion of the father, but now comes another perversion of the father that becomes a perversion of the mother, which says: “Life in the material realm should submit to the ultimate theory. Human beings should submit to the ultimate theory and live their lives accordingly.” This is the demand of both the traditional religions and science. It was the demand of communism and it is the demand of capitalism in a slightly round-a-bout, very well-camouflaged way. The individual must submit to the corporation unless you have the old-fashioned corporations that are led by one individual, but then certainly all other individuals must submit, except of course the elite.

You see this, again, as the demand that all must submit, except of course the elite for they are above the law. This is the reason you have seen the three monotheistic religions systematically suppress and put down women, but have they only suppressed and put down women? Nay, they have suppressed and put down men as well, at least those men that are not part of the elite. It isn’t just a matter of men and women. Yes, there is a greater suppression of women than men and this must be corrected, but you cannot actually look at the issue of women separately and say: “What do we need to do to stop the suppression of women,” as some among the feminist leaders have done. You will never actually end the suppression of women until you also end the suppression of men because you end the entire fallen mindset so that it can no longer rule this planet and so that it is exposed for what it is: a perversion of both the father and the mother.

Male and female relationships in the golden age

What really is the suppression of women? It is not actually to suppress women. The fallen beings, the elite, are not specifically targeting women and seeking to suppress women; their greater goal is to divide human beings. On the outer, they seek to divide men and women so that they cannot form the correct polarity of the figure-eight flow between, for example, husband and wife. On a greater scale they wish to divide all human beings in themselves.

As a man you cannot be a unified being if you follow the model espoused by the monotheistic religions where you deny the feminine aspect of your own being. You cannot be fully a man if you put down women instead of recognizing your potential to become one with a woman in a relationship. Of course, you cannot be whole as a woman if you either deny the masculine aspect of your own nature or if you – as some feminine leaders do – deny the feminine and instead magnify the masculine so that you actually seek to end the suppression of women by forcefully taking power away from the men in society. Such women cannot find wholeness in themselves and therefore cannot enter into a relationship and therefore cannot find balance.

I am not saying here that a man cannot find balance without being in a relationship with a woman or that a woman cannot find balance without being in a relationship with a man. Many yogis and yoginis have proven throughout the ages that this is possible through spiritual attainment, but it is not possible, not desirable for the majority of the population. They need a male-female relationship in order to find balance within themselves. Indeed, in the golden age it will be seen as the primary purpose for a relationship to help each other grow, overcome psychological wounds and limitations, and find the balance where you magnify and support each other, not as perfect beings but you support each other’s growth. As we have attempted to say before, there is no such thing as a perfect human being and there is no such thing as a human being who cannot grow and transcend itself as long as it is in embodiment.

Of course, ascended beings are also constantly transcending ourselves and when we have what we have presented as a Twin Flame relationship, such as between Portia and myself, we are seeking to balance and help each other grow and we are seeking to balance and help each other fulfill the mission we have in helping the lifestreams on earth. There are ascended masters who do not work with earth but who vow to move on into other realms where they seek to rise up to higher realms in the spiritual spheres. They also need the masculine and feminine balance in order to fulfill that growth.

We here, who are working with earth, need that masculine-feminine balance in order to fulfill our mission in the best possible way. In the ascended realm we are, of course, not bound by these human concerns of ownership. We do not have the sense that you have on earth where you think you own your spouse. I am not here saying that in a relationship on earth you should freely shift partners and go from partner to partner. This is not practical for life on earth. What I am simply saying is that the ownership issue has been transcended by ascended beings. If I need to perform a certain task on earth and Mother Mary has more expertise in that field, then of course I have no hesitation of seeking the help of Mother Mary whereby I form a masculine-feminine polarity and figure-eight flow with Mother Mary that in no way causes Portia to now suddenly feel jealous.

Things are different in the ascended realm and thus you may look at what we have given you that so and so is a Twin Flame of such and such a master, and it is a concept we have given based on a certain level of consciousness of the chelas and students on earth. But it is not the final teaching for things are much more fluid up here.

Certainly, you can also have situations on earth where, for example in a work relationship, a man can have a relationship that is professional with women and vice versa and it does not interfere with the people’s personal relationships. What I seek to help you see here is that in order for the golden age to truly begin to manifest, it is necessary that as many people as possible understand the perversion of the masculine and feminine. They understand that it is a perversion of the father element if you seek an ultimate and absolute truth that can be expressed in words. The ultimate and absolute truth is the Living Word that bloweth where it listeth and therefore never takes on a final or ultimate form.

Getting out of the linear mindset

There will never be a final, ultimate, absolute ascended master teaching given, neither through this or any other messenger. It never will happen, my beloved. We are, as we have said before, committed to progressive revelation until the last lifestream has ascended from earth. We will find ways to speak to the remaining lifestreams at the level of consciousness that helps them; not take the ultimate step but take the next step on their path. When they have taken that step, we will bring forth a progressively higher teaching that can take them to the step up.

This is our commitment. You would do well – if you want to be a forerunner for Saint Germain – to simply letting go of this dream of being a member of the ultimate organization, having the ultimate teaching. As Nicholas Roerich mentioned in Russia: LINK Get over this linear consciousness where you compare one ascended master teaching to another and then you find something that seems like a contradiction from the linear mind. Indeed, it may be a contradiction to the linear mind, but if you are willing to not go into the linear mind – which is a perversion of the mother where you compare and analyze everything – then you can transcend it. You can reach a higher level of understanding, perhaps even a higher level of understanding of any of the two teachings you think contradict.

It is a matter of choice: Do you want to stay in that linear mindset that really is a perversion of the mother where you analyze and compare everything. Or perhaps you analyze and compare everything to what you think is the ultimate teaching, which is a perversion of the father, so that you have both the perversion of the father and the perversion of the mother. Therefore, you are not the open door for the teachings that the I AM Presence wants to bring forth through you. If you cannot be the open door for your I AM Presence, how can you be the open door for an ascended master?

Do you not understand that there are students who have had such a desire to work directly with the ascended masters that they have refused to look in the mirror? Do you not understand that the only way to come into oneness with your I AM Presence is to remove the beam in your own eye that prevents you from feeling that oneness with the Presence? This cannot be done unless you look at yourself. There are students who get very enthusiastic about helping the ascended masters. As I said earlier, they are even willing to kill other people in order to manifest what they think is required for bringing about the golden age, such as the destruction of some other system.

In this eagerness, they think they can contact us directly even though they have not worked on their relationship with the I AM Presence. This, of course, cannot be done, my beloved. It is again a perversion of both the father and the mother if you think there is a shortcut that will somehow propel you into this important position where you are recognized by the ascended masters. Or you get some kind of position in a spiritual movement or even in society that gives you power and then you think you can use that power to do good for the ascended masters.

Stop identifying with outer things

My beloved we have, as I said in my first discourse, seen people who have in past lives earned some openness with the flow of the Spirit. We have seen them in this lifetime direct that flow of the Spirit into one of these misunderstood desires to do good by exercising force. It does not help me bring about the golden age. What helps me bring about the golden age is that you strive to become an open door. This means that you attain the correct polarity between your I AM Presence and your Conscious You, which is the mediator between the Presence and your lower being, your outer mind and physical body. The Conscious You must be in command of the body and the mind so that these are servants of the Conscious You. They do not overpower, overshadow or blind the Conscious You so that you identify with the body, identify with the outer mind, identify with this spirit that you have accepted into your being or that was implanted in your being, as was explained in Novosibirsk, or even with some outer thing, such as a religion or even an ascended master teaching.

You cannot identify with these outer things and at the same time be one with the Presence. When you are one with the Presence, you identify as being an extension of the Presence. Therefore, you know that the outer personality and the physical body are just tools through which you express yourself. There may come a point where they are pure enough that whatever remaining human personality you have does not in any way impede the expression of the Spirit through you because it is not perverting it, it is not coloring it beyond what is acceptable.

We are not saying here that when you attain oneness with your I AM Presence, you have no personality. You can come to the point where even though you have remnants of the ego, they do not color the expression of the light. It is simply given a certain coloring by the personality but it is inconsequential for the fulfillment of the work you are meant to do and that the light is meant to do through you.

When you have this correct polarity with the I AM Presence, you realize that you are not the ego and the outer personality. Therefore, you can begin to see through what I talked about earlier where you have this consciousness that thinks it knows everything, that thinks it has the ultimate teaching, the ultimate theory, the ultimate understanding. Therefore, it actually believes that it can tell the ascended masters how the ascended masters should save the earth and bring the golden age.

There are many people who claim to be students of the ascended masters but actually believe they know better than us how we should teach them personally, how we should teach other people, what we should say and what we should not say. I can tell you that I have watched tens of thousands of people find a book that was sponsored and dictated by the ascended masters through any of our sponsored organizations. They have started reading the book, feeling there was something in there but then they came to a particular statement or teaching that their outer mind could not accept, that contradicted what they saw as the highest truth. They have used that as a reason to reject this specific teaching through that specific organization or to reject all ascended master teachings. They do this because the outer mind, the ego, believes it knows better than the ascended masters. This we should say is an expression of the fallen consciousness, which believes it knows better than God how God should shave created the universe.

You can do nothing to bring the golden age

When you overcome this, you realize that the Conscious You is exactly what Jesus talked about when he said: “I can of my own self do nothing.” When you realize you are the Conscious You, not the outer personality and ego, you see the reality that you can do noting of the outer self. The outer self can do nothing of value. You, as the Conscious You, really can do nothing for there is nothing that can be done in the material world that is worthwhile, that is transcendental, if it is not done through the power of the Spirit and the flow of the Light of the Spirit.

All of us who were in embodiment have for many lifetimes identified with the ego and the outer personality. You can then go out and do things in the world, but you are doing them through force. When you come to the recognition that the Conscious You is Pure Awareness you realize: “I can do nothing worthwhile without the Spirit. And when it comes to the Spirit, I am not the originator, I am not the Creator, I am not the director, I am not the one in charge. My I AM Presence doeth the work!

The work of the Conscious You is to direct the light, but this happens within the framework set by the Presence. You do have choices at the level of the Conscious You. You still have free will but there are those who only think they have free will by rebelling against God’s Will through the ego. This is the ultimate perversion through the ego that says humankind can only attain free will through the fall. Nay my beloved, when you fell into duality you lost your free will. You think you can do anything through force and you can do anything you want through force, but what is done through force can never escape the action-reaction of karma, the karmic return. That karmic return will take away your freedom of choice, your ability to choose. You may think you have made a free choice in the past through force but it will come back and limit you in the future.

It is far better to seek to be the open door. When you are in the right polarity with the I AM Presence – when you have truly free will – that is when you can begin to grasp the higher vision that I Saint Germain hold for the golden age. Then you can see how you can play your personal, individual part in bringing it into manifestation. Do you see that you are not deciding with the outer personality what should be a particular manifestation of the golden age? You are tuning in to my vision, receiving it through the I AM Presence. Then you are deciding the specifics down here according to your choices, your personality, your background and your experience. Whatever you choose is within the overall vision and therefore whatever you do is not done through force. Whatever you do you will not engender this limiting karmic return and it will not hinder the manifestation of the golden age.

Individual expression in the golden age

As I have said, I do not have a pre-made plan. I do have a pre-made plan for the overall structure of the golden age, but within that structure there is much room for individual creativity. Let me give you a concrete example. There may be a certain building and it is in the overall plan that such a building be built for it symbolizes something that is important for the collective consciousness, but the specifics of the actual design are not important. Here is where there is room for individual expression, and this, of course, goes to all levels of society.

There are certain overall ideas, for example for education and how children can be taught even in the kindergarten level, but it does not mean there is only one right way to do this. There are many ways to express these principles in creating specific types of kindergartens, specific types of schools. I do not envision all schools around the world teaching a common curriculum, or being built a certain way or having certain principles. There is much room for individual expression, there is much room for schools that focus on developing the children’s technical or scientific abilities or others that focus on sports, others that focus on musical or creative ability and many other things including for example service. Where is there a school, my beloved, that focuses on helping children know how to give service to life?

To avoid complicating this further, my point is this: Alpha and Omega must be in polarity for the golden age to manifest. This goes for all levels, from the overall level of a society to your individual psychology and your relationships with your spouses and children. Alpha and Omega, not only vertical but also horizontal. This is the idea, the overall idea, that I wish to put forth in this discourse so that you may ponder it. Ponder how to apply it to all aspects of life and realize that we will never give specific answers to many questions for you have the capacity to contact your I AM Presence. You have attained enough oneness that you can obtain specific answers from within yourself. As we have said before, we have sponsored messengers to give forth overall teachings but a sponsored messenger cannot be an expert in every area of society and therefore cannot have the knowledge, the vocabulary, and the concepts that allow us to give a specific answer in a specific area. That is why I need you who have this knowledge, to have this expertise.

Do not seek a specific answer in your area of expertise through the messenger. Seek to use the messenger as an example and seek perhaps help from the messenger to overcome the blocks in your psychology that stand in the way of oneness with your Presence. You cannot be a sponsored messenger through some mantle that is dropped upon you from us and through some kind of magic where you are now able to take dictations. You can be a sponsored messenger only when you attain a certain degree of oneness with your Presence and dis-identification from the ego and outer personality. You can get the outer personality and ego out of the way of the messages so that we can speak through you in a reasonably pure manner. I am not saying that you have to be perfect, but you have to have reached a certain level of purity and purity of intent where you do not seek to use your messenger-ship to put down other people or even groups of people.

Use the messenger as an inspiration for you to seek the oneness with your Presence. Through that oneness, I can give you, and other masters can give you, the specific answers that apply to your area of expertise. Recognize that you have the knowledge, you have the chalice through which the Spirit can flow but what you need to do is focus on being the open door for the flow of the Spirit rather than thinking the flow of the Spirit can only flow through someone else who has some special status or mantle that you do not have.

There is only one messenger at a time who carries the Mantle of Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood, but there are many other mantles, quite frankly millions of mantles that people can receive, that they can earn, and that they can continue to live up to so that we can speak through them. Not through a spoken dictation, but when they are at their workplace having a discussion about a specific problem, then they can be the open doors for the idea that comes from the higher realm. This will bring not just a new solution but an entirely new way of looking at this area, an entirely new approach that is transcendental and clearly comes from the immaterial Spirit flowing into the material.

Materialization: matter-realization. Matter realizing itself as Spirit. Matter will never realize itself as Spirit in the sense that matter does not have self-awareness. Because you – the Conscious You – are in embodiment, you can be the matter realizing itself as Spirit, therefore being the bridge between matter and Spirit so that the matrices of Spirit can be realized in matter.

This is the alchemical key to the golden age. This is true alchemy, not that you seek a secret formula or a secret ingredient that will mechanically produce as a certain result. You seek to be the open door for the Spirit to produce change in matter, as Jesus demonstrated on so many occasions. It is not that you find a magical formula that you turn water into wine or lead into gold; it is that you allow the Spirit to do it. You then recognize and accept that you cannot force the Spirit to mechanically reproduce the same result over and over again for the Spirit bloweth where it listeth.

I will now blow where I listeth and go to somewhere else and give you time to digest this discourse. I shall blow back here in the coming days and give you another installment. Thus, I seal you in my heart for now.


Copyright © 2013 by Kim Michaels

Given at a conference in Almaty, Kazakhstan.



Golden Age Of Aquarius – Our Energy Vibrations – Golden Light Channel

Golden Age Of Aquarius

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Published by in1or

As we enter the Age of Aquarius, your energy vibration becomes more important than ever. In the near future, there will be a division of people into two groups, those who are service to self and those who are service to others. There will also be a division of those who are of positive energy vibration and those who are not. Now, more than ever, one should avoid watching television as it is one of the biggest mind controlling, negative energy propaganda machines on this planet.


Television advertising is completely based on the unsustainability of the need to have the latest gadget while promotion controlled obsolescence (how things will break down quicker than ever before, creating the need to purchase the “newer” version of the same thing). Television “programming” is exactly that; the programming of our minds.


Reality TV is so far away from reality that people believe that it’s more real than fiction, when in fact, most of it is staged to elicit the shock factor from you, which is a negative energy vibration. Every newscast is designed to drain your energy.


Have you ever felt good after watching the news on TV? Neither have I. Have you noticed that all newscasters speak in an urgent tone, as if their every word is crucial to your existence? This is not a coincidence as they are trained to speak this way. So why is your energy vibration more important now than ever before*


This has been the great secret throughout the ages: Fear not only drains your positive energy, but allows you to be controlled by those who impose it. Keep in mind that there are only a handful of energy vampires at the top of the pyramid who maintain this illusion. If you look at the studies into cymatics, you can clearly see how sound (which is vibration) affects vibration:


This is one of the reasons why monks chant mantras. It is time for us to choose our paths. Do you have any bitter relationships in your life, such as a former close friend, a parent, sibling or relative? Have you ever felt slighted in a relationship?

Do you tend to look at people with fear or defensively? Do you feel depressed? Have you lost faith in humanity? Do you feel like there is nothing we can do to stop the powers that be from controlling us? These are examples of how low energy vibrations can control our lives.



There are many free and simple ways to raise our energy vibrations.


Here a just a few:

· Meditate – many of the people who say they don’t have time to meditate will find time to watch TV.
· Get out into nature – whether it’s a walk or planting a garden or bed of flowers!
· Stop watching TV – and meditate! … or simply do something else that gives you a positive return of energy.
· Play with your pets – our pets give us the lesson of unconditional love which always raises our vibrations.
· Watch children playing – try to remember the fascination of experiencing things for the first time, or the innocence of childhood
· Exercise – as long as your able to do so, then go for a walk in nature and you’ll get two benefits at the same time!
· Forgive yourself and others – none of us are perfect and there are those who either have hurt us, or that we have hurt. Forgive them but also remember to forgive yourself.
· Express gratitude – be grateful for the beauty that surrounds you, even if it’s a small tree in the middle of a big city. Be grateful for the meal you are about to eat and anything else that has been blessed to come into your life, including some of the negative things that ended up being wonderful life lessons that expanded your spiritual growth.
· Face your fears and see them as an OPPORTUNITY to spiritually evolve – fearing anything always elicits a negative emotion. There are reasons why these fears keep coming into our lives. Once we face our fears, the fear disappears as this was yet another one of life lessons.
· Buy organic food

The Golden Age Of Aquarius And Our Energy VibrationsWe are Energy, We are Harmony, We need to take our Energy and Harmony Back! A continued determination to have Love, Harmony, Peace, Happiness and Joy in our lives, will bring just that in untold and miraculous ways!We are Light, Love and Violet Energy where whatever we need comes to us through our directions of mind and intentions! FOCUS On the Positive – FOCUS On Peace – We Are the Strong Energy and Vibrations – USE IT – For the Good of the World and People!Awakening Your Divine Energy – Creating the Right Energy Vibrations
If you want the universe to deliver abundance, wealth, happiness, prosperity, and fulfillment, don’t use your time and energies thinking about things that you don’t want… because this will simply attract more of the same into your life.Think about what you want. Focus on what truly want. Continue thinking and focusing until you start believing and knowing that what you want isalready within your reach. Once you reach this level of knowing, there are no “ifs” or “buts.” The universe will deliver what you ardently desire.Remember to pull yourself out from the vibrations of what you “don’t” into the vibrations of what you want. Change your emotional states. You are the master of your emotions and you can change them, anytime, any place, it’s an inside job.Below are lists describing feelings that create negative and positive vibrations. You need to put a stop to the negative vibrations and build more of the positive vibrations:Clearing Your System for Spiritual Awakening – Feelings That Create Negative Vibrations:

Criticize/condemn/disapprove/disparage/ Judge

Feel angry/annoyed/irritated/furious/irate/frustrated

Feel anxious/apprehensive/fearful/nervous/worried/concerned

Feel Hurt/upset/offended/distressed

Feel jealous/envious/protective/covetous/resentful

Feel envy/greedy/spiteful

Feel resentful/bitter/indignant/aggrieved/offended

Feel hatred/loathing/revulsion/disgusted

Feel guilty/responsible/accountable/blameworthy/shamefaced/at fault/in the wrong

Feel sad/depressed/gloomy/miserable/cheerless

Feel scarcity/lack/death/insufficiency/deprivation

Feel miserly/stingy/miserable/mean/close fisted

Be cruel/unkind/nasty/brutal/malicious/vindictiveness


Living in the past or future

Negative expectations/whiny/complaining nature/finding fault/competition

Feel inadequate/incompetent/unworthy/undeserving/un-loveable/stupid

Awakening Your Divine Energy – Feelings That Create Positive Vibrations:


Unconditional love




Positive expectations




Magnanimous/generous/worthy/high minded/fair


Focus on the good in everything

Abundance is your birthright

The Most High wants you to succeed

You are lovable/The Most High loves you




Be responsible

Search for answers within

Be fair

Be creative

Live in the present moment



Every time you notice your mind drifting into the negative feelings or vibrations described above, simply scream “stop” mentally and imagine a stop sign, replace those negative feelings with any of the positive vibrations described above. Example; if you find yourself criticizing orcondemning someone or feeling angry with someone, simply say out loud ormentally… John Doe I forgive you and give you unconditional love.Continue repeating this statement until you do feel forgiving and loving. You will notice that after a few times of this practice, the person or situation will stop bothering you. In fact it might be a good idea to create lists every day at least for the first few days or weeks that you start working towards awakening your divine spiritual energies.

Lists of people you want to forgive and give unconditional love to; “I forgive and give unconditional love to …”List of things, people and situations in your life that you are gratefulor thankful for; “I am thankful for …”After a few days of working on such lists you will start noticing true feelings of love, gratitude and feeling blessed permeating your mind … this will eventually start reflecting on your relationships, your life situations, your prosperity and abundance. You will also feel more connected to the divine or spiritual side of things. You will feel more in tune with your natural intuitiveness and spiritual abilities. You will feel in the divine flow.“Wake-Up” The Spiritual Genius Inside Of You

Akasha Asun – The 7th Golden Age – Jesus brought the Light – Saint Germain the Purity – Akasha brings the Love ( 2012 )

Cobra – June Interview –

ET First Contact

Read, Listen to Cobra’s June 2014 Interview / Update  at The Promise Revealed

Akasha Asun – Ascended Masters World Message – The Birth of a New Earth – The 7th Golden Age

2AkashaAsun·61 videos

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Beloved Mother Akasha spoke at the UNSRC S.E.A.T. in New York on April 8th, 2013.
She offered a 90 minute synopsis of:
~The Incoming Seventh Golden Age
~The arrival of Super humans called “The Untouchables”
~And the unfoldment of a New era of Spiritual Upliftment upon the Earth.

Mother Akasha:

“There is another Path to embrace after your Awakening, and one that if you choose, can lift and raise you up and out of the limitation of human strife, raising you into the highest vibration of Light & Love, a path of Higher Consciousness is called “The Path of Becoming your True Self” on Earth, also known as “The Path of Resurrection”. As you embrace this path, a great raising & expanding activity unfolds within your mind and your feelings, your consciousness, and ultimately your physical garments. You are awake, your Life calls upon you to rise now & become on Earth your True Glorious Self ‘I AM’ individualized of Mother/Father God.

It is a path in which there begins to be experienced by you the second birth, lightning flashes of sudden Light within your mind, great outpourings of Love within your being, all that prepares you in the centre of your consciousness to enter into The Secret Heart of your God Nature, and to pass through ‘The Door of Everything’ where you will drink of the Waters of Life, the greatest Love of all, The Mother’s Love, the Love of the Heavenly Mother that individualizes as your Soul. When that Love begins to express through you it will reveal its Presence and it will nurture and fulfill all that your mind dares to conceive. Your Soul is the Sacred Womb of The Divine Mother of our Universe, Individualized, just as the Christ is the Individualized Mind of The Father.”

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Awakening to Love – Key to Living in the Golden Age

Cari Murphy·27 videos Awakening to LOVE: The Key to Living in the Golden Age. A musical and visual journey through our current lives, time, and space to remind us of our limitless capacity, potential, and responsibility for creating a better world.

Holy City – New Jerusalem


Short Planetary History – Earth Invasions – Golden Ages – Therese Zumi Sumner – 5-23-14

The Earth Plan

This may seem trivial, but for me it’s very significant as synchronicity is very real and important to me. I woke up this morning thinking about our Earth Human history, and making some mental notes about it. Then later in the day I came across this!

This is a re-post from and earlier one on Therese’s site. I will reproduce the full article here; the links to the original are within the article itself. Therese has explained that she wrote this after one of Cobra’s conferences. Therese’s fb page is here, and her site for which she first wrote this is Veritas Galactic Sweden.


Short Planetary History

About 8 million years ago there was a group of powerfully
conscious Archangels. One of them had an idea. He wondered what it would be like to cut himself off from the Source. He wondered what matter would feel like. With His enormously sophisticated Intelligence and using technology of the dimensional chamber along with strong electromagnetic fields, He cut himself away from The Source. Immediately He regretted what He had done. He could not find a way to go back. This was the first moment of darkness.

This Being wanted help so he trapped other Angels and Beings, so as not to be alone, and to try to find a way back. Then they all realised what they had done to themselves and they could not find a way out. They decided to conquer the Universe and so started invading planets and spreading darkness. This was the birth of the dark forces. This was an extremely conflicting era for the Galaxy.

When the Light forces discovered this and realised what had happened, Archangel Michael set a barrier fence around the infected areas so that the darkness could not spread. Other Light Beings created a magnificent Starfleet, the beginning of the Galactic Confederation, to liberate planets under dark forces. This was the beginning of the Galactic Wars.

We have these memories in our subconscious. Some of the producers working in the film-making arena are not creating science fiction but visions of our collective memories, like the Star Wars movies.


In the centre of our Galaxy there is the Galactic Central Sun. This is our source of Light. Souls are created there and expand out in all directions. When some beings became aware of Oneness they began creating a Galactic civilisation – a Galactic Brotherhood of Light. They chose to liberate the Galaxy of darkness. Our Galaxy is composed of two spiral vortexes and they contain 100 billion stars. This central Galactic civilisation chose to liberate the Galaxy of darkness. They started sharing and spreading the Light. They liberated one planet after the other, making great advancements. They nearly always won.


25000 years ago all of the darkness fled from most of the Galaxy to our corner. These beings existed both on the physical and the non-physical planes. They had major strongholds in the Orion constellation and on Earth. They took humanity into hostage and created quarantine. No other Spaceships were allowed to land, without their approval. No contact was allowed between the people of earth and other visitors. They threatened the Light forces with nuclear war if they tried to interfere. The Light had to be extremely careful with this planet. We had also to take our free will into consideration. Star Seeds from other planets have incarnated here for intervention and 1st Contact when the time comes.

The critical mass of humanity is for this now. Each of us has a ‘Divine Right’ for this to happen.

The only reason we don’t interfere is because the Cabal get very nervous if we make 1st Contact. Also if people remember having direct contact with their Galactic Family members it can be dangerous for them. So at ‘The Event’ many people will remember things they have forgotten.


The Ascended Masters left the planet 25000, years ago. This was the Atlantean time. Around this time the vast majority of the Light forces retreated underground and developed the underground Agarthan cities and society, to help to maintain balance on our planet.


The Agarthan city Telos lies below Mt Shasta. It is a major underground city. Many Ascended Masters materialise in that area above surface. This inner Earth society is a 5th Dimensional society. Being 5th Dimensional it is aligned with higher purpose.

The Agarthan society networks easily, having high speed trains interconnecting their cities. Some people discovered these openings into the Earth among them the Mayan and Hopi people, as also the Anasazi, Incas and Greeks. Much of the Inca gold is in safekeeping underground, as are much of the Templars and Eldorado treasures.

We are completing that cycle right now. We are at the end. The quarantine will be lifted. The dark forces will be removed and we will join the Galactic Confederation.


The Archons lie behind three invasions of our planet during the timeframe of 5-6000 years ago and up until the present time. They have used their Reptilian minions in these invasions. One must remember that the Archons are not of human origin and the desire has been to create a stronghold here, which they then have successfully maintained up until now.


This invasion was about 6 – 5000, years ago in Russia. The invaders came through a portal. They invaded the peaceful European culture of the time. The goal of this invasion was to destroy the Goddess presence. The results of this invasion at this time lay the ground for the Macho Western Society. These invaders arrived to an area of what we now call Russia, and they continued their invasion moving out in every direction in time, East, West, North East and North West and South east and South West.
{Map on original see link}


This invasion occurred during the last phase of the Roman Empire. The invaders used the same portal as the 1st invaders. Many Reptilians came through this portal. They were called the Barbarians.

Constantine the Great {306 -307} converted to Christianity. All the Roman emperors after Constantine except for Julian were Christians. Typically for the dark rulers he took all the old great wisdom and twisted it around to suit him. He became the ruler of the Roman Empire, and built the new eastern capital of Constantinople. He created the Catholic Cult. He gathered all of the Bishops and priests and all of the military and controlled all of these groups entirely. He then ordered the Khazar invaders {the so called Barbarian tribes} to invade and destroy the Roman Empire. It was at this time that the Catholic Church destroyed all of the Goddess Temples. The archon and reptilian {Khazar} invaders tore down each temple and built archon temples over these sites – with the intention of stifling the energy.***

The Bishop of Milan known as Theodosius the Great {this soul was totally Archon controlled} destroyed all the old mystery schools. He ordered the burning of the Alexandria library and the books were destroyed or put into the Vatican library.


This invasion occurred strangely enough, indeed amazingly enough in our time. This occurred in the year 1996. The dark ones created a portal in Africa in an area which includes the countries of Uganda, Rwanda and the Congo. This portal came into being by the creation of 12 subterranean nuclear explosions. They teleported huge numbers of Reptilians into this area.

These were then infiltrated into politics and the military and subsequently used in the genocide there. This may all seem very-very strange indeed but it also gives one an understanding of the terrible-terrible genocide that occurred there. It was so unbelievably savage.

THIS PORTAL IS NOW CLOSED. This portal in Africa is now closed but there are a few Reptilians left that are hiding in the jungle. There are also dinosaur sightings!

NB: At the time of the 3rd Archon invasion, microwave technology, cell phone transmission towers were built into all the Churches to facilitate the control of the evil grid – the Matrix. The real war of the Cabal is being played out on other planes. For a greater understanding of this read my article ‘The Veil that hides the Truth’ on the ‘Cobra School’ page.

This was the absolute final, the absolute last invasion of this planet. These dark beings no longer have any nuclear devices that they can detonate as earlier explained.


There is an area in Central Europe, earlier known as Czechoslovakia, where a large group of Pleiadians have incarnated. The reason for this is because there has been a larger group of Archons in that area who had major plans to stop the awakening. There are of course connections between these Archons and the horrible genocides committed in the recent wars in former Yugoslavia.


The 1st Atlantis.

The 1st Atlantis was not a physical one. It was the home of the Pleiadian Angels. They were discovering how to explore matter. They were also learning about the different levels of Consciousness, and the unification and merging of the male and female polarities. These angels decided to densify their planet to the physical plane but the planet exploded. Fragments of this planet went in all directions and a few small fragments landed on Earth. These fragments landed in the area of the country earlier known as Czechoslovakia. The stone that is found there and only there is called Moldavite – this is the stone that The Holy Grail is carved from.

The 2nd Atlantis.

This was an island in the Atlantic Ocean. Ireland and Great Britain are a part of the remains of this. The real name of Ireland {Gaelic} is Tir Na Nog. This literally means ‘land of the forever young’. This was about 1 million years ago. That was a true Golden Age. They had very advanced technology in this civilisation.

Then about 900,000 years ago the Orions came here – the dark ones, and they started using their mind implantation technology. The actual machines they used would remind one of dental chairs. They used crystals with electric current into the body to program people. This was the beginning of all mind programming for humankind. They had two major programming programs. The 1st belief system program was to convince people to the belief that we are separate from God, the ‘Fall from Eden’ or Paradise. This separated us from our awareness of our higher consciousness, our ‘I Am’ consciousness.

The 2nd belief system program was to affect a separation between male and female polarities. This was done first on a psychological level and then on a physical level. Women have different psychological programming than men.

Each of us is a soul in a human body. Men are inclined to just use their bodies to grow in consciousness. This originated on the 2nd Atlantis.

Many Pleiadians and Sirians incarnated to Atlantis to heal this separation, having the goal to support the Light. About 16000 years ago a task force known as ‘The Order of the Star’ 144,000 Beings volunteered to incarnate here to heal this separation and integrate the darkness into Light. See Main text of The Light Resistance Movement on the main ‘Event’ page for more information on them.

The 3rd Atlantis

Now when this planet is liberated soon we will enter into the 3rd Atlantis. When Saint Germaine was incarnated here as Sir Francis Bacon he wrote about this.

Written by Therese Zumi Sumner 23/02/2013

Original article – second article on page:

Re-posted Facebook Blog 23/02/2014 at 1944 PM

The Earth Plan

Suzanne Lie – The Promise and The Goal – How’s Your Ascension – 5-21-14



The worlds are blurring into one

The moon is joining with the sun


The ONE is gathering those who know

The pathway way Home that they will show


They’ll show this pathway made of light

Beyond the harm, beyond the fright


This pathway home is made of gold

Which can’t be bought and can’t be sold


The journey that we take inside

Is free of ego, free of pride


The lion there lies with the lamb

As each one lives from their “I AM”


Deep inside we find our way

One by one and day by day


We discover now the path we take

Is the very pathway that we make


We make this path with light and love

That we have taken from above


Along this path dear Gaia flows

As her New Earth awakes and grows


New Earth resides within the NOW

There is now time, this is not how


Each moment is revealed inside

Where from ourselves we cannot hide


We cannot hide, as ALL is ONE

We are the planet and the Sun


Our true SELF now will lead the way

Into the knowing of each day


As time collapses into NOW

We must be still and just allow


Our own true SELF will find the way

If we listen, we will hear it hear say,


“We are the ONE, and we are you

We are here to tell you what to do


“Listen closely and do not doubt

We will tell you what its all about


“It’s about the beginning and the end

Of what you take in and what you send


“Every thought and brief emotion

Will set your new world into motion


“Your inner power is to be born

So release your doubt, let go your scorn


“For what you think, you do create

And what you feel will find its mate


“As you remember and you learn

What you send out will soon return


“YOU are the creator of your life

And live beyond all fear and strife


“The light that shines into your Being

Ignites your hearing and your seeing


“And what you choose to hear and see

Creates the life that you will BE


“Choose your focus, master your mind

For what you think, you will NOW find


“The slowness of the era past

Is closing soon and will NOT last


“Prepare your SELF for a new beginning

Where love is free and truth is winning


“In fact, this world shines from your heart

Which is the place where you will start


“Start to BE and remember HOW

To live your life within the NOW


“To walk within the moment

To live your true fulfillment


“To BE the YOU that is your Soul

You are the promise and the goal


“Step into NOW so you can BE

The reality that you choose to SEE”

There are myriad worlds that surround us in every moment of our day. We have forgotten that our consciousness is the key to open the doorway into any reality that we choose. In fact, we even forgotten that we could choose our reality.


We bought the lies that were fed to us by those who sought to control and possess rather than to love and create. And then we became them. We “bought the farm,” and tried to control our life so that they would not control us.

However, control in any manner is a trap because we cannot control and surrender at the same time. Control is the mechanism of the third dimension, whereas surrender opens the pathway into the higher worlds. By controlling our lives, we see only third dimensional options and solutions for third dimensional situations.


On the other hand, we surrender into the fourth dimension and beyond. We cannot control our self into the dreamland of the fourth dimension. For falling asleep is “falling” into a slightly higher state of consciousness in which we can experience our reality from a higher perspective.


To enter fifth dimensional consciousness we must surrender into our meditation.

Just as we only see the channel to which our television is attuned, we only experience the reality that resonates to which our consciousness is calibrated.


The illusion of time no longer reigns in our fifth dimensional reality. Hence there is no anticipation for what will happen or regret for what has happened. Each moment is alive and time cannot be wasted. Therefore, we do not need to hurry up or slow down.


Inside the NOW reality IS.

How’s Your Ascension Going?


Suzanne Lie

Suzanne Lie