22 Signs That You Are Embodying Your Higher Self


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How do you know you are embodying your Higher Self? Learn the 22 signs that you are embodying your Higher Self and discover how much spiritual progress you’ve made so far.


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ARCTURIANS – Merging With Our Higher Self



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Original meditation by Dr. Suzanne Lie
In Greek mythology, Gaia also Gaea, or Ge was the personification of the Earth,one of the Greek primordial deities. Gaia was the great mother of all: the primal Greek Mother Goddess; creator and giver of birth to the Earth and all the Universe; the heavenly gods, the Titans and the Giants were born from her union with Uranus (the sky), while the sea-gods were born from her union with Pontus . Her equivalent in the Roman pantheon was Terra.

Jesus via Meline Lafont – The Descending of the I AM Presence – 12-22-14

jesus10072014_00000Message from Jesus

Question: “Is the descent of the I AM Presence (in biblical lore known as the ‘Glorification on the Mountain) the same or somewhat comparable to the process you underwent on Mountain Sinai where you became a glorious lightbeing in front of two friends who witnessed it all?”

Answer: My dear child, I Am Jesus and I talk to you now from the heart of Love and through the unconditional Love. I Am your brother, your son, your teacher, your enlightener, your guide… I am you and you are me into infinity. It is my delight to talk more extensively about the descent of the I AM Presence which is closely linked to your own enlightenment and to your awakening on a pure, enlightened level.

The moment that your I AM Presence makes itself known to you and starts the process of his/her return towards your Earthly form and aspect, the physical spirit is in a state of consciousness that enables the recollection of everything into the unity that you are. This recollection boils down to a certain reblending of all your Earthly aspects and your Galactic aspects with your higher Light and with your essence, which is your I AM Presence, the highest degree and essence of your existence.

When the descent is in its early stages, all possible shapes and creations of the ego aspect of your Earthly Being have to be transmuted and eliminated completely before your I AM Presence can take back its rightful place because a very pure state of consciousness is a prerequisite whereby all possible thoughts and density, everything pertaining to the ego and stealth are fully removed from your energy fields and from your embodiment. They no longer remain as an intrinsic part of them. This is the phase in which many of you find themselves now and where you appear to always go through as the confrontations with the ego part of the Self and of another you, is in its full procession,

The enlightenment that I experienced in a previous life and that I have shown on Mount Sinai is indeed a process that is comparable to what you are now going through as it will provide an enormous enlightenment on an inner level and also on an outer level through your physical body. You are radiating such purety where no single thought can exist in nor can it be formed. It is a pure state of Being which accepts, becomes and then radiates out the purity of the Light of your Being. You are becoming pure Light of consciousness in your Earthly shape which will gradually transmute your embodiment into Light.

The descent of the I AM Presence is the purity, it is your pure enlightened state that you embody, that you shape and that you are and you are going to reflect and radiate that in front of others. Be aware that this implies a very deep and intense process which requires a lot of time and adjustments for your physical body. However, once that you are that pure state of consciousness again you are able to radiate it in the blink of an eye and you can transform your physical body into your descended I AM Presence and you can remain in that state if you so choose.

I have just described the process that many of you are now up against and going through. It will entail many challenges in order to convert all the old familiar, obsolete levels of consciousness into a more thoughtless state of Being. It requires a lot of patience and adaptations to reach that certain state of Being without ego involvement, without thoughts, without expectations and even without words ; a state of Being where you just ARE.

Everything IS, no implications and no analysis of what something or someone is. There is only a way of Being that takes on the expression in his/her consciousness and that shapes you to who you now are in this Eartly form and beyond. The all-embracing key of this message is that each and everyone of you is a frequency of Being which vibrates with each one’s variation of expressions and creations.

The key to reaching this state of Being is to discard everything you have ever created, clearing the way energetically to where it once came from. To Be implies a state of consciousness where everything and everyone simultaneously radiates and vibrates identically the same. So dare to let go, dare to throw all overboard, even the most pleasant, comfortable ideas, feelings, patterns and creations. Dare to just Be and nothing else and this will facilitate the descent of your I AM Presence into your state of consciousness.

My turning into a Lightbeing on Mount Sinai was the completion of the descent of my I AM Presence where I reached a unity and where the creation of the individual and the embodiment no longer were necessary. This process awaits each and everyone of you in your own specific Divine Timing. Let’s start with the first steps that are the integration of your highest consciousness and your original state of being, which is your I AM Presence.

Steps 1 and 2 of integration and activation respectively are now taking place and this has everything to do with the descent of the I AM Presence, which is moving into your subconsciousness but also in the Etheric embodiment of yours, namely the level of the spiritual body, the outer level of your etheric layer around your physical form. This process will move quickly into the other levels as well reaching your physical embodiment.

Gradually you will begin to dwell more and more in a state of continual bliss and in a frequency of Love but simultaneously you will have the urge to disconnect yourself more and more from large crowds of people and from the disturbances still prevalent on this planet. By all means withdraw yourself when you feel the need to and do not get distracted from your heart center.

Being compassionate doesn’t mean that you have to go along in a situation thereby feeding it; quite the contrary. Being compassionate sees every human and soul as an intrinsic part of his/herself where you have feelings for and share love with. Consider each other as real brothers and sisters for that is exactly what you are. We were all born from the All That Is, so we all have the same mother and father to use an Earthly analogy.

I Am Jesus and I feel unconditional Love for all of you.

Méline Lafont 2012 – 2014, permission is given to share freely in its entirety and unaltered http://awakeningtohigherlove.com and http://pleiadedolphininfos.blogspot.com

Caroline Aguiar – Integration of Our Soul Self – 2-18-14



By Caroline Aguiar | Thanks to the Galactic Free Press.

We’ve heard much about the process of integration with ones souls self, and how at this time, different  aspects of our soul, our Higher Selves, are returning to integrate with us so we may continue our ascension with more information about the truth of who we are, and our mission here at this time.

Many people are experiencing re-integration with their Higher Self.  Perhaps this is why we are also experiencing a flood of memories, also known as life reviews, because it’s these life reviews which put two and two together, and enable us to see the correlation between significant life experiences from our past to those which are occurring now.

Many people, myself included, have also experienced a deepening need for solitude, and contemplation.  This is when we quietly go within our heart center in search of balance, and this is where we are able to BE with our True Self.

BEing is extremely important in order for the integration process to occur because it doesn’t happen in an instant, or overnight.  The integration of our Higher Self is a slow process.  It’s one which brings forth significant physical, emotional, and spiritual changes within our bodies.  The time for BEing is when we connect with our Higher Self as it gently merges with our Soul Body.  Some may look upon this as a rapid bolt of lightning which shoots across the sky, but actually it’s gentle, subtle, and ongoing. It’s a process which stimulates our memories, and our knowing, as to the divine truth of who we are.

When I am BEing, I feel the presence of my Higher Self within my body, and in my heart.  Although my consciousness deepens to still point, I’m aware of sounds, and movement around me.  My body feels pleasantly relaxed, as if I were falling into a deep sleep while I feel myself drifting somewhere between wakefulness, and the dream time.

Depending on what I’m feeling, or if a thought comes to mind, I silently ask, and more learning takes place as my Higher Self assists me with  answers which will give me further understanding, and growth.  It’s at these times of BEing, when many conversations take place.  It’s when I’m in my heart center that I connect with my truth, and I understand.

It wasn’t until recently I discovered no matter how overwhelming people around me, or the world may become,  my heart center is the one place I can go to for comfort, and peace.  This is where I  connect with my Higher Self on a deep soul level, and I’m instantly brought back to center.  I simply switch my consciousness to this area, while warmth, and love radiate from within my heart.  Suddenly, from BEing, my energy is renewed, and I’m ready to carry on again.

Our Higher Self, and our True Self, are the same. While living in the world of duality, and illusion we’ve become detached from our truth.  As the integration process unfolds, we’re brought back into contact with our truth because our Higher Self/True Self brings with it the information we need to fully comprehend who we are.  As our Higher Self integrates with our Soul body, our truth emerges.  This is when captivity within the illusion begins to dissipate.  It’s like watching the sunrise on an early Spring morning.  Night is still present, but as the sun rises, slow, and gradual, more light begins to emerge, brightening the day until suddenly, everything is illuminated, and we see clearly again.

The process of integration with our Higher Self is slow, and gradual, like the rising sun.  There is great truth in every moment of BEing, and for this reason we’re encouraged to go within on a daily basis, and BE.  We’re urged to connect with our True Self everyday.

This is also why we need to slow down so we can take time for solace during our day instead of rushing through our daily routine.  Before we know it the day is over, and while in the midst of our rush to DO, perhaps we missed a great opportunity to BE.  Although difficult, I’m learning to take better care of myself, and this means allowing for time to BE during my day instead of rushing about, and DOing all the time.  This also means setting loving boundaries for myself so that I can do this without losing myself in the rush.

Integration with our Higher Self will bring forth great truths about who we are, and why we’re here at this amazing time in history; the ascension of our planet.  As we integrate with our truth, we continue to learn, and to grow.  We will also become better equipped to embrace our mission, if we havent done so already.  We are all participants in this great event, if we wholeheartedly chose this with all of our BEing, and truth.

Copyright © Caroline Aguiar. All Rights Reserved. You may copy and redistribute this material so long as you do not alter it in any way, the content remains complete, and you include this copyright notice link:http://www.starlightinfo.wordpress.com

Méline Lafont – The I AM Presence – Re-blending and Being Awareness – 12-17-13



For German/Deutsch version: http://pleiadedolphininfos.blogspot.be/2013/12/meline-lafont-verschmelzung-mit-der-ich.html

We are now at the stage of the I AM Presence descending and re-blending and while most of us are in this stage, one might be near the completion of it, or one might be at the beginning of it, nevertheless, we are all in this stage of the descending of it, the re-blending with it. The Descending/Re-Blending of the I AM Presence is a beautiful process where your True Divine Blueprint, your Essence, the YOU that YOU ARE, is becoming you again and is becoming One in the Consciousness that you are in this embodiment on an Earthly level.

It is the meeting with your True Self through the Christ Consciousness that you came to embody first in order to let this stage of the descending/re-blending take place. This all takes place in your current consciousness in the Earthly embodiment that you form at this time, because it is what Ascension is all about: the re-embodiment of your Christ Consciousness and the re-blending with your true I AM Presence on the Earthly – physical level.

This is but the beginning of a much deeper and grander consciousness that you will start to become or embody , as you so choose. It is the start signal of a unification with All That Is through your own embodiments and your Self, forming the collective.

At this stage you shall start to see and Become this Oneness as a form of a collective first, where such creations as ‘separation’ and ‘labeling’ shall not be of importance anymore. One shall reach the level and the consciousness that All is One and not only see it but truly become it and embody this consciousness.

When you reach that state, it will feel as a freedom, as an abundance and as a wondrous thing as you will not feel attached anymore to anything. This detachment sets you free of all limitations, all separation, all labeling and all boundaries. You become consciousness when you detach from thoughts, from creations and from the mind. It is what you are becoming now, always being in the Now as that is what marks your consciousness in the first place.

Awareness is a most intriguing position one can BE. Being aware of everything without trying to understand it or analyse it with the mind. It becomes difficult to Be awareness if you start to try and understand and search for “how can I do that or how can I be awareness ?” In such case it is no longer possible to Be awareness as the mind takes over and awareness is anything but the mind/ego.

Many of you have now reached that stage where it is time to detach from things such as ‘mind actions’, ‘mind constructs’ that form the separation and the labeling. We are done and over with this type of living and being, time to grow further in the Divine Essence that each and everyone of you are. We start to see that All is IN YOU and that there is no other place to search for the answers than within you. We have grown up now and it is a very good time to become those grown up entities not only in consciousness but in these embodiments as well.

Thanks to each and everyone’s Self and their I AM Presence, this stage and this expansion are granted and lived. And thanks to the immense incoming energies this all is amplified as all that is YOU and within you will always be amplified in the way it already is through the incoming energies that help to shift the You and the Planetary -, Solar – ­ and Universal You.

As you start to level up in your consciousness with your embodiment, it might get challenging at times as everything is always triggered through various ways of vibration and resonance. Only you will find your way through it as you are always your own Source of being and guidance that knows best for you for it is you! Therefore guidance from within is the best guidance one can get through meditation and inner connection.

Set your mind still during these stages of growth and expansion, of the re-blending and the descending of your I AM Presence and allow, BE and surrender to it. Enjoy yourself to the fullest and most of all, LOVE your own being with all your heart, always having complete trust in your Self. Feel your own needs at this time as your heart and your I AM shall always lead you in the right way and through the right energies that you need at that time.

We are over and done with those duality and polarity experiences which translates in the separation and in thought creations. Let go of those once and for all, for holding on to those only keeps this duality alive which shall be triggered even more in your own reality, making things rough in your personal life experience as the old ways are all crumbling down which makes it harder for you to hold on to those: it is being mirrored to you.

We create this beautiful new paradigm through our consciousness and the awareness/state that we are. The All is a thoughtless and pure Divine consciousness, a state of BEING. One can choose to create from this state of being into a creation of thought form, or one can choose to simply BE. Each and everyone is unique in their own way, being a part of the whole Consciousness we form as the Oneness.

We form what we are and instead of keeping it formed outside of us (what we have been doing in the old ways until not so long ago) we now start to form it within as we realize that we are a Universe on our own and the need for outer reflection and for a mirror effect is not needed anymore to start to realize it is YOU.

My blessings and Love for all of you, this is a message from ME/ my I AM Presence of Light.

Eyah Asher Eyah

Méline Lafont

Méline Lafont 2012 – 2013, permission is given to share freely in its entirety and unaltered http://awakeningtohigherlove.com and http://pleiadedolphininfos.blogspot.com

Daniella Breen – My Higher Self Is Descending Into My Body – I AM Presence Integration – 11-19-13

Daniella Breen·53 videos

This one’s a bit of a checklist of things I want to share including the experience of the I AM Presence integration work I’ve been going through these past few days. Enjoy!
Here’s Me: Daniella Breen

Méline Lafont – I AM Presence Descending – Ego – Her Personal Ascension Transition

Méline Lafont·9 videos